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Me and Lethal_Killa have decided to do a joint Booker named WWE: Breakdown. Lethal_Killa will do Raw on Monday's and I shall do Smackdown on Thursday's. We have had a draft to decide the rosters. We shall start the night after the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble results:
Brock Lesnar wins 30 man Royal Rumble
World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Benoit def. Randy Orton
WWE Championship: Diesel def. Shawn Michaels
Batista def. Chris Jericho interference from Triple H
US Championship: Lance Storm def. Jeff Hardy
World Tag Team Championships: Dudley Boyz def La Resistance
Intercontinental Championship: Maven def. Scott Steiner
Rhyno def. Eddie Guerrero
WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Angle def. APA
Womens Championship: Trish def. Stephanie
Cruiserweight Title: The Hurricane def. Ultimo Dragon, Chavo Guerrero

Raw roster:
Triple H
The Rock
Randy Orton
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Rob Van Dam
Rey Mysterio
John Cena
Rob Conway
Rene Dupree
Scott Steiner
Mick Foley
Ric Flair
Brock Lesnar
Billy Kidman
Paul Heyman
Trish Stratus
Stephanie McMahon
Stacy Kiebler
Torrie Wilson
Miss Jackie
Tyson Tomko
Molly Holly
General Manager - Eric Bischoff

Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
Josh Matthews
Lillian Garcia

World Heavyweight Champion - Chris Beniot
Intercontinental Champion - Maven
World Tag Team Champions - Dudley Boyz
Womens Champion - Trish Stratus

Smackdown Roster:
Stone Cold Steve Austin (F)
Shawn Michaels (F)
Kurt Angle (H)
The Undertaker (F)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan (F)
Eddie Guerrero (F)
Rhyno (H)
Big Show (H)
Diesel (H)
Razor Ramone (F)
Shelton Benjamin (H)
Charlie Haas (H)
Jeff Hardy (F)
Matt Hardy (F)
Christian (H)
Eugene Dinsmore (F)
William Regal (H)
Lance Storm (H)
Faarooq (F)
Bradshaw (F)
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper (H)
Goldust (F)
Booker T (F)
Tajiri (F)
The Hurricane (F)
Paul London (F)
Crash Holly (H)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Lita (F)
Dawn Marie (H)
General Manager – Theodore R. Long

Michael Cole
Tony Schimmel

WWE Champion - Diesel
United States Champion - Lance Storm
WWE Tag Team Champions - Team Angle
Cruiserweight Champion - The Hurricane

Lethal_Killa's first Raw will be up on Monday. My first Smackdown will be up on Thursday.

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no, i am not done with my WWE, i shall be doing both.

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Road To Wrestlemania BEGINS!

We are now officially on our way to Wrestlemania 21. What impact will Royal Rumble winner, Brock Lesnar, have on the new world champion Chris Benoit. Will he have his chance to shine once again at Wrestlemania? Anything is possible leading up to the major ppv, of all ppv's.

No Way Out Preview!

No Way Out will be live from the Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a Smackdown only Pay Per View and is on 13th February 2005. More information will be available as the weeks go on.

Smackdown Preview

The first Smackdown since the Royal Rumble, and after Shawn Michaels lost his WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble he is using his rematch clause this week when he challenges Deisel for the WWE Championship! Also this week ,Hurricane will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Chavo Guerrero and Theodore Long has a big announcement which concerns every single Smackdown superstar

Tune in to this weeks Smackdown!

RAW Preview

The "Road To Wrestlemania" begins this Monday when RAW comes live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detriot. Will there be any aftershocks felt from last night's PPV, Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar will begin his journey to once again become World Heavyweight Champion, as he gets ready for his match at Wrestlemania. Will he start this monday with Chris Benoit?

Also, Triple H, last night at the Royal Rumble, made his return from injury when he cost Chris Jericho the win, in his match against Evolution member, Batista. Chris Jericho has promised to get revenge on Triple H

Finally, Eric Bischoff has announced that there will be a major announcement concerning the road to wrestlemania. What could the RAW GM have up his sleeve?

Catch RAW live this Monday night, 9et/8ct, Live on Spike TV

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It sure is! Finekilla's Raw will be posted tomorrow!

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Yeah I looked at this this morning and thought it looked pretty good, the graphics are a nice touch, I quite like it, simple yet effective.

Good Luck with the shows, I'll check it out....

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k, i shall upload it on YouSendIt for the people who don't have 35mb.

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if anyone could tell me how to use yousendit can you tell me so i can put it on there for the non-35mb users

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OK, go to www.yousendit.com, you will then be asked to type in your email address which you can either do or put a fake one in (I put my real one in). Then you have to browse in your files for the file and press 'send it'.

Then copy and paste the link you get here

Depending on how big it is and your connection rate, the time it takes to upload varies.

It's not hard to use once you get the hang of it

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can someone rate my Smackdown video?

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thanks, glad someone has rated it.

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Detroit, MI
Joe Louis Arena
Attendance: 18,500 out of 19,983
Jim Ross, and Jerry Lawler

The WWE logo is shown, and a video is played recapping last night’s events at the Royal Rumble. We see Maven becoming the Intercontinental Champion, Trish Stratus regaining her Womens Title, and the Dudley Boyz winning the Tag Titles. It mainly focuses though on Chris Jericho getting attacked by Triple H, and Chris Benoit winning the World Title over Randy Orton. As the video ends it has Brock Lesnar standing in a ring alone, with “Here Comes The Pain” being shouted in the background”. We come to the arena, and a massive pyro demonstration goes off, and RAW is on the air.
JR – “Welcome everybody to RAW, and King this may be a RAW that nobody will ever forget.”
King – “That’s right JR, the question on everyones mind is when, will Brock Lesnar make an impact here on RAW.”
JR – “One thing we know for sure though is that when he arrives, all hell will break loose. But King, that’s not all. Tonight, Trish Stratus will take on Victoria, for the Womens Title.”
King – “Woohoo Puppies! I cant wait for that. But I also cant wait for Bischoffs announcement. What could is be JR? What is big enough to have an impact on the Road To Wrestlemania?”
JR – “Well if we look at Eric Bischoffs announcements in the past, I’m sure that this one will be HUGE!”

Scott Steiner vs. Billy Kidman
Billy Kidmans music starts, and he comes down the ramp, into the ring to a small ovation. He goes to two turnbuckles poses, and waits in the middle of the ring for his opponent. The sirens start, the lights begin flashing, and out comes Scott Steiner. He gets into the ring to a large amount of boos, and he tells the fans to F*ck off. The bell sounds and the two lock up head to head. Scott Steiner pushes Billy over, and Kidman comes running back and jumps up for a dropkick. Scott catches him, and powerbombs him straight to the mat with authority right on his side. Kidman is squirming around on his side, and Steiner is smiling right back at him. Scott stands back and waits as Kidman struggles back up to his feet. Steiner picks up Kidman and hoists him way over his head, and military presses him. He throws him to the mat with authority. Steiner follows it up by doing his signature pushups in the middle of the ring, while yelling at Kidman. He has more than enough time, and gets on Kidmans back ,and locks in the Steinerrecliner. Billy hangs on for a few seconds, but the pain is too much, and he taps. The bell rings, but the ref cant get Steiner to release the hold. Road Agents come out to help, and they finally pry Scott off of Kidman. They get him in the corner, as others check on Kidman. Suddenly, the lights dim, and a video is played showing bodies brusied and beaten. It ends with sparks falling from the roof of the Joe Louis Arena, and the “YOUR NEXT!” on the titantron. Steiner looks shocked, and looks on in approval.
Winner : Scott Steiner

JR – “KING, that’s gotta be Goldberg! Its gotta be!”
King – “I know JR, it has to be. Ive got shivers running through my spine already in anticiaption!”
JR – “But wait a minute…”

The camera goes to the back, and we join a cameraman running in the parking lot, towards a limo that is pulling up in the arena. The driver gets out, and opens the door. Out steps Ric Flair. He gives a WOOOO, and Randy Orton, Batsita, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon come out of the limo following him.

- World Poker Tour Preview
- Blade : Trinity
- Darkness
- Halo 2(Xbox)

Evolution In-ring Segment
We come back from commercials and Evolutions music begins. All five members walk down to the ring, and enter it strutting around as if there worth a billion dollars.
Flair – “Cut the damn music. And all of you fans here in Detroit can shut the hell up too. Will you please show some respect for the leader of RAW, Triple H!”
Fans BOO!
HHH – “Thanks for that warm welcome. I see since Ive left, nothing has changed. You know this morning, I got reality check from every single person in this city. I walked down the street and I got something I sure as hell wasn’t expecting. Of course I had the few good looking women in this city, all over me.”

Stephanie looks straight at Triple H, with shock.
Triple H – “Honey I’m just kidding. But I did have a few jerks come up to me and ask one question that really stuck out in my mind. ‘Why did u attack Chris Jericho, last night at the Royal Rumble’? Well geez let me think. Oh yeah maybe its because he is the biggest spotlight stealer in this business. I leave for a month, and I turn on the TV, and see Chris Jericho’s ego running wild all over the show. Quite frankly I’m sick and tired of it. And I promise each and everyone of you, that you will never have to listen to that B*tch ever again. I promise.
Chris Jericho’s music cuts Triple H off, and he comes out onto the ramp.
Jericho – “Triple H, will you please shut the hell up! Ive been sitting back in my locker room for the past few minutes, and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of all the crap. I did come out here though for a good reason though. That being to deliver you cases of paper towels, so you can blow your nose, cause quite frankly I almost started crying in the back. Hopefully, these are enough to fit around your nose. Now lets get down to business. You wanna fight? Lets go! You name the place, the time, and Ill be there.”
Triple H – “OK, How bout, NOW!”

Jericho nods, rips off his shirt, and makes his way to the ring. Just as he is about to enter though, Eric Bischoff’s music begins. He comes out onto the ramp carrying a microphone.
Bischoff – “Umm, I don’t think so! This isn’t gonna happen tonight, I’d be crazy to let a match of this magnitude to go by without any promotional work. It is gonna happen though in two weeks, right here live on RAW! Why two weeks? Well that brings me to my major announcement. Smackdown is on its way to the Wrestlemania, but they have a ppv separating them from it. So I was thinking RAW, needs something like that too. In two weeks, Live from Las Vegas, we will have the return of RAW Roulette. However, that RAW wont be like any other RAW. Every single title will be on the line, and RAW that evening will be a special three-hour episode. So its going to be Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in two weeks in Las Vegas. But what about tonight. I can almost guarantee that you two will not stay away from eachother. So tonight we are going to have ourselves a little tag team match. Its gonna be Triple H, Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit! Thank you very much.
Jericho and Triple H stare each other down, as Evolution holds back their teammate.

JR – “What a main event! That match is gonna blow the roof off of the Joe Louis Arena.”
King – “OH NO! JR this is definitely not good news for Evolution.”

- Cherrios
- Are We There Yet?
- Home Depot
- Tim Hortons

John Cena’s Film-Making
We are shown highlights of John Cena, filming the upcoming movie, The Marine”. It contains quick excerpts from action scences, and jokes being played by the cast to one another. John Cena ends the promotional video by saying ‘The WWE, better get ready, cause the Doctor of Thuganomics is coming ready!

Edge vs. Maven
The lights go out, blue fog fills the stage, and Edge steps out onto the ramp. Almost as soon as Edge goes through the ropes, Maven’s music starts, and he comes down the walkway with the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder. Maven rolls into the ring, and Edge immediately goes to work on him. He lays the boot to Maven, giving multiple kicks to the right shoulder. Edge picks up Maven, and goes back down with him, by hitting a ddt. Edge gets back to his feet and taunts the crowd, which gets a massive response of displeasure. Edge waits for Maven to get back to his feet, and he lays him back out with a clothesline. Edge goes for the cover, 1…2.NO. Edge thought he had it, but never. He raises Maven to his feet, and tosses him to the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Maven ducks, bounces off the ropes again, and sneaks in a dropkick. Edge goes down, and Maven gets on top of him sending punches to the head. The ref pulls off Maven, and gets the two separated. Once the ref gets some order, Maven throws Edge to the corner. Maven goes over, and begins to chop Edge on the chest. The sound is heard throughout the arena, and the fans ‘wooo’ after every chop. Maven climbs the turnbuckle, and swings around to hit a swinging ddt. He goes for the cover 1…2...NO. Edge kicks out. Maven goes down on his knees, and begins to choke Edge. The ref goes over to break the two up again, then Maven goes to pick up Edge from the mat. When hes picking him up though, Edge sneaks in a low blow, undetected, and it sends Maven to the ground. Edge gets up to his feet and gives a big smile to the crowd. He waits in the corner, and stalks Maven ready for a spear. Maven stumbles to his feet, and Edge comes running at him, but Maven moves out of the way, and chucks Edge right in to the turnbuckle. Maven climbs the opposite turnbuckle, and waits as Edge recovers. Edge gets out of the corner, turns around, and is met with missle dropkick form the top rope from Maven. He goes for the cover, 1…2…3. Maven has beat Edge. He makes his way up the ramp, as Edge slowly tries to recover in the ring.
Winner : Maven

- Doom 3(Xbox)
- Stacker 2
- PS2

We come back from commercial, and meet Paul Heyman exiting his car. He enters the arena with bags in hand. His cell phone goes of and he answers it.
Heyman – “Hello? Hey champ, hows it going? Yes I just entered the arena. I know I was a little late, but the traffic was crazy. Where can I meet you? YOUR NOT HERE! Where the hell are you? An hour from Detroit, we’ll how are we supposed to start the plan tonight? OK, well I’m holding you up to your word, I’ll talk to you later, bye.”
Heyman walks by the camera, and you can here him talking to himself. Who the hell does he think he is? Not being on time. This better not happen again.

Tyson Tomko vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD's music is played thoughout the arena, and he enters the ring, as Tyson Tomko looks on. The two begin exchanging right hands, and it seems as though RVD is getting the upper hand. All hope is gone though when, Tomko nails him with a clothesline. Tomko goes down on one knee, and begin sending forearm shots to RVD’s head. Tomko gets up and begins taunting the crowd, and turns around only to find RVD standing on his feet, and he receives a dropkick. Tomko gets right back up and RVD catches him with a german suplex. Tomko gets right back up, and he gets hit with another german suplex. RVD goes for the cover but only get a count of 1. Tomko kicks out with authority, and RVD gets sent to the outside. Tomko gets to his feet, and jumps over the ropes and lands on RVD. He recovers, and rolls RVD, back into the ring. He rolls in also for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Following the kick out, Tomko picks up RVD again, and tries to set him up for a powerbomb, but RVD low blows Tomko, and the ref didn’t see it. RVD goes for the cover, but Tomko just kicks out in time. Edge comes running down the aisle, jumps on the apron, but RVD knocks him right down again. Tomko rolls over behind RVD, and is able to bring him down, for a small package. He almost gets a three, but RVD reverses it, and gets a two count. RVD gets back up, but Edge pulls him right back down to the mat with a trip. Tomko gets on top of him, and locks in an armbar. Tomko lets go, and looks at the crowd, while making the sign that its time for the match to come to an end. He picks up RVD, and goes for a powerbomb, but RVD reverses it into a hurricarana. He goes for the cover, but Tomko quickly reverses it. The two keep reversing the cover, and finally RVD, gets a count of 2, but Edge sneaks from behind, and pushes the two over, so that Tomko is on top. The ref sees nothing, and counts to 3. Edge gets in the ring, goes over and begins celebrating with Tomko. BUT the ref goes over and raises RVD’s arm. Edge, and Tomko are fired up as they go over, and complain to the ref. The referee says that Tomko’s shoulders were clearly on the mat, and the RVD is declared the winner. Edge asks him if thats right, and says that this was the last match he will ever officiate. Tomko floors the ref, and Edge jumps on top of him beating him down to a pulp. The two leave, as security figures run down to the ring to break up the fight.
Winner : Rob Van Dam

We are treated to a promo video, and it looks like another one of these F-View segments. It looks like a locker room. Triple H, and Stephanie walk in, and sit down on the couch. Triple H tries to tell Stephanie that he was just lying about what he said before, and that he was just trying to make Evolution seems superior. Stephanie looks upset, and asks him if hes telling her the truth. Triple H looks at her, and says ‘do you think I’d ever lie, to the women of my dreams’? Stephanie smiles, and the two kiss on the couch.

Lawler – “JR, this is terrible. We shouldn’t have to watch what is going on in peoples lives!”
JR – “King, your just upset that it didn’t include in divas this time!”
Lawler – “Well maybe that too”
JR – “Well King, we got to get back on task. When we get back, Victoria will take on Trish Stratus for the Womens Title.”
Lawler – “Woohoo, PUPPIES”

- Pizza Hut
- Elektra
- WWE Live Events
- Pepsi

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria – Womens Championship
As Victoria climbs the turnbuckle to raise her hand to the crowd Trish gets a cheap shot and pulls her down from the turnbuckle as the referee signals for the bell. Trish then throws 3 punches and then Victoria battles back with a knee shot to Trish’s abdomen. Victoria then bounces off the rope and clotheslines Trish in mid-air. Victoria goes for the cover, 1...2…Victoria then picks up Trish and throws her into the corner as Victoria goes flying through mid-air and misses Trish in the corner of the ring. Trish then hits the DDT when Victoria turns around. Trish covers, 1...2…, Trish then picks up Victoria and clotheslines her back down and covers, 1...2… Trish picks Victoria up again and body slams Victoria near one of the turnbuckles. Trish goes up to the top rope as Victoria lays on the ground and Trish goes for the top rope elbow and connects and covers, 1...2..., Victoria kicks out yet again. Trish then throws Victoria into the turnbuckle and goes for the flying clothesline and hits in. Trish then goes for the Stratusfaction but Victoria gets out of it and flings Trish over the top rope to give time to breath and recover. When Trish goes back into the ring Victoria gets up and bounces off the rope and hits the swinging neck breaker and covers, 1...2… Victoria cannot believe that Trish kicked out of the count and they connect hands and Trish kneels down and slides Victoria over her back for the, 1…2… count. Victoria then gets angry and kicks Trish right on her head. Victoria then picks up Trish and tries for the Widows Peak and connects. Victoria covers, 1…2…, Victoria cannot believe that she kicked out of another count and picks Trish up once more and tries the Windows Peak but Trish gets out of it and connects with the Stratusfaction and covers, 1…2…3.
Winner and still champion : Trish Stratus

GM Office
WE see that Triple H, and Randy Orton are in the GM’s office. They look concerned though.
Bischoff – “ What the hell do you mean, by your afraid to go out there tonight!
HHH – “ Look Eric, If Paul Heyman says that his employee is gonna make an impact, it sure as hell wont be on me.
Bischoff – “Look, Triple H, Randy Orton. I guarantee both of you, that nothing will happen, but if in the strange occasion that it does? I promise I will more than make it up to you next week.
Orton – “We’ll Eric, we’re holding you to that

The camera fades as we got to commercial

- Pontiac
- Local News Break
- Ebay
- Victoria Secret

Wilson Photo Shoot
We come back from commercial and we see Torrie Wilson having a photo shoot. Shes wearing a tight white top, and short tan skirt. Suddenly the cameraman gets thrown to the side, and Kane walks in. He walks up to Torrie, grabs her hair, and smells it. He gives a big smile, and Torrie is becoming afraid. Maven comes walking by, and asks Kane what he thinks he is doing. Kane responds by saying marking his territory. Maven tells him to leave Torrie alone, but if he does wanna gets his hands on others, he challenges him to a match next week. Kane nods, smiles, and says that wont be a problem, as he walks off. Maven hugs Torrie, as we switch scenes.

Jericho, and Benoit Preparing
The camera switches to a locker room where Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, are getting ready for their match. Benoit asks Jericho, “how bad of an ass kicking should we give them?” Jericho responds by saying that he wont stop until Triple H is beaten into a bloody pulp.

JR – “The Main Event is NEXT!!”

- Sony
- Samsung

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Triple H & Randy Orton
Evolutions music begins, and all five members make their way down to the ring. Orton, and HHH get in, and discuss plans of what is about to go down. Chris Benoit’s music is the next to play and he comes out to a standing ovation. He waits at the end of the ramp, while Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Jericho and Benoit, at once storm the ring. Early Hebner though gets in under control very quickly, and has Jericho, and Orton start the match. The bell sounds, and the match is now officially underway. The two lockup hand to hand, but just as il looks like Jericho might be getting the upper hand, Orton spits in his face. Randy then follows it up with a clothesline, which sends Jericho to the ground. He goes over and tags Triple H in. HHH comes running at Jericho and catches him with a running knee. Jericho goes down holding his jaw. Triple H continues his work, by sending hard kicks to the back of Jericho. HHH goes back over and tags in Orton. Orton waits for Jericho to return to his feet, and he gets a lou threz prez type move on Jericho. Hard punches to the head of Jericho. He goes for the cover, 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out. Orton gets back up, and waits for Jericho to get back to his feet, looking like the RKO may be near. Jericho though pushes himself out of the attempted move, springs off the ropes, and spears Orton. Both men crawl over to their respective sides, and tag their partners at about the same time. Benoit comes in and tackles HHH. He gets on top of him and gives some hard jabs to the head. Benoit gets back to his feet, and does a falling head butt on Hunter. He goes for the cover, 1…NO. Triple H is just too powerful. Benoit gets back to his feet, and hoists Hunter to his feet. He locks him up from behind and begins the german suplexes. One suplex followed by another. Amazingly, Benoit gets off five german suplexes in a row. He crawls over and tags in Jericho. Chris runs at the ropes, and does the Lionsault and goes for the cover. 1…2…NO. Triple H kicks out. Jericho looks mad and grabs Triple H’s legs and sets him up for the Walls Of Jericho. He just gets him over, and Orton makes his way into the ring. Just as Orton is about ot touch him though, Benoit catches him with a hard forearm. The two roll out to the outside, as Jericho has Triple H screaming in pain. Stephanie gets on the apron, and begins yelling at Chris Jericho. Jericho releases the hold goes over to Stephanie, and gives her a huge kiss on the lips. Stephanie is in shock, and Jericho goes back over and locks Triple H back into the hold. Right before he taps out though, the lights dim, and Brock Lesnar’s music begins. He comes out on to the ramp looking like he is here in Detroit for a purpose. The ref meanwhile is on the outside trying to separate Evolution from Benoit, and doesn’t see Lesnar making his way to the ring. Jericho releases the hold, and charges at the entering Brock Lesnar. Lesnar though ducks the attack, and catches Jericho for an F-5. He goes for Triple H, and slides him on top of Jericho. He leaves the ring, and hides below the apron. The ref sees what has happened, and gets back into the ring. 1…2…3. Triple H has won with the help of Brock Lesnar, and he doesn’t even know it.
Winner : Randy Orton & Triple H

Main Even Aftermath
Benoit sees what has happened, and comes charging into the ring, only to be intercepted by Brock Lesnar. The two go face to face, and Lesnar picks him up for an F-5. Evolution gets into the ring surrounding Lesnar, and a long face off between Lesnar and Triple H, who is getting to his feet, occurs. Triple H goes over to shake hands. Brock accepts and it looks like Brock Lesnar has joined Evolution. HHH then goes to hug him, but Brock hoists him up aswell, and F-5 on HHH. Orton comes running at Lesnar, but is also met with a F-5. Flair, and Stephanie scramble from the ring, and Batista goes after Lesnar. HE gets one punch in, but Lesnar throws him off the ropes, and gets an F-5 on him aswell. Lesnar stands alone in the ring, surrounded by fallen, and beaten bodies.

JR – “OH MAY GAWD! What a finish! Brock Lesnar is definitely here to make an impact, and I believe he has just showed why he has won the Royal Rumble last night”
Lawler – “I don’t think that’s all he showed. He also displayed why he is gonna win the World Title at Wrestlemania”
JR – “Your right King, Lesnar vs. the champ at Wrestlemania 21 in Los Angeles. That night is gonna be spectacular. We are out of time though. Thank you for joining us, we’ll see you next week on RAW”

The camera shows Lesnar over the bodies, and fades out to end the show.

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awesome Raw!! 10/10!

-Steiner vs Kidman was good and I like the fact that Steiner is heel.
-Evolution's in ring segment was good as was the bit where Lesnar fooled them after the mnain event, which was great and well written in
-Shame Maven won, Edge is a great wrestler and Maven, well, sucks. Hope Maven gets killed by Kane but it should be a great rivalry.
-Tomko vs RVD was good and I'm glad RVD won.
-Good Womens Title match, glad Trish retained. Shame Victoria didn't do her moonsault, i love that move.

all round a great show.
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