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My World Wrestling Entertainment: The Way It Should Be got a few bad reviews, so I decided to start again and try and learn from those mistakes and make this one good.

I’m still doing a RAW show each week with Canadian Psycho and Edgehead2000 and will do this in addition.

I will start on January 3, 2005 with RAW. There will be no SmackDown! anymore and the rosters have merged.

Here is a list of the first few PPV’s: -
January 30: Royal Rumble
February 20: No Way Out
April 3: WrestleMania 21

When I am this far I will name the next few PPV dates.

This is my roster
C.E.O: Mr. McMahon
Commissioner: Mick Foley
Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Interviewers: Funaki, Michael Cole and Todd Grisham

WWE Title contenders
Champion: Triple H
Batista (F)
Chris Jericho (F)
Edge (H)
Kurt Angle (H)
Triple H (H)
Undertaker (F)

Intercontinental Title contenders
Champion: Christian
Carlito Caribbean Cool (H)
Christian (H)
Kane (F)
John Cena (F)
Randy Orton (H)
Rene Dupree (H)
Rhyno (F)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Val Venis (F)
William Regal (H)

Tag Team Title contenders
Champions: Dudley Boyz
Dudley Boyz (Bubba & D-Von) (H)
Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit (F)
Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) (F)
La Resistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier) (H)
Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay) (F)
WGTT (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) (F)

Cruiserweight Title contenders
Champion: Chavo Guerrero
Akio (H)
Billy Kidman (H)
Chavo Guerrero (H)
Paul London (F)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Shannon Moore (F)
Tajiri (H)

Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton, Billy Kidman, Ric Flair [as Randy Orton’s manager] & Stephanie McMahon [as Triple H’s manager/wife]) (H)
La Resistance (Rob Conway, Rene Dupree & Sylvain Grenier) (H)
Extreme Team (Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit) (F)

I’ve started off with 25 full-time performers. I may put Foley or Vince in the occasional match and when I get going I’ll bring a few more in. I might have another title division after awhile as well but for now, that’s my roster.


The pyro follows the RAW theme music and we see Mr. McMahon already in the ring.

VINCE: Welcome to the first RAW of 2005 and this will be the biggest night of the entire WWE history. Tonight, the brand extension has ended. There is now just 1 show, WWE RAW. SmackDown!’s time slot has been given to our developmental territory, OVW. There are 4 championships – the WWE Title, which is around the waist of Triple H, the IC belt, which lies with Christian, the Tag Team titles, who’s champions are the Dudley Boyz and finally, the Cruiserweight Championship, which is held by Chavo Guerrero. But before we announce anything else, let me introduce to you the new WWE Commissioner, former 3-Time WWE Champion, the master of King of Hardcore, Mic Foley.

Mick Foley’s music plays and he makes his way out with his sadistic grin across his face.

Vince leaves as Mick gets into the ring.

MICK: Thanks, Vince. Welcome everyone to my show. I will decide everything that happens and without wasting any time giving a heart-warming speech, let me announce tonight’s card. Firstly, the Intercontinental Title is on the line, when Christian defends against Rob Van Dam. Then, Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship is up for grabs as he faces Rey Mysterio. We then have tag team action, as the Dudley Boyz face the WGTT in a non-title match and finally, the WWE Champion, Triple H, will put his title on the line against an opponent of his choosing. Hunter, I know that’s there’s bad blood between us, but I want to prove that I am going to be a fair Commissioner.

Triple H and Ric Flair make their way to the ring to huge boos.

HHH: Mick, when Vince said you were in charge, I laughed my ass off. I mean, look at what happened the last time you tried you run the show. But even though I think that you will make a mockery of this organisation, I think that it’s a bad idea for me to put my title on the line. But, it’s good that you have let me decide my challenger. So I pick –
MICK: No, you see Hunter, you didn’t let me finish. I said that you can choose an opponent, but I didn’t give you the ballot to choose from.
HHH: What?
MICK: I have made a list of the top contenders and you can choose from:
§ Batista
§ Chris Jericho
§ Edge
§ Kurt Angle
§ Undertaker
HHH: Foley, that’s not fair.
RIC: Why doesn’t Triple H defend his title against the most deserving man of all, ME.
MICK: You see Ric, you were on my list but I think that you will just lie down and let the ref count 1…2…3 and let Triple H retain the gold. So, Hunter, who’s it going to be?
HHH: I need time to think about it.
MICK: Fine, you can let me know later on, but don’t keep me waiting. I’ll be in my office.

Foley leaves to huge cheers from the crowd as HHH and Flair watch on angrily from the ring.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back, I am good ole’ JR, alongside my new broadcast partner, Tazz, and Tazz, what a night we have in store.
TAZZ: That’s right, 3 titles are on the line, and who is HHH going to choose?
JR: I have no idea, but he’ll be very lucky if he walks out of here still the champion, judging by his challenger ballot.

RVD comes out to a good pop and is followed by the IC Champion, Christian, who gets heat from the crowd.

Intercontinental Championship
The two men lock up in the centre of the ring and RVD backs CLB into the corner. After a few holds, Christian takes the upper hand.
FINISH: Christian hits the Impaler on Van Dam and covers


But RVD kicks out. Christian sets him up for the Unprettier but RVD reverses into a pin


CLB gets a shoulder off the mat before the 3 count. RVD takes Christian down as goes up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash


But Christian’s brother, Edge pulls the ref out of the ring. RVD is furious and hits Edge with a hard kick. Christian gets back up and hits the Unprettier. He covers as the ref gets back into the ring


Winner: Christian (10:42)

Christian retains the gold with help from his brother, Edge.

As Christian celebrates, he looks on at Edge, who is making his way back up the ramp. RVD is livid and protests to the referee.

We go backstage, where Triple H is discussing with Flair who should get the title shot.
HHH: Ric, who am I most likely to beat quickest?
RIC: I dunno, Hunter but whoever you face, you will beat. It isn’t that important.
HHH: You’re damn right that I’ll beat any of them.

Michael Cole interviews one of the possible challengers for HHH’s title tonight.
COLE: I’m standing alongside Kurt Angle, and Kurt, you haven’t had the chance to face Triple H in a while. Do you think he will choose you?
KURT: Well, if common sense has it, HHH won’t pick me, because I will make him tap in a matter of minutes. However, I am going to talk to him and see if I can influence his decision in any way.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back and moments ago, Kurt Angle said that he would try and talk to HHH to influence his decision tonight.
TAZZ: Yeah, and I don’t see Angle getting the match because he is too good.

The CW Champion Chavo Guerrero came out to a mixed reaction. He was followed by Rey Mysterio, who gets a very good pop.

Cruiserweight Championship
Rey hit a few quick moves and took the early advantage.
FINISH: Rey got Chavo in position for the 619 but Chavo moved out of the way. Chavo then rolled Rey up and the ref counted


But Rey kicks out. Rey then hits an amazing bulldog and follows up with a DDT. After a kick out from Chavo, Rey goes for the West Coast Pop and hits it


Chavo rolls through and pulls the tights


Winner: Chavo Guerrero (7:26)

Chavo retains with use of tights.

Jericho and Batista are backstage, claiming that neither of them will get the title shot.
Y2J: There’s no way we are going to be chosen.
BATISTA: I know, so who will he pick?
Y2J: If he has any sense he’ll pick –

Edge then shows up.

EDGE: I hope you weren’t just going to say he should pick me because I’m the worst here. You know that’s not true. In fact, if I don’t get the title shot, I will campaign to Foley to get my title shot in the future.

Commercial Break

We see Undertaker in a dark room by himself.

The Dudley Boyz come out for the next match to some heat. They are followed by the WGTT, who get a decent reaction.

Haas and D-Von start off and D-Von makes a few quick tags with Bubba to get the Dudley Boyz in control.
FINISH: Benjamin hits the Superkcik on Bubba and covers


But D-Von breaks the count. Haas then locks Bubba in the Haas of Pain and Benjamin hits the T-Bone on D-Von and covers


As the ref counts the 3, Bubba taps out.
Winners: WGTT (8:55)

JR: After they beat both Dudley’s at the same time, they could be in line for a title shot.
TAZZ: You got that right. But there are a lot of other great teams out there looking for title opportunities.

Triple H goes into Mick Foley’s office.
HHH: Foley, I don’t know who to face later tonight.
MICK: Well, I thought you might have a tough decision naming an opponent, so as of right now, you will not choose your opponent.
HHH: You mean I don’t have to defend my title.
MICK: That’s not what I said. I have decided that you will defend your gold against the person who the fans pick from the 5 available. Whoever gets the loudest cheer is your challenger. So go get ready.

Triple H starts to leave.
MICK: Oh, and one other thing, have a nice day!

Triple H gets irate and slams the door to Mick’s office as he leaves.

Commercial Break

When we come back from the break, Mick Foley is already in the ring and HHH makes his way out with Flair.

MICK: So who do you fans want to see Triple H defend his WWE Championship against tonight?

The fans scream and it is difficult to hear a clear decision.

MICK: I will run through all of the challengers in alphabetical order and whoever gets the loudest pop is the challenger.

There’s a short pause and Mick puts the microphone back to his mouth.

MICK: Firstly, who wants to see HHH vs. Batista?

The crowd give a good cheer.

MICK: What about Y2J?

The fans go nuts.

MICK: Or maybe Edge?

There is a mixed reaction with possibly more boos.

MICK: Or Kurt Angle?

The crowd give a huge chorus of boos.

MICK: Or finally, the Undertaker?

There is a huge ovation and he is the clear winner.

MICK: Well I guess that’s decided, so tonight, it will be Triple H versus Undertaker for the WWE Championship.

Undertaker makes his way to the ring to a very good reaction.

Once Taker is in the ring, Foley leaves.

WWE Championship
TRIPLE H with Ric Flair vs. UNDERTAKER
Undertaker dominates HHH for the first 3 minutes, until Flair distracts the Phenom, allowing Hunter to pick apart Taker’s leg.
FINISH: After Taker takes control again, he sets HHH up for the Chokeslam, but Flair distracts him again, allowing Triple H to hit a Spinebuster. After a kick out at 2, Triple H sets the Deadman up for the Pedigree but Taker tosses the champion over his shoulders. Undertaker then hits the Last Ride and covers,


But Flair puts HHH’s leg onto the rope to break the count. Undertaker then signals for the end and picks HHH up. He gives him the Tombstone Piledriver and covers


But Flair pulls the ref out of the ring. Undertaker goes outside and hits Flair. He grabs a chair goes back inside. He hits the Chokeslam and covers Triple H again


But Flair grabs the chair and hits Taker with it, causing the ref to disqualify the champion.
Winner: Undertaker via DQ (14:12)

Undertaker pulls the chair off Flair and hits him with it.

JR: Well, I thought we were going to crown a new WWE Champion tonight, but Flair cost Taker the title by DQ’ing HHH.
TAZZ: Yep, but Taker will be back next week and he may soon get another shot, judging by the ruins he left in the ring of Triple H and Ric Flair’s bodies.

I hope you enjoyed RAW and let me know what you thought.

I won't set a certain day for RAW because I will do more than 1 episode per week so just check back regularly if you enjoy reading and I may add other things such as rumours or episodes of Heat/Velocity etc.

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Coulad someone please reply because I feel that nobody is reading this thread. Anyway, I'll post some more shows but if no one reply's then there's not much point if it's not a very good show.


After the music and pyro, we go to JR and Tazz.

JR: Welcome to WWE RAW. I’m here with Tazz and what a night it was last week, Triple H had to defend his title against Undertaker, and we would have a new WWE Champion if Flair hadn’t got HHH disqualified.
TAZZ: Yeah, but what’s more important is that tonight, we will find out who will face ‘the Game’ for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble.
JR: Yes, but tonight, we will have Too Cool taking on La Resistance, Rhyno facing William Regal, Edge teaming with Christian to face RVD and a partner of his choosing and also, Chris Jericho will face Kurt Angle one-on-one.
TAZZ: Tonight’s gonna be a rocket buster, JR.
JR: It sure is and we are going to start with tag team action.

Too Cool’ music hits and they dace to the ring to a good reaction. They are followed by all 3 members of La Resistance, who carry the Quebec flag to boos.

TOO COOL vs. LA RESISTANCE with Rene Dupree
Scotty uses his quickness to take down Rob Conway early on but after a distraction from Dupree, La Resistance take control.
FINISH: Grandmaster Sexay hits Sylvain Grenier with the Dancing Missile Dropkick from the turnbuckle, but is thrown outside by Conway. Scotty takes Conway down with a bulldog and hits the Worm. He covers


3. Too Cool gets the win.
Winner: Too Cool (5:16)

Backstage, we see Undertaker in a dark room. He does the thing with his eyes and looks into the camera.
TAKER: Triple H…Your title…My waist…

He does the eye thing again.

JR: Well it looks like the Deadman wants another shot at the title.
TAZZ: Yeah, and he deserves it after what happened last week.

Triple H is interviewed backstage.
FUNAKI: This is Funaki, RAW #1 Announcer. I am standing with WWE Champion, Triple H. Last week, you got disqualified in your title defence with Undertaker. It looked like he would have beaten you if not?
HHH: He wouldn’t have beat me! I was sending a message to the ‘Deadman’ and any other superstar who thinks they’ve got the balls to take away my title from me.

William Regal made his way to the ring for his match to some heat. Rhyno followed and got an average reaction.

As soon as Rhyno got into the ring he was attacked by Regal, who then got the Brass Knux ready. The ref spotted them and took them away.
FINISH: After an even contest, Rhyno set Regal up for the Gore and hit it, sending him to the turnbuckle. Rhyno then got in position for another Gore, but Regal put another pair of Knux, hidden in the buckle pad, on, and as Rhyno ran at him, he blasted him with them. the ref didn’t notice and counted the pin


Winner: William Regal (4:54)

Regal left to huge boos.

Christian walked into Edge’s dressing room.
CHRISTIAN: Hey, what’s up with you helping me out last week?
EDGE: well, it’s been a few years since we teamed up but I think that if you’re going to hold onto your title for much longer, what with more challengers because of the merging of the rosters, then you’re going to need me to watch your back.
CHRISTIAN: Ok, so what’s in it for you?
EDGE: You help me in my campaign to get a WWE Title shot.
CHRITIAN: I’ll think about it.
EDGE: Don’t take too long.

RVD comes out to a good reaction. He gets a mike.

RVD: Last week, I was cheated out of the IC belt, so tonight, my partner is Kane.
Kane comes out to a good pop. Edge follows to huge heat and finally, the IC champion, Christian enters to some heat.

RVD and Christian start and RVD takes the early advantage.
FINISH: Christian hits Kane with the Impaler and tags in Edge, who hits the Spear.


RVD breaks the count. RVD then takes both E&C down with spinning kicks and Kane follows with a double Chokeslam. RVD goes up top and hits the Frog Splash


Winner: Rob Van Dam & Kane (12:33)

RVD has a smile on his face as Christian signals that he is still the champion.

Edge then attacks Kane from behind with a chair and Christian comes back. They hit RVD with the Con-Chair-To and do the same to Kane.

They leave together.

Mick Foley comes to the ring.

MICK: After Triple H got himself disqualified last week, I am giving Undertaker a rematch at the Royal Rumble. But instead, HHH won’t be able to get himself DQ’ed and Flair won’t be at ringside as I am banning him and if he does interfere, HHH will forfeit the title. It will be a No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship.

After hearing the match made, HHH goes ballistic and smashes things up in his locker room.

We see Undertaker in the same dark room.

TAKER: HHH, rest…in…peace.

He does the thing with his eyes again.

Chris Jericho comes out to a good pop and is followed by Kurt who gets a loud boo.

Y2J starts off well but Kurt soon slows the pace down and locks in a few rest holds.
FINISH: Jericho hits the Enziguri and covers


But Angle kicks out. Angle then locks in the Ankle Lock but Jericho gets to the ropes. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Jericho rolls over and rolls Kurt up


Kurt again kicks out. After a few exchanges, Kurt takes Jericho down and locks in another Ankle Lock and applies more pressure by lying down. Jericho tries to reach the ropes but he can’t and eventually taps out.
Winner: Kurt Angle (11:12)

Foley comes out and congratulates both men on an outstanding match. He says that they are both participants in the Royal Rumble match.

Quick Results
Too Cool def. La Resistance
William Regal def. Rhyno
Rob Van Dam & Kane def. Christian & Edge
Kurt Angle def. Chris Jericho

Matches made for Royal Rumble
No holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Undertaker
Royal Rumble Match
Entered: Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle


After the theme tune and pyro we go to Tazz and JR.

JR: Welcome to another episode of RAW. I’m good ole’ JR here with Tazz, and tonight, we know that Kurt Angle will team up with former friends Edge and Christian, to face Chris Jericho, RVD and Kane.
TAZZ: Yeah, and we’ve also got a #1 Contenders tag team match, with Too Cool facing the WGTT.
JR: Both those teams have won their matches over the last two weeks and the WGTT even beat the champions 2 weeks ago Tazz.
TAZZ: Yep, and there’s 2 more matches, JR. Undertaker faces Randy Orton and John Cena faces William Regal, who cheated to beat Rhyno a week ago.
JR: It’s going to be another great show. So let’s get straight to the first match.

#1 Contenders Match
Winner gets a shot at the Tag Team Championship at Royal Rumble
After the 2 teams make their way out, the Dudley Boyz music hits and they come and stand outside the ring. The 2 competing teams look puzzled and throughout the match, look in their direction.
FINISH: Shelton Benjamin hits the Superkick on Scotty 2 Hotty but Grandmaster Sexay breaks the pin cover. Sexay hits the Hip Hop Drop but is met with a T-Bone Slam from Charlie Haas. Benjamin is the legal man and covers


But D-Von pulls Benjamin out of the ring. After this distraction, Scotty hits the Bulldog and follows with the Worm. He covers Haas


Haas tries to kick out but Bubba Ray holds his leg down and the ref doesn’t see.
Winner: Too Cool (7:35)

Too Cool won with unwanted help from the Dudley’s.

After the match, the WGTT leave disappointed as Too Cool dance in the ring.

Bubba Ray and D-Von attack their challengers from behind and get a table.

They put Scotty onto the table and get in position for the 3-D.

The WGTT come back out and save Too Cool from going through tables. Benjamin and Haas then put Bubba on the table and Benjamin hits the T-Bone Suplex to D-Von, putting him through Bubba and the table.

WGTT shake hands with Too Cool and the 4 dances to Too Cool’s music.

Backstage, Triple H is interviewed.
TODD: HHH, last week we found out that Undertaker will get a rematch for your WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, and the match has been made a No Holds Barred match. You are the champion going in, but Taker will be the favourite to win.
HHH: You think he’ll win my title do you? Well I’ll tell you something. I am the best in this damn business and I’ve beaten the likes of Mick Foley in this type of match. I even beat Foley in a Street Fight at the Royal Rumble in 2000. He still can’t accept that I am better than he ever was, and he wants to see me go through hell again. Well maybe the Undertaker will put me through hell, but it won’t be as bad as what I put him through. This interview’s over.

JR: Big words there from the champ, and at Royal Rumble in 13 days, will he be able to back it up.

Regal’s music hits and he comes out to face John Cena. Cena follows and gets a huge pop.

FINISH: Regal goes to get the Brass Knux but Cena sees and kicks them out of Regal’s hands. He then hits a Spinebuster and then the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. He signals for the F-U and as he goes up, Regal hits him with another pair of Knux. Regal covers


But somehow Cena kicks out. Regal hits a Neckbraker and gets another 2, as Regal charges at Cena, Cena picks him up and delivers the F-U


3. Even after being hit with the Knux, Cena still got the win.
Winner: John Cena (7:56)

Backstage, Batista goes into Foley’s locker room and asks for a spot in the Royal Rumble match. Foley accepts, and then Edge walks in and says that he is better than Batista and he should be in the Rumble. Foley says he is also in. Foley says they will join Y2J and Angle, who he announced were in last week. Foley said that Cena is in after his big win and also in are Christian, RVD and Kane. We now have 8 participants.

Michael Cole is beside the WGTT.
COLE: Benjamin, Haas, I have been asked to tell to that as you were cheated out of your Tag Team Title match earlier tonight, you are also in the match, and it will be a Triple-Threat Match for the Titles.
HAAS: That’s great news.
BENJAMIN: Foley as Commissioner rocks.

JR: We now know a few matches for the Royal Rumble.
TAZZ: Yep, there will be a Triple-Threat Tag Team Title match featuring the Dudley Boyz, Too Cool and the WGTT.
JR: And in the Royal Rumble match itself, Y2J, Angle, Kane, Edge, Batista, Cena, Christian and RVD have all been named as participants.
TAZZ: Yep, and don’t forget the No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship.
JR: That will surely be a slobberknocker.
TAZZ: No it won’t JR; it’ll be a rocketbuster.

Chris Jericho’s music plays, and he comes out to a huge pop. RVD comes next to a pretty good ovation and Kane follows to another good pop. Their opponents come out as E&C enter together, with JR pointing out that they are back together to help one another out. They get huge boos and finally, Kurt Angle comes out to the biggest heat of the night.

As Angle enters the ring, he signals to Y2J that last week he tapped to the Ankle Lock.

Before the match begins, Foley’s music hits and he announces that the rules are that this is an Elimination match and to be eliminated, you must be thrown over the top rope, like in Royal Rumble matches.

Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
To be eliminated, participants must be thrown over the top rope
RVD takes Christian down straight away and Kane takes down Edge as Y2J battles with Angle. There is no tagging in this match.
After 2 minutes, Christian and Edge work together to throw Kane out after he hits the Chokeslam on Angle.

Eliminated: Kane (2:13)

RVD then throws Christian over the top and gets a measure of revenge for the last few weeks.

Eliminated: Christian (2:23)

After another 2 minutes, Angle hits the Angle Slam on RVD and picks him up and throws him out.

Eliminated: Rob Van Dam (5:11)

Jericho is alone against Angle and Edge. They double team him for a few minutes until he fights back. Edge soon hits the Spear though and they both pick him up but they argue about who will eliminate him. While they argue, Y2J gets up and eliminates Edge.

Eliminated: Edge (9:42)

It’s down to Jericho and Angle and they lock up. Angle soon locks in the Ankle Lock but Jericho reaches the ropes. Angle doesn’t release as there are no disqualifications but Y2J gets up and pulls Angle and gets him over the top rope.

Eliminated: Kurt Angle (12:58)
Winner: Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam & Kane (12:58)

Angle gets a microphone.

ANGLE: Jericho, last week I made you tap. If you get in my way at the Rumble, then I won’t only make you tap again, I’ll break your freakin’ ankle.
Y2J: Kurt Angel (says it like he used to in 2000), the Walls of Jericho is by far superior to your Ankle Lock. I’ll make you tap at the Rumble and then throw you over the top rope, just like I did tonight.

They go nose to nose until Foley’s music hits again.

MICK: You 2 seem to really hate each other, so I’m making a rematch from last week for the Royal Rumble. You’ll both be in 2 matches on January 30 now, so get the stamina up.

Backstage, we see Regal with several Brass Knux around him. Carlito Caribbean Cool, who has an injured shoulder, walks in.

COOL: Hey Regal, you don’t mind using a weapon to win a match and will go to any lengths to win. Now that’s cool.
REGAL: What? Where I come from, we don’t say ‘cool’, we use more refined words.
COOL: Hey, no offence, I was just saying that you should ask for an Intercontinental Championship match soon. With that protection, you can’t lose.
REGAL: I don’t like your tone, but that isn’t a bad idea. Did you know that I have won that title before.
COOL: Yeah, and seeing you as champion was cool.
REGAL: Did you come here to tell me that I should get a title shot.
COOL: Partly, but I also wanted to say that when I’m back from injury, I’ll show you how someone will go to any measures to get a win. And when that happens, that will be cool.

We see Taker and Orton on split screens and Flair talks to Randy.
RIC: Hey, what’s up Randy?
ORTON: What do you want?
RIC: I wanted to tell you that you could soften up the Deadman before he faces Hunter for the title at the Royal Rumble.
ORTON: Yeah, but I don’t care what happens in that match. I’m going to soften him up to show that I am the legend killer, and I will kill another legend in a few moments.

Undertaker’s music hits and he comes to the ring to face Orton, who gets a mixed reaction.

Undertaker dominates much of the match, overpowering Orton.
FINISH: Undertaker hits the Chokeslam


Orton gets a foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Orton fights back but Taker puts him back down again. Triple H makes his way to the ring with Flair. Flair distracts the referee and HHH hits Taker with the Pedigree. Orton and Triple H argue (they hate each other from what happened in the past) and Taker is back up. Taker hits the Last Ride on HHH but then turns into an RKO. Orton covers


3. Orton won after HHH’s distraction of Undertaker
Winner: Randy Orton (12:33)

After the match, Taker stares at Orton until Triple H hits him in the back with a Sledgehammer. Orton and HHH stare each other down but as Taker gets back up, Orton hits an RKO on HHH as he attention is diverted. Orton offers his hand to Taker but Taker instead salutes Orton by going down to one knee. The show goes off air with Undertaker standing triumphant even though HHH helped him lose to Orton.

Quick Results
#1 Contenders Match
Too Cool def. WGTT
John Cena def. William Regal
Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam & Kane def. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian
Randy Orton def. Undertaker

Matches made for Royal Rumble
Triple-Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Too Cool vs. WGTT
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Undertaker
Royal Rumble Match
Entered: Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Batista, Edge, John Cena, Christian, Kane, Rob Van Dam

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WWE Raw - January 10th

-No bold, italics and underlining.
-Not typing people's names out in full.
-Lack of promos, backstage segments and interviews.
-Thought the show could have been longer.

-Build up between Christian and Rob Van Dam.
-Mick Foley as the authority figure.
-Undertaker versus Triple H rematch at the Royal Rumble.
-Entering Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho in the Royal Rumble.

A good show, with the Royal Rumble looking good already with Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle in the Royal Rumble.

WWE Raw - January 17th

-Not typing people's out in full.
-No bold, underlining or italics.
-Too Cool getting the World Tag Team Title shot.
-Having Randy Orton defeat the Undertaker.
-Thought there could have been more promos, backstage segments and interviews.

-Build up between the Worlds Greatest Tag Team and the Dudleyz, who will probably meet at No Way Out or Wrestlemania 20.
-Triple H interview with Todd Grisham.
-Adding John Cena, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Batista and Christian into the Royal Rumble match.
-Adding the Worlds Greatest Tag Team into the match, which makes it a good thing that Too Cool won the match earlier in the show.
-Having Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle in a match at the Royal Rumble.
-Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Triple H.

I thought that this show was better than the previous one. The build up to the Royal Rumble was good, in particular between Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. I think that there could be more backstage segments, promo and interviews. I thought that the first show could have been longer to improve the build up, but the second show did not need to be longer because the build up was great.


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Cheers A-Dust, opefully bold will work now. Anyway, I hope that me posting a couple shows at a time isn't too confusing and I'll now post the RAW results for Jan 24 and 31, with the Royal Rumble in between (Jan 30)


We see the pyro go off and there’s no theme music, as Evolution are all in the ring.

HHH: Last week, my former project, Randy Orton, helped Undertaker take momentum in out rivalry. Well, Orton, tonight, you and I will go 1-on-1.
RIC: Woooooooooooooooooo.

Foley’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

MICK: Triple H, I’m the one who makes the matches around here. But after some thought, that sounds like a good idea.

HHH: You’re damn right that it’s a good idea.

MICK: But Hunter, seeing as you like to cheat to win, you will have Flair in your corner, and Orton will have the Undertaker with him.

Triple H and Flair leave once again unhappy.

MICK: Also tonight, we are going to find out the rest of the Royal Rumble participants and we will see who gets a shot at the Cruiserweight Title at Royal Rumble when there is a Royal Rumble style # 1 Contenders Match. In addition to this, D-Von Dudley, Charlie Haas and Scotty 2 Hotty will compete in a Triple-Threat match in preparation for the Tag Team Title match. And William Regal will face Kane. So to all of you fans, have a nice day!

Foley leaves to cheers from the fans.

JR: We sure will, Mick. Tazz, another great night of RAW in store for us tonight.
TAZZ: Absolutely, there’s 4 matches already made for tonight, and this is the last stop before the Royal Rumble next Sunday.
JR: Here’s the card so far.

Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs. ?

Triple-Threat Tag Team Championship Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Too Cool vs. WGTT

Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Undertaker

Royal Rumble Match

TAZZ: I can’t wait!


The Cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero comes out to a little heat. He sits at ringside and will commentate on the next match.

Akio’s music hits and he gets a small boo. Next is Rey Mysterio and the crowd go wild.

Royal Rumble Style #1 Contenders Match
(2 men start, every 2 minutes, another enters)
Rey uses his quickness to get control of Akio, but no one is eliminated before #3 enters.


Tajiri and Akio double-team Rey but Rey hits a double 619 and goes for the West Coast Pop but they both push him over and he is gone.

Eliminated: Rey Mysterio (3:42)

ENTRANT: Paul London (4:00)

London takes both men down and works over both. He looks to eliminate Akio but Tajiri again teams with his fellow Japanese friend. They try to throw London over but he reverses and gets Akio over.

Eliminated: Akio (5:13)

Tajiri takes control over London until the next star enters.


Moore gets in and works over Tajiri. London hits a dropkick to Moore and all 3 are down.


Nunzio gets in but as he runs at Tajiri, Tajiri holds the top rope down, sending Nunzio flying over and he is out already.

Eliminated: Nunzio (8:23)

Kidman is the last to enter and he joins Paul London and Tajiri. After teaming up on London, Kidman tricks Tajiri and throws him out, leaving it down to 2.

Eliminated: Tajiri (9:45)

Kidman goes up top and gets in position for the Shooting Star Press but London hits a huge dropkick and knocks him off, sending Billy to the outside.

Eliminated: Billy Kidman (10:32)

Winner: Paul London (10:32)

Chavo Guerrero goes into the ring and takes London down with the Title belt. London is bleeding and Chavo says that the title will remain with him for a long time.


When we come back, Kurt Angle is interviewed.
COLE: Kurt, you have to compete in 2 matches now this Sunday. How will you cope with the toll that your match with Chris Jericho will take on your body?
ANGLE: Well, I’ll do what I always do, and that is give it my all. I will defeat Y2J and then I will do the 1 thing that I have never done, and that is win the RoyalRumble. Oh it’s true, it’s true.

Jericho then attacks Angle and they brawl. Foley gets in the middle and breaks it up. He says that tonight, Kurt Angle and Edge will face Jericho and Batista in a tag team match.

Regal comes out to huge boos and is followed by Kane, who gets a good reaction.

FINISH: After Kane overpowers Regal for much of the contest, he hits the Chokeslam and covers


But Edge pulls the ref out of the ring. Edge then Spears Kane and puts Regal on top of him


Kane somehow kicked out! Regal got some Brass Knux from his tights and gets ready to hit Kane but Kane ducks and sets him up for the Tombstone Piledriver. Edge is back and with the ref distracted now by Christian, Edge hits the Edgecution. As Kane gets up Regal hits him with the Brass Knux and covers


3. With help from E&C, Regal beat Kane in a massive upset.
Winner: William Regal (8:57)

All 3 beat down Kane and Edge says that he is better than Kane. After a few minutes of attack, RVD and John Cena come out and clear the ring. Foley then comes out and says that this has to stop. At the Royal Rumble, it will be a Six-Way Match for the Intercontinental Title, featuring all of the men in the ring.


When we’re back, Carlito is in the ring.

COOL: Last week, I was dissed by William Regal. So when I return in a few weeks time, I will take care of him by beating him.

The fans cheer and it seems that he is turning from heel to face.

Backstage, we see HHH and Flair talking.

RIC: Hunter, at the Rumble, you will tear Undertaker apart. Wooooooooooo.
HHH: That’s right, Ric, and with you banned from ringside, I’ll prove that I am that damn good.
RIC: Wooooooo.

The WGTT come out to a good reaction. Too Cool follow to an equally good pop and the Dudley’s then enter to huge heat.


Triple-Threat Match
CHARLIE HAAS with Shelton Benjamin vs. SCOTTY 2 HOTTY with Grandmaster Sexay
vs. D-VON DUDLEY with Bubba Ray Dudley
FINISH: The match is quite past-paced and for much of it, Scotty and Haas team together to take out D-Von. Scotty 2 Hotty hits the Bulldog on D-Von and then goes for the Worm, but Hass takes him out of the ring and locks in the Haas of Pain on D-Von. Bubba breaks it up and the ref calls for the bell.
Result: No Contest (6:45)

All 3 teams brawl after the match and Too Cool and the WGTT both take out the champs. They then dance together until the Dudley’s secretly place 4 tables outside the ring. They then put all 4 of their opponents through tables. They place Benjamin on a table and Powerbomb Haas through him and then place Scotty on another tables and Powerbomb Grandmaster Sexay through him. They leave with carnage left inside the ring.

Foley in his locker room.

MICK: there will be an over the top rope Battle Royal to determine the #30 Entrant in the Royal Rumble. Whoever is the second place in the Battle Royal will be the #1 Entrant, so there is some risk in staying in for the whole run. I have entered a few more competitors into the match. They are, Randy Orton, Rhyno, Rene Dupree, Val Venis, Tajiri, Akio, Rey Mysterio, Shannon Moore, Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, and a surprise entrant. All of these men who are not in matches tonight, or haven’t been in angles, will be in the Battle Royal.


When we return, many stars are already in the ring for the Battle Royal. The remaining competitors to come out are Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.

12-Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 and #30 Entrants in the Royal Rumble
All three members of La Resistance all work together and quickly eliminate Rhyno

Eliminated: Rhyno (0:12)

They then get Val Venis out.

Eliminated: Val Venis (0:43)

Guerrero and Benoit then team up and take all 3 out at once.

Eliminated: Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree (1:01)

Meanwhile Jericho and Angle are fighting each other in the corner. The Hardy’s work together but are still overpowered by Batista, who eventually eliminates them both.

Eliminated: Matt and Jeff Hardy (3:10)

Eddie and Benoit are exchanging chops when Y2J throws Benoit over and Angle throws Eddie over just after.

Eliminated: Chris Benoit (5:13)

Eliminated: Eddie Guerrero (5:22)

Angle tries to get Batista out but he is too big. Jericho then sneaks up and eliminates Batista, leaving it down to Jericho and Angle.

Eliminated: Batista (7:45)

They fight for about 6 minutes until Angle looks to get Jericho over. Y2J then reverses and gets Angle over the rope onto the outside apron. He jumps on the turnbuckle and performs his running dropkick move and gets Angle out.

Eliminated: Kurt Angle (14:55)

Winner: Chris Jericho (14:55)

Kurt is #1 and Jericho is #30 in the Rumble match on Sunday. Angle is irate and locks in an leaves upset as Y2J promises to win the Rumble after beating Angle.

Edge is backstage in Foley’s office.

EDGE: Mick, you know I don’t want to win the IC belt. That’s Christian’s. I wanted a WWE Title shot. This isn’t fair.
MICK: Edge, I don’t care what you want. All that matters is that that’s a good match and if you do well, then you’ll get a WWE Title shot soon.
EDGE: Good!


When we’re back, Triple H and Flair are already in the ring.

HHH: Randy Orton, last week you made the biggest mistake of your life. Do you think that Undertaker wants to be in your corner? He’s known for taking out whoever he sees.

Orton’s music hits and he gets a huge pop for what he did last week.

ORTON: Triple H, I don’t care if Undertaker comes out or if he stays backstage. The fact is that I want your title, and when I win the Royal Rumble, you probably won’t want to be the champion.

Undertaker’s music then plays and he slowly makes his way o the ring. The ref manages to get Flair and Taker out of the ring but Triple H hits Orton with the ring bell. The match then starts and HHH has complete dominance and Orton is already bleeding.

RANDY ORTON with Undertaker vs. TRIPLE H with Ric Flair
Triple H beats Orton up for 5 minutes and hits the Pedigree. Undertaker then goes into the ring but Flair hits him from behind. Taker then Chokeslam’s him and looks at HHH. The ref gets Taker outside and Orton is up and hits the RKO on Triple H. He covers


3. Orton won another huge match by beating the champion after Undertaker’s distraction.
Winner: Randy Orton (6:23)

Orton leaves and Taker and HHH are left in the ring. Undertaker sets him up for the Tombstone but puts him down. He then grabs a steel chair and puts it laying down in the ring. Triple H is now up and low blows him. He sets up for the Pedigree but Orton is back. Orton helps Taker but then accidentally hits him with the chair. HHH hits the Pedigree on Orton onto the chair and stands victorious as both Taker and Orton are out in the ring.

JR: Well, Orton managed to beat HHH tonight, but he may have upset the Undertaker. We’ll soon see what Taker’s reaction is and don’t forget to join us this Sunday at the Royal Rumble when Chavo Guerrero defends the Cruiserweight Title against Paul London, the Dudley’s defend their Tag Team Title against both Too Cool and the WGTT.
TAZZ: Also, Y2J faces Kurt Angle and we found out that Angle is the #1 entrant in the Rumble match whereas Jericho is #30.
JR: Yep. We’ll also see a 6-Way Match for the IC Title and a huge match for the WWE Title, when Triple H defends against Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match.
TAZZ: Yeah, join us Sunday and then next Monday, where we’ll see the fallout from the Royal Rumble.

Quick Results
Royal Rumble Style #1 Contenders Match

Paul London wins

William Regal def. Kane

Triple-Threat Match
D-Von Dudley vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Charlie Haas ended in a No Contest

12-Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 and #30 Entrants in the Royal Rumble
Chris Jericho wins and is #30 in the Royal Rumble and Kurt Angle is #1.
Randy Orton def. Triple H

Royal Rumble Card
Six-Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Christian vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal vs. Kane vs. John Cena

Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London

Triple-Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz vs. Too Cool vs. WGTT

Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Undertaker

Royal Rumble Match
Batista, Edge, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Kane, John Cena, RVD, Christian, Randy Orton, Rhyno, Rene Dupree, Val Venis, Tajiri, Akio, Rey Mysterio, Shannon Moore, Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Scotty 2 Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, and a surprise entrant.

JANUARY 30 2005 – WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2005 – Fresno, CA

A video airs showing the Royal Rumble history and the events leading to the No Holds Barred Math for the WWE Championship.

After fireworks go off, we see JR and Tazz at ringside.

JR: Welcome to the Royal Rumble. I’m here with my broadcast partner Tazz, and what a night this will be!
TAZZ: Yep, I can’t wait, and coming up now, the Intercontinental Title is on the line.

Edge’s music plays and he comes out to huge boos. He is followed by RVD, who gets quite a good reaction. Next out is William Regal, then Kane, then John Cena, who gets a massive pop and last out is the champion, Christian, who gets good heat.

Six-Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship
E&C team up to take down Kane and RVD, whilst Cena and Regal lock up.
FINISH: After a match filled with chaos, RVD hits the Five-Star Frog Splash onto both E&C at the same time, hurting himself as well. Kane hit the Chokeslam on Cena but Regal then hit him with the Brass Knux. Cena is back up and hits the F-U onto Regal and covers


But Christian breaks the cover. Edge hits the Spear on Cena and covers


But Christian breaks the pin, not wanting to lose his title. E&C argue but Kane then hits a double Chokeslam and covers


But Regal then breaks the count. All men fight and Christian and RVD, who is still down, are left inside the ring. Christian picks him up and hits the Unprettier


3. Christian got the win and is still the IC Champion. Edge is back in and they celebrate together.
Winner: Christian (13:55)

Kane makes his way into the ring and E&C hit him with the Con-Chair-To and quickly leave before anything else happens.

Backstage, we see Undertaker in a dark room, his rolls his eyes up and stares into the camera.
TAKER: Triple H, rest…in…peace.

Triple H is shown with Ric Flair.
HHH: Ric, you’re banned from ringside tonight, but if the match goes backstage, you can help me take him out. Then all I will have to do is bring him to the ring again, hit the Pedigree and cover, 1…2…3.
FLAIR: Oh, yeah, wooooo.

Orton then enters.
ORTON: Triple H, you’re forgetting that I will also be backstage.

He does a short laugh and leaves.

Triple H is angry but Ric calms him down.

Paul London comes out to a good pop and is psyched up for the match. Chavo follows to a mixed reaction. As soon as he makes his way down, London meets him on the rampway and attacks.

Cruiserweight Championship
FINISH: London uses a few good high-flying moves throughout the match and sets up for the 450 Splash. Chavo gets up and gets ready to Superplex him off the top but London pushes him off. London hits the 450 and covers


3. London is the new champion.
Winner: Paul London (8:42)

London gets a good ovation for winning the title and celebrates for a while.

Edge and Christian are backstage.

EDGE: Another successful title defence for you, bro.
CHRISTIAN: Yep and after I help you win the Royal Rumble, we’ll be champions together.
EDGE: Oh yes.

Too Cool’s music plays and then dance their way to the ring. The WGTT come out next to a good pop and finally, the Dudley’s come to huge heat.

Triple-Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship
All 3 teams have their share of offence in the bout but Too Cool takes the most beatings.
FINISH: Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay both get T-Bone Slams from WGTT and are outside the ring recovering. The Dudley’s bring a table in the ring but the ref says that it’s not a table match. Benjamin then hits D-Von with the Superkick but Bubba gets Haas with the Bubba Bomb. They both cover and the ref doesn’t know who’s legal so counts both


Both men kick out and Benjamin and Bubba battle. Bubba pokes Shelton in the eye when the ref doesn’t see and the Dudley’s hit the 3-D. D-Von covers


3. They retain the title.
Winner: Dudley Boyz (12:22)

Kurt Angle goes into Mick Foley’s office.

ANGLE: Mick, I can’t believe that not only do I have to face Jericho before the Royal Rumble Match, but I am now the #1 entrant even though I came second in the match on Thursday.
MICK: Kurt, I said that there was an element of risk in that match and you were the unlucky one, so go get ready because you are facing Y2J right now.

Kurt walks off angrily.

Jericho is interviewed.

FUNAKI: Chris Jericho, you are the #30 entrant in the Royal Rumble tonight. After having to face Kurt Angle first, do you think you can win the Rumble.
Y2J: You’re obviously as stupid as you look. Of course I’ll win. Nobody who’s been the #30 has ever won but that’s all going to change when the ayatollah of rock and rolla wins the Royal Rumble and goes on to WrestleMania to beat the WWE Champion.

We see the history between Angle and Jericho.

Angle makes his way out to huge heat and is followed by Y2J who gets a big pop from the crowd.

Throughout the match, Jericho taunts Angle by putting up number 1 signals.
FINISH: Jericho hits the Enziguri and gets a 2. he goes for the Lionsault but Angle puts his legs up and then locks in the Ankle Lock. Jericho makes it to the ropes but Kurt pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Jericho rolls out and covers


But Angle gets out. Jericho goes for the Walls but Angle reverses and once up, hits the AngleSlam.


But Jericho manages to kick out. Angle goes up top and goes for the Moonsault but Jericho moves. Jericho hits the Lionsault and covers


3. Jericho wins
Winner: Chris Jericho (16:36)

After the match, Angle hits Y2J with a chair and locks the Ankle Lock in for ages, not releasing even when Jericho taps. Jericho could be injured with not too long to go until the Rumble.

A video shows the history of the Triple H-Undertaker feud.

Undertaker comes out first and is followed by the champion, HHH, who gets huge heat.

No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship
(Ric Flair is banned from ringside)
Taker beats the champ up inside the ring for 4 minutes until HHH goes outside. Taker gets some weapons and hits the champ with a chair and then a lead pipe. Later on in the bout, Triple H came back with a shot to the head with the ring bell. After 13 minutes, they went backstage where we saw Flair try to intervene because it doesn’t say that he can’t help from backstage. Flair hits Taker with a Sledgehammer but Orton takes him out with a chair and then RKO’s Triple H onto the concrete floor. HHH looks to be out cold. Taker puts him on his shoulders and brings him back to the ring. He gives him a Chokeslam at the 18-Minute mark and covers


But somehow the champ kicks out. Taker then hits the Last Ride


But again the champ gets out. Taker signals for the end and puts Triple H ready for the Tombstone Piledriver but the champ reverses and hits the Pedigree


Taker kicks out. Triple H gets a Sledgehammer and hits Taker in the ribs and then the head. He covers


But the phenom again kicks out. Triple H sets up for another Pedigree, onto a chair this time but Taker puts him over his shoulders and the champ goes onto the chair. Taker hits the Tombstone Piledriver and covers


3. Undertaker is the new WWE Champion.
Winner: Undertaker (23:40)

Flair comes down to help out the champ but Undertaker grabs Flair and hits him with the Sledgehammer. Undertaker celebrates as the new champion.

We see a video package for the Rumble match.

Lilian Garcia explains the rules in the match and the first 2 entrants come out.

Kurt Angle is #1 and doesn’t look happy. The fans give him a huge boo for injuring Jericho earlier. #2 is Rey Mysterio.

Royal Rumble Match
(Winner gets a WWE Title shot at WrestleMania 21)
#1: KURT ANGLE vs. #2: REY MYSTERIO (0:00)
Rey runs from Kurt for a while and then uses his speed to take Kurt to the mat and hits a quick 619.

#3 is now out and he is Shannon Moore (2:00).

Moore knocks Rey down and goes for Angle but Angle then hits the AngleSlam. He picks Moore up and throws him over.

Eliminated: (1) Shannon Moore (2:20) by Kurt Angle (1)

#4 is Rob Conway (4:00)

Conway goes for Rey and hits a Suplex. He battles with Kurt until #5 is out.

#5: Matt Hardy (6:00)

Hardy immediately takes down Angle and then hits the Side Effect on Conway. He then knocks Rey down.

#6: Batista (8:00)

Batista gets a good cheer and hits stiff clotheslines on all opponents and then hits the Batista Bomb on Conway before eliminating him.

Eliminated: (2) Rob Conway (9:02) by Batista (1)

#7: Rhyno (10:00)

As soon as he enters, Rhyno is taken down by Batista with a clothesline. Batista dominates all others in the ring until the next entrant is out.

#8: Akio (12:00)

Akio tries to take Batista down but is too small and end up on the receiving end of a Spinebuster before being thrown over.

Eliminated: (3) Akio (12:13) by Batista (2)

Angle takes Batista to the mat and goes for the Ankle Lock but Batista powers out and takes him down.

#9: Paul London (14:00)

London gets another good cheer as he comes down and hits Rey with s Crescent Kick. He goes up top but Rey knocks him off and he’s gone.

Eliminated: (4) Paul London (15:12) by Rey Mysterio (1)

Rhyno then hits Batista with the Gore to slow his momentum.

#10: Eddie Guerrero (16:00)

Guerrero goes straight for Kurt and hits the 3 Amigos. Rhyno hits another Gore, this time on Matt Hardy. Eddie then throws him over.

Eliminated: (5) Rhyno (17:42) by Eddie Guerrero (1)

#11: Jeff Hardy (18:00)

Jeff teams with Matt to take down Eddie, then Angle, then Rey, who they eliminate with a double suplex over the top rope, after Rey took Batista down with a West Coast Pop.

Eliminated: (6) Rey Mysterio (18:59) by Matt (1) & Jeff Hardy (1)

They team again but Batista takes them both down with a clothesline and then throws Matt over but Matt lands on the ring apron and stays in. he goes up top, and hits a leg drop onto Angle, who is taking a huge beating.

#12: Christian (20:00)

Jeff goes up top and Matt huts Batista with a Twist of Fate, followed by Jeff’s Swanton Bomb. They pick Batista up and try to throw him out but he instead throws them both out.

Eliminated: (7) Matt & (8) Jeff Hardy (20:23) by Batista (3)

Christian goes for Eddie, whilst Batista Angle.

#13: Chris Benoit (22:00)

Benoit makes an immediate impact, locking the Crossface on Angle, who is taking a huge beating. Angle taps but Benoit doesn’t release. Christian hits Eddie with the Unprettier but doesn’t manager to get him over the rope. Batista picks Benoit up and hits a Spinebuster.

#14: Billy Kidman (24:00)

Kidman goes straight onto the turnbuckle and hits a Missile Dropkick onto Batista, whilst Christian hits another Unprettier onto Guerrero.

#15: Sylvain Grenier (26:00)

Grenier joins Angle, Eddie, Batista, Christian, Benoit and Kidman and goes for Angle as he is still down. Batista hits both Benoit and Guerrero with a double clothesline, whilst Christian is hiding in the corner.

#16: Shelton Benjamin (28:00)

He makes an immediate impact by hitting the T-Bone on Angle, who is getting his ass kicked but still won’t go over. Grenier tries to eliminate Benoit but Eddie gives him a low blow and eliminates him.

Eliminated: (9) Sylvain Grenier (28:51) by Eddie Guerrero (2)

Benjamin takes Batista down but Batista gets back up and hits a big kick.

#17: Chavo Guerrero (30:00)

Chavo is hesitant to get in the ring as Batista is taunting him and he waits outside until the next entrance.

#18: Kane (32:00)

After seeing Kane, Chavo has a choice of him or Batista. He runs from Kane but Batista picks him up and brings him inside. Batista holds him for Kane, who hits a vile Chokeslam and they both pick him up and throw him over.

Eliminated: (10) Chavo Guerrero (33:42) by Batista (4) and Kane (1)

#19: Grandmaster Sexay (34:00)

Sexay laughs at Chavo, who is laid out and when he gets in, he sees Kane and Batista eying him up. He tries to convince them to get someone else but Batista and Kane both throw him out.

Eliminated: (11) Grandmaster Sexay (34:33) by Batista (5) and Kane (2)

Batista and Kane fight each other while the rest are down. Christian is still hiding.

#20: Edge (36:00)

Edge gets huge heat and immediately goes for Eddie, then Benoit and then hits a Spear on Batista, taking him down for a while.

Kidman hits the SSP on Angle, but then Christian throws him over and goes back down in the corner.

Eliminated: (12) Billy Kidman (36:56) by Christian (1)

Kane sets Batista up for the Chokeslam, but Edge pulls him off and they now brawl. Meanwhile, Eddie and Benoit are back up and grapple each other. Benjamin is trying to get Angle over but he won’t budge.

#21: Randy Orton (38:00)

Orton gets a massive pop and takes goes straight for Christian, seeing him hiding. He hits 2 uppercuts and then the RKO. Edge sees this a hits him with the Edgecution. Kane then Chokeslam’s Edge. Eddie and Benoit are now teaming up on Benjamin in the corner.

#22: Charlie Haas (40:00)

Haas helps out Benjamin and they then team up on the #1 entrant, Angle, who has now survived for 40 minutes. Kane hits a massive Chokeslam on Batista but Edge and Christian together eliminate him.

Eliminated: (13) Kane (41:02) by Edge (1) and Christian (2)

E&C fight with Guerrrero and Benoit whilst Batista is down from the Chokeslam. The WGTT pick Angle up and Orton hits him with the RKO. The WGTT try to eliminate him but he hangs on and they think he’s gone. He climbs back in and throws them both over.

Eliminated: (14) Shelton Benjamin and (15) Charlie Haas (41:54) by Randy Orton (1)

#23: Tajiri (42:00)

As soon as Tajiri gets in, Batista is up and hits a Spinebuster. He picks Tajiri up and throws him over. Tazz points out that the cruiserweights have not lasted long tonight.

Eliminated: (16) Tajiri (42:34) by Batista (6)

With Benoit locks the Crossface on Guerrero, but E&C pull him off. Benoit fights them off with help from Guerrero when he’s back up, but Eddie then throws Benoit over. Benoit looks unhappy but shows that he doesn’t hold a grudge.

Eliminated: (17) Chris Benoit (43:44) by Eddie Guerrero (3)

E&C see Eddie distracted and eliminate him.

Eliminated: (18) Eddie Guerrero (43:57) by Edge (2) and Christian (3)

#24: John Cena (44:00)

Cena gets a huge pop and immediately stares at Orton. They trash talk one another for a few moments but E&C take them both down. Angle then hits the AngleSlam on both Edge and then Christian and picks Christian up and throws him over. Angle looks very tired.

Eliminated: (19) Christian (45:14) by Kurt Angle (2)

Edge faces off with Angle, whilst Batista takes down both Cena and Orton, until #24 is out.

#25: Rob Van Dam (46:00)

RVD runs to the ring and takes down Batista, and goes up top and hits the Five-Star Frog Splash onto Edge. Batista tries to throw him over, but he stays in. Edge then goes outside and grabs a chair. He brings it in but RVD kicks it into his face, and the impact sends him over the top rope.

Eliminated: (20) Edge (47:12) by Rob Van Dam (1)

#26: The Surprise Entrant – X-Pac (48:00)

As they hear his music, the fans give a huge boo. He struts to the ring and the stars all look puzzled to see him there.

He picks up the chair Edge brought in and hits RVD with it, then Angle, Orton, Cena and Batista and they’re all laid out. He celebrates for 30 seconds, pissing off the crowd until the next entrance.

#27: Val Venis (50:00)

Angle just needs to last for 10 minutes and he has then been in for an hour. X-Pac swings the chair at Val, but Val ducks and hits a flying clothesline after coming back off the ropes. Angle is now up and locks Val in the Ankle Lock. Val taps and Angle applies more pain. Val looks to be in a lot of pain and Angle is tearing his leg apart. Val is tapping like mad but Angle won’t release. After the hold is finally broken, X-Pac picks Val up and throws him over.

Eliminated: (21) Val Venis (51:52) by X-Pac (1)

#28: Rene Dupree (52:00)

Rene takes down all the other combatants until Cena picks him up and delivers the F-U, sending him over to the outside.

Eliminated: (22) Rene Dupree (52:45) by John Cena (1)

Cena then turns into the RKO from Orton. Orton then turns into a missile dropkick from RVD

#29: Scotty 2 Hotty (54:00)

As Scotty makes his way out, Dupree, angry at going out so quickly, attacks him and busts him open, causing Scotty to be eliminated from not being able to continue.

Eliminated: (23) Scotty 2 Hotty (54:10) by Rene Dupree

The beating continues until the last entrant is out.

#30: Chris Jericho (56:00)

Jericho gets a good pop and immediately goes for Angle, who just has 4 minutes to last to make it to the hour mark. Jericho locks him in the Walls of Jericho and Angle taps. Batista then hits X-Pac with a high impact Sitout Powerbomb. He picks him up but X-Pac manages to stay in after an attempt to throw him over.

The clock was on 59 minutes and Angle is nearly there. Jericho takes most of the other people down and Angle is now up at 59:42. He runs at Jericho and Jericho hits a poke to the eye and throws him over after he has lasted 59:56.

Eliminated: (24) Kurt Angle (59:56) by Chris Jericho (1)

Angle is irate and comes back in with a chair and hits Y2J, busting him open.
Batista takes down X-Pac again and Orton then hits him with the RKO and he is the only one up. He picks X-Pac up and tries to throw him over but the former WWE Champion, Triple H, comes out and hits him with a Sledgehammer. He smiles at X-Pac but then Cena takes him down. Cena then throws X-Pac over.

Eliminated: (25) X-Pac (62:21) by John Cena (2)

RVD tries to eliminate Cena, but it’s reversed and RVD goes out.

Eliminated: (26) Rob Van Dam (62:45) by John Cena (3)

Batista then tries to throw Cena over but it is again reversed and after lasting for 55 mintes, Batista has gone.

Eliminated: (27) Batista (63:07) by John Cena (4)

It’s now down to Orton, Cena and Y2J. Jericho is down and Cena and Orton lock up for 2 minutes before the RKO is reversed into the F-U. Jericho is now up and Cena sees and throws picks him up and hits the F-U, throwing him to the outside.

Eliminated: (28) Chris Jericho (66:23) by John Cena (5)

Cena is on a roll and gets ready for another F-U to Orton, signalling that he is going over. He puts Orton on his shoulders, but Orton falls back and hits the RKO. They are both down now. After fighting for 3 minutes, Orton gets Cena on the outside apron and tries to push him off but it won’t work. He then hits the RKO, planting Cena’s face onto the top rope and the momentum sends Cena over down to the floor.

Eliminated: (29) John Cena (71:23) by Randy Orton (2)

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton celebrates and when Cena comes back into the ring, they stare down, before shaking hands. Orton celebrates some more as we go off air.

Quick Results
Six-Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Christian def. Edge, Kane, Rob Van Dam, John Cena, William Regal

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London def. Chavo Guerrero

Triple-Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz def, WGTT and Too Cool

Chris Jericho def. Undertaker

Royal Rumble Match
Randy Orton wins and gets a WWE Title shot at WrestleMania


JR and Tazz welcome us to the show and the Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton, comes out to a huge ovation from the fans.

ORTON: Thank you. Last night, I defeated 29 other superstars and left my legacy as a Royal Rumble winner and at WrestleMania, in LA, I will win the WWE Championship.

Triple H’s music then hits, and he comes out with Ric Flair to loud boos.

HHH: Orton, last night, I lost the thing that means the most to me. I lost my WWE Title to a man who thinks he has comes back from the dead. I know WrestleMania is still a long time away, but I can’t stand the thoughts of you facing Undertaker in the main event.
ORTON: Well, Hunter, you’d better get used to it, because unless somebody takes that title off the Undertaker real quick, that is how it is going to be.

The arena goes dark and the WWE Champion comes out.

Undertaker speaks in a deep, slow-paced voice.

TAKER: I am the WWE Champion and at WrestleMania, I will retain this title against you Randy Orton.

Foley’s music then plays and he comes out.

MICK: I’ve been thinking about the PPV in between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, No Way Out, and I thought that the WWE Championship should be on the line for one last time. So, next week, there is going to be a #1 Contenders night, which will involve Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Batista, Edge, Kane, John Cena, Christian, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. There are 10 challengers and they will be split into 5 matches:
§ Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle
§ Kane vs. Christian
§ Batista vs. Edge
§ John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero
§ Chris Benoit vs. Triple H
The winners of each of these matches will then all face off in an over the top rope Battle Royal, with the winner going to No Way Out to challenge the Undertaker. But concerning tonight, there will be a rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship, with Chavo facing London. After Dupree’s assault on Scotty 2 Hotty last night, Dupree will take on Scotty’s friend, Grandmaster Sexay, X-Pac will make his first match on RAW since returning last night, as he faces Val Venis and in the main event, Edge and Christian will take on Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

- Commercial –

When we are back, Dupree is already in the ring, and Sexay comes out to a good pop for this 1-on-1 contest.

MATCH – Dupree uses his strength advantage to dominate most of the match, with Sexay getting the occasional highflying move.
FINISH: Sexay hits the Hip Hop Drop and covers


But Rene kicks out. Dupree then hits a hard clothesline and gets a 2. He sets Sexay up for the Dupree Bomb, but GMS goes over his shoulders and gets a rollup


But Dupree won’t stay down. Sexay goes for a Crossbody off the top turnbuckle but Rene moves and when Sexay is up, Dupree hits a Powerbomb


Winner: Rene Dupree (5:43)

After the match, Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier both come out and all 3 attack Grandmaster, wit Scotty unable to help, as he is not here due to his injury. After laying Sexay out, La Resistance leave together, happy at the sight of GMS’s helpless body.

- Commercial -

We come back and Eddie and Benoit are backstage.

EDDIE: What’s up holmes. Hey, you’re not angry at last night essa, because it was every man for himself.
BENOIT: Don’t worry, I should have expected something like that from you. Anyway, tonight, once we beat Edge & Christian in the main event, we’ll be sure o get a Tag Team Title shot.
EDDIE: Yeah, but don’t forget that we’re both in the #1 Contender night next week.
BENOIT: Yeah, and if you’re in the Battle Royal, I will throw you over.
EDDIE: Ha, may the best man win essa.

Triple H is interviewed by Michael Cole.
COLE: Triple H, last night you were beaten by the Undertaker. What do you think your chances are of winning the #1 Contenders sport next week?
HHH: What are my chances? Ha, you ask some dumb questions don’t you. Ya see, I should be getting a rematch after my effort last night, but with Foley around that’s just not gonna happen. So next week, I will win, and I’ll do it with a little help from my friends.

X-Pac’s music hits and he comes out to huge heat. He is followed by Val who gets a little cheer.

Match 2: VAL VENIS vs. X-PAC
MATCH: An even contest, with Pac’s speed matching Val’s technical skill.
FINISH: Val hits a running Neckbraker and goes up top for the Money Shot, but Triple H and Flair then come out and Flair distracts the ref, whilst Hunter knocks Val off. When they’re both up, X-Pac hits the X-Factor and covers


3. X-Pac wins with help from former D-X member, Triple H.
Winner: X-Pac (4:12)

Val leaves and Triple H and Flair climb into the ring.

HHH: X-Pac, my friend, you and me go way back, so why don’t you accept my proposition of you joining me and Ric in Evolution.
X-PAC: OK, you and me will rule the WWE with the ‘Nature Boy’ showing us the way to going about things.

The 3 raise their hands together and celebrate as we go to commercials.

- Commercial –

When we return, we see Funaki standing by Kurt Angle.

FUNAKI: Kurt Angle, last night, you survived for 59 minutes, and 56 seconds. Because of Y2J, you were just 4 seconds off surviving for an hour, and more importantly, having a chance of winning the Royal Rumble as the #1 entry.
KURT: That’s right, and if you ask anybody, I was robbed. Do you know how close to winning I came in 2002, and the same has happened 3 years later. Well I will prove that I deserve a title shot by winning the #1 Contender night next week.

JR: Fans, we have just heard that Grandmaster Sexay has been taken to hospital and he will receive medical care, and Tazz, I hope La Resistance get what’s coming to them some day.
TAZZ: Absolutely, what they did tonight, and last night, for that matter, was despicable, and they should be suspended or something.
JR: Well, coming up next, a rematch for the Cruiserweight Title. The new champion, Paul London, defends against Chavo Guerrero, who about 24 hours ago, was still champion.

We see highlights of what has happened over the last few weeks and footage of the match last night is shown.

Chavo comes out to some heat and he is followed by London, who gets a huge pop.

Match 3: Cruiserweight Championship
Match: Even bout with some highflying moves from London, matched by Chavo’s technical skill.
FINISH: Chavo locks in the Single-Leg Boston Crab, but London makes the ropes. London hits the Crescent Kick and gets a 2 count. He goes up top and hits a leg drop


But Chavo kicks out. Chavo ducks a clothesline attempt but London comes back off the ropes with crossbody. After another 2, London hits a dropkick and goes back up top, looking for the 450 Splash. Chavo rolls out of the ring though and London performs a suicide Moonsault to the outside, taking Chavo down. The ref starts the 10 count
8 – Both men start moving
9 – Chavo is up but falls can’t make the ring
10. Both men are counted out and London will retain the title after an amazing encounter.
Result: Double Count out (7:21)

- Commercial –

When we return, we see JR and Tazz.

JR: Welcome back and Tazz, that was an incredible display we just saw there.
TAZZ: Yep, I can’t wait to see those 2 get it on again.

We go backstage, where Todd is beside the Dudley Boyz.

TODD: Bubba, D-Von, congratulations on retaining your Tag Team Titles last night. It wasn’t an easy match.
D-VON: You’re damn right it wasn’t easy, but we did what we always do and that is come out on top.
BUBBA: Yeah, we are the greatest tag team in the history of this organisation and we proved it last night, as we have done so many times in the past.
TODD: Well, Mick Foley has asked for you 2 to go to his office as he has something important he wants to tell you.

The Dudley’s leave and we go to Foley’s office, where Chris Jericho is talking to the commissioner.

Y2J: Mick, you saw what happened last night, Kurt Angle was jealous that I eliminated him before he could last for an hour in the Royal Rumble.
MICK: I saw it, but what do you want me to do about it. I know you’ve made a match next week between us, and I just wanted to let you know that whatever happens to Angle, he brought on himself.

Jericho leaves and the Dudley’s enter.

BUBBA: Foley, we heard that you had something important to tell us.
MICK: That is right. Last night, you beat both Too Cool and the WGTT, so when you defend your titles against the WGTT at No Way Out, it should be no problem, should it?
D-VON: But we beat the WGTT last night.
MICK: I know, but there was some cheating going on and I have already made the match. Have a nice day!

The Dudley’s leave not happy.

- Commercial -

RVD is already in the ring.

RVD: Last night, I injured my myself by doing the Five-Star Frog Splash onto both Edge and Christian and I will be out of action for a few weeks, but the Commissioner Foley has told me that when I return, I will get a match against Christian, 1-on-1, if he is still the Intercontinental Champion, and if he has lost the title while I’m out, I will face him and also get a title shot the following week against whoever the champ is. Now that’s what I call cool, dude.

Carlito’s music hits.

CCC: Hey, RVD, I’m the only person around here who is cool, and now that you’re on the injured list, I will return in 2 weeks time, to take care of William Regal.
RVD: Now that does sound cool.
CCC: You’re damn right about that, and after seeing you both inside and outside the ring, I think you’re pretty cool.

The two shake hands and the crowd cheer.

- Commercial -

Edge and Christian make their way out to some huge heat from the fans, and they are followed by Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, who get a loud pop.

Match: After a fairly even contest, which saw Edge & Christina cheat to get the slight advantage, Benoit has Christian locked in the Crossface.
FINISH: Edge breaks the hold before Christian submits and Eddie takes Edge out with a missile dropkick. Eddie goes up top again and hits the Frog Splash, covers


3. Benoit and Guerrero got a huge win over tag team legends, E&C.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit (14:54)

E&C leave, and after a small celebration, Guerrero and Benoit follow.

- Commercial –

When we return, Triple H, Flair and X-Pac are in the ring.

HHH: Next week, I will defeat Chris Benoit and then go on to win the Battle Royal, and get my rematch at No Way Out, where I will become an 11-Time WWE Champion.
RIC: Wooooooooo.

Bombshell hits and the Dudley’s make their way out to a confused Evolution.

BUBBA: Guys, we’ve seen how dominant you are, and in the tag team division, we are just as good.
HHH: Is that so?
D-VON: It is, and we want to join your group. With us a backup, you can’t go wrong.
RIC: I’m not sure, Hunter, we’ve got differences with these guys.
X-PAC: Come on Hunter, they are a fantastic team, and we’ll have us dominating the WWE like never before.
HHH: Alright, you’re in.
D-VON: Oh, brother, testify!

Foley’s music hits.

MICK: I’m sorry to break up this little tea party but there’s something I need you to know. In Triple H’s match against Benoit next week, no one is allowed at ringside, so HHH, you’re gonna have to do it alone.
HHH: Foley, that’s not fair.
MICK: No, Triple H, what’s not fair is that you walk around here acting like you won the place. You don’t make any decisions from now on, I do. You got that?
HHH: Mick, you’ll be sorry that you just said that.

Triple H, Flair, X-Pac and the Dudley’s then attack Foley, until Benoit and Guerrero come out, but the numbers are still in Evolution’s favour, so John Cena comes out a hits the F-U on Flair, whilst Eddie hits X-Pac with a chair, and Benoit is being beaten down by the Dudley’s. Eddie hits Bubba with a chair and Cena hits the F-U on D-Von. Eddie, then realising that he will face Cena next week, kicks him in the gut and puts him on his shoulders. Eddie performs his own version of the F-U, which isn’t that effective, but the fans enjoy it. Flair is up but Foley, who has just regained his status, pulls Mr. Socko from his ass, and puts it on Flair. Evolution pulls Flair outside and retreat backstage and we see Benoit, Eddie and Foley standing tall in the ring.

JR: What a night it was, we had RVD and Grandmaster Sexay join the likes of Carlito on the injury list, Guerrero and Benoit beat Edge & Christian, and X-Pac and the Dudley Boyz were all named as new members of Evolution.
TAZZ: Yes, and next week, there are 6 matches because it is a #1 Contender night, when Jericho faces Angle, Batista faces Edge, Eddie and Cena lock up, Kane battles Christian, and Triple H and Chris Benoit battle once again.
JR: Be sure not to miss out and Tazz, you forgot to mention the main event!
TAZZ: You mean that’s not enough for one night!
JR: Nope, because the 5 winners will all compete in a Battle Royal, with the winner going to No Way Out to face the new WWE Champion, the Undertaker.
TAZZ: Wow, I can’t wait!

Quick Results
Rene Dupree def. Grandmaster Sexay

X-Pac def. Val Venis

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London fought Chavo Guerrero to a double count out

Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit def. Edge & Christian

Matches made for next week (#1 Contender night)
Kane vs. Christian
Batista vs. Edge
Chris Benoit vs. Triple H
John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero
Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at No Way Out)
Winners of all 5 matches

Card for No Way Out
Tag Team Championship

Dudley Boyz vs. WGTT

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts. I will start writing previews for each show from now on and I will give you news on injuries, new signings, releases and other stuff, and I'll give Heat results. There's no more Velocity
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