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Well the fourms may have restarted, but this topic sure isnt. IF anyone needs a quick reminder, this is whats going on.

-Team WCW is begin to take total control
-Mick Foley is the GM
-Just finished Bad Blood (will post soon as a review)

-Undertaker is the champ
-Inferno match set between him and his brother Kane for GAB
-ECW made their return last week, led by Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesnar

Next post will include the rosters, and champs.
This is my show schedule for the next two days.
-Repost of Bad Blood
-Repost of RAW

-Brand New Smackdown

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Triple H [Vacation]
The Rock [FILMING]
Randy Orton (F)
Chris Benoit (Team WCW) (H)
Chris Jericho(F)
Buff Bagwell (Team WCW) (H)
Sean O’Haire (Team WCW) - Tag (H)
Chuck Palumbo (Team WCW) - Tag (H)
Batista (F)
John Cena - Intercontinental (F)
Rob Conway (H)
Rene Dupree (H)
Scott Steiner (Team WCW) (H)
Mick Foley (General Manager)(F)
Ric Flair (H)
Dawn Marie(H)
Trish Stratus – Womens Champion (F)
Stacy Kiebler(F)
Torrie Wilson(H)
Tyson Tomko(F)
Victoria (H)
Midajah (Team WCW) (H)
Mark Jindrak (H)
Garrison Cade (H)
Hulk Hogan – World Champion (WCW) (H)
Lita (H)
Scott Hall (Team WCW) (H)
Eric Bischoff (Team WCW) (H)
Diamond Dallas Page (Team WCW) (H)
Rowdy’ Roddy Piper(T)
Stone Cold Steve Austin(F)
Booker T (Team WCW) (H)

The Undertaker (F)
AJ Styles (ECW)(T) - WWE Champion
Christian (H)
Kurt Angle (H)
Edge (H)
Shawn Michaels (F)
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield (H)
Kane (H)
Rhyno (H)
Jeff Hardy (F) - Tag
Matt Hardy (F) - Tag
William Regal (F)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Goldust (F)
Raven (N)
Test (H)
Albert (H)
Maria (H)
Shelton Benjamin (H)
Charlie Haas (H)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (H)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (H)
Simon Dean (H)
Joey Mercury (H)
Johnny Nitro (H)
Melina (H)
Eugene Dinsmore (F)
Tajiri (F)
Paul London (F)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Chavo Classic (H)
'Sugar' Shane Helms (H) - Cruiserweight
Shannon Moore (H)
Brock Lesnar (H)
Paul Heyman (ECW)(T)
Rob Van Dam(ECW)(T)
Tommy Dreamer (ECW) (T)
Christy Hemme (ECW) (T)

474 Posts
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WWE RAW Presents : Bad Blood
June 26th 2006
American Airlines Arena
Dallas, Texas
Attendance : 21,167 out of 21,167
Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay

Narrator: Lives have been broken.
A clip is shown of John Cena, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, and DDP
Narrator: Opportunities have been given
A clip of Tyson Tomko and Batista are shown.
Narrator: Women alike have shown fear
A clip of Trish, and Lita are shown.
Narrator: But now a new game has begun! The object has become twisted. All have experience, but age becomes a factor. Yet blood will run!
The video switches on to Shane McMahon, and Eric Bischoff.
Narrator: But finally all these opportunities bring us right back to the beginning, life. Pasts have been strong, and futures are bright. The human body continues through strength.
Finally it goes to the rivalry between Randy Orton, Triple H, and Hulk Hogan.
Narrator: The real war is near, sadly tonight though that supply of blood becomes DRY!
It ends with an image of Team WCW standing tall in the middle of the ring, as it fades to a WWE logo.

Narrator: And now, WWE RAW, along with Stacker 2 present WWE : Bad Blood.

The cameras flash to the arena, and a MASSIVE fireworks display goes off. The camera pans around, and we see thousands of screaming fans.

Jim Ross : Welcome everybody to WWE : Bad Blood, and tonight folks I think we are in for one hell of a ride.
Jerry Lawler : You are so right JR, tonight many questions will be answered, I only have to wonder, how many new champions and surprises will we see here tonight.
Mike Tenay : I can say one thing, and that is that Team WCW will complete its mission, of taking over RAW
Jim Ross : I sure as hell hope that does not happen.

Team WCW’s music starts, and out steps the Natural Born Thrillers, as it looks like we will start the night off with the Tag Team Title Match. Palumbo and O’Haire head straight to the ring, and waist no time getting there either. They wait in the ring for the world champions, as RVD’s music starts, and the fans pop! Van Dam comes down the aisle with the belt over his shoulder and slaps hands with fans all the way down. He waits near ringside, as the countdown begins and Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Y2J comes strutting down, and both men go slidding into the ring to start some quick action.

Chris Jericho & RVD (c) vs. Natural Born Thrillers – World Tag Titles
As Jericho slides in, he ducks a clothesline from Palumbo and throws him over the top rope. Meanwhile O’Haire takes down RVD with a boot to the face. Jericho sees this and clotheslines O’Haire from behind. The ref rolls Rob Van Dam out of the ring, and calls for the bell to begin the match. Jericho meets O’Haire, as he gets to his feet, and he takes him back to the mat with a reverse ddt. Jericho gets back to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and hits a quick leg drop. He goes for a cover.


Quick Kick Out!

O’Haire snaps out with power, and Jericho backs up to tag in RVD. Van Dam picks O’Haire back to his feet, jumps, and dropkicks him on the chest. RVD looks as if hes gonna go off the ropes, but turns around and runs into Palumbo. Chuck tries to get in, but the ref holds him back, temporarily distracting him, giving Jericho enough time to give a shot to the ribs of O’Haire and the tag in. Jericho armbars O’Haire to the mat, and locks him in with an arm lock. Jericho puts on the pressure, but O’Haire gets to the rope, and the hold is released. Jericho grabs O’Haire by the hair, and pulls him up, but O’Haire sneaks in a low blow which is undetected from the ref. Sean gets to his corner, and is able to tag in Chuck Palumbo. Chuck comes in and floors Jericho to the mat with a running shoulder block. Palumbo grabs Jericho by the tights, stopping him from getting to the corner, and gets him a german suplex. Palumbo backs into the corner, and gets a quick elbow shot to RVD who loses it, but gets restrained from the ref. Palumbo turns around, and brings Jericho up to his knees. He smashes him with his knee, and Chuck tags O’Haire back in. O’Haire waits for Jericho to get up, and he runs from behind to grab his head for a rolling head snap. He goes for the cover, and the ref counts.




Jericho kicks out. O’Haire gets back up, and tags back in Palumbo. The two double team Y2J, and hit a double ddt. Palumbo pulls Jericho back up, and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Palumbo goes for another, but Jericho blocks it. Chuck tries again, but Jericho blocks it again, and counters with a snap suplex. The crowd goes crazy, and begins chanting for Jericho to tag in RVD. Jericho inches over, and tags in RVD, just as Palumbo tags in O’Haire. Rob comes running in, and low dropkicks O’Haire to send him down to his knees. RVD jumps up, and gives a spinning kick to the back of the head. O’Haire hits the mat hard, and looks like he’s totally knocked out. RVD goes for the cover, and the ref counts.




Chuck Palumbo comes running in, and interferes with the count. The ref gets him out of the ring, and Rob hits a rolling thunder on O’Haire. RVD gets back up, and gets the RVD taunt, as the fans chant his name. He goes to the top rope, and Palumbo tries to interfere. The ref gets distracted, and Sean Waltman comes out of nowhere to push RVD off the top rope. Waltman takes off back through the crowd, and Jericho goes nuts over the interference. O’Haire gets back in, and has a huge grin on his face, as he waits to the side to finish of RVD. Rob gets up, and O’Haire sits him back down with a stiff inverted ddt. He goes for the cover, and this one should be over.





RVD kicks out! Fans begin to rally behind RVD, and he gets back to his feet giving some shots to O’Haire which hardly phases him. RVD jumps up looking for an overhead neck breaker, but instead O’Haire nails him with an atomic drop. O’Haire goes to take in Palumbo, but when Chuck enters, somehow RVD has Chris Jericho in. Palumbo looks confused, and comes at him with a clothesline. Jericho ducks it, and the two bounce off the ropes. O’Haire tags himself in, and Jericho ducks another clothesline attempt from Palumbo. This time though Jericho clotheslines an oncoming Sean O’Haire. Palumbo goes to get himself some, but RVD comes leaping in, and the two fall to the outside of the ring. Jericho runs to the ropes, and hits the lionsault. He looks to go for the cover, but instead decides to lock in the Walls of Jericho. He puts the pressure on, and O’Haire is just about to tap, but Palumbo comes sliding in, and hits Jericho in the jaw with a superkick. Jericho falls to the mat, and RVD comes sliding in after Palumbo to rescue his partner. The ref has lost total control, and now its everyone for themselves. RVD and Palumbo continue to battle, as both O’Haire, and Jericho are on the mat. Palumbo, and RVD are all tied up, and before you know it the ref is in there too, as all the men go fighting and pushing through the ropes to the outside. Meanwhile Jericho is getting up, but once again from the crowd, a waiting Sean Waltman comes flying in, and gives Jericho the X-Factor. He pulls O’Haire on top of him, and finally takes off AGAIN through the crowd. The ref gets up on the outside, and sees the pin. He begins the count.




RVD is just a little too late, and just misses the breakup of the hold. The Natural Born Thrillers have done it, and now are the new tag champions! Chuck comes in to congratulate his partner, but RVD is not done as he takes down both men with a clothesline. He goes to the outside, grabs a steel chair, and floors Palumbo as hes getting back up. O’Haire is getting back up to, and Van Dam gives him the Van Daminator. Jericho gets up behind RVD, and Van Dam turns around to smash Y2J over the head as well. RVD stands in the middle of the ring, looking like hes snapped and asks for a mic.

Rob Van Dam – "You may be asking, ‘Why Rob Why?’ Well I got your answer, and it comes in the form of three letters. E…C…W!"

The crowd goes crazy, and begins chanting "ECW, ECW, ECW" as Van Dam heads to the back, and leaves the three men in the ring

Winner and NEW Tag Champions : Natural Born Thrillers

Jim Ross – "Can you believe it? What a match"
Jerry Lawler – "What a shocking turn of events!"
Mike Tenay – "Im not shocked at all. I told you that the Natural Born Thrillers were gonna win, and guess what. They won! YUS! That’s one win tonight for Team WCW"
Jim Ross – "Well that’s one thing, but what about the ending. Does this mean Rob Van Dam is going to Smackdown?"
Jerry Lawler – "Well with what happened last week I’m thinking yes, but I sure hope that’s not the case.

The cameras fly to the back, racing in the parking lot, where a long dark blue limo pulls up. The door opens by itself, and out steps Smackdown GM, Theodore Long.

Jim Ross – "What the hell is he doing here?"
Mike Tenay – "If RAW doesn’t do something about this, I will make sure WCW does. He should not be here enough said."
Jerry Lawler – "I just think he wants to see how things are ran here in the "majors""

You can here Teddy asking where the GM’s office was, and it seems as though he’s here for Foley. What could be going on?

Jim Ross – "Hopefully we will get a follow-up on what is going on with that situation. But now ladies and gentlemen its time to move back to business. There may not be a rivalry with more background in this pay per view then the one we are about to see. We will now take you back a few short months, and you can see how all this began, and unfolded."

A highlight video is shown, recapping the past few months of Goldberg, and Diamond Dallas Page. It first recaps how it all began with Goldberg almost being ran over by a vehicle in a parking lot. It then goes on to Backlash where Goldberg faced Sean Waltman, the man who he though was the culprit. Later in that match though, DDP showed his face, and announced that he was the man who did it. It then races ahead to a few weeks ago, when Goldberg lured both DDP, and Scott Steiner into the parking lot, where there their vehicle got t-boned by John Cena. It ends with DDP laying limp, half out of the car that got hit.

Jim Ross – "Well ladies and gentlemen that rivalry continues tonight."
Mike Tenay – "Your damn right it does, but this time Goldberg will be the one that will be laid out!"
Jerry Lawler – "JR, we’ve seen one WCW win tonight, I don’t think we need to see anymore. Goldberg needs to win!

"Teen Spirit" starts, and DDP steps out onto the ramp, followed by a large "bang" of an explosion. He gets into the ring, with no wasted time, and gets ready for Goldberg. The "drum" begins, and the cameras go to the back to Goldbergs locker room. Arn Anderson knocks on his door, and Goldberg comes storming out. He is surrounded by security as he makes his way to the ring. He gets to the entrance, and the pyros go off, and he steps into the arena. The fans go nuts, and Goldberg comes walking down, intensely, to the ring. He gets in and the two men go face to face, as the ref calls for the bell.

Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page – No DQ

The two men continue to stare, but eventually step forward and hook up. Goldberg over powers DDP, and pushes him into the corner like nothing. Basically throwing him around like a rag doll. DDP gets back up, and gets shot back down with a hard clothesline. Goldberg grabs DDP by the arm, and gives him an arm lock, as both men are tied up on the mat. Goldberg gets back to his feet, and brings DDP with him as well. He tosses him to the ropes; DDP slides under his legs, and hits him with a low blow. Goldberg falls to his knees, and DDP gives a swift kick to the back of the head, to knock him down to the mat. Page quickly goes to the top rope, and jumps off the top with a quick elbow drop. Page gets Goldberg back to his feet, and flips him over for a fishermen’s suplex, and into a pin.




Goldberg kicks out with a lot of force. DDP gets back to his feet, and goes to pick up Goldberg, but Bill tackles him back to the mat, and he gets on top of him to send some punches to his head. Goldberg slides Page to the edge of the ring, and begins choking him with the bottom rope. The ref tries to control Goldberg, but Bill doesn’t stop, and continues to choke out DDP. The ref can’t do a thing either because of it being No DQ. Goldberg finally lets go of the hold, and picks up DDP to his feet. He locks him under his arm for a suplex, and Goldberg decides to go for a jackhammer, and he hits it, landing Diamond Dallas Page in the middle of the ring. He covers DDP, and it should be all but over. The ref counts.





Page kicks out, and he keeps the WCW streak alive. Goldberg rolls to the outside, and begins looking for some weapons under the ring. He throws in a chair, and rolls in as well. Goldberg goes to pick it up, but DDP quickly grabs it, and slams Goldberg on the back with it. Goldberg hits the mat, and DDP hits him a few more times on the back. Page goes for the cover, and the ref begins his count.




Goldberg powers out. Page gets back up to his feet, and brings Goldberg up as well. He picks him up, and lands him for an atomic drop. Page goes over to the corner, and takes off the turnbuckle pad, and trips an oncoming Goldberg into the exposed steel. Page sits in the corner waiting for Goldberg to get back up. When he does DDP steps forward, hooks him up, picks him up, and slams him down with a face-forward piledriver. Goldberg is down, and Page sits in the corner waiting to make his attack. Bill slowly gets up and Page nails him with the Diamond Cutter! The fans boo, scream and holler to try get Goldberg to get back up. The ref makes the count, as Page goes for a cover.





Somehow Goldberg kicks out and the crowd goes wild, while Diamond Dallas Page cannot believe what he just saw. Page goes for another cover.



Goldberg kicks out with a lot of authority. DDP tries to kick him a few times on the shoulder, but it doesn’t even phase Goldberg, and he begins getting back up to his feet. He tries to give a few more shots, but Goldberg takes him down with a small tackle. Goldberg finishes up the combo by getting on top of him and sending some jabs to the head. He gets back to his feet, and waits for Page to rise also. When he does Goldberg takes off from the corner, and levels him with a spear. Goldberg snaps, and the crowd goes crazy. He picks DDP from the mat, and raises his hand into the air. Bill throws him under his arm, and lifts him high into the air, and back down to the mat for the jackhammer. He falls onto him for the cover, and the ref begins his count.




Wait a second!

Chris Benoit comes out of nowhere, and disrupts the count. Goldberg gets back up, and Benoit takes Goldberg down to the mat, from behind with a toe trip, and the rapid wolverine locks in the crippler crossface. The crowd is stunned, and Benoit locks the hold in. The ref tries to get Benoit off, but when he eventually does, Goldberg is laid right out, and motionless. Benoit gets out of the ring, and Page claps his hands for his work. DDP goes for the cover.




Page has done it, with some major help from Benoit. Chris gets back into the ring, the two men hug, and they raise each others arms.

Winner : Diamond Dallas Page

DDP and Chris Benoit walk to the back, being heavily accompanied by a chorus of boos.

Mike Tenay – "I told both of you, and god dammit I’ll tell you again. WCW is here tonight to take full control of RAW, and to show the WWE, along with Vince McMahon the type of promotion it really is!"
Jim Ross – "Oh will you give me a break. King do you think that there is even a chance that WCW will win all the matches this evening."
Jerry Lawler – "JR, just like in the past. WCW will fall."
Jim Ross – "That’s what I thought."
Mike Tenay – "You two make me sick."
Jim Ross – "Isn’t that ironic. Lets continue though, and we now send you to the back to Josh Matthews."

Josh Matthews appears on camera, and is standing by with the hopes of an interview.

Josh Matthews : Ladies and gentlemen coming up in just a few moments we have the Womens Championship up for grabs when Trish Stratus will take on Lita. I hope to get a few words with the champ in just a few moments.

Josh goes to knock on the womens locker room door, but suddenly it opens and Eric Bischoff comes walking out with a HUGE smile written all over his face.

Josh Matthews – "Eric, Im kind of surprised to see you, but why was it that you were in the ladies change room?"
Eric Bischoff – "Josh, lets just say that the deal is done."

Josh looks puzzled, and Eric walks away laughing. The camera then flashes to the parking lot where a huge limo pulls up to the building. The door opens and out steps the World Champion, Randy Orton. Orton looks around, and hands his bags to some backstage staff as he walks into the building.

The camera goes back to the ring, and Trish Stratus is introduced into the ring. Trish gets in and the fans give her a cheer, believing that she is the one that wouldn’t join WCW. Trish poses on the turnbuckle, then Lita makes her entrance. She comes running down with the title belt, and slides into the ring. She tosses the Womens Title to the side, and the ref calls for the bell to begin the match.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita (c) – Womens Championship

Lita slides in and Trish Stratus tackles her to the mat. Trish gets on top of her and begins giving some forearm shots, and follows it up by pulling her hair, while pounding Lita’s head into the mat. Lita then rolls around, and the two girls roll around in the ring. Trish ends up regaining the advantage, and does a quick leg drop to keep Lita down. Trish picks up Lita, and tosses her to the ropes, only to catch her on the return with a front dropkick. Trish begins picking Lita, but Lita drops back to her knees, and smashes Trish’s jaw to the top of her head. Lita goes for a cover.



Trish kicks out. Lita grabs Trish by the legs and catapults her into the corner. Trish falls to the lower turnbuckle, and Lita comes charging in for a bronco buster. Lita finishes the move, and pulls Trish into the middle of the ring for the cover.




Trish kicks out. Lita picks Trish back up, and goes for a twist of fate, but instead Trish throws her away, and Lita gets tangled in the ropes. Trish Stratus then runs forward, and connects Lita with another dropkick, and this takes her down to the mat. Trish picks her up, and grabs her behind, and lands the Stratusfaction. The crowd goes crazy, and the ref goes down to make the count, as Trish makes a pin.




Lita kicks out. Trish rolls Lita around, and rubs her face into the mat, until the ref gets her to break the hold. Trish then grabs Lita’s legs, and locks her in a boston crab. Lita struggles, but slowly gets to the ropes, which breaks the hold. Trish begins to pick Lita back up, but Litas able to take advantage by getting in a few abdominal shots. Trish falls to her knees, and Lita gives her a swift slap, square on the face. Trish is still staggering around, and Lita goes ahead to rip Trish’s shirt off to leave her in her bra. Lita throws it to the side, and the ref is temporarily distracted as he removes it from the ring. While the ref isn’t looking tough, Lita grabs a pair of brass knuckles from under her shirt, and nails Trish. She throws them out of the ring, and makes the cover.




Trish somehow kicks out. Lita cant believe it, and picks her up again, this time hitting the twist of fate. Lita then looks to the top rope, and goes to the top for a moonsault. Lita executes it perfectly, and goes for another cover.





Somehow Trish kicks out, and Lita cannot believe it. She tries for another cover, but still only gets two. She picks Trish back up, and goes for a german suplex, but Trish catches Lita low, with her leg, and Lita falls to her knees. Trish turns around, and delivers a swift chick kick to the side of the head, which sends Lita to the mat. Trish gets down and goes for the cover.




Lita kicks out. The fans are totally behind Trish Stratus at this point, and she points to the top rope, and the fans begin going nuts. Trish decides to go high risk, and hits a moonsault on Lita! She just did Lita’s move! Trish goes for the cover.




Yes, Trish has got the three, and now is the new Womens Champion! Trish celebrates her win, and Lita cannot believe that she let that one slip away. Trish leaves towards the back, and Lita is left crying and complaining in the ring.

Winner and NEW Womens Champion : Trish Stratus

Mike Tenay – "Damn Lita. I knew she wouldn’t get the job done!"
Jim Ross – "Why would Lita do it though?"
Jerry Lawler – "JR, like they say, anything is possible in the WWE, I guess!."
Jim Ross – "You got that right."

A huge limo pulls up into the back, and the driver runs to the back to open it up. Out steps Ric Flair, and he waits as Triple H gets out as well. Flair looks around, and says to Triple H "I hate Texas! It smells like a bad idea." Triple H smirks and says don’t worry, that’s just Stone Cold Steve Austin in the local pub. The two laugh an enter the ring. We then change cameras and go to Jonathan Coachman, who is standing outside Shane McMahon’s locker room. He knocks on the door, and Shane appears instantly.

Shane McMahon – "Coach what the hell do you want? You know Im a busy man!"
Coach – "Shane, is it true that you are not even ready for the man tonight?"
Shane McMahon – "The man? Your calling Eric Bischoff, the man?."
Coach – "Ya, I think he deserves that respect."
Shane McMahon – "Coach, quit kissing ass. I think that you already know, I know, you mom knows, hell your pot plants in your house know, that once I defeat WCW later tonight, the first thing I will forward to my father, is to fire your ass.!"
Coach – "Did I really deserve that?"

Shane shakes his head, and goes back into his locker room, as we change scenes, and go to a video.

It’s a very strange video with it taking place in a graveyard. At first crows, and ravens are in the skies, making it seem black, but it soon changes to mainly bats. Finally we zoom up to two gravestones side by side. The camera gets close enough so we can read the names. One reads John Wilson, the other reads, Mike Hill. Suddenly a bat appears and smashes both tombstones. The camera pans up to a figure standing in the dark. The face is covered by a hood, and we can’t tell who it is.
??? – "HAHA, at Summerslam these spots, are now reserved for the Hitman, and the Nature Boy."

The person lifts the hood, and its STING!


The camera leaves the graveyard, and comes back into the arena to the announcers table.

Mike Tenay – "What the hell is that idiot trying to do?"
Jim Ross – "Anything is possible, but one thing is for sure. When Bret Hart and Ric Flair step into the ring with Sting at Summerslam, all hell will break loose."
Jerry Lawler – "This may be one of the most exciting matches I’ve seen in my life!"

The camera goes to the back where Ric Flair, and Triple H are sitting watching the TV speechless.

Ric Flair – "What the hell was that? Trip, what the hell is Summerslam gonna be for me?"
Triple H – "Ric lets just worry about tonight. I already have enough problems on my mind."

Ric looks visibly upset, and the camera goes to behind the curtain where Tyson Tomko is standing.

Tyson Tomko – "Now I know that we’ve had some run ins in our careers, but this is different. This is the stairway to stardom. I hope you know what I mean. So before anything happened, I just wanted to say Good Luck!"

The camera turns around, and we see that Tomko was talking to Batista.

Batista – "Ya sure whatever, but I hope you realize that when that final bell rings tonight; it will be my arm that raised, and it will be my name on the contract for the World Title shot!"

Batista turns around shaking his head, and prepares to make his entrance.

Jim Ross – "Oh man this is gonna be a high powered match!."

Batista’s music begins, and out he steps onto the stage. The fans let out a magnificent applause, and he poses on each turnbuckle for pictures as he gets in. Finally, Tyson Tomko’s music starts, and he comes walking out like he has a huge purpose in this match.

Batista vs. Tyson Tomko – Gold Rush Final

Tyson Tomko comes sliding in, and comes charging at Batista for a clothesline. Batista ducks under Tomko’s arm, and Tyson goes bouncing off the ropes, and comes back at him, but this time Batista gives a HARD clothesline, and destroys Tomko straight to the mat. Batista gets on one knee, and waits for Tomko to get back up. Tyson kind of wobbles around, and is having trouble standing up straight, but that doesn’t matter because Batista grabs a hold of him, throws him over his head, and slams him to the mat with a Batista Bomb. The fans are going crazy, and Batista goes for the cover.




Batista gets his armed raised, and the fans chant his name as he poses on the turnbuckle.

Winner of the Gold Rush Tournament : Batista

Mike Tenay – "That’s typical WWE competition. BRUTAL!"
Jim Ross – "Batista has just shown why he is the man who deserves the next World Title shot."
Jerry Lawler – "JR that’s gotta be some kind of record!"
Jim Ross – "Im sure it set at least one! Ladies and Gentlemen Im being told that there is a development backstage right now. So lets take you back to our correspondent, Todd Grisham"

The camera goes to the GM’s office where Todd Grisham is standing outside with some papers in his hands.

Todd Grisham – "Ladies, and Gentlemen, rumors have been swirling backstage all night about the real reason on why Theodore Long, the Smackdown GM, is in attendance in the RAW GM’s office here tonight. In a few moments, word has it that Theodore will be leaving the room, as some kind of deal is apparently been struck."

Suddenly the GM, Mick Foley’s door opens, and out steps Theodore Long.

Todd Grisham – "Theodore, If I could get a quick word."
Theodore Long – "Well go ahead, I got a lot of phone calls to make."
Todd Grisham – "Theodore what was your main purpose for your attendance here tonight at Bad Blood?."
Theodore Long – "While Todd, after this last week on Smackdown one thing came apparent to me, and I knew that to make Smackdown a stronger product NOW, there would have to be some changes made for Smackdown. And believe me they were not all that beneficial in the long term, but I need to worry about NOW! Details? You’ll just have to wait till Smackdown for those. Oh Yah, and Todd. It’s a blockbuster!"

Todd nods in approval and we go back to the ring.

Jim Ross – "Ladies and Gentlemen coming up next is the First Blood match between Eric Bischoff, and Shane McMahon. Lets have a look on how Eric Bischoff has been raising hell in the past few weeks."

The video plays with Eric Bischoff first introducing Team WCW to RAW, and announced that it would just be a matter of item until hey ran the complete show. It continues on with WCW’s assault on Mick Foley, but continues on with Mr. Vince McMahon’s announcement weeks later, that Mick was back in charge, and that at Bad Blood it would be his son Shane versus Eric Bischoff in a First Blood Match. We go back to the arena, where "Im Back" hits and Eric Bischoff comes on to the stage companied by a large amount of "boos" from the crowd. He gets in the ring, and instantaneously "Here Comes The Money" begins and Shane McMahon steps out onto the ramp and is met with a huge applause from the fans. Shane slaps hands on his way down to the ring, and the ref calls for the bell as the two men stand in their corner.

Eric Bischoff vs. Shane McMahon – First Blood Match

Eric Bischoff stands in the corner, does some karate moves, and steps forward making it seem as to though he is a force to be reckoned with. Shane looks around and laughs as the two men step towards in each other. The two lock up, and Eric gets pushed down back to the mat. Shane grabs him again, and throws him into the corner. Shane comes cruising in, and lands the stinger splash. Eric comes stumbling out, and Shane takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Eric goes down, and Shane tries for a cover, but he remembers that this is a first blood match. Shane steps on Eric face, and continues to put pressure on it, and kick it. Shane picks up Eric, and throws him to the outside, where then Shane O’Mac jumps of the ropes for a moonsault, on to the laid out Bischoff.

Shane picks Eric back up, and goes to toss him into the barricade, but Eric blocks it, and instead Shane goes crashing into the wall. Eric looks around, and raises his arm, as he turns around to grabs a steel chair. He stands above Shane and goes to hit him, but Shane is able to get a shot to the abdominals, and Eric is sent to his knees. Shane rolls over, and grabs a trash can lid from under the ring. Eric goes to pick up Shane, but instead he is nailed over the head with the lid. The ref checks to see if Eric is bleeding but he isn’t. Shane gets back to his feet, and gives Eric a shot to the back with the trash can lid. He raises his arms and the fans go wild. Shane grabs Eric, and begins to drag him up the ramp. They get to the top of the ramp, and Eric gets another cheapshot in and begins taking some advantage. Eric tosses him to the entrance way, and Shane hits the Stage set hard. Shane hits the ground, and Eric comes after him with a leg drop.

Eric goes through the curtains, and comes back out with chain wrapped around his fists. He waits for Shane to get back up, and he nails him on the forehead. Shane goes down, and hold his face to the steel. The ref turns him over, and checks but there is no blood. Eric picks up Shane’s legs and tries for a Boston Crab. Eric almost gets it locked in, but Shane twists him around, and somehow crawls under Eric’s legs, and tosses him right off the stage with a catapult. The fans begin chanting "Holy Shit", and Shane walks to the edge looking down at a broken in half Bischoff. Shane looks around, and crosses himself, looking like hes gonna jump, but suddenly a HUGE masked man comes from behind the curtain, and pushes Shane off the stage. Shane falls on some electronic equipment, and sparks fly everywhere. The masked man looks around, and jumps with a cross body, and lands on the fallen Shane McMahon. The ref has seen enough and calls for a disqualification. The maked man looses it, and so does Eric as hes slowly getting up, because of there not supposed to be disqualification. The ref goes and talks to Lillian, and she announces that the ref has ended the match at the orders of RAW GM Mick Foley, and that the winner via DQ is Shane McMahon. The masked man picks up Eric, and carries him to the back, as they leave a bloodied, bruised, and red Shane McMahon down and knocked out. EMT’s check on him, and carry him out on a stretcher.

Winner via DQ : Shane McMahon

Mike Tenay – "Damn Mick Foley. Eric had that match won fair and square and he knows it.
Jim Ross – "What I’d like to know is who the hell was the maked man?"
Jerry Lawler – "You right JR, I have no clue who that could be. He was massive!"
Jim Ross – "Mike maybe you could give us some news?"

Mike Tenay – "Sorry can’t. This is Team WCW’s new investment."
Jim Ross – "Your new investment? I cant believe what I’m hearing."
Jerry Lawler – "Well gentlemen I’ll tell you what I’m hearing. Im hearing that the Intercontinental Title match is next, so lets take a look at how all the hell began between the champ, Scott Steiner, and the Doctor of Thug., John Cena.

A highlight video is aired recapping the major events in the last few weeks, most notably the hit and run by John Cena on both DDP and Scott Steiner in their car. It shows the collision at many different angles, and continues on to recap the events in the last few weeks. We go back to the arena, and the sirens go off, as Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring. He comes out with the title belt over his shoulder, but without Midajah at his side. He gets in the ring, and taunts some more, as "You Can’t See Me" starts, and the fans give a massive pop. Cena comes down the ramp slapping hands, and the announcers remind us that this is a street fight, and that anything will go. Plus with these two men, its guaranteed that their will be some blood lost. Cena gets in the ring, and poses on the turnbuckle, and faces Steiner in the center of the ring. He walks up to him nose to nose, and the ref calls for the bell.

John Cena vs. Scott Steiner (c) – Intercontinental Championship – Street Fight

The bell rings and both men begin exchanging rights and lefts. The action goes back and forth, until Steiner blocks a right hand, and counters with his own. He tackles Cena to the mat, and crawls on top of him to continue the beat down by giving him some shots to the head. Steiner picks up Cena with one arm, and tosses him into the corner. John’s shoulder hits the ring post first, and his lodged in between the turnbuckles. Steiner comes up from behind, picks up Cena feet, and gives him a swift upper kick to the midsection. Cena comes popping out of the corner, and is rolling around the ring in excruciating pain. Big Poppa Pump comes up from behind John Cena and drops a knee into his back. Cena continues to roll around, and Steiner is in complete control. He goes down for a cover.



John Cena kicks out, and Steiner goes ahead to pick him up, and throw him over the top rope. Scott takes his time getting out of the ring, and shouts to the fans, as he picks up Cena and whips him into the steel steps. Cena is laid out, and Steiner takes somemore time and tells off some fans sitting ringside. He goes to pick up Cena, but John grabs a fire extinguisher from under the ring. He shoots it at Steiner, and Scott falls to the mat. Cena begins to get up, but Steiner gets up first and tries to get back in the advantage. He tries to pick up Cena, but John gives some shots to the abdomnals to Steiner. Finally Cena throws in a low blow, and Steiner falls to his knees. John Cena goes to under the ring, finds a trash can lid, and nails Steiner over the head with it to leave him sprawled out. Cena turns him over, and the ref counts..




Steiner kicks out, and has already begun bleeding slowly from the top of the forehead. Cena picks Steiner back up, and throws him over the barricade, and they begin to fight in the crowd. Cena continues to give shoulder smashes, and clotheslines to Scott, as a defend less Steiner just stands there. The continue into the crowd, and Cena goes to whip Steiner into the cement wall. Big Poppa Pump reverses though, and Cena hits it instead. Scott gets back to his feet, and yells to a fan nearby that hes gonna "end this b!tches life". The fans continue to boo, and Scott throws Cena into the break wall once more. He goes for the cover.




Cena kicks out quite easily again. Steiner picks him up, throws him over his shoulder, and struggles to the back. The two continue, and eventually we lose them as they pass though the curtain. Cameramen race around to try get set up backstage, and finally we regain footage with Scott walking down a hallway with Cena over his shoulder. He walks by an entrance door, stops, sets down Cena, and throws him head first though the glass window. The fans are shocked, and now Cena has been clearly cut open as well. Scott opens the door, and pulls Cena into the open for a cover.




Cena kicked out! Somehow Cena kicked out! Scott can’t believe it, turns Cena over, and locks in the Steiner-Recliner. He continues the hold, but Cena will NOT tap! The ref begins to check if Cena has passed out. He drops his hand once. He drops his hand twice. He goes for a third time, but this time Cena’s hand doesn’t touch the cement ground. Cena pulls himself over to the corner, grabs a glass bottle, and smashes it over the head of Scott Steiner, which causes him to release the hold. Both men are sprawled out, and the ref begins his ten count. He gets up to 8 and John is able to get back to his feet. He grabs Steiner, and body tosses him onto the cement floor. Cena grabs Scott’s arm and drags him on the ground to the parking lot, where he picks him up once again and throws him into the front of a semi. Cena goes for the cover..



NO! Steiner kicks out!

John gets back to his feet, and has a crazed look in his face. He looks like hes snapped, and looks to a nearby forklift, and has a devilish smile on his face. Cena goes over to the forklift, jumps in it, and drives it towards the semi. At one point it looks like hes gonna drive over Steiner, but he stops and lifts the fork about 3 feet off the ground. He then picks up Steiner, and snap suplexes him for good measure. John then goes back to work, and grabs two nearby pallets. He lays one on the forks of the machine, and then picks up Steiner and lays him on their. He then grabs the other, and lays it ontop of Steiner. What the hell is John Cena doing. He then looks at the camera, looks at the semi, and says to the camera "Shane O’Mac this is for you!" Cena goes to the driver side of the semi, and climbs to the very top of the cab. He crosses him self, and jumps off the top. Steiner moves out of the way though, and Cena drops over twenty feet through two wooden pallets and hits the cement floor. The fans begin chanting "holy shit" and nobody can believe what they just saw. Scott struggles over, and makes the cover.





Cena kicked out, and this time Scott looks scared. He gets to his feet, and drags Cena to his feet as well. They move over a bit, and Scott tosses Cena towards the side of a Dodge Viper parked in the parking lot. John hits it, but remains standing, as hes being supported by the vehicle. Scott crawls to his feet, and tries to clothesline Cena against the vehicle, but out of nowhere John Cena picks him up, and gives him the F-U through the front windshield! This once again gets the "holy shit" chants flying again! Cena crawls ontop of the hood of the vehicle, and crawls inside to make the cover. The ref tries to get in position and makes the count.




The ref has counted to three, and this blood bath is over. What a remarkable display of ruthless aggression, and both of these men are in huge loss of blood. The ref calls for the ambulance instantly, and they begin the aftermath work. The pull out both men, and Steiner is clearly the worst with his face cut up, as well as his back. Cena meanwhile has spider cuts on the top and side of his face. The ref hands Cena the Intercontinental Belt, and shuts the door of the ambulance, as the two men are sped away.

Winner and NEW champion : John Cena

Mike Tenay – "NOO! This can’t be happening!"
Jim Ross – "All I can say is wow. What a bloody match?"
Jerry Lawler – "JR, I can honestly say that I haven’t seen two men go that hard for the intercontinental title in my career.!"
Jim Ross – "This shows the heart these men have for any WWE gold. We’ll try get an update on both their conditions for you as soon as possible."
Mike Tenay – "Who cares about Cena?!? I just hope Steiner will still be able to appear on RAW tomorrow."
Jim Ross – "Well that’s good you feel that way, but ladies and gentlemen, we saw a live video about it before. In 5 weeks at Summerslam, maybe the biggest match in WWE history will take place, when Ric Flair, takes on Bret Hart, and Sting, in a submission match, where only the winner will walk away with his career still intact. Lets take a look!"

Click here for the video

Jim Ross – "I have no clue on what to expect from that match!"
Jerry Lawler – "That’s true, but what I did like there is the Summerslam theme song for this year. It’s "Take Me" by Papa Roach. Definitely some good music there.
Mike Tenay – "I don’t really care, but Im being told that Jonathon Coachman is standing by with the champion, Randy Orton."

We go the back where Jonathon Coachman is standing in the hallway, with Randy Orton, who is pacing back and forth at an unbelievable rate.

Jonathon Coachman – "Randy Orton, in about 5 minutes you step into the ring in what might be the most grueling match on your body in your career. Do you have any tricks up your sleeves to conquer the Hell in a Cell match?"
Randy Orton – "Coach, I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again. I am here to retain my World Heavyweight Championship, and it doesn’t if its Hulk Hogan or Triple H, I am a legend killer, and I will show them why I am soon to be a living legend just like them!
Jonathon Coachman – "Well Randy you do sound pretty confident, but what about the immortal Hulk Hogan. You must have some thought in your head that makes you wonder what will happen when you step into the ring with a man of this magnitude."
Randy Orton – "Well lets just wait and see. The last time I looked, Hulk hasn’t participated in anything that comes close to this match.

Orton walks off an we are shown a live image of the ring. Background music begins to play, the lights flash, and the cell begins its decent to the ring.

Jim Ross – "Ladies and Gentlemen the Hell in a Cell, Championship match is NEXT! Lets take a look at how these three men got here."

A video montage plays recapping the three men’s activity in the last three weeks, and bases around how this could be an opportunity for Team WCW to take full control of RAW. Triple H’s, music hits and he comes out onto the ramp with Ric Flair. He stalls, spits the water in the air, and continues his walk down. He walks through the cell door, and walks around inspecting the structure. Next, Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and he comes out to a LOUD mixed reaction. Hogan stops at the door, and looks up at the steel structure, nods his head, and heads into the ring. The lights go out, sparks fall from the roof, and here comes Randy Orton down to the ring. He carries the World Title over his shoulder, and leaves it at the entrance as he goes up the steel steps. The outside ref grabs the belt, and locks the door shut. He raises the belt in the air, and the inside ref calls for the bell to begin the match.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton (c) vs. Hulk Hogan – World Heavyweight Championship – Hell In A Cell

The three men stand in their respective corner, looking at the structure over them, and the fans give their respect for both Randy Orton, and usual fan favorite Hulk Hogan. Randy says something to Hogan, and Triple H comes from the side to clothesline Orton right out of the ring. Hogan then steps forward, and begins exchanging right hands with HHH. HHH turns quickly says something to the ref about Randy Orton, and Hunter gives a hard elbow shot to the face of Hogan. Hulk goes down holding his mouth, and Triple H laughs it off. Orton grabs Hunter’s feet from the outside, and pulls him out to join him. Randy whips him into the side of the cell. Triple H bounces off, and wobbles back, so Orton chucks him into the steel steps. The ref gets to the outside, and Orton goes for a cover.




Orton leaves Hunter on the outside, and goes back inside to work on Hogan. He goes to bring up to his feet, but Hulk gets in an abdominal shot, and sends Randy to one knee. The two men get up to both their feet, and Hogan sits him down with a clothesline. Hogan looks to the crowd, and they give him a cheer. He begins bringing Orton back to his feet, but Triple H comes from the outside, and gives an overhead axe handle smash to the back of Hogan. Hulk holds him back, and falls to the mat in pain. Triple H picks up Orton, and throws him into the corner. He comes storming in and sends him to the mat with a stinger splash type move. Triple H then backs up, and sends his knee into the face of Randy Orton. Triple H brings Orton out of the corner, and whips him into Hulk Hogan. The two collide, and fall to the ground. Triple H picks up Hogan, and whips him to the ropes. He goes to toss him over, but Hogan reverses it, and Triple H is launched over the ropes, and nails the bare steel structure. Hogan looks down at Triple H, who is spread out on the mat below. He turns around, and is also clotheslined to the outside by Randy Orton. Orton looks to the outside, climbs the turnbuckle, and jumps off to land on both men on the outside. He rolls over onto Hogan and the cover begins.




Hulk kicks out. All three men are down on the ground, but Triple H is the first to get up. He grabs Orton by the head, and grinds his face along the steel cell. The make a full lap around until he lets him go. Orton is busted open, and blood is beginning to pour at a constant rate. Triple H then picks up Hogan, and tosses him towards the cell wall, and Hogan goes flying right through it! Hogan goes to fall over, but the steel is attached to his bare flesh, and he is hanging in mid air by the exposed chain links. Triple H kicks him from behind, and Hogan falls to the mat, but not before his back and arm are cut open. Triple H tells Flair to get something, and Ric heads to the back. HHH brings Hogan back into the ring, and tosses him to the ropes. He hits him with a knee smash and goes for a cover.




Hogan kicks out. Triple H picks him back up, and hits a snap suplex. He goes to the feet, and locks in the boston crab. Hogan is in dear pain with his back, and the ref asks for the submission. Slowly but surely though, Hogan gets to the ropes, and is able to break the hold. The ref forces Triple H to release the hold, but by this time Randy Orton is in the ring, and gives Triple H a dropkick to the face. Orton goes to picks up Triple H, but HHH gives him a low blow! He goes for the cover.




Orton kicks out, and Triple H gets back to his feet. At this time Ric Flair makes his way back to the ring, but is carrying a sledgehammer with him. He passes it to Triple H, and Hunter waits for Orton to recover, to give him a taste of the hammer. Randy struggles up, and Triple H goes to hit him, but Randy ducks, and hits the RKO on Triple H! The fans go crazy and Randy crawls over for the cover.




Hogan interrupts the count! Orton gets back up, and Hogan gets up with him. Orton begins giving him some right hands, but suddenly Hogan begins to Hulk up! He gives a right hand, then another, then blocks one from Orton, and he takes him down with a clothesline! The fans go wild, and Hulk Hogan goes for the cover.



Easy kickout by Orton. Hogan begins picking up Orton, but is smashed by the sledgehammer from Triple H! Hunter takes Hogan and throws him over the top rope, and he lands on the steel steps as he falls. Triple H picks up Orton, and goes for a pedigree, but Orton blocks it and body flips HHH out of the ring. Orton gets back to his feet, and looks like he has snapped! He goes to the outside, and begins to look under the ring. He finds wire cutters, and goes to the outside of the cell. What is Orton doing? He begins climbing the top, and eventually gets to the top. Orton uses the cutters to cut a hole on the top of the cell, in the middle. He lets the mesh fall to the mat, and he realizes that Triple H is making his way up the cell as well. Orton meets him at the top with right hands, but it isn’t long until both men are exchanging shots back and forth. They get extremely close to the edge, but Triple H brings Orton back to the center area with a german suplex. Triple H gets on top of him, and rubs Orton’s face into the mesh, and down below Hogan is making his way to the outside of the cell. Triple H picks him back up, and hits the pedigree on the top of the cell! He goes for the cover, and the ref counts from below.





Orton kicks out somehow. All three men are now covered in blood, and Triple H stands tall over Randy Orton. He grabs his head but Orton hits a low blow. Triple H is now laid out on top of the cell, and below Hogan begins his climb on the cell. Randy gets to his feet and waits for Triple H to get up. He looks around like all hell is gonna break loose, and it soon may! Triple H gets back up, and turns around right into an RKO, but not any RKO! They go from the top of the cell, straight to the bottom and hit the mat! The crowd begins chanting "holy shit" and nobody can believe what they just saw! Both men lie motionless on the mat below, and Hogan gets to the top of the cell. He walks to the edge, and looks down at the bodies below. Hogan looks at the crowd, hulks up, poses, and does everything to get the fans roaring. Hogan has an extremely intense look on his face, and out of nowhere he jumps through the hole, and lands a leg drop on Randy Orton! What the hell has just happened! The fans go crazy, and then are left quiet. Nobody has a clue what is going on! Out of nowhere Ric Flair gets in the ring, and pulls HULK HOGAN on top of Randy Orton. The ref goes to count, and Ric Flair locks Triple H in a figure four on the other side of the ring. The ref counts




We have a new champion! And what the hell has just happened! Flair turned on Triple H! But bigger yet, Flair and Hogan have aligned. Flair helps Hogan to his feet, and the ref hands him the belt. The fans are going wild, and confetti is flying from the roof. The ring is left with red blotches everywhere, and Hogan is still trying to recuperate to his feet. After a few minutes he can finally stand on his own feet, and he himself can’t understand what Flair just did.

Winner and NEW World Champion : Hulk Hogan

Mike Tenay – "YES! We have a new champion, and he is WCW!"
Jim Ross – "I am completely speechless"
Jerry Lawler – "I can’t believe what we’ve just seen!
Jim Ross – "Not only does WCW have control, but these three men have gone to hell and back!"
Mike Tenay – "YES WCW will own RAW tomorrow night!
Jim Ross – "Well ladies and gentlemen, what a night we’ve had here tonight, and quite simply I cant believe the hell these men just went though. We’ll see you tomorrow night!!"

The camera focus on Hulk Hogan with his World Title over his bloody body. The other two men are being checked by paramedics with Hogan getting the same treatment. The camera focuses on the World Title, and slowly fades out.



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June 25th
American West Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
Attendance : 16,205 of 19,956
Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay

A video recaps last night PPV. It highlights….Tyson Tomko being defeated in less than 20 seconds, Scott Steiner being put through a car windshield, Theodore Long arriving and making ‘a deal’, RVD telling everyone that he is go to the ‘extreme’, and finally the immortal Hulk Hogan walking out of the cell, as World Champion. What could be next tonight? The RAW intro plays and the fireworks go off, as we are sent down to the commentating team

Jim Ross : Welcome everybody to WWE:RA……
Mike Tenay : Whoa, let me take it from here JR. I welcome each and everyone of you to WCW:RAW, cause that’s what it is now after tonight. Team WCW took the WWE by surprise, and now we own the biggest prize in this business, the world title.
Jerry Lawler: Mike, WCW may have got an advantage last night, but their luck will soon run out believe me.
Jim Ross : Never or less, my guess is that anything can, and will happen tonight!

Chris Benoit vs. Mark Jindrak
Jindrak bounces off the ropes, and tries to take down Benoit with a clothesline, but Benoit ducks, catches him from behind and takes him to the mat to lock in the crippler crossface. Jindrak tries to get out of the move, and instead is forced to tap. Benoit gets up, spits on Jindrak and leaves the ring.
Winner : Mark Jindrak

Mike Tenay – "Yes, once again a member of WCW, shows why we are the real deal. Good match Benoit."
Jim Ross – "Well I have to agree with you there, Benoit is definitely one hell of a competitor."

The cameras fly to the back, long limo pulls up. The door opens by itself, and who steps out? Mr. McMahon! He walks towards the entrance area.

Jim Ross – "What the hell? Business has just picked up!"
Jerry Lawler – "JR, it looks like hes coming this way!"


"No Chance" hits, and here comes Vince McMahon. Vinnie Mac struts down to the ring, asks for the mic, and ….

Vince McMahon – "Ladies and gentlemen I come here tonight, to not only greet you, but to make a few announcements. First off I would to inform you the fans of the new PPV schedule that has been decided on It can be seen at WWE.com, but there is one PPV in particular that I would like to be very specific on, and that is the summer spectacular Summerslam. I do not wanna forget the Great American Bash though, Smackdown’s PPV, that will take place in two weeks on PPV, but Summerslam is in my books going to be a night of change. Just like all of you saw last night in the Hart/Flair/Sting promo, we are just 5 weeks away from the PPV. But I didn’t come here only to make that announcement, I….."

Tyson Tomko’s music hits, and he comes down the ramp into the ring.

Vince McMahon – "Tyson what the hell happened last night. I seriously thought that you would beat the animal!"
Tyson Tomko – "Vince last night, I have to admit, I wasn’t totally myself. I realize that I shouldn’t have lost that match, hell nobody should lose a match that fast. But anyways the reason I’m out here, is to ask you if you can grant me a second shot? Can I please have Batista in that ring again, just to prove that I was just a fluke that he beat me that fast."
Vince McMahon – "You know Tyson, I am a man of second chances. So tonight in that very ring, in a rematch, Tyson Tomko will face Batista one on one, in the main event.

Tomko shakes his head in approval, and leaves the ring, getting what he wanted.

Vince McMahon – "So, let me continue; Like I was saying, I didn’t come hear just to announce the schedule tonight, but rather I also came here to announce the beginning of the road of death to WCW. You see last night, at Bad Blood, something happened that was not supposed to. Hulk Hogan won the world title! In the words of Carlito, that’s NOT cool. So I’m proud to …"

Team WCW’s music hits, and Eric Bischoff comes out onto the ramp.

Eric Bischoff – "I’m proud to announce that soon, I will own your ass Vince. I may have failed once, but this time it sure as hell will not happen! I will kick your ass, just like I kicked your sons last night …"
Vince McMahon – "K, Eric you think that you’re the almighty? How about you put your fists where your mouth is! What am I saying? Well this is my announcement. At Summerslam there will be a 10-man tag match, RAW vs. WCW! And as of about a minute ago Eric, you will be involved in that match as a competitor, and so will I!

Eric is left shocked, and Vince is in the ring with a huge grin across his face

Jim Ross – "What an announcement! RAW vs. WCW its set, for SUMMERSLAM!


Lita(c) vs. Victoria – Non-Title

Finish: Lita hits the twist of fate on Victoria in the middle of the ring, and gets the three count

Winner : Lita

We go to the back where a limo pulls up in the back. Randy Orton steps out, and meets immediately with Mick Foley, as he greets him

Mick Foley – "Randy I want you to understand, that I respect the pain and suffering you went through last night, and I realize that you need all the rest you need. That’s why Im giving you the night off. I already informed Triple H as well. You gave everything you had, and tonight Ill give you the treatment back."
Randy Orton – "Thanks Mick! I appreciate it.
Mick Foley – "Oh, one more thing though Randy. Earlier tonight, Vince McMahon announced that at Summerslam it would be RAW vs. WCW. I want you to be the first member of the RAW team in that match.
Randy Orton – "You didn’t event have to ask. Of course I will!

Mick nods his head, and heads back into the arena. Randy goes to leave, looks around, and grabs two crutches from the back of the limo.

Randy Orton : Theres not damn way I’m missing a RAW.

Randy hobbles in to the arena, and the crowd gives him a huge pop.

Jim Ross – "Randy Orton is the first member of the RAW team!
Mike Tenay – "And then he shows his rookie nature, but not listening to a veteran. I cant believe it!"


Chris Jericho’s music hits, and the ring is decked out. Its gotta be time for the Highlight Reel. Jericho comes out alone, and is greeted by a surprising small response.

Chris Jericho – "Last night, Ill have to admit was a mistake. It was a mistake losing the Tag Team title to the Natural Born Thrillers, and it was a mistake made by Rob Van Dam to go to ECW! People should be understanding what they have here in the WWE, and hell what they have on RAW. But that’s another story for another day. Tonight, I have a guest that was a winner last night. In fact he was the big winner."

Suddenly a masked man, the same from last night, jumps over the crowd barricade, and stands behind an unexpectant Chris Jericho. Chris turns around, and is floored to the mat with a forceful jackknife powerbomb. The masked man picks up Chris, and carries him to the back leaving the ring empty. The crowd is speechless, and nobody has a clue to who it is. Suddenly the bag pipes hit, and Rowdy Roddy Piper comes to the ring! He picks up the mic, and does not look happy.

Rowdy Roddy Piper – "What the hell is this shit in the ring. Its time to clean this crap out of here!

Piper starts cleaning out the ring, and we are about to go to break.

Jim Ross- "Who the hell is that masked man? But bigger yet, what is Rowdy Piper doing on RAW?
Jerry Lawler – "It looks like we will have a Piper’s Pit right after the break!


We come back from commercial, and Rowdy Roddy Piper remains in the ring, but now with the Pipers Pit appearance set up in the ring.

Rowdy Roddy Piper – "There this is a lot better. So anyways I have a little guest tonight, that I feel may have has the biggest night in the past year happen for him last night. Who can it be? HULK HOGAN! Let’s get the World Champion out here!

Hogans music hits, and comes out to a decent pop, seeing that he is with Team WCW. He carries the World Title over his shoulder to the ring.

Rowdy Roddy Piper – "Well if it isn’t Hulk Hogan, the so called immortal one. If you ask me, you’re the so called immortal washed up son of a bit**.
Hulk Hogan – Brother, just hold on one second there. Im sure as hell not washed up after last night. I kicked not one man two. And technically I also killed, a legend killer. I showed all these disbelievers here, and around the world that Hulk Hogan still runs wild.
Rowdy Roddy Piper – Well if your so strong, why not next week, we have yourself and me face each other in this ring!
Hulk Hogan – "Umm, how about no! There is no way that these fans deserve to see me wrestle for hardly any money. They need to pay to see any type of talent. And that’s why there getting Tyson Tomko versus Batista tonight.
Rowdy Roddy Piper – "Whoa you mean, the future World Champion"
Hulk Hogan – "Excuse me!"
Rowdy Roddy Piper – "You heard me"

Hogan shakes his head in disgust, and floors Piper with a clothesline. Suddenly "Burn In My Light" hits, and Randy Orton hobbles his way on crutches down to the ring. Hogan rips his shirt off, ready for Orton to take him on. But from behind Piper takes Hogan down with a reverse DDT. Orton rolls into the ring with a crutch, and slams it to Hogan’s back. He hits him one after another, until finally road agents run down to the ring, with Eric Bischoff. Eric looks upset, and grabs the mic.

Eric Bischoff – "Good job Randy. You’ve forced me to make a tough decision into a fairly easy one. If your gonna be in the RAW vs. WCW match, then so is Hulk Hogan!"

The crowd is sending a buzz throughout the air, and Orton looks excited.

Jim Ross – "Oh my god! What a major announcement!"
Mike Tenay – "WCW now has a huge advantage"
Jerry Lawler – "OK don’t be so high on yourself. If you ask me you have nothing that we don’t have so far


Sean O’Haire vs. Eugene

This is Eugene’s debut match on RAW, and he takes it quite well, getting in a lot of shots that he shouldn’t have. O’Haire goes to hook up Eugene for a suplex, but instead Eugene kicks him in the stomach, and lands a stunner. He goes for a cover, and gets a 1…2…3!

Winner : Eugene

Mike Tenay – "Typical WWE talent. Pityful. How is a man of Sean’s abilities supposed to fight against a retard like that?"
Jerry Lawler – "I think I’d call Sean a retard for not being able to beat someone like Eugene, haha."
Jim Ross – "Unbelievable"

The camera goes to the GM’s office where Todd Grisham is standing outside with some papers in his hands.

Todd Grisham – "In a few moments I am hoping ot get a word with the RAW GM, Mick Foley, in response to what happened last night between himself and the Smackdown GM, Theodore Long. Apparently some type of trade was agreed on, but only speculation can be taken at this time."

Todd Grisham knocks on the door, and Foley appears.

Todd Grisham – "Mick, I just wanna get a quick word with you. What exactly happened between you and Theodore Long last night at Bad Blood?"
Mick Foley – "Well Todd, Theodore came in looking to make a deal that would benefit Smackdown right now! We did some negotiating, and in the end a deal was struck, that I felt was good for us too!"
Todd Grisham – "Can we get details?"
Mick Foley – "Todd, I would love to, but then the surprise rating would fall. All I’ll say is that even though it makes Smackdown stronger now, It will definitely make us A LOT stronger in a few months."

Mick smiles, shakes hands with Todd, and goes to the back.

Jim Ross – "I wonder what this announcement could be?."
Jerry Lawler – "If Foley wont say a thing, then Im damn sure that it is HUGE!"
Mike Tenay – "Well when we return, we will get an update on the condition of Scott Steiner."


Mike Tenay – "Well as most know it from last night, Scott Steiner was rushed to the city hospital after his match with John Cena last night. We go to the hospital now, where we will get an update from the Scott’s doctor.

Our live footage goes to the hospital where a doctor is standing by.

Doctor – "Last night at approximately 10:30 eastern time, Scott Steiner was rushed from the American Airlines Arena, here in Dallas, Texas, as a result of moderate injuries. Scott had a slight cut on his forehead, bruised ribs, a deep gash on his shoulder, and multiple cuts on his back, to go along with many bruises scattered over his body. It took over an hour, but in the end it took just over 85 stitches to seal all the cuts. Scott is in stable condition at this time, and I can give a time line of a couple weeks for Scott’s return. He definitely will not be 100% but knowing Scott he will take chances to return as soon as possible. Thank You.

We return to the arena, to the broadcast booth.

Mike Tenay – "Believe me, Scott will be back. What a competitor!"

Jerry Lawler – "If you ask me, it just will be a matter of time, when Scott gets his ass whipped again."
Jim Ross – "Well ladies an gentlemen coming up next, the main event. Batista has a rematch with Tyson Tomko its coming up next. But as we take you to break, lets take a look at whats coming for Summerslam. Bret Hart vs. Sting vs. Ric Flair in a Submission match that will not one but two men will be forced to retire. Its definitely a match that has been in the makings for the last decade. Lets take a look!"

Click here for the video


We come back to RAW and join Lita at the coffee table, when Trish Stratus walks.

Trish Stratus – "Hello, Lita! You must be pretty proud of yourself last night. Joining WCW? Are you crazy!? What are you thinking. Ill tell you what Im thinking. Im pretty sure that it was someone who had a major effect on your decision. Who is it this time Lita? Who’s getting the slut with them this time?"
Lita – "Trish you don’t have to complain. Its really not my fault that men see me more attractive then you! And because of that they pay to get me!
Trish Stratus – "Really? Well if I was a guy, I wouldn’t pay one cent to see you, and that’s for damn sure"
Lita – "Just because your not the hottest diva on RAW, doesn’t mean you need to cry.

Dawn Marie then walks around the corner.

Dawn Marie – "Girls, girls, girls. Quit fighting already. We know that Trish is beautiful, and that Lita is a slut! But what we need to understand is that I am and will always be the most seductive diva on RAW
Trish Stratus – "What makes you think that?"
Dawn Marie – "Playboy!"

Dawn walks away smiling, and we go back to the ring.
Jerry Lawler – "OH BABY! Dawn Marie is the one that’s gonna be in playboy! I cant wait! This is gonna be unreal!"
Mike Tenay – "Hey, heres a prime example of what WCW brought the fans."
Jim Ross – "Ill let you two fantasize, but I need to call the main event coming up right now!

Tyson Tomko vs. Batista

Batista takes Tomko down with a clothesline. He stands up, puts his thumbs up, and the down. Its time for the end. Batista waits for Tomko to get up, and he thrusts him into the air for a Batista Bomb, but as hes in the air, somehow Tomko is able to flip him around for a hurricarana! What the hell! Tomko gets into the corner, and waits for Batista to rise up. When he does Tomko steps forward, and Tyson takes his head off with a big boot! He goes for the cover 1…2…3!

Winner : Tyson Tomko

Jim Ross – "My goodness! Tyson Tomko just beat the #1 contender for the World Title!"
Jerry Lawler – "He obviously proved that it was indeed a fluke hey JR?
Mike Tenay – "Its too bad thought that neither of these men will ever beat Hulk Hogant!
Jim Ross – "Well Ladies and Gentlemen it was an interesting night tonight, next week should add some buzz. We’ll see you next week.

The cameras focus on Tyson Tomko in the middle of the ring, and slowly fades out on him over Batista



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WWE Smackdown
June 28th
Delta Center
Salt Lake City
Attendance : 17,244 of 20,029
Michael Cole and Tazz
A video plays recapping Theodore Long’s news that tonight, there will be a major announcement made regarding the “trade” of services that was agreed on between him and RAW GM Mick Foley. “Step Up” plays and the pyros go off as Smackdown is on the air.
Michael Cole – “What a night there is here tonight, anything is possible, but the question is what will Theodore Long have to tell the troops? What has he agreed on?
Tazz – “Cole, I watched RAW this past Monday to try get some hint to what it could be, but with the secrecy going on, its pretty obvious that anything is possible.
Theodore Long’s music plays through the speakers, and here comes the Smackdown GM. Teddy comes down to the ring, with a clipboard, and has a huge smile on his face. He grabs a mic and stands in the middle of the ring.
Theodore Long – “Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, I come out here to make a major announcement! An announcement so large that it will shake the ground of both Smackdown, and the rest of the WWE. As most of you know by now, this past Sunday, myself and Mick Foley agreed on a deal that would trade not specifically wrestlers, but rather services. At this time I’d like to announce the first acquisition for tonight, and it pertains to the Great American Bash. Smackdown is proud to be the first brand in the WWE to have an interpromotional match up on our Smackdown only PPV. Its gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall one on one Smackdown vs. RAW right here in the middle of this ring.”
“Medals” starts, and Kurt Angle comes out to the ring.
Kurt Angle – “Whoopdido! That was one hell of a announcement! I tell you, I think that at least took 5 years of my life away from me. Wow, crazy! Do you have anything else for us to take in? Or should I just leave Smackdown now. Cause it seems like even though RAW’s GM has only has a half a brain, he does have a half a brain more than you! Oh its true, its damn…”
Theodore Long – “Better just stop your prancing around right now. Because I’m not finished, but its good to see you out here, because you are involved in my final announcement. After last weeks announcement of the Undertaker vs. Kane for the WWE Title at GAB, I felt pretty good on my decision. But by the end of the show, I soon realized that hell now, the wrong decision was made! It forced me though, to step up, and make a move that I felt may be bad in the future, but its gonna give Smackdown a HUGE value right now! If all of you guys wanna start fighting, and al of you think that your tough enough to win the title, then that’s what were gonna see! At the Great American Bash, its gonna be The Undertaker putting his title on the line, against Kane…….Shawn Michaels….AJ Styles….Brock Lesnar….and you..Kurt Angle, in a match that is now exclusive to Smackdown….the Elimination Chamber! Now are you down with that playa?
Theodore Long leaves and Kurt still can’t believe the announcement
Michael Cole – “What an announcement, and what an advantage for Smackdown!”
Tazz – “Oh my goodness. This will no matter what add to Smackdown. The question to me is though, what did Smackdown have to give up for this major move?”
Booker T vs. Christian
Christian goes for an unprettier, but Booker T is able to escape, and pushes Christian towards the ropes. On the return Christian is hit with the scissors kick, and Booker T get the three count.
Winner : Booker T
Michael Cole – “You know Tazz, Booker T definitely has the talent in this business to get a WWE Title shot, but he just isn’t getting it.”
Tazz – “You know what, I think its just a matter of time until Booker gets what he definitely deserves, and gets his title shot.”
Michael Cole – “Well ladies and gentlemen later tonight Christy Hemme will be the guest on the Cabana with Carlito.
Tazz – “What will Mr. Caribbean have to say?
The cameras rush to the back, where a limo pulls up in the back, with the license plate ECW. The door opens and Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, and Rob Van Dam step out of the back. The fans go nuts, and begin chanting “ECW. ECW” as we go to the break.
We come back to Smackdown, and join Booker T in the gm’s office
Booker T – “Im sick and tired of this crap. You hear me? I deserve better, and I sure as hell am not getting it here!”
Theodore Long – “Booker, if you just stand pat by me. I will get you a chance sooner or later.”
Booker T – “Yah? Well that’s how its been going here in the WWE ever since I got here. Nothing still has happened to benefit me. So you can take your little promise and shove it, cause Im going to RAW, because I am WCW!
Theodore looks disappointed and watches Booker T leave.
Michael Cole – “Can you believe it? Booker T is gone Tazz!.”
Tazz – “Boy, Im speechless. Another guy makes another mistake. These guys don’t know what they have here on Smackdown!”
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Hardy hits the twist of fate, but Charlie Haas comes from out of no where, and interferes to cause a DQ. This cause Jeff Hardy to come out, and the two teams battle back and forth until road agents arrive.
Winner : DRAW
Michael Cole – “Now theres something I would like to see again. The Hardy Boyz deserve a shot at the Tag Titles once again”
Tazz – “You know I wish that guys like you stopped giving guys like this chances!”
Michael Cole – “Thanks for the support.”
Tazz – “Your welcome, but what Id like to see, isn’t that far away at all. Because coming up next is Carlito’s Cabana. Who does he have for us tonight?”
Carribean’s music begins, and Carlito comes out with a bag of apples out to the ring. He rolls in, grabs a mic, and lays in the hammock.
Carlito Caribbean Cool – “You know, theres recently been a lot of ‘young guns’ showing their face in this company. Quite frankly, how the hell are they getting here! How many times did they sleep with the boss to get here? It took me years to get where I am, and for them, unh, 2-3 months. That…Das not cool. But for weeks now, Carlito has been a good boy. Hes sat in the corner, kept quiet, but that was until last week! Billy Kidman! Who the hell is he? He came from WCW! That definitely is not cool. I may not know what WCW was like, but former RAW GM Bischoff….hes….junk! I cant put it any other way. So tonight on the cabana, I have this man who thinks that he actually has a chance in this business. So whatever lets get him out here, Billy Kidman.”
Kidmans music hits, and he comes out to a decent applause..
Carlito Caribbean Cool – “What the hell was that? I didn’t even think anyone existed here in Salt Lake City! But obviously Im wrong after that response. Theres obviously a lot of inland American assholes present here tonight.
Billy Kidman – Just wait one second there. I may be from Pennsylvania, but the US is the US. And if you don’t agree, then……..thats not cool.”
Carlito Carribean Cool – “Whoa, what one second there Billy Bob Blackjack. Who do you think you are? The boss? Nobody says cool, unless they are cool. And quite frankly…..”
Carlito grabs an apple, and begins chewing.
Carlito Carribean Cool – “You aren’t cool!”
Carlito spits out the apple, but Billy moves out of the way, and takes Carlito down with a lou trez press. He continues punching him, and Carlito eventually slides out of the ring.
Billy Kidman – “Apparantly you are the one who isn’t.”
Carlito Carribean Cool – “Just one moment. Damn that’s good apple. Anyways, if you think your better than me? If you think that your cooler than me? Then lets check it out! You and me and the Great American Bash.”
Billy Kidman – “Your on!”
Carlito heads to the back, as Kidman poses on the turnbuckle.
Michael Cole – “Another great match, set for the Great American Bash”
Tazz – “I..”
The camera cuts Tazz off, and we go to the GM’s office..
Matt Hardy – “So am I gonna get what I want? Are me and Jeff gonna get our Tag Team title shot versus Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas at the Great American Bash?”
Theodore Long – “Well Matt, Ive come to the answer of, yes you have your match, BUT…Its not only gonna be you two. Because Albert, and Test will also be in the match.”
Matt Hardy – “It doesn’t matter, because at the Great American Bash, we will regain the WWE Tag Team Titles.
The Hardys walk out, and the as the door shuts, it opens again, as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks through. The crowd pops, and Steve looks disturbed.
Stone Cold – “Theodore….What the hell is going on here?”
Theodore Long – “What wrong, I don’t understand Steve.”
Stone Cold – “I came here tonight for one reason, to kick the shit out of Scott Hall. And I promise I will waste him more than he’s ever been wasted in his life.
Theodore Long – “Well Mr. Stone, I cant help it. I cant do a thing. You do understand though you have him at GAB.”
Stone Cold – “HAHAHAHA, that doesn’t matter. Teddy your wrong you can do something. You can get your little black ass on the phone to the RAW GM, Mick Foley, and tell him to be ready. Cause when Stone Cold steps into the arena next week. All hell will break loose. And it doesn’t matter who it is!
Austin leaves, and Long looks scared.
Tazz – “My goodness, Stone Cold is gonna destroy RAW this Monday!”
“One of a Kind” hits, and Rob Van Dam comes out to the ring with Paul Heyman, followed by a MAJOR pop, and an ECW chant.
Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal
Van Dam takes Regal down with a spinning kick, and then hits him with a rolling thunder. He hops up to the top ropes, and lands a five-star frog splash and gets the three count.
Winner : Rob Van Dam
Tazz – “That is right. ECW is running like it should be, and is getting the wins as well. ECW 4 ever!”
Michael Cole – “Well that may be forever, but the main event that was just announced definitely will not take forever. This is almost a damn disgrace. Billy Kidman is going to take on…Kane! I cant believe this!”
Tazz – “I think Billy Kidman has just found himself in a highly combustible area!
We go the the locker rooms in the back, where AJ Styles is sitting talking to Christy Hemme..
AJ Styles – “Now Christy, I want you to understand. What happened last week, was a complete mistake on my behalf. Im sorry I did that. There is no way you need to be involved with me like that. So…I’m sorry.”
Christy Hemme – “You may be sorry, but I’m not!
She jumps on him, and begins making out with him as we go to break.
Simon Dean comes out to the ring, and asks for the microphone
Simon Dean – “Salt Lake City. Isn’t it ironic that the name has salt in it? You’ve obviously all had a fair share of the potato chips. Like Ive been to most cities, but this? This is terrible. So tonight, I am giving anyone that is here tonight, a fair chance at coming out, and facing me in the middle of this ring. Anyone from the crowd.”
Simon waits, then suddenly a man comes over the barricade with a large ball cap on. He slides in the ring, and takes it off….Its Jim Duggan!.
Michael Cole – “What the hell Jim Duggan is here to take the challenge!””
Simon Dean – “Who the hell are you? Hell I don’t care…ring the bell.”
Jim Duggan vs. Simon Dean
Dean is on the mat getting up, turns around, and almost gets his head taken off by Duggan as he comes with clothesline. Dean though was able to duck it, and hits the Simonizer.
Winner : Simon Dean
Michael Cole – “Its too bad that a legend like Duggan couldn’t come out with a win tonight.
Tazz – “Yah especially since it was against Simon Dean. I understand why hes retired now.”
We come back to Smackdown and join Michael Cole and Tazz at the announce table.
Michael Cole – “And now…The RAW Rebound”
The RAW Rebound plays, which highlights…
-[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Tyson Tomko defeats Batista in a rematch
-[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]RAW vs. WCW in a 10-man match set for Summerslam
-[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Dawn Marie is announced as the next playboy cover girl
Michael Cole – “Well there may be some interesting things going on , on RAW, but this is Smackdown, and its time for the main event.
Tazz – “Cole this does not look good for Kidman”
Michael Cole – “Billy Kidman takes on Kane!”
Billy Kidman vs. Kane
Kane snaps at Kidman, grabs his neck, and throws him up for a chokeslam, but Billy is able to give Kane a low blow, which knocks him to his knees. Billy hits a bulldog, and goes to the top for a shooting star press. He launches off, but Kane moves and both men are down. But this is where the mayhem begins. Kurt Angle comes running down the ramp, and jumps on Kane, as the ref calls the bell. Right behind Angle though comes HBK. Angle gets up and the two exchange right hands back and forth. Styles comes sliding into the ring, and takes both men down with a clothesline. He turns around though and is nailed with chokeslam from Kane. Suddenly the lights go out, and a video begins to play. It slides through a graveyard, then focus on a ‘mass grave’. It goes down the name list, and all five men in the ring, have their name listed. Finally the video zooms out, and The Undertaker is standing there with a shovel. He ends it by “You all, will rest in peace!” The lights come back on, and all six men are back up going back and forth. Even Billy Kidman is in there! What the hell is he thinking. Theres bodys flying everywhere, but nobody is quitting. Road Agents surround the ring, but no one has the guts to enter. Finally…….Glass Shatters. And Stone Cold comes flying out to the ring. He throws Michaels over the top rope. Stuns Kurt Angle. Throws Kidman over the top. Stuns AJ Styles. He turns around and walks right into a chokeslam from Kane. Kane stands in the middle of the ring, and sets fire to the ring posts.
Michael Cole – “What an ending to Smackdown! What can we even expect from next week!
Tazz – “Well we only have about 10 days left till the Great American Bash, so my guess is that anything WILL happen!
Michael Cole – “I cant believe this. Kane is standing tall, and the Undertaker is set to bury all contenders deep down into the ground. We’ll see you next week!
The cameras watch Kane surrounded in the ring of fire, and we go off the air.

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WWE Smackdown Presents : The Great American Bash​

July 9th 2006
Staples Centre
Los Angeles, California
Attendance : 22,579 out of 23,258
Michael Cole vs. Tazz

Narrator: American. The "said" superior nationality in the world​

A clip of the US flag is shown, and numerous landmarks.​

Narrator: But this attribute is not gained for free. With all items, there is a price!​

A few clips from the war in Iraq is shown.​

Narrator: But this price is not money, its pain, its blood.​

Footage continues of the war, with an American flag faded in the background.​

Narrator: But for six men, tonight brings a new challenge.​

A quick clip of the construction of the elimination chamber is shown​

Narrator: Because for these six me, only one will walk away safe, while the other five will be bloodied, bruised, and even buried.​

The Undertaker’s face is shown​

Narrator: Because this isn’t a war, it isn’t a bash. It’s the Great American Bash!​

It ends with an image of the American flag​

Narrator: And now, WWE Smackdown, along with Sports Illustrated present The Great American Bash​

The cameras flash to the arena, and a HUGE fireworks display goes off, as we see the huge entrance setup for this PPV.​

Michael Cole : Id like to welcome everybody to the Staples Centre, in LA, its time for the Great American Bash!​

Tazz : Cole this night took long enough, but tonight is the night! Tonight is the night, that ECW returns to glory!
Michael Cole : Tazz that is right, the new ECW title is on the line, RVD takes on Rhyno and my goodness there will be broken bones there.
Tazz: Yah, but Cole there isn’t anything bigger on Smackdown right now, as the WWE Championship picture.
Michael Cole : That is true as well! The title will be on the line, in the now Smackdown exclusive, Eliminiation Chamber.
Tazz: That’s later in the night, but lets get the night started with a match that began with the success of one, but the feeling of selfishness from another. Billy Kidman takes on Carlito. Lets take a look at how this all started.

A video airs showing Billy Kidman’s success in the last few weeks. Kidman getting multiple chances in the big time. Then it all turns sour two weeks ago on the Cabana. The two men have a confrontation, and the match is agreed upon.
"I spit in the face.." hits, and Carlito comes out to a chorus of boos. Hes carrying a bag of apples, and spits a mouthful into a fan sitting ringside. Carlito shrugs his shoulders, and enters the ring. Kidman’s music starts, and he comes running down aisle, and comes sliding into the ring to cause the ref to call for the bell to begin the match
Billy Kidman vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool​

Carlito walks up to Kidman, and the two stare eye to eye. Carlito spits a mouthful of apple at Kidman, and that sets off Billy. He takes him down with a tackle, and gives him a few right hands. Kidman gets back to his feet, and so does Carlito, but he gets taken down by a dropkick. Billy bounces off the ropes, and hits a leg drop. He picks Carlito back up to his feet, and gives him a snap suplex. He picks him up again, and this time gets in a fishermans suplex. The cover…



Carlito kicks out.

Kidman gets back to his feet, and brings Carlito back up as well. He tosses Carlito to the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but Carlito ducks it, and hits a reverse neckbreaker. Carlito gets up, and tosses Kidman to the corner. He comes rushing in, and takes him down with a body splash in the corner. Kidman falls to the bottom rope, and Carlito runs at him again, as he smashes his knee into Billy’s face. Carlito picks Kidman back up, and tosses him to the opposite corner, but this time Kidman goes over the ropes and to the outside. Carlito walks over to the ropes, and launches himself over onto the Kidman who is lying on the mat below. The two lie on the mat below, but Carlito is the first to get up. He pulls Kidman up by the hair, and hits a suplex onto the cement floor on the aisle way to the entrance. Kidman holds his back, and the refs count is up to 7. Carlito rolls into the ring, and then back out. He picks Kidman back up, and tosses him into the ring apron. Once again he hits his back, and is hurt on the outside mat. Carribean picks him up, and rolls in back into the ring, and follows after him. He goes for the cover,



Kidman kicks out.

Carlito gets back to his knees, and looks down at Kidman. He stands back up, and grabs Billy’s legs. He twists him around, and locks in the boston crab. Billy screams in pain, with the work done to his back already. The ref asks him if he wants to quit, but he rejects the offer. Kidman inches closer to the ropes, but Carlito pulls him back into the center of the ring. Kidman tries to inch closer again, but Carlito pulls him again. Finally Kidman finds enough strength in him, and pushes Carlito over to release the hold. Carlito looks upset, and he throws his wristbands to the side. Carlito gets up, and goes back to Kidman, and the ref tosses the wristbands out of the ring, but Kidman kicks Carlito in the midsection as he tries to get Kidmans feet! The ref never saw a thing, and Carlito falls to his knees. Both men lie on the mat, but once again Carlito is the first to start getting back up, after about a minute. The ref has no clue on what is going on. Carlito is almost up, but suddenly Kidman shoulder kicks himself back to his feet, and takes Carlito back to the mat with a clothesline. Kidman goes to the top rope, and takes Carlito back down with a missile dropkick. He goes for the cover.



Carlito kicks out again!

Kidman looks around at the crowd, and picks up Carlito as he does it. He tosses him into the corner, and gives him the hurricarna, back into the middle of the ring. Billy jumps back onto the turnbuckle, and tries for the shooting star press. He gets up in the air, but Carlito moves out of the way, and Kidman hits nothing but mat! Both men are on the canvas once again, and Carlito is able to roll over to prop his arm over Kidman. The ref gets down to count.




Kidman kicked out once again, and Carlito is going crazy!

Carlito gets back up to his feet, and tosses Kidman to the ropes. Kidman comes back, ducks under a clothesline. He hits the ropes again, and Carlito body tosses him over the top rope, onto the mats below. Carlito falls over in the ring, and rolls out to get Kidman again. He pulls the mats apart below, and lands Kidman onto the exposed cement. Carlito looks around, and is getting a lot of heat from the crowd, as he spits on Kidman. A nearby fan is screaming at him, and he spits at them too. He smiles, shrugs his shoulders, rolls back into the ring, then back out to restart the count. He drops his knee into Kidman’s face, and rubs it around to cause some stress on the skin. He walks over to the timekeepers, grabs an apple, and rolls back into the ring. He sits ontop the turnbuckle, watching Kidman below, and eats his apple! He throws the remaining core into the crowd, and drops an overhead axe handle smash onto Kidman who was trying to get up. Carlito smiles, and rests as he watches Kidman struggle to get back up, and then he gets in a quick bulldog from behind. Kidman is in deep trouble, and Carlito rolls him back into the ring. Carlito follows him and makes the cover once again!




NO! Kidman once again was able to kick out. Carlito now has lost it, and tells the ref that that wasn’t cool. Carlito rolls into the corner, and waits, in a hunched position, for Kidman to rise back up. Billy gets to his feet, after about a half a minute, and Carlito finishes him off with a swinging neckbreaker! Carlito rolls up Billy for the cover, and gets the..




Carlito has done what he said he was gonna do, that being able to defeat this guy that was being called as some "the next great thing".
Winner : Carlito Caribbean Cool​

Carlito – "I did it! I did it again. I told you once, and you should know that Carlito never lies. Carlito tells you what hes gonna do, and he delivers. So, Im gonna do it again. Summerslam, Carlito, champion! Now that……Das Cool!​

Carlito heads to the back, and acts like the match was no problem at all. He chomps on an apple, as he passes through the curtains. Kidman meanwhile gets helped out of the ring.​

Michael Cole – "Carlito did what he expected, and that was to win his match here tonight."​

Tazz – "And something else just happened that was expected. Moments ago, ECW arrived here in the building."
We go to a ‘moments ago’ clip, and see ECW arriving together in a limo. The door opens, and Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam, and Rhyno come together.​

Tazz – "Cole, there isn’t too many times when you see opponents arrive together, but this isn’t about enemies. This is about family. This is about ECW, and tonight, that is exactly what we are going to see. Pure ECW!
Michael Cole – "That sounds great, but lets go to the back, where Josh Matthews is standing by with one man who is scheduled to participate in the Elimination Chamber tonight, Shawn Michaels.
The screen shows Josh Matthews along side Shawn Michaels​

Josh Matthews – "Ladies, and Gentlemen I’m standing along with maybe the next WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, and Shawn I just wanna get a quick work on what you feel will come out of tonight elimination chamber match?"​

Shawn Michaels – "Josh, there comes a time in a man career when all boundaries, all limits, all excuses go right out the window. Ive worked years for respect, and it all comes down once again to one night! So you ask me, what will come out of tonight match? Broken bones, Broken careers, and souls that will never be mended. HBK though is walking into that ring for two purposes. To give the fans the entertainment they deserve, and to give them what they all want to see. The showstopper once again, WWE Champion."
The fans pop, Shawn walks away, and Josh shakes his head in approval.​

Michael Cole – "Strong words from the man that may be our new WWE Champion."​

Tazz – "Words like that send shivers down your spine, Cole."
Michael Cole – "They definitely do, but talking about spines. The next match includes two men who at one point may have felt many pains with their spines."
Tazz – "Cole it must be time for the tag team titles match."
Michael Cole – "You damn rights it is Tazz."
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s music starts, and they come out to a neutral response. They come to the ring taunting their belts around. They enter the ring, and T&A make their entrance, with a decent amount of heat, to the ring with Maria leading them there. Test and Albert enter the ring, and then lift Maria over the ropes. Finally the Hardy Boyz music hits, and a huge pop is heard throughout the arena. The lights fade out, and the black lights hit, and Matt and Jeff come, glowing in white and green, to the ring. The three teams stand in all their corners, and its announced that the rules are that two opponents will be the legal men at all times.​

WGTT(c) vs. T&A w/ Maria vs. Hardy Boyz – Tag Team Titles​

Jeff Hardy, and Test begin the match, with Benjamin and Haas strongly opposing to step up. Jeff, and Test lock up in the middle, but Test over powers him and easily pushes him into the corner. Test comes running in, and gives him a new to the face. Jeff rolls out of the corner, holding his face, and tags in Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin looks mad, and is forced to enter the ring with Test. Test meets him as he enters the ring, and ends up shoving him to the outside. Charlie Haas gets down from the apron to help Shelton, but Matt Hardy comes running around the corner, and gives Charlie a clothesline. Matt picks up, Shelton and rolls him back into the ring, while the ref tells Matt to get back to his corner. Test picks up Shelton, and throws him into the corner, which his partner is standing. Test distracts the ref, and Albert chokes Shelton in the corner. Test looks as if hes going to continue on Shelton, but he turns around and gives a blind tag to Charlie Haas! Charlie wasn’t even expecting it, and goes CRAZY! The ref forces Charlie to enter the ring, and Shelton finally realizes what just happened. The two men go into the middle of the ring, and shake hands. The two lock together, and Shelton out powers Charlie, by pushing him out. Charlie gets up looking shocked, and comes running back at Shelton, taking him down with a clothesline. Charlie picks up Shelton, and throws him into the corner of Test, and Albert. Shelton turns around and tags in Albert, while Charlie tags in Matt Hardy. Both men roll to the outside, making it seems as to though they are extremely smart. Matt comes in to the ring, but Albert meets him, and gives him a sharp suplex. Matt gets up quickly and runs towards Albert, but he runs right into a powerslam. Albert makes the cover,



Kick out, by Matt.

Albert picks Matt back up, throws him into the corner, and comes charging in to nail him in between himself, and the turnbuckle.

Shelton Benjamin still doesn’t wanna leave ringside, and continues to beat the living hell out of Test, as Maria pleads for him to stop. Finally Shelton rolls Test onto the Spanish announce table, and security guard escort him to the back. Meanwhile Matt and Jeff are double teaming Albert in the inside, and Jeff notices that Test is left alone on the outside. Maria tries to attend to him, but then notices Jeff climbing to the top turnbuckle in the ring, so she backs away. The fans begin cheering, as Jeff stands on top of the turnbuckle. He launches off, and hits a swanton bomb on Test, through the announce table on the outside. The fans go nuts, and begin chanting "holy shit", as Maria goes over, with additional road agents from the back to check on both men. The fans are in a frenzy, and Albert is standing near the ropes, shocked to what he saw. He turns around shaking his head, and walks right into the twist of fate from Matt Hardy. The ref sees the action in the ring, and Hardy gets the cover.




YES, The Hardy Boyz have once again won the WWE Tag Team titles. The crowd is going crazy, as Matt is handed both titles, and has his armed raised by the ref. He rolls to the outside, and checks on his partner.​

Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions : The Hardy Boyz
Paramedics come rushing out, and check on Jeff Hardy, while Matt helps out, and Test is helped to the back.​

Michael Cole – "That was simply amazing! To think Jeff is willing to put his body on the line for that."​

Tazz – "Cole but we do have new tag team champions!."
Michael Cole – "That is correct, but when will they be able to defend is the question."
Tazz – "That’s a good point. Is Jeff even gonna be able to enter a ring again?"
Suddenly, the picture changes, and the cameras are scrambling everywhere, as they rush to the parking lot area. A rather large limo pulls up in the back.​

Michael Cole – "Who the hell could that be?"​

Tazz – Seeing that ECW is already here, I have no clue to who that could be!"
Michael Cole – "We’ll try get some information for that as soon as possible. But now apparently it is time for a match that I think your looking forward Tazz."
Tazz – "Oh baby, it is time for the ECW Title match, Rob Van Dam, Rhyno ITS NEXT!

Once again we join Josh Matthews in the back, this time hes alongside Kurt Angle..
Josh Matthews – "Im now alongside, Kurt Angle. And Kurt we got Shawn’s view of tongihts WWE Championship match, would you care to….."​

Kurt Angle – "Whoa, just wait a second. Kurt Angle? Are you kidding me? Im Kurt Angle, the Olympic hero!
Josh Matthews – "Ahh, I was close enough."
Kurt Angle – "Excuse me? You think an Olympic hero, deserves the same respect as a guy like Shawn Michaels? I don’t think so….SO….Lets try that again!
Josh looks disgusted, Angle leaves, and Josh re-introduces him.​

Josh Matthews – "Ladies, and Gentlemen, I am alongside the man who may hold the WWE Championship once tonight main event concludes, the Olympic hero, Kurt Angle."​

Kurt Angle – "That’s right Josh, that’s me, the OLYMPIC HERO, WOO"
Josh Matthews – "Do you have anything you would like to add before tonights main event?"
Kurt Angle – "Josh is there even anything new to say? In about…..uh an hour and a half, Im going to be going out there, and entering one of the most demonic structures in the WWE. Then in……uh two hours from now, Im going to be the only man left in that chamber! So what am I saying…..I am the new WWE Champion, by the end of the night. Now get out of my face, Josh."
Kurt Angle storms away, and Josh is left with a confused look on his face.​

We go back to the ring, and ECW’s theme music hits. Paul Heyman comes out to the ring with the new ECW title, and joins Michael Cole, and Tazz at ringside.
Michael Cole – "And it looks like we are going to be joined by the leader of ECW, Paul Heyman."​

Paul Heyman – "Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the biggest return in history, the ECW brand is back, and its back NOW!"

"One of a Kind" hits and a massive cheer erupts, followed by a LONG ECW chant. RVD walks to the ring, climbs the steps, and leaps over the ropes as Rhynos music hits. Rhyno comes walking down the aisle, as the crowd continues to chant ECW. The two men get into the ring, and the fans are going crazy, it is remarkable how much this compares to an ECW level.
Rob Van Dam vs. Rhyno – ECW Title​

The bell sounds, and the roof is almost blowing off with the chants of ECW rumbling the arena. RVD, and Rhyno stare at each other, and seem to be discussing something. Suddenly both me turn around, and leave the ring; searching under the ring for some types of weapons. Rhyno comes out with two trashcan lids, and RVD comes racing back into the ring with a steel chair. Both men go to attack each other, as Rhyno ducks a chair shot, and slams both lids on RVD’s head. Rob goes to one knee, but spins around knocking Rhyno off his feet! RVD picks up Rhyno and throws him into the corner. Rob walks over too, and delivers a spinning heel kick to the cheek bone of Rhyno. He falls to the mat holding his face, and Van Dam heads back to the outside of the ring. He searches under the ring, and hear comes a table! Rob slides it out, and lifts it into the ring. He rolls in aswell, but gets flattened by a gore from Rhyno as he stands up. Rhyno goes over to the table, and sets it up in the corner, resting on the turnbuckle. Rhyno picks up the limb RVD, and rests him up against the table that’s waiting to cause damage. Rhyno sets up and takes off for a gore, but RVD moves, and amazingly, Rhyno stops just before he gets off the ground. RVD tries to trip him, but Rhyno escapes the toe hold. He tries for an elbow, but RVD gets a stiff elbow, and drives Rhyno hits first through the table with an intense ddt! The fans are going crazy, chanting ECW, ECW, as Rob crawls over for the count.



Rhyno kicks out fast, but has already begun bleeding on the top of his head, with a decent flow of blood pouring out. Rob picks Rhyno to his feet, and hits a snap suplex. RVD goes to the outside of the ring again, and searches for more toys. He throws into the ring a fire extinguisher, stop sign, more steel chairs, and finally sets up a table, with a massive ladder on the outside. What the hell is he planning. He slides into the ring, and gets me with a stop sign to the head from Rhyno. RVD falls back onto the ropes, and is speared to the outside of the ring, and knocks the ladder over as he rams into it. Rhyno races to the top rope, and jump off with a leg drop, which is executed perfectly. He goes for a cover, and we may have our first ECW champion.



NO!! RVD kicks out, and gets the shoulder up!

Rhyno gets up to his knees, and pulls a kendo stick from under the ring. He nails Rob multiple times on the back, with the sound echoing throughout the arena. Rhyno picks Rob back up and rolls him into the ring. He gets in as well, and tosses him to the ropes. The two go back and forth, really picking up speed, finally Rhyno monkey tosses RVD by the edge, and flips him right through the announcers table from the ring! The fans go wild chanting holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Rhyno heads to the outside, and rolls over RVD who know is bleeding, and majorly cut up on his back. The cover is made.



NO!! Somehow, RVD gets his shoulder off the floor!

Rhyno cant believe it, and rolls RVD’s limb body into the ring. Meanwhile, he walks over to the other side, and sets the ladder up once again on the outside. Rhyno looks up at it, and begins to climb to the top. One by one he gets closer, as RVD slowly begins to stir on the inside. Rhyno gets up to the top, and sits on the top rung. RVD though is up to his feet, grabs the fire extinguisher and throws it at Rhyno. Rhyno catches it, but almost falls off the top. Before he can do anything though, RVD launches himself off the middle of the ropes, upward, and dropkicks Rhyno sitting on the ladder. Rhyno falls backwards off the ladder, and goes crashing through the table below. RVD though also gets hurt when he crashes into the ladder, and hits the ground. This creates the largest applause of the night, and it seems as to though we are at some kind of daredevil show. Both men are left out, to dry. RVD is the first to begin moving around, and he slowly crawls over to the body of Rhyno, who still hasn’t moved. The cover is made.




Rhyno kicked out; you have to be kidding me! RVD can’t believe it either, as he rolls over to the barricade to try lift himself back up. The fans are going crazy behind RVD, and are making this seem like a true ECW environment. RVD goes back to the ring apron, and once again begins pulling weapons out. He brings out another table, followed by another, and another! What the hell is going on? He slides them all in the ring, and gets in after them too. He clears the entire ring out, leaving only the tables. He sets one up by the corner, and two more surrounding it, standing on their sides. So now there is a table standing normally in the corner, with two more resting on their edges ontop of it, while also resting on the ropes. Rob goes to the outside, and slides in Rhyno in the ring. He then goes under the ring, and pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barb-wire! What the hell is gonna happen here?!? He throws it in the ring, and goes in himself. He lifts Rhyno up onto the table, and his back is resting on the other tables behind him. He sets up the chair in Rhynos arms, and goes to the opposite turnbuckle. No way, you don’t think? The fans are going wild, as Rob launches off, and gives the van dominator to Rhyno, as he hits him right in the chest, where the chair is sitting. Rhyno goes flying through the tables as well, and left in a pile of wreckage. RVD is also down an out, and partially went through a table himself, on that move.

Suddenly Tommy Dreamer comes out from the crowd. What the hell is he doing here? The ECW chants are deafening. He brings a ref with him, and makes a cover on Rob Van Dam. The extra ref counts




He did it! Tommy Dreamer has just stole the ECW title! He taunts in the ring a little bit in the ring, wasting some time, and turns around to meet Lance Storm. Hes not supposed to be here! He clocks Dreamer over the head with a steel chair, and gets a cover of his own.




Lance Storm has know won the title! He is the second ever ECW champion! Lance begins to hightail it out from ringside area, but as he passes through the curtain, he runs right into JBL’s limo!! Are you kidding me? Is JBL returning from injury tonight? The door opens on the limo, and yes! He is! JBL jumps out, and delivers maybe the biggest clothesline from hell we’ve ever seen! He goes for the cover, and gets a three count!! Now we have another champion!!! But its not over, as RVD, Dreamer, and Rhyno are back up. RVD is getting out another ladder, and bring it to the entrance as Dreamer tries to attack JBL, but is taken to the mat with a elbow shot to the top of the head. JBL turns around, and GORE! GORE! GORE!!!

Rhyno goes for a cover, but doesn’t realize, RVD is climbing the ladder behind him. Rhyno gets the ref to count, but as he hits a three count, RVD launches off the top of the ladder with a five star frog splash. Once again total mayhem from the fans, as RVD gets a cover.




RVD has retained, and the ref helps him to the back. What an unbelievable match!! The fans remain chanting ECW, as we go to the commentators.
Winner and NEW ECW Champion : Rob Van Dam​

Michael Cole – "We have an update on that limo in the back, lets go their now."​

The cameras show the limo once again, and the driver finally steps out and walks to the rear of the vehicle. He stands by the door, and opens it up. We see two dress shoes step out, the camera pans up……its MR. VINCE MCMAHON!​

Michael Cole – "What the hell is going on! Why the hell is the boss here?"​

Tazz – "You know for damn sure Cole, there is a good reason for him making the trip tonight to LA."
Michael Cole – "And it looks like hes coming our way, this is going to be good."
A video airs hyping Summerslam, which is coming up in just under four weeks. It is going ot be headlined by a match that has been in the makings for years. Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and Sting put their careers on the line in a submission, I Quit match.​

"No Chance" hits, and Vince McMahon comes power strutting out to the ring. He climbs in, and goes straight for a mic.

Vince McMahon – "Ladies and Gentlemen here in LA, all over the United States, and all over the world, Ive came here tonight for one reason, and one reason only to relive, and remember mistakes. It was 5 years ago…..5 years ago, and approximately 9:48pm central standard time, that I, Vince McMahon admits was the biggest mistake of my life, with this business known as wrestling entertainment. Now you ask, what happened 5 years ago? Now lets think, it would have been a main event….5 years ago, that would have been the Alliance era in the WWE. Ahh, I think you got it and your damn right. It was Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell, for the wcw title, right here in this ring on RAW! Talk about the biggest mistake a McMahon could make, but luckily that one was by Shane, and on my behalf it was a mistake of myself not keeping an eye on the competition. Now how about we fast forward 5 years, to RIGHT NOW! Lets take a look where we are. Still WCW is around, Booker T is still whining, and Buff Bagwell is still the worst wrestler in the industry. So I came out tonight to present a plea. A plea not only from myself, from all the fans of Smackdown, from all the fans of RAW, straight to Eric Bischoff. Eric, think about it, do you really want Booker T to be representing WCW in that ring for Summerslam? And don’t even think about having Buff Bagwell on your team. So Eric whatcha gonna do? Im waiting for you in the ring? Is Hogan gonna wrestle two matches? Whos gonna replace him? Lets just say Eric, that Im looking forward to tomorrow night on RAW, because I am giving you 24 hours to announce another member of your team, or I will force you to forfeit the match. Thank you….. That reminds me though, I also have something up my sleeve. Because tomorrow night I will personally announce the third member of team RAW, and just like Ive told others in the past…Sometime you need to put enemies aside, and make them friends. Thank you, and have a good night."​

Vince walks to the back, and the fans are left wondering who the next member is.​

Michael Cole – "Who know Tazz, its things like that, that make me watch RAW once in a while."​

Tazz – "You have to wonder, what the hell does the boss have up his sleeve?"
Michael Cole – "And talking about RAW, later tonight we have the first interpromotional match with RAW, on our brand only ppv."
Tazz – "Stone Cold Steve Austin will take on Scott Hall, but after what happened last Smackdown, will he arrive alone? Or will Kevin Nash accompany him?"

Once again we are taken to the parking lot area. A red four door car pulls up, and Scott Hall with Kevin Nash step out. They grab their bags, and walk into the building.
Michael Cole – "I think you just got your answer there Tazz. Scott Hall knows better not to come alone."​

Tazz – "You know though, in Austin’s mind, it doesn’t matter if theres one, or two. Its still gonna be a can of whoop ass."

The cameras zoom in on the chamber that’s above the ring, and the commentators talk up the upcoming main event later tonight. Shane Helms, music starts, and he comes out to the ring with the cruiserweight title over his shoulder. The following contest is a United States Championship match. Eddie Guerreros music hits, and he comes out to the ring, with a decent applause. Eddie hands over the US Title to the ref, and the bell sounds.
Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Shane Helms – United States Title​

Sorry but this match cannot be written at this time, for obvious reasons.​

Winner and STILL US Champion : Eddie Guerrero​

The crowd is ecstatic with Eddie winning the match, and the cameras flash to the back, while Eddie walks up the ramp. The cameras have a live view of the parking lot, where a pickup truck comes racing in. ITS STONE COLD! He races through the backstage area, and comes crusing down the hallway leading to the ring. The crowd is going bezerk, as the glass shatters, and the truck appears from the back. Austin cruises right out to the ring, and parks infront. Austin gets out, and jumps on top of the vehicle with a can of beer in hand, as he give the two finger salute.​

Michael Cole – "The rattlesnake is here, and my goodness this could only mean one thing. Its time for the interpromotional match."​

Tazz – "Just listen to this crowd Cole, they are blowing the roof of the staples center!"
Michael Cole – "This should be an interesting match!"
The old Outsiders music hits, and Hall makes his way out to the ring, with Nash following him. The crowd is giving them a large amount of heat, but they just shake it off as they continue to the ring.​

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash – Interpromotional Match​

The bell sounds and Austin is very cautious as he watches both Scott Hall, in the ring, and Kevin Nash patrolling the outside. Austin keeps his eyes locked on Nash, which gives Hall a quick second to come in from behind and take Austin to the mat with a clothesline to his leg. Austin falls over, and Hall gives him a few stiff kicks to the shoulder. Austin rolls around, and gets lifted up to his feet by "the bad man" Hall tosses Austin against the ropes, and takes him down with a leg trip on the return. He goes for a cover…



Kick out by Stone Cold. Nash begins to be a nuisance on the outside as he distracts the ref, giving Hall enough time to use some brass knuckles which he grabs out of his trunks. He nails Austin from behind on the back of the head, and this one could already be over! He turns around and goes for a cover, as the ref is just turning around now too.



Kick out by Austin! Hall looks pissed, and it seems as to though the only idea these two men had was to finish this match as soon as possible. Hall pick Austin up again, and goes to toss him into the corner once again. But Austin moves around, and goes to the ropes instead. He comes back, and Hall misses a clothesline. Scott spins around, and gets hit with a kick to the gut, and a stone cold stunner! The fans are going crazy, and Austin goes for a cover.




Kevin Nash pulls the ref out of the ring, and gives him a shot to the head, to knock him out.

Nash rolls into the ring, and meets Austin as hes getting back up. He throws him between his legs, and throws him up then down with a jackknife powerbomb! This has gotten totally out of hand! Hall gets up, and gets a piece of Stone Cold as well by giving him the outsiders edge. The ref has noticed whats going on, and calls for the bell, which causes for a disqualification. Nash, and Hall continue to kick the crap out of Austin, but are soon stopped as road agents hit the ring, and break up the mayhem.

You have to wonder, how long it will be until Austin gets his payback.​

Winner : Scott Hall​

AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kane vs. The Undertaker (c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle – Elimination Chamber - WWE Championship​

The six competitors stand in their respective chambers, and Tony Chimmel comes into the ring.

Tony Chimmel – "The following contest is the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship. To begin the match two combatants will begin the match with another man being released from his chamber every 5 minutes. The match will continue until only one man is left in the chamber."

Chimmel exits the ring, and the lights fade out. Suddenly some strange music begins, and a strobe light begins, flashing in intervals to each persons chamber. The light stops on Shawn Michaels, and his chamber door opens. HBK enters the ring, and the light begins again. Who is gonna start this match off with HBK? The light seems to stop of Kurt Angle, but it takes one more change, and it ends up on AJ Styles. The phenomenal one, enters the ring and the fans go WILD!

The lights fade back on, the bell rings, and the ref calls for the match to begin. Styles and Michaels circle the ring, ready to hook up. AJ takes a step forward and offers a handshake. Michaels embraces, and the match is underway. The two men hook up, and AJ Styles is able to push Michaels over on to his back. Michaels gets right back up, but Styles takes him down again with a clothesline. HBK gets back up quickly, but this time AJ takes him to the mat with an armbar takedown. The two men remain on the mat with AJ holding Shawn in a stiff arm lock. Michaels continues to stuggle, and is able to slide himself to the ropes to break the count. Aj pulls Shawn back up to his feet, and tosses him to the ropes. Michaels moves out of the way of a dropkick, and bounces off the opposite ropes. AJ is ready for him when he returns, but Shawn tosses his body in mid air, knocks over AJ, and lands on top of him. We have a cover,




Shawn gets back to his feet, as the clock has now hit the one minute remaining portion. Shawn picks up AJ, and throws him into the corner. HBK walks up to him and gives him a hard chop across the chest. The crowd gives a "WOOOOO!" Shawn gives another crop, and yet another "WOOOOO!" Shawn locks up with AJ in the corner, and delivers a suplex to the middle of the ring. Shawn gets to the top rope, and jumps off to land a forearm shot off the top, reminiscence to the old Bret Hart days. Shawn grabs AJ by the legs and locks in the sharpshooter, as the final few seconds tick off the clock, the lights fade, and the strobe light begins.

Angle……….Undertaker……….Angle,……….Lesnar……….Kane………. Angle……….Lesnar……….KANE!

The light stops on Kane! He is the next entrant into the chamber. The turnbuckles explode with fire, and his chamber is opened as he enters the ring. Shawn remains holding AJ in a sharpshooter, as Kane walks in from behind and almost takes Shawns head off. Shawn rolls off to the side, and turns around, walking right into Kane grabbing him by the throat. He trusts him high into the air, and sends him down to the mat with a chokeslam. Kane goes for the cover.




AJ Styles breaks up the count. What the hell is he thinking. Kane gets back to his feet, and looks furiously at AJ. Kane goes to grab AJ by the throat, but Styles ducks the attack, and takes out Kane’s knee. Kane drops to the mat, and AJ once again attacks Kane’s knee. It seems as to though he may have found the big mans disadvantage. AJ grabs Kane by the leg, and pulls him into the centre of the ring; he ties him up, and puts him in half boston crab position. Kane winces in pain, and slowly crawls over to the ropes. He grabs hold of it, but Shawn Michaels comes from the side, and kicks his arm off of it. He then turns around, and drives AJ’s head into the mat. Michaels brings Styles back up to his feet, tosses him to the ropes, and takes him back down with a cross body attack. Michaels gets back up, and walks right into Kane, who grabs him by the throat. Kane yells at him for a little while, and goes for a chokeslam. HBK is able though to give a quick low blow to Kane, which causes him to release the hold. Michaels takes a step back, and floors Kane with some sweet chin music. HBK gets back to his feet, carried by a huge applause from the crowd, but suddenly he gets spun around and nailed to the mat by AJ Styles, when he nails the spinal tap. We have a cover!



3! Michaels kicks out!, but no…the ref is saying it wasn’t in time!!!!

Michaels is livid, and is refusing to leave the ring. Suddenly the lights fade out, and the lights begin to flash once more. It starts on The Undertaker…..Kurt Angle…..Brock Lesnar…..Kurt Angle…..The Undertaker…Kurt Angle……Brock Lesnar……KURT ANGLE!!!

Angles chamber is opened, and he comes flying in directly after Michaels. He grabs Shawn by the head, and throws him into the steel chain walls of the chamber. After breaking Michaels open, he calls for the door to be opened, and he throws Michaels out in a heap. Meanwhile, AJ is trying to contain Kane, but isn’t getting anywhere to say the least. Both men exchange shots in the middle of the ring, but Angle comes from the side, and takes both men down with a clothesline. Kurt jumps ontop of Kane, and begins a fury of punches to the temple of Kane. Kane though is able to withstand that attack, and grabs Kurt by the throat. Both men are attached as they get back to their feet, and Kane goes for a chokeslam. He tries to pick up Kane, but lowblow! Kurt kicks Kane swiftly in the mid-section, and Kane falls to his knees. AJ is now back to his feet, and he tries for a dropkick, but Kurt moves out of the way, and AJ hits the mat. He gets up quickly though, and walks right into a overhead suplex from Kurt Angle. Angle quckly goes after him, hooks him up from behind, and takes a page out of Chris Benoit’s book, by hitting a german suplex. AJ almost is lucky enough to get out of the hold, but Kurt hangs on, and hits another suplex. Once again, Kurt hangs on, and this gets in one MORE suplex! This time though he lets go, and AJ is left in the middle of the ring. Kurt crawls over on AJ, to get the cover.



NO! Kane breaks up the cover.

Angle rolls off, and gets up to meet Kane, you tosses him over the ropes. Kane goes to the outside, and the two are now on top of the steel floor surrounding the ring. Kane takes Kurt, and tosses him into the steel chain walls. Kurt bounces off, and Kane picks him up for another. This time, he picks Angle up over his shoulder, and he sends the Olympic hero head first into the chain wall. Kurt lies on the mat, motionless, as Kane stands above him with a huge grin on his face. Kane wastes A LOT of time here, and does not realize that AJ is getting up in the ring. Kane puts his boot on Kurt, and tries to get a cover.




AJ stops the count, as he launches off the ropes, and dropkicks Kane into the chain wall. Kane bounces back, and AJ is up right away as well. Styles grabs Kane by the head, when the lights fade out and the strobe light begins.

There is only two men left at this time. It flashes back and forth between The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar. The light stops on Lesnar, then goes out. Who did it pick? Everyone is waiting for it to show up on the Undertaker, but then it comes back on Lesnar. The arena lights come back on, and Lesnar’s chamber is opened. Meanwhile AJ still has Kane over his shoulder, and he throws him though the glass walls of one of the chambers!!!! Kane is a bloody mess, and Lesnar comes right after Styles. AJ has enough time to turn around, and realize the Lesnar is coming, so he is able to get a quick move in and he trips him into the steel chains. AJ watches both men, but Angle is behind him, and lands the Angle Slam!!! Kurt goes for the cover…



Suddenly Kurt gets distracted, as Michaels reappears from the back. Kurt gets up from the cover, and goes nuts on the refs to get HBK the hell away from ringside. The refs are all over the situation, and go after HBK instantly. Kurt turns around, and walks into an F-5 from Brock Lesnar, and goes for another cover.




Kurt has been eliminated. He tries to kick out, but wasn’t in time. He gets up, and is going crazy! He leaves the chamber, and goes after Michaels. Both men run to the back, and are away from the ring. Meanwhile, Brock is left with AJ, and Kane, who is in a pool of his own blood. Brock picks up AJ, and throws him back into the ring. He looks as if he is going to enter the ring, but instead he turns to Kane. Brock pulls Kane by the ankle, and gets him out into the open. He give him a few stomps, but eventually picks up Kane to his feet. Brock tries to pick up Kane for a military press, but he takes too long, and Kane turns the tables with a quick shot to Lesnar. At this point, Kane looks as if he’s wearing his old mask, his face is so red. Kane grabs Brock by the neck, and tosses him into one of the chambers! Brock is now cut up, and is laying in a pile of glass. The fans chant holy shit! And Kane looks as is he has snapped. Kane enters the ring, and grabs AJ by the trunks, back to his feet. Styles turns around, and Kane delivers a chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Kane goes for the cover.



Kane lets go!

Hes just toying with him now, and could have easily got the three count! Kane picks Styles back up, and picks him up over his head. He delivers a piledriver, and the crowd goes wild. He goes for another cover.



Kane again, lets go!

He picks Styles back up, and the countdown hits zero, as the lights fade. The crowd is going crazy, because there is only one man left! The lights flash on the Undertakers chamber, and finally stop pulsing as the deadmans chamber begins to open. The arena lights fade on, as Kane and The Undertaker are locked looking at each other. Kane throws Styles over to the ropes, and walks up to the side where the Undertaker stands. Taker goes to take a step out, and Kane screams, thrusts his arms down, and engulfs the Undertakers chamber in flames. Kane is laughing sadistically, and stage staff runs out with extinguishers to put out the fire. They do immediately, and the Undertaker is gone! Where the hell is he?!? Kane is left laughing in the ring, but turns around to unbelievably, Brock Lesnar, whose back is covered in blood. Brock lifts him up, and nails an F5!!! We have a cover.



Kick out!

Kane kicked out, and Brock can’t believe it. He gets back to his feet, and lifts Kane back up. He delivers another F-5, and Styles is standing on the outside watching Lesnar try to put Kane down, being smart by not getting in the action. Lesnar thinks about making the cover, but hits Kane with ANOTHER F-5! He goes for the cover.




Kane has been eliminated, and who the hell can survive three F-5’s!?!? Styles then enters the ring, and the two go face to face, as the ref rolls Kane to the outside of the ring. Styles and Lesnar begin exchanging shots, and Lesnar gets the advantage. He tosses Styles to the ropes, but misses a clothesline. Styles continues, and bounces off the ropes again, only to hit Lesnar with a dropkick. Styles grabs Lesnar and tosses him over the ropes to the outside. He smashes his face to the chains, and rubs it around, to try tear the flesh. Styles the picks up Lesnar, and hits the spinal tap. AJ hit the spinal tap! AJ hit the spinal tap! The crowd is going wild, but AJ doesn’t go for a cover…Instead he begins trying to climb the chain walls! What is he thinking. AJ gets up, about as high as he can, and falls backwards, going for a moonsault, but MISSES Lensar and hits the steel floor. The crowd is almost blowing the roof off, and is chanting holy shit! Both men lie together on the floor a little while, but Lesnar is getting up rejuvenated, as Styles is still sitting there. He picks up AJ, and nails an F-5! Its over we have a new champ! Brock goes for the cover..




NO! What the hell…

AJ kicked out. You have to be kidding me! Lesnar can’t believe it either, and picks AJ’s limp body back to his feet. He throws Styles’ head between his legs, and lands a perfect falling powerbomb! Brock though doesn’t go for a cover, but instead gets to his knees and looks at the crowd. He is now bleeding on his back, and the top of his head. He walks over to the nearby chamber, and begins climbing up it. He gets to the top, looks down at AJ. He crosses himself, and jumps off looking for a shooting star press. He misses though, and lands on the steel floor just like AJ. The entire structure shakes, and the spot where is landed is definitely bent inwards. The crowd is rioting, and chanting the loudest holy shit chants we’ve heard in years. AJ rolls over and gets an arm over Brock.




YES! YES! YES! We have a new champion! AJ Styles has won the WWE Championship!

AJ has no clue to where he is, and is helped to his feet, as the fans begin chanting his name. Fireworks go off over the ring, and a spectacular show comes to an end. AJ is handed the belt by referee Nick Patrick. And still does have enough strength to lift himself up to his feet. What a match! Kurt plays with HBK, then Michaels costs Angle the match. Kane makes The undertaker disappear in a flury of fire. Then Brock leaves Kane in a pool of blood, and finally Brock and AJ pull off the sickest falls of the decade, and AJ is named the NEW Champion. HOLY SHIT! What a match!
Winner and NEW WWE Champion : AJ Styles​



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Heres a repost of my last PPV that was just posted. I think only one person had reviewed it. I did lose ALOT of information when we lost the forums. Half of the commentary during the end was lost, as well as the Tag team match body. The important stuff is still there, but lets hope this doesnt happen again.

Any reviews will be welcome, and returned.

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July 9th 2006
Staples Centre
Los Angeles, California
Attendance : 18, 752 out of 23,258
Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay

RAW comes on the air, as we go straight to the arena, where all the superstars are on the stage. Vince McMahon is in front of them all, and has a mic in hand.

Vince McMahon – "Tonight is a night of sorrow, a night of memories, and a night of looking back at what was. Last night after the Great American Bash ended, a family, the WWE, and all of you lost a family member, a friend, a father, and in some cases an uncle. Last night, Eddie Guerrero laid to eternally rest in his hotel room. There is no cheating, stealing or lying about it, Eddie was a great man, a man of epic proportions. Eddie was the type of guy that came to work EVERY day, wanting one thing. And that thing was to make all of you happy, and get your monies worth. Some described Eddie as a wrestler, a brawler, a warrior. Eddie was indeed a warrior, but so much more. He was a warrior with a set goal in his mind. He believed in one thing, success. Tonight we celebrate Eddie’s life, and show him what we really thought of him. Plus, tomorrow night, we will have a three-hour super show, in dedication to Eddie’s career. Let us all stand, and pay tribute in a moment of silence to, Eddie Guerrero.

The entire arena stands quite, for about 10-15 seconds.

Vince McMahon – "Thank you Eddie. Thank You!"

The entire staff remains on the stage, and a video airs.

Click to view video.

After the video we fade to an image with Eddie, and then fade to commercial.


A video airs of Kurt Angle, talking about his memories of Eddie Guerrero.​

April 3rd, 2000 – Eddie Guerrero def. Shawn Michaels for the European Championship

A memory video airs again, this time Shane McMahon talking about his memories.


Eddie’s relationship with Chyna

May 2000 – Eddie Guerrero def. Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title

Chavo Guerrero shares memories of Eddie Guerrero


Memory video plays again

The Rock and his memories of Eddie Guerrero

Eddie captures the tag titles with Chavo Guerrero


Chris Benoit, and his memories of Eddie Guerrero.

Feb. 15, 2004 in San Francisco, Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar at No Way Out to become WWE Champion


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I liked the idea of the Eddie Guerrero tribute show. And I also like how had the video package and the promo at the beginning. Having the superstars going back on their memories of Eddie Guerrero was good too. Another thing I liked was the acomplishments of Eddie you put in there.

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Opening video was great and I am excited as hell about this PPV that has been built for months.

Carlito and Billy Kidman was a great way to start the show and I'm glad to see Kidman on PPV as he is deffinitely a great talent and was completely underused after 2002 in WWE.

Shawn Michaels promo was great but Im surprised he's a face as I remember very clearly that HBK NWO33 made him a heel and I really liked it.

ECW is here, hell yeah!

WGTT vs The Hardys vs T and A was awesome and another great match, I'm surprised however that WGTT didnt retain and we have new champions as I would have liked to have seen them have a lengthy run as champions.

Kurt Angle promo was eh, I was confused and it wasnt really in character but thats just me.

Rhino vs RVD for the ECW title was awesome and brutal just like an ECW main event should be, glad RVD won and I see The Alliance returning soon and it being lightyears better then it was last time.

Vince Mcmahon promo was great, I ant wait until next weeks Raw to see who the final members of Team Raw and Team WCW are, maybe Goldberg will be on WWE's side since hes anti WCW now.

I think you should have written Eddies last match, it would have been a good tribute to a great man.

Stone Cold vs Scott Hall was short but good and adds to the WCW-WWE storyline with Scott Hall getting disqualified, however you had a typo and said Scott Hall was the winner.

Awesome Main Event and I was pullig for UT all the way however AJ "Spotsfest" Styles had to win:cuss: :no: :frustrate :mad: , I hate him but the match was good, another great PPV from you as ever since you changed your writing style at Bad Blood it has been great.

I look forward to next weeks show when after the Eddie Guerrero tributes you get back to the normal things. I wont leave a full reply for the Eddie Guerrero tributes but they were done very classy and Mcmahons opening on Raw was very nice, if someone thought that was offensive dont listen. They're just being ignorant.

Great PPV, cant wait for your next Raw and Smackdown and so on and so fourth as the road to Summerslam begins.

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yeah I remember Bad Blood quite well, loved the Hell In A Cell match and the Flair turn on HHH, it was classic. Also liked GAB alot, the finalt two matches, Scott Hall/Austin and the EC, along with the Tag titles matches where all very good.

Will be fully reviewing your new SmackDown when you get it posted

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Ok I will give you a review for both of your PPV's and you give me a review for my NWO (which is up) and my Mania when I get it up.

Badd Blood Review

Matches/Booking: The matches were honestly very good, although they were kind of short. Still very entertaining though. 9/10

Promo's: Your promo's could use some work. So could mine but this is your review. But still your promo's are ok, though they could use work. 7.5/10

Length: 23 pages would be good if there wasn't any spaces between pins. With the way you wrote it you should of atleast had 35 pages IMO. 6.5/10

Spelling/Grammer: I saw a couple little mistakes. 9.5/10

Entertainment: I was really entertained at the matches. Especially with the main event. I really enjoyed reading the matches and reading the show overall. I predict this PPV is better than GAB but let's see when I rate GAB. 9.5/10

Overall: 84/100. B. Good show. Now it's on to GAB.

GAB Review

Matches/Booking: Much better overall though the elimination chamber was kind of short don't you think? 8.5/10

Promo's: The promo's were much better than Bad Blood. 9/10

Length: 22 pages is kind of short also for the way you wrote the matches especially with the Elimination Chamber. 5.5/10

Spelling/Grammer: Didn't see any mistakes. 10/10

Entertainment: Wasn't really that entertained. It was ok. 7/10

Overall: 80/100. B. Good show. My prediction was right about that Badd Blood was better.

Well review my NWO when you get the chance.

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WWE Wicked Wednesday
July 12th, 2006
Save Mart Centre
Fresno, California
Attendance : 13,548 out of 17,215
Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Mike Tenay
Michael Cole, Tazz

A huge replay video airs, showing highlights from the Great American Bash, as well as the announcement that Vince McMahon made concerning RAW. We then flash back a week, where Batista ends RAW by cashing in his ticket for a World Title match for Summerslam. Tonight we get answers!! A huge pyro is set off, with a remix of "Step Up" being played through the speakers, as we are off to this monumental night

Jim Ross : Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE : Wicked Wednesday.
Mike Tenay : JR, tonight means one thing...massive moments. When all the superstars of RAW, and Smackdown come under one roof, absolutely anything can happen!
Jerry Lawler : Your right for once Mike, tonight is going to be amazing for the fans, and with so many answers left unanswered in the last few weeks, I know we will get some answered tonight."
Jim Ross: But lets send it down live to the other part of tongihts crew. The Smackdown crew, Michael Cole, and Tazz.
Michael Cole - Thank you very much guys, and you are so right. Tongiht isnt only about RAW, but also Smackdown.
Tazz - "There has already been some huge matches already announced, like for example...in a rematch from just three nights ago, Billy Kidman will take on Carlito Carribean Cool!"
Michael Cole - "And thats just one match...."

Carlitos music hits, and he comes strutting down the ramp with a bag of apples in hand.

Michael Cole - "Talking about Carlito, here he comes down to the ring!"
Jerry Lawler - "I think its time for another episode of the Cabana, Cole."

Carlito grabs a mic, and lays down in the hammock.

Carlito Carribean Cool - "Cut the music. Tonight, Tonight is a night of history! Tonight, is a the start line of a new beginning. So, what better than start it off with me, Carlito, and the cabana. But first off, what the hell is this surrounding me! Not only am I surrounded by thousands of know-it-all californians, but for the first time Carlito is live on Wicked Wednesday. What the hell is Wicked Wednesday. What kind of name is that? That name....thats not cool! But I'll tell you what is cool, that man who won the opening match last sunday at the Great American Bash. Lets take a look."

A short video is played, recapping the finish between Carlito, and Billy Kidman.

Carlito Carribean Cool - "Who is that guy? He's a winner who is most definately cool! HA, oh hes me! Ok ok, but enough with me. Carlito has a huge guest for you tonight, and not only that, but he has maybe the biggest decisions to make as well! My guest tonight.....Eric Bischoff!"

"IM BACK!!" hits and Eric comes out to the ring with a serious look.

Carlito Carribean Cool - "Eric, just a simple few questions. One week ago, Batista made it known that he would cash in some kind of ticket for the World Title. Have you and Hulk Hogan made a decision on what your next move is?"
Eric Bischoff - "Carlito...let me lay it on the line to you very clear, If Batista wants a fight then thats what hes gonna get! Hulk Hogan will put his title on the line at Summerslam against Batista, and come the end of the night, Hulk Hogan will walk out STILL the world heavyweight champion."
Carlito Carribean Cool - "Whoa, wait a second, does that mean the the immortal one will be removed from the Ten Man War?
Eric Bischoff - "You damn......."

A limo appears on the titantron. The driver runs out, and opens up the door. Out steps Mr.Vince McMahon. He yells to someone to play his music, and it looks as if hes coming our way. We wait a few seconds, and finally Vince appears on the stage, and has his patent strut walk to the ring in full effect. Vince gets in and grabs a mic.

Carlito Carribean Cool - "Mr. McMahon nice you could....."
Vince McMahon - "SHUT UP! Get the hell out of my ring, and get this shit out of here too."

Vince dismantles the ring, picks up the mic again, and walks to Eric Bischoff who is standing, alone, in the middle of the ring.

Vince McMahon - "So Eric.....its you and me! Just like its gonna be in 4 weeks! You, WCW, and me, the WWE! But I'll let you finish Eric, what exactly were you gonna say before I came out here."
Eric Bischoff - "I was gonna officially announce that Hulk Hogan has been removed from the ten man war!"
Vince McMahon - "Well isnt that too bad! Let me remind you Eric, theres four weeks remaining....I have Randy Orton, and John Cena, and you? Now you only have Booker T! Isnt it strange how quickly things change.........But you remember what I said on Sunday Eric, dont you?? I think its about time you announce not one but TWO men who are now on Team WCW.
Eric Bischoff - "Ok, fine...You want me to make an impact. You dont think I'm not capable of doing that? Then Im gonna name Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash to Team WCW for Summerslam, and thats final!
Vince McMahon - "Thats pretty strong of you Eric...But dont forget, I also promised a bombshell of my own. And before tonights end, you will know who my third member is as well. Oh and Eric, I think you may want to stick around, cause this guy hasnt been on RAW for a little while. Hint Hint. Thanks Eric!

Vince walks to the back, and Eric is left standing in the ring.

Jerry Lawler – “JR, who the hell do you think it is? Who hasn't been on RAW for a long time?”
Mike Tenay – “Whoever it is, it definately wont reach the magnitude of the additions of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, thats for damn sure!”
Jerry Lawler – “Wait a second JR, something just hit me. You dont think its a certain hollywood guy do you?”
Jim Ross – “King, I think The Rock, is a definate possibility. But anything is possible! Who knows!"


Booker T vs. Goldberg

Goldberg is owning Booker T, and gets him laid on onto the turnbuckle. Goldberg backs up and goes for a spear. Booker moves though during the last second, and Goldberg hits the steel post! Bill comes stumbling out, and is nailed with the scissors kick. The cover is made....1...2....3!! Booker T has done the unthinkable and has defeated Goldberg. He doesnt spend much time to celebrate though as he high tails out as soon as possible.

Winner : Booker T

We go from the ring, straight to the back, where Vince McMahon is rushing to put on his jacket, while Mick Foley is following him

Vince McMahon – “Mick, listen to me. I have some important business that just came up. We talked about our announcement earlier. Do you think you can do that on your own?
Mick Foley - "Theres no problems Vince. Ill get it done. You can count on me."

Just a little ways down the lot is another limo pulling up to another entrance. Theodore walks out, and we can overhear him talking on his cell phone.

Theodore Long - "I promise you, you'll get what you want. Its gonna happen tonight right here, and nothings gonna stop it!"

Teddy walks inside the building, and we can no longer hear him. We zoom out to have Vince and Mick back in the screen again. They look at eachother, then back in the direction that Teddy Long was just in.

Vince McMahon – “And then again, maybe Ill stick around!"

Vince smirks, and then walks back into the building as, Foley is standing there speechless.

Jim Ross – “What is going on there?"
Michael Cole – “Tazz, what do you think our general manager is talking about?
Tazz - "Who knows who the hell hes talking to?!?
Jerry Lawler – “It almost sounds like though Mr.McMahon is very cautious with this going on
Mike Tenay - "Wouldnt you love to see Theodore get the shit kicked out of him tonight?"
Tazz - "How about I kick the shit out of you!"
Jim Ross - "OK lets go to break."


Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Lance Storm - ECW Title Match

Van Dam is kicking the crap out of Lance Storm, and hits the five star frog splash. He goes for the cover....1.....2...NO!! Tyson Tomko comes from no where and breaks up the count. RVD gets up, and walks into a hard falling powerbomb. Tomko is with another ref, and a cover is made.....1.....2.....3! What the hell?!? Tyson Tomko, a RAW superstar has just won the ECW Title! Tyson Tomko looks around, and takes off through the crowd

Winner and NEW ECW Champion - Tyson Tomko

Jim Ross – “What the hell has just happened?”
Tazz – “This isnt fair! There is no way that a title defended on Smackdown should be moved to RAW. What is the world coming to?”
Mike Tenay – “Ha, this just shows you how nice and weak the ECW is!!

We're taken to the back, and join an suv pulling up in the back. The driver and passenger doors open, and its the new WWE Champion, AJ Styles followed by Christy Hemme. AJ opens the door and walks right into Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman – "Well, well! I see you have decided to accept my offer!”
AJ Styles - "You damn rights!"

AJ shakes hands with Paul, and then Brock comes up from behind.

Brock Lesnar - "What the hell is going on here?"
Paul Heyman - "Brock, your services? There no longer needed by ECW!"

The crowd goes nuts, and the chanting of ECW is almost deafening in the arena.

Michael Cole - "Are you kidding me? We just lost our WWE Champion to ECW!!!"
Jerry Lawler - "Ha, last time I looked, our champion still supports our brand!"
Mike Tenay - "Think again......remember....ahhh.....Hulk Hogan supports WCW!"


The cameras bring us backstage as we return to see Hulk Hogan, our World Heavyweight Champion, at the coffee table pouring himself some coffee. He turns around and walks right into Eugene; who is standing there in awe.

Eugene – “Your…Your…Your….THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!!!”
Hulk Hogan – “Excuse me?!?”
Eugene – “I said you The Ultimate War…..”
Hulk Hogan – “I know exactly what you said, I think your thinking of someone else.”
Eugene – “No, Im pretty sure I know the Ultimate Warrior, when I see The Ultimate Warrior. You even act like him!”
Hulk Hogan – “Let me teach you a little lesson….The Ultimate Warrior is a whiner, me? Im not!”
Eugene – “Well then who the hell are you?”
Hulk Hogan – “Have you ever heard of a guy name Hulk Hogan??”
Eugene – “THE HULK!!!! Let me see?”

Eugene tries lifting up Hogan shirt

Eugene – “Wait a second, you aren’t green!”
Hulk Hogan – “Im not a comic hero! Im a world champion! So now have you heard of me?”
Eugene – “Nope never have. I gotta go though. So I’ll talk to you later. Nice meeting you Mr. Hulk.”

Hogan looks furious as Eugene turns his back. Hogan comes from behind and gives him a clothesline to the back of the head. He grabs Eugene and tosses him through the coffee table.

Hulk Hogan –“Lets just make sure that you never forget my name again!”

Back to the announcers.

Michael Cole – “That’s terrible! A world champion shows enough class to go beat the crap out of a young unexperience guy, who isn’t even on his show. That’s exactly what RAW is about!”
Tazz – “You right Cole, I tell you, AJ would never do that!”
Michael Cole – “Well that’s RAW’s worries, right now we have a Tag Team match!”

Natural Born Thrillers vs. Hardy Boyz

Matt Hardy is in the ring, in total control of Chuck Palumbo, when he hits the Twist Of Fate. He goes for a cover, and the ref counts…1…..2…..NO!!! Sean O’Haire comes from the side, and breaks up the count. This signals Jeff Hardy to come storming in, and he goes straight at Sean O’Haire. One problem though, Sean sees him coming and floors him with a knee to the stomach, which cause Jeff to go flying. Sean picks up Matt and throws him out of the ring, then he goes to Jeff and picks him up for a powerbomb. Chuck goes to the top rope, and they hit a move that they now call the thrill ride. Kind of an inverted doomsday device. Jeff is out, and NTB makes there way back to the backstage area.

Winners via DQ : The Hardy Boyz

Theodore Long is shown backstage as he is walking down a hallway. He bumps into Hulk Hogan

Theodore Long – “Mr. Hogan….I believe I have a little problem with you this evening. I was gonna book you against the champion on Smackdown, Mr. Aj Styles, but it seems to me you are sniffing in the wrong bush. You here me?”
Hulk Hogan – “Bush? What the hell are you talking about?”
Theodore Long – “Im saying that I’m booking you in a match. Its gonna be Hulk Hogan, vs. Smackdowns own…..Eugene!!!!”

Hogan looks confused as Teddy goes walking away, swinging his arms like never before!

Mike Tenay – “Whoa, geez, I sure hope Hogan is scared, NOT! This is gonna be crazy. Just shows how stupid Theodore Long is. Unbeliveable!”


We come back from commercial, and The Masterpieces music hits.

Jerry Lawler – “Shh…Shh…Shh… Oh wait, this is great guys!!!.”

Chris Masters makes his entrance down the aisle slowly, he walks around the ring, and asks for a mic.

Chris Masters – “Tonight, a new start begins, tonight I am issuing an open challenge to ANYONE in the back. Anyone who thinks that they have what it takes to over take a masterp…..”

Chris doesn’t even have time to finish when HBK’s music hits, and Shawn comes dancing out to a HUGE POP!

Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels

Masters locks in the masterlock, and begins to strangle Michaels. Chris is tossing him around like a rag doll, but Shawn is still hanging on!!! The ref is trying to communicate with Shawn, and is standing at an angle that allows HBK to deliver a low blow with a backwards kick. Chris falls to the mat, and the ref has no clue to what has happened. HBK goes for the cover….1….2…..WAIT!! Angle comes from the crowd, and breaks up the count causing the ref to call for the bell.

No Decision

HBK gets back up to his feet, and Angle hits the angle slam. He then grabs Shawns leg, and twists the hell out of it, as he locks him in the anklelock. Road Agents hit the ring, and break up Angle and Michaels in just a few seconds. Angle gets out of the ring and grabs a mic

Kurt Angle – “Goddammit Shawn. You wanna screw around with me? You wanna screw around just like three nights ago? You cost the chance for me to hold the WWE Title, and I will never let you forget this! Screw it! Shawn its you and me, one last time, Summerslam!”

Michael Cole – “Oh my god! Watch a match announced for the Smackdown side!”
Tazz – “Summerslam has just got a major boost.”

The cameras go to the back again, where Rowdy Roddy Piper is making his way to the ring, baseball bat in hand.

Jim Ross – “Wait just one second here! You don’t think that Piper actually was telling the truth one week ago. Do you?”
Jerry Lawler – “Did he actually get Sting to be his guest on Pipers Pit?”
Mike Tenay – “It cant be! Even I thought he wouldn’t deliver.”
Jim Ross – “It looks like it could be coming up next!”


The bag pipes hit, and Rowdy Piper comes out to a huge pop. He comes walking to the ring with ball bat in hand, and walks straight for the mic.

Rowdy Piper – “Holy Toledo, the rowdy one has returned to the WWE! And you may ask, why I never came alone. Why the hell did I have to bring a baseball bat with me. Well last week I announced that my guest, here tonight, would be none other than STING! But, I decided against that after watching the PPV Sunday. So, what the hell is the bat for…..Well this is a symbol of what my guest night did on Sunday night when he put the final nail in the coffin. Lets hear it for the big red machine, KANE!”

The fans BOO! and a massive fireball explosion is set of in the entrance area. Kane’s music hits, and here comes the red machine to the ring. Kane climbs in, and instead of setting the ring posts on fire, he sets the entire perimeter on fire! Rowdy looks kinda shocked as the music fades away, and the lights come on.

Rowdy Piper – “Kane, Im not gonna ask you any questions. Quite simply Im scared to piss you off. So for the first time, its open mic time, here you go.”

Piper hands Kane the mic, and Piper goes and sits on one of the turnbuckles.

Kane – “Three days ago, I burnt my BROTHER. I sent him straight to HELL! You see The Undertaker doesn’t have a chance, when I’m around! For years, all I’ve heard is Undertaker this, and Undertaker that. Im sick and tired of it, and finally I did something about it! Undertaker, I know you can hear me, down far under this ring. I hope its as hot as you thought it was, when you burnt to ASHES in the CHAMBER”

Suddenly the lights go out, and a the titantron goes black and white, with a static sound filling the Save Mart Centre. Finally a live image appears on the titantron with a heavy breathing sound heard in the background. The camera pans around, in an area that looks like a graveyard. Finally we see an black image standing in the moonlight looking down. The camera zooms forward, and we see that its someone standing above a grave, with some kind of object leaning against the headstone. We zoom up behind the man, when we can figure out that hes the one breathing heavily. He says…..

??? – “Undertaker, I stand above you tonight not to rant, not gloat, and not to spit in your glory. But rather to prove that you aren’t dead. You see, Kane can try, the world can try to kill the identity of the Undertaker, but that just isn’t good enough. Its me! Im the one! Im the one that is in control of your fate. Therefore you cant die yet, you cant be dead, no you aren’t. Your alive. Dammit your alive! And when you least expect it, I will be the one the permanently buries your body, your identity, your spirit, all in one hole!”

The man walks towards the headstone, and picks up the object. We still can’t tell what it is. He raises it into the light, it’s a baseball bat! The camera zooms up……ITS STING!!!

Sting – “Tonight, The Undertaker………LIVES!”

Sting takes the bat, and smashes the gravestone in one swing. He drops the bat and walks away in the dark. The camera quickly switches back to Kane, who is completely mystified. The image goes back to the graveyard, where the camera finally zooms in onto the grave. The image is on the screen for a good 5 seconds, when suddenly a hand comes thrusting though the ground, and clinches. The titantron goes black, and the “bong” is heard throughout the arena. The lights come back on, and it looks like Kane has just seen a ghost. Piper is hightailing it out of the ring, and Kane decides to follow, not wanting anything else to happen.

Tazz - “Oh my…..Cole that sends shivers down your spine!”
Michael Cole – “I don’t have a thing to say!”

We now go live to the GM’s office, where Vince McMahon is sitting on the couch, and Mick Foley is pacing back and forth.

Mick Foley – “Vince, I just don’t get it! Who the hell does Theodore Long think he is by using my talent for his own benefit?”
Vince McMahon – “Mick I totally know what you mean, and Im gonna make it up to you! Next week, you will have the ability to use AJ Styles for any match that you think is suitable!
Mick Foley – “Well then sir, next week is gonna be something you should look forward to. Because its gonna be AJ Styles putting his title on the line, one week from tonight, against Batista!

Vince nods in approval, as we go back to the RAW announce table.

Jerry Lawler – “JR, is it possible for RAW to have both world titles?”
Jim Ross – “I have no clue!”
Mike Tenay – “And the funny thing, right now that neither of them are being held by a WWE superstar! HAHA, that’s great.”
Jim Ross – “But ladies, and gentlemen, lets take a little turn right now. This past week the WWE lost a family member. The WWE lost Eddie Guerrero. Lets take a look, at a tribute of the life of Eddie Guerrero.

A video plays recapping Eddie’s life highlights, including specials moments with other Guerrero family members who were in the business. Very moving video, which leads us to commercial.


Chris Benoit’s music hits, and its time for the tribute match towards Eddie Guerrero. Chris comes out, and signals to the sky, as Eddie’s old music hits, and Chavo Guerrero comes roaring out in the low rider. Chavo stands on the turnbuckle, and raises his hand high in the air. During both of these entrances, the crowd is blowing the roof off by chanting “Eddie, Eddie”. He meets Benoit in the center of the ring, and the two shake hands.

Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero – Tribute Match

Benoit locks up Guerrero and begins hitting a series of german suplexes. Benoit hits FIVE in a row, until he finally lets go. Benoit looks to the top rope, and climbs the turnbuckle. He launches off looking for a flying headbutt, but Chavo moves and Chris hits nothing but the mat. Chavo rolls around, and quickly gets to his feet. Chavo looks around, as Chris is still on the mat lying on his back. Guerrero climbs the turnbuckle, and makes a sign into the sky, as he jumps off at hits the frog splash. A cover is made, and the ref counts…1….2….3! Chavo has won, in the most emotional match of the year. He helps Benoit back up, and both men hug in the center of the ring, as they walk to the back together.

Winner : Chavo Guerrero

The crowd is chanting “Eddie, Eddie”, as Jim Ross informs us that something is going on backstage, that is apparently very urgent. The titantron goes to the back, where AJ Styles comes storming into the RAW GM’s office.

AJ Styles – “Mick, who the hell do you think I am? Am I someone who is just tossed like last nights supper? I don’t think so. You are looking at the phenomenal AJ Styles! I don’t get treated like this. Not ever! So tell me, what the hell are you gonna do about this?”
Mick Foley – “What am I gonna do? Im gonna give you your pass for next Monday. See you there!”
AJ Styles – “Ummm..why the hell did I even come here. Arent you forgetting something Mick?”
Mick Foley – “Oh, I almost forgot. Have a nice day!

Vince comes walking in, and pushes AJ out the door.

Vince McMahon – “Well Mick…its time! Its time to unleash the surprise on WCW!”
Mick Foley – “This is gonna be great!”

Jim Ross – “Ladies, and gentlemen….the main event is next!”


Hulk Hogan vs. Eugene

Hogan is in total control, and is basically just toying with poor Eugene. Hogan knocks him down, and just stalks him to return to his feet, only to take him back down to the mat. Hogan bounces off the ropes, and lands the leg drop. He is about to go for a cover, but then Batista comes out onto the stage. Hogan gets side tracked and begins yelling at him to leave the area. The two continue on yelling back and forth for a good minute. Finally Batista sits on the edge of the stage. Hogan looks disgusted, turns around, and walks right into the rock bottom from Eugene! A cover is made….1…..2…..3! Eugene has just defeated the World Champion!!! Batista stands up, and begins applauding as the crowd is also cheering as well. Hogan gets up to his feet, and Batista continues to laugh and applaude. Eugene meanwhile is standing in the corner, and jumping up and down

Winner : Eugene

Hogan turns around and takes Hogan down with a clothesline. Instantly Hall, and Nash along with Eric Bischoff flood in from the crowd, and now its three on one on poor Eugene. Batista runs to the ring, and takes down Hall with a tackle as he enters the ring. Dave gets back to his feet though, and has his head taken off with a big boot. The beatdown continues in the ring, Bischoff calling the shots, when Theodore Long makes his entrance, with mic in hand.

Theodore Long – “What the hell is going on here? I don’t think this will go on much longer.”

Theodore goes stomping to the ring. WCW is just laughing at him, as Long acts like he is running the entire show. He gets on the apron when “No Chance” hits. Theodore stops on the apron and looks at the entrance, as the crowd gives a decent, but not overly loud pop. Vince walks out halfway down the ramp with mic in hand.

Vince McMahon – “What the hell is this? I missed my meeting to see you do this Theodore Long? Tell me what the hell were you good for tonight?!”
Theodore Long – “I……”
Vince McMahon – “SHUT UP! Its come to my attention that even though the main event was big this last Sunday, the rest of the show….kinda…..sucked! Im not really sure what I should do. But seeing that I missed another opportunity to see this here tonight, I guess theres only one thing to do. Theodore Long….YOUR FIRED!!”

Theodore looks shocked, and slowly begins walking back up the ramp, and slowly by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon - “Ya keep on going! I don’t really care what your reasons are! Now lets get on to you gentlemen in the ring. Now Mr.Hogan I understand that you have decided to drop out of the 10-man match in favor of wrestling in the World Title Match at Summerslam, and I applaud you for that. But then we get to the other three. Eric, I asked you to deliver two men tonight, you did. You got Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Maybe not the best two guys, but OK I wont complain. Well now Eric, WCW has three guys, and RAW still has two. So that means that I have about 2 minutes remaining to announce my third guy, that I promised to do. And well…..”
Eric Bischoff – “Ok, lets get it going. We actually have a pretty good idea on who its going to be, but hey, I still don’t know why you would pick Chris Jericho!”
Vince McMahon – “Eric I didn’t say a thing about Chris, and actually he isn’t even here tonight. Actually my guy should be arriving any second now.”

Vince looks back towards the entrance, waiting for something. Suddenly, the glass shatters, and the crowd pops so loud the roof almost blows off. Austin comes cruising down to the ring in a Harley, stops is at ringside, and just pushes it over, not really caring what happens to it. Eric takes off, and so does Nash, but Hall isn’t so lucky. Hall tries to talk Austin out of it, but Austin nails him with a stone cold stunner. He lays the middle finger to his face, and continues to yell in his face. Austin stomps a mudhole in him, and he celebrates on the turnbuckle with some beer. He has three, gets off, and notices Hall beginning to stir. Steve picks up Scott, and bang, another Stone Cold Stunner. Austin celebrates on the other turnbuckle, and then this Hall with one more Stone Cold Stunner to top it off.

Jim Ross - “OH MY GAWD!! Stone Cold has arrived, and he is now RAW!!!”
Jerry Lawler – “What a pickup for RAW. This is a huge steal!”
Mike Tenay – “This isn’t in the rules.”
Michael Cole – “This is terrible. We just lost one of our best superstars.”
Tazz – “This isn’t good news at all!”
Jim Ross – “For all of Smackdown, and all of RAW, thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next Monday for an all new RAW. Good night everybody!”

Austin continues to have a beer bash, as we fade out, see the WWE logo, and fade out on that too.



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Nice to see the cabana open the show, and carlito gets in a few nice words. Hogan vs. Batista for the title wont be the prettiest of matches, but hopefully it will be a passable match. Hall and Nash on team WCW will be okay, and hopefully something good can happen from this. Guessing Austin will be named on team raw tonight then.

Booker beats Goldberg, which puts him over nicely going into SS.

What is going on here tonight then?

Tomko wins the hardcore title, which should be interesting. I guess he will face some ECW star for the title in a rematch soon

AJ joins ECW – very good move here, and it will be interesting to see what happens next. I guess the firing of brock may lead to AJ/Brock at the ppv?

Nice comedy with Hogan and Eugene, and maybe a match at some point

Tag match was a decent filler match, and the feud continues to perhaps a title match at SS

Masters/HBK was a decent match, and Angle/HBK should be a great match at SS. Could well steal the show, and SS is looking to have a great card

Will we see Sting on the show or not then? Well Kane is a nice replacement, and I guess he will face Taker at some point in the future. Nice Kane promo here, and the kind of promo he should be doing. Sting appears at the graveyard and then Taker appears to come to the arena. Strange stuff going on here, and does this indicate that Sting may win the retirement match?

Good tribute match, and a good win for chavo

Eugene goes over Hogan – well at least it wasn’t totally clean, although surely Hogan could have kicked out from the rock bottom. Makes Hogan look a bit weak. WCW run out to the ring, and they try to take over, when Long comes, and then Vince. Teddy Long is fired! A bit unexpected, and it will be interesting to see who the replacement is. Austin as the raw guy was expected, and he will be a great addition to the WWE team. WWE definitely has the stronger team at the moment, and I guess they are going to win at the ppv

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Wicked Wednesday Review

Carlito's Cabana- Great way to start off the show. I like how Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are on Team WCW. I wonder who is going to be on Team WWE now.

Booker T vs Goldberg- Wow! I was expecting Goldberg to crush Booker T. That was a perfect ending with Goldberg hitting the steel ring post and Booker using that to his advantage to hit the Sicssors Kick. Good job.

GM Promo- I wonder what exactly is going to happen tonight. This was a kinda weird promo.

ECW Title Match- Tyson Tomko interferes and steals the title. I am mad that it was Tomko but if it was someone else, I would understand.

Styles and Heyman Promo- Dammit! AJ Styles is in ECW. I am sensing another kind of Invasion thing like what hapened in 02 or whatever.

Eugene and Hulk Hogan Promo- Once again, Eugene seems retarted. Cause he is retarted. I like this promo. I also like the heel Hulk Hogan andhow you use him in this BTB.

NBT vs Hardy Boyz- Hardy Boyz win by DQ. Not a surprise to me. It was pretty well written for just a finish.

Hogan and Theodore Long Promo- Hulk Hogan vs AJ Styles would be a horrible match but so would Eugene vs Hogan. Actually, every match that Hogan is in is horrible. But maybe you can make something good out of him being champion.

Masters vs Michaels- Usually when someone breaks up the count, the person pinning gets the DQ win, not the person getting pinned. I like this Angle/Michaels feud.

Piper's Pit- Great segment here. Possibly the best segment of the night. I really enjoyed it. A Kane and Undertaker feud should be freakin' awesome!

Chavo vs Benoit- It was a good idea for you to allow Chavo to get the win. He deserved it for Eddie's passing.

Styles and Foley Promo- I did not really get it. Thats all that I have to say.

Hogan vs Eugene- Of course, I knew that somehow Batista was going to get involved in the match and allow Eugene to win.

Aftermath of Hogan/Eugene Match- OMG STONE COLD! AMAZING!

Grade- 8.5/10. Some promos made no sense.
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