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WWE Announces Expansion Of Partnership With Saudi Arabia Until 2027

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STAMFORD, CONN. and RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, November 4, 2019 – Following the historic Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, WWE (NYSE: WWE) and the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) have expanded their live event partnership through 2027 to include a second annual large-scale event. WWE and GEA also continue to work towards the completion of a media agreement in the MENA region.

This long-term partnership demonstrates WWE and GEA’s commitment to bring sports entertainment to the region and supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.
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Vince and Mohammed Bonesaw must've worked out their issues and this a PR move to cover everything up, notice that the release doesn't contain anything new, it was always a 10 year deal that they signed in 2018 so it was going to end in 2027 anyway, and it says they're going to add a second yearly event, except they've already been doing 2 events a year.

This is just a reaffirmation that the already existing deal will continue.

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just goes to show that the rumour spreaders are full of shit. This literally could not be anymore opposite to what they have been reporting.

its perfectly possible that wwe has noticed the false rumours being put out so just reaffirmed their deal so no-one gets the wrong end of the stick. Specially this being a publicly traded company.
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