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O.K i've decided to make my own thread up as i have have been impressed with some of the other threads.Here is the roster for both show's and it will start the night after WrestleMania 21.I will also write what has happened in the last couple of ppv's(my way of course)I will write up smackdown and if anybody is interested my future partner could write up raw just p.m me or tell me in this thread.and my roster's for both shows will be up in about a couple of mins as i have to do some rearly impotant school work.

The roster for raw is:
Antonio -world tag champ
Batista -World Champ
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Christian -M.I.T.B Winner
Christy Hemme
Eric Bischoff
Gene Snitsky
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Kane -I.C champ
Lilian Garcia
Mick Foley
Muhammad Hassan
Ric Flair
Robert Conway
Romeo -world tag champ
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steven Richards
Stone Cold
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Triple H -
Trish Stratus -wwe women's champ
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal
SmackDown roster is:
Akio -C.W champ
Al Snow
Big Show
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley -
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Dawn Marie
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
John cena -WWE champ
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Joy Giovanni
Kenzo Suzuki-WWE tag champ
Kurt angle
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Miss Jackie
Orlando Jordan-U.S champ
Paul London
Rene Dupree-WWE tag champ
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Spike Dudley
Steve Romero
Theodore Long
Torrie Wilson
i will post my ppv results later today once i finished my school test work!

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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WWE has just signed new and former superstars
Somoea Joe -raw
ron the truth killings-raw
kevin nash-raw
Jerry lynn-raw
ken shamrock-raw
billy gunn-raw
bobby rhoode -raw
eric young-raw
molly holly-raw
gail kim-raw
Steve cold steve austin-raw
rhyno-raw and more to come.
Paul burchill-s.d!
a.j styles-s.d!
christopher daniels-s.d!
monty brown-s.d!
chris harris-s.d!
james storm-s.d!
elix skipper -s.d!
the amazing red-s.d!
kid kash-s.d!
petey williams-s.d!
low ki -s.d!
jeff hardy -s.d!
matt hardy-s.d! and more to come.

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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O.K here are the results for the last couple of PPV'S

The royal rumble results:
edge def shawn micheal's
undertaker def heidrench in a inferno match
Jbl def kut angle and the big show in a elimanation 3 way dance match
HHH def orton in a no DQ match
The royal rumble winner was John Cena

No way out results:
rey mysterio and rvd def the basham's to regain the wwe tag team title's
Eddie guerreuro def booker-t
akio def funiki, paul london and chavo to win the C.W title
Kut angle def the big show
undertaker def luther reign's in a first blood match
WWE and U.Stitle handicap match:
Rules-(if cena pin's jbl the he win's the WWE title but if he pin's orlando then nothing would happen.But if orlando or jbl pin cena then they would win the U.S title.
Cena def Jbl and orland jordon when cena pinned orlando.
(orlando def cena 3 week's later to win the u.s title)

Wrestlemania 21 result's:
Renu depree and kenzo suziki def the basham's and rvd and rey mysterio to win the wwe tag team title's in a 3 wat ladder match
booker-t def eddie guerreuro in a cage match
trish def victoria and christy to retian the the wwe women's title
6 way money in the bank ladder match:
(winner get's a future world title shot anywhere in the next year)
christian def edge,chris jericho,chris benoit,kane and shelton benjamin
Undertaker def otron
kurt angle def shawn micheal's
John cena def jbl to win the wwe title
Batista def HHH to win the world title

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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Thank's blueman it's mean's alot to me since you like my thread so much as it's my first time doing this.And you are welcome to have the new raw g.m spot if you want but if not then i'm cool with that and raw shold be up anywhere from today or this friday.(got lot's of school work to do!)

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yeah as Fire Wolf said work on your spelling, also dont forget colours/bolds/italics/underlines/centers they come in handy in setting out a great BTB.....

Should be good, nice to see Billy Gunn and Kevin Nash, Kid Kash and AJ Styles, Rhyno and others there, looking good though

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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Thanks guy's i guess i'll be heading over to the partener change thread oh and the blueman i'm not bothered about you decling my raw spot as it is your choice and good luck with your thread as i wil retun a favour since you checked out my thread i'll go and check out your thread.

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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Here are the next wwe ppv's.

SMACKDOWN-Judgement day(22/05/05)
RAW-Bad Blood(17/06/05)
SMACKDOWN-No mercy(09/10/05)
JOINT-Survivor series(21/11/05)
JOINT-Royal rumble(23/01/06)
SMACKDOWN-No way out(20/02/06)
Date's could change!!!

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Good luck, hopefully you post a show soon, and this thread isnt forgotten. Thats what seems to happen with lots. It may take a few shows written by you to find a partner, that what lures them in sometimes. Everyone wants to see what you bring ot the table

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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Oh and to everybody who is waiting for the (RAW) show then i have good new's as RAW should be up in about an 2 to 3 hour's from now as the electric is going nut upstair's at the moment so check back soon!

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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O.k. here is my first show hope you enjoy it. (Be nice)
We are shown a video highlight of Wreslemania 21
Then the RAW theme music hit’s as the pyro goes off and the fan’s go nuts
J.R: wow king what a night it was last night at Wreslemania
King: Your not lying J.R as we crowned a new world heavyweight champion
J.R: yes king we certainly did king when the animal Batista pinned Triple-H
*Triple-H music hit’s*
J.R: And speaking of the devil
King: don’t say that you know what will happen if he hear’s you well don’t you?!
Triple-H grabs the mike about to speak until the crowd starts a Batista chant
(45 second’s later)
Triple-H:I don’t care what you people chant as last night was a fluke win Batista got lucky and…
The crowd start a Triple-H suck’s chant
Triple-H: Shut up you idiot’s I don’t care what you people say I’m the best there is today, present or future and you people should recognise that
The crowd start booing heavily toward’s Triple-H
Triple-H: That’s it I’m sick of this get your ass out here…Batista are you listening get your ass out here I don’t want to come back there and
*Batista music hit’s*
The fan’s go nuts for the new world champ
Batista: wow game I didn’t think you would be that pi**ed off I mean it’s not like you haven’t lost the world title before is it?!
The crowd start a new chant called former world champ
Triple-H: Batista if you do that again I’ll shove that microphone so far up your arse
Batista: WOW I DIDN’T EXPECT YOU DO SAY THAT but just in case you forgot about last night here’s a reply
*A reply is shown of Batista hitting a spine buster then a Batista bomb on HHH for the 3 count*
Triple-H is getting angrier by the minute
Triple-H:If you do that again I’ll
Batista: What this
*A reply is shown of Batista hitting a spine buster then a Batista bomb on HHH for the 3 count*
HHH looks like his about to snap but cools down
Triple-H:Im warning you Batista do not show that footage again!
Batista: What this footage
*A reply is shown of Batista hitting a spine buster then a Batista bomb on HHH for the 3 count*
HHH drop’s the mic and finally snaps
Batista then drop’s his mic and goes face to face with Triple-H
Both men exchange words until HHH goes for a cheap shot but the Batista reverse’s it and goes for the spine buster but HHH reverses that and goes for the pedigree but Batista reverse’s that and goes for the Batista bomb but HHH run’s out of the ring and grabes a mic on the way out
Triple –H: Batista I hope you enjoy every second of being champion cause at backlash I will win back my world title!!!
Batista: That’s fine with me game as I welcome a challenge and at backlash your a*se is mine!!!
Both men stare a hole through each other.
King: wow heated words between the 2 hay J.R
J.R:I agree king as this 2 have a lot of personal issue’s for on another.
We come back from commercial and see Maria about to start an interview with Trish
Maria: Last night Trish you had a growling fight with Victoria and Christy
Trish: Yeah so what’s your point or was that your question
Maria: No Trish I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the match after you had to use the ropes for leverage to gain a cheap win.
Trish spit’s out her water from her mouth
Trish:Oh I’ll show you something cheap doll face
Trish grabes Maria by her hair and throw’s her into some staging equipment
Trish: Well look who’s cheap now then
King: wow that was an interesting catfight
J.R:I hope Maria is O.K after that attack from Trish
King: Yeah I hope those puppies are all right!!!
J.R: Could you please stop thinking about the dame puppie’s for a least one minute?!
*Hassan’s music hit’s*
Hassan makes he’s way down to the ring to the dismay of J.R and The King
Hassan snatches the mic of Lillian and pushes her over as Davari speak’s in a Arib again
Hassan is about to speak until Sergeant slaughter appears on the ramp as the crowd is going nuts
Sergeant slaughter point’s to Hassan and get’s on the mic and say’s next week live on raw you maggot
I will end your winning streak and your verbal hates to the United States of America
J.r: Good god king what a surprise by the one and only hall of famer Sergeant slaughter
King: And that’s not all J.R next week on raw we will see Hassan take on Sergeant slaughter
*Christy music hits*
The fans give a mixed reaction to Christy
*Victoria music hits*
But the fans give a good reaction to Victoria
King: This is a number 1 contender’s match J.R with the winner getting a women’s title shot at Trish.
J.R: Should be an interesting match King
Victoria vs Christy
Both women shake hands at the start of the match and begin to grapple each other for some leverage but neither one of them can gain an advantage. They both start to grapple again but this time Christy rolls up Victoria but only get’s a 2 count then Victoria goes for a clothesline on Christy but see duck’s and nail’s a dropkick to the back of Victoria. Victoria sit’s down and want’s another handshake from Christy. Christy shakes Victoria hand but Victoria pull’s Christy in for a small Package but only to get a 2 count. Both women then start to reverse each other’s finishing moves both women then go to hit each other with a open fist and both connects leaving both partly knocked out making the ref use his 10 count.
We then see Trish in the back drinking some water and watching the match on the monitor
Both women get up to there feet at the count of 6.Christy then goes for a clothesline but Victoria duck’s and hit’s the widow’s peak on Christy. Victoria makes the cover 1………2…no Trish pulls
Victoria out of the ring and then runs back up the entrance ramp looking on. Victoria then enter the ring only to be met by the reverse twist of fate Christy is about to make a cover until a women wearing a mask comes from under the ring and into the ring and nails a fisherman hook buster on Christy and then Victoria with a running spear this calls for a D.Q and say’s there is no winner and with that the masked wrestler super kicks the ref. The mystery women then point’s to Trish’s women’s title and takes off the mask reavling JAZZ!!!!!
The whole of the arena is in shock as we cut to commercial
We then go to the raw g.m’s suite where coach is talking with Eric Bischoff
Coach: Yeah you must be joking for backlash no way?!
Eric: I never joke around coach
Coach: I no boss but are you sure about this
Eric: I’m positive coach
Coach: O.K you’re the boss but when are you going to make that great announcement
Eric: Well I thought about and I’ll make the announcement live next week on raw
Edge slams the door wide open shouting and screaming
Edge: This is not fair to me Eric I should of won that M.I.T.B ladder match last night and I would have if Tomko didn’t help Christian up that ladder. You no I telling the truth don’t you Eric well don’t you?!
Eric:O. K first off don’t slam my door like that ever again and second what is your point
Edge: Will what I am trying to say is I want Christian bad and I want him at Backlash for the M.I.T.B Contract
Edge grabes Eric by his collar and and ask’s for the match
Eric: Fine you have you match at Backlash
Edge walks out the door but only to be met by HHH as they both have an intense stare down.
HHH: I heard you want to speak to me Eric
Eric: As a matter of fact I do you see tonight you are having a match
HHH: That’s fine with me so who is it
Eric: I don’t actually no
HHH: What do you mean you don’t who my opponent is tonight?
Eric: I’m sorry o.k. Linda McMahon imported this guy in to have a match with you
HHH then walk’s out the door but only to be met by Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho
Eric: What now
Y2J: Chris and me want a world tag title shot at those stupid heartthrobs
Eric: Well that’s good and all but what makes you think I’m just going to give you guys a shot?
Benoit: Other wise you will regret it (Beniot then does the throat gesture)
Eric: Fine up next you will face maven and Simon dean in number 1 contender’s match with the winner’s facing the champs at backlash!
King: Wow some great matches shaping up for Backlash
J.R: Ya should be awesome!
*Maven and Simon Dean come out to there music*
To some mild boo’s
*Chris Jericho and Chris Beniot music hit’s the arena*
Chris Jericho/Beniot vs Maven and Simon Dean
Beniot start the match working on dean’s legs doing lots of ammeter leg hooks and submissions
Dean then low blow’s Beniot when the ref wasn’t looking and rake’s the eye’s and drag’s Beniot to maven ho start stomping Beniot and nail’s a top rope bulldog for a 2 count on Beniot maven can’t believe it a tries to hit a top rope elbow drop but misses as both men tag in there partner’s Simon dean tries a clothesline but y2j duck and hit’s a dropkick on dean and then one on maven dean then get’s to his feet only to be met by a clothesline and a running inzurguri Jericho goes for the cover but is broken up by maven Beniot then hits maven to the mat below and while maven is trying to get back into the ring but is being cut off by the ref Beniot hit’s a head butt on dean. Then maven enters the ring with a chair and is about to hit Beniot but the ref pulls the chair away from maven to the dismay of maven but when he turns around he is met with a crossface and the same time Jericho say’s that’s it a locks in the wall’s on dean and maven and 10 second’s they both tap out.
King: well up next is the I.C title Match
J.r: That will pit Shelton Benjamin defending against Chris masters
*Masterpiece hit’s*
As the fan’s are in complete silence
*Shelton Benjamin’s music hit the arena*
The fans give an all right reaction to Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Master’s for the I.C title
Master’s hit’s a few attacking moves on the neck of Shelton. Master’s then pick’ up Shelton and hit’s are hard scoop slam and goes to the to 2nd rope a misses with the splash which gives Shelton some much needed rest time both men stager to there feet and as master’s goes for a right Shelton catches it a nail a dragon whip on master’s and goes to the top rope and hit’s a flying clothesline for a 2 count Shelton then start’s to wait for master’s to get to his feet and does and is about to get hit with a t-bone but master’s counter’s it into to the master lock but Shelton counter’s that into a roll up but only for 2 count master’s then goes for a clothesline but it is reversed into the t-bone for the 3 count afterwards a explosion goes off and Kane appears behind Shelton. Shelton turns around in to a choke slam Kane grab’s the mic and say’ at backlash your I.C title will be mine!!!
J.R: Oh my god king what a night it has been so mar but it’s not over
King: No it’s certainly not as up next is the main event
*Triple-H music hits*
To a loud amount of boo’s
Triple-H waits in the ring for his opponent not sweating or even blinking.
*GOLDBERG music hit’s to a enormous amount of cheers*
As HHH looks on in pure fear
Goldberg vs HHH
Goldberg runs a HHH in the corner and clotheslines him 3 times. Goldberg hit’s HHH with some back elbows and some side forearms Goldberg then scoop slams HHH then delivers another one and then hit’s a leg drop on HHH for a 2 count only Goldberg smiles noing he’s got this match in the bag he then tosses HHH around in the ring and hit 5 different slams on HHH before deciding to go for the spear Goldberg wait’s and when HHH turns around is hit by a high knee to the face of Goldberg
As we take our last commercial break!
Were back from commercial and see HHH doing a scorpion death lock on Goldberg Goldberg get’s out of it and goes for a right hand but HHH hit a lifting spine buster to Goldberg HHH sit’s in the corner doing the Goldberg poses and is met by a hammering spear both men a down and the ref start’s the count and reaches 9 and both men get up Triple-H then goes for the pedigree but Goldberg is trying to fight out of it but when the ref isn’t looking HHH nail’s a low blow on Goldberg HHH then is about to
Hit the pedigree but Batista show’s up on the ramp this gives Goldberg enuf time to regroup and hit the jackhammer on HHH Goldberg makes the cover
1…………….. ………
The light’s go out and we come back we see Somoea Joe hit a jumping inzurguri on Goldberg and then he locks in a triangular sleeper hold which makes Goldberg tap out
J.r: What the hell is this?
King: That’s roh Somoea Joe J.R
Somoea Joe grabs the mic and say’s in front of a bruised and beaten Goldberg your NEXT!!!!!!!!

WWE fades to black as we finish the show.

Well I hope you like my show as it is my first time and it took me 5 hours to do so some review would be nice. thanks

(Also can anybody tell me how to make a backlash banner they will get a rep and a thank's from me.I'm off to bed as it is late over here and i have got school test's tomorrow as i need some good sleep to get a good report score)
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