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Hey, Good ol’ JR and me are going to start our own BTB, WWE - Anarchy. I will be doing Smackdown and JR will be doing Raw. We have had a draft to determine rosters and we will be starting from scratch, brand new, no matches before the ones that we make. We will also write results from Velocity and Heat, but we will not be making them. Raw will be posted on Mondays and SD on Thursdays, Hopefully. The fist Raw will be up on the 9th of May. Don’t forget to tell your friends and to review our shows.

PPV List
April: Backlash – Raw
May: Judgement Day – SD
June: King Of The Ring – Joint
July: Deadly Alliances – Raw
Aug: Summerslam – Joint
September: No Mercy – SD
October: Unforgiven – Raw
November: November to Remember – SD
December: Anarchy Rulz – Joint
January: Royal Rumble - Joint
February: Now Way Out – SD

SD Roster

WWE Champ – John Cena
US Champ – OJ
Tag Champs – MNM
X-Division Champ – Paul London
Commissioner-Mick Foley


Big Show
Billy Kidman
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Kenzo Suzuki
Kurt Angle
Lauren Jones
Mark Jindrak
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Rochelle Loewen
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley

Tag Teams


And some surprises to come in the following weeks

RAW roster

World Heavyweight Champ: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion: Vacant
Tag Champs: William Regal and Eugene
Womens Champ: Trish Stratus
GM: Eric Bischoff


BG James
Booker T
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Dawn Marie
Garrison Cade
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Khosrow Daivari
Lilian Garcia
Luther Reigns
Mark Henry
Miss Jackie
Monty Brown
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Ron Killings
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Tag Teams
William Regal and Eugene
3 Live Kru
La Resistance
The Hurricane and Rosey



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Here is my first Raw enjoy

4th April

From Madison Square Garden

Fireworks go of on the stage and ring.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw with me JR sitting along side Jerry The King Lawler and we have an action packed show for you tonight.
King: Yes and that includes a bra and panties match JR. How lucky are we.
JR: But first we have a match for the Tag Team titles as William Regal and Eugene defend the titles against the 3 Live Kru.
King: Yes JR but as you know the special referee for the match is Rob Conway.
JR: Yes we all know that La Resistance want another title shot.

William Regal’s Music Hits

William Regal and Eugene enter with their tag team championships.

3 Live Kru’s Music Hits

BG James and Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings enter

1st match
Tag Team Championships
William Regal and Eugene vs 3 Live Kru
Special Referee – Rob Conway

Match Start – William Regal and Bg James start in and BG James puts a headlock on Regal. Eugene interferes and attacks BG James. Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings comes in and attacks Eugene.

Match Middle – Eugene and Killings are fighting on the arena floor, and James and Regal are fighting in the ring. All of a sudden Sylvain Grenier interferes and him and Rob Conway attack James and Regal. Eugene and Killings enter the ring to be hit by the Au Revior.

Match End – La Resistance continues to beat down Regal, Eugene, James and Killings.

Eric Bischoff’s Music Hits

Bischoff: I have had enough of this so next week we will have a 3 team elimination match as William Regal and Eugene will defend their titles against 3 Live Kru and La Resistance.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw, we have already had an explosive night as 3 tag teams got into a war.
King: Don’t worry about that JR we have a fatal four way bra and panties match for the womens title. Wahoo!
JR: Come down King. Now Ladies and Gentlemen we take you back stage to the Coach who is standing next to our reigning World Heavyweight champion Triple H.

Coach: Now Triple H I know you have a lot on your plate being the World Heavyweight Champion, But how do you fancy your chances in that Tag Team Match later tonight?
HHH: How do I fancy my chances. You see this belt Coach, can you see it? I hold this belt because I am the champion, not because I never fancied my chances in a tag team match. Now listen to me there is nobody in this buisness I have never beaten, and that is because I am the game, and I am that damn good!

Eric Bischoff Appears

HHH: What do you want?
Bischoff: Nice speech champ but you should learn how to talk to authority. I am here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to tell you your opponent at Backlash will be debuting tonight.
HHH: That’s nice it is about time I have some new talent to add to my list.

HHH Walks Of

Commercial Break

JR: What a confritation between our GM and our Heavyweight Champion.
King: Forget about that do you know what is coming up next.
JR: You sound excited so that could mean only one thing, it must be time for…
King: It’s time for the Bra and Panties match JR.
JR: Finally a chance for you to shut your mouth.

Trish’s Music Hits

She enters with her Womens Championship

Lita’s Music Hits

Lita enters

Victoria’s Music Hits

Victoria enters

Stacy Kiebler’s Music Hits

Stacy enters

King: Wow I hope we some puppies.

Simon Dean’s Music Hits

Simon Dean: Now don’t tell me you fans would rather see these podgy bimbos over hearing all about my great Simon System. Now you see all that fat on the divas. Well with my Simon System the pounds will be sliced straight of.

Eric Bischoff’s Music Hits

Bischoff: I have heard enough so instead of a Fatal Four Way Bra and Panties Match it will instead be Simon Dean versus Victoria, Stacy Kiebler, and Liat in a three on one handicap match. However whoever pins Simon Dean will face Trish at Backlash for the Womens Championship.

Trish Leaves

JR: And that match will be the other side of the commercial break.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back.
King: How could Eric Bischoff do this he cancelled a Bra and Panties match. Why Eric Why?

2nd match
Simon Dean vs Victoria, Lita and Stacy Kiebler

Match Start – Simon Dean pushes the divas around and does simple moves like scoop slams, and suplexes.

Match Middle – Simon Dean goes for a cover on Stacy but Lita breaks it up. Simon Dean then attempts to attack Lita but Victoria and Lita fight back. They then go for a double suplex followed by a double ddt. Victoria and Lita then picks up Simon Dean. Victoria then sets up the Widow’s Peak, and nails it in the centre of the ring. Then Lita climbs to the top rope and hits the Litasault. Victoria goes for a pin however Lita pulls her of.

Match Finish – The two divas start to argue until Stacy gets up and whispers something to Lita and Victoria. Then at the same time all three divas pin Simon Dean
WINNER – Lita, Victoria and Stacy Kiebler

King: What in the world how can we have three number one contenders for the womens championship.
JR: I don’t know how but it has happened.
King: There is only one man who can sort out this mess and that is Eric Bischoff.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw and in the commercial Break we found out there will be a tournament to decide the intercontinental champion.
King: Yes and the next amtch is the first match in the series.
JR: Well Edge has been moaning about how he deserves a title shot well he can earn one tonight

3rd match
Intercontinental Tournament
Edge vs Maven

Match Start – Edge is all over Maven using headlocks, slams, suplexes and clotheslines.

Match Middle – Maven starts to fight back hitting a dropkick on Edge. He goes to the top rope and hits Edge with a flying crossbody. Goes for a pin 1…..2…….kickout as the referee’s hand is going down.

Match End – Maven then picks Edge up and hits him with a tornado ddt. He goes for a cover 1…..2…….3. Maven celebrates because he has won. Then the referee relaises Edge’s foot was on the rope so the match continues. Edge gets up to hit the Edgecution on Maven for the pinful.

JR: Edge is one step closer to being the Intercontinental Champion.
King: The rest of the matches will be in the up coming weeks.
JR:But it is now time for our main event.
King: And it will be Triple H versus Booker T.

Triple H’s music Hits

Triple H enters being accomponied to the ring by Ric Flair.

Booker T’s Music Hits

Booker T enters in his usual way.

Main Event
Triple H vs Booker T

Match start – Triple H attacks Booker with a series of punnches, kicks and stomps.

Match Middle – Booker starts coming back with chops. He then whips Triple H into the ropes for a spinebuster however Triple H hits Booker with a facebuster. Triple H continues the beat down.

Match End – A hooded individual enters and chucks Booker T to the outside. Flair gets a chair and attempts to hit the hooded individual however he hits the chair back into his face. Triple H leaves the ring.

Match Aftermath – The hooded Individual spears Flair. He then picks him up into what looks like a suplex, however he changes it into a jackhammer. He then rips of his hood to reveal Goldberg under the hood.
Triple H and Goldberg then have a stare down as Raw fades out and goes of air.

Heat Results

1st match
Val Venis vs Local Superstar
Val Venis wins

Raw Highlights are shown

2nd match
Garrison Cade vs Local Superstar
Garrison Cade wins

More Highlights are shown

Main Event
Muhammed Hussain vs Luther Reigns
Muhammed Hussain

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An OK Show at the most. You gotta use Bold,Color and Italics so people can actually go through the show. I'll give it 7/10
You gotta work on your promos, though your matches were good . You're new so Keep Going!

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Realism: Everything seemed to be in character, although Edge complains about not getting the WHC. JR was particularly good and in character, I wonder why? Overall - 9.5/10

Length: The lenght was good, I think that the commercial breaks came to quickly sometimes. I would like to see you make the matches a bit longer, my matches are massive, full matches. I think you should make some of the promos bigger aswell. Overall - 8/10

Quality/Entertainment: I enjoyed it, I think the tag situation is good and can't wait to see what happens in following weeks, I also like the arrival of Goldberg. The divas match was fun too. Overall - 10/10

Spelling/Grammar: I noticed a few mistakes, nothing to bad but just look out for stupid mistakes. Overall - 9/10

Matches/Booking: I thought that the matches were booked particuarly well. HHH vs Booker was a good idea, but I didn't lke Edge vs Maven, I think since you're trying to sell Edge he should've beaten somebody better. Overall - 9/10

45.5 x 2 = 91/100 not bad for your first show.

I thought the show was great, you should edit in the RAW banner. The only flaw is that you haven't used colour, you really should add colour, bold, italics etc. It improves the show alot. Can't wait until next week. Be sure to check out Smackdown! on Thursday.

(Oh and don't edit in colour now, you can't just change shows, you have to improve the next show)

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WWE: Smackdown! Anarchy
7th April 2005
Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

Rise up plays as the Smackdown! Opening video roles. It cuts to the stage were the pyros are going off, there is a huge reaction from the crowd, the camera scans the audience who are obviously electric. It then cuts to Tazz and Michael Cole.​

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to the very first Smackdown! of what is sure to be a fantastic wrestling year.
Tazz: Yes hello, we are coming to you live from New York City! And this is the first Smackdown! of the Anarchy era, and you know what Cole? I can’t wait.
Michael Cole: Me neither Tazz and …

‘No Chance’ fills the arena followed by a huge response from the MSG crowd. Vince walks down to the ring in the way that only he can. Tony Chimal introduces him. The crowd are still on there feet cheering for the Chairman of the board. Vince steps into the ring and grabs a mic form Tony.

Vince: Hel…

The crowd begin a huge ‘Vince’ chant. Mr. McMahon looks all around him with a giant smile on his face.

Vince: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the very first edition of Smackdown! Anarchy!

There is a huge pop from the crowd.

Vince: Now, seeing as this is the Anarchy era, I thought that I should appoint a GM who signifies Anarchy. Now I was thinking maybe I should get Teddy Long (There is a small pop), but then I thought wait, I should get my daughter Stephanie (There is a bigger pop, but still nothing special), but then again I thought no, this is the Anarchy era. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, your new GM of Smackdown!

Eeerch Crash! The roof is torn off the building by the cheering, Mick Foley walks down to the ring in his jogging pants, with a red and black chequered Shirt over a T-Shirt that read ‘Commissio-ner’, because it wouldn’t all fit on one line. He rolls into the ring and raises his right hand much to the delight of the crowd. Vince hands him a second mic.

Foley: Thank you Vince, (Vince nods to Mick), so how are you great fans doin, right here in New York City.

There is another great pop.

Foley: Well, I have been chosen for a reason, to kick Bischoff’s ass as Commish! (yet another pop) and tonight, I’m gonna make I big impact here in the WWE. As my first act as Commissioner, I’m gonna make a WWE title match for the main event here tonight. (Big pop) So it’ll be John Cena vs. … well, who do you think he should face, JBL? (The crowd boo viciously) O.K. then, what about Kurt Angle? (There is a mixed reaction from the crowd) well … what about Smackdown!’s newest member, ‘The Heart Break Kid’ Shawn Michaels! (There is a massive reaction followed by a ‘HBK’ chant) O.K. then, there you have it, the main event for tonight, John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels. (Foley’s music hits, he then says) I hope you all have a nice day!

The camera shows the new Commissioner walking up the ramp; it then cuts to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole: Welcome back everybody; well you heard it from the new Commish Mick Foley. The main event tonight will be John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Title.
Tazz: I can’t wait for that one Cole, that’s sure to be a rocket buster!
Michael Cole: No doubt that will be great, but I have just been informed that we will kick start Smackdown with an X-Division Title match.
Tazz: Wow! Foley is impressing me already!

Akio’s music hits and Tony Chimal introduces him to the crowd who didn’t move much. He rolls into the ring and starts sidestepping around it. There is silence for a few seconds, then Paul London’s theme hits. The crowd stand to show appreciation for the
X-Division champion. London stomps around at the top of the ramp then drops his fluffy coat thing and sprints down to the ring.

Match 1 – Singles Match (X-Division title)
Paul London [c] vs. Akio

As London slides into the ring Akio starts stomping on the back of his head, Paul tries to get up but is stomped to the mat, the crowd boo. Akio picks up London and whips him off the ropes, London comes back and ducks a clothesline, as Akio turns London hits a spinning-wheel kick to face, the effects can be heard all around the arena. London calls for Akio to get up, he does and London clamps on a headlock, he applies pressure but Akio backs into the ropes and push’s him off, London comes back off the ropes and shoulder barges Akio to the mat. London runs off the ropes to the right of him, Akio rolls to his front and London jumps him, when he comes back Akio throws him over his shoulder for a shoulder-back toss, but Paul flips right over and lands on his feet. When Akio turns London hits a drop-sault much to the delight of the audience. He covers Akio but Akio kicks out instantly and then hits a headlock takedown on London for another 1 count, London works his way to his feat and tries to back drop Akio, who backflips and lands on his feat, he grabs Paul London’s arm, spins him around and then hits a sort of 360 spin kick to the face of London who falls to the mat but nips up immediately and puts an arm wrench on Akio, Akio rolls through and goes to hit London in the face but he ducks, Paul then jumps up for a hurricarana but Akio holds him in a powerbomb position and runs him over to the turnbuckle and drives him into it. Akio then stats to chop the chest of London (wooooo’s from the crowd) he then kicks London into a seated position. Akio takes a few steps backwards then runs at London and hits a dropkick to the face; London is cut above his right eye. There is not much blood but Akio goes after it showing a lot of tenacity. He controls the majority of the match using submission moves and constantly bashing the open wound. Akio has London in the centre of the ring; he’s locked in a leg vice on the throbbing head of Paul London. The crowd begin to clap and bang their feet on the floor to try and get London back into the match. London starts stamping his feet, and then he spins quickly over onto his stomach and rolls over Akio grabbing his legs and going for the pin. 1 … 2 … Akio frees his legs and arches his back so that London is forced upwards. (The crowd clap in respect). Akio turns London so that London’s head is between Akio’s legs. Akio hits a sit-down powerbomb on London and climbs to the top rope. London is in the perfect position for the corkscrew moonsault. Akio pulls the move flawlessly. But, London was able to roll out of the way. London then drags Akio to the corner, climbs to the top rope and signals to the crowd. (There is a loud cheer) London then hits the 450 splash and picks up the 1-2-3 to retain his X-Division Title.
Winner – Paul London – Pinfall

Tazz: Wow! What a match Cole!
Michael Cole: I agree, great match, and we’re only just getting started! Don’t go anywhere folks!

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole: Welcome back, moments ago Paul London retained his title against Akio in one hell of a match!
Tazz: That’s right; lets take a look at the closing moments of the match.

A video clip plays of Akio missing the corkscrew moonsault, it then shows Paul London connect with the 450 splash and get the 3 count.

Michael Cole: Well that certainly was a great match, but com…

The camera switches the commissioners office and JBL is in there, fuming.

JBL: What in the hell is this! John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels, WWE Title on the line. (Cheering can be heard in the distance) Nobody wants to see that, and I mean nobody!
Foley: Well if you were listening to that crowd tonight, (Another cheer) I think you’d think differently.
JBL: This dumb-ass crowd here in Madison square garden or where ever the hell we are, don’t even know what they want to see.
Foley: Is that right?
JBL: Of course I’m right! They want to see me, a true wrestling God in action! Not some punk kid John Cena against some has been Shawn Michaels. They want to chant, my, name. J-B-L, J-B-L, (‘JBL sucks’ chants fill the arena) J-B-L, go on chant it Mick, J-B-L.
Foley: You know what John! (JBL is startled) If you want to be in a match so bad then you got it!
JBL: What … what do you mean?
Foley: I mean tonight you will compete against … Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Van Dam.
JBL: WHAT! You can’t do that!
Foley: Oh yes I can, and that decision is FINAL! (Foley slams down a Judges hammer)

JBL leaves the office in an angered state. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he starts walking down the isle talking to himself in a cocky sort of way. He rolls into the ring and then spins around with both hands raised in the air.

Tazz: Did you hear that Cole? JBL in action tonight!
Michael Cole: Sure did, and I guess the match is next.
Tazz: This isn’t fair Cole; JBL shouldn’t be treated this way!

JBL’s music hits, the crowd are all over JBL. The Limo pulls out with the long horns leading the way. It comes to a halt and the driver opens the door, Orlando Jordan steps out in a suit with the United States Title over his left shoulder. He is followed by JBL who waves at the crowd. The crowd’s booing becomes more intense. JBL steps into the ring and stands facing RVD. JBL then taunts Van Dam by using RVD’s own taunt.

Match 2 – Singles Match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD pounces onto JBL and begins throwing fists in all directions. He presses JBL against the ropes and attempts for the irish-whip, which is reversed by JBL, RVD comes back off the ropes and JBL leans over for a shoulder-back toss. Van Dam had it well scouted pulled off a ninja roll over the back of JBL. RVD then backed into the ropes behind him to give him more momentum. JBL turned just as RVD jumped for the cross-body. Bradshaw caught him and walked over to the ropes, he then hit a textbook fall away slam. This sent RVD rolling out of the ring. RVD climbs to his feet holding his back and looking into the ring at JBL. JBL walks towards the ropes but the ref jumps in front of him to stop him. JBL then continues to struggle and whilst the ref wasn’t looking Orlando over and drove his knee deep into the abdomen of RVD, who fell to the floor upon impact. Jordan then picked him up and threw him into the corner post. JBL pushed the referee out of his way and climbed out of the ring to greet a battered RVD who was lying on the floor by the guardrail. JBL rolled him back into the ring and then began to drive his elbow into RVD. RVD is visibly in pain, as JBL throws him into the corner of the ring. Bradshaw then begins to work the mid-section of Van Dam with punches followed by shoulder thrusts. JBL takes a few steps back and runs at RVD with his head down. RVD jumps up and rolls over the back of JBL. JBL turns and gets a double leg lariat to the face, JBL pops back up and attempts a kick which is caught by RVD who steps over and his a wheel kick sending JBL to the canvas. JBL is by the ropes and RVD runs off the opposite ropes, he hits the rolling thunder but gets up again and runs to the ropes, this time OJ grabs RVD’s foot and Van Dam falls face first into the mat. He gets up and stars at OJ. JBL crawls up behind him and rolls him up only to get a 2 count. RVD jumps up and begins to fire away at JBL, but JBL showing the veteran instincts delivers a thumb to the eye of Mr. Thursday Night, RVD looks up only to receive a boot to the face.

Michael Cole: Oh my god, that kick almost took Van Dam’s head off! We’re sorry everyone but we must go to a commercial break, don’t go anywhere!

{Commercial Break}

We return to see JBL choking RVD in the ropes while OJ distracts the referee.

Michael Cole: Now come that’s not fair!
Tazz: This is wrestling Cole, not Ballet.
Michael Cole: Welcome back, all through the break JBL has been in control of RVD and is now choking him while the ref isn’t looking!
Tazz: You can’t call what you don’t see!

JBL has RVD in the centre of the ring; he has applied a picture perfect abdominal stretch. RVD is in pain. The crowd get behind RVD and he begins the punch Bradshaw in the head with his free hand. He then hip tosses JBL followed by a spinning leg drop. JBL gets up and catches the foot of RVD, who attempts an enziguri but JBL ducks. RVD lands back on his foot and throws himself back the other way catching JBL in the face with his heel. RVD then jumps onto the shoulders of JBL for a hurricarana, but JBL pulls RVD back up and hits a power bomb. He covers RVD, 1 … 2 … RVD just gets his shoulder up. JBL picks him up again and whips him off the ropes. RVD rolls under the boot of JBL, when JBL turns RVD drives him back into the corner with his shoulder, he does a few shoulder thrusts and then backflips before giving Bradshaw one more. He holds his grip around the waist of JBL and him out of the corner and pulls a northern lights suplex. 1 … 2 … kick out. JBL gets up and swings at Van Dam who ducks and the referee takes the blow to the face and falls the canvas. RVD dropkicks JBL and then jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. (The crowd are standing and cheering) But Orlando Jordan low blows RVD who falls from the top. OJ then runs and gets a steel chair from ringside, he slides into the ring and swings at RVD who ducks the shot, OJ swings right around with the chair but RVD hits the Van-Daminator, smashing the chair right back into the face of the US champion which sends OJ flying out of the ring. RVD taunts OJ, but when he turns he is struck by the clothesline from hell. RVD collapses onto his neck and is folded up like an accordion. JBL covers him just as the ref is coming around, 1 … 2… 3. Bradshaw rolls out of the ring and picks up his chief of staff Orlando Jordan as Tony Chimal announces the winner.
Winner – JBL – Pinfall

Michael Cole: Oh come on!
Tazz: What? JBL won, 1-2-3, what’s your problem?
Michael Cole: My problem is that JBL used everything he could to pull off the victory here tonight.
Tazz: You say that like it’s a bad thing, at the end of the day, John Bradshaw Layfield is the winner and is deserving of a WWE title shot!
Michael Cole: Maybe so, but he isn’t getting one tonight, HBK is. So don’t go anywhere.

{Commercial Break}

We return to see Carlito in the ring for another edition of ‘Carlito’s Cabana’.

Carlito: Hello, and welcome to my Cabana. (Boo’s form the crowd) Hey, don’t hate me just because I’m cool. (Another boo) I know you want to be cool like me, but trust me, (He looks at some fat guy in the first row) you will never be as cool as Carlito. Or, for a matter of fact, my guests on the Cabana this week. The very cool tag team champions,

MNM’s music hits and the red carpet is rolled out. They walk down to the ring surrounded by paparazzi. Melina sends her men into the ring and then performs her unique entrance into the ring as the males in attendance cheer. Carlito greets them with handshakes and a kiss for Melina.

Carlito: I would just like to say, YOU GUYS ARE COOL! (MNM nod to each other and rub their title belts) And I believe that you guys have something to say?
Melina: Yes we do. You see, even though we are the Tag team champions (another rub of the belts) and even though we are the hottest new team on the scene. We are being taken for granted. (Boo’s from the crowd)
Nitro: That’s right, we’re the champs and we demand some attention. (Carlito is lying back on a sun bed agreeing with everything that MNM say)
Mercury: Foley, if you’re listening I hope you’re taken notes, because you know as well as we do, you need us. (More boo’s from the crowd)

Eeerch Crash! (Huge pop again)

Foley: So you feel underrated right?
Melina: Your damn right! We don’t even have a match tonight!
Foley: Well it’s funny you should say that, because I have a hungry team waiting in the back who would be glad to take those titles away from you. (Some people run from the back) Clear the ring guys, because next, we’ve got ourselves a WWE Tag Team Championship match. (Cheers) MNM vs. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas. (A decent pop)

{Commercial Break}

We return to see Hardcore and Haas on the top ropes taunting for the crowd.

Match 3 – Tag Team (Tag Team Titles)
MNM [c] vs. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

MNM attack Holly and Haas when they are playing to the crowd and work them down in opposite corners. Mercury leaves Holly and both Nitro and Mercury whip Haas onto the ropes. When he comes back they hit a double hip toss on him. He gets up and leans on the ropes and is double clotheslined over the top rope. MNM approach Holly who runs at them and knocks them both down. Mercury rolls out of the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Hardcore stomps Nitro ad then tags Haas. They both stomp him until Holly climbs out of the ring. Haas picks up Nitro and hits a T-Bone suplex, but then Melina climbs up onto the apron and gets a handful of Hardcore Holly. Holly drops off the apron and is shouting at Melina the ref runs over to break it up. Mercury jumps into the ring and elbows Haas in the back of the head. MNM beat down on Haas, hit a double brainbuster suplex and then Nitro claps his hands together and climbs out of the ring. The ref turns to see Mercury stomping on Haas and signals the tag was made. MNM control the match with constant tags and multiple submissions, mainly the reverse chin lock. Until finally Haas breaks free and tags Holly. Holly bursts into the ring as Charlie flops out. Hardcore throws some haymakers at Mercury and then Nitro runs into the ring but is met by a dropkick, the best in the business. Holly then hits a sidewalk slam on both Nitro and Mercury followed by a powerslam to both as well. Melina climbs on the apron again and Hardcore and the ref walk over to her. Hardcore grabs her by her hair as the crowd cheer but the ref pulls him off and then struggles with Melina on the apron. Holly turns but is hoisted onto the shoulders of Mercury and then DDTed by Nitro as Mercury dropped down, it is called by the announcers the ‘snap-shot’. Nitro grabs the ref and he makes the count, 1 … 2 …3. Melina climbs into the ring and celebrates with her boys.
Winners – MNM – Pinfall

Michael Cole: Oh, and what a great win for MNM.
Tazz: It was wasn’t it! They’ve proved themselves tonight and I’m sure they will do in the future too.
Michael Cole: I was being sarcastic.
Tazz: Hey, if you don’t like victory then that’s your problem.
Michael Cole: Well don’t change that channel, because when we return, the WWE Title is on the line, John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels, and it’s next!

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! Anarchy.
Tazz: Are you ready Cole? This is sure to be a Rocket Buster!
Michael Cole: You’re not wrong there!

‘My Time is now’ hits and cheers fill the arena. John Cena walks down the ramp holding his belt in the air with one hand and the centre is spinning. Tony Chimal introduces him as the camera scans the crowd showing all of the Cena signs. John then climbs onto the second rope and spins the title again. The crowd cheer. ‘Sexy boy’ hits, and the stands are shaking with the noise. HBK dances out and then falls to his knees and looks to the stars with his arms out. The pyros go off behind him then he jumps up to his feet and continues down the ramp to the ring. He steps into the ring and assumes the usual position, flexes and more pyros go off, the crowd are ecstatic. The ref holds the Title in the air and the WWE Title clip plays over it.

Match 4 – Singles Match (WWE Title)
John Cena [c] vs. Shawn Michaels

The match starts with a stare down between the two. The crowd are mixed, there are ‘Cena’ chants that are answered by ‘HBK’ chants. The two circle the ring and then lock up in the centre. Neither man gives an inch and they both release, there is a huge cheer from the crowd. They lock up again and break again. They circle, then go in for the tie up but Cena kicks HBK in the stomach and clamps on a headlock. HBK pushes Cena onto the ropes and when he comes back HBK kicks him in the stomach and applies a headlock of his own. Cena tries to push HBK onto the ropes but Shawn drops to one knee and holds on to head of Cena. He then spins down and drop-toe hold’s Cena to the mat. Cena rolls onto his back and Michaels grabs his legs and tries to turn him into a boston crab but Cena refuses to be turned. So Michaels steps inside John’s legs and manages to put the champ in a sharp shooter. Cena quickly scrambles to the ropes and HBK lets go of the hold. Cena looks at HBK on one knee. He runs at Michaels who arm drags him down and locks in an armbar, the crowd show their appreciation. Cena gets the ropes again. HBK taunts to the crowd, Cena runs at HBK who executes another arm drag Cena bounces to his feat and Shawn runs at him. Cena hits an arm drag of his own and when HBK gets to his feet John greets him with a flying shoulder barge that sends him flying out of the ring. Shawn lands hard on the outside. Cena climbs out of the ring and picks up HBK, he rolls him into the ring and then climbs in himself but HBK drops an elbow on his head. Shawn then runs off the ropes but John Cena hits a spine buster, the crowd cheer. Cena runs off the ropes but HBK hits a hip toss. HBK runs off the ropes again but gets a shoulder-back toss, then Cena runs to the ropes but gets a samoan drop. The crowd become louder and louder as this happens. Both men climb to their feet and run off the ropes resulting in a double knockdown. The crowd stand and clap loudly. The ref reaches a 7 count and both men are on their feet. HBK ducks a punch from Cena and body slams him. Shawn climbs to the top but Cena bails into the ropes and Shawn becomes crotched on the top. Cena goes up to the top with Shawn to attempt a superplex. But whilst still on the top, Shawn atomic drops Cena who falls to the mat below. Shawn then jumps out and hits a devastating elbow drop. The crowd explode. Shawn jumps up and the crowd sense something special. Shawn begins to tune up the band as Cena makes it to his feet; Shawn fires his foot at the throat of the champ. But Cena catches the foot and throws it to the mat. He then picks up Michaels for the F-U, it is executed to perfection. He makes the cover, 1 … 2 … but the ref noticed Shawn’s foot on the bottom rope. There is a mixed reaction.

Michael Cole: How did Shawn Michaels get his foot on the rope after that F-U?
Tazz: I don’t know Cole, What a match here!
Michael Cole: And it continues, when we return!

{Commercial Break}

We return to see Cena working on Shawn Michaels in the corner, again there is a mixed reaction.

Cena is stomping at the chest of Michaels; Michael’s throws one punch but is stomped again until he falls to the ground. Cena drags him to centre of the ring and makes the cover. He only gets a 2 count. He looks frustrated; he picks Shawn up and throws him to the ropes. HBK comes back and dodges the fist of the WWE champ. He then hits a flying forearm to the face of Cena. Both men are down. 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … The Showstopper nips up and the crowd go crazy. Cena gets to his feet and Michaels knocks him down with a clothesline. Cena’s up again, and Michaels hits an atomic drop followed by another clothesline. Cena crawls to the corner to get up. HBK begins to chop the chest but Cena pushes him back. A weak HBK tumbles into the centre of the ring. Cena runs at him but is caught with the Sweet Chin Music, which sends him flying. Michaels, who fell whilst executing the move, crawls into the cover. 1 … 2 … but this time it is Cena with his foot on the ropes. The crowd show their respect for the two in the ring. HBK hoists Cena up and locks in a headlock. Cena reverses it into spinout powerbomb. Both men are motionless. The ref begins his ten count, 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 there is still no movement. 5 … 6 … 7 …8. The crowd are making as much noise as is humanly possible. 9 … out of nowhere JBL and Angle enter the ring. The crowd boo loudly. JBL mounts Cena and draws blood from his head. Angle locks in an Ankle Lock on HBK who is forced to tap out. JBL and Angle then leave the ring in opposite directions. HBK and John Cena are left flat in the ring.
Winner – No Contest (John Cena retains his Title)

Michael Cole: Oh my God! What have we just witnessed here?
Tazz: I’ll tell you what you’ve just seen, the results of booking the wrong matches, that’s what!
Michael Cole: Oh come on, JBL and Angle had no business out here. The crowd chose who they wanted to see and that’s that.
Tazz: You know as well as I do Cole, JBL and Kurt won’t stand for that.
Michael Cole: Yeah, and now I guess Shawn Michaels and John Cena know that as well! I’m sorry folks, but that’s all we have time for tonight, but we’ll see you right here on Smackdown! Anarchy, next week.

Smackdown! fades off air to the WWE: Anarchy logo, which then expodes.

Velocity Results

Match 1 - Mark Jindrak vs. Jobber
Match end - Jindrak pins him after hitting the mark of excellence.

Smackdown! highlights are shown.

Match 2 - Spike Dudley vs. Shannon Moore
Match end - Shannon Moore hits the Halo on Spike to pick up the 1-2-3

More Smackdown! highlights are shown.

Match 3 - Rey Mysterio vs. Rene Dupree
Match end - Rey hits the 619 on Dupree followed by the west coast pop.

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Realism:I think all of the characters were in form, however I dont know wether the crowd would have cheered for Vince that much Overall - 9/10

Length:The length was a good size and all the matches were a suitable length Overall - 10/10

Quality/Entertainment:The promos were good but some of them could have been a bit longer Overall - 9/10

Spelling/Grammar:I never noticed any mistakes in the show Overall - 10/10

Matches/Booking:The matches were good however you could have had one more match as four is not really enough - Overall - 9/10

47x2= 94

Brilliant show but you could have used more colours than just blue and black.

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Raw: Definitly use color, bold, and italics next time so it appeals to the viewer/reader.

I see that some people complained about the length of your matches, though I have no real problem with it. Maybe a little more detail would help but that's fine as long as it's not a payperview. I do agree though that the promos could be a little longer.

Maven in Intercontinental contention? I would have switched him with Hussan. Maven is more of a "Heat" wrestler, as Hussan is more realistic to be in contention for a title, but it's all good.

Smackdown: Also can use more colors etc, but better than nothing. Matches were very detailed and helped me invision it better, nice job on that.
Promos were descent, that's probably the place you could've worked on a little better.

Nice main event, pretty good show. Your matches were also very good, and I liked the main event, damn did I want HBK to win it, lol.

good job.

Can't wait for next week for both of you...

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Wow! amn loved both the shows.....the rule the btb...i liked smackdown better becuase HBK's there......I Give Smackdown A 97/100. And Raw A 93/100.
Keep up the good work...I'am on the Graphics team here too...Rite? I Saw the Anarchy symbol ...nrxt time i make a banner for you i'll put the symbol up too...
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