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WWE: Cutting Edge

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Me and CaptainCharisma04 have decided to join up on making a new WWE thead called WWE: Cutting Edge. I am Raw he is Smackdown! We both took the official rosters of wwe.com and then added 5 and took away 5 as the main picks. We did also pick some people afterwards. I'm not too sure on the Smackdown! roster or his picks so I'll let him post his roster up and changes but here's mine:

RAW Roster:

Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chloe the Dog
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Gregory Helms
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Lawler
Joey Styles
John Cena
Johnny Parisi
Jonathan Coachman
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Lillian Garcia
Matt Striker
Mick Foley
Mickie James
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

5 Picks:
AJ Styles
Chris Jericho
Christopher Daniels
Samoa Joe

5 Released:
Johnny Parisi
Val Venis


Charlie Haas
Doug Basham
Monty Brown
The Boogeyman

All of the champions are as in real life.

My announcers:
Raw: Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler & Jonathon Coachman
Heat: Todd Grisham & Jonathon Coachman

Here are the flagship banners:

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btw dude im not captaincharisma04, im austin_aries_450 lol dat my old account
ill put my roster up now
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General Manager: TBA

Austin Aries
Batista (WHC, Tag Team Champs)
Booker T (US Champ)
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
Chris Sabin
Christian Cage
CM Punk
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Juventud Guerrera
Ken Kennedy
Kid Kash (Cruiserweight Champ)
Matt Hardy
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio (Tag Team Champs)
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
William Regal

Christy Hemme
Stacy Keibler
Kristal Marshall
Sharmell Sullivan

Michael Cole
Tommy Dreamer

Josh Matthews
Steve Romero
Kristal Marshall

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so yh my SD will be up i hope nxt friday, i plan to do a week delay on current SmackDown! but sumtimes for reasons out of my hands (work, h/w, exams) i may have 2 just post reports, i hope no noe will be pissed if that happens

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Ok you should have just put your last three posts into one. But I will still be reading.
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WWE.com Update:

- Raw has had many rumours of an attack on Smackdown! after a great victory at Armageddon.
--Raw General Manager is causing excitement, with Eric Bischoff gone a lot have stepped up to the challenge, rumours are flying like kites on a windy day, Mick Foley sounds like the favourite!!
---Smackdown! General Manager is also in the balance, who will get the job?! Tune into WWE's shows this week for the latest news on these jobs!!
----The Rock and Stone Cold are rumoured to be returning to the legendary squared circle. The fans are very excited.
-----New signings AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have apparently fallen out backstage! Will we see them two compete in the near future?!
------Raw are on the verge of signing two great competitors for the Tag-Team division possibly!
-------Tune into Raw this week to see the qualifying matches for the Elmination Chamber at the next PPV New Years Revolution.
--------The men competing for a place in the Chamber are Triple H, Carlito, Chris Masters, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Edge, Kurt Angle, new signings Chris Jericho and Samoa Joe & returning from injury Rob Van Dam!!

---------On Smackdown! a major superstar is to make a major announcement!!
----------A 16-Man tourney for the number 30 spot on the rumble also in Smackdown! news!!
-----------The debut of CM Punk!!
------------Also the rematch of Batista & Mysterio vs MNM all on Smackdown! this week.
-------------Raw has a very big announcemnet that apparently will shake the face of Raw this week!! What will it be, same with Smackdown! Will we see more team brawls from the rivaling shows you'll have to tune into WWE's flagship shows this week!!

So thank-you to all our sponsors, workers and crew and everyone involved including the fans, that's all for this week's preview report!!

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Looks good, rosters seem good, but obviously as they are so similar to the real ones nothing ground shaking. But there is a lot of good talent there will good potential for some solid fueds.

Good update, and the EC looks to be shaping up well, CENA TO LOSE THE TITLE!!!!!

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‘Move To the Music’ hits as the Raw entrance package hits and then the pyros hit the stage as the cameras do their usual round across the arena. It shows lots of fans and then goes over to the announcers table where Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler & Jonathan Coachman are sat ready for yet another ground breaking Raw.

Joey Styles: Welcome everyone to this sold out Olympic Stadium right here in Montreal, Canada.

Jerry Lawler: What a show we have tonight!! I don’t know if you’ve read WWE.com or not but tonight there is going to be some ground breaking news, plus the qualifying matches for the main event of New Year’s Revolution, the Elimination Chamber!!

Jonathan Coachman: The innovative match that Eric Bischoff created that is!

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is, the GM spot is up for grabs and we are still no wiser to who the new GM is going to be!

Joey Styles: I hope we can get closer to who it will be tonight…

*No Chance*
Vince McMahon walks out to a mix of cheers and boos as the Montreal people disrespect him about something that happened there a while back. He walks down to the ring with his unique power walk as he walks up the steps and climbs into the ring and grabs a mic.

Vince McMahon: Ladies and gentleman…

The crowd are booing and Vince looks around annoyed. He begins to start again.

Vince McMahon: As I was saying…ladies and gentleman, tonight we will witness a series of 5 matches for entry into the Elimination Chamber at New Year’s Revolution…

The crowd continue to boo as Vince is getting more and more annoyed!!

Vince McMahon: There are 12 contenders therefore, 1 of these matches will be a fatal 4-way!

The crowd start to boo louder as Vince is going red and you can see that he is about to blow! The crowd don’t stop booing and Vince is trying to keep his cool!!

Vince McMahon: There will be Triple H facing off against Kane!! Y2J Chris Jericho against Chris Masters in a Submission match.

The crowd are still booing but a small pop is heard for Chris Jericho.

Vince McMahon: I thought of that because I know this place is high up on its submissions!!

The crowd are going crazy and a can lands in the ring and Vince just kicks it out of the ring in frustration.

Vince McMahon: Also there will be Kurt Angle in action against the Big Show!! The final singles match will be between Edge and your favourite person the ‘Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels!!!

The crowd boo very loudly!! You can hardly hear Vince as he is talking!!

Vince McMahon: Shut your Canadian winging mouths up for a change!! The fatal 4-way match is, Shelton Benjamin taking on Carlito against the returning Rob Van Dam and for the first time ever Samoa Joe steps into my ring. And that match, is up next!!

Joey Styles: We’ll be back after this commercial break!


*Ain’t No Stoppin Me!! No!!*
Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a fatal 4-way match to qualify for a spot in the Elimination Chamber at New Year’s Revolution! First from Orangeburg, South Carolina and weighing in at 245 pounds, Shelton Benjamin!!!

Shelton Benjamin plays to the crowd in his usual way and does his dances down to the ring as he gets into the ring and gets on the top rope and flings his arms in the air. He gets down and limbers up as he waits for his opponents.

*I Spit In The Face, Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool!!*
Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from the Caribbean and weighing in at 234 pounds, Carrrrrlito!!

Carlito walks out the curtain with an apple in his hand and wearing his Caribbean shirt as he looks around the crowd and points at a sign saying ‘You’re Not Cool, Carlito is Cool.’ He then walks down to the ring and he points at Shelton Benjamin and there is a stare down there!!
Joey Styles: Don’t forget, this is the man who beat Shelton Benjamin for Intercontinental Championship on his Raw debut! This will be interesting.

*One Of A Kind*
Lillian Garcia: And their opponent returning from injury, from Battle Creek, Michigan and weighing in at 220 pounds, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam!!!!

Rob Van Dam walks out to the crowd going wild for the return of Rob Van Dam! He taunts to them and shows them he is fine and back by doing his jumping taunt where he sort of does the splits in mid air and then walks down to the ring. He spins around on the ramp as a pyro hits the stage and then he rolls into the ring. He spins around does the ‘R, V, D!!’ taunt.

*Samoa Joe*
Lillian Garcia: And the final man in this match, from the Isle of Samoa and weighing in at 290 pounds, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe!!!!

Samoa Joe opens the curtain and the crowd are going wild out of utter respect and appreciation that he is here in WWE. He walks down to the ring with his towel on his shoulder. He climbs into the ring and looks at all of his opponents as he throws his towel out of the ring and gets locked up.
Match 1:
Fatal 4-Way Elimination Chamber Qualifier:
Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito vs Rob Van Dam vs Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe makes the other 3 a bit wary and then they all go after Samoa Joe and then Shelton Benjamin hits a stinger splash on Samoa Joe as he is stunned! Then RVD does a spinning wheel kick to Samoa Joe sending him out of the ring. Then RVD is attacked by Carlito and Shelton Benjamin comes and helps Carlito as they whip RVD against the ropes. RVD comes flying back and does a flying cross body onto the two of them. RVD sizes up Shelton Benjamin as he hits a roundhouse kick on Shelton when he gets up. Samoa is starting to get up though, and is slowly getting into the ring. RVD hasn’t noticed and starts to work on Carlito. Samoa Joe then hits a clubbing hit on RVD. Then leaves Carlito laid up against the turnbuckle as he appears to be walking away. Then he runs back kicks him in the face! Shelton Benjamin gets back up and Samoa Joe hits a running leg lariat! RVD begins to get himself back up by using the ropes. Samoa Joe walks over to him and lifts him up the turnbuckle. Muscle Buster!! Carlito dropkicks the back of Samoa Joe and Samoa Joe turns around looking angry at him. Then from nowhere Shelton Benjamin flies into Samoa Joe with a top rope forearm!! As h is doing this, Carlito goes to pin the knocked out Rob Van Dam!!

1……………………..2………………………Shelton Benjamin breaks it up and brawls with Carlito and knocks Carlito out of the ring to walk into a Muscle Buster!!! RVD is up and then he hits his RVD kick to send Samoa out of the ring again. Then he climbs to the top rope!! 5-STAR FROGSPLASH!!! RVD quickly gets into the pin.


Winner: Rob Van Dam

Joey Styles: Impressive return for Rob Van Dam!

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito was screwed by Shelton Benjamin!!

Jerry Lawler: What’s happening now?! Samoa Joe does not look too pleased!! Uh oh!!

Samoa Joe gets back into the ring and has gone red with frustration!! RVD has gone up the ramp now celebrating but poor Shelton Benjamin is laid in the ring and Carlito is crawling back in too. Shelton and Carlito both begin to get to their feet. Samoa looks as if he is choosing one then he runs at Carlito with a leg lariat. He gets back up and then hits a clothesline on Shelton Benjamin. Samoa Joe walks over to Carlito and then hits a muscle buster!! Then he walks back over to Shelton Benjamin! He picks him up and lifts him up the turnbuckle!! MUSCLE BUSTER!! Then he locks in the Coji Clutch!! Samoa Joe gets up and out of the ring as Shelton Benjamin looks to have passed out!! He picks up a chair and gets back into the ring!! Samoa Joe pelts Carlito just as Carlito gets up to his feet!! Shelton Benjamin is picked up and then a guillotine with the chair to Shelton Benjamin!! Carlito is bust open in his head and looks knocked and Shelton Benjamin is laid out on the floor screaming out in pain holding his neck! Samoa Joe gets out of the ring and picks up his towel then walks off up the ramp leaving them two helpless in the ring. Medics come out to stretcher off Carlito then…

*World’s Greatest Tag Team!!*

Charlie Haas walks down to the ring and climbs in getting a good reception for his debut on Raw on-screen! He gets in the ring and checks to see if Shelton is alright and grabs a microphone!
Charlie Haas: Here, let me help you Shelton. I think you should forget about the singles career, maybe you should go back to the tag-team division with me, and we can be again, the World’s Greatest Tag Team!!

Shelton Benjamin: Why?! Do you think I can’t last on my own?! What happened to you hey? You were doing fine on Smackdown! You’ve now come to Raw and think you can ruin my singles career to make your tag-team again so you can have some of my glory!!

Charlie Haas: It’s not like that Shelton, I’m here to help you. Come on man, we’re best friends, you can trust me. I know you’ve gained an attitude now, but you need to start winning rather than losing all the time. To be honest, no, I don’t think you can last on your own! I think you should return to the tag-team division, regain some pride and try to get on a winning streak then maybe have another bite of the cherry in singles competition. What d’ya say?

Charlie Haas extends the hand out to Shelton Benjamin as Shelton looks around at the fans egging him on to do it!! He then looks back at Haas and they go eye-to-eye. Then Shelton says something to Haas and Shelton then walks off!! The crowd tell him what they think of his decision!

Charlie Haas doesn’t look surprised as he follows him backstage! We then return to the commentators at ringside.
Joey Styles: Shocking attitude by Shelton Benjamin there!! Do you think he said no or do you think he just walked off?!

Jonathon Coachman: He just walked off didn’t he?!

Jerry Lawler: Doesn’t mean that he said no, just probably!!

Joey Styles: Word is that AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are in the back having a bit of a brawl!!

We go backstage to see AJ and Daniels brawling with neither lookin to give in!! They keep hitting each other and then suddenly referees come running to try and stop them but they can’t hold AJ Styles back, he runs past them and dives onto Christopher Daniels over the referees!! They continue brawling and the refs are unable to separate them! Then security come in and lift AJ Styles off of Christopher Daniels as AJ Styles still looks furious!! Christopher Daniels is sat on the floor holding his head. Daniels then jumps to his feet and dives at AJ and they brawl again until they are separated for a final time! Vince McMahon just happens to be walking past and he says to them…
Vince McMahon: It’s been all over WWE.com that you two have fallen out backstage and I believe it now!! I don’t know what your problems are with each other but I’m gonna make a match here tonight in Montreal, Quebec!! AJ styles, is going to take on Christopher Daniels!! Thank you!

Joey Styles: Amazing news!

Jonathon Coachman: It will be an honour we haven’t had before…

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait!

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! And is for a place in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution!! First from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 220 pounds, WWE’s first Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle!!

Angle walks down to the ring with that armless top and straps down. He is wearing his black attire and the gold medal is around his neck. He walks down the ramp where he stops as the crowd are chanting ‘You Suck’ heavily much to the annoyance of Kurt Angle! Instead of taunting walks down the ramp and then he climbs into the ring. He then takes of the shirt thing and his medal, and then he pulls his straps up.

*Wellllllllllll....Well it's the Big Show!!*
Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Tampa, Florida and weighing in at 500 pounds, the Big Show!!

Big Show walks down to the ring with a mean look on his face and I fear for Kurt Angle as the 7 foot giant proceeds to climb into the ring! He gives Kurt Angle an evil stare as he turns to the crowd and sticks his hand in the air to taunt and then Angle attacks him therefore the bell rings!!
Match 2:
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match:
Kurt Angle vs Big Show

Kurt Angle repeatedly hits clubbing blows to Big Show back as he is desperately trying to knock the Big Show down! Angle begins to work on the knees until Show counters with whip against the ropes but Angle dodges the clothesline and hits a chock block!! Big Show is down on one knee and then Angle hits a dropkick to the face knocking Show down!!

Jonathan Coachman: Go on Kurt!! Big Show won’t be able to get back up!!

Jerry Lawler: What about if he squashes Kurt?! Poor Kurt!!

Joey Styles: Shut up you two!!

Angle then goes to work away at the ankle of Big Show obviously!! Kurt must have already had a game plan here and its working! He makes an assault on Big Show as Show begins to get back up but Angle climbs the turnbuckle and jumps feet first onto the Big Show!! Then Angle climbs the turnbuckle again!! Moonsault!! Big Show just, I mean just managed to roll out of the way! Big Show gets to his feet and then picks up Angle! He goes for the Showstopper!! But he is countered into an Angle Slam!! Then THE ANKLE LOCK!! Big Show has no choice but to tap out!!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Jonathan Coachman: Big Show was tapping so hard, I thought he was going to break the mat!! Ha!!

Angle walks up the ramp pleased of his big victory against the Big Show!

*Sexy Boy*
Lillian Garcia: Please welcome the ‘Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels!!

Michaels walks down to the ring looking cocky as ever and pointing to the booing crowd! The crowd are so loud it is drowning out the music!! He turns to the fans tells them to *Suck It!!* He climbs into the ring and does his split leg taunt with a sort of body builder pose!! Similar to the of Kid Kash! Michaels then grabs a mic.

Shawn Michaels: Welcome everyone, to the famous place I know as Montreal, Quebec!! I must have the biggest fan base here!

Michaels laughs as the crowd are booing and chanting ‘You Screwed Bret!’

Shawn Michaels: The only sweeter sound to that is the Sweet Chin Music! Keep chanting it! I don’t care! I can handle the truth! It’s just Canadians who can’t!!! Ha! Ha! So then, down to business…

The crowd chant much louder and Michaels begins to shout over them, mocking them!!

Shawn Michaels: You screwed Bret!! Waa Waa!! You Screwed Bret!! I need a tissue!! Give me a break will ya?! Look if you wanna cry, why don’t you find your hero?! He cries so much they made a water works from it!! You join him, maybe for an 8-year membership or something!! Look, I don’t need all the credit!! What about Vince?! Hey?! What about, hey, let’s just bring him, my best friend Triple H!!

Joey Styles: Did he just say…?

Jerry Lawler: Did he really just say…?

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H?!

*The Game!!*
Triple H walks out onto the stage with something in his hand and he walks down to the ring. He gets in the ring and hugs Shawn Michaels!! Then he brings out DX shirts to the surprise of the crowd! They both put them on and half the crowd are cheering and half still booing!! They then tell the entire crowd to *Suck It!!*

Triple H: You heard the guy people! You may have thought that we hated each other, but that’s not the case!! In fact, the opposite!! Now that The Game and ‘The Heart Break Kid’ are re-united, we will dominate WWE again!!

Shawn Michaels:We are just missing one thing though! Or maybe two! A body guard and a women, a manager, whatever!!

*The Masterpiece!!*
Chris Masters walks out and he does a taunt on the stage then his usual taunt on the stage! Shawn Michaels is stood in the ring impressed and he looks at the fans who are still booing and then Michaels whispers something to Triple H and he whispers back and they are both laughing! Chris Masters then gets in the ring and grabs a mic and prepares to speak!

Chris Masters: Shawn Michaels, I will be your bodyguard as no one can get past me! Look at me; I’ve got the strength, the looks and the ability!!

The crowd are booing loudly!!

Chris Masters: Shut up!! If you can’t forget 8 years ago then be History teacher!! You should be in awe of ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!!

Triple H: I think you’ll be great for the job!

Shawn Michaels: I’m impressed!! He’s strong, smart and an attitude! Now the woman…

*International Woman*
Shawn Michaels looks very pleased as Gail Kim walks out onto the stage as Triple H looks shocked!! Gail Kim points at Michaels and smiles as she walks down to the ring and climbs into the ring. She shakes hands with Michaels as Triple H looks at Michaels!!

Triple H: You’ve got taste! DX is back!! And if you don’t like it then we’ve got 2 words for you…SUCK IT!!!

DX walks off to the amazement and shocked faces of the crowd!

Joey Styles: Well that’s a shock!!

Jerry Lawler: Gail Kim!! She’s back!! More puppies!! And if I know DX like I do, then who hoo!! Puppies!! I love DX!!

Jonathan Coachman: DX is back and I think that they will be back with a bigger impact then they already have!!

Joey Styles: Well, DX have returned and now it’s time to get back to action! Next up, AJ Styles takes on Christopher Daniels, that’s up next!!


*I Am AJ Styles!!*
Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! First from Gainesville, Georgia and weighing in at 215 pounds, ‘The Phenomenal One’ AJ Styles!!!

AJ Styles walks down to the ring and his pyros go off on the stage as he lifts off his hood! He walks down the ramp and slaps the fans hands as he climbs into the ring and he does his taunt and then takes off his jacket. He warms up before Daniels comes out!!

*Disposable Teens*
Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from the City of Angels and weighing in at 210 pounds, Christopher Daniels!!

Christopher walks out with his hood on and his big jacket. He walks down to the right side of the ring as you see it from the Titan Tron!! He then climbs up to the apron and throws off his hood! Then he gets into the ring and he takes off his jacket as AJ Styles looks out to the fans and taunts while limbering up!!

Match 3:
Singles Feud Match:
AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels gets the upper hand after a cheap shot to AJ Styles and then he takes a lot of offence to Styles and Styles can only take the pain!! AJ then counters a clothesline from Daniels into a clothesline of his own! AJ Styles then runs against the ropes and hits a flying forearm shot. Then he climbs to the top rope!! Spiral Tap! Missed! Daniels just managed to move out of the way! Then Daniels picks up AJ Styles! Daniels hits a backdrop suplex!! Daniels then picks AJ up for a blue thunder bomb!! Counters it then hits an enzuiguri! AJ goes for the pin but gets a 2-count!! Daniels gets to his feet and AJ runs against the ropes; he dodges the hand from Daniels then hits a dropkick on his way back!! AJ then hits a Pele kick!! AJ picks up Daniels for a Styles Clash attempt but Daniels counters and then goes for the Last Rites!! AJ counters!! Styles Clash!! AJ goes flying into the ref after an excellent counter by Daniels!! Daniels stalks AJ, STYLES CLASH!! BY AJ!!!

*Gonna Give It To You!!*
Low-Ki and Elix Skipper come running down to the ring and attack AJ Styles! Christopher Daniels gets to his feet and gets a chair!! AJ dropkicks the chair into Daniels!! He fights of Triple X until Daniels whacks AJ with the chair!! LAST RITES!!! Then Daniels picks AJ back up!! ANGEL’S WINGS!! Then to add insult to injury the BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!! Triple X disappear as the referee is just waking up!! Daniels goes for the pin: 1…………………………2…………………………………………………3!!

Winner: Christopher Daniels!!

Jerry Lawler: That’s Triple X!! I’ve heard all about them!!

Jonathan Coachman: Triple X, DX, what next?!

Joey Styles: For once I agree with you Coach!! Triple X, definitely ‘givin it’ to AJ Styles here. What an impact!! I hear that Maria is backstage, let’s go to that!

Maria: Thank-you Joey. Tonight my special guest is the Heart-Break Kid Shawn Michaels!! Hello, Shawn! What do you do to break hearts?! Use an axe or something?!

Shawn Michaels: No!! I break people’s hearts with my good looks!

Maria: Is that why looks can kill?!

Shawn Michaels: Does that have anything to do with the interview?!

Maria: Erm…so Shawn Michaels, DX are back, can I ask where they are back from? Was it a holiday? Where did you go…?

Shawn Michaels: Look, if you haven’t got anything sensible to say, then don’t say anything!!

There is a deadly silence as we go back to ringside!!

*Slow Chemical*
Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! And is for a place in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution!! First, from parts unknown and weighing in at 326 pounds, Kane!!

Kane walks out of the curtain to good reception fire hits the stage as Kane walks down to the ring with his championship on his shoulder. He rolls into the ring and then lifts his arms slowly!! Then throws them down to fire at the turnbuckles and the stage! He hands the tag title out and waits for Triple H!!

*The Game!!*
Lillian Garcia: And his opponent being accompanied by Monty Brown, from Greenwich, Connecticut and weighing in at 260 pounds, ‘The Game’ Triple H!!

Triple H walks out the stage with Chris Masters and his bottle with water. He drinks the water and then pours some on his head and he shakes it off and walks down to the ring with Chris Masters posing too! Triple H continues to drink and then he climbs onto the apron. Then he spits the water and spits out the remainder of the drink. Chris Masters follows him into the ring. Chris Masters sizes up Kane as Triple H climbs the turnbuckle and then does his taunt!!

Match 4:
Elimination Chamber Qualifier:
Kane vs Triple H

Chris Masters gets out of the ring and Triple H locks up with Kane!! Kane overpowers Triple H and Triple H looks annoyed. So he locks up again!! He gets overpowered again and Triple H is getting even more annoyed. The Game tries once more but this time kicks Kane and then whips him into the corner. Triple H runs at Kane to meet a big boot to the face!! Kane then hits a sideslam to Triple H who now holds his back. Kane picks up Triple H and whips against the ropes and lands a swinging side slam!! Then Kane goes for a pin and gets a 2 count. Triple H fights back for a bit. Then Kane hits a CHOKESLAM!! Out of nowhere, then Kane is in the pinning position!! 1………………………………..2………………………..KICK OUT!! Kane whips Triple H against the ropes, Flying Knee Smash!! Triple H then ruins against the ropes again and then a Knee Buster!! Triple H whips Kane against the ropes!! Spinebuster!! He goes for the pin!! 1……………………………..2…………………………Kick Out!! Some more back and forth action until CHOKESLAM!! Countered!! The PEDIGREE!!! Triple H goes for the pin!! 1……………………………………….2……………………………………3!!

Winner: Triple H

Triple H and Chris Masters then assault Kane before walking to the back!

Joey Styles: Well the Elimination Chamber matches continue!! Up next, Chris Jericho returning against Chris Masters in a submission match!! The Masterlock vs The Walls of Jericho! We return after this break!!


Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for a submission match!!! And is for a place in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution!! First, from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 275 pounds, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!!

Chris Masters is on the stage with his cloak on. He stands up and throws off the cloak to reveal himself. He does his taunts with the pyros going off at the same time with the music’s dongs. He walks down to the ring cockily and then he gets in and limber sup while waiting for Chris Jericho!

*Break Down The Walls!!*
Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Manhasset, New York and weighing in at 231 pounds, ‘Y2J’ Chris Jericho!!!!

Jericho is doing his taunt on the stage with his arms up!! He is getting a huge reception as he turns around and taunts for the crowd! He walks down to the ring flinging his head left and right as he used to do. He then slaps the fans hands as he walks up the stairs. Then he leans back against the ropes and then gets in the ring. He looks at Masters and mocks him by sweeping of his chest and then doing the Y2J arm pose similar to that of Masters!! Masters has had enough!!

Match 5:
Elimination Chamber Qualification Submission Match:
Chris Masters vs Chris Jericho

Masters is frustrated enough and goes after Jericho but Jericho dodges everything thrown at him then Jericho dropkicks Masters’s shin. Masters is down on one knee and Jericho runs against the ropes and hits a front dropkick to the face of Masters! Masters is holding his face as Jericho taunts. Then Jericho starts beating down Masters until Masters throws into the corner powerfully and Jericho falls from the velocity!! Masters then taunts and picks up Jericho! Jericho turn trips Masters over and then WALLS OF JERICHO!! Masters is in pain as he tries to reach the ropes but they seem further than they are and Masters reaches out but just misses the rope!! Then he tries again and just gets the ropes!! The referee taps on Jericho to get off and Jericho thinks he has won and is celebrating until MASTERLOCK!! NO!! It’s countered into a reverse Russian leg drop!! Lionsault!! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Masters can’t stand the pain again!! He is in the centre of the ring!! It’s locked in and there’s no way of getting out of this one!! He looks around the ring and crying out in pain but all he can do is tap!! The referee rings the bell and Masters!!

Winner: Chris Jericho!!

Masters then attacks Jericho after the match and locks in the Masterlock!! Jericho is trying to fight to off but he can’t!! It’s no use!! He can’t escape and then he passes out!! Masters walks off looking proud of himself and then he taunts!

Joey Styles: We have main event action coming up soon, Shawn Michaels vs Edge!! I can’t wait for this classic encounter!!

Jerry Lawler: You can bet your last dollar that D-X will be there guiding him the way!!

Jonathan Coachman: Yes you can, and so they should!!

Joey Styles: I don’t know about that but I do know that Vince McMahon is backstage doing something suspicious!!

(Backstage on the phone) Vince McMahon: Yes, yes, that’s right. The job is all yours. They’ll love you. Listen to me; nobody can stop me I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon!! If I say you have the job, you have the job dammit!! That’s right; I’ll see you next week. Yes, see you later.

Todd Grisham knocks on the door and walks in to talk to Vince McMahon!!

Todd Grisham: Vince…

Vince McMahon: That’s Mr. McMahon to you!!

Todd Grisham: Mr. McMahon, can you tell us who you were just talking to on the phone about presumably the General Manager spot!!

Vince McMahon: Well Tom…

Todd Grisham: It’s erm…Todd, sir…

Vince McMahon: Shut Up!! Whatever you’re called, I can tell you that next week, I won’t tell you him, I’ll show the whole audience and the world wide viewers who it is!!

Joey Styles: You heard the man! After the adverts we have the main event of the evening!! Shawn Michaels, Edge after the break.

It shows D-X on one side of the screen walking to the entrance stage and on the other side is Lita and Edge with the briefcase in his hand. It says up next at the bottom!!


Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!! And is for a place in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship at New Year’s Revolution!! First, being accompanied by Lita, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at 240 pounds, ‘Mr. Money In The Bank’ Edge!!

Edge runs out of the curtain to good reception as he is in Canada and he is against Montreal’s most hated wrestler of all time!! Lita follows as Edge has his sunglasses on, his jacket on and his briefcase in hand!! Edge walks down to the ring with Lita. Lita walks up the steps while Edge slides in facing Lita. He gets up and runs up to the turnbuckle and climbs it. Lita gets in the ring as Edge is taunting to the crowd and still getting cheered!!

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent…

The crowd is booing very, very loud again!!

Lillian Garcia: From San Antonio, Texas and weighing in at 225 pounds, ‘The Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels!!

*Sexy Boy*
The crowd go wild as Sexy Boy cuts off and goes into Bret Hart’s Music!! Out walks Bret Hart, Jimmy Hart, Anvil & Teddy Hart walk out!! They walk down to the ring and get in all doing their taunts!! Then they all tell the crowd to *SUCK IT!!* Bret Hart reveals to be Bret Hart, Triple H reveals to be Teddy Hart, Chris Masters reveals to be Anvil and Gail Kim reveals to be Jimmy Hart!! They all laugh at the Canadian fans that were so gullible!! The crowd are booing so loud you literally can’t hear the music!! D-X get out of the ring except Michaels as Edge gets into the ring!!

Main Event:
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match:
Shawn Michaels vs Edge

The match kicks off with a lock up but Michaels slips under edge and then hits a back drop as DX are clapping and the fans are still booing. They go to lock up again and Michaels twists Edge’s arm and throws him on the floor. Edge is getting frustrated as Michaels and DX are really sticking it in his face!! Edge goes to lock up again but this time Edge kicks HBK and DX are going crazy as Edge whips HBK against the ropes but Michaels dodges the clothesline into a flying clothesline of his own. He then nips up with a neck spring! Edge is getting more and more annoyed as DX keep showing him up. The crowd are still booing and jeering very loudly!! Michaels goes for a clothesline and misses to the delight of the crowd until Michaels ducks Edge’s spinning wheel kick!! Then Michaels begins to stomp down on Edge. Then HBK whips Edge into the corner!! HBK lifts Edge up onto the turnbuckle, hurricanrana!! Michaels goes for the pin 1…………………………..2…………………Kick Out!! So Michaels re-focuses before Edge begins the strikes on Michaels and then a whip against the ropes!! Edge tosses Michaels over his head!! Then Edge runs against the ropes and hits a clothesline and Michaels gets up straight up again. Edge continues running though!! Spinning wheel kick!! Edge then picks Michaels up for a scoop slam! Then Michaels gets up walks over to Edge as Edge throws Michaels into the ropes, Michaels with the flying clothesline, both men are down!!


Michaels nips up just in time!! Then Michaels stomps away at Edge as Lita lobs the suitcase in to Edge and then Lita taunts at Gail Kim!! Gail Kim goes and chases after Lita!! They have a bit of a brawl! The ref is distracted trying to get them to stop fighting!! Edge has the brief case!! Triple H jumps up to the apron and Edge whacks him with it!! Masters Tries to get in but Edge stomps him out of the ring!! Edge is stalking Michaels with the briefcase!! Michaels begins to get up and Edge lifts the briefcase in the air!! Triple H grabs it!! Triple H was already in the ring!! Edge turns around into the Pedigree!! Triple H jumps out of the ring and then the ref turns back around!! Michaels has just got to his feet and he climbs the turnbuckle!! Flying Elbow Drop!! Michaels then gets up straight away and starts taunting at the crowd!! They are booing louder than ever at the moment!! Michaels then starts to tune up the band!! Edge begins to get up and D-X are cheering it on!! Edge is just about up!! Edge turns around into the SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! HBK goes for the pin!! No he doesn’t!! He picks up the Bret Hart jacket and puts it on!!

SHARPSHOOTER!!!!! The crowd are basically booing off the roof!! You can hardly hear anything!! Edge taps out and the bell goes and HBK keeps it locked in because he didn’t hear the bell go!! It stays locked in so the referee runs over and tries to tell Michaels he has won so then he lets go and has his hand raised!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels!!

Shawn Michaels gets out of the ring and then Bret Hart’s music goes off!! You can hardly hear it until the crowd realises and they are cheering loudly but no one comes out and DX are telling the Tron to *SUCK IT!!* They walk up the ramp but the crowd boo the loudest ever and a load of popcorn, coke, hot dogs, rubbish, other foods etc. are all being thrown at D-X but they don’t care and they stand at the stage and tell the entire crowd to *SUCK IT!!* Then the screen goes black and the WWE logo flashes and you can still hear them booing and then it has ended!

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nice show. your matches were entertaining and the promos were good. hope to see more.. the only thing i thought was a little confusing was when people would talk and the crowd would cheer in the middle of their speeches, the colors wouldn't change and sometimes hard to decipher when the person was talking and when the crowd started cheering (or booing)

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Good announcement from Vince, and as usual the Canucks still haven't got over Bret. Wonder if you will take this anywhere, and right now it would seem the emphasis for once isn't on Bret-Michaels but rather Vince-Bret.

Rob Van Dam gets the win but Samoa Joe decemates Carlito and Shelton. Haas is here?!? Cool, WGTT!! Or not, as Shelton decides to be a bitch and walk off. This one should be a good fued, and a great match at the end of it. Does this mean Joe and Carlito will fued, or that Carlito is just a footnote in the Joe death list.

Intense fighting in the back, AJ and Daniels will be another AWESOME fued, with the match being even better. Hopefully it will be stipulated, Iron Man or Ladder or something. A match tonight?!

Angle completely SQUASHES Big Show, not too realistic IMO, but it's still cool. Angle and Van Dam in the chamber, looks like it's gonna be a good match.

Typcial Michaels-Montreal promo, and I like it but Triple H?! DX!!! A bodyguard, a woman? Can't be Chyna then. MASTERS AND GAIL KIM?! WOW! This is a unique DX and hopefully a good one.

Man, this night goes from one shock to another, Triple X?! I know that there has probably been way too many run ins, returns and shocks for one night, but man, they've been great!! Hopefully XXX can dominate the tag and the IC divisions.

Lol, what a surprise, Maria had nothing to say, but why was Michaels on his own? Surely he'd have DX with him?

Triple H with the clean win? After DX just got back together?! There's something you don't see every day, and it would've been a great way to get DX some more heat, and show their power by taking out Kane.

Once again, a DX member with no interference? I think DX would've interfered, especially with him losing. Even if it was only Gail Kim it needed some DX intervention.

Vince has finally given out the GM spot, but who to? I'm pulling for Shane or Heyman.

A heel versus heel main event is not a good thing, but Edge was wisely chosen as it is from Canada, surprised he didn't get any heat though. For a minute I actually believed that the Hart Foundation were back, but I guess not. However, Bret turns out to be Bret? And I am very surprised the fans didn't notice that they were DX as they don't exactly look similar. At least this time DX are with one of their members in their match. AHAHA!!! Shawn wins with the Sharpshooter in Canada, I always love to see that, (I even put it in my WM) a great way to end Raw and the greatest place to debut DX!!

So the EC is: Cena v Michaels v HHH v Jericho v RVD v Angle, looks to be a good one, except Cena.

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Friday Night Smackdown – San Jose, California (30th December 2005)

*’Rise Up’ plays throughout the arena as we watch the new FNSD! video, showcasing old established stars such as Undertaker, Randy Orton and Batista, along with the new blood, such as CM Punk, Austin Aries and Abyss, we then cut to the arena as ‘No Chance’ plays as Vince McMahon power-walks his way to the ring*

Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, here live in San Jose, California, on the last SmackDown of 2005 and two questions have been said throughout the locker room. 1, Where is my broadcast partner, Tazz, and 2, Where is our General Manager, Theodore R Long? Hopefully Vince McMahon will shed some light on the situation.

Vince: Good evening ladies and gentlemen here in San Jose, California. *Big Pop*. Now, as you could see from the new video on the titantron, there is a new generation of superstars coming to entertain you great fans of the WWE! .*Big Pop*. I have two announcements concerning SmackDown itself. 1st as you can see, Tazz is not at the broadcast position as usual. *Boo’s*. Now hold your boo’s as you will be pleased to hear that the orange and black attack, Tazz will be back on the roster of active wrestling!

*Huge pop for Tazz, Tazz Chants Build Up*

MC: Wow, what a shock, Tazz will be wrestling again!

Vince: So, taking over the broadcast booth with Michael Cole will be a former ECW performer, ladies and gentlemen your new SmackDown announcer, Tommy Dreamer!

*’Man in the Box’ hits and Tommy comes out to a thunderous ovation*

MC: The innovator of violence my new broadcast partner, wow, welcome to the booth, Tommy!

TD: Thank you I hope to fill the shoes that Tazz has left behind, let’s get on with the show!

McMahon: And for my second announcement, I regret to inform you Theodore Long has resigned as general manager of SmackDown!

*Boo’s throughout the arena*

McMahon: Citing personal problems, he could not continue his duties with SmackDown and resigned yesterday afternoon. So I have assigned a new general manager, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new General Manager of SmackDown…Mick Foley!

*’Crash’ hits and Foley appears on SmackDown to a thunderous ovation*

MC: Oh my God, Foley is our GM on SmackDown! And what an ovation for Mick!

TD: Yeah, that’s a complete shock to everyone here tonight

Foley: Thank you Vince, I’d never think you’d give me another chance at being in control, but its good that you have, right here in San Jose, California! *pop, Foley chants*

TD: hey, cheap pop, trademark Foley!

Foley: Now, down to business, I want to get sorted out SmackDown’s side for the Royal Rumble! *pop* and as a clause in my GM contract, I managed to ensure that a SmackDown superstar will indeed get the coveted number 30 spot *big pop* and that will be decided by a 16-man tournament, beginning tonight, which I have named the ‘Foley Rumble Invitational’ *huge pop*

MC: wow, the beginning of a tournament here tonight!

Foley: and also, a number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title will be decided in a mini 6-man royal rumble contest! *huge pop* which will pit JBL *boo*, Chris Benoit *pop* Randy Orton *boo* The Undertaker *huge pop* and 2 secret new stars making their debuts here tonight.*pop* So I hope you enjoy the show and have a nice day!

MC: What a night we have here tonight on SmackDown!


MC: Back here on SmackDown and what revelation, Foley is our new GM and what announcements he has made, a tournament for the number 30 spot at the Royal Rumble beginning here tonight and a 6-Man mini-rumble with the winning going on to face Batista at the Royal Rumble!

TD: Tonight is gone be ‘off the hook’ as Tazz used to say, so lets get on with the show

MC: Tag Team Titles on the Line!
*MNM’s Music Hits to a chorus of boo’s*

Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE tag team championship, coming to the ring first, the challengers, MNM!

*Batista/Booyaka 619 Remix hits to a thunderous ovation*

And now, on their way to the ring, the WWE tag team champions, 1st, from San Diego, California, Rey Mysterio! And, from Washington DC, the World Heavyweight Champion…Batista!!!!

WWE Tag Team Championship
MNM Vs Batista & Rey Mysterio:

The Finish:

A fast-paced high impact match-up with MNM isolating Rey from Batista. MNM believe they have the win, when Mercury places Mysterio on the top rope for a super back suplex, how Rey fights out and knocks Mercury off the second rope but, he hits the referee, Rey then flies off with a moonsault, hits Mercury and gets the hot tag to Batista. Batista cleans house and appears to have the match-up won when he sets up Nitro for a Batistabomb but who’s that who jumped in the ring…Randy Orton just came in through the crowd and hit Batista in the chest with a led pipe. Orton sprints out the ring and smirks as he walks up the aisle. MNM then picks up the already injured Batista and hits the snapshot!, Mercury pulls the referee over who makes the count whilst Nitro makes the cover with Rey being held by Melina!..1…..2…..3!!!

Winners and NEW WWE tag team champions: MNM

MC: Damn Orton! He just assaulted Batista with that lead pipe and cost him his WWE tag team titles

TD: Yeah, that’s no way to win a title, but we need someone in the ring, Batista is seriously hurt.

*Batista is lying in the ring, coughing up blood as EMT’s rush to the fallen superstar*


MC: We are back here live ladies and gentlemen, and in case you’ve just tuned in Randy Orton just attacked Batista and cost him and Rey Mysterio the tag team titles

*a replay is shown of the attack by Orton to Batista and him lying on the mat in agony after the match*

TD: Yeah, that was pretty uncalled for by Orton, and you know that Batista will be out for revenge.

MC: Well lets move on to some more SmackDown action and a Royal Rumble Tournament match-up!

*’Hail Sabin’ hits and Chris Sabin comes out to a fairly decent reaction*
Chimmel: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match in the Foley Royal Rumble Invitational. First, making his WWE debut, from El, Michigan…Chris Sabin!

MC: Sabin looking to make an impact in his first match here in the WWE!

* ‘OJ’ Hits and Orlando Jordan comes out to a not much of a reaction*

Chimmel: And, representing the cabinet, the Chief Of Staff, Orlando Jordan!

Royal Rumble/Foley Invitational Tournament – First Round
Chris Sabin Vs Orlando Jordan
The Finish:

The match is back and forth match-up, with Sabin showing his unique wrestling style and Jordan countering with some of his ground and pound offence. The match concludes with Orlando going to the top to attempt a crossbody, but he is caught by Sabin! He spins him round into a urinagi/backbreaker manoeuvre and then hoist him up into position, could it be, yes, CradleShock!!!, he goes into the cover.1…..2…..3!
Winner: Chris Sabin

MC: Great debut win for Sabin there as we go up to Josh Matthews who is standing by, over to you Josh!

JM: Thank you, as I am standing by with a man who looks to go on to face Batista at the Royal Rumble, John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL: That’s Mr. Layfield to you, and yes I don’t plan to go on and face Batista, I will face Batista at the Royal Rumble and become the World Heavyweight champion. You 2005 was a landmark year for JBL. I had the longest WWE title reign in over a decade, I got my own syndicated radio talk show, I got it all and 2006 will be no different. People say 2006 will be a year for the new blood to make an ‘Impact’ as they scatter from Florida or wherever they come from, they will be waiting and worshipping at the feet of me, as will me 5 other opponents tonight in that very ring, and they worship at the feet of a wrestling god!. Then I will go on to the Rumble, and start the new chapter in the Bible of the wrestling god!, JBL.

MC: Coming up next the debut of CM Punk!


MC: We are back live ladies and gentlemen and coming up shortly is the debut of CM Punk and I am so looking forward to thi….

**Ken Kennedy’s Music Hits, as he comes out in suit and tie to a rowdy reaction**

MC: That’s not CM Punk!

TD: Of course not, but why is Mr Kennedy out here?, he’s meant to be injured!

*Kennedy Grabs a mic*
Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, I am currently injured at the moment and cannot enlighten you with my greatness, good looks and wrestling ability *boo’s* I know, I know. But I will not let this deprive you of my presence, as while I’m injured, I have decided to take a wrestler under my wing to make him a superstar in this business. So…. Hailing from, Chicago, Illinois….He is straightedge drug and alcohol free, and truly an inspiration to us all...Ladies and gentlemen…the next winner of the royal rumble…CM PUNK!!!

*CM Punk comes out to a chorus of boo’s as he’s sided with Kennedy*

MC: I can’t believe it, Kennedy as recruited CM Punk as his student!

TD: In my opinion, that’s not a bad idea, I mean having a teacher who’s never been beaten, quite smart by CM Punk

*Paul London’s music hits to quite a decent pop, as he sprints to the ring.*

Chimmel: And from Austin Texas, Paul London!

Royal Rumble/Foley Invitational First Round
CM Punk Vs Paul London
The Finish:

This match was controlled by CM Punk. The match concludes when Paul London goes for a moonsault on a down CM Punk, but is pulled by Kennedy from the outside, and is crotched on the top rope. Punk gains his composure and goes to the top and nails a sit-down pedigree from the top rope!

MC: Oh my god, what do you call that?

TD: I believe he calls it the ‘Pepsi Plunge’

Referee makes the count.1….2….3
Winner: CM Punk

MC: An impressive win there for CM Punk!


MC: Back here live ladies and gentlemen and its main event time so over to Tony Chimmel.

Chimmel: Now it is time fro the 6-man mini royal rumble for the number one contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship, here are the rules. The first two men will enter and the match will begin, then every two minutes another superstar will enter the match. You can only be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.

*Burn in my light*

Chimmel: The number one entrant in the match, Randy Orton!
‘Just Close Your Eyes’ Hits’

Chimmel: And, coming in at number two, please welcome back, Christian Cage!

MC: Christian Cage has returned to SmackDown!

TD: What a cooq by our boss!

6-Man Mini Rumble Match
Order of Entry

1. Randy Orton
2. Christian Cage
3. JBL
4. Chris Benoit
5. Abyss
6. The Undertaker

Order Of Elimination

1. Christian Cage by JBL
2. Chris Beniot by JBL
3. Abyss by Undertaker
4. Undertaker By Randy Orton

We are left with Orton and JBL left in the ring, these two are going at it, and JBL seems to be gaining the upper hand over Orton . He has Orton up against the ropes looking for the Clothesline from Hell but as he makes his run-up bu Orton ducks and launches him over the top rope to pull off a strong victory.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton is trying to catch his breath after this gruelling match when out of nowhere Batista, taped ribs and all, runs in and delivers a devastating spinebuster to Orton! The undertaker is down on the ground as you hear Batista mutter to Orton whilst clutching his ribs 'You started something you dont know how to end!'

TD: Theres payback, Batista style!

MC: The Animal sending a message to the Legendkiller! Goodnight everybody from San Jose!

Batista poses on the ramp

*Screen fades out to WWE logo*
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