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Rosters are the same, here are the wrestlemania results

Eddie Guerrero d. Rey Mysterio with a lasso from el paso for a submission

Trish Stratus retained the womens title against Christy

Akebono d. Big Show in a sumo match, afterward Simon Dean came out and promoted his simon system, he said if theres anyone that needs it, its Akebono and Big Show. Big Show chokeslams him.

Christian won the money in the bank ladder match after Tomko attacked Kane who was about to get the contract

Paul London in the biggest upset of the night, won the 20 man interpromotional battle royal

Undertaker d. Randy Orton with tombstone, Bob Orton interferes and gets chokeslammed to hell

John Cena d. JBL with the FU to win the WWE title

Stone Cold and Roddy Piper stole the show, Piper and Stone Cold got in a fight after awhile, Stone Cold nailed a stunner and after Piper got up Austin smashed him over the head with a beer can(like Piper to Jimmy Snuka with the coconut)

In a Surprise Muhammad Hassan came out and challenged anyone in the back to a match, out emerged HULK HOGAN!!

Hulk Hogan d. Muhammad Hassan with a leg drop

Triple H d. Batista to retain the World Heavyweight title

Shawn Michaels d. Kurt Angle in the main event in a classic to end the show

Two weeks later a lottery takes place...........

Rey Mysterio

Danny Basham

Big Show

Mark Jindrak

RVD(When he comes back)



Eric Bischoff

Shawn Michaels




Muhammad Hassan, Big Show, Rosey, Simon Dean, La Resistance

To Raw
Doug Basham, Orlando Jordan, Eddie Guerrero, The Dudley Boys

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The trades look good, they should really mix things up on both rosters. I like the idea of Hurricane on Smackdown along with Rosey. I was wondering if Teddy Long would be staying at Smackdown because of the Eric Bischoff trade.

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pretty good lottery draft and trades like jushin liger said it should even out the rosters. hopefully you will continue hbk/angle and start up an batista/cena feud and good luck.
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