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WWE 2012 And On: Rebirthing

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Please note that the following is highly unlikely to happen, I just needed some backstory for this.
July 2011 - John Cena won the match against CM Punk at MITB. CM Punk signed a few weeks later with TNA. Kharma returned skinny and more diva-ish. This caused the few Diva watchers to move to TNA as Kharma was their last hope for good diva competition.

August 2011 - John Cena got seriously injured at the SummerSlam Pay-Per-View in a Steel Cage Fatal-Four-Way Match. Doctors said he'd not be clear until he had a series of surgeries. It would be at least next summer before he is able to compete again. This lost WWE alot of money as many people paid to come to live events just to see him. WWE signed Beer Money Inc. from TNA; Kings of Wrestling and World's Greatest Tag Team from ROH.

September 2011 - Due to trouble with TNA Management, Ric Flair and Kurt Angle was fired from TNA. They debuted together in mid-septemeber as the anonymous Raw General Manager and his enforcer. Kurt Angle then turned on Ric Flair for a shot at the WWE Championship. To keep this contract going, they had to pay the two alot of money. WWE was slowly reaching bankruptcy.

October 2011 - In an attempt to save money, WWE released Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, Yoshi Tatsu, Tyler Reks, Goldust, Curt Hawkins, and David Hart Smith.

November 2011 - Vince McMahon, Ric Flair and Teddy Long appeared on a 3-hour special of Monday Night Raw to announce that they would have to put their live events on a haitus. They released a Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, John Cena, and Sgt. Slaughter DVD, which sold considerably.

Febuary 2012 - WWE announced that they would resume their shows but with twists. They have stripped the titles from every champion. On the shows leading up to the next PPV, New Beginnings (Febuary 26th, 2012), there will be a tournament. The championships will be contested at the Pay-Per-View.

RAW Superstars

Alberto Del Rio (H)
Alex Riley (F)
Chris Castagnoli (F)
Chris Hero (F)
David Otunga (H)
Dolph Ziggler (F)
Drew McIntyre (H)
Evan Bourne (F)
Jack Swagger (H)
James Storm (H)
John Cena (F)
John Morrison (F)
Kurt Angle (F)
Kofi Kingston (F)
Mason Ryan (H)
Michael McGillicutty (H)
The Miz (H)
Rey Mysterio (F)
Robert Roode (H)
R-Truth (H)
Santino Marella (F)
Triple H (F)
Vladimir Kozlov (F)
Zack Ryder (H)


Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Gail Kim (Manager to Kings of Wrestling)
Kelly Kelly
Nikki Bella

Tag Teams

Kings of Wrestling [Chris Castagnoli, Chris Hero, and Gail Kim] (F)
Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga (H)
Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella (F)
Beer Money, Inc. [James Storm and Robert Roode] (H)
Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella)


WWE Champion: TBD
United States Champion: TBD
WWE Tag Team Champions: TBD

Other On-Air Talents

Authority Figure: "The Natureboy" Ric Flair
Play-By-Play Commentator: Michael Cole
Color Commentator: Jerry "The King" Lawler
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Mathews

SmackDown! Superstars

Big Show (F)
Christian (H)
Cody Rhodes (H)
Daniel Bryan (F)
Ezekiel Jackson (F)
Heath Slater (F)
Jey Uso (H)
Jimmy Uso (H)
Jinder Mahal (H)
Johnny Curtis (F)
Justin Gabriel (F)
Kane (F)
Mark Henry (H)
Randy Orton (F)
Sheamus (H)
Sin Cara (F)
Ted DiBiase (H)
The Great Khali (F)
Undertaker (F)
Wade Barrett (H)
William Regal (H)

Tag Teams

Legacy 2.0 [Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Brett DiBiase] (H)
Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (F)
Jey and Jimmy Uso (F)
Worlds Greatest Tag Team [Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas] (H)


World Heavyweight: TBD
Intercontinental: TBD
World Tag Team: TBD

Other On-Air Employees

Authority Figure: Teddy Long
Play-By-Play Commentator: Michael Cole
Color Commentator: Booker T
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Mathews


New Beginnings - February 28th, 2012 (Both Brands)
Breaking Point - March 25th, 2012 (Raw Exclusive)
No Way Out - April 22nd, 2012 (SmackDown! Exclusive)
Unforgiven - May 20th, 2012 (Raw Exclusive)
The Great American Bash - July 1st, 2012 (SmackDown! Exclusive)
SummerSlam - July 29th, 2012 (Both Brands)
Vengeance - August 26th, 2012 (Raw Exclusive)
Royal Rumble - September 23rd, 2012 (Both Brands)
No Mercy - October 28th, 2012 (SmackDown! Exclusive)
WrestleMania 28 - December 2nd, 2012 (Both Brands)
New Year's Revolution - January 6th, 2013 (Raw Exclusive)
Night of Champions - February 3rd, 2013 (Both Brands)

New Beginnings Card

WWE Championship
Jack Swagger vs. Kurt Angle

World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara

WWE Tag Team Championship
Beer Money, Inc. vs. Kings of Wrestling

United States Championship
John Morrison vs. R-Truth

World Tag Team Championship
World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Legacy 2.0 (Ted DiBiase and Brett DiBiase)

I'll post New Beginnings sometime during the week. Please be nice and help me correct my mistakes ;)
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wow cool thread here, i see ur rebooting the WWE which is also cool
and also i like that ur bringback exclusive PPVs, and im looking forward to who u replace Cena as top face of Raw, currently the only one that fits that position is Kurt Angle & maybe Triple H.

and on to ur new begginings card, i see Kurt Angle vs. Triple H as a huger draw than Swagger vs. Angle.
well good luck with this, i'll be reading :D
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