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I am thinking about doing wwe after wrestlemania21. I will be doing smackdown and I need someone to do raw. I know this should be in the partner request thread. I tried but couldn't find anyone. Anyways Raw will be done on mondays and I'll be doing smacksown on thursdays. Here are the results of wrestlemania:
1) Rey bt. Eddie.
2) Trish bt. Christy via dq.
3)Kurt bt. Micheals
4)Undertaker bt. Orton
5)Chris Jericho won the money in the bank ladder match
6)HHH bt. Batista
7)Akebono bt Big Show
8) John Cena bt. J.B.L.

I know the results are mostly same. I have traded some superstars. I'll just name a few.
1) Kane goes to Smackdown and undertaker goes to raw
2) Orton goes to smackdown and Orlando Jordan goes to Raw
3)Edge goes to Smackdown and Hardcore Holly goes to raw
Coming attraction​
4)Brock Lesnar goes to smackdown
5) Bill Goldberg goes to Raw
6)The Rock Makes a return to Smackdown
7)Hulk Hogan goes to raw

These are the changes. If anyone is interested please reply in this thread!!!

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Ok thanx anywayz ssj4rohan. Well today's thursday and my first show for smackdown begins today.

(The Pyro hit's as Micheal Cole and Tazz welcome us.)

Cole: Hello ladies and gentlemen to Smackdown coming to you live from Montreal Quebec

Tazz: The arena's jam packed folks and what a show we have in store for you as The new wwe Champion John Cena will make an appearance later in the show.

Cole: And also General Manager Theodore Long has an announcement later tonight

(Big Show's music hits)

Tazz: Well here comes the 500 pound giant, who lost to Akebono at Wrestlemania in a sumo match.

Cole: Yes but you have to give credit to the Big Show Tazz, He'd never been in sumo match.

(Big Show takes the mic)

Big Show:I tried to make an impact at Wrestlemania the grandest stage in the sport. But unfortunately I lost to Akebono. But you see that was an honour. But I couldn't help noticing some people in the audience laughing at me. You see I do the hard work and I try to impress you people. I wrestled Akebono for you and What do I receive in return? THIS!

(the titantron shows people in the audience smiling and laughing)

Big Show: From now on I'll no longer wrestle for you. I'll do it FOR ME!

(suddenly Rob Van Dam's music plays as the crow gives a huge pop)

Cole: Oh my god tazz it;s rob van dam! It's been 3 months since he had suffered the knee injury! And now he's back Tazz R.V.D. is back!

Tazz: Yeah but look at him he looks almost determined and angry! I wonder what's up.

(R.V.D. takes the mic )

R.V.D.: Show now I know that you're upset for losing to Akebono but there is no need to take your frustration on these people! It was your fault that you lost.

Big Show: R.V.D. I dont know what the hell you're doing here, but get out of my way or else.....

R.V.D.:Or else what big guy?

Big Show: Get the hell out of the ring! You're starting to piss me off!

R.V.D.: You know show you arent what you used to be! You remember Survivor series when we beat the crap out of Kurt Angle' team! What happened to that Big Show I knew? You know you lose to Akebono and now you blame these people for it, Only a LOSER blames others for their defeats!

(At this the Big Show gets irate and starts beating the crap out of R.V.D. But R.V.D. Counters and gives several right hands until he dropkicks big show down. He then goes over the top rope and delivers the 4 star frog splash as the crowd erupts)

Cole: Oh My God I wonder what came over the Big show but what an impressive return by R.V.D.

Tazz: You're right Cole R.V.D. is back in the house baby!

Commercial Break​

(Heidenreich's Music hits)

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown ladies and gentlemen just a few moments ago we saw the return from R.V.D. and what an impact he made tonight dropkicking the 500 lbs big show and then giving him the 4 star frog splash

Tazz: Just goes to show you Cole That R.V.D. is here to make a huge impact. And speakin of impact this man here has tried to make an impact weeks after weeks by reading out his psychotic poems

Cole: You're right Tazz Heidenreich ladies and gentlemen is a psychotic freak who cost the legendary undertaker the wwe title twice!

Tazz: And speaking of titles wwe champion John Cena will be in the house baby a few minutes later! hat a show this is turning out to be!

Match 1: Heidenreich Vs. Jobber
( Heidenreich wins comfortably after powerbombing his 150 lbs opponent to the mat. He later takes his opponent and powerbombs him through the announce table)

Cole: Oh My God Tazz this monster has totally destroyed this young kid here!

Tazz: It's always scary to be in the ring with this freak!

(Backstage we see J.B.L and Orlando Jordan walking angrily towards the ring)

Cole: It's J.B.L. ladies and gentlemen who lost his wwe title to John Cena at Wrestlemania 21

Tazz: Looks like he's making his way to the ring Cole!

Commercial Break​

(Promo shows A 7ft tall wrestler powerbombing several other wrestlers, It turns out to be Kevin Nash The promo later shows Kavin Nash is coming to Smackdown)

Cole: Wow! Tazz! Looks like Kevin Nash is making a return to the wwe!

Tazz: Man I've wrestled the guy before and I know how it feels to be powerbombed to the mat!

(J.B.L.'s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with Orlando Jordan. He enters the ring and takes the mic.)

J.B.L.: John Cena's win at wrestlemania was A FLUKE! (Crowd chants cena's name)Chant the commoner's name as much as you want! You all know it from deep inside that John Cena does not deserve to win! He's a piece of garbage which should not be touched!(John cena's chant gets louder) SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME! I'll prove to you that I am a wrestling GOD! You people will start worshipping me! You people don't realize it but I'm your ROLE MODEL! And I promise you that I'll Get what's mine! You dont disrespect your Role models! I DEMAND RESPECT! I"VE HELD THE TITLE FOR 242 LONG DAYS! I'VE WON AGAINST THE BIG SHOW, THE UNDERTAKER, EDDIE GUERRERO, BOOKER T, KURT ANGLE, I'VE BEEN VICTORIOUS IN THE FATAL FOURWAY AND THE TRIPLE THREAT MATCHES!!! I DEMAND RESPECT AND I DEMAND A REMATCH!

(Teddy Long's music hits and he comes out to the ring)

T.Long: Now J.B.L . let me tell you something! Before Wrestlemania you were so confident that you could beat Cena that you overlooked the fact that there was no rematch clause in the contract! Which means J.B.L. is that you'll have to earn your rematch!

J.B.L.(angrily):What! I already have! There is no other person in my league Just as I told you earlier I've defeated all of them greats!

T.Long: I dont see it that way playa! There is one man who you've not defeated!

J.B.L.: Who's that? Dont SCREW ME AGAIN!

T.Lomg: Well Playa! His name is ROB VAN DAM!

(Crowd goes wild as R.V.D.'s music hits J.B.L. goes wild with anger. R.V.D. enters the ring)

T.Long: Next week J.B.L. You'll be facing ROB VAN DAM for the number one contender match!

(J.B.L. looks at at R.V.D. with anger and then looks at O.J. O.J. takes the mic)

O.J.: YOu cant do that to him Mr. Long Have some respect he deserves a title shot! He's held the title for 242 days the longest by any champion!!

T.Long: Now look here playa you dont tell me what to do! and speaking of titles! You've never defended you U.S. Title have you?[/COLOR

O.J.: No but what's that got to do here?

T.Long: I'll tell you what's going on! Tonight in the main event you'll be defending your U.SS. title agains a surprise opponent! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!

(T.Long makes his way back as R.V.D.and J.B.L. stare at each other)

Cole: Well Tazz who is the surprise opponent? We'llfind out later tonight but up next some cruiserweight action as Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman fight for the number one contender's spot!

Commercial Break​

(Chavo's music hits and he's followed by Billy Kidman)

Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and here's some cruiserweight action for you as the number one contender for the cruiserweight title will be decided tonight! The winner of this match will go on to compete against cruiserweight champion Paul London.

(Chavo and Kidman lock up as kidman goes for the headlock. Chavo whips kidman in to the ropes and gives a dropkick. Kidman gets down and both of them lock up again, but this time kidman powers out chavo and sends him into the turnbuckle. Kidman goes for a splash but chavo gives a boot kick to the face of Kidman. Kidman is a little dazed as Chavo put on a submission maneauver. Kidman kicks out of it and whips chavo to the ropes and gives the T-Bone suplex. Kidman Covers chavo but chavo kicks out. kidman puts on a sleeper hold. After about 3 minutes chavo kicks out and starts giving a few right hands to the face of kidman Chavo is now feeling it and is about to give the unprettier on kidman but kidman pushes chavo into the refree the refree is knocked down. Kidman goes outside and gets the steel chair but chavoe pursues kidman and gives a dropkick to kidman. Chavo hits kidman with the steel chair on the forehead. Kidman is knocked down. Chavo takes kidman back into the ring and gives the unprettier. He pins Kidman and wins the match. MATCH LENGTH : 10:06)

Tazz: Oh my god ! Cole Chavo will face Paul next week for the title)

Cole: Yess Tazz but up next John Cena will make an appearance!

Commercial Break​

(John Cena's music hits and the crowd gives a huge pop. John Cena enters the ring and takes the mic)

Cena: THE CHAMP IS HERE (The crowd pops) J.B.L. You say you've done it all! Survived the fatal fourway and the triple threat match! Beat the undertaker, The big show, kurt angle, booker T, eddie guerrero! But the champ is here! Before Wrestlemania you said I couldn't beat you, you said I was a piece of crap! Well Look who's talkin crap! It dont matter whether you're J.B.L. or you're R.V.D. The fact is I'm champ! The PEOPLE'S CHAMP! THIS IS HOW WE DO! YOU WANT SOME J.B.L. GET SOME!!!! (Goes out of the ring and celebrates with the crowd)

Cole: Well It's good to see the champion John Cena celebrate with the crowd but coming up next ladies and gentlemen is the kurt angle invitational!

Commercial Break​

(Kurt Angle's music hits as he along with 2 security guards make their way out to the ring)

Match 3: Kurt Angle Vs. Jobber
(Kurt angle asks the jobber his name and while the jobber is about to give his name kurt stars pounding on the jobber. he then hits an angle slam followed by the ankle lock until the jobber taps out. After the match kurt goes out and gets the steel chair and smashes the knee of the jobber)

Cole: Damn that Angle picking on a kid!

Tazz: Well that's what he's supposed to do cole c'mon!!!

Cole: Yeah whatever! But coming up next ladies and gentlemen is the main event! Orlando Jordan defends his U.S. title for the first time! Who's his mystery opponent? We'll find out next!!!

Commercial Break​

(Orlando Jordan makes his way out to the centre of the ring he takes the mic)

O.J.(Smiling): Well bring out my so called mystery opponent Mr.Long!

(The Pyro hits and KANE makes his way out smiling!! {Crowd goes wild})

Cole: Oh my god Tazz It's... It's Kane!

Tazz: I don't believe it!

(The match starts as Kane goes on pounding on O.J. for quite a while and then gives a huge bodyslam followed by the legdrop. He picks up O.J. and gives him the double chokehold slam and goes for the cover but O.J. kicks out. Kane whips O.J. to the turnbuckle and gives him a splash. Kane signals for the chokeslam as the crowd gives a huge kane chant and connects with it but does not go for the cover. He gives a sick smile and signals for the tombstone. He delivers and pins O.J. for the victory!! Kane then lifts his arms and poses. Match Length : 8:20)

Cole: Oh My God Tazz the big red machine is on smackdown!!!!! And he wins a title on his debut!!!! What a night!!!

Tazz: I still cant believe it Cole!!! You're right it's been a crazy night!!!!!!
(wwe Trademark appears as the show ends)

Well How did you like my show? This is my first show! Any comments will be appreciated. BUT I DO NEED SOMEONE TO DO RAW! PLEASE CONSIDER

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I thought of the idea today!!! Anyways you said you might be able to do raw! Please giveme a definite answer! It's impossible for me to do both shows as my college studies interfere! I desperately want someone to do Raw! We ca settle out the combined ppvs later! Ok i've an idea I'll do survivor series and royal rumble and smackdown ppvs and the other guy can do the rest. also ssj4rohan i'm gving you a reputation point for reading my thread!

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This thursday on Smackdown J.B.L. will go one on one with R.V.D. will R.V.D. make an impact after his surprising return to Smackdown or will he fall victim to John Bradshaw Layfield's Clothesline from hell? Also we saw a new U.S. Champion being crowned on Smackdown last week as KANE def. Chief of staff Orlando Jordan. Also this week Chavo Guerrero will face Cruiserweight Champion Paul London for the Cruiserweight title. Stay tuned to SMACKDOWN

Last weeks Smackdown quick results:​
1) Heidenreich Def. Jobber (2:04)
2) Chavo Jr. Def. Billy Kidman (10:06)
3) Kut Angle Def. Jobber (2:20)
4) KANE Def. O.J. for the U.S. Title (8:20)
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