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Hello everyone...Ive been quite floaty recently an inactive as a booker..But ive managed to find some time around here and there and have decided to return to booking, well, im going to damn try my best. Now im going to pick up exactly where i left off. But im going to give you a taster first to ge tto know my style. Below is Homecoming. And next sunday i will deliver the very long awaited...UNFORGIVEN!!!
Enjoy Everybody.

Smackdown Pyro explodes at the top of the ramp and the crowd goes nuts as the camera zooms around the arena.

Cole: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to a one time edition of Sunday Night Smackdown, were coming to you live from Washington DC and it’s a Supershow tonight Tazz!

Tazz: That’s right Cole! And were not just talking about Smackdown, because after were done here, Raw will also be coming to you Live!

Cole: Well I cant wait for the final Raw before Unforgiven, but we’ve got Round 3 of the Number 1 Contenders tournament for you tonight and on top of that, the United States title will be on the line when its Chris Benoit v Hardcore Holly, but now were kicking things off with a match set up by General Manager Theodore Long, its Randy Orton v Orlando Jordan, lets take a look why this match is happening..

Video Clip of the Aftermath of Last Weeks matches between Jeff v Orlando and Orton v Boogeyman.

The video cuts out and Orlando Jordan’s music hits. He makes his way down the entrance ramp and into the ring. He has a grin on his face, clearly happy that he isn’t facing Jeff again. Randy Orton’s music cuts in and out he comes, walks out onto the top of the ramp as the golden waterfall of pyro falls to the ground softly behind him and he makes his way to the ring. He climbs the steps, enters the ring walks to the other side and gets to the turnbuckle and pulls him self up showing off for the crowd. He finally gets down and focuses his attentions on Orlando Jordan who is stood on the other side of the ring. The referee checks both men and rings the bell.

They approach each other slowly looking for a grapple with Orton twiddling his fingers, when OJ is close enough Orton hit’s a kick low and locks on a side headlock, which only stays in for about 4 seconds as OJ powers out with elbows to the gut of Orton. He pushes Orton away into the ropes and Orton fly’s back into OJ knocking him over, mounts him and delivers lots of punches. Then lifts up Orlando and kicks him low and delivers a Snap Suplex, goes for a quick cover and gets a 2 count. Orlando goes to get to his feet but Orton kicks him in the back of the head, then stomps on Orlando forcing him to roll out of the ring. Orton drops to the mat and roles our of the ring. He goes to hit a clothesline on OJ, but Orlando counters into a drop toe hold and Orton smashes his head onto the steel steps. Orlando gets to his feet and uses his boxing background to take control. With lots of hard punches to Randy’s head busting him open. He roles in the ring to break the referees count then comes back outside of the ring. Goes to hit Randy again but Orton gets the punch in first. They exchange punches for a few moments until Orlando hits an uppercut sending Orton staggering back, Orlando then grabs Orton’s writs and launches him into the barrier. Orlando slowly makes his way over to Randy and pushes him into the ring, goes for a cover but Orton kicks out with ease. Orlando then delivers another hard shot to the temple of Orton dropping him to the mat, at which point Orlando locks in a Camel Clutch. Orton is in the middle of the ring and is in complete agony, he must submit. The referee keeps asking him but no, Orton doesn’t submit, he does the exact opposite, he musters the strength to get to one knee, then to his second knee, he manages to stand up and my god! He hit’s a major Electric Chair on OJ.

Both men are flat out in the middle of the ring but Randy eventually manages to get an arm over Orlando, 1,2 but OJ kicks out. Orton picks Orlando up and hit’s a forearm to the chin of Orlando, and he hits this 2 or 3 times. Randy picks up OJ and hit’s a devastating neck breaker and goes for a pin, 1,2 but OJ kicks out again. With OJ on the mat Orton now gets to his feet and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle. He stands up raises his arms high in the air and hit’s a huge cross body, 1,2 but again OJ manages to kick out! Orton cant seem to belive OJ just kicked out but he doesent waist time, he stalks OJ from behind, the groggy OJ slowly gets to his feet and turns into Orton, who jumps up and Crack hits an RKO! Orton has a sick grin on his face but just as he goes for a cover the lights go out. A eerie voice sounds “maharajah, Randy Keith Orton, I remember your nightmare ha ha ha ha ha” The lights jump back on and Orton is out cold again in the ring, hes face looks like he has been frightened to death. Orlando manages to get an arm over 1,2,3! Orlando Win! The ref rings the bell raising Orlandos arm but out of nowhere Jeff Hardy appears and smashes the chair into the back of Orlando Jordan. He picks him up onto his knees and cracks him over the head busting him open. Jeff jumps out of the ring and looks under the ring apron and pulls out a ladder, and then a table. He positions the table outside the ring by the ramp and climbs back in, OJ is moving so Jeff cracks him again. He grabs OJ’s wrist and pulls him out of the ring and puts him on the table. Jeff then climbs back into the ring with the massive ladder, sets it up, he then climbs the ladder, stands on the highest point and he dives off it and hit’s a Swantombomb off the ladder out of the ring through OJ through the table!!

Tazz: Oh my god Cole, I don’t belive…im going to see if there ok.

Tazz leaves the table and runs over to Jeff and Orlando calling for EMTs

Cole: Well, im speechless to what we just saw. To start things of Randy Orton had the match won after hitting the RKO, then the Boogeyman sends him a message, lights come back on Orton is out in the ring, Orlando gets an arm over and wins the match. Then presumably seeking revenge from last week Jeff Hardy appeared out of the crowd and destroys OJ in a vicious attack ending in a Swantombomb, well look at this footage.

Replay shows over and over again of the end of the match

commercial break

Cole: Well welcome back everybody, before the break this is what happened in the culmination of a fantastic match, Orlando Jordan v Randy Orton .

Clip airs a few times

ECWs music hits and Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring but he is accompanied by the one and only Joey Styles, they make their way to the ring, get in and Heyman grabs a mic.

Heyman: Even by ECW standards that was a hell of an ending to a match! But now its time to be taken to the extreme! And ive noticed there is a spair seat next to Michael Cole so Joey, why don’t you go and take your seat.

Joey walks out the ring and sits by Michael Cole

Cole: Hey there Joey long time no see

Joey: Thanks Michael, its important to have an ECW member hear, so now Tazz has left to the hospital im filling in for the rest of the night, and more importantly, the next match match which is all ECW baby!

Camera cuts back to Heyman

Heyman: Now, to the main reason we are hear. You see last week I explained to you all that, we are only hear to seek what is rightfully ours, and we are only hear because people tried to extinguish the little life ECW had. But now ECW is taking over! And im taking over the Ring announcers job for the next matche, first, please welcome, for ECW, the United States Champion, Chris Benoit

Benoit’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He gets a pretty decent ovation and gets in the ring.

Heyman: And now the Challenger, representing (**baby voice**) WWE, Hardcore Holly!

Hardcore’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Before he gets their however Heyman speaks on the mic.

Heyman: Now we were wondering, considering you deem it necessary to call yourself Hardcore, how about this title match, we make it, ECW RULES!

To Heyman’s surprise, Hardcore smiles and jumps in the ring hitting a hard clothesline on Benoit and then Heyman, he throws Heyman out of the ring and the bell rings.

Hardcore stomps the hell out of Benoit (literally) at the stat of the match, and picks him up and throws him hard into the turnbuckle. Holly shows an aggression we haven’t seen in a long time. He picks up benoit, lifts him into the air, hit’s a big Powerbomb, holds on, hits it a second time, holds on and hits it a further third time before letting go and going for a pin which only narrowly gets a 2 count. Hardcore picks up Benoit but on the way up Benoit hit’s a low blow and Hardcore staggers back and falls to the mat. Heyman throws a dustbin lid to Benoit, which Hardcore doesn’t see until Benoit hits him with it right between the eyes. Benoit goes for a cover and gets a 2 count before Holly kicks out. Benoit takes the trash lid and hits it over Hardcore’s back and Holly roles out of the ring. Rhyno then walks down the ramp slowly as Benoit and Holly exchange punches on the outside of the ring. Benoit gets the better and throws Hardcore into the steel steps just as Rhyno arrives. Rhyno grabs holly and Slams his head as Michael Cole screams complaint down his microphone, Booker T sprints down the ramp and makes the save. He hits lots of chops across the chest of Rhyno and Benoit and throws benoit into the ring, kicks Rhyno low and hit’s a suplex on him on the ramp. Booker throws him into the ring barrier then walks over to Holly to see if hes ok, Holly gets in the ring and Booker patrols one side, and eventually when Rhyno gets to his feet he patrols the other.

Back in the ring Hardcore goes to work on Benoit with some kicks low to the sternum. He then runs into the ropes and goes to hit a modified clothesline from hell but benoit ducks and hit’s the three German Suplexes. He immediately goes for the cover afterwards but Holly kicks out. Benoit then signals the end and Rhyno throws a chair to him. He places the chair over holly’s head and climbs the top rope and hit’s a diving headbut but my god! Booker pulled Holly out of the way, Benoit just hit a Diving Headbut onto solid steel. Hardcore slowly gets to his feet but out of nowhere Mike Awesome appears and hits Booker round the head with a chair knocking him out. Meanwhile in the ring Holly hit’s the Alabama Slam and its all over, but he hears something behind him and GORE! GORE! Rhyno hit’s a Gore on Holly!! He pulls Benoit on top of Holly, 1,2,3! Benoit retains the title.

Cole: What a match, what a disgrace!

Joey: What are you talking about! Nothing can stop ECW!!!

ECW’s music plays and they celebrate in the ring as Smackdown goes for another commercial break.

Commercial Break

As we return Christians music hits and he makes his way down the ramp to a fairly good ovation. He gets in the ring where The Peep Show has been set up. He walks in and grabs a mic.

Christian: Once again, you join me here for the best part of the show, it’s The Peep Show!! And once again im toping the previous week, because my guest is the biggest person in the WWE, the most respected, and evidently the most hard to beat. He is Undefeated in the Number 1 Contenders Tournament, Ladies and Gentleman, The World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker!!

Undertakers gong hits and the crowd explodes! The roar of his motorcycle thuds around the arena and he flys to the ring at top speed without stopping. The crowd is going nuts as he circles the ring like a Shark would with its prey. He pulls up at the end eventually, parks and gets in the ring with Christian. He taunts the crowd a bit then grabs the mic. A Taker chant echoes around the arena.

Christian: Taker, welcome, to the peep show! Now you’ve been on quite a role in the tournament thus far, and your going against the one man who is undefeated also, Brock Lesnar, you are both 2-0 in the tournament and I want your thoughts on facing him tonight.

Taker: My thoughts, Christian, with all due respect, my thoughts going into every match is the same. When my gong hits and I fly to this ringi have one thing on my mind, and that’s making sure I kick whoevers ass in that ring. Whether it be you, Lesnar, anyone in the tournament anyone from Raw or any of those ECW punks, I come with a winning mentality, and I win!

Christian: Well its all good being that confident, but don’t you recall receiving and F5 just a few weeks ago.

Taker: And don’t you recall me sitting up afterwards, its going to take a lot more than a lousy F5, or a Clothesline from hell, or a Pedigree or a Batista Bomb to keep me down, im the World Heavyweight Champion, ive waited a long time to bring this belt back where it belongs and im not going to loose it to anybody.

Christian: Well, let me ask you this, If you go undefeated in this tournament, which is unlikely but if you do, who will you defend your title against?

Taker: That isn’t my call. People should pay attention to the general manager, he said that the tournament determines who deserves to have a shot at my title, winning doesn’t give you that right. So whoever puts in the best performances will get the shot. And if the GM asks for my opinion, ill suggest the man who puts me to my limits.

Christina: Ok, Ok, Ok, so can you beat Lesnar?

Taker; You don’t listen to a damn thing do you, I will take my winning mentality into that match and I will win! Now assuming you aint got no more dumb ass questions, you’ve got a match to loose, and I got one to win,

Taker drops the mic turns around and Christian hits him in the back, Taker smiles, turns around and hit’s a Chokeslam on Christian, smiles again and leaves the ring as we hit another commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial break with JBL in the ring ready for his match, the first of tonight’s 3rd round Number 1 Contenders Matches. Triple H’s music hits. He walks out under the ramp and gets a decent response from the sold out arena. He walks down to the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron, spit’s the water into the air and climbs inside of the ring and taunts the crowd as usual. His flashing green strobe lights illuminate Triple H as the camera zooms around him and he drops from the turnbuckle, the strobe lights and music cut out. With the arena lights back on Triple H eyes at JBL and talks a lot of trash. The bell rings.

There is an intensity between Triple H and JBL when they meet in the ring one on one for the first time. A lot of things have been said about who was the better man, its time to find out who it is. They hook up centre of the ring And Triple H powers JBL into a turnbuckle. The referee separates them and Triple H backs away to the middle of the ring. JBL walks out of the turnbuckle and hit’s a thumb to the eyes of Triple H. Triple H staggers back and JBL hits him with a punch, he hits some heavy punches and Triple H manages to get a few back and it turns into a fist fight in the centre of the ring. Triple H hit’s a low kick and a DDT on JBL and roles him over for a quick cover. He only manages a bare 2 count before JBL kicks out. Triple H mounts JBL and hits very hard shots across the temples of JBL. Triple H runs back into the ropes back at JBL and hit’s a high knee on JBL, then he drops the same knee to the skull of JBL and goes for a cover, he barely gets a 1 though. He picks up JBL and throws him into the ropes and hit’s a big clothesline and goes for another quick cover but again JBL kicks out before 2.

Triple H continues the attack and stomps JBL hard all over. He picks him up and Powers JBL into the turnbuckle and JBL drops to the mat. Triple H drops out of the ring and grabs both of JBL’s legs and pulls him back hard “Crushing the grapefruits” And a sympathetic “ooo” comes from the crowd. Triple H grabs the left leg of JBL and swings it viciously at the ring post and then pulls JBL out of the ring completely. He grabs JBLs hand and smashes him through the steel steps. Then walks over to the announcers table and Smashes JBLs head off of the ring bell and throws JBL back into the ring and goes for a pin, 1, 2 but JBL kicks out. Triple H getting slightly aggravated gets to his feet and stalks JBL, who eventually manages to get to his feet and turns around into a snap suplex from Triple H who immediately goes for another pin but again JBL manages to kick out. Triple H picks him up throws him into the ropes but JBL holds on to the ropes, Triple H goes to hit a clothesline but JBL ducks, sprints to the other side of the ring and bam hit’s a massive clothesline from hell on Triple H.

JBL falls to the mat and roles just to the right of Triple H but he cant capitalise on hitting the finisher. Eventually he manages to get his left arm over Triple H, 1,2 but Triple H kicks out to JBLs dismay. JBL manages to role out of the ring and he grabs a chair and jumps back in the ring and he turns round but Triple H hit’s a Spinebuster and JBL drops the chair. The impact of the Spinebuster is enough to shatter steel and Triple H goes for a quick pin. 1,2 but JBL kicks out again! Triple H cant believe it! He gets the chair and places it in the middle of the ring. He sets JBL up for a pedigree the referee tells him not to do it and crack, JBLs head crushes off of the steel chair via the pedigree. The referee rings the bell and Triple H goes for a cover but the referee is talking to the ring announcer.

Chimmel: Ladies and Gentleman, the referee has just informed me that the winner of the match, via Disqualification, John Bradshaw Layfield!

Cole: I don’t believe it Tazz, JBL wins the match via DQ, Triple H lost his rag at the end of the match! He totally dominated JBL but the referees decision is final and JBL wins.

Tazz: Well that’s a huge win for JBL, if he had gone 3 loses in the tournament that would have been him done, but I cant wait for the main event Undertaker v Lesnar this should be huge!!!!!!

Commercial Break

Smackdown comes back on air and the Camera is on Todd Grisham!

Todd: Ladies and gentleman im standing here with the man who will try and be the first to defeat The Undertaker later tonight, im talking about Brock Lesnar. Lesnar you asked for this time.

Lesnar: That’s right I did, I asked for this time because I want to remind people why im going to be the person to defeat The Undertaker. Do you remember when I was WWE before I left. I beat The Undertaker in a Biker Chain Match, Hell In A Cell and all the environments where most people would crumble at the hands of Big Evil, but not me. I survived and I won, kicking his ass. And do you want to know the only difference between then and now. This time im the one hunting for the World Heavyweight Title, and that makes me more hungry than last time, and that makes me more violent than last time and more willing to do whatever it takes to be the champion. So Undertaker, you call yourself the American Bad Ass, tonight im gonna kick you ass and im going 3 and 0 in the tournament!

Camera cuts back to ringside where Christians music hits and he makes his way out and down to the ring. He gets a good response from the Audience as he gets in the ring and takes off his entrance attire. Then Batista’s thunderous music crashes through the noise , Batista gets a massive ovation from the crowd and he walks to the ring looking very determined to go 2-1 up in the tournament. He makes his was down the ring and doesn’t stop when his pyro goes off behind him. He gets in the ring and Christian darts at him right away.

Christian attempts some kind of clothesline, obviously trying to catch Batista off guard but it doesn’t work, Batista looks at him like he’s flicked him. Batista pushes Christian and Christian goes flying halfway across the ring. Christian looks at Batista very nervously and gets back to his feet, Batista and Christian stare at each other and there is a lot of tension, they move forward towards each other very nervously and Christian hits Batista very low, Batista bends over, looking as though he has been winded and Christian delivers plenty of forearms across the back of Batista who just straightens up and again pushes Christian away with ease. Batista runs at Batista and hit’s a dropkick to the left leg of Batista who falls to the one knee and looks in a bit of pain, Christian then kicks out the other knee of Batista and opens up and hits lots of right hands to the head of Batista, but Batista counters and picks up Christian in a Spinebuster position runs across the ring and slams him into the turnbuckle, then hits 3 or 4 shoulders to the gut of Christian, throws him into the ropes and hit’s a big clothesline and goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count. Batista picks up his opponent and launches him into the turnbuckle opposite him. And Christian falls to the mat. Batista has a confident smile on his face and he walks over to Christian and picks him up and hit’s a big body slam and goes for a cover which Christian manages to kick out of. Batista once again picks up Christian but Christian pushes Batista back and he knocks down the referee who hits his head on the bottom turnbuckle. Batista runs back and hit’s a diving clothesline nearly beheading Christian. He picks him up immediately, throws him into the ropes and hit’s a massive Spinebuster, jumps back to his feet and calls for the end. Thumbs up, Thumbs down. He picks up Christian and hit’s a massive Batista Bomb and goes for the cover but there’s no referee. Batista gets up and looks at the referee and doesn’t seem to know what to do. He looks at Christian and then at the ramp where a referee is running down, but he attends to the referee, Batista goes to the referee to see what’s going on, Batista nods at something and walks back over to Christian, and brings him to his feet but Christian hit’s a low blow! Batista falls and Christian roles up Batista, he’s got the tights, the referee jumps in the ring, 1,2,3! Christian steals it!

Cole: I don’t believe it, Christian just stole a victory over Batista, With a low blow and a hand full of tights.

Tazz: Well Christian was desperate, he really needed that win and he got it.

Cole: Well im hearing that we have actually got Teddy Long backstage, I don’t know what this is about though?

Ladies and Gentleman I hope your enjoying Smackdown as much as I am. Its been a ruckus show, but coming up next it’s the most explosive match of the tournament, Undertaker v Lesnar. Now giving how the matches have gone so far, and how I expect this one to go, I am making this a No Holds Barred match. We will have a winner at the end of this match no matter what, and that’s coming after the break, so holla, holla holla!

Commercial Break

We return to Brock Lesnars music playing through the arena to boos, he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring, jumps onto the apron and his pyro explodes, he jumps into the ring and taunts the crowd making motions at his waist suggesting he will take Undertakers Title. Lesnars smile is soon drained when the gong of The Undertakers hits and the lights go out, the roar of the motorcycle as usual echoes through the arena and the crowd give the largest pop of the night to this. Undertaker fly’s out on his motorcycle raising one hand in the air. The noise in the building is so loud we can barely hear the crowd. The American Bad Ass fly’s down the ramp and circles the ring, he parks up as usual on the ramp and climbs into the ring walking right up to Lesnar nose to nose and talks some trash to him. He then performs for the crowd raising his arms and his title at every side of the ring. He gives his title to the referee, and the match begins.

Undertaker and Lesnar stare at each other very intensely for the first +proportion of the match. The crowd get behind th e undertaker very strongly and a distinct “Taker” chant echoes around the arena. Lesnar looks slightly worried about not having the third man behind him. Undertaker and Lesnar move closer in to each other, Taker doesn’t takes his eyes of Lesnar as they get closer and closer still. They are nearly touching when Lesnar starts to talk trash and suddenly Taker strikes with a hard right hand. He follows up with many thunderous lefts, rights and a few uppercuts totally overwhelming Lesnar and he falls back into the turnbuckle. Taker continues to unload heavy shots all over the body of Lesnar and he falls to the mat, Undertaker moves away smiling, then walks back over to Lesnar and stomps him a few times in the head before picking him up and launching him into the opposite turnbuckle. Taker runs at him to hit his big shoulder block but Lesnar explodes out of the turnbuckle and hit’s a massive clothesline, he goes for a quick pin but taker kicks out before 1. Lesnar picks up taker and hit’s a belly to belly suplex, before dropping himself out of the ring and looking under the ring apron to find and hopefully utilise a weapon.

On the other side of the ring however, Taker has also slid out of the ring and grabbed a chair, he faces the Announcers table when Lesnar gets in the ring with a trash can lid, he walks to the other side of the ring and reaches over grabbing Takers hair, Undertaker swings the chair upwards and catches a beautiful shot across the head of Lesnar. Taker roles in, leaving the chair outside and goes for a cover but Lesnar kicks out around 2. Undertaker gets to his feet and picks up Lesnar, then wraps Lesnars arm around his neck and lifts him up into a vertical suplex but holds Lesnar there allowing all of the blood to rush to his head. He holds Lesnar there for about ten seconds before falling back and Lesnars body crashes to the mat. Undertaker roles over for a cover but only gets a 2. Undertaker grabs the trash lid which Lesnar brought into the ring and crashes it over his head, he goes for a pin but again only gets a 2.

All of a sudden Batista runs down to the ring and jumps in and try’s to hit a big clothesline on Undertaker, but Taker ducks and grabs the neck of Batista and hit’s a huge Chokeslam on him, and as soon as he came he was gone. The crowd seem shocked at seeing Batista attempt to take out Undertaker, but are happy to see Taker take him out. However when Taker turns round he his hit between the eyes by the trash can and then Lesnar picks him up, F5! My God! Lesnar hit the F5 its all over! 1,2,3, No Undertaker kicked out, I don’t believe it! Somehow the undertaker manages to kick out of the F5 and Lesnar seems just as shocked as everyone else. Lesnar stalks Undertaker and has the trash lid in his hands, he waits patiently and Eventually Undertaker gets up, just as hes about to swing JBL arrives out of nowhere and grabs the feet of Lesnar and pulls them tripping him up, Lesnar falls head first into the steel trash lid, JBL smiles and Undertaker, who is now on his feet is stalking Lesnar. A few moments pass and Lesnar struggles, he is bleeding everywhere but he manages to get to his feet, Chokeslam from the Undertaker. Lesnar lays destroyed mid ring but its not over yet. Undertaker raises his right arm and signals the end, he lifts up Lesnar and hit’s a huge Last Ride. 1,2,3 Undertaker wins!

The referee raises the Undertakers hand in victory who is now 3-0 in the tournament. JBL backs off up the ramp smiling and Undertaker raises the World Heavyweight Title in the air.

Cole: What a match Tazz, JBL and Batista, who are individual opponents of Lesnar and Undertaker next week getting involved in the match, both at one point costing their opponent the match, but it was JBL who saved the Undertaker tripping Lesnar onto the steel trash lid, enabling Undertaker to capitalise with a Chokeslam and a Last Ride.

Tazz: That was brilliant and what a night its been, 3 Great matches in the Tournament, plus a brilliant match between Orton and Jordan, its been a hell of a night Cole

Cole: Well there’s more to come, because coming up next its Raw’s turn, they will struggle to beat this episode of Smackdown. Well that’s all we’ve got fine, were Michael Cole and Tazz and we will see you next week everybody.

Smackdown fades


Raw’s pyro explodes as we go live across the world for the second part of the Supershow. Camera cuts to everywhere in the arena.

JR: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the final Raw before Unforgiven and what a night we have ahead of us. The Rock & Kane v Stone Cold & Dreamer, we have a rematch from last week Kurt Angle v Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy is on the cabana!

King: That’s right JR, Matt Hardy on the Cabana, he’s going to be announcing Stage 2 of the 3 Stages Of Hell match at Unforgiven next Sunday.

JR: Well its going to be an explosive night, and were kicking things off with General Manager Eric Bischoff in the ring.

Bischoff: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Eric Bischoff’s Monday Night Raw. Now in Seven Days, we will be broadcasting to you Unforgiven. Unforgiven will be the highest buy rated ppv of the year. We will se John Cena loose his WWE Title to Bill Goldberg, WWE will triumph over ECW not only in a 2 on 2 match, but I have every confidence that The Rock will triumph over Stone Cold Steve Austin. But im not hear to talk about that im hear to make an announcement regarding Survivor ….

Eric is cut of my Mr. McMahon’s music and out comes Vince to a huge ovation from the crowd. With his power walk he makes his way down to the ring, gets in and puts his hand out and reluctantly hands over his mic.

Vince: Eric, I think ill take things from here. A few weeks ago, my son Shane McMahon announced that Survivor Series, Live from the Millennium Dome, England will be an Interactive Interpromotional ppv. But you see, it isn’t just the specific matches your in control of, it’s the superstars eligible to be voted for if you follow my lead. Tomorrow night on WWE.COM a list of 15 Raw superstars will be posted for 1 week prior to its Unforgiven PPV. Likewise, 1 week prior to the No Way Out PPV, Smackdown will post their 15 superstars. Now your job, as a fan is to vote for the ten superstars on each show you wish to be able to vote for at a later stage. After we have your votes, we will publish the results on the following show. You will then have two weeks following immediately after the edition of Smackdown post No Way Out to vote for which member of each roster you want to go against each other in an Interpromotional Contest. However, it is reminded to you that neither champion is eligible to be selected, as Raw and Smackdown’s champions are already booked in contest against each other. Now that’s my announcement regarding Survivor Series, before I depart I would like to thank Green Day for agreeing to perform Live at Unforgiven for us, thank you.

Vince’s music hits again and he lives the ring and a flabbergasted Eric Bischoff as we cut to the back with Maria.

Maria: Hey everyone, im here with the woman challenging Trish Stratus for the WWE Title at Unforgiven, and the Raw Diva Search 2005 Winner, Ashley, Ashley what are your thoughts about your match with Trish next Sunday?

Ashley: You know what, when Trish hit me from behind I realised what type of woman she was. I hadn’t even had that much training when she attacked me so I couldn’t defend myself. But Trish, Ive had about two months of training now, and im ready for a fight and im taking that Womens Title and putting it round the waste of a real woman, not a fake breasted bimbo.

Ashley walks off and Raw goes for a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return to Kurt Angles music playing and Angle is making his way down the ring. The usual “You Suck” Chant echoes around the arena as he climbs into the ring as he pirouettes in the ring. Shelton Benjamin’s music cuts him off and out comes Benjamin to a heaving ovation. He comes down the ring jumps in and Angle gets on the attack before the referee can ring the bell.

Angle stomps on Benjamin as he slides into the ring, he stomps heavily on the back of Benjamin who struggles to get to his feet, but does and hit’s a punch to the gut of Angle. Then a second and third, Angle staggers back allowing Benjamin to get to his feet, Angle walks back over immediately but Benjamin hit’s a Hip-Toss, Angle gets back up straight away and dives at Benjamin who hit’s a second hip-toss. Getting back to his feet Angle and Benjamin stare at each other with a lot of Intensity, both recognising the others talent, the crowd recognises this also and cheers.

The two men walk up to each other and lock up in a grapple, and Angle gets the better of it delivering a few severe knees to the chest of Benjamin. Angle goes to work hitting more high knees and Benjamin staggers back into the turnbuckle. Angle forces Benjamin’s neck into an awkward position and the referee has to break it up and pushes Angle away, Angle pushes the referee away and turns back to Benjamin and gets hit by a Dropkick from the turnbuckle knocking Angle down. Benjamin goes for a immediate cover but only gets a 2 count. He picks up angle and hit’s a snap suplex, goes for another quick cover but narrowly gets a 2. He pulls Angle to his feet and puts him in a side headlock, Angle struggles to get out but seemingly cant, he starts to fade away and drops to one knee. Benjamin tightens his hold on Angle and Angle drops to another Knee. Angle seems completely out of it and the referee lifts his hand once and it drops, he lifts it a second time but Kurt keeps it up, he stats to power up and starts to shake his arms furiously, he gets his right foot on the mat and grabs Benjamin waist and hit’s a counter in the form of an Angle Slam! JR goes crazy but Angle can only fall to the mat as the headlock had taken a lot out of him.

Angle crawls to the ropes and heaves himself up, both men on opposite sides of the ring pull themselves up with the ropes and they dart at each other but Angle hits a big clothesline and drops for a quick pin, 1,2 but Benjamin kicks out. Angle gets to his feet and lifts up Benjamin, he hit’s a big vertical suplex, goes for another quick cover but Benjamin kicks out. Angle gets to his feet again and pushes Benjamin saying “You aint good enough” Benjamin dives at him with an arm but Angle lured him into the trap and hits not 3, not 4 but 5 German Suplexes. Angle goes for a pin but amazing Benjamin manages to kick out. Angle jumps to a feet and stalks Benjamin, Benjamin gets to his feet and is hit by an Angle Slam from behind. Angle goes for another pin, 1,2,3, no not 3, Angle doesn’t win! Benjamin got his shoulder up 1/10th of a second before the 3. Angle doesn’t believe it and pulls down the straps and grabs the Ankle of Benjamin and locks in the Ankle Lock. Benjamin Screams in agony and crawls ever so slowly to the bottom rope but he cant reach it. He screams longer, he must tap out and bam, he slams his hand on the mat, then his left and right hand alternatively, Angle thinks he taps out and lets go but Benjamin was just crawling to the bottom rope. Angle raises his own hands and celebrates the victory. The referee tells him he hasn’t won and Angle cant believe it. He pulls up his straps then pulls them back down again, turns around and BAM! Gets hit by a Superkick from Benjamin, He roles angle up, 1,2, but Angle kicks out. Benjamin climbs to a turnbuckle and so does Angle, Angle slowly gets to his feet and Benjamin half runs across the ring, half limping on his right Ankle and hit’s the cross body, Benjamin lands badly on his Injured Ankle and drops to one knee, Angle satggers out and Benjamin grabs him and hit’s a T-Bone Suplec, 1,2,3 Benjamin wins again!!

JR: Benjamin does it king! Second week running Benjamin manages to defeat Kurt Angle!!

King: I cant believe he just beat Angle, Benjamin tapped out! Angle should have won!

JR: No he didn’t king, Benjamin was crawling to the rope, brilliant match there and the good matches keep on coming tonight folks, cus still to come its Tommy Dreamer + Stone Cold v Kane + The Rock. But coming up next, Its Carlito’s Cabana, and his guest tonight, Matt Hardy.

Video sequence of the Matt/Edge saga airs

Commercial Break

We return to Raw and Carlitos theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring. An amusing “Afro” chant echoes around the arena which Carlito seems to s****** at as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring. He climbs the steps and gets a mic.

Carlito: Ladies and Gentleman, once again its Carlito’s Cabana. Im getting right down to business tonight because my guest is very eager to get out of here, so ladies and gentleman, please welcome, Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardys music hits and he comes down the ramp to the ring. A “Hardy” Chant now echoes around the arena as Hardy gets to the ring and slides in. He climbs onto the ropes and does his V1 taunt for the crowd before turning at Carlito and taking the mic.

Carlito: Welcome to the Cabana!!

Matt: Thanks Carlito

Carlito: Now, I know you’ve got an announcement to make but, its my show, and I want to ask you a few questions of mine. Firstly, I want to know how it feels, to have your 6 year long term girlfriend leave you for a real man?

Matt: How does it feel, You know at first, I was upset, then I felt empty inside like there was no reason to live. Then I learned to Channel my emotion and turned it into anger. You call Edge a real man, if Edge is a real man I pity anyone who aspires to him. And if Edge is a real man, then that real man is going to get the holy hell kicked out of him next week at Unforgiven. And now, Lita wishes me a rough and bumpy journey to hell? Well I hope its rough and bumpy, but the only reason it will be is because ill be kicking Adams ass down there.

Carlito: So, How can you be so confident that you will return from three stages of hell unscaved?

Matt: How do I know? I don’t know ill be unscaved, because it wont be a wrestling match it will be a fight. But I do know this, Adam may be a bastad, and I may hate him, we are both superstars, but there is one key difference, you see, im taking Edge to hell and he aint coming back in one piece. But ive proved over and over, Matt Hardy Will Not Die!!

Carlito: Carlito keeps hearing you say this and it pops a question in Carlito’s mind. You say “Matt Hardy Will Not Die” I say Matt Hardy Will Die

Carlito swings a punch at Matt but Matt Ducks and opens up on Carlito, Carlito is thrown out of the ring but Edge has appeared out of nowhere with a steel chair. Before he can do anything Mick Foleys music hits and he sprints to the ring with security.


Edge looks from Foley to Matt and back to Foley and Throws the chair at Matt hitting him in the back of the head. Hardy dives on Edge and starts kicking the hell out of him until security pile into the ring separating them

Foley: Get Edge out of here now dammit! Get him out of here! Keep Matt there.

Security Drag Adam out of the ring and force him up the mat.

Matt: Hey, Security hold him there because I want Adam to see me give him a message, You chose stage one and im choosing stage two. Because stage 2 is going to be a Table, Ladders and Chairs single match Adam! Yeah that’s right, but do you want to know how you win! You can only win by grabbing Your money in the bank briefcase!!


Edges face looks like its just been hit by a barge pole! He cant believe what he just heard.

Matt: And Edge, its already confirmed by Foley, so don’t try getting it changed hahaha!

Hardy smiles and leaves the ring smiling as Edge is once again dragged off by security.

Commercial Break

We return and RVD’s music hits, out come the Intercontinental Champion, he walks down to the ring alone and gets into the ring and taunts the crowd and Y2J’s music hits, he comes down to the ring, makes the entrance pretty quickly and slides in the ring. Walks up to RVD and slaps him and the bell rings.

RVD swings his head back around and catches RVD with a hard right hand. He and Jericho exchange punches for the first portion of the match with each having their individual moments above the other. They work to all areas of the ring till Jericho hit’s a low kick and Throws RVD into a turnbuckle. Jericho runs at RVD who gets a foot up, jumps up to the middle turnbuckle and hit’s a bulldog, goes for a quick cover and gets 1. RVD drops a leg onto the back of Jericho’s head, and roles him over again going for another pin which Jericho kicks out of just before 2. RVD picks up Jericho but Jericho pushes him away and hit’s a big chop across the chest of RVD. Jericho chops RVD’s chest red raw and he staggers back into the turnbuckle. Jericho climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd shout 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 times Jericho punches RVD in the head, Jericho pushes himself up and hit’s a hurricarane on RVD and goes for a quick pin, 1,2, but RVD kicks out. Jericho picks up RVD and hit’s a snap suplex and again roles RVD up for a pin but only gets a 2 count. Sandman walks down from the top ramp and stands guard outside the ring. Jericho stamps on RVD who’s flat on the mat. He turns around and gets hit in the head by Sandman with a chair. Jericho falls to the mat and the ref rings the bell. Sandman continues to wrap the chair around the body of Jericho and hits Jericho in the rib 6 times. They drag Jericho out of the ring and put him on the announcers table. Sandman hits Jericho again and RVD climbs the turnbuckle and hit’s a 5 Star Frog Splash through the Announcers Table. A “Holy Shit” chant echoes around the arena as RVD and Sandman grin sickly while backing away. ECW’s music hits and they back away up the ramp as EMT’s flood down to Jericho. A Replay airs over and over again of the incident as we go for a commercial break.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, before the break we were in the middle of a good match between RVD and Chris Jericho, half way through the match ECW got involved and attacked Jericho, weve just heard from the General Manager that due to what happened moments ago, Jericho has been granted a rematch with RVD, at Unforgiven for the Intercontinental Title.

King: That’s right JR, that should be a huge match. But we have still got a lot to come for you tonight. Tommy Dreamer & Stone Cold v The Rock & Kane, that’s going to be a big match. Stone Cold & The Rock who meet in a week at Unforgiven. But up next, it’s the Final Encounter, Goldberg & John Cena meet in the ring, and yours truly is going to be interviewing them. Lets take a look how this rivalry has gathered speed since Goldberg’s return at Summerslam.

Clip airs of the rivalry between Cena and Goldberg

As we return The King is in the ring surrounded by Security.

King: I know your wounding why im surrounded by 20 security guards, its by order of Eric Bischoff after what happened last time I was in the ring interviewing prior to a PPV. Not really, its to separate these two men who meet at Unforgiven for the WWE Title in a First Blood Match, first off the Challenger, he’s been suspended for 3 weeks, Goldberg!

Goldberg’s music hits and he walks out amidst the fire surrounded by more security guards hampering him to the ring. Goldberg gets in the ring and is taken to the far side by the announcers table, five security guards stand either side of the podium Goldberg stands behind and the others remain behind him.

King: Welcome Goldberg, and now please welcome The WWE Champion, John Cena!!

Cenas music hits and the crowd erupts. He comes out with security behind him and the noise seems to double in the arena. He comes down to the ring and slides In the ring behind his 10 security guards and the ones behind him file in too. He places the WWE Title on his podium and takes the mic.

King: Right, now both of you are hear, we don’t want any violence, so lets start, Goldberg first question goes to you. You’ve been suspended since post Summerslam, do you think givev you havent had a match for over a year you could have ring rust?

Goldberg: Ring Rust,are you joking? Im in the best shape of my life, im working out every day and ive never felt better, the only thing missing is that WWE Title, which in 7 days I will have.

Cena: That remains to be seen

King: Cena, please don’t interupt, now Cena its your question now. You’ve defended that title against people like Jericho and JBL, do you think you can make Goldberg bleed before you?

Cena: Hell yes I can! Ive battled through I Quit matches, Last Man Standing matches and im still the WWE Champion! And nothings going to change that, Goldberg thinks hes all tough but hes never faced me, but like everyone else hear hes accepted my message, he came and got him some at Summerslam, and at Unforgiven I will make him bleed.

King: All right all right calm down, Goldberg your next question. When you returned at Summerslam you speared Chris Jericho, if it was the Title you wanted why attack Jericho too?

Goldberg: Why attack Jericho? Because when I took that title I wanted be the one to end his undefeated streak, I went over 200 Matches unbeaten! And he’s what, retained in 4 or 5 matches? Cena, at Unforgiven, Your Next!

Cena: Oh im next am I? You say im next! But your forgetting one thing! The Champ Is Here! And I aint giving up my title! You see, you want the title for you, I want this title for them (points at fans) I come out here each and every week and fight for them, I don’t care who challenges me because I will say to anyone who wants to try and beat me, If You Want Some, Come Get Some! But I promise you Goldberg! At Unforgiven! You will learn just like everybody else who has tried taking my title, you can punch me, you can spear me and attack me from behind, but you will never beat me! Me and the chain gang are hear to say! And Goldberg! Ill strike when you least expect it! When you think you’ve won, Ill hit that FU and it will be game over, I will be leaving the Champ! And you will learn just like everybody else, you cant see me!

Cena drops the mic and jumps on his Podium and dives over and attacks Goldberg a fight breaks out the security pile onto the superstars separating them. Cena is forced into one corner and Goldberg into the other. A Cena chant echoes everywhere around the Arena as raw cuts for a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Maria: Shawn, Shawn can I get a Word

HBK: Hey Maria

Maria: Shawn can I get an interview with you prior to your match with Roddy Piper at Unforgiven?

HBK: Sure go ahead darling

Maria: I want to know how you feel about getting hit over the head with a wooden stool from piper after u tried to cheap shot him?


Maria starts to cry, then Cena walks up to HBK

Cena: Lower your voice when your talking to a lady, well the hell did you do making her cry?

HBK: Shes a Moron and don’t tell me what to do, oo no you’re a street thug from the streets, son I was wrestling before your S*** mother gave birth to you on the street you were born.

Cena steps up and HBK’s and Cenas noses touch the intensity is unbearable

Cena: Is that so?

HBK: Yeah it is!

Cena: Don’t talk about what you don’t know about Shawn, people are right you have changed, your not the person I ust to idolise, you shout ur head off at lovely Maria, how about you shout your head off at me, go on?

Whats up? Cant you shout at someone who will shout back or someone who will hit back, Hit the road Shawn!

HBK looks outraged but eventually walks away, Cena puts his arm around the still crying Maria and the cameras cut to JR and King

JR: That was sick? Shawn had absolutely no reasoning to do that to Maria, she was only doing her Job, Shawn sickens me now! I don’t know him anymore! I hope that son of a bitch gets what coming from Piper at Unforgiven

King: Alright JR calm down, Its Time, it’s the return of The Great One, The Rock & Kane v Stone Cold & Dreamer, take a look how this all got started.

Clip airs of last weeks raw with the rock and stone cold returning to raw

Cameras come back and ECW’s music hits and out comes Dreamer. He walks to the ring looking very smug, walks down the ramp and slides into the ring taunting the crowd. Stone Colds music follows immediately after and he comes out to boos from the Audience, he makes his way to the ring and Taunts the crowd even more than Dreamer did. He talks to Dreamer and grabs his shoulders and puts his head against Dreamers. Kane’s pyro exploded everywhere In the arena and out came the red monster. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring and Dreamer and Austin attack him as soon as he is in the ring. They both stomp on Kane as he slides in the ring. Kane gets to his feet and punches his way out of the situation and hits an Uppercut on Dreamer. Dreamer drops to the mat and Austin hit’s a high knee. The Rock is nowhere to be seen, the ref rings the bell.

Austin pushes Kane into the turnbuckle and stomps at him repeatedly and Kane drops to the mat and Austin continues to stomp hard. Gives Kane the fingers and stomps 5 more times. He walks over to Dreamer and tags him in. Tommy runs into the ring and baseball slides Kane and he goes flying out of the ring. Austin walks over to the referee and Stunners him and he jumps outside the ring too. Rhyno and Sandman now come out too and they kick the hell out of Kane. Sandman grabs him and throws him through the steel steps but still The Rock is nowhere to be seen. Sandman cracks a kendo stick around Kane’s head and Rhyno hit’s a Chair over the head of Kane seconds later busting the big red machine open. They all laugh their heads off while they continue to Destroy Kane. Sandman and Dreamer pick him up and Rhyno hit’s a gore on the outside of the ring and Kane’s carcass goes crashing to the steel. Then out of nowhere, no, it cant be, The Undertake? Yes, The undertaker runs down the Raw Ramp. The ECW superstars back away at first and Sandman makes the first swing with a kendo which just smashes over Takers head with no effect. Undertaker hit’s a big right hand on Sandman sending him flying back. Rhyno try’s a gore but Taker steps out of the way and Dreamer hits him in the back with a steel chair. Taker turns around feeling no effect and hit’s a big boot on Dreamer. Then Kane sits up and gets to his feet and goes to work on Rhyno beating the hell out of them. Undertaker picks up Dreamers chair and Smashes it over his back, Sandman is next to suffer the Rath of the Undertaker when he gets choke slammed on the steel steps. Undertaker then moves towards Austin but Kane pulls him back and looks at him looking disbelieving, The Undertaker Saved Him? Austin then try’s a double clothesline but gets caught by the two hands of Kane and Undertaker. They hit a massive double chokeslam and then Takers music echoes around the arena along with a “BOD” chant. The camera doesn’t make sense, Undertaker and Kane in the middle of all this blood, Taker seas the Referee getting up and throws Dreamer into the ring, Kane climbs in and picks up Dreamer hitting a Tombstone Piledriver. 1,2,3 Kane wins. The Ring Announcer announces Kane and The Rock as the winners of the match then it strikes Kane, where is the Rock?

Kane drops out of the ring and walks up the Ramp with the Undertaker and the camera follows them backstage. They walk down past the Lockeroom’s and find The Rocks. They stand outside the door and then two men come out of it turn and bump into the Brothers of Destruction. it’s the Dudley Boyz, they run as fast as then can when they see who it is and Kane storms into The Rocks Lockeroom where he is covered with blood.

Kane: I cant believe this

Taker: Don’t worry, it will all be over at Unforgiven, one more time, The Brothers of Destruction v ECW, I cant wait.

Undertaker smiles and so does Kane as Raw fades off the air.


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Whoa! Those banners for Unforgiven look freakin awsome! Good luck with this. I think you should write at the bottom of every match something like.

Winner: Someone

That is my opinion though. Impressive Raw and Smackdown. I can't wait til Unforgiven!

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Banners=Awsome. I think from now on I should ask you to make my banners or ask the person who made them for you if you didn't make them. Awsome shows though. I will review laster.

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Nice banners. I can't wait until the show starts!

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Excellent supershow! Only thing is that you should write your matches and promos out more clearly, as you don't really indicate the winners of your match. Other than that, everything else is fine. Loving the ECW storyline. Everything seems to be working just fine. Looking forward to Unforgiven. 1!

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Just skipped through both shows and the Unforgiven card looks awsome. Especially Angle/Benjamin and RVD/Jericho. The banners are off the charts man, they are all in unison and the special effects just looks amazing. I know who I will be looking to make BTB banners in the future, well done Infringement! :agree:
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