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Me and *Green Day* are gonna do a BTB, and hopefully it works out. I'm doing RAW, and he's doing SmackDown, and it starts the day after WrestleMania, but Vince McMahon decided there would be a fresh start for the WWE, so he switched the rosters around, signed some new superstars, and vacated all titles. So, here's the RAW roster, and *Green Day* will post his soon.

And more superstars will come and go, so this is just the roster as of now.

RAW Roster:
Triple H
Randy Orton
AJ Styles
Billy Kidman
John Cena
Chris Harris
James Storm
Shelton Benjamin
Rob Conway
Syvlian Grenier
Chris Benoit
Jeff Jarrett
John Bradshaw Layfield
Christopher Daniels
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Johnny Nitro
Muhammad Hassan
Chris Masters
Petey Williams

WrestleMania 21 Results:
def. Triple H (World Heavyweight Championship)
Brock Lesnar def. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE Championship)
Kurt Angle def. Chris Jericho
Edge def. Shelton Benjamin, Christian, Kane, and Shawn Michaels in the Money in the Bank ladder match
Hulk Hogan def. Muhammad Hassan
The Undertaker def. Randy Orton
Rob Van Dam def. Monty Brown, Booker T, and Rhyno (US Championship)
Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero
Trish Stratus def. Christy Hemme (Woman's Championship)

RAW Preview:

WrestleMania was a great night for the WWE. Batista won the World Heavyweight title, Edge won the Money in the Bank ladder match, but SmackDown proved to be the greater show at WrestleMania, as The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton. However, Vince McMahon made a huge groundbreaking announcement. All the titles are vacated, and the rosters are completely different! It’s a new beginning for the WWE, and all the superstars will be out to regain their prestige among the ranks. What can this mean for the WWE? How will the Champions react to being stripped of their titles? Find out all this and more, this Monday night only on WWE RAW!

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General Manager: Paul Heymen

WWE Championship
WWE United States Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WWE Champion: Vacant
WWE United State Champion: Vacant
WWE Tag Team Champions: Vacant
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Vacant

Smackdown Roster

Jamie Noble
Monty Brown
Booker T
Charlie Haas
Paul London
Shawn Michaels
Scott Steiner
Lance Storm
William Regal
Chavo Guerrero
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Brock Lesnar
Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
The Rock
Stone Cold
Kurt Angle
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Orlando Jordan
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio


Michael Cole

Smackdown Preview

At Wrestlemania a few nights ago, Vince McMahon decided to vacate all the championships. Vince also said that he has a big announcement for Smackdown and will announce it tonight! Also, the rosters have changed for Smackdown and some talent that was in the WWE before have returned and signed with Smackdown! What is Vince’s announcement?

Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle had a Submission Match at Wrestlemania and Kurt Angle defeated Chris Jericho with the Ankle Lock. Chris Jericho wants his revenge and promises to the fans of Smackdown that Kurt Angle will tap out to the Walls of Jericho!

Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to the WWE at No Way Out beating the tar out of The Rock. The Rock was out for a month and returned to Wrestlemania and cost Steve Austin a match with Brock Lesnar!

Also tonight on Smackdown, Christian takes on Scott Steiner for the vacated US Championship!

All of this plus more tonight on Smackdown! 8 PM UPN all time zones!

Confirmed Matches:

Christian vs. Scott Steiner- For the Vacant US Championship

Smackdown will be posted by Friday.

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Wayhay, PW guys decided to stay and post some shows. Well, despite our differences in the past, i greet you with open arms as i know that you are both very established bookers at PW. Good luck guys.

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Thanks Red Cold, and I'm sure we'll act the same way for you over at PW if you ever decide to come. RAW should be up around 9:00 p.m. EST if not earlier.

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April 4th, 2005
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

A video is shown, highlighting the events of RAW’s side of WrestleMania. Trish Stratus defeating Christy Hemme, Edge winning the Money in the Bank ladder match to gain a contract for a World Heavyweight title shot somewhere in the next year, Randy Orton being defeated by the Undertaker after coming so close to winning, and Batista winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H. Then the usual RAW opening video plays and “Across the Nation” by Union Underground blast through the arena. We are taken live to the arena, where red, fiery pyros are exploding all over the stage! The camera pans around the arena, highlighting the thousands of fans and their signs.

Jim Ross: Welcome everybody to WWE RAW, live from the site of WrestleMania 21, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California! Last night was the biggest night of the year, because it was WrestleMania! What a great night it was, and we crowned a new World Heavyweight Champion!

King: That’s right JR, Batista cheated and beat The Game, taking his World title in the process.

Jim Ross: Cheated? Are you crazy, King? If anything, Triple H is the one who cheated, he used that damn title belt and still lost! Batista won that title fair and square and there’s nothing anybody can do about it! And Batista IS set to be here tonight, and what a celebration it’s gonna be!

King: Well if I know Triple H, which I do, he’s gonna have something to say about this.

Jim Ross: No doubt about that, King. But last night, we also saw Trish retain her Woman’s Championship, Edge win the Money in the Bank ladder match, and now he’s guaranteed a World title shot anytime he wants, all the way to next year’s WrestleMania! We also saw The Undertaker defeat Randy Orton, and that was a loss for RAW, AND Kurt Angle defeated RAW’s own Shawn Michaels. But all four superstars put up a hell of a fight, good job boys! But even though Batista went through a hell of a match last night, Vince McMahon has made the decision to start fresh, and vacate all titles!

King: WHAT!

“No Chance” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction as Vince McMahon pushes the curtain aside and walks out to the stage, in an expensive looking beige suit. He powerwalks down the ramp and enters the ring, and is handed a microphone from Lillian Garcia. He waits for the crowd to quiet down, and then begins to speak.

Vince McMahon:
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to be the first to formally welcome you to WWE RAW! Last night’s WrestleMania was indeed an amazing night. Champions retained their titles, new Champions were crowned, but tonight…as you all know, all the titles are vacated! And RAW’s General Manager, Eric Bischoff, has about, hmm, five minutes to get out here and tell me how he’s going to find an owner for the World Heavyweight Championship. Eric?

“I’m Back” hits and the fans boo as the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff, comes out to the stage. He pats his chest and then makes his way down to the ring. He is handed a mic by a ringside worker.

Eric Bischoff:
Mr. McMahon, first let me say how good that suit looks on you. And your hair, I don’t see a single gray strand on your head! And-

Vince McMahon: Let’s go, let’s go! I don’t have all night!

Eric Bischoff: Mr. McMahon, I’ve been thinking of a way to decide how the World Heavyweight titles was going to find an owner, and I’ve come up with what I think is a great plan. In the next four weeks, there will be an eight man tournament for the World title, which will end at Backlash on Sunday, May 1st. I’ve already chosen the participants, and the tournament will start tonight!

Vince McMahon: Well Eric, I think that’s a fine plan! So folks, there you have it. Starting tonight there will be an eight man tournament that-

*“Time To Play The Game!”* “The Game” hits the arena and the fans instantly start to boo as Triple H pushes the curtain aside and makes his way out to the stage. He has an angry look as he walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. He snatches the mic away from Bischoff.

Triple H:
Bischoff, when the hell are you gonna learn, huh? Every time there’s some kind of dispute over the World title, what do you do? You vacate it! And every time you vacate that title, it’s being taken off my shoulders, and what happens after that? I win it. Do you remember when you vacated the title last time Eric? What happened? I won. Every time you do something stupid like this, I end up winning it again. Sure, last night Batista got lucky, but Vince over there knew Batista would be a horrible champion, so he vacated all the titles, giving the excuse that he wanted a “fresh start” for the WWE. So Eric, here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna forget about this stupid tournament, and you’re gonna give me the title. Got it?

Vince McMahon: Triple H, shut up, get out of my ring, get changed, and come back. Because the tournament IS on, and your match is next! So whoever Eric picked to be Triple H’s partner, you get ready as well!

“No Chance” hits again and Vince McMahon leaves the ring, leaving Triple H livid in the ring, yelling at Eric Bischoff as RAW goes to its first commercial break…

-Commercial Break-

RAW returns from the break and Triple H is back in the ring in gear, with his music fading away in the background.

Jim Ross:
Welcome back to RAW everyone, and in case you just joined us, Vince McMahon came out and reminded us all that all the titles in the WWE are all vacant! Eric Bischoff has decided that we will have a tournament for the World title that will end at Backlash in four weeks time. And Triple H is in the first Quarter-Final match, right now!

King: Triple H is gonna win back his World title! Batista cheated to beat him last night!

“Unleashed Beast” hits and the fans erupt! Batista shoves through the curtain to a huge ovation from the crowd. He does his trademark taunt on the ramp and walks down the ramp, slapping hands with some fans at ringside. He gets into the ring and Triple H has a slightly scared look on his face.

Jim Ross:
Wow, we’re gonna have a WrestleMania rematch right now!

Tournament Quarter-Final
Triple H vs. Batista

Batista dominates the start of the match with right hands and clotheslines to The Game. He keeps control for the next few minutes, until he goes for the Batista Bomb, but Triple H counters it with right hands, making Batista drop him. Triple H fires back with right hands to “the Animal,” and then sends him into the ropes. He hits a clothesline, and then gains advantage of the match for a little while, until the end, when Batista hits a huge knockout clothesline on Triple H. He makes a cover, 1…2…Triple H kicks out! Batista picks Triple H, but he shoves Batista back, causing him to collide with the ref. The ref falls to the ground as Flair quickly slides a sledgehammer to Triple H and gets into the ring. Flair distracts Batista while Triple H stalks him from behind. Flair then gets out of the ring and Batista turns around, right into a sledgehammer shot to the face! Batista is laid out in the center as the ring as Triple H slides the hammer out of the ring and makes a cover. The now recovered ref makes the count. 1…2…3!
Winner: Triple H

Jim Ross:
Triple H steals the win! Triple H just hit Batista with that damn sledgehammer, and now he’s robbing Batista of his spot in the next round!

King: It’s not cheating unless you-

Jim Ross: Get caught, I know, King. Whatever. Well folks, we’re gonna send it to Coach, who’s standing by with Money in the Bank winner, Edge.

The camera goes backstage, where Jonathan Coachman is standing next to Edge, who is holding his briefcase.

Edge, last night you won the Money in the Bank ladder match, and now you are guaranteed a World title shot some time in the next year. When do you plan on using your title shot? Will you wait until WrestleMania, or use it right after the champion is determined at Backlash?

Edge: Coach, I’m gonna use my title shot whenever I’m good and ready. But, I know some people in the back would do anything to get their hands on this briefcase, so I’m gonna sign it right now.

Edge opens the briefcase with a smile, but that smile quickly fades as he looks at the briefcase. It turns to a look of anger and shock as we see that there’s nothing in the briefcase! Edge slams the briefcase shut and shoves Coach out of the way. He starts quickly walking down the hallway, desperate to get his contract back. The camera changes back to ringside.

Jim Ross:
Somebody has stolen Edge’s World title contract! And it’s still valid for whoever has it, because Edge never signed it!

King: Oh no, JR. This is terrible!

Jim Ross: If Edge plans on getting a World title shot, he needs to find that contract! He wasn’t entered in the tournament because he already had a guaranteed shot! Folks, we gotta take a commercial break. Don’t go away.

-Commercial Break-

RAW comes back from the commercials and “Take What’s Mine” hits. The fans boo as Randy Orton arrogantly struts out to the stage and spreads his arms out on the stage. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring, then snatches the mic away from Lillian Garcia.

Randy Orton:
Last night…(crowd chants “You Suck”) Last night, I lost to the Undertaker. (big pop) But that’s only one legend not defeated by Randy Orton. Every legend I’ve faced, I’ve beaten. So tonight, since Undertaker IS on RAW now, I’m calling you out for a rematch, Taker! I know you’re in this tournament, so get your ass out here!

Jim Ross: Randy Orton is calling The Undertaker out for a rematch!

King: That’s right! Orton is gonna beat him this time!

The lights suddenly go out, and a purple light engulfs the arena. The gongs sound and The Undertaker’s music plays, but Taker is nowhere to be seen. Words suddenly fade onto the TitanTron. “Tonight…the main event…Randy Orton will…rest…in…peace.” The lights come back on, and Orton is still in the ring.

Jim Ross:
Well I guess that’s the Undertaker’s way of saying I accept! What a main event!

King: Randy’s not scared.

Jim Ross: Well, once Randy leaves the ring, we’re gonna have a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental title.

Once Randy Orton is gone, “Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde hits and Christian walks out to the stage, with Tyson Tomko close behind. He kisses his fingers and points to the fans, then makes his way down the ramp. He gets into the ring and takes off his hoody. “Phenomenal” hits and the fans pop as AJ Styles comes out from the back. He spreads out his arms on the stage as silver pyros and smoke fill the stage behind him. He jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with some fans and then enters the ring.

Jim Ross:
AJ Styles is making his WWE debut in this match, and I can’t wait to see what he can do.

Intercontinental Number One Contenders Match
Christian vs. AJ Styles

A pretty even match, with the crowd behind Styles the whole way. The two trade control of the match, and AJ Styles hits a cross body from the top rope towards the end of the match. He goes for a cover, but Christian kicks out at two. Styles picks Christian up and sends him into the ropes, but Christian rebounds with a clothesline. He starts stomping on Styles, until the ref forces him to stop. About two minutes later, Tomko is up on the apron distracting the referee. Christian has a chair and goes to hit Styles, but AJ dropkicks it in Christian’s face. Tomko goes to get into the ring, but Styles gives him a dropsault, knocking him off the apron. Styles turns around and picks Christian up, kicks him in the gut, and hits the Styles Clash! He makes the cover and gets the win.
Winner: AJ Styles

Jim Ross:
AJ Styles makes an impressive debut, and is now the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be right back.

-Commercial Break-

Jim Ross:
We’re back live on RAW, and we just saw the impressive AJ Styles make his WWE debut and become the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. But right now, we’re going to have the next Quarter-Final match in the World title tournament.

“The Time Is Now” hits and the fans burst into cheers as John Cena comes running out to the stage, his hands raised in the air. He pumps up the crowd on the stage and then walks down the ramp, clapping the hands of some fans as he goes. He slides into the ring and does his “Word Life” taunt as the fans cheer him on. “Wolfpac” hits and the fans boo as Kevin Nash comes out to the stage, accompanied by Scott Hall. They hold up the “Kliq” sign and make their way to the ring, and Hall waits on the outside.

Tournament Quarter-Final
John Cena vs. Kevin Nash

Nash takes control in the beginning by attacking Cena from behind, and then hitting him with a barrage of stomps. Throughout the match, Nash uses power moves, while Cena uses mostly quick moves to wear Nash down. The relatively short match comes to an end at around the six minute mark, when Kevin Nash goes for a Jackknife Powerbomb. Cena starts hitting Nash with hard shots to the head, and eventually makes him fall down, dropping Cena in the process. Both men quickly get up and Cena goes for an FU on Nash, but Nash clubs him in the back of his head. Nash kicks Cena in the gut, but suddenly Cena lifts him up and hits an FU! The fans pop as Cena makes the cover for the 1-2-3.
Winner: John Cena

Jim Ross:
And John Cena wins it!

The cameras abruptly go backstage, where we see Edge storm into Eric Bischoff’s office.

Bischoff! I demand that you get my contract back! Now!

Eric Bischoff: Now Edge, I’m sure if we approach this like mature men, we can find out who took the contract. But so long as they don’t sign their name on the dotted line, you can get it back. If they do, I’m afraid they have a shot at the World title.

Edge grabs Bischoff by the throat and shoves him up against the wall.

Bischoff, if you do not get that briefcase, so help you GOD I will hurt you.

Edge shoves Bischoff back into his seat as he leaves the room. Walking through the hallways, he sees a TV monitor on, and it shows his contract! We can’t see who it is, only their hand. We hear their voice.

Ha ha, Edge. That’s right, I have your contract. But don’t worry, I won’t sign it. I need something from you, Edge. Come to the back parking lot of the Cow Palace in San Francisco next week, and I’ll tell you my offer. See you later, Edge. Hahahaha.

Edge stands in front of the monitor, staring, as RAW goes to another break…

-Commercial Break-

RAW comes back from the break and the camera is at ringside.

Jim Ross:
Well we just saw someone, and obviously they are the one stole Edge’s World title contract, and they want something from Edge, but what is it?

King: I don’t know JR, but they want Edge to go to the back parking lot at the arena next week!

Jim Ross: Well, coming up in just a few moments, we’re gonna see a second number one contenders match for the Intercontinental title.

“Whatever” hits and the fans pop as “the Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit walks out to the stage. He walks down the ramp and cracks his neck and arms, and then gets into the ring with his usual no nonsense attitude. When he’s in the ring, “Down In The Catacombs” hits and the fans don’t know how to react as “the Monster” Abyss slowly walks out to the stage. He does his trademark pose and flames shoot out of the stage. Abyss slowly makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Number One Contenders Match
Chris Benoit vs. Abyss

A slow paced match, with Abyss using all power, high impact moves on Benoit, and “the Rabid Wolverine” trying to stop Abyss with submission moves. Abyss controls most of the match, with Benoit getting in some offense here and there. At around 10 minutes, Benoit starts to fight back and gain control of the match, and then suddenly locks in the Crossface on Abyss! The fans cheer loudly for Benoit as he locks in the hold tighter and tighter as Abyss doesn’t really move. The ref thinks Abyss is knocked out, but suddenly he rears up and throws Benoit off him! The fans, as well as Benoit, can’t believe it. Benoit tries to lock in the Crossface again, but Abyss whips him into the air and plants him with a Black Hole Slam! He makes a cover! 1…2…3!
Winner: Abyss:

Jim Ross:
Well, now we know that next week it’s gonna be AJ Styles vs. Abyss for the Intercontinental title. And these two have some history back in TNA, and it should be a great match!

King: I’m sure AJ Styles doesn’t think that. Look at the size of Abyss!

Jim Ross: King, it doesn’t matter the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

King: You and your hillbilly sayings.

The cameras go backstage to the parking lot, where a familiar white limo with bull horns pulls up. The drivers get out and opens the door, and out steps the former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw, without his cabinet. He starts walking down the hallway, when he is stopped by the Coach.

Mr. Layfield, how do you feel about all the titles being vacated, even though you weren’t the WWE Champion after WrestleMania?

JBL: Coach, I don’t know if you watched SmackDown, but if you did, you would realize that I am a wrestling GOD! I’ve beaten everyone! Everyone! And now, that stupid General Manager, Eric Bischoff, had to put some stupid Indy wrestler who can’t even make it to the WWE! It’s a disgrace! It’s-

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Jeff Jarrett steps into view.

Jeff Jarrett:
JBL, I am that “Indy superstar who can’t make it to the WWE.” Do you even know who I am? I am the King of the Mountain. I am Jeff Jarrett, and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen TNA, or if you were too busy taking hot baths with your little bitch Orlando Jordan and the Bashams. But, I was the greatest NWA Champion ever. I could beat your ass any day. So I advise that you shut your mouth, and go to where you belong. To Heat!

The crowd “Oooh’s” as Jarrett turns around and walks away. JBL turns around and starts walking away, and suddenly Jarrett comes running back into view and slams JBL’s face right through the window of his limo! JBL lies limp, half his body through the window.

Jeff Jarrett:
How do you like that…slapnuts!

RAW goes to another break…

-Commercial Break-

Jim Ross:
Welcome back to RAW everyone, and we’re gonna have the third Quarter-Final match in our tournament. Jeff Jarrett will take on Kane, and it’s certainly not going to be easy for the debuting Jeff Jarrett. And we just saw what he did JBL!

King: Yeah, JR! He through his head right through the window of his limo! Ouch.

“My World” hits the arena and the fans actually give Jeff Jarrett a decent sized pop as he pushes the curtain to the side and walks out to the stage. He raises his hands and guitar in the air. He walks down the ramp and shakes hands with some fans, and then slides into the ring. The fires explode out of the turnbuckle and Kane slowly walks out to the stage. “Slow Chemical” plays as “the Big Red Machine” makes his way to the ring. He goes over the ropes and raises his hands in the air, and thrusts them down, making huge pyros explode from the turnbuckle. The lights go back to normal and the bell rings.

Tournament Quarter-Final
Jeff Jarrett vs. Kane

A good back and forth match, with neither superstar having advantage for more than a few moments. Kane and Jarrett trade momentum and brawl all over the ring area, until about 11 minutes into the match, when Jeff Jarrett hits Kane with the Stroke on the outside! Jarrett manages to roll Kane into the ring and makes a cover. 1…2…Kane kicks out at the last second! Jarrett is visibly frustrated, after Kane kicked out of moves several times in the match. He lifts Kane up for another Stroke, but suddenly JBL comes running down the ramp, blood still all over his face! He gets up on the apron and the ref is distracted as is Jarrett. When JBL gets off the apron, Jarrett turns around, into a Chokeslam from Kane! Kane makes a cover, 1…2…3!
Winner: Kane

Jim Ross:
What the hell? JBL distracted Jeff Jarrett and cost him the match!

King: Well Jarrett shouldn’t have attacked him.

Kane leaves the ring and looks at JBL. Bradshaw slides into the ring and watches Jarrett slowly stagger to his feet. Jarrett turns around, into a huge Clothesline From Hell! Jarrett lies in the ring motionless as “Longhorn” plays, and JBL stands over him, and RAW goes to its final commercial break…

-Commercial Break-

Jim Ross:
Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just taken our final commercial break, and in just a few moments, it’s gonna be time for our main event! We’ve had a momentous night so far, here tonight though. We’ve seen three people move on to the World title tournament Semi-Finals. Triple H, after he stole the win by using a sledgehammer, John Cena, after hitting an FU on Kevin Nash, and just now we saw Kane defeat Jeff Jarrett after JBL distracted Jarrett. After that match, JBL laid Jeff Jarrett out with a big Clothesline From Hell. Because earlier, Jeff Jarrett threw JBL through a limo window after being insulted.

King: And how about those guys from TNA, JR? AJ Styles defeated Christian and Abyss defeated Chris Benoit, and now both men will go one to face each other for the Intercontinental title next week!

Jim Ross: Well folks, earlier tonight, Randy Orton challenged the Undertaker to a rematch from last night at WrestleMania for the last Quarter-Final match, and it’s gonna happen right now! It’s gonna be a slobberknocker!

“Take What’s Mine” blasts through the arena as the crowd bursts into boos. Randy Orton arrogantly comes out to the stage and throws his arms out to the stage, and golden pyros rain down behind him. He cockily walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, and poses on the second rope. The lights suddenly go out, and the familiar gongs sound. A purple light engulfs the arena, and “the Darkest Side” hits. The fans cheer like mad as The Undertaker very slowly walks out to the stage in his traditional trenchcoat and hat. He slowly walks through the smoke down the ramp, and walks up the steps. He raises his hands and rolls his eyes back into his head as the lights come back on. Undertaker enters the ring and removes his coat and hat, and hands it to the a ringside worker. Orton looks a little scared as the bell sounds.

Tournament Quarter-Final
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

As soon as the match starts, Orton tries to cheapshot the Undertaker, but Taker blocks his punch and sends Orton staggering with a big right hand. Taker and Orton then trade control of the match from then on, and put on a great 20 minute match. Midway through the match, Taker hits the Chokeslam on Orton, but Randy manages to kick out! Taker goes for a Tombstone shortly after, but Orton escapes and hits an RKO! He makes a cover, 1…2…Taker kicks out! Orton has the advantage for a while, until the end of the match. Orton hits a neckbreaker on Undertaker. He slowly begins to get up, and the Undertaker sits up! Orton looks scared now as Taker gets up and starts nailing him with multiple right hands. Orton then goes for a second RKO, but Taker counters it, spins Orton around, lifts him upside down, and then plants him with a Tombstone Piledriver! The fans absolutely explode as The Undertaker folds Orton’s arms over him. 1…2…3!
Winner: The Undertaker

Jim Ross:
He did it! The Undertaker defeats Randy Orton for the second night in a row! It looks like he’s one legend Randy WON’T be killing.

King: Oh he will, JR. Don’t you worry.

Jim Ross: Yeah, okay, King.

The Undertaker exits the ring and walks up the ramp, when suddenly a wall of fire rises and blocks his path to the back. Flames make their way down the side of the ramp, closing the Undertaker in.

Jim Ross:
What the hell? Folks, we’ve had a great night, but we’re outta time. Join us next week on RAW! Goodbye everyone!

The flames slowly subside, and Undertaker continues making his way to the back, with a confused look on his face as RAW comes to a close…

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*Green Day* Review

Alright let's get this thing on the road! First review for our new thread!

Okay we open up with a basic opening with Vince McMahon vacating all the titles and Eric Bishoff creates a tournament. That's cool but Triple H comes out and complains. Vince tells him off which I foud what he said very funny.

Raw returns with Triple H vs. Batista. I was going for The Game to win this thing. And he does! We don't need Batista anywhere near the world title. Good decision. So far this Raw is going good.

We return to Raw with Randy Orton (oh god) calling for a rematch with The Undertaker. Damn I wish Randy would shut up lol. Undertaker accepts and it becomes the main-event for Raw.

Next we have Christian was AJ Styles. Now AJ Styles coming out on top that's cool. If he becomes IC Champion, I'm gonna mark out like a bitch! Hopefully he wins the IC title.

We return to Raw with Cena vs. Nash. Now I'm not a fan of them both, but that'a okay. Hopefully Cena looses, but he doesn't! Cena needs to stay away from the main-event. It would've been cool to see Nash win and go on. But it's your show, so I can't change anything.

Edge and Eric are backstage and Edge is pissed off. He wants the contract back and Eric takes it easy like he is. Then we got a mystery man with Edge's briefcase. I'm guessing it's Kane. THe way you written that reminded me of him.

We return to Raw with Abyss and Benoit. Why is Benoit in the IC title tournament? And worse of all Abyss wins! Damn it!

Coach and JBL interview was decent with Jarrett interupting. No other comments about it.

Then we come back to Raw with Kane vs. Jarrett. Jarrett I think is worthy to win but Kane does. Oh well. That's okay.

Well we finally get to the Main-Event Randy Orton (oh god_ vs. Undertaker. That match I think wasn't a good main event match. Undertaker wins which is cool, other then that I wasn't a big fan of that match. Sorry man. :(

Overall: It was a nice show for a first show. Some parts were great, some parts were okay, other then that it was a nice show.

Realism: 8/10- Characters were like themselves. Like a WWE show.

Length- 9/10- For a first show, it was not to long not to short, but good enough.

Quality/Entertainment- Some things needed humor to them. 8/10

Spelling/Grammar- 10/10- I didn't see any mistakes while I was ready.

Matches/Booking-8/10- Some great booked matches, some were not as great.

Overall: 86/100

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A video package begins to play highlighting Wrestlemania 21. Stone Cold and Brock Lesnar are shown fighting against each other and The Rock comes to the ring and costs Stone Cold’s match! The package then goes to Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle in a Submission Match. The package shows Chris Jericho tapping out to the Ankle Lock! Then Vince McMahon comes out and announces that all the titles have been vacated!

“Rise Up begins to play by Drowning Pool and the cameras in the arena show the crowd cheering. The camera then goes to Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael: Welcome to Smackdown! The first Smackdown after Wrestlemania! I’m Michael Cole and he’s Tazz, are you ready partner!

Tazz: I’ve been ready Cole all day long! Wrestlemania had great matches, but the big shocker was Mr. McMahon’s announcement at Wrestlemania!

Michael: Defiantly! Mr. McMahon has vacated all the titles! Also he said that he had a big announcement for Smackdown tonight!

Tazz: For days I want to know what Mr. McMahon is going to say to us tonight?

Vince McMahon’s music begins to play and Vince walks down to the ring. Vince enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

Vince: Well everybody knows about my announcement at Wrestlemania that all the titles have been vacated. Well tonight this announcement will be just as big!

Michael: What does he have to say?

Vince: Well everybody I was on Raw on Monday, and said that the rosters have been changed. This is a new beginning for the WWE so now let me reveal the big announcement for Smackdown!

Tazz: Here it is Cole!

Vince: The big announcement for Smackdown is that a tournament will begin tonight! An 8 man tournament! The final two will meet at Judgment Day for the vacant WWE Championship!

Michael: What an announcement!

Vince: That’s not it! The first match in the tournament will be Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero!

Michael: What a match that will be and it happens tonight Tazz!

Vince: Now, that I got that out of my way, let the new Smackdown begin right here tonight!

Michael: A new Smackdown for the WWE! What an announcement Tazz!

Tazz: Boy, this week will just keep getting better with Wrestlemania and now this? Smackdown will be a kick-ass show!

Michael Cole: We will be right back with our first match of the night!

Commercial Break

Michael: We are back to Smackdown and if you just tuned in, you miss one hell of an announcement!

Tazz: That’s right Cole.

Michael: An 8 man tournament will begin tonight and the final two will face each other at Judgment Day for the Vacant WWE Championship!

Jamie Noble’s music begins to play. Jamie Noble walks down to the ring and enters the ring. Jamie waits for his opponent.

Hurricane’s music begins to play. Hurricane gets lots of cheers from the crowd. Hurricane walks down to the ring and enters the ring. Jamie Noble attacks Hurricane!

Hurricane vs. Jamie Noble

Ending: Jamie Noble had control for most of the match. Jamie hit the Sling blade on Hurricane! Jamie covers Hurricane! 1…2… Hurricane kicks out at the last second! Jamie begins to get angry and grabs Hurricane by the head. Hurricane elbows away from Jamie Noble! Jamie clotheslines Hurricane, but Hurricane ducks the clothesline and gets the Eye of the Hurricane on Jamie Noble! Hurricane pins Jamie Noble! 1…2… Jamie Noble gets his shoulder up! Hurricane gets back up and raises his arm signaling for a Chokeslam! Jamie gets back up and walks right into the Hurricane’s choke! Jamie kicks Hurricane at his gut! Jamie Noble DDT’s Hurricane! Jamie rolls Hurricane over and covers Hurricane! 1…2… Hurricane kicks out! Jamie Noble grabs Hurricane back up. Jamie Noble quickly and another Sling blade on Hurricane! Jamie covers Hurricane! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jamie Noble!

Michael: What a match between these both Cruiserweights!

Jamie gets back up and gets his hand raised up in the air. Jamie rolls out of the ring holding both of his arms up in the air celebrating his victory. Hurricane is still in the ring down from the Sling blade. Hurricane begins to move to the ropes for support. Jamie Noble walks back to the ring and rolls back into the ring. Jamie helps up Hurricane and offers to shake his hand. Hurricane shakes his hand then suddenly, Jamie Noble gives a low-blow to the Hurricane! Jamie pushes Hurricane back down and begins to smirk at the crowd. Jamie rolls out of the ring and begins to laugh at Hurricane while making his way back.

Michael: What the hell was that about?

Tazz: Hey, he offered him a handshake right?

Michael: Yeah then gives Hurricane a cheap shot! Jamie Noble you disgust me for what you’ve done to Hurricane!

Tazz: Calm down Cole!

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns with Josh Matthews and Kurt Angle

Josh: Kurt, you came out of Wrestlemania with a big win of Chris Jericho making him tap out with the Ankle Lock. How does this help you for your future?

Kurt: Well Josh, it helps because it pumps me up and proves Kurt Angle still has it and is one of the best Submission wrestlers ever in the WWE!

Josh: Now when you say ever, you mean the Ankle Lock is better then The Figure Four Lock?

Kurt: Well Josh, I don’t like smart guys. Hell, I hate smart guys. They are a big disgrace to this nation! You remind me of Chris Jericho, an assclown!

Josh: But…..

Kurt: Oh Josh there are no buts here, look if I could beat the biggest jerk in the world, then I could beat any of them and Josh you’re one of them.

Kurt storms away from Josh

Josh: Well that’s my interview with Kurt Angle……

Chris Jericho walks right up to Josh

Chris: Josh, don’t take that crap from a guy like Kurt Angle. He’s a bigger assclown then you and I combined. See Kurt might think now he’s the top of Smackdown, well he’s dead wrong. Kurt, one match doesn’t prove anything. See if we had a rematch, things would be much different. Instead of you leaving the ring with a victory, it will be Y2J Chris Jericho!

Chris Jericho storms away

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns, with the camera at Michael Cole and Tazz!

Michael: What a night so far it has been for Smackdown! Tonight begins a tournament that the two finalists will compete at Judgment Day which is 8 weeks away for the vacant WWE Championship!

Tazz: Yeah Cole, and tonight the first round has begun! Tonight’s main-event features Brock Lesnar who is a former champion, facing Eddie Guerrero in round one of the tournament!

Michael: Also Tazz, next week in the tournament, Chris Jericho faces an opponent that lost his match at Wrestlemania! Who could it be?

Tazz: Well I think Chris Jericho knows who Paul is talking about!

Michael: But also later tonight, Christian takes on Scott Steiner for the vacant US title!

William Regal’s music begins to play. William and his partner Lance Storm come walking out being booed by the crowd. William and Lance make their way to the ring. They enter the ring and wait for their opponents.

Bombshell plays and Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley come out getting cheered! Both Dudley’s run toward the ring and enter the ring. Both men get up onto the turnbuckle and raise their arms. Both men jump down and stare at Lance and William.

William Regal and Lance Storm vs. The Dudley Boys
Tag Team Titles

Ending: A back and fourth contest. William and Bubba Ray start out the match. Bubba Ray clotheslines William Regal a few times knocking him out. Bubba Ray tags in his brother D-Von. D-Von walks over to William and begins to stomp away at William. Lance enters the ring and Superkicks D-Von! Bubba Ray enters the ring and tackles Lance Storm down and both men roll out of the ring punching at each other. The referee rolls out of the ring trying to break up Lance and Bubba Ray. D-Von yells at the referee to get back into the ring. From behind his back William gets the brass knuckles on and gets back up. William taps D-Von on the back of the shoulder. D-Von turns around gets hit with the brass knuckles! William takes the brass knuckles off and puts it into his tights. William rolls out of the ring and tells the referee to get into the ring. The referee does so. William rolls back in and covers D-Von! 1…2… D-Von kicks out! William begins to get frustrated and argues with the referee. Lance and Bubba Ray get back onto the apron. William runs over to Bubba Ray and shoves him off the ring apron! William goes over to Lance and tags him in! Lance walks over to D-Von and waits for him to get back up. D-Von crawls to the ropes and uses them as support to get back up. D-Von turns around towards Lance and Lance Superkicks D-Von! Lance covers D-Von! 1…2…3!

Winner and tag team champions: William Regal and Lance Storm!

Michael: What the hell is going on here Tazz?

Tazz: We got a new tag team champion that’s what’s going on!

William enters the ring and gets his belt with Lance. Both partners raises their belts in the air getting booed at from the crowd. Bubba Ray gets back up onto his knees and is shocked of was just happened! Bubba Ray rolls into the ring and asks the referee what’s going on. William and Lance gloriously wave their native country flags in the air getting major heat. Both William and Lance roll out of the ring holding up their newly won belts.

Michael: But, why didn’t D-Von do anything about it? I mean like why didn’t he dodge the Superkick?

Tazz: Well Cole let’s see. William hits D-Von with the brass knuckles. How could D-Von kick out after that thunderous punch Cole?

Michael: Then D-Von wouldn’t of kicked out!

Tazz: Whatever Cole, whatever.

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns with Eddie in his locker room

Eddie is shown getting ready for his match, suddenly Chavo Guerrero walks into his locker room.

Chavo: How are you doing Eddie?

Eddie: Holmes, why are you here ese?

Chavo: To wish you good luck tonight holmes.

Eddie: No really holmes, why are you here?

Chavo: Well Uncle Eddie, ever since our tag team split, you’ve been going no where, while I’ve been a numerous time Cruiserweight Champion holmes.

Eddie: So ese, you think your better then me holmes? You think you’re better then Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero?

Chavo: Whoa, whoa who there Uncle Eddie. I’m not saying that, but you’ve been nothing since our split ese.

Eddie: Well holmes, by Judgment Day that will change ese! Tonight begins the new Eddie Guerrero! The Eddie Guerrero that is just better then anything holmes! Tonight I will beat Brock Lesnar ese, and be on the top of the mountain holmes! I’ll be on top of the game ese!

Chavo: Well I got news for you Uncle Eddie. Sooner or later ese, I will become Cruiserweight Champion! I will be the only champion in the name of the Guerrero Family holmes!

Eddie: Well ese, Eddie Guerrero will not only be in that tournament holmes, it’s Eddie Guerrero and Latino Heat!

Chavo: I think that pumped you up, good luck tonight.

Chavo storm out of the locker room

Eddie takes a deep breath and smiles

The cameras go back to Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael: Well I think Eddie is pumped up tonight Tazz!

Tazz: Chavo might not be with Eddie anymore, but I still think that they are helpful to each other in tough situations. What Chavo said was true. Ever since they split, Eddie has been nothing.

Michael: Well if he beats Brock Lesnar, I think Eddie will be something by tonight!

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. Brock Lesnar has been on this type of roll lately.

Michael: If Eddie wins tonight Tazz, I think he’s proven he’s the better Guerrero in the WWE!

Scott Steiner’s music begins to play. Scott makes his way down to the ring making muscles. Scott enters the ring and makes more muscles. Scott was about to make the biggest muscle he has until Christian’s music interrupts.

Christian’s music begins to play and gets major heat from the crowd. Christian makes his way down to the ring. Scott rolls out of the ring and attacks Christian! Scott rolls Christian into the ring and rolls in too.

Scott Steiner vs. Christian
US Championship

Ending: Scott Steiner has complete control of the match. Scott gave Body Suplex’s one after the other. Christian had some moments in the match but Scott Steiner’s size just put Christian back down. Scott body suplex’s Christian back down. Scott grabs Christian by the head and drags him over to the ropes. Scott Irish Whips Christian across the ring. Christian runs back at Scott. Scott goes to clothesline Christian but Christian ducks the clothesline and instead Scott clotheslines the referee! Scott turns over to Christian and Christian gives Scott a big low-blow to him! Scott falls down holding that area. Christian rolls out of that ring and walks over to where the US belt was. Christian grabs the belt and enters the ring with it. Christian waits for Scott to get back up to his feet. Scott does so and Christian whacks Scott with the US belt over the head! Christian drops the US title and gets the referee back up. Christian walks over to Scott Steiner and grabs him by the hair. Christian gets The Unprettier on Scott Steiner! Christian quickly covers Scott! 1…2…3!

Winner and US Champion: Christian!

Michael: Christian cheats to win the title!

Tazz: We got ourselves and new US Champion Cole!

The referee goes over and grabs the belt and hands it over to Christian. Christian takes the belt and rolls out of the ring with the belt. Scott begins to move around cut opened from Christian. Christian turns around to the ring and raises his newly won US title in the air smirking to the crowd.

Michael: If Christian didn’t cheat, Scott Steiner would be leaving Smackdown tonight with the title around his waist!

Tazz: Cole all you do is complain! Okay, we got ourselves new tag team champions and US champion! What a night it has been for Smackdown!

Michael: We will be right back everybody.

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns with Paul Heymen in the ring

Paul: Ladies and Gentlemen, fans of Smackdown, I’ve come out here to make an announcement. Yeah a big announcement about the future of this show. I, Paul Heymen over the past couple of days went to Japan. Why was I there? I was looking for more Cruiserweight talent. As of right now, I must not reveal the name of that person, but he was once in the WWE. Right now he and I are in talks right now of bringing him back to Smackdown!

Michael Cole: A new Cruiserweight coming to Smackdown? Who could it be?

Tazz: I don’t know Cole.

Paul: So, the title will be vacant until he comes to Smackdown, if he doesn’t then the title will be up for grabs that night. You fans might be thinking I will just reward him with the title, well your dead wrong! If he agrees to sign with Smackdown, he says he will debut in two weeks!

Michael: But who could it be?

Tazz: Cole, if Heymen doesn’t tell us then nobody knows of course.

Rey Mysterio’s music begins to play. Rey pops out from the floor and gets lots of cheers. Rey makes his way down to the ring. Rey enters the ring an gets a microphone.

Paul: Rey, now why are you out here?

Rey: You can’t keep the Cruiserweight title away from other Cruiserweights until this mysterious guy comes. Who cares about him holmes?

Paul: Since I’m the general manager of Smackdown what I say goes Rey!

Rey: Look ese, you could keep that title vacant, but if he doesn’t come then you made a big mistake.

Paul: Rey I’m warning you get out of this ring!

Rey: What are you gonna do about it holmes?

Paul: Alright Rey, since your dressed up into your gear, why don’t you stay in his ring and compete tonight against my favorite guy on Smackdown….. Monty Brown!

Monty Brown’s music begins to play and gets major heat from the crowd. Monty runs down to the ring and slides into the ring and tackles Rey down!

Rey Mysterio vs. Monty Brown

Ending: Monty Brown had lots of control at the beginning of the match. Towards the middle and end, Rey began to really fight back. Rey got out of the way of a Pounce and Monty ran right into the turnbuckle! Monty pulls away and turns to Rey who was across the ring. Monty charges at Rey and Rey trips Monty into the middle rope! Rey calls for the 619! Rey runs to the ropes and back where Monty is, but Monty gets away from the ropes and clotheslines Rey down! Monty begins to feel it again and gets ready for another Pounce! Rey gets back up and Monty begins to charge at Rey. Rey gets out of the way and Monty turns around where Rey was waiting for Monty. Monty runs at Rey and Rey trips him again onto the middle rope! Rey calls for another 619! Rey runs to the ropes and back at Monty and swings around the ropes and gets a 619 on Monty! Rey jumps up onto the top of the rope and waits for Monty to get back up. Monty gets back up and turns to around to Rey and Rey jumps down onto Monty and gets a West Coast Pop and a pin on Monty! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rey Mysterio!

Michael: Rey Mysterio has beaten the bigger man in this contest Tazz!

Tazz: A nice win by Rey Mysterio! Beating Paul Heymen’s “Favorite Wrestler” on Smackdown!

Rey gets up and the referee raises his arm up in the air. Rey walks over to the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air. Rey jumps back down from the turnbuckle and walks into Monty Brown. Rey offers and handshake but Monty slaps Rey across the face! Monty quickly rolls out of the ring and makes his way back. Rey turns around and stares at Monty Brown shaking his head.

Michael:{/B] Disrespect from The Alpha Male Monty Brown and Tazz the fans here tonight don’t like it at all.

Tazz: Hey, Rey learned something. Don’t mess with a former professional football player because if you beat them, they’ll just come back just as hard!

Michael: Anyway, our main event will be up next with Brock Lesnar facing Eddie Guerrero in Round 1 in the WWE Championship tournament!

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns with Funaki

Funaki: This is Smackdown Number One announcer Funaki! I am here with The Rock!

The Rock is shown and the crowd boos

Funaki: Rock made big return at Wrestlemania costing Stone Cold WWE title!

Rock: Well Funaki, Stone Cold, learned something. Don’t mess with the best. You know why? Sure he beat me up real good Funaki, but The Rock came back to Wrestlemania and whooped his candy ass! The Rock has something bigger and that’s his size 14 boot which went up Stone Cold’s ass!

Funaki: Well The Funaki says why come back at Wrestlemania?

Rock (laughing): Well The Rock says that if Stone Cold won the title he would put Smackdown into the toilet! He costs The Rock the title at No Way Out, The Rock costs Stone Cold the title at Wrestlemania! Now, Stone Cold, let the games begin!

Funaki: Now could I ask if I could say your line?

The Rock walks away

Funaki: This is Funaki, and if ya smell what Funaki is cookin!?

The Cameras returns to Michael Cole and Tazz

Tazz: Well I’m sure Funaki knows who his hero is.

Michael: Well I think Funaki is really now the Number One Announcer on Smackdown after that interview!

Eddie Guerrero’s music begins to play. Eddie rides with his low-rider out to the ring. Eddie fiddles around with his car. Eddie gets out of the car and enters in the ring. Eddie pumps himself up for his match.

Brock Lesnar’s music begins to play. Brock gets major heat. Brock makes his way down to the ring and looks at Eddie’s car. Brock plays around with the mirror and breaks it. Eddie rolls out of the ring and attacks Brock! Eddie smashes Brock onto the car! Brock falls down and begins to bleed. Eddie kicks Brock right in the face making the bleeding more severe! Eddie grabs Brock by the head and brings him closer to the steel steps. Eddie releases Brock into the stairway! Brock begins to drip blood onto the matting outside the ring! Eddie grabs Brock by the head again and rolls him into the ring!

Eddie Guerrero vs. Brock Lesnar
First Round of the WWE Championship Tournament

Eddie gets up after rolling Brock into the ring. Eddie starts to stomp way at Brock! After three stomps Eddie stops and quickly covers Brock! 1…2… Brock kicks out! Eddie grabs Brock by the head and gets him up onto his knees. Eddie begins to knee Brock at his face! Eddie knees Brock until Brock falls down. Brock begins to crawl to the ropes. Eddie kicks Brock right at his gut! Brock rolls over holding his ribs in pain. Eddie walks over Brock and begins to choke him! The referee begins to count, 1…2…3 Eddie stops the choke hold. Eddie grabs Brock by the hair and brings him over to the turnbuckle. Eddie releases Brock into an Irish Whip right across the ring to the turnbuckle. Eddie charges at Brock and Spears him eight into the gut! Brock bends over. Eddie grabs Brock’s head and drags him to the center of the ring. Eddie bends down and crosses Brock’s legs and gets the Lasso from El Passo on Brock! Eddie gets the move on Brock very painfully. Eddie keeps pulling Brock’s legs. Brock tries to get to the ropes but can’t get anywhere! Eddie suddenly lets go of the hold! Eddie begins to stomp onto Brock’s legs causing more pain for Brock! Eddie grabs Brock up and knees Brock into the gut. Eddie places Brock’s head under Eddie’s armpit and puts Brock’s hand around his neck. Eddie picks up Brock and goes down with Brock with a Vertigo Suplex! Eddie gets back up with the hold for another one. Eddie lifts up Brock again and the same happens. Eddie gets back up and gets another Vertigo Suplex on Brock! Eddie gets up and begins to pat his chest! Eddie climbs to the top of the turnbuckle! Chavo runs down to the ring and tries to hold Eddie back and tells him that he’s not done with Brock yet. Eddie pushes Chavo away and Eddie turns to the ring and Brock quickly gets up and gets up onto the turnbuckle! Brock begins to hammer down on Eddie. Brock then gets a bear hug on Eddie and then releases Eddie into the air and Eddie hits the ring back first! Brock jumps back down and walks over to Eddie. Brock grabs Eddie back up and stands Eddie straight. Brock runs to the rope and back at Eddie and clotheslines Eddie down! The clothesline was so devastating that Eddie flipped in the air before landing! Brock then rolls Eddie over and begins to choke Eddie! The referee counts, 1…2…3… Brock lets go of Eddie. Brock gets back up and grabs Eddie by the neck and knee and lift’s up Eddie over his own shoulders! Brock throws Eddie across the ring like and dart but instead Eddie hit the ring! Brock walks over to Eddie and stands Eddie back up. Brock knees Eddie and lifts him up onto his shoulders in the position of an F-5! Brock spins Eddie in the air and gets an F-5 on Eddie! Brock covers Eddie! 1….2…3!

Winner and advancing to the tournament: Brock Lesnar!

Michael: What a match! What a main-event!

Tazz: That was sure an ass kicking contest Cole!

Brock gets back up and shoves the referee away. Brock grabs Eddie back up and hoists him again up onto his shoulders and gives Eddie another F-5! Brock gets up and begins to laugh. Chavo enters the ring and begins to attack Brock! Brock knees Chavo to his gut and clotheslines Chavo down! Brock smirks at the crowd and leaves the ring. Brock makes his way back and turns around to the ring and raises both of his arms and laughs at The Guerrero’s.

Michael: Damn Chavo got what he deserved! He cost Eddie the win!

Tazz: But Chavo tried to help his uncle and Eddie ignored it and if he would’ve listened to Chavo, Eddie could’ve been leaving tonight with the win!

Michael: Thank you for joining us! We will see you next week on Smackdown!

Note: Yeah that show sucked, but Smackdown will get better over the next shows.

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Okay here’s my review for SmackDown! Alright Vince starts off the show with the announcements of all titles being vacated, and there’s gonna be an 8 man tournament. Kind of generic, but it gets the point across. I personally don’t know of a lot of ways to make things like that interesting.

Hurricane vs. Jamie Noble. A decent opener, this seemed like a filler match a little bit, but you can’t have all the matches have a great build up. Nice to see Noble go over Hurricane, something I don’t see a lot around here. Aftermath was okay, with Noble attacking Hurricane. I guess he’s a heel then.

Heh, a pretty good Kurt Angle promo. It sounded like him, with all his nerdy little insults and stuff. Jericho interrupts him like I thought, and I hope you continue this feud. These two can put on some great matches.

Regal and Storm vs. the Dudleyz. I don’t really care for this match much, but it’s pretty cool that you’re using Regal and Storm being used as a team again. And they beat the Dudleyz. Ha.

Hmm, a Chavo-Eddie argument. It would be cool to see them feud, even though it’s been done before. Everyone does it differently I guess.

Christian faces Scott Steiner for the US title. Thank god Christian won, because Steiner’s garbage. I think you should’ve had some better people in the match, because I just think Christian has too many runs with mid card titles. It gets boring after a while.

Heyman announces that he’s getting a new cruiserweight from Japan. I told you my guess on AIM, and I was right. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but I hope you use him well. He’s a great wrestler.

Reyrey vs. Monty Brown. Heyman sticks Rey in a match after he disrespects him, and I thought this was going to be a squash match, but it wasn’t. I guess you’re trying to give Mysterio a push, which is cool.

Rock cuts a promo, and it’s pretty in character. He would’ve said a lot of those things. I don’t like him saying “Let the games being. That just doesn’t seem like something he would say.

And it’s time for the main event. Lesnar vs. Guerrero would be a good match in real life, and it was pretty well written here too. As expected, Brock beats Eddie and is moving on. Good. I hate seeing wrestlers that are destined for mid-card in the title picture. Chavo goes to attack Brock after the match, but gets beat up for his efforts. Ha. I’m a little confused on the Chavo-Eddie situation, but I’m sure we’ll find out next week.

Overall- It was a pretty good show, I was confused on some parts, and I think there were too many filler matches with no background or anything.

Realism- 9/10. Most of the promos were in character, and nothing too amazing happened, like someone jumping through an electric, barbed wired, spiked, flaming table.

Length- 7/10. I think it was a little bit too short for SmackDown, maybe one or two more matches and promos and it would be a perfect length.

Quality/Entertainment- 7.5/10. There were many matches with no backstory, which bothers me a bit. I think you could have had some more stuff from WrestleMania too. There were good parts, but there were also some dull parts as well.

Spelling/Grammar- 9/10. There weren’t a lot of mistakes, but there were a few.

Matches/Booking- 7.5/10. Like I said before, there weren’t a lot of matches with a background, but it’s the first show, so it’s pretty hard to do that. Some of them were booked good though, like the main event.

Grade- 80/100

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Well i had written out a full rating, but stupid fuxin Firefox fuxed up and deleted all of it, so ill still giove ratings and pointers, just not in as much detail as i would of liked to do. OK, here goes.....

A nice opening promo, short and sweet, but lacked heat between McMahon and Bischoff. Triple H was his usual self, well in charcater. Nice to see Batista lose afterwards, as i don't rate him one little bit.

Edge promo was dleivered well, if a little short. It got the point across, but not the most interresting promo i've ever read. Again, the same applies to Orton, a longer more in depth promo may have been needed, but it was still a solid short promo.

Sad to see Christian lose, glad to see AJ in the WWE. I'm 50/50 about this match, because Christian deserves more than the IC Title anyway, but him losing is a bad thing. On the other hand, AJ winning is a good thing. Hopefully Christian can go on to bigger things, with or without Tomko.

Missing a decent length promo in between Christian/Styles and Cena/Nash, but anyway, Cena v Nash is never going to be a great match, and it wasnt. It seemed to lack an interference from Hall methinks, although it is nice to see Cena moving up the ladder.

Yet again, another short promo, but this one was delivered in a much better way, with more detail and a tenacity about it. Edge is a man of few words and it showed here, even with big mouthed Eric there. Also, you did well to bring out Edge's passion for the gold in the promo, well done. Also a mystery contract kidnapper, i put bets on Raven :)

Hmm, Abyss going over Benoit in an IC Title Tourney, why doesnt that sound right? Well firstly i think Benoit is better than the IC Title, and secondly, Benoit deserves the IC Title more than Abyss anyway. However, i like the Abyss character and he is good in the ring, so i am 50/50 about this one again. Hopefully this Styles v Abyss match comes off well.

The next promo gets my BPOTN award, JBL is great on the mic and Jarrett came across brilliantly as well. Nice feud beginning to brew here, especially with the attack afterwards.

Yeah, i could see this JBL revenge attack coming, allowing Kane to pick up the win, which is a good thing in itself. Kane can be such a good heel and champion when used correctly, (ask The Black Abyss, he knows all about it) I hope Kane does well in this tourney and goes on to big things. As for Jarrett an JBL, fantastic feud builing already. Great stuff.

Again, could do with another promo here, an interview with Orton maybe? Anyways, brilliantly booked Main Event, and i can see Orton costing Taker later in the tourney, this feud isn't over yet, i can tell.

Realism: Seemed pretty realistic to me, except for Abyss beating Benoit, 8/10

Length: Lacked a few promos/interviews, just general backstage jargon really, 7/10

Quality/Entertainment: A distinct lack of humour here, 8/10

No problems here, 10/10

Matches/Booking: Main Event was brilliantly booked, however i still have a slight problem with the Styles/Christian and Benoit/Abyss matches, 8/10

Overall: 82/100

Some promos need to be added and realistic problems, other than that, a fantastic debut show here at W-E, well done elDiablo :)


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RAW Preview

Last week on RAW, the new era of the WWE kicked off. New rosters, vacated titles, everything started off fresh. Eric Bischoff announced that there would be an 8 man World Heavyweight Championship tournament that would end at Backlash. We saw four competitors advance to the semi-finals: Triple H, John Cena, Kane, and The Undertaker. There will only be one semi-final match tonight, and the last one will be next week. The two finalists will have a contract signing on RAW’s last stop before Backlash to make things official.

Last week on RAW, Edge was about to sign his contract, guaranteeing him a World title shot in the next year, but then found out that somebody had stolen the contract! Edge started a search that would be in vain, but the contract thief was seen on the TV monitor backstage, telling Edge to meet him in the back parking lot of the Cow Palace, the arena that is hosting this week’s RAW. Will we find out who stole Edge’s contract? Will Edge get it back? Find out on RAW.

AJ Styles made his WWE debut facing Christian for an Intercontinental title shot opportunity this week on RAW. Christian was drafted on SmackDown, but was given one last chance to get the IC title. He failed, so he couldn’t bring the title over to SmackDown with him. AJ Styles will go on to face Abyss this week, who also defeated Chris Benoit for an IC title shot opportunity. Who will become the new Intercontinental Champion?

John Bradshaw Layfield commented on not being put in the World title tournament in an interview, and said he was ashamed that someone like like Jeff Jarrett, who “couldn’t even make it to the WWE,” was taking his place. Jarrett took exception to this, and the two exchanged words, and the encounter ended with Jarrett smashing JBL’s head through a window! Later that night in Jarrett’s quarter-final match, JBL interfered, costing him the match. How will Jeff Jarrett react to being cost a World title shot?

In a WrestleMania rematch, and tournament quarter-final, the Undertaker defeated Randy Orton for the second night in a row! As Undertaker was going backstage after his match, a wall of fire rose from the stage, blocking his path. When the flames subsided, Undertaker proceeded to go backstage as if nothing had happened. Will we find out what this mysterious sign meant, or who caused it?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s tuning in to RAW this Monday night, live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA!

Confirmed Matches

Tournament Semi-Final
The Undertaker vs. John Cena

Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles vs. Abyss

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April 11th, 2004
Cow Palace
San Francisco, California

A video package is shown, highlighting the events from last week’s RAW. It shows John Cena, Triple H, Kane, and The Undertaker all advancing to the Semi-Finals of the World title tournament. It shows Edge realizing that his contract was stolen, and then him seeing the strange video, telling him to go to the back parking lot of the arena.

We go to an empty parking lot, and a black limo comes speeding into the lot and skids to a halt. The door opens and out steps Edge! He looks around the deserted parking lot, and the view fades out into the RAW intro…

We go live to the arena as red, fiery pyros explode all over the stage! The cameras pan around the arena, showing all the screaming fans and their signs, like “Ha ha Edge got screwed again” and “I know Vince McMahon.” The camera settles at announce position, where Good Ol’ JR is seated next to Jerry “the King” Lawler.

Jim Ross: Welcome everybody to WWE RAW! I’m Good Ol’ Jim Ross, and we’re live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California! Tonight we have a great main event for you guys, as The Undertaker takes on John Cena!

King: That’s gonna be a great match, and we also got the Intercontinental title match between AJ Styles and Abyss tonight too!

Jim Ross: Both of these superstars are looking to make a name for themselves here in the WWE, and I think this Intercontinental title match is going to help them do it! But what about what we just saw? Edge arrived at the back parking lot, and he’s obviously waiting for the person to arrive.

King: I can’t wait to find out who it is, JR! And I wonder what they want with Edge?

Jim Ross: Well I guess we’re just gonna have to wait until later tonight to find out. But coming up-

“My Time Is Now” hits and the fans burst into cheers. John Cena comes walking quickly out to the stage, his arms raised in the “Word Life” symbol. He makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with some fans on the way. In the ring, he is handed a mic from Lillian Garcia.

John Cena: Yo, yo, yo! San Francisco, Cali, represent! (big pop) The next World Heavyweight champ is here! I’m facin’ the Undertaker, and man I know no fear. He’s the Phenom, the Deadman, well tonight I’m gonna put him to sleep like only John Cena can. I’ll slap that eye shadow right off his face, and then I’ll win my match, with all of my grace. And when I win the World title, I’ll have groupies followin’ me like little ducks, and if you don’t like, well I just don’t a give a- (throws the mic in the air as the fans yell “****.”)

The familiar gongs sound through the arena as the fans go cheer. The purple light fills the arena, but there is no Undertaker.

Jim Ross: Well, this is what happened last week with Randy Orton, the Undertaker doesn’t seem to like showing up until the main event!

King: That’s because he’s afraid of John Cena.

Jim Ross: I doubt it.

John Cena: Well then I guess there won’t be a RAW tonight, ‘cause I’m stayin’ out here until the Undertaker gets his big dead ass out here!

Just then, the arena lights dim and go back to purple, and for the second time, the gongs sound. Cena looks around for the Undertaker, but again he is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the turnbuckle, making Cena jump. Another bolt of lightning strikes the ground near Cena’s feet, and “the Doctor of Thuganomics” hightails it out of the ring and leaves through the crowd, scared to death.

Jim Ross: Well the Undertaker has certainly sent his message, and do you still think John Cena isn’t afraid?

King: Of course he’s not afraid JR, he was just going to call the electrician about those lights.

Jim Ross: Well I beg to differ. Folks, we’ll be right back!

-Commercial Break-

RAW returns from the break, and Randy Orton is shown sitting in a bar, with three empty bottles of beer next to him, and another in his hand. He takes a long swig of the beer and finishes off the bottle, then tosses it over his shoulder. The sound of it breaking is heard, as well as a man yelling. A big bald man with a long beard comes into view and gets in Orton’s face.

Man: Was that you who threw that bottle? ‘Cause if it is, you better start running.

Randy Orton: (slurred) Oh hey, Marco. Sorry about throwing that rabbit at you.

Man: Marco? Son, you’re drunk as hell. But that’s not gonna change the fact that I’m gonna beat the shit outta you, punk.

The man takes a swing at Orton, but Orton ducks under it and gives him an RKO! The people get up from their seats in surprise and gather to watch the fight.

Randy Orton: (still slurred) That’s right, Undertaker! That’s what you get for beating me last week!

The cameras change back to ringside, where “the King” is laughing hard, holding his sides.

King: Haha, that was the funniest, haha, thing I’ve ever seen!

Jim Ross: Well, it looks like Randy Orton drank a little too much alcohol at that bar. Well it’s time to decide the Tag Team Champions in this next match.

The French national anthem hits and the fans burst into boos as La Resistance, Sylvian Grenier and Rob Conway come out to the stage. The wave their French flags as they make their way down the ramp, insulting fans as they go. They get into the ring as their music fades. “Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach hits and the fans burst into cheers as America’s Most Wanted, Chris Harris and James Storm, walk out to the stage. They raise their hands in the air and slap hands with the fans as they walk down the ramp. He remove their coats and slide into the ring.

Tag Team Championships
Basham Brothers vs. America’s Most Wanted

A good opener, with both teams using a lot of their signature moves. After about seven minutes, Rob Conway distracts the referee as Sylvian Grenier gets back into the ring with one of the French flags. He nails “Cowboy” James Storm in the face with it, and makes a cover, but the referee sees the flag in the ring. He questions Grenier about it, who shrugs his shoulders. Suddenly Chris Harris comes out of nowhere with the Spear on Grenier! Storm gets the cover on Grenier, and the ref counts the three.
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: America’s Most Wanted

Jim Ross:
AMW wins it! What an opening match!

King: They cheated! Chris Harris was in the ring when he wasn’t supposed to be!

Jim Ross: Don’t even start, King.

The fans cheer as AMW gets up and accepts their Tag Team title belts and raise them high in the air. They celebrate in the ring, and RAW fades to commercials.

-Commercial Break-

Jim Ross:
Welcome back to RAW everyone. In case you just joined us, America’s Most Wanted just won the Tag Team titles from the La Resistance.

King: AND they cheated.

Jim Ross: Sure, King, Sure.

The cameras change to the back, where Edge is still waiting in the parking lot, leaning against his car.

Edge: Where the hell is this guy? If he’s not here in five minutes, I’m leaving.

Suddenly we see a man in a dark cloak and a hood slowly and silently walk up behind Edge. He lifts Edge’s briefcase up in the air, and then slams it over the back of Edge’s head! Edge falls to the ground, unconscious.

???: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Edge. You were late. Try again next week. Hahahahaha.

The view changes back to ringside, where JR and the King sit.

Jim Ross: What the hell? That’s the man that stole Edge’s contract, and he just clocked Edge with that belt!

King: Well I guess he wanted Edge there earlier.

Jim Ross: Edge was there before the show started! Ladies and gentlemen, coming up in just a few moments, we’re going to have a match to decide who will face the Intercontinental Champion, whoever that may be after tonight, next week.

“My World” hits and the fans cheer as Jeff Jarrett walks out to the stage, holding his guitar in his hand. He raises the guitar as silver pyros go off behind him, and then begins walking down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as he goes. He slides into the ring and hands the guitar to a ringside worker.

Jim Ross: Well since Jeff Jarrett was screwed out his tournament match by JBL last week, he was given a chance for an Intercontinental title shot to make up for it.

“One Of A Kind” hits and the fans cheer for Rob Van Dam as he pushes past the curtain and comes out to the stage. He does the “R-V-D” thumb taunt and then walks down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as he goes. He rolls into the ring and throws his hands into the air as the fans cheer.

Intercontinental Championship #1 Contenders Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam

A pretty even match, with RVD using his martial arts moves and Jarrett relying on power and submission moves. At the end of the match, RVD hops up to the top rope after kicking Jarrett in the head. He jumps off the top, looking for a 5 Star Frog Splash, but Jarrett rolls out of the way! He quickly gets RVD in the Figure 4 leg lock, and RVD struggles to get to the ropes. After about a minute, he gets to the ropes and Jarrett is forced to break the hold. Jarrett picks RVD up and goes for the Stroke, but suddenly “Longhorn” hits and JBL comes running down the ramp! He has a chair in his hand as he slides into the ring. JBL swings the chair at Jarrett, but Jarrett ducks under it. Jarrett grabs JBL and hits the Stroke right onto the dropped chair! The ref sees the chaos and calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

Jarrett grabs the chair and picks JBL up. He sets the chair up in a normal sitting position, and then grabs JBL. He looks around at the cheering fans, and then gives JBL a Stroke right onto the chair, folding it up! The fans cheer as Jarrett gets up and yells at JBL.

Jim Ross: Oh my! We have just seen Jeff Jarrett destroy JBL with that Stroke!

King: Ouch JR, that’s gotta hurt.

Jim Ross: Well folks, we’ll be right back!

-Commercial Break-

RAW returns and Maria is standing next to “the Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.

Maria: AJ Styles, tonight you will face Abyss for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. What are your thoughts on the match?

AJ Styles: My only thoughts are leaving my match as the Intercontinental Champion. It will prove to all the people that doubt me that I am AJ Styles, and I am the Phenomenal One!

???: Haha, great speech, now are you finished?

AJ looks out of the camera’s view and frowns as Triple H walks into view!

Triple H: Styles, that must have been THE MOST boring thing I’ve ever heard anybody say in my life, and that’s pretty boring. I mean, that was even more boring than a 49’ers game! (fans boo) Styles, you are nothing, do you hear me? You are nothing, and you will do nothing in this business. In case you haven’t already noticed, I run things around here. So you can just-

AJ Styles: You know what, Triple H? How about you just take that big nose of yours and walk it right on down that hall before it has to be wheeled down that hall in a stretcher!

Styles and Triple H go nose to nose, and Triple H soon smirks and steps backward. He walks down the hall and disappears around the corner. The cameras go back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Well we just saw a confrontation there between AJ Styles and Triple H, and I don’t like Triple H’s and JBL’s attitudes toward newcomers from TNA and other promotions. They have every right to be here as anyone else does, and if they don’t like it, well they can just leave then!

King: Whoa, calm down, JR.

Jim Ross: Well, in any event, coming up we’re going to have a tag team match that spawned from last week’s events, and what happened earlier tonight. Edge will team up with Chris Benoit to face the man who attacked Edge earlier and a partner of his choice.

“Metalingus” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction, but mostly cheers as Edge comes jogging out to the stage in his trench coat. He walks back and forth on the stage, and then starts coming down the ramp. He slides into the ring and waits for his partner. He has a determined look on his face. “Whatever” hits and the fans cheer as Chris Benoit comes out to the stage. He cracks his neck and then makes his way down the ramp with his usual no nonsense attitude. He rolls into the ring. Some slow dark music plays, and two men in black and crimson masks walk out from the back. One looks like a lightweight and one looks like a heavyweight wrestler. They slowly walk down the ramp and roll into the ring, and Edge is instantly upon the bigger one with furious right hands.

Edge & Chris Benoit vs. ??? & ???

Pretty much a squash match, with Edge destroying both of the masked men. Chris Benoit barely gets any time in the match, and the masked men barely get any offense. The end of the match came fairly quick when Edge hits the Spear on the cruiserweight masked man! He hooks both legs, 1…2…3!
Winners: Edge & Chris Benoit

Jim Ross:
And Edge gets revenge!

King: JR, I think this feud is far from over. Edge never got his contract back!

Edge gets up and starts attacking the cruiserweight masked man with stomps, but all of a sudden the other masked man comes from behind and clocks Edge with the briefcase! Edge falls to the mat. Benoit comes running at the man, but he gets nailed as well! Both masked men get out of the ring and backpedal up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Well we can’t see their faces, but I’m willing to bet that those two are smiling. They still have Edge’s World title contract. We’ll be right back, the Intercontinental title match up next.

-Commercial Break-

RAW comes back from the commercial break, and Edge quickly walks down the hall. He sees a worker walking, and grabs him by the throat.

Edge: WHERE did those two masked people go? Tell me NOW!

Worker: I…don’t…know. Please, don’t…hurt…me!

Edge shoves the worker to the ground and kicks a locker room door open. He storms into the room, looking for the two masked men, but he can’t find them. He exits the room and storms down the hall as the view changes to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well Edge is still looking for his contract, and he’s going to do anything to get to it. Look how he almost beat up that worker!

King: He’s a loose cannon JR, he needs to be stopped!

Jim Ross: Well, it’s time to decide the who will go on to the Finals of the World title tournament!

“The Time Is Now” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction to John Cena as he jogs out to the stage, arms raised in the “Word Life” sign. He quickly walks down the ramp, taking off his jersey and chain as he goes. He ignores the fans’ outstretched hands and slides into the ring. He does the “You Can’t See Me” taunt and suddenly the lights go out. The purple light consumes the arena and the familiar gongs are heard, until the Undertaker walks out to the stage! Very slowly he makes his way down the ramp and up the steel steps. He raises his hands as the lights turn back on. He takes off his hat as he gets into the ring and stares a hole through Cena. The bell rings and Taker doesn’t move at all.

Tournament Semi-Finals
John Cena vs. The Undertaker

A semi-long match, with neither superstar having the advantage for more than a few minutes. Cena gets the early advantage on the Undertaker after some cheap shots, but a few minutes into the match, Taker takes control with a big boot to the face of Cena. The two superstars battle it out for a long time, and the end comes nearer when John Cena counters a Chokeslam with a low blow to the Undertaker behind the ref’s back! Taker doubles over in pain as Cena lifts him up for the FU, but Taker drops off his shoulders. Cena turns around, into a Chokeslam from The Undertaker! The fans explode as Taker covers Cena, 1…2…3!
Winner: The Undertaker

Jim Ross:
The Undertaker moves on to the finals at Backlash!

King: The Undertaker is either gonna face Kane or Triple H, and I can’t wait for that match next week!

The Undertaker goes to leave the ring, but suddenly fire explodes from the turnbuckles! Taker looks around at the flames ablaze in the corners, and eyes them suspiciously. Fiery letters come across the TitanTron. “The Fire Still Burns…And So Will You…” The flames stop as quickly as they started, and Undertaker waits a moment before leaving the ring and proceeding to the back.

Jim Ross: Wow, I think I know who sent that message!

King: So do I, and I don’t think it’s good for the Undertaker!

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back with the main event!

-Commercial Break-

Jim Ross:
We’re back live on RAW, and folks, what a night we’ve had already. We’ve seen America’s Most Wanted crown the new Tag Team Champions, Edge still hasn’t gotten his contract back yet from those masked men, Undertaker is going to the finals of the World title tournament at Backlash, and now it’s time to crown the Intercontinental Champion!

King: This is gonna be a great match, JR! I hope Abyss wins!

Jim Ross: It’s certainly possible, King.

“Down In The Catacombs” hits and the fans boo loudly as “The Monster” Abyss slowly walks out to the stage. He does his trademark pose with his arms in an “X” in the flames, and then begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring the booing fans. He climbs into the ring and awaits his opponent. “Simply Phenomenal” hits and the fans erupt. AJ spreads out his hands as silver pyros fill the stage behind him. He runs down the ramp, slapping hands with fans. He slides into the ring and immediately opens up on Abyss with right hands.

Intercontinental Championship
Abyss vs. AJ Styles

A good, long match, with Styles using speed moves to wear the Monster down, and Abyss uses high impact power moves. After about 15 minutes, Abyss whips Styles into the ropes and goes for a Black Hole Slam, but Styles escapes Abyss’ grasp and lands on his feet! He sends Abyss staggering back with a pele kick! Abyss doesn’t go down and comes back for more, and Styles kicks him in the gut and then hooks his arms! He lifts him in the air and plants him with a Styles Clash! Styles makes a cover, 1…2…the referee is pulled out of the ring by…Triple H! Triple H knocks out the ref with a right hand, and then slides into the ring. Styles gets up, but receives a kick to the gut, followed by the Pedigree! Triple H leaves the ring and stands at ringside as another referee comes running down the ramp. He slides into the ring and sees Abyss cover Styles. 1…2…3!
Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Abyss

Jim Ross:
What the hell? Triple H just cost AJ Styles the match and the title!

King: That’s what he gets for saying those rude comments to Triple H earlier, JR.

Jim Ross: Mark my words, King. There will be hell to pay next week for Triple H!

Triple H stands over AJ Styles, smiling, as RAW fades to black…

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pretty good raw, liked America's Most Wanted winning the titles and i see it being kane vs 'taker at Backlash for the title. cena vs 'taker was an ok match. Abyss winning the Intercontinental title is pretty intresting. hhh vs styles at backlash??? probably but anyways the jarrett/jbl feud is progressing along and good luck to both of you in your next couple of shows
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