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Hey, Im still workin on my threads for the Be The Booker posts. I'll post my 1st RAWone again and then ill write the Smackdown! one. Thanks Grendrill for pointin the faults out. Helped alot.

Hey, this is my first post in the Booker Forums. It's the 1st Raw after WM21.

- After coming of a not so surprising win against HHH, Randy feels like the king of the world again. All of RAW titles were contested at Wrestlemania 21 and 3 titles changed hands. Randy Orton defeated HHH for the WHC, La Resistance lost the titles to Christian & Tomko and Lita lost her beloved women's championship to Victoria.


- Vince McMahon omes out and says that 2 of the just won titles will be defended again. Christian & Tomko will rematch with La Resistance and Lita will attempt to gain back he title from Victoria. Vince also thanks the fans for yet another great Wrestlemania!

- Add Break -

1st Match: Non-Title: (IC Champ) Shelton Benjamin defeats Maven

- Backstage - HHH is sitting there contemplating what to do seeing his beloved WHC is gone (again), Batista walks over and try to talk to him, but HHH is irrate and punches batista to the floor. Batista, trying to help, gets pissed off. Then HHH walks off.

- Add Break -

2nd Match: Woman's Title: (Women's Champ) Victoria defeats Lita to Retain

- Backstage - Mohammed Hassan & Kwasori Davari are just as irrate as HHH after losing their handicap match to Foley thanks to Jerry "The King" Lawler, they are going around smashing everything and "accendentally" Smashing Kane's Locker room. Bischoff comes along and says becaus hassan wants to fight so badly, he has a match with KANE! NEXT!

3rd Match: Kane deafeats Mohammed Hassan

- Gm Office - Batista Barges into Bischoff office demanding a No DQ match against HHH, Eric hesitates. Batista grabs Bischoff threatening him, Bischoff gives the match to Batista.

- Add Break -

4th Match: World tag Team Titles: La resistance defeat Christian & Tomko

- After the Match - Christian & Tomko are bitterly disapointed from having a 1 night title reign, Christian starts to have temper trantrums and they cut to a break.

Main Event: Batista defeats HHH - No DQ - After the match HHH stands up after getting pumbled by Batista and Ric Flair is there. They stare at eachother for a while, then the Nature Boy just walks off with his head down with dissapiontment.

- Goes off Air -

Anyone plz feel free to comment on my thread and plz tell me if im doin this Booking stuff right!!!!!

Smackdown! side will be written when comments are posted.

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Smackdown! 4/8/05 - Smackdown! after WM21

Smackdown! music starts, pyro goes off...

Cole: Welcome everybody to Smackdown! We are here in San Diego, California for what will be a momentus Smackdown! I'm Micheal Cole joined by Tazz at ringside.

Tazz: Your sure right, Cole, Tonight is going to be a hell of a night.

Cole: After WM Tazz, things are definatly going to pick up

Teddy Longs, music hits, crowd cheers.

Long: Now as all you great WWE fans know, WM21 was on last Sunday night. And it was a hell of a PPV. And as you know We crowned a new WWE Champ at WM. Crowd Cheers. I wish to let him come out and celebrate. So, Taker, Get out here!!

Taker's music hits, an enormus crowd reaction occurs

Taker: All month all I heard was Kurt Angle saying he could beat my WM undefeated streak. But obviously he was wrong. I taught Kurt Angle a valueable lesson, that he should never stand in the Undertakers Domain or he shall, Rest In Peace.

Luter Reigns Music hits, The Crowd Boo's

Luther:Taker, you think your the best in the buisness, that you have gone through hell & back to get that title. I was stabbed, ut at the throat and beated down before I could even get to this company and what do i have to show for it? NOTHING! So I want you, in that ring tonight.... For the title!

You want it, You got it!

- Add Break -

1st Match: Cruiserweight Title Match: (C) Rey Mysterio def Shannon Moore after Rey
hits the 619.

- Backstage - After Being beat by the Undertaker a couple of nights ago, Angle tries to convince Luther not to go with the match, Luter Disagrees with angle and continues to get Ready.

2nd Match: John Cena def Kenzo Suzuki when he hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffe

Cole: Lets take you back to eairlier tonight when Luther Challenged Undertaker for the title.

Show reply off Luther challenging Taker

3rd Match: Non-Title: (C) Dudley Boyz def Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas when the Dudleys hit the 3d on Charlie Hass.

- Backstage - Teddy Long is talking to an unknown person saying that RAW will be in for a big surprise next week when they find out what Smackdown! has snatched from them.

4th match: Rob Van Dam & Booker T (Reunited) def The Bashams after Booker hits the scissors, which leads to RVD hiting the 5 star frog splash.

- After the Match - Ask Teddy Long is there ready for a Tag Team Title shot and teddy gives them a match next week against the Dudleys and the title match is guna be a Tag Team Ladder match.

- Add Break -

Main Event: WWE Championship: The Undertaker def Luther Reigns after Luther Missed a clothesline and Taker hit the Tombstone Piledriver.

After the match, Kurt Angle came out and which seemed to be helping Luther up, gave him the Angle Slam and then started the Angle Lock.

Went off air with Angle staring down at Reigns

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Once again, nice second show...

I see you took some of my comments on board, I like it how your using a combination of both old and new booking styles, it'll make you thread stick out...

Anyway, nice set up for the Taker / Luther match at the start, Taker's character seemed about right, which is a shock, especially for a new kid.

Nice to see Booker and RVD back together AND getting a belt shot next week, should be a good one.

Also I wonder who Theodore stole from RAW?

Nice Main event angle, Angle turning on Luther, kind of reminds me of the Heyman / Lesnar angle where Paul E. said Brock couldn't beat show... Anyway, I never thought I would ever see anyone turing Lutehr face.... Interesting to see where this goes...

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RAW - 4/12/05

Raw pyro goes off, crowd cheers

J.R: Hello Everybody and Welcome to Monaday Night Raw, im Good Old J.R, Jim Ross and im joined beside me is the great Jerry "The King" Lawler.

King: Thanks J.R, wel, well well. After what happended Last Week we are sure to have a great RAW.

Batista's Music hits, Crowd Errupts!!!

Batista: Last Week, a certain somebody, got in my face! And when a certain Somebody gets in my face, i get PISSED OFF! HHH tried to take his anger out on me last week, but he learnt to never do it again.

Flair's Music hits

Flair: Batista, do you know what you have done??? You destroyed the most feared man in Sport's Entertainment History!!! And I always knew you had it in you!!!

Batista: I Knew you would see it my way!

Flair: What are you talking about????

Flair looks behind Batista and there stands HHH, He turns around Batista and Pedigree's him. HHH is standing there with Flair dissing & swearing at Batista

- Add Break -

1st Match: Rob Conway w/Sylvon Grennier def Christian w/Tomko after Conway & Grennier hit the Au Revoir while the ref was distracted.

- Backstage - Bishoff is worried about Teddy Long's threat that Smackdown! has taken something valueable from RAW. Batista Barges in the Room demanding a Handicap match against HHH and Flair, but Bischoff doesn't agree with the match. He comes up with a Tag Team Match, HHH & Ric Flair vs Batista and a partner of His choice.

2nd Match: IC Title Match: (C) Shelton Benjamin def Supervillan Rosey after Benjamin hits the T-Bone Suplex.

- Add Break -

Smackdown! Rebound shown of Title match with Taker beating Luther Reigns

3rd Match: Chris Benoit def Rhyno when Rhyno taped out to the Cripper Crossface

- HHH Locker Room - HHH and Flair are laughing at the fact that batista has to pick a partner. But Flair continues to tell HHH that Batista will still be leathal with or without a partner.

4th Match: Edge def Chris Jericho reversed the Walls of Jericho into a small rollup, whilst holding the ropes.

- Add Break -

Batista's Music hits, he comes out and explains that his partner is non-other then the WHC.... Randy Orton!!!!

Main Event: Batista & Randy Orton def HHH & Flair after Randy hits the RKO on Flair. While HHH is given a Knockout Batista Bomb on the outside.

Show goes off Air with Batista & Randy's arms raised in victory

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Smackdown! - 4/15/05

Smackdown inrto starts, continues to arena where pyro goes off!!!

Micheal Cole: Hello Everybody and welcome to Smackdown!!! I'm Micheal Cole joined ringside by Tazz.

Tazz: Thanks Cole, after some of the controversy that happended last week, we are sure to have a great Smackdown!!!

Kurt Angle's music hits, the crowd boo's

Angle: I know what everybody is thinkg, why Kurt, why?? There's one simple answer to it. Respect!!! Last week Luther Reigns challenged the WWE Champion The Undertaker to a title shot and what did I tell him to do?? Exactly the opposite, he goes out and gets pumbled by Taker!!!

Luther Reigns music hits, crowd are cheering?

Reigns: Pumbled?? Pumbled?? You wouldn't know the word pumbled unless it came up an smacked you in the face!!! Crowd Cheers I did the only thing I needed to do and give my best to get taht title shot, even though i didnt win, i gave it my best.

Angle: Wahhh, wahh, oh shut ur mouth! I didn't come out here to here you moan!!! I came out here to challenge you to a match, so i can teach you a lesson once and for all.

Reigns: You want a match, you got it!

1st Match: WWE Tag Team Title Match - Tag Team Ladder - Booker T & RVD def The Dudley Boyz to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions.

- Backstage - Theodore Long says he cant wait to tell RAW and the World who SD! snatched from RAW. He explains that he will tell everyone later in the night.

- Add Break -

2nd Match: Charlie Hass def Chavo Guererro after Haas uses the top rope to win.

- Locker Room - John Cena is backstage with his U.S Championship and is practising on one of his raps and Eddie Guerrero walks in talking Spanish. He interupts Cena and complains that he has had enough of John Cena's U.S title reign. Guerrero demands a title shot tonight and Cena gives him one.

3rd Match: Doug Basham w/ Danny Basham def Rey Mysterio after the bashams did the switch.

- Add Break -

Raw Rebund is shown of the tag match with Batista & Randy Orton reunited

4th Match: U.S Championship: John Cena def Eddie Guerrero after Cena hit 2 F-U's.

Teddy Long's music hits, crowd cheers!!!

Long: Let me Holla at ya players!!! Crowd Cheers Now, as I said last week, RAW would be in for a bit of a suprise. So Let me introduce that Surprise....

No Music is heard, the... H B K shows up on the titantron, Shawn Michals music hits and the crowd errupts.

Cole: Oh My God! Teddy Long has certainly stolen something valueable from RAW!

Crowd Cheers, H.B.K!

Micheals: Thank You everyone, for the 1st time in my carrer I actually feel like im at home, on Smackdown! and not on RAW! And from next week, i will show everone on Smackdown! why I am the Showstopper!!!!

- Add Break -

Main Event: Kurt Angle def via submission Luther Reigns after Kurt made Luther tap out to the Ankle Lock.

Show goes off air with Angle's arm raised in victory

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Holy Crap...... Michaels on Smackdown..... Didn't see that comming.....

Nice twist.

Anyway, your keeping the momentum going with your shows, although I suggest you leave a couple of days between posting your shows..... unless you did post RAW and I just didn't notice *sorry*.

Batista and HHH are heating up nicely on RAW while Luther and Angle is also heating up with Smackdown! which is good to see.

RAW was a good show, nice idea with 'Supervillian' Rosey, sounds like a cool character, keep up the nice work.

Although I have to admit your promo's were a little off this week compared to last, but hey, your new..... I'll forgive ya..... Good to see however your still trying with them.

I sense a little tension between Flair and H, but maybe it's just me, also could we be in the making of a Jericho turn, with him cheating by using the ropes, or was it just a one off against Edge...... good to see where it goes, either way.

Smackdown! was also good, but a little off with the promo's, which as I said before is excusable, seeing as your new.

Angle and Luther seems like it could be a pretty big feud, if done right. So far is seems your doing it right which is a good thing, as with Jericho, good to see where it goes.

Can I see a Cena / Guerrero feud? Only time will tell.....

HBK on Smackdown! is certainly big news...... should be really good to see how you use him and see who he feuds with.....

Once again, great for your second show, you earnt my respect by showing up for your second week, nice going.

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Raw 4/19/05 - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

WWE logo flashes across the screen, followed by a picture of Eric Bischoff (crowd boo's). Raw Music & Intro occur leading to Pyro going off...

J.R: Hello everybody and welcome to Monday Night Raw, live from Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Im good ol' J.R Jim Ross joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler!!!

King: Thanks J.R. And from what occur Last Week on Smackdown!, we are definatly in for a great RAW!!!

Eric Bischoff's music hits, crowd boo's

Bischoff: Last Week on Smackdown! Theodore Long announced that a certain RAW superstar had switched shows. Shawn Michaels!!!! Thepdpre long obviously got HBK for one reason... ratings. He knew that RAW was becoming even more superior over Smackdown! so he snatched a top superstar. Well you see, RAW doesn't have to steal superstars, they just have to provide good matches. So, tonight for the 1st time on RAW, we are going to have a 6-man hell in a cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship!!! It's gunna be Randy Orton (c) vs HHH vs Batista vs Christian vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit!!!!

J.R: What is Christian doing there?? He's not in title contention!!!

Edge's music hits, Crowd cheers!!!

Bischoff: What the hell do you want!?!?!?!

Edge: Eric, Eric, Eric. You seem to have a nack for doing this! You, just like the WWE fans, screw me over everytime I get a chance at the WHC. Christian??? What the hell were you thinking??? He can't wrestle, I should know, I was his tag partner. I can't believe this!!!

Bischoff: You want a title shot so bad Edge??? You will replace Christian in the main event tonight if you can beat 2 opponents of my choice in a Handicap match tonight!!!

- Add Break -

1st match: Matt Hardy def Maven via Pinfall after Hardy hit the Twist of Fate

- Backstage - Christina is Pumping up for his big Title chance, when Edge barges in, starts talking trash and then continues to pumble Christian, Tomko runs in and Edge runs off.

2nd Match: Kane def Supervillan Rosey via DQ after Rosey loses his temper and whackes kane over the head with a chair.

Smackdown Rebound is shown of Michael's coming to SD! & Angle-Luther match.

- Add Break -

Edge comes out awaiting 2 opponents, ones Shelton Benjamin and the other is non other then.... The Rock!!! the crowd errupts as Shelton & THE ROCK make there way down the ramp.

3rd Match: Handicap-Match: Shelton Benjamin & The Rock def Edge via pinfall after Shelton hit the T-Bone suplex which led to the People's Elbow.

A promo airs of the upcoming PPV Backlash, which is on May 5th in Alberquerce, New Mexico

4th Match: Tyson Tomko def Sylvon Grennier w/Rob Conway via pinfall after a big boot.

- Add Break -

J.R: Are you ready king, the 6-Man Hell in a Cell match is up now!!!

King: J.R, I can't wait!

Main Event: 6-Man Hell In A Cell: World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton def HHH, Batista, Christian, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit after Orton hit the RKO on HHH securing the win!!

At the End of the match we see Randy Orton on top of the cell celebrating, when from behind, Christian pushes him off the cell onto a table setup on the outside. Show goes of air with Christain looking down at Randy Orton on the Crushed table.

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Smackdown! 4/22/05 - Minneapolis, MN

Smackdown! intro movie and music rolls, leading to the pyro...

Micheal Cole: Hello everybody, Smackdown! is here from Minneapolis, MN. I'm Micheal Cole joind ringside by Tazz.

Tazz: Thanks Cole, after some of the huga announcemments made on Smackdown! last week we are gunna be in for a bumpy ride.

Cole: Certainly Tazz, with the surprising introduction of Shawn Micheals on Smackdown! We are guna be in for a hell of a night!!!

Shawn Micheals music hits, crowd cheers...

Tazz: Well I guess where are gunna find out what HBK is here on Smackdown! for!

HBK: How is everybody in Minneapolis??? Crowd Roars As I said last week, I feel right at home on Smackdown! but when you feel like your at home you usually need a certain something to make it perfect. This is why I am challenging The Undertaker to a WWE title match to night!!!

RVD's music hits!!! Crowd errupts!!!

RVD: Hey man, I don't mean to run on your parade, but this is your first week on Smackdown! and you are already issuing a challenge for the title??? You gotta be kidding me!! I've been on Smackdown! for almost a year and a half and what do i have??? A WWE Tag Title!! Thats all!!! So if your issuing a challenge, so am I, but its not to the Undertaker, It's to you! If I beat you tonight, I become the #1 Contender for the WWE title!!

HBK: All ive been hearing for the past 5 minutes is wahhh, wahhh, wahhh. I herd that exact same attitude on RAW!! So you want a match against me?? Huh??? You got it, but how bout a stipulation? How about.... a Last Man Standing Match??

RVD: Man, I came from ECW ECW chants start! I made the Last man Standing matches what they are!!

HBK: So you accept???

RVD: Hell yeah!

- Add Break -

1st Match: Akio & Billy Kidman def Rey Mysterio & Paul London after Billy Kidman pinned London using the ropes for leaverage.

- Backstage - RVD is in his Locker room when his Booker T comes in. Booker t points out that RVD says that the WWE tag title are nothing to him, Booker explains that he got back with RVD caus he trusted him. RVD explains that once he's Champ he will still be good friends with Booker. Booker looks in his eyes and then walks out.

Cole: Booker T is in action NEXT!

- Add Break -

2nd Match: Booker T w/Rob Van Dam def Renne Dupree w/Fifi after Booker hit the Bookend followed by the pin.

Raw rebound was shown of the 6 man hell in a cell for the WHC, then after the match, Christian throwing Randy Orton of the edge of the Cell.

- Backstage - Mark Jindrak is weighting up his future after the match betwwen Angle & luther last week. Kurt Angle walks in. he explains to Jindrak that if he continues to join him, he will have a much brighter future then if he would choose to join with Reigns. jindrak walks out with his head down.

- Add Break -

3rd match: Non-Title: John cena def Orlando Jordan after Cena hits the F-U

- Post-Match - After the match Cena is celebrating when all of a sudden he is his in the head with a steel pipe by a man in a mask. The masked man walkes towards the titantron and takes the mask off, its none other then.... Eddie Guererro!!!

4th Match: Charlie Hass def Daniel Puder via countout after Puder believes Hass isnt in the same league as Puder.

WWE Rewind is shown of the Last Man Standing match between HHH and HBK at Royal Rumble on 03.

- RVD's Locker Room - RVD is strectching with Michelle McCool

Tazz: RVD & HBK are up next! Cant Wait!

- Add Break -

Main Event: Last Man Standing: Rob van dam and Shawn Micheals Drew when both men weren't able to stand up on the count of ten.

Show goes off air with both men layed on the mat
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