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WWE, Chainsaw's way

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this show is like WWE: The Thrill, but since noone checked out my last post, I am doing a new show. I won't have broadcasters( to make the show different). This computer is fu**** up so I wont have bolds, italics, etc. Here is the roster(I am the Owner):

Owner: Chainsaw

G.M.: Shane McMahon

World WWE champion: Triple H

Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton

Tag Champions: Kane and Undertaker(Deadman Inc.) w/Paul Bearer

Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Myster

Everyone Else:

Bret Hart
Brock Lesnar
Big Show
Chris Jericho
Evolution(Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair)
John Cena
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak(The Future Legends)
Chris Benoit
Shawn Michaels
Gene Snitsky
Carlito Cool w/Jesus
Booker T
The Rock
Stone Cold

THE SHOW: Chainsaw's WWE (CWWE) from Los Angeles, CA

"lose it" by Emin3m fills the arena as Chainsaw makes his way to the ring

CHAINSAW: Tonight a new revolution of wrestling is making its way to "the ring" as I call it. This revolution is called CWWE which is Chainsaw's WWE. Tonight I will make a main event that will rack up so much money, this whole arena will be full of millionaires! That match will be a triple threat no disqualification match and the winner will get a shot for the WWE World Title next week. It will be Chris Benoit versus Kurt Angle versus none other than....the legendary BRET HART!

evolution comes out with the crowd booing them

TRIPLE H: Wait a second there Boss...you think you can put me in a match next week but you can't put me in a main event? Right now I order you to cancel that match and put me in the main event!

CHAINSAW: Well H, I will put you in a match alright, but that match starts right now!

Stone Cold's music fills the arena but instead, Eminem comes out ready to wrestle

EMINEM VS TRIPLE H w/evolution

The white rapper starts out with a pedigree but H blocks that and knocks Eminem out of the ring where Batista slams his head into steel steps before throwing him into the ring. The ref sends Batista and Flair out of the arena while The Game takes advantage of the distraction and gets a hammer which he smashes into Eminem's back leaving him in the ring motionless. Triple H hits Eminem again but the ref sees him and disqualifies H causing the possibly disabled rapper to win the match.

after the H leaves, Eminem is carried out by a stretcher as we go to a commercial break



Chainsaw is arguing with Triple H

CHAINSAW: What in the god damn hell do you think you're doing by paralyzing Eminem???

TRIPLE H: Listen man, I didn't mean to injure him. I just wanted to win the match with a little cheating, that's all man.

CHAINSAW: If Eminem is badly injured, I will strip you off the title, put full responsibility on you, and I will fire you! Now GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

TRIPLE H: But...

CHAINSAW: You wanna get your ass fired now?

Triple H walks away as we go into the ring


Mark Jindrak takes control of Kane by kicking him in the stomach and punching him down and out. Jindrak then picks him up and chokes him out with a shoelace as the ref is getting distracted by Luther Reigns. Jindrak takes brass knuckles out of his pocket and is about to hit Kane when Taker comes in and chokeslams Jindrak out of the ring! Reigns tags himself in and faces Undertaker face to face until Deadman picks him up and gives him a Tombstone and goes to his corner as Kane taunts. Reigns gets up slowly and punches Kane in the stomach but Kane powerbombs him and kncks him out! Kane then attempts a leg drop of the top rope but Jindrak pushes him over and Kane falls to the outside as Reigns recovers. Luther goes to the outside and gets a chair as Jindrak distracts the ref. Luther then hits Taker in the back of the head with a chair and then hits Kane in the face to bust him open! Reigns then takes Kane back to the ring and chokeslams him followed by the pin. 1...2...3, Kane and Taker lose!


Brock Lesnar comes to the ring

LESNAR: After being out for so long, I realized that the fans are the most important part of wrestling

crowd cheers but the Dudleys interupt

SPIKE: Awwwww......I'm gonna cry now. This fan crap you're talking about, it's bullshit!

crowd boos

BUBBA: Shut up you stupid people!

SPIKE: Brock, if you think you're so bad then come up here and face me man to man...

Big Show interupts and knocks everyone out with a chair!

BROCK: Thanks Show, how bout we have a 3 on 2 match?

Shane McMahon interupts

SHANE: I am the General Manager of this show and I order the matches

crowd boos

SHANE: Brock, if you want a match then next week you can face the Big Show, now get the hell out of my ring!


Chainsaw comes out

CHAINSAW: Right now it's time for the main event, here it is


Bret Hart starts by shaking hands with Benoit but Angle hits Benoit in the back with a chair! Bret then starts kicking Benoit with Angle but then clotheslines Kurt. Benoit gets up and gets mad at Bret but they both go on the attack on Angle. Hart gets Angle into a Sharpshooter while Benoit gets him into a Crossface and Angle taps but Bret and Benoit both made him tap out!

CHAINSAW: Since the match ended that way, it is now Benoit versus Bret Hart!

Benoit wastes no time and puts Bret down and tries to get him in a Sharpshooter but Hart gets out of it and goes outside of the ring to rest as we go to commercials.


Benoit is on the top rope and dives on Bret but Hart takes a chair and swings at Benoit knocking him out in the air and busting him open! Bret then takes a stapler from under the ring with a 20 dollar bill, and staples that to Benoit's head to cause severely bad bleeding! Benoit tries to get up but falls back unconcious as Bret has the worried look on his face. Benoit then suddenly gets up and smashes Hart into the steps to cause Bret bleeding too! Benoit picks up the steel steps and somehow throws them on Bret to get Bret Hart stuck! Chris then starts kicking the helpless Hart and staples him a couple times with the stapler in the back! Bret Hart somehowturns over but makes a big mistake by lying on his back where the staples are in. Chris takes the steps off Hart, helps him up, and they both go back to the ring all bruised where they shake hands and Bret gets Benoit in a Sharpshooter! Benoit was about to tap when Shawn Michaels came out, Super Kicked Bret Hart and Benoit covered him. 1...2...3, Benoit wins and Shawn screws Hart over!

CHAINSAW: Since you wanna play Shawn, next week Bret Hart will hopefully recover and have a match against you. And Shawn, if you lose, I will suspend you for 6 months!

Shawn has a mad look on his face as we go off the air

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i rEALLY DO LIKE THIS ONE ITS ALOT BETTER THAN MOST SHOWS IT GOT MY ATTINTION GOOD IMCURIOUS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.................................if you would make another one i would be grateful i hope HBK wins tho G/j NICE STORY hope u do make another one 10/10

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Lol I did't know Eminem knew how to wrestle that was by far match of this year to bad it wasen't a little longer any way good show 9/10
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