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I'm actually going to start off my fantasy booking from the first week after the draft. So the first of my shows will be WWE Raw on July 4th, 2005, interesting enough. Hope you enjoy...:cool:

Vengeance has already took place, and the results is just below.

But first, we have the draft...
The Draft Lottery has took place as followed:

Draft Lottery:
June 6th: Raw: Eddie Guerrero
June 9th: Smackdown: Kane
June 13th: Raw: Doug Basham
June 16th: Smackdown: Rob Conway
June 20th: Raw: Big Show
June 20th: Trade: Rey Mysterio, Jackie Gayda, Nunzio, and JBL for
HBK, Steven Richards, Sylvian Grenier and Val Venis
June 23rd: Smackdown: William Regal
June 27th: Raw: Billy Kidman
June 27th: Raw: Undertaker
June 30th: Smackdown: Shelton Benjamin
June 30th: Smackdown: Christian

After Eddie Guerrero was Raw’s first draft pick, Rey Mysterio still had his feud with Eddie. Rey manages to persuade Teddy Long to trade him over to Raw so he could finish his matters with Eddie. Bischoff is hesitant at first, but the prospect of receiving JBL and getting Rey to build up a perfect matchup for Vengeance is too hard to pass up. Teddy Long is eager in receiving HBK and views Grenier, Val and Richards as future stars on Smackdown, believing them to be underrated on Raw’s turf. Since Smackdown drafted Shelton for its 4th pick, Benjamin is forced to vacate the Intercontinental Championship. Bischoff has yet to announce how he will determine the new Intercontinental Champion.

Raw’s Vengeance PPV results were as followed. Remember this took place on June 26 before Raw’s and Smackdown’s 4th and 5th draft picks.

Hell in a Cell
HHH def Batista via pinfall
to become the World Heavyweight Champion
This occurred after controversial interference from Randy Orton which cost Batista his title. Orton was hiding beneath the ring until the cell was lowered, and he blindsides Batista with an RKO during the end of the match just as Batista had battled out of a pedigree allowing HHH to hit another decisive blow as in the pedigree to pin Batista. Now the question is, will Batista pursue in regaining the championship from HHH again, or will he rather ignore the championship and go after Randy Orton himself?

Shelton Benjamin def Muhammad Hassan via countout to retain the Intercontinental Championship
This happened after Daivari pulled Hassan out of the ring and out of Benjamin’s grasps, so Benjamin was not able to pin Hassan for the 3 count. Benjamin had hit a massive dropkick to keep both men out of the ring just as Hassan was about to reenter. This forced the ref to finish the countout and finally declaring Benjamin victorious. Hassan still has not been pinned cleanly.

Eddie Guerrero def Rey Mysterio via submission
Eddie Guerrero was able to damage Rey’s leg with all he could imagine; including the ring post, steel steps, and exposed turnbuckle. Rey’s leg was so messed up, he wasn’t able to finish the 619, and Eddie was able to lock in the El Paso submission to force Rey to tap out.

Big Show def Chris Jericho via pinfall
Jericho was refusing to wrestle the Big Show, because he was nauseated by the former Smackdown star, and because he was “busy” practicing with Fozzy. Big Show ends up chasing Jericho around the arena and crowd until they finally reach the ring when the official match actually began. Jericho actually tried to low blow the Big Show but Show chokeslams Jericho anyways and Y2J is counted for the three.

Christian def Chris Benoit and Edge via pinfall in a 3 way dance
Christian ends up winning the match after planting Benoit with the Unprettier; right after Benoit bounced off Edge with the flying headbutt. Christian says farewell to the Raw audience, because he felt that it was guaranteed that he would be a Smackdown star soon (his hopes actually turned out to be true after he was picked later in the week as Smackdown's 5th and final draft pick). After the farewell speech, Edge & Lita wish him luck on his future endeavors. However, swiftly afterwards they then go on and try to beat up on Benoit after the match. They even go as far as to attempt to hit one last conchairto, but out of nowhere comes Eugene, who gives Christian and Edge stunners, and multiple German suplexes (ala Benoit). He then helps Benoit back to his feet and Eugene continues to celebrate with the crowd.

Hurricane & Rosey def Doug Basham & JBL via pinfall to retain the tag team titles
JBL accidently dropped Rosey with the fallaway slam onto Doug Basham without noticing. The Hurricane then tosses JBL out of the ring which allows Hurricane & Rosey to pick up the victory after Doug Basham was planted with the Eye of the Hurricane. JBL and Doug Basham argue afterwards, but don't actually lay a hand on the other, besides JBL poking at Doug's chest, pitting him for the blame.

Victoria def Christy Hemme via pinfall
Victoria decimated Hemme after knocking her unconscious with three Widow’s Peaks. She was toying with her the entire match. Hemme actually got in one bitchslap, but afterwards, Victoria destroyed her. Ivory of all people comes out to stop her, but Victoria ends up destroying her as well with consecutive Widow’s Peaks.

Furtheremore, the following are the recent roster changes that have been made...
Candice Michelle
Lauren Jones
Sent to OVW:
(For Training)
Michelle McCool
Christy Hemme
(For Character Renovation)
Rene Dupree
Garrison Cade
Mark Jindrak
Tyson Tomko
Sylvian Grenier
Kenzo Susuki

The Preview of WWE's rendition of Raw on July 4, 2005

News has just broken in that Bischoff has determined how the new Intercontinental Champion is to be crowned. On this week’s edition of Raw, Bischoff has just announced that there will be an open invitational battle royale. However there are special rules for this battle royale. The last 10 people remaining in the ring will be entered into a tournament to determine who will be the new Intercontinental Champion. However, not only will they be competing to be in the final 10, but two of the battle royale participants will receive a bye to the semi-finals. The first of them will be the last one standing in the ring, and the second of them will be the person amongst the final 10 who has the most eliminations during the match. This should be an amazing match, and is rumored to be kicking off the July 4th edition of Raw.

Moreover, Hassan and Daivari have challenged Hurricane and Rosey for the tag team titles, will the Hurricane and Rosey, the dynamic superhero duo accept their challenge?

Also announced from last week, will be Batista’s decision to either wrestle HHH for the World Heavyweight Championship or Randy Orton in a no holds bared match. What will be the animal’s decision? You must tune in to find out, but either way, you are in for a treat of a main event?

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Re: WWE: It begins .... July 4th....

Yer looks good

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Raw July, 4 2005

/(/(/Opening Video/Pyro\)\)\

Intercontinental Tournament Qualifying Battle Royale
Final 10 men gets spots in the tournament.
Last man standing gets a bye into semi-finals.
Man in the final 10 with most eliminations also gets a bye.

The ring is packed with wrestlers. They include the following…
Muhammad Hassan
Antonio Thomas
Chris Masters
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Gene Snitsky
Simon Dean
Billy Kidman
Doug Basham
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Eddie Guerrero
Big Show

Surprisingly enough Viscera is the first eliminated, by the quadruple team of Gene Snitsky, the Heart Throbs, and Chris Masters, they all laid him in with boots, until Snitsky finally knocked him over the top rope with a Yakusa Kick (Big Boot). Tajiri and Edge are fighting in the corner, when Simon Dean tries to ambush Tajiri, however Dean is next to be eliminated as Tajiri flipped him on top of the ropes and connected with a buzzsaw kick. When Maven realizes this, he chases Tajiri, and just as Tajiri is about to connect with a handspring back elbow, Edge pulls the ropes down, and Tajiri flies over. There are 19 men left in total. Maven applauds Edge’s innovative technique, but is caught off guard as Eugene grabs him by his bald head and tosses him overboard and eliminating him.

1st eliminated = Viscera by Gene Snitsky, Heart Throbs, Masters
2nd = Simon Dean by Tajiri
3rd= Tajiri by Edge
4th= Maven by Eugene

Romeo of the Heart Throbs is next to go when Benoit whops him with a reverse suplex to the outside. Antonio follows his tag team partner as he leans over the top rope trying to console Romeo, but Benoit irish whips Doug Basham onto him, which tips him over. Rosey is seventh to go as, Masters shows a good deal of strength by body pressing him to the floor outside. Hurricane tries to duel with Masters, but Hassan tackles him. Hassan sends Hurricane spilling to the floor after connecting with an inverted guillotine snake eyes. However, Hassan is almost eliminated next after Daivari inadvertently collides with a forearm he was attempting to hit Benoit with. Hassan skins the cat but as he tries to get back in the ring, Benoit strikes him with a knife-edge chop. Hassan does not fall outside though, but falls on the apron. Edge gets rid of Nunzio as Edge heaves him out of the ring after he attempts the Arrividechi DDT. Billy Kidman is next to go, when Jericho pulls the ropes down, while Kidman tried to hit a springboard move onto Eugene.

5th = Romeo by Benoit
6th = Antonio Thomas by Doug Basham
7th = Rosey by Chris Masters
8th = Hurricane by Hassan
9th = Nunzio by Edge
10th = Billy Kidman by Chris Jericho

JBL clobbers Daivari with a clothesline from hell, but he does not go over the top rope. JBL catches Eugene who tried to deliver a crossbody, and flings him with a fallaway slam, but as Eugene was flying out he manages to grab onto Doug Basham, and Doug goes flying to the mat outside instead, while Eugene holds on to the ropes. Edge hurls Eugene to the floor anyways with a spear. Benoit chucks Daivari out with a clothesline.

11th = Doug Basham by Eugene
12th = Eugene by Edge
13th = Daivari by Benoit

The final ten are finalized, they are… Hassan, Rey Mysterio Jr, Eddie Guerrero, Masters, Benoit, Jericho, JBL, Big Show, Snitsky, Edge. Edge has the most eliminations.

After being manhandled by Snitsky and Eddie Guerrero, Big Show finally pulls some offense. Big Show puts Eddie on his shoulders, and signals for Rey to connect with the 619 to send Eddie over the top rope. But as Rey does this, Eddie breaks loose, catches Rey in mid-flight and throws Rey outside. Yet, the Big Show still has Eddie on his shoulders, and he easily decomposes of him, by dumping him over the top rope. Snitsky follows up by clotheslining him out though.

14th = Rey Mysterio by Eddie Guerrero
15th = Eddie Guerrero by Big Show
16th = Big Show by Gene Snitsky

Chris Masters is seventeenth out after Benoit back body drops him over the top rope when Masters was running towards him. Edge tries to pick Benoit up and over by his legs, but Benoit reverses it into a crippler crossface and drags him towards the center of the ring. Jericho missile dropkicks Hassan out of the ring, although he was aiming for Snitsky. Snitsky grabs Jericho after he falls from the dropkick and shoves him into the corner. When Snitsky dashes towards Jericho, Jericho jumps on the second rope and somehow brings Snitsky out with him with a hurricanrana. However not only did Jericho eliminate Snitsky, but Jericho also ends up getting eliminated during the move as he also topples to the floor.

17th = Chris Masters by Benoit
18th = Hassan by Jericho
19th = Snitsky by Jericho
20th = Jericho by Snitsky

JBL, Benoit, and Edge remain in the ring. They slug it out, like a relay team. JBL hits Benoit, who hits Edge, but Edge strikes Benoit again, and Benoit strikes JBL. Thye finally disintegrate as JBL goes to the corner to build up strength Benoit dukes it out with Edge. Edge tries to suplex Benoit out of the ring, but Benoit catches the apron. Benoit snags Edge’s neck and tries to suplex Edge out of the ring, but Edge also ends up on the apron. JBL charges, hoping to eliminate both of them. Edge and Benoit stoops down and JBL soars to the outside. Benoit and Edge trade smacks. Edge goes by the turnbuckle and begins to pound Benoit’s head off the turnbuckle. Benoit continues to hold on, and refuses to fall down. Edge goes to the opposite corner and then scampers across at Benoit and spears Benoit. Benoit slumps to the floor.

21th = JBL bye Edge and Benoit
22th = Benoit by Edge

Edge is the last one standing and receives the bye to the semi-finals. But there seems to be a problem in deciding who is to receive the second bye since Edge is also the one who had the most eliminations with 5 in total. Eric Bischoff comes out and tries to depose of the confusion. He says that since Benoit had the second most eliminations and was also the last man to be eliminated, he will receive the bye to the semi-finals. Edge is angered and asks for a mic. He tells Bischoff that Benoit doesn’t deserve to get the bye, and that Edge is the only one who deserves it. Bischoff says that it must be done because the tournament’s brackets would be screwed up. But then he comes to a conclusion that if Edge really doesn’t want Benoit to receive the bye, he would face him in a match. However if Benoit were to defeat Edge, there will no longer be any byes. Edge disproves of this, by letting Benoit get the bye. But before Edge leaves the ring he hurtles Benoit to the mat with another spear.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

“Stand Back There’s a Hurri-Duo Coming Through”

The Tag Team champions, Hurricane and Rosey make their way towards the ring. Hurricane gets on the mic, and accepts Hassan & Daivari’s tag title match request they had made last week on Raw.

Hassan & Daivari make their way to the ring, and Hassan gets on the mic. Hassan tells Hurricane that since they just were apart of the battle royale, they would rather wait until they were in a fresher state. ‘Whutsupwitdat? Dare we say ... *****cats?’, answers Hurricane. Hassan gets angry and bashes the tag champs by telling them how much longer he and Daivari survived in the battle royale, and how much Hurricane & Rosey sucked. ‘Tag Title match…next week on Raw…no problemo.”, responds Hurricane.

All of a sudden music interrupts the confrontation, and out come the Heart Throbs of all people. Since Hassan & Daivari don’t want their title match, why not give it to them. Hurricane & Rosey huddle their heads together and consult each other about the proposal. ‘Hurricane & Rosey have checked with each other…. and have agreed… as we say in Hurriloopaland… the home of my superhero training facility… bring it on.’ ‘Wait, wait, wait. I don’t think so.’, Hassan exclaims. Hassan and Daivari ambush the Heart Throbs and they spill out to the floor outside. Before Hassan and Daivari can do anything too devastating, although they did thrash them into the security barrier and steel steps, Hurricane & Rosey lend a hand and chase Hassan and Daivari away. Hassan goes back into the ring and Hassan picks the microphone back up. He then yawps at Hurricane, Rosey, and the Heart Throbs. They announces that until Hassan and Daivari get their title shot with Hurricane and Rosey, no one will. Hassan and Daivari exit the ring and leave through the crowd, as Hurricane and Rosey tend to the Heart Throbs.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Backstage we see JBL and Doug Basham storm into Eric Bishoff’s office. JBL proclaims how ever since he has arrived on the Raw scene, he has been treated like scum. He explains to Bischoff that he should be treated like a god, and he deserves to have a world heavyweight title opportunity. He clarifies that the only reason he was in the Intercontinental Championship battle royale was because he didn’t have a world heavyweight championship match. Bischoff tells JBL that because of his past reputation of being Smackdown’s champion, he would put JBL at the top of the priority list to get that title match, but until that time comes he should make himself as comfortable and homey as he can. JBL is bitter about this, since he feels as if he should get the title match instead of Batista, but decides to leave anyways. As JBL motions to leave, he gets to the door before he realizes that Doug Basham is not going with him. When JBL asks Doug what he is doing, Doug answers that he wants to talk to Bischoff in private. JBL gets ticked off at Doug, and mocks him by spelling out how Doug was a nobody before he took him under his wing. JBL finally leaves the room, and the camera follows him.

JBL can be heard mumbling to himself, about who Doug Basham thinks he is. JBL then turns his attention to a couple of people laughing and joking around in close proximity to him. They are none other than Chris Benoit and Eugene. JBL ridicules Eugene and scoffs at how Benoit is hanging around with a retard. Eugene gets upset, and Benoit stands up for him by stepping in front of JBL and staring him down. JBL cracks up and snorts with laughter. Benoit is disgusted and shouts at JBL, ‘What do you want jackass?’. JBL gets a somber look back on his face and he and Benoit get into a cold stare again.

JBL slowly turns around but swiftly reels back and knocks Benoit between the eyes with his fist. Benoit and JBL get into a scruffle with JBL getting the upper hand at first. Except, Eugene almost immediately assists Benoit and JBL is now getting double teamed. Benoit had JBL on his back and is pelting JBL with hard right hands. JBL is crying for help. Out of nowhere comes Edge who saves JBL by snagging Eugene by his long hair and smacking him into the wall. Edge then spears Benoit to the cement floor and begins to bombard Benoit with punches of his own. But before long, the brawl is finally broken up by security, and road agents. JBL and Edge once again glares menacingly at Benoit and Eugene who are holding their heads from the damage of Edge’s assailment.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Tag Team Match
Big Show & Rey Mysterio Jr. .vs. Gene Snitsky & Eddie Guerrero

This match was sanctioned immediately after the battle royale, when Big Show and Rey Mysterio requested a match against the person who eliminated them. Since Big Show was eliminated by Snitsky, and Mysterio by Guerrero, Bishoff decided to make a tag match, pitting the four men against each other.

During the match Snitsky and Guerrero were able to do a nice job in isolating Rey Mysterio away from the Big Show.

Guerrero has Mysterio lynched in a reverse leg lock which Mysterio tries to fight desperately to get out of and to tag the Big Show. Since Eddie was not having much luck in making Mysterio tap out, he decides to release the hold and tag in Snitsky. Except as Guerrero unfetters himself from Mysterio, Rey promptly breaks free and tags in the Big Show. Eddie is shocked as he stares into the eyes of the Big Show. Big Show pulls his leg over the top rope and enters the ring. Eddie was so mystified that he forgot to tag in Snitsky as Show launched himself at Guerrero. Show rattles Eddie to the floor with a clothesline. With his back turned away from Snitsky, Gene capitalizes with a cheap shot. Except Show is not nearly as winded by the cheap shot as Snitsky thought he would be, and Show retaliates by seizing Snitsky and propelling him to the inside of the ring. Show then picks up Snitsky with a body press and begins to military press Snitsky. However Show is unacquainted that Eddie has gotten back to his feet. Rey Mysterio realizes this and decides to advocate Show. Mysterio spingboards off the top rope, skips off the back of Snitsky who is still being military pressed by Show and plops on top of Eddie Guerrero with the West Coast Pop.

Nonetheless, this disturbance, distracts Show, allowing Snitsky to get back on his feet. Snitsky grasps onto Show’s neck, but is quickly knocked to the outside as Rey leap frogs Show and connects with a headscissors onto Snitsky. Back in the ring Big Show stumbles upon Guerrero. Guerrero is on his knees begging to be left alone, but Show pays no heed to him by choke slamming him straight to hell …1 …2 …3.

After the match Big Show puts Mysterio up on his shoulders and begins to rejoice with the crowd. Eddie and Snitsky gather on the outside, rubbing their bruised bodies. Snitsky goes crazy as he watches Big Show and Rey carouse in the ring, and he decides to grab two steel chairs. He hands one to Guerrero and hastily jumps on top of the apron. Big Show spots him and sends him tumbling to the floor with a big boot onto the chair which ricochets off Snitsky’s face. Guerrero who still hasn’t tried to get revenge for the loss, still has a chair in his hand. Show and Rey spurs Eddie on to give it a try. They both waggle their fingers as if to say bring it on. Eddie looks at Snitsky agonizing on the floor and decides to drop the chair. Eddie then turns back to go away. Show and Rey continue to jubilate in the ring with the fans.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

The brackets for the Intercontinental Championship Tournament has been announced…

Edge = Bye to semi-finals
Rey Mysterio
Muhammad Hassan…….----------
Eddie Guerrero…………...----------…………….---------- .vs. Edge.........---------
Chris Masters
-----------……………………………………………………….............................................-----------===== IC Champ
Chris Jericho
Big Show……………….....----------……………..---------- .vs. Benoit........---------
Gene Snitsky……………...----------
Chris Benoit = Bye to semi-finals

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Batista .vs. HHH
(Randy Orton is forbidden from interfering)
Title will change hands by pinfall, submission, or countout.

Both men’s respected entrances have finished and Batista and HHH stare each other down. Batista and HHH lock up with an elbow and collar tie-up. Batista displays brute strength by shoving HHH into the corner. Batista nails HHH with a few kicks to the abdomen and then begins to choke HHH with his boot. Ric Flair tries to get involved, but Batista clotheslines him out of the ring. This small diversion is enough for HHH, who sends Batista to the canvas with a high flying knee to the throat. HHH quickly brings Batista to a vertical basis and quickly brings him back down with a kneebuster. Batista kicks out at two.

HHH sandwiches Batista into the corner after irish whipping him and straight afterwards connecting with a clothesline. HHH wraps his arm around Batista’s head and then picks him up for a vertical suplex. Batista powers out at two. HHH synchs in a headlock, but Batista takes him over the top rope by tossing him out. Batista pursues and perches HHH on top of the security barrier. Batista then opens his palm and snaps at HHH’s chest, with five consecutive overhand chops. HHH pleads bloody Mary, and the ref persuades Batista to get back into the ring. Batista listens and reenters the ring, only to change his mind and come back out to the floor outside. Flair tries to hop on top of Batista and persist in choking him, however, Batista easily makes use of Flair by sending him over the security barrier and onto a couple of fans. HHH has made it back inside the ring, and Batista trails him. HHH hooks the animal with a few closed fist strikes, but Batista regains his composure and measures HHH up with a sickening spinebuster…1…2…kickout.

Batista slams HHH into the turnbuckle headfirst, and progresses by thumping HHH’s head ten more times while the crowd sings along. HHH foils Batista’s attempt at a back suplex, by fastening a headlock, which confounds him out of the position. HHH sustains the headlock, but suddenly adds on to the pressure by conking the side of Batista’s head with headbutts. However, these devastating headbutts seemed to have tampered with HHH’s own head as he releases the headlock after getting woozy from the headbutt bonks he was connecting with. HHH bounces off the ropes and tries to launch at Batista with a double axe handle, Batista catches HHH mid-air but HHH reverses this into a DDT…1…2…No! Batista picks his shoulder up. HHH pulls Batista back up to a Pedigree position…Batista flips Triple H above him with a back body drop. But HHH landed on his feet. He draws Batista back into a pedigree…but Batista has had time to recover and counters it once again before HHH could underhook both of his brawny arms. Batista lifts HHH up and flops back down with a gutwrench suplex. Batista decides not to cover but to instead, raise HHH up on his shoulders for a Batista Bomb. HHH rallies back with punches to the top of the skull. Flair sneaks back into the ring, but Batista detects him and sends Flair down with a big boot. HHH rolls out of the powerbomb position with a sunset roll up, Batista topples over, and HHH careens Batista’s legs up in a pin attempt. Triple H has Batista’s tights…One…Two…Thr..No! Batista kicks out of the pin.

Flair has reached to his feet and attempts to help HHH double team Batista, but the ref has had enough and points to the back, and sends Flair reeling to the back. Flair goes crazy and locks horns with the ref in a dispute. HHH drops to his knees as Batista slowly staggers up…low blow….HHH hitches Batista into a pedigree…One… Two… Three… No… Batista has his toes barely dangling on the bottom rope, forcing the ref to call a rope break. HHH is astonished and pulls the ref's collar, and converses with the ref over the situation. HHH turns around and Batista boots him in the gut, but HHH quickly regains his poise and knocks Batista with a few right hands. Batista dodges one of them and sends HHH crumbling to the floor with an atomic drop. Batista towers above HHH and he signals for the Batista Bomb, which sends the fans up to their feet.

Nevertheless, before Batista can even hoist HHH up to his shoulders, HHH hightails out of the ring preventing Batista to finish him off. Batista almost goes out of the ring to bring HHH back, but thinks otherwise and stays in the ring, hoping to draw HHH back into the ring. If HHH does not reenter the ring before the ref counts him out, Batista will be the new title holder. HHH waits until the very last second to climb the ring apron. And as Batista traces HHH, Triple H drops Batista’s neck down with a guillotine neckbreaker. HHH reenters the ring and the cerebral assassin and the monster animal trade jabs and forearms. Kick to the stomach…Batista Bomb…HHH sticks his thumb into Batista’s eye, and gets the opportunity to fall back down to the mat. HHH bounces off the ropes as Batista scours at his eyes with his knuckles trying to get his eyesight back intact. Triple H sacks Batista with a thunderous clothesline, but Batista somehow manages to stay on his feet. HHH decides to go for another clothesline attempt, but Batista by some means stays standing. HHH decides to go for a last decisive blow, and a third clothesline. Batista makes the save by tackling HHH to the canvas with a backbone stinging spinebuster as HHH sprung off the ropes. Batista elevates HHH for a Batista Bomb, once more. HHH does everything he can to fight out of it, but Batista finally manages to drive HHH down with the power move… One… Two… Three!.. No!... the ref acknowledges HHH foot sagging on the ropes. Rope Break and the match continues.

Batista is stunned and wraps his face with his hands in disappointment. Batista gets back to the center of the ring and induces HHH to get back to his feet on his own free will. HHH does so, although slower than a turtle in peanut butter and Batista charges. HHH ducks in the knick of time and Batista gets tangled in the ring ropes. HHH crawls back to the other side of the ring leaving Batista to free himself. Batista runs towards HHH once again, but this time HHH gains the upperhand by spiking him with his version of a spinebuster. HHH inches towards a corner on the opposite side of the ring and attempts to take off the padding on the turnbuckle. The ref struggles with HHH, who tries to debar HHH’s plan. This allows Batista to recuperate and get a breather.

We can then see the fans heads swing towards their left, as it seems someone is coming out of the crowd. This man swiftly goes for a chair from the ring bell crew. And just as fast as he got to ringside, he wallops Batista with the steel chair, who was using the ropes as leverage to get back up. The man is recognized as Ric Flair, who had already been barred from ringside earlier on during the match, but came back from the crowd. Flair takes the chair and drops to the floor trying to hide underneath the ring curtains beneath the ring. The ref who was busy trying to ward off HHH’s cheating trend, does not realize what has happened. HHH gives up on the turnbuckle padding and goes back to Batista who he finds bleeding from the mouth. HHH gives Batista several more fists to the noggin before finally under hooking both arms and crashing back to the mat with a pedigree. One… the fans are silent… Two… Three! Triple H has once again stole a victory from Batista, and somehow manages to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. As the ref holds HHH’s hand up in glory, Flair slides back into the ring with the championship title belt. HHH celebrates in the ring with his title, garnering plenty of boos as Flair pats his back on his assisted win.


The entrance theme music of Randy Orton’s sputters through the arena’s amplifiers as Orton comes into view. He has a microphone in his hand and is clapping for HHH’s victory.

‘Impressive HHH… awe-inspiring. But my attention must go to Batista. Yes, Batista, my jolly old friend. Batista, once again you have been luteinized. The animal has now been incarcerated. Stripped of his precious goodies. You are no longer the world heavyweight champion, and that’s mainly because of your own neglect. You see, you can never be a primed world heavyweight champion without ever facing me, Mr. RKO. You didn’t even deserve this rematch, and even when you got it you left your feces on it. Triple H slaughtered you. And if me and you ever go head to head, I will create a massacre.
Batista you want to fight me, you want to face me in a no holds barred match? Well, sorry to tell you, but you’ve already had your chance. And amusingly enough, you blew your chances. You insisted upon having your title rematch with HHH, and you blew it. I was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t cost you anything. And since you made such a wretched decision in picking the title match instead of myself, you and I…we will never have our match.

Instead…I’ve had my conversation with Eric Bischoff, and on next week’s Raw…It will be the legend killer, Mr. Randy Orton against Triple H. And just like you had your chance Batista, it will be for the world heavyweight championship and Batista…you will be barred from interfering. I will show everybody, just who is most deserving of being known as the one who has evolved the most from Evolution. I was the one who set the standards of our former little coalition, and I myself am the only one capable of saying that…I’ve…I’ve killed the legacy… I’ve killed the legend…of Evolution. You see, Evolution is now a forlorn myth, but I’m… I’m the only one still evolving. I was the only one who inherited the benefits of our little group. I’m the only one that is better off from the disbandment of Evolution. HHH…you no longer have me to protect your title, and you are now in a prone state of mind, seeing as how I don’t have your back. I won’t be there to save your ass any longer. And Batista… you no longer have me to balance out the diminutive amount of brain cells swimming in your thick skull. Batista you are left in a desperate state, without me. Without me, you are lost and confused, I am no longer able to guide you and repeat simple directions to you. And Ric Flair… not only do you no longer have me to flaunt your ego towards, but you don’t have me to distract people from your pitiful, ancient, flabby body. Me on the other hand… not only was I the smarts, the stability, and the strength of Evolution, but I was the foundation.

Next week, I will prove my accusations when I beat you, Triple H, the supposed former ringleader of Evolution. And Batista… there’s a reason why I was the first one to win the title, and Batista… that’s the reason why I will be the first one to reacquire the title. My best wishes go to you lackeys, because I have moved on. I am no longer the Randy Orton of Evolution; I am the Randy Orton of RKO’

Randy Orton drops the mic by the entrance set and sets off to the back. Triple H and Ric Flair glare at Orton from outside of the ring in wonder. Batista has a despairing look on his face, still facing the effects of losing his title match to HHH.

/(/(/Fade Out\)\)\

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Smackdown July 7 Preview

The scheduled main event for this week’s edition of Smackdown is Chavo Guerrero .vs. John Cena. Chavo challenged Cena to this match last week hoping to find his groove in the Heavyweight championship division after failing to take the Cruiserweight championship from London on a countless amount of chances.

Also scheduled for Smackdown will be Kurt Angle going toe to toe with Val Venis. Ever since arriving from Raw on the 20th of June, Angle has singled out Venis. Angle believes Venis is a joke to the wrestling industry. Angle wants to do away with Venis’s unorthodox shenanigans and antics in the locker room and your 1996 Olympic hero promises to dispose of the former porn star from the Smackdown roster. Will Venis display enough technical ability to match Angle? Or will Kurt be successful in showing how he feels real wrestlers should symbolize the WWE, like he feels he himself does?

It is also being reported that Paul London will defend his Cruiserweight Championship this week. His opponent will be none other than Spike Dudley. Spike obtained this title shot when he defeated five other cruiserweights, including London, in a 6- pack non-title match last week. Although Spike did not actually pin London to win the match (he ended up pinning Scotty 2 Hotty instead), Spike hopes to do so when he meets London in a one on one match up. Will Spike be able to endure London’s unconventional and wild style?

In addition, other Smackdown superstars will be there, and the GM Teddy Long has still not abolished the possibility of other matches being made.

Will Carlito have another explosive Cabana? Will Carlito continue to get involved with the feud brewing between the tag team champs, MNM and Holly and Hass? Last week Carlito appointed Haas and Holly to be guests on the Cabana, only for them to be assaulted by the tag team champs themselves as Carlito had them blindfolded while pretending to unveil a gift to them. This week’s Cabana guests are rumored to be the newest additions to the Smackdown roster, the energetic skilled-athlete Shelton Benjamin, and the other triple C, Captain Charisma, Christian.

The Dudley Boyz are also booked to be there. What role will they play, after showing a mean streak last week, when they returned to Smackdown and roughed up Steven Richards until he was at a point where he had trouble breathing? Richards was battered through three tables and hit repetitively with steel chairs across the noggin. Where are the Dudley Boyz going with their tyrannical behavior as of late? Will they be in hunt of another victim, and will they explain their actions, or are they doing it for the fun of it?

Stay tuned to find out…

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Man, excellent first show. For a little bit of mathces, you sure delivered big time. Orton vs. Triple H next week for the title should be crazy. Excellent flow between your matches too. Man, this thread has potential to be excellent. Can't wait for Smackdown. 1!

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Looks good for your first show. A couple more matches & a few more promo's & it would be a great show. Keep at it & i'll keep reading.
6.5/10 for your effort. (I'm sure you'll improve) :lmao

P.S I liked the battle royal best & here are my predictions for the brackets.

Rey vs Hassan- Rey
Eddie vs Masters- Eddie
Show vs Jericho- Show
JBL vs Snitsky- JBL

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that was a great first show, you need more colours and the like though, also how about some commentry from JR/Tazz/King/Cole during the shows too. Also you need more promos and to set them out better, check out some of the bigger threads like Being the booker and WWE:Rise of Glory to help you out. but for 3 matches, that was a huge show.

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Yeah that was a really good show man, I especially liked the battle royal and the way you wrote it out, as most people just write who was elimanated and who elimanated them. All you need to do is work on your promos, for example the benoit/JBL confrontation should have been writen out in full instead of sumarised. That said it was overall 8/10 Ill be a regular reader, good luck.

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July 7, 2005

………………The Lights Go Out………………
…………The Opening Video Plays…………&

BAM!.................. BANG!.................... BOOM!
PYRO! ...........PYRO! ..........PYRO!

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown everybody, Michael Cole alongside Tazz.
Tazz: Hello.
Cole: We are glad to inform you that we have a feast in store for Smackdown.
Tazz: We do? Where? Will there be turkey?
Cole: No Tazz, but we do have a horde of spectacular matches scheduled for tonight. And to kick it off, we have Paul London defending his cruiserweight championship against Spike Dudley.
Tazz: You had my hopes up, oh, well. It sure does look to be a terrific Smackdown. And Cole…
Cole: Yes, Tazz.
Tazz: You wouldn’t happen to know any nearby Chinese restaurant’s number?
Cole: No, Tazz, why?
Tazz: I want to order some take-out to enjoy with this match, but I guess they probably won’t deliver here anyways.
Cole: You’re probably right, but don’t worry Tazz, I’m convinced that this match will deliver spectacularly.
Tazz: I sure hope so.

Cruiserweight Championship
Spike Dudley .vs. Paul London

This match has been similar to a game of dodgeball. Every time London would attempt a high risk move, Spike would evade it, and vice-versa.

After connecting with an implant DDT, London goes up top and vies for a 450 splash, but Spike rolls out of the way just as London pancakes himself on to the ring floor. Both men take time to recover, and Spike is the first man up to his feet. Spike cocks up London to his shoulders and begins to spin. He goes through 5 straight airplane spin rotations before attempting to land a modified ace crusher. London flip flops the move and lands an implant inverted DDT… 1… 2… kickout.

Tazz: Spike has amazing intestinal fortitude; does he realize he must continue this match now that he has kicked out.
Cole: Look London is climbing up to the top rope again, what does London have in store this time?
Tazz: I’m not sure, but he better maneuver quickly because Spike has gotten back to his feet.

Spike has stood back up and London realizes this but decides to flutter through with his planned moonsault anyways. Spike cowards away hoping to avoid the dive. London is unable to collide with Spike, but by some means is able to land on his feet. Spike props himself back up and goes for a dropkick, but London cartwheels himself away from Spike’s projectile legs. London springsboards off the 2nd rope and flips himself over, striving for another moonsault. Spike crouches down to steer clear of London’s offense, but London lands on his feet for a second time. London clenches onto Spike’s arms and up heaves Spike over with a Dragon Suplex, London clings onto Spike and lifts his own shoulders up while trapping Spike’s legs with a bridging pin… 1… 2… 3… London has retained his cruiserweight championship.

Cole: What a battle.
Tazz: You’re damn right, London and Spike fought harder than two chickens in a clucking contest.
Cole: Shutup Tazz, that was an amazing match up.
Tazz: Exactly.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Carlito’s Cabaña:

“*spit* I spit in the face….”
[(CCC’s theme music plays and in the ring, the Cabana’s set decorates the ring. CCC arrogantly makes his way into the ring with a Carribean looking shirt, while heckling a couple of fans, and acting as if he would spit on them.)]

“Ain’t no Stopping Me”

[(Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring as the first of Carlito’s guests in his Cabana…)]

“Just close your eyes”…

[(It seems that there isn’t just one guest on Carlito’s Cabana tonight, but two as the second most recent addition to Smackdown strolls down the aisle towards the Cabana set. He is wearing big funky, goofy-looking sunglasses Click here to see an example of how he looks., and is dressed with his CC hoodie. Carlito is first to notice Christian’s appearance and he points him out.)]

Now that’s cool.
………………..………..…………. Christian: Thanks a lot Carlito, but that pom-pom on your head is pretty cool as well.
Carlito: *he ruffles his hair* Yeah, I guess it’s cool. Your hairdo is cool, too.
………………..………..…………. Christian: Yeah it’s cool. But I’m thinking of growing it out like yours soon, any advice?
Carlito: Well…

[(Shelton Benjamin seizes Carlito’s mic before he can continue to talk.)]

Shelton Benjamin: I’m not positive, but when I received the invitation to come to your Cabana Carlito, I didn’t expect to be caught up in feminine like gossip talk. Now where are we going with this…
………………..………..…………. Christian: I don’t know about you Carlito… but that wasn’t cool.
Carlito: Yeah, it wasn’t cool; in fact it was pretty rude if you ask me. Now what do you want Shelton? What did you plan to come here to do in the first place? Because if you didn’t realize it already, I am the host and you are the guest, no harm intended Christian.
………………..………..…………. Christian: Oh no problem Carlito, you’re making me feel like Tom Cruise right now.
Carlito: That’s pretty cool.

[(Shelton snatches Christian’s mic away this time)]

Shelton Benjamin: Well, right about now, if you ask me, I don’t think you’re treating me anything like a star. It feels more like a discussion you’d overhear at a gay bar.
Carlito: What are you talking about? You want to have a say I guess, well here’s a question for you… Why do you think you are so cool?
Shelton Benjamin: Well for one thing… I’m more athletic than you both… I’m a better wrestler than you two… and I’m downright cooler than you two.
Carlito: Oh, yeah… Well since you’re not as cool as me and Christian, then I don’t know why you’re still here, so scram to the back and go whine about your momma to the geeks in the back, because just like you; they’re not cool.
Shelton Benjamin: As a matter of fact, I will leave this hellhole.

[(Shelton turns around and leaves to the back)]

Carlito: Good, now that the Cabana is free of scrubs, it’s now back to being cool. Christian… those sunglasses are cool, where can I get a pair?
………………..………..…………. Christian: Oh these… *takes them off*… here you could have them.
Carlito: *puts them on* Cool.
………………..………..…………. Christian: Now sorry to cut this Cabana short, but I have some business to attend to. I need to talk to Long about getting a match with Cena.
Carlito: Oh that’s cool. I had something else planned for the Cabana anyways. Good luck with it, because Teddy Long… he’s not cool.
………………..………..…………. Christian: So I’ve heard.

[(Christian departs the ring)]

Carlito: Now, let’s see it, roll the cool footage that I have.

[(The entrance screen shows the events that took place on last week’s Cabaña. Haas and Holly are tricked into being blindfolded when MNM ambush them and deliver a hefty beat down.)]

Carlito: That was pretty cool…

[(To Carlito’s surprise Haas and Holly’s entrance music plays and out they come with mean looking faces as they staredown Carlito all the way into the ring.)]

Carlito: Now wait, wait, wait…

[(Holly and Haas do not listen to Carlito as they begin to clobber Carlito with punches. Carlito has a mic in hand, and is calling for help. Help is received when MNM run towards the ring to give a hand to Carlito. However, Holly and Haas are able to control Nitro and Mercury. They begin to brawl around the Cabana set when Holly picks Mercury up for the Alabama Slam. But before he could smack him into the canvas, Carlito crouches underneath him and connects with a low blow. Carlito and MNM are able regain authority in the ring as they are now a three on two force. But before they could do too much damage Shelton Benjamin makes his way back into the ring, to level things up. MNM and Carlito are sent to the outside where they congregate on what to do next. Shelton helps Holly and Haas back up and they request for them to come back in the ring to fight.)]

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

6-man Tag Match
Carlito Carribean Cool/Joey Mercury/Johnny Nitro .vs. Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas/Hardcore Holly

When we come back from the commericial break, the Cabana set has been removed and a 6-man tag match has been agreed upon.

Carlito is in the ring with Haas and has Charlie cinched in with a back mounted sleeper hold. Haas has been in the match for the majority of the match, not getting the chance to make the tag. But Haas soon breaks out of the hold and carries Carlito like he’s giving him a piggyback ride and dives to his corner to make the tag, tagging Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin enters with an outbreak of offense, including an spinning wheel kick, northern lights suplex, and springboard leg drop takedown. He sends Carlito into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Carlito avoids it and reaches out for a tag to Nitro. Nitro picks Shelton up and connects with a blue thunder backbreaker… 1… 2… kickout. He goes for the break dance leg drop, and thumps his leg on top of Shelton’s neck… 1… 2… the cover is broken up by Holly. Shelton gets back up to a vertical basis and catches Nitro with an arm-trap suplex. Shelton tags in Hardcore Holly.

Holly grabs Nitro by his legs and slingshots him up into the bottom rope, he then pulls him by the hair and whips him to the other side and connects with a perfect missile dropkick to the side of the head. Nitro ends up in between the second and top rope where Holly positions him for the rope-hung low blow kick. Mercury enters the ring to try to cease this from happening, but the ref stops him mid-way. As the ref is distracted, Carlito is able to intercept the move by knocking Holly in the head with top rope lariat. Nitro covers Holly… 1 …2 …Shelton stops the pinfall. Nitro brings Holly back to his corner where him, Mercury, and Carlito triple team him. Nitro tags in Mercury, but stays in the ring with him to try to finish Holly with the Snapshot DDT. Before they could slap Holly down into the canvas, Shelton and Haas springboard off the top rope and connect with clotheslines. They then go back to the days when they were the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Mercury is given the Superkick/German suplex combo.

Cole: Flashback to the days when Shelton and Haas were the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team.
Tazz: Damn, I missed that move. I miss that team.

Nitro is given the double arm drag onto the knees and is then thrown out of the ring. Mercury tags in Carlito. CCC ducks a superkick by Haas and flings him over the top rope. Dragon Whip by Shelton fails, when Carlito ducks and Shelton kicks Holly who just staggered back up. Carlito back body drops Shelton to the outside and pins Holly… 1… 2… kickout. Carlito hooks Holly’s neck for a possible DDT, but Holly uses his strength to ream him into the corner and tag Shelton. Shelton irish whips Carlito into the other corner… Stinger Splash… running bulldog…lateral press… 1…2…Mercury and Nitro break up the cover. Holly and Haas enter. Superkick to Nitro sending him staggering into the ropes, followed up by a missile dropkick from Holly. Holly and Haas unveil their newly developed tag team move as Holly pulls Mercury up for the Falcon Arrow and Haas climbs the top rope. Haas flies into Mercury with a twisting crossbody and Holly drops Mercury on to his head with the Falcon Arrow simultaneously.

Cole: What an impressive double team move…
Tazz: Yeah Holly told me that he was going to divulge that move soon, and he and Haas want us to call it the “The Charlie Horse”.

Back in the ring, Shelton has Carlito in the T-Bone suplex stance, but Carlito is hooking his leg so that Shelton cannot pull the move off. Shelton backs into the ropes and then lets go of Carlito and sprints to the other side’s ropes. He rebounds but Carlito tries to back body drop him. Shelton counters it and locks in a german suplex hold. Carlito tries to escape but is caught in a roll-upp… 1… 2… Carlito reverses it into a pin combination of his own, and pulls Shelton’s tights at the same time… 1… 2… Shelton rolls out of it.

Carlito is stunned and twirls straight into a T-Bone Suplex… 1… 2… 3… Shelton has picked up the victory for his team.

Cole: Carlito is astounded that Shelton has picked up the victory. He thought he had the match won with the pull of the tights but he was wrong, Benjamin showed great ability to roll out of the devious pinning combination.
Tazz: Carlito gave Benjamin his money’s worth and don’t forget to mention Haas and Holly; they were just as impressive as a team as Shelton and Haas were in their day as a tag team.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Cole: The following match has been building up the last few weeks on Smackdown ever since Val arrived on Smackdown’s turf. Angle feels that Val is a disgrace to the wrestling industry with his reputation as a former porn star, and Angle wants to end Val’s reign as a WWE superstar. This should be an intriguing match up, because Val has proven to be a talented wrestler and could possibily surprise Kurt and prove to him that he can be up to par with him in the wrestling ring. Angle does not view Venis as a respectable wrestler, and may be going into the match bigheaded and arrogant.

Grudge Match
Kurt Angle .vs. Val Venis

Three minutes into the match, Val has actually been up to par with Angle’s Olympic style offense. For instance, he would counter Angle’s hammerlock with a headlock, and they would continue to chain wrestle on the mat until they came back to a stalemate.

Angle has Val rolled across the canvas with a key lock. Val is trying frantically to reach the ropes for a rope break. He finally manages to do so, and Angle keeps the submission locked in until a count of 5, when the ref implements the rope break rule. Venis gets back up, still grimacing onto his arm. Angle grabs him with that same arm and whips him into the ropes. Val rebounds but ducks a clothesline by Angle. Angle ends up sending Venis with the irish whip once again but this time Venis leaches on to the ropes to stop himself from bouncing back. Angle charges, but Val propels Angle over the top rope and onto the floor outside with the mats. However, Angle quickly gets back up and climbs the apron, only for Val to clout him over the head with a running forearm and sending Angle crashing back to the floor. Angle yet again reaches his feet like wildfire again but this time doesn’t jump on top of the apron without thinking. Val laughs at him and pokes fun at him, urging him to get back into the ring.

Cole: Is Angle actually getting bugged by Val in a match he vowed to dominate in?
Tazz: It sure looks like it, but when Angle was in the Olympics, it wasn’t legal to knock your opponent with running forearms to send them out of a ring…
Cole: Well, we’ll see if Val can last, he is certainly fiddling with Angle’s mind here.

Angle goes back up on the apron but, ends up having to lower himself back down before Val could hammer him with another forearm. Angle gets short-tempered and begins kicking stuff outside, including the security barrier and ring steps, which he soon regrets.
Angle tries to slide under the bottom rope but crawls back out when Venis threats him with kicks. Angle changes his game plan by backing off. He then summons Val to come out of the ring to get him instead. Val tells the ref to start a count out, which he does. Angle is frustrated and as the ref’s count goes to 7, Angle climbs back into the ring. Val pounds him with stiff clubs to the back of his neck. Angle regains the upperhand with a double leg takedown, but Val somehow catches Angle with a body scissors, cinches in a half nelson, and fishhooks Angle’s nose with his index and middle finger of his free arm, adding onto the embarrassment.

But after about 9 seconds, Angle responds back by freeing himself and pummeling Venis’s left knee into the canvas. Angle retorts and meshes Val’s face with kicks. Venis snags Angle’s leg and brings him back down with a single leg takedown. Val picks Angle back up with a front headlock and then shucks him into a german suplex position. Val tries to pull Angle into a full nelson slam, but Angle reiterates a german suplex postion. Val does everything he can to prevent Angle from planting him with the german, so he falls to his rear end and pulls himself back up by twirling onto Angle’s arms and knocking him back down with a wrist clutch northern lights takeover. Val releases himself from Angle’s arms but Angle replies by kicking him in the head. Val tries to show that he is in control by quickly getting back up. Angle swings at him with another kick, but Val grabs a hold of Angle’s leg, and sweeps Angle’s other leg sending him to the ground. Val tries to lock in a standing leg lock as well as kick Angles other leg but Angle is to close to the ropes and captures them to pull himself out of Venis’s hands and to the floor outside. Angle is caught in the same position he was in before, where he has trouble getting back inside without Val ready to pounce on him. Kurt finally tries to get up on the apron and catch Val off guard with a guillotine but it is Val himself who is able to guillotine him back down.

Cole: Oh no, I think Angle has had enough, he’s going for a steel chair…

Angle has gotten himself a steel chair and is about to enter the ring with it, but the ref points to him and yells no to bring it in or he’ll be disqualified. Angle teases Val but finally releases it on the apron. He tricks Val by sliding the chair to the opposite end of the ring. Val turns around and goes after it. Kurt promptly takes advantage by going inside the ring and catching him in a German Suplex position. Val rushes to get out of it by spurting to the ring ropes. They recoil from the ropes, and Angle is forced to roll through, Val ends up trapping Angle in a roll-up… 1… 2… 3!.No! … Angle kicked out. After kicking out, Angle rolls himself out of the ring. Angle is caught outside all over again. Angle is fuming mad and ends up snaring a steel chair again. But before Angle could try to enter the ring, Val picked up the first chair that Angle slipped into the ring.

Cole: Val has evened up the score.
Tazz: It’s still not fair to Angle though…
Cole: Why not? They both have steel chairs in their hands.
Tazz: Well if you lift your head from the papers you’re reading and closely pay attention, Val is inside of the ring, while Angle is outside of the ring.
Cole: So what, Tazz? Angle was the one that rolled out of the ring in the first place.
Tazz: Yeah, but how is Angle going to able to get the first strike while he’ stuck outside. If Val was really acting fair and stuff as you like to call it Cole, he would drop the chair, let Angle in with no offense, and let Angle smack him upside his head with the chair.
Cole: You are totally out of your wits, Tazz.
Tazz: We’ll see about that.

After more taunting from both men, the ref has Angle with an 8 count on the outside. Angle decides to drop the chair and climb the apron. Val still has his chair in hand. The ref decides to take action and take the chair from Val’s hands, ending into a conflicting dispute. Angle uses this as a convenience and enters back into the ring and swoops under Val with a low blow. The ref notices this and calls Angle for the disqualification. Angle takes the chair from Venis and whacks him in the forehead with it. Venis collapses to the floor. The ref tries to impede Angle but Angle sends him exiting the ring after he threatens to hit him also. Angle preys on Venis as he bangs the chair off the canvas waiting for Val to get back up.

Cole: Don’t do it Val, stay down.
Tazz: You think Val’s a coward like you Cole…
Cole: Oh, please Tazz, if Val gets back up Angle will just connect with another chairshot.
Tazz: Cool, thanks for letting me know Cole.

Angle indeed connects with another chairshot but this time to the southern region of Venis, wedging it in between Val’s legs and erecting it back up. Angle then strikes with a third chairshot to the cranium. Afterwards, Angle opens the chair back up and places it on top of Val so he could sit down. Angle wails at Val with insults and threats. He then begins to conceitedly slap at Val’s face. Security and refs come to the ring to pry Angle off of Venis. Angle is dragged to the back by a ton of security with a large grin across his face.

Cole: What a fortuitous, hellacious onslaught by Angle. Was that necessary? Was this necessary, Tazz, really Angle is a proven gifted athlete, why must he always stoop to this repulsive level?
Tazz: I don’t know Cole, you’ll have to ask Angle.

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

During the Break: [(Val is carried to the back by two refs, he is scrunching his face up in pain.)]

Back in Teddy Long’s office: [(Christian is in his office carrying a conversation.)]

Teddy Long: What do you want, Christian…
………………………..…………….Christian: How ya doing, Teddy Schlong, yo…
Teddy Long: What have you been smoking, Christian?
………………..…….….…………. Christian: No, yo, I’ve been chewing tobacco, yo, and I wanted to know, could I have a match-o with John Cena, yo.
Teddy Long: Listen to me playa, cut the cheese.

[(Christian looks at Long funny, he then begins to sniff the air.]

Teddy Long: Look playa, you’ll get your chance at Cena, as soon as I get my paperwork done. Now, leave the room playa, before I send you back to an elementary school classroom.
………………..………..…………. Christian: I be liking your verses, yo. But you can’t match...Captian Charaisma choo-choo-choking on your bro Cena, yo.
Teddy Long: Cut your jibber-jabbing, and leave the room playa, unless you want to lick the bottom of my shoe.
………………..………..…………. Christian: Well I guess my presence isn’t appreciated, so I’ll leave and… and… and… yeah… I’ll go, yo…

[(Teddy Long looks on bemused at Christian as he leaves his office.)]

Back to the Ring:
[(The Dudley Boyz have made their way to the ring, during the Christian/Long segment.)]

Bubba: Last week, the Dudley Boyz decimated Steven Richards…right here in the middle of the ring. And I know you people enjoyed it… D-Von and I would’ve longed to have continued that type of annihilation tonight, but Teddy Long decided to outlaw us from doing so. And instead, Teddy Long scheduled a match between me and another scumbag. So if we don’t satisfy you’re needs for extreme hardcore action tonight, so if you want to pit the guilt on somebody, don’t blame us, blame Teddy Long…

Singles Match
Bubba Ray Dudley .vs. William Regal

[(Bubba is playing the heel role in this match, while Regal is the babyface. The fans are unsure on what to do, since although Bubba is using heel tactics, he still hasn’t convinced people that he is a full-fledged heel.)]

Bubba hauls Regal up with a back body swinging suplex… lateral press… 1… 2… kickout. Bubba drops an elbow…hooks the leg… 1… 2… kickout. Bubba calls D-Von to get into the ring, but the ref brings him to a standstill. Bubba uses this as a leeway, he picks Regal’s legs up while Regal flounders on his stomach and connects with a sick kick to the groin… 1… 2… kickout! Bubba is flustered with Regal’s resilience. He picks Regal up by the hair but Regal kicks Bubba’s legs from underneath him and catches him in a mahistrol cradle… 1… 2…kickout. When Bubba gets back up, Regal launches a flurry of uppercuts, jabs, and chops. Regal Cutter… 1… 2… rope break. D-Von put Bubba’s foot on the bottom rope behind the ref’s back, and he pointed it out by climbing on the apron before the ref could count to 3. Regal confronts D-Von by clenching his fist into a ball and threatening him. Small Package by Bubba, pull of the tights… 1… 2… kickout. Regal gets back up, ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes…double clothesline…both men flail to the floor.

Cole: What a monster collision…

The ref starts a double countout… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Bubba is crawling to the ropes to use it for leverage to get up… 7… Regal gets to his feet… 8… Bubba is up now.

Regal clenches onto Bubba’s big, thick head… snapmare takeover. Regal whips himself off the ropes, big kick to the spine of Bubba. He repeats the process, a second spine-tingling kick. Once more, Regal signifies the crowd. D-Von yanks on his leg, Regal uses his other leg to jerk D-Von back to the floor outside. Regal daubs Bubba over with a sleeper hold. He keeps it on for 30 seconds before he descends to the floor to lock in a body scissors.

Cole: Bubba looks dazed. He’s being put to sleep by Regal.
Tazz: Yes Cole, and it’s a king sized ring…there’s enough room for you too, why don’t you join him.
Cole: Shutup, Tazz.

The ref lift’s Bubba’s arm and flaps it in the air, it falls without an altercation. He picks it up for a second time… it flails back to the floor like a dead seagull. Thrice time is a charm… but D-Von has entered the ring. He skirmishes with the ref, but the ref sends him out of the ring. D-Von goes to leave again, but when he notices Regal still has the sleeper on Bubba he tries to break it, but the ref brings him to a halt. The ref decides to disregard D-Von to check on Bubba’s status again. He lifts Bubba’s arm one more time, but this time before he drops it D-Von attacks him. D-Von begins beating up the ref with kicks as if he was trying to get a soccer ball. Regal releases the hold and leaps on top of D-Von and sends him into the turnbuckle and begins to return the favor to D-Von by connecting with kicks of his own, he begins to stomp a mudhole, no longer paying attention to the match he was in. The ref finally revives himself after the ambush by D-Von and calls the bell. He has disqualified Bubba Ray Dudley, and claims William Regal the winner of the match.

The ref holds onto his neck in agony and steps backwards hoping to find a way out of the ring. Little did he know, Bubba was lying next to him grimacing his wounds. The ref ends up tripping over Bubba and falls on his ass. Bubba slowly totters to a vertical position and targets the ref. The ref stumbles, trying to get away from him, but Bubba catches him with his modified full-nelson atomic drop. Bubba keeps the ref in his arms even after the move and has a chilling creepy look on his face, one you would imagine a serial killer would have. At last, Regal realizes what happened and goes to get Bubba. Regal pulls Bubba off of the ref, but Bubba unexpectedly lifts Regal onto his arms and drops him down with a Samoan drop. Bubba gets back up and pulls D-Von back up. He shoves him in the chest which almost sends him toppling to the floor, D-Von looks puzzled as to why he did it. Instead of saying ‘Get the Tables’, as he would normally say to get the crowd with them, he shouts to D-Von ‘Let’s Finish Him’ D-Von smiles and they clap each other’s hands. ‘Oh’ Testify’, D-Von barks.

D-Von lifts Regal up. Bubba follows with a vicious kick to the groin. Bubba then laces Regal with hundreds of closed fists punches. D-Von crosses Regal’s arms and backs up to the corner. Bubba connects with hundreds of kicks and punches to the abdominal region. Bubba then picks up his boot and crams it into Regal’s groin. Blood begins to protrude Regal’s mouth and he has turned purple because D-Von still has Regal in the crossed-arm chokehold. When security guards and refs come out to break it up, Bubba bends down and delivers low blows to as many as he can. He then takes hold of them and chucks them onto Regal. Bubba is finally taken under control after lobbing three of the security guards into Regal.

Cole: My God…this is atrocious… What went wrong with the Dudleyz?
Tazz: It’s not what went wrong with the Dudleyz, it’s more like who gave birth to the Dudleyz for a second time… The Dudleyz have been reborn…

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Teddy Long’s office:

[(Christian storms Teddy Long’s office again and the look on his face is priceless. It’s like he’s just been chased by the boogeyman.]

…………..………..….. Christian: Jesus, did you see that, Teddy?
Teddy Long: Holla, holla, playa. Unfortunately, yes I did.
……………..……..….. Christian: Thank, God!

[(Christian embraces Long in a hug, because he seems scared stiff. Teddy Long is startled and tries to get Christian off of him)]

Teddy Long: Get off me playa.
………………..………. Christian: Gee wizz, I thought I was the only one.
Teddy Long: You are talking about what happened in the ring just now, right playa?
………………..………. Christian: No, what happened in the ring just now, Teddy…I mean…yo.
Teddy Long: Well… The Dudleyz butchered William Regal.
………………..………. Christian: Really…I knew Spike was a cuckoo…and..um..uh..yeah…Spike is a wacko, so give me my matcho with John Cena…yo.
Teddy Long: No actually…it was Bubba and D-Von, playa.

[(Christian shrugs.)]

Teddy Long: And no Cena is wrestling Chavo tonight, *shakes his head unhappily* right after Regal’s blood is wiped from the ring.
………………..………. Christian: Now…yo…yo…yo…don’t be hating Teddy Sclong…yo.
Teddy Long: It would be nice if you wouldn’t refer to be by that name, playa, and no, I’m not hating on you playa. Now if you would excuse me playa, I have to brazen out those damn Dudleyz.

[(Christian is disappointed and has a disgusted, gloomy look on his face as Teddy leaves his office. All of a sudden he gets a revelation and storms after Long.)]

………………..………. Christian: Teddy!...uh…yo…Teddy! It’s Kane! Kane is in the building! That’s why I was consulting with you earlier. He snuck up behind me with a cigarette. He scared the crap out of me. I hope you have him fired. Uh...actually…don’t fire him… *he panics and looks around for Kane* …You could trade him to Raw.
Teddy Long: Don’t worry about it playa.
………………..………. Christian: Aye, aye…yo.

[(Teddy Long turns around and leaves. Christian salutes him like a soldier.)]

………………..………. Christian: Aye, aye…yo. I won’t worry about a thing, yo…Yeah because I’m thrifty, yo… I’m ghetto, yo… I’m chronic, yo… I’m crunk, yo…yeah…and I’m Captain Charisma dammit.

[(Christian brushes off his shoulders like a rap star. Slaps his chest with his hand, kisses space, and then puts on his funky sunglasses. He finally storms off, failing miserably at doing a pimp walk trying to impress the makeup ladies.)]

Back to Teddy Long:

[(Teddy Long is strolling backstage in search of something or someone. But before long, he bumps into two people… The Dudley Boyz. They appear to be who he was looking for in the first place as he wipes his hands together with glee that he has finally found them.)]

………………..…………….Bubba: What’s up… Teddy?
Teddy Long: What is the matter with you two, playas?
………………..……………. Bubba: Who, us? Nothing is the matter. Right, D-Von…
…………………………………..………. D-Von: Oh, testify brother…
Teddy Long: Now stop the perjury, and tell the truth playas. Why have you been acting like unglued maniacs ever since you have returned?
………………..……………. Bubba: Why, is there something wrong?... Can you not take hardcore? Are you one of the people who squeals and spews vomit every time they see blood? Or can you just not hang with a former Extreme Championship Wrestling tag team, such as Bubba Ray and D-Von? You see if you are not able to tolerate the blood and violence that the Dudley Boyz produce, you’re in the wrong industry. This is what we do... This is what made us famous… This is what is earning this company a profit right now… and this is what Vince McMahon is using to pay you Teddy. The fans want us to be violent. They want us to go beserk and be bloodthirsty. They want us to act like crazed apes and they want us to flatten our opponents. They don’t want us to flirt with the referees. They don’t want us to flaunt around in the ring like ballerinas. They don’t want us to bake a cake and feed it to each other. They want us to fight… and that’s what the Dudley Boyz live for.
Teddy Long: Listen to me playas, I appreciate your commitment to the wrestling product. And by all means I myself appreciate a good flesh-erupting, blood-gushing, crimson mask brawl every once in a while. What I don’t appreciate is your nonsensical and foolish blitzing of innocent people. I mean what did Regal do to deserve getting his head split open playa… he has a family that was probably watching who were unprepared to see such a beating take place. What do you want me to say to them? That Regal warranted what was coming to him... Well he didn’t playas, and I have you two to blame for it. And what about Steven Richards last week, he was harmlessly giving a promo to the Smackdown audience, and the next thing you know, you two are surrounding him with steel chairs, as if he deserved the beatdown you gave him last week.
………………..……………. Bubba: They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they were incapable of taking that asskicking, then as far as I know they don’t deserve to stay in this business. How else are we going to give what the fans want, when you’re sticking us in bullshit singles matches. Until you give us a match where we can showcase our hardcore style of offense, then me and D-Von will continue wrecking havoc. We will continue subjecting others with our beatdowns and they will continue to get even more extremer and severer. And we will be even more heartless and pitiless on their lifeless bodies. And there’s nothing you can do about it…
Teddy Long: Actually there is playa. If you persist with your outrageous ‘hardcore’ behavior, that you have used as of late, then playas, you will be both suspended indefinitely.
………………….……………. Bubba: *laughs to himself* We’ll see about that. Because I know that if you boot us off of the Smackdown roster, you will be costing Vince McMahon income, and that makes you all the more deplorable as the Smackdown GM.
Teddy Long: Well I don’t know if you realized this playas, but I and the fans forgot to miss you for months, and it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that you were brought back, and to be honest people have already long forgotten who you were. So I’ll doubt that we’ll be missing you this time around, playas.
………………………..……. Bubba: Oh, they’ll remember Teddy, they’ll remember. And if you dare to suspend us, if it isn’t us that kicks your ass for your stubbornness, I’m sure the fans will.
………………………….………………. D-Von: Oh, Testify…

/(/(/Commercial Break\)\)\

Non-Title Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero .vs. John Cena

This was an even match for the most of the beginning. It wasn’t until Christian made his way to the ring to help Chavo, that the match got a little one-sided.

Chavo is jamming Cena’s throat against the second rope as Christian gazes a Cena and begins to talk smack to him. Christian slaps his chest and proclaims that he should be world heavyweight champion. When Christian tries to get a cheap shot at Cena the ref goes after him, but Chavo releases the hold and scuffles with the ref. Christian is now able to stick it to Cena with a few punches and guillotine neckdrop back on the second rope. Chavo takes Cena back in his hands and drops him on his head with a high angle back body suplex…1…2…kickout. Chavo picks Cena back up and shoots him back to a vertical suplex position…brainbuster…No! Cena has countered it, and has fallen back to his feet. He lifts Chavo into a suplex of his own but runs towards the corner and plants Chavo with a reverse suplex into the turnbuckle. Chavo’s abdomen is trampled by the top turnbuckle as he flops to the floor.

Cena props Chavo back up and places him on the corner (ala Goldust when he goes for the Shattered Dreams nut kick). Cena strides to the opposite corner and skedaddles across to the corner where Chavo is placed. Cena pretends he’s going to kick Chavo in the balls but instead he nudges him in the cheek with his knuckles and mocks him. He then connects with ten forearm shots with the crowd counting along like they were keeping track of how many times he was jump-roping. Cena pumps up the crowd, and Christian opts to climb the apron to sidetrack Cena. Cena dives at Christian and connects with a right hand. He climbs the ropes and badgers Christian to try again. Cena removes Chavo from the ropes and then irish whips him to the other side of the ring. Cena connects with a clothesline and then picks him up in a powerslam position. He runs towards the opposite end and connects with a running powerslam (ala the British Bulldog). Cena is upbeat and decides to pump up his shoes…Five Knuckle Shuffle…1…2…No! Christian pulls the ref out of the ring by his ankles. The ref and Christian quibble over the situation….


Cole: It’s Kane! Kane has made his way out! Get that sleazebag Christian, Kane! Get him!
Tazz: What the hell is he doing out here?

Christian is frozen with terror. Kane gets all the way to Christian’s spot, before Christian finally tries to runaway. He tries to slide into the ring, but Kane pulls him back out and grabs him by the throat…But Christian manages to kick out of it, and tries to trample to the back. Kane reaches him halfway towards the big fist entrance way. He nabs him by his throat…but Christian once again flees and tries to creep through underneath his legs. Kane catches him once again… Chokeslam… to the floor.

Back in the ring Cena has Chavo up for the FU…he slumps him down… 1… 2… 3…

Cole: Cena wins!

Cena is victorious back in the ring. The ref holds his hand up in triumphant. Kane enters the ring to congratulate. He stares at Cena head-on, but then grabs his hand and shakes it he holds Cena’s arm up for the crowd. Kane then acknowledges to Cena that he’s going to do the 4-corner pyro thing. He tells Cena to tag along with him. Kane pulls Cena’s hand up to do the pyro explosion, but as Cena drops his free arm down, Kane keeps both of his arms up including Cena’s other hand in one of his. Cena looks perplexed at Kane as he keeps his arms up for about 15 more seconds while closing his eyes and looking at the arena’s roof in the process. Kane opens his eyes and looks back at Cena with a huge grin on his face. With his free arm, Kane binds it onto Cena’s throat. Cena looks like he is going to barf from the strain he is putting onto Cena’s throat…Kane pulls him up…Chokeslam!

Kane stares at the carcass of Cena lying in the middle of the ring…and convulses into an evil laugh. He stands over Cena’s body and follows up with his own 4-corner pyro detonation. Christian looks on at what happened in the ring taken aback as he sprawls on the floor from the chokeslam he was just given a few moments before by Kane.

Cole: Lord, have mercy… Why? Why, Kane? What did Cena do to deserve this?

/(/(/Fade Out\)\)\

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Great show! I especially liked the 6-Man Tag match & the main event.
Carlito's Cabana & Christian nagging Teddy Long for a match was great.
I also hope Kane pays for what he did to Cena. I can see a triple threat match soon between Christian, Cena & Kane.
8/10 for that show, well done.

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Raw July 11 Preview

The first round of matches is set in store for next week's Raw. In case you forgot here are the brackets again..

Edge = Bye to semi-finals
Rey Mysterio
Muhammad Hassan…….----------
Eddie Guerrero…………...----------…………….---------- .vs. Edge.........---------
Chris Masters
-----------……………………………………………………….............................................-----------===== IC Champ
Chris Jericho
Big Show……………….....----------……………..---------- .vs. Benoit........---------
Gene Snitsky……………...----------
Chris Benoit = Bye to semi-finals

The tag team champions of the Hurri-Duo consisting of Rosey and Hurricane will be there but with Hassan having a scheduled tornament match, we are have to wonder if Hassan and Daivari will try once again to postpone their tag title match.

Lastly, The main event consisting of Randy Orton .vs. Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship is set to be an incredible bout. Batista is banned from interfering in the match, but HHH still has Ric Flair in his corner. Flair played a very key factor in HHH defending his title against Batista when he clocked Batista's head with a steel chair allowing HHH to get the easy pedigree and pinfall, but will he once again keep the title in the hands of Triple H? Will Bischoff have something to say about Flair, or will he allow Flair to accompany Triple H for the title match?

Stay tuned to find out...

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Live from East Rutherford, NJ
/(/(/Opening Video/Pyro\)\)\

JR: Welcome everybody to an exhilarating edition of Monday Night Raw.
King: Did you say exhilarating? It feels like a strip club in here with all of these ecstatic fans.
JR: Our opening bout will be the first of 4 thrilling Intercontinental Championship Tournament matches. This should be a slobber knocker with the massive Big Show in one corner.
King: Don’t degrade Jericho either; he’s one tough cookie also.
JR: Well this is a rematch of their battle at Vengeance where Jericho was running away from Show for most of the match; forcing the giant to chase him. Will Jericho act as cowardly as he did at Vengeance?
King: Hey wouldn’t you be running away if Godzilla were to invade this arena as we speak, the Big Show is a monster, and I’m sure Jericho will do whatever it takes to take him down.

[Show has dictated the tempo of the most of the match, obviously overpowering Jericho.]

Big Show has caught Jericho by the throat with his gigantic hand as Jericho tried to trounce Show with a double axe handle smash from the top rope. He picks him up for his enormous chokeslam, but Jericho hooks his legs with the 3rd rope, forbidding Show to muster him with his hand to slam him into the canvas. Show is forced to let go of Jericho and Y2J slips to the apron. Show springs back from the ropes and attempts to plow into the side of Jericho’s face with a big boot, but Jericho saves himself by lassoing Big Shows leg and falling back to the floor while Show’s groin snags on to the ropes. Jericho climbs back on the apron and springsboards from the second rope…missile dropkick.

Show stays swaying on the ring ropes, with his groin netted in between the ropes. Jericho enters back inside the ring and goes for his strutting punching/boxing combination. Jericho springsboard off the second ropes for a second time and recoils with a flying forearm…Big Show clutches on to Jericho’s throat…he steps off the ropes … Chokeslam… 1… 2… foot on the rope. Big Show is astonished and gets back up to a vertical basis while loosening his shirt’s straps while sticking his humoungous hand back up in the air, signaling a second chokeslam. Show smothers Jericho’s throat with a viselike grip and pulls him up for the chokeslam, but he notices someone coming down from the rampway. The figure discloses himself as none other than Gene Snitsky. Big Show unbinds from Jericho and turns his attention to Snitsky. Show and the ref both try to find out why Snitsky is out at ringside. Snitsky tries to enter the ring but the ref backs him down and begins to question Snitsky’s actions, while Show gibes at Snitsky to come in…

JR: What is Snitsky doing here? He has no business being here, send him away to the back ref.
King: Oh look, Jericho still has some life to him, and is back up.
JR: No!

Jericho connects with a low blow kick and Show keels down to his knees in pain. Jericho bounces off the ropes, and connects with a dropkick which binds Show into the second rope. Jericho bounces off the ropes again and comes back and jumps on top of Show and straddling Show’s throat into the ropes. Jericho continues in adding the pressure by applying a chokehold and strangling him with the use of the ropes. The ref pulls Jericho off of the illegal stranglehold and they bump heads over whether it was illegal or not. Show is still crammed into the ropes and is soon pummeled by the boot of Gene Snitsky after Snitsky stampeded his way into Show’s cheekbone. Jericho had the ref occupied and finds Show teetering to the center of the ring. Running modified bulldog… Lionsault… 1… 2… kickout.

JR: Show is still keen on carrying on in the tournament, despite the odds heavily stacked up against him.

Jericho takes a whack at a second Lionsault… 1… 2… kickout. Jericho is livid and begins to lash at the canvas with his hands, clearly annoyed at Show’s resilience. Jericho shoots up with a third Lionsault… 1… 2… Jericho doesn’t allow Show to kick out and trusses him up into the Walls of Jericho. Show chews his tongue in strain, reaching with his lengthy arms for the ropes, but is unable to move closer and is too far away to come in contact with the ropes. Big Show drums his palm with the canvas, signaling he is giving up. Jericho wins by submission.

JR: What a sham… It took a low blow, Snitsky’s boot, and 3 lionsaults for Jericho to win.
King: Yeah, but the Big Show gave Jericho a chokeslam, and did he win… nope.
JR: Jericho was downright lucky, I’m damn sure a second one would’ve landed Jericho in a hospital bed.
King: Who cares, would you really have liked Big Show as Intercontinental Champion?
JR: You’re damn right I would, he is clearly more worthy than Jericho ever would be.

[Backstage we see HHH and the Nature Boy carrying a conversation.]

HHH: Who does Randy Orton think he is?
Flair: Don’t worry about him Hunter.
HHH: Just like Batista got narcissistic, Orton comes around and flaunts his big ego all over me and you. What have they proven? I am a 11 time World Heavyweight Champion, you’ve had held the belt 16 times. You know how little of a fraction Orton and Batista’s title reigns are compared to ours?
Flair: Yeah… but listen Hunter, we should be preparing for your match tonight.
HHH: I taught both of them everything they know today. And what do they do? They show me no respect.
Flair: Yeah, Hunter… you are the best.
HHH: You damn right I am, I was the leader of that group, and I still am today.
Flair: You’re right, Hunter… you are the Game. Now let’s go get ready.
HHH: Get ready for what exactly? Do you seriously think Orton is going to take my precious belt away from me? Hell no. Orton was the prima donna of Evolution, he was the female. He was the most dopey and vulnerable of the group. Without me with his back, he is nothing but the water I spit out before my match. Orton says he thinks he was the model of Evolution. Well, model my ass, a model is an imitation of the real thing. And I was the real nucleus of Evolution. Orton and Batista were scrawny little pawns. I’ve used Orton as a pawn before, and in my match tonight, I’m using him as my coat hanger.
Flair: WOOOOOOOO! Go get him Hunter. WOOOOOOO!

[Flair pats him on the back, while HHH has a huge smirk on his face.]

[We cut to the parking lot area where we see a limo pulling up. Out comes from the inside of the limo, none other than Batista. However none other than Johnathan Coachman spots him and walks over to confront him.]

Johnathan Coachman: Batista… you do know Eric Bischoff has given you the night off tonight. He has given you strict orders not to interfere during the main event tonight… or else you’ll be suspended indefinitely.
Batista: I know… Coach… but thank you for reminding me. *he turns to walk away*
Johnathan Coachman: Wait… Batista. Shouldn’t you head back to your limo?
Batista: I would but I have something to do first.
Johnathan Coachman: And what would that be?
Batista: Listen… Bischoff told me not to interfere during the main event tonight, but he never told me what I couldn’t do before the match.

[Johnathan Coachman stands there stunned, leaving Batista to go away. He realizes what Batista has just said, and quickly runs off to find Bischoff.]

[The match is pretty even with both men getting the upperhand at some point during the match.]

Eddie has Masters up for the second suplex for the Three Amigos. Eddie hurtles Masters down and quickly gets back up for the third and last vertical suplex. Eddie crushes Masters into the mat… 1… 2… kickout. Eddie is pissed and begins to spin his boot on top of Master’s face and scrapes him. Eddie goes up top for the frog splash. He ascends… but Masters rolls away at the last second. Eddie scrunches up in pain and Masters gets back up. Masters stands behind Eddie as if to wrap him in the MasterLock, but before he could do so, Eddie scampers out of the ring. Masters follows him. Masters tries to irish whip Eddie into the steel steps but, Eddie reverses it and instead, Masters’ shoulder rackets off of the steel steps.

The ref comes to the outside to take control of the contest. Eddie can be seen on the ground crawling underneath the ring curtains. He comes out with a weapon in hand, it’s none other than a fire extinguisher. The ref quickly impedes Eddie in his tracks and struggles with Eddie to take the extinguisher away from him. Eddie finally gives up with the struggle and allows the ref to take the extinguisher out of his hands, except Eddie has turned it on and the chemicals from the fire extinguisher zooms into the ref’s face. The ref is struggling to turn it off as he is temporary blinded. Eddie laughs mischievously, and turns around back to Masters. The Masterpiece is still doubled over the steel steps and Eddie travels to the timekeeper’s desk. Eddie finds what he is looking for… a shiny steel chair.

JR: Good God almighty, how much more could Eddie cheat. He has already succeeded in blinding the referee and now he is using a steel chair.

Eddie awaits for Masters to get to a standing position before prowling at him with the steel chair and striking his forehead. Eddie then goes maniacal and gives Masters an outbreak of chairshots before finally rolling his motionless body along with the blinded ref into the ring. Back in the ring, Eddie shows Masters his submission finisher… El Lasso from El Paso… and Masters taps out. The ref has finally gotten enough vision to witness Masters tapping out and he calls for the bell.

JR: What a disgusting swindler. Both Guerrero and Jericho didn’t deserve their wins, they both cheated.
King: Guerrero sure showed Masters what a true masterpiece victory is. Eddie’s a genius.

[Backstage we see Johnathan Coachman and Eric Bischoff running around the backstage area looking for Batista. They’re shouting his name and asking everybody around them if they know where he is. They finally get an answer from a makeup lady, who points them in the direction of the locker rooms. Bischoff gets anxious when he realizes that HHH’s locker room is in that direction. Bischoff and the Coach storm HHH’s locker room ready for the worst case scenario, but find Flair and HHH safe and sound in their locker room, with HHH doing pull ups, and Flair coaching him. HHH is surprised to see Bischoff and stops to talk with him.]

Eric Bishoff: Oh, thank goodness.
HHH: What? What’s the matter?
Eric Bishoff: Oh, it’s Batista?
HHH: Batista?
Eric Bishoff: Nevermind, everything is fine now. You and Flair are alright, everything is fine.
HHH: What are you talking about? Of course me and Flair are alright… what’s the problem?
Eric Bishoff: Oh, it’s just that… Batista arrived… even though I gave him the night off… and…
Coach: Boss.
Eric Bishoff: What, Coach?
Coach: What about Orton?
Eric Bishoff: What about… Orton?
Coach: What if instead of HHH, Batista planned to attack Orton? I mean he did cost him his title at Vengeance.

[Eric Bischoff is shaken by Coach’s comments. He then gathers Coach to go get Orton. They begin to leave the room. But then Bischoff changes his mind.]

Bischoff: Actually you stay here Coach, in case Batista shows up and… well.. you know.

[Someone can be heard speaking but the camera doesn’t show who it is. He finally swivels around to show Batista standing by the doorway.]

Batista: In case I show up and do what?
Bischoff: Whoa. Batista…

[HHH and Flair are taken aback to see Batista standing in their locker room.]

HHH: Who do you think you are? Standing in my locker room?

[Batista chuckles to himself.]

Bischoff: Hold on a second Hunter. Now Batista… I thought I gave you the night off.
Batista: You did.
Bischoff: So why are you here?
Batista: I came looking for something… someone to be exact.
Bischoff: Who?
Batista: Randy Orton.
Bischoff: What did you do to him Batista? He’s in my main event… if you… if he’s incapable of wrestling tonight… I’ll have you to blame.
Batista: That won’t be necessary. You see… Orton is nowhere around. I’ve been searching throughout the whole arena. He must’ve seen me gracing his TV screen and scrammed, that scraggy little gutless coward.
Bischoff: So Orton isn’t hurt?
Batista: I told you already. No. So when I was left with no one to show my aggression on. I thought of my second worst enemy… HHH. But what do we know, we have the paper tiger Coach and his chief Eric Bischoff guarding them.

[HHH rises to his feet, screaming that he’s not afraid of him. HHH is held back by Coach and Flair reminding him that he still has the main event.]

Bischoff: Listen, Batista. I don’t know who you think you are, but if you put your hands on either Triple H or Randy Orton tonight, you will be, stripped of your paycheck, and suspended indefinitely. Do you hear me?
Batista: Sure thing… Mr. Bischoff.

[Batista laughs, and storms out of HHH’s room while Coach, Flair and Bischoff try to calm down HHH.]

[Backstage we see Randy Orton strolling around backstage. Maria approaches him with a mic.]

Maria: Randy, did you hear what Batista said about you?
Orton: Batista?
Maria: Yes… he said that you were a scraggy little gutless coward.
Orton: He… what?
Maria: He said that you were a…
Orton: Yes I heard what you said… but I’m a little curious as to why he would say that about me…
Maria: Oh… he was looking for you… because I think he wanted to beat you up… but he couldn’t find you… so he thought you had ran away from him.
Orton: Once again it proves how pathetic Batista is. If Batista wants a piece of me… tell him that I’m right here.
Maria: Well… Bischoff has already told him he was barred from putting a hand on either you or HHH tonight.
Orton: Oh…really. That’s great… excellent…thank you very much Maria.

[Orton scurries away with a wide smile on his face… happy that Batista won’t be able to lay a hand on him tonight, even after he cost him his title at Vengeance.]

Rey is outnumbered by Hassan and Daivari, but still manages to have a chance to win the match.]

Hassan irish whips Rey into the ropes, but Mysterio hops over Hassan, springs off the second rope and connects with a back elbow. This maneuver dazes Hassan who backtracks to the center of the ring. Rey bounces off the ropes… and pegs Hassan with a tilt-a-whirl bulldog. Rey goes to the apron and signals for the West Coast Pop, but before he launches himself over the ropes, Daivari tugs at Rey’s feet. Back in the ring Hassan is distracting the ref. Daivari pulls Rey off the apron and to the floor outside, with Rey’s head thumping off the edge of the apron.

JR: What is Daivari doing?
King: I don’t know, I think he’s trying to take Rey’s boots off. He’s untying them.
JR: But why?
King: Who knows?

Daivari manages to get one shoe off of Rey before he realizes that Hassan is losing the ref’s attention and scampers off with one boot before the ref sees what he is doing. Hasssan pulls Rey back into the ring and attacks Rey’s legs. He is trying to take off Rey’s other boot. Hassan locks in a side leg lock and then finally manages to rip off Mysterio’s last boot, exposing Rey’s feet. Hassan removes Rey’s leg from his grasp and brings him into the corner. Hassan knees Rey in the gut and then brings him down with a modified jawbreaker. Hassan climbs to the second rope and clasps onto Mysterio’s head with a side headlock. Hassan then topples down to step on top of Mysterio’s bare foot. Mysterio rolls around the ring in pain, holding onto his stinging foot. Hassan quarrels with the ref once more, this time over the legitimacy of having Mysterio barefoot. Daivari pulls Mysterio towards the steel post from the inside of the ring and escorts Rey open legged into the steel post. Not only did Daivari connect with a cheap shot, but Daivari then pulls a plastic bottle from the inside of his pocket. He uncaps the bottle and pours a slimy looking liquid on Rey’s barefeet.

JR: What in the name of God is Daivari doing?
King: It looks like Daivari is giving a foot massage.
JR: That liquid looking substance looks like oil. Why the hell is Daivari oiling Rey’s feet in the middle of an Intercontinental Title match?

After Daivari has finished oiling Rey’s feet Hassan pulls Rey back into his grasp. He whips Rey towards the ropes, and you could see the effect of the oil as Rey slips and slides across the ring. Hassan clobbers him with a clothesline. Rey is whipped off the ropes for a second time, but this time Rey ducks the clothesline and tries to springboard off the second rope. However Rey loses his balance, because of his oily feet and falls on the back of his neck. Hassan draws Rey in… STO. After the STO, Hassan props Rey up with the Camel Clutch. Rey is struggling to hold on. He’s getting closer to the ropes. Closer… closer… closer… closer… And Rey reaches the ropes to break the hold. Hassan is forced discharge the submission. Hassan buries Rey into the turnbuckle with an irish whip, all while Rey slithered there with his greasy feet. Hassan charges and slams into him with a running clothesline.

JR: That oil rubbed on to Rey’s feet has ended his chance of using an aerial offense, because if he were to use the ropes, he would most likely slip off them with the amount of grease on his feet.

Hassan whips Rey into the corner repeatedly and continues to follow up running clotheslines. Rey is wilted like a dead flower in the corner as Hassan charges with another running clothesline… but Rey reverses it… sunset roll-up… 1… 2… Hassan kicks out. Hassan is daunted by Rey’s reversal… he tries to hit another clothesline but Rey ducks it and connects with a sloppy looking dropkick… Hassan bends over the second rope… Rey charges although unbalanced… 619… 1… 2… 3.

JR: Mysterio has done it, despite all of the heel tactics Hassan and Daivari tried to use. Mysterio will face Eddie Guerrero in the next round of the Intercontinental Tournament.

Daivari is looking from the outside terror-stricken that his partner has lost the match, despite his help. Rey slips out of the ring and heads down the entrance ramp victoriously, unsteadily, slipping on his own feet.

[Benoit has come out to ringside to witness this match. Edge has come out to accompany the commentating team of JR and King. Both of these men have byes going into the semi-finals of the tournament. Benoit and JBL got into a scuffle on last week’s Raw, and Edge is here to keep and eye on Benoit according to what he told JR and King.]

JBL is staring into the eye of Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine has been bothering JBL ever since the match started and he has been trying to get the ref to kick him out, but Benoit has not done anything wrong besides watch the match. Snitsky rams his boot into the side of JBL’s mouth, sending him tumbling out of the ring to the spot where Benoit is at. Benoit does nothing but stare. JBL is sent headlong into the steel steps by Snitsky. Snitsky and the ref argue, and the ref wants the match to get back to the ring. Snitsky refuses the ref’s request and goes back towards JBL’s direction. JBL launches himself with a clothesline from hell… but Snitsky moves out of the way and JBL hits the ref instead. JBL and Snitsky brawl around the outside of the ring, until JBL finally manages to crack Snitsky’s head into the steel post. JBL trash talks with Benoit while digging his boots into Snitsky’s throat. JBL then turns his attention fully towards Benoit and acts as if he wants to fight him.

Edge: Look at how spineless Benoit is. He doesn’t even fight when the challenge is given to him. He’ll probably cheat JBL out of the match when JBL has his back turned… because that’s the kind of pitiful man Benoit is.

JBL turns around and is met straight with the outer lining sole of Snitsky’s boot. Snitsky lifts JBL against the apron and begins to strike him in the stomach with revolting elbows.

King: Wait a minute… what is Big Show doing here?

Big Show has appeared from the entrance. He’s trotting towards Snitky. He connects with a few right hands. Big Show attempts to ream him with a clothesline but Snitsky evades it, and JBL catches the most of it. Snitsky catches Show with a big boot. After this mashes Show into the floor with a pumphandled slam. Snitsky tosses JBL into the ring. He also nails JBL with his finisher… the pumphandled slam… 1… 2… 3…

Edge: Look at that. Benoit cost JBL the match.
JR: What? Benoit didn’t even lay a finger on him.

Edge puts down his headset and runs down the ramp to attack Benoit. Edge and Benoit brawl back to the inside of the ring. Benoit is soon being double teamed by JBL and Edge. But someone makes his way from the back… it’s Eugene. JBL and Edge bolt out of the ring before Eugene could land a move on them. Benoit and Eugene ask them to come back to the ring and fight again now that it’s evened out. Edge and JBL shake their heads and depart, leaving Eugene and Benoit to toy with the fans.

[Backstage we see JBL tossing things around in a temper tantrum after losing his match. JBL bumps into none other than… Doug Basham.]

JBL: Where the hell were you, God damn it?
Doug Basham: Oh did I miss anything?
JBL: You missed my match jackass. Why didn’t you come back me up?
Doug Basham: A better question for that matter JBL… is why don’t you ever back me up?
JBL: What are you talking about jackass? I gave you a spot in the Cabinet. My cabinet… That’s more than you would ever be accustomed to. You second rate bottom feeder.
Doug Basham: All I ever did while being in the cabinet… was take your battle wounds.
JBL: I gave you a position on my cabinet… a position of trust… a position of honor.
Doug Basham: Oh yeah… well from what I remembered… taking your job was like committing suicide. What did the bullets I took for you warrant me? Absolutely nothing.
JBL: I gave you everything… now shut the hell up… minion.
Doug Basham: Well I am no longer your lackey… no longer your crony. By officially quitting your cabinet… I’ll be receiving the same accolades Danny and Orlando got when you left them on Smackdown.
JBL: You’re a piece of shit Doug… go ahead and quit Doug… go on and suck a white elephant… you bastard. I’ll be fine alone. I’ll be better without you.
Doug Basham: Good… because I’ve talked to Bischoff… and he has given me permission to bring in one of my trainees… and I’ll show you how a true mentor helps his apprentices… I won’t shove them into a beast’s cage and leave them to die.
JBL: You… a mentor… *JBL sneers to himself while walking away, unimpressed with Basham’s declaration that he is bringing somebody to Raw that he has trained himself.*

[None other than the tag team champions… Hurricane and Rosey come out of to the ring. Hurricane grabs a mic]

Hurricane: The Hurricane… and Rosey would like the following citizens to come out to the ring… Muhammad Hassan… and Khosrow Daivari.

[Hassan and Daivari come out to the ring. Hassan is still disgruntled after his lost to Mysterio earlier in the night.]

Hurricane: So the Hurricane…heard through the hurrigrapevine… that you two still want your shots for the World Tag Team Championships. Well… I being the Hurricane… the first superhero in the WWE, and Rosey no longer being S.H.I.T… since he was the first graduate of the Hurriloopa training facility… would like you two, totally, non-super… ordinarians to bring it on.
Hassan: I bet you haven’t noticed yet. But I’ve already had a match tonight… and you didn’t.
Hurricane: Oh yes… we know… we also know… that you lost. Whatzupwitdat?
Hassan: Listen, jackasses. I’ve already had my match tonight. So I guess this challenge you’re giving us for the tag team title belts will have to wait for another day.

[Chris Benoit’s theme sputters through the arena… Benoit and Eugene make their way to the ring. Benoit grabs a mic.]

Benoit: Eugene and I have overheard you two turning down an offer for a shot at the tag title belts. Well if you won’t be accepting the match, Eugene and I would love to have the opportunity.
Hassan: I don’t know if you two missed the segment where Daivari and I beat the living crap out of another team that wanted our tag team title shot. But I will highly advise you and your retarded buddy to leave my presence.
Benoit: Oh yes… Eugene and I saw your disgraceful ambush of the Heart Throbs. That is why we are out here. If Eugene and I do win the tag titles… we will gladly give you a match straight afterwards for the same titles. Then you will have no excuse to whine about already having a match tonight. And guess what?... We’ll beat you straight after we win the titles anyways.
Hassan: We’ll see about that…

[Hassan and Daivari jump Benoit and Eugene. And a huge brawl escalates. Hurricane and Rosey help Benoit and Eugene knock Hassan and Daivari out of the ring. Hassan and Daivari grab steel chairs as if that would help them fight off the four men who are in the ring.]

***You think you know me…***[Edge’s theme music hits and the arena goes dark. Smoke builds from the entranceway… but no one appears. The lights go back on…and Edge is already in the ring...]

Edge spears Eugene and is attacked by Benoit and the Hurri-Duo soon after. Daivari and Hassan enter with their steel chairs. Hurricane is smacked out of the ring with a steel chair from Hassan. Daivari hits Rosey with a steel chair. Edge and Benoit brawl in the middle of the ring. Edge spears Benoit out of the ring.

JR: All hell has broken loose.

Edge asks Daivari if he could borrow his chair. He signals for Hassan to help him… they are going to give Eugene the conchairto while Daivari holds him in place… but Eugene breaks away. He ducks the conchairto and gives Daivari a stunner. Edge and Hassan try to hit him again but Hurricane, Rosey, and Benoit help pull Eugene out of the ring. They then stare down Edge and Hassan who are on top of the ring ropes needling them to get back into the ring with steel chairs in hand.

[It’s been 3 minutes in with numerous sleeper holds, and chain wrestling into the corners.]

HHH smacks Orton with a kick to the kisser and then whips himself off the ropes… gutbuster. Lateral press… 1… 2… kickout. HHH connects with a clothesline… vertical suplex… 1… 2… kickout. HHH picks Orton back up for another suplex, but this time doing it in a snapping quick motion… 1… 2… kickout. HHH backs off the ropes… kneedrop to the throat. Another. A third. He jumps over Orton and whips off the ropes with a fourth consecutive knee drop. HHH lifts Orton back up to his feet. He lands a couple of uppercuts to the throat of Orton. HHH recoils off the ring ropes… high knee strike. No, Orton ducks. RKO… HHH counters with a swinging neckbreaker… 1… 2… kickout. HHH spanks the canvas in frustration.

HHH lifts Orton back up and whips him into the corner, sending Orton’s shoulder ricocheting off the steel post. HHH wrings Orton’s surgically repaired shoulder and hooks it in a hammerlock. He drives it back to the mat with a modified Russian leg sweep… 1… 2… kickout. HHH once again tugs at Orton’s arm and then falls to his bottom with an armbreaker. HHH repeats the same motion and yet again plunges to the floor with the armbreaker. HHH gets back up and then twists Orton’s arm and drops Orton to the floor with a snapmare takedown. HHH grabs Orton’s arm and spikes into his bicep with a knee drop. HHH sustains an armbar with Orton screeching with pain. Randy extends his other arm to reach the ropes but HHH drags Orton back to the center of the ring and digs at Orton’s arm with a gound armbar, attempting to hyperextend Orton’s elbow. HHH releases the hold when he notices that Orton isn’t tapping and then begins to maul Orton’s shoulder with elbow drops and kicks. Orton is wincing in pain.

JR: Dear lord, Orton might require surgery again after this match.

HHH zips off the ropes and connects with a kick to the back of the neck of Orton. HHH slams Orton’s shoulders back on the mat to make a cover …. 1… 2… kickout. HHH socks the canvas once again stonewalled by Orton’s toughness. The cerebral assassin pulls Orton’s upper torso back to a seated position and clouts the top of Orton’s head with a double axe handle smash. HHH pulls Orton’s head back to his clutches and belts him with ten consecutive punches to the forehead. HHH takes Orton in his arms and soars back into the mat with a single arm DDT… 1… 2… kickout. Triple H is fuming with rage as Orton kicks out for the zillionth time. HHH handcuffs Orton’s damaged arm with a hammerlock and hoists him up at a high angle… back body suplex… 1… 2… kickout.

King: Wow, you would’ve thought by now that Orton would seize to kickout to avoid ruining his arm to a further extent.
JR: This is for the World Heavyweight Championship, and beyond a doubt, Orton is probably willing to give up an arm or a leg to get the title back.
King: That’s crazy talk. Why doesn’t he offer his appendix, that’s the part of the body that doesn’t have any use?
JR: I’m quite sure if HHH had the ability to take it out he would, he is ripping Orton’s heart out as we speak, by putting Orton further away from winning.

Triple H cranes Orton back up to his side while holding on to the hammerlock… HHH flops Orton’s body right on top of his knee with a Belly to Back backbreaker… 1… 2… kickout. HHH tells Flair who is standing at ringside to help him out, so Flair goes to the timekeepers table and tries to get the title belt. He then attempts to sneak it in but the ref detects him and kicks it back out just as Flair slipped it into the ring. Flair and the ref get into a dispute over it, which ends in Flair grabbing a chair and threatening the ref.

JR: Why must HHH always insist on using deceiving tactics? The ref should kick Flair out of the match just as they did last week when HHH was facing Batista.

HHH reels Orton back in with a hammerlock he gives a shot at landing another back body drop on to Orton’s arm but Orton evades the move by flipping onto his feet he tries to whip himself back into the ropes but HHH still has hold of Orton’s bad arm and draws him back underneath him. Triple H clasps both of Orton’s shoulders… Pedigree.

King: It’s over. Wait a minute, why the hell is Batista doing out here?

HHH takes notice of Batista’s sudden appearance as well. Flair looks at Batista in total shock with the steel chair still in his hands. Batista is approaching Flair. Flair tries to plead with him to not come after him, but Batista pays total disregard to Flair and snatches the chair away from him. Triple H gapes at Batista from inside of the ring as Batista threatens him with the steel chair.

King: Forget about Batista now, Triple H, pin Orton. Pin him.

As Batista and HHH continue to stare each other down, Flair creeps up to Batista and connects with a low blow. Triple H then decides to pursue Batista on the outside. Batista sways after the wallop to his gonads but still has a chair in hand. He sweeps it over his head and quickly bashes it on the top of Flair’s head. HHH is stunned and changes his mind by reentering the ring. HHH tells the ref to resolve Batista’s appearance at ringside, but instead of going into the ring, Batista unfolds the steel chair and puts it down so he could sit and observe the match at ringside.

King: Kick him out ref, he has no right to be out here bothering Triple H. He’s hindering HHH’s performance. I mean HHH could’ve had Orton beaten by now.

As Triple H slowly turns around back to his opponent, he unsuspectingly converges into Orton, who follows up with a low blow of his own behind the ref’s back. Orton climbs back up and clobbers Triple H with a towering missile dropkick. He crawls over where HHH is lying and drapes his arm over HHH… 1… 2…. kickout. Orton gets back up to a vertical basis… he signals for the RKO. Orton jolts up into the air with his arm swathed around HHH’s neck… but HHH thrusts Randy into the rope. Orton rebounds with a kick to the abdominal region. Orton decides to take a dab at hitting HHH with his own finishing maneuver… a pedigree. HHH eludes the move and clouts Orton’s face with a clothesline. HHH strives for a second clothesline, but Orton swerves away from HHH’s wavering arm, and plants HHH’s head into the side of his back with his modified inverted headlock neckbreaker.

Randy hoists HHH back up and binds him with a headlock. Triple H shoves Randy into the ropes, but Orton recovers by cinching in the headlock again. Triple jostles Orton off the ropes, but this time Orton leapfrogs him, bounces off the ropes, ram his boot into Triple H’s stomach, takes him by his hair and slams him down to the mat by the handful of hair. Orton follows up with a blatant choke forcing the ref to break the hold. Orton begins to smirk and he sneers towards Batista’s way showing him that he realizes his presence. HHH is back up and Orton taps him with a few jabs sending him into the ropes. Orton backs up a little bit but rushes back towards HHH and clotheslines him out of the ring. HHH barely misses hitting Batista as he flies out of the ring which makes Batista stand up. Orton goads at Batista for moving out of the way. Orton gets on the apron and signals for HHH to get up on his own free will. As soon as HHH gets back up, Orton attacks him with a missile dropkick. As HHH flounders backwards he inadvertently makes contact with Batista. Batista immediately pushes HHH aside and looks intently at Orton. Orton puts his hands up to deny that he did it on purpose and slides back into the ring.

King: Who does Batista think he is? If he weren’t fiddling around during this match this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

HHH leisurely edges back into the ring where Orton attacks him with a flurry of kicks. Orton takes HHH in his hands and whips him off the ropes. HHH returns the favor with a high knee strike, which sends Orton stumbling backwards. Triple H leeches off Orton’s neck with a sick DDT… 1… 2… kickout. HHH crawls to the ropes for leverage and awaits Orton to get back up, as Orton gets to one foot, with his other knee on the canvas, HHH charges with another knee strike to Orton’s temple. Triple H pulls the almost motionless Orton underneath him for the second pedigree of the match.

Orton succeeds in making this pedigree a struggle. He resists the finishing maneuver by thrashing his arms around. Orton nearly pulls Triple H over him with a back body drop, but the Game, manages to keep himself steadily on the ground… Pedigree. No! Orton counters it before he lands face-first by yanking him high enough to drop HHH straight upon his knee.

JR: What a reversal by Orton.

Orton seeks an RKO. HHH shoulders Orton into the ropes. Orton retraces his steps back over to HHH, looking for a clothesline, but HHH ducks. Orton rebounds off the ropes once again and this time connects with five forearms to HHH’s jaw, propelling him into the ropes. Orton retreats to the opposite side and charges… flying crossbody, but HHH heaves him over the top rope and to the outside. Orton piles up onto Batista who is once again sitting back on his chair. Batista is caught by surprise as Orton soars on to him and he flips over in his chair.

Batista becomes turbulent and chases him against the apron. Batista threatens him as if to warn him that he is going to attack. But instead of Batista, Orton is caught unaware by HHH who pulls him up on to the apron by his hair and head. Triple H tugs him up and over the top rope with a sleeper hold, spins him around, kicks him in the stomach… Pedigree… 1… 2… 3.

Flair who is bloody from the steel chair shot earlier in the match pulls HHH out of the ring and hands him the title.

Back in the ring, Orton is slowly staggering up to his feet. Batista has entered the ring with his chair. He has unfolded the chair and has placed it in the middle of the ring behind Orton, who has yet to realize he is sitting right behind him. As Orton slowly rotates around he is paralyzed in complete shock to find Batista there. The animal has a big grin on his face and rises to kick Randy in the stomach… Batista Bomb. Batista rejoices with the crowd and eyes down Flair and HHH who have made their way towards the back and are gazing at Batista from the entranceway.

JR: Once again HHH has squeaked by with another title defense. Who will be HHH’s next opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship? Only time will tell how long Triple H’s title reign will last. What’s next for Orton? What’s next for Batista? Come back next week to find out, goodbye everybody.

/(/(/Fade Out\)\)\

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Your match writing is fantastic and the promos seem to be in character. Your shows are very long, and if anything a little bit too long for a 2 hour show. I really like the pictures of wrestlers before the matches and during promos, which makes it clear who is there. This thread is very good, and keep up the good work.

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Fire Wolf said:
I don't have time for a full review but I'd like to point out that in Vengeance, when Benjamin hit the dropkick, the countout would have restarted. Anyways, Good Luck for your show.
I guess that's true...

Or I can say that only Daivari was on the apron trying to reenter while Hassan was still outside... then Benjamin dropkicks Daivari onto Hassan before he even gets on the apron. So the original countout stands.
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