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I've tried to make BTB's before but never really gotten round to it, although now I promise that I will be able to make BTB's. Recently I've really liked the idea of BTB, and so I decided to create one and continue with it:

This BTB is set in the current WWE time period (following on from 15/10/10 Smackdown)

I'm not going to focus on Divas or Tag Teams at all as they are more or less dead nowadays in the realy WWE:

WWE Champion: Randy Orton

United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Heath Slater
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael Tarver
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
The Miz
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

(In addition, Skip Sheffield is a member of Nexus in its current form, even though in reality he is injured)

World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Paul Bearer
Rey Mysterio
Trent Barretta

(Sorry about the image sizes, I couldnt find any decent size images of Kane and Dolph :p

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Looks decent so far, and I feel that around this time is one of the best places possiblt to start a BtB as there is so much wrong with, but yet so much to carry on with in the product. However, I was a little dissapointed that your not including tag teams, as they are one of the things wrong with the WWE at the moment in which you COULD correct. But I guess its a bit of a challenge, and maybe you could take on that challenge when your a little more experienced? I don't know.

But either way, it looks good so far and i'll be definitley keeping an eye on this badboy! ;) Good luck pal.

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^ Thanks. I'll probably bring tag teams back soon enough, but it'll be when I get more experience like you said. For now I want to concentrate on big feuds and storylines. Afterwards I'll probably push Dudebusters, Uso's and so on as well as making a few more teams. I'll see how it plays out.

Monday Night RAW will be up soon, I've started on the show. Sorry if my first card isn't brilliant, I dont have much experience in BTB

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I understand not focusing on diva's, but removing them from the roster completley? Nonetheless, looks alright. I would suggest making the champion pictures the same size(all the size of Orton's RKY pic, perhaps). I can't really say anything more until you post your first show, good luck.

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Here's my first RAW. Sorry it isnt very detailed but I just wanted to get my first show done really bad. My Smackdown will be more detailed.

~Opening Pyro~

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to monday night raw, eminating from Baltimore, Maryland, and we are one week away from Bragging Rights, and tonight, we have a huge main event

King: Thats right Cole, The WWE Champion Randy Orton teams with his long time rival John Cena, to face Husky Harris and Michael McGillicuty. If Harris and McGillicuty win the match, by order of Wade Barrett, they will be inducted into the Nexus

Cole: But right now we're going to kick things off with "The Awesome One," the leader of team raw, The Miz!

~Miz and Alex Riley are standing in the ring. Miz has a microphone in his hand~

Miz: Ladies and Gentlemen... your team captain for monday night raw... me!


Miz: Last week... I defeated that failure John Cena to win the right to lead team raw at bragging rights. But... theres no need to thank me. Despite the fact that I saved team raw from being lead by the guy who failed to win at Hell in A Cell, and the guy who cant even lead of a group of rookies, theres no need to thank me. Why? ... It was a personal pleasure to beat the former poster child of the WWE. And now, the poster child of the WWE is... me! The Miz! I am the poster boy for the WWE


Miz: Go ahead, boo all you like, but you know its true. Why? Because I'M THE MIZ... AND I'M... AWESOME!


Miz: Now, with that said, let me make an important announcement. Last week, 6 of the 7 spots for team raw were filled. This is the current line up for team raw

~The Miz points to the titantron, and it shows the current team raw: Miz, R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Sheamus and CM Punk~

Miz: Wow, what a team. What a great line up! What a great group, which will ensure that Team Smackdown is humiliated this sunday... but that leaves one space on team raw. And I have made a decision as to who will be the last guy on my team. So, without further ado... the final member of the Miz's team...

Cole: What the hell? What is this? Is this a joke?

King: What Cole, its Daniel Bry...

Cole: Come on King, this guy has been nothing but a thorn in the side of the awesome one, he's a pathetic little nerd who shouldnt even be in the WWE. He doesnt even own a TV set for gods sake! Please dont tell me he's on team raw

~Miz and Riley look as confused as the audience are. By now Daniel has made it into the ring, with a mic in his hand~

Miz: What the hell are you doing out here?

~Daniel Bryan chants break out~

Bryan: Miz, I know we have had our differences previously, but its very simple, I want to be on team raw. Everything else aside, you know how good I am personally, and so I should be on your team

Miz: You should be on my team? Really?

Bryan: Yes, really! Give me an answer. Yes, or no?

Miz: Daniel, you're nothing more than an over-rated internet darling. You're a nerd. You're the gum at the bottom of my shoe, and I could wipe you off in a second if I wanted to. You have the most pathetic theme in the entire company, you have no charisma, and you look like a dweeb. Do I want you on MY team? NO

Bryan: ~Laughs~ ... I thought you might say that...

~Bryan punches Miz in the face and begins laying into him. A-Ri tries to interfere, but Bryan throws him out of the ring. Daniel then puts The Miz in the LeBell lock. The crowd cheers when~

Da Da Da

~Bryan breaks the hold and Miz squirms out of the ring~

Cole: May I have you're attention please, I have recieved an email from the general manager... And I quote "Bryan, regardless of whether the miz likes it or not, you will not be competing for team raw at bragging rights (Heat) This is because this sunday at bragging rights, in an interpromotional match, you, the united states champion, will be facing the intercontinental champion from Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler (Cheers)"

~Bryan has a smile on his face. He looks back up at the ramp at the miz, who is laughing alongside A-Ri~

Miz: Well Bryan, that's one problem solved. And so, the 7th member of MY team is... Alex Riley!!

~The crowd boo's as A-Ri and Miz laugh at each other~

Cole: "Additionally Bryan, to prepare you for this sunday, you are going to have a match right now, against this man"

Oh Radio blares out the PA System as Zack Ryder walks onto the stage, doing the "LI" signal with his hands. He extends his hand toward Miz, who stares at him confused. Miz then walks away from Ryder with Riley with a bemused look on his face. Ryder again makes the "LI" signal with his hands as he makes his way to the ring.

Match 1: Daniel Bryan v Zack Ryder
Decent TV Match. Bryan outgrapples Ryder at the beginning. Ryder debuted a seemingly new combo. He hit 3 knife edge chops. As the crowd went "Woo" "Woo" "Woo" Zack yelled "You know it." Bryan goes shoulder first into the ring post and Ryder works on it for the rest of the match. Ryder makes a mistake and Bryan began delivering Dropkicks and Clotheslines to Zack. Bryan delivers more offense before locking in the LeBell Lock and making Ryder tap out

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan begins posing with the US Title. Then from out of nowhere, Dolph Ziggler from Smackdown runs into the ring and hits Daniel with the Zig Zag. Ziggler then quickly runs through the crowd toward the exit. Hit and run by Dolph. Commercial Break


We return from commericial break, and Barrett, Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield and Otunga are seen staring at Cena

Barrett: John tonight, you have a big match, not just for you, but for the entire nexus. If Harris & McGillicuty are victorious, they will join us in the nexus. Bearing in mind that you are under my control and that you have to do what I say, I hope you will do the right thing... and lay down tonight


Cena: ... Wade I cant do it. For gods sake I've got "Never Give Up" written on my shirt. I cant give up and lay down in the middle of the ring...

Barrett: John, I wasnt asking you to lay down, I was ordering you to. Are you disobeying me you yellow bellied coward? If so, you know what the consequences are. Do the right thing John. You concentrate on that, myself, Gabriel, Slater, Otunga and Sheffield have a tag match right now

~All other 5 nexus members leave Cena~

~Josh Matthews is backstage~

Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, he is the WWE Champion, Randy Orton

~The crowd gives the loudest cheer of the night for the viper as he walks into the room~

Josh: Now Randy this sunday you will be defending the WWE Championship against Wade Barrett and the nex...

Orton: Josh, the fact that Nexus will be ringside for my match with Wade Barrett this sunday is irrelevant. Sure, they've laid waste to the likes of Bret Hart, Edge, Jericho, Cena... but they have never taken me down. With Cena on board, the group is just going to crumble to pieces, and this sunday, Wade's dreams of becoming champion will also crumble to pieces, courtesy of an R...K...O

~The crowd cheers for the RKO mention. Orton tries to walk away but Josh calls him back~

Josh: Randy, tonight you team with John Cena, a man who you have had a rivalry with for several years, to take on Michael McGillicuty and Husky Harris. We just heard Barrett order Cena to lay down. How do you intend to win what is virtually a handicap match?

~Orton stares a hole right through Josh before answering~

Orton: Its very simple Josh, I deliver 2 RKO's to both McGillicuty and Harris... and then deliver a couple of swift kicks to the skull.

~The crowd cheers for the mention of the punt kick as Orton walks away~

Josh: Thank you very much Randy Orton, we now send you back to ringside

~The camera returns to ringside, with Justin Roberts in the ring~

Roberts: The following contest is a 5 on 5 tag team match, scheduled for one fall

Roberts: Introducing first, from Carolina, R-Truth

Truth raps to the ring with his generic new theme

Cole: We get it. Get Crunk! You say it every week! Its irritating as hell!

King: Who pee'd in your cereal?

Roberts: From Los Angeles, California, John Morrison

JoMo walks onto the ramp with a clean shave, and does his Slo Mo Entrance.

King: That guy has the coolest entrance in the whole WWE, I need to learn to do that with my hair

Cole: Oh please!

Morrison and Truth, long time friends, shake hands in the ring as they await the arrival of the other participants

Roberts: Accompanied by Vladimir Kozlov, from Milan Italy, Santino Marella!

The crowd gives a massive pop for the unorthodox, comedic Santino Marella

Cole: And here's the man who is going to hold the key for team raw! He is the star of the team!

King: I thought that was The Miz?

Roberts: From Chicago, Illanois, CM Punk!

Cole: Here's the man who came to RAW last week and has a score to settle with the Smackdown team

King: He also injured Evan Bourne for no reason! Bourne had to have surgery on that elbow and is out for 4 months!

Roberts: From Dublin, Ireland, The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus!

Cole: This is the barbaric powerhouse of team raw. He is going to be hugely important for this team

King: I dont know if he's a team player though, hes always out for himself, I dont know if that bodes well for him being on team RAW

Roberts: And their opponents, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and Skip Sheffield... The Nexus

The Nexus 5 make their way to the ring.

Cole: And here is a man in Wade Barrett who this Sunday will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, and with Cena & Nexus with him, I dont see how he cant win this Sunday. Orton may be the WWE's last hope

Match 2: Team RAW v Nexus

Usual Tag Match. Team RAW gets the upper hand until R-Truth gets beaten down on by Wade Barrett. Nexus then isolates R-Truth from his team. Sheffield does most of the work and destroys him. Otunga botches ( :no: ) and it allows Truth to make the tag to Morrison. Morrison gets a lot of his high flying offense in on Otunga. He goes for Starship Pain but Otunga rolls out of the way and tags in Barrett. Wade hits the Wasteland on Morrison for the 3 Count

Winners: The Nexus

~Backstage promo. All 5 members of the Team RAW that just lost walk into Miz & Riley. Miz calls all of them pathetic and says that they are not fit to be on his team. Miz kicks all of them off team RAW~

Commercial Break


We return from commercial break. Miz and Riley are shown outside of the Nexus' locker-room. They knock on the door and Sheffield answers. They ask to talk to Barrett. At this point the camera fades back to ringside~

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall

Roberts: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Natalya and David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd!

The Hart Dynasty walks to the ring, high fiving the fans as they walk down the ramp

Cole: The Hart Dynasty's Tyson Kidd will look to get a win here tonight and try to get back into the tag team title picture

Tyson Kidd jumps over the top rope and poses in the centre of the ring for the crowd

Cole: Here's the man who I consider to be the better half of the hart dynasty, he is a great athlete and has a great personality. David Hart Smith on the other hand has the charisma of a brick

Roberts: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Drew McIntyre, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions... "Dashing" Cody Rhodes!

Cody Rhodes walks onto the ramp and begins to look at himself in the mirror in vintage Cody Rhodes fashion

Cole: Look at this man, King! Look at how Dashing he is! Everything about him is perfect

King: Yeah, everything is perfect with his face aside from one thing... it shows! This guy is honestly one of the ugliest men I've ever seen

Cole: Thank you "Dashing" Jerry Lawler

Match 3: Cody Rhodes v Tyson Kidd

A very good back and forth match between these two men. Tyson Kidd hits a springboard dropkick to the face of Cody Rhodes, who takes exception and tells him to leave the face. Kidd dominates for a few minutes before he goes for a cross body but this time he finds canvas and the high flying techniques do not work. Cody Rhodes then hits Beautiful Disaster which stuns Kidd. Rhodes wares down Kidd for a little while with submission holds such as the dragon sleeper, the camel clutch and a single leg boston crab. Kidd manages to get back up and tries to fight off Rhodes. Kidd goes for a clothesline but Rhodes ducks and goes for Cross Rhodes. Kidd gets out of it and hits a standing Code Blue! Kidd then goes to lock in the sharpshooter when...

The fighting Irishman, Finlay, walks onto the ramp with a sheleigh whilst the match is still going on. Kidd looks up the ramp and releases the hold. Rhodes rolls up Kidd, 1...2...3!

Roberts: Here is your winner, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes begins celebrating in the ring as Drew McIntyre begins celebrating with him, but they are interuptted...

The man from Blackpool, England, William Regal, walks onto the ramp with brass knuckles in his hand. Regal and Finlay look at each other, then charge toward ringside. Finlay blasts Smith with the Sheleigh, and Regal punches Kidd, who is by now in the arms of Natalya, in the face with the brass knuckles. Finlay and Regal than get into the ring, and chase Rhodes and McIntyre, but they flee before either man can get them. Regal and Finlay talk trash to Dashing Dreams as they exit through the crowd

Cole: These two men from the british isles... they want the tag team titles or so it seems!

King: And these two guys would make a formidable team

Cole: I think we may need some help out here for the Hart Dynasty

~Paramedics charge to ringside and attend to Kidd & Smith as we go to a commercial break~

~We return from commercial break, and a the titantron shows the paramedics attending to Kidd and Smith after the beatdown from Regal and Finlay. The camera returns to ringside~

The son of the million dollar man, Ted DiBiase Jr, walks onto the ramp with Maryse by his side. Ted walks to the ring purposefully with an intense look upon his face

Cole: And here's the man who'se had several issues with Goldust as of late over the million dollar championship

~A video package airs from 2 weeks ago when Goldust stole the million $ title, and continues to show Goldust costing DiBiase his match last week v R-Truth. As the camera returns to the ring DiBiase is shown shaking his head at the titantron and looking pissed off. He has a mic in his hand~

DiBiase: Goldust, i've had enough of waiting for you to come face to face with me. Come out here now and give me back what is rightfully mine. Give me my Million $ Title!

~There is silence as Goldust does not come out to the ring~

DiBiase: Goldust you pathetic theif, get out here now!


DiBiase: Just as I expected. Goldust, you're a coward. You dont have the guts. But dont worry, I'll save you the effort, I'll come back there and kick your ass that way

~DiBiase is about to leave the ring when...~

~The crowd cheers as the bizarre one, Goldust, walks onto the ramp with Aksana on his left arm, and the Million $ Championship over his right shoulder~

Goldust: ........... Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted! I'm here! Stop whining and groaning! Did you forget what I did to you last week? ..............

~Goldust takes a long breath at the end of his sentence~

Maryse: Goldust, you had better stop with all your weird talk, because if you dont, my man is going to kick your butt

Aksana: He can no do that to my man Goldust. I have better man. My man is bigger than yours

Maryse: Vous feriez mieux d'arrêter de me parler et Ted comme ça

Aksana: Jūs manote, kad esate toks protingas kekše

~Maryse and Aksana continue to argue in foreign languages. Ted and Goldust both take the mics away from their respective valets~

Ted: Look Goldust, cut to the chase, give me my belt back

Goldust: .............. You want your delicious pretty belt back Ted?............. You've gotta earn it! This Sunday at Bragging Rights, me and you, 1 on 1, for the Million $ Championship

Ted: Sure, whatever, I'll beat you this sunday and get back that belt, which is mine! I'll beat you with ease, because you are a charismaless ugly and overweight piece of crap... just like your father

~Ted gets some heat for the illusion to Dusty Rhodes. Goldust looks up at the ramp toward DiBiase with his demeanour completely changed, as he tries to stare a hole right through Ted as the camera fades away~

~The camera once again goes backstage, and Matthews is standing by with The Miz & David Otunga~

Matthews: Guys, whats the deal?

Otunga: Josh... The Awesome one and The Nexus have come together to make a deal... This Sunday, Team Smackdown will be facing The Miz, Alex Riley, myself, Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield... and Cena!

Miz: With these guys by our side, no-one will be able to stop us. They proved tonight that they are better than I thought, and that they are better than the pathetic first team we had. MY team will...

Otunga: Miz, thats OUR team...

Miz:... Right, sorry. OUR team will win this Sunday, and we will earn bragging rights

~Commercial Break~


The camera once again returns to ringside

Roberts: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for 1 fall. If Harris and McGillicuty are victorious, they will be inducted into the nexus

Roberts: Introducing first, the tag team of Husky Harris and Michael McGillicuty

Cole: Here are two men who have been trying to get into the nexus since early this month at the hell in a cell PPV when they caused Cena to join the nexus. Tonight, they get a chance to be inducted into the group. And with Harris and McGillicuty potentially being inducted, who can stop the men in black and gold?

The crowd explodes to life and cheers like crazy for the viper, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton

Roberts: And their opponents, first, from St Louis, Missouri, Randy Orton!

Cole: This sunday Orton will defend his championship against Wade Barrett, but tonight he needs to prevent these 2 men from joining the nexus, or it could all but seal Orton's fate at Bragging Rights

King: Not to mention the man who Orton is teaming with has been ordered to lay down by Wade Barrett, or he will be fired! Orton essentially needs to make this a handicap match, which is suicidal in itself!

A mixed reaction for John Cena, but there are more jeers than usual. Cena has a distrought expression upon his face

Cole: Will Cena really swallow his pride and lay down to the 2 men who may have ruined his career forever?

King: If he doesn't, he'll be fired! What alternative does he have

Match 4: John Cena & Randy Orton v Michael McGillicuty & Husky Harris

At the start of the match Cena contemplates hitting Michael & Harris, untill Wade Barrett walks out to ringside and stares a hole through Cena. Reluctantly, Cena lays down, but before McGillicuty can pin him, Orton pulls Cena to his corner and tags himself in. Michael/Husky beat down on Orton for about 6 minutes before Orton delivers his backbreaker to Harris. Cena reaches out for the hot tag, but Barrett pulls him down from the apron and clotheslines John. Orton then pulls Wade into the ring and goes for his spike DDT from the ropes, but McGillicuty tags himself in and hits the McGillicuter for the 3 Count

Winners: Michael McGillicuty & Husky Harris

As Harris & McGillicuty begin celebrating, Slater, Otunga, Gabriel and Sheffield join Barrett and they all congratulate Michael & Husky. Otunga has a spray can in his hand. Slater, Otunga and Sheffield lift the two onto their shoulders. Gabriel has two nexus shirt in his hands. He hands one each to Michael and Harris, who proudly put the shirts on. As the rest of the nexus celebrates, Cena crawls back into the ring. Barrett turns around and begins shouting at him as everyone else turns around. Wade slaps Cena in the face twice, before... RKO! Orton RKO's Barrett from out of nowhere, laying him out. However the rest of nexus (aside from cena) sees this and begins pounding on Orton. Sheffield clotheslines Orton's head off, then Slater delivers Sweetness (russian legsweep) to Randy when he gets back up. After this, Otunga hits his Spinebuster finisher on Orton. Sheffield then military presses Orton to the outside. By now Barrett has made it back to his feet, and he turns to Cena. Wade calls Cena a spineless coward, and throws a right hand at him. Barrett then delivers a big boot to Cena, putting him down. The leader then barks orders to the rest of the group. Michael McGillicuty hits the McGillicutter to Cena, and Husky Harris hits a running senton on Cena. With John hurt, Wade orders Gabriel to go to the top rope. Justin hits his 450 splash on Nexus' own Cena. As the crowd looks on confused, Barrett pulls Cena up to his feet and hits the wasteland on him.

Cole: Can Wade do that

King: He's the leader of nexus, he can do what he wants, who is going to stop him?

Cole: But what does this mean? Is Cena administered from the group? Will he be fired?

~Barrett grabs a mic from the timekeeper~

Barrett: Ladies and Gentlemen, 5 months ago I said that the winds of change were blowing... well now, the winds of change have stopped... Change is here.


Barrett: This sunday, my time will come as I will defeat Randy Orton and take the WWE Championship, and when I do, the Nexus will have complete control over the WWE, and NO ONE will be able to stop us

~Even more heat as Barrett laughs~

Barrett: Now despite what you just saw, John Cena is still a part of the nexus. What just happened was a message to John that he will never forget: "Do what I command." If Cena disobeys me again, I will kick him to the curb, he will leave nexus and he will be fired


Barrett: And this sunday, Cena will be with nexus at ringside, and he will ensure that I win the WWE Title this sunday at bragging rights


Barrett: But for now, since Cena can't hear us because he's unconcious, we need to remind him of who he is... Otunga

~Otunga, who has the spray can in his hand, walks over to Cena and begins spraying the can on him. As the crowd boos, the camera reveals a big "N" sprayed upon Cena's body. As the crowd boo's, Barrett, Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield, Otunga, Harris and McGillicuty begin laughing before leaving the ring. "We Are One" plays as the camera fades away, signifying the end of the show~


Current WWE Bragging Rights Card

Smackdown v RAW

Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston & Tyler Reks v The Miz, Alex Riley, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and John Cena

WWE Championship
Randy Orton v Wade Barrett (with Nexus)

World Heavyweight Championship - Buried Alive Match
Kane v Undertaker

United States Champion v Intercontinental Champion
Daniel Bryan v Dolph Ziggler

Million $ Championship
Ted DiBiase v Goldust​

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I'm not going to review each match, just some comments here and there.

I don't watch WWE a lot, MNF gets my time, but it seems that you have King and Cole down pat.

I'm not overly familiar with The Miz to tell you whether the dialogus is him or not, but I can totally see him cutting all of Team Raw, so that worked for me.

The Valets MADE the scene between Dibiase and Golddust, you seem to have the Divas down and I enjoyed that exchange. With that said I'm not all that familiar with Ted and his skills on the microphone enough to determine whether you have him down pat or not. As for Golddust, there wasn't enough there from him for me to make a determination either. The scene was still done really well, and set the stage appropriately.

I sort of like the idea of Finlay and Regal teaming up as a British Isles duo, but at the same time would love to see both of them being retired. With that said, the tag team division in the WWE is rather weak and this could breathe new life, but please don't give Fit and Regal the belts.

The main event was done well. I like the idea of the Nexus growing it's numbers with NXT stars. I also like the treatment Cena was given after the match, and the beatdown Nexus gave Randy Orton, it was true to form on both accounts.

I don't know where you are going with the "be Nexus or be fired angle with Cena", but I could totally see Nexus winning the belt from Orton, and given Barret's claim that when they do that they'll have complete control of the WWE, I could see John Cena voluntarily walking away from the Nexus and thusly be fired, only to have Mr. McMahon with all of his power as onwer/CEO offer John Cena his job back, to represent WWE and take the company back from Nexus.

Very good first show. Keep it up.

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it was a good show , the only thing was that the matches could use a little more detail, asides from that it rocked :)
i liked the dialogue between the different wrestlers and u got cole and king perfectly right
i give it 8 out of 10

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Certainly feeling the video themes, it adds a bit of character I haven't seen before.

The debut of the WOO WOO WOO Chop was great. Haha.

Utilizing Finlay is interesting as well, I'd like to see where he goes from here.

Good start, I'd interested in finding out what happens on Smackdown with Bryan and Zigs, as Zigs attacked Bryan from behind.

I'm nearly a Husky Mark, so I'm glad to see him with the win.

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WWE News

And I Quote

Source: WWE.com

It has just been announced that at Bragging Rights, there will be a mini draft, as 3 men from RAW will go to Smackdown and vice versa. Who will switch brands? Find out live at Bragging Rights this Sunday, also featuring Randy Orton v Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship, and Kane v The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, plus Team RAW v Team Smackdown
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