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WWE 2012 - a new challenge

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The year is 2012 and the WWE has just finished Wrestlemania

Triple H is the chairman of the board

Rey Mysterio announced at wrestlemania he has retired due to injury.

TNA are no longer on television as Jeff Jarrett tries to keep them going and Ring of Honor is now the WWEs alternative product although there is no sustained challenge from them yet, but with Paul Heyman now in charge they have hope for global recognition as they now broadcast once a week although not yet live

Lots of TNAs talent has shifted to the big E including the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Mr Anderson

Triple H, Kane and Kurt Angle have all retired from the ring

Wrestlemania was a huge success for the WWE

The unification match between CM Punk and John Cena ended in a controversial tie when both men were counted down by different referees.

John Morrison defeated 8 other superstars as he took the MITB

Tag team champions Mason Ryan & Skip Sheffield defeated high fliers Bourne/Kendrick after interference from David Otunga

But the biggest shock came later that night when Wade Barrett, ended the Undertakers undefeated streak and thus ending the career of the deadman.

So after the WWE has seen off there latest threat what next for Triple H and his company as they continue their success story
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After Wrestlemania the following interviews were taken

CM Punk : John Cena has stolen my title tonight and im going to get it back tomorrow night on Raw, just watch this space

John Morrison: Wooooooo baby, i did it again but this time im taking the title

Triple H: Ive been asked about a million times already what will happen with the world titles after tonight and my answer is I dont know as its out of my hands, i finalised the signing of a new general manager for both Raw and Smackdown and they will debut tomorrow night, so they will give you the answers you need
WWE 2012 - A New Year, A New Way, A New Destiny

WWE Roster post Wrestlemania



Alex Shelley
Big Show
Brian Kendrick
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
DH Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew Mcintyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekial Jackson
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jeremy Buck
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Max Buck
MR Kennedy
Pope Angelo Dinero
Randy Orton
Rob Terry
Samoa Joe
Skip Sheffield
Teddy Hart
Wade Barrett
William Regal

Tag Teams
Ryan & Sheffield as Nexus
Hart & Smith as The Hart Dynasty
Slater & Gabriel as The Corre
Sabin & Shelley as Motor City Machine Guns
Max & Jeremy Buck as The Young Bucks
Bourne & Kendrick
Regal & Goldust


Beth Phoenix
Angelina Love
Velvet Sky
Amazing Kong
Katie Burchill
Madison Rayne


AJ Styles
Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Amazing Red
Brutus Magnus
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Doug Williams
Gregory Helms
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jey Uso
Jim Uso
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
The Miz
Pete Williams
Robert Roode
Rob Van Dam
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Ted Dibiase
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Yoshi Tatsu

Tag Teams
Santino & Kozlov
Benjamin & Haas as Worlds Greatest Tag Team
Matt & Jeff as The Hardy Boys
Homicide & Hernandez as Latin American Xchange
Jey & Jim as The Uso's
D Williams and Magnus as The British Invasion
Robert Roode & James Storm as Beer Money Inc


Gail Kim
Mickie James
Eve Torres
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella
Brie Bella

Commentators: Raw - Michael Cole & Tazz
Smackdown - Josh Matthews and Matt Striker

General Manager: TBC

World - John Cena
WWE - CM Punk
IC - Wade Barrett
CW - Gregory Helms
TAG - Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan
WMN - Vacant​
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After a controversial end to their world title unification match, what will John Cena and CM Punks rivalry produce. What too will happen to the world titles and who is the rightful champion.

Wade Barrett, the first man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in 20 attempts. The man that has ended the career of the phenom and the WWE legend. How will Barrett celebrate his unprecedented victory and what is next instore for the leader of The Corre.

John Morrison was absolutely ecstatic after winning the money in the bank ladder match and earning himself a world title match any place any time for a whole year. Will The Shaman of Sexy divulge when he plans to cash in or will there be a new venture for John Morrison to take on.

After the blockbuster announcement that Triple H has hired a new General Manager to oversee Raw will we find out this monday night who that is and what will the reaction of the Raw superstars to the new boss.

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The Superstar Scoop

WWE are reporting that this friday night on Smackdown Rey Mysterio will address the WWE fans on his retirement and bid farewell to his army of fans.
Live from the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, April 2 2012
A Wrestlemania recap video plays

Highlights include John Morrison winning Money In The Bank, Wade Barrett’s historic streak ending victory over The Undertaker and the Unified World title match between CM Punk and John Cena controversially ending in a draw.

We immediately go to a backstage segment where Triple H, the chairman of the board is behind his desk.

Triple H: Ladies & gentleman last night was a great night for wrestling, a night of impossibles becoming possible and new stars being born on the grandest stage of them all. But thats just the beginning. Tonight we will kick off the new wrestling year with the new general manager being named. Are you ready?

Triple H rises from his desk and looks deep into the camera.​
Triple H: I said ARE YOU READY!!!

Aint No Make Believe beams out as the Raw video then plays without any announcement
Raw pyros erupt​
Michael Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to live Monday night Raw from the Staples Centre, Los Angeles, California. I'm Michael Cole and with me tonight is my co-commentator Tazz one night removed from one of the greatest nights in WWE history

Tazz: Thanks Cole. I cant wait for tonight to get going after the electric Wrestlemania we had last night.

Michael Cole: Yeah last night was incredible, we saw groundbreaking moments to be remembered forever. Wade Barrett became the first superstar to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania and also ended his career.

Tazz: And the end to that world title match was intriguing to say the least.

Michael Cole: Unbelievable would be my take on it Tazz. Both John Cena and CM Punk having their shoulders pinned down simultaneously.

Tazz: I wonder what Triple H is going to do tonight.

Triple Hs music plays and he appears to loud cheers​
Michael Cole: Well we are about to find out Tazz

Triple H: I aint here to blabber on so I’ll cut to the chase, I promised you an announcement and here it is......the new general manager of the WWE is ................................................the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels

Crowd erupts as HBK returns and Triple H leaves hugging HBK as they pass​
Michael Cole: Oh my god Tazz its HBK

Tazz: The showstopper

Michael Cole: It could have been someone better in my opinion


Big pop for HBK as the LA crowd continue to go wild​
HBK: The heartbreak kid, the showstopper is back and running the show. Its been a while since I’ve been here but its great to be back

CM Punks music hits and the WWE champion and Nexus leader makes his way to the ring to boos flanked by David Otunga and the WWE tag team champions Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield.​
CM Punk: So Shawn Michaels has decided to come back. Well sorry to interrupt your little homecoming parade but I think there’s something you need to address before you carry on and that’s to hand me my other world title that John Cena decided to steal last night.

HBK looks on thinking, the delay sending Punk ballistic​
CM Punk: I’m not messing Shawn, you better give me my title or else.

The Nexus start to move in on HBK until The Champ is Here plays and World Champion John Cena makes his way to the ring.​
John Cena: Woah woah woah woah woah, your title, I think you will find its my title and that you are holding mine. And if you want this title CM SPUNK!!!! then I think you should come get it

With that Cena launches himself at Otunga knocking him to the ground. Ryan and Sheffield try to grab Cena but he deters them with forehands and then they get hit by a double clothesline over the top rope. Punk bails and Otunga staggers to his feet only for HBK to wallop him with the sweet chin music. The Nexus retreat leaving Otunga flat out in the ring as HBK picks up Punk’s title that was dropped in the melee.​
HBK: Now where was I, oh yeah, I was going to make an announcement regarding the state of the world title until I was rudely interrupted. As of this moment both world titles are vacant.

An irate Punk is held back as he goes ballistic at HBK, Cena doesn’t look happy either.​
HBK: Starting tonight, the road to night of champions. Right here in Boston John Cena will take on Wade Barrett in the first round of the World title tournament.

Crowd go wild as HBK asks Cena to hand over the world title which Cena reluctantly does still shaking his head at the outcome.​
Michael Cole: Wow Tazz what just happened here. I cant believe that HBK just did that

Tazz: I know Cole, both champs stripped of their belts, I didn’t see that coming

Michael Cole: And starting tonight the tournament that will crown the new champion. With former champion John Cena taking on the streak ender Wade Barrett. I can only see one outcome in that match, a resounding win for Wade Barrett

Tazz: Are you kidding me Cole. John Cena is every bit the equal to Wade Barrett and that is going to be one hell of a match.

Michael Cole: Whatever Tazz, if that makes you happy then keep saying it.


As we come back to the ring we have 4 unknown superstars standing in the ring ready for tag action.

Michael Cole: Tazz im not too sure who these guys in the ring are but you say you worked with them before, can you tell the me who they are.

Tazz: Well Cole on one side you have the Buck brothers Max and Jeremy collectively known as The Young Bucks and on the other side you have Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, better known as The Motor City Machine Guns. I can see a very good match coming up.

Michael Cole: Better be or I’ll hold you responsible Tazz

Tazz: Geeesh!

Tag Team Match
Motor City Machine Guns v The Young Bucks

We start with Shelley and Jeremy and they lock up, Shelley hitting a fireman’s carry on Jeremy followed by an elbow and goes for a flying roundhouse kick but Jeremy rolls out of the way and tags his partner in. Max gets a quick dig at Shelley's ribs but Shelley fights back misses a clothesline and Max hits a dropkick. Wristlock on Shelley and a tag to Jeremy who comes in with a gut kick and a snap DDT and covers for a 2 fall. The Bucks start to take charge as they double team Shelley. Tag to Max and double hip toss followed by a double dropkick to the seated Shelley and another close fall as Shelley just manages to kick out. Shelley looks isolated in there and needs the tag badly. Double suplex coming up but Shelley blocks it fights the Bucks off, ducks a double clothesline, off the ropes and hits a double clothesline of his own all 3 men down on the mat now. Sabin and the crowd encouraging Shelley to make the tag, Shelley nearly there, Max grabs a leg but Shelley with the enziguiri and the hot tag, crowd go wild as Sabin explodes into the ring and nails a clothesline on Max a dropkick on Jeremy, Shelley fights with Max in the corner, Sabin backdrops Jeremy over the rope, Shelley with a super kick on Max, CRADLE SHOCK on Max. Shelley knocks Jeremy back off the apron as Sabin covers Max for the 1....2.......3.

Result: Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Young Bucks by pinfall (7:34)

Tazz: What a match Cole, a brilliant advertisement for good old tag team wrestling.

Michael Cole: Meh!! Ive seen better, like the tag champs for starts.

Sabin and Shelley celebrate in the ring as the camera cuts backstage. We see David Otunga and the WWE World tag team champions Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield watching the Guns on the television monitor.​
David Otunga:Dont worry about them, they got nothing on you guys.

?????????: Just like last night then eh????

CM Punk emerges into the picture with a disappointed look upon his face.​

CM Punk: Last night wasn’t a very good night for the Nexus, I in theory lost my hard earned WWE title without even being defeated. This is a travesty of justice. That loser Shawn Michaels and that thug John Cena will have whats coming to them dont worry. This can not be left unvisited. We have to make sure that the title returns to me and parity is restored in the world. Tonight guys you have a rematch against Evan Bourne and Brian Kendrick and David you are not to get involved. The Nexus need to send out a message tonight. And send a message we shall.

CM Punk leaves and Otunga shrugs his shoulders before following as Ryan and Sheffield talk between themselves.

Back in the arena and Drew McIntyres music hits and he begins to make his way to the ring when Cody Rhodes assaults him from behind. Rhodes with a big kick to the abdomen of McIntyre and Rhodes sends McIntyre into the barricade and hits an armbreaker on the outside floor.​
Tazz: What a cheapshot by Cody.

Michael Cole: The mans just trying to get to the next round, hes showing initiative.

WWE World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match
Drew McIntyre v 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes

Rhodes takes advantage of the ambush and chucks McIntyre into the ring post shoulder first. Rhodes rolls in and out of the ring to stop the count and menacingly chucks McIntyre into the steel ring steps. The crowd are roaring boos at Rhodes as he continues this assault. McIntyre rolled in and Rhodes hits an armbreaker, an elbow over the injured arm as it balanced on the bottom rope. Rhodes whips McIntyre into the corner but McIntyre stops before hitting the turnbuckle. Rhodes dashes but McIntyre avoids and gut kick FUTURE SHOCK, McIntyre goes for the cover 1.....2.....no the ref spots Rhodes foot under the bottom rope. McIntyre feeling his arm after that move. McIntyre goes for the suplex but the weight won’t be supported and Rhodes capitalises on the arm and smacks McIntyre with the CROSSRHODES. Rhodes covers and 1..2......3. Rhodes wins the match

Result: Cody Rhodes defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall (6:54)
Tazz: That was uncalled for Cole, why did Cody have to do that, ruined a good match.

Michael Cole: Hey the guy is just doing what has to be done to get the win. Even you have been there Tazz

Tazz: Well with the world title gold the stake then I guess we will have competitors trying to win by any means possible and none more so than Wade Barrett and John Cena who will go one on one in tonight’s main event, a match made by the new WWE General Manager, Shawn Michaels.

Michael Cole
: Well like I said earlier I dont think John Cena has a chance in hell of beating Wade Barrett later on tonight.

Tazz: Well we will find out later tonight Cole. And speaking of John Cena. He’s standing backstage now with Scott Stanford.

Camera pans backstage to where Scott Stanford is standing with John Cena​
Scott Stanford: John Cena, tonight you go one on one with Wade Barrett in the first round of the WWE World Title tournament in your quest to regain the gold stripped of you tonight by new General Manager Shawn Michaels. The WWE fans would like to hear your thoughts on the situation.

The crowd pop as Cena begins to speak​
John Cena: Well Scott, my thoughts are simple, with regards to Shawn Michaels and what he did tonight I can fully understand what he did as he had a difficult decision to make, but my focus is still the same, I will treat each match as a title match, defeat no option and with my CeNation behind me I will try to beat 5 other guys on my way to the gold. Because if I cant do that then I dont deserve to be champion.

?????: You wont even beat one.

Wade Barrett appears with his lackeys Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel​
Wade Barrett: You see John, last night, I did something never ever achieved before, I defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I ended the streak. Big Show, Edge, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Kane, Triple H couldnt get the job done and some of them had twice the opportunity. They tried, they failed. I never. Its because Im the best. the future of this company and its people like you, the average, that need to move aside because the Corre is taking over.

Cena squares up to Barrett and Slater but Gabriel gets in a cheap shot and The Corre begin to beat down on Cena but he fights back and hits an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT on Gabriel, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON Slater. Barrett sees its 1 on 1 so flees but Cena pursues only for Ezekiel Jackson to come out of nowhere with a monstrous clothesline. Barrett orders Jackson to finish him and he obliges, SPINEBUSTER on the concrete. Barrett leans down into Cenas face​

Wade Barrett: Thats just the start Cena, if you know whats good for you you will stay out of my way and forget about any plans to win tonight.

Barrett with a chairshot to Cenas ankle before leaving as the referees help Cena.​
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - COMMERCIAL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​
R-Truth is in the ring waiting for his opponent.

The Corre's music hits as Ezekiel Jackson comes to the ring alone.​
Tazz: Another dastardly action from a competitor in the title tournament before the break Cole

Michael Cole
: Nothing wrong with eliminating the competition Tazz, only the strongest will survive.

Tazz: Well im surprised Big Zeke has decided to come out here alone.

Michael Cole: A guy the size of Jackson doesn’t need backup Tazz

Singles Match
Ezekiel Jackson v R-Truth​

The bell rings and Truth flies at Jackson trying to get the early offence in and hammers away at Jackson in the corner, Truth with a whip but Jackson reverses it and pulls Truth in for a clothesline but Truth ducks comes off the ropes into a shoulder block from Jackson. Jackson takes his time picking shots at Truth, suplex by Jackson followed by a whip and powerslam. Cover and truth kicks out at 2. Jackson getting peeved.Jackson whips Truth into the corner, puts Truth up on the turnbuckle, Jackson goes for a suplex but Truth pushes him off and the crowd get behind him as he hits a missile dropkick. Truth pumped now and hits a clothesline, then a droptoe hold. Truth signals and goes for THE AXE KICK but Jackson moves and Truth spins into a SPINEBUSTER and Jackson pins for the 3 count.

Result: Ezekiel Jackson defeated R-Truth by pinfall (5:48)​

Tazz: Wow an impressive performance from Big Zeke there

Michael Cole: I expected nothing less than a win for Jackson

Backstage we see Cody Rhodes walking into the locker room where Randy Orton is seated and then looking into a mirror at his reflection, he continually strokes his hair and face.​
Cody Rhodes: Hey Randy, looks like we are due to meet in the next round

Randy Orton: It would seem so

Cody Rhodes: Maybe you should consider not bothering to show up as I'd only beat you senseless

Crowd boo​

Randy Orton: Is that so

Cody Rhodes: Indeed it is!

Randy Orton: How about I rearrange that pretty boy face for you right now

Crowd cheer as Orton stands from his seat​

Cody Rhodes: Easy Randy boy, no need to get hostile, you aint even through yet, maybe you should reserve your energy for that

Orton gets up close to Cody​

Randy Orton: Just worry about yourself Cody

Orton walks off as Cody reverts back to his reflection.​

Tazz: An interesting confrontation there between the 2 former members of The Legacy, Rhodes showing a complete lack of respect.

Michael Cole: Lack of respect Tazz, who the hell does Randy Orton think he is, Cody Rhodes is the future of this company, the best next generation superstar to ever grace the WWE squared circle.

Tazz: I doubt that very much Cole.

Carlitos music plays as he makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos.​
Tazz: Well this match is the 2nd of 4 world title tournament matchups and Carlito would love to advance here.

Michael Cole: I love Carlito but I dont think he can go all the way, there are better competitiors in this tournament than him.

Abyss music plays as the arena darkens and Abyss recieves a mixed reaction.

WWE World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match
Abyss v Carlito

Carlito doesnt look too happy about facing Abyss and Abyss just looks on as carlito trash talks to him before spitting his apple in his face. Abyss goes nuts and grips Carlito by the throat, Carlito gut kick and clothesline but Abyss doesnt budge, tries again but Abyss just stands still, and again and this time Abyss stumbles so Carlito comes off the ropes again but straight into a BLACK HOLE SLAM and this match is over 1...2 ....3.

Result: Abyss defeated Carlito by pinfall (1.34)

Abyss looks on at Carlito and pushes the ref off as he tries to raise his arm.​
Tazz: Brutal from the monster Abyss

Michael Cole: Im surprised, Carlito was despatched with ease.

Tazz: Abyss could be a dark horse in this tournament he looks unmovable.

------------------------------------------------C O M M E R C I A L--------------------------------------------​

Natalya and Madison Rayne are in the ring ready to face off.

HBKs music plays.​
HBK: Hey ladies, now im aware that at the present time there is no womens champion. Not by the end of the night though will that still be true. You see right now we are going to have a womens battle royal where the winner will be crowned the new WWE Womens Champion.

HBK leaves as Rayne and Natalya smile.​
Tazz: Wow Cole a title match right here tonight, thank you HBK.

The competitors start to make their way to the ring to different reactions

Gail Kim(pop), Velvet Sky(pop), Angelina Love(boo), Victoria(boo), Beth Phoenix(pop), Katie Burchill(boo), Melina(pop), Kelly Kelly(pop), Eve(pop), Layla and Michelle Mccool(loud boo), the Bella twins(mixed) and then Mickie James(loud pop) all enter the ring.
Awesome Kongs music then hits as she towers to the ring.​
Michael Cole: Look at the size of Kong Tazz.

Tazz: If anyone wants that title their going to have to take Kong out , which is no mean feat.

WWE Womens Title Battle Royal​
The bell rings and immediately all 15 women go after Kong and try to attack her but she launches an arm out and waves them all back. Kong sends both Bellas over quickly followed by Eve. As the crowd fight off Kong , Laycool pull Kelly out of the crowd and chuck her over. As Kelly looks back Laycool taunt her but Mccool betrays Layla and lifts her over and out. Mccool says it just business as shes duly chucked over by Natalya to the delight of Layla. Kong continues her rampage as she sends both Gail Kim and Velvet Sky over and then proceeds to show inhumane strength in body pressing Madison Rayne over onto Kim and Sky. Just 8 left in now as Kong is fighting with Mickie and Beth, Angelina and Natlaya battle in the corner and Victoria and Katie double team Melina. Kong swats Phoenix away and powerbombs James but James holds onto Kong and levers towards the ropes. Kong tries to release the hold but fails and Phoenix finishes it by shoving Kong over as Mickie lands on the apron. Natalya backdrops Angelina over as a rushing Katie pushes Beth into Mickie knocking her off. Beth goes right after Katie as Victoria and Natalya fight while Melina is recovering in the corner. Natalya locks in the sharpshooter on Victoria but you cant eliminate by submission. Katie with an eye gouge to Beth and then breaks up the sharpshooter. Katie lobs Natalya over the rope onto the apron but Beth then charges and inadvertently knocks Natlaya off. Beth backdrops Katie over and Victoria sends Beth over but Beth holds on, Victoria goes for a big boot but Beth pulls the rope down and Victoria flies over, Phoenix looks on as Victoria scowls back but Beth is knocked off the apron by Melina and Melina is the new WWE Womens champion as a shocked Beth looks on.​
Result: Melina wins the battle royal to become the NEW Womens Champion (8:56)​
Tazz: Well done Melina, new womens champion

Michael Cole: A pointless match Tazz, who really cares about the WWE Womens division

Tazz: Lots of people Cole, HBK for one

Michael Cole: What does he know, moving on we have John Cena v Wade Barrett still to come plus the new Money in The Bank winner John Morrison takes on Ted Dibiase.

Backstage and Ted Dibiase is entering the locker room. His opponent John Morrison is getting ready and has his Money In The Bank briefcase alongside him.​
Ted Dibiase: Hey John, Im going to come right out and say it, how much money would it take to buy that briefcase. Name your price

John Morrison: Not for sale sorry

Ted Dibiase: Everybody has a price

John Morrison: World title glory - priceless.

Morrison leaves for the ring​
John Morrison’s music plays to a massive cheer

A video recap is shown of the money in the bank matchup​
Tazz: John Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy, coming out with the briefcase that guarantees him a world title shot any place any time.

Michael Cole: Only a coward would want that briefcase, using it to sneak up on the champ to take their hard earned gold. Like something John Cena would do

Tazz: If Morrison is such a coward Cole then why is he trying to win this tournament

Michael Cole: Just a charade Tazz

Ted Dibiase’s music plays to a boo from the crowd​
Tazz: The audacity of Dibiase trying to buy the briefcase off Morrison

Michael Cole: Give the guy a break Tazz, he’s just trying to enhance his title chances

Tazz: You just said it was wrong to use the case. Now you’re saying its ok

Michael Cole: Maybe I just dont like John Morrison, maybe I love Ted Dibiase or maybe I just say what I want because I can.

WWE World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match
John Morrison v Ted Dibiase

Lock up and Morrison with a hip toss into an armbar. Dibiase wriggles out and tries to get an offense in but Morrison avoids and counters with a dropkick. Morrison whips Dibiase into the corner. Dibiase hides beneath the rope and the ref has to get involved to restrain Morrison and Dibiase siezes the chance with a cheap shot. Headlock by Dibiase grounds Morrison and Dibiase has to release as Morrison reaches the ropes. The crowd start a 'here we go Morrison here we go' chant as Dibiase stomps away at Morrison. Dibiase goes for DREAM STREET but Morrison counters and hits the flying chuck. No Dibiase ducked and hit DREAM STREET. Cover and Morrison kicks out with a a near fall. Dibiase riled picks Morrison up and sends him into the corner, dibiase charges, misses and is flat out under the turnbuckle and Morrison hits STARSHIP PAIN only for the knees to come up and Dibiase locks in THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM and Morrison looks donw here as he starts to wane, Morrison pulls Dibiase over to the corner, kicks off the turnbuckle and lands on Dibiase for the 1....2.......3 and Morrison advances.

Result: John Morrison defeated Ted Dibiase by pinfall (6:12)
Tazz: Yes a great result by John Morrison

Michael Cole: He cheated, did you see him use the turnbuckle for leverage, a rotten cheat.

Tazz: Alls fair in the squared circle Cole

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - C O M M E R C I A L - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As we come back Evan Bourne and Brian Kendrick are on their way to the ring when David Otunga appears. Bourne and Kendrick get aggressive after he cost them the tag team titles last night.​
David Otunga: Hold on a minute guys, no worries, im not here for trouble. The champs just wanted to tell you that tonight’s match is a tornado tag match.

Evan Bourne: Whatever man we don’t care
Bourne and Kendrick go off as Otunga looks on
Nexus music plays as Skip Sheffield and Mason Ryan, the WWE Tag Team Champions, make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos.​
Tazz: this match certainly promises to be a great one if last nights is anything to go by

Michael Cole: Last nights performance was a fluke from Bourne and Kendrick, the fancy boys have nothing on the powerhouse men of Ryan and Sheffield. Look at them, the muscular physique, the height, the strength, unstoppable is the term.

Tazz: I see what you mean Cole but the best counter for strength is speed which Kendrick and Bourne have in abundance.

Brian Kendricks music plays as he makes his way into the ring to a good pop.

Ryan and Sheffield immediately surround and attack Kendrick and he tries to fight off but is overpowered.

Evan Bournes music plays to a huge cheer but nobody appears to the disappointment of the crowd

Backstage Bourne is shown laid out with a Nexus 'N' sprayed across his back.​
Tazz: This doesnt look good for Kendrick, Cole. Is this the message that CM Punk was talking about earlier tonight

Michael Cole: your damn right it was, CM Punk and his Nexus sending out a message that they are not to be messed with.

Ryan and Sheffield continue the assault as they hit a double flapjack on Kendrick and then chuck him to the outside. Ryan sets up a table as Sheffield stands on the apron. Ryan lifts Kendrick up onto Sheffield who hits a powerbomb off the apron through the table. They then leave the lifeless Kendrick on the floor as they walk up the ramp.​
Tazz: Uncalled for, I hope Kendrick and Bourne are ok.

Michael Cole: Like I said, if they want to play with the men then they better prepare to be hurt

Michael Cole: Time for the main event Tazz and I hear John Cena won’t even make it to the ring.

Tazz: You obviously don’t know John Cena that well Cole

Wade Barretts music plays to a huge jeer from the crowd as he neters the ring he grabs a mic.​
Wade Barrett: It appears that John Cena is unable to compete tonight and I shall recieve a bye into the next round

Michael Cole: See Tazz I told you John Cena was a coward

Barrett poses in the ring until John Cenas music hits.​
Barrett stunned as Cena limps to the ring after the attack earlier tonight.​
Tazz: Coward eh Cole.

Michael Cole: Stupid more like it

WWE World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match
John Cena v Wade Barrett​
Cena goes right at Barrett but his ankle lets him down and Barrett sees this and goes right for the leg. Barrett locks in a varified ankle lock and Cena yelps in agony as he tries to reach the ropes, he finally does but Barrett relentlessly attacks the leg with a couple of stomps and a legbreaker. Barrett hits a suplex followed by a knee drop on the injured ankle. Barrett with more strikes to the ankle as the crowd look on in anguish trying to revive Cena, Barrett applies a leg lock and screams at Cena to quit but he wont, Cena gets a strike in, and another Cena to his feet, Cena with a backdrop, Cena goes for 5-knuckle but his leg gives way and he keels over in pain. Barrett wastes no time, hoists Cena up and hits WASTELAND. The lights go out

An eerie music plays as a video starts on the titantron. Barrett looks confused​
Michael Cole: What the hell is this, get it off, Barrett has a match to win

Words appear on the video



Barrett is bamboozled as he turns round and Cena rolls him up for the 3 count.​
Result : John Cena defeated Wade Barrett by pinfall (7:12)​
Tazz: Yes Cole, Yes, Cena did it, against all odds.

Barrett is pissed off and goes right at Cena and the rest of The Corre are summoned and help to beat down Cena. Barrett barks orders, first he tells Big Zeke to do it and he hits Cena with another SPINEBUSTER, Gabriel then scales the turnbuckle 450 SPLASH and Cena is dismantled but Barrett isnt finished and sends Slater to fetch a chair and a mic.​
Wade Barrett: Now Cena Im going to make sure you never mess with me and The Corre ever again.

Barrett wraps the chair around Cenas injured ankle and orders Slater to the middle rope, he orders Zeke to hold Cena down and Gabriel to hold the chair. He then gets right down in Cenas face.​
Wade Barrett: Do it!!!!

Slater jumps and lands on the chair crashing it through John Cenas ankle and the EMTs rush down to ringside as The Corre stand side by side hands raised.​
Tazz: I cant believe what im seeing, they’ve destroyed Cena

Michael Cole: Just like they said they would, bye bye Cena

Tazz: Your sick Cole, just like Barrett

Michael Cole: Put a lid on it Tazz

The commentators continue to bicker as Cena is showed being seen to as the show ends.​
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Last night new WWE General Manager Shawn Michaels vacated both World titles after the controversial Wrestlemania title match finish. HBK also revealed the start of the WWE Unified World title tournament which will be concluded at the Night of Champions PPV.

Here is the brackets for the tournament - Bold confirms winners, Red equals Raw and Blue Smackdown

[Randy Orton ]
[Jack Swagger ]

[Cody Rhodes ]
[Drew McIntyre]

[MR Kennedy ]
[Dolph Ziggler]

[John Cena ]
[Wade Barrett ]

[CM Punk ]
[Big Show ]

[Daniel Bryan ]
[David Otunga ]

[Chris Jericho]
[Joe Hennig ]

[Pope Dinero ]
[Samoa Joe ]

[John Morrison]
[Ted Dibiase ]

[Rob Van Dam ]
[Matt Morgan ]

[Edge ]
[Matt Hardy ]

[Kofi Kingston]

[Christian ]
[ The Miz ]

[Abyss ]
[Carlito ]

[AJ Styles ]
[Jeff Hardy ]

[Sheamus ]
[Mark Henry ]
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The Superstar Scoop - April 4th 2012

Sources are reporting that John Cena suffered a broken ankle at the hands of The Corre and is likely to miss between 4-6 months

More news as it comes
Monday Night Raw Review

- So this BTB takes place one year into the future and there's already been some major changes within the WWE before the first show even begins with Rey Myaterio retiring, Triple H running the show and more importantly then that "The Deadman's" streak is ended.

- No real surprise that you would have Shawn Michaels as the Raw general manager what with his history with Triple H and all. Good to see the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship are being unified or atleast that's the impression I got.

- The first match of the night features two former TNA tag teams and I like it mostly because I'm a fan of tag team wrestling really sucks that IRL the WWE lacks a tag team division but anyways let's see what you can do with it. Glad that The Machine Gun's won although I would have been happy with either team winning but hopefully The Gun's won't have to wait three years before getting a run as tag team champions.

- I'm not really sure how I feel about Drew McIntyre as a face but I'll give you a chance to see what you do with him and his face turn. So Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre in a first round match up for the vacant WWE/World title personally I'm hoping for a Rhodes win.

- The John Cena promo is how I would see him doing it IRL so points there although I thought Barrett's promo was a little better. Speaking of Wade Barrett personally I don't think the streak should end however like I said already it's your BTB and if anyone should have ended the streak it should have been an up and coming star like Barrett instead of someone with multi runs as WWE/World heavyweight champion ala Cena or Orton as it's a good way to build p a wrestlers career.

- Looks like Ezekiel Jackson is on a roll first taking out John Cena backstage and then picking up a win over R-Truth although I would have prefered if R-Truth pulled out the win but that's just me.

- Good interaction between the former Legacy members and based off of this one show alone I can see great things happening for Cody Rhodes in this BTB.

- "The Monster" AByss vs. "Mr. Cool" Carlito I like that Abyss won in under two minutes so here's hoping you use Abyss as well a monster.

- Definitely like the fact John Morrison is trying to win the WWE/World heavyweight title the hard way first before cashing in MITB.

= Next up is Wade Barrett vs. John Cena and the earlier attack should play apart in this match but as much as I would love for Barrett to walk out with the win I see John Cena over coming the odds like always. Yep was right about John Cena winning as for the video that aired well I'll take a shot in the dark and say "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.
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I like the setup with Triple H in charge set in 2012 and Barrett has ended the streak and career of Undertaker.

Raw started well with HBK announced as GM which is interesting. Will be watching to see how this plays out.

Good opener with two new tag teams which Cole isn't happy about!

I expected Cody to win and it will be intersting to see how far he goes in tournament.

the segment with CM Punk then Cena/Barrett was good and so was Melina winning women's title. Interesting to see how long she will hold it for.

Abyss squashing Carlito i liked character wise for Abyss in tournament but i like Carlito and he could have put up more of a fight. Is your btb though and the Abyss is indeed a dark horse in tournament.

Big Zeke's win was good as helps add to him being a real force.

John Morrison i also expected to win and it was a good match. The tournament is shaping up to be an exciting one.

Bourne/Kendrick being laid out by Nexus was cool. I am wondering if the Nexus and the Corre will end up clashing as they are two power groups fighting for ominance and only one can have it.

The Main event was a good match as well. Interesting to have Cena win. I am wondering who cost Barrett the match. I don't think it will be Taker again. Looking forward to see who it was.

Cena being taken out by the Corre and you revealing that he is out of action will be interesting. Will Barrett take his placce on the tournament? Looking forward to finding out.

Good show and i am looking forward to reading more.
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Rey Mysterio will bid farewell to the WWE universe in his hometown of San Diego, California. The west coast highflyer will address the San Diego crowd after his career-ending knee injury. What will the final words of Rey Mysterio be and will he get the great farewell his illustrious career deserves.

There will be another 4 matches in the world title tournament this week as the likes of CM Punk, The Big Show and Edge are in action.​
Confirmed Matches

World Title Qualifier - CM Punk v The Big Show

World Title Qualifier - Matt Morgan v Rob Van Dam

World Title Qualifier - The Pope Dinero v Samoa Joe

World Title Qualifier - Edge v Matt Hardy

Melina v Layla

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Looking forward to Smackdown. I am interested to see who will qualify in the world title tournament (i hope CM Punk, RVD, Samoa Joe and Edge do ha!)and how Rey's farewell will go and if anybody will interrupt.
Some big matches signed for Smackdown and I agree with Cab's for the most part however I hope D'Angelo Dinero goes over Samoa Joe.
Yeah just to keep you guys posted about this

Smckdown is finished just have to get round to editin so should be up by end of the week

I agree some big matches and promising some great twists and turns
It's nice to see that you used Triple H as the new head and Wade defeating Undertaker to end the streak, that's cool though. Looking forward to this edition of SmackDown, especially on Wade's reaction on his big win.

John Morrison won the MITB, I'm really looking forward on when and where he will use the briefcase to win a title shot.

Also, the tournament players and matchups, nice. Looking forward to it also. :)

Goodluck, bro!
Live from the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California

A video recap plays showing the events of the past monday night with Shawn Michaels announced as the new WWE general manager and John Cena's ankle broken after a WWE world title tournament match against Wade Barrett

The Smackdown theme plays to open the show

The pyros fly over the arena and the crowd are cheering ecstatically as the camera pans to the new broadcasting duo of Todd Grisham and Matt Striker​

Todd Grisham: Well good evening everybody and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown live from the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California. I'm joined here tonight by my co colleague Matt Striker

Matt Striker: Good to be here Todd

Todd Grisham: What a night we had this past monday night on Raw with Shawn Michaels announced as the new GM of the WWE and the vacating of both WWE titles.

Matt Striker: It was a groundbreaking night Todd and we seen many a swerve in the tournament to crown a new champion.

Todd Grisham: I still cant believe what Wade Barrett did and John Cena may have had his career ended by that sickening attack. It makes you wonder if the WWE title has become a poisoned chalice.

Matt Striker: I wouldnt go that far Todd, to be the best you have to beat the best and as a former in ring performer I can certainly say that you do anything and I mean anything to get to the top. As John Morrison put it on monday, World Title Glory, PRICELESS

Todd Grisham: Well Matt if monday was anything to go by then tonight will be just as explosive with another 4 tournament matches to take place and superstars such as Rob Van Dam, CM Punk and The Big Show in action.

Matt Striker: Its a great line up Todd with the main event seeing the friendly rivalry between Edge and Matt Hardy revisited.

Todd Grisham: That promises to be a cracker of a match and I for one cant wait

Laycool's music hits as they make their way to the ring to a chorus of boos​


Todd Grisham: I think its safe to say Matt that the relationship between Michelle Mccool and Layla is a little bit strained at the moment.

Matt Striker: Certainly Todd, theres been a lot of miscommunication recently between the once rock solid pair and it doesnt look good for their future.
Melinas music hits as she makes her way to the ring showing off her title

Matt Striker: Last week Melina took the chance to capitalise on Beth Phoenix's hesitance to win the womens title

Todd Grisham: She sure did Matt, a great victory for Melina and lets see if she can keep up the good work in this non title match up.

Non-Title Singles Match
Melina v Layla w/Michelle Mccool

They lock up and Layla gets Melina in a headlock and applies the pressure but Melina sends her off to the ropes, Melina ducks a clothesline and hits a forearm to the chest of Layla. Layla looks rattled and Melina continues the pressure with a couple of forehands and hits a suplex followed by a clothesline to the seated Layla. Melina building up the momentum as Mccool tries to yell Layla on, Melina with a hairswinger on Layla, Melina picks Layla up, Goes for the DDT. Mcool up on the apron, Melina gets distracted and argues with Mccool, Layla rolls up Melina, Layla with the tights held. 1.....2.....Melina kicks out sending Layla into Mccool knocking her off the apron and Melina hits the FACEBUSTER and covers Layla 1...2.....3 and Melina picks up the victory.

Result: Melina defeated Layla by pinfall (5:12)​

Matt Striker: A great win for Melina there Todd

Todd Grisham: And yet even more miscommunication from Laycool

Melina celebrates in the ring as Layla and Mccool bicker to the back


British Invasion is in the ring as we come back.

Beer Moneys music hits as they make their way to the ring to a mixed reaction which quickly turns to boos as James Storm rips up a sign stating he sucks. Robert Roode joins in with Storm as they curse the crowd.​

Todd Grisham: What’s the big idea let the fans have their say

Matt Striker: Hold on Todd, the guys been insulted here. If that happens in the street its more than a sign that’s getting ripped up.

Todd Grisham: The fans have paid their good money to be here and have the right to air their views.

Tag Team Match

Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) v British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus)

Beer Money immediately ambushes their opponents whilst they get ready and Storm kicks Magnus to the outside. Double team by BM and they hit a double suplex on Williams and follow it up with a double flapjack. Roode is sent to the apron as Storm takes over, Storm with a kick to the gut and an elbow to the back of the head, Storm continues the assault in the corner as he pummels away on Williams, Storm yells 'what' at the crowd as they boo him. Storm picks Williams up onto the turnbuckle and looks for a suplex but Williams blocks and elbows Storm off and hits a huge elbow drop from the top rope. Williams covers and gets a 2 count before Roode breaks it up, Roode picks up Williams and sends him into the turnbuckle. Magnus tries to get in but the ref puts him back out as Roode and Storm take control again. Storm with the tag to Roode and Roode comes in with a shoulder to the midsection and Roode uses his power to whip Williams hard into the turnbuckle. Roode with an armbar as Williams tries to heed the pressure off and Williams manages to roll Roode over into a pin and gets a close 2 count. Roode jumps to his feet and hits a strong clothesline on the rising Williams. Roode picks up Williams but Williams fights back with a couple of forehands, Roode with a strike back but Williams ducks and continues to hit Roode with strikes, Williams with a big dropkick to Roode, Roode rises and goes for another clothesline but Williams evades and hits the tag to Magnus. Crowd get behind British Invasion as Magnus hits the ring knocking Roode down with a clothesline, then with a scoop slam; Storm runs in but gets backdropped over the top rope. Williams goes to work on Roode but the ref pulls him away as the illegal man. Magnus picks Roode up and hits the MDD. Magnus goes to cover but Storm is up on the apron and smashes a beer bottle over the back of Magnus head, Storm pulls Roode over Magnus as the ref returns and Storm edges Williams off the apron as the ref counts the 3.

Result: Beer Money defeated British Invasion by pinfall (7:34)

Beer Money leave celebrating as Magnus is helped up by Williams​

Todd Grisham: That dirty rotten Storm

Matt Striker: Easy Todd

Todd Grisham: No Matt, i'm completely disgusted by the actions of Beer Money

Matt Striker: A wins a win Todd


We come back to the backstage where Scott Stanford is standing by with Rob Van Dam.​

Scott Stanford: Rob, tonight you start your fight to the world title with a match up against 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan. What are your thoughts on your chances tonight?

Rob Van Dam: Well Scott, it’s all cool, I’m in a good place right now, I've known Matt from our matches around the world and he’s one tough opponent. But to be honest I think I’m confident of victory because I'm .....Rooooob Vaaaaan Daaaaam and I'm the whole effing show. Peace.

RVD leaves​

Scott Stanford: Well guys there you have it, Rob Van Dam very confident of his chances of victory tonight.


Rob Van Dams music plays as he makes his way to the ring to a massive chorus of cheers.​

Matt Striker: Here he is Todd, your favourite superstar

Todd Grisham: I don’t do favourite’s Matt, but I have a lot of respect for the accomplishments of RVD and the style and attitude he brings to the ring.

Matt Morgan’s music plays as he appears from the entrance to a mixed reaction​

Matt Striker: Now here is someone I can relate to

Todd Grisham: How the hell can you relate to Matt Morgan?

Matt Striker: Well we are both successful superstar, we both are called Matt and we both strike fear into the opponent just through our ring presence.

Todd Grisham: Yeah right

World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match

Matt Morgan v Rob Van Dam

As the match starts off Morgan tries to get a hold of RVD but RVD uses his speed to evade and hits a couple of kicks to Morgan, Morgan blocks a kick and grabs RVDs leg but RVD hits a spinning leg lariat and knocks Morgan to the canvas. RVD with quick offense but Morgan seems to push it off and Morgan whips RVD into the ropes and ducks but RVD with a kick to the face RVD runs but right into a clothesline that sends him to the mat. Morgan picks up RVD and hits a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Morgan goes to the middle rope and tries to hit an elbow but RVD moves, RVD with some quick offense and RVD tries to hit a suplex of his own but Morgan powers out and send RVD into the corner but RVD jumps to the middle turnbuckle and hits a roundhouse kick to Morgan knocking him down. RVD hits the split legged moonsault on Morgan and covers only for Morgan to kick out at 2. Morgan fights back and levels a hard right to RVD, Morgan with THE CARBON FOOTPRINT, but RVD ducks and hits a spinning roundhouse kick. RVD hits the rolling thunder and RVD is building momentum. RVD hooks Morgan into the corner, RVD with the monkey flip and the crowd goes wild as RVD climbs the turnbuckle. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH but Morgan moves and Morgan gets up goes for THE CARBON FOOTPRINT but RVD moves again and Morgan hits the turnbuckle, RVD with a quick roll up and the 1....2.......3.

Result: Rob Van Dam defeated Matt Morgan by pinfall (7:57)​

Todd Grisham: An impressive, hard earned victory for Rob Van Dam Matt.

Matt Striker: I'm pretty sure RVD had the tights then Todd

Todd Grisham: He did not

Matt Striker: Like I said, you wouldn’t say if he did because he’s your favourite

Todd Grisham: Moving on as RVD advances in the world title tournament and onto a more serious issue. Later on tonight Rey Mysterio will address his hometown as he bids farewell to the WWE after a career ending knee injury. It promises to be an emotional moment.

------------C O M M E R C I A L--------------

Backstage and Edge is signing autographs when his opponent for tonight, Matt Hardy appears.​

Matt Hardy: Hey Edge, have you got a moment.

Edge greets Matt and waves the fans off​

Edge: What can I do for you pal?

Matt Hardy: Well Edge, the problem is that fate has once again forced us to cross swords but with everything that’s gone on between us before I was kind of hoping you could let me get the win tonight.

Edge looks baffled​

Edge: Is this some sort of joke

Matt Hardy: Why would it be, it's about time that I deserved a run for the gold

Edge: Well like everyone else your gunna have to earn it, I don’t lie down for anyone

Matt looks pissed off​

Matt Hardy: Fine Edge, have it your way, I was just trying to make things easier for you

Edge: Easier, what are you implying Matt

Matt Hardy: Nothing Edge, I just think it would be a lot easier for you to give in now than be beaten later.

Edge: We shall see about that

Matt Hardy: We sure will

Matt then chucks a cup of water in Edge's face before running off and Edge tries to chase him but he disappears


Back to the arena where Todd and Matt are talking​

Todd Grisham: An emotional video there Matt, highlighting the great career of Rey Mysterio

Matt Striker: I've got to hand it to Rey Mysterio, so small in build yet one of the most successful and entertaining superstars to ever grace the squared circle.

Rey Mysterios music hits to a cheer unbeknown on Smackdown. Mysterio appears on crutches with a knee brace on.​

Todd Grisham: Wow Matt what an ovation for the hometown hero Rey Mysterio, and a deeply deserved one at that

Matt Striker: That really was something Todd

Rey enters the ring and waves to the crowd as a huge chant of 6.1.9 breaks out​

Rey Mysterio: I.....I......

Rey pauses to gather himself as his emotions get the better of him and tears begin to fall​

Rey Mysterio: I'm out here tonight ....in San Diegoooooo

Big pop from the crowd​

Rey Mysterio: To say my final farewell

Crowd become quieter at that announcement​

Rey Mysterio: I know its not what you want to hear, and if I could have it any other way I would, but for the sake of my health it's what I have to do and I hope you can all understand that.

Crowd cheer and raise to their feet with a 'Thank You Rey' chant.​

Rey Mysterio: No thank you, thank you for being there when I needed you, for following me through the good and the bad and I'll never forget the support you guys have given me. I will always love you guys. And....

Gregory Helms music plays to a rapture of boos.​

Todd Grisham: Whats he doing out here. Show some god damn respect

Matt Striker: Maybe he is

Todd Grisham: I hardly think the obnoxious Gregory Helms is out here genuinely to show respect.

Matt Striker: Its a free country

Helms is in the ring as he points at his cruiserweight title to a confused Rey before launching it over his shoulder and grabs a mic.​

Gregory Helms: Boo hoo hoo. Poor old Rey Mysterio. Poor old Rey Mysterio has to give up wrestling.

Crowd pour with boos​

Gregory Helms: Well good. For years Rey Mysterio has stolen the spotlight from more deserving cruiserweights. Rey this. Rey that. Well now you’re done.Your out. It’s Gregory Helms time to shine.

Rey Mysterio: Woah Greg, I have an awful lot of respect for you and what you have accomplished in the ring but coming out here when I’m saying goodbye to all my fans isn’t right. Its damn well disrespectful

Helms slaps the crutch away from Rey who tries to stand his ground.​

Gregory Helms: Now what do you say Rey. That’s what I thought

Mysterio then levels Helms with the microphone.​

Todd Grisham: Go on Rey, give it to him

Helms gets to his feet and smiles at Rey before cheapshotting the injured knee and starts to beat down on the injured knee of Rey Mysterio.

Helms lifts Rey Mysterio up and wallops him with the championship belt and then locks Rey inbetween the ropes before retrieving a chair from the outside.​

Todd Grisham: Oh go don’t do this, what is he doing.

Helms gets ready to smash Mysterios knee in when the crowd go wild as Sin Cara flies down the aisle into the ring knocking Helms on his ass.​


Sin Cara with an irish whip but helms reverses, Sin Cara ducks a clothesline comes off the ropes and hits a flying head scissor takedown knocking Helms to the outside​

Todd Grisham: thank god Sin Cara came out just in time.

The crowd are going wild, Helms continues to mouth off as EMTs dash to the ring.

Shawn Michaels music hits to another pop​

HBK: Gregory, Gregory, Gregory. Why do something like that. Your so much more talented than that. You have no respect for fellow competitors. I should strip you of your title right here right now.

Helms looks shocked and shouts at HBK​

HBK: But unlike you I aint that cruel. So here it is...............Gregory Helms...........1 on 1............with Sin Cara.......................for the cruiserweight title

Crowd go wild​

HBK: Right now

Helms looks stunned as Sin Cara hits a suicide dive to the outside as both men are down as we go to a commercial​


Singles Match for WWE Cruiserweight Title

Gregory Helms(C) v Sin Cara

As we come back both men are in the ring ready to start after recovering from that Cara dive. They lock up and Helms latches a headlock onto Cara, Helms tries to apply the pressure but Cara fights back with a back elbow, Cara sends Helms into the ropes, Cara ducks a clothesline from Helms and comes off the ropes with a springboard hurracarana and the crowd goes wild as Helms flies across the ring. Helms regroups and they lock up again as Helms hits a knee to the abdomen and tries a powerbomb but Cara rolls over into a sunset pin 1..2…no Helms just kicks out. Helms is shaken now and decides he has had enough so rolls out and grabs his belt as the referee starts the countout. But Sin Cara launches himself over the rope with a suicide dive that connects to Helms and both men are down. The referee reaches 5 and Helms crawls in closely followed by Cara, Helms has the title belt in his hand and clocks Sin Cara with it and the referee calls for the bell.

Result: Sin Cara defeated Gregory Helms by DQ (5:34 – Helms retains the title)

Helms looks down at Cara as the crowd jeer heavily as he then leaves talking trash into the cameras as he walks to the back.​

Todd Grisham: What a coward Matt. A complete coward.

Matt Striker: Helms could have beat him, he just chose not to

Todd Grisham: Helms didn’t want any part of this match Matt. First he tried to leave because he couldn’t beat him and then he got disqualified so he wouldn’t lose his title. No courage in our cruiserweight champion. Tonight he has truly disgusted me.


Cameras go backstage to the locker room where Jack Swagger and The Pope are talking amongst themselves.​

Jack Swagger: So Pope you ready for your match tonight.

Pope looks at Swagger with a grin.​

Pope: I was born ready brother, not that I have to be against that buffoon

Swagger and Pope both laugh as Swaggers smile disappears​

Jack Swagger: Pope

Pope: Theres a reason everybody calls him So Slow Joe

Jack Swagger: Pope

Pope: the guys is as slow as a snail unless hes at the buffet table

Jack Swagger: POPE!!!

Pope: What man!!!

Swagger looks beyond Pope and standing right behind him is the samoan submission machine Samoa Joe​

Samoa Joe: Got something to say

Joe pushes Pope up against the lockers and intensely looks into the eyes of a scared Pope​

Samoa Joe: See you in the ring

Joe walks off as Pope tries to recompose himself and brushes himself down

--------------------------------- C O M M E R C I A L -----------------------------------

Back in the arena and Big Shows music hits to a big pop as The Big Show saunters to the ring slapping hands with the fans on his way​

Todd Grisham: The 7ft 500 pound Big Show is one humungous athlete

Matt Striker: Yes he is Todd, a giant indeed but they bigger they are the harder they fall my friend

The Nexus music blares through the arena as CM Punk makes his way to the ring to a eruption of boos and is flanked once again by David Otunga and the WWE Tag Team Champions Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield.​

Todd Grisham: A very frosty reception for CM Punk and his Nexus

Matt Striker: Since when has CM Punk ever cared what the fans think of him

World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match

CM Punk v The Big Show

Before the match can begin the nexus 3 stand in between Punk and Show and mout off. Show swats Otunga away and pushes off the threat of the tag champions as Punk slithers to the outside of the ring. Show begins to exit when Ryan and Sheffield attack him and Otunga joins in the 3 on 1 assault. Show once again battles back and hits a clothesline on Ryan and Sheffield followed by the knockout punch on Otunga. Show gets a double chokeslam ready and lifts the tag champs up but Punk sneaks back in and hits a low blow. Double spinebuster on Big Show that lays him out. Punk orders them to finish him and Ryan and Sheffield hit a thunderous DOUBLE POWERBOMB that shakes the arena. Punk orders the Nexus out and tells the referee to ring the bell and Punk covers Show for the 3 count.

Result: CM Punk defeated Big Show by pinfall (0.05)

Punk and the Nexus stand over Big Show as they get booed and Punk pulls out the black spray and sprays an N over the back of the Big Show​

Todd Grisham: Disgusting is that Matt, CM Punk is a yellow bellied coward. Doesn’t even deserve to be a world champion.

Matt Striker: Why don’t you say that to his face Todd?

Todd Grisham: I wouldn’t waste my breath

Punk and the Nexus salute in the ring as a replay of what just happened is played


Backstage now and AJ Styles is with Scott Stanford​

Scott Stanford: AJ Styles, tonight you’re involved in a 6 pack challenge with 5 other superstars from the WWE World Title tournament. Can you tell the fans what you are thinking.

AJ Styles: Well Jez, I must say that each of my opponents tonight is worthy of being a champion and holding the gold. But in saying that Im confident that The Phenomenal One will run out victorious. Both tonight and at the Night of Champions

??????: Woah, hold on there Styles

Christian appears from the outset​

Christian: Now AJ ive been in the ring with you plenty of times and when its all said and done Im the one with my hand raised in victory. You just can’t beat ‘Captain Charisma’

AJ Styles: Well the way I see it that was then and this is now, captain charismas ships has sailed while the journey of the phenomenal one has just begun.

Christian: Oh yeah well I got news for you AJ. Tonights match has been switched to an elimination six pack challenge and I will take great pleasure in eliminating you personally on behalf of ‘the peeps’

AJ Styles: Well we will see about that

Christian: Indeed we will

We pan off to the ring where Jack Swagger is already in the ring​

Todd Grisham: Wow an interesting altercation there Matt

Matt Striker: Very tense Todd, very tense

Miz’s music plays and he comes out to the ring to a chorus of boos

Jeff Hardy’s music plays to an eruption of cheers and he makes his way in

AJ Styles then makes his way to the ring as his music plays to a cheer

Christian’s music plays as the crowd cheer him on the way to the ring

Randy Orton’s music then plays as he makes his way to the ring to cheers.​

Todd Grisham: Well this promises to be an exciting match Matt.

Six Pack Elimination Challenge Match

AJ Styles v Christian v The Miz v Randy Orton v Jack Swagger v Jeff Hardy

As the bell rings Orton and Miz battle off and Christian and Jeff Hardy follow suit. This leaves Swagger and AJ to fight. Hardy with a clothesline on Christian. Orton with a hiptoss into an armbar on Miz. AJ with a takedown on Swagger. Miz hits Orton with an eye gouge and tries a small package but Orton gets a kick out at two. Miz then puts the boot in on a rising Orton. AJ battles with Swagger then Swagger hits a hug overhead belly to belly suplex on AJ. Miz hits Orton with a clothesline as Miz and Swagger team up to attack Hardy and Christian. Miz goes for the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE on Hardy but its blocked, Hardy kicks Miz in the gut TWIST OF FATE, no Hardy sent into the ropes, hits a clothesline on Miz, clothesline on Swagger, Hardy with whisper in the wind on Miz and Swagger and crowd going wild for Hardy. Christian with the KILLSWITCH on Hardy, cover 1…2…..3. Jeff Hardy has been eliminated. Hardy walks off disgusted and looks back shaking his head. Orton is back up and looks for the punt on Miz but Swagger intervenes hitting another breathtaking overhead belly to belly suplex. Christian whips Miz into AJ in the corner. Miz turns into an R-K-O. Orton gets hit with a KILLSWITCH. Christian turns into a SWAGGERBOMB. Swagger picks up AJ and whips him off the ropes and clotheslines but AJ ducks and hits a pele kick on Swagger. All 5 men now down in the ring as the crowd chant for AJ, Orton and Christian. Orton rises first hitting Swagger with a R-K-O and Orton covers for the 1…..2…….3. Jack Swagger has been eliminated. Orton again looking for a punt but SKULL CRUSHIN FINALE on Orton and Miz covers for the 3 count. Randy Orton has been eliminated. Miz sends AJ into the ropes, reversal by AJ, Miz hangs onto the rope, but AJ clotheslines him off. The crowd raise their voice as AJ and Christian come face to face in the ring. They trade insults before Christian slaps AJ and then a punch up ensues, they go back and for with punches, Christian ducks a punch and hits a modified backbreaker, Christian with a headlock on AJ as Miz recovers outside the ring. AJ starts a fight back in the middle of the ring and knocks Christian off before hitting an irish whip into the ropes, Christian ducks a forearm, springboard elbow from Christian, AJ ducks and the referee has been clobbered. Styles with the STYLES CLASH, Christian rolls him up and the crowd start to count 1…2….3….4….5….6..Christian releases and tries to revive the referee. Christian with the KILLSWITCH on AJ. The ref is still down and Miz is still looking on. The crowd raise as Jeff Hardy sneaks back into the ring from the crowd and clocks Christian with the ring bell. Jeff looks down on Christian, then the crowd and smirks, Jeff then leaves after pulling AJ over Christian. The referee comes to..1…………………………..2…………………………………………….3. Christian has been eliminated to the dismay of the crowd booing Jeff Hardy. Miz sneaks in and looks down at the fallen AJ, Miz laughs as he picks up AJ Styles and prepares the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE, AJ reverses and sends Miz into the turnbuckle, AJ with THE STYLES CLASH. AJ Styles covers for the 1……..2…………3. AJ Styles wins the six-pack challenge.

Result: AJ Styles wins the six pack challenge defeating The Miz last by pinfall (12:41)

Styles celebrates as the crowd cheer.​

Matt Striker: What a match that was Todd.

Todd Grisham: That was a great advert for the WWE and an exciting match for the fans here in San Diego. But what was Jeff Hardy doing. He had no right to be out here.

Matt Striker: He was in the match Todd.

Todd Grisham: Still had no right to be here, he got pinned fair and square.

Backstage and Edge is waiting by the entrance as Jeff Hardy

Edge: Uncalled for Jeff, why did you do that. Your much better than that

Jeff looks smug as he brushes Edge off before stopping and looking at Edge​

Jeff Hardy: I did what I did because I wanted to and because I can.
Edge doesn’t look too happy.​

Edge: First Matt, now you. I swear I didn’t think you two were like that, whatever happened to respect.

Jeff Hardy: respect is for losers

Edge looks disappointed and shakes his head as Jeff strolls off.

-------------------------------C O M M E R C I A L-----------------------------------

As we come back The Pope Angelo Dinero is in the ring with a microphone​

Pope: Now if I had a problem with So Slow Joe, don’t you think I would say so to his face.

Crowd boo as Pope continues his outburst.​

Pope: Im not one to hide away and cower

Todd Grisham: yeah right

Pope: The Samoan SUB-MITTING machine as I call him, because of his ability to keep quitting, isn’t even fit enough to lace my golden boots. So he may aswell stay out back and forfeit because this match is going one way and one way only. Joe, you’re only going to get hurt.

Samoa Joes music plays and the crowd start to cheer but nobody appears.

Again it plays and nothing.​

Pope: See I told you all Joe was a quitter

The ring announcer states that Samoa Joe has 2 minutes to reach the ring or he will forfeit the match and his place in the World title tournament

All of a sudden the cameras pan to backstage and we see the locker room of Samoa Joe has been barricaded with furniture as Joe tries to bust it down. Then a steel bin flies through the door and Joe bursts out of the gap to a huge reaction.
Joe’s music plays again and this time he appears as Pope looks on worried. A massive ‘Joe’s gunna kill you’ chant breaks out.

World Title Tournament First Round Singles Match

Samoa Joe v The Pope

Joe storms the ring and pummels Pope into the corner, Joe hits an intense belly to belly. Joe hits a clothesline that lifts Pope upside down. Scoop slam. Leg drop. Joe with intense pressure on Pope. Joe hits a suplex, Joe with a superkick. Joe starts climbing to the second rope and hits an elbow drop. MUSCLEBUSTER. Joe covers 1…2…..Joe pulls Pope off the mat and shakes his head. MUSCLEBUSTER again. Pope out of it. Joe locks in the REAR NAKED CHOKE. Pope cant hold on and taps out to the move.

Result: Samoa Joe defeated The Pope by submission (4:12)

Joe keeps the hold locked in and wont release despite the referee’s plea.

The referee goes to the ring announcer.​

Ring Announcer: Due to Samoa Joe refusing to release the submission hold, the referee has reversed the decision and the winner of this match by disqualification is The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Joe releases the hold and looks incensed, he grabs the referee by the scruff and shouts at him before releasing, Joe then hits the referee with a superkick knocking him across the ring as the crowd cheer.​

Matt Striker: That’s not right, Todd. Not right at all.

Todd Grisham: As much as I like Samoa Joe Matt, I must agree. The referee was just doing his job. But Pope had it coming.

Matt Striker: He may well have had it coming Todd. But who has advance. The Pope has. And Samoa Joe has nobody to blame but himself


Todd Grisham: Well next up is the next tournament match and also tonights main event between The Rated R Superstar Edge and The guy who will not die, Matt Hardy.

Matt Striker: They’ve had an up and down career rivalry Todd and earlier tonight it took another twist.


Todd Grisham: All in all this looks to be a cracking match up.

Matt Hardy’s music plays as he makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction.​

Todd Grisham: Both Hardy’s receiving a mixed reaction after their antics tonight.

Matt Striker: The pressure of success Todd, even affects the best of us.

Edges music then plays to a massive cheer and he makes his way to the ring.​

Todd Grisham: Well we can see who the fans favourite in this match is going to be.

Matt pleads with Edge and offers his hand, Edge responds but Matt cheap shots him.

World Title Tournament Singles Match

Matt Hardy v Edge

Matt continues to attack Edge and beats him into the canvas in the corner as the referee breaks it up. Matt with a knee drop on the right shoulder of Edge, then on the left shoulder. Matt taking control as he hits 2 shoulder breakers, one on each side. Matt with a seated camel clutch on Edge and pressure’s Edge as he tries to break free. Edge slowly drags himself and Hardy towards the ropes and makes it but hardy refusing to let go of the hold as the referee starts the count. Hardy finally releases and hits a hip toss into an arm bar on Edge but despite being in pain Edge manages to roll Matt up and gets a two count. Matt chucks Edge into the corner and tries to follow up with a clothesline but Edge blocks it and clotheslines Matt over the top rope before following him out of the ring. The referee starts his count. 1…..2……3…Edge runs at Matt and goes for the SPEAR but Hardy moves and Edge crashes into the steel ring steps……4…….5…….Matt rolls back into the ring as the ref continues…..6……..7…..Edge starts to get to his feet…..8……..9…….Edge dives in just before the 10 but Matt drops an elbow on the shoulder of Edge. Edge in a lot of pain as Hardy picks him apart. Matt with a full nelson submission hold and applies the pressure as Edge reels in pain, Matt is working the shoulders of Edge well and making his spear finisher ineffective. Edge’s fans try to rile him up but Hardy tells them to shut up which garners him a lot of heat. Edge starts to fight back with an elbow to the midsection, a right hand, another right hand, a clothesline and the crowd raise their voice as Edge fights back, Edge hits a shoulder block on Matt. Edge feels his shoulder after that move. Edge despite the pain lines up a SPEAR and runs but Matt once again counters sending Edge shoulder first into the steel ring post. Hardy smirks as the fans boo him. Hardy with the side effect on Edge. Hardy climbs the second rope and hits the leg drop. Hardy covers..1…….2…….NO Edge kicks out just in the knick of time. Hardy goes for the TWIST OF FATE but Edge reverses it and hits the Edgeomatic on Hardy for a 2 count. Edge starts to build some momentum and hits Matt with a couple of rights and kicks him in the gut, Edge hits the EDGECUTION and covers, 1…….2…….NO Hardy kicks out. Edge whips Hardy off the rope and hits a dropkick, Edge lines up the SPEAR but Hardy moves again but Edge stops before hitting the turnbuckle, edge turns into a TWIST OF FATE, no Edge sends Hardy off the ropes and hits the SPEAR. Edge covers for the 1…..2……….3

Result: Edge defeated Matt Hardy by pinfall (13:56)

Edge is in bad shape as he holds his shoulder after that spear. Edge gets to his feet but Hardy from behind with an attack and starts to beat down Edge as the crowd boo loudly. The crowd rise as Edge fights back and starts to pummel Matt into the corner when Jeff Hardy hits the ring and wallops Edge with a chair in the right shoulder. The Hardy’s continue to beat down Edge in the ring as the crowd starts chucking rubbish at them. Matt picks up a limp Edge and hits TWIST OF FATE on the chair. Jeff climbs the turnbuckle, Matt places the chair over Edges abdomen and Jeff signals obscenities towards the crowd before hitting the SWANTON BOMB. Edge is in pieces on the floor as The Hardy’s stand over him and Jeff spits on the body of Edge before leaving the ring and The Hardy’s leave as the camera hovers over Edge as the show comes to an end.​
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First of all, kudos for some aggressive decisions. Barrett ending the Deadman's streak and the unification match at mania ending in no contest. HBK as the GM was good since he needed to be back and with HHH also being out of ring, you can expect some good moments with both backstage or in some storylines.

But, Cena being injured for months, then what happens in the tournament because he is in next round. Deadman rising back is shocking coz it is expected it was his final match at mania, hope there are some twists. Barrett loss was not needed i believe, now even he and cena both are out of tournament

You have a good combo of people from TNA and WWE, and a different/aggressive start. I hope you keep the momentum going and it looks to be a promising BTB.
Really good show.

-The divas match that started the show was decent.

-Beer Money as Heels and British Invasion as faces? Weird lol but was a good tag team match and Beer Money look like a push may be on the cards.

- RVD/Morgan was a good match. I would have liked to have seen Morgan get the win but not complaining.

- Interesting Matt/Edge promo. Can't wait to read their match later on.

-The Rey farewell was a good segment. Helms interrupting and Sin Cara making the save set up the match well that HBK booked. Helms getting DQ'd was great. Sets up a rematch.

-CM Punk picking up the win was great and the beatdown gives Big Show a chance to get revenge.

-Very Exciting challenge the match. AJ winning gives him more credibility as champ even though he is already awesome lol.

- Easy win for Joe, Joe could go far in the tournament.

- Edge won a really good main event. The Hardys beatdown was a great way to end the show.

Looking forward to Raw.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys and let me clear some issues up

I feel that Beer Money needed to be heels to start as they have that aggressive nature that bodes well in a heel. They more than British Invasion are in my plans.

I have never alluded to The Undertaker returning and for the indefinite future he will not be in my thread.

Cab - Joe didnt win the decision was reversed

Morgan has a future but thats all he has as right now he is too green to run with the ball and theres more deserving midcarders in my opinion

The Cena/Barrett result/tournament progression will be clarified on RAW
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