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Last time I tried BtB was a while ago, and I did entire match summaries. That got boring quick. So, I'm going to be doing this BtB with only match recaps/key highlights.

In this BtB, a new owner (me) has bought out WWE from the McMahon Empire in late 2011, and gave the superstars (no Divas) until April 1st to recover and train for a massive Wrestlemania 28 at none other than Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. A massive turnout is expected for the blockbuster matches that have already been announced, and more are sure to come. This is WWE: A Second Chance.

QUICK DISCLAIMER -- Don't be surprised if you see a couple of familiar faces rejoining the WWE during the hiatus period. Keep your eyes peeled!



"The Mexican Aristocrat" Alberto Del Rio
"A-Ry" Alex Riley
"The Funkasaurus Rex" Brodus Clay
"Y2J" Chris Jericho
"The Best In The World" CM Punk
"A-List" David Otunga
"Perfection" Dolph Ziggler
"Air" Evan Bourne
"The All-American American" Jack Swagger
Joe Hennig
John Cena
"The Big Red Monster" Kane
Kofi Kingston
Mason Ryan
"The Miz" Mike Mizanin
"Thugnificent" Shad Gaspard
Rey Mysterio
"The Milan Miracle" Santino Marella
"The Game" Triple H
Tyler Reks


GM: "Johnny Ace" John Laurinaitis
COMMENTARY: "The King" Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
REPORTER: "Ambush" Josh Mathews



"The World's Largest Athlete" The Big Show
Booker T
"Captain Charisma" Christian
Cody Rhodes
"The American Dragon" Daniel Bryan
David Hart Smith
"The Sinister Scotsman"Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
"The Punjabi Playboy" The Great Khali
"The One-Man Rock Band" Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry
"The Viper" Randy Orton
"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Trent Baretta
Tyson Kidd
"The Deadman" The Undertaker
Wade Barrett
Yoshi Tatsu


GM: Theodore Long
COMMENTARY: Todd Grisham and Matt Striker
REPORTER: Scott Stanford



COMMENTARY: Matt Striker and Scott Stanford



April 29, 2012: Extreme Rules -- Allstate Arena -- Rosemont, Illinois
May 20, 2012: Over the Limit -- PNC Arena -- Raleigh, North Carolina
June 17, 2012: No Way Out -- Izod Center -- East Rutherford, New Jersey
July 15, 2012: Money in the Bank -- US Airways Center -- Phoenix, Arizona
August 19, 2012: SummerSlam -- Staples Center -- Los Angeles, California
September 16, 2012: Night of Champions -- TD Garden -- Boston, Massachusetts
October 28, 2012: Hell in a Cell -- Philips Arena -- Atlanta, Georgia
November 18, 2012: Survivor Series -- Consol Energy Center -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
December 16, 2012: TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs -- Barclays Center -- Brooklyn, New York


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(Predictions are open, if you'd like to guess)

--CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship
--Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Mark Henry in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship
--Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho for the United States Championship
--Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship
--Miz issues open challenge to anybody in the locker room (announced on Twitter)
--Money In The Bank Ladder Match (with reinforced ladders for Brodus Clay and The Big Show): Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne vs Dolph Ziggler vs Brodus Clay vs Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel vs The Big Show vs Christian vs Ted DiBiase
--Rey Mysterio vs Triple H (With Unknown Stipulation)


--In what order will the matches take place?
--What will be the stipulation for Rey Mysterio vs Triple H?
--Will the winner of the Money in the Bank Match win by climbing one of the two reinforced ladders?
--Who will accept The Miz's challenge? Will The Miz win?
--How many matches will be won by submission?

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This looks pretty good, to answer your questions:
1. D bryan v wade, money in the bank, kofi v y2j, rey v hhh, the miz call out, randy v sheamus v henry, punk v cena
2. No holds barred
3. no they wont be
4. kane will accept and beat miz
5. 1, bryan will win by submission
Would you like to predict the matches, too? Just wondering. Also, double-post ;)
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