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After Wrestlemania ends, Vince comes out and says that to screw the fans he's rendering the PPV useless and is vacating all the titles and is switching the US/IC Titles. In addition to that, he is firing all the Divas(Except for Maria & Lilian), renaming RAW to Revolution and Smackdown! to Xplosion. He is also conducting a Draft Lottery at Wrestlemania! and is bringing back some legends and old-timers.(Also Tazz is now an active worker). He's firing Teddy Long and bringing back Shane Mcmahon and Stephanie McMahon.
Note: The Money In the Bank Match is still valid and Chris Jericho won it

Results of the Draft Lottery(Rosters) -:

Revolution Roster

Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Danny Basham
Khosrow Daivari
Doug Basham
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Muhammed Hassan
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Randy Orton
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Tyson Tomko

GM - Shane McMahon
Announcers - J.R & Paul Heyman
Backstage Interviewer - Maria
Announcer - Lilian Garcia

Revolution Championships

World Heavyweight Championship
US Championship
Revolution Tag Championship
X-Revolution Championship (Similar to Cruiserweight)

Xplosion Roster

Big Show
Billy Gunn
Booker T
Bret Hart
Bubba Ray Dudley
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Dvon Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Gene Snitzky
Heart Throbs
John Cena
Ken Shamrock
Kurt Angle
Mark Jindrak
Renee Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Ric Flair
Road Dogg
Robert Conway
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Stone Cold
Sylvan Grenier
Triple H
William Regal
CM Punk
Colt Cabana
Lance Storm
Tommy Dreamer
Scott Steiner

GM - Stephanie Mcmahon
Commentators- Jerry "The King" Lawler & Michael Cole
Announcer - Howard Finkel
Backstage Interviewer - Jonathan "Coach" Coachman

Xplosion Championships

WWE Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Xplosion Tag Championship
Cruiserweight Championship

Revolution will be done by kane01 and Xplosion by Canadian Psycho. First Revolution would be posted soon. (In case you are thinking, I'm a Secret Guy here ;))

PPV Schedule​

Revolution - Backlash - May 1st 2005
Xplosion - Judgement Day - May 15th 2005
Revolution - Vengeance - June 26th 2005
Xplosion - The Great American Bash - July 24th 2005
Both - Summerslam - August 21st 2005
Revolution - Badd Blood - September 11th 2005
Xplosion - Unforgiven - October 7th 2005
Revolution - Taboo Tuesday - October 21st 2005
Both - Survivor Series - November 27th 2005
Revolution - Armageddon - December 18th 2005
Xplosion - No Mercy - December 25th 2005
Revolution - New Year's Revolution - January 8th 2006
Both - Royal Rumble - January 29th 2006
Smackdown! - No Way Out - February 19th 2006
Both - Wrestlemania 22 - April 2 2006

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Sounds interesting but couple quick questions. You said the Vince came out after Wrestlemania ended, and said that there would be a draft lottery at wrestlemania. Is that possible after its done?
Secondly even though its creative, i see no realism in it. For one WWE would not go switch the name of their two biggest shows, and make their biggest PPV look like a joke. This is just me, but I think it could have been done better if it was done after like a No Way Out or something not as big.
I understand though that its to be creative, and I totally realize that, so I wish you the best of luck, and Ill be reading to see what you come up with.

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Thanks, I meant that after the main event ended, Vince came out. I also mentioned that he did this to screw the fans. BTW if this does happen in reality, won't it create realms of curiousity? I wanted this to happen at a Joint PPV so thats so.

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its great to see you doing a BTB again, I missed your shows as you progressed they really started to gt good.

Good to see Maven, Rhyno, Road Dogg, Austin, Rock, X-Pac all there, rosters look good.

But again I dunno anout the show name changes, I will be reading though.

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Cant' wait shoulkd have first show up soon after Kane01

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April 4th
Live from the Staples Centre, LA

JR: Welcome to the first ever episode of Revolution. And I would like to introduce you to my new broadcast partner Paul Heyman, it’s a pleasure to work with you Paul.

Paul Heyman: Its not a pleasure for me but I am glad to be back in this position.

JR: Since the main event of Wrestlemania big changes have happened. All the titles have been vacated and there was a big draft last night aswell.

Paul Heyman: Some returning superstars were involved with the draft including The Rock, Stone Cold and Brock Lesnar.

“Here comes the money"

JR: And also this man, Shane McMahon is our new general manager.

Paul Heyman: Shane McMahon has some announcements to make after the screwjob Vince Mcmahon gave to the fans. Such a loser.

He's your boss Paul, respect him.

Paul Heyman:
Yeah yeah, whatever.

Shane grabs a mic as Shane chants fill the arena

Shane: Hello Staples Centre!!!

Crowd cheers

Welcome to Revolution. This will be the best show ever because we are the best brand.. And I have some announcements to make. Firstly there will be an 8 man tournament………….And the final will take place at Backlash…………..and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd cheers

The quarter final matches are Shelton Benjamin v Christian……………..Kane v Chris Benoit…………..Brock Lesner v Randy Orton and JBL v the rock. And all of those matches will take place tonight. Also 2 title matches will take place tonight as well. Rob Van Dam will face Carlito Carribean cool for the US Title. And the tag titles are on the line as the Hardyz face the Bashams. Enjoy the show while …………….

"The Next Big Thing"

Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring to big boos. He grabs a mic off Lillian Garcia.

Brock: Nobody here has come to see you speak all day. They have come to see the return of Brock Lesnar, the greatest Wrestler alive.

(Crowd boos)

I am back and I am going to make an impact. One by one everybody on this show will get a beating by the Next Big thing Brock Lesnar. I am going to win this tournament and become a 4 time Champion.

(Brock grabs Shane by the shirt)

And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

JR: He is back and wants to prove a point.

Paul Heyman: Hey the last time I saw him he was getting you sold out chants.

I didn’t think grabbing the New General Manager by the shirt was a good idea

Paul Heyman: He does what he wants when he wants JR. He proved it right there.

"Ain’t no stopping me now"
Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for the first quarter final tournament match

"If you just close your eyes"
Christian comes down to the ring accompanied by Tyson Tomko

Match 1
Tournament Quarter Final Match
Christian v Shelton Benjamin​

Start: Christian and Shelton walk around the ring looking for an opportunity. They lock up, Shelton applies a wristlock, Christian reverses it and locks on a headlock. Shelton elbows Christian in the mid section and bounces off the ropes, he takes Christian down with a flying shoulder block.

Match: Christian takes Shelton down with a clothesline. Christian then points to his peeps at ringside. He then slaps Shelton, Shelton retaliates with a right hand. Christian knees Shelton in the gut and throws him over the top rope but Shelton hangs onto the ropes and gets in. He takes Christian down with a dropkick. He chops away at Shelton in the corner before bouncing off the ropes…….Tyson Tomko trips him up. Shelton shouts at Tomko what the hell he is doing and then lets Christian come from behind and take control. Christian chops away at Shelton in the corner.

Christian throws Shelton against the ropes, Shelton ducks a clothesline and takes Christian down with a superkick. Shelton picks him up and hits a snap superlex. He goes for the cover 1…...2…kickout by Christian. Shelton applies a headlock, Christian elbows his way out and hits a reverse DDT to Shelton. He goes for the cover 1………..2………kickout by Shelton. Christian tosses him to the corner and starts choking him out. Christian then slaps him around a bit before shouting I am captain charisma. Shelton rolls him up from behind 1………….2………….kickout. Shelton then meets him with a cross body pin 1………………2…………..kickout. Shelton hits a fishermen’s superlex. He climbs to the top rope and waits for Christian to get up. When he does Shelton hits a missile dropkick. Shelton taunts to the crowd which gets a good cheer. Shelton throws Christian into the corner and signals for the stinger splash. He runs up and……………Christian moves and then hits a huge DDT. He goes for the cover 1……………..2……………..kickout by Shelton. Christian then tries to clothesline Shelton, but Shelton ducks and he takes down the ref. Christian tries to wake the ref up as Shelton is behind him setting him up. Christian turns and walks into the T bone superlex and he goes for the cover ……………..but there is no ref. Shelton gets up and tries to wake the ref up. Tyson Tomko slides in the ring and hits the Big boot to Shelton. About 40 seconds later both men get slowly up, Christian goes behind Shelton and hits the unprettier. The ref wakes up and does the count 1………..2………….3!!!!

Winner: Christian in 10:34

JR: Christian has advanced to the next round folks. After a bit of help from the problem solver Tyson Tomko

Paul Heyman: What a way to start off with Captain Charisma beating Shelton in a very back and forth match.

JR: Christian will now face the winner of Brock Lesnar v Randy Orton next week.

Backstage Orlando Jordan walks into Shane McMahon’s office

Orlando: Why the hell do I get stripped off the title and then not get involved in the US Title Match? Huh?

Shane: I made a match which will excite the fans, which is our Top Priority and..

Orlando: I am fed up of things been done for stupid know nothing asses. I deserve at least a title shot for a title I did not deserve to be stripped off.

Shane: Tough luck junior.

Orlando: Tough luck my foot I have been screwed.

Shane: Okay then at Backlash you will have a US Title match and you will face the winner of tonight’s US Title match

Orlando: That is still not fair

Shane: You are late, I thought you had to be breast fed by JBL if I remember it happened every Smackdown!

Orlando gets furious and threatens to punch Shane but then walks out the office

Paul Heyman: Orlando did not deserve to be treated that way, he is a rising star dammit.

JR: He exited in a hurry, Shane was probably right about Orlando needing to be breast fed. Anyway the next match is for the US Title this match is going to be a slobberknocker

Paul Heyman: You are damn right. But this should be a triple threat match with Orlando Jordan

JR: Can you stop sucking up for that poor loser

Paul Heyman: No I can’t

JR: Don’t tell me I didn’t try folks.

"One of a Kind"
RVD comes to the ring to big cheers

"I spit in the face of people who don’t wanna be cool"
Carlito comes to the ring to a large amount of heat

Match 2
US Title Match
Carlito v RVD[​

Start: Carlito and RVD go face to face. Carlito spits apple in RVD’s face and rolls him up 1……….2……..kickout.

Match: Carlito applies a headlock, RVD pushes Carlito against the rope who takes him down with a shoulderblock. Carlito bounces off the ropes and goes for an elbow drop but RVD rolls out the way. RVD then takes Carlito over the top rope with a spinning wheel kick. RVD then hits a springboard plancha to him. RVD bounces Carlito’s face off the announce table before whipping him shoulder first into the ring post. Carlito flumps to the floor holding his shoulder which injured him a few months ago. RVD throws him into the ring and goes for the cover 1……………2………..kickout.

RVD picks him up and kicks away at him in the corner. He hits a monkey flip to him and then does the “R…….V…….D” Taunt. RVD climbs to the top rope and goes for the 5 star frog splash……….but Carlito moves out the way. Carlito slowly gets up and hits a DDT to RVD. The ref start counting them down 1………….2……….3………….4………….5………6………..7………Both men get up with help from the ropes. Both men exchange punches but then Carlito rakes him in the eye. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker and he goes for the cover 1……..2………….kickout.

Carlito goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. He brings it in the ring and goes to hit RVD with it………but the ref snatches it off him. Carlito then sets him up for the piledriver but RVD reverses it into a backbody drop. He takes him down with a spinning wheel kick. RVD jumps to the top rope and hits a 5 star frog splash and he goes for the cover 1………..2………..3!!!!!

Winner: and New US Champion!!! RVD in 11:03

JR: He has done it!!!! RVD is the New United States Champion and didn't he deserve that for a long time!

Paul Heyman: RVD only won thanks to Carlito’s shoulder injury

JR: Carlito’s shoulder injury or not, RVD is the new US Champion and he will face Orlando Jordan at Backlash on the First of May!

Backstage Maria is interviewing JBL

Maria: Last night you lost your WWE Title to John Cena.....

JBL: It doesn’t matter because if I had won I would have lost my title anyway. And I am a Wrestling God………Are you?

Maria: N………

JBL: Thought you weren’t.

Maria: Also tonight you face The Rock in the Tournament...

JBL: Do I care. I will beat him quicker than he can eat a pie(laughs), also Is he a Wrestling God? No he is Not..The chump can't even spell Wrestling God. He maybe a Good Wrestler but the problem is he has arrived in the JBL era. By the way who the hell are you?

Maria: My name is……..

JBL: Oh yeah I heard about you, your name is Slut. And you wanted to work for Slut magazine but you were too much of an expert to be in it.

An angered Maria slaps him and walks off

JBL: Rock you will go down tonight. If ya smellllllllllllll what the Wrestling God is cookin(Smirks evilly and leaves).

JR: Wrestling God my ass

Paul Heyman: Just because you can not handle that he is a Wrestling God.

"Slow Chemical"
Kane makes his way to the ring with a big smirk on his face.

Chris Benoit comes to the ring to the biggest cheers of the night so far.

Match 3
Tournament Quarter Final Match
Kane v Chris Benoit

Start: Benoit plays a cat and mouse game to start with. Both men finally lock up. Kane forces Benoit to the corner, Benoit reverses the momentum and chops away at Kane

Match: Benoit goes behind and tries to German superlex him but Kane is hanging onto the ropes. Benoit punches Kane in the back a few times and then pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Benoit hits a German superlex, he holds onto Kane and delivers a second German superlex. He goes for a third but Kane pushes him to the corner, he hits a series of elbow shots to the face. Kane then hits some hard right hands to Benoit’s rib. Kane hits a side slam and goes for the cover 1………….2……………kickout. Kane tosses Benoit to the outside. Kane whips benoit…..but Benoit reverses and Kane goes into the steel steps. Benoit picks up Kane’s arm and slams it on the steps. Benoit picks up Kane and repeatedly hits his arm off the ring post. Benoit rolls Kane into the ring

Benoit locks on an armbar. Kane tries to escape but Benoit has it locked on too hard. Kane uses his leg strength to get up onto one foot. Kane punches his way out of it. Kane recuperates as Benoit gets up. Kane waits for benoit to turn around, when he does he hits a big boot to him.

Kane picks him up and hits a powerslam. He goes for the cover 1……….2……..kickout. Kane climbs to the top rope and hits a diving clothesline to Benoit. Kane signals for the chokeslam…… He grabs Benoit by the throat, he gets him up and………..Benoit reverses the chokeslam to the crossface in mid air. Kane desperately gets to the ropes, Benoit gets him back to the centre of the ring. Kane gets to the ropes again, but again Benoit rolls him back in the centre. Kane then taps out!!!!!

Winner:Chris Benoit in 15:45s

JR: Benoit has advanced to the next round after making Kane tap in a tremendous match.

Paul Heyman: I can’t believe that Kane just tapped out, I mean that is impossible

JR: That was one hell of a reversal by Benoit.

Backstage Chris Jericho is walking and Randy Orton bumps into him

Randy: Look look, who it is the Winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania. The person who will face the champion anytime in the next year. Listen chump, If I win the title, I recommend you to not use your title shot. Because I will kick your ass.

Randy Orton walks off as Jericho stares at him

JR: Randy Orton has a great chance of winning the title but first he needs to go through the next big thing Brock Lesner

Paul Heyman: I made Brock Lesnar. And he knows that he can beat Randy Orton easily. All he has to do is hit the F-5 and the victory is his.

"The Cabinet"
The Bashams come to the ring to big boos

The Hardyz Music hits and they come to the ring for their comeback match

Match 4
Revolution Tag Team Titles
Bashams v Hardyz

Start: Danny starts for the bashams as Matt Hardy starts for the Hardyz. Both men lock up, Danny goes behind and Matt takes him down with an arm drag

Match: Matt hits a scoop slam. He bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. Matt picks him up and hits a side slam, he goes for the cover 1………….2……..kickout by Danny. Danny gets up and goes to the corner, Matt rushes to him but Danny kicks him in the face and then takes Matt down with a bulldog. Danny drags Matt to Doug and tags Doug in. Doug stomps at Matt’s head, he picks him up and hits a snap superlex and he goes for the cover 1………..2………kickout by Matt. Doug drops a knee across Matt’s throat. Doug tosses Matt to the outside and distracts the ref. Danny basham grabs a tag title and smacks Matt over the head with it. Doug goes for the cover 1………..2………Jeff hardy breaks the count. Doug tags in Danny who climbs to the top rope, and he hits a diving elbow drop, he goes for the cover 1…….2…..kickout by Matt.

Danny hits a leg drop across Matt’s throat. Danny picks Matt up and goes for a neck breaker but Matt pushes him against the ropes, Danny meets Matt with a running DDT. Danny tags in Doug. Both men go for a double clothesline but Matt takes them both down with a clothesline. All 3 men are down as Jeff hardy reaches out to get tagged in. Matt crawls to the corner as both Bashams are out in the ring. Matt tags in Jeff. Jeff picks up Danny and tosses him to the outside. He picks up Danny and hits a hurricarana pin 1……..2………kickout. Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits a corkscrew moonsault. Matt gets in the ring, he picks Danny up and hits the twist of fate. Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton bomb. Jeff covers Danny 1……………2……………3!!!!.

Winners: and new Revolution Tag Team Champions- The Hardy Boyz!!

JR: They have done it. What a way to comeback by becoming the Revolution Tag Team Champions!!

Paul Heyman: They only won because it was like a handicap match at the end

JR: They should of uses their domination in this match to their advantage but Bah gawd the Hardyz are the Tag Team Champions.

-----------------------------------Commercial Break----------------------

"The Next Big Thing"
Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring for his return match

"Burn In My Light"
Randy Orton comes to the ring to boos.

Match 5
Tournament Quarter Final Match
Brock Lesnar v Randy Orton

Start: Lesnar and Randy pace the ring looking for an opportunity. Both lock up, Brock forces Randy into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the sternum. Randy reverses the momentum and hits a number of right hands to the gut.

Match: Orton takes Brock down with a shoulder block. He takes Brock to the corner and pounds on him. Lesner fights back with a series of elbows to the gut. He bounces off the ropes and takes Orton down with a clothesline. He goes to drop an elbow but Orton rolls out the way. Orton hits a flapjack to Brock who lands throat first onto the ropes. Orton signals for the RKO but Brock pushes him to the ropes and takes him down with a vicious clothesline

Brock picks Orton up and hits a huge spinebuster. Brock lifts him up and hits a backbreaker. Brock pushes Orton into the corner and hits a series of shoulders into Orton’s sternum. Brock trips him up and locks on the brock lock. Orton screams in pain and tries to get to the ropes. After about 30 seconds Randy finally gets to the ropes.

Brock argues with the ref for about 25 seconds. He then goes to clothesline Randy who ducks and bounces off the ropes………..Brock catches him and hits a belly to belly overhead superlex. He covers Randy 1………2……..kickout. Brock tells the ref it was a 3 before applying a headlock. About a minute later Randy starts fading away. The ref lifts his arm up one and it drops……..twice………and it drops…………third time………..Randy keeps it up. He gets onto one foot, he hits a number of elbows to Brock’s gut. He bounces off the ropes and hits a crossbody, he goes behind Brock and hits a neck breaker. He then tosses Brock through the middle rope to the outside. Randy bounces Brock’s head off the ring post. He then leads him to the timekeeper and strangles him with a wire. He then hits a scoop slam to him on the concrete.

Randy tosses Brock into the ring and goes for the cover 1………2……….kickout. Randy then waits till Brock gets up, he goes to clothesline him but Brock ducks and Randy takes down the ref. Randy sees the opportunity and goes to the outside, he grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring and goes to hit Brock with it……..but Lesnar ducks. He snatches the steel chair and smashes Randy over the head with it. He then picks him up and hits the F-5 onto the steel chair. He throws the evidence out the ring and wakes up the ref. He covers Orton - 1……….2……….3!!!!

WinnerBrock Lesner in 16:12

JR: Brock Lesnar has advanced and he will face Christian next week in the semi final!

Paul Heyman: Great match between the two men but I think the experience won it for Lesnar.

Camera cuts backstage with Chris Jericho laughing at what happened to Randy Orton

The camera then switches to Maria interviewing the Rock

Maria: Next up you face…….

The Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to the Staples Centre!!(Pop). Tonight..no no no..Next, The Rock faces that Roody Poody asshole, JBL. And I guarandamntee that I will whoop that Monkey lickers ass all over the Staples Centre. Everybody in this building knows I will win, You know I will win, Shane O Mac knows I will win, hell even that sweet rapper on the floor knows that I will whoop that bank man’s ass. If you smelllllllllllll what The Rock is cooking.

--------------------------Backlash Commercial----------------------------

JBL comes to the ring in his limo accompanied by Orlando Jordan and the Bashams

"If ya Smelllllllllllll"
The Rock comes to the ring to a Grand Reception

Match 6
Tournament Quarter Final Match
The Rock v JBL​

Start: The rock punches away at JBL, he whips him off the ropes but JBL quickly escapes the ring to recover.

Match: Rock bounces off the ropes and Orlando Jordan trips him up. Rock goes to the outside and chases Orlando. Orlando leads Rock into JBL who takes him down with a big boot. JBL drops an elbow on Rock. He picks Rock up and bounces his head off the turnbuckle and then hits Rock with a few hard right hands. He goes to the opposite corner and taunts to the fans which meet him with boos. JBL runs at him but Rock kicks him in the face. Rock then tosses JBL to the corner and chops away at him. Rock bounces JBL off the ropes and hits a Samoan drop, Rock covers him 1………2……kickout. Rock stomps at him a few times and then drops a elbow to JBL. Rock picks JBL up, he bounces off the ropes but JBL catches him and hits a fall away slam to Rock. JBL then hits a powerslam and he goes for the cover 1……….2…….kickout. JBL picks Rock up, Rock immediately fights back with some knees to the gut, making the former champion back off. The 2 men exchange punches but then JBL rakes Rock eyes. JBL kicks him in the mid section and goes for the powerbomb but Rock back body drops him over the top rope.

Rock rolls to the outside, he bounces JBL’s head off the announce table. He then leads JBL to his limo, he bounces his head off the front of the limo. He rolls JBL back into the ring and goes for the cover 1……….2………kickout. Rock bounces JBL off the ropes and hits a belly to belly over head superlex. He then grabs JBL’s legs and locks on the sharp shooter. JBL screams in pain and tries his hardest to get to the ropes. Orlando Jordan grabs JBL’s hand and puts it on the rope. The ref tells Rock to break the hold, Rock does and then has an argument with the ref, while this is happening JBL is back on his feet setting up Rock, Rock turns around and JBL runs at him and goes for the clothesline from hell……….but Rock ducks and then hits the Rock Bottom. Rock covers JBL 1…………..2………….Orlando Jordan pulls the ref to the outside, Danny basham grabs the ring bell and brings it into the ring, he smashes Rock over the head with it. Doug Basham then rolls JBL on top, The ref gets back in the ring and counts 1………….2…………..3!!!!!!!

Winner:JBL in 15:07

JR: No not this way!!!!! Damn you straight to hell JBL.

Paul Heyman: JBL just proved that he is a Wrestling God and he is now 2 matches away from the Gold. He proved that the Rock is now a has-been.

JR: Those pack of wild dogs the Cabinet helped JBL win this match

Paul Heyman: JBL is a Legend and The Rock just couldn’t handle God.

JR: He is no God, Paul. Well we will see you next week folks

The camera fades away as Revolution goes off air.


Feedback would be appreciated

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Realism: Nobody was off-character. You hit jackpot with the JBL/Rock promos. 9.5/10

Length: Almost-Perfect Length. 9.5/10

Quality / Entertainment:
Highly entertaining show. I liked the Brock vs. Orton and the Main Event very much. Good Job. 9/10

Spelling / Grammar:
There were few mistakes but I corrected them. 10/10

Matches / Booking:
Good bookings, great matches. 9/10


Great Show, highly entertaining. There were a few areas which were to be worked upon, but I corrected them. Can't wait for next RAW.

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I hope to talk to Fire Wolf right now and sort out who is going to take my place as writer of Xplosion.
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