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This isn't 1990 anymore. The audience knows what's up. Everything's been done. You cannot expect just anyone to go out there and draw heat using the same old, tired tactics. In this day and age, there's more to drawing heat than just acting obnoxious and arrogant. I'm sorry, but in 2012... it doesn't cut it. Ziggler is cocky and arrogant, no one cares. Cody Rhodes is cocky and arrogant, no one cares. Del Rio is cocky and arrogant, no one cares. These guys go out there and heel it up week after week, they make slick remarks, they talk down to the audience, they act like they love the smell of their own shit... and it hasn't gotten them anywhere. No one cares because we've all seen it before. These guys pose absolutely no threat whatsoever and there's no real clamoring to see their asses handed to them. Fuck Jericho and his whining. At no point in his feud with Punk did he come off as anything but a typical chicken shit heel. Everyone knew he posed no real threat and that Punk was gonna kick his ass.

Then you have a case like Daniel Bryan, who's also cocky and arrogant. What happens? The fans start cheering for him. Why? Cause unlike his face counterpart, he displays a personality. Even Miz prior to his championship run last year was receiving his fair share of pops. The well of faces has run so dry that the audience thirsts for ANYONE - be it face or heel - to display some semblance of a personality. That obnoxious, annoying catchphrase? Now it's a crowd favorite. The crowd is supposed to boo? Now they're cheering. If the heel isn't drawing heat then it's not working. If the fans are cheering for him instead it's not working. The method of molding a heel is not working. Like I said, it's not 1990 anymore. The fans hated Mr. Perfect. The fans hated Rick Rude. All those guys had to do was go out there and talk themselves up... and in turn the crowd detested them. Today, they'd be crowd favorites.

Stop trying to make your heels witty, comical, and egotistical. It's churning out the exact opposite effect. Make these guys genuinely hateful. I don't know why that's so hard to do these days. You want to declare this the "reality era"? Prove it and push the envelope. Put the fans in a position where they have absolutely no choice but to despise these motherfuckers. Make it so that they're salivating at the glands to see someone like John Cena, or CM Punk, or Sheamus to come running down that ramp and kick their fucking teeth in. A great hero cannot exist without a great villain.

You want to stop those Daniel Bryan chants? Get rid of his charismatic "Yes" chant and have him slap AJ in the face right in the middle of the ring so that everyone could see him. Have him snap the fuck out and physically threaten her. Instead of having him act like a jealous cartoon boyfriend, have him go out there and play the role of deranged and abusive boyfriend. Have him give AJ a cold dead stare as he balls his fist. Watch how quick the fans start rooting for Sheamus.
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