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Monday Night Raw Review

- So this BTB takes place one year into the future and there's already been some major changes within the WWE before the first show even begins with Rey Myaterio retiring, Triple H running the show and more importantly then that "The Deadman's" streak is ended.

- No real surprise that you would have Shawn Michaels as the Raw general manager what with his history with Triple H and all. Good to see the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship are being unified or atleast that's the impression I got.

- The first match of the night features two former TNA tag teams and I like it mostly because I'm a fan of tag team wrestling really sucks that IRL the WWE lacks a tag team division but anyways let's see what you can do with it. Glad that The Machine Gun's won although I would have been happy with either team winning but hopefully The Gun's won't have to wait three years before getting a run as tag team champions.

- I'm not really sure how I feel about Drew McIntyre as a face but I'll give you a chance to see what you do with him and his face turn. So Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre in a first round match up for the vacant WWE/World title personally I'm hoping for a Rhodes win.

- The John Cena promo is how I would see him doing it IRL so points there although I thought Barrett's promo was a little better. Speaking of Wade Barrett personally I don't think the streak should end however like I said already it's your BTB and if anyone should have ended the streak it should have been an up and coming star like Barrett instead of someone with multi runs as WWE/World heavyweight champion ala Cena or Orton as it's a good way to build p a wrestlers career.

- Looks like Ezekiel Jackson is on a roll first taking out John Cena backstage and then picking up a win over R-Truth although I would have prefered if R-Truth pulled out the win but that's just me.

- Good interaction between the former Legacy members and based off of this one show alone I can see great things happening for Cody Rhodes in this BTB.

- "The Monster" AByss vs. "Mr. Cool" Carlito I like that Abyss won in under two minutes so here's hoping you use Abyss as well a monster.

- Definitely like the fact John Morrison is trying to win the WWE/World heavyweight title the hard way first before cashing in MITB.

= Next up is Wade Barrett vs. John Cena and the earlier attack should play apart in this match but as much as I would love for Barrett to walk out with the win I see John Cena over coming the odds like always. Yep was right about John Cena winning as for the video that aired well I'll take a shot in the dark and say "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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