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WWE by Kdo

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Hey Im gonna start a little fed of WWE. There will be ONE Brand.

The Titles.
WWE Undisputed Title
WWE Intercontinental Title
WWE World Tag Team Titles
WWE Hardcore Title

The Superstars
Main Eventers
Kurt Angle[Heel]
Triple H[Heel]
The Rock[Face]
Chris Jericho[Heel]
Stone Cold Steve Austin[Face]
The Undertaker(Biker)[Face]
Chris Benoit[Heel]
The Big Show[Heel]

Mid Card
Shelton Benjiman[Heel]
Randy Orton[Baby Face]
John Cena[Heel]
Booker T[Heel]
Eddie Guerrero[Face/Tweener]

Tag Teams & Stables
The Dudleys
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team(Haas, Benjiman and Angle)
La Resistance
Los Guerrero's(Eddie and Chavo)
Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly..

Hardcore Division or Deadweights or Others....
Doink the Clown
The Hurricane
Molly Holly
Simon Dean
Val Venis
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Gene Snitsky

PPV Schedule

Jan- Royal Rumble
Feb.- No Way Out
April- WrestleMania
May- Backlash
June- King of the Ring
July- Vengeance
August- SummerSlam
Septemeber- Unforgiven
October- No Mercy
November- Survivor Series
December- Armageddon

Currentlly we are one night removed from WrestleMania which is where I will start.

WM Highlights...

Kurt Angle Pinned the Undertaker to Retain the WWE Undiputed Title.
Christian won the Intercontinental Title

Also The Hardcore Champion is Gene Snitsky and the Tag Champs are The Dudleys

I have only one show a week. So that will be Raw. Sorry Im not doing SD, but Ill do my best to make each Raw worth the read. First Raw may be up today. Then we will start doing them every Monday Night.
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If you are talkin about an E-Fed then its not allowed(Roleplay) but if you are writin the shows (Booking) Then i'll read on
Yeah lol. Thats what I mean. Booking no efed..
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WWE Raw By Kdo5

A brilliant video package of WrestleMania plays to begin Monday Night Raw. It highlights Kurt Angle just barley being able to Pin the Undertaker for a three count in the main event, then it shows a zoomed in shot of Kurt Angle's bloody face while he holds the Undisputed Title in pain and joyfulness. The promo finishes when we see the shocked expression on the face of the American Badass...The Undertaker...

Then the camera fades to black as the Raw theme song plays and Raw starts live in the Fleet Center in Boston Massachusetts.

JR: Welcome, everyone on this post WrestleMania edition of Monday Night Raw. I am Jim Ross along with Jerry "The King" Lawler. And folks what a night we have in store for us. Tonight our Undisputed Champion, Kurt Angle has confirmed that he will defend his title again here tonight!

King: Wait a minute JR, Kurt is going to put his Undisputed Title on the line, which last night he successfully defended by kicking out of not one, not two but three Tom Stone Piledrivers from the Undertaker. He went through hell to defend his title! Now he wants to defend it again the very next night! This isnt like Kurt, JR!

JR: Indeed it isnt and Kurt Angle will reveal his opponent later tonight. And speaking of Kurt Angle, King, here he is right now!

As JR speaks, "I dont suck" blasts over the PA System and the Undispiuted WWE Champion, Kurt Angle slowly limps out from behind the curtain. Kurt has a bandage on his head and is limping in great pain with the Undisputed Title Belt slung over his shoulders as the crowd chant in unison, "You Suck!". Kurt looks very worn out after his grueling Title Match last night with the Undertaker.

Kurt then climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. A microphone is handed to the champion.

Kurt holds on for a few moments allowing the crowd to chant a few more, "You Sucks" and then he finally speaks.

Kurt: You know there was a time when I didnt care what the fans thought. I didnt care if they shouted, "You Suck". But quite frankly, now I do. I mean, I first of all I am a Olympic Gold Medalist..*WHAT*...A Grand Slam Winner...*WHAT*...and last night right in front of 50,000 people and millions watching at home...*WHAT*...I not only defeated the Undertaker...*WHAT*...I destroyed the Undertaker...*WHAT*..

You see, he did take a lot out of me. He tombstoned be, three times..*Cheer*..However! However, I crippled the Undertaker. Such to the extent that he couldnt even make it to tonights show...*BOO*..Oh its true, its true..I said that I would end The Undertakers WrestleMania winning streak..and I did...*BOO*

JR: Yeah not without a little help from Haas or Benjiman huh Kurt?

Kurt: Truth be told, its getting boring beating every single superstar that comes my way. A man could use a challenge once in a while..but I have already choosen my opponent for tonight. And I will reveal that later tonight...

"I dont suck" plays again as Angle exits the ring and backstage as we take a commercial break.


JR: Folks we are back and set for what we hope to be some great singles action. It will be Eddie Guerrero versus John Cena.

King: This cocky Cena needs to be taught a lesson JR, I think that Guerrero is the perfect one to do just that.

Match #1 Eddie Guerrero Vs. John Cena

"Viva La Raza!" hits the PA as Eddie Guerrero enters, then followed by Cena as the match begins.

The Beggining
Both men start off with a series of grapples. Cena is able to out strengthen Guerrero and he pushes him back into the corner. Cena chops away at Guerrero in the corner. Cena then tries for an irishwhip into the opposite turnbuckle but Eddie reverses it with ease and sends Cena stomach first into the opposite turnbuckle. Guerrero picks Cena up and hits a nice suplex driving Cena's back into the mat.

The Middle
Eddie has Cena in a head lock currently. Cena is able to break free and elbow Guerrero in the head. Eddie lets go of the headlock. Cena finally free goes for a clothesline out of nowhere as Guerrero turns around. Guerrero ducks it however and when Cena turns around he swiftly kicks Cena in the gut and hits a suplex. Eddie swings his legs over and gets up forcing Cena with him and hits the second, then Eddie soon hits the third suplex on Cena and gets up moments later, however Cena is down.

The End
Cena regains advantage miraculously after a stray kick to Eddie's gut after reversing a move then from behind Cena rushed Eddie and planted him with a bulldog. Eddie rolls onto his back. Cena then goes off the ropes and drops the fist on Eddie, for the Five Knuckle Shuffle! CENA IS NOT GETTING READY FOR IT!! Eddie gets up moments later. Cena picks him up on his shoulders for the F-U!!! NO!!! WAIT! Eddie is able to slide of Cenas back and behind Cena. Eddie then hits a neckbreaker on Cena. Eddie then to the Top Turnbuckle!!! Frog Splash and he Connects, One....Two....Three!!!! Yes Eddie won.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

JR: Eddie Guerrero is victorious against John Cena here tonight!! I thought Cena had him but Eddie found a way out and to victory! I tip my hat to Eddie Guerrero on that victory. It wasnt easy but he did it.


Kurt Angle is shown limping backstage as he runs into The Rock who hasnt been seen on WWE TV for a long while. The crowd pops as they see him.

Kurt Angle: Well, look it here, its Mr. Hollywood, THE ROCK! So what movie are you on now Rock? Huh?

The Rock: Nuh uh Kurt, you see the Rock isnt acting in any movies at the moment. No, The Rock has decided to come back to defeat you, for your Undisputed Title in front of the millions AND MILLIONS of The Rock's fans.

Kurt(Bewildered): Now hold on a second. Incase you didnt know I am already defending my title here tonight and it will not be against you...*BOO*

Rock: Well thats ok Kurt, because you see, If I cant face you tonight, I can face you next week, or the week after that or hell maybe even Backlash...whatever works best for you Kurt. But it doesnt matter one bit. Either way, you and the Rock, will step into the ring sometime soon and he will give the biggest jabroni beating, you have ever with stood. How do ya like that Kurt?

Kurt stares at The Rock indisgust and doesnt say another word and walks right past him as the Rock smiles and continues down the corridor in the opposite way Kurt did.

JR: King, you heard that just like me. Angle verus The Rock possibly. What a huge match that might be.

King: I certainly agree with that JR, guess what is next. Hardcore Title Action!! Haha I love to see these idiots fight.

Match#2 Harcore Title Match, The Hurricane Vs. Gene Snitsky

The Beggining and The End......
Snitsky dominates very early on and starts to choke out the Hurricane. Hurricane is fading away but not giving up. The referee on behalf of Hurricanes own good steps in to tell Snitsky to at least break the choke hold. Snitsky does so but unwillingly. Snitsky finds a steel pipe on the outside. Snitsky tries to hit Hurricane with it. But the speedy Hurricane gets out of the way just in time. Hurricane then rushes off the ropes and tries to connect with a keaping crossbody but Snitsky simply catches the Hurricane in mid air and tosses him right over his head. Snitsky then takes his steel pipe and places it under Hurricanes jaw and thrusts it upwards, pulling as hard as he can until Hurricane is easily knocked out. And the referee goes and gets Snitsky's hardcore title belt as Snitsky stops choking Hurricane then asks for a mic which he recieves.


The crowd boo's Snitsky as we take a commercial break.


Triple H is backstage with his Manager Ric Flair as they talk in Triple H's locker room.

Triple H: Its odd Naitch. People like the Rock honestly think they can just walk back into the doors of the WWE and immideatly get a title shot when they dont deserve it. However I deserve the title shot. Not The Rock. I have done every single thing I canfor this buissiness and I am a 10 Time World Champion. Youd think theyd show me the proper respect and give a Undisputed Title Shot against Angle...

Ric Flair: YA KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT HUNTER!! It should be Triple H versus Kurt Angle for the Undisputed Title at Backlash. And not only will you challenge for that Title, Hunter, you will win it! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

Triple H: I have a plan for later tonight Naitch you just kick back and watch it unfold...


Kurt Angle is standing in the ring.

Kurt: Ladies and Gentleman without further ado, allow me to introduce my opponent, Edge!

"Metangillus" by Alterbridge strikes the PA System and Edge makes hsi way out to a good pop from the crowd.

Match#3 Undisupted Title Match, Kurt Angle Vs. Edge

The Beggining
Both men start off with grapples and Kurt then gets behind Edge and wraps his arms round Edge. Edge tries to move around and wrench himself free of Angle's wrap but he cant. Angle is soon to hit a german suplex on Edge to start the match.

The Middle
Angle is up on his feet. Edge is on his knees. Edge now reaches his feet. Angle charges Edge and clips him at his knees as Edge falls to the ground and his leg recieves a jolt of pain. Angle then hooks the ANKLE LOCK!! WAIT NO! Edge breaks free. Edge gets to his feet as fast as he can but in pain. Edge goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and into a German Suplex.

The End.
Angle hooks in the Ankle lock and Edge taps as Kurt Angle retains the Undisputed WWE Title.

"I dont suck" plays as Kurt Angle celebrates with his tite but from behind is The Rock. The crowd pops hugley when Angle turns around right into the Rock Bottom! "If ya Smell" than hits the PA as he exits the ring to many pops from the crowd. Then halfway up the ramo with The Rock facing the ring, from behind is Triple H with a Sledge Hammer to the back of the Rock. The Rock falls in great pain on the ramp as finally "Time to Play The Game" hits the PA as HHH stands over Ther Rock laughing as the show fades to black and the WWE logo fades across the screen...

P.S. Srry if this was a poor show. I was half asleep when I wrote this..
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Good attempt... You should work on your promos though. And why no Smackdown!
that's great,how about scheduling a special match on your next RAW?(ex.TLC,Hell in a Cell so that at least RAW wouldn't be just a weekly show, it has got to have unpredictable elements or stuff,too)well,it was just my opinion.
a good first show and my first show wasnt that great either but you will get better. good luck and i will keep reading
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