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It started in the days leading up to Over the Limit 2012. The Board of Directors was displeased, shaken by fragile ratings, dwindling income and an increasingly agitated fanbase. Although Chairman Vince McMahon was confident due to the lack of real competition, there was a call for action in order to stop this downward momentum. The people would need to be inspired again.

General Manager John Laurinaitis was deemed at the heart of much of WWE's recent traumas. Despite his obsequeious attitude and presidential smile, fans were growing increasingly aggravated by the actions of the man who brought "People Power" into the WWE Universe. Even as they plotted against him, he dropped a golden opportunity into their lap by making a match between himself and John Cena.

The Board took matters into their own hands. Should Cena win the match, John Laurinaitis would be terminated and a search for new managers would begin. The Super Show was not having the impact hoped - brand crossovers had been working towards an eventual roster unification but it seemed this only aggravated fans further. The plans would be abandoned and roster competition would be reintroduced and intensified. Ratings would be had.

The night came, the air was tense. John Cena tormented and teased Laurinaitis, but perhaps too long. The fated moment came when 'Big Johnny' fled the ring and escaped through the crowd. It seemed like he would be lost, but then came Big Show. The pair returned, the recently fired Big Show hauling John Laurinaitis back into the ring. Laurinaitis pleaded with Big Show, but his pleas were unheard. The giant shook his head and shoved his former boss into Cena's waiting arms. The AA was delivered and Cena was counted the victor, 1 2 3.

The crowd erupted into celebration and applause, fans and haters of Cena alike delighted to see John Laurinaitis' defeat. Now would be the time of their victory...or would it?


The setup of this BtB is relatively simple, but it's a project I wished to do for my own entertainment. It will begin on the Raw of Monday the 21st of May, 2012. This is the planned RAW of a new Era being unleashed upon the WWE with the vacuum of power left in John Laurinaitis' wake. There will be no immediate serious roster changes, but three immediate changes have been made by the Board:
  • TV-14 Rating has been restored to Monday Night RAW (but not SmackDown!).
  • Triple H has been appointed Interim General Manager of RAW and SmackDown! as a search for dedicated replacements begins.
  • RAW SuperShow and Brand Crossovers are at an end. All Superstars shall be confined to their brand without special consent of the COO.

RAW Roster:
  • Alberto del Rio (Heel)
  • Alex Riley (Face)
  • Beth Phoenix (Heel)
  • Brodus Clay (Face)
  • Chris Jericho (Heel)
  • CM Punk (Face, WWE Champion)
  • Curt Hawkins (Heel)
  • David Otunga (Heel)
  • Dolph Ziggler (Heel)
  • The Rock (Inactive)
  • Epico (Heel)
  • Evan Bourne (Injury)
  • Eve Torres (Heel)
  • Jack Swagger (Heel)
  • John Cena (Face)
  • JTG (Heel)
  • Kane (Heel)
  • Kelly Kelly (Face)
  • Kharma (Inactive)
  • Kofi Kingston (Face, Tag Team Champion)
  • Mason Ryan (Tweener)
  • Maxine (Heel)
  • Michael McGullicutty (Inactive)
  • The Miz (Heel)
  • Primo (Heel)
  • Rey Mysterio (Inactive)
  • R-Truth (Face, Tag Team Champion)
  • Santino Marella (Face, US Champion)
  • Tensai (Heel)
  • Triple H (Face)
  • Tyler Reks (Heel)
  • Zack Ryder (Face)

WWE Championship:
CM Punk has been the reigning WWE Champion since 20 November, 2011. Winning the title off of Alberto del Rio at Survivor Series, he has retained the title 11 times in the past 6 months in spite of the odds, although three of these retentions were due to losses by countout or disqualification.

US Championship:
Santino Marella has been the reigning US Champion since 5 March, 2012. Winning the title off Jack Swagger on RAW, he has retained the title 4 times since then.

Tag Team Championship:
R-Truth and Kofi Kingston have been the reigning Tag Team Champions since 30 April, 2012. Defeating Epico and Primo on RAW, they have only retained their title once, defeating Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger at Over the Limit.

SmackDown! Roster:
  • AJ (Tweener)
  • Aksana (Heel)
  • Alicia Fox (Face)
  • Antonio Cesaro (Heel)
  • Camacho (Heel)
  • Christian (Face, IC Champion)
  • Cody Rhodes (Heel)
  • Damien Sandow (Heel)
  • Daniel Bryan (Heel)
  • Darren Young (Heel)
  • Drew McIntyre (Heel)
  • Ezekiel Jackson (Face)
  • The Great Khali (Face)
  • Heath Slater (Heel)
  • Hornswoggle (Face)
  • Hunico (Heel)
  • Jey Uso (Face)
  • Jimmy Uso (Face)
  • Jinder Mahal (Heel)
  • Johnny Curtis (Heel)
  • Justin Gabriel (Injured)
  • Kaitlyn (Face)
  • Layla (Face, Divas Champion)
  • Mark Henry (Injured)
  • Natalya (Heel)
  • Randy Orton (Tweener)
  • Ryback (Tweener)
  • Sheamus (Face, WH Champion)
  • Sin Cara (Inactive)
  • Tamina Snuka
  • Ted DiBiase (Injured)
  • Titus O'Neil (Heel)
  • Trent Baretta (Inactive)
  • Tyson Kidd (Face)
  • The Undertaker (Inactive)
  • Wade Barrett (Injured)
  • Yoshi Tatsu (Face)

World Heavyweight Championship:
Sheamus has been the reigning World Heavyweight Champion since 1 April, 2012. Winning the title off Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28, Sheamus has retained his title in 2 separate matches since then.

Intercontinental Championship:
Christian has been the reigning Intercontinental Champion since 20 April, 2012. Winning the Over the Limit Battle Royal for a title shot, he won the title off Cody Rhodes the same night. He has not had to defend his title.

Divas Championship:
Layla has been the reigning Divas Champion since 29 April, 2012. Winning the title off Nikki Bella, she has retained her title twice since then.


May 2012 Episodes:
21st, RAW: North Carolina State University

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Ecellent set up, very well done and pleasing to the eye. Welcome to the section and to the forum as a whole, and wish you good luck. I suggest also that you browse around some of the section's great threads and get a feeling on how the section does things. Either way I'm keeping my eye on this one. (Y)

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When I saw the name and the join date I expected to find an unattractive block of plain, unorganised text, but was then pleasantly surprised to find some nice presentation. The fact you've made an effort with the opening post suggests to me that you could produce some decent booking here, so I'll keep an eye out for your first show. Just looking at the profile pics, I think the Smackdown! roster could do with some depth. Good luck.(Y)

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As others have said really nice set up & presentation. Should be interesting to see how you make your product different from the current one. I'll be reading.

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Thanks for the comments, guys! I've already had a look around at some of the other threads (which I used to gauge the feeling of things) before I got started, I just figured this would be something fun to mess around with in my spare time. We'll see how it goes.

North Carolina State University
21 May, 2012

"Hello this is Michael Cole with me is Jerry "The King" Lawler and welcome everybody, we are live on Monday Night RAW!"

John Cena's My Time is Now hits, the crowd erupts into a roar of booing and cheering as Cena comes out, an extra brace on his elbow after the events of lastnight at Over the Limit. For a change, most of the crowd seems to be on his side, happy to have Laurinaitis fired. The champ picks up his microphone and begins to speak.

"Lastnight was a momentous occasion!" Cena's grin was all teeth. "For those of you who missed it, John Laurinaitis was given a taste of his own humiliating medicine." He cleared his throat, then mockingly imitated the former GM's voice. "Big Johnny has been relieved of his duties and terminated as General Manager of RAW and SmackDown!"

The Crowd erupts into cheers, only to be interrupted by Cult of Personality as CM Punk enters the arena to a roar of cheers. Having successfully retained his title against Daniel Bryan in what many were already calling a 5-star classic, the Champion looked in high spirits as he came down to the ring, mic in hand.

"So I guess you want us all to thank you, Cena?" Punk grins and looks around at the crowd. "Listen to this guy, taking the credit. Big Show's the one who made it happen, you wasted all your time instead of getting the job done!"

He waves a hand to the Titantron, showing flashbacks of the day before where Big Show dragged Laurinaitis back out to the ring after he escaped.

"Face it Cena, you almost bottled it and if Show hadn't been there, we'd still be having to deal with Mr. Laryngitis." The Champ's Face turned serious. "While all of you were celebrating lastnight - I know, I was too - I came upon a sudden and terrifying realization. Do you want to know what that realization was?"

The WWE Champ looks to the crowd. "Yes!" the crowd roars back at Punk.

"The horror behind all of this is that nothing is going to change. Look at our Board of Directors. Look at our Chairman, Vince McMahon. Look at the list of candidates in line for the Managerial position: Eve Torres, Triple H, David Otunga, Vickie Guerrero...to name a few. Do you really think that as long as these people are clogging up the system with their tyranny, that anything will change?"

Cena's face turns serious at this accusation, but then he gives another stupid grin. "Hey hey hey, Punk. I get it, you have a problem with authority, but don't go ruining everybody else's fun just because you have a stick up your ass."

"Shut up Cena!" CM Punk scowls, adjusting his belt. "I'm sick of your goofy smile and your nonsense, like nothing could possibly bother you and you're always fine. You know this company is rotten, we all know it. Men like you and me, we can do something about it - we have the power, if we choose to use. Stop pretending you're a naive child and wake up! Are you going to just sit there and let the people - your fans - endure another travesty of justice when the Board appoints another ass-kisser with no ability and no brains?"

This time Cena's face turns serious and doesn't lighten up. "I don't like your tone, Punk. You can say whatever you want about me, but don't go disrespecting those people in the back. They work hard every day to produce the best for these people, from the lowliest janitor to the Board of Directors themselves."

Punk looked at Cena in disgust. "Do you really believe that you stupid son of a-"

The Champ is interrupted as The Game blares across the Titantron. A fully suited Triple H emerges from the back, looking somewhat pleased with himself.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you, gentlemen, but I have an announcement to make..." He pulls out a slip of paper, then nods. "The Board of Directors have appointed me as the interim General Manager of RAW and SmackDown! following the termination of John Laurinaitis. John Laurinaitis shall retain his role as Vice President of Talent Relations but has been barred from appearing at Ringside or interfering in managerial affairs."

CM Punk rolls his eyes and leans against one of the turnbuckles. Triple H continues. "Now, I think everyone here can see that you two have some bad blood with each other. I suppose you never got to settle matters last summer and I've got a full show to fill with little preparation time to do it in. With that in mind, I'm putting the two of you in my main event."

Cena and Punk look at each other, then to Triple H. Both nod approvingly, apparently pleased with this. "And what's more..." Triple H continued. "What's more is I'm making this main event something that hasn't been seen in the WWE for six years. In honour of the end of Laurinaitis' era and to help you get rid of some of that bad blood, I'm making this a First Blood match."

Triple H lowers the microphone with a grin and walks backstage while The Game sounds out behind him.


Match One

R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler

"I get the feeling these two teams have some kind of grudge against each other," Lawler supposed as the two sides stared each other down. "Ziggler and Swagger failed to take the Tag Team Championship off of Truth and Kofi lastnight and it seems like Ziggler is out for revenge, but I'm told Triple H is considering giving them another title match. Why is that?"

"Obviously Triple H thinks that these two phenomonal athletes are good enough to earn another shot at facing the Tag Team Champions." Cole retorted.

The bell rang and the two sides circled each other warily. Locking up in the middle of the ring, Truth placed Ziggler into a headlock and brought the bleach blond to his knees. The two wrestle about for a bit before Ziggler breaks free and runs a rope drill, Truth leaping over him twice before hitting him with the corkscrew elbow. Truth gestures to the crowd and calls out:
"What's up!" The crowd responds in kind.

An angry Ziggler charges at Truth but is caught in the irish whip and driven into the corner, where Truth hits him with multiple punches before withdrawing on the 4-count. As Ziggler struggles to stand up, Truth acrobatically catches him in a Hurricanrana and brings him down into the mat for a pin.

ONE! TWO! Ziggler kicks out at two.

As Truth circles the ring trying to work up the crowd, Ziggler staggers to his feet again. Truth turns and jumps to deliver a standing dropkick, but Ziggler ducks and Truth crashes onto his back for this first time in the match. Ziggler now climbs onto the turnbuckle and leaps at Truth with the flying elbow, crashing down on him. He goes for the pin.

ONE! TWO! Truth powers out at one.

Ziggler looks frustrated but captures Truth in a headlock, followed by a headstand, attempting to show off; Truth, however uses the moment to knock Ziggler off balance and he loses grip. Truth rolls him up, trying to snatch a victory.

ONE! TWO! Ziggler kicks out just before the two.

Swagger meanwhile has climbed up onto the edge of the mat and seems ready to interfere. The Ref sees this and turns to yell at him. He gestures for both Vickie and Swagger to leave the arena, ejecting them. The two are furious and argue even as they leave. Ziggler turns to argue with the Ref in the corner, then notices R Truth rushing in towards him. He ducks out of the way and Truth collides shoulder-first with the steel post, giving Ziggler his opening. He catches the Champion from behind and hits him with the Zig-Zag and knocking him out cold. Dropping to the mat, he hooks R-Truth's leg for the cover.[/i]

ONE! TWO! THREE! Ziggler looks ecstatic!

MATCH WINNER: Dolph Ziggler by Pinfall over R-Truth


Match Two

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

The Second Match is close after and Justin Roberts calls out the competitors.

The two face down in the ring, coming almost eye to eye and talking to each other before Justin Roberts continues. "By the executive order of Triple H, the winner of this match will be considered the number one contender to the Divas Championship!"

The Ref checked that both sides were ready, and then called for the bell. Beth walked up to Natalya, taunting her former partner. Natalya went for a punch but Beth blocked and retaliated, hitting Natalya with several right hooks and pushing her into the corner, choking her until the four count. As Natalya recovered a little, Beth kicked her in the midsection and then delivered a series of vicious shoulder thrusts, knocking the wind out of Natalya.

The Glamazon withdraws as the battered Natalya stumbles forward, holding her ribs in pain. Glancing back only for a moment, Beth backs into the ropes and uses them to slingshot forward at Natalya. The space is all Natalya needs: she falls into a low drop-kick, both feet colliding with Beth's bad knee and sending her tumbling to the ground screaming in pain. Natalya picks herself up and realizes she's on top for the moment and moves to work on the injured knee, delivering several precise stomps as Beth tries to roll herself into the corner.

Natalya is not done. Sliding out from under the bottom rope, she grabbed Beth's ankle and swung her entire leg into the post several times, leaving Beth writhing in pain. Returning to the ring, she moves to grab Beth but the former Champion slips behind her, picking her up in preparation for the Glam Slam. Tragically, her leg gives out under the weight and she collapses to her knees, allowing Natalya to squirm out of it. Natalya grabs Beth by the legs and locks her into the Sharpshooter, putting her pressure on the leg and back of the injured Beth. Beth holds on as long as she can but her bad knee is too much and she's forced to tap out.

MATCH WINNER: Natalya by Submission over Beth Phoenix

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and the new number one contender for the Divas Championship: Natalya!"

Natalya's hand is raised in victory. She looks at Beth for a moment, then goes to offer to help her up. Beth swats her hand away in anger, scowling at her former partner. Natalya shrugs and goes to leave, grinning from ear to ear at her victory. In the end Beth needs to be helped out of the ring by the medical team, unable to put any weight on her leg.



Triple H is seen leaving his office backstage before running into David Otunga. He looks at the lawyer up and down with disdain, Otunga simply sips his coffee and smiles. "Hunter - do you mind if I call you Hunter? - I hope you know that I am applying for the position of General Manager of RAW."

"Yes, yes, I know." Triple H seems annoyed. "Look, can't you bother someone else with this? I'm rather bus-"

"MR. H!" Santino appeared behind Triple H with a grin. "Mr. H, I have important news. I am applying to be General Manager, I have my resume and I want you to read it."

Triple H turned to look at Santino, then at David, who was frowning deeply. "Look, Santino, I'm kind of busy." He snatched the resume and glanced at it. "I mean, you hardly have any experience and-"

Santino shook his head. "I was Teddy's assistant, I think I know my way around. Plus, I already have my own assistant!" He raised his hand, showing the Cobra.

"This is a joke." Otunga said, glaring at him. "If you can't take the role seriously why on earth should you be an applicant?"

Triple H looked at the two, then grinned slightly. "I just had an idea. You two are going to have a match tonight. Whichever one of you wins, I'll consider your application to be General Manager...the other one, well...let's just say you shouldn't bother to check your email in the next few weeks."


Match Three:

Santino Marella vs. David Otunga

Santino made his way around the ring, glad-handing the fans for nearly a full minute before making his way into the ring and raising the belt into the air triumphantly. The Ref takes the belt and checks both competitors before signalling for the match to begin. Otunga begins the match by locking up with Santino and overpowering him, picking up the US Champion to deliver a power slam into the mat. He goes for an early cover on the US Champion.

ONE! Santino powers out effortlessly.

Standing up, Otunga delivers an elbow drop to Santino's heart, then stands and delivers another. He goes for a third but Santino rolls out of the way, leaving Otunga to land elbow-first on the mat. Otunga holds his arm in pain as Santino pulls himself to his feet. The Champ and Otunga move for each other and Santino delivers a pair of Arm Drags. As Otunga tries to get to his feet, Santino climbs atop him and locks him into a Camel Clutch to the cheers of the crowd. Otunga fights against the move but cannot break out of it. Realizing he is close to the ropes, he manages to successfully drag himself within arm's reach and forces a Rope Break.

Santino backs off and Otunga staggers to his feet only to get hit by a running clothesline that knocks him over the top rope and out of bounds. Santino gives chase, hoping to take advantage, but is struck in the midsection by a shoulder thrust from Otunga, who drives him into the crowd barriers. Otunga grabs the US Champion and pushes him back into the ring, climbing in himself and stalking Santino. As the Champion rises, Otunga goes for a falling neckbreaker but Santino counters it with a well-placed hip toss.

Santino turns to the crowd and grabs the ropes, yelling and trying to work them up. Reaching into his outfit, he pulls out his signature green sock: the Cobra. Slipping it on and preparing it to strike, he turns to Otunga with a cry:[/i] "Cobra!!!" Santino moves to strike Otunga with the cobra, but the cornered lawyer counters by raking Santino with a thumb to the eye. Despite the angry protests of Lawler on commentary, the Ref does not see the move due his position. Otunga picks up Santino and delivers the Verdict Spinebuster, quickly pinning the US Champion to the mat.

ONE! TWO! THREE! Santino can't kick out, Otunga is the winner!

MATCH WINNER: David Otunga by Pinfall over Santino Marella


Match Four:

As the commercials end, RAW's return is marked by the sound of Shrine and the entrance of Lord Tensai. He makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Sakomoto, but his ring entrance is interrupted. Triple H walks out, microphone in hand.

"Whoa whoa whoa there Tensai." Triple H frowns. "You're getting a little ahead of yourself. I know that John Laurinaitis scheduled you in a match with Brodus Clay tonight, but that match will not be taking place. You see, the Board of Directors and I agree that your actions since signed have been appalingly unacceptable and, accordingly, we will be terminating your present contract at midnight tonight."

Tensai looks furious, shouting at Triple H from the ring, but Triple H continues. "That's okay, though, because you still have a chance to earn your place. See, there's another superstar who's out of a job as well. Someone who, although wrongly fired, still in our eyes needs to earn his place back here in the WWE. I've arranged to have this match changed into a Contract on a Pole match, and whichever one of you can get the contract will secure their place in the WWE. Come on out, buddy."

Crank it Up breaks the silence as Big Show emerges to a roar of cheering and applause, a huge grin on his face after the events of lastnight. He makes his way down to the ring and looks down at Lord Tensai, a confident grin on his face.

Big Show vs. Lord Tensai

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Contract on a Pole match! The contract is the prize for the first person to retrieve the contract from the pole." Justin Roberts gestured to the pole being erected with a clipboard attached to one end.

Big Show looked in high spirits as the Ref called for the match to begin. The two huge, veteran competitors sized each other up, warily looking for an opening. The commentators twittered on. "Let me tell you Cole, it's not often that Tensai faces a man bigger than he is, that's got to shake your confidence a little." Cole scoffed indignantly. "Not necessarily, remember that Tensai trained for years in Japan where he was one of the most dominant competitors they ever had. He'll know plenty of ways to deal with Big Show."

As the two met in the ring, Tensai ducked a left hook from Show and caught the seven-foot giant around the waist, showing immense strength to pick him up and drop him down on his back in a powerful slam. Tensai immediately went for Show's shoulder, clamping it in a strong nerve hold, trying to wear the giant down with the submission hold. Big Show cried out in pain but continued to fight, hand wavering as he slowly stood up, slowly overpowering his opponent.

He swung his elbow back into Tensai's gut, and then again, forcing him to release the claw hold. As Show turned, Tensai charged at Show but got caught in the irish whip, hurtling instead into the corner with Big Show close behind, delivering a powerful hip attack. Hushing the audience, he delivered a brutal open-handed chop to the chest of Tensai, and then picked the Japanese lord up to deliver a powerful suplex, laying him sprawled flat across the ring.

Show shook his head and looked down at his opponent, then up at the pole. Moving to the corner, he climbed up onto the corner to reach for the contract, only for Tensai to desperately dart up off the floor, catching his legs and dragging him into a powerful slam into the floor, rolling him up as if to pin him. Show kicks out of the roll and onto his hands and knees, looking shaken, only for Tensai to start climbing the ropes to reach for the contract himself. Big Show grabs his leg and tries to pull him down, suffering a kick to the head for his effort. As Tensai's fingertips reach the clipboard, Big Show stands and delivers a powerful blow to the back. Picking Tensai up into an electric chair, he steps and falls backwards, driving both men into the mat with extreme force.

The two rolled onto the floor a little, trying to regain their bearings. Show would be first back on his feet, and rather than go for the contract he immediately drags Tensai to his feet for a powerful sidewalk slam. The tired Giant moves to the corner and begins to climb, hearing the cheering of the crowd even as Tensai struggles to get to his feet. Big show has his hands on the contract when a desperate Tensai brought his fist up between Big Show's legs. Show reached for his crotch, his face a mask of pain as he fell backwards onto the mat.

As he rolled around in pain, Tensai raised his hand and sprayed green mist across it. Grinding his palm into the Big Show's face, Show screamed in agony as the blinding substance rubbed into his eyes. Tensai shouted repeatedly; at him, at the crowd, and at the Referee before finally releasing him. As Show rolled around trying to clear his eyes, his opponent climbed onto the corner and snatched the contract effortlessly. The bell rang and Lord Tensai was announced as the winner of the match.

MATCH WINNER: Lord Tensai by Contract Retrieval



Daniel Bryan moves through the backstage, searching for something or someone. Finally, he finds the man he's looking for: Triple H.

"You'd better explain this!" The former Champion seethes. "I've just been informed that because of the brand split, I'm not allowed to face CM Punk in a rematch I rightly deserve. I got screwed out of my title by the ref and I demand another chance!"

Triple H sniffed and looked down his nose at the angry Bryan. "Well Bryan, it's funny you should say that. I didn't happen to see the end of your match, but a few people have told me that you did deserve a rematch. Problem is, you're a SmackDown! star and not a RAW star, you need my permission to go against CM Punk and I don't know if I'm willing to give you that."

"It's an injustice, you know as well as anyone I could have beaten him and I need another chance to prove it!" Bryan was fuming mad and starting to turn red.

Triple H thinks about this and then nods. "Alright Bryan, if you want your chance, you've got it. I was going to stage a surprise number one contenders match for No Way Out, a simple Triple Threat to determine the winner. Since you've made your point so passionately, I think I'm willing to put you as a fourth contender in."

"Thank you!" Bryan seems relieved, but also on the verge of sarcastic with his thanks.

"Don't thank me yet Bryan. If you win, you become the Number One Contender, but if you lose, you will be barred from appearing on Monday Night RAW as long as you are under a SmackDown! contract. No second chances. You'd better get ready, because your match is next."

Bryan locked eyes with Triple H in a momentary scowl, then turned and stormed off wordlessly.


Match Five:

Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto del Rio vs. The Miz

The Ref signals for the bell and the four wrestlers rest in their corners, sizing up their competition. Del Rio and Jericho clash almost immediately, locked up for control in one half of the ring. Miz and Daniel Bryan move towards each other, but Miz signals to wait, and then points at the other two. Bryan looks at them, then to Miz, and nods. They back off and begin stalking the other pair.

Del Rio trips Jericho and brings him to the ground, wrapping his opponent in a headlock, only to look up in time for the Miz's boot to connect with his face. Bryan and Miz drag Del Rio to his feet and drag him into the corner, repeatedly pounding him with fists and feet, battering him into pieces. Jericho scrambles to his feet and, looking for a chance at a quick victory, taps Miz on the shoulder. Miz turns around only to get hit by the Codebreaker, stumbling forward to the floor. Jericho moves to pin the Miz.

ONE! TWO! Bryan breaks the pin with a kick to the ribs.

Now Jericho and Bryan face each other and the submission specialist has a grin on his face as he slips under his opponent's arms and applies a waist lock. Jericho easily counters with an elbow to the face and goes to attempt another Codebreaker but Bryan is expecting it and slips out without much trouble, countering with an attempted leg sweep which Jericho hops over before delivering a vicious Enzuigiri to Bryan, who collapses.

Jericho runs and jumps on the rope for a Lionsault but a quick-thinking Miz drags Bryan out of the way and Jericho misses completely. Del Rio too is getting back to his feet and soon charges at Miz, who sees it coming and charges himself. Both men collide in mid-air and collapse to the ground and now nobody is standing. Bryan is first to recover and seeing Miz and Del Rio sprawled next to him, he quickly goes to cover the Miz.

ONE! TWO! The Miz kicks out at two.

Del Rio and Jericho begin to stand and move towards Bryan with a scowl. Backing away from an angry Del Rio, he doesn't see Jericho coming from behind and an improvised Codebreaker is delivered to his back, leaving Bryan writing on the ground in pain. As Jericho stands he turns to mock the crowd, not noticing Del Rio sneak up from behind and put Bryan into the Cross Arm-Breaker. Jericho notices after a few seconds of arguing with someone in the crowd, and immediately turns to deliver a boot to Del Rio, only for the former Hispanic Champion roll out of the way.

The kick connects with Bryan's arm and he screams in pain, clutching his elbow and rolling out of the ring as quickly as possible. The retreating Del Rio is caught from behind by the Miz who delivers a skull-crushing finale, only to in turn get caught by a fourth Codebreaker from Jericho, falling backwards and sprawling over Del Rio. As Jericho tries to pull Miz off of a face-down Del Rio for the pin, a seemingly unconscious Bryan is quietly stretchered out of the arena by a concerned looking medical staff. Jericho gets Miz on his back and hooks the leg for the cover.

ONE! TWO! Miz barely kicks out at two-and-a-half!

Jericho looks down at Miz, and then to the ropes, before running to the ropes and springboarding off for a Lionsault. He's on-target and strikes the Miz, hooking him again for the pin.

ONE! TWO! Del Rio breaks the count with a leaping axe-handle!

Jericho looks furious at his inability to win this match so far and turns on Del Rio. Chris opens their exchange with a wide roundhouse kick but Del Rio ducks the attack and pulls Jericho into the double knee armbreaker. As Jericho rolls out of the ring while clutching his arm, Miz staggers to his feet and Del Rio rushes at him, delivering a vicious clothesline to knock him over the top rope and out onto the floor.

Del Rio wipes his mouth and raises his hands to the air with a cry of
"Destiny!" But he fails to pay attention to the ramp or the crowd, where a resurgent Daniel Bryan has appeared, clutching one arm as if injured. He runs into the ring and catches Del Rio by surprise, hooking him with his good arm and rolling him up into a pin, using the ropes for extra leverage.

ONE! TWO! THREE! Bryan's done it, he's won with an injured arm!

MATCH WINNER: Daniel Bryan by Pinfall over Alberto del Rio.

As the crowd erupts, Bryan staggers away, eager to stay out of the way of any angry losers. With his one good arm, he points to the arena's ceiling with repeated calls of "Yes! Yes! Yes!"


Main Event Match:

John Cena vs. CM Punk (c)

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening: the First Blood match!"

"This is a hardcore match with no countouts and no disqualifications. The only way to win is to be the first man to draw blood from your opponent!"

As the Ref checked the competitors, loud rival chants begin to echo through the stadium: a steady back and forth of "Let's Go Cena" countered by "CM Punk".

The bell rang and the two circled each other for a moment, but then Punk backs off and rolls out of the ring to search for a weapon. Cena quickly follows and deliveres a kick to Punk's ribs even as he tried to pull a chair out from under the ring. This was followed up by a stiff right-handed punch, but as Cena went to grab him, Punk countered with an irish whip hurling Cena into the blockade. As Cena tried to recover, Punk picked up the chair and immediately went to work, striking Cena with repeated sharp blows with the steel weapon.

Cena tried to climb back to his feet but Punk's repeated blows would knock him down. It was only until Punk paused to turn to the crowd and raise the chair into the air that Cena had a chance to move. Stumbling to his knees, he grabbed at Punk's legs and tried to lift him, only to find his arms lacking strength. Punk kicked the side of his head and Cena would be knocked back into the barricade again, this time hauling himself up to his feet and shaking his head.

Punk would go for another chair shot but Cena ducked this time and leapt for Punk, colliding with a powerful spear that drove Punk's back into the floor with a sickening thud. Both men would roll onto the floor for a moment before Cena stood again and wiped his mouth, grinning. He picked up the fallen chair but found one of its legs broken, and so dropped it without much further thought. Shuffling under the ring, he pulled out a large length of chain and wrapped it around his fist with a crazed grin.

"Oh no, this looks bad for Punk!" Lawler commented.

"Yes, this is the same way that Cena defeated Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules by busting his head open with the steel chain. Punk needs to be careful or he'll be next!" Cole replied.

Punk stumbled to his feet dazedly only to see Cena coming at him with the chain. He ducked as Cena swung a chain-wrapped fist at him and quickly retreated around the ring to the announce tables, Cena close behind, to a chorus of boos. Punk barged his way into the announcer's area and seized one of the chairs, dragging it out to push at Cena, forcing him to avoid it. Cena swatted the chair away but it bought Punk some valuable time to get to the other side of the table.

As the two squared off, Cena pointed at Punk and called him a coward, to which Punk merely grinned. Cena tried to go one way, Punk went the other. Cena changed directions and Punk met him in the middle with a clothesline. As Cena pulled himself up, he tried to swing the chain-covered fist only for Punk to counter into the swinging neckbreaker, bringing him down on the hard floor.

Punk stripped Cena of the chain and dragged him to his feet, only to slam his head first into the steel post and then into the announce table. As Cena stumbled to the ground apparently unconscious, Punk began to strip the announce table, grinning wildly. Cena began to stir and recover, but Punk was not about to lose his momentum. Picking up the steel chain, Punk delivered a blow to Cena's head with it, apparently knocking the man out cold.

Dragging the deadweight up onto the table, Punk looked at the chain, then at Cena, then shook his head. Dropping it on Cena's chest, he turned and climbed up onto the apron; that was not enough for him, though, and he soon climbed up on top of the corner, turning in place to face Cena and standing warily. Raising both hands into the air, he shouted at the top of his lungs:
"Best in the World!"

CM Punk came crashing down onto John Cena with an elbow drop, driving both of them through the announce table and onto the hard ground. Both laid limp for a moment as the Referee tried to figure the situation out, but Punk stirred first, dragging himself to his feet. Cena was not moving but the chain's position had done its job - Cena's chest was visibly cut open. Even as CM Punk raised his arms to celebrate, the Ref shook his head and pointed. Punk's own elbow had been cut open and was dripping blood. Punk looks in shock at the injury he hadn't noticed, then down at Cena, then up to the Ref.

The Ref shrugs in resignation: there was no way of telling who bled first and he calls for the bell. The match would have to end a draw.

MATCH WINNER: Draw due to Simultaneous Victory.

"I don't know about you Cole but I can't believe that Punk had the guts to jump off that post onto Cena. That was a huge drop and you have no idea how much it hurts to land on someone like that." King said in shock, still reeling from the loss of the announce table and the high-flying move by Punk.

Cole nods in agreement. "You're right King, I don't think anyone expected this match to end that way. Punk seemed to dominate the match and Cena could never really seem to get going. You have to wonder if Punk's anarchist ranting is starting to get into Cena's head and preventing him from fighting at his best."

"That's definitely a real possibility, we've seen before how tough Cena can be especially in these matchups. I think if the blood hadn't been drawn there, he might have had a real chance of coming back and winning this thing like he did against Brock. Wait, wait, Punk's getting a mic, I think he wants to say something." Lawler trailed off.

"Cena, the difference between you and me is our stubbornness about accepting the truth. You know that I'm right - you know what this company is. The sooner you admit it, the better a man you'll be for it." CM Punk grinned and dropped the mic onto Cena's prone body. Picking up his belt, he walked off-stage to the sound of Cult of Personality.

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I've spent some time reading other BtBs and decided to change my format around a bit to try and improve clarity/engagement as well as increasing the length/detail slightly. If there's things you don't like, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks as usual to anyone reading!

Mohegan Sun Arena - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
25 May, 2012

"Good evening and welcome to everyone, this is Friday Night SmackDown! This is Josh Mathews, with me is Michael Cole and Booker T. This is Friday Night SmackDown in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania!"

The camera shifts from a view of the crowd to the commentators, where Michael Cole picks up where Josh left off. "Yes, that's right, we already have a big event planned to open up this show in the absence of our previous general manager. Apparently Triple H has decided to take this chance to give SmackDown talent a chance to prove themselves and make a statement to the new management right here on SmackDown in a six-man Battle Royal."

Match One:

Hornswoggle vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Great Khali vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Camacho vs. Hunico

The bell rings and the match is underway. McIntyre moves towards Hornswoggle, who immediately flees to hide behind Khali. Jackson and Camacho lock up in the middle only to have Hunico kick Jackson's leg out from behind him, bringing him to one knee. Khali goes to swing at McIntyre but is too slow and the Scot ducks underneath him to deliver a sharp kick.

Hunico and Camacho beat Ezekiel Jackson down into the corner with a series of kicks and punches and then together try to lift him up over the ropes, but are struggling to get the big man over as he clings to the ropes. McIntyre takes Khali's leg out with a dropkick to the knee and the big Indian collapses to the floor. Hornswoggle jumps through McIntyre's legs and runs to the far side where Hunico and Camacho are still trying to get Jackson out.

McIntyre chases Hornswoggle into the corner but the small man slips under the bottom ropes and out of the ring. The Scot thinks about chasing, but sees the mess of Hunico, Ezekiel and Camacho tangling in the corner. Moving behind Camacho, he quickly hooks him under the leg and lifts him over the top rope, pushing Ezekiel with him.

Jackson tumbles over the top rope but manages to hold on to the rope.

FIRST ELIMINATION: Camacho eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

Hunico turns and kicks McIntyre in the gut, then locks him into a headlock, only for McIntyre to push him into the corner roughly, using his strength advantage. McIntyre hits Hunico with repeated shoulder thrusts. Pulling Hunico out of the corner, he delivers a crushing Northern Lights Suplex, leaving Hunico limp and lifeless in the ring. Ezekiel Jackson moves back into the ring and delivers several fists to McIntyre. McIntyre returns ths fists but Jackson soon gets the upper hand. McIntyre is staggered by one blow and turns, only to see Khali coming at him with an open-handed chop. The Scot ducks out of the way and the blow hits Jackson square in the face.

Jackson is tipped over the ropes again but manages to hold onto the top rope, barely keeping his feet from touching the floor.

McIntyre staggers as Hunico stands up again. Hunico points at Khali as he turns around and McIntyre nods. Both men move to attack Khali simultaneously, but as Hunico strikes him, catching the giant's attention, McIntyre turns away and goes after Jackson, hitting him with a powerful clothesline even as the big man tries to climb back in.

SECOND ELIMINATION: Ezekiel Jackson eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre turns to the crowd and yells in triumph. Meanwhile Hunico has been overpowered on his own against Khali and is picked up with both fists, slamming him down back-first onto the ring. Hornswoggle appears back in the ring and points at Khali, then at Hunico, trying to guide him into throwing Hunico out of the ring. Khali picks up Hunico with one hand and tries to tip him over the ropes, but Hunico clings on for dear life. McIntyre takes the chance to sneak up behind them and grabs Hornswoggle, raising him over his head and throwing him out of the ring at Jackson, who is just starting to retreat from the ring. The two collapse in a pile of bodies.

THIRD ELIMINATION: Hornswoggle eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

"Drew McIntyre is on a roll here, guys, I think he's going to win this one!" Michael Cole said excitedly.

Booker T grinned.
"I'll admit this boy, this boy he's got a whole lot of talent and he's going strong but he needs to keep his head together because those two men left in the ring, they ain't no pushovers."

McIntyre turns to the side, where Khali is trying to force Hunico to let go of the ropes. Running up behind Khali, he grabs the big man's legs and with some visible effort, pushes him up into the air where he tumbles over the top rope and out of the ring.

FOURTH ELIMINATION: The Great Khali eliminated by Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre turns to the crowd and roars triumphantly, before grinning like a fool. Hunico rolls into the ring from under the bottom rope and stands up as a confident Drew McIntyre strides around the ring, looking extremely sure of himself. Camacho appears and climbs up onto the apron, shouting at McIntyre. The Scot delivers a punch to Camacho's face for his trouble, knocking him back onto the floor. Hunico doesn't seem impressed and slingshots off the ropes, running at McIntyre to execute a leaping dropkick that connects with the Scot's face as he turns around, sending him tumbling backwards and over the top rope out of the ring.

FINAL ELIMINATION: Drew McIntyre eliminated by Hunico.

McIntyre slams his fist into the ground in anger, his look of triumph turned to one of rage. Hunico points and laughs at the fallen Scot and takes the moment to show off to the crowd. The camera zooms in on a McIntyre whose anger quickly turns to remorse. The Scot kicks at the ground in frustration and retreats from the ring as Camacho joins Hunico to celebrate his victory.


Triple H can be seen watching Hunico's celebrations thoughtfully on a TV in his office when he is interrupted by a knock at the door. In comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, with his belt in hand and a frown on his face.

"Fella, we need to have a talk." Sheamus said.

Triple H frowned. "First of all it isn't fella, it's Sir. Now what is it?"

"You ain't told me a thing about my opponent tonight, and I'm gettin' a little antsy. Who am I up against?"

Triple H pointed to the brace around Sheamus' elbow. "You haven't got a match, 'fella', not with your arm like that. The Board of Directors has agreed they don't want you risking your arm as long as we've got big plans for you at No Way Out. If you go and get yourself injured, I'm afraid that'd just be bad for business."

Sheamus' frown deepened. "I don't need your protection, Hunter, or the protection of the Board of Directors. I'm a fighter, I'm here to fight, and I can fight even if I've only got one arm, you understand me?"

"I understand you, but you still aren't getting a match tonight. But I'll tell you what I am going to do to make it up to you. I want you to watch tonight's matches, especially the main event I've set up between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Then I'm going to give you a chance to tell me who you want to face for your title at No Way Out. If the Board of Directors and I like what you think, then we'll approve it. How does that sound?"

Sheamus and Triple H stared in silence for a moment, eye to eye, before Sheamus finally cracked a grin. "Alright Fella, you've got yourself a deal."

Match Two:

In the ring, a pair of scrawny, relatively unnotable jobbers stood gawking, by the name of Brian Edwards and Kevin Bendal. Edwards took the mic and begin to insult the local town, but his speech was short-lived. Climbing out of the crowd, Damien Sandow appears and casts aside his robe, climbing into the ring behind the pair of cruiserweights. Without hesitating, he delivers a powerful blow to the back of the head of Bendal, before delivering a snap swinging neckbreaker to Brian Edwards, leaving both on the ground in pain. Sandow dusts off his shoulders in disdain and then picks up the mic.

"Salutations and good evening, everyone." He frowned at the audience's boos. "Now now, that is no way to treat your intellectual saviour. I am here to save you all from the doldrums of mindless mediocrity - to rescue you from the darkest depths that was to be this match. You would watch on as the greatest ignoramus of them all marches forth from his den, spewing beastly nonsense and smashing all in his path like some kind of baboon. While I would not normally lower myself to such disdainful methods, I have no choice but to stop this idiot before he permanently destroys your sense of decorum and grace - but do not worry, I will make it quick and easy on both you, and him. Thusly, I shall be replacing these two fools in their upcoming match. You're welcome." He delivers his last line with a smile.

Ryback's music hits and the muscle-bound beast makes his way down to the ring, while Sandow stares down his nose at the approaching challenger.

Damien Sandow vs. Ryback

As the bell rings, Ryback tries to get his hands on Sandow, who slips out of his grasp and runs to the opposite corner. The musclebound Ryback charges in and Sandow quickly climbs the ropes and executes an acrobatic backflip, landing behind his opponent as Ryback charges shoulder-first into the steel post. Ryback slowly pulls himself out and turns as Sandow leaps into the air to execute a dropkick into Ryback's chest, knocking the beast back a step, but not seeming to visibly bother him. Sandow's face turns into one of shock as Ryback just begins to swing his arms up and down, before striking Sandow with a powerful clothesline.

Sandow is floored and Ryback reaches down, picking him up and delivering a powerful military press powerslam, only to pick Sandow up and smash him again into the mat, leaving Sandow sprawled. Ryback rolls into a pin and hooks the leg.

ONE! TWO! Sandow kicks out at two.

Ryback does not look too surprised but immediately picks Sandow up and onto his shoulder, looking for the Oklahoma Stampede into the turnbuckle, but Sandow manages to wriggle out of his grasp and slips his arms around Ryback's legs, rolling the big man up into a pin.

ONE! TWO! Ryback kicks out just before the two and rolls to his feet.

Ryback charges for another clothesline but Sandow ducks underneath him and Ryback slingshots off the ropes to try again. Sandow leaps into the air and delivers a dropkick to the head of Ryback, this time knocking the beast on his back. Sandow scrambles for the cover.

ONE! Ryback kicks out almost immediately.

Sandow begins to look visibly frustrated, the match is not as easy as he expected. As Ryback shakes his head and tries to gather his surroundings, Sandow leaps into the air to deliver a knee drop to the head of Ryback, knocking him back down onto his back. He delivers another two sharp kicks to the chest, before moving to Ryback's legs and twisting him into a neat Figure four leglock - his signature Idol Lock. The normally indomitable Ryback finally starts to show some signs of pain as Sandow puts the pressure on, but seems nowhere near tapping out.

Although he's not far from the ropes, Ryback makes no attempts to reach them and instead manages to reverse the leg-lock, breaking his way out of it. Sandow goes for a move as Ryback stands up, but is caught by a running lariat from the muscle-bound wrestler. Ryback stomps around the ring and yells to the crowd:
"Finish him!"

Sandow staggers to his feet and Ryback runs at him as if to deliver a Thesz press, but Sandow trips him by the leg and Ryback stumbles face first into the turnbuckle, grasping at his face. Sandow grabs him from behind and tries to deliver a suplex, but Ryback elbows him in the face and he's unable to get his opponent of the ground. Ryback picks the huge man up into the Shell Shocked muscle buster and delivers his finisher with pinpoint accuracy, leaving Sandow crumpled upon the floor. He goes for the pin.


MATCH WINNER: Ryback by Pinfall over Damien Sandow.

Sandow seems to be stunned by the fact that he has lost the match. Stumbling away from the ring, he glares at Ryback one last time before disappearing into the back. Ryback continues to storm around the ring, swinging his arms in time to his theme and chanting 'Feed me!' to the crowd. The Goldberg chants are not fully silenced.


The Usos seem to be involved in some kind of altercations with Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. They're arguing and on the edge of a fight when Triple H appears and tries to break them up.

"Easy easy easy, guys. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

The two teams explode into a series of different stories overlapped into an incomprehensible mess. Triple H raises his hands. "Enough!" I don't need this on my show. Now listen, you two are the top tag teams on SmackDown! right now and the Board of Directors has decided that SmackDown! needs a chance to prove its worthy of the tag team division too. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are already in the running to be the contenders for the tag team titles at No Way Out, so you're going to have to work hard if you want to take that spot. I mean real work, out there in the ring. With that in mind, I've scheduled you four for a tag team match and that's up next. Try to blow off some steam."

The two teams eye each other up and trade a few more taunts as they begin to break apart to great ready. Triple H grabs them for a moment with a frown. "And guys? Your match...it better be something really good if you want that title shot. Am I clear?"

Both teams nodded in confirmation before Triple H let them go. "Good."

Match Three:

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil vs. Jey and Jimmy Uso

The tag teams make their entrances to respective boos and cheers, before Darren Young and Jey Uso square up in the ring against one another. The bell is rung and both competitors lock hands in the centre of the ring. They seem relatively evenly matched in speed, but Darren Young manages to twist it into a headlock takedown, bringing Jey to the mat. He delivers several repeated blows to Jey's face with his elbows and then presses him into the mat, going for an early pinfall attempt.

ONE! TWO! Jey powers out just before the two count.

Young immediately pulls Jey into the corner and tags in O'Neil, who begins delivering sharp kicks to Jey as soon as he climbs in. He props up Jey against the turnbuckles and delivers a series of chops to his sternum, stopping just before the four count. Backing off for just a moment, he picks up Jey and turns, delivering a vicious Fallaway Slam into the corner. O'Neil immediately goes for the pin.

ONE! TWO! Jey's foot moves onto the rope.

The referee points at the leg and Titus pulls it in and hooks it for another pinfall attempt.

ONE! TWO! Jey kicks out just before the three count and the Usos still alive in this matchup.

Darren Young is tagged in by Titus O'Neil and Jimmy begins to pound his foot against the apron, trying to rally the crowd behind Jey. As Darren Young goes to punch Jey, he catches his arm and pops him up into the air, catching him on his shoulders to deliver the Alley-Us Samoan Drop into the middle of the ring. Jey rolls on the floor in pain and tries to reach his partner for a tag, as does Titus. They both tag in simultaneously and Jimmy rushes in, catching Young in the irish whip and sending him into an uppercut delivered by Jey, who is soon pestered out of the ring by the referee.

Jimmy hooks his arms under a staggering Darren Young's and pulls him up into the Full Nelson, jumping into the air to bring him down hard on his tailbone. As Darren Young writhes in pain, Jimmy tags Jey back in and quickly places Young into the Backbreaker hold while Jey climbs up the corner, leaping off to deliver a diving elbow drop into the heart of Darren Young. Jimmy rolls out of the ring while Jey goes for the cover.

ONE! TWO! Titus O'Neil saves the matchup with a kick to the ribs of Jey Uso.

Jimmy takes the interference poorly and leaps over the ropes to go after Titus, who catches him in the irish whip and drives him into the corner. Titus charges in to attempt the Body Avalanche but Jimmy rolls out of the way, leaving Titus to run into the turnbuckle on his own. As Titus turns, Jimmy delivers the superkick to his chin and seems to knock the Superstar out cold. Jey Uso seems to be climbing the ropes onto the corner and he poses at the top while Jimmy drags O'Neil out of the ring.

Jey leaps off the corner with the Superfly Splash but Darren Young manages to stand just in time to leap off the ground and convert Jey's splash into an improvised Gut Check gutbuster. Jey is laid flat by the surprise counter and Darren Young goes for the pin.

ONE! TWO! THREE! Jimmy tries to come in to save the matchup but is too late.

MATCH WINNER: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil by Darren Young Pinfall over Jey Uso

Jimmy checks on his brother while Darren Young celebrates first on his own and then with Titus O'Neil, their arms raised in the air victoriously. Jimmy helps to roll Jey out of the ring and checks on him with the help of the referee. Darren and Titus continue to celebrate, when Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler appear out of the back, running down the ramp and sliding into the ring wearing just their street clothes. Unprepared for their sudden appearance, Darren Young is caught by Swagger who pulls him up and delivers a powerful falling powerbomb. Titus moves to try and help him only to have Ziggler catch him from behind with the Zig-Zag, knocking him out cold. The pair deliver a series of ferocious kicks to their fallen forms.

Jimmy and Jey look angry and climb back into the ring, attacking Dolph and Swagger. Jimmy and Jey hit Swagger with a double spinning forearm smash, knocking him onto his back, but Ziggler catches the hurt Jey with a kick to the gut, causing him to double over in pain. Ziggler delivers another sharp kick to the head, knocking Jey over, before turning to Jimmy and catching him in a scoop powerslam. Jey tries to stagger to his feet but a recovered Swagger grabs him in the ankle lock. Jey screams in pain and tries to tap out, but it does no good and this continues for a few seconds until Ziggler seizes Jey's shoulders and jumps. Swagger lets go, turning the ankle lock seamlessly into Ziggler's sitout facebuster, silencing Jey's screaming for good.

The two cocky heels begin taking the moment to show off, Swagger doing push ups on the back of Darren Young and Ziggler doing an acrobatic backflip. Ziggler retrieves a microphone and grins down at them.
"Let's be clear about one thing: Darren, Titus, Usos... We are the best tag team in this business. Winning is what we do: Kofi and Truth, they're our real targets, they hold our belts. You? You're just a couple of second rate wannabe SmackDown! teams who can't compare to the real talent on RAW. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay out of our business before you get hurt."

Dolph Ziggler's theme "Here to Show the World" is piped into the stadium and the heel drops his microphone onto Jey Uso, before exiting the ring with Swagger and calmly walking out.


Cody Rhodes stands next to Matt Striker, glaring off into the distance as Matt raises the microphone. "Cody, everyone saw how Christian defeated you for your title at Over the Limit, how are you feeling and how do you intend to respond?"

Cody Rhodes glared at Striker, but answered honestly. "How am I feeling? I'm feeling awful. I've spent months trying to build up the reputation and prestige of that title and even in spite of Big Show's cute little Wrestlemania moment, I managed to take that title back and prove that I am the champion for a reason. I was on top of the world when this...this old man who would be better suited for a retirement home than a wrestling ring comes in and betrays me, betrays our pact, by challenging me to a match for my title. I wasn't even ready, I barely had time to lace my boots up! When I get my title rematch, which I am duly entitled to..."

The interview falls silent. Cody stares at something off-screen and the camera pans to show Christian standing on the other side of Matt, then backs away to show both men. Christian grins. "Yes, Cody, your title rematch. It's so glad you remembered that, see, because I was talking to Triple H and we both agree: it's best to get that messy clause out of the way quick. That's why our rematch for the Intercontinental Title...is going to be tonight." Christian's grin widened even as Cody's face began to turn red from anger. "What're you waiting for, Champ? Better go get ready." Christian winked and walked off.

Match Four:

Layla El vs. AJ

The match opens up relatively calmly as AJ and Layla come out to their entrances. AJ, however, shows none of her bubbly cheerfulness and seems to be mostly staring off into space, lost in thought. Once the bell is rung, Layla approaches AJ, who just stares off into the audience and sighs wistfully. Layla snaps her fingers in front of AJ's face and that seems to snap her back into action. The Divas Champion asks if she's ready to start and AJ nods. The two shake hands and begin the match properly.

Circling each other warily, Layla charges in but AJ uses her speed to duck to one side. AJ kicks at Layla but the Champ ducks the kick and tackles AJ to the ground, placing her into an armbar hold. AJ wavers but doesn't tap, and manages to slowly get to her feet. She finally counters the hold with an arm drag, tossing Layla into the center of the ring. Layla quickly gets up and charges at AJ, who attempts another arm drag. This time Layla counters it with an arm drag of her own which is followed up by a pin.

ONE! TWO! AJ kicks out at two.

Layla shakes her head and the two lock up in the middle of the ring, where Layla starts to overpower AJ and press her back towards the corner. As this happens, Daniel Bryan walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand to a chorus of both boos and "Yes!" chants.

"AJ!" Bryan says on the mic to get her attention. Both wrestlers pause their fight. Layla looks puzzled. "It's so cute, they decided to give you a little match with the Divas Champion. Good for you! I guess that makes sense, now that you've moved on to that half-rate Punk they call a champion. I suppose he's doing you favours too, huh?"

AJ stalks the edge of the ropes, scowling. Layla seems to ask AJ to ignore him and continue the match, as does the ref, but she's focused entirely on Bryan, who continues. "It's okay, AJ. It's okay, trust me. You won't need to resort to such desperation for much longer, you see...I made CM Punk tap out at Over the Limit. You know how good I am, you know what I can do. At No Way Out, I'm going to break CM Punk in half and save you the trouble of a second disappointment when he inevitably dumps you too. Trust me, it'll be better for both of you." Bryan grins at the look of horror and desperation on AJ's face.

Layla taps AJ's shoulder, and the small woman's face twists into an insane scowl. Turning, she delivers a quick elbow to Layla's face and knocks the Champ back, before swinging a kick that knocks Layla onto her side. As Layla attempts to get up, AJ delivers a picture perfect Shining Wizard off of Layla's bad knee, possibly causing two injuries in one go and sending the champion stumbling back into the corner, apparently unconscious. AJ has a perfect chance to pin the Champion for a win, but she just dives on Layla and begins to repeatedly strike her with punches and elbows, ignoring the Ref's warnings. The referee eventually calls for the bell due to AJ's refusal to break the relentless attack.

MATCH WINNER: Layla El due to AJ's Disqualification

AJ is forcibly dragged out of the ring by several Referees after nearly half a minute of beating. Layla El isn't moving and a medical team is soon sent to try and recover her. AJ at first continues her psychotic glare, before looking slightly sad and stopping her resistance to the officials removing her. She leaves the arena willingly.

Match Five:

Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

The two competitors make their way to the ring with their respective entrances, Christian coming in to a loud pop from the crowd due to his recent face turn. Cody looks unconfident in the ring while Christian seems comfortably, a sly grin on the veteran's face. Although Michael Cole defends Rhodes and labels him the favourite, neither Josh Matthews nor Booker T think he can win against Christian tonight. The match bell rings and Christian holds his hands out, inviting Cody to lock up in the middle of the ring.

Cody moves cautiously forward as if to accept this offer, before instead kicking Christian in the stomach. Delivering several punches to the face of Christian, he goes for a Russian legsweep but Christian counters, turning it into an arm drag that throws Rhodes in front of Christian, allowing the champion to deliver a kick across the back. Rhodes cries out in pain and crawls towards the ropes when Christian runs up behind him and slingshots out of the ring, going for his trademark slap to the face. Rhodes manages to scramble back out of range before the blow is hit, but Christian just grins at him.

Rhodes moves to the far side of the ring as Christian scrambles in and slingshots off the ropes at the Champ. Christian jumps over Rhodes in the first pass and both competitors slingshot off the opposite rope, coming back at each other and both leaping into a crossbody, colliding in the centre of the ring. The two roll around in pain for a moment, out of breath. Christian is first to recover after a three count and climbs over to Rhodes for the cover.

ONE! TWO! Rhodes powers out at two.

As Rhodes stumbles to his feet, Christian walks up to him, seemingly ready to continue. Rhodes leaps forward and knocks Christian off his feet with a shoulder barge to the knee, surprising the Champion with the move. Not hesitating, Rhodes reaches down and drags Christian up to his feet, putting him into an inverted facelock to set up the Cross Rhodes. He grins at the crowd for a moment and goes to hit the finisher, only for Christian to wriggle out as Rhodes starts to roll him. Christian slips out and pushes Rhodes away but the challenger is not defeated that easily. As Christian chases him, Rhodes springboards off the ropes to deliver a Beautiful Disaster kick to the head of the Champion. Christian collapses and Rhodes goes for the cover.

ONE! TWO! Christian kicks out at two-and-a-half.

Rhodes can't believe it, he was sure he won that match. Cody looks frustrated and goes to the corner, climbing up onto the top rope. Christian stumbles to his feet only to find Cody leaping at him in a moonsault too late for him to stop. Both crash to the ground in a mess of bodies and Rhodes goes for the cover again.

ONE! TWO! Christian kicks out again at two-and-a-half.

Rhodes strikes the mat with a fist in anger and starts to argue with the referee. As he argues Christian seems to be recovering, having moved back into the corner so that he can get back on his feet. Christian starts to do Edge's theatrics, preparing himself for a spear as Cody turns around. He leaps at Rhodes and the spear connects, allowing him to hook the leg for another pinfall attempt.

ONE! TWO! Rhodes kicks out just past two.

Christian wastes no time and backs into his corner, climbing up the ropes to the top with confidence. As Rhodes slowly tries to get back to his feet, Christian leaps towards him, rotating into the air to deliver a diving reverse elbow that knocks Cody straight back off his feet. Rhodes clambers to his feet soon after and Christian is not far after. As Cody charges at him, Christian seems ready to counter into a back body drop, but Cody slides under it and delivers an uppercut to Christian's jaw, surprising him.

Cody runs up behind Christian and delivers a powerful bulldog, driving him into the mat, and then stands and looks to the crowd with a sinister grin on his face. Picking up Christian, he puts him in position for the Cross Rhodes - Christian is not beaten yet, however, and counters again, driving Rhodes' back into the turnbuckle. Cody stumbles out of his corner, holding his gut, when Christian grabs him and locks in the Killswitch, driving the challenger face-first into the mat.

ONE! TWO! Cody digs up hidden willpower and kicks out just before the third count hits the mat.

Christian holds up two fingers and looks at the ref in disbelief, but the ref just nods and motions to carry on. Christian climbs up onto the top rope, clearly looking for his frog splash. Standing at full height on the corner, he leaps off at Cody, but the challenger rolls out of the way, leaving Christian to hit the mat hard.

Cody stands with the help of the ropes, wobbling for a moment, before closing in on a hurt Christian. Dragging him up, Christian goes to punch him, trying to resist, but Cody blocks the attack and delivers a punch of his own. Turning Christian into position, Cody delivers the Cross Rhodes and Christian falls limp to the mat. An exhausted Cody lays on his back for a couple of seconds before rolling to try and capitalize. Shoving Christian over onto his back, he hooked the leg and went for the cover.

ONE! TWO! Christian powers out at two-and-a-half!

Cody looks like he's going to go berserk. Christian kicked out yet again and its the third time Cody thought he'd won the match.

"This boy Cody Rhodes he's got talent but he needs to learn to capitalize." Booker T criticized from the commentator's box. "It took him maybe five or six seconds to get off his back, roll Christian over and go for the pin. If he'd saved just a couple of seconds, maybe he would have gotten the win there."

This fact doesn't seem lost on Cody, but both wrestlers look exhausted as they end up on their hands and knees. Cody manages to pull himself up right, as does Christian, and the Intercontinental Champion delivers a rude slap across the face. That seems to wake up Rhodes a bit, and he goes after Christian with a look of rage. Christian easily catches him and counters with a Falling DDT, driving Cody facefirst into the mat.

Christian picks Cody back up onto his feet and locks in another Killswitch, going for the win this time. Cody is too exhausted to fight back and Christian hits the Killswitch effortlessly, driving Cody into the mat. Christian, however, does not go for the cover and instead chooses to climb to the top rope. After a pause to peer across the crowd with one hand shielding his eyes, he leaps off in a perfectly-positioned frog splash, landing directly on Cody for both the damage and the pin.

ONE! TWO! THREE! Cody is unable to kick out.

MATCH WINNER: Christian by Pinfall over Cody Rhodes. Christian retains the Intercontinental Championship Title.

Christian celebrates his big victory by retrieving his belt and climbing up onto the corner to pose with it, working the crowd in excitement as Cody is forced to slink away in defeat after a hard-fought battle.

Triple H is moving through the locker rooms, where he runs into Tyson Kidd getting dressed and ready in ring gear. He looks around the room in frustration, then looks to Kidd. "Have you seen Dolph or Jack around here?"

Tyson shakes his head. "No sir, I haven't seen them today. Aren't they from RAW anyway? I didn't think they'd even be in attendance with the brands being split and all."

"Yeah, neither did I." Triple H grits his teeth and goes to leave the room, only to stop and turn. "Oh, good luck with your match tonight, Kidd. The board's watching."

As Triple H leaves, Tyson stares at the door, then shakes his head. "Way to take the pressure off..."

Match Six:

Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd enters the ring first, looking somewhat nervous but warmed up and ready to go. Cesaro is next to come out, accompanied by his girlfriend Aksana and a chorus of boos. Teddy Long is nowhere to be seen.

The referee signals for the match to begin and Tyson Kidd opens it up immediately with a series of kicks, circling the slower Cesaro and only moving in range to lash at him with his dangerous feet. Cesaro seems slightly bothered but only slowed by the blows, and soon manages to push Kidd into a corner. He chokes Kidd in the corner, holding him by the neck until the ref counts to four, when he releases him. The size difference between the two competitors is huge.

Kidd coughs and rubs at his neck, when Cesaro turns and swings his arm in a chop aimed at Kidd. He ducks the blow with surprising speed and dives between Cesaro's legs, rolling to his feet and turning. As Cesaro himself turns, Kidd runs and steps up onto his chest, delivering a sharp kick to the back of the neck. Cesaro stumbles forward onto the mat and seems momentarily stunned. Aksana shouts encouragement from ringside.

Kidd steps over Cesaro and grabs his legs, applying the Sharpshooter to the larger man and putting all the pressure he could on his back and face. Cesaro cries in pain but doesn't look ready to tap, putting both hands firmly on the ground and pushing upwards, forcibly pulling his own legs out of Kidd's grasp. Kidd is forced to let go and Cesaro is soon back on his feet, grinning as if victory is assured.

Kidd backs up, still looking fresh and ready for a fight, but Cesaro doesn't seem winded either. As Cesaro goes for him again, Kidd ducks under and out of his grasp again with an acrobatic roll, springing to his feet and moving light on his toes. The large swiss warrior looks angry now, unable to get his hands on Kidd. He charges at Kidd, only for Kidd to again avoid him, this time with a well-placed kick to the ankle, knocking Cesaro off-balance. Kidd again withdraws, a smile on his face now. Cesaro slaps the mat with his hand in frustration, and looked over to Aksana. The two exchange a nod and Cesaro begins to mess with the turnbuckle, untying it. The referee notices this and moves to stop him, taking the cover and beginning to tie it on again.

As he does this, Aksana sneaks up behind Kidd and grabs his ankle. Tyson shakes his leg and turns, trying to break free in surprise, but the distraction is enough. Cesaro hits Tyson with a huge Body Avalance and grabs hold of him, delivering his finisher, the Gotch Style Neutralizer. Throwing himself onto Tyson Kidd's prone form, he goes for the cover and the ref, noticing, immediately runs over, drops to the mat and counts.

ONE! TWO! THREE! No kick out from Tyson Kidd after a move like that.

MATCH WINNER: Antonio Cesaro by Pinfall over Tyson Kidd

Cesaro laughs smugly as he picks himself up, grinding his boot against Tyson Kidd's face before stepping away and allowing the Ref to raise his hand as the victor. Cesaro and Aksana depart, leaving Kidd to limp out alone.


Tyson Kidd stumbles backstage, looking both exhausted and angry. He shrugs off an attempt from backstage crew to help. He makes it back into the locker room where Yoshi Tatsu appears to be packing a duffel bag. The japanese wrestler takes one look at Kidd and zips the bag closed, making a quick exit. Kidd sits and tests his ribs, wincing in pain a little, when the door swings open and Natalya comes in.

"There you are, are you alright?" Natalya looks concerned, moving over to him.

Tyson shrugs it off. "Yeah, I'm fine, just some bruises and my pride."

Natalya was fuming. "It was Aksana's fault, right? She's the one who cost you the match?"

"Uh...yeah, I think so, but...wait, listen!" Natalya wasn't listening, she turned and stormed out of the room. Tyson Kidd shakes his head and sighs.

Main Event Match:

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan make their entrances to a loud pop and plenty of "Yes!" chants. Bryan's arm is being supported by a brace and he has a microphone in his hand.

"Imagine my surprise..." Bryan began. "When I, the number one contender for the WWE Championship, was told I had to compete on SmackDown! tonight after a grueling four-way battle on RAW this Monday. Is that fair?"

"YES!" the crowd shouted back at him.

"Do I deserve this?" Daniel Bryan looked around expectantly at the crowd. "YES!" came his answer.

"What do you people know. I'll compete in this match, if only to prove what an incredible competitor I am, and when I defeat Randy Orton with only one good arm, maybe then you people will start to show me the respect I deserve!"

Bryan drops the microphone and carefully removes his shirt. As the two circle the ring, both competitors look ready to fight. As the bell goes, Daniel Bryan grins and immediately rolls out of the ring, looking back and taunting Randy Orton to chase him. Orton glares for a moment and then eventually does give chase. Bryan begins to run in a circular path around the ring, only turning at the last moment to surprise Orton with a jumping high knee, connecting with Orton and sending him stumbling back onto the steel steps.

Bryan rolls back into the ring, only to climb back out of the ring. As Randy tries to get himself back upright, Bryan thrusts his finger into the air chanting
"Yes!" Once Randy is sitting up, Bryan charges and goes to deliver a big boot at the head of Orton. Orton is not so easily beaten and he throws himself backwards, causing Bryan's kick to miss. Bryan turns back again but Orton is ready for him this time and hits him with the scoop powerslam, driving him into the steel steps.

Bryan writhes in pain but Orton shows no mercy, grabbing him and pushing him back into the ring. He follows up by grabbing Bryan's injured arm and swinging it into the steel corner post with ruthless intensity, causing Bryan to cry out in pain. Climbing back into the ring, Orton dragged Bryan into the middle of the ring and went for the first pinfall of the match.

ONE! TWO! Bryan kicks out at two.

Orton grins even as Bryan kicks out, and responds with a series of sharp kicks to Bryan's injured arm. Even as Bryan cries in pain and tries to hold it, Orton shows no mercy to his opponent. Bryan manages to stumble back to his feet and Orton goes for a clothesline but Daniel Bryan ducks it and runs straight past him, sliding out under the bottom rope. This time Bryan retreats up the ramp, shaking his head and holding his bad arm close to his body.

"No more! I'm not doing any more of this!" Bryan shouted in anger. "I don't need this from you! I don't deserve this!"

Orton glared in Bryan's direction as he retreated from the match, but did not chase just yet, instead pointing accusingly at him and shouting insults. Daniel Bryan looked content to be counted out and had moved all the way back onto the stage.

SEVEN...EIGHT...NINE...TEN! Daniel Bryan is counted out!

MATCH WINNER: Randy Orton by Daniel Bryan Countout

Orton looks distinctly unimpressed and annoyed by Bryan's retreat, but he doesn't have long to savor the moment of his victory. Sheamus appears behind him and Daniel Bryan barely has time to turn around before he's hit with the Brogue Kick, knocking him out cold. Sheamus turns to the ring and pounds his chest, releasing a cry of "Laoch!"

The camera zooms on Randy Orton, who at first seems hesitant, but then grins, pacing back and forth along the ropes. The two stare each other down as the program ends.

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WWE's Resurgence website is designed to keep you up to date with events through the new era!

Wrestling News from the weekend of the 26th-27th:

RAW and SmackDown receive their lowest ratings in over a year. WWE is reported to be in chaos with blame flying fast and thick.

-Backstage Insider
@HeymanHustle "The business is in shambles, Vince clearly doesn't know what he's doing anymore and WWE is only killing itself. They need a change and TV-14 alone isn't it!"
WWE are rumoured to be in talks with Big Show and John Morrison, but it is believed that at this time John Morrison is very hesitant to return to the E and time will tell if anything comes of this.

-Pro Wrestling Reporter
Following the dismissal of "General Manager" John Laurinaitis, it is believed that Mr. McMahon is under severe pressure from stockholders to find a suitably exciting replacement and has been warned off placing his son-in-law Paul Levesque in charge after what is seen as a disastrous ruining of the Creative division by his own daughter. Stock Traders are seeing WWE as the hot potato of the industry and are rapidly selling to try and vacate what they see as a doomed product.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are said to be in serious backstage trouble following an unauthorized appearance at SmackDown! where they assaulted the Usos and "Millions of Dollars" after their match. It is unknown at this time what actions Triple H has taken but it is clear he was angry following the match.

-Pro Wrestling Reporter

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Wrestling News from 28th of May:

World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and CEO Vincent K. McMahon has been hospitalized while overseeing setup for a show in New Orleans. Reports are still coming in but his condition is described as stable and not in danger of decline.

-Monday News Reports
WWE CEO Vince McMahon has suffered a serious stroke this morning and was rushed to a hospital after collapsing. Despite the severity of the attack staff reassured the press that he was alive and doing well following this event. This comes in the wake of a series of blows to the WWE's financial security and success over the past months.

-National News Station
WWE Officials have since informed the media that the show in New Orleans will continue as planned despite rumours that it might be called off. Although Vince McMahon's health is a worry to everyone, he is reported to have told his close family that "the show must go on" and that the event is not dependent on his presence. Furthermore, more information on Vince's status and future as CEO is said to be forthcoming during the event this evening.

-Wrestling Reporter
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