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10) 2008 - Cody Rhodes turns on Hardcore Holly and wins the World Tag Titles with DiBiase

09) 2009 - Christian beats Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship

08) 2009 - Dolph Ziggler's gutbuster to Rey Mysterio in their IC Title match

07) 2008 - Mark Henry downs Big Show and Kane to win the ECW Championship

06) 2008 - Hornswoggle and Finlay gaining the advantage during their match with John Morrison and The Miz for the WWE Tag Titles

05) 2009 - Michelle McCool defeating Melina to retain the Women's Championship

04) 2008 - Kofi Kingston pins Chris Jericho to gain the IC Title

03) 2009 - Randy Orton uses Legacy to win the WWE Championship Triple Threat against John Cena and Triple H

02) 2010 - Daniel Bryan make Miz tap out to win his first United States Championship

01) 2008 - Triple H beating John Cena to retain the WWE Championship

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This sucks as a commercial for the PPV. If I was on the edge (no pun intended) about buying or not buying this PPV, after reading that list I'd rather not.

I mean, when "Somebody gets the advantage in a match nobody cares about 3 years later" is your #6 on a best-moments list, come on gotta be kidding :no:
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