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This has a new roster, new storylines and a new outlook on wrestling's greatest and newest wrestlers.

GM: Shane McMahon
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit
Brock Lesnar
Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
La Resistance(all 3)
Dudley Boyz(all 3)
Mark Jindrak
Charlie Haas
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

GM: Stephanie McMahon
Randy Orton
John Cena
Booker T
The Basham Brothers
Orlando Jordan
The Hurricane
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Ric Flair
Matt Hardy
Stacy Keibler
Molly Holly
Dawn Marie
Miss. Jackie

World Heavyweight Champion - Kurt Angle
Intercontinental Champion - Mark Jindrak
World Tag Team Champions - Bubba and D-Von
Women's Champion - Trish Stratus

Hardcore Champion - Kane

WWE Champion - ???
United States Champion - ???
WWE Tag Team Champions - Los Guerreros
Cruiserweight Champion - Matt Hardy

This is the roster for now, More will be added as the year progresses.

PPV's of the year.

Judgement Day(Smackdown)
Bad Blood(Raw)
Summerslam(Joint Hosting)
No Mercy(Smackdown)
Survivor Seris(Joint Hosting)
Royal Rumble(Joint Hosting)
No Way Out(Smackdown)
Wrestlemania(Joint Hosting)

More to come

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Sorry for the delay, here is Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 21

The opening pyros go off as the official theme song plays “Find the Real” by Alter Bridge. Wasting little time, JR and Jerry Lawler hype Raw’s first title match for the World Tag-Team titles. It will be Bubba Ray and D-Von against Sylvan and Rene in a tag-team tables match. “Now in this match, the first person to go through a table loses the match for their team” said JR as the Dudley’s pyros shot down.

Match Start: After entrances, the Dudley Boyz are off to a great start, overpowering La Resistance.

Mid-Match Notes: Before long, the match exploded into a four man rumble. Before long, the Dudley Boyz gave both members a 3D. “D-Von, get the tables!” yelled Bubba as D-Von left the ring. D-Von through the table into the ring, shook his head, and reached under the ring for a second one. D-Von slid in the second one. Bubba had already set up the first one in the middle of the rind. Rene had started to get up and D-Von was poised to give him a 3D with Bubba on the other side of the table. Conway came out of nowhere and slammed Bubba’s head against the table, then moved it out of the way as Rene was flap-jacked to the mat. La Resistance had the advantage now, 3 on 2. After a Bonsoir on Bubba, Conway set up a table in the middle of the ring. The crowd started cheering as Rene picked up D-Von and Sylvan was on the other side, setting up for an Au Revoir. Spike came out of nowhere off the top rope and dropkicked Sylvan out of position.

Finish: Conway was on the out of the ring setting up the second table. Rene dropped D-Von after a thumb to his eye. Conway slid in the ring and ran at D-Von. D-Von lifted him up and Spike grabbed his head for a 3D through the table. Since Conway wasn’t part of the match, the match continued. Sylvan was on the top ropes calling for D-Von to turn around. Bubba, being up for a minute, ran at Sylvan and hit his leg, causing him to fall onto the turnbuckle. Rene charged at Bubba, but Bubba side-stepped him and Rene head-butted Sylvan in the netherlands. Sylvan, writhing in pain, didn’t see Bubba coming and was thrown off the top ropes to the outside through the table. The bell rings and we have new tag-team champions.

Winners: Dudleyz

A shot of the parking lot is seen as a limo pulls in. The driver comes out to open the door as Mr. McMahon walks out. “This is going to be a great night, I can feel it” Vince said as he walked out of the camera shot.

Second Match: WWE Tag Tam Titles: Bashams vs. Los Guerrors vs. Edge and Christian

Match Start: Chavo and Danny Basham start off the match to a well round of hold and counter hold.

Match Finish: The match has turned into a 6-man brawl all over the place. Danny and Eddie were fighting outside the ring and Chavo and Doug were brawling on the inside. Edge and Christian had barley gotten in the match. Doug and Chavo had just double clothes-lined each other and Christian came in the ring and dragged Chavo into his corner as Edge tagged himself in. Doug was getting up and he turned around to a spear from Edge. Edge pinned for a 2 count when Doug put his foot on the rope. Edge grabbed Doug’s legs and dragged him to the middle of the ring and put on the Edgucator. Danny ran in the ring and was met by Christian. Doug was holding on as Chavo and Eddie came in the ring each holding a chair. The referee was with Christian and Danny as Eddie and Chavo gave Edge a Con-Chair-To. Edge went down and Eddie pinned Edge as Chavo hit Christian in the back of the head.1...2...3. New Tag Champions.

Winners: Los Guerreros

Vince McMahon is sitting in an office talking on a phone. “Yeah, the main event will be great, I just hope that you can make it in time to see it in person.” Vince looks up, stands up and closes the door, locking the camera man out.

“I wonder what that was about?” asked Tazz to Michael Cole. “I don’t know, but coming up next we have the Cruiserweight Invitational.”

Third Match: Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Shannon Moore vs. Matt Hardy vs. Billy Kidman vs. Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. The Hurricane

Match Start: Shannon Moore and Billy Kidman start out the match, Moore losses
Billy Kidman vs. Paul London: London Loses
Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio: Billy Kidman loses
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero: Chavo loses
Rey Mysterio vs. The Hurricane: Hurricane loses
Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy: Hardy Wins

Winner: Matt Hardy.

“Well, you know what’s coming up next, don’t you JR?” asked Jerry. “Well, yes I do King”. Replied JR. “Puppies!!” shouted King.

Match 4: Women’s title match: Elimination Evening Gown Match: Victoria vs. Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia vs. Christie.

Match: Victoria strips Nidia
Victoria strips Torrie
Christie strips Victoria
Trish Strips Christie

Winner: Trish Stratus.

“Now it’s time for the interpromotional 8 man battle royal for the hardcore title.” Commented Cole.

Match 5: Hardcore Championship. Rhyno vs. Charlie Haas vs. RVD vs. Tajiri vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Ric Flair vs. Booker T vs. Kane

Match: Haas eliminates Jordan
Kane eliminates Rhyno
Kane eliminates Flair
RVD eliminates Tajiri
Kane eliminates Haas
Kane eliminates Booker T
RVD eliminates Kane

Winner: RVD

RVD is celebrating his victory when Kane sits up, chokeslams RVD and pins him 1…2…3
New Hardcore Champion: Kane

“Next we have a match for the WWE championship! And what a match it’s going to be, a triple threat cage match between HHH, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels.” Shouted Tazz as the cage lowered.”

Match 6: WWE Championship: Cage: HHH vs. HBK vs. Randy Orton

Match Start: The Match starts out with HBK and Randy Orton double teaming HHH. But that didn’t take long as the legend killer quickly turned on HBK.

Match Finish: All three men as covered in blood. All three men are barley standing as well. HBK swiftly kicks Randy in the face, ko’ing him. HHH then kicked HBK in the gut and gave him the pedigree. HHH then slowly started to climb the cage and made in to the top when HBK started to cover Randy. When HHH’s feet hit the ground the Referee had counted three and asked to ring the bell.

Vince came out and demanded that a rematch will take place between HHH and HBK this Thursday on Smackdown in a Last Man Standing Match.

“Well, sounds like Smackdown! Is going to have a great event this Thursday, but coming up next a match between an Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and a man that I believe to have his number, Chris Benoit.

Match 7: World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

Match Start: The first 5 minutes of the match Angle and Benoit are feeling each other out, countering and reversing each attempt at submission.

Mid-Match Points: Benoit does 4 German Suplexes, is countered and Angle does 3. Kurt Angle goes for an Angle slam, is countered into a crippler, Angle rolls back and grabs the Ankle, is kicked off and Benoit gets the sharpshooter. Kurt makes it to the ropes and both men stand up to a stalemate.

Match Finish: Benoit hits a DDT and goes to the top ropes for his head but, dives, and Angle rolls out of the way. The referee starts to count when Vince McMahon gets on the apron and distracts the referee. The crowd start to cheer as a man dressed in black with a black mask runs in the ring. He picks up Chris Benoit on his shoulders and gives him an F-5. The man takes off his mask to reveal Brock Lesnar. Lesnar picks up Kurt Angle and gives him an F-5. Brock then dragged Angle over to Benoit and put his arm around Chris. Lesnar left the ring and Vince got down. The referee turned around and counted to three, crowning a new World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: Kurt Angle

The PPV ends with Lesnar and McMahon laughing on the ramp, looking at the carnage.

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Its a good show man 7/10 just work on your spelling a little like


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Ok, here is Raw, please read and review

The pyros go off as Underground Nation plays Raw’s theme song. “Here comes the Money” is heard as Shane McMahon comes down the ramp towards the ring with a microphone.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw ladies and Gentleman, it looks like we are going to be addressed by our General Manager Shane McMahon/

King: Yeah, and I’ve been looking forward to tonight after the shocking outcome of last night’s main event!

Shane: “Welcome all to the first Raw of the fiscal year, and I promise we are going to kick it off with two main-event matches tonight. First off, we will have a triple-threat match for the intercontinental title. It will feature Mark Jindrak, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. And if that’s not enough, in a tag team match, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit taking on JBL and the new World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. But while we’re on the subject of Wrestlemania, we had a rather surprising end to it if you do recall. If perhaps you were sleeping under a rock last night, let’s roll the footage.”

Highlights of Wrestlemania’s main event with Brock Lesnar interfering while Vince was distracting the referee.

“Well there you have it, Brock Lesnar returning to Wrestlemania to screw over Chris Benoit But was he just in the area, or is Brock Lesnar here to stay?” Personally I don’t know, but I’m sure that if he were to return, He’d come here to Raw, the superior brand.”

“No Chance In Hell” plays as Vince McMahon walks out to the ramp.

“Well Shane, I have some good news for you. After last night’s sellout Pay-Per-View Wrestlemania was over, Mr. Lesnar and myself had a little chat about possible career options and he and I decided that it would be best if he came back to the WWE, and more specifically, Raw. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you the newest member of Raw, Brock Lesnar!”

“Next Big Thing” plays as Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring

“Well Brock” Shane continued “I guess your just in time for your first match on Raw in over two years, and it’s up next.

Commercial Break

Brock Lesnar waits in the ring for his opponent. He doesn’t wait long as Tajiri’s theme music plays and the Japanese Buzz Saw slowly makes his way to the ring.

Match 1: Brock Lesnar vs. Tajiri

Match Finish: Squash match, 3min 29 seconds in Brock Lesnar hits the F-5 for a 1...2...3

The camera is in Shane’s office where is talking to his father.

Shane: “So dad, anything else you’re here for?”

Vince: “Actually no, I’m heading out of here soon, the only thing left is to wish you luck as being the new General Manager.”

Knock at the door

Shane: “Come in!”

Batista walks in the office.

Batista: “Shane, I want a shot at the world title! I deserve it, I can beat any man on Raw”

Shane: “Your right, and to prove it, next week we will have a number 1 contenders match it will be Batista versus Brock Lesnar!”

Batista is shocked, but smiles.

Batista: “Ha ha, sounds like a good match, but Lesnar won’t know what hit him.”

Batista leaves Shane’s office.

Vince: “well Shane, sounds like you know what your doing, I’ll talk to you after the show, see you”

Vince leaves the office as well.

Commercial Break

Match 2: Sylvan Greiner and Rene Dupree vs. RVD and Rhyno

Match Finish: Dupree and Rhyno were both down after a double clothesline. Both man crawled to their corners and got the tag. RVD came in and dropkicked Sylvan, leg-sweeped Rene, enseguried Sylvan, wheel kicked Rene out of the ring. RVD climbed the turnbuckle as Sylvan stood up, turned around and was gored by Rhyno. RVD hit the five-star frog splash for the 1...2...3.

Torrie and Christie are in the women’s locker room talking when the door is opened rather abruptly. Trish walks in and in between Torrie and Christie.

Torrie: “Is something wrong Trish?”

Trish: “(sarcastically) Is something wrong Trish? Yes something is wrong, I just came from Shane McMahon’s office and he said that I have to defend my title next in a bra and panties match. After four years of trying to prove myself as a capable women’s athlete, and I’m just being put in degrading matches and why, cause the fans like it!”

Christie: “Who are you defending your title against?”

Trish: “Nidia, could you please excuse me, I have to get ready.”

Commercial Break

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are in a locker room talking.

Shelton: “Yo man, I know we are in a match tonight for the intercontinental title and it may turn ugly, but I just want to wish you good luck tonight.”

Shelton extends his hand

Charlie: “Well, I was going to say the same to you, here’s to a good match”

Charlie shakes Benjamin’s hand

Shelton: “Yeah, because you know you’ll need it.”

Charlie: “What does that mean?”

Shelton: “Oh nothing.”

Shelton Benjamin walks out the door with Hass watching him leave.

JR: “Well, an interesting confrontation between a former tag team.”

Nidia’s theme plays as she makes her way to the ring

King: “That’s all well and good, but you know what’s up next? Puppies!”

Trish Stratus comes down to the ring to the chants of “Slut!”

Match 3 Starts: Nidia versus Trish Stratus in a B&P Match for the Women’s Title

Match Finish: A topless Nidia is being dominated by Trish. Trish had Nidia in a side headlock and ran at the ropes going for the Stratusfaction but is flipped over Nidia’s head. Nidia runs at Trish and schoolboys Trish, grabbing her pants and pulling them off. Trish gets up outraged and kicks Nidia hard in the head. Trish bends over (crowd cheers), grabs Nidia’s top and rips it off. The Bell rings as Trish’s music hits.

Commercial Break

Match 4 Starts: Charlie Haas vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Shelton Benjamin for IC Title.

Match Finish: Hass has the Haas of Pain on Jindrak with Benjamin on the outside. Shelton grabs Mark’s hand and puts it on the bottom rope. Haas relinquishes the hold as Shelton gets in the ring. Haas and Shelton are arguing when Jindrak pushes Shelton into Charlie causing Haas to fall through the ropes and Jindrak rolls up Benjamin with the tights for the 1…2…3.

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit are walking to the ring talking about something preparing for their match.

Commercial Break

Match 5 Starts: Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs. JBL and Kurt Angle

Commercial Break Halfway Through

Match Finish: Benoit and JBL are the legal men but all four men are in the ring. Kurt delivered the Angle Slam on Jericho. Benoit delivered three German Suplexes to Angle ending in an Ultimate German Suplex. Jericho slowly made it to his feet as JBL ran at Jericho going for a Clothesline from Hell but Jericho ducked and JBL ran into Chris Benoit’s Crossface. Angle got up and tried to break it up, but Jericho schoolboyed Angle into the Walls of Jericho. Both Angle and JBL tapped out.

End Show

Quick Match Results:
Brock Lesnar defeated Tajiri
RVD and Rhyno defeated La Resistance
Trish defeated Nidia
Jindrak defeated Benjamin &Haas
Benoit and Jericho defeated JBL and Kurt Angle
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