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Hey, this is my first post in the Booker Forums. It's the 1st Raw after WM21.

- After coming of a not so surprising win against HHH, Randy feels like the king of the world again. All of RAW titles were contested at Wrestlemania 21 and 3 titles changed hands. Randy Orton defeated HHH for the WHC, La Resistance lost the titles to Christian & Tomko and Lita lost her beloved women's championship to Victoria.


- Vince McMahon omes out and says that 2 of the just won titles will be defended again. Christian & Tomko will rematch with La Resistance and Lita will attempt to gain back he title from Victoria. Vince also thanks the fans for yet another great Wrestlemania!

- Add Break -

1st Match: Non-Title: (IC Champ) Shelton Benjamin defeats Maven

- Backstage - HHH is sitting there contemplating what to do seeing his beloved WHC is gone (again), Batista walks over and try to talk to him, but HHH is irrate and punches batista to the floor. Batista, trying to help, gets pissed off. Then HHH walks off.

- Add Break -

2nd Match: Woman's Title: (Women's Champ) Victoria defeats Lita to Retain

- Backstage - Mohammed Hassan & Kwasori Davari are just as irrate as HHH after losing their handicap match to Foley thanks to Jerry "The King" Lawler, they are going around smashing everything and "accendentally" Smashing Kane's Locker room. Bischoff comes along and says becaus hassan wants to fight so badly, he has a match with KANE! NEXT!

3rd Match: Kane deafeats Mohammed Hassan

- Gm Office - Batista Barges into Bischoff office demanding a No DQ match against HHH, Eric hesitates. Batista grabs Bischoff threatening him, Bischoff gives the match to Batista.

- Add Break -

4th Match: World tag Team Titles: La resistance defeat Christian & Tomko

- After the Match - Christian & Tomko are bitterly disapointed from having a 1 night title reign, Christian starts to have temper trantrums and they cut to a break.

Main Event: Batista defeats HHH - No DQ - After the match HHH stands up after getting pumbled by Batista and Ric Flair is there. They stare at eachother for a while, then the Nature Boy just walks off with his head down with dissapiontment.

- Goes off Air -

Anyone plz feel free to comment on my thread and plz tell me if im doin this Booking stuff right!!!!!

Smackdown! side will be written when comments are posted.

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Gee I haven't seen a show booked like this in a while..... gee, not since I first came here, this is genuine 'old-old' school booking.

Anyway, nice job for your first attempt, some nice ideas there and RAW was full of chaos, always good to see.

If I was you I would try and get up to speed with the 'new' style of booking; My best suggestion is to check out my current / old thread WWE: Rise of Glory, it define's it alot on how to set ot your shows (check down the page abit, or it'll be on the second one.)

But nice job on your first attempt anyway.... keep up the good work.
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