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WWE.COM: Divas As Referees

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No Lita?


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AJ, Torrie, & Trish = greatness
No Sunny? I remember her refereeing a six man midget match when Kane interrupted and tombstoned the head bangers (ahh the Attitude Era)

Back when she was still really hot
What's with Eve's face in all her pictures??
All looked good except Vickie.

Why no Stacy Keibler pics? I think she was guest ref before.
AJ and Eve for the win!
Where is Stacy? Stephanie? Come now.
AJ, Torrie, & Trish = greatness
1st Trish
2nd Torrie
3rd Sunny
4th Stacy
5th Eve

8/10 all pics
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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