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WWE: Back To The Top!

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WWE: Back To The Top

I am starting a new BTB, It starts after Armageddon 2005 and the results are as follows:

Hell In A Cell
Undertaker vs Randy Orton

Champions vs Champions
Batista and Rey Mysterio vs Kane and Big Show

Chris Benoit vs Booker T

No.1 Contenders Match
MNM vs Mexicools

Cruiserweight Title
Juventud vs Kid Kash

Bobby Lashley vs William Regal and Paul Burchill

JBL vs Matt Hardy

RAW will be up tonight. The WWE Championship Tournament begins tonight. 4 matches will take place. Big Show vs Triple H, Kane vs Chris Masters, Edge vs Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle vs The Returning Rob Van Dam. There will also be two other matches which WWE.com have not been noted of yet.
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Okay to answer your questions. 1. It is for no.1 contendership sorry and 2. I quit because it was going down hill and I had been thinking about a new one after nodq joining thing cause the topic was lost.

Sorry for the delay. RAW should be up tonight. And I am looking for a partner to do SD! Thanks.
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