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basically what it is is another attempt to write back here in Wrestling Edge. many of you have seen my raw work before and now you will get to see me lay down the smack down. as I will be the writer for Smack down. Basically the roster are combined. and have chosen the best of the best from each show. for the titles what I have done was combine the titles and just choose one for each division. there is a World Heavyweight Title, a U.S Title, Tag Titles, Hardcore Title, and womens title.

Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Carlito Caribbean Cool
Rey mysterio
Kurt Angle
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Hass
La Resistance
Rene Dupree
Randy Orton
Dudley Boyz
Ric Flair
Eric Bischoff
Paul Heyman
Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Gail Kim
Molly Holly
Dawn Marie
Simon Dean
Gene Snitsky
Big show
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Kenzo Suzuki
last man selected will be a created wrestler by the name of Nick Malone.

my first will be up sometime next week. I am only doing this till the ECW has a role in wwe evolved. So here are the ppv scheduals.

January - New Years Revolution - Cow Palace, in San Francisco
Febuary - No way out - Alamo Dome, in San Antonio
March - Wrestlemania 21 - Micheal Jordan Center, Chicago
April - Legends of Wrestling - Penguin Dome, Pittsburgh
May - King of the Ring - T.d Water house center, Orlando
June - Summer Heat - Charlotte center, Charlotte
final Month July - One for the Ages - Madison Square Garden, New York City

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well there are many storylines that I could work with. the shows for there closings.

1. me and allcanadian did a show it only lasted like maybe 2 episodes tops before we went our different ways.

2. I joined up with heros to do version 1.0. he decided to quit on me

3. I made version 2.0 when heros left which was basically a run on from version 1.0 continueing that story. left it cause no one was reading

4. Oldskool decided to join version 2.0. I gave him the roster and made trades between the two of us. closed.

5. joined Legends of Wrestling and played the rock. deleted

6. made the whole eveolved thing and am still interested in coming back by bringing in ECW to the mix.

7. started this thread today. hopefully I will get some replys this time.

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Man, didnt know you went through all that but good luck with this.

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Smack down has made the following cuts. Smack down has released from it's roster the likes of Rene Dupree, Luther Reigns, Mohammed Hassan, Rico and Miss Jackie. we soley wish them the best of luck in the future.

here is the complete SD Roster divided into divisons

World Heavyweight Title
HHH - heel
Nick Malone - heel
Randy Orton face
JBL - heel
Eddie Guerrero - face
John Cena - face
Undertaker - face
Kane - heel
Kurt Angle - heel

U.S Title
Chris Jericho - face
Chris Benoit - face
Shelton Benajamin - face
RVD - face
Christian - heel
Carlito Caribbean Cool - heel
Charlie Hass - heel
Batista - heel

Tag Titles
Dudley Boyz - heel
La Resistance - heel
Latino Connection (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) - face
Hurricane and Tornado - face

Womens Title
Trish Stratus - heel
Gail Kim - heel
Molly Holly - heel
Dawn Marie - heel
Torrie Wilson - face
Victoria - face
Lita - face
Destiny - face

Hardcore Title
Gene Snitsky - heel
Chavo Guerrero - face
Maven - face
Tajiri - face
Kenzo Suzuki - heel
Simon Dean - heel

Smackdown Announcers
Jim Ross - face
Jerry the King Lawler - twenner

Paul Heyman - heel (manages The Dudleyz and Gene Snitsky: Team Heyman)
Fifi the poodle - dog (manages Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier: La Resistance)
Ric Flair - heel (manages HHH)
Hiroko - heel (manages Kenzo Suzuki)

Tony Chimel
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