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Well I'm a complete beginner at this thing, but i have a lot of ideas, so cut me some slack if it sucks lol...
The whole concept of my WWE BTB is that we start from the current roster and from all the current belts, etc. and even the storylines etc, just that i'll work from there. ;)

I won't be doing SMACKDOWN! yet, I'm focusing on making one show a week right now. If anyone is interested in working SMACKDOWN!, just PM me.

The first show should be the RAW of 17th January.


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Re: WWE by nabs

17th of January RAW:

The show begins with crazy fireworks coming from the side of the stag and the crowd is going wild. For ten seconds we see a roaming camera looking around the arena, seeing random fans...
Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are now seen on the screen, and the show kicks off with the commentary.

Jim Ross: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to RAW. I'm Jim Ross alongside 'The King' Jerry Lawler. We're coming tonight from San Jose, California. What a show we've got tonight!
Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it, JR! The crowd is pumped, and we can look forward to a very entertaining show this evening.
Jim Ross: Yeah and by God, it's going to be exciting. Tonight our General Manager Eric Bischoff is supposed to make a very important announcement regarding the Royal Rumble.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah, I wonder what that is.
Jim Ross: Either way, the Royal Rumble will be on January 30th, on Pay Per View. Anyways, here comes Mr. Bischoff

Eric Bischoff's theme plays, he has a microphone with him and he walks to the ring

Eric Bischoff: Good evening San Jose. It has come to my attention that with the victory or Randy Orton over Batista last week on RAW, we have a new #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. That being said, the match last week had some sort of unfairness in play.
Jim Ross: Yes it did... Batista was accidently hit with a chair by Triple H when he was fighting Randy Orton.
Eric Bischoff: That's why I decided to make a #1 Contender tournament on RAW for today and next week. For this to be logistically possible, we will have a special extended RAW next week.

The crowd erupts in cheers.

Eric Bischoff: The winner will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Evolution's music hits, Triple H comes out

Triple H: Wait, wait, wait... Since when am I supposed to defend my title at the Royal Rumble?
Eric Bischoff: Since you won the title at New Year's Revolution. You signed a contract for that match which stipulates that were you to win the title, you should defend it at the Royal Rumble.

Triple H is visibly angry, is shouting at Bischoff off the mike, and walks off

Jim Ross: Well what a surprise, this should be quite a crazy night. I can’t wait for that tournament.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah, seriously. I can’t wait to see who the contestants are for that tournament
Jim Ross: Anyways, lets get ready for the first match of the night featuring Steven Richards vs Maven


Finish: Hard fought battle, going back and forth, with Maven displaying much more skill than he already has before. Maven hits the top-rope Missile Dropkick, then the pin, 1…2…3.. NO! He lifted his shoulders at the last second. Maven is in utter disbelief, and is complaining to the referee while Steven Richards gets up slowly, and delivers a Steven Kick to Maven as he turns around, and then goes for the pin, 1-2-3.

Jim Ross: Wow, what a good fight.
Jerry Lawler: He got carried away with the slow count that he completely forgot to neutralize Steven Richards.
Jim Ross: Anyways, we’ll be right back, with Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly


RAW comes back on the air and the camera brings us into the locker room of Evolution.

Triple H: I can’t believe I have to defend my title at the Royal Rumble! It’s pissing me off… You’d think I’d get more respect around here, after all I’m a ten-time champ. No respect.

Ric Flair: It’s okay man… You’d have to defend it some time anyways… What’s the problem? You can take anyone, after all, you did beat five guys in that Elimination Chamber…

Triple H: Yeah but…

Batista walks in, visibly overjoyed.

Batista: Hey guys, I’ve got great news! I’m in the #1 Contender tournament tonight!

Ric Flair: Hey good for you… This way you can beat up all the competition!

Triple H: And face me for the title… Although… you will still honor our friendship, Batista?

Batista: What do you mean?

Triple H: I mean that, should you win the tournament… You will face me…

Batista: Yeah.

Triple H: And what’ll you do then?

Batista: Man, are you still thinking that I’ll betray you? Man, I nearly killed myself for you at New Year’s Revolution… and what did I get for it? A chair shot to the head? You’re really pissing me off..

Camera goes back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Jim Ross: Tense moments there, and we understand that Muhammad Hassan and his manager Khosrow Daivari are in an interview with Jonathan Coachman.
The camera switches to the backstage interview

Coach: Thank you JR, and here we are with Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. Muhammad, you’re scheduled to fight Rhyno tonight, what is going through your mind right now?

Muhammad Hassan: When I will be going into that ring tonight, it will be a revenge for all the racism that you people have given to us since 2001. It will show you people that you are wrong for what you have done. I will punish Rhyno tonight to show an example to all of you that we won’t take this anymore.

Coach: Your opponent, Rhyno, is not someone you can just punish. It won’t be just a walk in the park for you, Muhammad. How do you plan to beat him tonight?

Khosrow Daivari speaks to Muhammad Hassan in arabic

Muhammad Hassan: I will show you people something you have never seen. That is all that I wish to say. Thank you. I need to get to the ring now.

Finish: Good fight, Muhammad Hassan in total contral of the match, hit his modified STO finisher… 1-2-3. A clean win.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it! He steamrolled over Rhyno!
Jim Ross: Yeah, this man is really developing into a fierce competitor on RAW.
Jerry Lawler: You’re telling me…
Jim Ross: You’re not the only one he demolished… Last week on RAW he also finished The Hurricane! Anyways, our next match is between Molly Holly and Trish Stratus, so King you’re gonna be happy…
Jerry Lawler: Who wouldn’t be? Puppies on the way!

Finish: Ugly fight, like any woman’s fight… Chick kick by Trish, then the cover, 1-2-3.

Jim Ross: Trish is really starting to dominate the women’s division King.
Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it, she is the strongest woman wrestling right now.
Jim Ross: Don’t forget about Lita, she got injured at New Year’s Revolution. We’ll be right back with the first match of the #1 Contender Tournament which will feature Christian vs Chris Benoit.



Finish: Mat-based fight, Chris Benoit really taking control of the match… Goes for headbutt off the top turnbuckle then for the crippler crossface which makes Christian tap out. The two men fumble out of the ring.

Jim Ross: Not many men can withstand the Crippler Crossface, King.
Jerry Lawler: No, and I can tell you that Benoit is one guy you shouldn’t wish to fight because that Crossface has beaten the best of them.
Jim Ross: He almost beat Triple H with it when he and Chris Jericho did the Walls of Jericho-Crippler Crossface Combo at New Year’s Revolution until Batista came through saving him.

Camera shows Randy Orton walking in hallways to the crowd
Jerry Lawler: Hey that’s Randy Orton, it looks like he’s coming to the ring!
Jim Ross: Indeed he is, because his match is next against Kane.
Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe he has to fight the Big Red Machine.
Jim Ross: Well, if he truly wants a shot at the title, he’ll overcome anything as he has shown in the past.

Kane’s music hits, his pyro goes off, he comes in the ring
Randy Orton’s music hits, he comes into the ring, and the match begins.

Finish: Kane in total control of the match, Randy Orton unable to do anything. Kane goes off the top rope for a high-risk maneuver but he misses because Randy Orton moves at the last minute. Orton picks up the Big Red Machine, gives him an RKO, goes for the pin, 1-2-3, Orton wins.

Jim Ross: Oh my God! I can’t believe he beat him! Kane was in total control…

Suddenly the lights go out

Jerry Lawler: Oh no, what’s going on?
Jim Ross: The lights have gone out and…

The lights come back on, and Gene Snitzki is in the ring with a steel chair with which he smacks Kane across the head, then leaves the ring.

Jim Ross: What a despicable individual, taking out Kane like that.
Jerry Lawler: Well JR, it looks like this little rivalry between Kane and Gene Snitzki is not over to say the least.
Jim Ross: That was just uncalled for… Kane had already lost the match. What a vicious individual.

The camera switches and we see Batista getting ready for his match


Jim Ross: Welcome back to RAW, and as we get closer and closer to the Royal Rumble, we are now going to see the third match from the #1 Contender Tournament which features two of the powers of the WWE, Edge and Jericho.
Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget these two men fought in the Elimination Chamber, and they’ve fought before, so this is not some new grudge or anything.

Finish: Edge tries to hit spear, but Jericho is able to reverse by a high kick to the face. He then hits the Walls of Jericho, to which Edge taps out.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe it! It’s over! It’s over!
Jim Ross: Yes it is, and now the last match of the first round of the #1 Contender Tournament is left, and it is between Batista and Shawn Micheals, the Heart-Break-Kid.
The camera then switches to Batista getting ready for the match

Jim Ross: We’ll be right back, after our last break, to see Batista take on HBK, Shawn Michaels in the last match of the #1 Contender Tournament.


Evolution’s theme goes on, he makes his way to the ring.
Jim Ross: We’re back, and Batista is coming to the ring for this match, he’s accompanied by Triple H and Ric Flair. The champion Triple H will be joining us for commentary in this match.

Jerry Lawler: Boy I can’t wait for this match to start… Here’s the champion Triple H… How are you champ?

Triple H: Good evening guys, happy to be here.

Shawn Micheals’ music hits, the crowd goes crazy as he comes to the ring.

Jim Ross: And here comes the Heartbreak Kid! Shawn Micheals, looking for a chance to face the Champion Triple H at the Royal Rumble.

Triple H: I can tell you, I’ve faced that man in the ring before, and he is one tough contender, but Batista can take care of him, I am sure.


Finish: A hard match for both, but Batista being the beast that he is is able to take control of the match. Batista hits the sitdown powerbomb… 1-2…kick out. Ric Flair is completely outraged, tries to come on the apron to complain to the ref… This distracts the ref…

Jim Ross: And Ric Flair is now complaining to the ref…
Jerry Lawler: Hey where is Triple H going?

Triple H gets up from the announcer table, picks up a steel chair, and hits Batista! Shawn Micheals at the same time slowly gets up, sees Ric Flair, knocks him out, but at the same time knocks out the ref accidentally. Triple H and Micheals stare each other down, then shake hands. They proceed to stomp on Batista, then Triple H leaves the ring as the referee gets up, and Micheals goes for the pin… 1-2-3.

The show ends as we see Micheals, Flair and Triple H celebrating, and Batista on the mat, still recovering from the chair shot given to him by Triple H.


Please leave some feedback.. Would really like to know where I can improve etc.

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Re: WWE by nabs

It was a good show


- Bold and Italics
- Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler interactions were authentic
- Good amount of matches


- No backstage segments whatsoever (well one or two)
- Show flowing monotonely (e.g. JR/King talk, match, JR/King talk, match etc)

All in all, get alot more backstage stuff in, broaden the show. Make it longer.

For tips, see the handbook stickied at the top of the Be The Booker Forum, keep it up though!

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Re: WWE by nabs

Good show man, ABSOLUTELY love the Trips attack on Batista. Im sick of this carry on back and forth, are they friends or not crap Raw has going. Nice to see you put a stop to it. Hooooooowwwweeever! I am saddened to see HBK turn heel and mostly with Trips. I hope you aren't going to put them together. Tell me you arent lol. Another thing I noticed, you need more promos man. Other than that good show especially for your first time. 8/10.

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Re: WWE by nabs


-Lack of backstage segments and interviews. As The_Showstopper said it's match, commentary, match, commentary etc.

-Dating of the show
-Use of bold and italics
-The World Heavyweight Title tournament
-Using Steven Richards on Raw.
-Nice amount of matches.
-Triple H shaking hands with Shawn Michaels and turning on Batista.

Overall: A good show, and I think that this is going to be good. Adding more backstage segments and interviews would be a good idea.


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Re: WWE by nabs

Thanks a lot for all the feedback....
I'll keep in mind the stuff about backstage etc. more promos...


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Re: WWE by nabs


Smackdown! will re-start after the Royal Rumble, 10mikebibby10 will be writing for Smackdown!.

As for the actual Royal Rumble PPV, the Smackdown! matches will be the Smackdown! matches already on the PPV card.


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Re: WWE by nabs


With only so much time left until the Royal Rumble, General Manager Eric Bischoff started his #1 Contender Tournament last week on RAW. Who will win, and get a shot at the 10-time champion Triple H at the Royal Rumble.

Batista lost his match to Shawn Micheals because of Triple H, who shaked Shawn Micheals hand and then beat the living tar out of Batista. What does this mean for the future of Evolution, and more importantly, the future of RAW?

Tune in on Monday night to see a special extended-RAW.

(hopefully RAW will be posted either sunday or monday... get ready for an insane show. nabs)

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Due to extenuating circumstances (death in family) RAW will be posted on wednesday,

thank you,


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ok that was bull shit..
i just got lazy. sorry. i will be restarting this soon though.
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