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WWE attitude era on blu ray?

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Does anyone think WWE will ever release old footage from early raw days to attitude days on blu ray ever?
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Possibly, but along with the required editing mentioned above, i dont think they would go to the expense of cleaning and remastering all of the footage to make it true 1080p quality.

As I have seen on some of my own bluray movies such as Terminator 2, Rocky 1-4, it can actually be worse picture quality than DVD if not done properly.

I actually hope not because it was expensive replacing all my VHS tapes with DVD, I wont be doing that again with bluray, although I do buy the new PPV releases on bluray.
huh? Dude, I dont know whats wrong with your set-up, but T2 is one of the best exsmples of a bluray transfer you can get from an older film. It looks incredible on my TV. No way in hell is it worse than DVD quality, its far better in every way.
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