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WWE 2011: The Streak Continues

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WWE 2011 - The Streak Continues
Wrestlemania 27 proved to be a moderate success. Despite the match ups not being as high calibure as you would expect from Wrestlemania, the influx of WWE Legends got fans onto the edge of their seat. Seeing the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin at one more Wrestlemania shook the world of wrestling, as fans stood up and cheered...

Wrestlemania 27
Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 - Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
John Morrison vs R-Truth vs Ted DiBiase vs Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston vs Christian

This match was everything that we come to expect from a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and more. These 8 superstars put everything on the line to guarantee themselves a championship match at any time for the next 12 months. In the end it was John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler left on top of the ladder, with the other 6 men incapacitated on the floor. After trading blows it was Morrison who connected with a kick to Ziggler's head, knocking Vickie's boyfriend off the ladder and onto the floor. Morrison managed to gather himself together and grab the briefcase, ending the match, and in the process earning himself a future championship match whenever he chooses.
Winner: John Morrison

Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal
With all active WWE Divas involved in the match, anything could happen. The final four came down to Beth Phoenix, Tamina, Michelle McCool and Melina. With Tamina down Michelle and Melina worked together to eventually eliminate the Glamazon, thus turning their attention to Tamina. However after a miscommunication between the two, Tamina managed to eliminate Michelle. Later on when Melina looked set on winning the match, Santino Marella comes running down the aisle, seemingly causing a big enough distraction to Melina, which gave Tamina the chance to toss Melina out of the ring, thus becoming Miss Wrestlemania. In the ring Tamina and Santino celebrate.
Winner: Tamina

Randy Orton vs CM Punk
With the Nexus barred from ringside, everyone believed that it would be an even one on one battle. However when the referee got knocked down, Punk hit the GTS on Orton, and covered to no avail, due to the out cold official. All of a sudden, the music of Stone Cold Steve Austin hits, sending the crowd wild, as the Texas Rattlesnake rides his signature quad bike down to the ring. He proceeds to taunt Punk for a few moments, and out of nowhere hits the Stone Cold Stunner on Punk, getting revenge for an incident which occured a little over a year ago. However as this was going on Orton managed to rise to his feet, and straight after the Stunner hit the RKO on Punk. After reviving the referee, Orton covered Punk and got the victory, much to the crowd's delight.
Winner: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match
No Disqualification Match
Edge © vs Alberto Del Dio

Nobody saw this one coming. The match for the most part was a great match between the two, Del Rio really getting his chance to prove just what a fantastic talent he is. However after Edge had hit a spear on Del Rio, his former tag team partner Christian came running down to the ring. After hugging Edge, Christian shocked the world, all of a sudden kicking Edge in the ribs before hitting the Killswitch on Edge, taking complete advantage of the No DQ stipulation. A delighted Del Rio shook hands with Christian, and proceeded to pin Edge, who had enough fight left in him to kick out. However a now worried Del Rio took no chances and imnstantly locked in his deadly Cross Armbreaker submission hold. After nearly a minute of torture, Edge has no choice but to tap out, ending the match and fulfilling Del Rio's destiny by becoming the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!
Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio

8-man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater) vs The Nexus (Mason Ryan, David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris)

This was an intense battle between two factions who despised each other, despite having similar goals on their respective brands. Slater was the first to be eliminated after the House of Pain by Ryan. However the big man was caught celebrating his pinfall, and was hit almost instantly afterwards with the Wasteland by Barrett. Later on in the match Gabriel was eliminated after missing the 450 splash on Otunga. Ezekiel Jackson was then eliminated by McGillicutty, who systematically beat the big man down with the help of his partners, leaving Barrett 3 on 1. Barrett managed to eliminate Husky Harris with a rollup, and managed to also hit Wasteland on Otunga, however after being distracted by a departing Otunga, McGillicutty hit a devestating Fisherman's suplex, much similar to a certain late WWE Hall of Famers', for the victory for the Nexus.
Winners: The Nexus

Grudge Match
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Michael Cole
Special Guest Referee: JBL

The battle of the RAW announce team! Cole had been running his mouth for months, and finally the King had enough. However despite Lawler's experience in the ring, the factor of JBL as special guest referee was always going to be a tough ask for the veteran. After dominating Cole has everybody expected, Lawler looked set to win, until the referee began to get a little more physical towards the King. Eventually JBL attacked, wiping out Lawler with the Clothesline from Hell. After letting Cole get a few shots in Bradshaw got Cole to hold a seemingly helpless Lawler up, as he attempted another Clothesline from Hell. However the King had enough sense left to duck at the last moment, causing JBL to follow through and wipe out Cole! With Cole out cold and JBL incensed, Lawler took advantage and hit JBL with a piledriver. Lawler then covered Cole and lifted up JBL arm three times to make the pinfall.
Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler

The Streak is on the line!
The Undertaker vs Triple H

After defeating the Game's best friend two years running, the Undertaker was left with the task of defeating the man who he also beat at Wrestlemania 17. However fast forward 10 years, and the streak means a lot more now it is at 18-0. The match itself, though perhaps not a real classic, still showcased that the two guys still had a bit left in the tanks. The Undertaker seemed to have the match won after hitting the Tombstone Piledriver, however after a delay bfore pinning, Triple H managed to kick out! Later on in the match the Game then hit not one but two Pedigree's on the Deadman. However the streak meant to much to him and managed to battle out. The end of the match occured as Triple H set up the Undertaker for a third Pedigree. Undertaker countered and hoisted the Game up, and hit one of the most deadly Tombstone's ever witnessed, completely wiping the Game out. Taker made the cover and got the victory, extending the streak to 19-0!
Winner: The Undertaker

WWE Championship Match
The Miz © vs John Cena

This match seemed to really reverse roles. The crowd were going wild for the WWE Champion, however when Cena made his entrance one of the most hostile jeers in WWE history could be heard around the arena. The crowd were electric throughout the match, not for the actual match itself, but because of their anticipation of seeing the Rock make his appearance, as everybody knew it was coming. The Miz beat down on Cena, to the delight of the Atlanta crowd. However everytime Cena managed to get in just a little bit of offense the boo's that could be heard was incredible. The finish to the match occured when Cena puts the Miz on his shoulders and goes for the Atitude Adjustment. All of a sudden in the arena the Rock can be heard doing his "You can't see me!" impression, however he is nowhere to be seen. A confused Cena looks around for a while, trying to locate the Rock, but to no avail. He then focuses on the Miz again, only to hear the Rock say the same catchphrase again. This time Cena drops the Miz and look towards the entrance ramp. The Rock says the phrase one more time, however this time the lights go out. A few moments later the lights are back on and all of a sudden the Miz has Cena locked in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz makes the cover and retains his WWE Championship, much to the crowd's delight!
Winner: The Miz

After the match the Rock's music hits, and the People's Champ makes his way to the ring to a thunderous reception from the crowd. After making his way to the ring he stares down at a fallen Cena. Cena, now noticing the Rock returns to his feet and stares down the Rock. The Rock slaps Cena which ignites the crowd. A now enraged Cena goes for a clothesline on the Rock who avoids the contact and out of nowhere hits the Rock Bottom. He then places Cena in the middle of the ring and hits his trademark People's Elbow, bringing the tens of thousands of fans in attendance to their feet. The show ends with the Rock on the second rope right his arm raised in the air.
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