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Andre The Battle Memorial Battle Royale
Braun Strowman wins

Cruiserweight Championship
Tony Nese def. Buddy Murphy ©

Women’s Battle Royale
Asuka wins

Raw Tag Team Championship
Hawkins/Ryder def. Revival ©

Falls Count Anywhere
Miz def. Shane McMahon
-An all out brawl between Shane McMahon and The Miz that goes around the stadium. In the end Shane goes coast to coast and almost has the match won when Miz's father pulls him off of the Miz. Shane clotheslines Mizdad to the ground and starts beating him when the Miz drops him with a skull crushing finale. Miz pins him for the win.

Fatal Four-Way Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Usos © def. Ricochet/Black, The Bar, Rusev/Nakamura

Farewell Match
Kurt Angle def. Baron Corbin

-Baron Corbin came down for his match, but before he could wrestle Angle John Cena arrives. Angle and Cena take Corbin out and after an Olympic Slam Kurt covers Corbin. Afterwards, Cena and Kurt agree to a match.

Farwell Match Part II
Kurt Angle def. John Cena

-A hard fought contest between two of the greatest in the business. Big match John comes close to putting Angle out, but the Olympic Hero makes a comeback. In the end Angle slaps an Ankle lock on John, forcing him to tap.

Fatal Four-Way Women’s Tag Team Championship
Banks/Bayley © def. Iconics, Natalya/Pheonix, Jax/Snuka

United States Championship
Samoa Joe © def. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Intercontinental Championship
Demon Finn Balor def. Bobby Lashley ©

No Hold Barred Match - Triple H’s Career on the Line
Batista def. Triple H
-A bloody encounter between Triple H and Batista finds the Animal coming out on top. Triple H's career in WWE not only as a wrestler but also the COO is over.

AJ Styles def. Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre def. Roman Reigns

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesner © w. Paul Heyman

-After being decimated for the majority of the match, Seth Rollins makes a huge comeback and drops Brock with the Stomp.

WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan © def. Kofi Kingston

-With the help of Harper, Rowan, and the returning Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan defeats Kofi Kingston with a LeBelle Lock. Kofi passes out and can’t tap out.

Winner Take All Women’s Championship
Becky Lynch def. Ronda Rousey © and Charlotte Flair ©

-Becky picks up the win by making Ronda tap out to the Dis-arm-her while Charlotte is left on the outside of the ring.

WWE Backstory
As the company is looking to build on the momentum of Wrestlemania and prepare for their move to FOX in the fall, many changes start to take with the fallout out on Monday Night RAW.
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