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WWE: Can you handle it?

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This is my version of RAW and Smackdown.
When the year of 2004 was over, Vince McMahon decided to start the rosters all over. He said that the rosters will be drafted by the 2 G.M.'s in a private area. The G.M. of RAW is Paul Heyman and the G.M. of Smackdown is Shane McMahon. Vince McMahon has decided to make RAW televised on mondays on USA network and smackdown on fridays on TBS network.

Here are the rosters drafted by Heyman and Shane McMahon:


Big Show
Shawn Michaels
Chris Masters
Eddie Guerrero
Matt Morgan
Gene Snitzky
Rey Mysterio
Muhhammed Hassan
Orlando Jordan
Chavo Guerrero
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Simon Dean
William Regal
Daniel Puder
Hardcore Holly
Val Venis


Triple H
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Randy Orton
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Booker T
Shelton Benjamin
Rene Dupree
Charlie Haas
Sylvan Greiner
Rob Conway
Kenzo Suzuki
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Mark Jindrak
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Tyson Tomko
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Ric Flair
The Hurricane
Steven Richards

Here are the titles that Vince made for each show:


World Heavyweight Title
Intercontinental Title
Cruserweight Title
Tag Team Titles


WWE Title
United States Title
Hardcore Title
WWE Tag Team Titles

Vince has also created a list of pay-per-views:

Royal Rumble- January (both)
No Mercy- February (Smackdown)
Wrestlemania- March (both)
Backlash- April (RAW)
Judgement Day- May (Smackdown)
Unforgiven- June (RAW)
King of the Ring- July (both)
Summerslam- August (both)
Bad Blood- September (RAW)
No Way Out- October (Smackdown)
Survivor Series- November (both)
Armageddon- December (both)

The shows will be posted whenever I finish them. The first show will start as RAW starting the first week of January 2005.

Please rate on what you see so far.
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The RAW theme song plays as the video is shown on the titantron. When its over pyro shoots down.

JR: Welcome everyone to the first show of the 2005 yhear of Monday Night RAW! Im Jim Ross and this is my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Lawler: Hello everyone. Tonight we will all find out how the draft picks that Paul Heyman chose will do here on RAW.

JR: Im sure that they will do just great.

Lawler: I hope so, you can never be to sure. Anyways lets get the night started.

Paul Heymans music hits. The crowd pops loudly. Heyman grabs a mic and starts to talk in the middle of the ring.

Heyman: Hey everyone! Tonight we have an exciting first RAW show of the year for you. If you'd like to hear some of the matches let me hear a loud E C W chant. (the crowd goes E C W) GREAT! The main event for tonights RAW is a match for the World Heavyweight title. This is a 1 on 1 Cage Match!

JR: Did you hear that?

Lawler: Sure did, looks like we will see a lot of Hardcore matches here on RAW!

Heyman: Thats not all. But the 2 men in that match are, let me think. JBL and the Undertaker! (the crowd pops) If you wanna see a big cruserweight match. You better get ready for the first match of the night. A cruserweight Fatal 4 way elimination match between Rey Mysterio, Tajiri, Chavo Guerrero and Danie Puder! FOR THE CRUSERWEIGHT TITLE! (crowd pops) Here is the twist. You cant eliminate your opponent unless you slam them through a table! (the crowd pops)

JR: Heyman is probably planning on changing this into the god damn ECW.

Lawler: I know, Mr. McMahon would never let him.

JR: Thank god the hardcore title is in Smackdown.

Heyman: We have some #1 contenders matches for you tonight. I have decided to give the Tag Team titles to Daivari and Muhhammed Hassan. The #1 contenders match will be The Dudleyz vs Simon Dean and Maven. (the crowd pops) This match will be a normal tag match with ECW rules! (the crowd pops louder)

Vince McMahons music hits. Vince comes out with a mic.

Vince: You know Heyman, you cant make everything a hardcore match. People wanna see talent, not throwing people through tables. So tonight will be the only night I will allow you to have a match card with more then 1 hardcore match. (the crowd cheers lowly)

Heyman: Alright. Just let me remind you, Im the G.M. and I can do whatever I want.

Vince: Let me tell you something Paul. Im the chairman. I can do anything I want. I can fire you. Thats what Ill do if you have a card of more then 1 hardcore match. (the crowd has a mixed reaction)

JR: Thank you, Mr. McMahon.

Lawler: Yes, thanks so much!

Heyman: Fine, you big shot. But RAW will be nothing without hardcore.

Heyman drops the mic and leaves the ring and goes backstage. Vince does the same.


JR: That was just so amazing what Vince McMahon just did.

Lawler: I know right. Im sure that doesnt make Heyman too happy.

JR: Who cares. Heyman deserves it.

Daniel Puder's music hits as he speeds to the ring and taunts at each of the 4 corners. The crowd pops loudly.

Chavo Guerreros music hits. He walks to the ring signling the fans to cheer for him. But nobody does. He gets much boos. He gets in the ring and stares at Daniel Puder.

Tajiris music hits. He walks to the ring in a martial arts stance. He tries to kick Puder but he dodges.

Rey Mysterios music hits. As he leaps to the ramp. The crowd pops loudly. He runs to the ring. Everyone starts hammering down on eachother.

Daniel Puder vs Chavo Guerrero vs Tajiri vs Rey Mysterio (Cruserweight Title Table Match)

This match is all Chavo Guerrero. He is dominating all 3 men against him.

FIRST ELIMINATION: Daniel Puder was set on top of the table by Rey Mysterio. Mysterio goes on the top rope and does a triple moonsault. Puder and Mysterio go crashing through the table.


The match goes on. Tajiri tries to blow hard kicks at Chavo but Chavo dodges all of them and comes back with a hard clothesline. Tajiri lays on the ground as Mysterio does a russian leg sweep against the ropes. Mysterio goes for the 6 1 9 on Chavo. Mysterio runs and it connects. Tajiri on the mean time gets a table set up. Mysterio turns around and gets buzzsawed by Tajiri. Tajiri picks up Mysterio and slams him through the table!


JR: What a cruserweight match.

Lawler: I know, I hope Chavo wins this match.

Back in the ring. Tajiri starts stomping on Chavo who is on the mat laying motionless. Tajiri takes Chavo and sets him up for the tarantula. The tarantula is on Chavo. The ref cant tell Tajiri to stop because this is a hardcore match. And he cant give up because you have to slam your opponent through a table. Tajiri finally gives up the hold and sets up for a Buzzsaw kick. Chavo is in perfect position for the kick but he ducks when Tajiri goes for it. Chavo tackles Tajiri's leg and starts punching him in the face. Chavo leaves the ring and gets a table. Tajiri is slowly starting to get up. Chavo pciks him up for a big drop. He has Tajiri up and throws him down ontop the table. Tajiri goes crashing through the table. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and new Cruserweight champion, Chavo Guerrero!

JR: I cant believe that you were right Lawler. You never are.

Lawler: I am most of the time and I have my ways.

JR: Sure, whatever.


We go backstage to JBL and Orlando Jordan running into Simon Dean and Maven.

JBL: Simon Dean how ya doing?
Dean: Im ok, you forgot someone.
Jordan: Oh, sup Maven?
Maven: Not much.
JBL: Dean, Maven, we were wondering. Would you like to be part of The Cabinet?
Jordan: Yeah, its great. We could all hold the titles except for Cruserweight Title. Me Intercontinental. JBL, World Heavyweight. And you guys the tag titles.
Maven: Pretty interesting.
Dean: Yeah, I like. One condition though.
JBL: Well, whats that?
Dean: JBL, it seems like your gaining a few pounds.
Maven: Yes.
Dean: Would you like to join, The Simon System?
JBL: Sure.
Jordan: Me too.
Maven: You know thos will cost you some money right?
JBL: Yeah, Im rich as a dog.
Dean: Bad comparison.
Jordan: Whatever. Back to business.
JBL: We will help you guys win the #1 contenders match if you help me win the World Heavyweight Title match.
Maven: Sure. Anything to help out.
Dean: Definitely. We have to go and get ready 'cause our match is next.
Jordan: Peace out homies.
JBL: Orlando, speak properly.

JR: Did you hear that? Maven and Simon Dean are part of the cabinet now.

Lawler: I heard. I cant believe it. Now the Cabinet may be unstoppable.



We come back to the Dudleyz music hitting. The Dudleyz come out with Spike. The Dudleyz get a huge popping from the crowd as they walk into the ring. They wait for Dean and Maven anxiously.

Simon Deans msuic hits as Maven and Dean come out running. Dean and Maven race into the ring and start pounding on the Dudleyz.

The Dudleyz w/ Spike vs Simon Dean and Maven (#1 Contender for Tag Team Titles with ECW rules)

The Dudleys start off with Bubba in the ring. Maven starts in the ring for him and Dean. The 2 starting off get into a grapple. Maven grabs Bubba's head and slams him to the mat. He starts stomping on him. D-Von tries to jump in but the ref doesnt let him. Dean and Maven switch pretending that they made the tag. Dean starts hammering down on Bubba. He picks Bubba up and scoop slams him. He goes against the ropes and jumps with a diving elbow. Bubba shakes in pain. Dean tags Maven. Maven waits for Bubba to get up. Bubba gets up and Maven dropkicks him. Bubba falls to the mat as D-Von gets angry. Maven goes on the top rope. Bubba gets up and Maven jumps. Maven crossbodies Bubba. He goes for the cover. 1,2, and Bubba kicks out. Spike distacts the ref as D-Von gets in the ring and strats to hammer away on Maven. Dean gets a chair. He gets in the ring and hits D-Von smack in his face with the chair. D-Von falls to the mat. The ref finally turns around and tells Dean to go to his corner. The ref then rolls D-Von out of the ring. Maven holds Bubba up and tags in Simon Dean. Dean kicks Bubba in his mid-section. Dean goes for a piledriver. It connects. Dean goes for the pin. 1,2, and Spike pulls the ref out of the ring. Dean tags in Maven. Maven gets on the top rope and leaps. He hits the leg drop onto Bubba. Dean gets in the ring as the ref is bickering with Spike. Dean and Maven start kicking Bubba. The ref gets in the ring and tells Dean to go back to his corner. Maven sees D-Von up and in the ring with his back turned to him. So he dropkicks him out of the ring. Maven tags Dean. Dean gets Bubba up and slams him down with a manhattan drop. Dean goes for the pin on Bubba. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here are your winners and #1 conetnders for the Tag Team titles, Simon Dean and Maven!

JR: What a match. Too bad the damn Dudleyz didnt bring their A-game.

Lawler: I bet you that the Dudleyz wouldve lost with their A-Game.

JR: Yeah, right.


We come back to Muhammed Hassan and Daivari talking.

Hassan: Daivari, we should have no problem with those 2 posers. Look one of them tries to get fat people like the Big Show to lose weight.
Daivari: Yes.
Hassan: Big Show is so fat that if I had him in the camel clutch I probably cant keep him in the hold for how big he is.
Daivari: Yes, You could beat Big Show but not me.
Hassan: I agree.

Big Show comes out from the bathroom.

Hassan: Hello Big Show.
Big Show: I heard you in there.
Daivari: So?
Hassan: Whta do you want to do.
Big Show: I want a piece of you badly.
Hassan: You americans and your bad and phoney phrases.
Big Show: Im gonna ask for a match against you Hassan. A match for next week.
Hassan: Sorry, I have a tag team title match next week with Daivari.
Daivari: Yes.
Big Show: Ok, the week after that!
Hassan: Ill be out of town with Daivari, we are celebrating his birthday.
Big Show: Ok. AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE! (the crowd pops)
Hassan: Sorry, Im in the Royal Rumble match.
Big Show: Me too, But I dont mind having another match.
Daivari: Hassan, take the challenge. Show these americans what we Muslim people can do.
Hassan: Yes. I accept your challenge at the Royal Rumble.

JR: WHAT! Hassan vs Big Show.

Lawler: That should be one of the greatest matches at the Royal Rumble. And we dont even know all the matches.


We come back to JBLs music hitting. He comes out in his limo. The driver comes out and opens the door as JBL walks out. The crowd pops very lowly. Jordan walks out after him. Simon Dean and Maven walk out of the limo after him. As the cage is dropping JBL has a scared look. JBL walks in the ring slowly staring at the titnatron.

Undertakers music hits. The crowd pops very loudly. Undertaker flies to the ring. He takes his hat off and looks at JBL with no pupils. JBL gets scared. Undertaker is ready.

JBL vs The Undertaker (World Heavyweight Title Cage Match)

The ref signals to ring the bell. JBL starts to climb the cage early. Undertaker runs and throws him off. Undertaker starts stomping on JBL. He picks up JBL and big boots him. JBL gets up right away and goes for a clothesline but Undertaker ducks and comes back with a kick to the mid-section. Undertaker takes JBL and smushes his face against the cage. Undertaker raises his arms up and the lights start getting dimmer. He throws his arms down and the lights go off. Undertaker does something in the dark. He raises his arms and the lights go back on. He sets up JBL for a power bomb. It connects. He starts to climb the cage. Orlando and Maven and Simon Dean walk in the ring and throw Undertaker down. They then leave.
ENDING: JBL goes for a clothesline on the Undertaker. It connects. Undertaker gets right back up, JBL sets up the Undertaker for a power bomb. It connects. Undertaker gets up. JBL goes for a clothesline from hell. It connects. JBL now runs for the opened cage door. Undertaker starts to climb the cage very fast. JBL jumps out of the cage as the Undertaker jumps down the cage. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and new World Heavyweight champion, John Bradshaw Layfield!


Lawler: I cant belive the Undertaker lost.

JR: Me neither. I hope he gets revenge on JBL.

Lawler: Undertaker couldve won if it wasnt for the cabinet!

JR: Yes, thats why Im so mad.

Lawler: Me too. Everyone I hope you wnjoyed the first show of Monday Night RAW.

JR: See you guys next Monday!

The screen fades away as the copyright picture shows.

I hope you liked my first show, please rate. Im sorry that it was so short.

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hahaha, no-one especially someone like Bubba would be beaten by a Manhatton Drop! It was set out OK, but it needs colours, underlines, bolds, italics, centers, etc. Your shows are Ok, but you can improve, also the idea of having tons of Hardcore matches on RAW would never happen, so I would cut down on those.

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I also agree that the Dudleyz wouldn't get beat with a Manhattan drop. I also think that The Undertaker, never mind his character, isn't quick enough to get hit with two Clotheslines from Hell and a Powerbomb and recover in time to climb and jump over a steel cage. However storyline-wise, I think the show was quite enjoyable. Just use Bold, Italics, Underlining, Colour, etc. as mentioned above and this will be pretty good.

I give you a 7/10.

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Thanks a lot. And it was only 1 clothesline from hell. The other one was a regular clothesline. Ok, ill work on everything you guys told me too. Smackdown should be ready either tomorrow or Saturday. Ill work on my BTB skills. Thanks so much for all the compliments and advice.

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Tazz: Hello everyone. Welcome to the first episode of Smackdown of the year. Tonight we have some great matches for you.

Cole: Hey everyone. We definitely have some great matches for you. Get ready for WWE: Smackdown!

Tazz: Cole, have you seen the roster?

Cole: Yes, I have. We should have a great smackdown. We could beat RAW anyday.

Tazz: I agree. Lets get the night started.

Shane McMahons music hits. The crowd pops loudly. Shane comes out in an all blue suit with pictures of dollar bills on it. He gets in the ring with a mic in his hands.

Shane: Hey everyone. I am proud to be the new G.M. of WWE: Smackdown! I drafted a great roster so get ready for a great night. The first match of the night will be for the tag team titles. (the crowd pops) This match is between The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and MNM! (the crowd cheers very loudly) Thats not all. We have a WWE title main event match. A Fatal-4-Way match between the first 4 members of Smackdown that I drafted. Those men are: Triple H, Kurt Angle, John Cena and Randy Orton. (The crowd pops as loud as they can) If you think that is a great match. Get a kick out of this. Carlito vs Viscera for the Hardcore title! (the crowd cheers) Remember folks. There is a 24/7 rule about the Hardcore Title. Thats all I have to say. Now sit back and relax. And enjoy WWE: Smackdown!

Tazz: WOW! We have some great matches tonight.

Cole: I completely agree. Im most looking forward to the tag team titles match. Which one are you looking forward too?

Tazz: I definitely have to say the Main event. The fatal-4-way match.


We go backstage to all 3 members in La Resistance talking.

Dupree: We arent we in the tag team title match?
Conway: I dont know. But which 2 of us would be in that match.
Greiner: Me and you Rob.
Dupree: WHAT!
Greiner: Listen, we arent as good as you Rene. You can win the United States championship and we can have the tag team titles.
Dupree: I like what I hear.
Conway: Good, do you think we should make a proposal to Shane McMahon for a tag titles match.
Greiner: Good idea lets go next week.
Dupree: Why dont you go now?
Greiner: 'Cause Shane already made the match so he cant add us.
Conway: Exactly.
Dupree: Whatever.
Greiner: Why are you so grumpy?
Dupree: I want a match. He just hates us because we are French and good frenchman and great wrestlers.
Conway: So true. I bet you Paul Heyman isnt like that.
Greiner: He is. Many people who were on Smackdown a long time ago when Heyman was G.M.
Dupree: Whats your point?
Greiner: They told me that he only allows the people that he likes in matches. Have you realized why Benoit went to RAW when he won the royal rumble?
Conway: Yes.
Dupree: No.
Greiner: Because Benoit didnt get any matches and the only match in January that he was in was at the royal rumble. And he won it.
Conway: Thats true.
Dupree: Whatever, I have to go and find something to do.


MNMs music hits. They come out all alone, not with Melina. The crowd boos them as they celebrate and taunt the crowd.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Teams Music Hits. They come out to a loud popping crowd. They run to the ring as MNM tries to get some cheap shots before the match started.

MNM vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Tag Team Titles)

The ref signals to ring the bell. Charlie Haas and Johnny Nitro start off in the ring. Haas goes for a quick suplex. It connects. Nitro gets up quickly. Johnny Nitro goes for some quick punches. Haas blocks them all with his arms and comes back with a big middle kick to the stomach. Nitro falls to the ground holding his abdomen. Charlie Haas starts stomping on Johnny Nitro. Charlie Haas picks up Johnny Nitro and goes for the tag with Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin comes in the ring. Haas holds Nitro's arm up. Benjamin kicks him in his ribs. Nitro is hurt.

Tazz: Wow! They are literally beating Johnny Nitro.

Cole: I know I cant belive it.

Benjamin goes on the top rope. He waits for Johnny Nitro to get up. He leaps. The cross-body connects. He goes for the pin. 1,2, and Nitro kicks out at the count of 2. Benjamin stomps down hard on Johnny Nitro. Nitro grabs Shelton Benjamins leg and throws him to the ground. Joey Mercury stretches his hand out for Nitro to tag him in. The tag is made. Mercury comes racing into the ring. He starts pounding Shelton Benjamin. He does knee strikes to Shelton Benjamins chest. He does an armdrag and keeps the hold on with an armbar. Benjamin reaches the ropes and Mercury is forced to let go of the hold. Charlie Haas is stretching his hand out as far as possible but Joey Mercury brings Shelton Benjamin farther from Charlie Haas. Mercury is slamming Shelton Benjamins leg onto the mat. Mercury tags in Johnny Nitro. The assault starts. Both men start stomping on Benjamin. They irish whip Benjamin against the ropes. They goes for a double leg kick but Benjamin gets both Mercury and Nitro with a diving clothesline. Haas starts clapping to give Shelton Benjamin his energy to make the tag. The tag is made. Charlie Haas comes running in. He clotheslines Mercury and then Nitro. He dropkicks Joey Mercury out of the ring. Charlie Haas sets up Johnny Nitro for a piledriver. It connects. Charlie Haas tags in the hurt Shelton Benjamin. Haas then goes and tackles Joey Mercury on the outside. Benjamin waits for Nitro to get up for the superkick. Nitro is up and Benjamin goes for the superkick. It connects. Shelton Benjamin goes for the pin on Johnny Nitro. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here are your winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team!

Tazz: What a match. I cant belive hat Haas and Benjamin were able to pull that win.

Cole: I knew they were gonna win. They have the potential.


We go backstage to hte Bashams talking.

Danny: What are we gonna do Doug? We have no JBL, no Orlando Jordan and Simon Dean and Maven have taken our place.
Doug: I dont know what to do. Maybe we should find somebody great to be our leader. But who?
Danny: Somebody, like a veteran, somebody like, Kurt Angle!
Doug: Thats a great idea. Angle is probably the best wrestler in the WWE today.
Danny: I know that why we could choose him. And then we could convince him to get a United States title contender like RVD or Carlito.
Doug: Yeah, and well have a great team. What would the name be?
Danny: I know. Team Angle.
Doug: Thats catchy. Anyways, we need to think of a way to get Kurt Angle and to get the tag team titles.

Kurt Angle walks in.

Danny: Kurt Angle, we were looking all over for you.
Kurt: What?
Doug: We need to ask you something.
Kurt: Whats that?
Danny: We need a leader, like we had JBL before this draft.
Kurt: So?
Doug: Will you be our leader?
Kurt: Guys, guys, listen to me. You guys have to prove to me that you will be worth my time. How about next week, you'll be in a match. I dont know against who. But Ill make a match for you. If you win, Ill let you be in my faction.
Doug: Thats great.
Danny: Yeah.
Kurt: Ok guys, I have to go get ready for my match later. Stay out of trouble.

Kurt Angle leaves the room.

Tazz: I cant believe it. Team Angle might be brought back.

Cole: I know, they might be unstoppable, if they get a U.S. title contender.

Tazz: Exactly what I was thinking in my head.


We come backstage to where Carlito and Viscera are staring at eachother in the face.

Carlito vs Viscera (Hardcore Title Match with 24/7 rule)

Viscera starts off in the boiler room, throwing Carlito into the wall. Viscera picks up Carlito and pushes him against the steaming hot boiler. Then Kenzo Suzuki comes in the boiler room and hits Viscera in the back with a kendo stick. It doesnt effect Viscera. Kenzo Suzuki gets scared and starts to run. Viscera takes a fire extinguisher and turns around. He notices that Carlito isnt even there. He keeps spinning around looking for Carlito. Finally out of nowhere with a chair Carlito comes and slams the steel into Visceras skull. Viscera falls to the ground in pain. Carlito goes for the pin. 1,2, and Kenzo Suzuki comes back and breaks up the count. Carlito starts punching Kenzo Suzuki. Suzuki starts running away again. Carlito turn around and gets blown in the face with fire extinguisher steam. Who is the person that did it?

Tazz: Who is that man?

Cole: I cant see because of all the steam. It cant be Viscera.

Tazz: I know.

The steam starts clearing off. We see a person and it is. Tyson Tomko. Tyson gets a steel chair and starts blasting Viscera with it. Kenzo Suzuki comes running back in but gets blasted in the head with a chair shot from Tomko. Tomko goes for a pin on Viscera. 1,2, and Viscera kicks out. Tyson Tomko cant believe it. Carlito comes with a chair and tries to hit Tomko but he ducks and comes back with a powerslam onto a chair. Carlito lays on the ground. Tomko goes for the pin on Carlito. 1,2, and Viscera breaks up the count. Viscera picks up Tomko and throws him around the boiler room like nothing. Suzuki slowly starts getting up and Viscera sees that. So he jumps on top of Suzuki. Kenzo Suzuki stopped moving again. Carlito starts to get up so Viscera jumps on him also. Carlito stops moving. Tomko starts to get up so Viscera picks him up and bodyslams him against a wall of glass. Tomko breaks through. Viscera goes for the pin on Tyson Tomko. 1,2,3. The anouncer watches the titantron and sees that the ref is telling him that the match is over.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and new Hardcore Champion, Viscera!


We come back to the middle of the ring where Shane McMahon is standing with a mic.

Cole: I wonder what Shane McMahon has to say.

Tazz: Me too.

Shane starts to talk.

Shane: As most of you know, the Royal Rumble is coming up. (the crowd pops) Many of you may be wondering who is in the Royal Rumble match. I dont know who, I havent decided who is gonna be in it but I already have 3 people in mind. The 3 people who dont win the title tonight will automatically be in the Royal Rumble. Thank you all, and get ready for the main event. NEXT!

Cole: Thats some huge news. Whoever doesnt win tonight is in the Royal Rumble.

Tazz: Those will be 3 big favorites probably.

Cole: Yes they will.


We come back to Triple H's music hitting. The crowd boos as Triple H walks to the ring with a water bottle in his hands. He gets in the ring and waits anxiously for his next 3 opponents.

Kurt Angles music hits. He comes out to a mixed reaction. The crowd chants "You Suck". Anle raises his arms up and the fireworks go. When the fireworks are done Angle walks to the ring and gets in.

John Cenas music hits. He comes to the ring with the biggest pops of the night! He runs to the ring and gets in.

Randy Ortons music hits. He runs into the ring, not wasting any time.

Triple H vs Kurt Angle vs John Cena vs Randy Orton (WWE Title Fatal-4-Way Match)

The match is dominated mostly by John Cena and Kurt Angle.

FIRST ELIMINATION: Kurt Angle does the angle slam on Randy Orton. He then goes for the moonsault. It connects. Angle goes for the pin. 1,2,3.


John Cena and Triple H go at it as Kurt Angle decides to rest on the corner. John Cean comes with some hard clotheslines to Triple H. Triple H comes back some hard knee strikes to the mid-section. Cena falls to the ground. Angle runs to Triple H and does a german suplex to him and keeps the hold on. He does another one. He does 3 more german suplex's then lets go. He goes for the ankle lock on Triple H. The lock is on. Triple H is screaming in pain, ready to tap out when Cena comes and does a low dropkick to Kurt Angle's face. The ankle lock is off. Cena picks up Angle and goes for the F U. It doesnt connect. Kurt Angle falls on top of John Cena. Triple H slowly starts getting up. He limps because his ankle hurts from Angles ankle lock. Kurt Angle gets up and turns around. When Angle turned around, Triple H came with a knee strike to the chest. Angle falls on the ground. Cena starts to get up and Triple H does the same thing to Cena that he did to Kurt Angle. Triple H picks up John Cena and goes for the pedigree. It connects. Triple H goes for the pin slowly. 1,2,3.


Triple H tries to get the Pedigree on Kurt Angle. It doesnt connect. Angle flips Triple H over. Triple H falls on the mat in a perfect position for the Ankle Lock. The ankle lock is locked on. Triple H is screaming in pain. He cant do anything. Angle finally lets go of the hold after 5 minutes. He goes on the top rope for the moonsault. It connects. Kurt Angle goes for the pin. 1,2, and Triple H kicks out at the count of 2. Angle starts stomping on Triple H. Angle picks up Triple H and does a belly to belly suplex. Triple H falls on the mat with impact. Angle akes off the straps of his attire. He waits and waits and waits for Triple H to get up. Triple H finally gets up and Angle goes for the Angle Slam. It connects. Kurt Angle goes for the pin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer:Here is your winner and new WWE Champion, Kurt Angle!

Cole: What a match. Triple H didnt have a chance.

Tazz: I know, but Triple H will get his chance at the Royal Rumble.

Cole: Yeah, so will Randy Orton and John Cena.

The show fades away with Kurt Angle celebrating and the copyright box shows on the bottom left of the screen.

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Good show, a great tag team match between MNM and WGTT, I not keen on the Bashams asking Angle to be their leader, but who knows. I liked the Hardcore match and the way that the 3 losers of the title match enter the Royal Rumble. Overall rating 7.5/10. BTW Great World Title Match.

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Thanks so much. I like the grade you gave me sonsidering my shows arent that good.

Anyways, I will be making more matches for RAW and Smackdown. I just did 3 matches for hte first episode of RAW and Smackdown just to get ready. So expect more matches on RAW and Smackdown.

RAW should be posted, today, tomorrow or monday.

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The theme song plays as the video is shown on the titantron. When its done the pyro shoots on and the crowd cheers loudly.

JR: Welcome everyone to the 2nd week of the year 2005 of WWE: RAW!

Lawler: Yes and what a great night it should be. We have a tag team title defense for Hassan and Daivari. As they face Maven and Simon Dean.

JR: Im excited for that match, as the new members of the cabinet look to bring more gold to JBL.

Lawler: Also, tonight we have a match made by Paul Heyman for the Intercontinental Title. That match is between Eddie Guerrero and Christain.

JR: That should be a great match. Also, the main event of the night will be a singles match between Shawn Michaels and Batista.

Lawler: WHAT?! Shawn Michaels vs Batista! That should be great.

JR: Yes it should, now lets get the night started with our first match of the night.

Hardcore Hollys music hits. He comes out showing his muscels. He walks to the ring and gets a big pop from the crowd. He gets in the ring and waits anxiously for his next opponent.

Rhynos music hits. The crowd has a mixed reaction as the manbeast sprints to the ring.

JR: Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno? This should be quite a match.

Lawler: Yes it should. I hope Rhyno comes out on top.

Hardcore Holly vs Rhyno

The ref signals to ring the bell. Hardcore Holly and Rhyno start off in a grapple hold. Hardcore Holly gets the first move. He does a hard punch to the face of Rhyno. Rhyno starts walking backwards. Hardcore Holly runs and tackles Rhyno to the mat. He starts some hard punches to the face. Hardcore Holly gets up and takes Rhyno with him. He flips Rhyno over his shoulder and keeps up a submission hold with an armbar. Rhyno is screaming in pain as the crowd chants RHYNO RHYNO. Rhyno starts to get up. Rhyno elbows Hardcore Holly in his stomach. The submission hold is off and Rhyno starts to chop Hardcore Holly in the chest. He picks up Hardcore Holly and does a piledriver. It connects with great impact on the mat. Rhyno goes for the pin. 1,2, and Hardcore Holly kicks out in the count of 2. Rhyno starts stomping down on Hardcore Holly. Rhyno backs up and gets ready for Hardcore Holly to get up for the Gore. Holly gets up and Rhyno sprints. He tries the Gore but Hardcore Holly runs out of the way and Rhyno rams his shoulder against the turnbuckle. Harcore Holly gets Rhyno and clotheslines him to the mat. He starts hammering down with hard punches to Rhynos face. He picks Rhyno up and does hard shoulder thrusts to Rhyno. Rhyno falls to the mat and holds his shoulder in pain. Hardcore Holly starts to pick up Rhyno. But Rhyno grabs Hardcore Hollys leg and throws him to the ground. He picks up Hardcore Holly and does another piledriver. Rhyno goes in the corner and waits for Hardcore Holly to get up. So he can do the Gore. Holly slowly gets up and turns around. Rhyno sprints and the Gore connects. Rhyno goes for the pin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner, Rhyno!

JR: What a match. You were right King. Rhyno did come out on top.

Lawler: I know my wrestleing. Of course Id know that Rhyno would come over Hardcore Holly.


We go backstage to the cabinet talking.

JBL: Simon Dean and Maven. You guys have your chance now. Dont blow it.
Orlando: Yeah, we need the gold. Then I will win a match and become the number 1 contender for tonights winner of the Intercontinental title match.
JBL: Yeah, so the cabinet will have all the gold!
Dean: Dont worry, we can handle it.
Maven: Yeah, some arabian dudes that think they are the best are our opponents we should have no problem.
Dean: Yeah, 1 half of the tag team champions is a mid-carder and the other is a cruserweight and we are both mid-carders.
JBL: So, Hassan can do it all himself, all Im saying is you better win or your kicked out of the cabinet.
Orlando: Yeah, and we will find some other great tag team like the Dudleyz to be in our cabinet.
Dean: Dont worry, we will win.
Maven: Yeah, our match is next so let us get ready.
JBL: Alright, but remember what I told you.

Simon Dean and Maven leave the locker room as JBL and Orlando Jordan look at eachother.

JR: Wow. Thats a lo of pressure on Simon Dean and Maven.

Lawler: I know, speaking that they just became part of the cabinet.

JR: I know.


We come back to Muhhammed Hassan music hitting. The crowd boos like animals. Hassan and Daivari come out as they start taunting the booing fans. One fan has an american flag. Hassan takes it and brakes it in half. Hassan and Daivari get in the ring and wait for their opponents.

Simon Deans music hits. Simon Dean and Maven run to the ring and start to punch Hassan and Daivari but the ref stops them.

Muhhammed Hassan and Daivari vs Simon Dean and Maven (Tag Team Titles)

The ref signals to ring the bell. Hassan and Maven start off in the ring. Maven starts off with some punches to Hassans mid section. He then jumps on top of Hassans neck and leg drops him down to the mat. Hassan lays on the mat as Daivari tries to reach for the tag. Maven brings Hassan farther back. Hassan gets up and Maven dropkicks Hassan. Maven tags in Simon Dean. Dean starts stomping down on Hassan. Hassan finally gets some energy and grabs Deans foot and throws him to the mat. He gives Dean a low blow as Daivari distracts the ref. Hassan goes for the tag with Daivari. The tag is made. Daivari comes racing into the ring. He does a leg drop to Simon Dean. Daivari starts kicking Dean in his ribs. Hassan screams at Daivari to tag him in. Daivari tags in Hassan. Hassan sets up Simon Dean for the camel clutch. The camel clutch is on in the middle of the ring. Dean is screaming in pain. Maven runs in the ring and dropkicks Hassan in the face. Hassan lets go of the hold as Maven goes back to his corner. Hassan picks up Simon Dean and does a fireman carry. He goes for the pin. 1,2, and Simon Dean kicks out. Daivari tries to get tagged in but Hassan wont do it. Hassan stomps down on Simon Dean. Dean lays there helpless. Hassan picks up Simon Dean and elbow him to the back. Dean falls and Hassan goes for the pin. 1,2, and Simon Dean kicks out at the count of 2. Hassan gets mad and accidentally hits the ref. The ref is knocked out. Daivari goes under the ring and comkes out behind Maven. He pulls Maven down and starts punching him. Hassan in the ring starts to get the camel clutch locked on. The submission hold is on as Maven is getting dominated on the outisde of the ring.

Big Shows music hits.


Lawler: Hes coming to save Simon Dean and Maven!

Big Show walks to the ring. He gets in the ring and starts punching Hassan. He sets Hassan up for a chokeslam. The ref gets up as Big Show chokeslams Muhhammed Hassan. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here are your winners and still Tag Team Champions due to Disqualification, Muhhammed Hassan and Daivari!

Big Show continues the assault on Hassan as Daivari, Simon Dean and Maven are all knocked out.

JR: All, because of Big Show, he cost Simon Dean and Maven the tag team titles.

Lawler: I wonder if JBL will still allow them in the cabinet.

JR: I hope he does cause they deserve it.

Lawler: Yeah, but the cabinet would have a better time with the Dudleyz.

JR: I agree.


We go backstage to Chavo Guerrero talking to Eddie Guerrero.

Chavo: Eddie, you have to win this match for our familia holmes.
Eddie: I know man. I have a tough opponent.
Chavo: Eddie, if you can beat Kurt Angle in the main event of Wrestlemania to retain the WWE title. You should have no problem against Christain.
Eddie: I know but that was a long time ago. Also, Christain got better, essa.
Chavo: So, he cant beat a Guerrero. He used to wrestle me all the time, he never won.
Eddie: Ok, will you help me win?
Chavo: I see that you arent very confident, holmes but if you are in danger, do me a favor. Knock out the ref. Pretend you do it by accident. And then Ill come and help you.
Eddie: Thanks a lot, bro.
Chavo: Im not your bro, Im your nephew.
Eddie: I know that, its just a figure of speech.
Chavo: Ok, you better get ready so Ill leave now.

Chavo leaves the backstage area.

JR: It doesnt look like Eddie is confident about his match later.

Lawler: I know.

JR: We'll be right back.


We come back to Christains music hitting. The crowd pops loudly. Christain walks to the ring with his arms out and he is spinning. The crowd gets louder. Christain gets in the ring and waits anxiously for Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerreros music hits. The crowd goes ballistic. Eddie comes out in his low rider. He bumps up and down. Christain tries to leave the ring and start attacking him but the ref stops him. Eddie finally gets out of the low rider and into the ring.

Christain vs Eddie Guerrero (Intercontinental Title Match)

The ref signals to ring the bell. Christain starts off with a dropkick. Eddie gets right back up and tries a chop. Christain blocks the chop and brings a chop of his own. He takes Eddie Guerreros head and does a DDT. Christain goes for the pin. 1,2, and Eddie kicks out. Christain starts stomping down on Eddie. Christain picks up Eddie and slams Eddies head on his knee. Eddie lays on the mat in pain as Christain goes on the top rope. Christain leaps and goes for the frog splash. It doesnt connect. Eddie rolls out of the way. Eddie slowly gets up. So does Christain. Eddie runs and tackles Christain to the corner. Eddie does hard shoulder thrusts on Christain. Christain falls on the mat. Eddie stomps down on Christains face. The ref tells Eddie to stop. He does. Eddie picks up Christain and goes for the three amigos. All 3 connect. Eddie goes for the pin. 1,2, and Christain kicks out. Eddie pretends to get mad and he knocks down the ref by accident. He then signals Chavo to come out.

JR: Whats this?

Lawler: Eddie is doing exactly what Chavo told him too.

JR: Look whos coming out!

Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters are running out. Chavo and Masters start working on Christain. They stop and look at Eddie. They start walking towards Eddie and they get him in a corner. Chavo starts kicking the ref and throws him out the ring. Masters spins Eddie around and puts him in the Master Lock. Eddie stops moving. Chavo goes and starts to punch Eddie as he is in the Master Lock. Christain gets up and smiles. He tells Masters to stop. Christain then does the Unprettier as the ref gets up and Chavo and Masters run abckstage. The ref gets in the ring. Christain goes for the pin.



Lawler: Its gonna be this way!

TWO, THREE! The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner and new Intercontinental champion, Christain!

JR: Christain stole the damn match because Eddie Guerreros nephew freakin turned on him.

Lawler: I know, but I know something else also. Christains peeps are happy!

JR: Who cares.


We go backstage to Chris Masters and Chavo Guerrero talking.

Chavo: That was great what you did to my uncle.
Masters: I know, he deserved it. Look what he did to you. He took all the glory of the family when they left you in the dust.
Chavo: Yeah, but now the family likes me because Im the one with the cruserweight belt.
Masters: Yeah. You know what?
Chavo: What?
Masters: Im gonna ask Paul Heyman for a match with Eddie Guerrero next week.
Chavo: Thats great. I would definitely like him fall to the Masterlock.
Masters: Im gonna go ask him now.

Chris Masters leaves the locker room and goes to Paul Heymans room.

Masters: Paul, I want a match request.
Paul: Against who, Eddie Guerrero?
Masters: Yes. Can I get it for next week?
Paul: Yeah fine whatever.
Masters: One more thing, let me have a stipulation. A ECW stipulation.
Paul: Now you're talking. Ok, the stipulation will be a ladder match. The person who gets the suitcase will get a title shot to any title they want.
Masters: Great. Im psyched.
Paul: Here is the twist. Its a lumberjack ladder match.
Masters: WHAT?!?!
Paul: You said you wanted an ECW stipulation match and thats what I had at ECW!
Masters: How many lumberjacks?
Paul: SIX! You want to know who they are?
Masters: Yeah.
Paul: Well your gonna have to wait and find out later.

Masters leaves Heymans room with a mean look on his face.

JR: Did you hear that. I guess Eddie Guerrero might get his revenge.

Lawler: Yes, I hope Masters wins. Eddie had his spotlight a long time ago. Let some of the newer guys get some spotlight.


We come back to Batistas music hitting. Batista comes out all pumped up. The crowd pops loudly. Batista gets in the ring and sticks his thumbs up at each 4 of the corners. He aits confidently for Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels music hits. He dances to the ring as he gets the loudest pop of the night. He gets in the ring and stares at Batista.

JR: Listen to this crowd. They are going ballistic.

Lawler: I know. They are really loud tonight, I might go def!

Batista vs Shawn Michaels

The ref signals to ring the bell. Batista starts off with some shoulder thrusts then some hard punches. Michaels is in the corner as Batista kicks him in his mid-section multiple times. Batista sets Shawn Michaels up and the top turnbuckle. Batista goes on the second turnbuckle and goes for a superplex. Shawn Michaels throws Batista off and jumps for the diving elbow. It connects. Michaels goes for the pin. 1,2, and Batista kicks out at 2. Michaels starts to stomp down on Batista. Michaels picks up Batista and does a DDT. He waits in the corner and starts tuning. The crowd pops really loudly as Shawn Michaels slams his feet on the ground. Batista gets up and Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music. Batista grabs Michaels foot and gives him a low blow. The ref didnt do anything about it. Batista picks up Michaels and does a suplex. He sticks his thumbs up and put them down. Batista picks up Shawn Michaels and sets him up for a Batista Bomb. It connects. Batista goes for the pin. 1,2, and Michaels kicks out at the last second. Batista gets mad and starts stomping down on Michaels. Shawn Michaels lays on the mat helpless. Batista sticks his thumbs up and then sticks his thumbs down again. Michaels gets up and tackles Batistas leg. He starts slamming Batistas leg on the mat. Batista starts to scream in pain. Michaels goes on the top rope. He leaps for the Diving Elbow. AIt connects. Shawn Michaels goes for the pin. 1,2, and Batista kicks out. Michaels picks up Batista and goes for a piledriver. It connects. Now Michaels waits at the corner and starts to tune. Batista gets up and Shawn Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music. It connects. Shawn Michaels goes for the pin. 1,2,3. The ref signals to ring the bell.

Anouncer: Here is your winner, Shawn Michaels!

Lawler: I cant believe it. Shawn Michaels overcame the odds and defeated Batista.

JR: I knew he had it in him.

Lawler: Thank you everyone for joining us for another episode of WWE: RAW!
JR: We'll see you guys next week.

The show fades out with Shawn Michaels celebrating with copyright box at the bottom right corner of the screen.

PLEASE RATE! I hope you liked it.
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