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WWE: Alternate Reality

This will not be the format of an original show, this will be a different type of booking show centred around one character. Instead of the normal format in which a writer presents a full written show, I will instead produce the show from the characters perspective, covering his match, his on screen segments, and even some off screen segments to enhance the story.

Obviously this means the shows will be significantly shorter, however that will allow for a more frequent postage of shows.

I understand that this may receive a lot of negative critics because it is not the traditional, but none the less this is an experiment, it is different.

This will be based around a story I have created following an important event in the chosen characters career. After the story ends then I may choose to develop a new story about a different character...if I'm not booed out the section that is!

I welcome any questions, or any feedback positive or negative. Everyone has an opinion.

Onto the story...


On October 3rd 2010, John Cena faced Nexus leader Wade Barrett at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV.

If he won, the Nexus would be forced to disband.
If he lost, John Cena would be forced to join the Nexus.

In reality, John Cena lost to Wade Barrett and joined the Nexus in a storyline that has dominated Monday Night Raw to this day.

However, in this alternate reality none of this happened.

This is a story of how after months of trying, John Cena finally thwarted the Nexus by defeating Wade Barrett and forcing them to disband. To the relief of John Cena he had overcome one of his greatest adversaries in his career. But the question now is...

What Nxt for Cena?

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I think I might be able to get into this. Seems like you have a good story going and stuff, hopefully you'll add a roster or something soon. I see that this is your first post, and I'd like to say Welcome to WF, enjoy your stay.
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