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Welcome everyone to my BTB here are rosters and details on my BTB

- THE ROCK & JOHN CENA Feud is still continuing and there epic match will come together at Wm 28
- This is not a fantasy or dream, its realistic things that would happen and me booking it.

Raw Will Be Posted By Tuesday 9 PM
Smackdown Will Be Posted By Friday By 9 PM
PPVS Will Be Posted Sundays @ Exactly 8 PM

WWE Champion: The Miz
United States Champion: Evan Bourne
Divas Champion: Beth Pheonix

World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio
Intercontintal Champion: Sin Cara
Crusiweight Championship: Shannon Moore

John Cena
Chris Jericho
Big Show
Jack Swagger
Kelly Kelly
Chris Masters
Drew McIntyre
Curt Hawkins
Kofi Kingston
Tyler Reks
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Evan Bourne
Eve Torres
Gail Kim
Husky Harris
Jerry Lawler
John Morrison
Mason Ryan
Michael McGillicutty
Justin Roberts
Michael Cole
Michael Tarver
Santino Marella
Scott Stanford
Skip Sheffield
The Miz
Triple H
Vickie Guerrero
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder
Mr. McMahon

Daniel Bryan
Cm Punk
Cody Rhodes
Randy Orton
Mark Henry
Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio
Sin Cara
The Great Khali
Ranjin Singh
Jimmy Uso
Alicia Fox
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Jey Uso
Ted DiBiase
Tyson Kidd
Alex Riley
Booker T
Brodus Clay
Chavo Guerrero
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Korpela
Josh Matthews
Justin Gabriel
Matt Striker
Michelle McCool
Ricardo Rodriguez
Rosa Mendes
Teddy Long
Todd Grisham
Tony Chimel
Trent Baretta
The Undertaker
Wade Barrett

Royal Rumble - June 5th 2011 From Toronto Ontario Canada (FINISHED)
Elimination Chamber- Live From Detroit Michigan July 10th 2011 (FINISHED)
WrestleMania XXVIII From Miami Florida August 28th 2011
Backlash Live From Atlanta Georgia September 25th 2011
Over the Limit Live From St Louis October 23rd 2011
Rebbelion Live From London England November 13th 2011
??? Live From Las Vegas Neveda December 11th 2011
SummerSlam Live From New York, City
Unforgiven Live From San Francisca CA
King Of The Ring Live From Chicago Ilinois
No Mercy Live From Houston Texas
Survivor Series Live From LA
Armageddon Live From Vancouver Canada
Royal Rumble Live From ???
Elimination Chamber Live From ???
WrestleMania XXIX Live From ???

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Re: WWE 2012: The Era Greatness returns

Decent roster but no tag belts with a roster that big

Think that should be addressed but otherwise I will be looking forward to this

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Decent roster but no tag belts with a roster that big

Think that should be addressed but otherwise I will be looking forward to this
Sorry forgot to add them, yeah stay tuned man its gonna be a hell of a ride.


MAY 2nd 2011​

This Monday, There will be huge ramifications made for the Miz For a holding the championship for over a year, what is in store for this great wwe champion. The Road to wrestlemania is approaching greatly and with the royal rumble just a few weeks away. What will happen, who will face the miz for the greatest prisze in WWE History at the Rumble. Most Awaited Triple H Returns To RAW After a long abscence to give a speech regarding his future. Also Dont Forget The Main Event made from Last Week A Fatal 4 Way Elimination #1 Contenders Match with the competitors being revealed on RAW. May 2nd will be huge and dont forget about John Cena, with his epic bout with the Rock approaching what will he have in store. TUNE IN MONDAY FOR A HUGE RAW. The Road will be paved for WrestleMania In Miami.

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* SORRY DIDNT MAKE IT TOO LONG, THIS WEEK DUE TO BEING BUSY, but will start making it longer soon

Monday Night Raw May 2nd 2011 Live From Nashville Tennessee
• Raw Video Intro

Fireworks are busted in the Bridgestone arena. The fans are on their feet as The Miz’s Music Hits.
Opening Promo
- The Miz is making his way down to the ring as the fans in the Bridgestone arena are giving him a mixed reaction
The Miz Grabs the Microphone….
The Miz: What a way to start Monday Night Raw, with one of the greatest champions in history. This championship I hold means the world to me and it will never be taken away from me. The road to WrestleMania 28 is on the horizon and I will definitely be headlining WrestleMania once again. Last year when I said this exact same words all of you thought I wouldn’t, John Cena said I wouldn’t, none of you thought I would actually make it this long as champion but you can hate me all you want, I don’t give two shits about anything you fans say. Now onto the Royal Rumble, in just a few weeks I have to defend my championship once again and now I have to wait for who the #1 Contender is. This is unacceptable I should not have to defend my championship at the Royal Rumble. I should be able to watch the Royal Rumble in pleasure waiting for the epic royal rumble match to begin and watch to see if I will face that winner at WrestleMania. That’s why I am not going to compete at the Royal Rumble.
*Miz Tries to leave the ring but the Anonymous General Manager Buzzes in

- Josh Matthews tells Jerry Lawler and JR he will read the message he reads it “Miz, there is no chance in hell you are not defending that championship at the Royal Rumble. This is the Raw Brand and I am going to make it awesome just like you say it. That’s why tonight live on Raw, we will be having a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match with the winner facing you at the event. It will be The Big Show Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Kane Vs Kofi Kingston.

- The Miz: This is not possible, its not fair, why am I going to listen to a computer. If you think your all that Mr. Anonymous General Manager why don’t you tell me who you are This bullshit has gone long enough. (THE MIZ WAITS FOR A REPLY)

- A Reply comes in and Josh reads “Miz…Miz… Miz you would be the last one I would listen to but in a very short time I will reveal myself and become the true general manager of RAW, and once everyone knows me, they will indeed respect me oh yeah and I totally forgot tonight you will face Zach Ryder in a Champion Vs Champion Match”

- THE MIZ IS IN TOTAL SHOCK as he is pissed and walks out of the ring.

• Hype: Smackdown Plug in for Friday Night is shown “ What will happen this Friday Night After Alberto Del Rio Distracted Rey From Competing in his match against sheamus”


• Commenators:
Jery Lawler: WOW, The Miz has finally been shut up
Jim Ross: Don’t think that for long King, because the miz will never shut up I know it for sure
Jerry Lawler; Well at least we will see a WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble and im really excited tonight for…the return of the Game Triple H
Josh Matthews; Triple H will address the audience on the future of his career in the wwe
Jim Ross: Last we saw triple h was the Night after WrestleMania last year, when he made it clear that he would be waiting for the Undertaker.
Jerry Lawler; The Undertaker has not shown up once since
Josh Matthews: Well tonight we will see time to get back to some action

Match 1: Drew McIntyre Vs John Morrison
• Drew Enters first followed by John Morrison

The Bell rings as the match starts
• Morrison and Drew stand face to face as they lock up together as drew grabs Morrison and irish whips him towards the ropes and goes for a hard clostline as Morrison jumps over him and puts him in a headlock. John getsDrew onto the ground and still has him in that headlock as drew gets out of it and lays a right hand into the face of Morrison. Morrison is recouprating. Drew takes Morrison and throws him out of the ring and gets his strength back. Drew leaves the ring grabs Morrison and throws him into the steel steps and screams with aggression. Drew throws him back into the ring as morrrison kicks drew. Drew is still outside while Morrison is in the ring. Morrison runs over the ropes and hits a body flip splash right onto drew. The ref starts counting 1…..2……3…..4….5….6…..Both get up and quickly get in as Drew Finally nails a clostline as he hits the pin 1…kick out…he hits another one 1…..Kick out again. Drew is already tired, Morrison as well. The two get up onto their feet as Drew nails a big boot into thehead of Morrison as he goes for the pin again 1……2……Kickout. The fans are going ballistic. Morrison gets up and nails a few kicks into the ribs off Mcintyre but Mcintyre counters with a quick out of nowhere DDT. He goes for the pin but he cant as Morrison springs up and hits a hard kick into the face of Drew. He grabs drew throws him into the turn buckle back down onto the floor and goes for the starship pain followed by the pin 1………………………………….2……………….3
• MORRISON Glady gets up as Drew is still down on the ground, Morrison makes his way to the back

Todd Grisham: I am here with the one and only Chris Jericho. Chris, how are you doing?
Chris Jericho: I am doing fine Todd, why would you ask such a horrendous question. Do I look hurt?
Todd Grisham: I was just asking; well tell me your thoughts on the Royal Rumble
Chris Jericho: I have no thoughts. I have already been confirmed a spot and I am making it clear right now no matter what I will be headlining WrestleMania, even if it’s for the WWE Championship or The World Heavyweight Championship. I don’t care who the champion is. All I care about being champion and that will be
• JOHN MORISON WALKS IN ( Sweaty and tired after his match)
John Morrison: Chris, you’re not the only who got a confirmed spot in the Rumble, I have one as well and guess what I plan on headlining Mania too
Chris Jericho: You jealatnus tapeworm, you’re just a kid. You will never headline WrestleMania you stupid spot monkey. You are a circus animal, that’s all you are good for…
John Morrison: ahahah, circus animal that’s a new one I’ve heard. Well this Circus animal is going to kick your ass and headline WrestleMania..

• A Royal Rumble Live On Pay Per View June 5th 2011 Video is shown ( LIVE FROM TORONTO CANADA)

Match 2
Kelly Kelly & Beth Pheonix Vs Kharma & Melina
Kelly & Beth come out together and Melina comes out by herself. There is no sign of Kharma.
The Match Starts
Kelly and Melina start off as they lock up and Melina kicks Kelly straight in the chest followed by a DDT. Kharma runs down and attacks Beth from behind and slams her onto the floor. Melina stares as out of nowhere Kelly grabs Melina for the pin 1………………..2…………………………3
WINNER Kelly Kelly & Beth Pheonix
• KHARMA runs into the ring and attacks both Melina and Kelly. She slams both of them onto the canvas as she screams over them. She taunts and makes her way to the back

- Commenattors
Josh Matthews: That was just insane, who will ever stop Kharma
Jerry Lawler: I don’t think anyone would could stop her, shes huge and it looks like she wants kelly’s Divas Championship
Jim Ross: The Championship, is great now and what will happen to the Divas now
Jerry Lawler: Like we say anything happens in rhe World Wrestling Entertainment
Jim Ross: Speaking off championships, one of the biggest champions ever John Cena, hes coming out next
Jerry Lawler: Indeed JR, this is gonna be great because the biggest match of the decade is coming up next it’s going to be a hell of a match at WrestleMania. John Cena Vs The Rock.

In Ring:
• John Cena comes out to a huge boo but still a lot of cheers from the Nashville Fans.
Cena Grabs a Microphone

John Cena: Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!! Tennessee…are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Wrestlemania is just around the corner and guess what will happen. The Rock and I will go down in the Sun Life Stadium and we will put on a match you will never forget. The Rock hasnt been here every week. I have. I come here to entertain you; he comes here once In a blue moon to make you guys happy. I was even surprised he accepted my match offer. The Rock does sure have guts to return but at WrestleMania I’m going to do whatever the hell I want to finish him off. It’s going to be a great night August 21st.
John Cena: Fooled you guys, the rock isn’t even in the same state as us, and I don’t think he’s in the country. He’s busy doing stuff for his latest movie fast five. Speaking of 5, I have a 5 fingered something for the rock “YOU CANT SEE ME” (CENA’s MUSIC HITS AND LEAVES)

• A WrestleMania Promo is shown *Week 1 Superstars talk about the importance of this event*

Match 3
Vladmir Kozlov, Santino, Evan Bourne Vs Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins & David Hart Smith
The Match Starts
Vladmir Kozlov and Curt Hawkins are in first as kozlov starts lauging as curt goes in for a lock but kozlov kicks curt right into the gut as he throws him into the turnbuckle followed by a tag to Evan Bourne. Bourne gets up onto the top rope and hits a crossbody straight onto curt but curt covers with a hold and slam. Curt tags in david hart smith. Smith grabs bourne and nails a ddt and hits the pin 1….2…kick out. Hart smith goes onto the rope and nails a straight splash onto bourne hits the pin again 1…2……….kick out. David Hart Smith gets up and drags Bourne to his tag partners and they all take shots at him and he tags in Curt Hawkins back and Hawkins goes for a leg kick, bourne ducks and out comes santino. Santino goes for the cobra but misses as Curt spears him outside the ring. Santino counters and Curt holds on as santino hits a cobra followed by the pin 1………….2…………………….Tyler Reks breaks it as Santino tags bourne back in and santino and kozlov jump onto Reks & Smith as Bourne goes onto the top rope and hits a airbourne on Hawkins followed by the pin 1…………..2……………3
• The 3 celebrate, they have a hell of a celebration as they do the tumpets and bourne does a flip from the top rope.

• A video that says He Seeks Revenge, He Seeks Retribution, He Seeks Nexus, SKIP SHEFFIELD RETURNS SOON!

Todd Grisham: I am here with Zach Ryder, Ryder are you ready for your match momentarily with The Miz
Zach Ryder: Hell yeah I am, I am ready for anything its gonna be time for a woo woo woo war between me and that Cleveland knockoff. Its gonna be a great night in Nashville and very soon I’ll be to the top even become WWE Champion. Currently I am United States Champion but very shortly I will take what Miz Has
Todd Grisham: Thank You Zach and good luck

Match 4
Zach Ryder Vs The Miz Champion Vs Champion Match
The Match Starts
Zach Ryder grabs miz but miz quickly runs out of the ring and stares at Zach. The Miz comes in as Zach waits for him to get up as they lock up again and zach throws Miz onto the ground and then lays a couple good punches on him as Zach taunts with fans and miz out of nowhere takes Ryder into the post as Zach is down and Miz taunt backs as Miz is smack talking Ruder and then hits him a few woo slaps as Ruder counters with a body splash standing up as Miz is down. Miz gets up as Ryder is turned around kicks him in the gut and nails the Skull Crushing Finale and hits the pin 1…………….2……………..3
Todd Grisham: Big Show, did you see that The Miz just won his match dominantly and now do you think you have what I takes to win your match tonight
Big Show: I’ve had enough of The Miz, he is disgracing that WWE championship. Tonight I’m taking whats rightfully mine. The #1 Contendership comes to me and at The Rumble that title is mine.
Todd Grisham: Well Good Luck Show and I hope you do win

Dolph Ziggler: He will certainly not win because its me, who will beat the shit out all 3 of them and then my dreams of main eventing mainia will be even closer
Big Show: * GIGGLES* and leaves

• A Commercial is shown for Smackdown Once Again

Main Event
Big Show Vs Kane Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler #1 Contender Elimination Match

The Match Starts
Kane locks up with Kofi. Big show quickly goes for ziggler as they are both fighting their own separate ways. Ziggler gets the upper hand on big show with a sleeper as big show is trying to reverse as he does and pulls ziggler straight into the ropes and nails a couple hard slaps onto the chest. Kane and Kofi are fighting outside of the ring. Kofi is beating the hell out of kane. Kofi runs back into the ring and goes onto the top rope as Kane is outside and jumps straight onto kane but kane catches him by the neck and boom chokeslam 1…………….2…………………..NO WAY KOFI KICKED OUT, kane is pissed he grabs a chair and he tries to hit Kofi, Kofi ducks hits the trouble and paradise and kane connects with the chair and hits the pin 1……………2………….3…KANE IS ELIMINATED, SHOW AND ZIGGLER are still beating the hell out of each other as Kane goes ballistic he starts throwing things around, he kicks kofi a couple times as SHOW And Ziggler just watch as Kofi is out cold. Ziegler squirms out to where kofi is hits the pin 1………….2………………3, KOFI IS ELIMINATED, DOLPH TURNS AROUND AND BOOM KNOCKOUT PUNCH FROM BIG SHOW, SHOW HITS THE PIN 1…………….2…………..3
WINNER AND #1 Contender The Big Show

Jerry Lawler: No Way, The Big Show is now the #1 Contender, Miz and show have a lot of history JR
JR: Yes they do but come the rumble who will leave out the wwe champion
Josh Matthews: Up next is what we’ve been waiting for the RETURN OF TRIPLE H lets take a look at this video


• Triple H’s Music hits, no one comes out but out of nowhere HBK’s Music Comes in and SHAWN MICHEALS COMES OUT THE FANS ARE GOING BALISTIC
Shawn Micheals: All of you were expecting my best friend Triple H, Hunter isn’t in the best shape anymore, he has gone through a lot of brutal things in his career. Triple H has had a difficult couple months, all he thinks about now is a match with The Undertaker, The same obsession I had, I keep warning him to take it easy or he’ll end up like me. BUT I ACTUALLY DO THINK IF HUNTER IS GIVEN ONE MORE CHANCE HE WILL END THE STREAK1!!

Kane: AHAHHAHAHMUAHAHHA, you think your friend can beat my brother. Shawn you didn’t beat him, I didn’t beat him what makes you think he will. I’ve had enough of the broken bones of DX wanting to face the Undertaker, I want the deadman at WrestleMania, Triple H Will Not Even Get within 10 feet of him.

Shawn: Kane, if you are triple h get the shot at facing him It will be your third time and what makes you think you can win.

Kane: He retired you didn’t he, so it makes me know that I can retire him.
Shawn: Kane you lost twice to him easily at least I was closer


Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28​

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show​

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* I Understand now about double posting but is it alright to seperate RAW & Smackdown Posts?

Smackdown Preview​

May 6th 2011​

This Friday, Smackdown is time to get serious as the Royal Rumble is Approaching. With the fallout of Alberto Del Rio Attacking Rey Mysterio Last Week during his match with sheamus, what will happen to these two mexican atheletes. Smackdown is in for a bumpy ride, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barett, Cody Rhodes also find out what is in there faith and GM Teddy Long has a couple annoncements for the Royal Rumble. Which Men Will Head To Toronto to comepete in that Unprecdented Royal Rumble Match to earn them selves a shot at WrestleMania XXVIII

Tuesday News:
2 Huge Main Events Made For Monday Night Raw

John Morrison Vs John Cena
The Miz & Suprise Partner Vs The Big Show & Suprise Partner

Also The Fallout From What Happened Between Shawn Micheals/Kane.

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* The matches this week are a bit short, due to being a bit tired from my friday night.

Friday Night Smackdown Live From Memphis Tennessee May 6th 2011

-Smackdown Opens With A Video From Last Week Del Rio Interrupting Rey Mysterio’s Match with Rey running after Del Rio, Rey Gets Counted Out and Sheamus Wins!

The Show Booms off to some blue fireworks as the fans are screaming their heads off, Theodore Long’s Music Hits and he makes his way down to the ring
Theodore Long: Memphis Tennesee are you ready for some old school smackdown in the hood. Tonight we will have a great show as always but we need to get started on the road to Wrestlemania. As you all know the royal rumble is just a couple weeks away and Smackdown Needs a Main Event, A The TLC PPV Rey Mysterio was screwed once again by Alberto Del Rio as Rio cuffed rey to the ring posts and climbed the ladder and once again last week, Therfore Alberto I am making this official at The Royal Rumble it Will Be Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio for The World Heavyweight Championship and I forgot to mention if Alberto gets counted out or DQed he will lose the championship but to make it fair it will be mysterios last championship shot if he loses. As for Tonight Sheamus Will Face Rey Mysterio once again and if anyone interferes they will be removed of any activity they have at the Rumble, same goes for Del Rio.

CM PUNK’s Music hits and makes his way down to the ring

Cm Punk: What is this bullshit, I deserve a world championship opportunity not this Masked lucha idiot. I actually won my match last week unlike him.

Theodore Long: I’ve had enough of everyone asking for title shots, well if you want to prove yourself and move up the ladder he will be facing someone tonight.

Cm Punk: Whoever I face I will beat them, it’s the reason why I am Cm Punk and I will be closer to being World Heavyweight Champion

Theodore Long: Well, Punk you know this person very well. You have a bit of history with him and he is…………..THE VIPER RANDY ORTON AND THAT MATCH IS NEXT
- ORTONS Music Hits and he makes his way down and Theodore exits

Micheal Cole: Well fans welcome to Smackdown and we are about to have a great of a deal match right now
Matt Striker: yes Cole, we are but tonight we have more as there will be a deal of great matches, lets starts the show.

Match 1
Cm Punk vs Randy Orton
The Match starts, The two begin to headlock but punk lets go and runs out of the ring and taunts orton, He comes back in they lock again and punk kicks orton straight into the gut as he slaps him a couple times in the head. He runs against the ropes and hits a clostline with a bit of a kick to it as he quickly goes for the pin 1………ORTON KICKS OUT. Orton gets up and he stares at punk as he grabs punk as punk laughs as he hits another kick straight into the head of orton and goes for the pin again 1…………….2………………..KICKKKKK OUT. Punk is pissed as he is wanting to end this quick as possible he goes onto the top rope and he waits for orton to get up he jumps and no way cross body out of nowhere and orton then taunts and does his usual taunts as he waits for punk to get up to hit the rko but punk pushes him and runs out of the ring again and orton follows. They are exchanging a bit of punches outside of the ring as Punk gains the advantage and throws him straight into the announcer area as Punk grabs a chair trying to hit Orton but the Ref Grabs The Chair as Punk Argues with the Ref then grabs orton again hits him into the ring post followed by a throw in into the ring. Punk Laughs again as he goes onto the top rope and he hits a leg drop followed by the pin 1…………………………2………..NO WAY KICK OUT. Orton gets up as punk is going crazy as orton uppercuts punk and throws him into the turn buckle as punk kicks orton in the gut as punk is behind the ropes and tries to hit a leapfrog. Orton Kicks him in the gut as he does his DDT FROM THE ROPES as The Crowd is going crazy as he taunts for the RKO but no way punk reverses and goes for the GTS no way ANOTHER REVERESEL AS THE RKO HITS OUT OF NOWHERE. Orton hits the pin 1……………………2………………………3

- ORTON Celebrates as punk is just down, Orton makes his way down to the back and Punk stays into the ring as we go to commercial

- ROYAL RUMBLE 2011 Live From June 5th 2011 Promo Is Shown

Backstage Interview
Rey Mysterio is there having a interview with Todd Grisham as Ricardo Rodriguez Intterups
Rey Mysterio; What do you want Ricardo
Ricardo: *Laughs* I’m here to send you a message from the World Heavyweight Champion Alberto DELLLLLLLL RIOOOOOOOO!!, Tonight Alberto has a special Presentation for you its called Rey Mysterio: The Past, The Present, The Future

Rey Mysterio: Oh well send this message to your boss
Matt Striker: What a match we just witnessed Cole, Orton is definitely on his way to win the Royal Rumble as we’ve got it Confirmed as Orton & Punk Are Confirmed To Be In The Royal Rumble Match
Micheal Cole: What great news, but Tonight We witness my man, ALBERTO DEL RIO deliver a great presentation on Rey Mysterio Called The Past, The Present, The Future.
Matt Striker: What in hell does that mean, What will del rio do, Stay Tuned as Tonight Answers to your Questions will come
Micheal: Lets get back to the action

Match 2
Alicia Fox Vs Layla
The Match Starts and the two are on their feet throwing each other back and fourth but Layla gets the upper hand a nails a ddt followed by the pin 1….2…as A Blonde in a mask comes out and she distracts the referee and Fox gets up and nails a head kick into Layla as the ref turns around and hits the pin 1…………………2…………..3

• THE BLONDE MASKED WOMEN Walks away as Alicia Fox and Layla both stare at her as the Cameras head to commercial

• A RAW Rebound is shown, showing what happened between Kane/Shawn Micheals, & The Big Show Winning his match and becoming #1 Contender.

Todd Grisham: I’m here with Alex Rilley, tonight Alex you have a match a 4 man battle royal over the top rope competiton as the winner receives a gurnteed shot and spot in the 2012 Royal Rumble Match.
Alex Rilley: I will be winning that and Todd, can you imagine me headlining WrestleMania, it can be against Alberto Del Rio, It Can Be Against Rey Mysterio and OH yes im not forgetting my Former Boss: THE MIZ, Anything can happen and my decisions of my future will be made shortly
Todd Grisham: Thanks Alex good luck tonight
• ALEX Walks Out As WWE Diva Consultant Tiffanny walks into the Backstage area and tells Todd, shes making an Annoncement
Tiffany: Tonight, in our divas match, one of our divas interfered into the Fox/Layla match, we would like to say that we had no part in this as she did it on free will. Now speaking of the Divas. At the rumble we will be having a divas championship rumble royal, it will have 10 Divas and will work as the same format as the Rumble but for the first time ever it will be for a championship.
- OUT OF NOWHERE The same women blonde with a mask comes and grabs tiffany and throws her onto the ground she takes off her mask as she throws it on the ground as she quickly turns around before we see her face and walks away.


Wade Barettt: You think your booing, makes me mad. It doesn’t. I am wade barett. I’m a former bareknuckle fighter and I can easily knock each one of you out. Time to get to business and it is that The Royal Rumble is just a few weeks away and as you remember last year Alberto Del Rio said Winning the rumble was his destiny but to me its MY BIRTH RIGHT. I Will win the 2012 Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania 28 in Miami.
• THE FANS CHANT WHAT!!! Throughout his speech

Wade Barett: Whatt!!! You like chanting What, Well you will be saying that when I shock the world and win the 2012 Royal Rumble
Daniel Bryan: Wade your just a joke, you think and dream to win the rumble well you wont because all you care about is yourself. An Example is nexus, you used everyone in it to elevate yourself to the top and you kept trying to make yourself a big player in this company but that’s not going to work anymore
Wade Barett; Excuse Me Bryan, It wasn’t I the one who was fired for chocking someone with a tie, EH? And you were kicked out of nexus because you were weak.
Bryan: I paid for mistakes Barett, I left nexus before that, you know it deep down barett
Wade Barett: Your out here calling me a joke but the real joke is on you as you wont even make it to The Royal Rumble
Daniel Bryan: Well lets test that Next Week Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barett…
Wade Barett: If you’re a man, you would put that IC Title on the Line
Daniel Bryan: YOUR ON!!!, They stare in the ring as Barett Laughs


Match 3
Sin Cara Vs Tyson Kid
• Im making this quick because I’ve been busy this week so I want to finish the matches quick

Winner Sin Cara @ 8:41
• Sin Care Celebrates as he heads to the back

Todd Grisham: I’m here with Cody Rhodes, Cody what are your thoughts on tonight and the future
Cody Rhodes: I’m offended that I’m not involved on this Show, but that wont be for long because at The Royal Rumble I will win it. ITS NOT MY DESTINY, ITS NOT MY BIRTH RIGHT ITS JUST A FACT that I will win it and become the world champion in just time
Todd Grisham: Well I understand what your saying but do you think you can actually outcome 29 other superstars

Cody Rhodes: Todd, Shut the hell up do you know I am. My families legacy is larger in age then how old you are, you weren’t even born. Its gonna be true as a fact when I win and all these fans will finally give the respect I deserve.
Cm Punk Walks In
Cm Punk: Cody, I get what your saying but you saw what Orton has been doing lately he actually thinks he’s gonna win and im going to stop him but as for the rumble its my time to win
Cody Rhodes: Orton is a weak, he’s not on my level, he has no chance to actually make it to the Royal Rumble
Cm Punk: Cody, weren’t you one of his bitches a couple years ago in legacy.

• A video that says He Seeks Revenge, He Seeks Retribution, He Seeks Nexus, SKIP SHEFFIELD RETURNS SOON!

Match 4 Alex Rilley Vs Ted Dibase Vs Yoshi Tatsu Vs Chavo Gurrero 4 Man Over The Tope Battle Royal Winner Recieves a Gurrented Rumble Spot
The match starts
Alex Rilley grabs yoshi tatsu and begins to try to throw him off the ropes as Chavo tries to throw both of them off. Dibase is just watching as Yoshi Reverses Riley and he grabs riley and nails him with a leg kick straight into the head as ted dibase comes out of nowhere and nails a dreamstreet on Tatsu as Chavo Throws out dibase but dibase holds and suplexes Chavo out.. CHAVO IS ELIMINATED
Alex Riley is trying to recouperate as Ted Dibase and Yoshi are just exchanging blows the two are on the ropes as both of them fall to the ground. DIBASE AND TATSU ARE ELIMINATED

Mark Henry Busts Into Teddy Longs Office
Teddy Long: Whats The Problem Mark
Mark Henry: I am outraged Teddy, I have to compete in a Qualifying Match, what is this to be in the royal rumble. I have been in this company for years and this is what I get
Teddy Long: Mark, its not my choice but since I granted spots to some superstars only I WILL LET YOU Get a spot in the rumble match…but you know who you were suppose to face tonight…………………….

Micheal Cole: What the hell was that, What is Teddy talking about
Matt Striker: We don’t know cole but we will find out…I thin
Micheal Cole: Its Time For Our Main EvenT lets get ready to shine.
Main Event
Rey Mysterio Vs Sheamus
The Match Starts
Rey Mysterio grabs sheamus and throws him but Sheamus doesn’t go into the ropes as he kicks rey right into the head and laughs and taunts. Rey gets up and gets under sheamus’s legs and hits the pin right away 1……………………………….2…………………………..3
• Sheamus is shocked he starts to tear up as Rey Celebrates and leaves
Sheamus leaves the ring

• A WrestleMania 28 Promo Is Shown Again

- A Mariachi Band is playing as Rodriguez introduces Del Rio

- Alberto Del Rio Comes Out In A Range Rover painted gold with his face on it and he drives it on the ramp all the way to the bottom The Ring has a gold carpet and tables with rey mysterio masks and posters every where
ALBERTO Del Rio: Welcome to Rey Mysterios: The Past, The Presents, The Future hosted by me Alberto Del Rio, Lets take a look at Rey Mysterios Past First
• A Video is shown of rey mysterio’s past in the WWE as it shown rey winning some matches then fades into his dark memories off saying I QUIT

Del Rio: Oh look we have found a quitter, Rey Mysterio is a true quitter he has no determination. * THE MARIACHI BAND PLAYS AGAIN*

Del Rio: NOW FOR THE PRESENT, Speaking off the present, rey I have a present for you come out here
• REY COMES OUT AND REY starts to laugh
Alberto: here’s your present and your future
• Alberto is about to hit rey but rey counters but Ricardo grabs a instrument and hits rey in the head. Alberto beats the hell out of rey as NO WAY CHRISTIAN RUNS DOWN AND IS ABOUT TO HELP HIM BUT MARK HENRYYYY NOW WAYYYY FOLLOWS HIM AND THROWS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS.. SMACKDOWN GOES OF THE AIR AS Christian and Rey Are Getting beat down by Henry And Del Rio.

Matches Next Week Announced
Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barett Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian Vs Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio Vs Mark Henry

Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship: 10 Diva Rumble Match

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: There Will Be No Shows For Raw May 23rd and Smackdown May 27th because i will be on vacation in Dominican Republic. Therfore instead of 4 weeks till the rumble there are 3.


MAY 9th 2011 2011​

San Fransico, is the next stop on the Road to WrestleMania 28, We are about 3 weeks away from the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View and California is going to be hotter then ever as new chapters will be Written. What is in store for the Miz now as The Big Show is his next opponent, On Raw They have a huge tag team match and dont forget a huge main event between John Cena And John Morrison, what more can you ask for. John Cena also awaits The Rock to make his return to Monday Nights To Fire up there match at WrestleMania, WILL THE ROCK APPEAR BE IN THE BAY AREA. Finnally The Confrontation Between HBK/ Kane what will happen,RAW WILL BE EPIC, AINT NO GRAVE CAN HOLD US DOWN!

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Sorry For Delay :)! and making match results shorter. Will be making matches longer for PPVS and once summer starts

Monday Night Raw Live From San Fransisco CA, May 9th 2011

- John Cena’s Music Hits as the fans are giving him mixed reactions once again.

John Cena: San Fran!!!, I’m back to start up this road to WrestleMania. Get ready for a bumpy ride because the chaingang will be back very soon. Well I’m here guys not to talk about tonight but tonight is always the option but my match in about 3 months with The Great One, you guys call The Rock. The Rock hasn’t been here for weeks. Come August 21st, I take him down in his town Miami. The Miami fans can hate me all they want but I will get the job done. Finnaly, Rock whenever you want to pop in or if its via satellite you can because I will be here and ready for a fight. If You want some come get some oh wait for you VIA Sattelite. * CENA LAUGHS*
John Cena: Now, as I promised the match we would have at WM would be for The WWE Championship, That Championship will be mine very soon because if I do win the Royal Rumble I will be the first person to Double Main Event WrestleMania, Wrestle Mania XXVIII will be the night I turn into a legend….
- Morrison’s Music Hits and he makes his way down to the ring

John Morrison: John Cena, you have just witnessed the Arrival of the Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. The fans don’t want to see as you see there booing you. There not booing me and don’t forget our Match tonight because I will be bringing you some. Why talk about the future with the Rock, Talk about the present with me. You and me tonight as it was announced, were gonna give these fans what they want. AND Speaking of the Royal Rumble it will be my time to shine, look what I did last year its gonna be twice as better and I will win the rumble this year.
John Cena: Morrison, I agree with you kid me will give these fans what they want but The 2012 Royal Rumble Winner Will Be…..

Chris Jericho: I thank you Cena, for introducing me as the 2012 Rumble Winner. I Will be winning it and John Morrison the Spot Monkey Knows It. Its going to be my time to head to WrestleMania and headline to become champion

John Morrison: Chris, you call me a spot monkey, well I may be but you’re a suit monkey because all you wear is suits and get ready cause I will embarrass you and put you in your birthday suit bitch…

John Cena: Whoa Morrison, wasn’t this a PG SHOW

Morrison: Shut the Hell up not when I’m in town and its TV 14, jack head

Chris Jericho: Well I want to say I know you guys have your match tonight, I talked to the Annoymous GM last night by email and he said guess what I AM THE SPECIAL REFEREE * JERICHO LAUGHS*

*Morrison & Cena Are shocked and stare at each other and Jericho

• SMACKDOWN Promo Preview, Promotes the IC Championship Match This Week and The Fall Out Between The Henry/Christian and Alberto Del Rio/Mysterio debacle that happened last week

Match 1
Kelly Kelly Vs Kharma Divas Championship
The Match Starts
Kelly tries to hit kick Kharma but kharma moves as kelly’s legs crash into the ropes as Kharma grabs Kelly onto the ropes and drags her around the ring as she goes for the implant buster right away BUT no way Kelly reverses and goes for the pin 1…………………..2………….HOLY SHIT KICK OUT, Kharma is pissed the hell off as she gets up once again and Kelly is about to spear her down but she shoulders Kelly down and then stares at the fans and goes onto the top rope and boom splash slam onto Kelly followed by the pin 1…….KHARMA LIFTS HER UP AND CHANGES HER MIND as she hits the implant buster followed by the pin 1…………………………2………………………………3
- Kharma taunts with the belt as Jerry Lawler says on Commentary “ Its now time to reveal the RAW Competitors in the 10 Divas Championship DIVA RUMBLE
1. Kharma
2. Gail Kim
3. Eve
4. Bri Bella
5. ???

Jerry The King Lawler: Those are the contestants but I wonder who the 5th competitor is
Jim Ross; We will find out in just about 3 weeks king its going to be a blast,
King: JR well speaking of the rumble, theres also going to be a bigger rumble and that’s the annual royal rumble 30 superstars and 1 heads to WrestleMania XXVII to challenge either the WWE Champion Or World Champion
JR: yes king but as you said the wwe champion will be one choice and at the rumble we see who will be the WWE Champion Miz or Big Show
King; Tonight they face each other in a tag team match with there partners being suprises, wonder who Show would pick
JR: LETS SEE, lets head to commercial

- A WrestleMania Week 2 Promo is shown: Superstars talk about the Greatest Matches Of Mania]

Todd Grisham: I am here with The Miz and miz what do you have to say on tonight’s tag team match and about your opponent at the Rumble The Big Show
Miz: Tonight, I win my tag team match against show and whoever his fake ass partner is because I am the mizzzz….and I am oh wait I forgot to say. At The Rumble that fat ass is going to be physically dominated by me The Miz because I’m heading to WrestleMania once again WWE Champion I said it last year and I will say it again. I AM THE MIZ AND I AM AWESOME

Mason Ryan Comes Out By Himself
Mason Ryan: I am mason ryan!!!!!!!!!!!, no one in the wwe has taken me seriously this is serious bullshit. I am the future of this organization. When someone messes with me a animal is simply unleashed I am here to show all of you deliquented fans that I am Championship Material
- FANS Chant you suck and Wanna Be Batista
Mason Ryan: Huh, Batista that guy is a injury prone sterioid juicer and he will never be back in this company as long as I am here and IN 3 weeks I will make the royal rumble and win it. Its going to be just how I do it and when a animal is forced to face many men he KILLS.

Zach Ryder: Mason, you want to make a impact well how about you and me right now let me show you who the real future will be about
• ZACH RUNS DOWN AND Jerry Lawler says “ word is this match is for the US Championship
Match 2 Mason Ryan Vs Zach Ryder US CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH
The Match starts right away as Mason Ryan boom SPEAR INTO RYDER FOLLOWED BY A POWERBOMB 1…………..2………………………….3

Jim Ross: Holy Shit 2 new champions and it hasn’t been any hour yet king
Jerry Lawler: That’s raw for you JR
Jim Ross: Ryan has impressed us once again
Jerry Lawler: obviously he is a champion now
JR: Well now lets take our picture to somewhere else, Last Week Kane/HBK had some of what a epic confrontation but both of them are talking for there friends or brothers in some case.
Jerry Lawler: Whats next for those two, but we know kane will be talking about it tonight

Todd Grisham: I am here with Dolph Ziggler, Dolph what are your thoughts on being granted a spot in the 2012 Royal Rumble Match
Dolph Ziggler: It’s a great thing for me and what better way to solidfy myself as a main event superstar then winning the Royal Rumble. Ever since I came to raw I didn’t even get a championship shot. Its time for me to step up
• Santino and Kozlov come in and Santino is holding a real cobra

Santino: Whats your name again?

Dolph Ziggler: Its dolph ziggler

Santino: Oh yeah, your not winning the rumble one of us are

Ziggler: Just wait and see
• Ziggler Walks Away
- Kozlov and Santino do the cobra and then Hornswoggle comes in and dances with them and then Kozlov and santino talk
Kozlov: * WITH RUSSIAN ACCENT” Santinoooo yu kno every man for hemselves at rumble righ?
Santino” Yes Kozlov, every man but one of us will win
• THEY CONTINUE TO DANCE AND HORNSWOGGLE says he will win but they tease him he isn’t even in the Rumble.
-A video that says He Seeks Revenge, He Seeks Retribution, He Seeks Nexus, SKIP SHEFFIELD RETURNS SOON!

Match 3
Miz/ SHOW Tag Team Match
- The Miz Comes Out First as he comes out with Drew McIntyre
- Big Show Comes out alone and with a mic “ Miz, you and I will sonly settle this at The Royal Rumble, I know we were a tag team before but you used me and now I am going to take your championship away. My partner is someone you go way way back with, this man has shown you the lights before and the same as what I will do. KNOCK YOU OUT, THIS MAN HAS KNOCKED YOU OUT BEFORE HIS NAME IS

Miz and Drew McIntyre Vs the Big Show & Daniel Puder
The Match Starts
Drew McIntyre and The Big Show are the first to lock up as The Big Show throws him straight out of the ring and taunts he tries to leave the ring but mcintyre jumps in and bodys him straight onto the canvas followed by the pin 1.......KICK OUT, Show gets up but mcintyre is just nailing kicks and kicks on him as Big Show throws Drew into the ropes and nails a couple slaps into the chest, mcintyre falls down and lowblows Show as the ref was focusing on the miz, Drew Tags In The Miz. The Miz taunts around as show quickly tags Puder. Puder comes in on fire. Puder nails a clostline straight to the miz, he goes for a knockout punch, MIZ DUCKS AND HITS THE SKULL CRUSHING FINALE 1………………..2……………………NO WAY KICKOUT, drew comes in and miz and him beat on puder as Show comes and hits a knockout punch on Drew, Drew Ducks and leaves the ring, Big show follows as The Miz hits a final SCF on Puder as puder counters but miz gets a rollup 1………………..2……….3
- MIZ NAILS A SCF on Puder again as he taunts, show comes and Drew comes from behind and hits a chair straight into the back of show, 3 times and show is out cold. Miz Gets a cake from under the ring, he brings it in the ring and taunts Big Show. He takes the cake and throws it onto Big Show and says At The Rumble I RETAIN. He takes a piece of the icing licks it and TAUNTS. Miz grabs his belt and leaves as show is knocked cold with cake on him.

- FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN PROMO (Plugs that it’s Friday The 13th)

Match 4
DH Smith, Husky Harris, Gail Kim Vs David Otunga, Primo & Maryse,
The Match Starts

DH Smith and Otunga are in first but out of nowhere Husky Harris slams into both of them and throws them straight down onto the canvas, Maryse and Kim just leave as they brawl as Husky grabs primo and throws him straight out of the ring and Husky goes on a rampage, he grabs a rope from under the ring and chokes Primo as refs come and he says THIS IS MY STATEMENT



Jim Ross: What the hell is up with Husky
Jerry Lawler: I don’t know JR, but at least he is showing a mean streak
JR: well as we happen to be talking about mean streaks, get ready as The Big Red Monster is coming out momentarily as he talks about what happened last week
Jerry Lawler: Shawn micheals showed up last week and I hear he is once again here tonight
JR: WHOAA what tremendous news.

Todd Grisham: I am here with John Morrison, John whats your thoughts on Tonights Match With Cena

John Morrison: Todd Brother, tonight me and cena have our little dance but now we have Jericho referring this match, he thinks for some reason if he tries a bit of funny he business he is going to get what he deserves and oh yeah John Cena, all he thinks now is about the Rock, he needs to get his head back in the bigger picture. I Will win the 2012 royal rumble and go to wrestlemania and seek whats mine

Todd Grisham: Thanks Morrison, good luck


Kane: Enough!!!!!, you fans don’t appreciate anything. Last Week Shawn Micheals did the unthinkable he thinks for one second that Triple H Can end The Undertaker’s Streak. He can never end it, no one can ever end it. NO HUMAN CAN END IT. I CAN END IT. I am the big red monster machine and im going to do it, I am making a challenge to your deadman or should I call you brother. This will be your 20th WrestleMania Opponent and I will be the one. Don’t forget 19 to ……
- A Casket Comes out darkly and it turns out to have HBK/Shawn/Triple H A Video Then plays and says each of these men have faced the Undertaker Twice, but they have gracley failed. NOW two of the remaining souls thrive for one more shot.

Shawn Micheals: Kane, I agree with you its not up to the Undertaker to who he faces it up to you or hunter, I know that both of you want a shot at the deadman at WrestleMania, so you guys settle
Kane: *LAUGHS* I agree with you on one thing and that’s what you just said…..
Shawn and Kane are about to leave as OMG SHAWN HITS A SUPERKICK STRAIGHT INTO KANE!

KING: Holy Shit, Shawn Micheals actually did that I would have never expected this would happen
JR: You Mean So Soon RIGHT KING!, the undertakers streak is really in jeopardy ladies and gentlemen and the future will tell who will face the deadman
The King: JR your right, but look I agree with kane. Kane shows up here every week and Taker/HHH haven’t showed up in ages and now Shawn Claims HHH wants taker!.
JR: Well King, time will tell and now its time for the main event
The King: Well before that, We present you the Royal Rumble in 3 weeks from Toronto BABY! And RAW’s Main Event is Big Show Vs The Miz for The WWE Title
JR: These two are boiling up quickly and as there past history is not set aside. Also Its Just been announced that Big Show and Miz will have a contract signing next week live to make there match set in stone. MIZ HAS REQUESTED THIS!
The King: Wow, the miz is always up to no good and finally the Royal Rumble Match who will be heading to WrestleMania 28 to challenge for one of the world titles.

Main Event
John Cena Vs John Morrison Special Referee Chris Jericho
The Match Starts….
Morrison and Cena stare at Jericho as they then lock up Jericho just sits by the ropes and watches. Morrison and Cena are locking up cena gets Morrison onto the ground and he has him in a headlock Morrison counters and throws cena into the ropes he leaps up and he hits a sunset flip onto cena and he then goes behind the ropes and tries to nail a cross body, CENA CATCHES HIM AS he goes for Attitude Adjustment. Morrison Counters and Hits The DDT. Jericho is still watching and now he begins to move. Morrison stares as he goes for the pin Jericho goes very slowly ………………………..1………………………………………CENA KICKS OUT. Morrison is pissed at Jericho they argue. Cena gets up and argues as he yells at Jericho to make it fair. Cena and Morrison lock up again as they are exchanging punches as cena out of nowhere backwards slam and then goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle. MORRISON KICKS UP AND BOOM LEG KICK into cena’s temple and cena is out cold. Morrison is happy as Cena grabs Morrison and puts him in the STF. Morrison grabs the ropes as Jericho doesn’t tell cena to let go he watches. Cena Argues With Jericho stil as cena teases he is about to hit Jericho but Jericho flashes the Shirt, Morrison comes and tries to take cena out but cena attitude adjusts Morrison out of the ring but no way he LANDS ON HIS two feet outside the ring. Jericho counts out quick 1…………….2………….3…………4, CENA GOES OUT AND They start brawling… Jericho yells he is gonna dq them. They both come back in and Morrison throws cena into the ropes and runs and boom kick into the gut as Morrison turns around and BOOM CODEBREAKER…MORRISON IS OUT COLD AND CENA IS LYING DOWN BOTH OF THESE TWO are out. JERICHO RINGS THE BELL
Jericho TAUNTS AND HE POINTS AT THE WM SIGN as The Show Goes Off the air

Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship: 10 Diva Rumble Match
RAW Contestants: Kharma, Gail Kim, Bri Bella, Eve, ???
Smackdown Contestants: TBD

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* I Understand now about double posting but is it alright to seperate RAW & Smackdown Posts?

Smackdown Preview​

May 13th 2011​

Tommorw Night, The Night Friday the 13th invades Smackdown. On This dark day, what will happen on Smackdown as we roll into San Diego. After what happened last week Between Christian/Henry/Del Rio & Rey Mysterio what will the fallout be. Will Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio's Hate for each other grow and what awaits them at the Royal Rumble. Also A Huge intercontinental championship match comes to you Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barett, which man will make his way to the rumble with momentum. Finally with the road to WrestleMania reaching a near, which superstar will prove their dominance and solidify themselves as a top contender to win the Royal Rumble. TUNE IN TOMMORW NIGHT

Matches Annonced
Christian & Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry
Intercontintal Championship Match: Wade Barett Vs Daniel Bryan

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I like your bookings, and royal rumble looks promising
but don't use more than 2-3 colors in a single show, center justification of the whole text will be better

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Friday Night Smackdown May 13th Live From San Diego, CA
A Smackdown Intro Plays, Includes a bit that tonight will be a dark night in San Diego as Friday The 13th Emerges
- Fireworks Burst through the arena as we zoom into Micheal Cole & Matt Striker
Micheal Cole: Welcome To Friday Night Smackdown, Live from San Diego. Tonight we have a lot in store for you including a huge main event a Tag Team Match Against Christian,& Rey Mysterio Vs Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry,
Matt Striker: That is going to be absolutely huge but don’t forget this, Randy Orton Vs Ted Dibase, former tag team members. There going to go at it and what will be in store for Cm Punk
Micheal Cole: Well we gotta start the show to a hot start and its going to be Wade Barett Vs Daniel Bryan For The IC Championship

Match 1: Daniel Bryan Vs Wade Barett
The Match Starts
Daneil Bryan and Wade quickly lock up as wade grabs bryan and pushes him towards the mat, Wade laughs as he starts kicking bryan as bryna rolls on to floor gets up and grabs wade’s arm and he drags his arm all the way to the floor as he then gets him in a on floor headlock, barrett gets the ropes quick as barett gets up and he kicks bryan right into the shin and nails a ddt. He goes for the pin right away 1……………….2………………….KICK OUT as bryan nails up on his feet as he goes towards the ropes and he tries to hit wade down but wade goes for a kick in the head and OMG no way a front flip as bryan gets behind wade and goes for the le bell lock he nails it as wade is on the ground, wade is in severe pain as wade grabs the ropes and bryan gets up as he goes for the top rope, wade catches bryan and he gets him on top of his shoulders and no WAYYYY WASTELAND, the wasteland connects and he is in shock. All of the fans are shocked. Wade goes for the pin 1………………………………2……………………NO WAYYYYY KICK OUT, bryan gets up on his feet and he kicks wade a couple times some in his legs and his guts as wade is groggy he throws wade into the ropes and jumps on him and nails a couple punches, wade pushes him down but bryan runs up towards barett and nails a kick right in the face. Bryan goes for the pin 1………………………………….2 kick out, barett kicks out as barett gets up and he locks up with bryan, he gets bryan on top of his head and boom a powerslam straight down, he gets him up for a wasteland and OUT OF NOWHERE the screen SAYS REVENGE IS COMING.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRYAN REVERSES IT INTO A LEBELL LOCK…. Barettt is in pain and no wayyyy BARETTT TAPS OUT

• Bryan screams and he taunts at the WrestleMania XXVIII Sign

Todd Grisham: I am here backstage with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry. You guys after last week’s brutal attack on Rey & Christian, what are your thoughts on facing them here tonight.
Mark Henry: Alberto, hold on let me handle this. Look me and alberto are not friends, we are not enemies but we are on common ground. We both despise rey and Christian and that’s why they are going to pay. My only possession I want is to be champion in the WWE, at the Royal Rumble I will show the fans that and I will pick whoever the hell I want
Alberto Del Rio: Mark, if you do win and I think you will I would be glad to defend my championship against you at WrestleMania. Rey Mysterio you and I will finally meet once again at The Royal Rumble. At The TLC PPV, you lost too me and I don’t care if you were handcuffed or not, its my show and I will be champion after the Rumble
Mark Henry: I will be winning Alberto and don’t forget about Christian, Christian I am coming for you and hell is about to break for you as I will show you who Mark Henry Truly Is.

Match 2
Natalya Vs Layla
The Match starts
Natalya runs into layla, as layla goes flying. Natalya picks up layla and gets her on her back and puts her on the ropes she goes for a suplex for the turnbuckle but layla throws her straight down. Layla goes and nails a small splash onto Natalya and hits the pin 1……….kick out Natalya gets ups as grabs layla and goes for a piledriver it connects as she hits the pin 1…………….2……….3
NATALYA gets up and out of nowhere That same blonde girl from last week comes and she attacks Natalya and then she takes off her mask and Its KAITLYNN
- Kaitlynn Grabs a Mic
Kaitlynn: I have waited long enough, winning nxt I haven’t had a true impact on smackdown yet and I deserve to be able to be here and I will be in the Divas Rumble @ the Royal Rumble. That to make sure

• Tiffanny Comes out as she says

Tiffanny: With that audacity of attacking me last week, your lucky your spot was approved before of my knowledge because there would have been no way of you getting in, but its time to make your life hell Kaitlynn and guess what the other 4 contestants are Natalya, Layla, Alicia Fox, and guess what the girl right behind you TAMINA

- TAMINA was in the ring while Tiffanny was talking and she grabs Kaitlynn but kaitlynn squirms out of the ring, Kaitlynn is shocked as tiffany laughs.
- Cm Punk is there by himself as he is getting ready for something tonight and Cody Rhodes walks in to his locker room, the screen fades into commercial

• WrestleMania 28 Promo is shown followed by a Royal Rumble Promo.
Backstage Office
- Teddy is in his office as he starts to talk
Theordore Long: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to annonce that it has been finalized that at The Royal Rumble, there will be a remarkable return of the Crusiweight Championship. The Match will be contested in a Fatal 4 Way Match Between Tyson Kidd, Chavo Guerro, Yoshi Tatsu and a little surprise surprise contestan. Thank you and enjoy the show.

• A Raw Preview Video is shown it plugs the Miz/Big Show Contract Signing On RAW.

Match 3
Alex Rilley Vs Yoshi Tatsu
The Match begins
Alex Rilley grabs tatsu by the neck as he begins to start punching. Riley takes tatsu and throws him out of the ring but tatsu holds on, alex goes for the clostline as tatsu ducks. Riley goes flying to the outside as the fans are going crazy as Tatsu sunset flip from the ropes straight onto tatsu. Riley and Tatsu are both down as the fans are chanting OMG. Tatsu gets up and drags riley back into the ring as he goes for a top rope splash but Riley ducks as Tatsu crashes and burns. Tatsu is down as riley goes for the pin 1…………….2……………….3
• RILLEY grabs a mic

Riley: Stop My Music, Stop It.

- The Fans are booing.
- Alex Rilley: As I said look, I will be winning the 2012 royal rumble. 3 weeks till Toronto baby, until I shine all the way to kick some ass. Get ready for one of the biggest nights ever.
- SIN CARA INNTERUPTS AS HE COMES OUT and jumps into the ring as he stares at Riley. He signals that he will win as Riley tries to punch cara as cara counters and hits a hurricanrana as the fans cheer on.

• A John Cena Vs Rock Feud Promo is shown and it Plugs The Rock Will Address John Cena Live On The Raw Before The Royal Rumble!!!!!!
Micheal Cole: OMG Great news, the rock is coming back I cant wait for RAW
Matt Striker: Hold on cole its going to be 6 days before the rumble and that’s about 2 weeks away
Micheal Cole: I know matt but guess what I’m pumped for the Royal Rumble its gonna be a crazy night June 5th and look what we have on the Card so far. A Diavs Championship Rumble, The Miz/Big Show for the wwe title. Mysterio Vs Del Rio for the world title, a Crusisweight return match for the championship and don’t forget what I can’t wait for The Royal Rumble Match
Matt Striker: Who’s your pick on for this year Cole
Michael Cole: My pick is Alex Riley and Chris Jerihco, these two are the only two I can see winning. Alex is about to solidify himself as the best and what a way to do it as in as winning the Rumble
Matt Striker: Well lets get ready to watch Dibase vs Orton right now

Match 4
Ted Dibase Vs Randy Orton
The Match Starts
Randy Orton and Ted Dibase stare at each other quickly in the ring as they lock up and they are locking up hard as Dibase lets go. He walks around the ring as orton quickly runs into him and starts throwing hard hands onto him as orton jumps and kicks dibase as dibase is down onto the canvas. Orton gets up as he takes his hand boom dibase is back down onto the floor, dibase rolls out of the ring and orton follows him, dibase goes back in followed by randy as Dibase nails kicks on orton as he is coming in. Dibase gets orton by the neck and gets him into the cobra clutch, orton reverses and goes for a rko. Dibase out of nowhere jumping ddt he goes for the pin 1…………………Kick out, orton gets onto his feet and starts to grab dibase as orton is a bit groggy but dibase goes for the dream street. Orton once again counters as he throws dibase onto the ground. Orton GOES FOR THE PUNT but
CM PUNK Comes out with Rhodes as they interrupt orton they stare at him as Dibase Nails a Dreamstreet from behind. Dibase Nails the pin 1…………….2…………….3
- DIBASE Celebrates as he makes his way up the ramp to Punk & Rhodes
Cm Punk: Randy Orton!!!, you actually think what happened last week between and you would make it finished. Guess what randy your life is about to be made into a living hell. We are 3 men who have existed in your future for a long time. I remember these two helped you take me out of action. But that’s no more
Cody Rhodes: Randy Our goal is to make sure you don’t win the Royal Rumble and one of us do. We will make sure that because we are sick and tired of you always getting shots, and we just being in the Darkness
Cm Punk: Rhodes is right, so that’s why we are letting you know this
• PUNK, RHODES AND DIBASE CORNER THE RING AS THEY GET In and they beat the living hell out of Orton as They taunt after.

Todd Grisham: I am here with #1 Contender Rey Mysterio, Rey what are your thoughts on tonight are you physically able to compete
Rey Mysterio: Todd, I would like to let everyone know that I am alright, I am not 100% after what happened but Alberto you will not be able to beat me at the Royal Rumble. You will finally suffer as I will show you that it will be my time to headline wrestlemania again but for the first time entering with the title. And I Forgot I am 99% that 1% waits for me at the Royal Rumble. As for tonight me and Christian……
- Christian walks in
Christian: Rey slow down man, let me handle that.
Rey Mysterio: Sure man
Christian: We are going to beat the living hell out of Del Rio and Henry. AND MARK THIS IS FOR YOU to know you can do whatever you want but you will never take me out of the WWE!
Rey Mysterio: That’s right and tonight me and Christian settle our business and San Diegooooo!!!! Get ready for your boy to give you 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9!!!!!!!!!!

- Christian and Mysterio hug and get ready for there match


Micheal Cole: What is up with that code, they show every week
Matt Striker: Well we know that the tag division will soon be revolutionary
Micheal Cole: its time for our main event but before remember the royal rumble is just 3 weeks away
Matt Striker: Buy your tickets, call your cable providers or even head to your closest bar to watch one of the biggest events of the year
Micheal Cole: Whoa the biggest is Wrestlemania and that’s around the corner. And that means John Cena Vs The Rock is soon approaching and with The Rock appearing on Raw the week before the rumble how huge
Matt Striker: Its time for the main event

Main Event
Rey Mysterio & Christian Vs Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry
The Match Starts
Christian and Alberto go in first and they are doing basics as Christian hits a suplex on rio and then drags him to the ropes, rio reverses and throws Christian out of the ring as Del Rio goes on the ropes he jumps but Christian catches him and throws him right into the steps. Christian takes him in as he tags in Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is on fire he beats the living hell out of rio with punches and boom a huricanrana, Mark Henry comes in out of nowhere and just slams rey down. Christian follows him and they brawl. Rey Mysterio is about to get up and he taunts that he is about to 619 Del Rio

DEL RIO JUST LEAVES AND GETS INTO HIS CAR AND BEGINS TO PULL BACK. REY RUNS AFTER HIM AND He takes a pipe from the side of the ramp and he scares rio he is going to break the car. Del Rio is shocked and begging as he starts to LAUGH. Henry comes and tries to take out rey but Christian comes and throws Henry down the Ramp!!!! He jumps onto henry and they are both down. Christian makes his way up and him and rey start hitting the car a couple times with Rio STARTS CRYING AS Rey grabs Del Rio’s belt and taunts. Del Rio is pissed and reverses his car back!!!

Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship: 10 Diva Rumble Match
RAW Contestants: Kharma, Gail Kim, Bri Bella, Eve, ???
Smackdown Contestants: Kaitlynn, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Layla, Tamina

Crusiweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Tyson Kidd Vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Chavo Gurerro Vs ???​

Updated 2012 Royal Rumble Contestants

Royal Rumble Conetstants
1. Zach Ryder
2. John Cena
3. Chris Jericho
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. John Morrison
6. Jack Swagger
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Bourne
9. Santino
10. Kozlov
11. Randy Orton
12. Cm Punk
13. Cody Rhodes
14. Wade Barett
15. Alex Riley
16. Drew McIntyre
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Mark Henry
19. Christian
20. Husky Harris
21. Ted Dibase

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RR card looks solid. Having the return of the CC, and more decent Divas Division with the Diva Rumble.

Big Card IMO.

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I agree with RickRolld. Big Royal Rumble card but i am looking forward to it. I really like the Divas rumble on the show. Gives the division some credibility.

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Thank You Guys, for the great comments. Anyone feel free to review my shows would love it for some feedback.


MAY 16th 2011​

Monday Night Raw Live Tonight Returns To St Louis Missouri. This night will be filled with action you will never forget. The Big Show and Miz take there next step to making sure no one backs out of their match at the Royal Rumble. These two have bad blood brewing and what will happen. Also A Huge Main Event is sceduled to take place on this big raw, what will it be? Also the Royal Rumble is 2 Weeks Away and what great way to get ready for it by having most of the Raw Competitors battle it on in Matches. Also whats next for Husky Harris after his huge breakdown, will this superstar make it to the top already?. Also after what Chris Jericho did last week what will his future be. AND Finnally With the Rock Being Annonced to Return Next Week Live From Montreal Canada what will be in store tonight as John Cena will have more words to say.

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i think you are the first one here who would be doing the cena vs rock thing building up to mania, this is a big responsibility and i will be tuned to see how it plays out in your BTB
daniel bryan and ted dibiase doing really well here, unlike real WWE, I am not sure about Punk vs Orton again but lets see how it plays out
regarding diva rumble and the main one, expecting some comebacks, rumble is my favorite event of the year always waiting for the results :)

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THIS IS A Real Suckish raw in terms of writting i had to make it short cause getting alot busy cause im leaving on friday night to Punta Cana. The Next Raw Written Will be written on the 30th of May. The next weeks two shows do not exist as i have mentioned it a couple times. I will go back to writting long results soon sorry about this.

Monday Night Raw May 16th 2011 Live From St Louis Missouri
The Raw Intro plays as the show quickly fades into fireworks. Fireworks go through the scottrade center. Fans are on a frenzy as Jericho’s Music Hits.

- Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring
Chris Jericho:……..Well you can boo all you want, nothing is gonna change what happened last week, I decimated both Cena/Morrison and I showed you that I will be the one to win the royal rumble in 2 weeks. Wrestlemania is my stage and I will prove to everyone I can’t be stopped on that day. Its time to show you fans a real Superstar…
The automated voice speaks “ Chris Jericho, after what you did to ruin my amazing main event last week im going to do something you will be facing John Cena in a No DQ Match tonight.

Jericho Is shocked****
Jericho: That cant be possible its unfair, you have done this again. Your anonymous shit has gone far too long
• GM Buzzes in but out of nowhere Morrison comes down running after Jericho. Jericho runs through the stands as Morrison just stays in the ring and stares at Jericho.


Match 1
Mason Ryan Vs Evan Bourne
Winner @ 4:21 Mason Ryan

Mason wins and gets up and begins to talk
Mason Ryan: First of all I am the united states champion and that’s what I real champion and a animal does he unleashes and not retires like somebody we know. Now at the royal rumble its gonna be my time to win and no one in hell cans stop me
• THE CROWD BOOS!!!!!!!!!!
- The Skip Shefiled Video is shown
- Smackdown Rebound of what happened to Alberto’s Car
Match 2
Kharma Vs Gail Kim & Eve
Winner Kharma 2:19 after she throws eve right out of the ring and destroys kim and pins her

After the match the bellas come out and try to stop her but Kharma beats the hell out of them too. Kharma is unstoppable..

-Tag Team Reinvention Video E2011CJ3

Kane is there and he begins to talk
Kane: What shawn micheals did last week is what he will pay for, his friend will pay for it too as this wont be tolerated. Now shawn next time you show your face you will pay. Now time to focus on the rumble and my original plans. I am going to win the rumble and immediately get my championship shot then FACE MY BROTHER AT WRESTLEMANIA AND KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Match 3
Husky Harris Vs Kofi Kingston
Winner Husky Harris @ 11:12

The Miz & Big Show
The miz and show come out
Big Show: Miz lets get to business and sign this
Miz: Well show we can sign everything I can even sign you a replica belt but that’s the only way you will get a wwe title because at the rumble I retain.
Big Show: We will see you think you can actually beat me. All the fat jokes, all the cakes everything you have done will haunt you at the rumble
Miz: well its official, now since were at a table I brought a special gift for you

- A CHEF COMES OUT AND HAS A LOT OF FOOD, Miz utters for show to eat it.
SHOW SNAPS AS Miz is about to spear him into the food. Show counters and chokeslams miz into the food.

Main Event
John Cena Defs Jericho in A No DQ Match
@ 12:45
Morrison hit Jericho with a kick and Cena makes Jericho tap out to the STF

Cena and Morrison stare in the ring and look at the wm sign but morriosn leaves.

Cena begins to taunt and he gets a mic

John Cena; Rock next week you’re here in Montreal AND GET READY CAUSE IM GOING TO BEAT YOUR CANDY ASS.​

Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship: 10 Diva Rumble Match
RAW Contestants: Kharma, Gail Kim, Bri Bella, Eve, ???
Smackdown Contestants: Kaitlynn, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Layla, Tamina

Crusiweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Tyson Kidd Vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Chavo Gurerro Vs ???​

Updated 2012 Royal Rumble Contestants

Royal Rumble Conetstants
1. Zach Ryder
2. John Cena
3. Chris Jericho
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. John Morrison
6. Jack Swagger
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Bourne
9. Santino
10. Kozlov
11. Randy Orton
12. Cm Punk
13. Cody Rhodes
14. Wade Barett
15. Alex Riley
16. Drew McIntyre
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Mark Henry
19. Christian
20. Husky Harris
21. Ted Dibase

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Smackdown Preview​

May 20th 2011​

Live On Smackdown tommorw night, after a series of events that happened last friday night. What is in store for the Smackdown superstars. Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio are heading to the Rumble and this just got personal. After what happened between the Car incident last week, what will Alberto's Backlash Be. Also Christian Finally Steps Into The Ring With Mark Henry. What will go down?. Cm Punk, Dibase, Rhodes are still on the way to get into Randy Orton's Head. What will willl go down? That is the new question, What will go down at the 2012 Royal Rumble, Which superstar will solidfy themselves as a main eventer.Just watch Smackdown live tommorw night as superstars make there step closer to the biggest night ever WrestleMania 28

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Important Message

Just came back from the dominican republic on my vaccation. The shows will now continue starting with tommorow's monday night raw.

RAW Preview:
May 30th RAW Live From Montreal, Canada

The royal rumble event is this sunday live from toronto, on the way we stop at a place which has history written all over it, Montreal. RAW Will be historic as The Rock returns to WWE Television. This will be a epic frenzy as the rock comes back to confront John Cena, leading to their match at WrestleMania, The Miz and Big Show have their match at the royal rumble, after the fun and games which superstar will go into the rumble with more momentum. Also The divas will go into some action leading into the first diva rumble. Also the main event will be huge, it will be annonced soon. The royal rumble is fastly approaching get ready for a bumpy ride as only one superstar will leave toronto the one who headlines WrestleMania

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Monday Night Raw Live From Montreal Canada May 30th 2011​

The Show Begins With The Intro Video followed by the fireworks

- The Miz’s Music hits and he makes his way down to the ring

The Miz: I am starting off Monday night raw tonight, but wait Im in a second rate country and oh wait this Sunday I will be in it again. This Sunday I have to take on a fat, disgusting, sweaty, crazy beast. His name is the Big Show. This man has no chance off beating me. At WrestleMania I will once again defend my championship at WrestleMania successfully. Its what I do because I am the mizzzzz!!!!!!!!!! And I’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aww…………s…

- John Morrison’s Music hits he comes out and Miz is just making a wow face

John Morrison; Mike Mizanian, its nice once seeing you again and look your wwe champion….AGAIN!!!, This Sunday you might not even make it to wrestlemania, oh wait I know you want. But for sure its gonna be yours truly John Morrison winning the 2012 Royal Rumble Match

The Miz: John, how many times are you gonna try you are the marty jannety of our tag team. You never shut up, you never leave me alone. Your shots are over…

John Morrison: my shots are over, you can think that but the real shot will be given to you when I soon take your WWE Championship cause I am making it clear now when I win the Royal Rumble I am facing The Miz @ WrestleMania!

- Jericho Comes Out and talks while he comes down * Jericho is cheered cause he’s canadian

Chris Jericho: John…John Johnn Morrison, eh you think you can win the rumble you are absoulty…WRONG!! Theres no way you are leaving this Sunday the winner. AND SHUT UP YOU Canadian Parasites…


The Miz: something I finally agree with you Chris
Chris Jericho: well miz I am glad because after I humiliate Morrison and the rest of these idiots and tamers in the rumble match It will be my decision to say who I want at Mania and just telling you it can be anyone I choose
The Miz: Well you know I will beat Big Show Sunday I will be ready….

- Big Show Comes out

Big Show: Miz you are saying you will beat me right, lets see because I am going to finnaly take back what I deserve I haven’t been champion in years its time for me to shut your mouth

The Miz: you fat lumex, you will not

John Morrison: I don’t know why all you are arguing but look each AND EVERYONE ONE OF US HAVE BEEN TAG PARTNERS WITH THE MIZ, we think of him as a user don’t we?

The Miz: Morrison you are right, I made you guys what you are

Chris Jericho: What miz

Big Show: Jericho you agree with him right?

Chris Jericho: NO I DON’T, NO ONE MADE ME… I am the best in the world

John Morrison: Well me and show are making down a challenge tonight Miz you and Jericho facing Me AND THE BIG SHOW…….


- Miz/Jericho leave and Show and Morrison just stare at them from the ring

- Backstage everyone is buzzing about the rock, there is food and everything a Rock Welcome Cake and banner is up and out of nowhere a Truck pulls up in the drive way.. IS THAT THE ROCK????

Jim Ross: Welcome To Raw, we are here from montreal what a great start King, and Wow Is The Rock already here I cannot wait tonights gonna be something to remember
King: It indeed will be, but we already gotta a huge match tonight Miz/Jericho vs Morrison/Show this is going to be off the charts I cannot wait.
Jim Ross; well lets start off with some divas action

NOTE: I AM GOING TO MAKE THE IN RING MATCHES Quick Results for most of them because I have exams coming up but everything for the rumble on Sunday will be full.
Match 1
Gail Kim Vs Maryse
- The Match Ends @ 1:13 as out of nowhere all the raw divas in the Divas rumble match come out and they all stare at each other. KHARMA THE DIVAS CHAMPION COMES IN and they all throw Kharma Out. KHARMA IS SHOCKED SHE LEAVES IN SHOCKNESS….THE DIVAS are calling her back to come in

- Tag Team Reinvention Video E2011CJ3 IS SHOWN FOLLOWED BY A PROMO FOR SMACKDOWN it says Tune in as Rey Mysterio continues his quest for the world title as his last match for the title as long a rio is champion is at the Rumble.


Todd Grisham: I am here with John Cena, Cena are you ready for the rock tonight he is here,

John Cena: Todd like I always say if the rock is here, he is welcome to get some but Rock WrestleMania is drawing closer and closer day by day and very soon I will be getting prepared but now when the rock shows up I will talk to him I will even give him till the end of the night

Todd Grisham: How about the rumble on Sunday

John Cena: This Sunday I will be doing whatever I can to win the rumble match I have won it 4 years ago and guess I won the WWE Championship for the first time within 4 years of the beginning of my career so guess 4 YEARS IS THE CHARM.. ITS ALSO BEEN 4 years since everyone started reffering me to being a wannbe ROCK!! When I made the marine…AND YOU NEVER KNOW IT CAN EVEN BE 4 MORE WEEKS TILL THE ROCK EVER SHOWS UP ON RAW

Mason Ryan: well you all are wanting to hear from me, well tonight theres a battle royal for 6 raw royal rumble contestants I am in and that’s where I gain my momentum I will show each and everyone that I am ready and I am going to be The Royal Rumble Winner on Sunday. I AM THE US CHAMPION AND right now I am looking for a real challenger. EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU REFER TO ME AS DAVE BATISTA. HOW AM I A QUITTER, I WILL NEVER QUIT I WILL NOT THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY THAT MAN QUIT TO JOHN CENA AND HE QUIT THE WWE

Match 2
DH Smith Vs ???
A Surprise opponent comes out and out comes Micheal Tarver * THE CROWD GOES CRAZY FOR HIM
Winner Micheal Tarver @ 6:47
Tarver is cheered as JR Says he is and will be in The Rumble match on Sunday they also say TARVER IS BACK FOR BIGGER AND BADDER THINGS NOW


Kane is there and he starts talking
Kane: I AM OFFICIALLY PULLING OUT OF THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH, I am making it clear I want my brother at WrestleMania and that’s why I am out I am sacrificing something. SHAWN Micheals may have superkicked me but he is or his best friend will never get my brother at mania for a 3rd time only I will and that’s why this Sunday I am calling out my Brother to come out and accept my challenge once and for all

There is more buzz on the rock coming, Zach Ryder is walking around as Goldust comes followed by Hornswoggle
Hornswoggle is dressed as mini rock as he does some of the rock’s comedy, the fans laugh at him….

Match 3
Miz/Jeirhco vs Show/Morrison
The Match Ends @ 13:32 when all of them break into a brawl. MIZ HITS SHOW IN THE HEAD WITH A CHAIR AS Morrison leaps onto miz.. BUT JERICHO CODEBREAKS Morrison after.

JERICHO COMES OUT ON TOP AND UP COMES SHOW he throws Jericho out of the ring as Morrison goes after him as Show goes to knockout MIZ BUT MIZ WEASELS OUT OF THE RING

- Miz taunts with his title as the show fades to commercial

Match 4
Mason Ryan Vs Jack Swagger Vs Kofi Kingston Vs R-Truth Vs Evan Bourne Vs Drew McIntyre BATTLE ROYAL
Elimination Order
2. Truth
3. Swagger
4. Truth
AND THEN COMES TO Mason AND KINGSTON, Kingston elimates mason
- Kingston taunts and celebrates he points at the Mania sign…
AFTER THE MATCH A BUNCH OF RAW SUPERSTARS IN THE RUMBLE COME AND THE ONES IN THE BATTLE ROYAL they are all battling in the ring…The Show fades to commercial

Jim Ross; WHAT A SHOW WE’VE HAD TONIGHT, its been epic what a night but we still have the rock to come
King: YES I cant wait but THIS SUNDAY WE HAVE THE ROYAL RUMBLE live from Toronto baby its gonna be epic lets run down the match card
- Rio/Mysterio World Title with this being mysterio’s last shot and if rio gets dqed or counted out he loses the title
- Diva Rumble
- Crusisweight Champion 4 WAY
Jim Ross: WHO WILL WIN THE RUMBLE, I cannot wait its gonna be a very special night and its gonna be one to remember.

John Cena: Well what a night its been, as I said earlier I would give The Rock all the time he needed to get here but I heard he arrived in some truck, what a way to go from being from hollywod
- THE CROWD BOO’s some cheer and laugh
Cena: Well this Sunday will be when I will show you that i will be heading to face rock as a champion cause I will win the rumble I may even cash my shot at EC or maybe have two matches at MANIA...NOW I want you rock to come out

CENA IS SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Stone Cold: I bet you weren’t expecting me cena, you were expecting Dwayne
Cena: indeed I was but guess what ladies and gentlemen heres a hall of famer STONE COLD, give it up for him…
Stone Cold: john I’m out here on business, you have your match with the rock at mania
Cena: YES I DO , and once again via satellite great one doesn’t show
Stone Cold: well I was the one who sparked to say he would come because I wanted to talk to you
Cena: ABOUT WHAT Steve, you could have just called me
Stone Cold: I wanted to tell you that me and the rock have had matches and we tore the house not only because of our match but what we did to get there, you are doing nothing like LOOK JOHN I had ruthless aggression, THE ROCK Had Charisma leading to our Wrestlemania 19 match it was all out brutal we didn’t give a shit about anything..Now when I hear THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA AT WRESTLEMANIA…what is there appealing about John Cena you have to do something CENA
- CENA IS CONFUSED HE WALKS AWAY and he doesn’t even look at Stone Cold
- AUSTIN IS Clueless what just happened AS THE SHOW HITS OFF THE AIR​

Royal Rumble 2011 Live June 5th 2011 Toronto Canada​

Confirmed Match Card

30 Man Royal Rumble Match: Winner Gets Championship Shot @ WrestleMania 28

WWE Championship The Miz (C) Vs The Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship: 10 Diva Rumble Match
RAW Contestants: Kharma, Gail Kim, Bri Bella, Eve, ???
Smackdown Contestants: Kaitlynn, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Layla, Tamina

Crusiweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Tyson Kidd Vs Yoshi Tatsu vs Chavo Gurerro Vs ???​

Updated 2012 Royal Rumble Contestants

Royal Rumble Conetstants
1. Zach Ryder
2. John Cena
3. Chris Jericho
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. John Morrison
6. Jack Swagger
7. Kofi Kingston
8. Bourne
9. Santino
10. Kozlov
11. Randy Orton
12. Cm Punk
13. Cody Rhodes
14. Wade Barett
15. Alex Riley
16. Drew McIntyre
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Mark Henry
19. Christian
20. Husky Harris
21. Ted Dibase
22. Micheal Tarver
23 R-Truth
24. Sin Cara

6 Spots Are Still Available In This Match
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