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I figured I might as well try a WWE show and if people like it I will continue.

Here's the roster for now: Trades/transactions happen frequently

The first RAW show should be posted later on tonight.

RAW Roster:

RAW General Manager:
Shane McMahon

World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian
Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Woman's Champion: Trish Stratus

Heavyweight Division:
Chris Jericho
The Rock
Steve Austin
Randy Orton
Triple H
Ric Flair
The Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Van Dam
William Regal
Jeff Hardy
Tyson Tomko
Gene Snitsky
Val Venis
The Coach
The Hurricane
Rosey (S.H.I.T.)
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Garrison Cade
Stevie Richards

Women's Division:
Trish Stratus
Gail Kim

Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair

Basham Brothers
Danny & Doug Basham

The Superheroes
Rosey & The Hurricane

Eugene and Regal
William Regal & Eugene

The Man-beast and the Buzzsaw
Rhyno & Tajiri

Edge & Christian

Mark Henry (Foot Injury)
Rodney Mack (Neck Injury)
Rhyno (Shoulder Injury)
Test (Neck Injury)
Kevin Nash (Thigh Injury)


Smackdown! Roster:

SD! General Manager:
Paul Heyman

WWE Undisputed Champion: John Cena
WWE Tag Team Champions: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
WWE United States Champion: Charlie Haas
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Akio

Heavyweight Division
John Cena
Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
Eddy Guerrero
Shawn Michaels
Booker T
John B. Layfield
Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio
Rene Dupree
Kenzo Suzuki
Charlie Haas
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Orlando Jordan
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Robert Conway
Sylvian Grenier

Cruiserweight Division:
Rey Mysterio
Spike Dudley
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero
Paul London
Scotty 2 Hotty
Ultimo Dragon

Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie
Torrie WIlson

La Resistance
Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier

The Un-Americans
Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

Latin World Order (LWo)
Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero

Dudley Boyz
Spike, Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley

Team Angle
Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak

Carlito Carribean Cool & Jesus
Carlito Carribean Cool & Jesus

The Cabinet
JBL & Orlando Jordan

Carlito Carribean Cool (Shoulder Injury)
Hardcore Holly (Arm Injury)
Matt Hardy (Ankle Injury)
Shannon Moore (Arm Injury)

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My first show, here goes.

WWE RAW: 1-31-05

Written by Infamous_Canibus

**As the pyro went off and the brand new theme song of WWE RAW (“My Life” by 12 Stones) and the announcers Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome the audience to the show. King reports the scheduled line-up so-far to the camera as followed:**

Women’s Championship #1 Contender Determined by Winner
Lita vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Ivory

World Tag Team Championship
William Regal & Eugene vs. Edge & Christian (c)

Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin

**King finishes up and Shane McMahon’s theme song hit’s the P.A. system. Shane McMahon walks to the ring, he is greeted with a fair ovation from the crowd. Lilian Garcia hands Shane a microphone.**

Shane McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I have big plans for you fans here in HOTLANTA!! (cheap pop) News concerning the World Champion (major heat) Chris Jericho. Tonight, the champion will defend his championship. Against one of the biggest, one of the strongest, one of the best in the WWE. Tonight his opponent will be…(long pause) THE BIG SHOW!!!

**close up on Shane’s face as the announcers kick in**

Jim Ross: Whoa! The Big Show?!?!

Jerry Lawler: (nervously) Ah, J.R., uh, I always have faith in Y2J, but I’m not so sure about tonight…

**commercial break**

**The camera comes back from the break on a close up of Jericho’s devastated face in front of Shane McMahon’s office. He begins to mumble to himself as it looks he is bracing himself to plead out of the match. He raises his hand and swings for the knock on the door, but doesn’t connect as the door flies open and Jericho’s eyes open in shock as the 7’2”, 500 lb monster in The Big Show steps out of Shane office with a smile and says…**

The Big Show: Good luck……champ.

**As he slaps Jericho’s shoulder and walks away. Jericho with a look of disgust painted on his face steps into Shane McMahon’s office.**

Chris Jericho: Hey, junior.

**Shane who was at his desk dialing a phone, puts the phone down and stands up, walking over to Jericho…**

Shane McMahon: How can I help you “champ?”

Chris Jericho: Lookie-here assclown… My neck is still killing me from last night’s Royal Rumble when I defeated The Rock and Austin to become the World Heavyweight Champion **slaps belt**, and put them out of action for, who-knows how long…

Shane McMahon: Oh, you mean the match in which you had to cheat to win? The match in which Austin and Rock both had you beaten on more than one occasion?

Chris Jericho: All right, all right, all right. Look, I went though hell-and-high waters to win that match and there’s no way in hell I’m wrestling tonight.

Shane McMahon: Okay, look Chris. If you’re not wrestling tonight, someone else is in your spot. And no, this does not mean they are defending the title for you. If you chose not to wrestle tonight, you will be stripped of it and it will be on the line between The Big Show and an opponent that will be randomly chosen. You still wish not to wrestle?

Chris Jericho: ……

**Jericho walks out.**

Shane McMahon: Good luck champ! ….you’re gonna need it….

**a close up shot on Shane’s smiling face as the camera fades to commercial**

**the camera slices back into the show as Jeff Hardy is seen walking down the ramp, getting a great ovation from the Atlanta crowd**

Hardy gets about halfway down the ramp and Batista charges at him from behind with a huge blow. Batista throws Jeff into the ring as the match gets underway.

Match One: Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. Jeff Hardy
A good dominant match from Batista. Hardy gets a few offensive moves in on him, but in the end Batista was just too strong for Hardy as he finished the Hardy Boy and gave him a twist of fate with the huge spine buster, followed by a sit out Demon Bomb for the win at 6:31.

Winner: Batista w/ Ric Flair

**Jim Ross announces quickly that La Resistance has been traded to Smackdown! for The Basham Brothers and wishes La Resistance the best of luck on Smackdown! The trade comes into play starting the next day**

**Triple H is shown hovering over his backstage monitor, smiling, admiring the work of Batista**

**Someone is heard walking in, Triple H immediately thinks its Batista and begins to compliment him**

Triple H: Big man, big man. Nice work out there, that showed that little punk Hardy not to mess with Evo….

**Triple H turns to see no one, he shrugs it off and turn towards his monitor, he jumps back startled as The Undertaker is standing right where he was just facing**

Triple H: Wait….but…..how did you?…..where did you?…

**Undertaker quickly slaps his hand across the throat of The Game, getting a tight grip on it. Undertaker begins to talk to HHH in a slow and deep voice.**

The Undertaker: Triple H…………Last night…………you attempted to end the era……of the Deadman………Triple H…………don’t think I will forget…………take this……as a warning………

**Undertaker throws HHH onto the couch and slowly walks out of the locker room, leaving Triple H gasping for air, wide-eyed, shocked.**

**The camera shifts to Chris Jericho once again who is having a conversation on his cell phone**

Chris Jericho: Yeah, no, I need it tonight. Soon. Look if you’re not here to help me out, you won’t be receiving your two grand. Whatever assclown.

*hangs up the phone*

Jim Ross: Who in the world could Jericho be speaking with?

Jerry Lawler: I am just as stumped and you J.R. But I hope he…or she, will help him tonight.

Jim Ross: King, I don’t even think the U.S. Armed Forces could save Jericho tonight. The Big Show has waited for this, for months now. And tonight, I think he’ll stop at nothing to win that title.

Match Two: Maven & La Resistance vs. Val Venis & The Superheroes
A great back and forth match. La Resistance attempted to use their flag numerous times, but ach time it back fired on them. Maven took over as he dominated Hurricane for a while. But soon Rosey came in and took out Maven. La Resistance got knocked off the aprons and he tagged in Val. Val Venis launches off the top rope with “The Money Shot” for the win over Maven at 9:51.

Winner: Val Venis & The Superheroes

**Triple H is shown backstage sipping water and clearing his throat, trying to get his voice back, getting a shoulder massage from Batista. Ric Flair is sitting across from Triple H**

Ric Flair: Y’okay ‘champ‘? You look a little shaken up. Looks lie Taker gave you quite a scare.

**Triple H looks up at Ric Flair**

Triple H: Look, look, Flair. I’m good. You see Taker, he has a superiority complex. He wants to feel better than everyone, so I had to act scared to make the poor guy feel better. But everyone knows, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, fears nothing.

**A big grin plops on Flair’s face as he nods his head as he believes HHH**

Match Three: Lita vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Ivory
It was a normal women’s wrestling match. All the competitors gave it there all, but Lita proved her right to face Trish next week as she dominated the whole match and eliminated Ivory with a DDT about 5 minutes into the match. Gail Kim got nailed with the Window’s Peak and eliminated by Victoria. Lita hit a sweep DDT, followed by a Moonsault to beat Victoria and win the match at 10:06

Winner: Lita

**After the match Trish and Molly run down to the ring and begin to attack Lita. Gail Kim gets involved and begins to attack Lita also. 3-on-1. Victoria and Ivory come to the rescue as the three women slide out and Ivory and Victoria check on Lita**

**Shane McMahon’s theme hits**

Shane McMahon: It seems you ladies….can’t keep your hands off each other *smirk smile, big pop* Well after witnessing this little brawl here. I have decided to postpone the Women’s title match till after next week. Next week, there will be a 6-man…or should I say women tag match. Trish, Gail & Molly versus Lita, Victoria & Ivory

Jim Ross: What a match that should be, those 6 beautiful ladies in the ring. Next week.

Jerry Lawler: I would imagine if I ever saw them all together they’d be doing something other then wrestling. HAHA!

Jim Ross: Oh would you stop…

**commercial break**

Match Four: Intercontinental Championship - Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)
An amazing match this was. A back and forth, explosive competition. Both men had a reversal for just about everything the other man threw out. RVD got the advantage by hitting a big cross body onto Shelton in the later part of the match. But he was no match for the young stud Benjamin as he caught RVD from an attempted double axe handle with his “Shell Shocka” T-Bone suplex for the win at 16:12

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

**The camera is shown focused on William Regal who is taping his wrist and chatting with Val Venis, when Eugene comes running up to Regal, covered from head to toe in red and yellow Hulkamania gear (brother!)**

Eugene: William! Look…what I got, brother!

**Eugene holds up a Hulk Hogan action figure**

William Regal: That’s great there, Eugene. Master Eugene, you do know how important this match is, don’t you?

**Eugene nods his head in agreement as he bites the tip of his finger and “pets” his hair**

William Regal: So you do know that we are contending for the Tag Team Championships, right?

**Eugene nods once more**

William Regal: Okay then, go on and get ready, I’ll meet you in your locker room for the match.

Eugene: Okay, bye William! Bye Val! HELOOOOO LADIES!!!!!

**Eugene says all this in the distance**

Val Venis: Well, I’m gonna go hit the showers

William Regal: I better go too, cheerio.

**Val leaves as Regal spots the Hulk Hogan action figure on a stool in front of him. Regal reaches in his duffle bag and looks around cautiously. He is holding a William Regal action figure**

**Regal picks up the Hogan figure and begins making them fight**

William Regal: Oooh! Regal with the uppercut! Regal Cutta! One, Two, Three *does fake crowd noise*

**Regal turns his head slightly left to see Eugene as the crowd begins to laugh**

Eugene: I…..I just…uh…came back for my action figure…

**Regal quickly hides the Regal figure behind his back and talks nervously**

William Regal: Well, ah, you see Eugene, I was just making sure that…um…that it was a safe toy. Making sure no loose part of anything like that. Not anything about to come apart, or for you to choke on.

Eugene: *confused* Oh….tank you William…

William Regal: Right-o, come along Master Eugene.

**Regal throws the figure onto the duffle bag behind Eugene‘s back**

**A long close-up on the figure as a hand is shown grabbing it.**

**The camera zooms out…..KANE?!**

Match Five: World Tag Team Champions - William Regal & Eugene vs. Edge & Christian (c)
Both teams fought valiantly. Back and forth match. E&C got the edge (no pun intended) on the opponents when then nailed their brutal backbreaker/leg drop combo on Eugene, but the young man kicked out. E&C brought steel chairs into the ring, but both were kicked in the mid-sections and nailed with DDT’s from Regal and Eugene. Christian and Regal were the legal men. Regal hit the Regal Cutter shortly afterwards, followed by a Leg Drop from Eugene as Regal cover for the win at 10:00 and new champions!

Winner: Eugene and William Regal

**Chris Jericho is shown pacing back and forth in the locker room, hand gripped tightly on his title, a knock is heard at the door. Jericho opens the door, the camera stays firmly on Jericho**

Chris Jericho: Great, you made it.

**The camera switches to The Big Show lacing up his boots, leaving the audience in anticipation on who the mystery man or woman is who is going to “help” Jericho.**

**Big show gets up out of his seat and walks out of his locker room and down the hall as the camera switches again, this time to the arena, as Howard Finkle introduces the competitors and the match starts**

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship - The Big Show vs. Chris Jericho (c)
The Big Show whipped on Jericho Inside the ring, in the crowd, up the stage, backstage and back into the ring. Jericho getting a micro amount of offensive move in on the way. Evolution even tried to interfere backstage, but The Big Show took them all out with chair shots. The Big Show receives a low blow, followed by a steel chair shot. Jericho covers for the two count!!! Moments later the bleeding giant hits “The Showstopper” on Y2J. Both men down….AUSTIN’S THEME HITS!!!!! The crowd goes wild as they see Austin power walk down the ramp, steel chair in hand. Both men begin getting up at the same time. Austin swings back and………hit’s the Big Show with the chair?!?! Big Show goes down. Jericho hit’s the “Lionsault” 1.……..2.……..3!!!!! Jericho wins at 22:33. Austin screws The Big Show and helps Chris Jericho?! Austin and Jericho begin to double team The Big Show with chair shots, until they finally are in a position for a con-chair-toe (sp?)
IF YA SMELL……………WHAT THE ROCK………IS COOKIN! The Rock returns! The Rock sprints down the ramps and DDT’s Austin onto his own chair. Jericho swings for a clothesline. The Rock ducks. Rock Bottom onto the chair! Austin and Jericho roll out of the ring as The Rock’s theme hits once again as Austin and Jericho limp up the stage and turn halfway up the ramp to stare down Rock. The camera switches from The Rock to Austin and Jericho as the camera fades to black…

Winner: Chris Jericho

-End of Show-

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Good show

the promos should be alittle longer but u can do that on ur next one

Austin and Rock returning was good but just make sure not bring someone back all the time makes it unrealistic

the regal-Eugene promo was great, i laughed as i read with Regal playing with Eugene and his own toy, lol

overall for your first show i give it an 8.5/10

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Nice show dude. You got some skills. Regal and Eugene were funny.

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Wow, great job man, I had a feeling this thread would be good an it was a great first show. One problem tho, next show you should change the font color, that light green sucks man lol. Like how you have Jericho as Champ, weird to see him and Austin together but Im sure it will get interesting. 8/10

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WWE Smackdown! 2-3-05

Written by Infamous_Canibus

WWE Royal Rumble Results:

4-Team Elimination Tag Team Match - WWE Tag Team Championship
Rene Dupree/Kenzo Suzuki (c) def. Team Angle, The LWo & Dudley Boyz

Order of elimination:
1st - Team Angle
2nd - Dudley Boys
3rd - The LWo


WWE United States Championship
Charlie Haas def. Carlito Caribbean Cool (c)

REPORT: CCC took a hard suplex in the match that injured his shoulder. He is scheduled to be out for 1-2 months.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Akio (c) def. Funaki, Spike Dudley & Ultimo Dragon

ENDING: Funaki and Spike Dudley were counted out early on as The Dudleys captured Funaki and Spike followed. Akio hit Ultimo Dragon with an ‘Akio Time’ for the win at 12:00 exactly.


Grudge Match
Paul London def. Billy Kidman

ENDING: Kidman missed a SSP. London hit Kidman with a ‘Complete Shot’ followed by a 450 splash for the win at about 15:00

BACKGORUND: London and Kidman joined together to become the best Tag Team in the WWE since E&C. Winning the tag titles and respect from the locker room. Until Kidman injured Chavo Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press, he became cautious about using the move. He walked out on London during a title defense against Rene and Kenzo, losing the titles. London confronted Kidman, and Billy had ‘nothing to say to him.’ Paul London slapped Kidman across the face in a confrontation when Billy snapped and injured London. London came back and challenged Kidman to this match…


No Holds Barred Grudge Match
Brock Lesnar def. Shawn Michaels

ENDING: Lesnar dodged a SCM twice and hit an F5 followed by a cover for the win at nearly 30 mins.

BACKGROUND: Two months before Wrestlemania 21, Shawn Michaels faced Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship at Now Way Out. Brock Lesnar made his return to wrestling from a year-long hiatus. Brock Lesnar hit the F5 on Shawn Michaels followed by a brutal chair assault, putting Michaels ‘on the shelf.’ Five weeks later, Michaels return with a vengeance, screwing Lesnar out of his #1 Contender’s match. Michaels and Lesnar beefed for the next few weeks before signing the contract for this match…


The First Ever Smackdown! Elimination Chamber Match - WWE Championship:
John Cena def. Booker T, John B. Layfield, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit

Order of entrance:
1st - Booker T
2nd - Kurt Angle
3rd - Eddie Guerrero
4th - John Cena
5th - Chris Benoit
6th - John B. Layfield

Order of elimination:
1st - John B. Layfield by Eddie Guerrero
2nd - Eddie Guerrero by John Cena
3rd - Kurt Angle by Chris Benoit
4th - Booker T by Chris Benoit
5th - Chris Benoit by John Cena


Line-Up: Card subject to change

6-Man Tag Team Grudge Match

John Cena, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. Booker T, JBL & Kurt Angle


WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London vs. Akio (c)


WWE United States Championship
15 Man Battle Royal - Charlie Haas (c)


Rey Mysterio vs. Luther Reigns


Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Jindrak


Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki vs. La Resistance


**A video package of last Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match and the Royal Rumble match is played as it shows all of the eliminations in each match, ending with a split screen shot of Booker T and John Cena with their hand being raised by the referee as they win their matches**

**The camera is squared in on a Smackdown! logo. The camera zooms away from it. It apparently was the logo on General Manager’s Paul Heyman’s baseball cap. Paul Heyman loaded with a big grin welcomes people to the show from his office.**

Paul Heyman:
As many of you loyal Smackdown! and well, WWE fans in-general saw last Sunday, Booker T, a Smackdown! Superstar, won the Royal Rumble. But prior to that, the same night he wrestled against five other of the best Smackdown! Superstars in the Elimination Chamber Match which was won by the one and the only, John Cena, who was crowned the WWE Undisputed Champion, last Sunday.
But tonight, it won’t be about the Undisputed Championship. No, No, No. It will be about the United States Championship that is wrapped around the waist of Charlie Haas. Later on tonight, we will have a 15-man Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal for the U.S. Championship. Well we know one of them men, so who will the other 14 men be you ask? I should be asking you, the fans. The polls on WWE.com will be open, and you will be able to vote online, or call in who you want to be in the rumble. Good luck to all you superstars on getting in and possibly, winning…

**The new Smackdown! Theme (“With My Mind” by Cold) hits as the Smackdown! Compilation plays and the pyro goes off as the announcers welcome you to the newest edition of WWE: Smackdown! and Michael Cole announces the main event of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit & John Cena vs. John B. Layfield, Booker T & Kurt Angle**


Rey Mysterio vs. Luther Reigns
Reigns dominated Mysterio through out the match. Little Rey Rey did get many explosive offensive moves in on the way. Reigns attempted a pump handle slam but Rey slid out the back and dropkicked Reign in the back, hanging him up on the second rope. Rey connected with “The 619.” Out of nowhere Jindrak came out of the back and tripped Rey off the apron and began the assault. The ref called for the bell. Chavo came to Rey’s aid to prevent the double team. General Manager Paul Heyman’s music hit and he had the following things to say…

Paul Heyman: Whoa! Whoa! Since Team Angle can not keep out of The LWo’s matches. We will cancel Chavo vs. Jindrak later on tonight and make this match…Team Angle vs. The LWo and that match will be next!!

Michael Cole: Team Angle-LWo next!

Tazz: Dis should be a good one Cole, two of da best tag teams on the rosta (roster) goin’ head-to-head.

**commercial break**

The tag match was definitely tipped in the favor of Team Angle, but don’t count The LWo out. Rey came into the match like a house of fire, still a little tired from his match from Reigns, but if you had never seen Rey until then, you would’ve still thought he was amazing. He altered between Luther and Jindrak, giving them both a run for their money. Kurt Angle chose to get involved as the ref was knocked down. He slid a chair in the ring. Jindrak pinned Rey up as Luther swung the chair. Rey moved and Jindrak (the legal man) was nailed. Reigns was nailed with a double dropkick sending him out to the floor. Jindrak still ‘woozy’ got hit with the “Gory Bomb” from Chavo, followed by the “Droppin‘ Dimes” from Mysterio for the win. After the match Kurt yelled at Team Angle the whole walk up the ramp.

WINNER: LWo @ 12:03


**The camera shows Booker T tying his shoes, next to his duffle bag, a hand is seen pick it up and throw it across the room. Booker stops what he is doing and just stares at the bag. He slowly turns and sees, John Cena.**

John Cena: Book! Whaddup man?

**loud pop is heard by the presence of Cena**

Booker T: Now what da hell do you want?

John Cena: I just wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS!

Booker T: *cocky smile* Yeah, me winnin’ the Rumble was pretty sweet…

John Cena: NO! Not on that, man! I meant congratulations on getting beaten by me for the third time in three weeks!

**loud pop**

Booker T: *smile erases off his face* You know what, sucka!!

John Cena: Whoa playa! Chill, chill! I’m just playin’ wit chu! Yeah, your win was pretty tight and all. But we all no mine buried it…”sucka”

Booker T: You didn’t just say that…Tell me…you didn’t…just…say that.

John Cena: Book, book. Chill don’t hate, bro. I just wanted to wish you good luck tonight.

Booker T: You know what, baby. I got all the luck in the world, I’m on a roll. I eliminated five dudes on Sunday and beat Eddie Guerrero at a house show in his hometown *huge heat* So I don’t think I’ll beat you tonight…I know…sucka.

John Cena: Book, book, book. You haven’t beaten me since the United States Championship rounds we had!

Booker T: You know what man? I’m sick and tired of yo sarcastic, ****** ass around here! Walkin’ around, acting like you da man, just cause you got a championship. People givin’ ya congrats left and right, but me, nothin’! You better watch yo punk ass, wouldn’t want nothin’ to happen to you, know would we?…

**John Cena is left in the Smackdown! Locker room, alone, hot-headed and straightened**

Michael Cole: Whaddya suppose Booker meant by that?

Tazz: I dunno Cole, but it don’t sound good…

**commercial break**


Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki vs. La Resistance
A normal tag team match as Kenzo Suzuki used his slight size and weight advantage against La Resistance and received some help from ex-La Resistance member, Rene Dupree along the way. La Resistance attempted to use Quebec’s flag to get the cheap win, but failed as it backfired and Kenzo slapped it right across Conway’s back and pinned Sylvain after a STO.

WINNER: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki @ 5:45


**The camera shows Paul Heyman standing on a carte of some sort in the Smackdown! Locker Room and begins to hush the crowd of people, multiple stars there: Carlito, D-Von, Bubba, Spike, Ultimo Dragon, etc.**

Paul Heyman: Listen up everybody! I have selected the first seven participants in the Rumble tonight for the United States Championship out of the seven people ahead of the rest. So far the rumble will include: Carlito, Rene, Rey, D-Von, Eddie, Kurt and Mark Jindrak. The seven other wrestlers will be announced later. Thank you for your time!”


MATCH THREE: WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London vs. Akio (c)
The match included an array of high flying maneuvers and reversals. Akio getting the upper hand as London took a big fall from the top rope almost landing right on his head. Akio finally was hit and fell over the top rope, where London launched onto him with a rope flip. Akio recovered and landed a big piledriver. Followed by an “Akio Time”, his version of a corkscrew moonsault body press for the win as he retained his championship.

WINNER:[/B[ Akio @ 9:10


**The camera cuts backstage where John Cena is flirting with Dawn Marie.**

Dawn Marie: So John, its um…kinda noisy out here, you wanna go somewhere where it’s…quiet?

John Cena: Oh, fo sho.

**Dawn takes John by the hand and guides him into her locker room**

**The door closes, leaving the camera focused only on the door.**

John Cena:
Yo, Dawn, turn on the light, it’s…

**Loud crashing noises are heard, like a steel chair hitting someone. John Cena is also heard groaning from the chair shots.**

**Glass shattering noise**

**The camera stays focused on the door for about ten seconds, silence. Booker T walks up to the door with a smile on his faces and knocks quietly on the door. Dawn steps out**

Booker T: Thanks Dawn, you’ll get your money later…

**Dawn smiles and walks away as Booker is checking her out on the way. Booker steps in front of the opened door as he hands a mysterious hand a wad of 100 dollar bills and says:**

Booker T:
Thanks bro. Appreciate it. Nice work…

Michael Cole: What the hell just happened?! Someone get an EMT back there, Cena’s hurt!!

Tazz: Who da hell’s Cena talkin’ too?!?!

**commercial break**

**The camera is focused on Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside as they make the following announcement**

Michael Cole: Um…I have no word for what we’ve just seen. I mean I know Booker T doesn’t always play fair, but this crossed the line.

Tazz: I gotta agree with cha Cole. Booker, seemingly, paid Dawn Marie to lure Cena into a locker room where an unknown assassin attacked John Cena brutally. I hope we can get and update on Cena’s condition here tonight.

Michael Cole: What I want to know is who is sick enough to go along with something like this, even if there’s money involved?!

Tazz: I have no idea Cole. We might as well move on with the show and hope information comes our way.

**Vince McMahon is shown backstage greeted by a huge pop from the crowd watching it on the big screen. Vince announces that he is filling in for Paul Heyman as General Manager who has left to cover the John Cena situation.**

Vince McMahon: …and I understand that there is a battle royal happening tonight and there are seven names here for me to read off. Ultimo Dragon, Kenzo, Jesus (pronounces it Jesus for comedy) Jesus? What the hell? Ah, Jesus (pronounces it right) Luther, Kidman, Chavo & Orlando Jordan, good luck to all of you!

Michael Cole: There you have it, the final seven contenders, the battle royal is next!

**commercial break**

**The camera shows Carlito backstage talking to Jesus**

Carlito: Look man. We’re both in dis rumble together. And that mean, we gotta work like a team. But you know. The only reason I can to tha WWE was to win a title, even if that means eliminating you. I’m sorry, we’re like *crosses fingers and show it to Jesus* this, but I gotta do it. So if it comes down to me and you, which would….NOT be cool. You know what to do. *nudges Jesus and winks* Let’s go kick some ass big guy….now THAT is cool…

MATCH FOUR: 15-Man Battle Royal
Charlie Haas vs. 14 Men

Order of entrance:
1st - Paul London
2nd - Chavo Guerrero
3rd - Charlie Haas
4th - Carlito Caribbean Cool
5th - Kenzo Suzuki
6th - Kurt Angle
7th - Rene Dupree
8th - Eddie Guerrero
9th - D-Von
10th - Rey Mysterio
11th - Luther Reigns
12th - Mark Jindrak
13th - Jesus
14th - Ultimo Dragon
15th - Orlando Jordan

Order of elimination:
1st - Paul London
2nd - Rene Dupree
3rd - Funaki
4th - Kenzo Suzuki
5th - Chavo Guerrero
6th - Charlie Haas (Anybody‘s championship now)
7th - Ultimo Dragon
8th - Orlando Jordan
9th - D-Von Dudley
10th - Mark Jindrak
11th - Luther Reigns
12th - Rey Mysterio
13th - Kurt Angle
14th - Carlito Carribean Cool (by Jesus!!!!)

WINNER: and new WWE United States Champion, JESUS!?!

Tazz: Whoa! Jesus just eliminated Carlito for the title! I wonder what Carlito thinks of this!

Michael Cole: Its no mystery, look at him, he’s irate!

**Carlito is overheard over the commentary screaming “What the hell?!?!” and “Dis was not the plan” and of course “THIS isn‘t cool!” **

**The camera switches to Vince McMahon who walks up to Benoit and Guerrero.**

Vince McMahon: Guys, guys. I know you guys are stressing over the whole Cena incident, sorry, but I have to say. If you guys don’t kind a partner within the next 5 minutes, it’ll be a 2-on-3 match…

**Vince walks away**

Eddie Guerrero: Hey, ese. *pokes Benoit* Who do you think we should pick, homes?

Tazz: They better pick someone fast of they’re toast!

Michael Cole: Guerrero, Benoit and a mystery partner, against Booker, Angle and JBL, next!

**last commercial break**

MAIN EVENT: 6-Man Tag Team Grudge Match
Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and ????? vs. Kurt Angle, John B. Layfield and Booker T
As the match began, no one entered as Guerrero and Benoit’s partner. Two on three. The match progresses in Booker’s, Kurt’s and JBL’s favor. JBL hit a lot of power moves on Latino heat as they are settling the grudge. Eddie tags Benoit, which forces JBL to tag Kurt. The match progresses into a beat down of Eddie Guerrero and Benoit. No one shows up still. The three man team seems to have the match won until a familiar song hits. Shawn Michaels’!!
He shows up and cleans house. As he has no grudge with either of the men on the opposite side, he is allowed to fight who ever he pleases. HBK stomps all three men with exciting moves. HBK is finally nailed with an Angle Slam. JBL lifts up HBK for the Clothesline from Hell. HBK ducks it. Benoit scoots in the way and lands a drop toe hold-STF on JBL. Benoit locks the Crossface into Kurt. HBK with the Sharpshooter on Booker. The ref forgets who’s legal. BOOKER T TAPS!!!!

WINNER: Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels @ 15:07

-End of show-

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but wasnt carlito out 4 two months then appered in battle royal ???

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Whoa man another awesome show. Dont like Jesus getting the title but then again I dont like Jesus getting a match lol. Booker T going to wrestlemania baby!! Oh yeah speaking of that, you keep on putting wrestlemania in your rumble recaps. But great show and I like the mayhem finish. I was expecting a Cena run-in but I was wrong. Also curious to find out who was payed off. Cant wait for Raw man. 8.5/10

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Damn man that was a great show. Nice backstage work and the matches were off the hook. Great writer. Rep Added!
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