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This is my first time at writing shows, I will be helped by another person who will write Smackdown. I am starting after Vengeance but am not keeping all the storylines.

(P.S I will be on holiday this coming Saturday, for 3 weeks. I will try and post some if I find a computer but if not I will just post all of my shows leading up to SummerSlam, this week, before Saturday and when I come back I will post the actual PPV.)

Cheers. This is the Roster, It might change slightly.



Chairman of the Board – Vince McMahon (H)

Superstars Subject to Change

General Manager: Eric Bischoff (Both)

World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit (F)
Chris Jericho (F)
Goldberg (F) ©
Kane (H)
Shawn Michaels (F)
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin (F)
Triple H (H)

Intercontinental Championship

Charlie Haas (F)
Christian (F)
Diamond Dallas Page (H)
Edge (F)
Matt Hardy (w/ Lita)
Randy Orton (H) ©
Shelton Benjamin (F)

Hardcore Title

Hardcore Holly (F)
Maven (F)
Perry Saturn (H)
Raven (H)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Rhyno (H)
Scott Steiner (H) ©
Tajiri (F)
Tommy Dreamer (F)
Tyson Tomko (H)

World Tag Team Championships

La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rob Conway) (H)
New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg + Billy Gunn) (F)
Rosey & Jamal (H)
Right To Censor (Steven Richards +Val Venis) (H)
Viscera & Mark Henry (H)
William Regal & Eugene (F)
World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) (F)©

Women’s Championship

Gail Kim (H)
Ivory (F)
Jazz (H)
Molly Holly (H)
Sable (H)
Trish Stratus (F)©
Victoria (F)

Jonathan Coachman (Backstage Interviewer + Wrestler) (H)


Superstars Subject to Change

General Manager: Shane McMahon (F)

WWE Title

Big Show (H)
Booker T (H)
Brock Lesnar (F)
Eddie Guerrero (F)
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (H)
Kurt Angle (H)
Ric Flair (H)
The Rock (F)
Undertaker (H) ©

United States Championship

A-Train (H)
Batista (H)
Goldust (F)
John Cena (F) ©
Lance Storm (F)
Rene Dupree (H)
Sean O’Haire (H)
Test (H)

WWE Tag Team Championships

Akio and Sakoda (H)
Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham) (H)
Chavitos (Chavo Jnr & Chavo ‘Classic’ Guerrero) (H)
Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) (H)
Full Blooded Italians (Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo) (H)
Too Cool (Rikishi + Scotty Too Hotty) (F) ©

WWE Cruiserweight Title

A.J Styles (F)
Billy Kidman (F)
Chavo Guerrero (H) ©
Dean Malenko (H)
Funaki (F)
Grand Master Sexay (H)
Hurricane Helms (F)
Jamie Noble (H)
Jerry Lynn (H)
Nunzio (H)
Paul London (F)
Rey Mysterio Jr (F)
Shannon Moore (H)
Spanky (F)
Spike Dudley (F)
Taka Michinoku (H)
Ultimo Dragon (F)

Paul Heyman (Managing:Undertaker) (H)


Jackie Gayda (F)
Stacy Keibler (F)
Torrie Wilson (F)

This is my first ever attempt at ‘Be The Booker’ so please take mercy on my soul…. all opinions are welcomed.

Raw – July 12th

The Show kicks off with footage of Chris Benoit retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H from Last Night’s PPV, Vengeance.

The Pyro sends a chorus of explosions throughout the arena as we kick off what should be an unforgettable night.

J.R – 15,000 Packed into the Staples Centre, Los Angeles as we welcome you to Monday Night Raw. J.R along side Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and King what an unbelievable night, it was last night King when Chris Benoit regained his World Heavyweight Championship.

King – What a night it was J.R but we can’t forget the promise that our G.M, Eric Bischoff made last night, because the Hardcore Title is back.

J.R – That’s right King, There will be an open invitational, for any man who wishes to hold the Hardcore Title, Tonight could be your night.

King – This is going to be great, I can’t wait!

Triple H’s Theme is played

J.R - Folks, last night, that man was only seconds away from regaining The World Heavyweight Title, which he lost to Benoit at WrestleMania. The visible gash on his forehead, the result of being busted open at the hands of our Champion.

King – J.R, That man can barely walk. He had that title won. Benoit doesn’t deserve to have the title.

J.R – King, How can you say that, Benoit is a very good Champ and is what gives this company a good name.

King – Be quiet J.R. The Game is about to speak.

Chants of ‘’You Tapped Out’’ Echo throughout the whole arena.


King – Does this crowd have any respect for this man? He is one of The Best in This Business.

J.R – Well King, you can’t take that away from him. He is the Cerebral Assassin.

The Chants have slightly died down.

HHH- Benoit. You think you can outwit The Game? Huh? I had you beat, that title should be around MY waist, not yours MINE!! No one beats me. I am The Game and I am that damn good. Benoit, your not getting away with it this time.

J.R – Senior Official, Earl Hebner was in charge of the match, when Triple H inadvertently knocked him down.

HHH – Eric, I want you to get your ass out right now, I want my title rematch tonight.

Eric Bischoff’s Theme is played

Eric – Triple H, I know you want your rematch, I saw you get robbed out of that victory last night….

J.R- Give me a break.

Eric – So Triple H, you will be involved in a match for The World Heavyweight Title, Tonight.

Crowd Boo

Eric – However there is just one slight problem, I have a man who keeps telling me that you have already had your shot, and you should now be at the back of the line. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I need to make him get off my back.
So, Tonight, in that very ring we will have a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, it will be Chris Benoit versus Triple H versus…STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

The crowd go wild whilst Triple H is left in the ring with a look of complete horror.

Commercial Break

J.R - And we’re back with the Women’s Tag Match, The Women’s Champion Jazz & Sable v Trish Stratus & Victoria.

King – PUPPIES!!!

J.R – King, Will you ever grow up?

Jazz’s Theme is played, followed by Sable’s, Victoria’s and Trish’s.

The match starts with Jazz and Victoria in the Ring. Victoria nails a Running Clothesline followed by a Scoop Slam, and gets a 2 count. Jazz then follows up with 2 punches of her own and a knockdown. Victoria gets back up and both women Tag out. Sable and Trish lock up, Trish hits a swinging neck breaker followed by a slap to the head, covers but Sable puts foot on rope. Victoria enters the ring and both women stomp Sable in the corner. Sable is looking desperate and needs a Tag. Sable ducks a punch and follows up with a Swinging Valley Driver Followed by a Jawbreaker. Jazz enters but is pushed away by Ref. Victoria enters and plants the Widows Peak on Jazz. Trish is still down following that Driver by Sable. Finally she gets up and plants a kick on Sable, Covers and gets a 2 count before Jazz interferes. Trish gets up and punches Jazz, the ref is distracted whilst Victoria plants another Widows Peak. Ref finally splits the 2 Divas up and Trish goes for the cover. Remarkably Sable kicks out.
Finally Sable makes the tag to an already fired up Jazz. Jazz throws punches everywhere, she then misses Trish, Trish then nails a Kick and Victoria, a modified Sidewalk Slam. Victoria then runs and knocks Sable off the Apron whilst Trish covers Jazz and gets the 3 Count.

Here are your Winners: Trish Stratus and Victoria

Steven Richards and Val Venis are shown backstage in the Locker Room.

Steven – Tonight is the night when we finally get rid of that baby boy Eugene. He has the intelligence of an Amoeba. He must be taken off our screens IMEDIATELY!!!

Val- Yes Sir.

Steven – I want him off. And what I want, I get.

J.R – What an idiot King, all Eugene wants is to live his dream as a WWE Superstar and you get people like the ‘Right To Censor’ trying to squash that dream. It’s just not fair.

King – Life’s not fair J.R.

J.R - Anyway Folks we have the moment you have all been waiting for, the return of the Hardcore Title is up next in an Open Invitational. We will be right back.

Commercial Break

The Participants in the match are Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, Shelton Benjamin, Scott Steiner, Rikishi and Rhyno. This match will have a 10 Minute Time Limit according to our General Manager Eric Bischoff

Rikish starts by clearing house, then provides the Stink Face to Rhyno. RVD with Martial Arts Kicks galore to Scott Steiner. Tajiri is brawling with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton executes a perfect Release German on Tajiri, whilst Rikishi, Stink Faces Rhyno again this time on the opposite Turnbuckle. RVD then grabs a chair and tries to hit Tajiri but misses. Rhyno then gets that chair and tries to hit Rikishi with it but misses, Rikishi then plants Rhyno with a DDT onto the Chair. Steiner then hits a Steiner Recliner on Rikishi, whilst Shelton hits RVD with a Trash Can. Cover 1,2,3 Shelton Benjamin is champ on 6:27. All the competitors are busted open. Steiner Recliner on Shelton by Scott Steiner, Shelton refuses to tap as Tajiri breaks the hold. Rhyno then brings a Table into the Ring and Gore’s Shelton through it. Covers him, 1,2,3 Rhyno is champ on 3:30. Shelton then wins it back on 2:47 with a Sucker Punch. Rikishi meanwhile has put RVD through another Table. Tajiri then Pins Rhyno after a Ladder Shot brought into the Ring by RVD on 1:43. Steiner then gets a Metal Bar and knocks Tajiri to the Canvas and covers him with 50 seconds left, Tajiri is then pinned by Steiner. Rhyno then gets a Chair Shot on Steiner with 10 Seconds remaining but he doesn’t have the remaining strength to go for the cover.

Here is your winner and the NEW Hardcore Champion: Scott Steiner

A bloody, Bruised and Battered Scott Steiner celebrates on the Turnbuckle with his new title.

Commercial Break

An angry Triple H storms into Eric Bischoff’s office, asking why he added Stone Cold into the match to make it a Triple Threat. Bischoff says that he has various reasons for his decision and that Triple H has many more important things to think about other than what Eric thinks. For starters he has his Triple Threat Match to worry about. Triple H leaves the office with more questions being asked than answered.

J.R – King, what was that all about?

King – I don’t know J.R but this Triple Threat match is going to be one hell of a battle.

Right To Censor’s Theme airs Followed by that of Eugene and William Regal

Regal starts in the ring along side Val Venis. Many Rest holds are executed, as Val is getting anxious. Eugene is seen jumping up and down urging his friend and mentor, William Regal on. Val Venis worms his way out of a sleeper hold and packs a couple of Delayed Vertical Suplexes on Regal. Venis makes the Tag to Richards. Richards gets a few punches in but after every punch layed into Regal, Eugene is seen getting angrier, finally Eugene snaps and knocks the daylight out of Richards. Venis is seen bringing in a Steel Chair and hits Eugene on the Head. The referee calls for the Bell.

Your Winners due to a Disqualification: William Regal and Eugene.

Eugene is seen remaining motionless on the floor. Venis hits the Money Shot, and he and Richards squirm their way out of the ring. EMT’s then rush to the aid of Eugene who is pictured with blood pouring from his head. Regal signals with a ‘’slit throat type motion’’ that they are his.

J.R – Those actions that we just witnessed by RTC were just disgusting and out of order. That was Vile, That was sick.

All 3 members in the Triple Threat Match are shown coming out of their respective lockers. All making their way to the ring. This match is announced as being no DQ.

Stone Cold’s Theme hits, then that of Triple H, and Finally that of the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit.

All 3 men stand in the middle of the Ring.
The ‘What’ Chants begin

Austin locks eyes with HHH, and then puts 1 middle finger up at him. HHH then runs and attacks him. Benoit then punches HHH.
The match then starts with Benoit grabbing a Steel Chair immediately and hitting both Austin and HHH with the Chair. Benoit then Suplexes Austin on the Chair. HHH and Benoit then exchange blows.

You Tapped Out is heard throughout the Arena

J.R – It’s virtually all against all. Everyone is fighting everyone. The unlikely team of Benoit and HHH are working together, but for how long? We need to take our last Commercial break but we will be back right after for the conclusion of this Title Match.

Commercial Break

We return with a Dragon Sleeper being applied to Stone Cold by HHH. Benoit then hits Austin with A Steel Chair and a DDT on the Chair. Austin somehow then counters a Pedigree. Benoit then turns on HHH with Rolling German’s followed by a Back Drop and a Headbutt. Benoit then hits the Sharpshooter on Austin but can’t make him tap. Austin the Stunners HHH and Benoit hits Austin with a Sledgehammer brought to the Ring by HHH, Moments Earlier. Austin is knocked out. Benoit then gets the Crossface locked in on HHH and makes him tap.

Here is your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit.

J.R – He’s done it again King, Benoit has made HHH Tap,, for the second night running. Austin looks as if he needs medical attention

King – What an explosive night, I told you it was going to be great.

J.R – Thank You Folks for inviting us into your homes, what a win for Benoit. Goodnight, Everybody.

The show ends with Benoit celebrates on the Ramp whilst an angry HHH looks up at him

Match Results:

Trish Stratus & Victoria defeated Jazz & Sable.
Scott Steiner defeated five other men to win the vacant Hardcore Title.
William Regal & Eugene defeated RTC (Steven Richards & Val Venis) via DQ.
Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Steve Austin to regain The World Heavyweight Championship.

Tune in next time for more.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Not a bad start to life in BTB!
Decent show with decent match bookings although you did fail to mention how Austin came back and how RTC were re-united.
Overall 8/10 Great start! I'll keep reading and hopefully this series will pick up!

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Just to confirm, Raw will be written by me TheGreatOne08 and Smackdown by CM Fanatic. The PPV's will be written by the people whose Brands are involved.

Thanks and don't forget to tune in!

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Great first show, one of the best first one's I've read in a long while.

Great flow to it, nice Promo's, Good to see some of my favourties back in the ring. Hope you use Steiner well, WCW heel not WWE heel and make him unstopable again. Great rosters and gooid matches, I liked the Triple Threat Main Event.

Learn to use the bold and italics for you shows it makes it alot easier to read and it looks better. Check out At0mic and mine, WWE: Rise of Glory to see what I'm talking about. Also work on your matches a little bit, they seemed a bit confusing to read, but I got the hang of it.

It will be interesting to see what you can do in the future with it, also I hope Smackdown! won't be the downfall of you company.

For your first show I'll give you a 9/10 for a great first show.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Thanks alot Grendrill and Red Cold! I hope to have Smackdown up by Tomorrow/Thursday and to have next weeks Raw up tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

The Smackdown pyro hits complimented with a massive crowd pop

Cole – Good evening and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. Today we kick off what may be an unforgettable era for Smackdown. This will be the first show under the reign of Shane McMahon.

Tazz – That’s right Cole, and today will also be a special day for The Rock. Today is the debut of the Rock new segment, “If Ya Smell”. This is definitely gonna be a great…

*Here Comes the Money*; massive pop; Shane McMahon comes out dragging a tombola followed by Torrie Wilson.

Cole – It looks like our new General Manager is gonna get things started off here. And it seems Torrie’s assistance will be needed.

Tazz – I wouldn’t mind rolling around in that tombola with Torrie, I can tell you that!

Cole – You need a cold shower, Tazz.

Shane and Torrie bring tombola into the ring. Shane gets a microphone, the music stops and the crowd dies down.

Shane – Welcome to a new era of Smackdown, led by yours truly, Shane O’Mac.

The crowd cheer

Shane – For those who didn’t witness what happened on last week Smackdown, here’s a recap.

Video of last week’s Smackdown is shown. Shane was in a cage match with Kurt Angle, the former G.M. It was a long and gruelling match which could have gone either way. Kurt Angle managed to land the Angle Slam on Shane. Kurt began to climb the cage. Shane managed to get himself up from the ring mat and pulled something from his trousers. He went over to Angle and grabbed his leg. Suddenly, Angle wasn’t able to move. Shane had handcuffed his leg to the cage. Shane then climbed out of the ring and won the match, making himself the new G.M.

Massive pop from the crowd

Cole – That was one of the best matches we have ever seen here on Smackdown.

Tazz – You can always count on Shane O’Mac to bring in the ratings. I can see a great a future ahead of us here on Smackdown.

Crowd dies down

Shane – Thank you, thank you. Well let’s get down to business. Since this is a new era to Smackdown, we’re gonna have to make some alterations, starting right at the top. I won’t sugar-coat anything, I’ll bring it straight out, the WWE Title is now vacant.

Massive pop

Shane – The new WWE Champion will be decided in the Smackdown Tournament. In this tombola I have placed the names of those who I think are worthy of holding the WWE Title. In a few minutes, my lovely assistant Torrie is going to pick out 2 pairs of wrestlers who will face each other tonight. The winners of the two matches will go to Summerslam where they will compete for the WWE Title.

Cole – “Those who are worthy” Tazz. Who do you think that involves?

Tazz – Well I’m hoping it will include the Undertaker.

Cole – Well Tazz we’ll just have to wait till after this commercial break. Stay tuned.

Commercial break

Shane – And now for the first match. Torrie would you do the honours?

Torrie spins the tombola, opens it, bends down (crowd cheer) and takes out two balls

Tazz – Boy I wish they were my balls.

Shane opens the first ball

Shane – John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs.….

Shane opens the second ball

Shane - …………………….The Undertaker.

Tazz – Oh my God!!! What a match!! The former WWE Champion versus the unstoppable Deadman.

Shane – Torrie, next match please.

Torrie spins the tombola, opens it, bends down (crowd cheer) and takes out two balls

Shane – Thank you Torrie. And the next match will be between……. Kurt Angle and……………………. Brock Lesnar.

Massive crowd pop

*Here Comes the Money*; Shane and Torrie exit the ring

*Chavo Guerrero music starts* Chavo Jnr comes out accompanied by Chavo Classic. Chavo Jnr has the cruiserweight title around his waist.

Crowd boo

Cole – And the Chavitos have entered the ring first for this singles cruiserweight match.

Tazz – The Chavitos have been a great team. Thanks to Chavo Classic, Chavo Jnr has managed to have a long title reign, all thanks to their lying, cheating and stealing.

Cole – Yeah, that motto sure does run through the family.

*Billy Kidman’s music starts* Billy Kidman comes out

Mild crowd cheers

This will be a singles, non-title, non gimmick match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

The match starts with the two wrestlers grappling. Kidman gains the upper hand and puts Chavo Jnr into a head lock. Chavo Jnr tries to break loose but Kidman gives him a few shots to the face. Kidman throws Chavo Jnr to the ropes and gives him a running clothesline. Kidman runs to and bounces off the ropes and baseball slides into Chavo Jnr’s head. Kidman then goes to pick up Chavo Jnr by the head but receives a blow to the face. Chavo Jnr then lifts up Kidman and gives him a snapmare and drop kick. He then taunts Kidman by putting his foot on his face. He picks Kidman up by the head, grapples with him then body slams him. He covers him for the count. 1…2... Kick out.

Chavo Jnr dominates most of the match.

Chavo Jnr grapples with Kidman, then whips him into the corner and Kidman lands back first in the turnbuckle. He runs at Kidman to attempt a clothesline, but Kidman moves out of the way. Kidman lands some good punches onto the face of Chavo Jnr then hits him with a DDT. Kidman begins to climb the turnbuckle, looking for the Shooting Star Press (mild crowd cheer). Kidman stands up straight on the turnbuckle, not seeing Chavo Classic edging closer to him. The referee is concentrating on Chavo Jnr on the floor. Kidman is about to leap of the turnbuckle… when Chavo Classic knocks his leg off. Kidman lands crotch first on the turnbuckle. Chavo Classic pushes Kidman off the turnbuckle into the ring. Chavo Jnr. Picks himself up off the floor, picks up Kidman and lands a Brainbuster DDT on him. He climbs on top of him for the count. 1…2…3.

Crowd Boo; the Chavitos celebrate in the centre of the ring. Suddenly, someone appears on the titantron.

Crowd cheer

??? – Hey Chavo!! You think you’re so big huh? You think you’re unstoppable with that title don’t you? We’ll guess what? I’m coming for you Chavo. I’ll be here next week. You better kiss goodbye to that title.

Crowd Cheer

Cole – Oh my God, that was… that was A.J. STYLES!!!

Tazz – A.J Styles is coming to the WWE!!! And he’s after Chavo Jnr!!!! Chavo better watch out next week.

The Chavitos look around worriedly, and then hurry out of the ring.

Shane is backstage talking on the phone, when JBL enters his office.

JBL – Shane, I have a bone to pick with you!!! I REFUSE to wrestle the Undertaker. I demand a new opponent be picked. The Undertaker isn’t worthy of holding my title!!! How dare his name be put into the draw!!! I demand a new opponent.

Shane – Ok, calm down Bradshaw. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Since you were the last champ, I’ll grant you your wish, I’ll pick another ball from the draw.

Shane goes to the corner of his room and gets the tombola. He tells JBL to pick a ball. JBL spins it then picks a ball.

JBL – Ok, let’s see the unlucky victim…. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! NO, THIS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE!!!

The camera zooms in to reveal “The Undertaker” written on the paper.

Crowd cheer

JBL - I’m picking again!!!!

JBL picks another ball.


The camera zooms in to reveal “The Undertaker” written on the paper.

Crowd cheer

JBL picks another ball and opens it, then another, and another, and another, until all the balls are gone. He throws all the papers on the floor. Camera zooms in to show “The Undertaker” written on all the papers.

Massive pop

Shane – Sorry Bradshaw, must be fate. It looks like you’re going to be the unlucky victim today.

JBL storms out of Shane’s office.

Commercial break

Cole – Welcome back folks. We’re sorry that are about to return to some bad news. The Rock was savagely attacked in his locker room during the commercial break. The Rock was found laying unconscious in his locker room and is being rushed to the local hospital as we speak.

Tazz – We sure hope he will back in action next week so he can debut his new segment. Damn, I was looking so forward to it.

Cole – Well Tazz, you can look forward to the upcoming match, John Cena has been scheduled to face Batista in this next match up.

*Basic Thuganomics* John Cena comes out with U.S. Title around his waist.

Massive pop

Cena does a little rap for the crowd

*Batista’s music plays* Batista comes out accompanied by Ric Flair

The following match will be a singles, non-title, no gimmick match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Batista takes early advantage in this match by hitting Cena with a running clothesline. Batista Picks up Cena the neck and throws back to the ring mat. Batista goes over to him and gives him a few stamps on the head. Batista then looks towards the crowd with a look of anger on his face and tenses his muscles. Cena gets onto his hands and knees, and then Batista grabs him around the waist, lifts him up and gives him a bear hug. While still holding Cena, he then runs Cena, back first, into all four turnbuckles, and then drops him to the floor. Cena lies on the ring mat clutching his chest and coffing.

Batista dominates most of match, with Ric Flair making little interferences behind the ref’s back. Cena manages to make some comebacks which are quickly shut down by Batista.

Batista picks Cena off the floor and hits him with a scoop slam. He then grabs him by the head and locks him in the sleeper hold. Cena slowly begins to lose consciousness. The fans start to stamp their feet while chanting “Cena, Cena”. Cena’s body becomes life less and the ref goes to check up on him. He lifts and drops his arm once….. He lifts and drops his are twice…. He lifts and…NO!!! Cena’s arm doesn’t drop. The crowd goes wild. Cena has been given a sudden burst of energy. He makes his way to his feet and elbows Batista till he releases him. Cena runs to and bounces off the ropes and runs into a boot to the stomach from Batista. Batista then places Cena’s head between his legs then lifts him over his head and lands a double powerbomb-into-pin. 1….2…. Kick out. Ric Flair goes mad, climbs onto ropes, and argues with the ref. Batista goes to pick up Cena but receives a low blow. Cena then lifts Batista onto his shoulders. F-U!!!!! F-U!!!!!! The ref turns around after hearing how wildly the crowd cheers. Cena has Batista pinned in the centre of the ring. 1….2….3!!!!!! Cena wins.

*Basic Thuganomics* Cena slides out of the ring, grabs his belt and exits through the crowd.

Cole – What a match Tazz.

Tazz – You’re right Cole. That has to be one of Cena’s best matches. But I'm feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Batista. I think Batista will be looking to get revenge.

Cole – Well there’s no time to wonder now. The next match is coming up soon.

*JBL’s music starts* A white limo with bull horns stuck onto the front enters the stage. The driver comes out and opens the door for JBL. JBL makes his way to the ring.

*Undertaker’s music starts*

Massive pop

Paul Heyman leads the entrance holding the golden urn, followed by Undertaker who is guarded by the Dudley Boyz.

This will be a singles, Smackdown Tournament match. The winner will go to SummerSlam and face the winner from the other match in the Smackdown Tournament. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

JBL stays on the opposite side of the ring staring in fear at eh Undertaker. The Undertaker stares back, rolling his eyeballs into the back of his head. JBL sees an opportunity and runs to take advantage of it, but is met with a big boot to the face. JBL manages to scamper his way back to the other side of the ring and get to his feet. Paul Heyman shouts to the Undertaker and the Undertaker rushes to JBL. JBL has no time to decide what to do, so does the first thing that seems to have come into his head, he punches the Undertaker. The punch has no effect so JBL lands some more punches. The Undertaker stands there and stares at JBL. He reaches out towards JBL but he ducks underneath his arm, moves behind Undertaker and lands a drop kick to the back of his head. The Undertaker falls onto the ropes then JBL runs at him and lands a clothesline which knocks Taker out of the ring. The momentum also causes JBL to fall out of the ring.

JBL works on Taker’s back outside the ring by throwing him into the ringposts and stairs. He manages to evade attacks from the Dudley Boyz and dominates much of the match.

JBL stamps on Taker’s back a few times while he’s on the ring mat. JBL picks him up and lands a body slam on him. JBL turns to the crowd and taunts in triumph. The crowd boo. However, the boos quickly change to loud cheering as Taker rises from the mat and stares and stares at the unrealising JBL. JBL turns around and is met by the staring eyes of the Undertaker. JBL attempts to land a punch but the Undertaker grabs his fist, grapples with him and lands a sidewalk slam. He then raises JBL from the mat, takes him to the corner and goes Old School. He then turns to the crowd and gives a signal that the Tombstone is coming. Taker picks him up, turns him upside down, and lands the Tombstone. 1…2…3 Taker wins, and claims his place in the WWE Title match at Summerslam against either Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar.

Cole – John Bradshaw Layfield will definitely be disappointed with that match.

Tazz – He had it won Cole. He could have been one of the few to beat the Deadman.

Cole – JBL put on a good performance, and was unlucky not to win.

Tazz – I know Cole. Well we’ll just have to look forward to the next match.

Cole – Yes, Angle and Lesnar have put on some great matches against each other, the most memorable being their Ironman match last year on Smackdown and their title match at Wrestlemania. No doubt this match will be one to look forward to. This match will start right after this commercial break.

Don’t Try This At Home video

Commercial break

WWE Diva Search Promo

Cole – We’re back and both wrestlers have already entered the ring ready to fight.

This will be a singles, Smackdown Tournament match. The winner will go to SummerSlam and face the winner from the other match in the Smackdown Tournament. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

The two wrestlers start off circling each other while the crowd pelt Angle with “You Suck!” chants. The two wrestlers leap at each other and enter into grapple, both struggling to gain the upper hand. They push away from each other, neither of them gaining the upper hand. They leap at each other again but this time Angle dives for Lesnar’s legs, bringing him to the floor. Angle then gets Lesnar into a headlock while he’s lying on the floor. Lesnar manages to break out of it. Both wrestlers enter another grapple. This time, Angle gains the upper hand landing a side slam.

Both wrestlers battle in this evenly matched contest, the result likely to go either way.

Lesnar hits Angle with a Belly to Belly Suplex, sending Angle to the other side of the ring. Lesnar picks him up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Lesnar hits him with a few headbutts to the gut, and then whips Angle into the opposite corner. He runs at Angle attempting a spear, but Angle moves at the last minute and Lesnar hits the ringpost shoulder first. Lesnar wanders away groggily from the turnbuckle and wanders into four German Suplexes from Angle. Angle goes for the pin, 1…2… so close from Angle!!! Lesnar makes it to his feet, turns around and turns into an Angle Slam. Lesnar hits the floor hard. Angle goes for another cover. 1…2… Lesnar kicks out. Angle has become frustrated. He removes the shoulder straps of his vest and prepares to give Lesnar another Angle Slam. Lesnar makes it to his feet and turns around, straight into the Angle Slam. Angle raises Lesnar above his head, but Lesnar counters it, and kicks Angle in the stomach and raises him to his shoulders. Lesnar throws him through the air in the F5. Angle is out on the mat, and Lesnar drops on top of Angle for the pin. 1…2….3 Lesnar wins. Lesnar goes through to face the Undertaker at SummerSlam.

Tazz – Once again, Lesnar and Angle deliver a great match.

Lesnar helps Angle to his feet and they hug.

Cole – Both these wrestlers respect each other greatly after all their fierce encounters. Just look at…. What’s…. what’s going on?

All the lights in the arena turn off, and a gong is sounded

Massive cheer

The lights come back on and the Undertaker is standing over the non moving bodies of Angle and Lesnar

Cole – Oh my God!!! The Undertaker has appeared out of nowhere and taken out Angle and Lesnar!!! I can’t believe….

All the lights go out again, then back on and the Undertaker is nowhere to be seen.

Tazz – And there he goes. It’s gonna be a long and hard road to SummerSlam for Lesnar, with the Deadman doing everything possible to knock him off it.

Cole – If the Undertaker can do this, imagine what he could do to Lesnar at SummerSlam!!!

Tazz – Imagination won’t even come close Cole. We’ll just have to wait till SummerSlam to see what happens.

Show ends with EMTs removing Lesnar and Angle from the ring.

Show Summary

Chavo Guerrero Jnr defeated Billy Kidman
John Cena defeated Batista
Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield
Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title Match: Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

This is Raw for 19th July, Please send feedback!


Raw - 19th July

The show kicks off with footage of Chris Benoit regaining his World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, in a Triple-Threat Match.

J.R – 17,565 packed into the Nassau Coliseum, for Monday Night Raw with me J.R alongside Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King what a night it was last week, when Chris Benoit defeated two men to regain The World Heavyweight Championship.

King – J.R, if last week was an indication of things to come in the coming weeks, it’s going to be great. I can’t wait! J.R, Triple H is going to make Benoit pay.

The Ring is set up for the Highlight Reel and Chris Jericho’s Theme is played

J.R – Well King, here comes Y2J and we have been told that his Special Guest will be none other than Kane.

King – It’s going to be interesting J.R to see what the Big Red Monster Kane has to say.

J.R – Thank You Folks, for inviting us into your homes on this hot summer’s night here in New York.

Y2J – Welcome to Raw Is Jericho!!!!

Crowd Cheer, Chants of Y2J erupt.

Y2J – Now people have been asking me over the last few weeks, by whom has Lita been impregnated by? She shouldn’t have been sleeping with two men in the first place; can you imagine a little Kane?

Crowd laugh as Jericho does a Kane impression.

Y2J – Well we need not ask any questions, anymore because my guest for tonight claims that Lita’s baby is his, so without further ado please welcome, Kane.

Kane’s Theme is played

J.R – King, that’s a psychotic man.

King – J.R, you need to take a lighter tone to life. We know the history between you and Kane but it’s just that, History. So let it go and take care of your life.

J.R – Let’s stop worrying about me and get on with the show.

Y2J – Kane, many people have condemned your actions from two weeks ago, not only did you lay your hands on a woman who is said to be carrying your baby….

Does the stupid ‘’Little Kane’’ impression

Y2J- But you tried to Chokeslam her. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Kane – I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, not to these people and especially not to you Jericho.

Crowd boo


Y2J – Well you can argue that with my next guest, he is on the other side of this equation. Please Welcome, Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy Theme Plays

J.R- Well King, This is the other side of the equation, Matt Hardy also thinks he is the father of the child.

Matt – Kane, I hate you, for what you did to ma Lita. You’re not gonna get away with this.

Matt runs over and attacks Kane, whilst this is happening Bischoff comes out.

Eric –Wo Wo, Wo. Matt, seeing as you are so anxious to get in the Ring tonight, I’m going to give you a match. It will be Matt Hardy, Version 1 against…The Hardcore Champion Scott Steiner in a No Holds Barred match, and get ready because that match…

Bischoff looks at his watch

Eric – IS NEXT! Good Luck.

J.R- What a senseless Human Being…

Commercial Break

J.R – We are back folks as Matt Hardy stands in the ring, preparing for his match against Scott Steiner, courtesy of our General Manager Eric Bischoff.

Scott Steiner’s Theme is played

J.R – Well King, There is our new Hardcore Champion who defeated 5 other guys Last Week in an Open Invitational to walk out of the Staples Centre, The New Hardcore Champion.

The match starts with a Clothesline by Steiner. Followed by a Side Headlock. Matt Hardy gets back up and follows up with a few punches and a Snap Suplex. Hardy is on a roll until Steiner gets a Low Blow in. Steiner brings a chair into the Ring. Hardy, Hurricanrana’s him to the outside where he follows up with another Suplex. He gets a Side Effect in and a Bridge but only gets a 2 Count. Hardy throws Steiner in, Steiner gets the Chair and hits Hardy with it. Follows up with a Belly-to-Belly and an Inverted DDT. Hardy miraculously kicks out on 2. Steiner then gets the Steiner Recliner in, Hardy manages to reach the Ropes, Gorilla Press Slam and a near fall by Steiner. Hardy applies the Twist of Fate on the outside, Hardy gets a near fall. Steiner ducks a Chair Shot and slams Hardy onto the Steps; an inverted DDT on the steps and Steiner gets the 3 Count. Hardy lays there motionless. Match Time: 5:50

Here is your winner: The Hardcore Champion Scott Steiner

J.R – Get the EMT’s out there that man is helpless, Matt Hardy is not even moving.

Eric Bischoff’s face appears on the Titan Tron

Eric – You’re right J.R, Matt Hardy isn’t moving but I tell you what, He WILL be moving by SummerSlam because at SummerSlam it will be 1-on-1 for the Hardcore Title, Scott Steiner v Matt Hardy. Oh and Matt, if you do not compete in the match, I will not hesitate to usher these words to you’re face…YOU’RE FIRED. Good Luck Matt, your going to need it.

Commercial Break

Lita approaches Eric Bischoff in the corridor

Lita – Eric are you crazy, Matt won’t make it. He will be lucky if he doesn’t have a broken neck. I hate you Eric, Go to hell.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

J.R – And we are back Folks with a 6 Man Tag Team match.

King – After what Right To Censor, did to young Eugene, do you think either he or William Regal will be in the right frame of mind.

J.R – I don’t know King but I will tell you this, Eugene had a dream, to be in the WWE. To wrestle with guys and to make friends. The Right to Censor have done nothing but make Eugene’s life hell, and why, why King. The Right To Censor only reunited before Vengeance to take out their ‘’threat’’ Eugene.

King – I don’t know J.R, don’t take it out on me.

Eugene and William Regal approach the Ring, Eugene with a plaster on his Forehead to cover the gash he received at the hands of a Chair shot by Val Venis. Shelton Benjamin then comes to the Ring. After this, RTC make their way to the Ring followed by Jonathan Coachman

J.R – Well King, he does have to have a match once in a while (comments directed at Coach)

The Match starts with Coach delivering punches to Shelton Benjamin and getting him on the floor for an Armbar, Benjamin manages to roll out of it. Shelton Benjamin lands a Dropkick onto the back of the Coach’s head, this forces him to tag Steven Richards in. A Hip Toss by Richards to Benjamin followed up with a vicious Backdrop, Richards then goes to the corner and knocks Regal off the Apron. Meanwhile Benjamin gets the tag to Eugene. Eugene starts mocking Richards, who decides to Tag in Val Venis. Eugene hits a Dropkick on Venis, he then lands the Rock Bottom, Coach however breaks the count. Eugene tags in William Regal, Regal hits a German Suplex with Bridge on Venis, and the rest of the team goes and attacks the others while the Referee counts to 3. Match Time: 2:59

Here are your winners: William Regal, Eugene and Shelton Benjamin

Triple H is seen pulling up in his Limo Eric Bischoff approaches him.

HHH – Eric, Did you see me get screwed. I am The Game, nobody messes with Triple H. Chris Benoit had an easy time last week, even Austin couldn’t stop him, but this time I am ready, I want a title shot 1-on-1 Eric, and I want it tonight.

Eric – Triple H, I understand your concerns but I need to give everyone an equal opportunity, this is why next week on Raw, I will have a major announcement concerning SummerSlam and The World Heavyweight Championship. As for tonight though, I have booked a match, It will be Kane v Chris Benoit (non title) and Hunter, you will be the Special Guest Referee.

J.R – What is Bischoff thinking?

Commercial Break

J.R – Next up is the Rematch from Vengeance as we see Edge taking on Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship

King – That’s right J.R, Randy has decided to exercise his return match clause now, but J.R what do you think Bischoff’s ‘’Special announcement’’ concerning the World Heavyweight Championship is.

Randy Orton comes out to the Ring

Orton – You see, many people have come up to me and said, Hey Randy you say that you are a Legend Killer and can defeat Legends, but why can’t you defeat Edge? He’s not a Legend. You can defeat Foley but you can’t defeat Edge. Well Edge is a cheat. No wonder he beat me, he cheated. I was the longest reigning Intercontinental Title holder, and Edge took that away from me. Tonight I get my rematch, and I take back what is mine, The Intercontinental Championship.

Edge’s Theme is played

J.R – The Intercontinental Title is on the line as Edge takes on former Champion Randy Orton, We will be right back.

Adverts for SummerSlam air.

The match starts with a Spear Takedown by Edge, he then follows up with numerous punches, elbows and kicks to Orton, he then takes him down with a standing Dropkick. Edge then tries to go for a Crossface-submission type manoeuvre; Orton manages to reach the Ropes quickly. Edge then applies a leglock but Orton scuppers out of that quickly. The match seems to be all going Edge’s way until Orton gets a Sidewalk Slam and a Backbreaker in. He then applies a Dragon Sleeper and an Inverted DDT and gets a 2-Count. He follows up with a Big Back Body Drop showing everyone his strength. Swinging Neckbreaker by Orton. The Referee is then inadvertently punched by Edge. Edge then gets a Low-Blow on Orton. This time Edge gets a standing Dropkick and another backbreaker follows. Edge then applies a one hand Flapjack, Orton counters this with an Elbow to the midsection followed by a Fireman’s carry. Orton goes for the RKO which is countered into a delayed vertical Suplex. Edge then nails a gruesome DDT in which Orton lands Vertical to the Mat. Edge then gets the 3 count. Orton is down and out. Match Time: 7:23

Here is your winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Edge

King- J.R, I can’t believe it, Randy Orton got cheated out of the Title,J.R this is a fix.

J.R – Fix? What was the fix, Edge won that match fair and square. Anyway, we would also like to wish Rob Van Dam a speedy recovery after he received an alarming amount of blood loss, we have heard from doctors he should be back for Raw in two weeks.

King – We all wish you a speedy recovery Rob Van Dam.

Don’t Try This At Home Commercial

King – J.R, what do you think Bischoff will announce next week concerning the World Heavyweight Championship.

J.R – King, I honestly don’t know. Next up though we have Trish Status against Jazz, and King this started off last week when Trish who teamed up with Victoria beat the team of Sable and the Women’s Champion Jazz.

Jazz’s Theme plays followed by that of Trish Stratus

The match starts with Jazz laying into Trish, swinging her into the ropes a couple of times and laying violent Clotheslines enough to take your head off. A few Suplexes by Jazz followed by a huge Body Press Slam. The strength of Jazz is on show to the whole arena. Jazz whips Trish into the ropes but Trish counters with a hurricanrana. And a Back Drop. Jazz goes for a side kick, but Trish ducks with the ‘’Matrix manoeuvre’’. She is just about to give us some ‘’Stratusfaction’’ until Sable comes out and distracts the referee, this lets Jazz lock the STF in and Trish is forced to tap.
Match Time: 4:35

Here is your winner: Jazz

Chris Benoit is pictured outside HHH’s Locker Room, HHH comes outside

Benoit – I want to know now, that you will be fair in my match and you will call it right down the middle.

HHH – Chris, you shouldn’t need to worry, I’ve got you covered. I will call it just as I see it. Trust me, I can handle it.

Triple H walks away to the Ring, Benoit looks back in anxiety

Commercial Break

J.R – We are just moments away from the 1-on-1 non-title match between Chris Benoit and Kane, and King what do you think about our Special Guest Referee appointed especially by our General Manager Eric Bischoff.

King – It’s none other than Triple H, J.R. He was the best choice for referee to go out there.

J.R – Didn’t you take one moment to think about how much The Game wants The World Heavyweight Championship? He says he will call that match down the line but I don’t believe him for one damn second, do you hear me.

King – Calm down J.R! It’s only one match!

J.R – Well I’m looking at the best interests of our Champion Chris Benoit and when he is put in a match like this, what are his chances?

The Game's, Theme is played, followed by Kane’s Theme, Then that of our World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit

The match starts with an Armbar Takedown by Chris Benoit. Kane counters this straight away and hits back with an uppercut. Benoit ducks one of Kane’s punches and Benoit hits him with 2 Release German Suplex’s. Benoit tries to pick Kane up but Kane grabs him by the throat and floors him with a Side-Backbreaker. Kane then climbs to the top Rope and hits Benoit with an Elbow Drop, but by accident also hits HHH. HHH is knocked out for a while. Benoit takes full advantage of the distraction applying many rest Holds. He then manages to get the 3 Germans on Kane and ‘’Slit’s his throat’’ motion signalling he is about to try the Headbutt. Benoit climbs to the top Rope and executes a perfect Headbutt nearly half the way across the Ring. Benoit then manages to get the Sharpshooter locked in but Kane is way to near the Ropes for it to have any effect whatsoever. Kane is back up and goes for a Clothesline which Benoit counters into the Crossface. Kane is tapping, but the referee is down. Benoit goes to pick up what is left of HHH, but HHH gets back up and nails him with what looks like Brass Nuts. Benoit is bleeding from the Forehead and is loosing a great amount of Blood, fast. Triple H then gets the Pedigree in and Kane gets a Chokeslam in. Kane covers Benoit and HHH makes the 3 count.

Here is your winner: Kane

J.R – You know King, I cannot believe the vile actions of that man HHH.

King – Ha Ha, J.R. I knew that this was a trick right from the beginning, and Benoit fell for it!

J.R – Well the thing now is what’s going to happen with the World Heavyweight Title? Kane now has a ‘’clean’’ pinfall over Chris Benoit.

King – J.R, don’t forget about Eric Bischoff’s ‘’Major Announcement’’ concerning Raw, Next Week right here on Monday Night Raw.

J.R – That’s right King, but tonight HHH showed that he is smart, he is The Game and he is THAT DAMN GOOD, Goodnight everybody.

The show finishes with HHH celebrating on the Ramp as a dejected Chris Benoit just manages to get the strength to look at him.

Match Results:

Scott Steiner defeated Matt Hardy in a No Holds Barred Match.
Eugene, William Regal & Shelton Benjamin defeated Right To Censor and Jonathan Coachman.
Edge defeated Randy Orton to retain the Intercontinental Championship.
Jazz defeated Trish Stratus
Kane defeated Chris Benoit in a non-title Special Referee Match (HHH being the Special Guest Referee)

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title : Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

The Rock v Booker T

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

After my next show, Raw shows will posted on Mondays and Smackdown on Thursdays. PPVS will be done on Sundays. We will try as hard as possible to keep on schedule.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Video of last week’s Smackdown shown, where Undertaker and Brock Lesnar won their matches to go through to SummerSlam to face each other for the WWE Title, and Taker left Angle and Lesnar unconscious in the ring.

Massive pyro hits, accompanied by a loud cheer from the audience.

Cole – Welcome to Smackdown! We’re coming straight to your home from the HSBC Arena in New York. For those who are first time viewers of the show, I’m Michael Cole and alongside me is Tazz. Today is our second week under the reign of Shane McMahon and things have already began to change.

Tazz – That’s right Cole. Last week we saw Shane strip Bradshaw of his title and make a Smackdown Tournament to decide the to who will face each other for the title at Summerslam. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are the two who will face each other. Cole, that is gonna be one hell of a match at Summerslam. But also on tonight's show, a big match has been scheduled. Kurt Angle was due to face Eddie Guerrero tonight for the number 1 contender spot for the U.S Title. But on last week's Smackdown, he was sent to the hospital along with Brock Lesnar by the Undertaker. So John Bradshaw Layfield will take his place. Let's see if he can bounce back from his defeat last week.

*If Ya Smell* The Rock comes through the curtains with a bandage on his head and is welcomed by a massive cheer from the crowd.

Cole – The Rock has come out quite early. He’s not scheduled to be out here till later.

Tazz – It looks like the Rock wants to get down to business right away.

Rock – Finally the Rock has come back……to New York City!!!!

Massive cheer

Rock – The Rock would like to thank all his loyal fans who sent him those get well cards while he was in hospital. But the Rock is back and out for revenge. That is why he has decided to start “If Ya Smell” much earlier than scheduled. There is one man in the back of this arena. One jerbrony-kissing-candyass son of a bitch that sent the Rock to the hospital last week. That man will be my special guest for the show. Would you kindly bring your punkass out here.

*Booker T’s music starts* Booker T comes out to a loud boo

Cole – So Booker T is to blame for the Rock’s injuries last week.

Rock – Welcome to “If Ya Smell”. And boy, the Rock can sure smell you!!! But enough of the funny business. The Rock only has one question then you can take your candyass off my show. That question is why? Why did you take it upon yourself to try and attack the Rock? You can’t even take care yourself yet you want to try and take me out. Look at your hair for goodness sake. It looks like a mop. You can see all the nits jumping up and about.

Booker T – You think your some big shot Rock. Wrestling made you who you are today, then you left it for Hollywood. Now you think you can make your one appearance every 6 months and that’s it. Well let me tell you something sucka, I’ve had enough. You either stay, or you get the hell out and leave the wrestling to the really committed people.

Crowd boo

Rock – Who do you think you are? You think you can come out here on the Rock's show, running your mouth and giving the Rock ultimatums on the Rock’s shows? You think you can come out and tell the Rock to pick between the two things the Rock loves, and the two things the people like to see the Rock do?

Tazz – Two things? I know wrestling’s one of them, but what’s the other?

Rock – Well Bucker T, Buck Tooth, Bookshelf, whatever you name is….

Booker T – It’s B…


Loud cheer

Rock – What matters is that the Rock is about to whoop your ass all over this ring, then he’s gonna use your mop head to clean up your sweat and blood from the ring.

Crowd cheers and Rock takes off his shirt. He and Booker T go face to face and exchange words. Booker T attempts to punch the Rock, but it is blocked and the Rock “Lays the Smackdown” on him. The Rock then bends down preparing for the Rock Bottom.

Crowd cheer

Cole – Look, our G.M Shane McMahon is heading for the ring.

Shane – Hold it, hold it. This is not the right time for this. You two have already delayed the start of the first match. You both have to leave this ring right now. But don’t worry, you’ll both get the chance to go at each other’s throats at SummerSlam.

Crowd cheer

Tazz – What a match, Booker T vs. The Rock!!!

Cole – Summerslam is developing in the one hell of a show!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be right back with our first match after this break.

Commercial break

Cole – Welcome back, and just in time for our first match. Chavo Jnr has already entered the ring accompanied by Chavo Classic.

*Rey Mysterio’s music starts* Mysterio enters the ring with a massive cheer from the crowd

Cole – Chavo better watch his back during this match after what happened last week.

Clip from last week of A.J Styles appearing on the titantron sending a message to Chavo Jnr.

This will be a singles, non title match. There will be no time limit; disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Chavo attempts to get the upper hand by running at Mysterio early in the match, but fails. Mysterio moves out the way and lands a drop kick on Chavo Jnr who rebounded off the ropes. Mysterio lands a Flip Splash onto Chavo Jnr. Mysterio picks up Chavo and hits a few quick elbows to the face, whips Chavo into the ropes and hits the rebounding Chavo with a Spiining Wheel Kick. Mysterio attempts an early pin. 1… He only manages a 1 count.

Mysterio dominates most of the match and manages to evade Chavo Classic’s interferences.

Mysterio whips Chavo into the ropes, attempts to hit a running attack, but Chavo counters it into a Back Drop. Chavo picks him up and a cross backbreaker. Mysterio holds his back in pain, squirming like a worm. Chavo taunts to the crowd and receives boos. Chavo picks up Mysterio and hits him with his signature DDT. Chavo has this match won. He struts to Mysterio to make the pin.

*A.J Styles music starts* A.J Styles makes his way to the ring to the surprise of Chavo Jnr.

A.J Styles slides into ring. Chavo runs to try and clothesline him but Styles ducks, turns, and hits Chavo with the Styles Clash. The ref signals for the bell. Mysterio has been disqualified. A.J Styles continues his assault despite the many bell rngs. Styles then leaves the ring, takes the belt and poses with it over Chavo.

WWE RAW REBOUND: Footage from this week’s RAW is shown. The outcome of the main event involving Chris Benoit and Kane with HHH as special guest ref is shown.

Cole – Time for the next match, this time a tag match.

*Too Cool music starts* Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty come out and enter the ring

*Drop The Bombshell* Dudley Boyz come out, belts around their waists, carrying a table and set it up outside the ring.

This will be a tag team, non title match, with no time limit. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

D-Von and Sexay start in the ring together. D-Von gains the upper hand in a finger grapple and brings Sexay to his knees. He then grabbed him by the head and put him into a headlock. Sexay pushed him off into the ropes, but D-Von hit him with a Diving Shoulder. D-Von ran to the ropes and hit a Running Leg Drop on Sexay from the rebound. D-Von then dragged Sexay to the Dudleyz corner, and tagged in Bubba Ray. They then continued to double team him, hitting him with the Diving Headbutt to the Groin.

The Dudley Boyz control most of the match, getting many tags in, while Too Cool struggle to get in their tags.

Bubba Ray has managed to isolate Sexay from his corner for a while. Bubba has Sexay on the ring mat, locked into a Camel Clutch. Bubba lets go to make sure Sexay doesn’t pass out, so he can give him more of a beating. Bubba picks up the groggy Sexay and lands a DDT. Bubba taunts and receives boos from the crowd. He then walks to his corner and tags in D-Von. D-Von decides to take his time when going over to Sexay. D-Von attempts to pick up Sexay but receives a shot to the gut, followed by a kick to the face. Sexay slowly crawls to his corner while D-Von slowly tries to get to his feet. D-Von manages to get to his feet, but Sexay has already tagged in Scotty. D-Von receives an unexpected shot to the face and is knocked to the ground. Scotty’s adrenaline takes over and he runs to the Dudley’s corner and takes out Bubba Ray. D-Von is on his feet again but Scotty drop kicks him and knocks him back down. Scotty looks at the crowd, and the crowd knows what’s coming. W-O-R-M, UH-UH-UH-UH, Scotty lands the Worm on D-Von. Scotty gets up and turns around and is nailed in the face by Bubba Ray. Sexay rushes into the ring and attempts to hit Bubba. Bubba ducks, and Sexay inadvertedly knocks out the ref. Sexay turns around, and walks right into a Bubba Cutter. D-Von sees an opportunity and leaves the ring, then re-enters with a table and sets it up in the centre of the ring. Bubba rolls Sexay - who was still on the floor - out the ring, and he and D-Von stand ready to give Scotty the 3-D while he tries to climb to his feet. Scotty uses the ropes as leavage to raise himself to his feet, then turns around and…. 3-D. Scotty is out cold. The Dudleys remove the evidence of any foul play before the ref wakes up. Then Bubba exits the ring and returns to his corner, knowing he isn’t the legal man. D-Von walks to the ref and attempts to wake him up, but sees no results, so decides to wait a while. D-Von turns away from the ref….. and is struck by a chair! Sexay had entered the ring without D-Von’s notice and took him out. Bubba runs into the ring to stop Sexay but is also struck with a chair. Sexay throws the chair out the ring, then place Scotty on top of D-Von. After a while, the ref manages to wake up and sees Scotty on top of D-Von and crawls over them to give the count. 1…2…3. Too Cool wins.

Cole – What a match. Too Cool will definitely be looking for another match against the Dudley Boyz. And they’ll probably be looking to take their gold.

Tazz – I’ll definitely be looking forward to that match.

Josh Matthew’s SummerSlam promo


Brock Lesnar is shown entering the arena; massive crowd cheer

*Ric Flair’s music starts* Ric Flair and Batista come out

Cole – It looks like Brock has managed to recover from last week’s beating and has arrived in the arena.

Tazz – He must be looking to get revenge on the Undertaker. I don’t know about you Cole, but I think it’s gonna be damn hard for Brcok to get revenge on the Deadman. He’s the immortal force.

Flair – Last week we saw Cena cheat his way to a victory over Batista. Cena couldn’t beat Batista legitimately so he decided to use some dirty tactics. And I for one am disgusted. You call yourself the U.S Champ, yet look at how you represent the U.S. You bring shame to the country.

Tazz – He’s right you know.

Cole – Shut up.

Flair – Cena, I demand you bring your….

*Basic Thuganomics* Cena comes out to a massive pop


Massive pop

Flair – I’ve had enough of you Cena. I’ve watched you strut around here like you own the business. You think you’re the best. But can never be the best, until you beat the best!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

Flair takes off his blazer and jumps into the ropes and struts around the ring.

Flair – It’s time for me to put you in your place!!!

Flair and Cena exchange punches, until Batista intervenes and delivers a Double Powerbomb to Cena. The ref runs out and signals for the bell to start a match between Flair and Cena.

This match will be a singles, non title match with no time limit. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Flair takes off his trousers to get comfortable for his match. He struts back over to Cena – who is still on the floor – and gives him a few stamps on the back to keep him down. Flair picks him up by the head then give him a punch which sends him back to the floor. Flair then brings him back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle and delivers a few chops to the chest. He then whips him into the opposite corner and delivers a few more chops.

Flair dominates most of the match.

Flair picks up a groggy Cena from the mat and deivers a Scoop Slam. Flair then rebounds off the ropes and lands an elbow onto Cena’s head. Flair tries a quick pin. 1…2… kick out. Flair decides to try and finish the match quickly and goes for the Figure Four Leglock. However, Cena is too close to the ropes and breaks the submission. Flair goes to pick up Cena and receives a poke in the eyes. Cena then delivers a bulldog to the temporarily blinded Flair. Flair manages to get to his feet, but is whipped into the turnbuckle. Cena then delivers 10 punches to the head of Flair. Flair dazily moves away from then turnbuckle and walks right into the F-U. Flair hits the floor hard. Cena goes for the pin. 1..2… Batista jumps into the ring and kicks Cena in the head. The ref signals for the bell. Flair is disqualified, but Batista continues the assault. Batista lifts Cena and hits him with his signature Powerbomb. Batista comtinues to stomp on Cena till Flair gets up, and puts Cena in the Figure Four Leglock. Cena tries in vain to get out. He is finally relieved when the ref manages to convince Flair to stop.

Cole – What sick minded human beings. I don’t know how Cena is going to survive against these two.

Tazz – It looks like Cena is destined for a number of run ins with these two.

*Lie, Cheat, Steal* Eddie Guerrero comes out to a massive pop

*JBL's music starts* JBL comes out to loud booing

This will be a singles match to decide the number one contender for the U.S Title. Disqualifications and count outs will be counted.

Eddie and JBL start out in a game of mercy, neither able to get the upper hand. While still in the finger grapple, JBL kicks Eddie in the leg to bring him down to one knee. JBL breaks the grapple and elbows Eddie in the face, trying to knock him to the floor, but not succeeding. Eddie gets some punches back on JBL, then JBL whips him into the ropes. Eddie rebounds off and ducks under a clothesline from JBL, rebounds off the other side and lands a Slingshot Body Splash. Eddie goes for a quick pin. 1... kick out. Eddie quickly goes to work on JBL by giving him some Angry Stomps to the legs.

Both battle in an evenly matched contest, both coming close to taking the victory.

JBL picks Eddie from the mat, grapples and delivers a Scoop Slam. JBL runs to the ropes, rebounds and delivers an Elbow Drop. JBL picks up Eddie, delivers a knee attack, then whips him into the ropes and spears him on the rebound. JBL attempts the pin. 1...2... kick out. JBL goes to pick up Eddie, but receives a shot to the gut, followed by a DDT. Eddie picks up a groggy JBL, and lands a Hurracaranna. Eddie beats his chest, signalling he aims to end the match now with a Frog Splash. Eddie climbs to the to turnbuckle, preparing to land the Frog Splash. However JBL quickly gets to his feet and knocks Eddie Guerrero off his feet and he lands on his groin. JBL climbs the turnbuckle and suplexes Eddie off. Eddie lands hard on his back. JBL then moves into position at the opposite side of the ring. Eddie slowly gets to his feet. JBL runs towards him... and lands the Clothesline from Hell. JBL quickly covers Eddie. 1...2... Eddie kicks out. JBL is furious at the ref. He feels that was a 3 count. JBL gives up his argument... and turns right into a Multiple Suplex. Eddie once again climbs the turnbuckle. He beats his chest ready for the Frog Splash... and lands it. He pins JBL. 1...2...3. Eddie wins and is now number one contendet for the U.S Title.

Cole - What a match.

Tazz - I thought Bradshaw had this won. That's why you should never turn your back on an opponent. Bradshaw should have known that.

*Brock’s music starts* Brock Lesnar comes out to a massive pop from the crowd

Cole - Brock must be calling out the Undertaker.

Tazz - I have a bad feeling about this....

Brock – I can’t be bothered to come out here and express my feelings about last week’s attack, I just want the Undertaker to bring his sorry ass to the ring, so I can tear him limb from limb!!!!!

Brock paces around the ring

Brock – COME ON!!!!!!!!!! BRING YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!

A gong is sounded (massive cheer), and then the lights go out. The light then come back and Undertaker is standing in the ring (massive cheer).

Cole – Oh my God!!!!

Tazz – It’s the Deadman!!!!!

Lesnar goes to strike the Undertaker, but the lights go out again. The lights come back on and the Undertaker is on the other side of the ring. Brock goes to strike him again, and the lights go out again.

Cole – What’s going on?

The lights come back on, and the Undertaker has Lesnar in position, ready to deliver the Tombstone.

Cole – Oh my God!!! This is incredible. The Undertaker has…

The lights go out again, and then come back on. Now Lesnar has the Undertaker in position for the F5.

Tazz – F5!!!!! F5!!!!!!!!

Lesnar spins the Undertaker through the air, but before the Undertaker hits the floor, the lights go out again.

Tazz – Did he do it?!?!?!?! Did he F5 him?!?!?!?!?!

Cole – I don’t know!!!! What’s happening?

The lights come back on, and neither the Undertaker nor Lesnar are anywhere to be seen. Instead, a tombstone is left in the middle of the ring.

Tazz – Cole, what is that?!?!?!

Cole – It’s looks like a tombstone.

Tazz – It looks like there’s an inscription on it.

Cole – Yeah, it says, “REST IN PEACE, BROCK LESNAR. BORN JULY 22 1977, DIED AUGUST 15 2004.”.

Tazz – Oh my God!!! That’s the day of SummerSlam!!! Brock’s gonna die at SummerSlam!!!!

Show ends with camera zooming in on tombstone.

Show Summary

Chavo Guerrero Jnr defeated Rey Mysterio by disqualification
Too Cool defeated The Dudley Boyz
John Cena defeated Ric Flair by disqualification
Eddie Guerrero defeated John Bradshaw Layfield to become No. 1 Contender for the U.S Title

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title : Undertaker v Brock Lesnar
The Rock vs. Booker T

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Both shows have been good, good detail and have a good flow to them.

I'm not too sure about some of your roster's, using people that aren't there really but everyone does it and I don't think it's a big deal.

I'm looking forward to SS :D (kane Vs HHH Vs Benoit, go on, you know you want to ;)).

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Awwwwww poor event...... Am I a legend too? or just a veteran?

Anyways GO08 nice RAW's I like the was it's going at the moment also CM Fanatic is also doing a great job as well. Liking the storylines and rosters you've got going, only thing I hope his that Steiner remains and Undefeatable Monster with the Hardcore Title.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Nice to see you both using Bold and Italics, good stuff.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

This is great 3 pairs of Bookers going head to head with shared shows!
All three are great!
Really enjoying your storylines!
Keep it up!

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

PLEASE NOTE: TheGreatOne08 has gone on holiday for three weeks and it may be hard for him to find a computer so there may not be any activity in this thread for some time.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

nice couple of shows..really intense..my fav parts are the Undertaker-Brock Lesnar part from the recent SD! show. Wicked shows cant wait for more.

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

On Holiday so havn't really been up to date with what's going on, this is a shortish Raw using a notepad + pen. As you can see I am ahead of schedule so the next Raw will be posted on August 2nd. As always opinions and SummerSlam predictions are welcome.

Raw – July 26th

The show kicks off with footage of Chris Benoit being pinned by Kane as a result of a ‘screwjob’ by the Special Guest Referee, Triple H.

Pyro goes off around the arena

J.R – We are in the sold out, American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida for Monday Night Raw. Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and King, what a wild night it was last week, as Kane got a pinfall victory over The World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit.

King – That’s right J.R, but what a clever man Triple H is! He had Benoit wrapped around his little Finger.

J.R– King, The Game was sent out there to do a Job…

King- Correct! He was told to do a ‘Job’ and he did that ‘Job.’

J.R- Triple H was supposed to referee a match, but instead he thought of himself, as he always does and decided to screw Chris Benoit out of an obvious victory, For God’s sake, Kane was tapping from the Crippler Crossface.

King – However, he didn’t win the match, did he J.R?

J.R – That’s right.

Triple H’s Theme plays

J.R – Here comes the former World Heavyweight Champion, who lost the title to Benoit at WrestleMania XX

Triple H enters the Ring, ‘You Suck’ chants erupt

HHH – In the last 7 Days, people have come up to me in the Streets, in Restaurants, in Shops, virtually everywhere and have said, “Hey Hunter, Why? Why did you screw Chris Benoit last week? You were supposed to be a ref. and call the match straight down the middle. You told Benoit everything was going to be fine.” And do you know what I told them, I said to each and every one of them, I DIDN’T SCREW CHRIS BENOIT! CHRIS BENOIT SCREWED CHRIS BENOIT! You see ever since Benoit beat me for my World Heavyweight Title, there has been something missing in my life. I need to be at the top. I need to be Champion. I am The Game. So Eric, get your ass out here and give me my title shot.

Crowd boo, a pause follows

HHH – Come on Eric, I haven’t got all Year.

Chris Benoit’s Theme plays, Triple H looks mortified

J.R – There is the World Heavyweight Champion with a huge Plaster on his forehead, the result of an attack last week by the ‘Referee’ in his match against Kane, Triple H.

Benoit- So you think that you can screw with me, Triple H? Can’t take it that I have beaten you not once- not twice- but 3 TIMES? Triple H, you’re time as champion is over. I will never defend my title against you again

Crowd cheer, Benoit chants are heard. In the midst of this Kane’s music plays.

J.R – There Folks, is the man who got the pinfall victory over Chris Benoit, Kane.

King – What a partnership. Kane and Triple H tore Benoit to shreds last week.

J.R – Maybe, Benoit had to fight 2 men at the same time, and if he did he would have got Disqualified anyway. He was in a Lose/Lose situation.

Kane – You’re right Benoit, you will not have you’re next title shot against Triple H.

HHH – What are you talking about?

Kane – You will defend you’re title against me!

J.R – Oh my. What a bold statement by Kane.

HHH – Kane, I was the one who got you the victory therefore I should be challenging Chris Benoit.

Kane – You had your chances, and you blew each and every one of them.

Crowd cheer, A fuming Triple H squares up to Kane. Bischoff’s Theme plays

Eric – Hold it right there, I don’t want my Superstars fighting.

Crowd Boo

Eric – I understand both of you’re claims to challenge for The World Heavyweight Championship, And I will grant you both an opportunity to face Chris Benoit for the Title.

Triple H has a smirk on his face, Crowd boo even more.

Eric – But you see, now I come to my Big Announcement.

King – Get ready J.R!!

Eric – Triple H, the Board of Directors will not allow me to grant you another Title shot, one on one with Chris Benoit. So, I have come to a compromise. At SummerSlam the Raw Main Event will be decided in a 6 Man, Elimination Chamber Match.

Chris Benoit looks furious, Crowd don’t know whether to boo or cheer

Eric – Our first 3 competitors are, The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit.

Huge Pop for Benoit

Eric – ‘The Game’ Triple H, and The Big Red Monster, Kane. The next Superstar to be entered is a man of the utmost intelligence, he was the first Undisputed Champion, he is CHRIS JERICHO!

J.R – Wow King, Y2J has been added to the match.

Eric – And later on tonight our Main Event will feature Chris Benoit teaming up with Chris Jericho to face the team of Triple H and Kane. And I will guarantee you this, by the end of the night one more person will be added to the match, Thank You very much.

J.R – What a Main Event for SummerSlam, an Elimination Chamber match, but King did you hear what Bischoff said, one more person will be added before Raw goes off the air Tonight.

King – I heard that alright! This is going to be great.

Commercial Break

William Regal makes his way to the ring, after that Val Venis approaches the Ring.

Val Venis starts on the offensive, with 3 punches he knocks Regal down. Venis throws Regal into the ropes and executes a Big Back Body Drop. Scoop Slam by Venis follows. Fireman’s Carry by Venis then follows it up with a Boston Crab.

Crowd get a big Regal chant going

Regal gets a Backdrop in and a stiff punch to the forehead of Venis, followed up with a Delayed Vertical Suplex.

Steven Richards comes down to the Ring and stands on the Apron.

Val Venis gets Brass Nuts from his shoe whilst Regal is distracted by Richards. The Ref is distracted. Regal then turns around but ducks a punch and lands a DDT on Venis. Regal then gets the Nuts and hits Venis with them and then puts them into his shoe. Covers Venis and the Ref. counts to 3.

Here is you’re winner: William Regal

Regal quickly escapes the Ring as a shocked Richards stands over the unconscious body of Val Venis

King – Did you see that J.R? Regal with the Brass Nuts!

J.R – But he didn’t bring them into the Ring, he took them off Val Venis who tried to hit him with them.

Don’t try this at Home Commercial

Coach - I’m standing here alongside the Former Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton and Randy, I am shocked- along with many other people- that the Legend Killer has been pinned Twice by someone who, I don’t even consider to be a Legend.

Orton – Coach, are you joking? That man was in the First ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs match! He has been countless times a Tag Team Champion, but I have KILLED LEGENDS. I beat the Legend of Mick Foley not only at WrestleMania but at Backlash as well, since then there has been no sign of him in the WWE. With Edge, I haven’t been beaten by a Legend. I have been beaten by a Freak!

Backstage Aid tells Orton that Bischoff wants to see him.

Orton – Excuse me, Coach.

Commercial Break

Eric – Randy, I wanted to see you because I have something to say which concerns you. As you know, as of right now we have 4 Participants in the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam, but live next week on Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw, we will have ourselves a 20 Man, Over The Top Rope Battle Royal in which the winner will get a spot inside that Elimination Chamber for a “once in a lifetime” opportunity alongside 5 other guys to challenge Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton looks at Bischoff with a smile on his face. SummerSlam promos air

The next match is Maven v Scott Stener, both men are in the Ring.

The match starts with Maven trying to land a few punches in but Steiner turns around and Clothesline’s him flat out. He then picks him up by the throat and gives him a huge Gorrlia Press Slam, the followed by a Belly to Belly Suplex. Steiner then climbs back out of the Ring and brings a Steel Chair into the Ring but the Referee takes it back off him and back to the outside, whilst this is happening Maven gives Steiner a Low Blow. He then goes for his trademark Dropkick but Steiner moves out of the way. He then gets the Steiner Recliner locked in. Maven can’t reach the Ropes and has to tap.

Smackdown Rebound is shown with the disturbing footage at the end of the show, showing a gravestone with Brock Lesnar’s name and date of birth/death saying that he will die, at SummerSlam

6 man tag match with La Resistance & Randy Orton facing The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge

The match starts with Sylvain Grenier and Edge in the Ring. Edge starts on the attack with 2 Snap Suplex’s Edge then tries to land the Spear early on but Grenier moves and Edge gets a Shoulder full, of the Turnbuckle. Grenier then gets the tag to Conway who who works on the injured Right Shoulder. Conway lands a Hip-Toss takedown then into an Armbar. Edge tries desperately to reach one of his partners but he still cannot quite get there. After a SuperPlex off the top rope, Conway tags in Orton. Orton is now working on the Back of Edge with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker followed by a Sidewalk Slam. Orton follows this up with a Body Slam on a groggy Edge. A rollup by Orton only manages to get him a 2 Count. Finally Edge gets some offense in when he counters a Suplex into a DDT. Finally he makes it to his corner and tags in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton immediately knocks both La Resistance men off the Apron. He then gets his trademark, ‘Splash in the Corner’ onto Randy Orton. Charlie Haas then comes into the Ring and him and Shelton, Double-Flapjack Orton. Benjamin then distracts the ref. whilst Haas gets the ‘Haas of Pain’ locked on Orton. Benjamin then gets the ‘Super Kick’ on Orton. Haas and Edge then distract both La Resistance men as Benjamin gets the 3 Count on Orton.

Here are your winners: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge

J.R – What a match King!

Benoit goes to Bischoff’s office

Benoit – Eric, who is the 5th Person in the Chamber match going to be.

Eric – Chris, all will be revealed in due course

Benoit remains rooted to the spot looking anxious as Bischoff has a smirk on his face.

Main event: Jericho and Benoit come to the ring, followed by Triple H and Kane.

The match starts with Kane and Y2J in the Ring. Kane lands a Big Boot onto the Jaw of Y2J. Y2J is down and Kane climbs to the Top Rop and waits for Y2J to get up. Kane then manages to connect with the Clothesline off the Top Rope. Kane makes the Tag to Triple H. Triple H taunts Benoit and Benoit tries to get into the Ring, but the Referee stops him. Triple H picks up Y2J and swings him into the Ropes looking for a Knee Strike, but Y2J counters with a Spinning Heel Kick. Both men are down, both men then make it to their respective corners. They both make the tag and Benoit and Kane are in the Ring. Kane runs at Benoit but Benoit manages to duck the Clothesline and gets the 3 German Suplexes in. He then ‘slits his throat’ in signal for the Headbutt. Benoit gradually climbs to the top Rope but Triple H pushes him off. Kane then makes the Tag to Triple H. Triple H then mocks Benoit until out of no-where Benoit gets a Drop Toe Hold into the Crossface locked in on Triple H. Kane then breaks the Hold. Benoit then makes the tag to Y2J. Y2J then lands dropkicks on both Kane and Triple H. Meanwhile Benoit pulls Kane from the Bottom Rope onto the outside and they start fighting. Jericho knocks down Triple H and follows this up with a Lionsault. Jericho can only get a 2 Count in. Jericho then gets the Pedigree in!!! He then follows this up with a Walla of Jericho. Triple H tries desperately to reach the bottom Rope but Jericho pulls him back. Triple H finally has to tap out.

Here are your winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

J.R – What a Main Event King!

King – You’re….

Glass Shatters

J.R – Oh My God, The toughest S.O.B in the history of the WWE is in town.

King – Look J.R! He’s heading straight to the Ring.

Tired looking Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit stand at separate Turnbuckles each staring Stone Cold in the Eye. They then slip out of the Ring and walk up the TitanTron facing Stone Cold still. Triple H finally manages to make it to his feet and stands with a smirk on his face looking at both Benoit and Jericho. At the blink of an Eye, Stone Cold Stunners Triple H. Jericho and Benoit laugh.

J.R – I think that we have our 5th Elimination Chamber member. Join us folks for Raw next week when we will find out after our 20 Man battle Royal, who will be the 6th and Final Member. Goodnight, Everybody.

The show ends with Stone Cold celebrating with two open Cans of Beer over the Body of Triple H.

Match Results

William Regal defeated Val Venis
Scott Steiner defeated Maven
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and Edge defeated La Resistance and Randy Orton
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho defeated Triple H and Kane

Current PPV Card- SummerSlam

Date: 15/08/2004

Venue: Toronto – Canada

Theme Tune: Ill Nino – This Time’s For Real

Announced Matches:


World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber Match:

Chris Benoit © v Triple H v Kane v Chris Jericho v Stone Cold v ?

Hardcore Championship Match: Scott Steiner © v Matt Hardy


WWE Title : Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

The Rock v Booker T

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Re: Being The Booker - TheGreatOne08

Can't wait for the Chamber match!
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