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Yep, I am starting a BTB thread on my own and I will be continuing where I left off on my most popular thread to date. Straight after Judgment Day, I will write Smackdown as before, but Raw I will write as reports (similar to Wolf Beast) I will repost Judgment Day tonight to refresh your memory, and to recap WCW is taking over Raw. The rosters are the same as before:

GM - Mick Foley
Self Proclaimed GM - Eric Bischoff

Main Event
Goldberg (F)
Randy Orton (F) - World
The Rock (F) [FILMING]
Sting (F)
Triple H (H)
Chris Benoit (WCW)
Hulk Hogan (WCW)
Upper Mid Card
Chris Jericho (F) - Tag
John Cena (F)
Rob Van Dam (F) - Tag
Tyson Tomko (F)
Batista (H)
Lance Storm (H) [INJURED - BACK]
Ric Flair (H)
Rowdy Roddy Piper (H)
Buff Bagwell (WCW)
Scott Hall (WCW)
Scott Steiner (WCW) - IC
Sean Waltman (WCW)
Mid Card
Bubba Ray Dudley (F)
D-Von Dudley (F)
Garrison Cade (F)
Mark Jindrak (F)
Rene Dupree (H)
Rob Conway (H)
Chuck Palumbo (WCW)
Sean O'Haire (WCW)
Lita (F)
Miss Jackie (F)
Stacy Keibler (F)
Torrie Wilson (F)
Trish Stratus (F) - Womens
Dawn Marie (N)
Midajah (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Stephanie McMahon (H) [PREGNANT]
Victoria (H)
Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam
Dudley Boys
La Resistance
Natural Born Thrillers (Palumbo & O'Haire) - Tag
Team WCW (Bischoff, Hogan, DDP, Benoit, Steiner, Bagwell, Hall, Waltman, Palumbo & O'Haire, Tenay)

GM's: Theodore Long & Don Callis

High Card
The Undertaker (F) - WWE
Eddie Guerrero (F) - US
AJ Styles (F)
Christian (turning F)
Stone Cold Steve Austin (F)
Booker T (F)
Kurt Angle (H)
Edge (H)
Shawn Michaels (H)
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield (H)
Kane (H)
Rhyno (H) - Hardcore
Mid Card
Jeff Hardy (F)
Matt Hardy (F)
William Regal (F)
Ron Simmons (F)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Goldust (F)
Raven (N)
Test (H)
Albert (H)
Abyss (H)
Shelton Benjamin (H) - Tag
Charlie Haas (H) - Tag
Jamal (H)
Rosey (H)
Rico (H)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. (H)
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper (H)
Carlito Caribbean Cool (H)
Simon Dean (H)
Joey Mercury (H)
Johnny Nitro (H)
Melina (H)
Eugene Dinsmore (F)
Low Card
Tajiri (F)
Paul London (F)
Ultimo Dragon (F)
Yang (F)
Kaz Hayashi (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Chavo Classic (H)
'Sugar' Shane Helms (H) - Cruiserweight
Shannon Moore (H)
Evan Karagias (H)

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Royal Rumble (30.01.05)
Brock Lesnar wins 30 Man Royal Rumble
World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Beniot def. Randy Orton
WWE Championship: Diesel def. Shawn Michaels
Batista def. Chris Jericho interference from Triple H
US Title: Lance Storm def. Jeff Hardy
World Tag Team Championships: Dudley Boyz def. La Resistance
Intercontinental Championship: Maven def. Scott Steiner
Rhyno def. Eddie Guerrero
WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Angle def. APA
Womens Championship: Trish def. Stephanie
Cruiserweight Title: The Hurricane def. Ultimo Dragon, Chavo Guerrero

I have no Raw info, you'll have to read the shows on the WWE: Breakdown thread (link given above) if you want to see what happened on Raw's side.

UnAmericans(Christian & Storm) w/Regal def. Hardy Boys thanks to Regal
--Teddy Long brings back Hardcore Title!
Hardcore Title: Bradshaw def. Goldust
Booker T def. William Regal
--Funaki interviews Bradshaw over win. Funaki whacks Bradshaw with microphone.
--Hardcore Title: Funaki def. Bradshaw
Cruiserweight Championship: Hurricane def. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
--Hardcore Title: Christian def. Funaki
--Hardcore Title: Crash def. Christian
WWE Championship Rematch: Diesel def. Shawn Michaels after interference from Kurt Angle
Jamie Noble vs Paul London
--Hardcore Title: Crash dodges attack from Hurricane who ends up flying into a heap of barrells, Crash then walks into a door and Lita walks past, she sees him knocked out and covers him to win the title.
--Interview with Booker T & Goldust
Bradshaw vs Funaki
--Hardcore Title: Regal hits Lita with the Brass Knucks to win the title
--Shawn Michaels demands an explanation from Angle
WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Angle vs Booker T & Goldust
--Theodore Long announces the tournament for the title shot at WM and tonights main event
--Hardcore Title: Crash hits Regal with a frying pan to win back his title
WWE Title shot at No Way Out: Rhyno vs Eddie Guerrero by cheating
Smackdown 27.01.05
Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero vs Tajiri & The Hurricane Noble pins Hurricane
--Rhyno interview
--Noble bursts into Long's office and says he should get a title shot because he pinned the champion
APA vs T & A after interference from Dawn Marie
--Interview with Dawn Marie & T & A
--Crash avoids an attack from Goldust on his way down to the ring, throwing Goldust off the stage through a table below
Hardcore Championship: Crash (c) vs Goldust
--Crash leaves the arena
--Eddie Guerrero bumps into Diesel backstage
Eugene vs William Regal UnAmericans try to interfere but are stopped by Hardys
--Pipers Pit: Hulk Hogan
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Quarter Final: Rhyno vs Booker T
--Hardys and UnAmericans brawl backstage cos hardys are mad bour what happened to Lita last week, six person intergender tag next week announced
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Quarter Final: Kurt Angle vs Razor Ramone after interference from HBK
Smackdown 03.02.05
--Angle calls out Michaels, they continue to fight after commercial
Intergender Six Person Tag: UnAmericans vs Team Xtreme Storm pins Lita
--No Way Out ad
--Noble interview
If Noble Wins, He gets a CW Title shot at No Way Out: Jamie Noble vs Ultimo Dragon
--Hogan interview
Goldust & Booker T vs Team Angle vs T&A due to interference from Dawn Marie
--Hulk Hogan attacked
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Quarter Final: Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan
--Piper attacks Hogan while he is celebrating
--Eddie interview
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Quarter Final: Stone Cold vs Big Show
Smackdown 10.02.05
Jung Dragons vs Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero
--Hurricane comes out and he and Noble start to fight
--Eddie's dressing room is trashed, he gets a note saying "Parking Lot" he runs and his low-rider has a light out.
WWE Tag Team Championship Shot at Wrestlemania: APA vs UnAmericans(Christian & Storm) after interference from the Hardys
--Long announces the triple threat for No Way Out and Eddie Guerrero vs Big Show
WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Angle vs T&A
--Team Angle walk into the locker room to find HBK and Angle fighting they triple team HBK but APA comes to help, Long burst in and announces match for NWO
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Semi Final: Rhyno vs Razor Ramone
--Rhyno is walking backstage, he walks into Hogan and has a stare down with him. Austin walks into the picture and the three have a stare down.
Eddie Guerrero vs Big Show
--Diesel trashes Eddie's low-rider after match
WWE Championship Shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Semi Final: Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold thanks to Piper
--After match Rhyno comes out and Gore's Austin.

Breaking News
Crash tragically passes away, Hardcore title vacated.

No Way Out - 13.02.05 (In memory of Crash) (Alltel Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas)
For full ppv: http://www.weforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=175787&page=5
US Championship: Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Lance Storm (c) due to UnAmericans interference
Cruiserweight Championship: The Hurricane (c) vs Jamie Noble (after match Hurriacne announces the return of three count and that Noble removing his mask reminded him of his roots, it reminded him of three count and how successful he was back then.)
Hardcore Battle Royal, Time Limit Title: Surprise entrant - Raven
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan due to cheating
Team Angle vs Shawn Michaels & APA
WWE Championship: Diesel (c) vs Eddie Guerrero
WWE Championship shot at Wrestlemania Tournament Final: Stone Cold vs Rhyno

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Smackdown 10.03.05 [real time 17.02.05]
--Long announces Night of the Champions
Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Big Show
--Stone Cold interview
WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Angle (c) vs Booker T & Goldust (3 Minute Warning Interfere, and take out everyone)
--Taker promo
--Backstage we see Rhyno on a rampage, taking his anger out on everyone and everything. Whlie staff members are trying to restrain him, Long shouts at him that he will have someone to take his anger out on...T&A! In a handicap match! Next!
Handicap Match: Rhyno vs T&A
--Rhyno then attacks them with a steel chair
Cruiserweight Championship: 'Sugar' Shane Helms (c) w/Moore vs Tajiri
--Long appears on the titantron and says that a great cruiserweight title match was once again ruined by the interference of Shannon Moore, he then says that at Wrestlemania there is going to be a Cruiserweight Championship Fatal Four Way at WM. And next week there would be the first qualifying match between Tajiri and the man who cost him the title, the champions own partner, Shannon Moore.
US Championship: Lance Storm (c) vs Eddie Guerrero (Christian and Regal interfere but Big Show knocks Regal off apron into Christian, the two then argue and come to blows)
--Locker room, Storm is trying to calm down Regal and Christian, but it doesn't work and the two exchange right hands
WWE Championship: Diesel (c) vs Kurt Angle (Angle loses after HBK's music plays)
--After match Angle throws a paddy while Diesel is celebrating, while heading backstage, Austin attacks Diesel. The two brawl on the stage but Diesel manages to win after a shot to the head with the title.
Smackdown 17.03.05 [real time 24.02.05]
--Pipers Pit: Eddie Guerrero (Before Eddie comes out, Piper goes on about him beating Hogan. When Eddie there Eddie says about how cloes he came to becoming champion once again, and No Way Out should have been his night like last year)
Rowdy Roddy Piper vs
Eddie Guerrero
--Undertaker promo
Goldust & Booker T vs
3 Minute Warning
--Edge approaches Christian backstage about the TLC Match at Wrestlemania
Christian vs William Regal (Storm turns on Regal and Christian and Storm beat down Regal until Eugene runs down to the ring to save him)
--Dawn getting changed
--Some Hall of Fame Inductees announced - Ted DiBiase, Jake the Snake, Arn Anderson, Yokozuna, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, Rick Rude, LOD (Animal & Hawk), Bobby Heenan
Bikini Contest: Dawn vs Lita (during contest Torrie and Stacy come out and challenge Dawn and Lita to a posedown the next week)
--Angle is seen in Theodore Long's office complaining about last week, demanding a match at Wrestlemania againt Michaels. Long grants him this, but on one condition. Michaels faces one member of Team Angle in the main event, and if he wins, he gets to choose the match. Angle hesitantly agrees.
Cruiserweight Title Fatal Four Way Qualifyer: Tajiri vs Shannon Moore (despite interference from Hurricane)
--Angle is in his locker room complaining to Team Angle about Long, when the door opens and we see all of Team Angle look shocked. Kurt then says 'You?!'
Shelton Benjamin vs
Shawn Michaels
--Michaels chooses a 2 out of 3 falls match!! Michaels choose singles, cage and......
--Angle's music hits and he makes his way out to the stage. He then says that the match is fine, as he will go and choose the final fall. Michaels asks why he can, and Angle replies by Don Callis walking out onto the stage! Callis says that Angle can indeed choose the fall and Angle then chooses submission!! Long makes his way down to the ring where all three men are and asks Callis who he thinks he is. Callis replies with his name and says that Vince has hired him as the Co-GM of Smackdown. Angle and Michaels get in each others faces.
Smackdown 24.03.05 [real time 03.03.05]
Posedown: Dawn & Lita vs Torrie & Stacy
--Stacy and Torrie attack Lita and Dawn during their pose
--Final Hall of Fame inductee announced.........OWEN HART!! (after the run down of who's already in it)
Tables Match: Christian & Edge vs Eugene & William Regal
--after match Christian announces that he has taken up Edge's offer and is now in the TLC Match, and this is just a warm up to prove that him and Edge are the greatest team of all time, the Hardys come out and announce that if E&C can enter then they will enter to prove their superiority in the tag division.
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Albert (despite frequent interference from Test)
--After match, Kane's pyros go off during Hogan's celebrations.
Cruiserweight Title Qualifyer: Jamie Noble vs Ultimo Dragon vs Shannon Moore
--Backstage, Long regrets to inform HBK that due to the bias it would cause for the fall picking that he cannot pick a two out of three falls match for Wrestlemania, so he will have to rethink his choice. Michaels says he was afraid that he would say that so he had been doing some thinking during the week, and he decides that at Wrestlemania it will be.......an Ironman Match!!!!!!
--In team Angle's locker room we see Angle has seen this on the tv, he jumps to his feet and throws the tv at the wall in frustration. He then storms down the hallway looking for Callis, he finds him and demands that he takes back the match. Callis says that there is nothing he can do because the board of directors have informed him that he cannot do anything about the match due to the fact the stipulation was created before he was hired. Angle gets frustrated and storms down the hallway to Long's office. He bursts in and complains to Long about it, Long tells him that he agreed to the stipulation so he should live up to it. Angle gets extremely frustrated and threatens Long, Long merely tells him that he will indefinately suspend Angle without pay if he doesn't let go of him that instant. Long then tells Angle that he can remove the stipulation from his match on one condition, he beats Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event!! Next!! Angle reluctantly agrees
Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold (referee gets knocked out and Michaels and Diesel both interfere and the match breaks out in a huge brawl. Eventually Austin disposes of Diesel after he inadvertantly hits Angle with a chair)
Smackdown 31.03.05 [real time 10.03.05]
--Backstage Diesel is seen talking to Callis, we have missed the start of the conversation and all we can hear is Callis saying 'Ok, you're on!'
Cruiserweight Title Qualifyer: Shannon Moore wins battle royal (Helms-Special Guest Commentator, helps keep Moore in the battle royal but gets taken out by the eliminated Yang)
--Long announces WM is now an elimination fatal four way
--Eddie is in Long's office asking why he isn't booked for Wrestlemania, he proved he is worthy by beating Piper. Long replys by saying that he booked him on the card a few minutes ago, challenging for the US Title!!!!! Eddie smirks and leaves the room.
--Final rundown of HOF inductees - Mike Tyson (celebrity wing) added!
Eddie Guerrero vs Christian (Eddie wins after being hit with a one man con-chair-to)
--Storm comes down to the ring and Christian quickly scarpers, Storm looks down to him and then turns his attention to Eddie. Storm then beats up Eddie and finishes the assault with a title shot to the head.
Raven vs Rhyno (Big Show interferes and takes out Raven)
--Big Show challenges Raven to Hardore Title match at Wrestlemania, but everyone is confused to why he doesn't just pin now?
APA vs 3 Minute Warning
--After match APA signal they will be new champions
--Hogan calls out Kane, Kane appears on the titantron and says 'Hogan, you claim to be immortal. I, I am going to destroy what can't be destroyed. But I will prove it can.' suddenly Kane attacks Hogan from behind and brutally beats him down. He then taunts, laughs and leaves.
Razor Ramone vs Rowdy Roddy Piper
--Backstage we see Team Angle triple teaming Michaels, they brutally assault him
--Diesel heads to the ring and announces that his match with Austin is now an EMPTY ARENA MATCH!!!!!!! Austin comes out and the two trash talk each other, but before they have time to attack each other Angle's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. While he is heading to the ring Diesel attacks Austin, when Angle gets in there is a staredown between him and Diesel before they double team Austin
Diesel & Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold & Shawn Michaels (after Diesel and Angle manage to fall out and end up fighting each other) (during match Michaels shockingly makes his way down to the ring!! Diesel and Angle are shocked!)
Wrestlemania 21 - [real time 13.03.05] 03.04.05 (Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada)
Full PPV: http://www.weforums.com/forums/showt...=175787&page=9
Iron Man Match: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels (wins the deciding fall by Sharpshooter-sudden death)
WWE Championship, Empty Arena Match: Diesel (c) vs Stone Cold (Abyss attacks Austin/ UNDERTAKER RETURNS AFTER MATCH)
Elimination Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight Championship: 'Sugar' Shane Helms (c) vs Jamie Noble vs Shannon Moore vs Tajiri
Hardcore Championship: Raven vs Big Show (when fighting backstage Goldust goes to attack Raven and Big Show but Big Show throws him straight through a window, then Rhyno Gore's Big Show through a door!!!!! He then covers but the referee tells him it has to be the champion he covers, but Raven smashes him over the head with a baking tray)
US Championship: Lance Storm (c) vs Eddie Guerrero
WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Angle (c) vs APA (Bradshaw turns on Faarooq)
Interpromotional TLC Match: E&C vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boys vs RVD & Rey (I WRITE)
Interpromotional Match: Kane vs Hulk Hogan (because of interference from Ultimate Warrior) (I WRITE)
Interpromotional Playboy Evening Gown Match: Dawn & Lita vs Stacy & Torrie (KILLA WRITE)
HALL OF FAME CEREMONY - Ted DiBiase, Jake the Snake, Arn Anderson, Yokozuna, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, Rick Rude, LOD (Animal & Hawk), Owen Hart, Ultimate Warrior

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Smackdown - 07.04.05 [real time ] (Bell Center, Montreal)
Evan Karagias vs Jamie Noble (3 Count sent to locker room in match)
--Scott Hudson interviews Faarooq, who says that JBL isn't the only one to return to his roots and that we can now refer to him as Ron Simmons.
Ron Simmons vs Albert (JBL-special commentator) (Test inadvertantly hits Albert with the big boot)
--Shawn Michaels tries to explain himself for Sunday, he then issues a 'Canadian Challenge' match to anyone who is Canadian to accept, if Michaels loses he will leave WWE forever. The person who comes out is....Pat Patterson!!! Montreal's own home town hero!!!!
Canadian Challenge: Shawn Michaels vs Pat Patterson (Michaels wins by making him tap to the sharpshooter)
--Rhyno calls out Raven, challenging him for hardcore title match that he 'deserves'. Raven isn't in the building, but Big Show gladly accepts the challenge and fights him for number one contendership for the hardcore title.
Hardcore Title Shot: Rhyno vs Big Show (Raven interferes and takes them both out with weapons, match=draw)
--Diesel prematch interview
Diesel vs William Regal
--After the match 'Rolling' hits and Taker makes his way to the ring on his bike. He climbs in and Diesel scarpers.
--Backstage we see Austin knocked out, bloody and battered. EMT's attend to him and take him to the hospital. Who did it? Abyss?
Smackdown - 14.04.05
Cruiserweight Title: Shane Helms (c) vs Rey Mysterio (Moore and Karagias cost Rey match. Tajiri runs to the ring to help Rey, Kidman then helps too)
--Edge and Christian are seen backstage about their contracts for any match
Jeff Hardy vs Edge
--JBL goes to the ring and says about how last week he made an example of Ron Simmons for the good of America, Simmons comes out and the two brawl in the ring
Winner gets tag title shot next week: Eugene & William Regal vs 3 Minute Warning
--Rhyno calls out Raven, Raven comes out. Rhyno Gore's him as soon as he gets in the ring!! But Raven doesn't seem hurt whereas Rhyno is! Raven then pulls his shirt up to reveal a steel pad around his chest, which is why it hurt Rhyno. He then scarpers through the crowd when Big Show walks down to the ring.
Eddie Guerrero vs Christian
--Backstage Chavo congratulates Eddie on his win. Eddie doesn't trust Chavo, Chavo then says that he can beat Christian quicker, Eddie says five minutes, Chavo accepts
Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles
--Shawn Michaels is talking backstage when AJ walks past, Michaels makes fun of him because he lost, AJ hits Michaels with a right hand.
--Theodore Long comes out, he first announces the main event is Diesel vs the Undertaker's brother, KANE!! he then addresses the Austin situation, Austin comes on via satelitte. Austin gets attacked by Abyss.
Kane vs Diesel (Taker interferes but gets beaten down by Kane and Diesel)
Smackdown - 21.04.05
--Long informs everyone that tonight JBL and a partner of his choice will face Ron Simmons and a partner of his choice. And Abyss-Austin contracts signing next week.
WWE Tag Team Titles: Team Angle (c) vs Eugene & William Regal
--Backstage Rey thanks Kidman, Kidman and Rey then discuss the WCW days Kidman then proposes teaming with Rey permanently again as the Filthy Animals, they then shake hands.
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman w/Tajiri vs 3 Count (Karagias & Moore w/Helms) (Tajiri mists Moore after Helms tries to interfere)
--Carlito Caribbean Cool promo (first)
--JBL looking around backstage, he then walks into Angle and asks him to team with him.
Five Minute Time Limit Challenge: Chavo Guerrero vs Christian (Time runs out as Chavo reaches a two count)
--Chavo gets annoyed and gets a chair, he then lays out the referee and viciously attacks him. Eddie comes out and makes fun of Chavo from the stage. Chavo gets annoyed and challenges Eddie to a match next week, Eddie accepts.
AJ Styles vs Test (Michaels comes out during match and sits on a chair on the stage watching, he then sarcastically claps when AJ wins)
JBL & Kurt Angle vs Ron Simmons & Booker T (match ends in a double countout when JBL and Simmons battle through the crowd)
--Undertaker calls Kane out
Undertaker vs Kane
--Undertaker calls out Diesel but gets attacked from behind
Smackdown - 28.04.05
Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero (from interference by the returning Chavo Classic)
--Chavo claims that he must be number one contender for US title because he beat Eddie, so at Judgment Day it'll be Chavo vs Eddie for the US Championship
Tajiri vs Shannon Moore (interference by 3 Count)
--Carlito Caribbean Cool promo (phone)
Hardcore Title: Raven (c) vs Big Show (Rhyno interferes and Gore's both men before winning the hardcore title)
--JBL Interview
--Stone Cold-Abyss Contract Signing, but before they sign Long says that there is a small print, this contract doesn't just say that they will face each other at Judgment Day, it also says they cannot touch each other until Judgment Day or face a suspension and the match cancelled.
Ron Simmons vs Kurt Angle (By DQ when JBL attacks him with a chair during match, therefore Simmons doesn't walk out, like JBL guarenteed)
--Shawn Michaels interview he makes fun of AJ, AJ comes over and interupts. The two trash talk and then get in each others faces.
AJ Styles vs Edge
--Callis announces that at Judgment Day Undertaker will challenge Diesel for his WWE Championship, and next week Diesel and Undertaker will pick each others matches. Undertaker says Diesel will face him but Callis explains that it must be someone else. Diesel picks Taker's opponent as Kurt Angle, Taker picks Diesel's opponent as Kane!!!
Smackdown 05.05.05
Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Classic (despite interference from Chavo Guerrero Jr.)
--Piper's Pit - Guests: JBL & Ron Simmons. All hell breaks loose and Piper tries to split up the fight only to get a right hand from Ron Simmons. Piper helps beat down Simmons with JBL after losing his temper from being hit.
Tajiri vs Shannon Moore (3 Count banned from ringside) Kidman runs down and distracts ref, Rey hits Moore with the 619 behind refs back.
--After match Tajiri thanks Filthy Animals for helping him.
--Tajiri and Filthy Animals are in Long's office asking him for a match with Three Count at Judgment Day, Long agrees, BUT next week all three will face members of Three Count, but if there is any interference from ANYBODY, the match will be off and the interfering person will be fired.
Edge & Christian vs Booker T & Goldust
--Carlito Caribbean Cool promo (sandcastle)
--Edge & Christian Interview (talk about being held down by Long, Christian gets a small pop, Edge laughs when Christian says he should be getting the world title, Christian looks annoyed)
Diesel vs Kane
--Austin and Abyss interview, prefilmed, both in the same room. Austin makes fun of Abyss and both men are struggling to not hit each other. Abyss doesn't say anything, he just yells in frustration before walking off.
--Backstage Eugene is helping William Regal warm up for his match, Eugene is wearing a towel around his neck over his usual uniform. He then tells Regal it's time for yoga, Regal reluctantly agrees. Eugene starts with some normal ones then does the Hogan stretch and the Junkyard Dog stretch, Regal looks a little scared and tries to get out of the warm up to go to his match Eugene just carries on doing his stretches, moving on to Bushwackers.
Shawn Michaels vs William Regal
--Shawn Michaels cuts a promo dissing Styles, he then calls him out. Styles heads to the ring and the two battle it out, Michaels then hits Styles with some brass knuckles, knocking him out. Michaels then beats him down with a steel chair before taunting.
Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs Raven (Big Show interferes and wins the title)
--Kurt Angle Interview (Angle says he'll become no. 1 contender when he beat Taker)
Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
Smackdown 12.05.05
--Callis accepts JBL and Piper's proposal for the match. Rhyno then walks up to Callis and demands a rematch for his title, Callis tells him that he can't have it. But he then says that at Judgment Day it will be a triple threat for the hardcore title between Rhyno, Big Show and Raven.
Shannon Moore vs Rey Mysterio
--Carlito Caribbean Cool promo (sunbeds)
Hardcore Championship: Big Show (c) vs Rhyno
--Booker T & Goldust backstage, Goldust is dressed as Darth Vader
Ron Simmons vs Rowdy Roddy Piper (Special Guest Ref: JBL) (Just a beatdown by Piper and JBL, match never really gets started)
--JBL pays Piper who laughs while JBL continues his attack
Evan Karagias vs Tajiri
--Edge and Christian talk backstage
--Styles heads to the ring and calls Michaels out. Michaels music hits but he is nowhere to be seen, but then he attacks Styles from behind!! Out of nowhere! Michaels hits Styles with some right hands on the floor before hitting a diving elbow drop. Michaels then goes for the Sweet Chin Music, but Styles ducks!! Styles then goes for the Styles Clash but Michaels counters it and hits the Sweet Chin Music, he then taunts again. Long appears on the titantron and tells Michaels that next week he will team with Chavo Guerrero Jr to take on AJ Styles and Eddie Guerrero!
'Sugar' Shane Helms vs Billy Kidman
--Backstage Big Show is walking towards his car in the parking lot when he gets run over! Raven quickly climbs out his car and pins Big Show to win the hardcore title back
Booker T vs Kurt Angle
--Diesel says that he is sick of Undertaker, claiming that this is his yard. He then proposes that at Judgment Day they spice it up a little, the loser leaves WWE. Undertaker comes out and accepts, he then signs the contract that Diesel has in his hand and then attacks Diesel.
Smackdown 19.05.05
--Long appears on the titantron from his office, and says that the main event will be Stone Cold, Undertaker and Ron Simmons against Abyss, Diesel and JBL, and that Austin and Abyss are allowed to hit each other for one night only. But they cannot touch each other until the match.
Eddie Guerrero & AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels & Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Chavo Classic
--Chavo Interview
--Michaels Interview
Kurt Angle Open Challenge vs Booker T (By DQ, after Angle hits him with a chair)
--After the match Angle continues beating up Booker T, he then says that he is sending a message to everyone on Smackdown, that he should be the next WWE Champion. Goldust then comes out and challenges Angle to a match, because of what he did to Booker.
Kurt Angle vs Goldust
--Once again Angle continues the beatdown until Booker climbs into the ring and fights with Angle.
--Big Show is in the building with taped up ribs, looking for Raven. But Rhyno Gore's him!!!
Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boys (Edge loses)
--After match Edge pushes Christian and blames him for the loss, Christian gets up and asks what Edge was doing, the two then get in each others faces
--JBL Interview
Filthy Animals w/Tajiri vs Three Count w/Karagias vs Jung Dragons w/Ultimo Dragon
--Carlito Caribbean Cool promo (Compilation)
Stone Cold, Undertaker & Ron Simmons vs Abyss, Diesel & JBL
--After the match a huge brawl, faces win brawl and heels back up ramp.

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Sunday Night Heat

Pre-Judgment Day

The normal Heat video plays before cutting to outside the Target Center where Scott Hudson is stood with Terri.

Scott Hudson: Welcome to a special edition of Sunday Night Heat! I am Scott Hudson along with Terri, and we are live from outside the Target Center where Judgment Day will be held in just one hour.

Terri: We sure are and I have been waiting for this show for months Scott.

Scott Hudson: Yeah, every one of these 20,000 fans here have been waiting for months for this pay per view as well! As you can see behind us, the fans are streaming into the Target Center to see the Smackdown only extravaganza which sees The Undertaker squaring off with Diesel.

Terri: The WWE Championship will be on the line for that one in a Loser Leaves the WWE match, and do you think Diesel can live up to his promise and end the legend that is the Deadman?

Scott Hudson: Well it will be a hard task, but I can’t see Diesel pulling this one off. He is finally going into the match the underdog. But talking about underdogs, tonight we will see the Hardcore Title on the line in a triple threat match and once again the champion is the underdog, but this time he doesn’t stand a chance in hell.

Terri: I have to agree there, there is no way that Raven can win the triple threat against both the man-beast Rhyno and the seven foot tall, five hundred pound giant, The Big Show.

A video package promoting the Hardcore Title match is played.


We return to see Maria backstage stood with Kurt Angle.

Maria: Kurt, after your actions last week Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long has made a match for here tonight, you will go one on one with Booker T. Your comments?

Kurt Angle: My comments are simple, my actions on last weeks Smackdown did exactly what I wanted them to. They got Theodore Long’s attention, which is something I’ve been needing to get a title shot. Seeing as he paid no attention to when I beat Booker T in the Smackdown main event a couple of weeks ago, I tonight will do it again and finally make Long realize what an asset I am to Smackdown and how he needs me to be champion, how Smackdown needs me as champion, and how all of you people need me as champion.

We go back outside where Terri and Scott are still stood.

Scott Hudson: Kurt Angle confident about his match tonight.

Terri: Kurt Angle I think is overlooking Booker T, and looking ahead to getting a WWE Championship shot. He needs to first concentrate on Booker T, because he isn’t a step over.

Scott Hudson: As true as that is I still think that Kurt Angle will be victorious tonight and this will show Theodore Long that Kurt Angle should be given a WWE Championship shot. But not forgetting Edge, the man who Christian called ‘obsessed’ with being getting his WWE Championship shot.

Terri: Well I think that was confirmed this Thursday when Edge shoved Christian down to the mat after losing the tag team match versus the Hardy Boys.

Scott Hudson: And talking about the Hardy Boys, tonight on Heat the Hardy Boys will take on the tag team champions, Team Angle in a non-title contest.

Terri: That will be a great match to get these fans in the mood for some hard hitting Smackdown action that is Judgment Day! And hard hitting will be definitely found in the Street Fight between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Abyss.

Scott Hudson: These two men have not been allowed to lay a hand on each other before tonight, apart from last Thursday on Smackdown when Theodore Long lifted the rules for the six man tag team match that they were involved in. But finally tonight these two men will clash.

Terri: The Texas Rattlesnake taking on the Monster in a Street Fight.

A video package promoting the Austin-Abyss Street Fight is shown.


Scott Hudson: Welcome back to a special edition of Sunday Night Heat, we are about 30 minutes away from Judgment Day!

Terri: The atmosphere here is electric and these are as pumped as we are! But a match we haven’t yet mentioned on this program is of course the Phenomenal AJ Styles taking on the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels!

Scott Hudson: That match will certainly be a great one, phenomenal if you will. These two high flying entertainers clash after months of getting in each others faces.

A video package showing Shawn Michaels rivalry with AJ Styles since him coming to Smackdown.

Backstage we see Maria stood with JBL.

Maria: JBL, tonight you finally take on your former tag team partner, Ron Simmons. What is running through your mind right now?

John Bradshaw Layfield: What is running through my mind? Are you really that stupid? I know that you bimbo blondes aren’t exactly famous for you intelligence, but you are now insulting my intelligence as well. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to talk to you, so we’ll make this quick. Tonight, as I’ve said before, tonight marks the dawning of the John Bradshaw Layfield era. Tonight I will show Ron Simmons and the rest of the world why I should be the WWE Champion, why I will be the next WWE Champion, and do you know why? Because I am a wrestling god! That’s why. And I will show Ron Simmons exactly what he was holding back when he was teaming with me. And I guarantee, I’ll repeat it so everyone can here this, I guarantee victory tonight. So you all sit back and watch the best man prevail, me, John Bradshaw Layfield.

JBL walks off and we return to the outside of the arena with Scott Hudson and Terri.

Terri: It looks like we certainly are not short of confidence here tonight, first Angle oozing with it and now JBL.

Scott Hudson: That’s true, but both of the two men have something to prove and both of them are proving they’re worthy of the same thing. The WWE Championship.

Terri: JBL guaranteed victory though Scott, and he always follows through on his guarantees.

Scott Hudson: That’s true, and proven by past experience.

Terri: But there is also another championship on the line tonight, when we see Eddie Guerrero defending his United States Championship against his nephew, Chavo Guerrero.

Scott Hudson: Don’t forget the fact that Eddie’s brother, Chavo Classic will be in the corner of his son, Chavo Guerrero.

A video package showing how the Guerrero feud came around is shown.

Scott Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen when we come back we will have the Hardy Boys taking on Team Angle!


We return in the arena with the camera on Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to a special Sunday Night Heat with Smackdown running the show. We are about twenty minutes away from Judgment Day and we are about ready to have a non-title tag team match.

Tazz: Oh man, tonight is the last appearance though for one of The Undertaker or Diesel.


Jeff and Matt runs out onto the stage, Jeff does his head bobbing on the stage while Matt taunts. The two then head down the ramp, slapping some fans hands. They both slide into the ring and Jeff runs to the far turnbuckle and jumps onto it, he taunts while Matt climbs the close one and taunts on that. Jeff jumps down and runs across the ring before jumping on the turnbuckle and taunting before jumping down and running over to Matt.


Team Angle walk out onto the stage, Haas jumps in the air while Benjamin is stood looking on at him. The two then walk down to the ring with the tag titles around their waist, they both climb into the ring and Benjamin climbs onto the near turnbuckle. He leans down and slaps his head a few times before raising his arms; Haas just raises his arms on the other turnbuckle. The two then climb down and take off the tag titles.

Hardy Boys vs Team Angle

The match starts out with Matt and Benjamin. The two go to the center of the ring, and they both go in for a collar and elbow tie up. Benjamin gets the better of it and gets in a side headlock. Matt bounces Benjamin off the ropes and pushes him against the opposite ropes, Matt then lays on the mat for Benjamin to jump over him. Matt then gets up and quickly hits Benjamin with an arm drag. Benjamin gets up and grabs Matt’s arm like an arm drag but then does a hammerlock instead. Matt manages to hit Benjamin with a few back elbows to the side of the head. Matt then does a snapmare and then gets him in a headlock. Matt tags in Jeff while keeping in the headlock, he then sits up Benjamin and Jeff dropkicks him in the chin. Jeff then covers,



Shelton kicks out! Both men get up and Jeff hits Benjamin with a few forearms to the face before bouncing off the ropes and hitting him with a running forearm. Jeff then bounces off the ropes again and does a running neckbreaker drop. Jeff then runs at Haas and hits him with a running forearm smash. Jeff turns back into the ring and walks over to Benjamin, but Benjamin pokes Jeff in the eye before slipping behind him and hitting him in a clubbing blow to the back. Shelton then hits a back suplex before dragging Jeff over to his corner to tag in Haas. Shelton holds up Jeff in a headlock and Haas kicks him in the midsection, Shelton then lifts up Jeff for a suplex, but he places Jeff’s legs on Haas’s shoulders. Haas swing Jeff around so he is now leaning his neck on the top rope, Benjamin bounces off the opposite ropes and then leapfrogs Haas before dropping his hips on Jeff’s lower back. Haas pulls Jeff away from the ropes and covers,



Matt breaks up the pin! Haas gets annoyed and taunts Matt, the referee now tries to restrain him and get him out of the ring. Benjamin chokes Jeff with the bottom rope, while Haas stomps on Jeff’s gut. The ref gets Matt out and Benjamin lets go of Jeff, Haas now tags in Benjamin and picks up Jeff into a German Suplex position. Benjamin then hits a calf kick to Jeff which Haas follows through into a German Suplex! Benjamin gets Jeff in a leg lock. After a minute or so Jeff finally reaches the ropes to break the hold. Benjamin picks up Jeff and goes for a T-Bone, but Jeff fights out and hits a Twist of Fate!! Jeff slowly crawls to Matt’s corner, and tags him in! Shelton also tags in Haas! Matt runs in and clotheslines Haas down, he then hits Haas with a running elbow attack. Matt then hits Benjamin with a suplex and Jeff climbs into the ring, he hits Benjamin with a jawbreaker and then Matt irish whips Haas to Jeff who meets him with a dropkick. Jeff then grabs Haas’s legs and does a leg drop to the groin while Matt does his diving leg drop. Jeff climbs back out to the apron just to be tagged in by Matt, Matt then hits a Twist of Fate on Haas and Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb!!!



Benjamin puts Haas’s foot on the bottom rope!

Jeff slides out of the ring and follows Benjamin who slides into the ring, Team Angle then stomp on Jeff. Team Angle lift up Jeff and then Benjamin goes for the T-Bone but Jeff hooks the rope, he then hits Haas with a punch in the gut. Matt then runs into the ring and charges at Shelton who he clotheslines over the top rope. Jeff then hits Haas with the Reverse of Fate!!




Winner; Hardy Boys

The Hardys get to their feet and celebrate on the turnbuckle.

Michael Cole: Huge win for the Hardy Boys!

Tazz: Definitely Cole, this must put them in line for a title shot.

Michael Cole: Well folks, we are just minutes away from Judgment Day, see you there!

A video package hyping the WWE Championship match is shown before the program ends.


May 22nd 2005

Target Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Theme Music: Drowning Pool – This Life

The opening video starts showing a noose, the screen is in black and white. The camera zooms out a little from the noose, showing a bit more of the rope and an abandoned house behind it. It zooms out some more to show the entire rope and a guillotine next to it, the image starts flickering. When it finishes flickering we see a man hanging up in the noose, it quickly zooms in on his face. We can only see the top of his head, but the head looks up and smiles.

Hung Man:Get ready…

It’s here!

The camera changes to clips of Eddie Guerrero battling with both Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic. The screen is flickering and is back in colour as Eddie battles it out with the two Chavo’s.

Narrator:When it comes to the end, who will be there to look back at how we lived our lives?

Clips of Abyss and Austin fighting each other are shown.

Narrator:Full of hate, evil and spite?

Footage of Filthy Animals helping Tajiri after Three Count have constantly being triple teaming him.

Narrator:Or did you help the ones who were in trouble?

Footage of JBL beating on Ron Simmons with a chair is shown.

Narrator:Or did you kick them when they were hurt?

A clip of AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels fighting is shown and then Michaels hitting AJ with a pair of brass knuckles.

AJ Styles:You will pay Shawn. You will pay.

Highlights from AJ Styles doing some great highflying moves are shown.

Shawn Michaels:You are nothing but a punk kid.

The footage suddenly stops and the screen goes black. All the sound stops and the screen remains black. Thunder is heard and there is a flash of white light. Another thunder sound is heard and the flash appears again, this happens another few times until the final flash of light is red. But this flash stays on the screen and images of The Undertaker’s career are shown. It then gets interrupted by Diesel pinning Stone Cold at Wrestlemania, but then the screen goes bright white all apart from Diesel who seems blinded by the light. The light goes dim and the screen goes black again, then images of Undertaker’s different eras flash across the screen extremely quickly and it shows Undertaker’s face, coldly staring through the screen.

Narrator:Whether it’s for pride or to prove a point, a war is fought. This casts a shadow that forces a day of reckoning upon us.

Clips from lots of the previous superstars are shown until the video returns to the noose from the very beginning. The man is still smiling but he is now bleeding from the mouth. All his teeth are red and he opens his eyes, a loud noise is made and an eerie music is played. His eyes are bright white and he begins to laugh.

Narrator:Judgment Day is upon us!

And now, Playstation 2 Presents, a Smackdown Production, WWE Judgment Day 2005!!!!

We cut to the arena where a load of pyros are going off! The fans are pumped and are all on their feet cheering as the camera scans around the crowd. It then shows the titantron before cutting over to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole:Welcome to Judgment Day 2005!! We are live from Minneapolis, Minnesota and the 20,000 strong here in the Target Center are ready for an explosive Pay Per View!

Tazz:The atmosphere here is electric! And what a treat we have for you here tonight!

Michael Cole:Well we have got three Championships on the line here tonight, but these are not ordinary championship defenses. No, the United States Championship is on the line when Eddie Guerrero defends it against his nephew, Chavo Guerrero!

Tazz:And don’t forget the wild card in this one, Chavo Classic, in the corner of his son Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Michael Cole:And the WWE Championship match between champion, Diesel and challenger, The Undertaker has a lot more at stake than even the WWE Championship can match up to.

Tazz:Damn right, for one of these two men this is their last match, their livelihood will be altered forever.

Michael Cole:Because the WWE Championship will be defended in a Loser Leaves WWE Match!

Tazz:And we also have former partners, JBL and Ron Simmons locking horns, in what will be nothing more than a straight out brawl.

Michael Cole:Also, Cruiserweight action with a six man tag between Three Count and Tajiri who managed to get help from the newly reunited Filthy Animals in his quest for the Cruiserweight gold.

Tazz:Well, I still think that Three Count will prevail and beat the team of Tajiri and the Filthy Animals. But aside from that we will have the honour of seeing AJ Styles takes on the living legend Shawn Michaels!! That one will be off the hook!

Michael Cole:Well that match will certainly be a match for the ages and it’s AJ Styles’s chance to prove he is more than just a punk kid.

Tazz:Don’t forget that the Hardcore Championship is the final championship to be mentioned that is on the line tonight, when Raven clashes with the animal Rhyno and the seven foot tall, 500 pound monster the Big Show!

Michael Cole:Those are big obstacles for Raven!

Tazz:Big? They’re huge!!

Michael Cole:But, finally, in a street fight we will see Stone Cold Steve Austin battle the monster Abyss!

Tazz:Well this could be more than a street fight! The only rule is that you have to pin IN the ring.

Michael Cole:Let me pass you over to Hugo Savinovich and Carlos Cabrera at the Spanish Commentary!

Hugo Savinovich:Gracias Michael Cole, ¡y una qué demostración programar esta noche! ¡Empresario de pompas fúnebres que adquiere el Diesel!

Carlos Cabrera:¡Y el perdedor deja WWE! ¡Esto es una demostración embalada acción en almacén esta noche! ¡De nuevo a usted individuos!

Tazz:Whatever they said.

Michael Cole:Everyone here is pumped for tonight’s show from the fans to our Spanish Colleagues!


All three members come out to the stage dancing, and posing, Helms with his Cruiserweight Title. They taunt on the way down the ramp, and then climb into the ring and taunt some more.


Tajiri walks down to the ring to a small pop, he stands at the bottom of the ramp looking into the ring.


Kidman makes his way down to the ring to a decent pop. He stands next to Tajiri and then look up the ramp.

619 HITS!

Rey’s pyro goes off and he jumps up out the floor. The fans give Rey a huge pop as he spins on the stage before pointing to the ring and walking down the ramp. He meets with Kidman and Tajiri at the bottom of the ramp before all three climb into the ring. Three Count quickly scarper the ring as Tajiri stays stood on top of the turnbuckle while Kidman walks over to one and raises his arms. Rey walks to the far one and does the cross on his chest before raising his arms. All three men climb into the ring and Mysterio removes the top he was wearing around his waist. Three Count slowly and cautiously climb back into the ring.

Three Count vs Tajiri & Filthy Animals

Shane Helms and Billy Kidman start this one off, they both go in for a collar and elbow tie up, Kidman manages to get in the headlock. Helms quickly bounces Kidman off the ropes and pushes him across the ring, Kidman hooks the ropes while Helms goes for a dropkick. Helms lands on the mat and Kidman quickly does a flipping roll-through pin,



Helms kicks out! Both men quickly get up and Kidman hits Helms with a few punches before irish whipping him, when he bounces back Kidman hits him with a dropkick! Kidman quickly covers,



Helms kicks out again! Kidman pulls Helms over to his corner and tags in Tajiri. Tajiri climbs in and he hits Helms with lightning quick kicks and punches to the chest and the back of the knee. Tajiri finishes the series with a spinning wheel kick. He then hits Helms with a snapmare before dropkicking him in the back of the head, Tajiri bounces of the ropes and hits a baseball slide dropkick to the ribs of Helms. He quickly covers,



Helms kicks out! Both men get up, Helms a little slower. Tajiri irish whips Helms and then hits him with an arm drag. Tajiri then hits a standing moonsault on the Cruiserweight Champion and hooks the leg,



Helms just kicks out! Tajiri tags in Rey Mysterio which gets a huge pop! Rey springboard off the top rope and hits Helms with a tornado DDT. He then charges at Karagias and clotheslines him off the apron. Helms walks back over to Rey who quickly hits a snap suplex. Mysterio then does a slingshot springboard moonsault on Helms, he covers,



Moore breaks up the count! Moore hits Rey with a few more shots to the back of the head before being made to leave the ring. Helms chokes Mysterio, 1…2…3…4…Helms lets go. He drags Mysterio over to Three Count’s corner and tags in Moore, Moore gets into the ring and Helms gets Mysterio in position for the X-Plex. Moore bounces off the opposite ropes and hits Mysterio with a spinning wheel kick while Helms hits the X-Plex! Great double team! Moore quickly covers,



Kidman breaks up the count! But it looked like Mysterio just kicked out anyway. Moore gets annoyed and watches as Kidman goes back to the apron and starts to clap to will Rey on, both men are up and Moore goes for a sunset flip, but Rey rolls through a dropkicks Moore in the chin. Rey quickly runs to his corner and tags in Tajiri as Karagias gets tagged in by Moore. Both men run in and Tajiri ducks Karagias’s clothesline, then hits him with a hard back to the head! Huge impact! Helms grabs Tajiri and hits a neckbreaker using the ropes, sending Tajiri crashing down to the mat. Karagias slowly gets up and hits Tajiri with a neckbreaker.



Tajiri kicks out! Karagias tags in Helms who climbs into the ring and Karagias holds up Tajiri while Helms hits him with punches to the ribs. Karagias leaves the ring and drops Tajiri t the floor. Helms now lifts up Tajiri’s right leg and drops an elbow on the back of his knee, he then kicks it before putting it in a single leg Boston Crab. Moore tags himself in during this and puts Tajiri’s other leg in a single leg Boston Crab. The two stay like this for about half a minute until the referee counts, 1…2…3…4…Both men let go of it and Helms goes out to the apron. Moore now puts Tajiri’s foot on the bottom rope and stomps on it, he then jumps up and drops an elbow on it. Moore then places Tajiri’s foot on the bottom rope again, but this time climbs the turnbuckle. Moore then hits a diving elbow onto the leg and Tajiri screams in pain. Moore drags Tajiri back over to Three Count’s corner before walking over to the Filthy Animals and taunting them. Kidman tries to get in but the referee restrains him, while this is happening Helms chokes out Tajiri with the bottom rope while Karagias illegally swaps with Moore and the two stomp on Tajiri’s knee. The referee turns around and Moore goes out to the apron. Karagias drags Tajiri towards the centre of the ring and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock. After a minute or two the fans are behind Tajiri and he is getting close to the ropes, he manages to grab the ropes and Karagias lets go after a two count. Karagias drags Tajiri towards the centre again and goes to do the Figure Four again, but Tajiri kicks him away and then gets him in a school boy!



Karagias kicks out! Karagias gets up and boots Tajiri in the face before choking him, the referee doesn’t notice at first but then finally notices 1..2…3…Karagias lets go. He then clubs Tajiri around the head before heading to the top rope. He goes for the 450 Splash, but Tajiri gets the knees up!! The fans start clapping to get Tajiri’s momentum going again and he crawls towards his corner, but Karagias quickly grabs his foot and pulls him into the ring again, Tajiri kicks Karagias hard in the face before crawling to his corner again, he tags in Rey! Rey walks along the apron and then hits a springboard dropkick on Karagias! Helms runs into the ring and Rey does a drop toe hold to him! Helms is in the 619 position, but Moore runs at Rey! Moore also gets a drop toe hold and both Helms and Moore are in 619 position! Rey calls for it and then bounces off the ropes, he hits the 619!!! Rey then hits the West Coast Pop on Karagias who is now up!!



Helms breaks it up!! Kidman runs into the ring and hits Helms with the BK Bomb, but Moore quickly throws Kidman through the middle ropes to the outside by pulling the tights. Moore then hits a corkscrew moonsault onto Kidman below!!!!! Tajiri climbs back onto the apron and Karagias bounces off the ropes, Buzzsaw Kick!!!! Tajiri smacks Karagias with a hard kick to the back of the head! Rey hits a springboard leg drop the back of Karagias’s neck! Rey quickly covers,



Helms runs in but is intercepted by Kidman!


Winner; Filthy Animals & Tajiri

The Filthy Animals and Tajiri get to their feet as Rey’s music blasts out through the arena, the fans are going crazy! Rey, Kidman and Tajiri all celebrate as Moore and Helms pull Karagias out if the ring and back up the ramp, Helms holding his Cruiserweight Title very close to his chest.

Michael Cole: They did it! Tajiri and the Filthy Animals got the win against Three Count! Tajiri asked the Filthy Animals for help against Three Count, and he certainly went to the right guys!!

Tazz: His English may not be perfect, but there’s nothing wrong with his brain. And what a great way to kick off Judgment Day, with some Cruiserweight action!

Michael Cole: Only on Smackdown Tazz will you find the Cruiserweight’s of the WWE. And they’re here for one reason, and it’s that belt that Helms is clutching so close to his chest.

Tazz: Well, Three Count’s main aim is of course that title and to keep it around the waist of ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms!

Backstage we see Funaki stood with Eddie Guerrero.

Funaki: This is Funaki, Smackdown Number 1 Announcer!! And tonight I have am with Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. And up next you have to defend your US Title against your own nephew, Chavo Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero: Funaki, you’re right there holmes! I have got to face my nephew next but last week on Smackdown they were running their mouths about me not being a Guerrero ese! I mean, Chavo did pin me in the middle of that ring last week, I’ll give him that, but there is no way he can accuse me of not being a Guerrero! Now Chavito, you listen to me, and you listen good ese. Tonight, I will give you the beating of a lifetime, like only a Guerrero can! And as much as you and Chavo Classic disgrace the Guerrero name, I don’t doubt for a minute that you won’t lie, cheat and steal. But Chavito, you shouldn’t doubt that I’ll be doing the exact same! Because no matter what, this title is going nowhere! This will stay at it’s home, it’s Guerrero home, as you so rightly called it. No matter what it takes, this title is staying with Latino Heat!!! Viva me Raza!!!!

Eddie walks out of the dressing room.


Chavo Guerrero Jr. makes his way to the ring accompanied by Chavo Classic. The two get a fair amount of heat as they mock fans on their way down the ramp. Chavo Classic keeps signaling to Chavo’s waist, saying that he will be champion. The two climb into the ring and Chavo does his taunt on one knee while Classic points at him. The two then stand in the ring talking to each other, waiting for Eddie.


Eddie Guerrero drives his low-rider out into the arena to a huge pop!! Eddie stops the low-rider and jumps out, he then slaps his chest a few times before taunting. He slaps a few fans hands on his way over to the ramp. He then walks down the ramp taunting. He walks up the steps and then along the apron before climbing into the ring. He climbs onto the turnbuckle and taunts while looking at the two Chavo’s with hate in his eyes. He then climbs down and takes his US Title from around his waist and raises it in the air. Eddie then hands it to the referee as the bell rings. But suddenly…


Carlito walks out into the arena!!!! With an apple in hand he makes his way down the ramp smiling arrogantly and pointing at random fans. Carlito then walks around the ring to the announcers table, he takes a seat next to Cole and Tazz.

United States Championship

Eddie Guerrero (champion) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/Chavo Classic

Chavo Classic tells Chavo something before the Chavo goes over to Eddie. They both go in for a collar and elbow tie up, but Chavo ducks it and hits Eddie with a few clubbing blow to the back. Chavo then hits Eddie with a back drop, before getting up and looking cockily around the crowd. Chavo kicks Eddie in the side of the head while he is getting up, and then hits him with a right hand. Eddie is now on his feet and Chavo hits him with a forearm uppercut. Chavo then backs Eddie up against the ropes and irish whips him. Eddie bounces back but ducks Chavo, he then bounces off the other side which Chavo leapfrogs over, Eddie bounces back again but Chavo arm drags him. Eddie gets up and arm drags Chavo. Chavo then gets up and kicks Eddie in the midsection before hitting a suplex. Eddie gets up and does the same. Both men get back up and Chavo quickly dropkicks Eddie in the chin. Eddie gets back up and hits Chavo with a dropkick. Both men stand up and look at each other, knowing that their opponent is familiar with their style. The two then circle around the ring before going in for another collar and elbow tie up. Eddie manages to get advantage in this one and gets Chavo in a side headlock. Eddie then points at Chavo Classic and the referee turns around to look at him, while the referee is temporarily distracted by this Eddie quickly hits Chavo with a back kick low blow sending him to his knees. The referee turns back around and presumes Eddie did something, he then warns Eddie who denies it. Eddie pulls Chavo up to his feet and irish whips him, but Chavo reverses it and irish whips Eddie. But when Eddie bounces off the rope Chavo Classic grabs his foot. Eddie looks down at Chavo annoyed, and then slides out of the ring. Eddie then chases Chavo into the ring where Chavo Jr. stomps on the back of Eddie. Chavo stomps some more on Eddie’s back before hitting him with a double axe handle to the lower back. Chavo taunts to a huge amount of heat, he then brushes the fans away to more heat. Chavo now turns back to Eddie and chokes him, 1…2…3…4..Chavo lets go. Chavo Classic is stood outside the ring taunting some fans on the front row, and Chavo shouts something to him. Classic acknowledges this and turns to face the ring. Chavo then kicks Eddie in the midsection before throwing him out of the ring. Chavo distracts the referee, talking to him, while on the outside Chavo Classic has hit Eddie with a hard kick to the gut. Classic then picks up Eddie and throws him into the steel steps. Classic walks around to a different side of the ring and Chavo leaves the ring to Eddie. The referee looks at Eddie and then Chavo Classic suspiciously while Chavo Classic tries to ignore him. Chavo is now with Eddie, and he slams his head back against the steps. Chavo climbs back into the ring and taunts again. While this is happening Chavo Classic sneaks around to Eddie, but the referee spots him and tells Classic to leave him. Classic tries to deny his involvement but the referee is having none of it and warns Chavo about it. But Eddie is now up, and he rolls back into the ring. Chavo quickly gets back on the attack of Eddie and picks him up. Chavo stands Eddie up against the ropes and traps his arms in the top two ropes. Chavo then looks at Eddie who is trying to break free before running at him and clotheslining him. But Eddie breaks free and pulls down the top rope!! Chavo falls over the top rope to the outside and hits the ground. Classic walks around to Chavo and tries to motivate him again, Chavo looks angry and quickly slides back in. Eddie walks over to Chavo but he gets pushed away. Eddie then walks back over to Chavo who pulls him by the trunks against the ropes. Eddie is leaning in a 619 position, with his neck against the second rope. Chavo Guerrero crawls away and Chavo Classic quickly chokes Eddie, but the referee quickly turns around and spots Classic letting go. The referee gets annoyed and starts arguing with Chavo Classic, but while this is happening Chavo charges at Eddie with a leg to the back of the neck, but Eddie ducks! Chavo gets caught in between the top and middle ropes. Eddie slowly gets up and walks over to Chavo, Eddie pulls Chavo half into the ring. Eddie leans Chavo across the ropes, into the ring. He then climbs out to the apron and then he does his slingshot flipping body splash onto Chavo’s half in the ring, sending his whole body crashing back in. Eddie pulls Chavo away from the ropes and covers,



Chavo kicks out! Outside the ring Chavo Classic is looking relieved about the kick out after managing to stay at ringside thanks to the referee getting brought back to the ring due to the action. Eddie lifts up Chavo so he’s facing away from Eddie, and he then pulls Chavo towards him by his tights before hitting him with a punch to the lower back. Eddie then does another shot, before hitting him with a high angle back drop. Eddie then hits his chest a few times before picking up Chavo. Eddie pushes Chavo against the turnbuckle and then hits him with a series of punches to the head and chest. Eddie then chops Chavo, who chops back with a less powerful one, Eddie then this back with a very powerful chop, he has to hold up Chavo due to the impact. Eddie then dropkicks Chavo in the knee sending him down to one knee. He then gets a run up and dropkicks Chavo in the face. Chavo falls to the mat and Eddie pulls Chavo away from the ropes. Eddie then drives his knee into the lower back of Chavo before pulling back his head and getting him in a Surfboard Stretch. After a minute or two Chavo is really in pain and reaching out for the ropes, while Classic is stood in a frenzy trying to will Chavo on. Chavo Classic pushes the ropes out further, unnoticed by the referee which gives Chavo a chance to grab them. Eddie is forced to let go of the move but he warns Classic. Eddie then sits Chavo up again and hits him with a dropkick to the back. Eddie then lifts up Chavo and hits a back drop! But Classic holds onto Eddie’s legs which give Chavo the leverage to counter it into a sort of crossbody pin,



Eddie just kicks out!! Both Chavo’s look shocked as Chavo gets to his feet. He then picks up Eddie and hits him with a hard kick to the midsection, before irish whipping him. Eddie bounces back but hits him with a headscissor takedown! But Chavo counters it into some kind of face first slam. Chavo sits for a second before rolling Eddie over for the cover,



Eddie just kicks out!!

Chavo gets up and sits Eddie against the bottom turnbuckle. He then gets a run up before charging and doing a baseball slide dropkick to the balls. Chavo now looks cocky and he does his taunt on one knee while Classic applauds. Chavo then picks up Eddie and places him in a 619 position against the ropes. While Chavo is bouncing off the ropes at the opposite side Classic slaps Eddie across the face, then Chavo hits Eddie with a jumping knee sort of attack across the back of the throat. But the referee climbs out of the ring and starts yelling at Chavo Classic, he then sends him backstage, the referee follows him up the ramp to make sure he goes. Chavo is yelling up the ramp at the referee and Classic trying to stop it. But while this happens Eddie crawls up behind him and hits him with a low blow!! Chavo holds his groin as he starts to fall to his knees. But Eddie quickly does a school boy roll up, the fans start counting which make the referee realize that there is a pin, he runs to the ring and counts,


Eddie pulls the tights!



NO!!! Chavo kicked out!!!!!!

Up at the ramp Classic is having a fit of worry and relief, while subtly heading to the ring again. Both men get up and Chavo kicks Eddie in the face before picking him up and hitting a Brainbuster!!!!



Eddie kicks out!!!

Chavo gets to his feet and gets Eddie up for another Brainbuster, but he then places him on the top rope. Chavo then climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a Frankensteiner!! But Eddie reverses it into a diving powerbomb!! Chavo goes about three quarters of the way across the ring!!!!! Both men are down! After a bit the two men are getting up, and Eddie hits Chavo with a right hand. Then another, he then fires up and hits Chavo with a final one knocking him down. Eddie then irish whips Chavo and hits a back body drop! Eddie then runs at Chavo and hits him with a running spinning side kick. Both men get up, and Eddie hits a dropkick! He quickly covers,



Chavo kicks out! Eddie then punches him in the face before lifting him up, Eddie then goes for a punch but only fakes it, Chavo is stood with his arms over his face trying to block it. Eddie then stops and waits for Chavo to move his arms, Chavo puts his arms down and Eddie pokes him in the eye!! He then quickly rolls behind him for a school boy,



Chavo kicks out!

Both of them get up, and Eddie quickly sweeps away Chavo’s leg with his arm. Eddie then gets up and picks up Chavo with him, Eddie then hits a vertical suplex! He keeps it hooked in and swivels his waist to get up. Eddie then hits the final two verticals to finish the Three Amigos!! Eddie fires up and then climbs to the top rope. Eddie then hits Chavo with the Frog Splash!!!!!! Eddie covers,




Chavo Classic puts Chavo’s foot on the rope!

Eddie’s music plays! Eddie wins!!! The fans go crazy and Chavo Classic does, but not in the same way. Chavo Classic is yelling at the referee who has noticed Chavo’s foot, he then stops Eddie’s music and he then tells the announcer something.

Tony Chimmel: The referee has informed me that due to Chavo Guerrero’s foot being on the bottom rope the match is going to be restarted!!

The bell rings and the fans boo as Eddie looks disappointed.

Eddie walks over to Chavo who quickly gets him in a small package!




Eddie hooks the bottom rope!

Chavo gets up and he and Chavo Classic celebrate as if they’ve won, thinking they have. Eddie meanwhile gets up and gets a steel chair from outside the ring while Chavo is celebrating with the US Title. The referee takes the title from Chavo and explains that he lost, Eddie then slides into the ring while the referee is handing the title out of the ring. Eddie smashes it over Chavo’s head and then passes it to Chavo Classic who is stood next to them. Eddie then lays on the mat and acts as if he was hit. The referee turns around and sees Classic with the chair. Classic denies it but the referee thinks he hit Eddie with it. While the referee is arguing with Classic, Eddie gets up and taunts while grinning to the crowd. He then climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Frog Splash!!!! Eddie then covers Chavo,




Winner; and still United States Champion; Eddie Guerrero

Eddie gets to his feet and taunts while Chavo Classic is extremely annoyed on the outside. He climbs into the ring and goes to attack Eddie from behind, but Eddie realize and he hits Classic with the US Title!! Eddie then places Chavo Classic on top of his son before climbing to the top rope. Eddie then hits Chavo Classic with a Frog Splash to a huge pop!! Eddie then raises his US Title above his head and celebrates.

Michael Cole: Eddie wins! Eddie is still US Champion!!

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Why did he just attack Chavo like that? That, that wasn’t cool.

Michael Cole: Chavo went to attack Eddie!

Tazz: And Eddie stole the damn win!

Michael Cole: Eddie should’ve won before that anyway, but Chavo Classic put Chavo’s foot on the rope. And both the Chavo’s did their fair share of lying, cheating and stealing, Eddie just did it better.

Tazz: How can you be proud of that? How can you be proud to have a lying, cheating, stealing champion?

Carlito Caribbean Cool: And uncool.

Michael Cole: I am proud of having Eddie Guerrero as our United States Champion! He is a phenomenal wrestler, and he deserves to be champion as well.

Tazz: Talking about phenomenal, standing by backstage is Maria with the man who will face the phenomenal AJ Styles, and beat him, Shawn Michaels.

Backstage we see Maria with Shawn Michaels.

Maria: Shawn Michaels, tonight you will face the man who last week blocked your Sweet Chin Music not once but twice. If he can do that tonight then he has a huge chance of beating you.

Shawn Michaels: He has a huge chance of beating me? He has a chance of beating me? Listen to me, and listen closely. AJ Styles has NO chance in hell of beating me. So he better be saying his prayers and telling himself that he is Phenomenal, but when it comes down to it it won’t matter. You cannot, not on your best day, and not on my worst, you cannot beat me. You are just the flavour of the month Styles, and the sooner you realize that the better. I have beaten bigger people than you have ever seen. I have beaten Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Marty Jannetty, Triple H, the list goes on. I have competed in and revolutionized Hardcore matches, Ironman matches, Ladder matches, Hell in a Cell matches, Cage matches, Elimination Chambers, Casket Matches, I’ve been in matches you’ve probably never heard of. I am a grand slam winner, the first ever! I have held every title there is in this company; I have wrestled in and held titles in countries all over the world! I have won the Royal Rumble from being the number one entry, I have won the Royal Rumble twice. I was the founder of the greatest group of all time, I am a four time World Champion, I am the HeartBreak Kid, the Showstopper, the Main Event, HBK Shawn Michaels. But do you know the best bit AJ? I am the man who is going to beat you tonight to show you up for the punk kid you are.

Shawn walks off.

Tazz: I told you! I told you that Shawn would finish AJ Styles, and it’s confirmed, he will.

Michael Cole: But he is still to do it yet Tazz, and that match is later tonight. But up next, the Hardcore Championship is on the line.

Tazz: Raven really has no chance against Big Show and Rhyno.

Michael Cole: But knowing Raven he’ll give it his best shot anyway.


Raven makes his way out onto the stage. He stands on the stage doing his taunt and with the Hardcore title in his hand. Raven walks down the ramp and then climbs onto the apron. He then climbs onto the outside of the turnbuckle before doing his taunt again. Raven then drops down to outside the ring where he is throwing weapons into the ring.


Big Show’s pyros go off and he heads to the ring. Big Show climbs into the ring and does his taunt before looking down at Raven who is now sliding the weapons into the ring instead.


Rhyno makes his way down to the ring pounding on his chest. Rhyno slides into the ring and charges at Big Show with a shoulder block. But Big Show doesn’t move.

Hardcore Championship

Raven (champion) vs Big Show vs Rhyno

Rhyno bounces off the ropes again and hits Big Show with another shoulder block which only moves him slightly backwards. Rhyno bounces off the ropes again but this time ducks Big Show’s clothesline. Rhyno bounces back and Gore’s Big Show in the taped up ribs!!! Big Show goes straight to the ground but before Rhyno has chance to cover Raven slides in and hits him in the back with a kendo stick. Raven hits him in the back again with the kendo stick before Rhyno turns around, Raven smashes the kendo stick over Rhyno’s head, splitting the stick in half!!! Raven then picks up two trash can lids before he smashes them both over Rhyno’s head until Rhyno is staggering. Raven then drags a trash can over before attempting to suplex Rhyno onto it, but Rhyno blocks it and then lifts Raven up for a suplex, but Rhyno then slams him forward, straight onto the can!!! But Big Show is up behind him and he meets Rhyno with a Headbutt. Rhyno falls to the mat before getting straight back up again. Rhyno then hits Big Show with some right hands to the head, but once again having very little effect. Rhyno this time picks up a chair, unnoticed by Big Show, and he then smashes it over Big Show’s head!! Big Show is still not affected very much. Rhyno then drives the chair into the midsection of Big Show before hitting him over the head with it again. Rhyno then goes for a suplex, but can’t lift Big Show. But Rhyno doesn’t give up, he tries again and this time lifts Big Show before suplexing him! Rhyno goes to pick up the chair but Raven hits him with a low blow. Raven then picks up a pipe and pulls it upwards, low blowing Rhyno again. Raven now gets the pipe and swings it hard into the chest area of Big Show, then Rhyno, then Big Show! He then picks up his Hardcore Title and smashes it over Big Show’s head! Big Show goes down to one knee, but Rhyno clotheslines Raven in the back of the head. Rhyno now places a table up against the turnbuckle before walking over to Big Show, he goes to irish whip Big Show over to the table, but Big Show stands still. Big Show then pulls Rhyno towards him and clotheslines him down. Big Show now lifts Raven and military presses him to the outside! Big Show is about to climb out to Raven, but Rhyno sprays the fire extinguisher in Big Show’s eyes!! Big Show is blinded and Rhyno gets a run up before hitting Big Show with a Gore straight through the table!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Show is out! Rhyno doesn’t cover, he instead leaves the ring and gets Raven on his shoulder before heading backstage with him. Cameras follow Rhyno as he walks away, heading away from Big Show. But Raven manages to hit Rhyno with a few punches to the back before Rhyno puts him down. Raven then hits the Raven Effect!!!!



Rhyno kicks out!!!

Raven can’t believe it as he looks around for something to hit Rhyno with, he pushes a tower of cardboard boxes down onto Rhyno before he does the same with a ladder. Raven then sees Big Show coming and scarpers. Big Show follows Raven into the room that he went into, but Raven hits Big Show with a STOP sign. He then smashes it over his head again, he goes for a last shot but Big Show punches the STOP sign straight out of Raven’s hand!!!!! Raven is shocked, and while he is distracted Big Show grabs him around the throat and hits the Showstopper!!!! He quickly covers,



Thr-NO! Rhyno breaks it up!!

Rhyno hits Big Show with some clubs to the back before lifting him up and punching him in the face. Rhyno then gets Big Show ready for a Piledriver, but Big Show lifts up Rhyno and tosses him over his shoulders! Big Show hits Rhyno with a Headbutt, and then picks up Rhyno. Big Show lifts Rhyno high above his head, for a body press but Rhyno falls behind Big Show and pushes him forward into an iron bar that clotheslines him. Rhyno then hits Big Show with a running shoulder block followed by a couple of shots to the head with a kendo stick, and Rhyno then starts dragging Raven out of the room. Rhyno then lifts Raven up for a body press drop before throwing him straight over a steel fence!!!! Rhyno walks through the fence door, and he then padlocks the door closed. Rhyno then picks up Raven for a powerbomb and hits it, and we see Big Show walk out of the room they were in. Big Show walks up to the cage/fence, and he rips off the padlock!!!!! Rhyno looks shocked! He looks on at Big Show as he walks through the door, but suddenly Rhyno Gore’s Big Show straight through the fence!!!!!!!!!!! Rhyno quickly covers,




NO!!!! Raven just, just broke up the cover.

It would appear that breaking up the pin was Raven’s last ounce of energy, as he is now motionless. Rhyno doesn’t even bother with Raven, and he covers Big Show once again.



Big Show kicks out!!!!!!

Rhyno is shocked, and he sees Raven starting to stir. Rhyno smiles out of the side of his mouth, realizing he’s finally taken out Big Show. He then walks away from Raven, and then calls for the Gore, he crouches down and waits for Raven to get up. Raven finally stands up and Rhyno charges at him and Gore’s him!!!! But Raven dives out of the way, and Rhyno crashes straight into the wall!!! Raven quickly rolls Rhyno up in a school boy!



Rhyno kicks out!!!

Raven is shocked and looks desperately at his surroundings. He then sees something that catches his eye that he smiles at, he then walks over to somewhere. Raven pulls out……some barbed wire!!!!! He brings the barbed wire over to Rhyno and starts to cut open Rhyno’s head with it. Raven then pulls it off Rhyno’s head, and wraps it around Rhyno’s arm!!! His arm starts to get cut open as Raven kicks away at it. But while Raven is doing this, Big Show gets up! He grabs Raven from behind and throws him into the wall. Big Show pulls Rhyno up by his arm, and then grabs him around the throat, but Rhyno quickly kicks Big Show in the knee. Rhyno then clotheslines Big Show with the barbed wire arm. This hurts Rhyno a little, but Big Show more. Rhyno hits him with this once more. Big Show is now groggy, and stumbling slightly. Rhyno now drives the barbed wire into Big Show’s forehead. Rhyno unwraps the barbed wire and then wraps it around his shoulder, before hitting him with the Gore!!!! The barbed wire drives into Big Show’s gut, but Big Show is still standing! Rhyno gets a run up, and hits him with another Gore!!!!! This time Big Show goes down, and looks to be hurt after another two more Gore’s to the broken ribs. But before Rhyno has chance to do anything Raven runs up behind him, but gets hit by a Gore!!!!!!! With the barbed wire still around Rhyno’s shoulder!! Rhyno covers Raven,




Winner; and new Hardcore Champion; Rhyno

Rhyno stands up and snatches the Hardcore Championship from the referee. He then lifts it up and removes the barbed wire from his arm and he raises it into the air. Rhyno then wraps the barbed wire around the title plate, and holds it high in the air. Rhyno then stands tall above the knocked out Raven and the floored Big Show who is holding his ribs in pain.

Michael Cole: Wow! Rhyno did it, he defeated the Hardcore Champion and the worlds largest athlete, at the same time!

Tazz: Well that is pretty impressive, and it proves why Rhyno is a force to be reckoned with in the WWE.

Michael Cole: Well I can’t argue with that, especially after what we’ve just seen. But folks, I am getting word right now that Funaki has managed to get a word with the man who will be competing next, the man who claims to be the next WWE Champion and a self-made millionaire, John Bradshaw Layfield.

Funaki is stood backstage alongside JBL, who is looking straight into the camera with a huge grin on his face.

Funaki: This is Funaki! Smackdown Number 1 Announcer!!! And tonight, I ham stood by with JBL. JBL, up next hew are facing Ron Simmons, your farmer partner in APA, after you turned your back on him at Wrestlemania.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I beg your pardon? What the hell did you just say to me?!

Funaki: I said, up next hew are facing Ron Simmons, your farmer partner in APA.

John Bradshaw Layfield: How on earth are you an interviewer? How on earth are you allowed to be in America? I mean, look, this town may be full of common scum, but at least they can speak English! Well, only just.

JBL receives a lot of heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Are you people stupid as well as the smelliest town in MY America, in John Bradshaw Layfield’s America? I mean, look you give a hero like me, a wrestling god, a welcome like that, and you cheer someone who can’t even speak English?!

Crowd chant ‘JBL Sucks! JBL Sucks!’

John Bradshaw Layfield: Carry on, all you are doing is certifying your future! When I emerge victorious tonight, I will go on to be your next WWE Champion! And tonight dawns the beginning of JBL’s era, of MY era, of the era of John Bradshaw Layfield’s America! And I guarantee victory tonight, and once I have done it, I will make sure that Minneapolis will be wiped off the map.

Crowd gives JBL a HUGE amount of heat.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You people still can’t get over the fact that you aren’t as good as the greatest city on earth, despite how much you think that’s you. Deep down, in places you don’t talk about, you know that you will never be the greatest city, because always has and always will be New York City!!!!! And while we’re talking about that place deep down inside, in places you idiots refuse to talk about, and refuse to listen to, you know that I am the next WWE Champion. Some of you may even want it, but it won’t matter whether you do or whether you don’t, I will be the next WWE Champion, and bring light and honour back to America!

JBL walks off.

Michael Cole: He is such an ass.

Tazz: Cole, that is no way to talk about the next WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: How do you know he will be the next WWE Champion, what has he done to prove it? What has he done to show any indication that he can win the big one? He’s been all talk, he hasn’t proved a damn thing!

Tazz: You better watch your mouth, it’s gonna get you into even more trouble.

Michael Cole: Even more?

Tazz: Yeah, you already got yourself into trouble with Carlito once tonight. But anyway, you say JBL hasn’t proved himself, you stay sat right there, you make sure you are watching right and take off those tinted glasses. Because in about two minutes John Bradshaw Layfield will be proving himself, he will be making an example of Ron Simmons, who you seem to think actually stands a chance against JBL.


Ron Simmons music hits and he makes his way down to the ring to a small pop. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms on the turnbuckle.


JBL’s limousine pulls out into the arena and JBL climbs out. He has his hat in his hand and a huge cheesy grin on his face. He puts his hat back onto his head before walking up the steps and into the ring. JBL takes his hat on his head, and then stands on the turnbuckle. JBL then raises his arms with his hat in one hand. He climbs down and puts his hat on the mat, and then removes his jacket as well.

Ron Simmons vs John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL finally stops grinning and looks across the ring at Simmons, who is still staring back. JBL and Simmons then go a little towards the center, but then JBL steps backwards a bit. The two men then go in for a collar and elbow tie up, but JBL quickly gets out of it and hits Simmons with a club to the back. JBL then hits Simmons with another clubbing shot to the upper back, and then pushes him up against the ropes. JBL then irish whips Faarooq and hits him with a back elbow. Simmons hits the mat and JBL covers,



Simmons kicks out! JBL lifts up Simmons but Simmons hits JBL with a punch to the chest, and then a few right hands to the head. Simmons hits JBL with a powerful suplex. Simmons then lifts up JBL again and this time irish whips him, he then runs at JBL and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Simmons then bounces off the ropes and hits JBL with an elbow drop, but JBL rolls out of the way. JBL quickly gets up and hits Simmons with an elbow drop. JBL then hits Simmons with another elbow drop, JBL then hits a third one on Simmons and then covers,



Simmons kicks out again!

JBL now starts to look annoyed, as he picks up Simmons. JBL then gets Simmons up for a suplex but Simmons manages to land on the apron. Simmons then goes for a shot at JBL, but JBL ducks it and then hits Simmons with a back elbow, sending him crashing to the floor below. JBL then slides to outside the ring and gets Simmons up, and then smashes his head against the steel pole. JBL then picks Simmons back up and irish whips him hard into the steel steps. The steps cuts into a bit of Simmons back which starts to bleed a little. JBL then walks over and kicks Simmons head into the steps, he then does it again before breaking up the ten count. JBL climbs back outside the ring and gets Simmons back on his feet. But Simmons drives JBL spine first into the apron a few times before falling to the floor. JBL slowly uses the apron to pull himself into the ring to break the count, and Simmons slowly follows. JBL gets up and hits Simmons with a right hand to the head, but Simmons strikes back with a series of rights and lefts to the head of JBL. He then irish whips JBL before hitting him with a spinebuster, but JBL quickly rolls out of the ring to the floor below. The referee begins to count him out as JBL is trying to pull himself together. Simmons sees this and climbs out of the ring to JBL, but JBL hits Simmons with a cheap shot elbow to the gut before irish whipping Simmons into the security barrier. JBL now grins as he begins to pull of the padding on the security barrier. JBL then hits Simmons with a snake eyes onto the exposed steel of the security barrier. JBL then picks up Simmons and suplexes him back first onto the barrier!! Simmons falls into the first row and JBL rolls into the ring. JBL tells the referee to count while he taunts in the ring. 1…2…3…4…5…6…Simmons starts to climb back over the barrier. 7…8…9…Simmons quickly slings himself onto the apron to break up the count. JBL’s smile starts to turn to anger as he stomps on Simmons. JBL then picks up Simmons and then hits him with a fall away slam! JBL is now smiling as he slowly walks over to Simmons and covers him,



Simmons kicks out!!! It would appear that JBL took too long to cover, but he is still cocky. He gets up and raises his arm, calling for the powerbomb. Simmons slowly gets up and JBL gets him in the powerbomb position, he then smokes the imaginary cigar before putting it out on Simmons back. JBL then hits Simmons with a hard powerbomb!! JBL this time covers straight away,



Simmons just kicks out!!!!!!!!

JBL can’t believe it! He looks really annoyed but gets up and picks up Simmons with him. JBL then irish whips Simmons into the turnbuckle before bouncing off the rope, and then hitting him with the Clothesline from Hell!!! But Simmons ducks! Simmons quickly hits JBL with the Dominator!!!!!!! Both men are down! The referee begins to count the two men out. 1…2…3…4…5…6…the two men begin to stir, 7…8…JBL is up to one knee and Simmons is trying to get to his knee. 9…JBL quickly stands up, and the count is broken. Simmons hits JBL with a right hand, then JBL returns it, Simmons then hits him with one, before irish whipping JBL, but JBL reverses it. Simmons bounces back but ducks JBL’s clothesline, Simmons then hits JBL with a flying shoulder block. Both men quickly get up and Simmons hits JBL with a clothesline, then another. Simmons then scoop slams JBL, and covers,



JBL kicks out!

Simmons pulls up JBL and irish whips him. Simmons then hits a powerslam and covers,



JBL kicks out!!

Simmons hits JBL with some right hands to the head before they both get to their feet. But JBL hits Simmons with a big boot!! Simmons falls against the ropes and JBL quickly gets Simmons in a position for the Fallaway Slam, but he places him on top of the turnbuckle instead! JBL then climbs the turnbuckle and goes for the Fallaway Slam off the second rope, but Simmons punches JBL and manages to fight out of it. He then pushes JBL off the second rope and hits him with a diving shoulder block! Simmons covers,



JBL kicks out!!

Simmons looks a little frustrated, but he picks up JBL, before clotheslining JBL in the back of the head. Simmons then lifts JBL to his feet and irish whips him to the turnbuckle, before charging at him and hitting him with a clothesline!! But JBL gets the boot up! JBL runs at Simmons, but Simmons kicks him in the midsection and hits him with the Dominator!!!! Simmons covers,






JBL kicked out!!!!

Simmons can’t believe it! He argues 3 with the referee, but the referee still tells him 2. Simmons turns his attention back to JBL and picks him up. Clothesline from Hell!!!! Out of nowhere JBL hits the Clothesline from Hell!!!!! He covers,






Winner; John Bradshaw Layfield

Bradshaw slowly stands up and he realizes he’s won. A grin spreads across JBL’s face as he raises his arms and taunts Simmons. He then yells ‘New Era’ before starting to head backstage.

Michael Cole: Well Bradshaw wins, and he actually won fairly!

Tazz: What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say JBL needs to cheat to win?

Michael Cole: I’m trying to say that JBL usually cheats to win, and the way I see it, he may need to cheat to win. But tonight he didn’t need to win, he won fair and square, I’ll admit that.

Tazz: Only because you have to. It’s there in black and white, in front of your very eyes, there is no possible way to deny that.

Michael Cole: But Simmons certainly didn’t go down without a fight. He could’ve won the match from that Dominator, but JBL just managed to kick out!

Tazz: He has the heart and will of a champion, and he should be champion.

Michael Cole: Well that’s your opinion.


Christian walks out to the stage to a slightly mixed reaction, mainly heat, but there are some peeps in the crowd. Christian walks down the ramp pointing out peeps, before walking up the steps and into the ring. Christian then climbs the turnbuckle and pulls down his hood, he then points out more peeps. He climbs down and removes his entrance attire before getting a microphone.

Christian: Is that the kind of reception I get around here? I suppose I should’ve come to expect that sort of treatment by now. I mean I am Captain Charisma, I am the main man on this show and yet I am left off the pay-per-view? Now I don’t know what’s going on around here, but the biggest injustice of all time is happening and it’s happening right under all of your peoples noses. Captain Charisma, all your people’s role model, is being held down from the WWE Championship shot that I deserve. And instead of actually fighting on this pay-per-view I have to sit backstage and watch the pay-per-view that is lacking one thing, me. I mean, you’ve got some good matches, but none great. If I was given my chance then I would be bringing this pay-per-view to new heights, I would be making it a show to remember, but instead it is just mediocre. And while I was sitting back there I thought that you people could do with your dose of Captain C, so I thought I’d come out here to give this show some life! I mean, just by seeing me, all you people woke up from your deep sleep that the last match put you in, and woke up to listen to me. JBL, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, they all talk about how they should be the WWE Champion but you are all overlooking me! Like everyone you are ignoring the fact that the greatest talent in this company is not even on the card tonight!


Edge’s fire goes up and Christian looks confused, Edge walks out onto the stage to a lot of heat. He runs to either side of the stage taunting the fans before walking down the ramp and sliding into the ring, Edge then removes his shades and gets a microphone.

Christian: Edge, what do you want man? What is up with you? I’m out here to give Judgment Day life! To wake up these fans, and to please the Christian Coalition. Why have you interrupted me?

Edge: I’m here to say, sorry.

Christian: What?

Edge: I’m here to apologize.

Christian: I should think so too! What were you playing at on Thursday, tagging yourself in when I had it won?

Edge: I don’t know. I just know that I shouldn’t of. I’ve been ignoring you, and overlooking you for my own ambitions.

Christian: Yeah you hav-

Edge: But by the sounds of it, so have you.

Christian: What?!

Edge: By the sounds of what you’ve been saying, you’ve been overlooking me too. You come out here saying how YOU should be on the pay-per-view, how YOU have been overlooked, how YOU should be WWE Champion. What about ME?!?! I, I am overlooked, I am not on the card tonight, and I should be WWE Champion!! ME! ME!! ME!!!!!

Christian: Well at least I won our tag match two weeks ago, you lost ours last week.

Edge: What?!

Christian: You heard me, I win, I won our match. You, YOU lost us the match last week, when I had it won.

Edge: I came out, to say sorry, but once again you turn it all about you, you, you.

Christian: All about me? It’s always about you! I don’t know what’s happened to you Edge, you’ve changed.

Christian goes to walk off, but Edge turns him back around and the two get in each others faces.

Michael Cole: I think we may have just sent he end of E&C.

Tazz: Always have faith Cole, this was just a misunderstanding.


Booker T walks out to a decent pop, he hits his chest before pointing at the crowd. He then does his taunt on the ramp which sets off his pyro before walking down to the ring. Booker climbs into the ring and then raises his arms on the turnbuckle.


Angle makes his way out to the stage to quite a bit of heat. He stops on the middle of the ramp before raising his arms to set off his red, white and blue pyros. Angle then walks down to the ring, and climbs in. Angle spins around with his arms above his head, but Booker T hits him with a right hand.

Kurt Angle vs Booker T

Booker hits Angle with some more punches to the head, backing Angle up against the ropes. Booker then hits Angle with a hard chop, then another punch followed by another hard chop. But Angle spins Booker so he is leaning against the ropes, and then hits Booker with right hands. Angle then irish whips Booker who bounces back with a back elbow smash. Angle quickly sweeps away Booker’s legs with his arm before jumping over him to get him in a side headlock. Booker quickly gets up and bounces Angle off the ropes, Angle bounces back off the opposite ropes with a shoulder block. Angle bounces off the ropes and jumps over Booker who is still laid on the mat, Angle then bounces back and Booker this time leapfrogs Angle. Angle bounces back a final time and he ducks Booker’s clothesline and hits him with a German Suplex!! Angle quickly rolls Booker onto his back and covers,



Booker kicks out!

Angle picks Booker up slightly and hits him with a right hand to the face, knocking him back down. Angle then does it again, before driving him forearm into the face of Booker. Angle breaks it on a count of four before he picks up Booker slightly again and kicking him in the face. Angle quickly lifts Booker up to his feet and hits him with a right hand before hitting a hit toss. Angle quickly gets Booker in a side headlock. After about half a minute Booker manages to get his foot on the bottom rope, Angle then lets go of the hold and then hits Booker with a quick couple of slaps to the back of the head before jumping to his feet. Angle steps backwards as Booker lunges at Angle quickly, but Angle then stomps on the back of Booker’s head and upper back. Angle lifts up Booker and hits him with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle then spins around with his arms in his air before charging at Booker with a hard kick to the ribs!! Booker flies up a few inches into the air, before landing hard down onto the mat. Angle then quickly gets Booker in a sort of Oklahoma Roll which he turns into an armbar. Booker quickly tries to reach the ropes but can’t quite reach, after about 20 seconds Booker gets up and hits Angle with some sort of modified Samoan Drop. After a count of six both men are back to their feet and Booker hits Angle with a hard chop. Booker grabs Angle by the head and smashes his head on the turnbuckle, Booker then turns Angle around and chops him again, he then hits him with a couple of right hands before a final chop. Angle starts to fall a little but Booker lifts him back up and irish whips him to the opposite corner, but Angle reverses it. Angle then charges at Booker who jumps up and over Angle, he then rolls through into a school boy,



Angle kicks out!!

Angle gets annoyed at being outsmarted and gets up quickly before slapping Booker. Booker holds his jaw for a second before pushing Angle over. The crowd laugh a little which gets Angle even more annoyed. He then gets up and goes to punch Booker, but instead pokes him in the eye. Angle then climbs out of the ring through the middle ropes and gets a steel chair, he then brings it into the ring. The referee takes it off Angle, which annoys him again, while Angle is arguing with the referee through the middle ropes, Booker dives from the second rope and hits Angle with a Scissors Kick!!!!! Angle falls to the floor and Booker rolls back into the ring. The referee begins to count Angle out, 1…2…3…4…5…6…Angle begins to stir, 7…8…9…Angle quickly rolls onto the apron. Booker leans over the ropes to pull Angle back in, but Angle hits a neckbreaker using the top rope. Angle rolls back into the ring and hits Booker with a desperate Angle Slam!!!! Both men are down, but Angle is slowly crawling over to Booker. Angle just gets the arm over Booker,




NO! Booker kicked out!!!

Angle’s arm falls off Booker as neither moves. After about half a minute both men are up to their feet, and Booker throws a lazy right hand. Angle replies with a snap jab to the head, then another, then a harder right hand, but Booker fights his way off the ropes with right hands and chops. Booker then irish whips Angle who reverses it, but Booker bounces back with a side axe kick!!! Booker gets up and is feeling some momentum! Angle is now back up and he is met with a suplex!! Both men get up and Booker kicks Angle in the midsection before hitting a DDT!! But Angle holds the ropes, and Booker crashes to the mat. Angle shakes off what Booker just did and then lifts him up. Angle then hits Booker with a snap suplex, followed by some stomps to the head and shoulders. Angle then lifts Booker back up and hits him with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle then spins around with his arms in the air before he walks over to Booker who is now on his feet. Angle then hits him with a German Suplex!! But he keeps it locked in and hits another two German Suplexes before getting to his feet. Angle then pulls down his straps before watching Booker stand up, he then goes for the Angle Slam!! But Booker drops behind and hits an arm drag!! Angle bounces back off the ropes and hits a clothesline, but Booker ducks and this the Book End!!!! Booker gets his arm over Angle,



Angle kicks out!!!!!

Booker can’t believe it!! Booker is slouched against the ropes looking bewildered. He then slowly gets to his feet and signals for Angle to get up, before looking down at his open hand. Angle slowly gets up, and Booker kicks him in the midsection before bouncing off the ropes, he then hits the Scissors Kick!!! But Angle ducks it and kicks Booker in the midsection, Angle Slam!!!!! Both men are down! After about a minute both men get up. Angle ducks Booker’s attack and hits him with a powerful punch to the lower back, Angle then grabs Booker’s trunks and pulls him backwards into another punch to the lower back. Angle then hits a back suplex. Angle now slowly gets up and gets Booker in the Ankle Lock!!!! But Booker quickly rolls out of it, sending Angle headfirst into the top turnbuckle! Booker gets up and rolls up Angle,



Angle kicks out!!!

Both men get up and Booker twists Angle’s arm around into an armbar, then hits the axe kick! But instead of covering Booker goes to the top rope, he waits as Angle gets to his feet, but Angle was playing possum as he runs up to Booker and runs up the turnbuckle to hit a Super Angle Slam!!!!!!! Both men crash hard, but Angle gets his arm over Booker,




Winner; Kurt Angle

Angle slowly begins to get back on his feet, and some fans are actually clapping him. He slowly stands and manages to get his balance before the referee raises his hand in victory.

Michael Cole: What a match! What an effort!! By both men!!

Tazz: That was indeed quite some match, but Cole, only one man could win, and that was Kurt Angle.

Michael Cole: Absolutely true, and it was a well deserved victory while an unlucky loss for Booker T. Both these men gave it their all, and some of these fans are on their feet for Kurt Angle and Booker T.

A promo begins, it is like a shopping advert you would normally see. We see some men using exercise machine as well as women. A man walks into the picture next to a woman who is stood next to a table full of some kind of weight/exercise products. ‘I am Simon Dean, and this is my patented Simon System!’ Simon Dean picks up a product, ‘With my Simon System you can change from this’ a picture of an overly obese man in a dirty vest is shown. ‘Into this!’ a picture of a body builder with a six pack is shown. ‘I guarantee that my Simon System can change your life, from fat to fit!’ The promo ends with the Simon System logo and name being shown on the screen with Simon Dean’s smiling face shown on the left.

Michael Cole: Well I presume that is Smackdown’s new sponsor.

Tazz: A bit of a strange time to air a promo for it’s product, but hey, this is WWE, anything can happen right?

Michael Cole: It sure can, and I think it just did.

Tazz: What’s that supposed to mean? I think the Simon System could be a really good way for America to lose weight. You heard the man, from fat to fit!

Michael Cole: Indeed. But folks, up next is a match that I know two men have been looking forward to for a while.

Tazz: I wouldn’t exactly say you were a man Cole…

Michael Cole: I wasn’t referring to us two. I was referring to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Abyss, who haven’t been allowed to lay a hand on each other in order to get this match.

Tazz: Apart from the match last week, where they were allowed to do whatever the hell they wanted to!

Michael Cole: Just like tonight, Stone Cold, Abyss, street fight, anything goes, next!

A video package begins, hyping the street fight. It shows Austin about to win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania when Abyss attacks him from nowhere and costs Austin the championship. It then shows how Austin was attacked and knocked out on the Smackdown afterwards. It moves onto the next week when Austin is about to reveal who attacked him and Abyss attacks him out of nowhere! It then shows the contract signing with the announcement of the street fight and how Austin and Abyss can’t touch each other until Judgment Day. It shows Austin attacking Abyss before signing the contract, before moving onto the tag team match last week and then closes with Abyss taunting after screwing Austin out of the match at Wrestlemania.


Abyss walks out onto the stage with his chain around his neck, he does his taunt before walking down to the ring. Abyss climbs into the ring and taunts again before he takes the chain off his shoulders and wrapping it around his fist.


The crowd erupt!!!! Austin begins to walk down to the ring to a great reception from the crowd. Austin rolls into the ring and attacks Abyss with some right hands.

Street Fight

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Abyss

Austin continues with the right hands before clotheslining Abyss over the top rope! Austin hits Abyss with continuous punches to the head. Austin gets off Abyss and slams his head on the steps. With Abyss slouched against the steps Austin begins to mudhole stomp Abyss! Austin then steps back and gives Abyss the bird. Abyss gets up and runs straight into a running clothesline from Austin!! Austin lifts up Abyss and sets him up, big right hand to the head!! Abyss goes down to one knee, and Austin runs at him and Lou Thesz Press!!! No! Abyss catches Austin and throws him straight over his head in a Belly to Belly style! Abyss gets straight up and tries to drag Austin but Austin fights back with a few rights hands to the head before pushing Abyss into the steel ring post, Abyss bounces off it and Austin hits Abyss with a vertical suplex. Austin then gives Abyss the bird once again before doing his version of an elbow drop. Austin then walks up to the announcers and steals a steel chair, he then runs at Abyss and smashes it over his head!!!! Austin then drives the chair into Abyss’s gut a few times while he is still on the floor. Austin then drops the chair and kicks Abyss in the head.

I lost half the match because my computer crashed so I will have to miss out the middle section and skip straight to the end. I will say that Abyss dominated the most of it.

Abyss gets Austin onto his shoulders and hits his Sitdown Torture Rack Backbreaker Drop! Abyss then taunts before getting a steel chair and positioning it on the mat. Abyss then irish whips Austin and hits the Black Hole Slam onto the steel chair!!!!!!!!!




Austin kicked out!!!!!!

Abyss looks slightly shocked, but he walks over to the turnbuckle before getting his steel chain! Abyss wraps it around his wrist and stalks Austin as he gets to his feet, Abyss then punches Austin straight in the face with the steel chain, just like at Wrestlemania!! But Austin ducks it!!!!! Austin then hits a Stone Cold Stunner!!!!!!!!! Austin slowly crawls over and covers Abyss,



Abyss kicks out!!!!!!

Austin flops off Abyss and lays out on the mat as Abyss begins to get up. Both of them get to their feet and exchange right hands, Austin ends up getting an advantage after a huge knee to the gut. Austin notices the steel chain and picks it up, but Abyss hits him with a Black Hole Slam!!! But Austin blocks it with a right hand to the head!! Abyss stumbles around and Austin then hits Abyss with continuous right hands to the head with the chain, including when Abyss is down. Austin then covers,



Abyss kicks out!!!

Austin looks shocked!! He goes to pick up Abyss, but Abyss grabs his by the throat and throws Austin over the top rope straight through the table on the outside!!!!! But Austin grabs a hold of the top rope and lands on the apron! He then ducks Abyss’s attack and hits a Stunner on the top rope!! Austin then drops to the floor and picks up another steel chair. He then climbs into the ring but Abyss punches the steel chair out of Austin’s hand, he then goes for a powerbomb. But Austin grabs the chair of the mat and smashes it violently over Abyss’s head!! The chair stays on Abyss’s head for a few seconds before falling to the floor. Austin then hits an almighty Stunner but Abyss doesn’t fall, he staggers, into another Stunner!!!!!!!




Winner; Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin gets to his feet and then climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms. He then calls for some beer which he gets thrown, Austin opens the beers and then climbs another turnbuckle. He smashes the two cans together before drinking it. Austin does that some more as a celebration while Abyss leaves the ring looking angry and yelling in frustration. Austin continues to celebrate to a huge pop from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Austin! Austin did it! I can’t believe it! Austin managed to defeat the monster!

Tazz: I can’t believe it either Cole, but I can tell you one thing, this is not going to please Abyss.

Michael Cole: Up next is a rivalry that is built up on pure jealousy. Shawn Michaels is jealous of AJ Styles for stealing his spotlight, and tonight he looks to take it back.

Tazz: And he will.

A video package plays building up the AJ Styles Shawn Michaels match. It begins with Michaels making fun of AJ after losing to Angle, and AJ punches Michaels. IT moves onto the next week when Michaels watches AJ’s match from the stage before sarcastically clapping him when he won. It shows the next week where Michaels is mocking AJ in an interview, and the two then get in each others faces. It then shows Michaels making fun of AJ before AJ comes down and fights with Michaels, but Michaels then attacks AJ and beats him down with a pair of brass knuckles. It then shows AJ calling Michaels out the next week, but Michaels attacks him from behind and beats him down again. It then shows the tag team match from last week when Michaels wins the match after stopping AJ from saving Eddie, it then shows them fighting on the outside and AJ blocking TWO Sweet Chin Music’s! AJ then manages to hit Michaels with a dropkick before going to save Eddie while HBK and the two Chavo’s high tail it to the back, AJ and Michaels yelling at each other.


AJ Styles walks out onto the stage to a good pop, he then looks around from under his hood before pulling it back and putting his arms out. AJ’s golden pyros drop behind him before he walks down to the ring, he climbs in and puts his arms out again before removing his jacket.


Michaels dances out onto the stage to a lot of heat from the fans, he then walks down the ramp and goes to slap some fans hands before pulling his hand back and laughing at them. Michaels then climbs into the ring and does his taunt which sets off his pyros. Michaels removes his shades and earrings then begins to remove his entrance jacket but instead attacks AJ!!

AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels

Michaels continues to punch AJ before irish whipping him, Michaels then hits AJ with a hard back elbow knocking him down. Michaels quickly chokes AJ until a count of four when Michaels lets go. Michaels lifts up AJ and hits him with a quick chop, he then irish whips AJ again and hits him with a clothesline. But AJ ducks it and bounces off the opposite ropes, but Michaels manages to hit AJ with a running forearm. Michaels continues to punch AJ’s head while he is on the floor before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Michaels then dives and hits AJ with a Double Axe Handle, Michaels then removes his jacket in his usual in your face way before punching AJ with a hard punch to the head. Michaels then removes his trouser entrance gear as well. Michaels then walks back to AJ and toe kicks him in the knee, he then kicks him again before bouncing off the ropes, but AJ suddenly dropkicks Michaels straight in the chin! Michaels looks shocked and the floor and holds his jaw before looking frustrated and running straight at AJ. AJ hits Michaels with another dropkick to the jaw knocking Michaels down again. Both men get instantly up and AJ quickly springboards off the second rope and does a Quebrada followed by an inverted DDT! But Michaels counters it with an elbow shot to the gut, before turning under AJ’s arm and hitting a suplex! Both men get back up and Michaels punches AJ, AJ then fights back with a toe kick to the midsection followed by a quick hurracanrana! AJ then bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Michaels in the face. AJ quickly covers,



Michaels kicks out! AJ quickly gets to his feet as Michaels quickly rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. AJ looks a little bewildered at Michaels, but he walks over towards where Michaels is and then hits Michaels with a springboard Shooting Star Press!! Both men are now knocked down on the outside as the referee checks on them before climbing back into the ring and beginning the count out. 1…2…3…4…AJ begins to stir, 5…Michaels also begins to stir, 6…7…8…AJ is now on his feet and he picks up Michaels before rolling him into the ring. AJ climbs up onto the apron and then does a springboard 450 splash onto Michaels,



Michaels kicks out!!

AJ gets back up and Michaels starts to sit up, AJ then hits him with a variation of a thrust kick across the chest knocking him back to lying down. AJ then jumps to his feet and then springboards off the second rope before doing a slingshot off the top rope at the other side of the turnbuckle and then hits Michaels with a Moonsault! But Michaels gets the knees up! AJ grabs his stomach while Michaels gets up. Michaels stands back and then hits AJ with a hard kick to the gut, he then does an elbow drop to the back of AJ. Michaels then climbs the turnbuckle as AJ gets to his feet, before hitting a crossbody! He goes for the pin, but AJ rolls through into a pin of his own,



Michaels kicks out!

Both men get up and Michaels is looking extremely annoyed as AJ is going move for move with him. Michaels hits AJ with a hard right hand, but AJ blocks it and then hits Michaels with a right hand of his own, followed by another and then a quick arm drag. AJ then punches Michaels again before going for a suplex, but Michaels blocks it! Michaels goes for a suplex, but AJ blocks it and hits a suplex! Michaels suddenly hits a leg sweep on AJ with his arm and then nips up! Michaels pulls AJ up to his feet before pushing him up against the turnbuckle and hitting him with a quick chop before Michaels puts AJ’s leg over the second rope. Michaels toe kicks AJ in the knee a few times before dropkicking him in his other knee sending AJ to the floor. But AJ’s knee is still caught over the second rope, this gives Michaels then opportunity to take out AJ’s knee. Michaels quickly climbs the turnbuckle and then taunts, before hitting a leg drop over AJ’s knee! Michaels sits on the apron before rolling back into the ring, he then does his taunt to a lot of heat which he just laughs at. Michaels now walks back over to AJ and places his foot across the second rope before bouncing off the opposite ropes and then diving through the second ropes and pulling AJ’s leg down across the second rope on his way down! AJ screams in pain and tries to get his foot off the second rope. When he does this he falls over and holds his knee in pain. Michaels grabs a steel chair and slides into the ring with it. Michaels then drops it and walks over to the turnbuckle, he begins to undo the top turnbuckle pad and then walks away from it. The referee walks over to the turnbuckle to put the pad back on and while he is doing this Michaels picks up AJ and irish whips him straight into the referee!!!!! Both AJ and the referee fall to the floor and Michaels smiles cockily to get more heat from the crowd. Michaels now picks up the steel chair and places it on top of AJ’s knee. Michaels bounces off the ropes and then does an elbow drop onto the chair! Michaels then slides out of the ring and then pulls AJ out with him. Michaels stomps on AJ a few times before picking him up and getting him in a back drop position. He then drops AJ onto the barrier, knee first!!!! AJ falls into the first row and holds his knee in pain as Michaels goes over to the steel steps. Michaels moves the top steps and then goes over to the barrier to pull AJ back over to ringside. Michaels places AJ’s knee on the bottom set of steps before picking up the steel chair from inside the ring and then smashes AJ over the knee with it!!!!! AJ’s knee could be broken!! Michaels laughs and then takes AJ’s entrance jacket from a worker at ringside. He then puts in on and does AJ’s taunt to a lot of heat from the fans. Michaels takes off the jacket and spits on it before dropping it on the floor and stamping on it. Michaels laughs as the fans continue to boo him. The referee is still out and AJ is still on the floor holding his knee. Michaels looks at the carnage, but still isn’t happy. He looks under the apron for something, and pulls out a ladder!!! This gets a mixed reaction from the fans as Michaels begins to set it up on the outside and then picks up AJ and scoop slams him on the floor. Michaels now climbs the ladder and stops near the top before hitting a elbow drop down onto AJ! Michaels takes a couple of seconds before beginning to get to his feet while AJ looks out of it. Michaels goes under the apron again and this time pulls out a table!! HBK sets the table up, and then puts AJ on it. Michaels then climbs the ladder again and this time doesn’t stop until the top. This time Michaels stands on the top of the ladder and then does a diving body splash onto AJ straight through the table!!!!! Both men are out and laid on the floor, the referee is still out as well. After about half a minute Michaels gets to his feet and then rolls AJ into the ring and then climbing up to the top rope! Michaels then hits a diving elbow drop onto AJ before getting quickly up to his feet and starts to pump up! Michaels walks over to the corner where he begins to tune up the band! The fans are giving Michaels huge, huge heat as he continues to wait for AJ to get up. AJ is slowly getting up to his feet as Michaels continues to tune up the band, Michaels then hits for the Sweet Chin Music!!!! But AJ ducks it!! AJ then hits Michaels with a series of right hands to the face before kicking him in the midsection and then hits the Starmaker (spinning back drop driver)!! Both men are down! Michaels is starting to stir, as he looks around the ring in disbelief! Both men are now trying to get to their feet, and HBK is on one knee. Both men are back on their feet and AJ hits Michaels with a right hand, then another, but Michaels fights back with a Manhattan Drop! Michaels then bounces off the ropes before hitting a forearm smash! AJ gets back up and Michaels goes to irish whip him, but AJ manages to block it and then kicks Michaels in the midsection and hits a Styles Clash!!!!! He then rolls over into a cover,

The referee is still out!

The crowd begins to count ‘1…2…3!’ but it is no good, suddenly a referee runs down to the ring from the back and counts!




NO!! Michaels kicked out!!!!

AJ can’t believe it as he begins to get to his feet. Michaels also begins to get to his feet, AJ looks to still be in pain because of his knee. AJ then gets Michaels up in a belly to back sort of thing, but then turns it into a sit down powerbomb!! AJ covers again,



Michaels grabs the bottom rope!

AJ looks a little frustrated while still in quite a lot of pain. He then gets back to his feet before picking up Michaels and hitting a snapmare! AJ then dropkicks Michaels in the lower back, but after it AJ holds his knee in pain as it appears to have hurt him more than Michaels! After about half a minute both men are back on their feet, and Michaels quickly goes for a DDT, but AJ hooks the top rope with his arm which sends Michaels down to the floor! AJ then does a jackknife pin,



Michaels kicks out!!

AJ gets to his feet and climbs out to the apron, he then jumps to the top rope and springboards off it with one last effort due to his knee, but Michaels catches him with the Sweet Chin Music!!!!!!! He slowly covers,





AJ kicks out!!!!!!

Michaels can’t believe it!!!!

He gets back to his feet and tunes up the band again, hoping he can finally put AJ away. AJ gets to his feet, Sweet Chin Music!! AJ grabs Michaels boot and counters it through to the Styles Clash!! But Michaels manages to fight out of the Styles Clash and then ducks AJ’s clothesline, Sweet Chin Music!! No! AJ ducks it! AJ goes for a school boy! But Michaels rolls through to a school boy of his own,



Michaels hooks the second and top rope with his arm,


Winner; Shawn Michaels

Michaels quickly rolls out of the ring and heads around the ring to the bottom of the ramp. AJ is sat up on the mat, holding his knee, looking disappointed at his loss. Michaels backs up the ramp looking back with a cocky smile and raises his arms into the air to a lot of heat. Michaels then yells ‘Just a kid! A punk ass kid! I am the showstopper!!’ back at AJ before he stops on the stage. Michaels then does his HBK pose to even more heat before heading backstage.

Michael Cole: Michaels steals one!! He had to use the ropes to defeat AJ Styles because he was afraid he couldn’t beat him without cheating!

Tazz: Now come on Cole, Michaels dominated the entire match!

Michael Cole: Michaels only dominated the match because he cheated, he used chairs, steps, tables, a ladder, the security barrier, everything he could, because he couldn’t break down AJ! AJ had Michaels number from the very start so Michaels cheated! And even after all the weapons, the cheating, and all the beating down on his knee, which might be broken, AJ refused to die! AJ put up the fight of his life tonight, and I don’t know about you, but he earned my respect. And he may be out for some time with his leg, but I guarantee you one thing, AJ Styles is not just some punk kid! AJ Styles is not someone to be overlooked! AJ Styles would have beaten Shawn Michaels here tonight! And AJ Styles has all the tools and the heart to be WWE Champion!!

Tazz: Cole, you have no proof of that!

Michael Cole: Michaels was jealous of AJ Styles, and he wanted to stop AJ Styles while he could because AJ Styles reminded Michaels of himself. And I am afraid to say that Michaels may have done that.

Tazz: Well, Michaels may have gone one step too far with the chair shot on the steps to that knee, and I will miss AJ Styles when he is gone. This was a great rivalry, and a great match, and I hope somewhere along the line these two can meet again.

Michael Cole: Well I hope it is possible for AJ Styles to fight Michaels again, and that this isn’t the end of AJ’s career right there!

Tazz: I hope his career isn’t over as well Cole. But up next someone’s career is guaranteed to end. The following match is worth more than the WWE Championship, this became more personal.

Michael Cole: Diesel will defend his title, and his career against The Undertaker! Loser Leaves WWE, WWE Championship, Undertaker versus Diesel!!

A video package boots up of the rivalry between Diesel and Undertaker. It shows Diesel retaining the title at Wrestlemania before a bright light turns on behind him. Suddenly images of The Undertaker flash on the screen before we return to Diesel with the light, the light dims and it shows Taker on the bike! It then shows images of Undertaker beating up Diesel flashing on the screen, before slowing down again. It then shows both Kane and Diesel beating down Undertaker, before zooming into the championship, it zooms straight through it to a picture of a noose. A contract then flashes on the screen and it then returns to where Diesel attacks Undertaker from behind, and then beats him down. IT then freezes the image and shows it without Undertaker and instead there is a burning contract in his place. It then shows Undertaker Chokeslamming Diesel, but once again freezes the picture and Diesel vanishes, and instead it shows a burning contract in his place. The promo ends with a picture of Undertaker sat on his bike doing the signal for the title.


Diesel makes his way out onto the stage to an overwhelming ‘BORING!’ chant. The entire arena is chanting Boring at Diesel as he walks down the ramp with the WWE Championship around his waist. Diesel then climbs into the ring and does his taunt setting off his pyros. Diesel then stands in the ring looking confident as the crowd changes their chant to ‘Na, na, na, na! Na, na, na, na! Hey, hey! Goodbye!’ Diesel now starts to look annoyed at the chants, but they suddenly turn into a huge pop as…


Undertaker’s bike drives out onto the stage as he is wearing his Deadman cloak! Undertaker drives down to the ring and goes around it once. Taker parks his bike and then climbs into the ring, he raises his arms on all four sides of the ring but then rolls his eyes back as he is removing his cloak. The fans are going nuts for both faces the Undertaker is showing.

WWE Championship

Loser Leaves WWE

Diesel (champion) vs The Undertaker

The two men begin the match with a stare down from opposite sides of the ring. They then near each other in the center, and Diesel goes for a collar and elbow tie up, but Undertaker fires away with rights and lefts to the chest and ribs of Diesel. This backs him up against the ropes, and Undertaker then irish whips Diesel, and then this him with a big boot. Undertaker then bounces off the ropes and hits Diesel with a clothesline! Undertaker quickly gets down to his knees and starts driving his forearm across Diesel’s face until he is forced to let go at four. Undertaker gets back up and gets Diesel up with him, he then grabs him by the wrist and lifts him up high in the air before slamming him down. Undertaker now irish whips Diesel again before hitting him with a big back body drop!! Undertaker then runs off the ropes and hits Diesel with a leg drop across the throat!! Undertaker is on fire!! Undertaker lifts Diesel back up and throws him against the turnbuckle. Undertaker then fires away at Diesel with rights and lefts to the chest and head of Diesel. Diesel gets his arms up to try and block them but to little effect. Undertaker then irish whips Diesel across to the opposite corner and then charges at him with a clothesline. Undertaker bounces off the opposite ropes and ducks Diesel’s clothesline, he then bounces off the ropes again and once again ducks Diesel’s clothesline. Undertaker bounces off the ropes again and this time hits Diesel with a diving lariat! Undertaker gets back up, as does Diesel. Undertaker twists Diesel’s arm round, and then again, he then climbs up to the top rope and Old School!! But Diesel bounces off the ropes, which loses Undertaker’s footing and he falls onto the top rope. Diesel finally has an opening in the match as he bounces off the opposite ropes before running at Taker with a big boot. Undertaker falls over the top rope to the outside as Diesel stands in the ring trying to catch his breath back. Taker rolls back into the ring and starts punching Diesel again, but this time Diesel hits Undertaker with a hard knee to the midsection! Diesel then gets Undertaker up on his shoulders before hitting him with a military slam! Diesel gets back up and then pushes Undertaker into the corner. Diesel then hits Taker with a couple of back elbows to the head before holding Undertaker up, and hitting him with a final back elbow. Undertaker falls to the floor, and slouches against the bottom turnbuckle. Diesel then gets a run up before charging at Undertaker with a knee to the head. Diesel covers,


Undertaker kicks out. Diesel gets back up to his feet and then hits Taker with a snake eyes! Diesel then hits Undertaker with his side slam! Diesel covers,



Undertaker kicks out!

Diesel gets back up and throws Taker into the corner again before hitting him with a knee to the midsection, he then irish whips Undertaker and hits him with a big boot, but Taker ducks!! Taker then goes for a Chokeslam!! But Diesel quickly gets out of it and throws Undertaker through the middle ropes to the outside. Diesel then climbs out of the ring over the top rope. Diesel picks up Undertaker and irish whips him into the steel steps, but Undertaker reverses it irish whipping Diesel into the steps back first! Diesel is sat up against the steps when Undertaker charges at him with a knee to the head! Undertaker rolls into the ring to break the count before rolling back out. Undertaker picks up Diesel, but Diesel suddenly drives Undertaker’s spine into the apron. Diesel then pulls Taker back a bit before doing it again. Undertaker falls to his knees, but Diesel rolls him back into the ring. Diesel slides in under the bottom rope before hitting Undertaker with an elbow drop. Diesel then goes for another one, but Taker rolls out of the way! Taker gets up to his feet and then bounces off the ropes before hitting Diesel with a running jumping DDT! Taker covers,



Diesel kicks out!

Taker quickly gets back up and then does another arm bar to Diesel, before twisting it round again and climbing the turnbuckle. Taker hits Old School this time before calling for the Chokeslam! Undertaker grabs Diesel around the throat and then Chokeslam!! No! Diesel fights out of it again! Diesel hits Undertaker with a knee to the midsection, followed by a DDT. Diesel covers,



Taker powers out!

Diesel looks in shock as Taker gets up quickly and then does a hip toss to Diesel! Taker then gets Diesel in a standing dragon sleeper!! After about a minute Diesel has faded and is down on the floor, but after another half a minute Diesel is getting back up, and then elbows Taker in the midsection and hits him with the Jacknife!! Out of nowhere!!!! Diesel collapses, and slowly crawls over to Taker and covers,





Taker kicks out!!!!!

Diesel is in shock!! He lifts Taker up again, which takes about ten seconds due to Taker being dead weight. Diesel then gets Taker between his legs for the Jacknife! But Taker drives Diesel towards the corner of the ring! On the way Diesel’s arm catches the referee in the face, blinding him temporarily. Diesel has clearly noticed as he fights Taker over with some knees followed by a low blow!! Diesel then rolls out of the ring and snatches his championship from the announcer before getting back in. He smashes it over Undertaker’s head, which makes him groggy, he then hits Taker with it again! Taker only goes down to one knee, to the shock of Diesel. Diesel then bounces off the ropes and smashes it over Undertaker’s head!! Diesel throws the title out of the ring and covers Undertaker, but the referee is still holding his eye. Diesel once again goes to the outside of the ring and gets a bottle from under the apron, Diesel then pours the liquid onto a cloth before putting over the mouth of Undertaker!! Undertaker is out! The bottle apparently had Chloroform in it, and Diesel hides the evidence before cockily climbing back into the ring. He has finally got the Undertaker! Instead of pinning Diesel lifts Undertaker up slowly, as he really is dead weight now. Diesel then hits the Jacknife!! Diesel covers, and the referee finally notices,





Michael Cole: No! Not this way!!!!!


Winner; and Still WWE Champion; Diesel

Diesel climbs to his feet and gets his WWE Championship handed to him as the entire arena is silent in shock. Diesel raises his WWE Championship above his head to a dead silence. Undertaker is still lying on the mat, it doesn’t even seem he knows his career is over! Still knocked out from the Chloroform that Diesel gave him, and still no movement.

Michael Cole: I, I, I can’t believe it, I, I just never, it can’t end like this!

Tazz: For over a decade this has been Undertaker’s yard, but we have just seen the big dog been put down. I can’t believe this.

Michael Cole: It took Chloroform to knock down Undertaker, and knock him out. AS you can see, Undertaker is still out, and he probably doesn’t even realize where he is, let alone the fact his career is over.

Tazz: Well you can hear the reaction here in the Target Center Cole, the entire arena is in shock, which is why there is such a deadly silence here.

Michael Cole: This is a dark day in sport entertainment, this is a dark day in the WWE, and I have enjoyed the 15 year ride that Undertaker has given us. 15 years of dedication, blood, sweat and tears.

Tazz: Not too sure about the tears there Cole, Undertaker is one tough nut. But the name Undertaker struck fear through hearts, it made people go white in terror, and we won’t even hear his name again.

Diesel is now heading up the ramp and is on the stage, holding the WWE Championship above his head.

The lights suddenly go out in the arena and lightning strikes the titantron! Diesel looks scared as druids begin to walk down the ramp with a casket, Diesel looks at them with a look of confusion.

Voice: You can’t kill it, it only gets madder. It will only grow and grow, until the demon will take you as a sacrifice.

Diesel looks down at the ring to see it is empty, which makes him look even more bewildered and scared. Suddenly the casket stops on the ramp and the druids walk it back up to the stage. Diesel is now looking scared and is trying to avoid the casket. The druids suddenly open the casket, and Diesel is screaming in fear!! But all there is is an urn. Diesel begins to laugh as he goes to pick up the urn but suddenly one of the druids grabs Diesel by the throat!! The druid suddenly Chokeslams Diesel!!! Bearer walks out from the stage and walks down the ramp to Undertaker. Undertaker hands him the urn, and then bows down to him. The fans are going crazy, but Undertaker is still fired!

Michael Cole: I, what? I mean, Taker, he’s fired!

Tazz: But the druids, Paul Bearer, the urn!

Michael Cole: You are right, Undertaker seems to have returned to the dark side and is bowing down to Paul Bearer and the urn. But it doesn’t matter, Diesel is still WWE Champion, and still a part of Smackdown, and the WWE. Undertaker, Undertaker is gone!


Tazz: And now the GM! What’s going on around here?!

Long makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone.

Theodore Long: Holla playas, now you see, something caught my attention during that last match. You see, when The Undertaker was pinned, and therefore lost his job, there was something that caught my eye. Roll the tape!

A replay of the pin is shown.

Theodore Long: During the pin there was something that referee Nick Patrick failed to notice. If you look closely, Undertaker’s foot was under the bottom rope!! And therefore, Diesel did NOT pin The Undertaker!! So Diesel is NOT the WWE Champion, Undertaker, you are NOT fired, and this match is NOT over! Restart the match, right now!!

The fans go crazy as the bell rings to restart the match!!! Undertaker smiles an evil smile out of the side of his mouth as Patrick goes back to the ring.

Michael Cole: Oh my god! The match is restarted!!

Tazz: I am so glad, Undertaker’s career is not dead, not like him. *laughs* And these fans are glad too.

Undertaker drags Diesel down the ramp before throwing him into the ring. Undertaker then climbs in himself and does his cut throat taunt. Undertaker lifts up Diesel, Tombstone Piledriver!!!!!!! He then does his darkness pin as the referee counts and the fans join in,




Winner; and NEW WWE Champion; The Undertaker

Undertaker remains in the pin hold and sticks his tongue out while rolling his eyes back. The fans are on their feet!!! Undertaker still in the druid robe finally gets off the pin as Paul Bearer climbs into the ring.


Tazz: I can’t believe it Cole!! A few minutes ago we were saying how bad it is his career is over, and now we are celebrating the rebirth, or redeath, of it!!!

Michael Cole: It gives me great pleasure to say that The Undertaker is still a part of Smackdown!! And he is our NEW WWE CHAMPION!!!!!

Tazz: He sure is! And there’s 20,000 people on their feet in the Target Center chanting ‘Undertaker!’ and giving him a standing ovation.

Michael Cole: And Diesel is gone!! Diesel is fired! And for what he did The Undertaker tonight, he deserves it! I’ll be glad to see the end of him!

The ‘Undertaker!’ chants die down as the arena turns blue and Undertaker bows down to Bearer and the urn. Diesel is beginning to stir on the mat. Undertaker throws Diesel out of the ring and he begins to walk up the ramp to ‘Na, na, na, na!’ chants. The chants die down as Diesel is gone backstage, and Undertaker now gets handed the WWE Championship. He then bows down again with the WWE Championship in his hand, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

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very good recap, remember alot of good things happening, there was a push for Rhyno, Razor Ramon got used. Austin/Abyss feud was entertaining, and I remember your WM very well, with the Austin/Diesel empty arena matchup, which was great.

JD was sweet, liked the Hardcore title, Street fight, and AJ vs HBK the most.

I hope that Diesel is no longer the champ, he shouldn't be up there, but I understand you like him and you can push who you want.

I will be reading, great to see you back again HBK, you were gone for a while.

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This was kinda dumb on your part HBKWNWO. I mean, you are one hell of a booker but the main event was way too much. The others were fine, great, decent, but this is one I want to say on. Diesel wins fine and Taker dies. The show should have ended from there, because Diesel would have left with a lot of heat and be a bonifide champ, IMO but the druids and urn and BEARER was too much and killed the ending. Teddy to come out in the middle of it like he wasn't scared and annoucne to start over was very unreal and should have had more indepth but here's the final nail in the coffin, pun intended. Taker wins the belt in like a minute or two. So this PPV was great and the ending was almost great but the druids and Teddy and restarted match and Taker winning dragged down the PPV too much. Sorry, man but it's 7/10 for you.

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Raw Preview
RAW returns this week one night after Smackdown's PPV, Judgement Day. RAW though comes back tough though with their own version of a weekly PPV. Live from Atlantic City this week, is the first ever Nitro Roulette, as Team WCW has proved that they have finally taken over RAW completely.

It has been announced that every title will be on the line, and all opponents along with stipulations will be decided by the spin of the wheel. Will we see a new World Champion? Maybe a new Intercontinental Champion? Anything is possible, and with Team WCW running the show, possibilities will run wild.​

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WWE Breakdown: Raw
23rd May 2005
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Before the show begins the camera is backstage in Bischoff’s office, where he is stood by the roulette wheel with a big grin on his face. He welcomes everyone to NITRO Roulette, he announces that the arena will be the old Nitro one and the announce table will be back up at the titantron where there will be three announcers as usual, with tonight’s addition: (wrestling’s biggest asshole) Tony Schiavone!!

Opening Video; gets cut off and Nitro opening video plays instead

Schiavone and Tenay welcome you to Nitro Roulette, while King questions what the hell Schiavone is doing there. They mention that every title is on the line, and that in the main event Hulk Hogan challenges Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The action then gets underway with the World Tag Titles on the line, with the wheel making it a STEEL CAGE match. Jericho and RVD looks very pleased that it is a steel cage match as it prevents WCW interference, however the challengers, Natural Born Thrillers still look fairly confident. Jericho and RVD seem to have the whole match under control and the Walls of Jericho is locked in on Palumbo! But Kanyon runs down to the ring with wire cutters!! He starts cutting away at the cage behind Jericho’s back, but Rob Van Dam spots him!! Kanyon manages to cut a hole in the cage but Van Dam hits a baseball slide to Kanyon!! And slides through the gap to the floor below!! The champions retain the titles, but the Natural Born Thrillers are beating up Jericho in the ring who is a bloody mess. Van Dam tries to get through the door, but it has been bolted shut, so he climbs up the cage but Kanyon manages to pull him down and throws him into the cage!! The champions retain, but the challengers definitely win the war.

Ric Flair cuts a promo in the ring, and he says in his time he has beaten everyone, and proved why he IS the man. And if Sting and Bret want to be the man, they have to beat the man, at Super Brawl! A triple threat I Quit match, the man who says the words I Quit literally quits the WWE. Not long after he says this the lights go out!! And Sting comes down from the rafters to a huge pop!! Flair notices this and quickly scarpers out of the ring and backs up the ramp to backstage. Sting stands in the ring and yells ‘WOO!!’ before taunting to the crowd.

Backstage Josh Matthews catches up with Ric Flair and asks him how confident he is about the I Quit match at Super Brawl. Flair replies by saying of course he is confident, otherwise he wouldn’t have made the match. Matthews then asks why he ran away from Sting, Flair gets pissed off and walks off.

In Bischoff’s office him and DDP are stood by the wheel, and DDP spins it. It lands on Bischoff’s choice, him and DDP then choose a First Blood match for Goldberg vs Batista next.

In the next match Goldberg and Batista face each other in a First Blood match, in which the two monsters destroy each other with weapons and their strength. But DDP climbs over the barrier and cuts Goldberg’s head with a screwdriver. Batista gets the win thanks to DDP, but Batista grabs DDP by the hair and throws him down to the floor before hitting him with a standing Spinebuster. Batista then walks off and leaves DDP for Goldberg, who slowly gets up. DDP crawls off though and picks up a steel chair, but Goldberg stands on it, and then picks it up and smashes it on the steel steps. He then lifts up DDP and throws him into the steel steps.

Backstage Torrie Wilson enters Bischoff’s office, and thanks him for the opportunity to be in Team WCW and the Womens Title shot, Bischoff says he is glad to have her and lets her spin the wheel for her next match. She spins it and it lands on bra and panties match.

The next match Torrie challenges Trish for the Womens Championship in a bra and panties match. When it looks like Trish is about to get the win Stacy Keibler slides into the ring and hits Trish on the back of her neck with the Womens Title before her and Torrie strip Trish of her pants before celebrating with the Womens Title.

Backstage Coach is interviewing Orton, who is not very confident about his title match tonight after all three matches so far tonight have had WCW interference. But Triple H interrupts the interview and tells Orton to enjoy his title, while he has it. When we return to the ring Schiavone and Tenay are saying that Triple H is joining WCW.

In the next match the Intercontinental Championship is on the line, in a No DQ match, as Scott Steiner defends against Buff Bagwell?! Steiner and Bagwell walk to the centre of the ring and trash talk each other, before Steiner pokes Bagwell who falls over. Steiner then makes the cover…1…2…3! Steiner retains in what was nothing but a con match. Steiner gets to his feet, and celebrates with the title as if he has just won the Royal Rumble. He and Bagwell then celebrate together, laughing. Suddenly…**My Time is Now** The crowd erupt as Bagwell and Steiner look as if they have seen a ghost, as Cena walks out onto the stage. Cena takes his jersey off and runs to the ring before he attacks both Bagwell and Steiner. Cena manages to beat both of them, and gets Steiner up for the FU, but Bagwell pulls Steiner off his shoulders and the two slide out of the ring while Steiner and Bagwell stand outside the ring trying to pull themselves together. Cena stays in the ring and stands on the turnbuckle pointing at Steiner and yelling.

Backstage we see Steiner, Bagwell and Bischoff who are all irate at Cena’s arrival. Bischoff announces that next week it will be John Cena taking on Scott Steiner AND Buff Bagwell in a handicap match, if John Cena can win he will get an Intercontinental Title Shot at Super Brawl.

The main event was up next with the World Title on the line, Randy Orton versus Hulk Hogan. Bischoff spins the wheel, but the match is already underway as Hogan and Orton are brawling in the ring. Hogan dominates the early going, keeping Orton on the mat. But Orton shows good heart by fighting back and managing to hit his variation of a backbreaker for a two count. Orton then sets up for an RKO! But Benoit climbs onto the apron! Orton hits him with a right hand and knocks him off the apron, before walking into the big boot from Hogan. Hogan then bounces off the ropes with a leg drop!! But Orton rolls out of the way!!!! Orton then goes up to one knee, RKO!!!! 1…2…3!! Benoit tries to make the save but is too late! Benoit stomps on Orton, while Hogan begins to get to his feet. Benoit continues to beat up Orton while Hogan gets to his feet and joins in the attack. We then see Triple H walk down the ramp with a chair in his hand and a big grin on his face, he then starts to applaud Hogan and Benoit, getting a lot of heat from the fans as he climbs up the steps and into the ring. He stands ready to smash Orton over the head, stalking him as he gets to his feet. Orton gets to his feet and turns around and Triple H levels h-HOGAN!!! Triple H then punches Benoit before pushing him into Orton who hits him with an RKO!!! Triple H stands above Hogan and lifts him up, kicks him in the midsection, PEDIGREE!!!! Triple H helps Orton to his feet and hands him the World Heavyweight Championship, congratulating him and celebrating the win. Triple H raises Orton’s arm in victory.

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I like that bit about Schiavone!! Guess Bischoff didn't say that!!

Great Tag-Team Titles match. The hole must have been quite big then. Glad that RVD and Y2J won but as you so well put it, the challengers won the war!!

Nice promo with Flair/Sting/Hart!! Matthews just doesn't know when the right time is does he?! He doesn't know the right questions either. Good Promo.

Goldberg vs Batista makes another good match!! DDP will definately suffer again. Nice win for Batista!!

Stacy with Torrie?! WCW!! Oh right! Lol, Torrie new champ then, WWE have no chance!!

HHH/Orton showdown!! Hope so!! That was a good rivalry actually.

Lol, great match between Bagwell/Steiner. Cena looked as if he was gonna destroy someone or two!! I thought WCW were taking over?! Not WWE!! Go on Cena!! Get whooped!!

HHH/Orton together again?! How nice, will they fight off WCW then?! Go on you two vs them, you'll easily do it!!
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