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Hey guys, I am a long time reader and I wanted to start a thread myself. I am only going to do one show cause thats all I have time for. I know my roster is kinda small but I picked the guys that I wanted to be in it here. Well I hope you guys enjoy it!

RAW Roster
Kurt Angle
The Rock
AJ Styles
Big Show
Randy Orton
Shelton Benjamin
Chris Jericho
Rene Dupree
Billy Gunn
Road Dogg
Bret Hart
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
John Cena
Charlie Haas
Muhammad Hussan
Brock Lesnar
Hardcore Holly
Booker T
Trish Stratus
Alexis Laree
Torrie Wilson
Candice Michelle
Stacy Keibler

World Heavyweight Title: Vacant
IC Championship Title: Vacant
World Tag Team Titles: Vacant
World Hardcore Title: Vacant

General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Announcers: JR and King


Royal Rumble - January
No Way Out - February
Wresltemania - March
Souled Out - April
Bad Blood - June
Summerslam - July
King of the Ring - August
Global Warning - September
Halloween Havoc - October
Armaggedon - November
Starcade - December

I will be starting January 1st, 2006 for the thread

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Monday Night RAW

*Raw opens with pyro and as soon as the pyro is done the GM of RAW Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring*

Eric: Well, well, well. Hello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Monday Night RAW. As everyone can see, everything here on RAW here is new. Well everything except me of course.

**Crowd boos**

Eric: You see that is what I would expect from you people but the fact of the matter is, I bring in revenue. While all of you fat lazy slobs go to work in the mornings, I am making twice as much for this company as you would ever make in your boring lifetime. That's right I said it. Eric Biscoff equals success and success equals money. I am the only GM that can do the things that I do. I have made unbelievable matches and made history on RAW and RAW brand pay-per-views. I mean come on, who would want to see some fat lazy slob like Mick Foley on RAW every monday, huh?

**Crowd cheers**

Eric: Oh, you people would like to see that huh? Well that's just too bad becuase I am and will always be the best GM of RAW and I am here to stay. Now, seeing as to WWE has started over and this being the first RAW of the new era, I have some business that I need to attend to. All of the RAW brand championship belts are vacated right now and I need to do something about that. So tonight, here on RAW, there will be three championships decided here on RAW tonight. The first title that will be on the line tonight with be the US title and I have already decided who the contendors will be. Tonight, it will be Chris Jericho vs AJ styles for the Intercontinental Title.

**Crowd pops**

Eric: Thank you, thank you, I know. What a great match that will be huh? All thanks to your GM Eric Biscoff. Also tonight, we will have a new Hardcore champion. Tonight, it will be Tazz vs Hardcore Holly in a No DQ Hardcore match.

**Crowd pops**

Eric: Now onto the Tag Teams titles. Next week, it will be the team of La Resistance taking on The World's Greates Tag Team for the World Tag Team Championships. And finally, we have the situation of crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion. There are surely a lot of worthy superstars in the locker room in the back who deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, but I have already decided on the two men who will face each other in a match at Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweoght Championship. It will be, The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels versus your olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle!

**Crowd erupts**

Eric: I thought you people would like that. Now let's get tonight started with our......

**HHH's music hits and he comes down to the ring**

HHH: Eric, I would like to know something. How are you gonna give HBK and Kurt Angle a shot at the title before me. I have beaten both men before. I am an 11 time world heavyweight champion and you are gonna put an olympic crybaby and a man who needs to be in a wheelchair in a match for the title instead of me? Do you really think that match will sell Eric? I am the greatest wrestler in the business and my name sells. Think about it Eric. I am The Game and I want my title........................

**IF YA SMELL plays and the crowd goes nuts**

Rock: Finaly, the Rock has come back to the WWE! You know I was in the back and I heard two jabronis out here talking about the World Heavyweight Championship and I just had to come out here. You can't mention the title without having the Rock's name in it. I am the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and I will be damned if I am left out of this match Eric.

HHH: Rock you are old news. Go back to being a hollywood celebrity. The wrestling world has passed you by. You are nothing but a sellout.

Rock: Well it looks like Mr Candyass himself has a little bit of a problem with the Rock. HHH, we all know that you have problems. I mean hell, you are banging a slut who has god knows what. You know Hunter, I have even head that you have a problem with....getting it up?

**Crowd laughs**

HHH: Shutup Rock. She was never supposed to mention that. That was only one night and.......You know what Rock. I am sick and tired of this. Let's go right here, right now.............

**Slow Chemical hits and Kane's pyro goes off and he comes down to the ring**

Kane: Guys, before you start hammering each other let me just say one thing. I am the one who deserves a title shot more than any of you. I have only held the title only one time and I have been waiting patiently for my shot and that time is now!

Eric: You know guys, I have an idea. Tonight, in the main event, it is going to be The Rock versus HHH versus Kane in a triple threat match for the last spot in the match at Royal Rumble. That's right folks, the winner of this match will be added to the match at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship.

**Crows goes wild**

Eric: Now let's get this show on the road.

**Kane, HHH, and Rock stare at each other as we go to commercial**


JR: Well folks we are back and what an announcement. Tonight it will be HHH vs Rock vs Kane in a triple threat match. And King, the winner is going to be added to the Match at Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship.

King: JR I can't wait for our main event tonight. It is going to be a slobberknocker as you like to call it JR.

JR: Well you are right but right now we are going to be having our first match of the night and it will be for the Hardcore title.

**Hardcore Holly's music hits and he comes to the ring**

**Tazz's music hits and the crowd goes crazy for the return of Tazz as a wrestler**

Match 1: Hardcore Holly vs Tazz
WWE Hardcore Championship match

Summary: The two go back and forth for a while with each man getting the upper hand at times in what has turned out to be a great match. Tazz goes outside and looks under the ring apron and grabs a table and sets it up outside. Hardcore Holly gets up and as Tazz is getting back into the ring, Holly hits with with a chair and Tazz is sent back outside to the floor. Holly then goes outside and sets Tazz up on the table and climbs to the top rope. Holly jumps off but Tazz moves and Holly is sent straight through the table onto the ground. The crowd is going wild for this match as the two men have given it everything that have. Tazz gets up first and is taunting Holly to get up. Holly gets up and Tazz applies the Tazzmission and Holly has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion, Tazz!

**Tazz gets up and is celebrating in the ring as the camera cuts backstage to Eric Biscoff's office and Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come in**

Eric: Gentleman, what can I do for you?

Billy: Eric, we were one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the WWE and we were no included in the match next week and we want some respect. Now I am not asking, I am demanding that you put us in that match next week.

Eric: Well gentleman, I can't do that. But I will tell you what I can do. How about this. Next week, whoever the winners of the tag team match are will have to defend their titles against you two at the Royal Rumble. How does that sound?

Billy: That sounds perfect. We will just have to wait and see who our victims are next week.

**The Outlaws walk out of Eric's office as we cut to commercial**


JR: We are back folks and how about that. We already have to matches schedhuled for the Royal Rumble and in my opinion, the Rumble is looking to be one of the best PPV's in a long time.

King: I can't argue with you there JR. It's going to be great!

**Burn in my light hits and Randy Orton comes down to the ring**

Orton: I am going to get straight to the point. I am not going to bore everyone wit this long speach of why I am out here tonight. Basically, I am here to issue a challenge. You see, WWE has started a new era and what greater way to kick off the new era in WWE with the new era in superstars. I am the legend killer and I am not afraid of anyone. Ask Mick Foley and The Undertaker. They hae both felt what it is like to be lying in the middle of the ring, knocked out from the RKO. I am out here to prove that I am the very best that this business has to offer and I am going to be the best for a long time. There is not one man in that locker room that has the guts to face me one on one. So whoever wants to come out and face me, come on out now!

**Orton waits and waits but no respone**

Orton: You see, that is exactly what I am talking about. No one has the balls to face the greatest wrestler in the business today. Ever since I have come to this company I ahve proven myself. I held the Intercontinental title for a long time and I was one of the greatest to ever possess the belt. I have been world champion and I will soon be the champ again but I have been criticized as being not ready for the main event level yet. I am out here to prove that I AM the Main event and I am the greatest wreslter alive today!

**All of a sudden Bret Hart's music hits and the crowd goes wild**

Hart: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Did I just hear you correctly Orton? Did you just say that you were the best in the business?

Orton: Yeah that's what I said.

Hart: Well let me tell you something Orton. You claim to be the legend killer but there is one legend that you haven't beaten in your career. That legend would be me. I am sick and tired of your attitude claiming that you are the best when you are nothing but a first grade punk. I was winning the world championship when you were in diapers chump. Now to be the best, you have to beat the best and I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be!

**Crowd pops**

Hart: I am challenging you to a match at Royal Rumble. There we will see if you are truly the legend killer or not.

Orton: Hart, you better pray that you get injured before the Rumble because I will destroy you. And when, you are layed out flat on your back from an RKO and you hear the 1.....2.....3..... You will know that I am the legend killer!

**Ortons drops the mic and stares down Bret Hart as Hart is telling Orton to come fight him now**

JR: What a night! This is certainly one of the best RAW's I have ever had the pleasure of commenting.

King: Yeah JR, I can't believe that Bret Hart would try and step up to Randy Orton. Doesn't he know that he is the legend killer.

JR: Well King, I am not sure that Bret Hart cares what Orton calls himself. Randy Orton will get what is coming to him. Folks we have to take a break but coming up next is the US championship match!


**Break the Walls plays and Chris Jericho comes down to the ring**

**AJ styles' music hits and he comes down to the ring**

Match 2: Chris Jericho vs AJ Stlyes
WWE Intercontinental Championship match

Summary: Well fought match with the match going back and forth the whole way. Jericho has Stlyes on the ground and is about to hit the Lionsault, but Styles puts his knees up and counters it. Styles picks Jericho up and goes for the Styles Clash and Jericho hits him with a low blow. The ref counts:
Kickout by Stlyes. Jericho is livid and he sets up Styles for another Lionsault but as Jericho jumps backwards for the Lionsault, he doesn't see that Styles is already up and he his Jericho with a reverse DDT. Crowd is chanting HOLY SH***! Stlyes picks up Jericho and connects with the Styles Clash. He pins. The ref counts:

Here is your winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion, AJ Stlyes!

**After the match, AJ is celebrating, but as he turns around Jericho hits him with a chair. He then puts Styles in the Lion tamer and Stlyes is screaming in pain. 6 refs come out and break up the hold but the damage has been done. Jericho walks up with ramp and is staring at the carnage hes has caused with an evil smirk on his face.**

**We cut backstage to see Eric Biscoff in his office when Kurt Angle walks in**

Kurt: Eric how are you gonna put one of these people in the match that you already and picked the participants. I mean how dare HHH to say I am not worthy of a title shot. I am an olympic gold medalist I am deserve a little respect.

Eric: Kurt don't worry. I am sure that you will be fine in the match. I mean come on you said yourself that you are an olympic gold medalist. I mean you can beat two people at once, whoever it is right?

Angle: You know what Eric. You are absolutely right! I can beat two people at once and I will prove it at the Royal Rumble when I become the World Heavyweight Champion.

**Kurt Angles walks out as we come back to the stage**

**We see Stacy Keibler backsage about to interview Brock Lesnar**

Stacy: Brock Lesnar, you would like to make an announcement?

Brock: I am here to say this. I am back in the WWE and I am going to crush everyone that gets in my path. I am the next big thing and I will return to glory like I was once before. My path is clear and it ends with me regaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I am going to annihalate my opponent tonight. This will only be a taste of what things to come will be like for everyone in the WWE. I am back and I am going to make everyone's life here in the WWE a living hell.


**We come back to see Brock Lesnar in Eric Biscoff's office**

Brock: Eric I want a title shot now. I deserve to be in that match.

Eric: Brock I can't just give you a title shot. I already have everyone demanding lots of things and this is only the first RAW show. Your title shot will come in due time. First though, you better worry about your opponent tonight.

Brock: I don't care about anything else but that title. I will prove tonight after I destroy Muhammad Hassan that I deserve to be the champion.

**Brock walks out of Eric's office with a determined look and as he passes by Shawn Michaels comes into Eric' office**

HBK: Eric, I have got to thank you for putting me in the title match at Royal Rumble. I have worked so hard for so long and I am ready to take back what is rightfully mine.

Eric: No problem Shawn.

HBK: Now Eric I have got to ask you this. What abou the Royal Rumble. If I lose, which I won't, but if there is any chance that I do lose then will I get to be in the Rumble?

Eric: You know Shawn, I was ust thinking about that. I have come up with a plan. The person that does not get pinned in the match at the Royal Rumble will be able to compete in the Rumble. Whoever does get pinned, however, will not be able to compete in the Rumble.

HBK: Well seeing as I am going to win the championship, I have no worries about competing in the Rumble.

Eric: Whatever your say Shawn.

**HBK walks out of Eric's office with a smile on his face**

HBK: Shawn Michaels, World Heavyweight Champion. Yeah that sure does sound nice.

**Brock Lesnar's music hits and he comes down to the ring**

**Muhammad Hassan's music hits and he walks down to the ring**

Match 3: Brock Lesnar vs Muhammad Hassan

Summary: This was a total squash match just showcasing Lesner's power. Hassan tries to make it a little interesting but Lesnar's power is too much. Lesnar hits the F5 and the ref counts:

Here is your winner, Brock Lesnar!

**Lesnar is celebrating in the ring as all of a sudden the lights go out and when they come back on Lesnar is laid out in the ring covered in a pool of his own blood**

JR: OM MY GOD KING! What just happened. Brock Lesnar has been laid out cold in the ring. Who did that?

King: I don't know JR but I don't wanna find out.

JR: We will be right back folks.


**Chavo Guerrero's music hits and he walks down to the ring**

**Olympic Medal hits and Kurt Angle walks down to the ring**

Match 4: Chavo Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

Summary: Kurt Angle is in control the whole time. Guerrero gets his few spots in here and there but it is basically a squash match. Kurt delivers the Angle Slam and then applies the anklelock and Chavo taps out.

Here is your winner, Kurt Angle

**Kurt grabs a microphone**

Angle: You see that! You see that! That is what's going to happen to my oppnents at Royal Rumble. I am going to prove that I should be the champion and that I deserve some damn respect. I am an olympic gold medalist. You people have no idea what I had to go through to win my medal. At Royal Rumble, after I win the match and become the new Heavyweight Champion, you people will stop saying that I suck because I don't.

**Kurt throws the mic down and starts walking down the ramp**

**Sexy boy hits and the crowd goes wild**

HBK: Whoa, Whoa whoa Kurt. What is all the anger for? You seem to have some grudge against these people. You claim to be a great american but the people have their right to freedom of speach and if they want to tell you that you suck then they should be able to.

**You suck chants start to fill the arena**

HBK: Now I didn't come out here to get your panties all in a wad. I just wanted to come out and congradulate you on your match you just had. It was a great win. Unfortunately for you Kurt, that is the last time you will taste victory. You see at Royal Rumble I am going to walk out the champion and you will still suck!

**Crowd erupts**

**Kurt runs towards HBK and they start to brawl**

**Eric Biscoff appears on the Titantron as security breaks the two up**

Eric: Guys! Calm yourselves down. It looks like you two can't wait until the Royal Rumble to get your hands on each other. Since you two can't be kept apart, next week it will be Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels right here on RAW.

**Kurt and HBK are still trying to fight through security to get at each other as we go to commercial**

**We come back to see backstage that Brock Lesnar has been taken the hospital due to the unknown attack earlier in the evening**

**Backstage we see Stacy Keibler about to interview HHH**

Stacy: HHH, you are about to have a match with The Rock and Kane. What is your strategy for tonight. And also, was what the Rock said true?

HHH: First of all, that was only one time and second of all I will murder the Rock for bringing that into the public. You see, while the Rock was out there making all these fancy movies, I was still here dominating everyone in this business. I have beaten everyone you can think of and I am going to prove tonight that I am the best in the business.

**Batista walks up**

Batista: You know what Hunter, you just lied to everyone out there.

HHH: What do you mean

Batista: Well HHH, you said that you have beaten everyone that we can think of. But come to think of it, there is one person that you have never beaten in your professional career.

HHH: Oh yeah, and who would that be?

Batista: ME.

**Crowd erupts**

Batista: You see Hunter, you had your chance to beat me three times and you couldn't do it. I even ended your undefeated streak inside the Hell in a Cell. So before you go talking like your the best in the business, just remember one thing. You are not the best until you haven beaten me.

**Batista walks off as HHH is enraged**

**We cut back to the ring**

**Can you dig it hits and Booker T comes out and heads to the ring**

**JBL's music hits and he heads down to the ring**

Match 5: Booker T vs JBL

Summary: Good match as the momentum goes back and forth between the two men. Booker T looks to have the upper hand. He delivers the Book end to JBL and goes up to the top rope for a missile dropkick. He connects with it and is signaling for the Scissors Kick. JBL is getting up but as Booker is about to hit the Scissors Kick, Torrie Wilson heads down to the ring and disctracts Booker T. Booker turns around and JBL delivers the Clothesline From Hell. JBL covers and the ref counts:

Here is your winner, JBL!

**JBL and Torrie celebrate as they walk back up the ramp and Booker slowly gets up**

JR: Why did Torrie Wilson do that? She was such a nice girl and then she goes and helps a piece of garbage like JBL

King: Well you know what they say JR. All the girls want is money and JBL has lots of it.

JR: Folks stay with us. Our main event is coming up next!


**As we come back from commercial, we see Bret Hart walking back to his car in the back of the arena. From out of nowhere he gets attacked from behind and beaten to the ground. It's Randy Orton. Bret tries to fight back but he can't. Orton picks Hart up and delivers a RKO on top of Bret Hart's car!**

Orton: Bret you are a worthless piece of trash. You are no legend. Look at you. You are nothing but a washed up fool who doesn't know when to quit. Give it up Bret. Call of the match and retire. You really dont' want this to happen again do you. I told you that I am the legend killer and at the Royal Rumble, you will be destroyed along with your legend status.

**Orton then spits in Hart's face as Bret is laying lifeless on top of this car**

JR: What an asshole tha Randy Orton is. I can't believe he did that. I said it once and I will say it again, Randy Orton will get what is coming to him, but up next folks is our main event!

**Slow Chemical hits as Kane's pyro goes off and he walks down to the ring**

**HHH's music hits and hes walks down to the ring**

**IF YA SMELL hits and the Rock walks down to the ring to the loudest pop of the night**

MAIN EVENT, Match 6: Kane vs HHH vs The Rock

Summary: The match starts off with Kane and HHH teaimg up on the Rock. Then Kane turns on HHH and they start brawling while Rock is down on the oustide of the ring from the beaten he had taken from the other two men.


We come back and see that it is now HHH down and Kane has got the Rock in a choke hold. The Rock's shoulders are down on the mat. The ref counts:

The Rock lifts his shoulder up at the last second. Kane picks up Rock and sends him to the ropes and connects with a big boot that snaps Rock's head back. Kane is going up to the top rope, but HHH see him and knocks him off and over the top to the outside. HHH then picks Rock up and applies the abdominal stretch. The Rock is screaming in pain and the ref is asking the Rock if he wants to give up. HHH sees the oppurtunity and grabs the ropes for extra leverage. The Rock screams louder. He still doesn not quit though. Meanwhile, Kane gets up and climbs to the apron. He grabs HHH by the throat and HHH lets go of his hold on the Rock. Kane picks HHH and delivers a viscous choke slam. Kane gets in the ring and covers HHH.
HHH puts his foot on the ropes at the last possible second. Kane is furious. He picks HHH up and sets him up for the tombstone. Meanwhile, the Rock is getting up. Kane delivers the tombstone on HHH. As Kane stands back up he turns around and the Rock was waiting for him. The Rock delivers the Rock Bottom to Kane! All three men are down on the mat. The Rock puts one arm over Kane.
NO! Kickout by Kane. The Rock covers HHH....
Kickout by HHH. The Rock is furious! He gets up and signals for the People's Elbow on HHH. The Rock goes to one side and as he does Kane rises up. The Rock goes to the other side and as he comes back Kane catches him with a chokeslam! HHH gets up and sees his oppurtunity and runs towards Kane but Kane ducks and HHH knocks down the ref. Kane grabs HHH but HHH delivers a low blow to Kane and then connects with the Pedigree. HHH covers but there is no ref. HHH tries to revive the ref but to no avail. Then Kurt Angle runs from the back of the crowd with a chair. HHH doesn't see him. He turns around and Angle delivers a viscous chair shot to HHH causing HHH to bust wide open. Angle then sees Kane starting to get up and he hits Kane over the head with the chair. Angle then runs out of the ring and into the backstage area. The Rock gets up and signals for the people's elbow. He connects! The ref is slowly making his way over to the Rock so he can count....

JR: The Rock has done it! The Rock has done it!

Here is your winner, The Rock!

JR: I can't believe it! The Rock overcame both Kane and HHH and is going to be in the match at Royal Rumle for the World Heavyweight Championship!

King: Oh boy what a night here on RAW!

**The Rock is celebrating and then Kurt Angle comes running down with a chair. The Rock ducks the chair shot and delivers Rock Bottom to Kurt Angle. Then Shawn Michaels comes in from the crowd and The Rock doesn't see him. The Rock turns around and HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music! Shawn Michaels is standing over all of the fallen superstars in the ring, victorious.**

JR: HBK is standing in the ring alone. Both of his competitors for the Triple Threat match at Royal Rumble are both out on the ground beneath him. Is this a sign of things to come? For the King I am Jim Ross and thanks for watching another exciting addition of RAW!

**We fade out as Shawn Michaels is still standing in the ring over the fallen superstars**

There you go guys. That is my first show. Hope you guys liked it.

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Matches/Booking: Booking was good. You just wrote the summary, but that is ok as long as you don't do it for the PPV's. Booking was great but like all of the matches were PPV matches so I am taking off a point for that. 21/25

Promo's: They weren't the best, but when I wrote my first show, they were 20 X better than mine were and they still might be! lol! For a new person, it was pretty good. 22/25

Spelling/Grammer: :no: Unless you are from another country or you are 9, then it sucks! I mean I found 41 mistakes. Some I know that you know, like "Greates", "Stlyes", and "speach". There is no excuse for that. Now something like "Eric Bichoff" that I have no problem with as it is hard to spell his name, but it is like this. "Bischoff". I am not trying to be mean, but it honestly sucked. If you are from another country or a little kid, let me know and I will give a higher grade next time. Some of it is just typing too fast though. 7/25

Length: For a first show, 12 pages is a pretty good length. Like I said, as long as your PPV's are longer this is fine. 23/25

Overall: 73/100. Grammer and Spelling is what really brought you down. It was still good however. You need to add color and bols and italics to it to make it harder to read. Still like I said, grammer and spelling is definatly your weakness.

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well you know, I AM from alabama...haha just kidding. Yeah the grammar was horrible. I used wordpad to write my show and I don't think it has spell check on it. I will be sure to use it next time. Thanks for the review nathanm

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yikes...you NEED to use colors, and or bolding. I cant review right now, but Ill try for the next show.

By the way, I absolutely LOVE the name. Good job on that one!!!!

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I read your show and I thought it was really good. Your shows are longer than mine. But some points that I liked about this was that your matches were well put together. All of them had good superstars in them. Like nathanm said they seemed like ppv quality matches but I liked it. Just your spelling is all you need to work and like you said it was just the spell check thing you were using, so I trust it will be easier to read next time. Also the colors, you need more of them. It makes it much easier to read or at least use bolds and italics(that is what I am going to do). Anyways, it looks like you have a promising btb here, good luck with it. I will leave a full review on your next show.

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hey you guys, just wanted to let you know that I wrote RAW about 5 days ago and so I went ahead and wrote the seond RAW yesterday. I will post it in about 10 minutes!

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**Pyro hits and a video package is shown of what happened in the main event last week**

**Olympic Hero hits and Kurt Angle walks out to the ring**

Kurt: For anyone who doesn't know me, I am Kurt Angle former Olympic gold medalist and soon to be WWE World Heavyeight Champion. Last week, I showed all of you a little taste of what will happen to The Rock and HBK when Royal Rumble comes around. I decimated my opponent and also took out The Rock, HHH, and Kane. Who sucks now?

**Crowd boos**

Kurt: Yeah that's right. You people can't say that I suck anymore. I proved last week that I don't suck and I will prove it here again tonight when I defeat Shawn Michaels. Then, at Royal Rumble, I will reach my ultimate goal of once again being the World Heavyweight Champion. You see, it is destiny really. I am an olympic gold medalist, therefore it only seems fitting that I am the champion. The belt will finally get the respect it deserves by being around an american hero's waist like mine. How many people here would like to see Kurt Angle as your World Heavyweight Champion?

**Crowd boos**

Kurt: That is exactly what I though. I don't give a damn what you people think about me. All I know is that I will be walking into Royal Rumble a champion, and walking out as a champion.

**Sexy Boy hits and crowd goes nuts as HBK comes out and stands out on the stage**

HBK: Kurt you come out here and keep talking about how your are going to be champion and this and that. You are starting to sound like a baby. Wait a second, let me take that back. You already are a baby. You just sound like a why who doesn't know when to shut the hell up.

**Crowd cheers**

HBK: Every time you talk it is the same thing over and over again 'I am an olympic hero. I deserved respect. Blah blah blah.' I am tired of it and I know that these people are tired of it.

**Crowd agrees**

HBK: Kurt, you shouldn't be talking about becoming the champion because you still have to go through me tonight. I hold your fate in my hands Kurt. After tonight, you will barely be able to make it through the night, let alone make it to Royal Rumble.

Kurt: Shawn, you wanna talk about things getting old? How about you? You are like 60 years old. Your time has passed you by Shawn and you need to face the facts. I am better than you and you know it. You just need to give it up!

**Crowd boos**

HBK: Well you know what Kurt, I............

**IF YA SMELL hits and The Rock is shown on the Titantron apparently at his home**

Rock: Both of you jabronis need to shut the hell up. Unfortunately I could not be there tonight, but if I were both of your candy asses would be layed out on the floor right now. I went through two of the best guys in the business at the same time last week and I beat them both. If I can do it once, then I can do it again. It is time for The Rock to reclaim his spot at the top of the world. It will start at Royal Rumble. Kurt, Shawn, I hope that you will be ready because when all is said and done; when you both are knocked out from the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow; when you look up and see The Rock standing over you with his World Heavyweight Championship held high, you will both know that I am the best in the business......IF YA SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.............WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!

**The Rock gives the People's Eyebrow and we go to commercial**


JR: We are back live folks and what a way to kick things off here on RAW. I am JR and beside me is Jerry 'The King' Lawler and boy do we have a great night for you tonight.

King: Yeah, we have an awesome night in store tonight and JR I can't wait!

JR: I can't either King.

**Christian's music hits and he walks out to the ring**

**Can you dig it hits and Booker T walks out to the ring**

Match 1: Christian vs Booker T

Summary: Match starts off with both men going at it. Christian gets the upper hand by using a rake to the eyes. Christian then puts Booker in a headlock. Booker fights out of it and the two men go back and forth or about five minutes. Christian delivers a low blow to Booker when the ref had his back turned and then hits the Unprettier. Ref counts:

Here is your winner, Christian

**Christian rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp with a smile on his face.**

JR: Christian can't win anything without cheating. Booker doesn't look to happy

**We cut to the backstage and we see The Outlaws in their locker room.**

Billy: Hey Road Dogg.

RD: Yeah

Billy: How about we go commentate on the tage team match so we can scope out our opponents for the Royal Rumble.

RD: That sounds like a good idea. It doesn't matter who wins the match because it will just be a matter of time until we get those titles.

Billy: That's right Road Dogg. At Royal Rumble, we will become the tag team champions once again.


**We come back to see Randy Orton already in the ring**

Orton: Last week, I showed Bret Hart what was going to happen to him at the Royal Rumble. Some people thought that what I did to him was a little bit too much. I,however, have to say that I do not agree. You see, I forewarned him about this. I told him not to mess with destiny. It is my destiny to become the champion but if I need to take out the trash first then so be it. Bret Hart is nothing. He is old news. That is why he is laying in a hospital somewhere barely clinging onto the worthless rest of life that I have given him. I am the legend killer and last week I proved that. Bret, I hope that you are listening right now. I am sure that he isn't because he can't even see right now from the beating he took from me last week. I will defeat Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble and after that I am going to achieve my destiny and become the World Heavyweight Champion.

**I'm back hits and Eric walks out to the stage**

Eric: It seems to me that you are a little cocky Randy. You know how I am going to fix that? Next week, it will be Randy Orton taking on a legend chosen by me. You won't know who it is until next week. Now get backstage and gets your tights on because I am booking you in a match against Hardcore Holly and that match is next!


**We come back to commercial to see that the two men have already started fighting**

Match 2: Randy Orton vs Hardcore Holly

Summary: The two have been fighting for about three minutes when Randy hits Hardcore Holly with the RKO. He covers him and the ref counts.
Randy Orton then pulls Holly's shoulders up for him. Orton then waits behind him and when Holly gets back up he hits him with another RKO. He pins him.

Here is your winner, Randy Orton!

**After the match Randy Orton goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He waits until Hardcore Holly gets up and then hits him in the head with the chair. Holly is busted open**

Orton: You see this! This is what happened last week and it happened again this week. Do not get in the way of destiny. Hardcore Holly got in its way and look what happened to him.

**Orton throws and the mic down and walks up the ramp with a devilish smirk on his face**

JR: That damn Randy Orton will get what is coming to him. You can count on that!

**We cut to backstage and see Brock Lesnar walking towards the ring**


**Brock Lesnar's music hits and he walks out to the ring**

Brock: I am not here to give a speech, I am here to make a point so I am going to get right to it. Last week after my match, I was attacked and had to be taken to the hospital. I had to have 25 stitches put in the back of my head. I want to know who it was that attacked me. If you are man enough, come out here and show yourself.

**He pauses but gets no response**

Brock: Damnit! Show yourself you coward!

**He waits and still no response**

Brock: Well whoever you are, I am challenging you to a match at the Royal Rumble. I do not care who it is that attacked me. All I know is you better show up at the Rumble. I am going to tear you limb from limb. When I get done with you, you will nothing but a bloodstain in the ring.

**All of a sudden the lights go out again and when they come back on Brock is layed out again but this time a black bat is sitting beside him**

JR: Oh my god King! He did it again! Who is this person that has taken out Brock Lesnar twice?

King: I don't know JR but I am starting to fear for myself.

**We cut to backstage where Stacy Keibler is standing by with The World's Greatest Tag Team**

Stacy: You guys have a match with La Resistance for the World Tag Team championship tonight. Are you guys nervous at all?

Shelton: Nervous? No more like excited. I am ready to get out there and beat these two punks and become the tag team champions

Haas: Yeah they are nothing to us. We have had harder times trying to find the remote to the TV than we will tonight.

Shelton: Just watch the match and you will see that we are the World's Greatest Tag Team.

**La Resistance's music hits and they walk to the ring**

**WGTT's music hits and they walk to the ring**

Match 3: La Resistance vs World's Greatest Tag Team
WWE World Tag Team Championship

Summary: At the beginning of the match, The New Age Outlaws join the commentators booth to watch the match. Haas and Sylvian start out. The match goes back and forth between the two. Sylvian gets a tag in to the fresh man Dupree who gets the upper hand on Haas. Dupree connects with a reverse DDT and goes for the pin..
Shelton comes in and breaks up the count. Haas is not looking too good. Dupree makes a tag to Sylvian and they give Haas a double suplex. Sylvian then picks up Haas but Haas gives him a dropkick and makes the tag to Shelton. Shelton comes in and cleans house. Then, the New Age Outlaws come running down to the ring and take out everyone.

Result: No Contest

**Im back hits and Eric comes out**

Eric: Seeing as how you two ruined the match, it will now be La Resistance vs The World's Greatest Tag Team vs The New Age Outlaws at Royal Rumble for the Tag Team Championship.

**Crowd pops as we go to commercial**


JR: We are back and what an announcement we just heard from our GM. The match will now be a triple threat match for the Tag Team Championships at the Royal Rumble.

King: Yeah JR, I can't wait for the Royal Rumble.

**We see HHH backstage in his locker room when Batista walks in**

HHH: What do you want?

Batista: Just wanted to see how you were doing after your lost you chance at a shot at the title last week. I guess I kind of got into you head a little bit wouldn't you say Hunter? I mean after all, you had the match won and then you dropped the ball so to speak. It seems like you have been on some what of a slump lately.

HHH: You shut your mouth Dave. You know damn well that if it was not for Kurt Angle, I would be in that match at the Royal Rumble. I am an eleven time world champion and I got screwed out of a shot at the title. Also Dave, you didn't get into my head at all. I am the Game. I am the one that gets into people's heads. If I were you, I would take a few steps back and get the hell out of my locker room before something bad happens to you.

Batista: Whoa Hunter, I did not come in here to start anything. I am just a concerned friend who wanted to see how you were doing. I mean after all you did lose the match. Also, you had that embaressing secret revealed last week.

**Crowd laughs**

HHH: Will you people forget about that. You know what I am going to teach you a lesson.

**HHH attacks Batista and the two fight as security comes into the locker room and breaks the two up**

JR: It looks like HHH is fed up with Batista.

King: Yeah. I would not want to piss HHH off like Batista just did.

**Break the Walls hits and Chris Jericho comes out**

**AJ Styles's music hits and he walks down to the ring**

Match 4: Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles(c)
WWE Intercontinental Championship

Summary: Good match between the two again. Chris Jericho applies the Liontamer around the eight minute mark. AJ crawls to the ropes and Jericho has to break the hold. Jericho picks up AJ and sends him into the turnbuckle. He puts him up top and then delivers a superplex on Styles. Jericho covers:
Kickout by Styles! Jericho then applies a headlock and AJ looks like he is fading out. The ref raises the hand once and it falls to the ground. He raises it again and it falls to the ground. He raises it one last time but this time AJ's hand does not fall to the ground. AJ fights back and gives Jericho a few elbows to the stomach. AJ then connects with a back body drop. AJ then gets up and sends Jericho to the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. AJ then goes to the top rope and waits for Jericho to get up. He jumps off of the top rope but misses with another dropkick. Jericho then attempts to go for another Liontamer, but as he reaches down for AJ's legs, AJ cradles him and pins him:

Here is your winner and still IC Champion, AJ Styles!

**After the match, Jericho assaults Styles with right hands. He applies the Liontamer and does not let go. AJ is screaming in pain and many refs come out to try and break his hold. Jericho then gets on top and continues pummeling AJ with right hands until AJ starts to bleed. Jericho then goes to the outside and grabs a mic**

Jericho: AJ I am challenging you to a match at the Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental Title!

**Y2J throws down the mic and then walk to the backstage**

**We see Kurt Angle in his locker room backstage and the camera shows Kurt's face talking to someone but we can't see who**

Kurt: Now you know what to do tonight right? I know that I can beat HBK by myself. I am just making sure that he does not walk out of here tonight unassisted. I want you to crush him. He will regret the day that he met me. After I break his ankle tonight, I want you to come out there and break his neck, you got it?

???: Yeah I got it. I have someone else that will be with me to help me with this task.

Kurt: Good. Well my match is up next and I will be looking forward to seeing you later tonight.

**The mystery person walks out of the room and we see Kurt smiling.**

JR: Who was he talking to?

King: I don't know but that Kurt Angle is a genius!

JR: This does not look good for the Heartbreak Kid. Folks we will be right back with our main event!


**Olympic Medal hits and Kurt Angle comes to the ring**

**Sexy boy hits and HBK comes running down to the ring**

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels

Summary: HBK doesn't waste anytime and start nailing Kurt with right hands. He whips Kurt into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Kurt gets back up and HBK gives him a body slam. He gets up again and HBK gives him another body slam. Kurt gets up again and HBK kicks him in the gut and connects with a DDT. He covers:
Kickout by Kurt. HBK then picks Kurt up and sends him into the corner. HBK runs towards the corner but Kurt moves out of the way and HBK goes flying over the top rope.


During the break, Kurt has gained an upper hand after HBK missed Kurt in the turnbuckle. Kurt has HBK outside and he sends him into the steel steps shoulder first. HBK is in pain as Kurt walks over to HBK and throws him back into the ring. He covers him:
Kickout by HBK. Kurt then picks him up and sends him into the ropes and connects wth a belly to belly suplex. Kurt then applies a sleeper hold onto HBK. HBK is fading out but he fights back and sends Kurt to the ropes but Kurt delivers a vicious clothesline on HBK and HBK goes down hard. Kurt then picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Kurt runs toward HBK but HBK puts a foot up and Kurt is sent backwards. HBK then hits a clothesline on Kurt and goes for the pin:
Kickout by Kurt. HBK then picks Kurt up and sends him into the ropes and give him a back body drop when he returns. HBK is feeling it. He picks up Kurt and sends him into the turnbuckle. HBK then puts Kurt up on the top rope and tries to give Kurt a superplex but Kurt blocks it and sends HBK down to the mat. Kurt then goes to the top rope and tries for a HUGE moonsault. HBK moves out of the way and Kurt lands face first on the mat. Both men are very tired as the ref starts the ten count:
HBK puts an arm over Kurt and the ref counts:
Kickout by Kurt! HBK can't believe it. Shawn then picks Kurt up and body slams him. HBK goes up top but very slowly. He signals for an elbow drop but Kurt get ups and goes to the top rope. He grabs HBK and delivers a belly to belly suplex from the top tope that shook the whole ring! The fans are going crazy! Both men are down. The ref starts the count again:
Kurt covers HBK:
KICKOUT BY HBK! Kurt is very frustrated. He waits for Michaels to get up and tries to hit a clothesline but he knocks the ref out by accident. Kurt turns around and HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music! Kurt is out! HBK covers but there is no ref. HBK tries to revive the ref. After about thirty seconds, another ref from the back comes out and counts:
KICKOUT by Angle. Shawn can't believe it. Shawn goes to the turnbuckle and is tuning up the band. Then from the back, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho come running out to the ring with chairs! HBK doesn't see them and Chris Benoit hits HBK in the back of the head with a chair. The ref calls for the DQ!

The winner of this match as a result of a DQ, Shawn Michaels!

**After the bell sounds Jericho and Benoit continue their assault on HBK. Kurt gets up and tells them to move out of the way and Kurt gives HBK an Angle Slam. Kurt then tells them to do something. Benoit then puts HBK in the Crossface and Jericho puts HBK in the Liontamer at the same time! HBK is screaming in pain! Kurt then goes outside to the side of the ring and grabs a mic**

Kurt: Michaels! You see what I mean! You are old and are weak!

**Kurt then spits in his face**

Kurt: You see us? We are going to be the most unstoppable force in the WWE. You can call us the Tapouts!

**Kurt then tells Benoit and Jericho to let go. Kurt grabs a chair while Jericho and Benoit hold HBK and Kurt hits HBK in the head with a chair. All three men stand over HBK's lifeless body as the camera fades to black**


World Heavyweight Championship
The Rock vs HBK vs Kurt Angle

World Tag Team Championship
La Resistance vs WGTT vs New Age Outlaws

IC Championship
Chris Jericho vs AJ Stlyes(c)

Legend vs Legend Killer
Bret Hart vs Randy Orton

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Pretty good RAW.....The opening segment with Michaels, Angle, and The Rock was very well written. Hopefully The Rock is back next week

Ouch, Orton and Holly...I wonder what would happen if he was trying to teach him a lesson?

Im happy that AJ kept the title around his waist. It deserves to be there.

The main event was super, Michaels and Angle always put on a good strong match.

Overall RAW was well written, I would probably rate it as a 7.5. When I said using colors, I didnt think tyou would use them the way you did, but its better than others. One little note, DONT USE YELLOW!!!!! Not blowing my own horn here, but if you want an example of colors, check out my thread.

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Okay Ill review you. If you get over a 7 /10 in my overall ratings, you get a rep.

For your First Show - Overall a 6/10

Second Show, full review

Opening Promo - 9/10

Christian vs Booker T - 8/10

Randy Orton vs Hardcore Holly - 6/10

La Resistance vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team - 5/10

Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles - 8/10

Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels - 8/10

Overall - 7.3/10

You just made the 'passing grade' in my books. Good job so far. *rep*

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Lets see what you’ve got here

Good opening segment, as the opening promos were well written. Angle/HBK/Rock will be a great match, and should steal the show. Everyone was in character here, and it did a good job of building the feud

Good win for CC over Booker, which is what should always happen

Outlaws promo was okay, and never really got going

Do not use yellow text! Orton promo was okay, but not as good as it could have been. Orton over Holly was a must, and Orton/Bret will be a good match when it happens

I guess the mystery man is going to be sting. Nice challenge from Lesnar here, but perhaps you are over booking the rumble card, as there is normally only a few matches including the rumble

Triple threat tag match at RR will be a nice addition to the ppv

HHH/Batista promo was good enough, and perhaps a match is coming at some point

Good win for AJ, and a rematch at RR will be a great match, and should be a long match

Main event was a very good match, and sets the tone for the title match at the rumble. Angle/Jericho/Benoit on the same page and together as a stable is a great idea, and it will be interesting to see where you run with this. The Tapouts as the name – not convinced on it yet, but maybe in the future I will be

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nice shows, got no time to give full reviews but both of them were great. i didnt really liked the yellow font though. I would be starting my own BTB soon so hope everyone would enjoy that.

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Raw Review

Good opening promo, it was very well written, everyone seemed to be in character.

Christian vs. Booker T - I was going for Booker T in this match, but Christian winning was good.

Randy Orton vs. Hardcore Holly - It was a pretty good match here, it would have been better if I could read it, Don't use Yellow Text!!!!!(lol) But still it was a pretty good match glad to see Orton win.

Sting attacked Brock? That should be a good match.

Looking forward to La Resistance vs. WGTT vs. NAO, should be good.

Pretty goos HHH/Batista segment in the back.

A.J. Stlyes vs. Chris Jericho - Glad to see A.J. Styles walk away with the win, looking forward to the rematch.

Nice promo in the back, looking forward to finding who the mystery person is.

Main Event - This was a very well written out match. The Tapouts seem like a dominate force, looking forward to seeing more of these guys.

Overal: 7/10

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Thanks for the reviews you guys.....I will be sure to return the reviews and rep but I gotta do some holiday shopping for my girlfriend now....I will be back on later to return the reviews
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