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What tag teams have WWE Creative yet to think of that you could actually see them doing?
You know names that don't take much thought. Corny. Cheesy. But they work.
We all know WWE LOVE throwing together random tag teams.
Now I'm not saying that these would be great but in the eyes of the WWE Creative Team the possibilities are endless!
Lets see what you can come up with!


The Peep Shows

Cobra Barrage




The Horny Truth

Team Jackyes!

Worlds Strongest Posse

Just In Sin

Young Kidds

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I would post pictures but I don't have permission yet...

Anyways, a tag team I always make in TEW is the team of Evan Bourne and Jay Lethal and give them the name of...


Bourne Lethal

Lame? Yeah, probably, but I dig it.
Bourne Awesome
Bourne Truth
Walls of Airicho
Show Bourne
Bourne Ryder
Sin Bourne
Swag Bourne

Evan Bournes gonna be busy in the tag scene for years to come.
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