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WWE: A New Begining

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Have checked the name but if anyone does have it, just tell me and I will change it.
Ive tried to make the Rosters as Fair as possible, A draft has already been done

9.Shelton Benjamin
10.Muhammed Hassan
13.Rob Conway
15.Rene Dupree
20.Simon Dean
23.Kurt Angle
24.Steven Richards
25.Val Venus
26. Mark Jindrak
27. Randy Orton
Total: 27

GM: Eric Bischoff
Announcers: The King and Coach

Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Molly Holly
Gail Kim
Total: 6

1.John Cena
4.Joey Mercury
5.Johnny Nitro
6. Bubba Ray Dudley
7. D-Von Dudley
8. Spike Dudley
9. Rey Mysterio
10. Paul London
11. Billy Kidman
12. Chavo Guerrero
13. Eddie Guerrero
14. Booker T
15. Orlano Jordan
16. Matt Morgan
17. Charlier Hass
18. Carlito
19. Christian
20.Chris Jericho
21. Mark Henry
22. RVD
23. Shannon Moore
24.Doug Basham
25.Danny Basham
26. Chris Masters
Total: 26

GM: Teddy Long
Annocers: Cole and Tazz

Stacy Kiebler
Miss Jackie
Dawn Marie
Total: 6

Raw Champions
WHC: Vacant
Intercontinental: Vacant
Tag Team: Vacant
Womens: Vacant

Smackdown Champions:
WWE Title - Vacant
US Title - Vacant
Cruiserwieght Title - Vacant
Tag Team - Vacant
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WWE Smackdown

Cole: Hello and welcome to WWE: Smackdown. This week were coming live from Madison Square Garden!
Tazz: Yeah there sure is no other place than performing in front of fans at the MSG. Were guaranteed a rocket buster of a show tonight with the main event being a match between HHH, Cena and Beniot for the vacant WWE title.
Cole: Over to our colleagues on the Spanish announcer’s team

Raw Rebound is shown, with the Draft being made, then after HHH gets drafted walking out to the ring and taking Cena out with a sledgehammer, while Evolution (Flair, Batista, Heartthrobs, and Simon Dean) beat him. Also shown Eric Bischoff Vacanting all there titles, and then The main event an 6 man Tag Team match with Cena, OJ, and Paul London v Batasta, Shelton, and Beniot

*Teddy Longs Music Hits* Long starts walking down the ramp and makes his way into the middle of the ring.
Long: Holla Holla, Tonight all the titles are on the line as its time for a shake up on Smackdown. No dought Raw was good last night, and I have to say, our draft picks were Top notch. As of tonight though, all titles are vacant Im stripping everyone of the gold!
*Cenas, my time is now music hits*
Cena: No way man, I mean the champ is here. Do you realise how hard I worked for that title man!
Long: Not any more dog, you’ve held the title for to long, but don’t worry if your as good as you think you are you’ll win it back in the triple threat, no dq match for the WWE title tonight.
Cena: No dought I can win it, but you saw what HHH did to me on Raw, Do you really think Im up for a Triple threat match?
Long: A champion, as you say you should be, should be ready to fight every night.
*HHH music hits, as he walks down the ramp to the ring*
HHH slowly enters the ring, without taking his time of Cena the whole time, and snatch’s a microphone of him.
HHH: What I did on Monday night, was just a preview of what Im going to do tonight. Sure I’m a little surprised you’re walking, never mind walking tonight, but your in no state for a title match, so Teddy you might as well just give me the title now.
*Beniots music hits*
Beniot: Cena, HHH aren’t you forgetting someone else tonight. Im in the match and Cena no dought you’re a great athlete, and HH no dought you’re the 10 time former champion, but Hunter don’t forget that means you’ve lost the title 10 times as well. One of those to me at Wrestlemania XX, right here in MSG!!!! You best be ready for a fight, because Im just that damn good.

Tazz: wow that was intense stuff, and lets not forget we have three other title matches tonight. Have to say though Cole I’ve been in the ring with HH and Beniot and there extra tough, Cena sure has a tough job for tonight.
Cole: Speaking of the other matches, we have Rey Mysterio, and the former champion London in a match for the Cruiserweight title next.

*Rey Msterios music hits, and he films on the 619 camera as he walks down the ring, and the crowd are going crazy for him, with a 619 chant going up*
*Paul London sprints down the ring, and poses on the top turnbuckle for a few seconds, before facing of to Rey Rey*
Tazz: Man this match is going to be of the Hook.
Cole: no doubt to of the finest Cruiserweights in the world today, and you’ll on see this sort of action on Smackdown
*Match bell rings*
Rey and London lock up the middle of the ring, with London quickly taking Rey down with a back sweep. While London is leaning down to put in a Boston crab, Rey quickly rolls him over for a two count. London rolls back to the outside to catch his breath, but Rey catapults himself over the top rope, into a senton splash onto London, and the ref starts his 10 count. 1-----------------2----------3---------4---------5---------6 London makes his way to his fight and slowly makes his way into the ring. Rey tries to follow, but gets caught with a baseball slide to the face knocking him back into the announcers. London climbs up to the top rope, and somehow hits him with a 450 splash through the table!!!!!
1------2-------3---------4----------5-------6-----------7-------8 London again just gets to his feet and drags Rey into the ring, for a cover. 1-----2------and oh Mysterio just gets his foot on the bottom rope. London climbs up to the top rope, and hits him with the 450 splash.
Tazz: surely it over now
The ref counts, 1-----2 and again mysterio gets the shoulder up. London is starting to get frustrated now, and stamps a mud hole into Rey. Rey uses the ropes to pull himself up, and London goes for a cross body, and flies straight over the top rope, as mysterio just gets himself out the way. Rey catches his breath, and allows himself a second to recover, when as the ref is leading over the rope, to administer the 10 count, Akio runs in the ring, and hits Rey with a spinning crescent kick, and then the Akio Time, and runs out the ring. London crawls into the ring, and this time hits another 450 splash, and gets the 3 count.
Cole: what in the hell, was Akio doing down here, he spoilt a great match, and in my opinion cost Rey the title.
Tazz: Well we have Josh Matthews backstage to ask Akio, what he was doing there.

Josh: Well firstly Akio, what were you doing in the match
Akio: Well you see Josh, I’ve just visited Teddy Long and he granted me a title match nextt week, and quite frankly I couldn’t care less who I faced, I just wanted to save the crowd from having to carry on watched that boring match.
Josh: Well I don’t know about boring. Some people might say, that infact you were scared of facing Rey for the title and therefore Knocked him out.
Akio: I don’t have to listen to this, I'm out of here, oh and Im not scared, not in the slightest.

Cole: Well I agree with Josh I think Akio was scared of Rey so he cost him the match
Tazz: No you heard the man, he wasn’t scared, he just wanted to save us from the match
Cole:I don’t know what hes on about I loved that match, and I'm sure the fans throughout the world agree with me.
Tazz: I love watching CW action, just Akio doesn’t apparently, and he thinks hes the only CW worth watching.
Cole: we could debate it all night, but as it is we’ve got the Tag Titles on the line, with MNM taking on the returning Dudley Boyz.

*MNM Hit the ring, complete with red carpet and paparazzi, after a few minutes posing Melina walks down the ring, and gets in the ring her own unique way*
*Dudley Boys and Spike make there way to the ring to a huge ovation*
The action if about to get under way, when Teddy Long walks out and announces this is now a table match!!!!!!!
Bubba and Nitro start of the action with a tie up with Bubba over powering Nitro and pushing him into the corner before squashing him with a clothesline sending Nitro to the floor. Bubba picks him up, before hitting him hard with a chop across the floor, then throwing him towards D-Von in the other corner. D-Von makes the tag, and hit Nitro with a Double Powerbomb. Joey Mercury is going mad in his corner and screaming for a tag. Nitro starts crawling towards Mercury, with D-Von just watching him, before waiting until he is within touching distance, before dropping an elbow onto the back of his head. Then he gets in a cheap shot on Joey sending him to the floor. D-Von pulls Nitro back again, before tagging in Bubba and hits him with the Wassup head butt. D-Von………..Get the Table!!!!! D-Von looks under the ring to get a table, but Mercury hits him from behind with a chair!!!
Tazz: Hey its all legal in a Table match
Spike runs in to save D-Von from a savage beating and nails the Dudley Dog on the outside to take him out. Bubba is screaming at D-Von to wake up, and is then nailed with a low-blow by Melina. Nitro wakes up and hits him with a delayed brain buster, before collapsing again, as he is still hurting from early on in the match. Mercury starts to recover, and sets up a table on the outside, and slams Spike through it!! He turns around thinking hes won but wait he remembers Spike isn’t in the match, then turns around to see D-Von Standing behind him, obviously still hurting from that chair shot. He goes to punch him down, but D-Von blocks him hits him with a stiff shot right to the temple, sending him straight to the ground. D-Von grabs another table, and takes it into the ring with him. Bubba Ray is recovered enough now to send Nitro flying into the ring, and then 3D but Melina moves the table. D-Von notices, drags her into the ring and passes her to Bubba who is perched on the Top Rope, and he hits a power bomb through the table on Melina. Mercury tries to help Nitro and Melina out but is again taken out by spike this time with a viscous shot with the tag titles. D-Von gets yet another table, and then climbs to the top rope, and Nitro is now on Bubbas shoulders, and he hits the Dudley devise to send Nitro though the table, to win the Tag Titles.
They look close to tears as they celebrate in the ring, and put spike on there shoulders as they walk down the ramp to the back.
The Camera cuts back, and you see the entire locker room waiting for them were they all celebrate together.

Cole: Man its been a long time coming for the Dudley Boyz but at last they have gone Full Circle again, after being put out by the Big Show all those months ago, now they are back at the top of the Tag Division
Tazz: Yes it has but in my opinion they can thank Spike for that.
Cole: What are you seriously suggesting they couldn’t have won the match without him? Melina was there for MNM so he just evened up the numbers.
Tazz: Look I'm not saying they don’t deserve this I just think that Spike helped them win the title.

We see the Dudleys going back to there car, when Booker T and Eddie take them out and deliver a savage beating on them, and oh God what’s this they have stolen the Tag Titles, and no now there kidnapping Spike!! They drive off in the Dudleys Car and are just seen speeding of into the distance
Tazz: What is this do they seriously think its wise to take Spike and the Tag Titles
Cole: Exactly if they really want the titles then they can earn them like everyone else has to.
Tazz: No dought but what I want to see is what they have taken Spike for.
Cole: I'm sure the Dudleys aren’t going to be happy about this when they recover.

Tazz: Well unfortunately it seems like Eddie and Booker have escaped now, and the Dudleys are now on the way to the local hospital
Cole: We will keep you updated on there condition throughout the night. Right now though we have the small matter of the US Title to decide. It should have been a singles match between Orlando Jordan and Charlie Hass but we’ve just got word that Carilto has got Matt Morgan into the match as well.
Tazz: That aint right but now Matt defiantly has the advantage when it comes to this match. My pick though is still Hass as he is the most experienced of the trio, and has the athletic ability to put on a great match.
Cole: I don’t think he should be in the match at all, but as he is I think Matt is my new pick, due to the power factor he has.

We then see footage of Matt Morgan taking OJ out, after OJ objected to him being in the match. Carlito says that’s not cool, spits apple in his face, then Matt hits an F5 through a bench in locker room.
Tazz: Man tonight’s just turning into chaos. Yet we still have two more titles to decide.

*Charlie Hass Music hits, and hes seen looking quite concerned after witnessing what has just taken place between Morgan and OJ*
*Matt Morgan hits the ring quickly and straight away hits Hass Down*
Matt has the advantage and bits Hass down while he's on the floor. Hass hasn’t even taken of his jacket yet this isn’t fair. Hass crawls out of the ring, and when Matt Morgan goes to follow him, he grabs his head and yanks it down onto the top rope choking him out. Hass goes up behind him, and rolls him up using the tights for a 2 count. Matt showing he is still learning turns his back to complain that he used the tights, and Hass jumps onto his back and applies a sleeper hold. Matt slowly staggers about before collapsing onto one knee, then he falls to the floor completely. The ref checks to see if he's stil awake and raises his arm, once, twice, but Morgan blocks it the third time. Seeing this Charlie Hass releases his hold, and drops an elbow across the back of his head. Then he turns him over, and locks in the Hass of pain!!! After struggling for a while Matt Morgan is trapped in the centre of the ring and taps out. New US Champion, Charlie Hass. He doesn’t have time to celebrate as OJ then runs to ring and beats him with the Orlando Magic. OJ grabs a mike and says he should have been in the match, and that title is his. He then goes on to say next week one on one its Him and Hass for the title.

Tazz: Wow what an announcement by OJ then. Hass vs OJ next week US title on the line.
Cole: Well that sure was a great title match, and next week promises to be even better
Tazz: Speaking of great title matchs, how about the main event which is next.
Cole: Talk about a great match, I mean just look at who is in it for a start, Beniot, HHH, and of course John Cena!!!
Tazz: So go on then whos your pick?
Cole: Id have to go with our very own John Cena, how about you?
Tazz: I think HHH will win this and become the 11 time champion

*HHH – The Game hits and he walks down the ramp and stares down the ramp looking for the next person to come out, Cenas music hits, and he doesn’t even acknowledge the fans and runs straight down the ramp and starts fighting with HHH*
Tazz: Beniot better get down here quick because lets face it the way these two are going at it, it could be over before He even enters the ring
HHH and Cena are exchanging blows and then Beniots Music hits, and he slowly makes his way down to ring
Cole: Your right Tazz he better up and get in there before its over
Tazz: No beniot is a veteran he knows what he's doing, saving his energy, lets face it why beat a guy, when you can get someone else to do the fighting for you.
HHH and Cena are still going at it, they don’t even seem to have noticed Beniot has appeared. Beniot sneaks into the back of the ring and nails HHH with a hard German suplex, and then switchs it onto Cena and does the same again. Beniot no climbs out of the ring, and he brings a ladder out from underneath, and smashes the end right into HHH face. Beniot then puts it into the ring, and Cena suplexs him, kidney first onto the ladder. Cena now has the upper hand, and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle on Beniot in the middle of the ring. Beniot gets up and walks straight into and FU. 1--------2 and HHH just gets in to break up the count. HHH goes back to work on Cena, which inadvertently allows Beniot to recover a bit. HHH runs into Cena and hits him with a high knee right under the jaw knocking him over. HHH now starts hitting Cena in the face with some punches, and Beniot is on the top rope with a chair in his hand, and jumps of smashing the chair into the back of HHHs head. Cena grabs the chair of Beniot and blasts him round the head, leaving him the only one standing. He goes for the cover on HHH, and he kicks out, then moves onto Beniot where he kicks out as well. HHH staggers to his face, and its apparent that chair shot has busted him open. Cena sets the ladder up, and hits and FU of the ladder onto HHH!!!! Beniot quickly grabs Cena and locks in the Sharpshooter. Cena is clearly in pain now, and he's searching for anything he can to break up the submission move. He finds a kendo stick and nails Beniot with it and he releases the hold, and collapses. Christian then suddenly runs out and hits the unprettier on Cena and Beniot then slowly climbs up the ladder and then risks his life by doing a flying head butt of the ladder onto HHH, then he covers him but HHH somehow reaches down and kicks out after a long 2 count. Christian runs down again and this time hits Beniot with an unprettier, and HHH with a sledgehammer. Cena begins to move again, but Christian then nails him with the hammer, leaving Beniot to move into the cover onto Cena, to win the title again.

Cole: Oh my God the crowd is going crazy for Chris Beniot tonight.
Tazz: Sorry Cole cant hear you this crowd is electric, and look half the locker room have just come out to congratulate Chris on that stunning victory, but what was Christian doing out there?
Cole: Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. I'm Michael Cole and this is Tazz Goodnight.

Please leave your Feedback and opinions on how this could be made better. All feedback is appreicated, and the First Raw should be up tomorrow

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Preview for this week

What will Eric Bischoff being this week when it comes to the vacant championships?
Also how will the former champions be able to cope without there belts, as theres no gaurentee they will even be in the rematch?
Also we now know there will be a series of matchs containing 6 superstars over the coming week with the ultimate winner becoming the WHC
Confirmed Matchs
WWE Womens Championship - Trish Stratus vs Lits vs Victoria
WWE InterContenental Championship - Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Conway
WWE Tag Team Title - Muhammed Hassan and Daviri vs Mark Jindrak and Randy Orton

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King: Hello and welcome to WWE Raw
Coach: Yes we are here in California and the action is guaranteed to be almost as hot as it is here
King: Speaking of hot, we now know of a triple threat match for the Women’s Title, man I hope it gets turned into a bra and panties match
Coach: Me to King

*Eric Bischoff Music Hits and he walks down the ring, taking time to talk to coach before hand*
Eric: As you know, I vacated all the titles on Raw last week, but I can guarantee that you will be happy with the matches tonight. I know it wasn’t a popular decision but....
*Batista music hits*
Batista: To right it wasn’t popular. You know how hard it was for me to get that belt and what, little over a month into my reign you strip me it.
Eric: Well to be honest Batista, I don’t like you one bit, in fact I despise you. I also feel there are much better wrestlers than you here on Raw; hell I think some of the Divas are better than you.
*Dave starts walking towards him*
Eric: You might want to reconsider what you’re doing there, as I still hold all the cards as far as your future holds. Tonight you will have to face.........Undertaker, and if you win that match then you’re through to the next round of the tournament. As I’m in a good mood though, and I want to give you a fighting chance, this match is now a street fight.

King: That is huge, just think Undertaker here tonight, live. Taking on the Animal Batista with a chance at the WHC
Coach: your right King, absolutely huge news.
King: Up next though is, Shelton Benjamin taking on former La Resistance member Rob Conway

*Aint no stopping me now hits - and Shelton runs to the ring to a huge ovation*
*Rob Conway walks to the crowd to Boos, after attacking Dupree last week*
Coach: certainly a mixed reaction to the two opponents tonight
King: No doubt but I pick Shelton to pull of a fairly easy victory
The action starts of straight away with Shelton taking down Conway with a headlock takedown. This shakes Conway, as he was planning an easy victory. Shelton continues to command the match out wrestling Conway all the way but only being able to hit 2 counts all the time. Conway begins to build offense with a low blow when the referees back was turned. Conway then hits a running elbow across the throat, keeping Shelton grounded. He is about to hit the Au vour when Dupree’s music hits, He turns round ready to fight him, but he doesn’t show up, turns round and walks straight into a T-Bone Suplex by Benjamin, and loses the match.
*New Intercontinental Champion - Shelton Benjamin*

King: What did I say another quick victory by Shelton for the title
Coach: Say what you want but Conway was screwed out of the title.
King: You don't think he deserves it after his actions last week. He’s a despicable man Coach, face facts for once.
Coach: Anyway we have Todd Grisham backstage to catch up with Conway after losing the match

Todd: Firstly Rob how do you feel about losing tonight?
Rob: It’s an outrage, I don’t deserve to be treated like this
Todd: Well some might say you deserve this after brutally attacking Dupree last week
Rob: He deserved everything he got, he was holding me back; I don’t even like the French and look what he got me doing every week
Todd: What do you have to say about this?
Rob: If he’s able to compete next week, I challenge him to a match, one on one, no holds barred, Flag match. You'll find out more next week Todd, so don’t even ask, you can wait and see like the rest of the losers in this building

King: Wow Harsh words from Rob Conway
Coach: Can you blame the man, come on this could be his only opportunity at the Intercontinental title, and he was screwed out of it.
King: Well next up is the match Im most looking forward to, the triple threat women’s title match
Coach: I cant wait either.

King: Wow Harsh words from Rob Conway
Coach: Can you blame the man, come on this could be his only opportunity at the Intercontinental title, and he was screwed out of it.
King: Well next up is the match I’m most looking forward to, the triple threat women’s title match
Coach: I can’t wait either.

*Trish Music Hits and she walks down to the ring, followed by Lita, and Victoria*
*Eric Bischoff appears on the Titantron. You know I said earlier I would make up for last week with some very popular decisions this week, well King I know your going to love this. This match is now a Bra and Panties elimination match*
Kings Face lights up: I don’t like the man but this is a brilliant idea by Eric
Coach: That’s Mr. Bischoff to you king. I agree though and I was looking forward to the match before hand.
King: Man I wish I was referee Jack Done
*The action starts with Trish quickly being stripped of her trousers, so she half out already. Lita then turns on Victoria with some good old fashioned Hair pulling. She hits her on the back of head and tears Victoria’s top off. Lita turns round congratulating herself, and Trish stands up and helps Victoria up and they double team Lita, completely stripping her of her top, and trousers.
King: Never have I been so happy to see a loser, come over here Lita Ill keep you warm
Coach: Now why would she do that, when she has Coach’s hotel key waiting for her in the back
Trish then slaps the taste right out of Victoria’s face, which prompts a slap right back. Victoria then picks up Trish and slams her down with a scoop slam. Victoria just stands there for a moment admiring Trish, so Trish stands up very quickly hits her with the chick kick, allowing her to rip her bottoms of, and become the Women’s champion again, before quickly getting out there as Victoria stands up not minding the fact she only in her Bra and Panties, but looking very interested in the fact Trish is there with just a Thong and small top on*

King: Now that’s a good match, but look at Victoria she now seems fascinated with Trish and that’s good news for us folks, but bad news no doubt for Trish.
Coach: Sometimes I just don’t get that woman. She’s a great athlete no doubt but she makes simple mistakes like taking your eye of the ball.

*Randy Ortons music hits and Randy Orton and Mark Jindrak come out, accompanied by Torrie Wilson, to a Huge Pop from the crowed*
King: Wow it really shows how much this crowd hates Muhammed Hassan and Davari.
Coach: The fans aren't the only ones to hate these two, I hate them to, and I'm sure you do to
King: Man this is a first we've now agreed on two things tonight
*Muhammed Hassan's music hits and him and Davari walk to the ring, to a chorus of boos, from this American audience.
Muhammed starts another anti-American rant, so Randy and Mark run out to cut them off, before they even start of. Randy drags Hassan by the ear and throws him into the ring, to another cheer from the crowd. Randy whips Hassan into the ropes and hits him with a big back body drop, and Hassan appears to have landed awkwardly on his back, and is clearly in a lot of pain. Randy notices this and applies a modified Boston crab really, sitting down on his back, leaving him writhing in pain. Hassan manages to drag himself to the ropes, but Randy wont let go so the referee starts 5 count 1----2-----3-----4 and Randy lets go just in time, and whips him heavily into his and Marks corner. Mark gets the tag, and Randy sets Hassan up for a Backbreaker, so Jindrak climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a leg drop right across the back. Davari tries to get in, but the referee stops him allowing more double teaming. Mark now continues this and whips Hassan into the ropes, but Hassan manages to hit a neck breaker out of desperation. The referee starts his 10 count but both men get to there feet on the 7 count. Hassan makes a tag but Randy runs in just in time, to stop the referee from spotting him. Randy gets another tag from Mark and gets hit by an Inzegurri knocking him out, so Davari can finally be tagged in. Davari gets Randy into a modified Camel Clutch, and he looks so close to tapping, so Torrie jumps on the apron and flashes her bra at Davari, which offended him, so he starts having a go at her, and Hassan runs round and pulls her off, and Randy gets a quick roll up, 1-------2------3

Hassan can’t believe they just lost the match to Randy and Mark, so start a beat down on them after the match, clearly sending a message to the new Tag Team Champions.
King: Do you believe what we have just witnessed, new tag team champions, and Torries bra, man this night keeps getting better and better
Coach: Again I agree, but there will be nothing like that in the next match, between Batista and the Undertaker in a Street Fight

*Batista music hits and he makes his way to the ring, to a smaller pop than usual, and look quite annoyed that he’s got to be in this match
Undertakers music hits, and as Batista stares down the ramp waiting for him, Undertaker appears in the middle of the ring and hits him with a cheap shot to the back of the head to get things started. Batista turns round and looks scared when he sees Undertaker behind him.
King: Don’t forgot folks this is the first time these two have ever faced each other.
Batista then throws a huge right hind into Takers ribs, but Taker just stands there not even noticing it and punches him right back into the side of the face again. Batista tries again, but exactly the same thing happens, and he gets another hit in the face. He rolls under the ring trying to figure out a strategy for the match, when he pushes Lillian Garcia out of the Way and grabs the chair from underneath her, and rolls back into the ring. Taker just stares as Batista goes for the first swing, and blocks it with both hands, and grabs it of Batista. Batista then gets smashes over the head, and is clearly busted open. Taker then land 5 more vicious chair shots against the spine before tossing the chair away. 1-------2 and Batista barely gets the shoulder up this time. Rick Flair runs down to ringside to give support for Batista, Flair is going crazy now, as his agent is getting hammered by Taker. Batista just stands up, and gets tossed into the corner and Taker goes old school on him. Flair has had enough and runs into the back, and returns again with The Heartthrobs and Simon Dean. They all enter the ring and triple team Taker as Batista is recovering. Batista then hits the Batista Bomb on Taker 1-----2 and Taker kicks out again.
Coach: Clam down king, control yourself
The triple team then continues for a bit with vicious chair shots and a huge spinebuster through a table, but again Taker kicked out, all of a sudden the arena goes black and Kane runs out to help Taker in the match. He clears house delivering a double chokeslam to the Heartthrobs and a tombstone to Simon Dean. He then rolls out of the ring and passes Taker the ring bell. Taker places the bell on the mat, before hitting a tombstone onto it, 1-------2-----3 and Taker wins the match. Kane climbs in to celebrate but gets a chokeslam through the ring!!!!!

King: Wow what a match, but what was Kane doing out there and why on Earth did Taker turn on him after he won the match
Coach: Tell you what King you go in there and ask him
King: I think I’ll pass you up on that offer. That’s it for this week folks, don't forget to tune in this time next week, for WWE Raw

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Offical News and Preview

Theodore Long has announced on weforums.com that two new stars will be making there debut this Thursday on Smackdown. Rumours are circulating on who these may be with with D-Low Brown rumoured to be making a return to the ring and the other is apparantly a huge star from ECW who hasnt been seen in a while on WWE screens for a long time.

As well as these two debuts we have learnt that Christian will take on John Cena and HHH as a result of his actions last week.
Also who will Chris Beniots first oppenant be as WWE Champ? What sort of mood will the Dudley Boyz be in after what Eddie and Booker did to Spike last week, and will Eddie and Booker reveal why they did it?
Also expect to see Paul London and Charlie Hass in action as well as there championship reign begins.

Please leave feedback as its the only way I can improve on here.

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Your shows appear to be quite good from what ive seen, however, you can improve. For example, put the name of the winner of each match at the end of it on a separate line so it is clear who wins. Also, maybe be make your shows slightly longer, as there wasn't enoughg promos to make it seem two hours long.

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yeh I'm trying to work on my Promos but often I dont have the time to write full shows like that, and I type them on word first and there normally 3-4 pages long but when I get time they will improve. As for the Winner of the match, good idea will be doing that from now on. Smackdown should be up tomorrow night some time.

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I notice lots of spelling errors. There is a spellcheck on your computer. As for match writing, it seems okay, you will improve over time. Your promos however are completely out of character. I tried reading that HHH, Benoit, Cena and Theodore Long thing and I just couldn't make out who was who. But like I said, you will improve over time. Keep up the good work!

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^^^ on my spell check the words are right, the only mistakes may be on wreslter names. I did notice though that the Raw preview contained a few of them. Am working on promos but give me time and they will improve, also I thought the HHH/Cena/Beniot one was pretty self explanitry although I should have wrote the Raw incident that happened first

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Sorry about this delay, but work has been crazy. Any way here it is:

WWE Smackdown
April 14th

*Video package of last week is shown, with the main emphasis on the main event and Eddie and Booker kidnapping Spike*

Cole: If you thought last week was good you should wait and see this week
Tazz: Oh boy your right for once Cole we have a great show planned for you fans tonight!
Cole: We sure do, tonight we have a great match between the former WWE Champ and his long time foe Christian
Tazz: Oh man this one dates way back to the Royal Rumble folks when Cena punked out Christian in a battle rap.
Cole: Oh course this didn’t set well with him, but he finally got his revenge last week
Tazz: Not only that but what about the Dudley Boys, you know there not going to be happy about last week, and the actions of Eddie and Booker T.

*Footage is shown of Eddie and Booker T backstage laughing about there actions last week
Eddie: Viva La Rasa man we laid a beating on those Dudleys last week, and look we have the Tag titles to prove it.
Booker: Ha-ha I mean did you see the look on there faces when they came and realised that little SOB Spike had gone
Eddie: I bet there still thinking about it now (Mocks Bubba) – Err I wonder where Spike is, he was here a second ago
Booker pretending to be D-Von – Your right maybe he erm just was taken by magic, and Bubba why does my head hurt?
Eddie: Man that really sounds like him. Do that again Holmes!
D-von (Standing behind Eddie) - What the hell have you done to our little brother?
Eddie: Man that was great you didn’t even move your lips
*Bubba then jumps out as well and throws Booker T into the steel door, while D-Von does the same to Eddie*
Bubba: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SPIKE??!!!!!!!! *and starts laying into them both
*Security jump in and drag the Dudleys away*

*Commercial Break*

Tazz: You can hardly blame the Dudleys but that was way over in top in my opinion
Cole: The two teams were scheduled to face each other in a match later on but I doubt now that will happen
Tazz: I would have hoped to have that settle in the ring
Cole: On another note though our next match promises to be special, it’s the Cruiserweight champion Paul London taking on Akio as a result of Akios actions last week

*Footage shown of Akio attacking Mysterio to cost him the Cruiserweight title. The camera cuts to Akio and London confronting each other back stage
Akio: Hey Paul hope you enjoyed your first week as champion as its going be the only week you hold the title
Paul: I hope you don’t have any ideas about this being an easy match for you
Akio: Just remember one thing; you wouldn’t even be the champion if it wasn’t for me taking out that jumping bean Mysterio for you
Paul: I had that match settled long before you entered and hit that Akio Time, I mean what kind of name is that?
Akio: What you think London Calling is so much better? How about this we have an agreement that the first one to hit there finisher wins?
Paul: What you mean so then you have an excuse for losing to it?
Akio: What ever……*turns round and slaps London across the face* Never ever underestimate Akio. I’ll see you out there.

*Akios music hits and he walk out to the ring as a chorus of boos ring out the building*
Cole: Man not long ago Akio was one of the best loved cruiserweights on Smackdown, but his actions last week, and what we’ve just seen the crowd don’t like him at all
Tazz: This guys a professional Cole, sometimes you’re so focused on your match you just block of the Crowd
*Paul London Music hits and he receives a huge cheer from the crowd, as he sprints down the ring and starts straight away on Akio*
Akio and London lock up, before Akio takes London down with a headlock, before London counters his next move by wrapping his legs around Akios head and pulling him down with a version of the Huracanrana. They then both jump to there feet to a cheer from the crowd. London takes advantage as Akio turns round to lap up the applause, he hits a running dropkick to knock Akio to the ground outside. Paul London doesn’t allow Akio any recovery time and jumps on him with a body press to the outside. London miss times this though and hits the barrio at the back clearly smashing his head as he land. Akio then hits some hard punches on London head before smashing him head first into the ring post
Cole: This really doesn’t look good for London right now
Tazz: This could work against Akio though because if London gets counted out, then he can’t lose the title.
1-----2-----3----4-----5-----6-----7------8 Akio realizes he cant win the title like this and drags London into the ring again, and makes a quick cover, 1------2-----and London gets his foot on the bottom rope. Akio doesn’t realize this and gets frustrated at the ref and starts arguing that it was three and London gets a quick cradle, 1-----2 and Akio kicks out and carries on beating London. Akio climbs to the top rope and goes for the Corkscrew moonsault, he just connects as it looks like London was about to move. 1-----2-----and Akio can’t believe it London kicks out one more time. Akio is getting very frustrated at this put and goes outside and grabs a chair, he brings it in, and goes to hit London with it, but just gets a dropkick into it knocking him out. London climbs to the top rope, and hits the London calling, 1-------2-------3 and victory.

Winner: Paul London

Tazz: What that shouldn’t be allowed he hit Akio with the chair!
Cole: What, Akio brought the chair in, do you really think he wasn’t going to use it?
Tazz: Well the fact is that he didn’t and London did to knock Akio out
Cole: Well this proves London right from earlier; London Calling is the better move
Tazz: Well Cole I still disagree and say he was knocked out before hand
Cole: Now that’s a surprise
*Commercial Break*

Cole: Welcome back to WWE Smackdown.
Tazz: Man that was a great victory by London to kick of the show this week
Cole: Up next folks we have Orlando Jordan taking on Charlie Hass in a non-title match.
Tazz: Now this one comes about because of Mat Morgans actions last week
Cole: Now I wonder why OJ didn’t take it out on him instead
Tazz: Well have you seen the size of the guy no wonder.

*Footage is shown of Matt Morgan taking out OJ before last weeks match, and then OJ attacking Charlie Hass after he won the US Title*
Josh Matthews: Orlando can I talk to you about last week
OJ: Sure go ahead
JM: Well frankly I don't think its right what happened
OJ: Me neither
JM: What! well erm why did it happen then?
OJ: Basically Carlito tried to get me to forfeit the match and let Matt Morgan win the title. I said that’s not going to happen, Carlito said that’s not cool, and Matt Morgan attacked me simple as that
JM: No I was on about you attacking Charlie Hass, I mean what did he do to deserve that?
OJ: He won my title, and after I beat him tonight, I will win my title back.
*Orlando Jordan Storms off*

Tazz: Wow he really seems to be focused on beating Charlie Hass tonight, and if he carries on like that then, I can see Hass losing and losing the US title.
Cole: I see OJ’s point though but Charlie had nothing to do with Matt Morgan taking him out, infact after the match last week I think he wished OJ was involved.
Tazz: That was certainly a hard match for Hass to be involved him but he kept at it, and ultimately pulled of the victory
Cole: Yes and despite Matt Morgans inexperience I still say it was an upset just because of Morgans obvious power advantage over Hass.
Tazz: Maybe we will find out next in the first edition of Carlitos Cabana, sinse the draft lottery took place.

*Carlitos Music hits and Carlito and Matt Morgan enter the ring to boos*

Carlito: Matt I know your upset about what happened last week but how do yo feel about not getting a rematch
MM: I’m very a-a-angry about it and there will be h-h-hell t-t-t-to pay
Carilto: Well Hass, Benjamin if you’re watching this you will suffer for last week.
MM: Orlando J-J-Jordan you wont be able to look around now without h-h-h-h-having me on your back beating you down
Carlito: You heard it first on Smackdowns number one show Carlitos Cabana
*Jerichos music hits*
Jericho: What in the blue hell are talking about junior. SDs number one show, have you ever watched the Highlight reel son?
Carlito: How dare you come out here and interrupt my show
Y2J: Im not finished yet. I mean look at you, did you actually pay someone to do your hair like that? Oh by the way this isn’t the 70’s anymore you can take of that stupid Hawaiian shirt
Carlito: I don't have to listen to this, Matt get him
Y2J: Oh right I forgot about at Matt my bad, its ok you can tell your “special” friend it’s ok. San Diego isn’t as prejudice as you might think. You can come out of the closet its ok, I’m sure they won’t mind.
Carlito: Hey you’ve got the wrong idea were not gay
MM: We’re j-j-j-j-just friends ok.
Carlito: At least we haven’t showered together unlike you and Christian
Y2J: That was a misunderstanding ok. I thought he was Trish
Carlito: Oh now who’s afraid of there sexuality
Y2J: I don't have to listen to this, next week you me one on one, and how about this yes got it, it’s a ladder match with a pair of scissors hanging above the ring
Carilto: What scissors?
Y2J: Yes I know you’ve not been to the barbers for a while, so if I win I treat you to a haircut, free of charge
Carlito: What no one touches my hair?
Y2J: Well you better hope you win then hadn’t you
*Y2Js music hits, and he walks of laughing*

Cole: Well that should be interesting next week to say the least
Tazz: Man I can’t wait, just think someones going bold next week live on Smackdown
Cole: Up next we’re meant to have the Dudley Boyz vs Eddie and Booker for the Tag Titles but I don't think Eddie and Booker are up to it after what happened earlier.

*Dudley Boys music hits and they walk out to a huge pop from the crowd but they look very focused on the match and finishing what they started earlier. Bubba grabs a microphone
Bubba: Look you better get out here, because as you saw earlier we will go looking for and we will beat you down
D-Von: Its better all round if you just come out and take it like men, and then give us Spike back.
*Eddies music hits and him and Booker walk to the ring, clearly still in pain. They only get half way before the Dudleys run down and beat them some more*
Bubba and D-von start of quickly with some punches to there opponents and slamming them into the ringside barriers. Eddie gets up and gets into the ring as fast as he can, and gets the match officially started. Bubba carries on beating Eddie and him and D-Von hit some illegal offence on him. This carries on in the same pattern, and Eddie eventually has to hit a low blow when the referee is trying to control D-Von to slow down Bubba. Eddie quickly makes the tag to Booker T, and he quickly runs over and punches D-Von of the ring apron to stop Bubba from making the tag to him. Booker then drops an elbow on the back of Bubbas head. Booker then waits till Bubba is on his knees, and attempts a scissors kick but bubba moves out of the way and hits a hard neckbreaker instead. Both men are down and the ref begins the count, 1------2-------3------4------5-------6-----7 and Bubba gets to feet shortly followed by Booker. Bubba quickly makes the top to D-Von and Booker does the same. D-von takes Eddie out with a clothesline and then hits one on Booker, back drop on Eddie, and then one on Booker sending him to the outside! Bubba then comes in and they hit the 3-D on Eddie taking him out.
*The arena lights go out, and then a video is shown of Spike being held hostage by….
Tazz: Wow is that….is that Chavo?
Cole: OH MY GOD I think is
Tazz: What is he doing here aligned with Eddie and Booker? They don't get on
Chavo: Bubba, D-Von look who we have here *lifts spikes head up then drops it back down* If you want to see this little runt again you better lose this match, or spike gets it
Spike: Please do what he says, don't think he wont do it
Chavo: What the……
*Chavo gets attacked by a masked man and thrown through a glass window*
Masked Man: Did you really think I’d stand by and watch my baby brother get abused like this *Removes Mask*
Tazz: Wow that’s Big Dick Dudley
BDD: Yes that right Boys I’m back, and Eddie Booker last week you made the single biggest mistake of your life

*Lights go back on, and we see Eddie quickly rolling up Bubba 1-----2----and Bubba kicks out. Bubba carries on beating Eddie and then hits the Bubba Cutter and gets the 3 count*
Winners: Dudley Boys

*Bubba and D-Von celebrate and Big Dick and Spike run down. D-Von……..Get the tables D-Von goes under the ring and emerges with two tables. Big Dick goes outside and drags Booker back into the ring and they get attacked 4 on 2. D-Von sets up one table and places Eddie on it, and sets another table right on top of it with Booker T on it.
Tazz: This doesn’t look good right now.
Big Dick climbs to the top rope, and puts Spike on his shoulders, and Spike then jumps of and hits and elbow drop right through the tables, and Eddie and Booker. The Dudleys Boys then pick up Spike and the Tag Team titles and walk of the arena to a huge ovation from the crowd.*
Cole: Do you realize what we have just witnessed, Big Dick Dudley and D-Lo Brown are here on Smackdown?
Tazz: Not exactly the return though for Chavo was it, getting thrown through the glass window like that.
Cole: I bet he wishes he’d never heard of Big Dick Dudley now. We’ll be right back after the commercial break

*Commercial break*

*Footage is shown of what happened before the break and the Dudleys celebrating in the back ups*
Tazz: That was a great match no doubt about it, but we now have a great match guaranteed with Charlie Hass taking on Orlando Jordan in a non-title match, but that won’t mean anything and these guys will be there to simply beat the hell out of each other.
Cole: After last week no doubt both men are going to be fired up for this one.

*Orlando Jordans music hits and he walks down to the ring*
*Charlie Hass music hits and he comes down accompanied by Stacy Keibler*
Match Ending: Orlando Jordan has been in control most the match but has failed to put Hass away. He is getting frustrated now and is being to lose it. Hass uses this to his advantage and piles on the pressure and using a lot of high risk moves which he doesn’t normally do. This stuns Jordan and Hass gets a two count out of a moonsault. Hass then begins to weaken up Jordans knee and removes the pad from it and then stomps it down on the ground a few times then walks over it. Jordan struggles to get to his feet again but hits the Orlando Magic out of no where and only gets another two count though. Suddenly Matt Morgan runs down the ring and starts cheering on Hass!!! Hass gets back to his feet and hits a German suplex to win the match. He quickly runs off when he realizes Morgan was there. Morgan Climbs into the ring and hits the F5 on OJ. D-Lo Brown then runs out and makes the save on OJ taking Morgan out with a chair, then hitting the Lo-Down on him

Match Winner: Charlie Hass

Tazz: Well Morgan did warn Jordan before the match he wouldn’t be able to breath with him knowing it.
Cole: It was still another impressive victory for Hass though.
Tazz: I still can’t figure out why Jordan is being destroyed by Morgan, I mean Hass beat him.
Cole: Luckly D-Lo made the save though, I wonder why he's returned and made the save on OJ
Tazz: Who knows, they might be friends, but he did the right thing either way. Who knows what else Matt Moragn would have done.
Cole: Maybe so but he's a complex man. Backstage we have Christian waiting to be interviewed by Josh Matthews.

JM: Christian why did you do what you did last week?
Christian: Well I wasn’t getting the respect I deserve so frankly I had to send Teddy a message
JM: But why did you attack all three men?
Christian: Sure taking out the champ is impressive, BUT taking out the champ and his two opponents, well how much more impressive is that?
JM: How do you feel about your opponent John Cena?
Christian: What that rapper wanna be? Well Cena I have another rap tonight and this ones for you
Yo John Cena,
You can’t see me
The word on the street is
That the peepulator beat you
The champ aint you,
Cause I beat you
I'm gonna beat you again,
And then your going to look a fool
Cause that John Cena is how I roll.
Christian: How that that Josh?
JM: Well erm it was certainly entertaining
Christian: Damn straight it was, and Josh you look like an idiot.

Cole: Man that is an entertaining guy for sure, but there will only be one John Cena
Tazz: I don’t know he's getting better
Cole: I wouldn’t quite go that far, but he certainly couldn’t get worse.
Tazz: Well the fun and games are over now, we are going to see who the better man really is.
Cole: As far I can see this is the first time these two have ever met in the ring.

*Beniots music hits*
Tazz: What he isn’t in the match?
Beniot: Your right Tazz, but seeing as I am the WWE champ and lets face it these two guys are certainly contenders for the title, I wanted a first hand look at what I could be Facing
Cole: Fair enough, by the way Chris how do you feel about the match ending last week?
Beniot: To be honest I don’t really remember it, I mean did you see how hard Christian hit me with that hammer? My head still hurts now!

*John Cena walks out and cuts a freestyle rap on how he was screwed last week, and how Christian is going to lose tonight. He walks in the ring and Stares at Beniot until Christians music hits. Christian Walks down to the ring shaking hands with the fans and the fans are cheering him on*
Cole: Hang on a minute, there’s no referee in the ring
Tazz: What this isn’t right?
*Theodore Longs Music hits*
Teddy: Now Christian because of your actions last week no one wanted to be the referee so I had to appoint one myself. Now be aware this is the last option but you left me with no other choice. Let me introduce the special guest referee for tonight.
*HHH music hits*
Teddy: HHH, now Holla Holla Christian you brought it on yourself
Beniot: What, I don’t trust him, sorry fellas I'm going to have to sort this out myself *puts the headset down and patrols the ring*
*Christian and Cena stare at each in other in disbelieve*
Tazz: As our GM Teddy Long said no one would accept this match so he had to appoint HHH
Cole: Yeah I'm sure that no one was intimidated into declining the match by HHH as well…
Tazz: You underestimate the guy I'm sure he will call the match 50/50 I mean he hates both these guys.
*The match gets underway with a lockup between the two guys. Each of the guys are trying to out muscle each other but they are pretty evenly matched up, but Cena eventually backs Christian into the corner, and hits him with a few right hands before HHH forces him off. Cena stares at HHH but then gets back to work on Christian, but Christian blocks a lot of the offence and hits Cena Hard on his head a couple of time, and then gets a leg trip onto Cena knocking him down. Christian turns away to celebrate but gets kicked into the corner again. This shocks Christian and he goes back on the offence and stomps the life out of Cena. Cena responds by grabbing his let and pulling him down. Cena then locks in a modified leg lock and has Christian in pain, and after about 5 minutes of trying to get to the ropes Christian finally taps out.
Tazz: Well that has to hurt, he had a good match though
Cole: Hang on HHH hasn’t rang for the bell
Cena gets up and goes to hit HHH but Christian hits a low blow and attempts a roll up, 1-2-and Cena kicks out of a very quick count. Beniot is also furious that HHH is trying to screw Cena and climbs into the ring to confront him. Beniot and HHH square up to each other and Cena hits some hard shots onto Christian and then a hard suplex knocking him down. HHH then punches Beniot down, almost knocking him out
Cole: What that isn’t right?!
Tazz: He had no business being there anyway but why is HHH teaming with Christian now, I mean Christian screwed both these guys.
Christian and HHH double team Cena and Christian holds Cena while HHH hits Cena. Christian then goes for a cover, 1-2-and Cena again kicks out of a quick count. Beniot gets up and locks the crossface into HHH until he passes out through the pain. Cena hits the throwback on Christian then the 5 knuckle shuffle. Christian staggers to his feet, and gets hits with the FU. Cena covers and Beniot lifts HHH arm up and does the three count.
Match winner: John Cena

Tazz: What a match, I didn’t expect that as all
Cole: Beniot only did the right thing though in match and saved Cena.
Tazz: Well that’s it for this weeks Smackdown, see you next Thursday for Smackdown live from San Puerto

Also sorry about the Hass/OJ had to rush that to fit in the main event. Raw should be up a lot sooner than that delay. Expect a preview up later, followed by the show tomorrow

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that was my longest show yet, which is why it took so long. It had interviews promos etc and one short match which I couldnt do the full one because of time. Storylines are devoloping but as its the second show there not devolped fully yet. Next weeks will explain what im talking about


What will the next match in the tournament for the WHC? As of now we only know that Undertaker is through, but why did Kane come out for the save, and then why did Undertaker turn on him?
How will Rob Conway react after being tricked by Renee Dupree last week causing him to lose the match?
Victoria was also acting very strangely last week towards Trish what will she have to say about it, and how will Hassan and Davari react to last weeks lose, there first one
Also we are just two weeks away from WWE Vengeance so expect some more developments on that as more matches get announced.

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You have some good ideas.
However i feel some of the actions of some of the guys are a bit out of character.
For example, I cant picture Carlito asking for Morgan to be given a US title shot...he'd ask for himself to be given a title shot.
Also there are several errors..such as typos (also you have the same paragraph twice on Raw where king and cole talk about how bischoff just made the bra and panties match).
But you have a few good feuds building up.

So basically what Lethal_killa said..you have a good start, but theres room to be improved :)

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Your shows are good and have a lot of potential, just make them slightly longer, and space out the matches, though otherwise your shows are good and the storylines and rivalries are being built up nicely, keep up the good work, i look forward to reading future shows.
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