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This is my first ever thread in Be the Booker. It will start at Extreme Rules 2012. The purpose of this whole thread is that the new stars are going be booked better. My hope is by the end of this we have some wrestlers who were an afterthought on April 29th 2012 become champions.

The show NXT has been taken over by Smackdown. All people on NXT are going to be added to the roster. Superstars is canceled.

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EXTREME RULES 2012 4.29.12

Pre Show: Santino Marella (c) defeated The Miz (United States Championship Match)
The Miz comes out and starts saying that he is mad about being in the Pre-Show, but that he will win the match easily and squash Santino. Santino comes out and the match starts. Santino immediately tries the Cobra. It fails and the match is back and forth for a bit until Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale. He goes to the top rope but Santino catches hit in the gut. He then hits the Cobra. for the pin and win.

Match 1: Randy Orton defeated Kane (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
Kane comes out but before the match Orton RKOs him and pushes him in the ring. The bell rings and Orton goes for the RKO again, but Kane pushes him off. He pummels him and gets a chair. However Orton dodges the chair and RKOs Kane into it. He goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Kane gets up and pushes Orton out the ring. They fight outside the ring and through the crowd. Then Orton RKOs him into a steel barrier for another 2 count. When they get to the Concession stand Kane chokeslams him into it and gets a 2 count. He hits a Tombstone but even that only gets 2. The match goes on but Orton gets a chair and batters Kane with it. He hits a massive RKO into a concession table for a three count.

Match 2: Big Show (c) defeated Cody Rhodes (Cuffs Match for the Intercontinental Championship)
The roulette wheel is spun and it lands on Cuffs match. Big Show says good luck. When the match starts and they are cuffed Rhodes slams it into Show's face. He goes for the quick pin but only a 1 count. Rhodes is mad and now has to face the giant while he's cuffed to him. He tries to get some separation but Show applies a bear hug to him. Show squeezes the life out of him but Rhodes won't give up. He breaks out and hits Show with a huge punch. He hits the Cross Rhodes for a 2 count. Then Show pulls Rhodes into him and starts pummeling him. He then hits a Chokeslam for a 2 count. Rhodes battles back but only 2 minutes later Show hit the Chokeslam then the WMD for a 3 count and the win.

Match 3: Kharma defeated Nikki Bella (c) (Divas Championship Match)
Eve comes out after Nikki and Brie and says Phoenix is injured and won't be able to compete. She says however that there is someone willing to face Nikki for her title. She introduces the monster Kharma and Brie runs away. Nikki stands her ground. The match starts a Nikki dropkicks Kharma for no effect. Then Kharma picks her up easily and slams her. She then catches Brie and slams her. She gets back in the ring to get kicked in the face by Nikki. This has little effect on her and makes her angry. She goes for the Implant Buster and hits it for a 3 count.

Match 4: Sheamus (c) defeated Daniel Bryan (2 to 1 Falls for the World Heavyweight Championship)
Sheamus and Bryan come out. Sheamus gets a mixed reaction but Bryan is mostly cheered by the smarky Chicago crowd. The match starts off dominated by Bryan. However, Sheamus can not get the pin he needs. Bryan gets the advantage and goes for the Yes! Lock, but it's broken. Then Sheamus gets up and gets the Brogue Kick and connects. He gets the pin and the first fall. However Bryan gets up and traps Sheamus in the Yes Lock quickly. Sheamus taps after half a minute. Then Sheamus is unable to get up. After a few minutes however he says he is willing to continue. He battles Bryan for 5 more minutes it's all capped off with a huge Brogue Kick by the world champion. Sheamus wins.

Match 5: CM Punk (c) defeated Chris Jericho (Street Fight for the WWE Championship)
The match started with CM Punk and Jericho fighting it out. Punk had the advantage for the first part of the match but Jericho used low bows to get Punk knocked down to size. Punk used a baseball bat to beat up Jericho. He hit his finisher. For more than 10 minutes the two men were even. However then Punk hit a surprise GTS and knocked out Jericho. He smashed a glass bottle of Diet Pepsi on Jericho and covered him for a 3 count. After the match Jericho was thrown out of the ring smashing a table.

Match 6: Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena (Extreme Rules Match)
After the match started Lesnar brutalized Cena. He bloodied him early on. He didn't go for the pin even though Cena was knocked out early on. There was no comeback by Cena until late in the match. With his entire face covered in blood, he hit a earth shattering AA but only got a 2 count. Cena tried to hit another AA but Lensar caught him in the F5 and then got out the steel steps. He tried to hit the F5 again but Cena got out and bulldogged Lensar into the steps. Cena did the "You can't see me" but Lesnar dodged the 5 knuckle shuffle and Lesnar hit the F5 on an unsuspecting Cena. He got a three count and after the match Cena was carted out.

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WWE RAW 4/30/12​
The show starts with Johnny Ace coming out and saying that last night the WWE was conquered by People's Power. He says the New Era has finally begun. Finally Cena will no longer hold down WWE. Finally the Cena machine has been defeated and Brock Lesnar and the rest of People's power will rule undefeated and unchallenged over the WWE. Laurinaitis introduces Lesnar to the ring.

Lesnar comes out to a big pop. He says that last night he defeated the cancer of the WWE. Right now he is the top guy. He says that since he took Cena out last night, he deserves to get all the rewards of his labor. His demands should be met.

In the middle of his speech Cena's music hits for a huge pop as he was supposed to be injured. He comes out with arm in a cast. He says that he lost yesterday but he still is the face of the company. He says that Lesnar is only here for the money and that he is here for the fans.

Johnny says that if Cena is so confident about his abilities that he should step in the ring. Then Cena gets attacked from behind by Lord Tensai. Tensai throws Cena in the ring. Brock F5s him to a big reaction. Then Laurinaitis starts unloading as well. Cena battles back but he is triple teamed and can't do anything. Kofi, Truth, and Brodus come out to save Cena. Cena is again carted out.

RAW goes to a commercial break. After the break, we see a match has started.

Kofi and Truth vs. Primo and Epico (c) (Tag Team Championship Match)​
The match starts off with Truth and Primo in the ring. R- Truth has Little Jimmy with him and is ready to wrestle. Primo pushes Little Jimmy. R Truth gets angry and starts going crazy attacking Primo. Primo gets out of there and tags in Epico. Truth attacks Epico as well. He tags Kofi in and Kofi does the boom drop on Epico and pins him. He gets a 2 count and the match continues. Kofi and Epico battle it out. After a couple minutes Primo is tagged back in. He attacks Kofi and behind the ref's back Epico attacks Truth. Primo clotheslines Kofi and starts unloading on him. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count.

The momentum of the match changes as Kofi gets the hot tag on Truth who has decimated Epico outside the ring. Truth destroys Primo as well and tags Kofi back in for a Boom Drop. It connects and Kofi gets a 3 count and the win.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Kofi and R-Truth!​

After the match we go to the back where John Laurinaitis and Brock Lesnar are discussing the future of People's Power. Lesnar says he wants a WWE Championship Match, and since Jericho has been defeated, he wants to face Punk for the title. Johnny says he already has a tournament set up for the No. 1 Contendership of the title which is a 4 man series. Daniel Bryan vs. a mystery opponent will be the first match. The second will be Randy Orton vs. another mystery opponent. He says these are two guys which have worked hardest in the WWE at the moment. He says, however, that he has another goal for Lesnar to accomplish. He says that Cena has to be destroyed. Cena never backs down from a challenge. So tonight Cena and Brock will have a rematch, tonight on RAW. It will be an "I Quit" match. He says Lesnar will destroy Cena and make him quit with the Kamara lock. Lesnar says that is a great idea and he will destroy Cena completely.

The next match we have is a tournament match set for one fall. It comes on after the break. Daniel Bryan is in the ring awaiting his opponent. He gives a short speech saying that this will be his time to shine on RAW.


Bryan explodes into laughter as his new opponent comes out. It's Zack Ryder, a man who hasn't competed for weeks! What's this goofball doing here! Ryder comes to the ring with a mildly positive reaction.

Daniel Bryan vs. Zack Ryder (No. 1 Contender Tournament Match)​

Bryan attacks Ryder before the match starts. He clotheslines him and starts chanting YES! YES! YES! He then puts Ryder in the YES! Lock. Ryder taps after only couple seconds. After the match Bryan says that this was an indication of what was to come. He would destroy his next opponent and then defeat Punk for the WWE Title at Over The Limit.

Winner: Daniel Bryan​

We go the back where Randy Orton is asking Ace who his opponent will be. Johnny says he will have to wait and see. Behind him we see CM Punk. He said he would be honored to face him but that Randy Orton is no longer at his level. He is what Orton was in 2009. He is now the Champ. He is the fan favorite. He says that Orton has turned into a nobody.

Orton responds by saying that while Punk is definitely is a legitimate top guy, he would beat him and take the title away from him. He says Punk is being a little too confident and he should wait and see what happens. Punk pats Orton on the back and leaves.

After another commercial break we see Orton come out. Then Johnny Ace comes out and says that Orton's opponent is a man who he has a lot of history with. He is a captain of something Orton will never have. Charisma. Christian music hits to a loud pop as Christian makes his entrance.

Randy Orton vs. Christian (No. 1 Contender Tournament Match)​
The match starts with a lot of brawling as Christian is trying to end this thing quickly. He gets a big punch and goes for the Killswitch. Orton powers out and goes for the RKO which fails. Christian pushes Orton in the ropes. Orton pushes off and pushes Christian the ground. He starts pounding Christian with hard hits.He puts Christian feet on the ropes and goes for his signature DDT. He hits it and goes for the pin. He only gets a 2 count. He gets angry and sets up the RKO. He gets distracted by Bryan up on the stage.

Bryan has a mic in his hand. He starts talking about how much better and relevant his than Orton. He says that he is the one that has to fight for opportunity he gets. He also says that Orton is going to lose to Christian. From behind Orton gets rolled up and can't kick out in time. He loses the match. Orton chases Christian but Bryan smashes Orton with a chair out of nowhere. He puts Orton in the Yes! Lock and forces him to tap.

Winner: Christian​

After another commercial break we are again backstage with Justin Roberts and John Cena. Roberts is asking Cena how he feels about his match vs. Brock Lesnar later tonight. Cena says that he is ready for whatever Lesnar can do. He says he is going to put Lesnar in the STF and make him say he quits.

He also says that while Lesnar was the better man last night, his actions tonight were cowardly and showed how little he cared for WWE. He said Lesnar has no competitive spirit and picks on the weak. He then said that Lesnar is also fighting the effects of yesterday's match, and that he too will be tired.

We are taken to the ring where we see Bryan. He says he is ready for Christian to come out. He says that this will be the moment he's always been waiting for. He always wanted to be WWE Champion and this will help him accomplish that goal. Christian's music hits. He comes out and thanks Bryan for helping him with Orton. He also says that he will still have to destroy Bryan to achieve HIS goals, but he still respects Bryan as a competitor. Bryan tells him to come to the ring and back up his words. He does and the match starts.

Daniel Bryan vs. Christian (No. 1 Contender Tournament Final)​
The match starts with Bryan kicking Christian as he comes into the ring. He starts to work on Christian. He goes for the YES! Lock by Christian slips out of the ring before he can get it in. Bryan follows him out of the ring. He goes to tackle Christian but Christian dodges and Bryan slams into the steel steps. Christian pulls Bryan into the ring and goes for the Killswitch, but Bryan slips out of it and hits Christian, knocking him down. He goes for the pin but only gets a two count. He picks up Christian and DDTs him. He gets in the YES! Lock. Christian tries to get out of it, but there is no escape. He taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan​

After the match CM Punk comes up on the ramp. He lifts up his WWE Title. Bryan does the title taunt and starts a YES! Chant.

We got to another commercial break. After we come back we see Tensai, Lesnar, and Laurinaitis in the ring. Laurinaitis has a mic in his hand. He says that this match is going to end Cena's career. He says he thinks that Cena won't come out. He says he thinks that he will never be able to stand in the same ring in a match with Lesnar ever again after what happened last night. Lesnar takes the mic. He said last night he destroyed Cena so badly that Cena should not of even showed up to RAW today. He says he respects Cena for coming out, but respect only goes so far and he is waiting for a real fight from Cena. He is waiting for Cena to try and prove what he said earlier. He said that Cena never beat him and never will. Cena's music hits. However, Cena doesn't come out. Then we see that Cena is sneaking up behind Lesnar, Laurinaitis and Tensai. He attacks them from behind off the top rope as the match begins.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar ("I Quit" Match)​
Cena tries to get the advantage early, but soon Lesnar and Tensai wear him down. Lesnar does most of the work but Tensai also gets in some offense. Lesnar almost put Cena's broken arm in the Kamara, but Cena got out. Then Cena gets up and starts attacking Lesnar and Tensai. He pushes Tensai out the ring and Laurinaitis flees. Now it's just him and Lesnar. He goes for the AA but Lesnar turns it into a DDT. He then locks in the Kamara, but mistakenly on the non-injured arm. Cena fights out of it and slips out the ring, only to be attacked by Tensai. Laurinaitis gets a chair and starts battering Cena's injured arm with it. He gets the steel steps and lays Cena out on it. Lesnar used the chair as well and breaks it. Then he puts the injured arm in the Kamara. Cena doesn't quit, and he almost powers out but Lensar locks it back in. It looks like Cena is about to taps but wait! We see Triple H come out. He breaks the hold and calls for the bell. However the ref doesn't know what to do, because Laurinaitis wants the match to continue. Lesnar argues with HHH, and puts him in the Kamara after attacking him.

When he turns around, however, Cena is there with a fresh steel chair. He batters Lesnar, Tensai and Laurinaitis with it. He goes for the STF on Lesnar, but Lesnar breaks out. Lesnar then gets to his feet and strikes as quick as he can. He puts in the Kamara and there is nothing HHH can do about it. It's on the injured arm. Finally Cena has to give up... but he gets a Kendo Stick from under the ring and slams Lesnar with it! He breaks out of the Kamara! Cena is like superman! He AAs Lesnar and goes for the STF, but Tensai is there to to break it. Tensai pulls something out from his bag... and turns and hit Cena right in the eyes with the green mist of doom. It all over for Cena. Or so it seems. HHH is back in it! He attacks and pedigrees Tensai. He beats down Lesnar and calls for security. Lesnar is taken out and HHH calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest​

The show ends with Cena being carted out. Before the end of the show Tensai attacks HHH. Laurinaitis and Tensai stand tall in the ring over HHH's body.

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i will keep this short, until your first PPV.. but i wanted to say its pretty good so far, can't wait to see you write some matches in full and see how everything flows.. Anyway like i said a good start and can't wait to see more.

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i will keep this short, until your first PPV.. but i wanted to say its pretty good so far, can't wait to see you write some matches in full and see how everything flows.. Anyway like i said a good start and can't wait to see more.
Thanks and it's nice to see someone is looking at this. I'm going to be doing some interesting things in the future and try to improve the writing style as well.

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Daniel Bryan comes out and says that even though he got a WWE Title shot after his 2 victories on RAW, he still wants one more chance at the WHC. Sheamus comes out and says he is ready to face Bryan. Bryan tells him to come in the ring. Alberto comes out and says that he was next in line for a WHC match. Then Eve, John Laurinaitis's personal assistant, comes out as well. She says that Daniel Bryan and ADR would have have a match to determine who the No. 1 contender would be. And it would be tonight as the main event!

We also hear from the commentators that Divas champion Kharma would be on the show, and she would be holding a Divas Open in which any Divas that wanted to could face her in an match. The last woman standing would be the Divas Champion.

And finally, in Intercontinental Championship news, the IC Champ Big Show will face Kane in an IC Title match. Kane recently lost to Randy Orton at Extreme Rules, but now he's ready for action again today.

We go to a commercial break, When we get back in the ring the tag team champs R-Truth and Little Jimmy... I mean Kofi Kingston, are in the ring and are ready for Epico and Primo's rematch. Epico and Primo come back to a mild reaction.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs. Epico and Primo (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)
The match starts with Kofi vs. Epico. Kofi gets the advantage early. He beats down Epico. Epico gets a tag on Primo. Kofi dodges out the way of a clothesline but is hit by a second attempt. Then Primo hits a suplex on Kofi and goes for the pin. He only gets 2 however. And Kofi slips out and tags R-Truth. Truth comes in blazing, destroying Primo and Epico as well. Truth pins Primo but only gets 2. Then Primo slips out to tag Epico. Truth attacks Epico again and pins. He also gets 2. Then R-Truth tags in Kofi who does the boom drop on Epico for a 3 count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

We hit a commercial break and after the break we see Sheamus in the back. His shoulder is wrapped up from last night. Matt Striker is interviewing him. He says that he will destroy whoever he faces and that he doesn't care who wins the match to become No. 1 contender. Then we see Bryan come in. Bryan says he will win tonight and that Sheamus will be the one getting destroyed. Sheamus laughs and says that we will see what happens.

We go to the ring where we see Divas Champion Kharma out. She says that she will allow any Divas that want to and face her in an match. First Natalya comes out. Then we see Rosa Mendes come out. We also see Alicia Fox come out.

Kharma vs. Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Alicia Fox (Divas Championship Open)

They all decide to team up on Kharma. For a short period of time they succeed in their goal, but Kharma battles back and starts destroying everyone. After beating her down, Kharma pins Alicia Fox for an easy 3. Then she focuses on Rosa. Mendes tries to fight back but Kharma gives her a massive Implant Buster. Another easy 3 count.

Then we see Natalya behind her. She slaps Kharma, and starts attacking her. She starts to gain the advantage but Kharma pushes her down off the ropes. She starts pummeling Natalya. Natalya gets pinned but only get 2. She gets angry and looks to set up the Implant Buster. However Natalya ducks from her grasp and bounces off the ring ropes into Kharma.

She pushes the giant down and then puts her in the Sharpshooter. Kharma almost taps but she's able to push Natalya off her and then after getting up Implant Busts Natalya. Natalya put up a good fight but she gets pinned for a three count.

Winner: Kharma

We hit another commercial break. Damien Sandow comes out and stands on the apron. He says he is waiting for this miscreant in the ring (The Johnny Curtis) to bow down to his greatness. He is here to educate Curtis, not to glorify him. Curtis tries to attack him but Sandow pushes him down easily. He smashes the mic into Curtis's face.

He steps into the ring. He takes his robe off to reveal a pink and purple set of tights, to a mixed crowd reaction.

Damien Sandow vs. Johnny Curtis
The match starts with Sandow destroying Curtis. He hit many moves and hits a clothesline. Curtis tries to battle back but Sandow hits a DDT and his finisher. He keeps attacking Curtis. Finally he pins him after a second finisher and pins for the easy 3 count.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Ryback vs. Derrick Bateman
Bateman comes out saying he need a match. He won a triple treat match on NXT and he is ready to go. Then he's interrupted by Ryback. Ryback steps in the ring. Bateman immediately attacks him and swings off the ring ropes but Ryback slams him down and then does his normal moves. Then he says "Finish him!" and slams him for the 1 2 3.

Winner: Ryback

Then we go to the back where we see AJ and Kaitlyn. AJ is apologizing for what happened last week. She said she was in a tough time and that she hopes that Kaitlyn can forgive her. Kaitlyn says that she forgives her but that AJ needs to get over Daniel Bryan. AJ slaps her and runs away. We see Kaitlyn with a mad look on her face.

We hit another commercial. When we come back we see Big Show come out with his IC Title. He puts his beanie on a kid and gets in the ring. We see Kane's theme with the fire. Then the match starts.

Big Show (c) vs. Kane (Intercontinental Championship Match)
The match starts with some grappling. Kane gets the advantage and starts to pound down on Big Show. However Show starts to fight back and pushes Kane down. Then he goes for a chokeslam but Kane dodges. Kane then goes for his chokeslam, but Big Show fights out of it. Then Big Show shoves him down and starts unloading on Kane. But wait, we see Rhodes behind him he distracts Show and throws the mic at him while the ref isn't looking. Show chases after Rhodes and Rhodes runs away. Show gets back into the ring only to get chokeslamed by Kane. Big Show kicks out of the pin. Then Big Show starts fighting back and chokeslams Kane. Then he hits the WMD for a 3 count. Big Show retains his IC Title.

Winner: Big Show

We hit a commercial. Randy Orton comes out. He says that he destroyed Kane and now he will destroy his next opponent, Cody Rhodes.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
The match starts with Orton beating down Rhodes. The tide turns as Rhodes gets a low blow on Orton to get the advantage. He starts unloading on the Apex Predator, but Orton battles back. Orton tries for the RKO but is pushes away. Rhodes ducks from another RKO attempt. Rhodes gets out of the ring to regroup. Orton follows him out. Rhodes is pushed against the steel steps. Orton runs to tackle him but Rhodes gets out of the way before Orton come attack him.

He gets back in the ring. Orton gets in before the 10 count but Rhodes gives him a massive kick to the head. He hits CrossRhodes and pins Orton for a 3 count. What a big win for the former IC champion!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

We hit a commercial break then get highlights of RAW before the main event. We see various events from the Lesnar-Cena match on RAW, and we learn Cena is going to be out for at least 1-2 months, maybe more. This is because the injury was aggravated and it's more serious than it usually would be. We also hear Lesnar has been suspended for 5 months for the attack on Triple H. Also, next week on RAW, CM Punk is going to meet with Daniel Bryan in Piper's Pit hosted by 'Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Bryan was on Piper's Pit early April, but 1 month later, what will go down when he's on the show with CM Punk? Tune in to find out!

We see Daniel Bryan. Then Lilian Garcia introduces Ricardo Rodriguez, ADR's personal ring announcer. He introduces Del Rio. Del Rio comes in a classic card. He comes to the ring with a mild reaction. Del Rio is in the ring and is ready for the match. Then Sheamus's music hits. We learn he is the guest announcer for this match. This should be interesting...

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio (No. 1 Contenders Match for the WHC)
The match starts with Bryan gaining the upper hand. He goes for the YES! Lock but Alberto gets out of it before it can be fully locked in. Then Alberto gets up, dodges a clothesline, hits the hip toss and goes for the pin. He gets a 1 count. Then Bryan gets up, dodges Alberto, and goes for another clothesline. It hits. He tries to hit another but Alberto dodges. Then Bryan starts taunting Sheamus. He gets outside the ring. He provokes Sheamus and Sheamus chases him back to the ring. He runs into a hip toss. Then ADR hits the Cross Arm Breaker. Bryan is forced to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Sheamus and Del Rio come face to face with Sheamus holding up his belt as the show ends.

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WWE RAW 5/7/12​

- Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens up with a look back at last week where John Laurinaitis, Lord Tensai and Brock Lesnar destroyed John Cena.

- We’re live from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina as Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined by Jerry Lawler. We go right to the ring and Justin Roberts introduces John Laurinaitis.

- Laurinaitis says that last week, he showed what a great wrestler he was and that he defeated John Cena. He says he has an opponent for Cena at Over the Limit. That opponent is himself, John Laurinaitis. he says that he will single-handedly kick John Cena's ass. He also says that John Cena will not be appearing on RAW this week. Then CM Punk comes out. He says that John Laurinaitis had nothing to do with what happened last week. It was all Tensai and Lesnar. He also says that Johnny Ace is a loser who had an average at best wrestling career. Ace says that Punk should shut his mouth because he has the power to make Punk's life suck. Punk says he wants to face Laurinaitis today. Laurinaitis agrees. Today Punk will face Johnny Ace and Lord Tensai in a 2-on-1 Handicap match. Punk says that Laurinaitis will be so maimed today he won't be able to compete at Over the Limit. Then his music hits as he leaves the ring.

- We see Big Show walking backstage. Up next, Show vs. Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title. We go to commercial.

- John Laurinaitis runs into Big Show walking backstage. Laurinaitis asks if Show is stupid and tells him to stay out of his way. Show mocks Laurinaitis and turns around to Eve Torres staring him down.

Intercontinental Title Match: Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

We go to the ring and out comes the Intercontinental Champion Big Show.

The bell rings and Show takes Cody to the corner with punches and big chops. Show tosses Cody across the ring and goes back to work in the corner. Show runs into boots and hits a Disaster Kick. Show grabs Cody’s leg and tosses him again. Show goes for the knockout punch but Cody ducks out of the ring. Cody goes to leave but Show stops him. Cody escapes the ring again and runs off with his title as the referee counts him out.

Winner by Count Out: Big Show​
- After the match, Show takes the mic and tells Cody to come back but he doesn’t. The music of Eve Torres hits and out comes the Executive Administrator. Eve tells Show to apologize for making fun of John Laurinaitis earlier. Show says he’s sorry but that’s not good enough for Eve. Eve calls him a freak and brings up his job. She wants him to apologize again. Show sucks it up and says he apologizes for making fun of John Laurinaitis’ voice. Show leaves the ring as Eve smirks.

- Still to come tonight, Punk vs. Tensai and Laurinaitis. Plus, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, Sheamus and Orton will all be in action. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see footage of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth winning the WWE Tag Team Titles from Primo and Epico last week.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go to the ring and out come the new WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Vickie Guerrero comes out next to botch Dolph Ziggler’s entrance. Ziggler comes out with Jack Swagger behind him.

They lock up and go at it. We see Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendes and Abraham Washington watching backstage. Kofi leaps in the corner and misses. Dolph rolls him up for 2. Ziggler connects with a big dropkick and covers for 2. We see AW and his stable watching again when Drew McIntyre appears to watch. Dolph misses in the ring and Kofi makes a comeback. Kofi hits his usual moves and then the Boom Drop. Swagger distracts Kofi and Dolph goes for the sleeper. Kofi fights him off and hits the SOS for a 2 count. Truth and Vickie distract the referee arguing. Swagger pushes Kofi off the second rope. Ziggler takes advantage and hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler​
- Kelly Kelly is walking backstage with Divas Champion Layla. Back to commercial.

Maxine and Natalya vs. Kharma and Kelly Kelly​

Back from the break and Natalya waits in the ring with her partner Maxine. Beth Phoenix joins Cole and Lawler on commentary. Out next comes the team of Kelly Kelly and WWE Divas Champion Kharma.

Kharma starts things out with Maxine and clotheslines her. Beth vs. Kharma is announced for Over the Limit. Kharma covers Maxine but Natalya tries breaks it up, only to be attacked by Kharma. Maxine attacks from behind, and Kharma and Maxine go at it for a minute before Kharma hits her Implant Buster for the win.

Winners: Kharma and Kelly Kelly​
- We see IC Champion Big Show in the back. He is talking with some stars from other USA Network shows. He starts to make fun of Johnny Ace. Eve co mes in as the other stars leave. She looks at Big Show with anger in her face, as he awkwardly leaves.

- We hit a commercial break and after we come back Brock Lesnar's music hits. Nobody comes out for a while before Heyman comes out to a decent pop. Cole introduces him for those who don't know who is. Heyman says that now he is the legal representative of Brock Lesnar. He says that Lesnar feels like the WWE and it's fans have betrayed him, and that he is not coming back until the ass-kissing politics of the WWE is overthrown.

- Backstage we see AW talking with Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. They all discuss the possibility of an alliance. They all come to a conclusion that Randy Orton and Sheamus will have to be taken care of for this faction to work. ADR has an idea. he will go out and announce a bounty on Sheamus. They all agree that that's a good plan. Sheamus will be taken care off then Jericho and ADR can squash Orton. That will insure the dominance of the All-World Coalition on Smackdown.

- We hit a commercial break. ADR comes to the ring introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez and flanked by security. ADR holds up a briefcase. He says it has $500,000 in it. He also says that any man who can put Sheamus out of commission will receive the briefcase. He says he knows that some on the roster are struggling to make ends meet. He says that he knows that many on the roster have a genuine dislike for Sheamus. He says that in the next 5 minutes, he wants Sheamus badly injured.

- We cut backstage where we see a few superstars looking intently at the TV. These guys are Derrick Bateman, Drew McIntyre, and Mason Ryan. They decide to split the money three ways. They will have a match with Sheamus. The guy who gets the pin gets 200,000. The other two guys get 150,000.

Mason Ryan, Drew McIntyre, and Derrick Bateman vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton (Bounty Match)
The match stars right after the break. The three guys are out. They ask Sheamus to come out for a match. They ask Sheamus to come out. He does, but he also says he's got a little bit of an equalizer. RKO comes out and Sheamus and RKO rush in to the ring.

Ryan, McIntyre, and Bateman start beating up on Sheamus on Orton. McIntyre gets the chairs and the table. The ref tries to call for the bell but his taken out by a punch from behind by Ryan. Orton battles back and goes for the RKO on Ryan, but is pushed away by Bateman. Orton is kicked out of the ring. Mason Ryan sets up the table. He goes for the House of pain on the table but he can't get Sheamus up. Then Sheamus pushes Ryan down. He dodges a punch from McIntyre and Brogue kicks him. then Bateman tries to punch him, but Bateman gets attacked by Sheamus and Sheamus gets the Brogue kick on Bateman. However Ryan is right behind him and starts unloading on Sheamus. He hits the house of pain as the ref comes to. He realizes whats happening and starts the count.

Before the 3 count Orton comes in and breaks up the pin. Then he RKOs Ryan as he gets up. He goes for the pin and gets it, one two three.

Winner: Randy Orton and Sheamus
- After the match, ADR and Chris Jericho come out and start beating up on Sheamus and Orton. Jericho gets out a sledgehammer and goes for Sheamus head but he dodges and gets out of the ring. Sheamus gets his title and leaves the arena to protect himself. ADR and Jericho cut a promo saying that one day, Sheamus will fall.The bounty will be cashed in, and the All-World Coalition will rule SD! and RAW. From behind the Viper strikes. He attacks both Jericho and Sheamus, and they scramble out the ring. Orton is left standing tall.

- We go to the commercial. We see Brodus Clay come out. He does his usual Funkasauras entrance. Then we see Heath Slater come out. He has a mic and he says he is going make the Funkasauras extinct tonight. He comes into the ring and the match starts.

Heath Slater vs. Brodus Clay
Miz goes right after Brodus, but gets hits with a clothesline. Miz is tossed out of the ring which causes Clay's dancers to laugh. Clay chases after him and then slide back into the ring. Miz connects with a series of kicks and a boot to the face. Miz stomps on his gut. Cover, but Clay tosses him off. Miz puts him in the corner and hits a high splash. Miz leaps from the top rope for a crossbody but Brodus swats him away. Miz gets back to his feet and locks on a rear headlock. He leaps onto the back of Clay, but Clay tosses him into the middle of the ring. Miz kicks out his leg and hits a DDT. Cover, but Clay tosses him off. Clay punches his way back to his feet, but misses a clothesline. Miz kicks out his leg and then hits a high knee to the jaw. Miz gets behind him and locks on a chinlock. Clay lifts him up for a big side slam. Clay catches Miz off the top rope on crossbody and hits a Sheeplex. Clay connects with a splash and this match is over.

Winner: Brodus Clay
- After the commercial break the last match begins. Tensai and Laurinaitis come out.

CM Punk v. Lord Tensai & John Laurinaitis
Punk is in the ring with Tensai and gets slammed down to the mat. Tensai lifts Punk to his feet, and hits a hard double underhook. Punk rolls out of the ring and Tensai follows after and throws him into the steel post.

Both men get back into the ring and Tensai applies a nerve pinch. Punk is slammed to the mat. Then Laurinaitis comes in. He hits the Ace Crusher and goes for the pin. He only gets a two count. Then Punk quickly gets up and goes for the GTS on Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis slips out and runs for the tag. Tensai comes in and runs Punk down. Then he gets his Green Mist ready,. When Punk gets up he's met with Green Mist and immediately falls down, his eyes hurting. Then Tensai hits the
Baldo Bomb.
Winners: Lord Tensai & John Laurinaitis
After the match, Bryan comes out and attacks Punk. He applies the Yes Lock and then starts a Yes chant to end the show.

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Smackdown 5/11/12
Sheamus comes out and says that he will rise above the bounty and will destroy ADR tonight. Then John Laurinaitis comes out. He says the bounty is legal. He also says good luck to Sheamus for his match tonight. Because if he loses, someone will cash in the bounty, and Sheamus's career would be over.

AJ def. Kaitlyn by Pinfall
After the match, Bryan comes out and says he is proud of AJ. After he wins at Over The Limit, he will move on from Wrestlemania, finally. He will move on to Kaitlyn.

Daniel Bryan def. Big Show- By Screwjob, Johnny Ace Calls for the Bell
After the match Big Johnny comes out. He says that next RAW he is going to get an apology, or Big Show will be fired.

Ryback def. Heath Slater
After the match Ryback continues to attack Slater until security comes out.

Cody Rhodes def. Brodus Clay by Countout
Rhodes gets Clay out of the ring and smashes him into the steps. Clay's first loss! The IC Champ stands strong!

Sheamus (WHC) def. Del Rio by Pinfall
This was a good match, in the end Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

After the match The Miz came in to try and get the bounty. He was Brogue Kicked coming in the ring. Sheamus stood tall after the match.

Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho by Pinfall
This was also a good win. Orton hit the RKO 7 minutes in for the victory.

After the match Sheamus comes out and holds up his WHC on the ramp.

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Ill start by leaving feed on your first one and then catch up.

Opeening Promo
Seems like something the WWE would do. Lesnar and Tensai should have cleared house though as everyone ran out to push their wrecking machine gimmicks.

First Match
Seemed EXACTLY like WWE did. Even down to the cheesy little jimmy bit. I hate the makeshift tag team of Kofi and Truth so I think letting Epico and Primo keep the straps might have been better.

Second Match
Made Ryder look weak, but thats not a massive downside. Not much to say.

Third Match
Pushes an Orton Vs Bryan rivalry and lets Christian have his moment.

Fourth Match
Orton should have cost Bryan the match to further the fued. Made Bryan look a little weak after all the shit talking.

Last Match
The sub is called the Kimura. I didnt like this as you even said "Cena is like superman". Super Cena is 100% the reason for WWE's boring themes so you could have done something to correct it. Made Lesnar and Tensai look a little weak.

I feel you stuck too closley to the WWE. HHH Vs Lesnar still happening, Ace Vs Cena w/ Tensai to help. Try and break the mold and do something more original and forget about what the WWE is doing.

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WWE RAW 5/14/12​

The show starts with Johnny Laurinaitis coming out. He says that John Cena is a dead man this Sunday. Then he calls the Big Show out. He says he has a match with Kane tonight, and then he has to apologize.

Kane def. Big Show by Distraction by Johnny and Pinfall
After the match, Big Show refused to apologize. He chokeslams johnny and then hits him with the WMD. He says that he doesn't care if he's fired. Then Johnny gets up and says the Big Show is terminated!

Brodus Clay def. Hunico by Pinfall
The match is quite short by Hunico attacks Clay before the bell. Clay then gets the advantage and wins the match, to avenge his loss last week.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young def. R Truth and Kofi Kingston by Pinfall
After the match a 3 Way Tag Challenge- Swagger and Ziggler vs. Titus and Darren vs. Kofi and truth, for Overt The Limit.

Kharma def. Alicia Fox
After the match Beth attacks Kharma and holds up the Divas belt. However GM of Raw and Smackdown Johnny Ace comes out and says that Phoenix is not the No. 1 contender but she would have a chance to become No. 1 contender if she defeated Natalya this Sunday. Phoenix does not like the decision but it is final.

Ryback def. Yoshi Tatsu
After the match Ryback attacks Yoshi. Yoshi is carted out.

Rhodes and Bryan def. Santino and Punk
After the match Bryan attacks Punk and forces Punk to tap out to the Yes lock.

The final segment has Laurinaitis come out. He says that Cena will lose. He says that Tensai will be the equalizer. Then Cena comes out. He says that he will destroy Lauriniatis and Tensai. Then Tensai attacks him. The show ends with Tensai and Laurinaitis standing tall.

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WWE Smackdown 5/18/12​
The show starts with Punk coming out. He says that he will defeat Bryan at Over the Limit. He also says that he doesn't care about their friendship, but that he would use every possible weapon to defeat Bryan. Laurinaitis comes out and says that Punk and everyone else could go to hell. He is sick of Punk kissing up to the fans. He books Punk vs. Kane for later in the night.

AJ def. Alicia Fox
This was another squash for AJ.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston def. Hunico and Camacho
Good match, made the Tag Champs look good.

CM Punk def. Kane
After the match Bryan attacks Punk, again. He forces him to tap like on RAW.

Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu
After the match, Sandow destroys Tatsu and Tatsu is sent out on a stretcher again.

Chris Jericho def. Sheamus
ADR distracts Sheamus. After the match Jericho flees and taunts Sheamus from the ramp. Sheamus grabs a mic and says that for the second straight week, the bounty has not been cashed in. He asks when it will be, if ever.

Alberto Del Rio def. Orton by DQ
Orton goes crazy after a low blow. He destroys Del Rio after the match.

Then Sheamus comes out. He shakes Orton hand but Orton RKO's him and stands tall at the end of the show.

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Why are you posting your shows in the much smaller format now?
Oh sorry about that I missed a couple shows. I would of never been able to catch up if I hadn't done that, tbh. But now I can be reengerized and do what I do best, PPV booking. I think you might be surprised with the results.

I think I did better with the Punk-Bryan build with them meeting each other in the ring as much as possible in main event segments. \

I handled the Big Show thing much better.

The tag match is better as well. Any predictions for OTL?

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The show starts with the Clay Miz match announced and a general hyping up for the pay per view. Also, the vacant IC Title will be contested by Cody Rhodes and Christian. The show is going to have 6 huge matches.

Pre Show- Kane vs. Zack Ryder ends in No Decision
Ryder attacks Kane before the match can start, Kane fights back and Ryder leaves the ring, match never started.

Titus O'Neil and Darren Young def. KofiTruth (c) and Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (with Vickie Guerrero)
After the match they have a huge celebration annoying everyone and bragging about the victory.

Promo about the Main Event

Brodus Clay def. The Miz
Miz attacked Clay before the match. He had the advantage for a while. He hits the Skull Crushing finale but Clay kicked out. He shimmies and started unloading on Miz. He hit his finisher and got the 3 count.

Christian returns to WWE, says he is going to win the IC Title

Christian def. Cody Rhodes- IC Championship
This was a great match and Christian got a great face reaction.

CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan- WWE Championship
This was a great match. It went back and forth. Bryan showed a lot of his Indy moveset and showed physicality as well. It was a great match. It was starting to look like Punk would not get out of their with the WWE Title.

AJ distracts Bryan to allow Punk to win the match. Punk and AJ celebrate after the match.

Sheamus def. Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio
This was a great match as well. Sheamus was dominating but the match shifted to ADR going through everyone. He hit the pin and got a 2 an three quarters on Sheamus. He walked in an RKO, and then Orton got a 2 count. Then Jericho hit the Codebreaker and walked into the Brogue Kick for a 3 count.

John Laurinaitis def. John Cena
John Cena dominates Big Johnny, but Johnny gets the advantage with the Steel Chair. Big Show's music hits and Cena is distracted. Big Johnny rolls up Cena for the win. Laurinaitis flees and taunts Cena from the crowd.

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WWE RAW 5/21/12​
The show starts starts with Johnny Ace coming out and saying that he won clean at OTL. Yesterday's match was completely legitimate according to him. Then John Cena comes out. He said that yesterday's match was not at all legitimate and that he wanted a rematch vs. Ace. He also said that Johnny Ace was taking advantage of Big Show. The GM of RAW and SD said that Cena was getting on his nerves. He beat Cena last night and Cena would have to follow his rules.

He said the fans no longer cared about Cena. He said Cena has lost at 3 straight PPVs and needs to retire and let new stars shine and lead the WWE. Cena says the new stars hate Laurinaitis. Johnny agrees but says that it's not about him, it's about the fans, and the fans would get a match they wanted tonight with Cena facing off against Kane in a 1 on 1 Steel Cage Match.

Cena said that he was ready for anyone and that he would defeat Kane. He said that John Laurinaitis is a failure and his People's Power regime would fall tonight.

We hit a commercial break after the opening promo. When we come back to the show we see Christian come out for a match with his new IC title. He gets a great fan reaction and seems to be loving his new role as a face. His opponent, Heath Slater comes out to a quiet reaction. After Slater gets in the ring, the match starts.

Christian vs. Heath Slater
Christian started off the match with an offensive attack, and he grappled with Slater, beating him down. He goes for the early Killswitch, but Slater gets out of it. Slater pushes Christian down and hits a suplex. He goes for the pin but only gets two. Christian rolls out the ring and Slater follows him. Christian punches Slater and set him up with his head sticking out from the ring. Christian hits the leg drop from the top of the ring.

He pushes Slater in and hits the Killswitch. He gets the 3 count for the win.

Winner: Christian
After another break the new tag champs come out.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil (c) vs. R- Truth and Kofi Kingston
(Tag Team Championship Rematch)​
The new tag champs come to the ring bragging about their big victory at Over the Limit. They start insulting Kofi and Truth and say that today is the day that Kofi and Truth are kicked out of the tag team division.

The match starts with Truth and O'Neil in. O'Neil starts to unload on Truth. Truth tries to fight back but O'Neil overpowers him and slams him to the ground. O'Neil tag in Darren and they continue the beat down on Truth. Kofi tries to rally the crowd for Truth, BUT OUT OF NOWHERE, FROM BEHIND PRIMO ATTACKS HIS FORMER RIVAL! He scurries to the back to a chorus of boos.

Darren gets control of the match and continues the attack on Truth. Then he tags in O'Neil and they set up their finisher, Double Trouble. O'Neil stretches up Truth why Young hits the flying elbow. O'Neil gets the pin for a 3 count and a victory.

Winner: Darren Young and Titus O'Neil
After retaining their championships, they leave the ring singing and joking around. R-Truth starts yelling at Kofi and asking him where he was. Kofi explains he was attacked by Primo but Truth says he should of helped him still. Kofi apologizes and they are about to leave the ring. But from behind, Kofi attacks Truth! He gets out a table and lays Truth out on it. He hits the boom drop! He leaves the ring shouting that he is no longer a good guy.

After another break we see Damien Sandow coming out. We see Yoshi Tatsu in the ring. Damien Sandow said that Tatsu was not a worthy opponent but he would step in the ring nevertheless.

Damien Sandow vs. Yoshi Tatsu​
The match starts with Tatsu attacking Sandow right as the match starts. Sandow tells the ref to get Tatsu off him. The two are separated. Sandow knocks down Tatsu as he charges. Sandow hits a DDT. He dominates Tatsu and goes for a top rope elbow. He gets the pin for a 3 count.

Winner: Damien Sandow
After the match Sandow recollects himself as we hit a commercial break. After we come back, we see Chris Jericho and ADR. They are discussing something will AW. We see Sheamus behind them. He says he is not afraid of them, or their bounty.

Jericho responds that he soon will be, because tonight Sheamus has a 2 on 1 bounty match set up. It will be Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex vs. Sheamus. Sheamus says he's ready. But from behind, Rex attacks Sheamus! Then we see Hawkins with a sledgehammer. He is about the hit Sheamus, but then we see Cena! Cena is coming to rescue Sheamus! But Cena is attacked by Jericho! Cena and Sheamus are beat up by the 4 men. A brawl breaks out,. Orton comes out for the save, but then Kane comes and clears house. Sheamus runs away and saves himself as John Cena is chokeslamed by Kane. John Laurinaitis comes out and tells John Cena that he hopes that he is ready for tonight's match. Because if John Cena loses tonight, he';s fired!

We hit another commercial after Kharma comes out. She is going to watch tonight's match between Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix​
(No.1 Contendership Match for the Divas Title)​
Kelly Kelly comes out first, to Jerry Lawler's admiration. Then, next, the Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Beth Phoenix starts the match by pounding down Kelly Kelly, obviously intending to make short work of the former Divas Champion. However, from her seat, Kharma raises up her Divas Title. Phoenix is distracted and turns around into a Bulldog from Kelly. Kelly goes for the pin but only gets a two count. She gets ready for another Bulldog but Beth pushes her away and hits a clothesline. Then she picks up Kelly and goes for the Glam Slam, but Kharma comes into the ring.

The ref tells her to leave, but she slams her Divas Title to the ground. She gets a mic and says that she doesn't even want the Divas title. She says the Divas title is for the weak wrestlers of the WWE. She gets a bag, and gets out a Women's Championship belt. She says that this is the title she will face Beth Phoenix for. From behind we see Layla attack Kharma and Beth Phoenix. The match ends in a no contest.

Winner: No Contest
Layla continues the assault on the heels. Then Eve comes out and says that the winner of this match and the new Divas No.1 contender was now Kelly Kelly. She also said that the first Women's Championship match would happen at No Way Out. It would be Kharma vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Layla vs. Beth Phoenix. The Divas Title would be retired, and Kharma would now hold the Women's Title.

Phoenix gets up and hits the Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly. She raises the Women's Championship in the air as we hit the commercial break.

As we come back to RAW we see the US Champion Santino Marella has come out. He does his powerwalk as his opponent is announced. His opponent is going to be Jack Swagger. Vicky Guerrero comes out to announce for him. She gets booed as she tells everyone to be quiet. Finally Swagger gets in the ring as the match starts.

Santino vs. Jack Swagger
The match starts with Swagger beating down Santino and taunting the crowd. He goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Santino fights out of it. He runs out of the ring, only to be chased Dolph Ziggler. He runs back into the ring and dodges Swagger's clothesline. He slams Swagger down and gets the Cobra ready. He sets it up and Swagger gets up right into it. Santino pins for the one two three.

Winner: Santino Marella
After the match we hit a commercial. Daniel Bryan comes out. He says that at OTL he was screwed out of the title by a lying cheating loser AJ and the undeserving WWE Champion CM Punk. Then we hear Punk's music hit. He comes out with AJ. He said that AJ just did what she thought was right, and that he had nothing to do with it. He also says that he hopes Bryan is ready for No Way Out. Because at that PPV, Bryan will face Punk in a submission match. Bryan says that he hopes Punk doesn't get seriously injured in that match, because if he doesn't tap out. Bryan's music hits as we hit a commercial.

After the commercial we see Cena's music has hit. He gets a mixed reaction, obviously. But wait, that's no John Cena coming out, it's John Laurinaitis in a Cenation shirt.

"John Cena will not be competing tonight. He was seriously injured by Kane. So I have come to pay my respects to one of the greats in the buinsess today, he is one of the best in the world, JOOOOHNNNN CEEENAAAA!"

Johnny is obvious being facetious here as he starts to take off his Rise Above Hate shirt. "Actually, both things I just said are false. Cena is cleared to compete tonight, and he is not one of the Best In The World. I am. Also, I am the special guest referee today. This match up will be a Steel Cage match set for one-fall. There are only 3 ways to win, pinfall, submission, and escaping the cage. Introducing first, the 7 foot monster, KAAANNNNE!"

Kane's music hits as the lights go out. Kane comes to the ring and shakes Johnny Ace's hand. Then Cena's music hits, as he runs to the ring, stumbling a little bit, obviously injured. The Steel Cage comes down as the match is set to start.

John Cena vs. Kane (Steel Cage Match) with John Laurinaitis as Special Guest Referee)
This match starts with Cena and Kane trading blows. Cena is selling his injury well, and he is getting beat down by Kane after some stiff blows from the Big Red Monster. Kane beats him down and goes for the early Chokeslam but Cena ducks down, bounces off the ring ropes, and knocks the monster. He looks at John Laurinaitis and does the You Can't See Me to John Laurinaitis as he goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle. It hits and he goes for the AA but Laurinaitis stops him and tells Cena to back away.

Cena gets angry at this foolishness as starts to argue with Ace. while they are arguing, Kane is slipping out the Cage. He escapes before Cena can catch him.

Winner: Kane
Cena starts to to push Laurinaitis around. We hear Big Show's music hit again. Cena turns around and tries to figure out what happens. After seeing Show isn't coming out, he turns around, right into Johnny Laurinaitis spraying him with a bottle. And then hitting him with the Ace Crusher. The show ends with Johnny Ace celebrating.

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I think you started off well, so I was keeping an eye on this, but I definitely think you should put some more detail in your shows. Especially now, coming off Over The Limit, this is where you have your chance to put your own stamp on the WWE's booking, so make sure it's not just a one-line recap we're getting, because that's not as entertaining. I'm glad you're adding a little colour to your shows, but as I can see above, you're writing as you go along which means you post incomplete shows, and I hate to be harsh but that's a little sloppy. I like the direction your shows are heading in booking-wise and your promos seem realistic, but I'd like to see more from you in terms of physical writing on the page.

Most importantly, don't rush yourself. That's the number one reason quality drops, in the section in general. If you try to go too fast, you'll be willing to write anything down just to post something, but as I say - don't compromise a decent show for the sake of just posting. Make sure you give some decent detail in each match and promo (we know that Christian's finisher is the Killswitch but he just started using the Frog Splash too, so make sure you clarify) and don't always say 'it was a good match', show us instead.

I know that's a lot of different thoughts crammed into one post, but I hope you get that I like the concept and how it started, there's just a couple of things you might need to address to get more people checking this out every so often. :eek: Best of luck.

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I think you started off well, so I was keeping an eye on this, but I definitely think you should put some more detail in your shows. Especially now, coming off Over The Limit, this is where you have your chance to put your own stamp on the WWE's booking, so make sure it's not just a one-line recap we're getting, because that's not as entertaining. I'm glad you're adding a little colour to your shows, but as I can see above, you're writing as you go along which means you post incomplete shows, and I hate to be harsh but that's a little sloppy. I like the direction your shows are heading in booking-wise and your promos seem realistic, but I'd like to see more from you in terms of physical writing on the page.

Most importantly, don't rush yourself. That's the number one reason quality drops, in the section in general. If you try to go too fast, you'll be willing to write anything down just to post something, but as I say - don't compromise a decent show for the sake of just posting. Make sure you give some decent detail in each match and promo (we know that Christian's finisher is the Killswitch but he just started using the Frog Splash too, so make sure you clarify) and don't always say 'it was a good match', show us instead.

I know that's a lot of different thoughts crammed into one post, but I hope you get that I like the concept and how it started, there's just a couple of things you might need to address to get more people checking this out every so often. :eek: Best of luck.
Exactly you said it right. It's just that I have school and all so there is a limited window of time to do this, and that kind of restricts me.

But still you are right and it's nice to see people are reading this.

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The show starts off with John Laurinaitis coming out. He says that he got the upper hand over John Cena on RAW, and that he was going to continue his reign tonight. He said that he has set up some great matches in the name of People Power. CM Punk and the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan and Kane in a tag team match. Kharma would appear tonight vs. Alicia Fox.

Also, he announced that Big Show would never return to the WWE as long as he was in power. He said that there were some technical difficulties in the back which caused Show's theme to play. He said it would never play again. His theme hits as we go to commercial.

After we come back we see that Sandow is coming out. Christian is in the ring with his IC Title. Sandow has a mic in his hand.

"The man is that ring right now is
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