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This is my first BTB guys, so don't bite :p. While I probably will only update this on weekends when I have free time (or there's a national holiday or something) I plan on staying committed to this BTB. I'm open to any suggestions and if anyone wants to help me out with anything (booking or graphics) don't be afraid to ask.
WWE-A New Leader
TLC Results
Dolph Ziggler retained the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder match against Kaval Kofi Kingston and Dashing Cody Rhodes
The Dudebusters win a tag team gauntlet to become tag team champions
Daniel Bryan defeats Alex Riley to retain the US championship
Sheamus defeats John Morrison after using a steel pipe when referee was down
Alberto Del Rio defeats Rey Mysterio in a Chairs match
John Cena defeats Wade Barrett ending Nexus
Edge vs Kane ends in no contest as both men are brutally beat and cannot continue the match
Randy Orton defeats the Miz to win the WWE Championship

*It has been a bridge year in 2010, with ups and downs in the WWE, as old stars retired and new ones were built. Ratings and buyrates have gone down, but the future looks bright with the talent on the roster coming up. This BTB starts right at the beginning of 2011.

*Vince has taken a leave of absence and has appointed Shane McMahon as chairman. Whether this is permanent or not is the question

*While some high ranking officals, do not like the decision due to having a close relationship with Vince, the general feeling in the lockeroom is positive and that Shane is a cool-headed guy that is willing to listen to ideas and let the wrestlers contribute to their promos/storylines.

*Shane had a conference call where he discussed a number of things. For one, John Laurinitis has been fired as Talent Relations executive, and is replaced by Jim Ross. Lawler has lost his job on the annouce table but remains a backstage agent.

*Joey Styles has been brought back to the annoucing table on Smackdown to partner with Striker. Matthews takes over as Raw's color commentator with Cole. Superstars is now done by Grisham and Abe Washington

*Shane has defended the PG label on WWE programming but says that the product will be more edgier as we will see occasional blood and swearing and possibly more mature storylines.

*PPV format has changed. There will be 12 PPV's

January-Royal Rumble
Febuary-No Way Out
May-Night of Champions
June-Over the Limit
July-King of the Ring
October-Extreme Rules
November-Survivor Series
While the Big 4 remain, Shane plans on having No Way Out, Night of Champions, King of the RIng and Extreme Rules as B list PPV's, with the remaining 4 being C list PPV's

*With Vince out the helm, several wrestlers have expressed interest in some return
*Six superstars have already resigned with the WWE, as Carlito, Rob Van Dam, and the team of Londrick have all joined smackdown. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are expected to return on the Raw Brand
Meanwhile Shawn Michaels is rumored to have agreed to return to Raw on a short stint.

*NXT has been discontinued

*Divas title has been retired, a Women's title has ben brought back
*Nexus has been done with following TLC
*Following TLC, Kane has decided to end his 15 year run in the WWE

*In an exclusive WWE.com has learned that the Raw anonymous GM and Teddy Long have agreed to a trade sending the inactive Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Alex Rley, Primo and Evan Bourne to Smackdown in exchange for Drew McIntyre, Dashing' Cody Rhodes, Chris Masters, Luke Gallows and Kaval.
*WWE has released the following superstars
-Vance Archer
-David Otunga
-The Great Khali
--Tyler Reks
-Alicia Fox
-Brie Bella
-Nikki Bella

Husky Harris Michael McGuillicutty and Skip Sheffield have been sent down to FCW

General Manager-Anonymous
WWE Champion-Randy Orton
United States Champion-Daniel Bryan
Women's champion-Natalya
Tag Team Champions-Dudebusters
Angelina Love (H)
Charlie Haas (H)
Chris Masters (F)
CM Punk (H)
Daniel Bryan (F)
Drew McIntyre (H)
Dashing Cody Rhodes (H)
David Hart Smith (F)
Eve (F)
Ezekial Jackson (F)
Gail Kim (F)
Heath Slater (H)
Jey Uso (H)
Jimmy Uso (F)
John Cena (F)
John Morrison (F)
Justin Gabriel (H)
Luke Gallows (H)
Kaval (F)
Mark Henry (F)
Maryse (H)
Michael Tarver*
Natlaya (F)
Randy Orton (F)
R-Truth (F)
Santino Marella (F)
Sheamus (H)
Stacy Keibler (F)
Tamina (H)
Ted Dibiase (H)
The Miz (H)
Triple H*
Tyson Kidd (F)
Velvet Sky (H)
Vladamir Kozlov (F)
William Regal (H)
Zack Ryder (H)

Tag teams-

World's Greatest Tag Team-Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas
The Internet Darlings-Kaval and Daniel Bryan
The Usos-Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso w/Tamina
The Hart Dynasty Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith w/ Natalya
Slater and Gabriel
Dashing Chosen Ones-Drew McIntyre and Dashing
The Beautiful People-Angelina Love and Velvet Sky

General Manager-Theodore Long
World Heavyweight Champion-Edge
Intercontinetal Champion-Dolph Ziggler
Women's Champion-Natalya
Tag team Champions-The Dudebusters
Alberto Del Rio (H)
Alex Riley (H)
AJ (F)
Beth Phoneix (F)
Big Show (F)
Brian Kendrick (F)
Carlito (H)
Caylen Croft (F)
Chavo Guerrero (H)
Chris Jericho*
Christian (F)
Curt Hawkins (H)
Dolph Ziggler (H)
Edge (F)
Evan Bourne (F)
Jack Swagger (H)
Jackson Andrews (H)
Joey Mercury (H)
Jillian (H)
Kaitlyn (F)
Kelly Kelly (F)
Kofi Kingston (F)
Layla (H)
Maria (F)
Michelle McCool (H)
Paul London (F)
Primo (H)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Rob Van Dam (F)
Trent Baretta (F)
The Undertaker (F)
Wade Barrett (H)
Yoshi Tatsu (F)​
Tag teams
E&C-Edge and Christian
The Colons-Carlito and Primo
The Dudebusters-Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta
Londrick-Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Gatecrashers-Curt Hawkins and Jackson Andrews
Laycool-Layla and Michelle McCool
K2J -Kelly Kelly and AJ


I'll post Raw for January 3rd by Friday. By the way, is it ok if I just summarize matches, or do I have to write out every little detail of the match?

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I would take around for a good format, to me it seems a little messy. Shane being the Chairman is OK, hope that this means a good WWE. I don't like the releases made and you should have kept them in tact. The Women's Championship being brought back is good, I like that because of it's history.

Nexus disbanding has done its part but losing a match isn't a good way to end it in my opinion and I would have liked Nexus to implode. Orton being champion so quickly is bad and the Awesome Era should have been reigned supreme. The Beautiful People being brought into the Raw scene is good, the Tag Division looks actually stacked. But a new format is definitely needed. The Straight Edge Society return is great, glad Gallows has something to do.

Edge as champ is Ok, hopefully you have some plans for him to do because it was really going nowhere unfortunately with Kane. The Dude Busters as champs is interesting, definitely a different team to run the division. Rob Van Dam is ok on Smackdown, not too keen on that but AJ and Kaitlyn is a yay!

On the show writing format, I think it is OK if you give a brief description on the matches but enough detail to completely sum up the match if that makes sense. On a side note, some ,s are needed and some spaces between champions, authority and such.

Good luck

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January, 3 2010

Phoenix, Arizona
WWE Raw starts off with a Vincent Kennedy McMahon tribute, detailing the life
and career of Mr. McMahon. After it finishes we see a picture of Shane on the
screen instead of Vince.
Across the Nation hits
and the pyro goes off as we cut to the announce table
Cole-Happy New Year everybody! I'm here alongside my NEW partner
Josh Matthew as we bring to you the first Raw of 2011
Matthews-Hi everyone, it is certainly a pleasure to be announcing Raw now, even
sitting next to Michael Cole doesn't ruin.
Cole-Hey watch it rookie, I'm the big boy here. Anyway with a new year, comes
new change and there is a huge change tonight.
Matthews-That's right Cole, not only is this Raw's first show of 2011, but we
have a NEW owner, Shane-O Mac takes over as head!

Here Comes the
hits to a standing ovation as Shane McMahon makes his return to the
He does his little dance at the top of the ramp and comes down to the ring,
mic in hand. He salutes the fans, and a Shane'O-Mac chants starts out.
Shane-Thank you, thank you everyone. I'm pleased to be the NEW
owner of World Wresting Entertainment.

*Crowd pops big
Shane-Now, for the past few years, I've been watching the WWE
Universe, complaining, arguing, and calling out the WWE. Many of you have been
unhappy with the company’s direction for a long time. All of you wanted change,
and my old man didn't really give a damn what you people thought.
*Crowd boos

Shane-Luckily for you guys, I'm the Boss now, and I want change too I want to
know what the WWE fans want. You've already heard about some of the things I've
done already. I've changed the PPV schedule, I've switched up the announce
teams, I've signed new superstars

*Shane takes a pause, as an RVD chant breaks out
Shane-But i've realized what the WWE universe wants more than anything. And
that's to find out who exactly, has forced us to bear Michael Cole's horrendous
speeches, that's right the WWE fans want to know who is the anonymous general
manager of Raw.
-The crowd erupts in cheers
Shane-But, unfortunately I only know so much. As you all know, my father was the
one who appointed the current GM, and hasn't told a soul. I don't know who it
is, Steph doesn't none of the agents know, hell I bet the GM's mom doesn't even
*crowd boos
Shane-However, I do have something to tell you GM, so wherever you are, I hope
you're listening. If you even have a pair of balls, you'd right here, right now,
in Phoenix Arizona....
Crowd pops for the city mention
Shane-you would reveal your identity to everyone here. Because the entire world
is watching
Crowd cheers, and Shane points to Cole if he got an e-mail. Cole shrugs
Shane-Alright, I'm not surprised. Anyway, since our little laptop friend here
doesn't want to talk I guess I'm going to be in charge tonight. So tonight,
we're going to see Daniel Bryan take on one of Raw's newest superstar Dashing
Cody Rhodes. And if Dashing wins, he will become the #1 contender.
Crowd boos for Dashing
Shane-That's not it though, as we will see the new Tag Team Champions the
Dudebusters take on a redebuting tag team that I have personally signed.
Crowd starts a Dudebusters chant
But let's not forget the main event. No, because I have a blockbuster main event
scheduled for tonight. John Cena will take on the Miz with the winner facing
Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. And Randy Orton will
be special guest Referee!
Crowd goes crazy for the announcement. Shane's music plays as he exits the ring,
high-fiving fans all around.

Cole-Did you hear that Josh! Miz gets a chance to reclaim the title he should
have never lost!
Matthews-Yup, I heard him loud and clear, but he's got to go through John Cena,
someone who's always troubled him in the past. Hey, who do you think the
Dudebusters will face tonight?
Cole-I don't know or care but hopefully their opponents win. I just want the
Geekbusters off this show and gone to Smackdown where they belong. But coming up
next, Dashing, gets Daniel Bryan one on one!
Smokes and Mirrors hits
as we see Dashing Cody Rhodes come out. He taunts the crowd with his digital
mirror and comes down the ring
Cole-Dashing at it's finest! What a sight to see Cody in action
Matthews-Yea, I'm sure all the ladies go all over that nose piercing
Cole-Don't hate Josh. We all know you want to hear a Dashing tip from Cody
Matthews-What th...? nevermind
Ride of Valkryies Daniel
Bryan comes out to a nice pop high fiving the fans as he runs down to the ring
Cole-Ugh it's this guy again. Hopefully Cody can teach him how to
be dashing
Matthews-Where's Brie anyway? Now that's dashing
Cole-Uhhh Josh, she's a 4 at best. Where's CM Punk when you need him??

The bell rings and this match is underway. Dashing starts off
pointing at Bryan and then holding his nose waving his hand in disgust at Bryan.
Bryan does not take kindly to this and goes straight to Bryan with a hard right
punch to Cody's face. Cody runs out of the ring to check out his face. When he
turns around, Bryan comes at him with a suicide dive taking both men out. Crowd
pops big for the spot. Both men stir around, but Bryan gets up first. He takes
Cody and whips him into the barricade. He hits a right chop. Then he hits a left
chop. Right chop. Left chop. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right Left. Bryan hits
ten chops in all as Cody's chest turns bright red. Bryan picks him up and throws
him back in the ring as the ref is already at 8 in the countout. Bryan begins to
go to work, but Dashing hits him with a low blow out of sight for the ref to
see. With Bryan down, Dashing goes right to work stomping on the face of Bran
repeatedly, and hitting a knee drop. He goes for a quick cover but only gets
one. He picks up Bryan irish whips him into the ropes and hits a standing
dropkick, followed by a springboard kick. Rhodes goes, for a bulldog but Bryan
gets out of the way sending Rhodes into the turnbuckle. he hits a running splash
on Rhodes, and goes for a engurizi caught by Rhodes. Twists his leg around and
hits a bulldog on Bryan. He picks him up going for a Russian leg sweep, but
bryan gets a hold of his arm, and locks in some type of arm submission. He tries
to get the lebell locked in, but Cody wisely sneaks out avoiding the submission.
He tries to compose himself, but Bryan out of nowhere hits a baseball slide
outside the ring. He takes Cody and throws him headfirst into the ring post.
Bryan climbs the apron going for a flying knee, but doesn't connect and hits the
mat. Rhodes crawls back inside waiting for Bryan. he hits a swinging neckbreaker
as soon as Bryan comes in. Rhodes goes to the top rope looking for a moonsault,
but Bryan gets up and jumps to the top. The two exchange blows, but Bryan gets
the final say, and hits a super back suplex from the top. Both men are laid out
as the crowd starts a "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. The referee starts to count,
1.....2.....Bryan starts to show signs of movement, 3.......4,.....all of a
sudden the laptop alert sound goes off, and Michael Cole begins to get up saying
Cole-May I have your attention please, I have just received an email from the
anonymous General Manager.
Crowd boos
Cole-And I quote, "Sorry I couldn't respond earlier, Shane I was dealing with
matters more important.....As for your little challenge for me, I
accept.......not because of you or anything, because I had decided to reveal
myself on tonight's episode for a very long time.....Let's just say, I'll be
back with a bang.... because I am Mr. Anonymous GEEEENEEEEEERRRAAAAAAALLL
All of a sudden the attentions turns back to the ring, when Dashing gets behind
a distracted Daniel Bryan and hits CrossRhodes. He goes for the pin,
1………..2………….3. Dashing’ Cody Rhodes wins
Cole-Cody wins! Cody wins! Finally, some prestige will be regained for the US
Matthews-Uhuh. Let's see him win without you interrupting
Cole-Hey, I was just doing my job.
We cut to a backstage segment as we see Cena getting ready for his match later
tonight. Crowd pops big for Cena sighting and even bigger when Orton walks in.
Orton looks directly at Cena who is ignoring Orton's presence
Orton-Just because you helped me out when you were referee back at
Survivor Series doesn't mean I'll be doing any favors for you. I don't care who
wins tonight, because I'll kick both of your asses if I have too.
Cena stops warming up and looks Orton directly in the eye
Cena-I wouldn't expect anything different from you Randy. Now that
Nexus is over, me and you are back to being enemies. Randy, I'm over it, I'm
over kissing your ass, kissing The boss's ass, kissing the www universe's ass.
I'm m own man now.
Cena takes off his cap, t-shirt and wristbands. He throws them into the trash
can as the audience boos. Cena then takes something out of his pocket. He outs
it around his neck. His chain from the rapping days. he holds his chain out to
Orton and says
Cena-This is who I am.
Cena walks out of the locker room as Orton looks on
We cut to another scene backstage, this time seeing Abe Washington getting ready
to conduct an interview.
Washington-Gents and Ladies, this is your go to guy Abraham
Washington checking in. I'm here with Mr. Dashing himself ,
My boi Cody Rhodes!
Cody-first of all Abe, I’m not your "boi" I get treated with respect around here
Washington-My deep regrets Mr. dashing. Anyway, how do you feel about making
such an impact, already getting a US title shot in your first match on raw?
Cody-America has been labeled by the world, as a fat, greasy, ugly country for
many years now, and with good reason. When I become the United States champion,
I'll be able to represent the USA in a dashing matter. Something Daniel Bryan,
or anyone else on the roster couldn't do.
Angel on my Shoulder
plays as we see the lovely Beautiful People, Lacey Von Erich, Madison Rayne and
Velvet Sky come out. The crowd boos them, but a few of the older men cheer for
their poses. Lacey has the wand in her hand. The divas tease the crowd getting
close to them, pretending to strip for them only to back away from them right
before causing big crowd heat. Rayne and Sky do their ass shake as they head
inside the ring. Velvet grabs the mic
Velvet-I'm sure all of you have heard about us, from a certain
somewhere else before, but if you haven’t we call ourselves the Beautiful
People. Velvet Sky,
Madison-Madison Rayne!
Lacey-And of course, Lacey Von Erich!
Velvet-But now we're WWE divas...and it's time to take out the trash.
She hands the mic over to Rayne
Madison-You people call this a wwe women's champion?
She points to the titantron showing Natalya, and then a picture of her as a mini
sized Barbie doll
The crowd boos.
Madison-Is this really how bad the divas division is in the wwe?
Lacey-Well girls, then I guess we got a lot of work to do.

Natalya's music hits and out she comes along side Melina for this tag team
The match is Natalya and Melina vs Velvet and Lacey Von Erich
The match is underway as Melina and Lacey start things off. Lacey has the
advantage using her size overpowering Melina. She slaps Melina to the floor and
stomps on her. Lacey picks her up again and hits a sidewalk slam. She begins
taunting the crowd but when she turns around Melina hits a twirl kick and an
enguruzi. Both women are down but Melina is first to get up and gets a hot tag
to natalya. Natalya cleans house on both women knocking down Velvet and Lacey.
She hits a neckbreaker on Lacey, and clotheslines Velvet off the apron. When
she turns around, Lacey guys for a kick to the face, bu Natalya ducks and hits a
dragon screw. She goes for the pin, but only gets 2. She begins to lock in the
Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring as it looks like she is about to tap out.
All of a sudden Madison Rayne jumps onto the apron, turns around and bending
over, with her skirt up. She gives a finger motion to the ref to get closer. The
referee gets distracted by the sexy view, and Velvet comes in from behind
hitting Natalya with their wand and then melina knocking both down.. The referee
gets close to Madison, but she slaps him and tells him to look in the ring, as
Lacey covers Natalya, and gets the pinfall
Matthews-Come on! She used a weapon that's a DQ!
Cole-Man, I wish I could be as lucky as that ref
Matthews-You know, I actually agree with you for once. We should be double referees for these matches
Cole-I commentate with you. Isn't that enough pain for me?
*We see CM Punk backstage, CM Punk has an important announcement, coming up
This Fire burns hits as
we see CM Punk for the first time since his injury. He is sporting his long hair
again hits as we see CM Punk for the first time since his injury. He is sporting his
long hair again, however it's a dirty blond color now. Punk poses with his
straightedge gesture as he get in the ring and picks up a mic.
Punk-It's been four long months since I've been in this ring. For
four months you have all lost your shield against alcohol, drugs and sex. You
have all been victimized without my protection.
Crowd boos
Punk-but thankfully for all of you, I am back and to bring you all to back
Crowd boos louder. Straightedge sucks chant starts
Punk- what the hell are you all saying? The effects of my absence are
transparent. You have all been brainwashed into believing that straightedge is
nefarious. In fact, I won't even be able to save you single handedly. I'm going
to need some help
Punk then points to the ramp as we see CHRIS MASTERS and DARREN YOUNG
come down to the ring. They get inside and shake hands with Punk, as he
continues to speak
Punk-I have recruited both Chris and Young Darren here, in my journey to
conquest you all to safety.
Masters takes the mic
Masters-I've been a druggie and an alcoholic ever since I was a teenager. I
would get high any chance I get and I would drink at least a couple bottles a
day. I was loving life, I had the looks, I had the muscles *Poses for a second*
and I made my dream job the WWE. But then everything turned around
Masters-Addiction to drugs and alcohol got the best of me. I lost my job, I lost
my muscles, and I lost my life. Everything was gone.
Crowd is quiet with a few boos showing no sympathy for Masters
Masters-But then my good friend CM Punk came to the rescue. Punk called me up
asking if I needed help. He paid for me to go to drug rehab. He helped me became
sober. I got my life and job back thanks to this man
Punk has a huge grin on his face as he taunts the crowd. Masters passes the mic
to Young.
Young-I've known Punk ever since I came to the WWE. I used to be a party-hardy
kind of guy. Didn't have any regrets. But what Punk teached me whi-
Young is interrupted, and by unfamilar music. Out walks out Luke Gallows mic in
hand. Gallows begins to speak
Gallows-Pshh......this is pretty funny. Really guys? Masters, Darren, you had
nothing better to do. I'm mean all for straightedge, but seriously? You guys
aligned with Punk of all people?
Punk, Masters, and Young all have a very angry look on their face
Gallows-Punk is the king of hypocriocsy. For a guy, with as many tattoos and
piercing as Punk, you wouldn't expect him to be straight edge now would you?
Darren interrupted in anger screaming
Darren-How dare you! How dare you! If you're such a big man, how about you take
us all on right now!
Punk motioned Young to stay silent and hand over the mic. He did as told
Punk-No, Gallows came here looking for a fight, and he'll get a fight, but a
fair fight. Young Darren get ready, you're in action.
Young Darren had confused look at first but turned into all smiles and told his
boss he wouldn't let him down. Gallows headed to the ring smiling as well, as we
get set for action
SINGLES MATCH-Young Darren w/ CM Punk and Chris Masters vs Luke Gallows
Young Celebrates as Punk applauds in the ring with him.
Cole-Well this is great! SESv2 is already looking strong, and I think we've just seen who the weak link of the first Straight Edge Society was
Matthews-Got to agree with you there, this new Straight Edge Society looks like it's going to be a force on Raw for months to come.
We cut to a cutscene of a limo pulling in. The door opens, and we see a black
shoe step out. That's all we get though, as we cut to commercial much to the
dismay of the everyone
It's a New World plays
as we see Ted Dibiase come out with the always sexilicous Maryse wearing a
skimpy red and black outfit. Dibiase has yet to reclaim his Million Dollar title
away from Goldust.
Exploding Helmets and
here comes another new addidtion to the Raw roster, Kaval. Kaval comes out to a
huge pop as he debuts his new pyro as well.
The match starts off with Kaval going right at Dibiase with a flurry of punches
and kicks trying to impress on his raw debut. .He hits a shoot kick and irish
whips him into the rope. He hits tidal wave as Dibiase is down and out.Kaval
goes for a cover but only gets two. Dibiase regains himself and knocks down a
running Kaval with a boot. The match continues on as Dibiase hits a dropkick. He
picks up Kaval and hits a cobra crutch backbreaker. Dibiase whips him hard into
the corner. He walks over to kaval, but Kaval hits a tolling kick and goes for
the pin. 1..................................2.....................kick out.
Kaval is frustrated. He goes to the middle rop and goes for a middle rope kick
as Dibiase gets up. Dibiase catches him and hits a scoopslam. He goes for a
cover...1.......................2.....kick out by Kaval. Both men are slow to
get up, but Dibiase is up first and hits multiple elbow drops. He picks Kaval up
and hits a standing suplex. Dibiase goes for a and hits it. Dibiase picks up
Kaval going for dream street, but Kaval reverses it into a reverse DDT. Kaval
picks him up and goes for a Ki Krusher which he hits. He jumps to the top rope
and lands the Warrior Way stomp and goes for the cover.........1........................2..........................3!

Kaval celebrates with the crowd as Maryse checks on Ted.
Matthews-Kaval is victorious! What an impressive debut!
Cole- Ehhh he reminds me of Daniel Bryan...only thing worse is that he actually
wants to be like Daniel Bryan
Matthews-Oh God....
We cut to Todd Grisham this time conducting an interview with Sheamus
Grisham-Sheamus, it's been a while since we've seen you in the title hunt. What
can we accept from you in the distant future
Sheamus-Hehehehe, funny that you mention that To'. Ya see, in three weeks time,
the royal rumble takes place. Ive already talke' with Shane, and he said he has
plans for next week. There will be a over the top baddle royal with the winner
being the last raw entrant in the rumble. I vow to win next week, at the royal
rumble and at WrestleMania when I become the dubya dubya E champion!
Mysterious voice-Had too many limes Sheamus?
Morrison enters the screen to a pretty nice pop
Morrison-because there's no way you're winning the royal rumble when I'm going
to be there. And I think the Palace of Wisdom agrees with me as well. *Morrison
points to the camera*
Sheamus-Ohhhhhhhh Murrison, always one tob be a jokester eh fella? Need I remind
you I have 2 Dubya Dubya E championships and you have 0 fela. I got mure than
you so i am better.
Morrison-*claps* I hand you My congratulations Sheamus you passed first grade.
You know Sheamus if you were any smarter, well........ you'd be an idiot.
*Crowd goes wild for the insult, and Sheamus has a very angry look at his face
Grisham-Guys, gu-
Sheamus snaps and goes right after Morrison. He delivers with punches and stomps, and throws Morrison into the lighting. He grabs the microphone from Grisham, and hits Morrison square in the nose with it. He then takes a video camera and smashes Morrison's head with it. Morrison is then hit with a Brough kick and we see he is busted open. Sheamus hits a High Cross onto the concrete, as he storms off in anger, as a beaten Morrison lays on the floor
Cole-Morrison calling Sheamus an idiot......please, Morrison is the idiot, you don't mess with a guy the size of Sheamus. Morrison's lucky Sheamus went easy on him.
Matthews-What did he do wrong? He just said that Sheamus isn't a guarantee to win the Rumble, what's wrong with that?
Cole-Oh Matthews, you and your blind homerism
Matthews-You should be one to talk

We get set for the next match,
The Chase plays as we see the highly energetic Dudebusters jumping around as they get set for their first title defense.
The Dudebusters wait in the ring as they await to see their mystery opponent is. After a few more seconds we here familiar music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxDu7g-G0Ss and out comes the WGTT' CHARLIE HAAS AND SHELTON BENJAMIN
The crowd has mixed reactions for the WGTT, happy for their return but reluctant to cheer against their beloved Dudebusters. The match gets good time 7-8 minutes as we see a lot of athleticism in this match, mainly by Shelton and Croft. Both of them are down after a superplex by Croft. They both try to get to their partner, and Shelton gets their first. He tags in Haas who grabs Croft by the leg just before he can get the hot tag. He locks in the Haas of Pain on Croft, but Baretta interferes with a Shining Wizard to break it up, he runs to the side of the ring and clotheslines Shelton out of the ring. He jumps for a springboard crossbody outside the ring. Haas is distracted by this as he checks on his partner. Baretta gets back in the ring and grabs Haas as Croft hits the Manhattan drop. Croft hooks the leg and scores the 1..................2.....................3!
Croft and Baretta celebrate with their cool handshake and the titleCole-Come on ref! He interfered while Haas had a submission on, that's a DQ! The ref's racist
Matthews-The referee is black..
Cole-Then he's racist to Haas

We cut to commercial as we get ready for our main event between the Miz and John Cena
Voicesplays as here comes the WWE Champion, remember the Referee for this match. Orton comes out to a huge pop
I came to play hits as we see Miz walking to the ring alone of course, as Alex Riley was shipped off to Smackdown. Miz has a mic on his way out as well
Miz-Look at all you people. With your fat, greasy hands getting ready to cheer for John Cena. Am I right? Amirte?
*crowd goes wild in approval
Miz-*Chuckles* well I guess you didn't see Cena back there when he was with Orton. He clearly said that he was done with the WWE universe. That he was moving on, and sick of all of you. Randy over here, can confirm thi-
Miz is suddenly interrupted, by some unfamiliar music. However it becomes apparent as John Cena walks out that this is his old theme WordLife Cena comes out, with a very serious look on his face. He is without his t-shirt and wristbands but has the chain and the hat. He does high five a few fans on the aisle but doesn't take his eyes off the ring for a second. Cena gets inside, places his chain in the corner as we get set for the Main event.
MAIN EVENT: Singles Match with Special Guest Referee Randy OrtonJOHN CENAvsThe Miz
Cena and Miz circle the ring around as Cena is as serious as ever. They both charge at each other with Cena getting the advantage, until Miz backs away. They lock up again, and Cena takes control again, only for the Miz to back away for a second time. Miz seems to be a little worried, but then decides to lock up again, but right before they lock up Miz slaps Cena across the face. Cena is pissed at starts going right at Miz with a couple hard right hands, following up with the you can't see me pose and then one more HARD right hand knocking down Miz. He picks up Miz and hits a protobomb. Cena hits a one handed bulldog as Miz gets up and quickly goes for the pin.................Orton refuses to count since Miz's foot is on the rope. Cena doesn't like the call, and glares at Orton. Taking advantage of the distraction, Miz regains some energy and nails a low blow on Cena. Miz gets up hits a short DDT when Cena was on his knees. He throws Cena into the turnbuckle and goes for jumping lariat and connects. He gets down and hits Cena with some punches to the face and then goes for the pin………………………..1………………………….2….kick out. Miz gets into Orton’s face saying he counted too slow. Orton is not intimidated at all and backed Miz near the corner, right into Cena who just gotten up. He turns Miz around picks him up and goes for an FU outside the ring, but Miz hangs on the ropes so that Cena can’t FU him out the ring. Cena gives up and drops Miz only to go for a running clothesline out of the ring on Miz, however Miz pulled down the rope and Cena goes flying to the outside. Miz comes outside and starts delivering some punches to Cena. He throws him into the steel steps, not once but twice. Orton has counted to 4 so far. Miz tries to irish whip Cena into the barricade, but Cena reverses it and whips Miz into the barricade he runs at him and delivers some stiff shots. Cena then hits a running shoulder block to Miz. Orton is now at 8, but has become fed up with this and goes outside the ring. He yells at Cena and Miz to get inside right now, Cena throws Miz inside but stays outside the ring arguing with Orton by the apron. They get into a shouting match, that can be audibly heard
Cena “Stop screwing me over”!
Orton-“I’m trying to help you not get disqualified!”
Cena “I don’t need anybody’s help.” Orton is furious and it looks like he’s about to hit Cena, until Miz comes out of nowhere hitting the baseball slide sending Cena into the barricade. Orton comes into the ring and Miz tells him Cena already lost since he was outside for more than 10 seconds. Orton ignores him and starts from one. Miz is pissed now, and gets right next to Orton yelling in his ear that Cena should be counted out, but Orton ignores him and keeps counting. Miz shoves Orton. Orton keeps his eyes down but then goes for an RKO. Miz luckily is able to push Orton away just as John Cena comes in picks up Orton and hits the FU. The crowd eats that up alive, as Cena is fired up and mocks Orton. But Miz comes from behind and locks in the Skull Crushing Finale and hits it. He covers Cena………………………………..the ref is down! The crowd is going crazy now as Miz tries to wake up Orton. He realizes Orton is knocked out and Miz walks around the ring thinking what to do. ALL OF A SUDDEN, a man in a hooded costume comes down the ramp and a chair in hand. He grabs Miz from behind and throws him out of the ring. The hooded man then focuses his attention on Cena, and hits Cena with a chair on the back of the head. He delivers a few more brutal chair shots and then picks him up to hit him square on the face. Cena is now busted open but the hooded man is not done. He picks Cena’s chain in the corner. Cena starts to slowly get up, but the man hits him with the chain. He puts it around Cena’s neck and begins choking him out. Cena screams in agony as he is being brutalized. Cole and Matthews have been silent ever since the hooded man came out. We see people in the crowd a few cheering for the assault, bust most sad and booing. After it seems Cena is unconscious, the hooded man stops the pain and grabs the mic. He stands in the middle of the ring glancing around at the crowd. The crowd begins chanting “You suck” at the man. Before he speaks however, he takes off his hood. At first, he gives a little peak to the crowd, as we can see the man has tan skin. He then takes the whole hood off, as the man is a huge surprise. The crowd gave the man the biggest pop in the night, as they cheered him, but that lasted for a good five seconds. The crowd then boos , realizing that he had just attacked their favorite supestar(with some cheers still just by the magnitude of the person in the ring. THE HOODEN MAN IS THE ROCK!!!!!!!! After a good 30 seconds we hear him finally speak “For the millions,” *crowd yells and millions despite being angry still* “of Rock’s………” Rock takes a pause for a few seconds but continues on, “haters……..the Rock says to the people……Welcome your anonymous General Manager!!
The crowd is stunned, it is almost dead quiet. All of a sudden we see Orton creeping up, he goes for an RKO on the rock, but the rock sidesteps him as Orton hits the ropes, as he comes back, Rock plants him with a Rock Bottom. More boos
The rock continues “And the fun’s just getting started….”
Rock then leaves the ring and goes up the ramp leaving the crowd who is in boos and yelling “ROOOOOCKKY ROOOOCKY ROOOOCKY” as the great one leaves the stage. We get a view of the the ring, with Miz out on the outside, crawling around, Orton knocked out, and Cena bleeding and also knocked out. EMT’s rush to the scene as we close the show .

WOW. That took me a whole week to do, at least 7-8 hours. Tell me what you guys think, I really want to hear feedback before continuing on.

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First thing i noticed was that you need spaces between everything (matches (where you have the participants enter, match is over), promos, commercial breaks) it makes it easier on the eyes and easier to read

Having the Rock as the anonymous GM is a good idea and works well with the WWE's current way.

I like the way that you kept Cole in line with his character but i think the racial slur might be a little far unless you plan to move on with that.

Having Punk, Masters and Young come together could be interesting and be an interesting thing, but i feel you are just redoing something that the WWE has done and the originality isn't fully there.

I dont see how cody became the number one contender although he did beat the champ but i like his push either way.

Add a bit more depth to your matches apart form that i think you have a good chance to run a succesful promotio

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From WWE.com
Shane McMahon has agreed to a TV Contract with WEtv (Women's Entertainment TV)to host a new WWE weekly television show called WWE Divas.This show will focus primarily on the women's divison. Shane McMahon has said that we will still see the sexilicious divas on Raw and Smackdown, but since they are given such limited roles, this new show will give them a chance to shine. WWE Divas will be televised on Wednesday nights from 9-10 PM, and next week will be the show's debut.

WWE Superstars (Intensity)

Shane opens the show. He says that WWE Superstars is going under some big changes. It will now be called Thursday Night Intensity, and televised 9-10 PM. He also says that he is creating a new belt called the Intensity TV Championship belt. This title will be defended every week on Intensity, and whoever holds it at the end of two months will be granted a title shot of his GM's choosing.

Show Results
Alex Riley defeats Big Show and Zack Ryder to get a shot at the Intensity TV belt next week. Show dominated all match and was destroying Ryder in the ring, Riley hit a low blow on Show and then a rake to the eye temporarily taking him down. Riley hits You're Dismissed on Ryder and picks up the victory.

Curt Hawkins and ?? defeat the Hart Dynasty-Hawkins said he kicked Archer out of the team and would fight this alone. Smith and Kidd got a few near falls but Hawkins managed to kick out. A very tall man with a goatee came out in the middle of the match, and attacked Smith and Kidd. the ref was about to ring the bell but Hawkins whispered him something and the ref restrained himself. Hawkins hit the flying elbow to get the victory

After the match he introduced the big man as his new tag team partner Jackson Andrews

Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany defeats Layla w/ McCool. McCool tries to get involved but tiffany takes her out. Layla wants to check on McCool but Kelly grabs her and hits K2 for the win

Rey Mysterio defeats Drew McIntyre to become first Intensity TV Champion. McIntyre was in control and was about to hit Future Shock DDT, but Mysterio pushed him off into the ropes and then hit a drop toe hold in the ropes, 619, West coast pop and the 1...2....3.


I begun working on smackdown so that should be up hopefully by this Friday

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