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WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

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WWE 2011:
Pushing the Boundaries​

As of November 20th, 2011​

Monday Night Raw


Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Big Show
Bo Dallas
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mark Magnus
Mike Hennig
Rey Mysterio - Currently Inactive
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield - Currently Inactive
The Miz
Tyler Reks
Vladimir Kozlov
Xavier Woods
Zack Ryder


WWE Champion: John Cena
United States Champion: Drew McIntyre
WWE Tag Team Champions: All World Promotions (David Otunga & Mike Hennig)
WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Other On Air Talent

Triple H: WWE COO
Mr John Laurinaitis: General Manager
Michael Cole: Commentator
Jerry Lawler: Commentator
Scott Stanford: Backstage Interviewer
Justin Roberts: Ring Announcer
AW - Manager of All World Promotions
Vickie Guerrero; Dolph Ziggler's Manager
Vince McMahon - Makes Occasional Appearances
The Rock - Makes Occasional Appearances; John Cena's Wrestlemania 28 Opponent

Teams/ Alliances

The Laurinaitis Administration (John Laurinaitis, The Miz, R-Truth & Brodus Clay)
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty
The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)
Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero
Curt Hawkins & Primo
The Odd Couple (Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov)
Los Aviadores (Epico, Hunico & Sarita)
All World Promotions (AW, Mark Magnus, David Otunga, Mike Hennig & Raquel Diaz)

Friday Night Smackdown


Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow - Yet to Debut
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
Derrick Bateman
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Jinder Mahal
John Morrison
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Kane - Currently Inactive
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Percy Watson
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sheamus - Currently Inactive
Sin Cara
Ted DiBiase
Trent Barretta
Titus O'Neill
Tyson Kidd
The Great Khali
The Undertaker - Currently Inactive
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu


World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry
Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
WWE Tag Team Champions: All World Promotions (David Otunga & Mike Hennig)
WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Other On Air Talent

Triple H: WWE COO
Theodore Long: General Manager
Edge: Assistant General Manager
Michael Cole: Commentator
Booker T: Commentator
Josh Matthews: Commentator
Matt Striker: Backstage Interviewer
Tony Chimel: Ring Announcer


The Great Khali & Jinder Mahal
The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)
Fighting For Freedom (Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis)
The Showtime Players (Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill)
Christian, Tyson Kidd & Tomko

All Divas are eligible to appear on both Raw and Smackdown

Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Kelly Kelly
Kharma - Currently Inactive
Layla - Currently Inactive
Nikki Bella
Raquel Diaz


The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix & Natalya)
The Bella Twins (Brie Bella & Nikki Bella)
The Chickbusters (AJ & Kaitlyn)

*Both the WWE Tag Team Championships and the WWE Divas Championship can be defended on both Smackdown and Raw.

Title Histories:

WWE Championship:

(1) Alberto Del Rio (August 14th 2011 - October 2nd 2011)
Defeated CM Punk after cashing in Money in the Bank Contract (Summerslam)

(10) John Cena (October 2nd 2011 - present)
Defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Hell in a Cell Match (Hell in a Cell)

World Heavyweight Championship:

(3) Randy Orton (August 14th 2011 - September 18th 2011)
Defeated Christian in a No Holds Barred Match (Summerslam)

(1) Mark Henry (September 18th 2011 - present)
Defeated Randy Orton in a Six-Pack Challenge also featuring Sheamus, Wade Barrett, John Morrison & The Great Khali (Night of Champions)

United States Championship:

(1) Dolph Ziggler (June 19th 2011 - October 24th 2011)
Defeated Kofi Kingston (Capitol Punishment)

(1) Drew McIntyre (October 24th 2011 - present)
Defeated Dolph Ziggler (Raw Supershow)

Intercontinental Championship:

(1) Cody Rhodes (August 12th 2011 - present)
Defeated Ezekiel Jackson (Smackdown)

WWE Divas Championship:

(1) Kelly Kelly (June 20th 2011 - September 18th 2011)
Defeated Brie Bella

(1) Beth Phoenix (September 18th 2011 - present)
Defeated Kelly Kelly
(Night of Champions)

WWE Tag Team Championships:

(2) David Otunga & (1) Michael McGillicutty (May 23rd 2011 - September 18th 2011)
Defeated Big Show and Kane

(2) The Odd Couple ((2) Santino Marella & (2) Vladimir Kozlov) (September 18th 2011 - November 20th 2011)
Defeated David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty
(Night of Champions)

(2) All World Promotions ((3) David Otunga & (2) Mike Hennig) (November 20th 2011 - present)
Defeated The Odd Couple
(Survivor Series)

Pay-Per-Views and Special Shows:​

Night of Champions (September 18th 2011 - Buffalo, New York)
Hell in a Cell (October 2nd 2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana)
3-Hour Raw Supershow (October 24th 2011 - Miami, Florida)
Survivor Series (November 20th 2011 - New York City)
TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (December 18th 2011 - Baltimore, Maryland)
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*Video Package*

The screen is a dark black shade before the face of VINCE MCMAHON promptly fills the screen.

Vince McMahon:
For twenty-five years, the Superstars of the WWE have all come together at one extraordinary event.

Shots of legendary Superstars making their entrances at past Survivor Series events; THE LEGION OF DOOM, BRET 'THE HITMAN' HART, 'STONE COLD' STEVE AUSTIN. We now see 'The Hitman's face on the screen.

Bret Hart:
We've spilled blood...

Ted DiBiase:

Shawn Michaels:
... Tears.

'HBK' celebrating after being victorious at Survivor Series 1996 against SID.

Booker T:
It has not been for nothing.

Mick Foley:
The pain... The suffering...

Road Warrior Animal:
We had a goal which we achieved...

Bret Hart:
... We survived.

Shawn Michaels:
Now... its your turn!

Suddenly the rock intro of 'You're Going Down' by Sick Puppies plays in the background as we see some glimpses of the destruction caused by the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY in the recent months. He breaks BIG SHOW'S ankle and ploughs SHEAMUS through the stage at Night of Champions before we see him beating his chest on top of the Hell in a Cell. We now see his angry face fill up the screen.

Mark Henry:
I will survive...

Some quick flashes of Henry's opponent tonight JOHN MORRISON hitting Starship Pain onto various Superstars and him raising his arms into the air after defeating THE GREAT KHALI on Smackdown.

John Morrison:
I will survive...

KEVIN NASH clotheslines CM PUNK at Summerslam and then costs him matches on Raw, Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell; delivering Jacknife Powerbombs to Punk each time.

Kevin Nash:
I will survive...

We cut to CM Punk, declaring it 'Clobberin' Time' and celebrating at Summerslam pre-Nash attack. Now we see Punk brutalizing him with a steel chair at the first chance he got his hands on Nash on Raw.

CM Punk:
I will survive...

DANIEL BRYAN makes CHRISTIAN tap out to the LeBell Lock at Night of Champions, followed up by the devastated Christian following losing the World Heavyweight Title to RANDY ORTON mere days after winning it.

Daniel Bryan:
I will survive...

I will survive...

We now see various shots of the competitors in the 12 Man Elimination Match all inflicting damage to each other over the past few weeks; BRODUS CLAY powerbombs XAVIER WOODS, KOFI KINGSTON nails R-TRUTH with Trouble in Paradise, DREW MCINTYRE celebrating after winning the US Title from DOLPH ZIGGLER, TRIPLE H being knocked out cold on the go-home show by BIG SHOW.

Brodus Clay:
I will survive...

Kofi Kingston:
I will survive...

The Miz:
I will survive...

Drew McIntyre:
I will survive...

Dolph Ziggler:
I will survive...

Big Show:
I will survive...

Triple H:
I will survive...

Cody Rhodes:
I will survive...

All World Promotions:
We will survive...

Zack Ryder:
I will survive...

Randy Orton:
I will survive...

Sin Cara:
Yo sobreviviré...

Wade Barrett:
I will survive...

John Cena:

Mark Henry:

John Morrison:
Because I do have the heart of a champion!

Kevin Nash:
Because I deserve respect.

CM Punk:

Daniel Bryan:
Because I've came too far to fail now.

Because I just need one...more...match.

Brodus Clay:
Because I can't be stopped.

Kofi Kingston:
Because I can stop him.

The Miz:
Because I'm AWESOME!

Drew McIntyre:
Because I'm a champion.

Dolph Ziggler:
Because perfection doesn't get it wrong.

Big Show:
Because I want my revenge!

Triple H:
Because that's what is best for business!

Cody Rhodes:
Because it is in my blood.

All World Promotions:
Because we will dominate.

Zack Ryder:
You know it!

Randy Orton:
Because this is my show.

Sin Cara:
Porque tengo que luchar por mi herencia.

Wade Barrett:
Because I was born better.

John Cena:
... Because I don't have a choice.

Cena looks dead into the camera but it quickly fades out to a young man named ROCKY MAIVIA running down to the ring at the 1996 event and then hitting a Shoulderbreaker on GOLDUST to win the match and be the Sole Survivor for his team. Now to 2001 when the same man is the Sole Survivor once again to save the WWE frmo The Alliance. Back to the black screen it is now taken up by THE ROCK and the music quickly cuts out before he speaks.

The Rock:
I will survive... Again.

His words resonate as the screen descends to black in front of a very determined 'Great One'.

*End Video Package*

20 NOVEMBER 2011

Following the video package, we're transported straight into a packed Madison Square Garden and a brilliant pyrotechnic display by the stage which is just able to drown out the sounds of the enthused fans in the arena. After some more sweeping shots of the crowd showing off various signs ("TAP OR SNAP!" "IF YA SMELL" "SHUT UP AW" and "KELLY + EVE = RATINGS") The camera now cuts to the announce table and the three-man commentary team of MICHAEL COLE, JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER AND BOOKER T.

Michael Cole:
Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow us all to welcome you to the twenty-fifth annual Survivor Series event LIVE from the most famous arena in the world - Madison Square Garden! I'm Michael Cole, and I'm joined by my Monday night Raw partner Jerry 'The King' Lawler and Booker T! What an occasion tonight is going to be!

Jerry Lawler:
I can't put into words how great it is to be here and be part of this historic event! The Survivor Series is one of the most celebrated events and one of the most important dates on the WWE calendar. Tonight is a fantastic opportunity for the men and women of the WWE to show everyone what they've got on one of the biggest stages of them all!

Booker T:
Dis is ma first Survivor Series on dis side of the table - an' I can tell ya how pumped up each and every one of those people in the back are. Dey know dat careers can change in seconds in dat ring right dere ta-night!

Michael Cole:
Careers will change tonight, Book, because life in the WWE will never be the same again after tonight's man event match where a team led by the WWE COO Triple H takes on a team composed by the Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis and either the COO or the Raw General Manager will be losing their job tonight!

Jerry Lawler:
If we just take a moment to think about who will be in that match though - Wrestlemania opponents, the WWE Champion John Cena and THE ROCK will be on the same team tonight! We're going to see The Rock in action for the first time in over seven years!

Michael Cole:
There's no love lost between those two and the question on everyone's lip is "Can John Cena and The Rock work together?"

Jerry Lawler:
For the sake of Triple H and the company as a whole; I hope they can.

Booker T:
We're also gonna determine if John Morrison will be the man to end the destructive reign of the World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry! Henry's not beaten Morrison one-on-one an' I think JoMo could win da big one ta-night!

Jerry Lawler:
Also, months and months of hatred will come to a head tonight as Kevin Nash and CM Punk will finally get the chance to get their hands on each other and end the other in a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!

Michael Cole:
As well as the World Heavyweight Championship, we're going to see the Intercontinental, Divas and WWE Tag Team titles all defended in Madison Square Garden!


The fans suddenly come UNGLUED and are on their feet as the camera pans down from them to the stage and DANIEL BRYAN walks out onto the stage with his Money in the Bank briefcase in his hand and he holds his finger in the air as he jogs down to the ring, full of smiles.

Booker T:
AWWW YEAH, MY MAN D-BRYAN!! Dis man has a guaranteed shot in dat briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship! He's leadin' his team out ta-night against Christian's boys an' dis is the best chance for Daniel Bryan to finally get Christian outta sight so he can move on to thinkin' about cashin' dat baby in!

Michael Cole:
The thought of Daniel Bryan being the World Heavyweight Champion makes me feel sick!

Jerry Lawler:
I don't understand your problem with Daniel Bryan, Cole. He's one of the best wrestlers we've ever seen in this company and he deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion!

Bryan slaps hands with a few fans in the front row before jogging up the steps and into the ring to pose on the top turnbuckle, grinning as he holds his briefcase in the air. 'Ride of the Valkyries' fades out and Bryan jumps down and begins the process of removing his jacket.


A good reaction, but nothing on Bryan's, greets the arrival of WILLIAM REGAL; adorned in an elegant purple robe. The Englishman smirks and nods to appreciate the positive reaction whilst Bryan applauds his team mate from inside the ring.

Booker T:
Dis is the man who was partly responsible fo' trainin' Daniel Bryan an' I think it was a great thing fo' D-Bryan to include his mentor on his team.

Michael Cole:
William Regal will be relishing the chance to shut Christian and Tyson Kidd up tonight, especially after the weeks of name-calling and making fun of Regal's age - this is his chance to show that there is still some more in the tank.

Regal wipes his shoes on the apron as a usual part of his pre-match routine before he lays his robe across the top rope for a stage hand to put away. Upon entry to the ring, he shakes hands with his captain and the two old friends share a laugh as the focus turns back to the stage once again.


The exciting JUSTIN GABRIEL quickly jogs out onto the stage and leaps into the air and a blast of blue pyro shoots upwards from upon the stage upon his landing. He doesn't waste time jogging down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Jerry Lawler:
Even though I'm on on Smackdown every week, I have seen on TV how well Justin Gabriel has developed in the past few months on Smackdown... he hasn't lost a singles match in how long?

Michael Cole:
Over three months. This is the man who has the chance to steal the show with a strong performance tonight, and Daniel Bryan will need one from him.

Gabriel congregates with his teammates and his music fades out to reveal a very familiar chant as the fans make it clear who they want to come out next...





A MASSIVE cheer goes up inside of MSG as the Downstait version of the theme song blares out over the sound system and ZACK RYDER comes out onto the stage to another loud pop. Ryder looks extremely hyped up and is recording himself as he walks down to the ramp, taking some time to take a selfie with his father.

Jerry Lawler:
Zack Ryder has described this match as the "most important" in his life in front of his hometown fans and said that being a part of Survivor Series inside Madison Square Garden is the highlight of his career so far.

Booker T:
I love Zack Ryder - he made all of dis fo' himself an' I hope he does well in dis match.

Michael Cole:
Ryder and Team Christian's Jack Swagger have had an ongoing dispute for months on Raw and somehow this goof has managed to beat a former World Heavyweight Champion on several occasions!

Ryder slides into the ring and takes another selfie with William Regal, who can't help but chuckle after warming to Ryder's antics over the past few weeks. Ryder shakes hands with Gabriel before hugging Daniel Bryan and thanking him once again for the opportunity to be on his team. Another rather long pause as anticipation builds up again for the final member of Team Bryan.


MSG is filled by cheer again, this time predominantly female, as the most accomplished man in this match - RANDY ORTON - makes his entrance onto the stage. Orton nods and grins as he soaks in the atmosphere and tries not to take too long in getting to the ring.

Michael Cole:
It was the inclusion of Wade Barrett on Team Christian that led Randy Orton to join Daniel Bryan's team by way of delivering an RKO to Christian two nights ago on Smackdown. Randy Orton has guaranteed that he will be on the winning team tonight.

Jerry Lawler:
Randy Orton has been the sole survivor on his team twice in his career and we could well see him survive once again tonight.

Orton enters the ring and climbs up onto the turnbuckle and strikes his 'Destiny' pose before he slaps hands with the rest of his team. With Team Bryan completed in the ring, all five men are now looking in the way of the stage for their opponents - one of which they do not know the identity of.


A close up shows that Daniel Bryan's expression immediately turns to one of focus mixed with anger as we hear the music of his opposite number. CHRISTIAN walks out onto the stage with a surprisingly focused look on his face to match Bryan's. He is accompanied by his 'apprentice' TYSON KIDD and the Canadian pairing make their way down to the ring in a no-nonsense fashion.

Michael Cole:
Christian knows that his journey back to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion could be over tonight as I'm sure that Teddy Long and Edge are out of chances for him. Christian needs to lead his team to victory tonight.

Booker T:
If he can't get it done ta-night, dat's gonna be one too many losses to Daniel Bryan an' he'll prolly never get anotha' chance to be at da top again, dawg. I think ta-night could be the beginnin' of the end of Christian.

Kidd goes to enter the ring, but Christian puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him and tells him "if anyone has the numbers advantage its us." Bryan relaxes his stance and smirks at Christian backing out and Christian sarcastically smirks back at him before waving him off to turn and wait for his team.


Some pretty strong heat - which could be due to his rivalry with Zack Ryder - signals the entrance of JACK SWAGGER. 'The All-American American' looks fired up and he stomps on the stage and smacks himself in the chest to fire himself up before going to meet Christian and Kidd at the base of the ramp.

Michael Cole:
Christian enlisted Jack Swagger after Zack Ryder joined Team Bryan on the Raw Supershow last month, and the former World Heavyweight Champion is desperate to 'embarrass' Ryder in front of his hometown crowd.

Jerry Lawler:
Jack Swagger is no doubt a brilliant athlete, but he's lost focus during his matches recently and lost those matches as a result. He may turn out to be a liability for Team Christian.

Michael Cole:
He wasn't for me at Wrestlemania!

Christian pats Swagger on the back, and the Oklahoman wears an intense look as he and Zack Ryder eyeball each other through the ropes.


The loudest heat of the bunch is saved for WADE BARRETT, who shoots his arms up into the air once he's on the stage causing his jacket to fall to the floor. Randy Orton is shown smirking in the ring as he watches his longtime rival saunter down the ramp. Barrett shakes hands with Christian once the Englishman reaches the base of the ramp. It is to be noted that Christian now has a microphone which he holds in the air to stop Barrett's music.

Before we get down to business, I have something to say. I want Teddy Long and Edge to take note of this match and watch how Team Christian systematically destroys Team Bryan tonight!

There is a lot of heat in the arena for Christian's cockiness.

When my team wipes the floor with this 'team' in the ring, Teddy Long will have no choice but giving me one...more...match against you, Bryan, and this time that briefcase will be coming home with me!

The fans join in with the 'One More Match' but then boo the end of the sentence. Christian suddenly starts to chuckle and holds his free hand up in the air.

Actually... what the hell am I talkin' about? It's not going to be up to Teddy Long if I get my match or not because once John Laurinaitis gains control of this company later tonight, Teddy Long isn't going to be Smackdown GM anymore! His ass is gettin' fired on Friday night, playa!

The disdain of the fans is mirrored in the faces of Team Bryan, and the captain especially looks like he wants to tear Christian's head off at the moment.

But back to the matter at hand... for those of you who have problems counting (Christian shoots a look at Randy Orton) my team is a member down! In fact, finding a fifth man to be on my team at such short notice was something of a problem. Luckily for me... I have a Problem Solver.


A portion of MSG understood who Christian was hinting at but there isn't much of a reaction to the unfamiliar theme music, but that is until the hulking figure of TOMKO walks out onto the stage!! The fans give a mixed reaction as most do recognize him as Christian's former 'Problem Solver'. The camera's catch a slight look of concern on the face of Daniel Bryan, but he quickly shakes it off and reassures his team.

Michael Cole:
That's Tomko! Christian's former 'Problem Solver'! We've not seen him in about five years!

Booker T:
I remember dis guy! Tomko is one mean dude, dawg! He's all 'bout da ground an' pound; he'll know 'bout ten diff'rent ways to kick yo' ass at once!

Jerry Lawler:
This is definitely a game changer, guys. I don't think anyone was expecting Tomko to be Christian's last man and he's an unkown quantity to most of Team Bryan. Only Randy Orton and William Regal were in WWE last time Tomko was here; and I don't think either of them ever faced him!

Christian looks pleased with himself and wears a shit-eating grin as he pats Tomko on the chest before now he leads his team up onto the apron and then into the ring. With all ten men now between the ropes, the official for this match, Chad Patton, gets in between both teams and speaks to the captains and tells them to decide who will be getting things started for their teams. Once again, a booming "WE WANT RYDER!" once again fills up the Garden so Bryan hods his head to Ryder and says "You're up." Upon watching this, Jack Swagger immediately makes the decision and ignores Christian's huddle to step into the middle of the ring to signify he's starting this for their team. Once it has been established that the two Raw men will start, the other eight are ushered onto the apron so the match can begin!

(Christian, Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett & Tomko)
(Daniel Bryan, William Regal, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel & Randy Orton)

The bell rings to signify the PPV truly getting started, but it is just about heard under the rousing “LET'S GO RYDER!” chants and Zack grins at the overwhelming support and starts pumping his fist into the air! Ryder screams “WOO WOO WOO!” but before the “YOU KNOW IT” can come back from the fans SWAGGER TAKES RYDER OUT WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE! Swagger's football background shows as he tries his best to ignore the boos from the fans and watches as Ryder makes his way back up to his feet using the ropes. Swagger tries to speed to process up but Ryder breaks the hold and jacks Swagger with a right hand to the jaw! This sends Swagger stumbling back into the centre of the ring and Ryder sends him into the ropes but Swagger turns it around and Ryder goes against the ropes. Swagger tries a Back Body Drop but Ryder kicks him square in the face! Swagger falls right back onto his backside and slumps against the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. The fans cheer at the positioning and Ryder notices it too before he pumps his fist with a “WOO! WOO! WOO!” before he charges in and delivers the BROSKI BOOT TO SWAGGER!!

Ryder is off to an electric start in his home state and there is already a look of worry etched on Christian's face. Ryder removes his boot from in between the ropes and backs up holding the 'LI' sign up with his fingers. Swagger slowly makes his way up and Ryder quickly charges in and goes to finish off Swagger with the ROUGH RYDER – but Swagger catches him and places him up on the top turnbuckle! Quickly able to recover as he's from a higher standpoint, Ryder hits another right hand to Swagger's face and tries to hit Swagger with a Diving Crossbody but he crashes and burns on the mat as Swagger moves out of the way! Ryder lands hard on his stomach and Swagger takes the opportunity to tag in one of his partners and he chooses the returning Tomko. Ryder is trying to get over to his team to get out of the match and he's inches away from tagging in Daniel Bryan but Tomko grabs his leg and pulls him towards the middle of the ring and delivers a hard stomp right onto his midsection which he just hurt falling from the top.

Grabbing Ryder by his prided hair, Tomko lifts him up and drops him right down onto his knee and Ryder is on the mat holding his stomach in agony. Tomko goes to keep things moving by Irish Whipping Ryder into the corner and following in to drive his knee right into the mid-section!! The harsh blows have already seemed to start taking their toll on Ryder and he desperately reaches for his team but there's nothing they can do. Tomko pulls Ryder back along to his team and holds out an arm to Tyson Kidd and 'The Apprentice' quickly enters the ring after tagging in. Tomko holds Ryder out with his mid-section exposed and Kidd delivers a sharp kick which seems to have winded Ryder. Kidd shows off his submission expertise and quickly slaps on an Abdominal Stretch and Ryder winces in pain. Kidd screams as he tries to make it as uncomfortable for Ryder as possible, but the recurring booming chants encouraging Ryder means that 'The Ultimate Broski' starts to try and manoeuvre himself out of the hold. Ryder is able to unhook Kidd's arm and them take him over with a Hip Toss!! With the opening clear, Ryder quickly stumbles in and tags the nearest man to him – which happens to be RANDY ORTON!!!

There's a big pop as Orton enters the fray and Kidd is up just in time to eat a massive Clothesline from 'The Viper', which is followed by another one! Orton tries to pick up the pace again and he whips Kidd into the ropes and catches him when he comes back to hook him up for his INVERTED BACKBREAKER!! Kidd is contorted into a horrible position and Orton quickly turns him over onto his back to make the first cover of the match!
The pin is broken up by WADE BARRETT!!!

Big heat for the Englishman as he prevents Orton from possibly eliminating Tyson Kidd, and Barrett is able to get some shots in on Orton before Team Bryan comes in to clear Barrett from the ring – and Team Christian join them!! There's suddenly a frenzy as everyone starts pairing off and all hell starts to break loose. William Regal and Justin Gabriel attack Barrett and fend him off whilst Jack Swagger sends Ryder out of the ring and continues working over his mid-section out on the floor. Daniel Bryan tries his best to get to Christian, but 'Captain Charisma' evades him and exits the ring leaving Tomko to club Bryan from behind!! The big man starts laying into Bryan with some stomps to the back, but Bryan is able to fight his way back up to his feet and he dodges a right hand from Tomko to hit him with a stinging kick to the side and then another on to the head – which sends Tomko spilling out onto the floor! 'The Problem Solver' lands on his feet but Bryan is already running the ropes and he leaps through the top and middle rope to finally take Tomko out with a SUICIDE DIVE!!!

'Mr Money in the Bank' gets a big reception for his efforts but now with everyone else outside the ring, Tyson Kidd is left waiting over a recovering Randy Orton. Once Orton is up, Kidd sends him straight back down to the mat with a Spinning Heel Kick! With Orton down on the mat, Kidd quickly retreats to the apron and Springboards himself into the ring and he's able to connect with a SPRINGBOARD DIVING ELBOW STRAIGHT TO ORTON'S CHEST!! The crowd show come concern as Kidd connects with one of his finishing moves and the young Canadian hooks Orton's leg!

Kidd holds his head in total shock that he wasn't able to put away the former World Heavyweight Champion, but he quickly gets up and stands over Orton's legs and picks them up... Kidd is trying to apply the SHARPSHOOTER!! Orton sees the move coming though and uses his leg strength to prevent Kidd turning him over and Orton kicks him away! 'The Viper' gets up to his feet quickly and Kidd swings for a right hand on Orton, but Orton ducks it and NAILS KIDD WITH THE RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!! The fans pop loudly and Orton hooks Kidd's legs once again!

(Christian, Swagger, Barrett, Tomko, Kidd vs Bryan, Regal, Ryder, Gabriel, Orton)

There's a big pop for the first elimination of the night and Kidd being eliminated suddenly draws everyone else's attention back to the ring as Orton stands back up and looks around as to which member of Team Christian is going to face him next. Christian himself starts to walk up the steel steps which causes Orton to smirk, but he's suddenly taken out at the knee from behind by Jack Swagger with a Chop Block! Christian laughs at Orton falling for the little trap and doesn't pay much attention to Kidd being helped to the back after rolling out of the ring. Swagger takes hold of Orton's knee and stomps on it and he keeps the pressure on it as he reaches out to the slightly depleted team on the apron and Wade Barrett gladly accepts the tag from Swagger. Swagger keeps Orton on the mat by keeping his weight on Orton's leg, leaving a free pass for Barrett to drop an elbow down right across Orton's chest! Barrett senses the opening and delivers another one before grabbing Orton's arm and lifting him up off of the mat.

Barrett lifts Orton onto his shoulder and tries to charge forward but Orton slips off of his back! Barrett stops on the spot and Orton takes him down with a Clothesline! Orton now takes the chance to tag Daniel Bryan into the match for the first time! Bryan gets a big cheer as he enters the ring and he immediately lights Barrett's chest up with a Knife Edge Chop (“WOOO!”) and the Englishman backs into the corner which isn't a good position when facing Daniel Bryan, and the captain starts to unload with a series of chops again to Barrett's chest which sends the crowd into a frenzy and Barrett stumbles out of the corner into a Drop Toe Hold from Bryan and Mr MITB runs off of the ropes and delivers a dropkick to the side of Barrett's head!! Bryan now turns Barrett over and hooks the inside leg.
Barrett is able to power out easily!

Bryan stays on Barrett and doesn't let him move anywhere following the kick out and the captain and tries to bring him up to his feet, but Barrett knocks him away with a well-placed right hand to the chin. Once he's back up, Barrett Irish Whips Bryan into the corner and follows him in, but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle and back flips straight over Barrett's head! The Englishman has to stop himself running straight into the turnbuckle and once he turns around he's pummelled in the chest by a running dropkick from Daniel Bryan!! The impact does extra damage as Barrett is propelled into the turnbuckle. Bryan looks over to Christian and smirks at his opposite number before he turns his attention back to Wade Barrett. Bryan charges in and drives his knee straight into Barrett's face before he screams out to the fans – and then is taken out by Christian!!

Christian wipes Bryan out to massive heat from the fans and outrage on Team Bryan. Patton immediately expels Christian from the ring with a stern warning. Using his captain's distraction to buy himself some time, Barrett crawls over and reaches out to tag Tomko back into the match and the big man quickly prevents Daniel Bryan tagging one of his men into the match with a well placed elbow to the small of the back. Tomko aggressively drags Bryan up and lifts him and throws his opposing captain clean overhead with a FALLAWAY SLAM!! It is a nasty landing and Tomko shoves Bryan onto his back and covers him, driving the forearm into the face.
Bryan gets the shoulder up!

The kickout angers Tomko and he frowns at the referee whilst Bryan starts to get himself back up to his feet and the big man sits Bryan up and drives his forearm straight into the back of Bryan's head which makes a dull thud and sends Bryan slumped onto the mat. Christian claps his hands and then holds his arm out for Tomko to make the tag and Christian enters the ring to make his first official involvement in the match. Bryan has started to pull himself up using the ropes and Christian quickly grabs him and forces his throat across the middle rope! Bryan splutters and Christian makes it evern worse by standing up on Bryan's back and pulling the top rope upwards! Patton is quickly over again and administers his five count which Christian abides to. Once he's off of Bryan's back, Christian runs towards him and leaps over the top rope out onto the floor and slaps Bryan across the face! It was a hard shot which sends Bryan flying back and Christian laughs to himself as he gets up onto the apron and nods his head at his team as he enters the ring. Once he's through the ropes, Christian turns back around and is taken down by a clothesline from Justin Gabriel!!

In all of his showboating, Christian didn't realise that Bryan had made the tag to the South African! Christian is taken down by a flying forearm once he's back up which is followed by a Running STO! Gabriel doesn't waste time in sensing that Christian is down and he quickly scales the turnbuckle and climbs up on the top rope! The fans get on their feet as they know what is coming but Christian instinctively rolls away and tags Jack Swagger back into the match! Swagger quickly comes into the ring and runs at Gabriel but the South African jumps over him and lands on his feet. He's able to kick Swagger in the gut with a Savate Kick and the run off of the ropes. He runs at Swagger and climbs up his body and snaps him off with a Hurrincanrana! Swagger is sent through a loop and stumbles up into the Team Bryan corner. Gabriel looks around at his team to decide who to tag and sees that Zack Ryder is jumping up and down ready to get going so Gabriel makes the tag to a rousing ovation from MSG!

Ryder takes a quick shot at Swagger before he tries to bring him out of the corner but his rival shoves him away – and quickly drives his knee into Ryder's gut once 'Long Island Iced Z' comes running back at him. The damage previously done to Ryder's mid-section resurfaces and Swagger grabs him around the waist and drops him back down onto his front! Swagger showcases his amateur wrestling background but doesn't break his grip around Ryder's ribs and he squeezes them tight from behind to keep Ryder grounded and wear him down further. Christian looks nervously on the apron as he demands for Swagger to break his ribs and the former World Heavyweight Champion tightens his grasp further and Ryder is literally struggling for breath as Swagger's giant arms are securely clamped around him. For the second time in the match the MSG fans are chanting their home state hero's name to spur him on and Ryder is insistent that he isn't going to let Swagger finish him here and he starts getting to his feet and he backs right into the turnbuckle to break Swagger's hold!

Both men take a few seconds to try and recover after having a heavy involvement in the match so far but Swagger is the first to move and he plucks Ryder off of the mat into a Gutwrench position and he hoists him up and is set for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB – BUT RYDER COUNTERS IT!!!


There's a massive roar from the crowd and Team Bryan jump into their air in celebration as Ryder slowly crawls over to Swagger and drapes his body on top of his arch nemesis for Patton to make the count!

(Christian, Barrett, Tomko, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Regal, Ryder, Gabriel, Orton)

The crowd is whipped quickly into a frenzy and Ryder is ecstatic as he slowly gets up to his feet after putting Team Bryan to a 5-on-3 advantage. He's visibly showing the effects of the targeted attacks from Team Christian to his mid-section and he turns to the three remaining opponents and dares the captain to get into the ring with him. Christian initally looks to Tomko but then decides to go for it himself. Ryder signals that he wants to lock up and Christian goes to oblige but then pokes him straight in the eyes! Christian ignores Patton's scolding and the loud boos to run against the ropes and he CUTS THE BLINDED RYDER IN HALF WITH A SPEAR!!! BIG TIME heat for the Canadian as he casually hooks the leg, knowing that given the damage to the ribs Ryder doesn't stand a chance.

(Christian, Barrett, Tomko, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Regal, Gabriel, Orton, Ryder)

Just like that, all of the life has been sucked out of the arena as Christian gets up onto his knees following the pin fall, and once it has set in the entire crowd of New Yorkers start shitting all over the Canadian and he laughs along with the rest of his team. Christian doesn't have too long to enjoy the moment though because William Regal has quickly entered the ring to resume the match. Regal connects with a stiff forearm to the side of Christian's head and he starts pummelling him in the face to avenge his recent and unlikely friend in Ryder. There is a cheer from the fans as Ryder starts making his way back up the ramp. Regal has Christian in the corner and starts lighting him up with chops to the chest! Christian tries to kick him away with his left leg, but Regal holds the leg up high and throws him overhead with a REGALPLEX!! Quickly into the cover..
Christian kicks out!!!

The first real threat to the captain is survived and Regal aggressively brings him back up and connects to Christian's chin with a European Uppercut! The knock puts Christian into the Team Bryan corner and Regal slaps Christian across the chest again and tags in Randy Orton to a massive pop! Orton grins at the chance of getting his hands on Christian and he goes to Irish Whip him across to his own team's corner but he brings him back and takes him down with a Clothesline! Orton keeps the grip on Christian's arm and pulls him up and into a second Clothesline! Orton grins as he plucks his former rival off of the mat again and looks for a third Clothesline, but Christian ducks and breaks the grip and takes Orton down with a Reverse DDT! Christian looks as if he's going to tag out but tries his luck with a pin on Orton instead!
Not enough to put 'The Viper' down!

Now Christian sees this as an appropriate time to get over to his corner and he makes the tag to Wade Barrett who gets into the ring and gets down onto the recovering Orton and starts driving his elbow right into Orton's head!! Barrett looks like he's out to KILL Orton with the blunt blows and Orton's guard for the hits fades as the former Bareknuckle champion breaks through the feeble attempt to block the repeated elbows. After landing in plenty of hits, Barrett gets off of his prey and casts a look at a concerned Daniel Bryan on the apron before he throws Orton over the top rope and onto the apron. Barrett pulls Orton through the ropes in a similar fashion as Orton likes to do to his own opponents – but instead of dropping Orton with a DDT Barrett holds Orton's head in place and starts sinking his knees into Orton's face! The modified version of Orton's offence quickly causes 'The Viper' to slump and Barrett drops him onto the mat in a heap. Barrett isn't done and he STOMPS right on the back of Orton's head!! It is a sick move which gets a gasp from the fans and Barrett smirks without a hint of remorse before arrogantly tagging Tomko back into the match.

'The Problem Solver' grins at the chance to punish Orton and slowly climbs through the ropes to stalk his prey and he pulls Orton off of the mat and stands behind him and pulls his arm through his own legs to bring him up and power him down with a Pumphandle Slam!! Tomko covers Orton following the power move
Orton rolls the shoulder up!!!

This pisses Tomko off no-end and he is right back up to start mugging Orton and putting the boots to him and has to be pulled away by the official. This gives Orton a momentary chance to try and recover but Tomko is right back on him and he forces him into a neutral corner and drives his forearm repeatedly into Orton's head before taking a few steps back and coming in for a huge Corner Clothesline – but Orton dodges it! It was more of a slumping down onto the mat than an evasive move but it causes Tomko to floor himself after coming in with such velocity.

However everyone knows that Orton is going to struggle to muster the power to make a tag, but the former World Heavyweight Champion is trying his hardest to push himself back to a vertical base and the booming chants of the fans and the outstretched hands of his three remaining team mates start to will him on and sure enough he's starting to straighten up. Orton makes it to his feet after a great effort and starts stumbling towards his team with an arm out and he's within a fingertip of Daniel Bryan as TOMKO CONNECTS WITH A SICK RUNNING BIG BOOT TO THE BACK OF ORTON'S HEAD!!!

All of the excitement is again wiped from the arena as once again Orton is lying flat on his face following that horrible kick from Tomko, whose inclusion by Christian is starting to look like a master stroke and Christian's smug grin means that he is thinking the same thing. He barks for Tomko to carry on and finish him off so Tomko starts to pluck Orton off of the mat but instead puts him in a Rear Naked Choke!! Tomko shows an unexpected technical element to his game and Bryan looks frustrated as he is as aware as anyone as to how dangerous this particular hold is. It brings some fight out of Orton, who tries his best to fight it and break the grip but soon starts to succumb to the extreme pressure of being trapped in the hold. Tomko obviously shows no sign of breaking his grip but Orton somehow digs deep down to give himself a second wind and he's now starting to prise Tomko's fingers apart and is eventually able to break the hold!!! Tomko is up to his feet just as Orton is up to a knee and the big man runs against the ropes... RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM FROM ORTON!!!

Both men are now down and the crowd finally sense the chance for Orton to make the much needed tag but for several seconds neither man makes a move until Orton starts to turn himself over to be in a better position to crawl to his corner and he begins the arduous task of clawing his way over to his team as Tomko is stirring on the mat and starts to get to his feet as Orton inches closer to the outstretched hand of Daniel Bryan...

Tomko gets to his feet and sees that Orton is agonizingly close and goes to stop him...


There's a massive pop as the captain is in the ring and he charges into action, ducking a Tomko Clothesline and continuing his sprint to knock Christian off of the apron to another big cheer! Bryan keeps the rapid pace up to duck another Clothesline from Tomko and come back off of the ropes with a flying Clothesline of his own! Both men are right back up and Bryan goes straight for Tomko's leg with a stiff kick which takes that leg out and then another to chop the big man down onto his knees! With his opponent left open, Bryan starts to lay into Tomko's chest with a barrage of kicks!!! The shoot kicks all find their mark and Bryan roars out to the fans before cracking Tomko in the side of the head to put him down onto the mat! Bryan screams out to the fans again and he heads to the corner with Tomko down on the mat and quickly scales the top rope... and comes off with a beautiful DIVING HEADBUTT!! Bryan is right back up but clearly dazed by the move after taking the impact to his own head and he uses the chance to tag the very fresh Justin Gabriel into the match.

Gabriel slingshots himself over the top rope and into the ring where Tomko is again picking himself back up and he leaps into the air to cut him off with a Spinning Heel Kick that sends him into the ropes – where Wade Barrett reaches over from the corner and slaps Tomko on the back to tag himself into the match – but Gabriel hasn't realized the tag was made and registered by the referee! Tomko stumble back towards Gabriel and the South African drills him with a SUPERKICK!!! Tomko is down near the corner and Gabriel senses his chance and along with the will of the crowd he scuttles up the turnbuckle and steadies himself before CRASHING DOWN WITH A 450 SPLASH!!!! Gabriel hooks the leg and the crowd start to count but the referee doesn't – trying to tell Gabriel that Tomko isn't the legal man!!

There's some confusion on the face of the South African as he tries to hear what Patton is saying but he can't so he turns around – RIGHT INTO THE BULLHAMMER FROM WADE BARRETT!!!!

Gabriel drops to the mat in an instant whilst Christian is back up and applauding Barrett's sly move as Bryan and Regal can only watch as Barrett cockily hooks the leg of his former Nexus colleague.

(Christian, Barrett, Tomko, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Regal, Orton, Gabriel, Ryder)

AGAIN Team Christian seize the opportunity created by their wiliness to level it up to 3-on-3! Gabriel rolls out of the ring and Christian waves as he is helped up the ramp and Barrett couldn't look happier with himself but he's quickly grabbed and turned around by William Regal who connects with a European Uppercut to startle Barrett into the corner! Regal follows up with some more powerful Europeans and Barrett tries to push him away for Regal to grab his arms and turn him around to drop him with a HALF NELSON SUPLEX!! There's no holding back from the Englishman against his compatriot and Barrett crawls into the opposite corner and tries to bring himself up again but Regal charges in and Barrett can only bring his leg up to protect himself – only to fall into the same trap that Christian fell into earlier and get caught and thrown overhead with a REGALPLEX!!! The veteran is quickly down to cover the former Intercontinental Champion.
Not enough to put Barrett away just yet!

Regal grits his teeth at his inability to put away the true stand-out player in the opposing team but he back up into the corner and removes his knee pad which gets the crowd excited as Barrett starts to get back up and onto one knee so Regal bounds towards him looking for the KNEE TREMBLER – BUT BARRETT COUNTERS IT INTO THE WINDS OF CHANGE!!! Regal is planted on the mat but Barrett doesn't waste any time in plucking the veteran off of the mat and he hoists him up onto his shoulders and ROARS out to the crowd before slamming Regal onto the mat emphatically with the WASTELANDS!!! Daniel Bryan on the apron bows his head down in admission as Barrett again hooks the leg of one of his downed team mates.

(Christian, Barrett, Tomko, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Orton, Regal, Gabriel, Ryder)

Wade Barrett has eliminated TWO members of Team Bryan in just as many minutes! Bryan starts to step through the ropes to confront the man mowing through his team but suddenly Randy Orton slides into the ring, recovered, and he starts taking it to Wade Barrett!! Orton unloads on the brash Brit and Irish Whips him into the ropes to knock him back down to the mat with a Dropkick to the face! Orton is right back up and Barrett rolls onto the apron but Orton still has some work to do as TOMKO comes sprinting out of the corner but Orton uses his momentum against him to send him flying over the top rope and to the outside!! Turning his attention back to Barrett, Orton puts him through the ropes and drags him towards the middle of the ring to plant him on his face with the ROPE HUNG DDT!!! The fans are in a frenzy as Orton flops down onto the mat and starts pounding it to bring Barrett up but Christian charges in and stomps on the back of Orton's head!!!

There's big heat for that cheap shot and Christian looks happy with himself until he notices that DANIEL BRYAN has charged out of his corner, coming straight for his opposite number! Christian gets out of dodge straight away and slides out of the ring to join the recovering Tomko but Bryan is already charging against the ropes and he wipes Christian and Tomko out with a SUICIDE DIVE!!

Bryan's move gets everyone on their feet again but they're soon turning their attention back to the ring as Christian's interference seems to have bought Barrett enough time to get himself back up to his feet because he is in the corner winding that elbow up again, salivating at the chance to finish Orton off once and for all. Orton stirs himself up to his feet and Barrett comes in looking for the BULLHAMMER!!!


There's a pop from the crowd but within seconds they're back on, with everyone pondering what just happened. Orton is still trying to steady himself but Barrett is confused as anything, looking around the arena for anything unusual. With a shrug of the shoulders, the Englishman gets himself back into the zone and he scoops the groggy Orton back onto his shoulders and delivers another loud roar just like when he put William Regal away and Orton could be caught with the WASTELANDS!!


But just like before, everything is as it was prior to the darkness and Barrett is quite clearly annoyed by this now and he drops Orton to the mat to confront Chad Patton, demanding that he “SORT THIS BLOODY MESS OUT!” but the referee says he doesn't know what is happening and the commentary team apologise for the “technical production faults” currently being experienced in MSG. Barrett throws his hands up into the air in frustration and turns around to try for a third time to put Orton away for good... RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!


(Christian, Tomko, Barrett, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Orton, Regal, Gabriel, Ryder)

What a massive elimination! Barrett, the star performer in the match thus far is taken down by his long-time rival Orton but under shady circumstances due to the lighting issues! Orton seems like he was none the wiser to the lights going out twice but he gets back up to his feet and exits the ring to meet up with his captain and they agree that they want to get rid of Tomko next so there is a combined effort to roll him into the ring as Orton slides in after him and Bryan gets up onto the apron. Orton tags Bryan in and the Washington native climbs up onto the top rope and waits for Tomko to get to his feet and delivers a pinpoint MISSILE DROPKICK right to Tomko's face!! Bryan is immediately on top of him to cover the big man!
Tomko kicks out!

The impressive return of 'The Problem Solver' continues after showing some good resiliency but Bryan doesn't give him a chance to recover and is right on top of him. Bryan slaps on a front facelock and drags the broad frame of Tomko back towards Randy Orton and 'The Viper' slaps his captain on the back to come back into the match and the two show some good teamwork to lift Tomko up and take him over with a Double Suplex!! Bryan gets back onto the apron and Orton skulks back down onto the mat as he tries to draw Tomko in and the fans are all waiting in anticipation as Orton pounds the mat defiantly but as Tomko stirs, Orton gets distracted-

By Christian yanking Daniel Bryan off of the apron!!!

Bryan lands down on his left leg and it looks like his knee totally buckles under his weight but Christian laughs at his rival before walking back around the ring towards his corner. Orton points at him and tells him that he is next and he turns his attention back to Tomko. 'The Problem Solver' gets back to his feet and Orton goes for the RKO – TOMKO PUSHES HIM AWAY!! Orton turns around RIGHT INTO A RUNNING BIG BOOT!!! Orton's head bounces horribly off of the canvas and he doesn't move at all as Tomko saunters over to the ever-smug Christian who sarcastically holds his hand out and Tomko slaps it casually and Christian takes his sweet time in approaching Orton and lifting him up by his chin and he looks right into his summer rival and shouts “WRONG CHOICE!” before turning him around and planting him to the mat with the KILLSWITCH!!! Christian grins whilst turning Orton onto his back and hooking the leg.

(Christian, Tomko, Barrett, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Orton, Regal, Gabriel, Ryder)

The fans are totally deflated following Orton's elimination, leaving Daniel Bryan all alone against two men. Cole quickly points out that Christian's strategy for this match has been masterful, playing him up as the superior captain for installing the opportunistic approach in his team and he looks certain to beat the injured Daniel Bryan with Tomko's help. Christian instructs Tomko to roll Bryan into the ring for him and a few moments later Christian finally has the balls to face Bryan in this match once he has the numerical advantage and Bryan is much more concerned about his knee. The submission specialist is almost unaware of Christian's presence and he hasn't realised that 'Captain Charisma' has taken his place in the corner and he's lining Bryan up!! Bryan starts to get to his feet using the ropes and Christian charges in, looking to finish this one with a SPEAR – BRYAN DODGES!!!!

Christian stops himself from colliding with the corner at the last second and he jumps up onto the second rope and jumps back, bringing Bryan into a Sunset flip pin, but Bryan rolls through back onto his feet – and cracks Christian in the side of the head with a stiff kick! He was like a sitting duck! If Bryan dodging the Spear didn't give MSC some hope, then that counter definitely did! Bryan, however, takes almost an ages to crawl himself back over to Christian after collapsing to the mat but he is able to lean back over Christian's chest to try and eliminate his opposing number!
Christian rolls his shoulder up!!

It is safe to say that Christian is the freshest man left in the match by a long way after having minimal involvement in the early stages, another part of the plan most likely. This means that he doesn't have much problem in being able to get over to Tomko in the corner and bring 'The Problem Solver' back into the match again, who stomps over to Bryan and lifts him up. Tomko shakes his head to tell the fans not to bother cheering any more as he brings his arm down and underneath Bryan to try for another Pumphandle Slam like we saw earlier, but he obviously doesn't realise that is a very stupid place to be because Bryan is able to pounce on it and before Tomko realises it, HE'S CAUGHT IN THE LEBELL LOCK!!!! ANOTHER BRILLIANT COUNTER BY DANIEL BRYAN!! Tomko groans as he tries to hold on, but he is unable to withstand it for much longer and he TAPS OUT!! ITS BRYAN VS CHRISTIAN!!!!

(Christian, Tomko, Barrett, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Orton, Regal, Gabriel, Ryder)

MSG ROAR at the elimination and Tomko rolls out of the ring for Bryan to bring himself up to his feet but he turns right around into a SPEAR FROM CHRISTIAN!!!! The tactic that eliminated Zack Ryder could have won Christian the match! The Canadian hooks both legs tight!!!






The fans are on their feet and Christian is STUNNED that his method of eliminating Zack Ryder didn’t work against Bryan. Bryan starts stirring after kicking out purely from instinct but Christian keeps him on his back and he is attempting to hook Bryan’s legs around – HE’S GOING FOR THE CLOVERLEAF!! Christian returns to his vow of making Daniel Bryan tap out but he’s having some trouble getting it in because Bryan is proving to be a tricky customer. With some kicks to Christian’s ribs with his free leg, Bryan is able to knock ‘Captain Charisma’ off of him momentarily but Christian comes right back at him with a boot to the side of the head to knock Bryan back down onto the mat. The kick hit its mark and Mr Money in the Bank is sprawled across the centre of the ring so Christian decides to head to the corner and sets himself up to take flight with the FROG SPLASH – NO ONE HOME!!! DANIEL BRYAN MOVES JUST IN TIME!!

Holding his stomach and gritting his teeth, the former World Heavyweight Champion squirms on the mat but he rolls a little too close to Bryan because the submission specialist draws him in like a trapdoor spider and TRAPS CHRISTIAN IN THE LEBELL LOCK!!!!!!

A surge of energy brings MSG to life as Christian struggles with all of his might to try and get himself out of this hold. Bryan cranks it back to the point where he is almost pulling Christian’s head clean off of his neck and the Canadian’s eyes bulge to convey the obvious pain that he must be feeling. Bryan demands that Christian tap out, but it is the turn of the heel to show some signs of inner strength and Christian somehow begins to muster up some form of second wind and he starts clawing his way over to the ropes!



Bryan pulls back even farther, but Christian is still fighting through!



Christian is within inches of the ropes!!



He extends his fingertips





Bryan retains his hold until the referee’s count reaches four, and after that he lets Christian go but Chad Patton takes him to one side to tell him that he has to break the hold once Christian has got hold of the ropes. Meanwhile, Christian has pulled himself up using the ropes and is in the corner opposite the discussion between Bryan and Patton, and he is starting to unhook the turnbuckle pad! The fans start booing as Christian is literally doing anything he can to win but Patton glances over at him and catches him in the act! There’s cheers as the official admonishes Christian now and starts fixing the pad back onto the steel ring and Christian is complaining whilst he does it but Bryan grabs him from behind and looks set to hook him up for a German Suplex… but Christian cocks his right leg up backwards – LOW BLOW TO BRYAN!!!

There’s a lot of heat again and Bryan keels down holding his balls and Christian is quick to turn him around and hook him up – AND THE KILLSWITCH CONNECTS!!!!! There’s no response from Bryan and the fans voice their displeasure as Patton corrects the turnbuckle just in time for Christian to get down onto the mat and hook Bryan’s leg!






(Christian, Tomko, Barrett, Swagger, Kidd vs Bryan, Orton, Regal, Gabriel, Ryder)



Christian gets up onto his knees and he looks relieved to have finally gotten one over on Daniel Bryan, although there were obvious shenanigans involved in the finish. It doesn't bother him one bit and he has his arms raised and smirks out to the fans.

Booker T:
Aw man, you gotta be kiddin' me! Ma boi D-Bryan was screwed, dawg!

Michael Cole:
What. A. Performance. THAT is what you call leading by example! Christian eliminated three members of Team Bryan, including both Bryan himself AND Randy Orton! He played that match to perfection! I cannot pick one single fault with Christian's game plan heading into this match!

Jerry Lawler:
How about that he cheated to win? That was a blatant low blow right there at the end on Daniel Bryan!

Michael Cole:
Choosing Tomko worked in a big way as his fifth man and Wade Barrett was another excellent choice. He installed the 'ultimate opportunist' philosophy used by his former friend-now Assistant General Manager, Edge, into his team. It worked!

Booker T:
Cole, you might choose to ignore dat he cheated, but Teddy Long aint gonna!

Michael Cole:
I have received word from the back and I would like to apologize for the technical issues we had during that match regarding the lighting in the arena during that last match. It is a problem we are looking to resolve and I can say in confidence that we should not be experiencing any further technical difficulties for the remainder of tonight's show.

With Bryan still down on the mat, Christian exits the ring and walks over to the timekeeper's area and he snatches Bryan's Money in the Bank Briefcase away and slides back into the ring with it. He looks at it and then places it down on Bryan's chest and tells him to "hang on to it for a little longer." before he sarcastically slaps him on the cheek and then turns to make his leave up the ramp.

We head backstage from ringside and there is very loud shouting from someone in the corridors. The camera finally catches up to them and it is WADE BARRETT. The Englishman is furious as he stomps his way around backstage, not wholly sure where he is going. He suddenly grabs a random worker he comes across.

Wade Barrett:

I-I-I don’t know! I g-g-gues it’ll b-be someone in the production truck.

Barrett releases the helpless randomer and he quickly scuttles off. Barrett calms down slightly and breathes deeply.

Wade Barrett:
The production truck…

A grin flashes across the still irate Barrett’s face, but he walks away from the camera looking a lot more composed than he did thirty seconds ago. We're now shot back to the arena with a shot of our commentators all sitting at the desk with Cole and Booker in suits and Lawler in one of those impeccable t-shirts.

Michael Cole:
Wade Barrett clearly isn't happy with what happened to the lights in our opening contest, although we have been told that it was simply a technical failure. Do you think there could be something else in it, King?

Jerry Lawler:
I'm not too sure, but Wade Barrett certainly thinks there is!


The lights in the arena dim down slightly, and the five-strong contingent of ALL WORLD PROMOTIONS all walk out onto the stage, lead by AW. MAGNUS looks intimidating but is dressed in ring gear, despite not competing tonight. DAVID OTUNGA talks some tactics with MIKE HENNIG who is holding RAQUEL DIAZ's hand. AW has his mouthpiece attached to his face and holds his arm up to signal for the music to stop. He holds his arms out into the air and looks around the arena, beaming.

Good evening, Madison Square Garden! How y'all doin' tonight?

Despite the brash attidtude, the fans give a cheer.

That's good to hear that y'all are doin' good, because I am doin' really good! If there's any of y'all out there who don't know who I am - My name is AW.

Some slight boos there, and but the manager turns around to the other four on the stage. He puts a hand on Magnus' shoulder and the British brute looks at it with a little disdain unnoticed by AW.

This brute right here is Magnus! I found this man outside one of my clubs and I saw him kickin' seven colours of crap outta this guy and I knew that I had a prime fighter on my hands... that is why he is my Head of Security. He costs a damn lot but he is worth every cent... or as he prefers, penny. Haha!

Mangus doesn't react to the cheesy joke and moves along to Diaz, holding her free hand and kissing it, which makes her blush. Hennig doesn't mind.

Enchanté! We have the elegant Rrrrrrrraquel Diaz... My man Mikey did himself good, right? Right?! Wooooweee!

AW looks out to the fans and starts cackling to himself again and Diaz looks flattered by the compliments and smirks at some wolf whistles from the fans. AW moves along and pounds fists with Hennig and Otunga, both men looking focused.

Now... let me introduce to you, the real stars of the show! Ladies and gentlemen, the NEXT WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... DAVID OTUNGA AND THE SON OF MR PERFECT HIMSELF, MIKE HENNIG!

Hennig roars out to the fans upon his introduction and Otunga coolly raises his arm into the air to a mixed reaction from the fans.

Mike and Dave are gonna run straight through those jokes, Santino and Kozlov! I wouldn't go an' get your snacks or popcorn now, this isn't gonna take long so I don't want any of y'all to miss us wipin' the floor with those two 'champions'.

Heat now for slating off the popular tag team champions.

In fact, if Santino and Kozlov can even last ten minutes in the ring with the Mike and Dave, I'll give 'em TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS...EACH!

WOW! The fans pop for the money being thrown in to the match.

It gets better... if they can somehow pull of a miracle and leave MSG with those titles... I'LL DOUBLE IT! TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH! OH YEAH!

AW has the fans cheering loudly now, as he's willing to put up to $40,000 on this match. He's that confident.

Of course, that ain't gonna happen.

Straight back to the boos again.

I'm an honest man, I'll stick to my bet... but y'all think they'll actually win money from me! HAHAHA! HAAAAAAAA!

There are laughs between the whole group now and AW has actually dropped to one knee with his laughter. He wipes a tear from his eye and then composes himself again, fighting back some more giggles.

Once we've got those titles back where they belong around the waists of Mike and Dave, we'll move on and beat those little jumpin' beans Los Aviadorrrrrrres AGAIN and then there will be NOTHIN' stoppin' us gettin' to the top!

There's a much more serious vibe now and AW stands silently with a very determined look on his face.



AW raises his arms in the air and grins whilst leading All World Promotions down to the ring and they all show that they're here to take the titles.

Jerry Lawler:
Strong words from AW! He is literally putting his money where his mouth is!

Booker T:
I don't know whether to think dis guy is really smart or jus' plain stupid.

Michael Cole:
AW has a very high confidence in his team, so much that he is willing to part with forty thousand dollars if they lose! I don't see it happening though, since Mike Hennig and David Otunga have returned along with this group, they have been impressive. They are the only team to date to defeat Los Aviadores - the new #1 contenders.

Jerry Lawler:
These guys need to forget about Los Aviadores for tonight though, Santino and Kozlov have been nothing but fighting champions. They've beaten Curt Hawkins and Primo as well as The Awesome Truth!

The whole group enter the ring even though the majority of them aren't even competing. AW gives some encouragement to Otunga whilst Hennig and Diaz share some niceties.


There's a big pop in the arena as SANTINO MARELLA and VLADIMIR KOZLOV, THE ODD COUPLE, burst onto the stage. Both have their titles strapped around their waists and Santino leads the fans in the air trumpet before the WWE Tag Team Champions high-five before marching down to the ring; Santino doing a beautiful power-walk.

Jerry Lawler:
Do you reckon these two are even more motivated to win knowing that they could take $20,000 of AW's own money each! They only have to last 10 minutes and they're both $10,000 richer!

Booker T:
Can you imagine what Santino will buy wit' all dat money?!

Michael Cole:
I hope he'll buy himself a spaceship and get the hell off of this planet! Tonight we will finally see some credibility at the top of the tag team division!

The champions slap hands with the fans down the aisle before sliding into the ring and climbing up the turnbuckles and motioning to their belts. They jump down and Kozlov glares at AW, who is trying to stifle his laughter, and the Russian makes a step over to the cocky manager but Magnus steps in front of him. There's a staredown between the two larger men but Santino backs Vlad away. Referee John Cone tells Magnus, Diaz and AW to get out of the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Odd Couple (Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov) © vs. All World Promotions (David Otunga & Mike Hennig)

The bell rings and it is decided that Otunga will start the match with Santino. AW is already telling his client to “end him” four seconds into the match and Otunga lunges in to grab Santino but the Italian moves quickly out of the way, catching Otunga with a jab to the cheek! Santino holds his fists up and dares Otunga to come at him again, but again Marella shows off his agility and connects with another quick jab! Santino follows up this time with another and then another to send Otunga scrambling onto the ropes but when Santino comes in to follow up, Otunga lifts him up and Flapjacks him across the top rope! Santino clasps for air on the mat following that and Otunga now uses the ropes for extra leverage as he drives his knee across Santino’s throat. Of course Cone doesn’t stand for that and administers his 5 count which Otunga takes heed of and he gets off the Italian. Quickly getting back to his feet, Otunga reaches out and Hennig slaps his hand to get into the match.

The third generation star enters the ring as Otunga uses his allotted time to get Santino back up to his feet and Irish Whips Marella towards Hennig, who catches him with a scintillating Dropkick right to the face! Hennig pushes Santino’s shoulders down to the mat but Cone waits for Otunga to get back to the apron before he makes the count!
Santino rolls his shoulder up!

Santino isn’t given a chance to breathe after escaping the pin fall as Hennig quickly slaps on a headlock. Hennig gets onto one knee and Santino starts trying to force him away but the third-generation star has control of the situation and he shifts his weight for a Headlock Takeover, bringing Santino down onto the mat again. Showing he isn’t a total slouch, Santino scissors his legs around his opponent’s head to force Hennig to roll back and release him. Both men spring up and Hennig lunges for Santino again but the Italian dodges it and tries to send Hennig into the corner, but Hennig drops his weight down low and sends Santino into the corner and follows him in. Santino floats over, causing Hennig to run into the turnbuckle… Santino drops down and rolls Hennig back with a Schoolboy roll-up!!
Hennig escapes quickly!

Angered by being caught by something like that, Hennig gets up full of rage and goes for Santino again, but the Italian is already halfway across the ring and gets over to make the tag to Vladimir Kozlov! The Russian comes in to some minimal fanfare and he dares Hennig to come in and lock up with him. Hennig feigns going in and grabs Kozlov’s burly leg but is unable to take down the bigger man and Kozlov grabs him around the waist and slams him over his head onto the mat!! Hennig scrambles into the corner and brings himself back up. Kozlov comes in but eats Hennig’s boot in a good show of speed from the third-generation star. The momentum doesn’t stay in Hennig’s favour as he tries to follow up with a double-axe handle from the second rope but Kozlov drives his head right into Hennig’s chest! It’s a bumpy landing and Kozlov gets straight down into a cover!
Otunga has to come in and break it up!!

The fans aren’t happy with the interference, which doesn’t stop right away as Otunga starts hammering away on Kozlov at AW’s request; “Get him, Dave! I ain’t partin’ wit’ 40 G’s!” The referee threatens the challengers with a disqualification if Otunga doesn’t leave the ring, and it finally at this warning that AW calls his man off. During the commotion, Hennig was able to reach his team’s corner and Otunga is readily available to enter the match legally as soon as he reaches the challenging team’s corner. Otunga sneers at Cone as he passes before driving his boot into Kozlov’s head and then running off of the ropes and dropping an elbow across his chest. He gets up and flexes his muscles, with the rest of All World Promotions (bar Magnus) laughing at the control of the match (without realising they now only have just over six minutes to put it to bed.) Kozlov is starting to make his way back up and Otunga runs off of the ropes again and leaps into him with a Shoulder Tackle, knocking the big man down again, and he rolls out of the ring. Otunga goes out to follow up but Santino drops off of the apron and gets in between Otunga and his partner. Seeing this, AW orders Magnus to go over, and the Brit’s presence alone is enough for Santino to back away.

Otunga smirks and hoists Kozlov off of the floor and drives him into the ring apron, causing the Russian to groan loudly in pain. Otunga does it again, and with the referee’s count reaching six, he now rolls Kozlov back into the ring. Sliding into the ring to follow up, Otunga doesn’t give his opponent one second and drops another elbow on Kozlov, but his time on his back, to target that particular area. Again yanking Kozlov up to his feet, Otunga uses all of his weight and strength to power him into the corner; the force of hitting the turnbuckle being another strong blow to Kozlov’s back. Otunga is quick on the scene again and he turns Kozlov around so he is facing the turnbuckle and he drives three stiff forearms into the small of Kozlov’s back and hoists him up into the air to drop him with a Back Suplex! Cole comments on the improvement in Otunga’s in-ring ability since All World Promotions burst onto the scene a few weeks ago.

The challengers share a knowing nod and Otunga makes his way over to Hennig and brings him back into the match and the two men grab Kozlov and pick him up… only to bring him straight down onto their knees!!! Kozlov’s back contorts horribly and Otunga quickly clears the ring and Hennig hooks the leg, with four minutes to go until AW’s wallet will start to get a little lighter!
Kozlov is just able to power out!

AW slaps his hand against the mat in frustration and he orders Hennig to “Go for the kill!” with Hennig nodding in response. He backs up into the corner as Kozlov uses the ropes to bring himself to his feet and Hennig charges in and hits him with the McGillicutter!!!! His former alias’s finishing move has Kozlov grabbing his neck in pain and sensing he could have it, Hennig closes his eyes as he lays back, hooking the leg!

Kozlov’s foot was on the bottom rope – BECAUSE SANTINO PUT IT THERE!!!

John Cone saw Kozlov’s left boot on the rope, but didn’t see the Italian place it there – the champions aren’t out of this one just yet! Magnus, AW, Diaz and Otunga are livid and Magnus starts marching around the ring to confront Marella. Santino starts pleading his case as the referee has to come out and intervene to cool things off. Hennig slides out of the ring to air his grievances to Cone as well, and now the entirety of All World Promotions are arguing with the referee, whilst Santino cowers behind the official. After around thirty seconds of arguing (bringing the timer down to two-and-a-half minutes left on the clock), Cone orders everyone to back off and Otunga slides into the ring and he is met with a rejuvenated Kozlov! Otunga shakes his head as he tries to take a shot at the Russian but he is caught and KOZLOV POWERS HIM TO THE MAT WITH THE IRON CURTAIN!! The exact move that won The Odd Couple the titles at Night of Champions is suffered by Otunga again and Kozlov gets down and hooks the leg……


Frustrated that the tables have turned on the champions, Kozlov’s booming voice is heard above all of the commotion and he demands that the official gets into the ring. Discussions finally end at ringside and All World Promotions return to their half of ringside and Santino climbs back onto the apron. With Otunga starting to get back to his feet following Kozlov’s finishing move, Santino gets the tag into the match and he reaches into his singlet… and pulls the glove puppet out!! The fans clear as Santino fumbles whilst putting the glove on but gets it on eventually and cranks his arm up and is joined by MSG with a loud cry of “COBRA!”… THE COBRA STRIKES ON DAVID OTUNGA!!! There’s just under a minute left on the clock and the champions could be walking away with their titles intact and twenty thousand dollars each and Santino hooks both legs!!!


The plot thickens and Diaz is arguing with Cone about something and there’s a loud thud heard around the arena – Vladimir Kozlov being flung into the steel steps by Mark Magnus!! Santino is distracted by the sound and he turns around from the ensuing argument on the apron RIGHT INTO THE PERFECTPLEX FROM HENNIG!!!! Hennig, the legal man, had been biding his time outside the ring before sneaking back in and hitting Santino with the Bridging Fisherman Suplex and now that his has happened, Diaz gracefully leaves the apron and Cone turns around to see Hennig holding the bridge in place and realising that he is still the legal man in the match, he gets down to make the count!!



AW's face is a mix of emotions; mainly joy and relief. He was twenty-four seconds away from losing $40,000. Once that emotion has passed, he is all grins again as he makes his way over to the timekeeper's area and snatches the titles and slides into the ring, where the rest of the crew are already waiting. Magnus roughly pulls Otunga up to his feet and Hennig kisses Diaz but catches AW with the titles in the corner of his eye and leads his girlfriend over to them and takes his half of the championships and Otunga is handed his. The quintet all stand in the ring in a line, just like they did on the stage before the match and grin out to the crowd - this is a big win for AW, and he knows it.

Jerry Lawler:
You've got to give credit to Santino an-

Michael Cole:
Shut it, King! He's about to talk!

AW audibly clears his throat and the music fades down as a result, allowing him the capacity to talk without interruption.

What did I tell y'all? WHAT DID I TELL YOU?

The fans boo at the almost aggressive tone. None of the five people in the ring care, though.

Get used to this sight - GOLD around our waists. In fact, whilst y'all are at it, imagine even more gold on top of the tag team titles! We are taking over, an' there ain't nothin' any o' y'all can do about it!

There's a much more intense feel about AW's lecture than the one before the match - the adrenaline is pumping through him.



AW tears his headset off and puts it into his suit pocket before he leads his group out of the ring, demanding Magnus to hold the ropes open for him and Diaz. The feisty manager starts to cool down and he shares a bro-hug with Otunga and slaps Hennig on the back. The fivesome make their way up the ramp after one more look at the sullen Odd Couple. Santino is crying.

Michael Cole:
That, right there, is what you call pure emotion!

Booker T:
Yeah, you can really see how much those titles meant to Santino, dawg.

Michael Cole:
I was talking about AW! What you saw right there was a man who has realised his dream of being a success in the WWE! His dream has came true tonight!

Jerry Lawler:
You heard what he said - this is just the start. He's already got the WWE Tag Team Championships in less than a month and if we see that unit work as cohesively - albeit illegally - as that again, I think his prediction of more championships could become a reality.​

APRIL 1, 2012


Following the short promo clip for Wrestlemania, we cut to the car park and a silver car pulls into an empty bay which is marked 'reserved'. Suddenly, SCOTT STANFORD is seen running into shot towards the car, severely out of breath. The car door opens and a giant mixed reaction can be heard in the arena as one of the men who will be competing in the 'Once in a Lifetime' match at Wrestlemania and a member of Team Triple H in tonight's main event, the WWE Champion JOHN CENA steps out of the driver's door! He has his title in his hand and reaches across the front seats to grab his bag and as soon as he slams the door shut, Stanford is right in his face.

Scott Stanford:
John, how are you doin'? The last we saw of you on Raw on Monday night, you were clearly unhappy about your Wrestlemania opponent, The Rock, being part of Team Triple H, along with yourself tonight - you seemed more concerned for the safety of the WWE Championship. Can I get your thoughts?

Cena seems a little agitated that he's been confronted and he starts to walk away towards the arena as he replies.

John Cena:
I'm here to do a job tonight in that ring, I'm not here to talk. You can wait for The Rock if you want an interview.

With that, Cena is through the large doors into the arena to prepare for his match and Stanford turns towards the camera, looking dismayed and full of questions for the WWE Champion.

Scott Stanford:
I'm sorry folks, it seems that John Cena- Hey! watch out!

Standford is barged out of the way as WADE BARRETT marches straight through his shot!! The cameraman shows no sympathy for Stanford and follows Barrett - with the production truck in clear view! The Englishman is still on the warpath following the incident with the lights earlier on, but as he gets closer to the truck, there's a mob of security guards fronted by the Smackdown General Manager THEODORE LONG, and the worker that Barrett confronted earlier. Spotting the worker, Barrett makes a beeline for him.

Wade Barrett:

Within seconds, the worker darts behind the security, who reach out and grab Barrett!! He's being restrained!

Theodore Long:
Now playa, I think you know I can't let ya in there.

Wade Barrett:
What are you talking about?! Get these idiots off me!

Theodore Long:
I can't have ya jeapardisin' one of tha biggest shows of tha year, Wade. You're leavin! One way or anotha, ya feel me? I'll see ya Friday, playa.

Teddy isn't playing games this close to his Performance Evaluation on Friday - one of his Superstars ruining the show will do him no favours, regardless of the COO. The security now start to pull Barrett out of sight, and the former Nexus leader isn't going quietly!

Wade Barrett:

Those words seem to remove Long's confidence and he closes his eyes and shakes his head, knowing that this could be his last PPV in charge of the blue brand.

Back into the arena now and to the commentary team who are looking excited, but there's an air of intrigue after what we just witnessed.

Michael Cole:
And Wade Barrett is exactly right, folks - Teddy Long will NOT be in a job from this Friday night on Smackdown after his Performance Evaluation!

Booker T:
What da hayell does Wade Barrett know?! Teddy Long ain't goin' nowhere!

Jerry Lawler:
What about what we saw from John Cena? The WWE Champion does not seem to be in the mood for playing around tonight - he means business. That can only mean trouble for Team Johnny.

Michael Cole:
I don't think so, King... Do you really see John Cena and The Rock being able to work on the same team tonight?


A rather negative reaction comes from the fans as the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES walks out onto the stage, his hooded jacket covering his face - sans plastic mask which was banished a few weeks ago on Smackdown as part of the Intercontinental Championship Challenge which concludes tonight. The stipulations of the match is explained by the ring announcer as Rhodes walks down the ramp, his snarl just visible from under the hood.

Michael Cole:
Tonight we're going to see the end of a rivalry that has spanned for months on Smackdown, over the Intercontinental Championship. Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara have taken part in the Intercontinental Championship Challenge over the past few weeks, with Sin Cara winning the first two matches to save his own mask and cause Cody Rhodes to lose his, albeit with some help from Rhodes' estranged buddy, Ted Dibiase...

Booker T:
I aint sayin' I agree wit' DiBiase interferin' in dose matches, but Cody weren't no friend of his. Sin Cara woulda won dose matches anyway, dawg.

Michael Cole:
We'll never know, but Rhodes beat DiBiase in a Street Fight two nights ago on Smackdown to put those demons to rest - he has the chance to do the same with Sin Cara tonight. Remember, the loser of this match cannot challenge for the Intercontinental Championship whilst the winner is the champion. That could leave either one of these men out in the cold for some time on Smackdown.

Rhodes enters the ring and breaths in deeply before he dramatically flips his hood back, initially recoiling due to the exposure of his face but he recovers and snarls as he removes the jacket. He stares into the championship and holds it to his cheek before handing it over to the referee.


The lights dim as the music starts and there's a decent pop for the arrival of the challenger, SIN CARA. The Mexican wears a blue mask and matching jacket, which he removes. With a signature POINT(~!) towards Rhodes in the ring, Cara charges down the ramp and does his usual leap over the top rope to set off his pyro. He adjusts his mask into position and looks at Rhodes, and points at the IC Champion one more time before he climbs up the turnbuckle to appeal to the fans.

Jerry Lawler:
I love it when Sin Cara jumps over the top rope like that - he's amazing!

Booker T:
Hands down one of da most entertainin' Superstars to watch in da ring in da bi'ness today! Dis guy can do thangs I aint ever seen befo'! He can win dis title, TA-NIGHT!

Michael Cole:
I'll give it to Sin Cara that he's by far and away one of the most athletic Superstars we've ever seen in the WWE, but we have seen the shift in Cody Rhodes in the ring since that mask came off - he's been impressive.

Booker T:
Sin Cara has Cody's numba, dawg! You forget who caused dat mask to come off in da first place?

Michael Cole :
Yeah, Sin Cara and Ted DiBiase - and we saw what Cody did to DiBiase on Friday...

Intercontinental Championship:
Cody Rhodes © vs Sin Cara

The bell rings and both men charge straight out of their respective corners – and are going at it straight away!! Rhodes has hold of Sin Cara’s head and starts pounding him with overhand rights with his free hand, whilst Sin Cara can only manage to reply with stiff body shots!! Rhodes drives his knee into Sin Cara’s gut, but at the same time, the Mexican sweeps Rhodes’ supporting leg to take him down onto the mat! Sin Cara now mounts the champion and tries to land punches to Rhodes’ face, but the champion’s block is good and he’s able to turn the tide and roll over. With Sin Cara now on the defensive, Rhodes tries to take advantage but the Mexican pushes him away with his feet. Sin Cara gets back up and is forced into the corner by Rhodes, who drives his shoulder into Cara’s ribs, but Sin Cara hits a double sledge to the top of Rhodes’ back and pushes off of the turnbuckle to get back on top of Rhodes.

Both champion and challenger are now rolling around on the floor on the mat like schoolchildren in a petty scrap, and the action eventually spills underneath the bottom rope and down onto the floor! Both men land with a thud on the floor, which breaks them up. Rhodes is the first one up and he tries to stomp on Cara, but it is evaded by the luchador. Cara tries to land a mean right hand to Rhodes' face but it is again dodged, and Rhodes uses Cara’s momentum against him and sends him straight into the steel ring post!! Cara is spread on the floor and Rhodes picks up to roll him into the ring. Once Cara’s in, Rhodes follows him in and hooks the leg – looking to wrap this one up early!
Cara rolls his shoulder up!

This doesn’t sit well with Rhodes, who proceeds to spring to his feet and start stomping through Sin Cara’s chest and head, before he backs into the ropes and comes back to drop a knee across his face! Rhodes doesn’t hold back after that and just flails his arms into Sin Cara whilst both men are on the mat to cause as much damage as possible. Cara backs up into the corner and Rhodes comes in with more stomps whilst he’s down in the corner, so the referee is forced to intervene and pull Rhodes away due to the rope break. Cody accepts his scolding and brushes back past the official to drive his knee right into Sin Cara’s face!! Rhodes glares out into the crowd and frowns, finally taking a moment to cool himself down following the physical opening to this match.

With a much more methodical demeanour than any other we’ve seen so far in the opening moments of the match, Rhodes slowly brings Sin Cara to his feet and attempts to Irish Whip him across the ring into the opposite corner, but Cara shows some life and turns it around to send Rhodes for the ride, but the champion keeps his grip on Sin Cara’s arm and pulls him in towards him to flatten him with a big Clothesline!! Rhodes dropped to his knees to add in the extra power, and watched on as Sin Cara landed hard on the back of his head. Rhodes lifts him up once more and places his leg in between Cara’s and throws him back for a Russian Leg Sweep! Another impact on the back of his head leaves Sin Cara hurting, and Rhodes tries for another pin attempt!
Two- Sin Cara kicks out!!

The kickout leaves Rhodes with the sour look on his face we have become accustomed to since he lost his own mask a few weeks ago, and he grits his teeth before aggressively bringing Cara back up to his feet and he takes his position behind him – he’s going for the CROSS RHODES – but Sin Cara is able to turn out of it and shove Rhodes into the corner! Rhodes shows that his aggression got the better of him as he tried to prematurely hit his finishing move, which Cara will be well aware of, considering that he has been on the receiving end of it on more than one occasion in the past few months. Cody is shoved into the corner by his challenger, and Cara follows him in – dodging Rhodes’ attempt to catch him in the face with his boots – and elevates the champion onto the top turnbuckle. From his seated position above Cara, Rhodes tries to land a punch, but he is caught off guard by Sin Cara using the ropes to propel himself up and kick Rhodes in the side of the head!

The connection rings around the arena to a cheer from the MSG faithful, and also sends Rhodes into a lull. Sin Cara climbs the turnbuckle and the fans start to cheer again as Cara nods and lifts Rhodes up onto the top rope alongside him. Just as Sin Cara was, Rhodes is aware to what is going on and he delivers an elbow to Sin Cara’s head, which unsteadies him, but Sin Cara is trying to fight back with an elbow of his own… the two men start to wobble whilst they tussle for position – AND THEY BOTH SUFFER A FALL FROM THE TOP ROPE DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!

There’s concern from everyone at the ringside area and the arena is hushed as no one is sure whether that was SUPPOSED to happen. (It was. No botches here.) The referee is out of the ring to check on both men, and whilst replays show that the landings for both men were worse than originally thought. Rhodes landed on his arm and is shaking it and complaining to the official, and Sin Cara appears to have caught the lip of the apron on his way down, and is on the floor trying to recover himself using the apron. The referee, despite Cody’s protests, deems that both men are okay to continue and slides back into the ring. Rhodes follows him into the ring and continues his argument, allowing Cara to recover and enter the ring and sneak up behind Rhodes and kick him in the arm that he just landed on! Outraged, Rhodes turns around and is dropped by a dropkick to the chest from Sin Cara, and the Mexican now goes for his first cover of the match!
Not good enough to win the title!

Sin Cara doesn’t let it bother him, and he takes hold of Rhodes’s arm and brings him up off of the mat and wrings it out. Rhodes winces in pain and tries to roll out of it, but as soon as he does, Cara wrings it again. This time he uses his free arm to punch Rhodes in the elbow joint and transitions into a Hammerlock. Using his position, Sin Cara forces Rhodes into the corner and wrings the arm out once more. Cara climbs the turnbuckle and balances himself on the top rope, but Rhodes is unable to yank him down, so Sin Cara jumps down and takes Rhodes over with an elevated Arm Drag from the top rope! Rhodes rolls around on the floor as the fans cheer the impressive lucha style. With Rhodes taking a moment to get back to his feet, Cara scurries up the turnbuckle once more and bides his time whilst Rhodes eventually stands up and turns around – AND SIN CARA WIPES HIM OUT WITH A DIVING CROSS BODY!! Sin Cara hooks the leg, trying to put Rhodes away once more!
Two- Rhodes kicks out!!

Not wanting to lose momentum and with the fans cheering him on, Sin Cara keeps the pace going as he’s right back up to his feet and running against the ropes – landing an impressive Flip Senton across Rhodes’ chest! Rhodes sits up and appears slightly winded from the impact, but Cara is up again and runs against the ropes once more and comes back to crack Rhodes with a low dropkick – right in the mouth!! The champion screams in agony and perhaps fury that his face was struck, and is much quicker in getting to his feet this time. Sin Cara waits for Rhodes to make his way back up before heading to rebound off of the ropes once more – but Rhodes grabs the top of his mask and uses it to yank him back down onto the mat!!

It’s a cheap tactic which buys Cody some time and ends Sin Cara’s momentum instantly, and he tries to smirk past his anger before gritting his teeth and laying a big stomp across Sin Cara’s chest. Rhodes picks his challenger off of the mat and places his hand around Sin Cara’s neck and goes to throw him over the top rope, but Sin Cara lands on the apron! Rhodes, unaware of this, barks for the referee to start counting him out, but he turns around – right into a shoulder to the gut through the ropes from Sin Cara! The fans cheer as Cody groans and Cara stands back up on the apron and slingshots himself over the ropes and grabs Rhodes around the waist and he tries for a Sunset Flip and tries to roll Rhodes back into a pinning position but both men roll until they are at a full 360 and Rhodes back on his feet, allowing him to get a proper grip and fling Sin Cara forward into the ALABAMA SLAM!!!! There are even some cheers from the fans as Rhodes showed great awareness to hit the biggest move of the match so far and he is quickly down to try and wrap it up with that one!
Sin Cara kicks out!!

Rhodes has his head in his hands following yet another kick out before once again letting off his frustrations against the referee. This wastes valuable seconds, ending in Rhodes telling the official “You disgust me.” The champion turns towards the turnbuckle and starts to climb up it, facing away from the ring. Rhodes reaches the top rope and the fans start to cheer in anticipation for Rhodes to fly with a MOONSAULT – BUT THERE’S NO ONE HOME!!!!

The bickering with the referee costs Rhodes big time as Sin Cara rolled in towards the corner, leaving Rhodes to land flat on his chest! The champion is clearly hurt and Sin Cara is aware of this, so he tries to pull himself up onto the turnbuckle from which Rhodes just crashed and burnt from. Cody is now flat on his back, looking up at the lights and holding his chest as he tries to catch his breath. There’s an even louder noise emitting from the crowd as the face Sin Cara is now scaling the turnbuckle after going through the ropes onto the outside. Sin Cara is able to balance himself on the top rope before he POINTS(~!) at Rhodes again and he leaps from the top with a DIVING FLIP SENTON…. BUT THIS TIME IT IS RHODES WHO AVOIDS THE IMPACT!!!

Sin Cara hits the mat this time, hard on his back. Cole puts over how well these two know each other now after months of battling over the Intercontinental Championship. Rhodes is not as quick at getting back up as Sin Cara was after the Moonsault miss, but soon enough both men are on their way back up to a vertical base. Both men look at each other as they are getting up, and Rhodes makes the first strike with a right hand to the face, and Sin Cara replies with a kick to the side of Rhodes’ leg, which staggers the champion. Sin Cara then runs off of the ropes and comes back to Rhodes and climbs up onto his back and hooks both of his arms to get him trapped in a Crucifix pin!
Rhodes powers out!!

At once, both men are back up, with the speed of the contest increasing once again. Sin Cara is looking for the ropes again, but Rhodes smartly trips him to boos from the crowd and charges to the ropes himself and leaps from the second rope and looks for the DISASTER KICK!!!! SIN CARA DUCKS IT!! Rhodes lands and tries to steady himself and the speedy Mexican is able to get his rebound from the ropes and he latches onto the champion’s body and rotates himself around and catches Rhodes with a headscissors and brings him down but as he does he grabs the arm Rhodes injured and drives it into the mat and then yanks it back into a Fujiwara Armbar to complete LA MISTICA!!! The commentators note that this move won Sin Cara many moves back in Mexico as Rhodes yells in agony and Sin Cara pulls back even harder to try and finally end this rivalry. Rhodes shakes his head vehemently as the official asks him if he gives up.

The fans are willing Sin Cara on as Rhodes holds his free arm up in the air as if he is thinking about tapping out to La Mistica but he grits his teeth and tries to drag himself and Sin Cara towards the ropes and appears to be doing so with some success, that is until Sin Cara quickly transitions the hold into a Crippler Crossface, with Rhodes’ arm in between his legs. Cody’s eyes flare up at the thought of Sin Cara’s hands across his face and he desperately tries to reach the ropes but there is no moving with the Mexican on his back. The hand is raised into the air once more as Rhodes contemplates tapping out once more, but instead of that he tries to loosen Sin Cara’s grip on his face, but he can’t break it. Seeking no other alternative… Rhodes BITES SIN CARA’S FINGER!! (Not off, obviously.) That breaks the hold instantly and Sin Cara rolls on the floor holding his finger, and there are smears of blood on the mat around Sin Cara and an especially gruesome image of Rhodes with blood around his mouth is shown to the disgust of the fans.

Cody gingerly brings himself to his feet as Sin Cara is still shaking his hand out and holding it to his stomach to try and alleviate the pain. Rhodes takes a deep breath and jogs past Sin Cara and onto the middle rope and he catapults off of it and SCORES WITH THE DISASTER KICK!!! Both men are down after the impact and Rhodes holds his arm to his side, the damage done to it by Sin Cara taking its toll. With the challenger landing on his front, it takes an extra effort for Rhodes to get Cara into a viable pinning position, but once he uses his good arm to roll Sin Cara over, Rhodes lays his arm across Sin Cara’s chest for the referee to count!

As we have seen recently, Rhodes reacts very negatively to his opponent kicking out and he pounds his hand against the mat and blames the referee again. Once he has said his piece to the ref, Rhodes turns back to Sin Cara and starts stomping through Sin Cara’s chest again and getting right down on top of him to plough some heavy right hands to the face. Rhodes has to almost be pulled away, but not before he stomps right across Sin Cara’s fingers!! That draws more jeers from the crowd and Rhodes looks disgustedly at his opponent before making his way towards the turnbuckle once again and he climbs up onto the second rope, but suddenly Sin Cara springs into action and uses the ropes to pull himself up and kick Rhodes in the side of the head!!! Sin Cara drops to the mat and staggers as he tries to land on his feet, and Rhodes slumps back on top of the turnbuckle. Sin Cara mounts the turnbuckle and stands on the top rope, using Rhodes for support and then pulling the champion up onto the top rope with him.

The fans let out a big cheer as Rhodes is in no condition to even try and counter the move this time, and once Sin Cara steadies himself he leaps backwards, taking Rhodes with him to HIT THE MOONSAULT SIDE SLAM!!!!

Everyone is on their feet as Sin Cara is now just three seconds from winning his first championship in the WWE, but he isn’t able to capitalise due to the impact he suffered from hitting his finishing move on top of everything else Rhodes has put him through in the match so far. Both men are spread-eagled in the middle of the ring and Madison Square Garden are in full voice, willing Sin Cara to make the few movements and finally see this feud ended. After a few seconds, Sin Cara puts his head up and realises where he is in relation to Rhodes and starts the massive effort to drag his body around and he is able to lay his arm across Rhodes’ chest, the fans bellow along with the referee’s count…


There’s a cheer from the fans as most expected it to be over right there and then, but then there are gasps of disbelief as the realisation that Rhodes was able to survive following that. Sin Cara has his face buried to the mat as he appears to just be thinking what he could possibly do to put Rhodes away after his biggest move was unable to do the job. Rhodes almost can’t believe it himself and he looks around like a deer in the headlights around the arena, the most human and vulnerable he has looked in months. The champion starts to bring himself back up to his feet but Sin Cara beats him to it and grabs onto his arm and pulls him up and tries to Irish Whip him into the corner, but Rhodes stands strong and yanks Sin Cara back – and delivers a HEADBUTT to Sin Cara, which knocks the Mexican back onto the mat.

Rhodes doesn’t look to follow up from the brutal move, instead he closes up, putting his hand to his face. He checks his hand for blood and there is some on his hand, but the shot reveals that there is no blood on Rhodes’ face… the champion clearly not making the connection that the blood is actually from Sin Cara’s hand. Rhodes gasps in horror, proving that he isn’t over the loss of his protective mask and his eyes bulge out and he grabs Sin Cara off of the mat and NAILS HIM WITH THE CROSS RHODES!!! Rhodes shoves Sin Cara on his back and hooks the leg with a cold look on his face, the fans are quieter this time as the official is down to make the count



Sin Cara can no longer challenge for the Intercontinental Championship whilst Cody Rhodes holds the title


The fans pop in appreciation for the contest that they just witnessed as Rhodes is handed his championship from the official, but he snatches it and leaves the ring before his arm can be raised. Rhodes continually stares at the blood on his hand and keeps trying to check his face. Suddenly, he focuses on the Intercontinental Title and stares at his face in it... noticing that there is no blood. Rhodes looks back at his hand and then to the ring where Sin Cara is being attended to and his fingers being bandaged and the blood cleared up from them. Upon seeing what actually transpired, Rhodes starts to laugh!! He grins at his reflection in the title before chuckling some more and making his way up the ramp.

Michael Cole:
We've seen many great matches for the Intercontinental Championship in WWE history, but what we just saw was one of the best I can remember in recent years.

Jerry Lawler:
You have to give full credit to Sin Cara and as much as I don't like to, Cody Rhodes, as both of these young men put on a great match.

Michael Cole:
It appears that Cody Rhodes got the win tonight by almost tricking himself into a frenzy! We know he has these image issues and the thought of his face bleeding caused him to go out of control and find what he needed to end this match with the Cross Rhodes. Now that he knows that the blood wasn't his... he's happy. Could Cody Rhodes be over his problems?

Booker T:
I don't know, Cole, he could be, dawg. He's definitely over Sin Cara though... I feel sorry for ma boy. Seconds away from becomin' a champion.

Michael Cole:
Sin Cara will have to take some time to rethink what his plans are on Smackdown now as he is frozen out of the Intercontinental Championship picture. He could decide to form a tag team or even challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship? John Morrison is the man who will be challenging Mark Henry, which we will see later on tonight.​

We head backstage from the arena and there's heat from the fans as we can see an EXTREMELY smug-looking CHRISTIAN walking down a hallway, flanked either side by TYSON KIDD and the returning TOMKO. His face suddenly drops through as he hears a familiar voice, and a very flustered TEDDY LONG appears in the screen.

Theodore Long:
CHRISTIAN! I have been looking for you, playa! Y'all got some serious questions ta answer.

What, Teddy? What did I do?

Theodore Long:
Don't you dare play tha fool wi'me, Christian. You low blowed Daniel Bryan, an' you know it!

Christian opens his mouth out wide and puts his hand over it in "shock". He even pretends to wipe a tear away from his face.

I... I can't believe that even you would accuse me of doing such a thing! I am the Sole Survivor at Survivor Series. You.. you should be REWARDING me.

Theodore Long:
You'll get a reward, playa. I've had enough of you-

Is something the problem here?

Everyone turns around and there's loud jeering from the fans as the Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS arrives on the scene! Long looks dismayed as his counterpart, but Christian, who Laurinaitis has previously build rapport with on his recent visit to Smackdown, eagerly holds his hand out and the Raw GM accepts the handshake.

John Laurinaitis:
Christian, congratulations on your hard-fought win out there tonight. Being a Sole Survivor is a big accomplishment and it won't go unnoticed when I become responsible for both Raw and Smackdown when my team defeats Triple H's team tonight.

Thanks, Mr Laurinaitis, I very much look forward to working with you. I'll get out of your way and allow Teddy and yourself to discuss Smackdown's future.

John Laurinaitis:
Thank you, Christian, it was great to see you.

With a beaming smile following another successful ass-kissing mission, Christian leads his troupe away from the two General Managers and continues down the hallway. Once they've left, Laurinaitis takes a step closer to Long.

John Laurinaitis:
Teddy, I'd just like to remind you that your Performance Evaluation will be taking place this Friday on Smackdown, regardless of who the COO is after tonight.

Theodore Long:
I'm aware, John.

John Laurinaitis:
That's good, because there's something you need to know. When I become COO, I'm not going to apply the same soft touch Triple H has with you. Let me put it this way... if I'm not confident that you're the right man for the job and if I'm not impressed with what I see on Friday... I will fire you.

Laurinaitis almost spits the lasts words out and Long's face drops. Noticing now that people are around and could be watching, Laurinaitis suddenly beams out and nods his head in someone's direction and pats Teddy on the shoulder.

John Laurinaitis:
Great talk, Teddy! I'll see ya around!

Laurinaitis leaves the scene after that and the camera focuses on Long looking concerned and like a man who is on the verge of desperation...

The camera shifts to the interview area and a very excited MATT STRIKER is standing by with a microphone.

Matt Striker:
Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to my guest at this time... Mister C...M...Punk.

A ROAR from the fans as CM PUNK walks into the shot!! He has a smile on his face and wears a hoodie over a bare chest.

Matt Striker:
Punk, your Last Man Standing match with Kevin Nash is up next and tonight is your first real chance to get your hands on the man who has plagued you for months. How do you feel ahead of a match of this magnitude?

CM Punk:
Tonight I finally get the chance to take that old horse round the back of the barn and put a bullet in the back of its head. But of course when I say "bullet", I mean a steel chair.

Cheers, Striker smirks.

CM Punk:
That giant freak has been on my radar for months. He screwed me out of the WWE Championship THREE times! Because of those actions we had to endure an Alberto Del Rio reign, which was certainly not "great" and now the man I BEAT at Summerslam, John Cena!

A mixed reaction for the mention of the current WWE Champion.

CM Punk:
Nash said he came back to stop me from hurting the WWE, but because of his actions, the WWE Championship has not been around the waist of the best wrestler in the world.

Punk is all serious tonight.

CM Punk:
After tonight that is gonna change. I'm not lookin' to beat Kevin Nash tonight, I'm going to end him. That's right, say your goodbyes to "Big Sexy"! He's not going to even want to go near a ring again when I'm finished with him tonight!

Punk waves at the camera and mouths "See ya!"

CM Punk:
And I don't care who wins the control of the company tonight, because either way I'm comin' for the Laurinaitis Administration next. Truth, Miz, even that fat piece of crap Brodus Clay... I'm takin' them all OUT. I'll lay John Laurinaitis out myself just to get his stupid face out of my life. Anyone else that even DARES to get in my way will be brushed aside never to be seen again until it is just me... and John Cena. Try and duck me then, Cena! Look past me and straight to Wrestlemania for your match with Dwayne. If I have ANYTHING to with it, that "Dream Match" being for the WWE Championship AIN'T HAPPENING!!

The fans cheer as Punk becomes more and more fired up.

CM Punk:
So you ask me how I feel, Matt? I feel ready. I feel ready to take the first step to the top tonight. I feel ready to KICK ASS!!

Punk grabs the camera lens and pulls it right up close to his face.

CM Punk:

He throws the camera down onto the floor and there are audible groans from the unseen production crew. Striker bends down into the shot.

Matt Striker:
Back to you, guys.


Back into the arena and the fans are on their feet to mark out to the old nWo theme but they quickly voice their disdain towards “Big Sexy” KEVIN NASH. Nash is dressed in all-black garb and moves slowly down towards the ring, he holds his hand up in the Kliq pose as Justin Roberts announces the fact that this is going to be a Last Man Standing Match to the cheers of the crowd.

Michael Cole:
We all just heard CM Punk and what he intends to do to Kevin Nash tonight, but we have gotta remember that Kevin Nash isn’t going to just let him – he might not be in the prime of his career any more but this man is as tough as they come.

Booker T:
We go back a long way, me an’ Big Kev, but I really wish he didn’t accept this match, dawg. I can’t say I agree wit’ what he’s been doin’ of late but I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew against CM Punk.

Jerry Lawler:
And remember, this is going to be one-on-one! Nash has always had the element of surprise or the numbers game with the Laurinaitis Administration – that won’t be the case tonight! They’re all in the back getting ready for the main event!

Nash climbs onto the apron and steps over the top rope before powerfully raising his arm in the air. Making some final adjustments to his elbow pad, he and everyone else turns their attention to the stage in anticipation for the arrival of Nash’s opponent…


Madison Square Garden ROARS at the sound of Living Colour, and after a few seconds CM PUNK APPEARS ON THE STAGE!!! Taking a moment to grin at the reception, Punk then checks the imaginary watch on his hand and is joined by the whole arena for the scream of “IT’S CLOBBERRRRINNNNNN TIIIIIIIIIMMME!!!” Appearing not to want to waste any time, PUNK SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP AND SLIDES INTO THE RING-



Last Man Standing Match
Kevin Nash vs CM Punk

The crowd are cheering and willing Punk on as he lands bow after blow on Nash’s head and he pummels him relentlessly into the corner. When there, Punk smashes Nash with several more hard right hands, left hands, forearms, headbutts and almost anything else he can think of. Nash tries to shake him off, but Punk doesn’t allow it and continues his assault on the big man. Resorting now to kicking the famously-weak knees of Nash, Punk allows his opponent an opening and Nash takes it and elbows Punk in the side of the head, staggering him back a few paces. Punk is right back at him though, this time not giving Nash an inch and mounting the bottom rope for extra alleviation and drilling Nash with hard right hands to the top of his head. Nash shoves Punk back down to the mat and grabs him and shoves him against the turnbuckle and drives into him with one of his famous elbows and Punk slumps down slightly. Nash follows it up with a high knee to the gut and another elbow before he takes a step back and dives in with an elbow – but Punk moves and Nash clatters into the top turnbuckle.

Nash grimaces and Punk takes a couple of steps back before running into the corner and delivering his signature high knee to the face!!! The fans cheer at Punk going for his big moves within the opening moments of the match but when Punk tries to follow up with the Bulldog from the corner, Nash shoves him away and across the ring. Punk turns around and comes back at Nash but he is met with a Big Boot right to the face from the seven-footer!! This kills the crowd and Punk’s opening momentum totally and Nash grabs Punk by the arm and pulls him up, only to knock him back down with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Nash backs up against the ropes and tries to drop an elbow across Punk’s chest, but the ‘Rightful WWE Champion’ rolls out of the way and Nash meets nothing but canvas to the cheers of the crowd. Punk rolls back towards Nash and gets on his knees to deliver strong, close-fisted right hands to his adversary’s face until Nash piefaces him and forces him away.

Punk uses the prolonged period of time it takes Nash to get up as a chance to get straight back on him and kick him in the ribs and drill him with several more right hands and forearms but Nash punches him once again in the gut to create space. Nash uses the ropes to get onto one knee and Punk runs at him from the other side of the ring and dropkicks him in the side to knock him back down on the mat and Punk rebounds off of the ropes again for a Baseball slide that sends Nash dropping to the floor, but he is able to stay on his feet. He uses the moment he gets to check his ribs from the dropkicks but as soon as he turns around he is met with a SUICIDE DIVE FROM CM PUNK!!!

The impact knocks Nash off of his feet and slamming back first into the barrier, left in a seated position. Punk takes a couple of seconds to get up as well, selling the effect that the move had on him. Punk curses at Nash as he stomps him into the barricade, and drives his shin across Nash’s throat. With Nash down and hurting, Punk holds his arms out to a big pop from the fans and now Punk tries to slowly lug the mass of Nash off of the ground and once Nash is on a knee, Punk grabs him by the neck and tries to pull him towards the steel steps, but Nash shoves Punk back – and straight into the steel steps!! Punk holds the back of his head after the impact and Nash takes a second to breathe before he follow up by grabbing Punk and nonchalantly flinging him into the barricade! Nash quips to everyone and mainly Punk “You thought this would be easy, didn’t you?! I’ve been round the block more times than you can count, boy!”

Nash now scoops Punk up from the ground and puts him up across his shoulder and walks him over to the Spanish announce table – and drops him so Punk’s face lands right across the table!! The top cover comes off and the two Spaniards immediately flee from the vicinity. Punk stumbles back up to his feet and Nash picks up the table cover and charges at him and uses it as a battering ram to knock Punk down on the floor! Punk’s head slams on the ground again with a loud slap and Nash now goes to work pulling the monitors from the table and discarding them from the area. He reaches into the hole and pulls out a long wire which he brings over to the downed Punk and he wraps it around his neck!!! We’re not even five minutes into this match and Nash is already trying to choke Punk out with the monitor cable! Punk splutters and gasps as Nash doesn’t hold back, screaming “WHO’LL BE EATING THROUGH A STRAW NOW?”

Despite knowing that this could incapacitate Punk and win him the match, Nash relents and drops Punk back to the floor, mumbling to himself “Too easy.” He now picks Punk up and drags him over towards the announce table and places his head in between his legs. Cole and King state that we know this all too well, and Nash lifts Punk up and is going for a JACKKNIFE THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE – BUT PUNK IS FIGHTING BACK!! With rapid punches to Nash’s head, Punk is able to delay the Release Powerbomb and he unhooks his legs from Nash’s shoulders and stands above Nash on the table and kicks him in the head to knock him back which enrages Big Sexy but Punk reaches down and grabs on of the Spaniards’ water and throws it in Nash’s face! With Nash distracted, Punk leaps from the table and Lou Thesz Presses him down onto the floor and rocks him with some more forearms. Punk gets up from the floor and Nash does (just not as fast), giving time for Punk to reach under the ring… and he pulls out a SINGAPORE CANE!!!

There’s a big pop from the fans as Punk stalks Nash as he gets up… and cracks the cane across his back!! That brings a big pop from the fans and Punk shrugs and starts FUCKING UNLOADING WITH THE CANE ALL OVER NASH’S BODY!!! Nowhere is spared from the assault and Nash screams with each shot and manages to shuffle up into the ring, clearly hurting from the stiff strikes with the weapon. Punk drops the cane on the floor and leaves it outside the ring as he climbs up onto the apron and waits for Nash to get up. “GET UP YOU OLD BASTARD!” is Punk’s demand and Nash slowly brings himself up to his feet and Punk propels himself onto the top rope and flies at Nash with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!!! Nash is down and Punk rolls through to a cheer from the fans and Punk now barks at the official to being counting Nash out!








Punk interrupts the count and stomps on Nash’s chest before leaving the ring and heading over to the timekeeper’s area and ordering the runners to move out of the way and he grabs two STEEL CHAIRS to another raucous cheer and throws each of them into the ring! Punk smirks and gets into the ring and goes to pick a chair up but Nash is up and he runs through Punk with a big Clothesline!! Nash winces as he connects and he is then able to successfully connect with the elbow drop that he attempted earlier on in the match. Nash pulls Punk up and Irish Whips him against the ropes and scoops him up on his return and powers him into the mat with a SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Punk’s back arches as he hits the canvas and Nash brings himself up and grabs one of the steel chairs, but instead of using it to attack Punk, he wedges it in between the top and middle turnbuckles for later use. Nash now picks up the other chair and advances towards Punk with it in-hand. Nash puts his foot on Punk’s chest and straightens the chair out and he drives the edge of the chair down but Punk is able to squirm free before he chair is driven across his throat!

The fans pop as Punk is back up to his feet and Nash swings at him with the chair, but Punk ducks it and is able to kick Nash in the back of the head!! The impact causes Nash to drop the chair and stumble back towards the turnbuckle and he holds his head as he leans against the corner. Punk takes a second to get back up and charges at Nash, but runs right into a raised knee to the gut!! This causes Punk to keel over holding his stomach and Nash grabs him by the trunks and neck and sends him HEADFIRST INTO THE STEEL CHAIR LODGED IN THE CORNER!!! The fans gasp at the sound of the crunch against the chair and Nash doesn&#1 46;t waste any time in grabbing Punk from the wreckage and lifting him up onto his shoulders and dropping him down to the ground with a JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB!!! Boos ring out the arena for the move that has cost Punk the WWE Championship on several occasions, and Nash lulls against the ropes and demands for the referee to start counting!







Punk is still flat out on his back and it becomes clear that he has started to bleed from when he was driven into the chair; the crowd starts a loud “C-M-PUNK” chant.




Finally starting to stir, Punk brings his head up and looks around and starts to bring his shoulders up off of the mat.


Punk rolls onto his front and brings himself onto a knee…


…And then up onto his feet! He’s safe!

A cheer of relief fills MSG but Nash kills it off quickly by ramming another stiff knee into Punk’s ribs as soon as he is up, and this one causes ‘The Straight Edge Saint’ to fall down to ringside! Punk lands in a heap on the hard floor but uses the ring apron to start to pull himself up. Nash groans and reaches down through the ropes but he doesn’t realise that Punk has retrieved the Singapore cane he used earlier and he SMASHES THE CANE OVER THE TOP OF NASH’S HEAD!!! Nash staggers back and falls into a corner, using the turnbuckle to keep himself on his feet in fear of going down and being counted out. Punk throws the splintered cane down again and rolls into the ring and places himself in the turnbuckle opposite the one Nash is positioned in and charges across the ring to deliver the Running High Knee in the corner and this time he is able to follow it up with the BULLDOG!!

Nash flops onto his back following the move and Punk, high off of the adrenaline boost, quickly gets up and climbs onto the top rope! The fans cheer as Punk steadies himself and pays homage to ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage by raising his arms into the air before he takes flight and lands a PERFECT MACHO MAN ELBOW DROP TO NASH’S CHEST!!! Punk takes a couple of seconds to get back up to his feet and once he does he looks down at Nash with disgust and motions for him to get back to his feet and the big man starts to stir back up onto one knee. Punk clasps his hands against his face and signals for the GTS!! The commentators doubt whether Punk could get Nash up, but he tries… and Punk has Nash up on his shoulders! Punk screams out and then DELIVERS THE GO TO SLEEP ON KEVIN NASH TO A HUGE POP!!! Punk drops to the mat from the exhaustion and Nash slumps to the ground and rolls underneath the bottom rope and lands on the floor! With both men down… the referee begins to count!!









Nash is motionless on the outside and Punk grabs onto the bottom rope and begins to pull himself up!




The fans cheer loudly once Punk has heaved himself up using the ropes and the referee declares that he is back to his feet and now the attention turns to Nash, who is only just starting to come back to.



Nash reaches up and gets a hold of the ring skirting and yanks on it to begin pulling himself back to his feet.



He grits his teeth and pulls himself up onto his knees!




With his hands now on the bottom rope, Nash desperately pulls…



The instant that Nash is up on his feet he has to have his guard up because a refreshed CM Punk is straight out of the ring and in Nash’s face to deliver punches, kicks, chops, backhands, elbows, forearms and even headbutts to try and wear Nash down again. Punk, bloodied face and all, doesn’t hold back, and this time when he grabs Nash by the head and sends him towards the steps, there’s no resistance this time and Nash’s head bounces off of the steel steps! Punk immediately grabs him and sends him back towards the announce tables and Nash is slumped against the previously uncovered one as Punk walks over to the timekeeper and demands a chair, which is provided to him. He stares at the chair and then at Nash with a smirk on his face and he waits for Nash to get up and turn around and when he does PUNK HITS NASH IN THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!! Nash slumps back down against the table and Punk lines it up again and connects with a SECOND CHAIR SHOT!! THIS TIME NASH IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!!

Nash falls onto the table and the majority of his face is covered in his own blood from the sick chairshots and Punk drops the chair on the floor and looks him straight in the eyes, and smiles. Punk chuckles to himself at the sight of Nash incapacitated on the announce table and he turns around and picks the chair back up and heads towards the ring. He climbs on the apron and then onto the top rope, still in possession of the steel chair. The fans cheer at Punk looking over Nash and he takes a deep breath and holds the chair under his arm and PUNK DIVES FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE OUTSIDE ONTO NASH AND DRIVES THE CHAIR INTO NASH AND BOTH MEN CRASH THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!

“HOLY SHIT” chants ring around the arena and neither man has moved a muscle and surrounded and covered by wreckage from the table. The ref gets straight on the scene and with no other choice but to begin to count both men out!











There is some movement in debris of the table…





The steel chair is thrust up from the ground and CM PUNK EMERGES FROM THE WRECKAGE!! Punk raises his arms in the air and Nash still hasn’t moved an inch since being put through the table.









The fans cheer and instead of celebrating, Punk looks down at Nash with a smirk and looks on as the medic team rushes down to ringside to tend to Kevin Nash. Punk has his arm raised by the referee and checks his head for the blood and smiles to himself, knowing that "the Kevin Nash problem" is finally not a problem any more.

Michael Cole:
That was probably one of the most violent matches in recent memory here in the WWE - CM Punk and Kevin Nash did not hold back and I think CM Punk might have lived up to his promise...

Jerry Lawler:
I think so, too. Kevin Nash has not moved since being put through that table.

Michael Cole:
It makes me sad that Punk felt like he had to go to these extremes, he could have ruined this man's livelihood.

Booker T:
Nash knew what he was gettin' in to, Cole.

As replays of the big moments in the match are broadcast to the fans at home and on the 'Tron, Punk observes the medics now loading Nash onto a stretcher. There isn't any of the usual fanfare when Nash is carted out, just the crowd cheering at Punk's antics as he sarcastically waves Nash out of the arena and out of the WWE.

A monitor backstage shows CM Punk in the arena playing to the crowd following Nash's departure and we can see that it is being watched by JOHN LAURINAITIS, and we hear the commentators talk over the shot.

Michael Cole:
John Laurinaitis knows that tonight when he becomes the WWE COO, he is going to have to deal with the threat that is CM Punk - he has just showed what he is willing to do-

Jerry Lawler:
Cole, I wouldn't count your chickens just yet because are you getting this? Quick, get a camera in the parking lot!

The cameraman in the parking lot is running around and the shot is shaky until we reach a car that has just pulled in to a vacant space. Once the engine has been turned off, the driver's door opens and THE ROCK STEPS OUT OF THE CAR!!

Michael Cole:
Ladies and gentlemen, The Rock is here!

The fans in the arena go wild as Rock picks his bag up from the back seat and starts making his way towards the arena, wearng shades and an 'I BRING IT' vest, looking business and he pushes through the door into the backstage area. Back into the arena, and the fans are still cheering loudly for The Rock's arrival.


A mixed reaction from the fans greets the entrance of 'The World's Strongest Man', the World Heavyweight Champion, MARK HENRY. The camera shows a shot from over his gigantic shoulder with the title draped over it. Henry scowls as he walks down to the ring and rests a hand on his title, trying not to let any of the fans at ringside get a touch of it.

Michael Cole:
The Rock may be here, but we still have not one, but two championship matches to come before the match that will decide all of our collective futures in the WWE. Up first, this man, 'The World's Strongest Champion' is going to defend his title against John Morrison!

Booker T:
Mark Henry has been impressive since he won dat title at Night o' Champions!

Michael Cole:
He's defended that title against the former champion Randy Orton, Sheamus in a Hell in a Cell match and then again on the Raw Supershow in a Fatal 4 Way Match including the man who he is defending his title against tonight, John Morrison.

Booker T:
John Morrison was seconds away from becomin' the World Heavyweight Champion dat night!

Michael Cole:
But tonight he has to face this man, who has been unstoppable for months, one-on-one.

Henry enters the ring and lifts the championship from his shoulder and lifts it up into the air to another mixed reaction, but mainly verging on cheers. The Three Six Mafia track fades from the background and the fans turn back to the stage.


There's a good cheer from the fans as JOHN MORRISON walks out onto the stage dressed in a white fur coat and shades and he walks onto the ramp in slow motion and smiles out to the crowd.

Michael Cole:
I still don't think John Morrison has a leg to stand on when he said he was about to become the champion - we don't know if Wade Barrett was going to kick out, and I think he was going to!

Booker T:
We saw it, Cole! He wasn't gonna!

Jerry Lawler:
I was there, Cole, if Henry had't have pinned Randy Orton, John Morrison would have won.

Michael Cole:
Shut up, Jerry! Your opinion on Smackdown matches are irrelevant! John Morrison is on his way into the Hall of Pain tonight!

Morrison hands out his shades to a young child in the front row at ringside before he turns his attention to Henry in the ring and removes his jacket before sliding in under the bottom rope. Henry tries to walk up to him when he enters the ring but the referee blocks his path so Morrison can mount the turnbuckle and pose for the fans. He jumps back down and Henry is standing in the centre of the ring and stares him down. Morrison doesn't flinch but the staredown is broken up by Charles Robinson who then takes the title from Henry and raises it up into the air with both men gazing at it from their respective corners.

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry © vs John Morrison

The bell rings and both men march towards the centre of the ring and Henry immediately swings for Morrison with a clothesline, but Morrison ducks it and waits for Henry to turn around and he starts to fire away with clubbing blows to Henry’s head and chest! The speed of Morrison’s strikes means that he can get a couple of shots in before he is beaten away by Henry into the corner, but Morrison comes straight back out and starts striking away at Henry again! Morrison ducks an attempted elbow from Henry and the champion appears to already be getting frustrated with the constant flurry of strikes. He reaches out and grabs Morrison with both hands around the neck and attempts to throw him away from him, but Morrison is able to twist in mid-air and land on his feet in impressive fashion! Henry marches over to Morrison, who meets him with a kick to the gut and now JoMo backs against the ropes and tries to charge at Henry with a Shoulder Block, but Henry doesn’t budge. Encouraged by the fans, Morrison runs against the ropes to come back and try again but this time Henry stands firm and knocks Morrison down with a Shoulder Block of his own!

Henry picks Morrison up from the floor and flings him into the corner, and meets him before he can get away. With his opponent trapped between the turnbuckle and himself, Henry starts to strike Morrison with alternating right and left punches to Morrison’s midsection in an attempt to wind and wear down the challenger. Henry grabs Morrison by the neck again and launches him towards the middle of the ring and this time Morrison lands hard on his back. Henry lifts him up again from the mat and kicks him in the gut and tries to scoop him up onto his shoulder, but Morrison slides off of his back and waits for Henry to turn around and when he does Morrison swings with a haymaker and connects with Henry’s jaw!! The champion is rocked by that one strike alone and he staggers back a couple of paces. Morrison appears to be slightly stunned himself that he rocked Henry with that hit and doesn’t take advantage and only watches as Henry’s body fills with anger.

The champion shakes his head at the challenger and grabs him by the head and connects with a strong headbutt which immediately floors Morrison. With both hands around JoMo’s neck, Henry pulls him up to his feet and props him up and tries to knock him down with a clothesline, but Morrison ducks again and runs against the ropes and dropkicks Henry in the knee! This drops the champion down onto that knee and Morrison runs off of the ropes again and connects with a dropkick to Henry’s chest!! This knocks Henry back onto his backside and Morrison is again coming off of the ropes and he aims for Henry’s head with that strong running knee strike, but Henry is able to catch Morrison’s leg and block the move completely! With Morrison’s leg in hand, Henry gets back to his feet but before he can do anything, Morrison nails him with an Enziguiri with his free leg!! This does not down Henry and instead knocks him into the ropes. Morrison comes in fast but is elevated over the top rope, only to land on the ring apron and balance expertly.

Henry turns around and tries to grab his challenger, but Morrison quickly ducks and shoulders Henry in the gut, knocking him back a couple of paces. Morrison now slides under the bottom rope and through Henry’s legs on the mat, before quickly pouncing back up to his feet behind the champion. Before Henry can even turn around, Morrison drills him with a stiff kick to the side of the leg, and follows up with several more. The fans cheer once they can see the kicks are starting to make their mark and Henry stumbles into the corner. Morrison continues to lay into Henry’s massive legs with the kicks, that is until Henry puts his hand in Morrison’s face and shoves him away. Morrison rolls back up onto his feet and Henry is standing on one leg in the corner. Quickly shaking the cobwebs, Morrison charges back at Henry and again dodges the big paw and slides onto the mat and under the bottom rope to the outside, grabbing Henry’s standing ankle as he does and this causes Henry to fall onto the mat, flat on his face!!

The fans cheer for that one and the commentators play up Morrison’s parkour style whilst JoMo climbs quickly back up onto the apron and he grabs hold of the top rope and slingshots himself over and hits a Leg Drop to the back of Henry’s head, crushing his face against the mat!! Morrison uses all his might and strength to roll Henry onto his back, but this take some time before Morrison is actually able to get Henry onto his shoulders for the pin.




Henry elevates Morrison at least four feet into the air as he powers out!!

Morrison lands on his front and holds his stomach after the impact as Henry grabs hold of the ropes and uses them to pull himself up. Morrison though is up quickly again and he exits to the apron and runs to the corner where Henry is and climbs up it. Morrison grabs Henry by the head and kicks off from the turnbuckle and goes for a TORNADO REVERSE DDT – BUT HENRY STOPS HIM! Henry stands his ground and Morrison is stuck clinging onto Henry’s neck and shoulder but Henry grabs him and slams him down to the mat with a RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! The fans are silenced as Morrison’s period of control comes to a hard and abrupt end. Henry looks down at his handiwork and slowly walks over to the pained Morrison and places his foot across his chest and WALKS over Morrison’s body, placing all of his 400+ pounds onto Morrison’s chest!

Henry plucks Morrison from the mat and throws him into the corner, with no complications this time. Henry waits a couple of seconds and charges into the corner – crushing Morrison against the turnbuckle! He doesn’t allow Morrison to flop to the mat and instead picks him up and turns towards the centre of the ring and Scoop Slams him down hard onto the mat! Morrison sits up on the floor and Henry grabs his trapezoid muscle and applies a Nerve Hold! Morrison screws his face in pain and the fans start clapping, trying to get Morrison back into contention. Henry’s response is to tell the fans to “SHUT THE HELL UP!” which gets some heat from the fans. The champion then turns his attention back to Morrison and tightens his grip in the nerve hold. The claps continue and a “MORR-I-SON” chant echoes around the arena, much to Henry’s chagrin. Morrison winces in pain and he tries to fight his way out of the hold. This causes Henry to bend down to put even more of his weight into the hold, and Morrison uses this chance to kick Henry in the head!

Morrison uses his flexibility to kick Henry in the head again, and again, causing Henry to break the hold!! Morrison slowly gets up to his feet after escaping the submission attempt, but when he does Henry floors him with a big Clothesline!!! The champion opts not to cover Morrison and instead lifts him up and above his head into a Military Press position. Henry walks around the ring with Morrison above his head, showing no signs of tiring so far. Morrison wriggles and is able to loosen Henry’s grip on him and Henry drops him to the above his head, showing no signs of tiring so far. Morrison wriggles and is able to loosen Henry’s grip on him and Morrison lands on the floor in front of the champion. Henry goes for another Clothesline, but this time Morrison ducks it and runs to the ropes. Henry turns around as Morrison back Springboards towards him and connects with the FLYING CHUCK KICK!!! HENRY IS KNOCKED CLEAN OFF OF HIS FEET!! The fans cheer the move, but Morrison stays down after his landing and now both men fight to get back to their feet.

The challenger is the first one back up to his feet and Henry has only managed to sit up, leaving him in prime position for Morrison to run against the ropes and drive his KNEE INTO HENRY’S FACE!!! There is a big cheer now as Henry lays flat on his back in the corner and Morrison looks around the arena and nods to the fans and jumps into the air and HITS STARSHIP PAIN ON MARK HENRY!!! THIS IS IT!!! MORRISON WITH THE COVER!!!!!







Morrison sits up IN SHOCK. The fans were ready to cheer Morrison’s victory but it is not to be! Henry stirs after the move and once JoMo comes to terms he drives his knee into Henry’s head to knock him back down onto the floor. Morrison then climbs up the turnbuckle and waits on Henry to get back to his feet. This takes some time as Henry sells Morrison’s previous attacks. Henry turns around and Morrison flies off of the turnbuckle looking for a CROSS BODY – BUT HENRY CATCHES HIM!!!! The World Heavyweight Champion ROARS out loud and goes for the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM – BUT MORRISON JUMPS OVER HIS HEAD TO GET OUT OF IT!!! Again, Morrison is able to evade a Henry lifting move and the champion turns around right into a SUPERKICK FROM MORRISON!!! Henry is stunned by the move, but not knocked down on the floor – so MORRISON SUPERKICKS HIM AGAIN!!! This time Henry is on the floor, and Morrison is already ready to go for another STARSHIP PAIN…. HE HITS IT!!!!!

The fans POP again but the ref doesn’t count because Henry SITS UP, HOLDING MORRISON!!! Henry quickly stands up and walks to the centre of the ring, making sure that he doesn’t allow Morrison to escape again and hits him with the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!!!!!! Morrison is crumpled on the mat and Henry glares at the camera before he pushes all of his weight down onto Morrison’s shoulders for the referee to count!










Henry quickly gets back to his feet and stomps over to the corner and demands for his championship ("GIMME MA DAMN BELT!"). The champion shrugs the referee off and heads out of the ring and immediately makes his way up the ramp. Morrison starts to stir in the ring, and once he does, he puts his head in his hands at the realization that he came so close to winning his first major championship.

Michael Cole:
Just let that go to show you - Mark Henry is a fighting champion. He took a lot from John Morrison in that match, but he is still leaving tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Booker T:
John Morrison gave it everythin', man! He came real close to finishin' Mark Henry off and pullin' off the upset, dawg..

Michael Cole:
Even though I can't say I share you affinity for John Morrison, Booker, I will agree that he took Mark Henry to the limit tonight and it did look like Mark Henry's championship reign was all but over.

Booker T:
I think dat John Morrison achieved one of his goals, I think dat people will have no choice other than to take him seriously now. He's a contender, and ta-night he proved it.

Morrison is now standing up in the ring, trying to console himself following the tough loss. He stares at Henry and the title over his shoulder and the champion notices this as he plods up the ramp. Henry turns around at his defeated challenger, and NODS. This brings a wry smile to Morrison's face , who indicates with his fingers that he was "that close", and Henry cracks a small smile before he turns around and continues on up the ramp.

Booker T:
And dat's it right there, Mark Henry acknowledgin' dat Morrison almost had 'im. Mark Henry is da kind of man who appreciates a challenge, an' he got one from John Morrison.

With Henry out of the scene, Morrison exits the ring and starts to make his way out of the arena. The camera cuts away as he high-fives several of the young fans in the front row...

(Here is when I lost momentum - Welcome to Recap City!)

Beth Phoenix retains the Divas Championship against Eve @8.57 after hitting her with two Glam Slams. Eve is upset after the match and Kelly Kelly appears to come out and console her but instead lays out the woman she claims to love with her K-2 Legdrop.

The main talking points of the main event are:
- Triple H eliminates R-Truth after only two minutes, but is then eliminated himself after Brodus Clay Powerbombed him following a KO Punch from Big Show.
- Kofi Kingston impressed by eliminating Alberto Del Rio and almost pinning Brodus Clay.
- Tension between Del Rio and Ziggler lead to Ziggler's elimination by The Rock.
- It came down to 2-on-2 after John Cena eliminated Show, leaving Miz and Clay against Cena and The Rock. Whilst Cena was the legal man, he brawled with Clay on the outside and got himself counted out and put Clay through the other announce table with the AA in frustration.
- Seeing that he was already eliminated, Cena entered the ring with the WWE Championship and went to strike The Miz but hit The Rock instead, inadvertently handing John Laurinaitis control of the company after over 58 minutes of action.
- The WWE Champion shows little remorse for what he has done after the match as Team Johnny celebrate.

And there it is! Hope you enjoyed! Apologies for the lack of the final two matches.
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Online sources said:
- Arguably, the biggest story coming out of Survivor Series last night is John Cena. His actions have been the talk of the wrestling world for weeks as it looks like that the long-awaited turn could be on the cards. Expect WWE to make a big deal of this and given that Wrestlemania is still over four months away, there is still plenty of twists and turns along the road until Cena and The Rock collide in Miami at Wrestlemania 28.

- It has been reported that The Rock will NOT be appearing on Raw, due to other commitments.

- Triple H will definitely not be appearing on Raw for some time after Survivor Series, confirmed by him in a short statement on WWE.com, and will most likely return closer to Wrestlemania, where it is thought he could be in a match with a member of the Laurinaitis Administration, namely Brodus Clay.

- It is thought that the next challenger to Cena's title, at TLC on December 18th is going to be CM Punk, after he defeated Kevin Nash at Survivor Series, or the new COO John Laurinaitis may use his powers to put one of his faction, most likely The Miz, in the position of #1 Contender. If that were to be the case, Punk will most likely be feuding with the rest of the Laurinaitis Administration in the build up to the PPV. A match between Punk and Clay is potentially in line to be placed on the card.

- On the subject of Kevin Nash, WWE confirmed on their website that he has been released from his contract.

- Another change to the Raw roster is that Big Show is now a part of the Smackdown roster, to continue his feud with Mark Henry. Signs are pointing towards a Chairs Match between the two at TLC for Henry's World Heavyweight Championship.

- The main issue on Smackdown for the next few weeks will be the fate of the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long. In an attempt to freshen things up on the blue brand, it is highly expected that he will be fired in the very near future. The favourite candidate for his replacement could be Laurinaitis himself, if he wants to show his presence on the blue brand more, or the current Smackdown Assistant General Manager Edge. If Edge is the choice, it will be interesting to see how Laurinaitis will implement him without losing his own villainous status.

- Discussion has been ripe over a potential return for The Undertaker, after the lights went out on Wade Barrett last night, and a possible Wrestlemania match between the two. Other suggestions though, that it is actually Barrett's current rival, Randy Orton, that is the subject of 'The Deadman's ire. The two faced off at Wrestlemania 21 in 2005 but since then Orton's status has rose massively, therefore a 'The Viper' having another crack at 'Taker to make the 'biggest ever' Wrestlemania even bigger is not an impossibility. Also, it cannot be a coincidence that The Undertaker's hallmark of turning the lights out comes in the time of Kane's imminent return from injury.
And a small Raw Preview (which is half-written - hoping this will spur me on between revision sessions to progress this thing.)

Monday Night Raw
November 21st 2011
Hershey, Pennsylvania

The landscape of the entire WWE was turned on its head last night at Survivor Series when John Laurinaitis won control of the company by virtue of his team defeating Triple H's in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. We are bound to hear from the man himself tonight in Hershey as his first task is undoubtedly going to have to be who is going to be the new #1 Contender to the WWE Championship. 'The Game' has confirmed to WWE.com that he will not be appearing on Monday Night Raw an 'indefinite period of time', so will not be part of the show tonight.

That title is of course currently held by John Cena, who was detrimental in Laurinaitis emerging victorious last night after he struck his rival, and Wrestlemania opponent, The Rock with the championship belt; thus disqualifying himself and leaving 'The Great One' as easy pickings for The Miz. Cena has been extremely tight-lipped and left Madison Square Garden almost as soon as the bell rang last night but IS going to be in Hershey tonight where he may reveal whether his actions last night were intentional. Much like Triple H, and in agreement with several reports, The Rock is not in attendance tonight.

Two members from both teams in the main event are scheduled to face off with Vickie Guerrero's clients 'The Great' Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler taking on Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. 'The Great's impressive run was ended at Survivor Series where he fell victim to Trouble in Paradise from Kingston (who shone in the main event last night) but not before he caused Ziggler to be eliminated at the hands of The Rock. Will the newly-dubbed 'Team Vickie' be able to co-exist, or will Kingston and Woods pick up the win to aid their effort, along with the US Champ Drew McIntyre, to thwart the Laurinaitis Administration?

The #1 Contender for the WWE Divas Championship is going to be decided in Hershey, where the chocolate is not going to be the only sweet thing! Beth Phoenix continued her run of dominance over the division by beating Eve Torres at Survivor Series. Eve was distracted, and then assaulted by the returning Kelly Kelly, weeks after being publicly humiliated after her true feelings for her friend were revealed. Everyone is also talking about the backstage assault suffered by Kaitlyn last week. With all this going on, we're going to throw all of them in a Battle Royal together to decide who's going to face Phoenix at TLC in four weeks!

Confirmed Matches:


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Wow, you're back ! Welcome back man, revolutionize this section .
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So I haven't read much of this thread in all honesty, but when Survivor Series was nominated by Wolfy, I gave it a read and I was impressed. Your booking has been creative so far and I like the way this thread is heading. I was very disappointed that you didn't have the momentum to finish the last two matches.

With that being said, the Big Show - Mark Henry thing seems like one of the most difficult thing to book and make entertaining, so you definitely got your work cut out for you.

After the Survivor Series main event, I'm hyped to see what Laurinitas has up his sleeves and I think it's a good idea to keep Triple H off of TV for a good period of time.

All in all, I've looked over your thread and the writing has been seemingly pretty great (the bits I read anyway ;)). I'm looking forward to see how you follow up on Survivor Series.

Oh and TOMKO~!
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Monday Night Raw
November 21st 2011
Hershey, Pennsylvania​

Unlike what you would usually expect on the Raw following a major Pay-Per-View like Survivor Series last night, Raw kicks off with a cold opening; no video package, no music, no pyrotechnics. The camera starts a slow zoom towards the ring, where we can see four men standing in the middle of it and the only audible noise is the very loud booing from the Hershey fans directed towards the ring, as THE LAURINAITIS ADMINISTRATION are the group of men occupying it. The new Chief Operating Officer of the WWE, and Raw General Manager JOHN LAURINAITIS stands proudly holding a microphone with THE MIZ, R-TRUTH and BRODUS CLAY behind him. Laurinaitis takes a deep breath and raises his microphone to speak.

John Laurinaitis: My name-

He is immediately cut off by boos from the crowd, which causes an angered look to be plastered across all of the LA’s faces.

John Laurinaitis: My-

Again the magnitude of the boos prevents Laurinaitis from talking. He shakes his head and tries again, this time with a raised voice.

John Laurinaitis: MY NAME IS J-

BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Laurinaitis has started going red in the face with anger, and suddenly from behind him, The Miz grabs the microphone and stomps out of line.


This unsurprisingly doesn’t do the trick and fails to endear the fans to the Laurinaitis Administration. The Miz passes the mic back to his boss and Laurinaitis appears a lot more confident now that the boos are now more aimed at Miz than him.

John Laurinaitis: Ladies and gentlemen, I do not want to take up much of your time; I have planned a great show for you all this evening and the sooner that you allow me to finish what I would like to say, the sooner we can move on.

The frank and honest response to the situation from Laurinaitis seems to do the trick, and the fans settle down in order to allow him time to talk.

John Laurinaitis: My name is John Laurinaitis, and I am the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, and as of last night at Survivor Series, where The Miz lead my team, Team Johnny, to victory against Team Triple H-

More booing as the fans’ patience has been lost again following the repeat of the world’s most boring introduction.

John Laurinaitis: -I also stand before you as the new Chief Operating Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment!

For the first time since the show started, the four men in the ring now look happy.

John Laurinaitis: That title makes me, John Laurinaitis, the most powerful man in this industry today. I have an unchallenged influence over everything that happens from this moment on in the WWE. As you can understand, I have not taken becoming responsible for this great power lightly. Please allow me to assure you that I am not going to abuse this power.

A cry of “BULLSHIT” comes from someone near the ringside microphones.

John Laurinaitis: In fact, I intend on doing the complete opposite with my power. I intend on putting the power where it belongs… I am going to give this power to the people.

The fans aren’t sure how to react to that at all, as that is the complete opposite to what was expected.

John Laurinaitis: You as a collective fan base are going to be more involved in Monday Night Raw than you have ever been before! The power is with the people! As just an example of what I’m talking about, tonight you’re going to see a rematch from last night at Survivor Series! Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to All World Promotions and tonight they’re receiving their entitled rematch!

The fans cheer for that, as it does actually appear that Laurinaitis is keeping true to his word… for now.

John Laurinaitis: And there is something else that I think that you will all like, and it has something to do with my predecessor… Triple H!

The fans cheer loudly for the mention of ‘The Game’.

John Laurinaitis: Whilst there is still no doubt in my mind that I am the right man for the job and will make vast improvements to the WWE as a whole compared to what Triple H managed to accomplish in his time as COO… I would be lying if I said that Triple H would not be a valuable asset to the WWE under my leadership. Therefore, true to my word, as of this moment, Triple H is now a member of the active wrestling roster!

More cheers.

John Laurinaitis: Unfortunately, I can confirm that the reports which surfaced today regarding Triple H are true. Triple H is not going to be returning to Monday Night Raw for the foreseeable future.

There is more booing following that.

John Laurinaitis: However, I assure you that when Triple H chooses to return to Raw, he will be welcomed back with wide open arms and I will join you all in watching ‘The King of Kings’ doing what he does best; competing in the ring… NOT running a company.

Boooos for the dig at Triple H; Laurinaitis smirks and shrugs. He then puts on a more serious face.

John Laurinaitis: On another note, I believe that it would be disingenuous of me to ignore what happened at the end of the match last night, involving the WWE Champion John Cena and The Rock.

LOUD BOOS for that… a “CENA SUCKS!” chant starts to engulf the arena.

John Laurinaitis: I want to assure each and every one of you that I had nothing to do with what John Cena did last night; there was no collusion involved whatsoever. But, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank John Cena for his actions last night. So Cena, please could you come down to the ring.

The “CENA SUCKS” chant grows louder and the rest of the Laurinaitis Administration look a little perplexed at Laurinaitis’ actions given their respective histories with the WWE Champion. Laurinaitis waits on patiently for a few seconds before…


There are loud BOOS in the arena as the WWE Champion JOHN CENA walks out onto the stage and unlike what everyone is used to, there is no emotion on his face AT ALL. ‘The Champ’ walks slowly down the ramp to the ring, with the title placed firmly on his shoulder and walks up the steps into the ring. Even though Laurinaitis holds his hand out, Cena doesn’t shake it. Instead looking straight at the new COO. The music fades out and the “CENA SUCKS” chant is even louder now, but there is no reaction or acknowledgement of the fans from the man himself whatsoever. Laurinaitis allows the crowd to cool down before he raises his microphone again.

John Laurinaitis: John, thank you for joining me in the ring at this time. I’m going to cut straight to the chase. John, last night in the main event you struck The Rock with the WWE Championship, which allowed The Miz to win the match on my behalf and make me the new COO of the WWE.

Boos for the recollection of the match, and Cena remains unfazed.

John Laurinaitis: Whether you were aiming for The Rock or The Miz is irrelevant at this point in time; the fact is that it was The Rock you hit, allowing The Miz to win the match as I have already mentioned. Regardless of your motives, which I will allow you to explain shortly, I would not be standing here as the COO of the WWE if it wasn’t for you. So for that, please accept my gratitude. Thank you, John Cena.

After being blanked last time, Laurinaitis doesn’t hold his hand out for Cena to shake, just nodding at him this time.

John Laurinaitis: I almost feel like I am indebted to you, John. So as thanks for your actions last night, I would like to extend to you an offer. John, I would like you to be a part of the Laurinaitis Administration.

WHAT?! The fans boo LOUD for the mere possibility and it even appears that Cena’s would-be allies are shocked by the revelation. Cena looks a little stunned, and then rubs his chin, looking very unsure.

John Laurinaitis: I understand that this is a huge decision to make straight away, therefore I will give you some time to reach a decision. I think to satisfy mine, and everyone else’s curiosities, I think now is as good a time as any for you to explain to the world your reasoning for striking The Rock with the WWE Championship last night at Survivor Series.

This is it. The moment that everyone has been waiting for… The only sound to be heard is the “CENA SUCKS!” chant from the crowd as Laurinaitis passes the microphone over to Cena and the WWE Champion slowly raises it to his mouth, but as he does, the noise level from the fans increases…








‘The Champ’ starts to shake a little as he looks down at the mat and then snaps his head up and has an almost crazed look in his eyes. He brings the mic up to his mouth again and closes his eyes for a moment before he starts talking.

John Cena: …-


The roof EXPLODES from the arena as CM PUNK WALKS OUT ONTO THE STAGE!! Wearing one of his ‘Best in the World’ t-shirts, the former WWE Champion saunters down to the ring with a smug look on his face, but that doesn’t hide the fact that he’s showing the effects of the Last Man Standing Match he took part in last night. All of the men in the ring, bar Cena, are furious at Punk’s appearance, and R-Truth climbs onto the turnbuckle and shouts for him to leave. Punk reveals that he already has a microphone so he starts talking into it as he walks down to the ring.

CM Punk: Please forgive me ladies and gentlemen for interrupting one of the most iconic moments in WWE history!

The sarcasm is strong with this one. Punk rolls into the ring and faces the WWE Champion.

CM Punk: John, you don’t have to explain yourself to me, to the people, about what you did last night and your reasoning for doing so. We already know exactly why! We’ve all secretly known it all along – it’s because you’re a fraud! You’re a phoney! A snake! A trickster!

The fans cheer and a look of anger starts to come across Cena’s face.

CM Punk: Last night you showed the entire world your true colours; it’s all about John Cena to you! I mean, I’d do anything to become the WWE Champion, I really would, but I’d DIE before seeing this wrestling industry I love ever so dearly being spearheaded by this monotonous, moronic, YESMAN!

Laurinaitis takes great offence to that remark and snatches the microphone back from Cena, screaming at Punk off mic, and stepping up to Punk, who holds his hand out.

CM Punk: Shut up. I’ll get on to you in a minute.

Pop for Laurinaitis being put in his place.

CM Punk: Just like you did when these good people realised that there was someone else other than you to aspire to be, when I came along, you just couldn’t hack it that Dwayne was back and everyone was much more interested in seeing him than you. Just like they want to see me more than you, John.

Another cheer goes up for that, and Punk looks confidently out to the crowd.

CM Punk: Hell, I’d even go as far to say that they want to see me more than Dwayne!

The resulting pop from the crowd equals a resounding “YES!”, which Punk laps up.

CM Punk: But in your fit of jealousy last night, John, you obviously lost focus of the bigger picture, because when you hit The Rock with the WWE Championship ON PURPOSE, you singlehandedly SCREWED wrestling. Triple H and I never saw eye to eye but the direction we’re all headed in under this piece of crap is nothing compared to what was going on before. And as for you two working together now? That just works perfectly doesn’t it? I mean, John – Cena, I mean, but this applies to Laurinaitis too – you’ve always just kissed the ass of the man up top – at least this time you’re doing it in public; not in Vince McMahon’s office.

WOOOOAAAHHHH. Cena looks PISSED, and he holds out his hand for the microphone and receives it back from Laurinaitis. The COO quickly retrieves another from ringside.

CM Punk: Last night, you ruined wrestling. These people are right…

Punk takes a step closer to Cena so the two are face-to-face.

CM Punk: You suck, man.

Those words strike another chord with Cena and Punk now backs away, holding his arms out and soaking in his reception from the fans. Cena, with a straight face, slowly raises his microphone.

John Cena: I don’t care.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! EVERYONE is stunned by this, and there’s even one or two ironic cheers but after a moment of silence, the fans start booing again.

John Cena: That’s right, I said that I don’t care! I don’t care anymore because I’ve got THIS (raises WWE Championship into the air) and that’s all I need.

Cena stares Punk straight in the eyes and lowers the title and microphone, but Punk instead takes a step forward.

CM Punk: We can change that, though, can’t we? After all, now that Kevin Nash has found himself a way out of the picture, there isn’t anyone actively screwing me out of the WWE Championship anymore. I made it quite clear what I was going to do to Kevin Nash, and the rest of you… and John, I think after what you did last night, I’m adding you onto my list too. But what I’m going to do to you is so much different. I’m not going to just physically break you, I’m going to emotionally break you by taking BACK the WWE Championship.

The fans cheer for that one, and Laurinaitis now takes his chance to step forward as Cena smirks in the corner of his mouth at the suggestion.

John Laurinaitis: Punk, you can’t just come out here and make yourself the number one contender-

CM Punk: -ACTUALLY, I don’t have to name myself the number one contender at all! Because Johnny Boy, YOU are going to name me the number one contender!!

Laurinaitis screws his face up and even chuckles a little bit, as the fans cheer.

John Laurinaitis: How did you come to that conclusion, Punk?

CM Punk: Oh, it’s pretty simple actually… You literally just said that since you’re now the COO of the WWE, it is the PEOPLE who get what they want – they’re the ones callin’ the shots! NOT YOU!

There’s a big cheer from the fans, and the camera cuts to see Laurinaitis’ face dropping as he realises the one loophole in his new philosophy. The rest of the Laurinaitis Administration bark for the crowd to shut up as a “CM PUNK!” chant booms around the arena.

CM Punk: So, I’m gonna throw this one out to the people… Who to see CM Punk versus John Cena for the WWE Championship at TLC in four weeks’ time? C’MON HERSHEY! WHO WANTS TO SEE IT?!

As you’d expect, there’s a ROAR from the fans in approval of that.

CM Punk: I think that’s pretty conclusive, wouldn’t you say so, Johnny Boy?

Laurinaitis looks around the arena desperately looking for a way out of it. He turns to Cena, who appears very game for a match against Punk. Laurinaitis turns to his three men, all of whom look displeased with developments, but suddenly, he gets a grin on his face.

John Laurinaitis: That’s fine with me, Punk, I’ll listen to the opinion of the people. You can get your shot at the WWE Championship at TLC… if you can survive the gauntlet in the main event tonight against the Laurinaitis Administration!

The fans suddenly start booing, but Punk grins and then starts pacing around the ring over to the three man contingent of the LA. He walks past Truth and Miz and then stands in front of Brodus Clay and slowly raises the microphone up to his mouth – BUT INSTEAD HE BOUNCES IT OFF OF THE TOP OF CLAY’S HEAD!!!

The fans EXPLODE with cheers as Clay drops down to a knee, holding his head and Punk quickly starts unloading on The Miz before he is pulled away by Truth, but Punk starts firing right hands at him as well!! Laurinaitis quickly exits the ring, as does John Cena. Cena simply watches on as Punk is knocked down to the mat by the recovered (and angry) Clay. The three-on-one assault starts as the fans boo Cena for not getting involved.

Punk is held up by Clay and Truth as The Miz removes his jacket and starts teeing off on the top of his head… but the fans start cheering suddenly as DREW MCINTYRE, XAVIER WOODS and KOFI KINGSTON come sprinting down the ramp!!!

They ignore Cena as they slide into the ring and start trading blows with the respective members of the LA. McIntyre throws Truth out of the ring and The Miz slides out of it to escape. The numbers turn on Clay and the four men get him against the ropes. Kofi and Woods hold him in place against the ropes as McIntyre drops to all fours – and Punk runs against the ropes, steps up from McIntyre’s back and Clotheslines Clay over the top rope and the big man tumbles down to the floor!!


Punk thanks his rescuers and then after glaring at the Laurinaitis Administration for a brief moment, he turns back to John Cena who is standing at the base of the ramp. There’s a stare down between the two old rivals and Punk motions around his waist that he’s coming after the title, and Cena responds by raising it high into the air. We finally hear our commentators for the first time in the evening!

Michael Cole: What an explosive start to the first Monday Night Raw of the Laurinaitis Era! Tonight, CM Punk will run the gauntlet against all three members of the Laurinaitis Administration, but if he is able to survive, he will get a WWE Championship match against John Cena at TLC in four weeks!

Jerry Lawler: I knew as soon as I heard it that this ‘Power to the People’ philosophy from John Laurinaitis was a pile of steaming horse crap! Yeah, CM Punk could get a title shot, which is what the people want – but he’s got to beat three men in order to get it! That includes that undefeated monster Brodus Clay!

Michael Cole: Maybe some time in the ring with Brodus Clay will teach CM Punk a thing or two about when to open that mouth of his!

Jerry Lawler: I’ll tell you who I want to hear talk… John Cena! He didn’t even TRY to explain his actions last night!

Michael Cole: You can see on your screens right now that the WWE Champion John Cena is leaving the ringside area, and we have Scott Stanford backstage waiting to get ‘The Champ’s thoughts following last night’s controversial ending to Survivor Series, as well as his comments just now!

Jerry Lawler: He appears to have turned his back on the fans, Michael… I don’t think this is the same John Cena anymore…

Cena has now literally turned his back on the fans as he walks up the ramp towards the back; not taking a second look at CM Punk growling at him before joining Woods, McIntyre and Kingston in trading barbs with the Laurinaitis Administration as we fade off to commercial.


*During the Break*

SCOTT STANFORD is standing by in the Gorilla position with a microphone in hand, and we see JOHN CENA walk into the area from ringside. He clocks Stanford and immediately starts heading away from him, but Stanford is right behind him, almost stumbling to keep up.

Scott Stanford:
John, can you give us your thoughts-

The interviewer pauses as Cena turns around abruptly with a face like thunder.

John Cena:
I’m-a tell you this once, so listen. I’ll talk when I want to, on MY terms. Now beat it!

‘The Champ’ takes a step towards Stanford to intimidate him, before he turns back around and heads down the corridor.

Scott Stanford:
John, can ya tell me if you’re going to join the Laurinaitis Administration?... Ahh, it’s no use.

Seeing his chances of the exclusive scoop gone, Stanford turns back to the camera and shakes his head, removing his ear piece.

Scott Stanford:
It appears that the WWE Champion John Cena isn’t ready to discuss his actions and give us any comments… We will endeavour to get a response from John Cena as soon as possible.

Stanford walks out of the shot and the camera zooms down the hallway to see Cena walking down it…alone.

*End Video Package*

Back into the arena following the commercial break, and the show gets a reset in the form of a shot our commentators, MICHAEL COLE and JERRY LAWLER.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw – and to say that we’ve already had an explosive show so far would be a total understatement, King!

Jerry Lawler: We just saw the WWE Champion John Cena in NO MOOD to discuss what happened last night at Survivor Series or what happened before the commercial break! We need some answers!

Stills of the main event from Survivor Series last night are shown.

Michael Cole: For those of you who are unsure of what you just saw from John Cena or those who missed Survivor Series last night – let me set the scene for you. The traditional Survivor Series match between Team Triple H and Team Laurinaitis for the control of the WWE came down to two-on-two. It was The Miz and Brodus Clay of Team Laurinaitis and John Cena and his Wrestlemania opponent, The Rock, left for Team Triple H. In the ring, The Rock was battling The Miz, and John Cena puts Brodus Clay through the announce table with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena enters the ring with the WWE Championship and swings for and hits The Rock; disqualifying himself and allowing The Miz to win the match for Team Laurinaitis and hand over control of the WWE to John Laurinaitis.

Jerry Lawler: What we don’t know yet is if John Cena meant to hit The Rock with the WWE Championship. We’ve seen a different side to John Cena over the last few weeks, and it was obviously affecting him seeing all of those fans cheering for The Rock. He even admitted tonight that he doesn’t care what the fans think anymore!

Michael Cole: It’s hard to believe. So tonight John Laurinaitis presented John Cena the opportunity to join his illustrious Administration, but we did not get a chance to find out ‘The Champ’s answer as CM Punk crashed proceedings.

Jerry Lawler: CM Punk delivered, in my opinion, some well-deserved home truths to John Cena and then challenged him to a WWE Championship Match at TLC in four weeks! The only catch is, that CM Punk has to defeat the entire Laurinaitis Administration in tonight’s main event in a Gauntlet Match! Punk has to beat R-Truth, The Miz AND the undefeated MONSTER Brodus Clay one after the other to make it to TLC!

Michael Cole: That’s a huge main event we’ve got for you tonight, as well as seeing a rematch of-sorts from last night’s main event, with ‘The Great’ Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, both men now under Vickie Guerrero’s managerial services, taking on two of Triple H’s team members from last night – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods!

Jerry Lawler: Not only that, but we’ve got a Divas Battle Royal to decide the number one contender for the Divas Championship, after Beth Phoenix retained the title against Eve last night!


The fans let out a strong cheer as the now FORMER WWE Tag Team Champions, SANTINO MARELLA and VLADIMIR KOZLOV both walk out onto the stage and soak in the strong ovation. The Odd Couple look determined to get their titles back straight away as they march down to the ring together with purpose.

Michael Cole: And of course, we have a Tag Team Championship Match, as announced by the new COO John Laurinaitis earlier on!

Jerry Lawler: These two guys put up a great fight and almost kept hold of the WWE Tag Team Championships, as well as walked away with $40,000 of AW’s money, but in the end the numbers in the favour of All World Promotions were too much for The Odd Couple.

Michael Cole: I personally knew it was just a matter of time before these clowns lost those titles; it was a miracle that they even won them in the first place!

Jerry Lawler: I believe in this team, and they would have learnt from last night’s mistakes not to allow AW, Magnus or Racquel Diaz take their minds off of Otunga and Hennig; I can see Santino and Kozlov becoming three-time tag team champions tonight!


The fans let out a somewhat negative reaction as ALL WORLD PROMOTIONS walk out onto the stage and stand in a line. AW is in the centre, flanked on either side by the NEW WWE Tag team Champions DAVID OTUNGA and MIKE HENNIG. RACQUEL DIAZ is holding Hennig’s hand and MARK MAGNUS is looking intimidating next to Otunga. The music cuts out and the quintet walk down to the ring, and AW adjusts his headset as he begins speaking.

AW: HERSHEY! How we doin’ people? What’s that, y’all lives are too borin’ so you wanna know how I’m feelin’ instead? How kind o’ y’all! I’m really… REALLY good!!

Boos as AW lets out a cackle.

AW: Last night, All World Promotions came, All World Promotions saw and All World Promotions conquered, baby! We walked right into Madison Square Garden and took the WWE Tag Team Championships!

Otunga pats the belt around his waist and Diaz squeals as she clinches on Hennig’s arm.

AW: Santino, Koz, you two almost walked out with MY money as well, but I’m afraid that you had to learn the hard way that AW NEVER loses, especially when money is involved.

A shot of the former champs looking unimpressed, and Santino pretends as if he’s falling asleep to some laughs from the crowd.

AW: Y’all people need to understand that the world needs people like AW. People like David Otunga, Mike Hennig, R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-rrrrraaacquel Diaz and Magnus. The world needs winners, baby!

A collective grin from AWP and the fans boo louder for AW.

AW: I built a business empire in a matter of years, and I’m going to do the same here in the WWE. After ONE MONTH… that’s one month, people… I am standing here with the WWE Tag Team Championships in my promotion. Last night at Survivor Series was nothin’ but the start! I’m gonna create a dynasty in this industry and when I’m done, the only two words that people are gonna think of when they think of wrestlin’… That’s right, people, I can already hear y’all sayin’ it…

All World Promotions (bar Magnus): ALL WORLD!

The fans boo as AW laughs and bumps fists with Otunga.

AW: Damn, I like the sound o’ that! Anyway, anyway, anyway… let’s talk about tonight. As the esteemed new COO of the WWE John Laurinaitis announced earlier on-

AW stops quickly and looks at the camera.

AW: Congratulations by the way, sir. I’m lovin’ me some People Power, baby!

Boos for the obvious ass-kissing and AW turns back to The Odd Couple in the ring.

AW: You two have a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships against my boys Dave and Mike over here. We’re gonna give you your rematch, don’t worry about it. But I just had a quick cellphone call with Mr Laurinaitis and he agreed with my proposal for a small… alteration to the match tonight.

There’s an air of intrigue for that as AW walks over to Magnus and places his hand on the big man’s shoulder.

AW: It was concernin’ me that we’ve been here on Raw for a few weeks now… an’ you good people haven’t had a chance to see my man Magnus in the ring yet… so Mr Laurinaitis agreed to add him to the match tonight as he too thought that the people would want to this internationally acclaimed fighter in the ring for the first time!

The fans boo loudly as they’re sensing the backlash of ‘People Power’ already after what CM Punk was informed he must do, and The Odd Couple appear to be going through the same thing.

AW: Hahaaa!!! Let’s get this one goin’!

AW and Diaz remain outside the ring and the other three members of AWP slide in as Santino and Kozlov shake their heads at what has now transpired to be a Handicap Match. The referee tells them his hands are tied as he calls for the bell!


In the early goings of the match, the challengers don’t appear to have a problem despite being a man down, as a succession of early quick tags whilst Otunga is AWP’s legal man almost gets an early victory for The Odd Couple following a strong boot to the chest from Kozlov. Otunga manages to escape the predicament by raking the Russian’s eyes and now the champions take turns in double teaming Kozlov. When Magnus finally makes his first appearance in the match, he impresses with some big throws on the larger man.

Hennig does some good work to keep Kozlov grounded and slowly wear him down, and he prevens Kozlov from almost tagging in Santino with a quick Dropkick to the face. Trapped in a Rear Headlock in the centre of the ring, Kozlov rallies with the help of Santino and the fans and is able to Judo throw Hennig and get the hot tag to Santino as Hennig tags Magnus back into the match! Santino ducks a Clothesline attempt from the Brit and rails out a few quick right hands. After a Hip Toss and a Standing Diving Headbutt, Santino prepares to unleash The Cobra, but he’s stopped by Hennig grabbing him and attempting the Perfectplex for the second night in a row.

Kozlov prevents the Perfectplex on Santino, but he receives a boot to the face from Magnus as punishment, which knocks the Russian into the ropes. Both Hennig and Otunga then charge in and Double Clothesline Kozlov out of the ring as Magnus turns his attention to Santino, who is getting up from the mat slowly. Magnus looms over Santino and scoops him up before planting him on the mat with a SITOUT SCOOP SLAM PILEDRIVER!! AW claims the move is called the ‘Mag Daddy Driver’ and off of this move, Magnus reaches forwards to grab Santino’s leg and score the pin fall in what is a first successful title defence for All World Promotions!



AW rolls into the ring and embraces Magnus with a hug and does the same with Otunga and Hennig as Diaz retrieves the championships and passes them back out to Otunga and her boyfriend, with a kiss.

Michael Cole: What an impressive first outing for Magnus! He looked almost untouchable in there!

Jerry Lawler: Another brave performance from The Odd Couple, but AGAIN the numbers game wins it for All World Promotions. I can’t believe Magnus was just allowed to participate in this match in the first place!

Kozlov is kneeling over Santino in the ring, who is down, holding the back of his head. AW is still lauding Magnus over his finishing move and replicating it with his hands as everyone laughs along in approval. Magnus looks at Kozlov and Santino and smirks before stomping over to Kozlov, and kicking him in the back of the head! The fans respond with loud heat as Kozlov is completely caught off guard by the move and Magnus grabs him and scoops him up, readying himself for the MDD again!



The fans cheer loudly as HUNICO, EPICO and SARITA charge down to the ring and slide in simultaneously, but AW quickly tells his troops to exit the ring!

Jerry Lawler: Los Aviadores save the day! Woo-hoo!

Michael Cole: Magnus was just about to hit Vladimir Kozlov with the Mag Daddy Driver, just like he did to Santino, but the number one contenders are here!

All World Promotions have gathered at the base of the ramp, as Sarita checks on both Kozlov and Santino as the two masked luchadores mount the ropes and motion around their waists for the championships. Sarita notices that in the rush, AW’s headset fell off as it lies in the ring and she picks it up and holds the microphone piece to her mouth.

Sarita: We… can’t take ‘dis anymore! It is not going to be long until de tag team titles are wit’ Los Aviadores! Epico and Hunico won Tag Team Turmoil last night… dat means dat we get a shot against ju!

Santino and Kozlov have now both gotten up to their feet and stand behind Sarita to nod in agreement.

Sarita: And we are going to take our shot… very soon! But for next week on Raw, I have an idea… AW, ju seem to like it when de numbers are in jur favour. How about when de numbers are equal?

The fans cheer as AW looks a little worried.

Sarita: Next week, de five of us (She turns to the other four men in the ring with her) challenge de five of ju!

A good pop in approval and All World Promotions appear a little worried by the prospect, but after looking at the fans and realising the prospect of saving face, AW AGREES!! Another pop from the fans and Sarita grins before looking down at the headset… and snapping it in half! That gets another cheer and AW shakes his head in anger as now Magnus is the one holding him back!

Michael Cole: That was just purely uncalled for by Sarita; she just broke AW’s personal property!

Jerry Lawler: Well, if he’s that upset about it he has a perfect chance next week as he’s going to be leading All World Promotions into battle against Los Aviadores and The Odd Couple!

Michael Cole: Can someone please tell me how exactly that is fair? AW and poor Racquel Diaz aren’t wrestlers!

Jerry Lawler: Well I for one will be enjoying the sight of All World Promotions on the wrong side of the numbers game for once next week! If I was AW, I’d stop worrying about that headset and get to the gym for some training – he’s got a match next week!

In the ring, Los Aviadores and The Odd Couple shake hands and then all stand in a line to face AWP, who aren’t happy, and each individually hurling abuse at those in the ring.


Backstage in the locker room, we can see the United States Champion DREW MCINTYRE, KOFI KINGSTON and XAVIER WOODS all talking and sharing a laugh at something Kingston said, and there’s a loud cheer from the fans as CM PUNK walks into the locker room. Punk nods his head at the three of them as he places his bag down on a nearby bench.

CM Punk: I just wanted to say thanks for havin’ my back out there before, guys. I guess I’m not that good at all this sentimental BS but I appreciate your help with what I’m tryin’ to do around here.

The other three smile and act like its not a big deal. Kingston straightens up from the stretch he was doing and steps towards Punk.

Kofi Kingston: Punk, we’ve gotta stick together when we have these targets on our backs. All we can do is keep kickin’ ass and stoppin’ the Laurinaitis Administration bullying everyone. An’ if I’m bein’ honest, I can’t think of a better way to stick it to John Laurinaitis than helpin’ you become the WWE Champion.

Punk grins as Woods and McIntyre nod in agreement.

Xavier Woods: So we’ve got your back out there tonight, if you need us.

CM Punk: Again… it is appreciated. Thank you. Well, good luck in your match tonight too… Del Rio and Ziggler are just as much a part of the problem as the Administration.

Drew McIntyre: No need to worry there, Punk, they won’t be botherin’ you any time soon; I think it’s me they want a piece of… and I’m more than happy to give them some.

There’s a laugh between the top (?) babyfaces on Raw and we fade out as they each prepare for what is ahead of them tonight.

We come back to the arena and we can see that the team of CURT HAWKINS and PRIMO are in the ring; Hawkins is dressed in a leather jacket and jeans which means that the Puerto Rican is going to be in singles action tonight in Hershey.


The fans cheer loudly for the arrival of EVAN BOURNE, making a surprise return to Monday Night Raw!! Following his battering at the hands of Brodus Clay a few weeks ago, Bourne looks in much better nick than he did then as he shoots the ‘Peace’ sign out to the crowd and slaps hands with the fans in the front row on his way down to the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Evan Bourne is back, Cole!

Michael Cole: The last time we saw Evan Bourne he was regretting running his mouth off to John Laurinaitis and found himself almost having to be stretchered out of here after a match with Brodus Clay! Hopefully for his sake, he’s learnt his lesson this time!

Jerry Lawler: It’s great to see Evan Bourne back on Raw and I think if there’s anyone at home who’s never seen this man in the ring before, they’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise!

Bourne slides into the ring and climbs up into the corner and shoots the ‘Peace’ sign again to another polite pop from the fans and then bounces back down to face an anxious looking Primo and Hawkins, who obviously did not know that Bourne was Primo’s opponent. Hawkins is asked to leave the ringside area and Primo shakes his shoulders out and the referee calls for the match to begin.


Bourne gets off to a quick start, slightly stunning Primo, who has to quickly improvise a strategy against his unexpected opponent. A series of quick kicks knock Primo back into the corner and Bourne scales the turnbuckle quickly and drills Primo back down into the mat with a Tornado DDT! After being absolutely spiked by that move, Primo rolls out of the ring and is helped by Hawkins. Bourne sees this and approaches the ropes and with a Plancha over the top he takes out both Primo as well as Hawkins!

Quickly rolling his opponent back into the ring, Bourne is unlucky to only get a two count from the referee but he remains positive as usual. Bourne climbs onto the turnbuckle and gets some cheers from the fans, but Hawkins clambers onto the apron and draws Bourne’s and the referee’s attention. Evan jumps down from the top rope and tries to get at Hawkins, but the former Edgehead jumps down to the floor, and Primo tries to take advantage with a Roll-Up – but Bourne escapes! Prio, however, retains the advantage, and goes to work on Bourne’s back, looking to soften him up for his finishing move.

Primo hits an impressive Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker after Bourne attempts a mini-rally to get back into the match, but it isn’t enough to put him away. Primo tries to line up the Backcracker, but Bourne counters it and knocks Primo down with a Jumping Calf Kick! As Bourne climbs up the turnbuckle again, Hawkins jumps up onto the apron and tries to intervene in the match again. However, Bourne launches himself towards Hawkins and drives his knees onto Hawkins’ shoulders – causing him to crash down onto the apron in a nasty-looking bump.

Following impact, Bourne rolls down to the floor but then slides straight back into the ring as Primo stirs back to his feet. The Puerto Rican swings for Bourne but misses and Bourne boots him in the gut and drops him with a DDT! Primo bounces onto his back and Bourne quickly jumps up and scales the turnbuckle again and wows the whole arena by landing with AIR BOURNE!! Bourne sells the effect on his stomach before checking Hawkins is still down on the outside, and then gets the cover for an impressive win on his return to Raw!!



Jerry Lawler: Evan Bourne returns to Raw and returns to winning ways! What an impressive performance!

Michael Cole: I just can’t help but be impressed every time I see Evan Bourne take to the skies – I can see why he has no problem running his mouth because he clearly has no regard for his personal safety!

Bourne has his arm raised by the official as Primo rolls out of the ring, next to Hawkins. Bourne throws the ‘Peace’ sign to the fans, but all of a sudden the cheers stop as suddenly a hulking figure is in the ring behind Bourne…


The music abruptly cuts out as the monstrous man stands up and looms over the now flat out Bourne, as the fans are all confused.

Michael Cole: King… that… that’s SKIP SHEFFIELD!! Skip Sheffield, the former Nexus member, is back on Monday Night Raw!!

Jerry Lawler: We’ve not seen him in way over a year, Michael! What the hell is he doing here in Hershey, and targeting Evan Bourne?!

The returning SKIP SHEFFIELD stands over Bourne for a few moments and then snaps his head back towards his victim and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Sheffield marches around the ring and stomps his feet with Bourne on his shoulders to show off his strength before quickly running and dropping Bourne with what we know as SHELLSHOCKED!!! Sheffield springs back up to his feet and breathes heavily into the hard camera before casting the flattened Bourne with another disapproving look before darting out of the ring and marching up the ramp.


Sheffield doesn’t look back and continues up the ramp as the referee from the match is now checking over Bourne in the ring following the sudden assault.

Michael Cole: Skip Sheffield is back on Monday Night Raw and he just made an emphatic statement at the expense of Evan Bourne!

Jerry Lawler: I’m thinking back to when we last saw Skip Sheffield and I don’t remember any specific problems between him and Evan Bourne; I think that Skip Sheffield picked right now to make his return because he could!

Michael Cole: I can’t imagine anyone trying to tell him otherwise, because I think they’d be in the same position as Evan Bourne is right now.


We’re back with SCOTT STANFORD in the interview area, and this time we can see that he’s accompanied by guests who would love nothing more than more camera exposure and the opportunity to talk about themselves – VICKIE GUERRERO, DOLPH ZIGGLER and Guerrero’s latest addition to her clientele, ALBERTO DEL RIO. The largely unpopular trio don’t seem to be bothered by the negative reaction from Hershey, and Stanford quickly gets down to business. However, there is a very obvious lack of acknowledgement towards each other between Ziggler and Del Rio, but Vickie seems blissfully unaware of it as she awaits the question from Stanford.

Scott Stanford: As you can see I am currently stood by with Vickie Guerrero, and her two clients, Dolph Ziggler and ‘The Great’ Alberto Del Rio. Vickie, tonight these two are going to be teaming up together for the first time under your management against two of their opponents from last night, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods-

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me, Scott, but I’ll take it from here.

Guerrero nastily snatches the microphone from Stanford, who exasperatedly raises his arms in the air in submission.

Vickie Guerrero: I know that tonight is the first time that Dolph and Alberto are teaming up together but let me assure you all that what you’re about to see is my clients DOMINATE Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. I haven’t had these two working together for long, but they’re going to show you just how much of an impact and how far they’ve both come in the short time I’ve worked with them both together.

Still, Dolph and ADR do not even look at each other.

Vickie Guerrero: I am going to guide both of these men back to the heights they were at just a few months ago. Just as recently as two months ago, both of these men were champions here on Raw. Alberto was the WWE Champion and Dolph was the United States Champion.

The reminder of past glories strikes a nerve with both Del Rio and Ziggler, who both go to grab the microphone off of Guerrero at the same time, but Ziggler gets there first.

Dolph Ziggler: And it is not going to be long until I am once again the United States Champion! Tonight, I’ll put up with George Lopez over here and beat your little friends McIntyre, but I promise you, I am coming back for that title!

Clearly annoyed with the ‘George Lopez’ comment, Del Rio swiftly snatches the microphone off of Ziggler and now both of Vickie’s men are almost nose-to-nose.

Alberto Del Rio: Dolph, I know dat jur harbouring a little resentment towards me after what happened last night, and I don’t blame ju. But de sooner it is dat ju understand dat I needed to last longer in de Survivor Series match dan ju, because I am better dan ju, de better.

Ziggler shakes his head, and Guerrero has her head in her hands.

Alberto Del Rio: And as for de United States Championship? I think dat ju have had enough chances, Dolph. After ju were eliminated from de match last night, ‘De Great’ Alberto Del Rio was de man who made Drew McIntyre tap out! I think dat I wanna do dat to him again, but with de United States Championship on de line this time.

Del Rio smugly grins in Ziggler’s face, who is turning a shade of red.

Dolph Ziggler: Over my dead body are you getting a shot at MY championship before ME!

Vickie Guerrero: ENOUGH!! STOP! BOTH OF YOU!!

Both men cover their ears following Guerrero’s shrieking cry, and she snatches the microphone back from ADR, who is swearing under his breath in Spanish.

Vickie Guerrero: If you don’t win this match tonight, NEITHER of you are going to get a United States Championship Match! This problem between the two of you? It stops right NOW!

Upon realising that Vickie has made a valid point, both ADR and Ziggler drop their aggressive stances. Guerrero hovers her hand in between them and both men look down at it confused for a second.

Vickie Guerrero: On three, we are going to call ‘Team Vickie’ and this is going to be over! Do we understand?

Ziggler and Del Rio look at each other for a coupel of seconds before Del Rio places his hand on top of Vickie’s, causing her to blush slightly. Ziggler hesitates for a moment but then puts his hand in the middle too.

Vickie Guerrero: Good… Now, One…Two…Three!!

Team Vickie (Del Rio and Ziggler very unenthusiastically): Team Vickie!

Guerrero claps and woops before turning around and leaving the interview area. Del Rio and Ziggler are left looking at each other for a moment, and there is a clear understanding of mutual disdain as they both file away behind Guerrero.

We fade into the women’s locker room where we can see EVE TORRES and AJ LEE both warming up ahead of the Divas Battle Royal. Both look focussed and appear to be mid-conversation as their in the middle of stretching.

AJ Lee: So I spoke to Kaitlyn earlier today; she said that she hopes to be back on Raw in the next couple of weeks! She still isn’t sure who it was that attacked her…. I saw the blonde hair, and that’s about it…

Eve suddenly stands up and puts her head in her hands, visibly upset. AJ notices this and stands up straight too, and puts her arm around Eve.

AJ Lee: I don’t want to believe that it was Kelly either; but after what she did to you last night after your match? I really don’t know, Eve…

Eve Torres: I just want to talk to her, AJ. I need to know what she’s thinking! It just seems like this whole situation has gotten way out of control and I want to help her. If it was her who attacked Kaitlyn, I need to know why and I need to help her get help. I know it won’t change how she feels about me, but she needs my help.

AJ Lee: Well, have you tried talking to her? Like, a phone call, maybe?

Eve Torres: Everything I can possibly try, I have. I just don’t know-

Eve suddenly stops talking and looks quite alarmed. AJ picks up onto this too and jumps as she turns around and both women look very disgusted and confused as we can see that JACK SWAGGER has walked into the room! He has his eyes focussed on Eve for some reason, but AJ is quick to stand in front of her friend.

AJ Lee: Jack, this is the women’s locker room! You can’t be in here!

Swagger looks down at the diminutive Lee and snarls.

Jack Swagger: Beat it, squirt. I need to talk to Eve… alone.

He eyeballs AJ intensely, and she looks around to Eve, who gives her a look that says “Go and get someone right now!” AJ quickly scuttles out of the locker room and Swagger uses this opportunity to advance towards Eve, who tries backing away, but walks into a locker and she is trapped between the metal locker and Swagger, who is slowly getting closer to her.

Jack Swagger: I saw your match last night, Eve. It’s a real shame that you didn’t become the Divas Champion because then we’d both be winners last night. I saw what happened with your friend Kelly too, I really felt for you out there… But there was just something about seeing you on your back that I really liked, if you know what I mean?

Eve’s face screws up, looking as if she’s about to vomit, and Swagger places his hand on the locker, right next to Eve’s head.

Jack Swagger: Zack Ryder has been talking about you a lot on the internet, and I’ll give him some credit; he does have a fantastic taste in women. So why don’t you swap that loser Ryder for the ‘All-American American’?

Swagger winks and now puts his hand on Eve’s cheek and starts to move in for a kiss, but Eve SLAPS HIM AROUND THE FACE!!!

Eve Torres: You’re SICK! Get the hell off me!!

The fans cheer as Swagger holds his cheek, which is suddenly getting redder and redder, and his expression turns from lust (or whatever that just was) to anger, and he grabs Eve by the hair!! This elicits boos from the fans as Swagger forces Eve towards the floor, putting a lot of pressure on her head.

Jack Swagger: Eve, I really, really… wish that you didn’t do that!

Swagger raises his other hand as if he’s about to STRIKE EVE – BUT ZACK RYDER COMES CHARGING IN AND CLUBS SWAGGER FROM BEHIND!!! Eve quickly runs away from the situation towards AJ, who had obviously sought out Ryder for assistance, as Ryder is now stomping Swagger into the floor of the locker room; showing some aggression that we’ve never seen before from the usually easy-going Long Islander. He picks Swagger up from the ground as the fans are going wild in the arena and SLAMS SWAGGER HEADFIRST INTO A LOCKER!!! Swagger goes down to the floor in a heap and Ryder checks that he’ll be staying down before he walks over to the now-distraught Eve and holds her close to his chest. Eve embraces Ryder and thanks him as he looks down at Swagger on the floor with a look of rage.

We return to the arena, where there is almost a silence from the fans as some are slightly in shock at what they just witnessed in the locker room, as we’re at the announce table again with Cole and King.

Michael Cole: I’m not one hundred percent sure of what to make of what we just witnessed; all I can say is that Eve Torres was very lucky that Zack Ryder was in the vicinity, otherwise who could tell what Jack Swagger was going to do to her after he grabbed her hair.

Jerry Lawler: What Jack Swagger just did was irreprehensible; you never raise your hand or lay a finger on a woman, no matter what! Having his head slammed into a metal locker is the least he deserves after that!

Cole suddenly holds his finger to his ear as if he is receiving something.

Michael Cole: Did you hear that, Jerry? We’ve just got word from the WWE COO John Laurinaitis that next week on Monday Night Raw, Jack Swagger has been ordered to come out here and issue a public apology for his actions in the locker room area tonight, or face what I can imagine are serious consequences.

Jerry Lawler: And rightly so! What on earth was he thinking?!

???: EXCUSE ME!!

Jerry Lawler: Oh no, not this again…

The arena instantly descends into loud cheers as VICKIE GUERRERO stomps out onto the stage.

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE…. ME!!

After some more boos, the fans quieten down enough for VG to talk.

Vickie Guerrero: Last night at Survivor Series, I am proud to say that my two clients were part of the winning team and on behalf of the whole of Team Vickie, I would just like to congratulate the new WWE COO John Laurinaitis and wish him the best of luck in his new position. I am honoured to have been a part of his historic victory.

The fans boo the beaming Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero: As for tonight, we are facing two men who we DEFEATED last night so I hope that you are all expecting to see the referee raising the arm of either Dolph Ziggler or ‘The Great’ Alberto Del Rio. Let me also make Team Vickie’s intention clear; once we’ve swept Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods aside tonight, our next target is you, Drew McIntyre!

Some anger is visible in Guerrero’s voice as she says the name of the man who “wronged” her and Ziggler several weeks ago.

Vickie Guerrero: You know that you stole that United States Championship and I promise you that soon enough, that championship is going to be around the waist of one of Vickie Guerrero’s clients once again!


After that statement, the FORMER United States Champion, DOLPH ZIGGLER walks out onto the stage to a loud mixed reaction from the fans and stands to Guerrero’s left. He runs his hand through his hair and looks unimpressed as his music fades out and is quickly replaced…


Unlike with Ziggler, there’s not even a hint of a positive reception from Hershey for ALBERTO DEL RIO, as he takes his place to Guerrero’s right, after having another staredown with Ziggler. The three members of TEAM VICKIE now walk down to the ring in a line, ignoring the fans and focussing on the ring.

Jerry Lawler: This group might be called a team by name, but they don’t look anything like a team if you ask me!

Michael Cole: It is no secret that since Alberto Del Rio joined Dolph Ziggler as one of Vickie’s clients, these two former world champions have not been on the same page. Last night at Survivor Series, both were eliminated, but Ziggler’s elimination was due to a miscommunication between him and Del Rio! That aside, I think that once Vickie Guerrero has worked her magic on these two; we could be seeing gold around their waists again soon – and judging from Vickie’s comments just now, it is Drew McIntyre’s United States Championship that they’ve got their eyes on!

Jerry Lawler: A victory tonight against McIntyre’s friends and teammates last night in Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston will certainly bring both of these men closer to a title shot, but when push comes to shove – they can’t BOTH be United States Champion!

Michael Cole: I think that is a bridge that these two are going to have to cross when they come to it, King!

Once in the ring, Ziggler and Del Rio continue not communicating with each other and Guerrero almost has to forcibly bring them together to discuss tactics ahead of the match. She tries to put their hands in the middle again like she did backstage and again, both men are heavily unenthusiastic about the team gesture.


A very strong cheer from the fans for the popular KOFI KINGSTON, as he bursts out onto the stage along with XAVIER WOODS and DREW MCINTYRE! Despite being on the losing side of things last night, they’re pumped after helping out against the Laurinaitis Administration earlier on. Woods and Mac join in with Kingston as he claps and sets off his fireworks, before Kingston and Woods lead the charge down to the ring as McIntyre hangs back with his title slung over his shoulder.

Jerry Lawler: This of course is not the first time we’ve seen these three tonight – they came out to stop the beat down of CM Punk at the hands of the Laurinaitis Administration!

Michael Cole: Yeah, they had no right to stick their noses in! CM Punk attacked first and in my opinion, was on course to getting what he had comin’ to him!

Jerry Lawler: The Laurinaitis Administration are getting MORE than enough of CM Punk later on, Michael, calm down. I was impressed with the performances of Kofi and Xavier Woods last night – Kingston has always had a good track record at Survivor Series and Xavier Woods showed no fear despite it being his first Pay-Per-View match! You also know that it will be playing on Alberto Del Rio’s mind that he was eliminated by Kingston last night!

Kingston and Woods enter the ring as McIntyre stays on the outside. Guerrero exits the ring as well and already she’s mouthing off at McIntyre due to their historic bad blood. Woods and Kingston decide Woods will kick things off, and Del Rio’s action of standing on the ring apron indicate to Ziggler that he’s starting this one off.


The bell rings and after the initial lock up, Ziggler gets the better of Woods after causing the rookie to crash into the turnbuckle after an impressive float over. Ziggler follows this up with a Dropkick to the jaw and gets a two count. He uses his foot to keep Woods down on the mat and then looks at Del Rio and quickly runs his hands through his hair, directing the taunt at his 'teammate' and goes for a Jumping Elbow Drop - but no one is home!!

Ziggler gets up quickly after his showboating costs him and Woods is quick to scoop Ziggler up and drop him across his knee with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!! Woods shouts out that he's pumped and then tags Kingston in who hope over the top rope into the action.

Seeing the man who eliminated him enter the fray, Del Rio reaches over the ropes and slaps Ziggler on his back to tag himself in! Ziggler, who was ready to go against Kofi, gives him a look and the two bicker for a moment until Guerrero screams for them to stop. Del Rio turns away from Ziggler into the action and Kofi is ready for him, going for TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! But Del Rio sees it coming at the last second and slides out of the ring!! 'The Great' taps he side of his head to praise his own quick thinking actions but he doesn't account for once he's turned around, Kingston coming through the ropes with A SUICIDE DIVE!! Del Rio is wiped out as Kofi jumps back to his feet and "BOOM!"s for the crowd as we go for a break!


Once we are back from commercial we can see that Team Vickie have regained the advantage as Del Rio has Woods in a Headlock in the middle of the ring - a replay from during the break reveals that Del Rio crotched Woods on the turnbuckle and followed up with a Running Enziguiri! The fans, Kingston and McIntyre all stomp their feet and clap as Woods slowly fights back and is able to escape the hold and follow up with a Snap DDT!!

As both men are getting to their feet, Ziggler takes it upon himself to try and stop Woods getting to Kofi, but Woods rolls through to avoid Ziggler's grip and pops up into a Clothesline for Del Rio!! Ziggler charges in at Woods but Woods sidesteps and sends Ziggler into the corner and tags in Kingston!

Both men now grab Del Rio and Double Irish Whip into the corner as well - sandwiching Ziggler! Guerrero has her head in her hands at this point as Del Rio stumbles from the corner and Kofi slaps him in the chest to knock him down! Ziggler follows shortly after and Woods picks him up and Scoop Slams him next to ADR!! Woods and Kingston run around the ring to pump up the crowd and then both run against the ropes for a DOUBLE BOOM DROP - BUT ONLY TO DEL RIO AS ZIGGLER ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND!!

Ziggler stares back into the ring as Woods and Kofi play to the crowd momentarily and Del Rio starts getting up using the ropes near Ziggler. They look at each other and Ziggler just shakes his head - and starts walking up the ramp!! The fans cheer this action and Del Rio and Guerrero are furious, Vickie trying to run up the ramp to change Ziggler's mind and Del Rio swearing at him in Spanish. Del Rio turns around after seeing that Ziggler isn coming back - BUT STRAIGHT INTO TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! The fans ROAR and Kingston hooks both legs to pick up the win!!



Vickie Guerrero's high-pitched shriek of "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" is audible even over the music and she looks up at Ziggler who is at the top of the ramp, smirking, obviously enjoying the sight of Del Rio out on his back. Meanwhile in the ring, once Del Rio is out of there, the party is in full flow as McIntyre joins Kofi and Woods in the ring to celebrate.

Michael Cole: Kofi Kingston gets on over on Alberto Del Rio for the second night in a row - but this time it was thanks to Dolph Ziggler!

Jerry Lawler: If you ask me, that was some revenge from Ziggler after what happened last night at Survivor Series! I think that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods deserved to win that match anyway, they were just a much better team than their opponents.

Michael Cole: Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler are both former World Champions, King - you can't get a better team than that!

Jerry Lawler: Cole, I think that you're just trying to do anything you can to take away from the efforts of those two young men out there, BOTH of whom have very bright futures here in the WWE!

Guerrero assists Del Rio in getting up the ramp, where Ziggler is waiting for them, where Ziggler confirms his motivation for what he did when he tells ADR that "That was for last night! NOW we're even!" before he turns around and leaves Guerrero with Del Rio on the ramp.


We're straight back to ringside following the break and can see that ALICIA FOX, TAMINA SNUKA, AJ LEE, SARITA and THE BELLA TWINS are all waiting in the ring.


The fans' reaction is mixed towards NATALYA, who walks out confidently alongside the woman who all of these Divas are out here to earn a shot at, the WWE Divas Champion, BETH PHOENIX. The Divas of Doom shake their heads as they look at the rest of the field, clearly unimpressed. Nattie gets into the ring, as Phoenix walks past the ring and heads over to the commentary table!

Jerry Lawler: Cole, I've been waiting for this all night! A Divas Battle Royal!

Michael Cole: King's excitement aside, let me remind you that the winner of this match is going to face the woman who is currently about to join us on commentary for this match, the Divas Champion, 'The Glamazon' Beth Phoenix! Beth, how are ya? Congratulations on your win last night!

Beth Phoenix: Thank you, Michael. Before we get started, I want to make one thing crystal clear, Lawler. If I hear even one of your usual comments on how attractive you think these women are or any of your sexist male fantasies, you will be getting a Glam Slam through this table. These women are wrestlers - obviously not as good as me, that's why I'm the champion - and it is hard enough for us to be taken seriously as it is.

Jerry Lawler: Beth... I apologise if that's how you view my comments, but I believe I'm just calling what I'm seeing and complimenting the Divas.

Michael Cole: I think this may have to be a discussion we return to at a later date... Beth, let me ask you about your tag team partner in the Divas of Doom, Natalya. Do you think that she'll win this match and if so, will you be prepared to face your friend at TLC?

Beth Phoenix: I have no doubt at all that Natalya is going to win this match. And at TLC, my approach won't be any different from what it usually is. I will win, but I don't expect Natalya to make it easy for me because what you're looking at in her is the most technically competent woman who has ever stepped foot in a ring.

Nattie paces around the ring and she eyes up her fellow Divas, almost toying with them. She teases AJ about her size, and then takes her place in one of the corners.


The fans cheer loudly as EVE TORRES walks out onto the stage and she isn't her usual lively self following last night and the incident with Jack Swagger earlier on. She still slaps hands with the fans but from her face, it is clear that Eve's mind is somewhere else.

Michael Cole: Eve Torres unsuccessfully challenged you last night, Beth, how would you feel if she won tonight's Battle Royal and got another chance at TLC?

Beth Phoenix: Eve is brave for still taking part tonight after what that pig did to her earlier on, but if she's even going to come close to taking this championship from me she needs to keep her head in the game. That's what cost her last night, and she learnt the hard way that you need to be at your best, and even THAT isn't good enough to defeat 'The Glamazon'.

Jerry Lawler: If it wasn't for Zack Ryder intervening in the locker room area who knows what that monster Jack Swagger was going to do to poor Eve!

Michael Cole: I think that the champ is right, Eve needs to forget all of that, including Kelly Kelly tonight because she has to avoid being thrown out of the ring in order to get another title shot.

Eve walks up the steps into the ring and is not met with disdain from any of the others, and she quietly stands next to AJ and they nod at each other in order for Eve to signify that she's ready to go. The eight Divas all start looking at each other as the referee signals for the bell to ring!


Everyone quickly turns to the stage as MARYSE walks out onto the stage! She wears a long black coat over her gear as we can see that the French Canadian is back!! She walks down to the ring and ignore the fans completely and grins at the shocked faces in the ring.

Michael Cole: It's MARYSE! We've not seen her on Raw in months! She's a Two-time Divas Champion and she's here in Hershey!

Jerry Lawler: I certainly wasn't, and I don't think anyone else was expecting Maryse to be here tonight! Beth, were you?

Beth Phoenix: I wasn't, Jerry.

Jerry Lawler: You seem a bit stunned, Beth, is that worry creeping in?

Beth Phoenix: Maryse doesn't worry me at all. Anyone who spends that much time preening and showing off is no threat to me.

Taking her jacket off, Maryse enters the ring and walks right into the middle of it and bows, smugly looking around the arena and shouting "I'M BACK! ZE TRUE DIVAS CHAMPION IS ERE!" She then motions by a nonchalant flick of the wrist that the match can begin...


The fans cheer loudly as everyone in the ring is shocked to see LAYLA HAS WALKED OUT ONTO THE STAGE!! The Brit gets a loud cheer as we see her for the first time since Extreme Rules! Maryse is having a mini-tantrum in the ring after having her thunder stolen and a shot of Beth Phoenix shows her looking extremely concerned!

Michael Cole: First we see Maryse's return, and now Layla is back!!

Jerry Lawler: Beth, you can't tell me that you're not at least a little bit worried - if my memory serves me correctly, it was Layla who defeated you for the Women's Championship last year to become the last Women's Champion in history!

Beth Phoenix: ...

Jerry Lawler: I think your silence tells the whole story of you ask me!

Layla gets into the ring and everyone looks at her as she stands in the middle of the ring. Anticipating that there are no further surprise entrants in this match, the referee on the outside calls for the bell!


Layla stands in the middle of the of the ring as everyone else looks at each other and Layla invites someone to come and take her on. Alicia Fox takes it upon herself to confront the returnee, and after a bit of trash talking, Fox goes to Slap Layla, but Layla ducks it and connects with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! Fox is down onto her knees and Layla wastes no time as everyone else watches her grab Fox from the mat and throw her through the ropes and out of the ring! Alicia Fox is out and Layla proves that there's no ring rust on her at all!!

Turning to everyone else again, Layla motions for someone else to take her on, and dates Natalya to bring it - but Maryse strikes with a boot to Layla's back and knocks her down! It all breaks down now as the remaining nine Divas all start trying to eliminate each other. Tamina tries to force Eve over the top rope but Eve adjusts her position to get Snuka in a Headscissors and uses her leg strength to send Tamina over the top and out of the ring to eliminate her!

Eve moves away from the ropes and makes a beeline to help AJ, who is being double-teamed by the Bella Twins...


Everyone stops what they're doing as KELLY KELLY'S music blares from the stage... But there's no sign of Kelly anywhere at all! Eve walks over to the ropes and holds her arms out, telling Kelly to show herself, BUT MARYSE COMES UP BEHIND EVE AND TIPS HER OVER THE TOP ROPE!!


Maryse poses for the fans as they boo their favourite being out of contention so early. Eve casts Maryse an angry look before she storms up the ramp, looking for Kelly. Phoenix on commentary repeats her earlier statement of Eve being distracted too easily.

Trying to avenge Eve's elimination, AJ instantly goes after Maryse, grabbing her from behind and pushing her into the corner. AJ climbs up onto the second rope and kicks Maryse away, but before she can leap from the ropes, Natalya rushes over and pushes AJ over the ropes and the rookie lands on the floor with a nasty bump!! The crowd wince at the hard impact, but are relieved when AJ gets up quickly, but holds her head as she heads to the back. Natalya laughs as she turns her attention to the nearby Sarita.

The fans get suddenly concerned as The Bellas are close to tipping Layla over the top, and she goes - but lands on the apron! Both Brie and Nicki try to force Layla down, but she fights them both on, and is able to pull Nicki out onto the apron with her! Seeing her twin in trouble, Brie comes out onto the apron as well! Both Bellas charge in towards Layla, but she quickly ducks back into the ring - and the twins avoid bumping into each other at the last second!

They unwisely take a moment to share they're relief at this, but all it does is allow Layla the chance to run against the opposite rope and land a Running Double Dropkick to both of them to knock them both down to the floor!! The fans cheer loudly as Layla takes her elimination count to 3.

FINAL FOUR: Layla, Natalya, Sarita and Maryse.​

Layla gets back up to her feet and turns around right into Natalya, who scoops her up and plants her onto the mat with a RUNNING POWERSLAM! After paying homage to her father, Natalya brings Layla up and tries to force her out of the ring. After temporarily incapacitating Sarita with a fierce forearm, Maryse comes over and tries to help Natalya dispatch of Layla.

Sarita is able to recover and she walks over behind Natalya and Maryse and tries to tip them BOTH over the top rope! Natalya is able to quickly remove herself from the predicament, allowing Sarita to apply her full effort to eliminating Maryse, which she does!! Maryse has a full scale TANTRUM on the floor after being thrown out and audibly curses Sarita as she's being escorted to the back.

After jokingly waving Maryse away, Sarita turns around towards Natalya but is almost decapitated by a RUNNING DISCUS CLOTHESLINE from 'The Anvilette'!! There is shudders all around as Sarita does not move an inch after the devastating shot, and Natalya effortlessly picks the Mexican's deadweight from the mat and lifts her overhead with a Military Press - and throws her over the top rope and Sarita lands on top of the Bella Twins who had just gotten back up on the outside!!


Natalya's sheer impressiveness is out over on commentary as the two remaining women stare at each other. Layla tries for a forearm, but Natalya blocks it and grabs her by the hair - and Clotheslines her down to the mat! With a handful of hair yet again, Nattie pulls Layla back up to her feet and scoops her up onto her shoulders again - looking for another Running Powerslam, but Layla slides off of her back and sends Nattie forward into the turnbuckle!

She stumbles backwards towards Layla, who then lifts Natalya up and drops her with a Back Suplex! Natalya gets us straight away and Layla is ready for her and Dropkicks her towards the ropes! Layla charges in and leaps at Natalya, but Nattie catches her but Layla's momentum takes them both tumbling over the top rope and both women land on the floor!!

Michael Cole: Natalya and Layla have both hit the floor - can we get a replay? We need to see who hit the floor first!

Both women are groggy as they stare up to the TitanTron and the slow motion replays show that THEY BOTH HIT THE FLOOR AT THE SAME TIME!!


After a few seconds of no one being sure what to do, the WWE COO JOHN LAURINAITIS emerges from the back and jogs down to the ring and stops once he's at the base of the ramp.

John Laurinaitis: Ladies, it seems that both of you eliminated each other as you both hit the ground at the same time. But instead of viewing this situation as both of you won the match, I think that both of you in fact LOST the match.

The fans boo and the Divas both approach Laurinaitis and complain about his decision.

John Laurinaitis: There can only be one number one contender and we are going to decide that next week on Raw as you two, Layla and Natalya, will go one-on-one and the winner will face Beth Phoenix at TLC for the WWE Divas Championship!


That idea is accepted by everyone it seems and Natalya shoves Layla out of the way as she heads over towards Phoenix. Layla shakes her head and then walks past Laurinaitis up the ramp, enjoying a positive reception following her return to action. Phoenix removes her headset and leaves the announce table without acknowledging Cole or King, instead perching her title back on her shoulder and congratulating Natalya on her performance.

Michael Cole: Thank you to Beth Phoenix for joining us tonight and it looks like that this situation is going to be resolved next week, King!

Jerry Lawler: That was a great match to showcase our Divas division! Layla was seriously impressive considered that this was her first match since May!

Michael Cole
: If it wasn't for her, I'm sure that we'd have been seeing Natalya's arm being raised tonight and a match between both Divas of Doom at Wrestlemania! However, folks, it's time for CM Punk to run the gauntlet for a chance to face John Cena for the WWE Championship in four weeks at TLC!


After the break, EVE TORRES is walking backstage towards the locker room, looking upset. Suddenly ZACK RYDER catches up with her and grabs her by the arm.

Zack Ryder: Eve, don't be upset about what happened, babe! Yeah, you've had a tough night, it happens to all of us!

Ryder's optimism seems to cause Eve to crack a smile, and she looks up at him and wipes a tear away.

Zack Ryder: We can sort this Kelly problem out, I'll help you! Any time you need me babe, call me. As for Jack Swagger, if he doesn't grovel at your feet next week and BEG for your forgiveness, he'll get even worse than what I gave him earlier on! No one does that to a babe like you and gets away with it!

He grabs Eve's hand and puts it into a fist and raises it above her head.

Zack Ryder: Woo! Woo! Woo!

Eve laughs as Ryder makes her fist pump, and she hugs him tightly around his waist.

Eve Torres: Thanks, Zack. It's good to know that you're there for me.

Zack Ryder: You know it, babe.

Ryder grins to a laugh from the crowd and after releasing him from the hug, Eve waves bye to Ryder and leaves and he waits a few seconds for her to be out of earshot and he pumps his fist and walks away.

Back into the arena now and JOHN LAURINAITIS has remained at ringside during the break, and is now standing in the middle of the ring.

John Laurinaitis: Tonight has been a historic first night in the era of 'People Power' in the WWE... And it is not over just yet!

A "CM PUNK" chant starts, which the COO acknowledges.

John Laurinaitis: That's right, everyone, in just a few short moments, CM Punk is going to be running the Gauntlet for a chance at the WWE Championship! Who's ready?

Cheers from the crowd.

John Laurinaitis: All he has to do is defeat the veteran R-Truth, the former WWE, United States and multiple time WWE Tag Team Champion The Miz and the undefeated MONSTER Brodus Clay! MY Administration!

The fans boo as the odds stacked up against Punk are repeated.

John Laurinaitis: So Punk, it's time for you to come out here and earn your title shot!

Laurinaitis gestures towards the stage but no one emerges and no music plays. The fans are confused, as clearly is Laurinaitis.

John Laurinaitis: CM Punk, do you want-





Michael Cole: It's The Rock! He's not supposed to be here tonight! One night after being struck with the WWE Championship!!

Jerry Lawler: Cole, look at John Laurinaitis! He doesn't know what to think!!

Laurinaitis's face is a picture, his jaw is hanging and he looks utterly stunned as The Rock enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He mounts the second rope and raises his arm in the air and does the same for the other three corners before the music fades out and Laurinaitis is still left looking dumbfounded at Rock's unexpected appearance.


A loud cheer from the fans.

The Rock: You really had no idea that The Rock was going to be here tonight, did you, John?

The answer to that one is obvious.

The Rock: Which means that you probably also don't know that the WWE Champion John Cena... has skipped the joint. Cena's gone home!

The fans boo loudly and a "CENA SUCKS" chant starts from the crowd. Laurinaitis looks a bit worried and scuttles over to the ropes and checks with someone at ringside and this is confirmed for him.

The Rock: You didn't know that either? Wow... for someone who runs the whole company you really don't appear to have a lot of control over the whereabouts of some of your employees.

Rock holds his arms out and the fans cheer.

John Laurinaitis: Rock, what are you doing here? Can't you see that I've got a main event-

The Rock: The Rock came here to... talk to John Cena after what he did last night.

Rock removes his sunglasses and runs his hand down his face before quickly getting into the COO's face.

The Rock: Of course, when The Rock says "talk" he means KICK JOHN CENA'S TUTTI FRUITY CANDY ASS ALL OVER HERSHEY!!

Another loud cheer from the crowd, and Laurinaitis flinches.

The Rock: John, even though I don't doubt for one second that your are THAT out of touch that you don't think the only reason that you're standing there instead of Triple H is not because John Cena was in a cranky mood after having his first period last night-

Rock pauses as the arena erupts into laughter.

The Rock: The Rock will lay it out straight for you. You don't deserve to be running this company because you don't know how to do it. It's that simple! That-

John Laurinaitis: This is my show-


Rock stares at Laurinaitis seriously.

The Rock: You said earlier on that you're all about giving the people what they want. People Power, right?

An increasingly angry Laurinaitis nods.

The Rock: Well you're looking at 'The People's Champion', you slimy sunnova bitch, so you better listen to what The Rock has to say.

Rock is intense as he takes a step forward and stands over Laurinaitis.

The Rock: Leave.

The fans cheer loudly and Laurinaitis shakes his head defiantly.

The Rock: I know what the people want just as well as I know what the people DON'T want... They don't want YOU.

With a thunderous look on his face, Laurinaitis looks out to the fans, who have broken into a "ROCKY" chant.

The Rock: The Rock still has some things he needs to say to John Cena, so he'll be back next week.

He stands over Laurinaitis one more time.

The Rock: Let's just hope that you won't be.

"OOOOHHH!" from the crowd and Rock switches back out of serious mode and cocks his head back.


He pauses to soak in the crowd's reaction.



After one more disapproving shake of his head towards John Laurinaitis, Rock leaves the ring and starts walking up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Just who does The Rock think he is? That's his boss that he just spoke like that to!

Jerry Lawler: He's The Rock, and he does whatever he wants! And between The Rock and CM Punk, John Laurinaitis hasn't received the best reception from some of his biggest Superstars!

Michael Cole: Well I'm sure that the COO isn't going to forget tho and The Rock will regret what he's just said!

Rock reaches the top of the ramp and turns back to Laurinaitis, who is furious in the ring. He turns to leave back through the curtain-


CM PUNK! Punk walks out onto the stage, dressed to compete ahead of the main event. He and The Rock stare at each other without saying anything, before Punk looks past 'The Great One' and heads down towards the ring!

Jerry Lawler: What a match these two would put on for us all if we were ever lucky enough to see that! We are seeing CM Punk in action tonight, and he is going to run the gauntlet against the Laurinaitis Administration for a chance to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at TLC!


After the break, Punk is in the ring, waiting for whoever his first opponent is going to be, whilst Laurinaitis stands at the bottom of the ramp, and during the break we can see that the giant inflatable "AWESOME" letters have been placed on the stage.


To a negative reaction as he's used to, THE MIZ emerges from the giant letters and starts walking down the ramp with a smug look on his face. Punk is unimpressed by the over the top entrance and just demands MIZ get into the ring. Once Miz has reached the bottom of the ramp, Laurinaitis approaches him and puts his hand on his chest as if to tell him to stop. Laurinaitis then points at Punk and tells him to turn around - so Punk does so and walks into THE LIE DETECTOR FROM R-TRUTH!!

The fans boo as Punk has been outsmarted by the LA and Miz starts walking up the ramp as the COO calls for the bell to start the match!


With Punk down on the mat following the move, Truth dances in the ring to celebrate and then waits for Punk to get up. Punk is back up and Truth tries to finish him off with the LITTLE JIMMY- But Punk shoves him away as he leaps up! With some distance between the two men, Punk extends his leg out and cracks Truth over the side of the head with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! The lunatic is dazed from the shot and Punk acts quickly and grabs his arm - AND PUTS HIM IN THE ANACONDA VISE!!!

Laurinaitis has his head in his hands as Punk intensely stares him down as he pulls back on Truth's arm even further, until TRUTH TAPS OUT!!


There's a big pop in the arena as Punk keeps the hold locked in for a few seconds after the referee called the win and he eventually lets Truth go and gets back up.

Jerry Lawler: Well it looks like John Laurinaitis's tactic of distracting CM Punk didn't work as he made short work of R-Truth anyway!

Michael Cole: CM Punk is not playing around tonight, he wants that title shot. Is he still going to be able to beat The Miz and then become the first man to defeat Brodus Clay though?

The Miz, who had not even made it back to backstage yet, suddenly finds himself having to walk all the way back to the ring as its his turn! He gets some last minute advice from Laurinaitis and slides into the ring, ready to face Punk.


It becomes clear that Laurinaitis's words to The Miz was something along the lines of "Slow it down" as in stark contrast to Truth, Miz is in no hurry to quickly finish Punk off, evidenced by the first couple of minutes being tactical by both men. At the end of a quicker series of counters by both men, Punk is able to scoop Miz up onto his shoulders for the GTS, but Miz slides off of Punk's back - and knocks him down with a Lariat to the back of Punk's neck!!

This allows Miz to take a grip of the match and he slowly tries to pick Punk apart with a series of stomps and strikes in the corner. Miz gets a near fall with a Snapmare Driver, and then his Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combo. Miz starts getting more aggressive after the series of close shaves, and he shoves Punk into the corner and places himself in the other corner and charges in for his Seated Corner Clothesline - but Punk moves!! Miz is trapped on the second rope and Punk charges in and his a Step up High Knee to the back of Miz's head!!

After that move, Miz flops down onto his back, with his legs still wrapped up in the turnbuckle. Punk climbs over him and onto the top rope and connects with a Diving Double Foot Stomp to the chest!! Miz splutters about on the mat as Laurinaitis watches on in horror. Punk gets Miz up and places him in the corner and starts UNLOADING on him with a barrage of chops to the chest!!! The commentators remark that it's a weird place to work over as Punk only stops once the referee threatens disqualification if he doesn't.

The Miz is obviously struggling for air and Punk allows him no break as he now starts kicking The Miz in the chest in the corner!! After again only ceasing because he has been warned of the consequence of not doing so, Punk grabs Miz and Snapmares him out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and steadied himself on the top rope and raises his arms into the air but just as he's about to leap, JOHN LAURINAITIS CLIMBS ONTO THE RING APRON!!

The COO demands Punk get down and the referee comes over to him and asks him to get down. Meanwhile, R-Truth uses the distraction to shove Punk down from the top rope!! Punk lands hard on the apron and this alerts the referee, who turns around to see Punk on the mat. Putting two and two together, the official orders Laurinaitis and Truth to leave ringside!! Both men argue their case and Laurinaitis threatens to fire the referee!! This perhaps causes ref to change his mind about Laurinaitis, but Truth still has to go!

Punk and Miz both get to their feet and Miz kicks Punk in the gut and runs across the ring looking for the REALITY CHECK - BUT PUNK COUNTERS... INTO THE GO TO SLEEP!!! Instead of the knee connecting with the face, Punk drives his knee up into The Miz's chest, and Miz gasps on the mat as Punk covers him and gets the three count!!!


Miz rolls out of the ring and Punk rises up to his feet and looks at the entrance ramp, and says "Come on big boy!" and holds up two fingers to Laurinaitis to show the two eliminations he has already got.

Jerry Lawler: Every underhanded move by the Laurinaitis Administration is being thwarted by CM Punk - I love it!

Michael Cole: I'm not sure you'll be laughing for much longer, King...


Punk grins as BRODUS CLAY storms out onto the stage, eyes locked on Punk, looking very pissed off indeed. Laurinaitis looks a lot more confident now and applauds as Clay stomps past him.

Michael Cole: Brodus Clay is three-hundred-and-fifty pounds of monstrous ability! This man has not been pinned or made to submit since arriving on Raw in the summer!

Jerry Lawler: He's going to be even angrier than usual! CM Punk embarrassed him earlier on by striking him with that microphone and then ejecting him from the ring!

Michael Cole: Will CM Punk be able to stop the undefeated Brodus Clay? He has to if he wants to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at TLC!



Coming into the match a few minutes in, the commentary team inform us that Clay has controlled the early stages, using his power advantage to cut off any attempted periods of offence and knock Punk down onto the floor. We return to the action with both men on the outside of the ring, just as Clay sends Punk crashing into the ring barrier!! Grabbing Punk by the throat, Clay brings him up again, and lifts him overheard and drops him down across the barrier!!

Punk is winded by the impact, and Clay brings him into the ring, where Punk is quicker to his feet than Clay is to get into the ring, and he peppers Clay with right and left hands as he comes through the ropes. These have little effect, as Punk is shoved back by Clay but uses the extra room between the men to score with a Low Dropkick to bring Clay to one knee!! With Clay is primed position, Punk drills him with a shoot kick to the side of the head!! Clay goes down and Punk quickly scales the corner again and is able to connect with a DIVING ELBOW DROP!!

Punk pins Clay, but the big man forces his way out just after 1, and the commentators note that this is the most likely Clay has looked like being beaten since his arrival. With both men getting to their feet at the same time, Punk is able to duck a swing from Clay and connect with a Roundhouse Kick to Clay's head!! This sends Clay stumbling back into the corner, where Punk follows up with a RUNNING HIGH KNEE!! Instead of immediately going for the follow up Bulldog, Punk Irish Whips the groggy Clay into the opposite corner and hits him with ANOTHER HIGH KNEE!!!

Again, Punk opts out of the Bulldog and sends Clay across the ring another time and connects with A THIRD HIGH KNEE!! Punk stands on the second rope over Clay and points to Laurinaitis and then attempts to follow up with the Bulldog - But Clay uses Punk's momentum to throw him across the ring instead!! Punk'd back arches and he slowly gets to his feet but by this time Clay has cleared the cobwebs and he flattens Punk to the mat with the FALL OF HUMANITY!!!! Clay forces Punk's shoulders down onto the mat! ONE!! TWO!!! PUNK GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Clay is PISSED OFF and he plucks Punk off of the mat and shoves him into the corner and runs against the ropes, looking to his Punk with a SECOND FALL OF HUMANITY - PUNK MOVES AND CLAY LANDS ON THE MAT IN A SPLAT!!

Punk uses the ropes to pull himself back up and slides out onto the apron and the fans cheer him on as he waits for Clay to get to his feet. The undefeated behemoth gets up and Punk attempts a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE - BUT CLAY MEETS HIM WITH A HEADBUTT TO THE CHEST!!! Punk lands on the mat in a heap and rolls out of the ring, landing at the bottom of the ramp. Laurinaitis orders the referee to begin counting Punk out but a clearly still irate Clay exits the ring and scoops Punk up and grabs him by the hair an pulls him onto the ramp.

The official in the ring is now counting both men out and has reached the count of 3. Clay grabs Punk's head and puts it between his legs and he lifts Punk up for a POWERBOMB ON THE RAMP - BUT CM PUNK IS FIGHTING!!! With a flurry on the top of Clay's head, Punk is able to force his opponent to drop him, and Punk connects with another Roundhouse Kick to knock Clay down against the railing separating the fans!! Punk then reaches down into his trunks (?) and pulls out some HANDCUFFS - AND HE HANDCUFFS CLAY TO THE RAILING OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!!!

The fans cheer loudly as they realise what has happened and with the referee now on 7, Punk gleefully strolls past Laurinaitis (who is LIVID) and slides into the ring as the official COUNTS THE HANDCUFFED BRODUS CLAY OUT!!!




John Laurinaitis is FUMING at ringside and he barks to the back for someone to come and release Clay as Punk celebrates in the ring.

Michael Cole: I can't believe this - he can't win like that!!

Jerry Lawler: He can because he just did! CM Punk is going to TLC and he will ace John Cena for the WWE Championship!!

Michael Cole: If I were him, I'd celebrate whilst I still can because you just know that John Laurinaitis and the Laurinaitis Administration are not going to allow CM Punk get away with embarrassing them like they have tonight - and on John Laurinaitis's night of all nights!

Jerry Lawler: I think you might be right, Cole. Look, here come the party poopers...

THE MIZ and R-TRUTH are walking back down to the ring, both also wearing faces of thunder. Miz passes keys to Laurinaitis, who hurriedly unlocks the handcuffs and frees Clay. The COO then tells his troops to get into the ring and can be heard shouting "MAKE SURE HE CAN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO TLC!" and the Laurinaitis Administration enter the ring - and CM PUNK BRINGS THE FIGHT STRAIGHT TO THEM!!!

Punk knocks Truth and Miz down and starts punching Clay, who strikes back with a HEADBUTT, allowing the three on one attack to begin!!! The fans boo as Punk is held up by The Awesome Truth and sent straight into the path of a Clothesline from Clay!!

The fans suddenly start cheering as just like earlier on, DREW MCINTYRE, KOFI KINGSTON AND XAVIER WOODS CHARGE DOWN AND SLIDE INTO THE RING!!

The faces brawl with the Laurinaitis Administration as Punk slides out of the ring and grabs a STEEL CHAIR!!

Bringing the weapon back into the ring, Punk immediately cracks it over Brodus Clay's back!!! Followed by A SECOND CHAIR SHOT TO CLAY'S BACK, THIS ONE KNOCKING HIM DOWN!!! Clay rolls from the ring and Punk advances towards Miz with the weapon, who immediately flees the ring!!!

Laurinaitis desperately tries to call R-Truth out of the ring, but it's too late as McIntyre pulls Truth off of Xavier Woods and diverts him into Punk's path and PUNK CRACKS THE STEEL CHAIR OVER TRUTH'S HEAD!!!! R-TRUTH IS OUT!!!

Michael Cole: OH MY!! CM Punk has just scattered R-Truth's brains with that chair shot!

Punk stands over Truth and holds the chair above his head, and he points to both Miz and Clay and the chair again to tell them that they're next. Laurinaitis has turned a shade of red as his night has gone up in flames...

Michael Cole: CM Punk appears to have ticked another name off of his list in the form of R-Truth tonight and he's also secured himself a WWE Championship Match at TLC, but at what cost? Will John Laurinaitis even let him make it?


WWE Presents...

18 DECEMBER 2011

Current card:

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BTB is providing a welcome break during revision at the moment, so trying to keep this thing trucking along. Smackdown is almost half-written, will put up a preview for it when it is done. Enjoy Superstars and some news for now.

Insider sources said:
- One of the major talking points from Raw is that WWE could finally be pulling the trigger on the long-awaited heel turn for John Cena. Whether he decides to join the Laurinaitis Administration or not will be a deciding factor in this, but given that this would involve forcing The Miz and Brodus Clay (two well thought of talents) down the pecking order, Cena will most likely reject the offer and go it alone.

- It is still currently undecided whether Cena's match against The Rock at Wrestlemania will be for the WWE Championship, but there is a lot of talk about CM Punk walking out of TLC with the title due to his current popularity and the higher-ups wanting to cash in on that at the moment.

- The Rock also shocked everyone (including WWE employees) when he appeared on Monday Night Raw. It is thought that The Rock will be appearing on Raw much more frequently from now on, and it is not out of the question him even competing prior to Wrestlemania, but of course he will NOT be featured in in-ring competition with John Cena. It is understood that a small program between Rock and The Miz may be in the works to keep Rock ticking over until 'Mania, and to also tie up some loose ends.

- The rivalry between Zack Ryder and Jack Swagger is in the process of coming to an end, as we saw on Raw that Eve Torres is being brought into the equation. Reports are suggesting that Ryder and Torres will commence an on-screen relationship as part of Eve's current storyline with Kelly Kelly.
wwe.com has also released the following two videos following the events of Raw:

The camera pans downwards and rests upon THE MIZ. He has a frown on his face, but is dressed in a suit, so is clearly after Raw, where he failed to beat CM Punk.

The Miz:
What happened on Raw, was an anomaly. The Miz does not lose matches like that... The Miz does not lose, period!

He intensely stares into the camera.

The Miz:
I am a born winner, the most 'must-see' WWE Champion of all time. I defeated John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania and I pinned The Rock at Survivor Series. All that happened on Raw was a desperate man named CM Punk take advantage of the condition of a man who competed for almost an HOUR the night before.

There is clearly a lot of bitterness to Miz's words.

The Miz:
I'm going to deal with CM Punk, I guarantee it, but instead I have a message for Smackdown.

A smirk comes across 'The Awesome One's face after that unexpected shout-out to the blue brand.

The Miz:
As you'll all be aware, John Laurinaitis is going to conduct Teddy Long's performance review this Friday Night on Smackdown. I have requested that I join him on his visit. And to prove that I am truly the elite WWE Superstar... I'm sending out a challenge to one man on the Smackdown roster for a match against me. I'm issuing this challenge to the World Heavyweight Champion, 'The World's Strongest Man'... Mark... Henry.

The Miz feigns surprise at his choice and then presses on.

The Miz:
Mark, I look forward to your acceptance, and I'll see you on Friday.

With that, Miz walks away, not without one final smirk in the direction of the camera.

The cameraman is backstage during Raw, and we see ALICIA FOX marching furiously past the camera, but upon noticing it, she stops and points into the lens.

Alicia Fox:
I'm gonna make this quick, because I'm angry as HELL right now!

Fox is breathing heavily, making it obvious this is taking place just after he elimination from the Divas Battle Royal.

Alicia Fox:
Layla, how DARE you embarrass me like that and DIS-RESPECT me in front of everybody like that?

She screws her face up and shakes her head.

Alicia Fox:
If you end up winnin' that Battle Royal, Beth Phoenix is gonna be the last of your problems, do you understand me? I'm comin' for you, bitch.

Fox SHOVES the camera away from her and causes the cameraman to drop it and with the camera on the floor now we can see Fox striding away defiantly down the corridor and can hear the cameraman cursing under his breath at the broken equipment.


24 NOVEMBER 2011​


In a good chance to bounce back from his failure to capture the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday (and now that he's no longer able to compete to it) Sin Cara makes the most of the opportunity and picks up an easy win over Young after hitting a series of his Lucha moves and ending things with the C4 from the top rope.


JTG failed to take the rookie seriously in this match and in doing so allowed the son of IRS to finish him off with a Second Rope Bulldog and earn himself his first win in the WWE in the process.


It was confirmed by the commentators that Tomko is now part of the Smackdown roster, and he gets the win for his first outing in tag team competition with his fellow ally under Christian, Tyson Kidd against the put-together pairing of Baretta and the veteran Scotty. Tomko scores the pin fall for his team after blind tagging himself in and running through Scotty with a Running Big Boot whilst he was doing his usual stuff prior to hitting The Worm on Kidd.


Having been confirmed by the office of John Laurinaitis at the top of the show that ahead of their #1 Contender's match on Raw next week, both Natalya and Layla will be in action as a chance to scout each other. Layla can be shown watching this one in the back as AJ proves surprisingly tough opposition for the Canadian. The rookie Diva almost gets the upset win with a Shining Wizard but Nattie was the one getting her arm raised after making AJ tap out to the Sharpshooter.
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Straight off the bat with John Laurinitas and what I’m really enjoying thus far is how much effort you put into the crowd interactions in your thread. It’s a minor detail but it’s much appreciated.

All in all, this was fine. I would have liked to see some more from John Cena when Punk was calling on him, but I don’t know if it could have been done well. That said, I enjoyed all of Punk as you seem to have a good handle on writing him. I’m also glad you had those three come in, as I like the four of them together. Punk’s playing to the fans was also great.

Cena has to be part of the main event right? Like, surprise fourth omg I’m a member type shit?

So as I said earlier after reading, I haven’t read much of your thread and this was my first or second showing of All World Promotions and I actually really like them. They’re really cool and the AW promo was really good. It was also a good contrast to be a bit later with Dolph and Alberto teaming but not really being on the same side.

The after match stuff I also didn’t mind, but that is two beatdowns you’ve had so far and you’ve only had one match, and then the saving thing and so forth. I hope it doesn’t happen much more during the show. I am looking forward to the five on five next week too.

I love Evan Bourne and I’m glad you bought him back into the thread. Skip Sheffields attack? Somewhat random but I hope I get some sort of explanation.

As I mentioned earlier, I really enjoyed the Dolph and Alberto stuff, and their growing contrast to each other. And Vickie is always great.

Man this Eve and Swagger thing made me a little uncomfortable. I know it did what you wanted it too, but it was a bit full on and could maybe have been toned back a bit. Like, it was fine and it could have just been me but it did make me a but ehh.

I’m really enjoying the kissing up to the new boss that most of the heel managers are taking on, it’s really cool.

The match was good. Del Rio and Ziggler are much better separate and I hope this is the beginning of a face turn of sorts for Ziggler. All in all, an enjoyable segment.

The divas stuff was fun. I was disappointed not to see AJ have more of a role in the ending, but hey, I think she’ll be helping Eve with Kelly Kelly, so it makes sense. I was hoping for the a Natalya win, so I kinda? got what I wanted. Laurinitas coming out was good and the “you’re both losers” thing was cool.

The main event… wait, The Rock. You wrote Rocky well, even though I wish he’d done more to address Cena instead of Laurinitas. With that being said, this was fine and I really have no qualms with it.

The main event was good and I’m happy to be proved wrong. The ending was awesome, with Punk handcuffing Clay and it’s a really creative thing to do so well done. It also could have backfired in a big way, but I don’t think it did. The attack after the match, I still think it was a bit overdone on the whole show and I don’t think you really needed it to get your point across. I think it could have worked better given another week but hey, it was still good.

All in all, I enjoyed the show. It was pretty great. You did have some typos and such, but those are really forgivable with the length of the show. Keep up the good work~!
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Thanks for the comments as always, Gards.

25th NOVEMBER 2011

On tonight's Smackdown, all of the attention and focus of the WWE Universe will be on the fate of the Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, as he will be scrutinised and assessed by the new COO John Laurinaitis, who will be making his first appearance on Smackdown since becoming the Chief Operating Officer of the company at Survivor Series this past Sunday. Laurinaitis will not be alone, as also making a one-night-only return to the blue brand is one of the members of his Laurinaitis Administration, The Miz, who rather sensationally laid down a challenge to Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion, the 400+lb 'World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry! Henry of course accepted the match, so two of the WWE's top Superstars are going to face off in tonight's main event! Henry will have to keep an eye out for another one of Laurinaitis's cohorts, being Big Show, as 'The Giant' has sealed a permanent switch back to Friday nights as a result of his participation in Team Laurinaitis's victory on Sunday. Expect Show and Henry to collide in the very near future, possibly tonight in Wilkes-Barre, as Show will be out for revenge after Henry broke his ankle in July and Henry would sooner die than back down from a fight. Can The Miz pull of a shocking upset? Will Big Show be able to keep himself removed from Henry for long enough so this match can even take place?!

In what could be assumed as an attempt to preserve his longevity as Smackdown GM, Teddy Long has organised a HUGE Six Man Tag Team Match for tonight's show, pitting a set of Survivor Series victors against men who lost their respective matches on Sunday night. Christian, who led his team to victory (albeit with the assistance of a Low Blow) against Team Daniel Bryan, will team with one of his teammates of last night, Wade Barrett (who was eliminated due to a lighting fault distracting him) and the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, who finally put to bed his battle over the championship with Sin Cara after defeating him at Sunday's Pay-Per-View. This trio will battle with Christian's opposing team captain Daniel Bryan, the man who eliminated Barrett following the distraction with the lights and John Morrison, who unfortunately came up short in his quest to become World Heavyweight Champion. With six of Smackdown's brightest lights on display, along with a cobweb of unresolved issues, Wilkes-Barre is sure to be in for an almighty treat.

After making an unexpected return in the Divas Battle Royal on Raw, Layla showed no signs of ring rust as she managed to last until the final two! It was then that both herself and the other remaining Diva, Natalya, both hit the floor at the same time, resulting in a draw! The woman to challenge Natalya's ally Beth Phoenix for the title at TLC will be decided on Monday's Raw, but tonight on Smackdown, Layla will compete in her first singles match since returning from injury, going up against Alicia Fox! Fox had some scathing words directed at Layla in an interview with wwe.com in the week, and this compiled with Natalya looking impressive last night on WWE Superstars, Layla will be even more determined to build some momentum ahead of her all-important match this coming Monday.

For weeks on Smackdown, we have seen some vignettes informing us of the impending arrival of Damien Sandow, a man who claims that he is coming to the WWE to 'enlighten and save' us! I'm sure that he will further elaborate on what he means by that when he makes his Smackdown debut tonight! Perhaps Sandow will not be too concerned with our spiritual wellbeing and have at least one eye on his opponent, because he is going to need it, as his squaring off in his maiden Smackdown bout against 'The Cape Town Werewolf' Justin Gabriel! Gabriel has been on almost unstoppable form for a number of months now, and will be looking to put his defeat as part of Team Bryan at Survivor Series behind him by getting back to winning ways in Wilkes-Barre.

Fighting for Freedom were unsuccessful in becoming the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships in Tag Team Turmoil on the Survivor Series Pre-Show, as after eliminating three teams, they were assaulted by Jinder Mahal and his colossal brother-in-law, The Great Khali. Curtis and Bateman have been awarded the opportunity to get revenge on their rivals as the two teams both try and build up their credentials as potential title challengers in the future.







Show to be posted later this week.
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Good to see this is still going! Not going to pretend I'm caught up but I'm going to try the next couple of days. Proud of you!
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^Thanks C3K, you wanna post something of your own soon? ;)

NOVEMBER 25 2011


Smackdown kicks off to the sound of the WWE's 'Most Must-See' Superstar, THE MIZ, to loud boos from the crowd. The former WWE Champion isn't fazed at all, dressed in a sharp suit and sunglasses and carrying one of his stylised microphones.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, I can assure you that you are watching Smackdown, even though the man you're looking at is The Miz from Raw!

Josh Matthews: The Miz is here, as is the new WWE COO, John Laurinaitis because as we all knew prior to Survivor Series that should Mr Laurinaitis become COO on Sunday, tonight is the Performance Evaluation of the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long.

Booker T: It's a big night on Smackdown fo' sure an' not only is The Miz here to back up John Laurinaitis, he's gon' be in action tonight.

Josh Matthews: That's right, Book! The Miz has challenged the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry to a match tonight on Smackdown, a match obviously accepted by 'The World's Strongest Man'.

Miz enters the ring and surveys the arena, looking at the fans disapprovingly. He slowly raises the mic and ignores the fans as they chant "YOU SUCK!" at him.

The Miz: Here I am, back on Smackdown! This is the show where it all started out for The Miz five years ago.

Its obvious Miz is talking with a sour taste in his mouth.

The Miz: When I was first handed my chance here in the WWE, I was seen as that weird kid from reality TV, and I was disrespected, insulted and discriminated against week after week after week after week. The rest of the roster wouldn't even let me in the locker room to get changed - I got changed in the corridor!

There's a few ironic cheers for Miz's misfortunes.

The Miz: When I started coming out here and winning matches, proving that I DO belong in a WWE ring, I thought that I was doing the right thing and earning the respect of my fellow www Superstars. I couldn't have been more wrong! They hated me even more for it and I did what all real world warriors do. I kept fighting and I kept winning!

Miz nods his head.

The Miz: I was targeted for embarrassment backstage on a weekly basis by guys like Finlay, William Regal, Hardcore Holly... Even you, Booker T.

A camera shows Booker looking on from commentary and shaking his head.

The Miz: But the one man who was supposed to care for the talent on Smackdown and encourage equality between the Smackdown Superstars was the man who I hold the most responsible for my mistreatment... That man’s name is Mister... Theodore... R... Long.

Some cheers for the Smackdown GM.

The Miz: Teddy Long allowed me to be bullied by the entire locker room. He could have stopped it but he didn't care about me one bit!

Despite his words, Miz chuckles into the microphone a little bit.

The Miz: But look at us both now as I return to Smackdown, where it all started for me, as a former multiple time Tag Team Champion, United States Champion and WWE Champion. I am undefeated at and headlined Wrestlemania and just this past Sunday - I pinned The Rock!

Boos from the crowd.

The Miz: And as for Teddy Long, well... He's still here on Smackdown... On the brink of getting fired!

More boos.

The Miz: So let me tell all of you idiotic people that regularly waste your money coming to a show as awful as Smackdown how lucky you all are tonight that you're going to see a future WWE Hall of Fame Inductee in this ring in the flesh. Tonight is the night where I finally prove once and for all that The Miz is better than Smackdown.

A lot more heat, Miz ignores it.

The Miz: I proved it when I pinned The Rock at Survivor Series, the man who this show was built for, and I'll prove it once again tonight when I pin Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.


The Miz: And THEN, I'll get my retribution against Teddy Long when I am personally present when John Laurinaitis fires him TONIGHT! I know that there's a chance Teddy will keep his job, but let me assure you that he's going to need one hell of a miracle to convince a man as impressive and powerful as John Laurinaitis that he's worthy of being employed by this company!

Miz said the last part of that quickly, showing his passion.

The Miz: So ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome you to the 'Teddy Long Farewell Show'! Starring none other than yours truly, THE MIZ... AND I'M AWESOME!!!

To some even louder jeers from the fans, Miz heads towards the ropes to leave the ring, his point made.


There's a loud cheer from the fans as THEODORE LONG walks out onto the stage and glares at The Miz, shaking his head. He does his unique walk down the ramp and has a microphone of his own.

Josh Matthews: And here come the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long! He's not going to have appreciated everything that The Miz has just said.

Long walks up the steps into the ring and raises his microphone, but Miz beats him to it.

The Miz: Teddy, there is nothing that-

Theodore Long: Miz, why don't you just shut tha hell up for once in ya damn life?!

YES! The crowd ROARS at Miz being put in his place!

Theodore Long: You're quite right when ya say that tonight could be my last night here on Smackdown as General Manager, so I think that I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a few little home truths, playa.

The Miz: Really, Teddy? Really?

Theodore Long: What part of "Shut tha hell up" isn't resonating wit' you?

Long is being ruthless and fearless, and he's speaking like a man with nothing to lose. The fans are loving it!

Theodore Long: The reason that you spent all of that time in tha corridor and had people gettin' on yo' back is because you came here to Smackdown actin' like you were God's gift to wrestlin'! Your attitude is what alienated you from tha rest of the locker room an' I can see now clearly that you're still the arrogant, self-important jackass you were back then!

Teddy is NOT holding back tonight, and The Miz takes a step closer to him.

The Miz: I'd watch your mouth if I were you, Teddy. Otherwise I'm gonna give you a dose of what is coming Mark Henry's way later on.

Theodore Long: Miz, as of right this moment I'm still an authority figure, an' last I checked this is Smackdown, an' I'm the General Manager. You lay one finger on me an' it don't matter who your friends are, yo' ass is fired, playa.

Upon realising this, Miz runs his hand through his hair, visibly frustrated.

The Miz: Teddy, I can make tonight a LOT harder for you if I want to. John Laurinaitis values my opinions and he won't be too impressed with the way you're speaking to this company's most elite Superstar.

Theodore Long: You're the most elite, huh, Miz? I seem to recall CM Punk beatin' the crap outta you on Monday! An' I'd bet even my job on Mark Henry doin' tha same to ya tonight, playa!

Miz is fuming, and the sudden badassery from Long has started a "TEDDY!" chant from the crowd, which Long acknowledges.


Even louder boos come from the fans as JOHN LAURINAITIS walks out onto the stage in his first Smackdown appearance since becoming the COO. The Miz is enthusiastically applauding his boss and friend, in an obvious showing of ass-kissing as Long doesn’t look best pleased to see Laurinaitis. The COO has a microphone in his hand and enters the ring, shaking hands with The Miz and extending the same offer to Long, which the Smackdown GM begrudgingly accepts.

John Laurinaitis: Good evening, everybody. Now, as you know, my name is John Laurinaitis and I am the Chief Operating Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Loud jeers from the crowd.

John Laurinaitis: That means that my authority is not just limited to Monday Night Raw, it is extended to Smackdown. And Teddy, as you know, tonight is your Performance Evaluation, where I am going to decide whether you are fit to continue your role as Smackdown General Manager going forward, in the new era here in the WWE… The era of ‘People Power’!

Laurinaitis holds one finger in the air as he says that.

John Laurinaitis: I was going to conduct a more formal evaluation, but something that you have just said has given me an idea for tonight’s main event.

Long looks inquisitively at Laurinaitis.

John Laurinaitis: You just said that you’d bet your job on Mark Henry beating the former WWE Champion and Wrestlemania headliner, The Miz, didn’t you, Teddy?

Theodore Long: I did, John.

John Laurinaitis: Therefore, I will allow you to make that bet. If Mark Henry wins in tonight’s main event, your job as General Manager is safe. Otherwise, I will conduct a proper investigation into your suitability for this role, and I can promise you that I have a locker room full of Superstars who will happily vouch against you, including The Miz here, and I cannot envisage your chances of leaving this arena with your job as being very high if I were to assess your performance in that method. It is your decision, Teddy.

The fans boo as Miz smugly looks on. Long looks confused, waiting for the catch to come, but Laurinaitis holds out his hand, ready for Long to shake it.

Theodore Long: Let me get this straight… Mark Henry wins tonight, I can keep my job?

Laurinaitis nods and the fans cheer. All of a sudden, Long beams at Laurinaitis and almost rips his arm off in shaking his hand.

Theodore Long: You’ve got ya self a deal, Mr Laurinaitis.

Cheers from the crowd.

John Laurinaitis: Then it is official! Teddy Long will remain Smackdown General Manager if Mark Henry wins in the main event tonight against The Miz… AND his tag team partner.

A loud “YOU SUCK!” chant engulfs the arena as Laurinaitis and Miz share a laugh together.

Theodore Long: You didn’t say nothin’ about no tag team partner! Hell, it don’t even matter. I can tell ya that Mark Henry will walk all over this clown an’ anyone else ya got.

Some cheers for Long’s plucky defence.

John Laurinaitis: I can tell you The Miz’s tag team partner, and Mark Henry knows him all too well, because Mark Henry put him on the shelf for almost five months! He’s going to know him even better because not only is he facing him tonight, he is the new number one contender for Mark Henry’s World Heavyweight Championship and will face him for the title at TLC in a Chairs Match! THE BIG SHOW!


Laurinaitis’ music blares out again as Long remains defiant, now in the knowledge that Mark Henry is going to have to overcome two men in order to keep his job safe. Miz and Laurinaitis leave the ring and start walking towards the back.

Michael Cole: Oh my! John Laurinaitis has just introduced huge consequences into tonight’s main event! If Mark Henry loses, Teddy Long is fired!

Josh Matthews: That’s not the only thing he introduced! He’s placed The Big Show into the match to make it a Handicap against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’!

Booker T: Man, dat’s just not fair, dawg. Mark Henry is tha meanest guy in the locker room but he’s got tha deck stacked against him tonight.

Michael Cole: We also know that Mark Henry and Big Show will finally face each other with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line in just over three weeks at TLC, in a Chairs Match!

Josh Matthews: How fitting for this match, as it was a chair that Mark Henry used to break Big Show’s ankle in July!

Michael Cole: You’ve got to give that one to the COO, Josh!


After the first break of the night, we return to Smackdown mid-progress of one of the more slower-paced entrances, being that of JINDER MAHAL and THE GREAT KHALI. Mahal leads the way as Khali strides behind him. The camera cuts to the commentary team of MICHAEL COLE, JOSH MATTHEWS and BOOKER T as the two brothers-in-law make their way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, where before the break we learnt that the fate of the General Manager, Teddy Long, will be decided in tonight’s main event as the World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry faces his opponent at TLC Big Show, and The Miz in a Handicap Match. If Henry wins, Long keeps his job, but if he loses, Long is fired.

Booker T: Man, I think it is really unfair how Teddy Long was tricked by John Laurinaitis into thinkin’ dat it was just Mark Henry and The Miz in the match, which would have obviously been a lot easier for Mark Henry.

Michael Cole: Are you trying to say that The Miz isn’t credible opposition for Mark Henry, Book?

Booker T: Dat is EXACTLY what I’m sayin’, Cole! I don’t know who da hell dat sucka thinks he is tryin’ to smear my name through the mud.

Josh Matthews: I think we should maybe head back to focussing on the two men entering the ring, Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali. These two were unsuccessful in becoming the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships this past Sunday at Survivor Series after they were eliminated by Fighting for Freedom. However after the match, we saw that that didn’t sit too well with Jinder Mahal and Khali.

Booker T: Fightin’ fo’ Freedom were on fire last night before they got eliminated! They could have gone all the way!

Michael Cole: They might well have done, as they eliminated three teams in Tag Team Turmoil; an impressive accomplishment.

A clip from the Survivor Series Pre-Show is shown, where Mahal and Khali beat down Johnny Curtis and Derrick Batemen, causing them to be eliminated shortly after. Mahal can be seen smirking as he watches the clip back on the TitanTron.


To a strong reaction from the crowd, FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM walk out onto the stage, looking a little more serious than usual. DERRICK BATEMAN and JOHNNY CURTIS walk with a purpose down to the ring, in matching blue and red ring gear, before they slide into the ring AND TAKE THE FIGHT STRAIGHT TO MAHAL AND KHALI! The referee acts quickly and calls for the bell!


Bateman is able to get the better of Mahal and force him outside of the ring, but Curtis doesn’t fare well going toe to toe with Khali, who grabs him by the head and Headbutts him down to the mat. Bateman approaches Khali and Khali attempts to hit him with a CHOP TO THE HEAD – but Bateman moves! Using the opportunity to get some quick strikes in on Khali and stun him momentarily, Bateman is able to get Khali against the ropes. He quickly helps Curtis back to his feet and together they’re able to tip Khali over the top rope!! Khali lands on his feet and Curtis runs against the ropes and hits a SUICIDE DIVE TO KHALI!!! Curtis takes both himself and Khali out of the picture though, but the fans and Bateman cheer his efforts.

Mahal looks to take advantage of the distracted Bateman and tries to hook him up for his FULL NELSON SLAM – but Bateman quickly rolls Mahal over his shoulder to counter it. Both men get straightened up at the same time, but Mahal reacts quickest and takes Bateman down with a Clothesline! Controlling Bateman using some ground moves and quick strikes, Mahal slows things down as the match starts to resemble a tag team match as Curtis and Khali eventually make their way onto the aprons. Mahal resorts to using dirty tactics such as choking Bateman on the ring ropes as the fans try to help Bateman rally so he can tag Curtis into the match. Bateman gets close to getting the required tag when he is finally able to counter a Suplex attempt from Mahal into one of his own, but Mahal is able to block the tag just in time.

The Great Khali gets introduced into the match and he hits a couple of big strikes to Bateman, including a Chop to the top of the skull, which almost gets the 3 count after Khali places his foot on Bateman’s chest as a pin attempt. Angered, Khali tries to put Bateman in the Khali Vise Grip – but Bateman escapes his advances and dives to Curtis and makes the hot tag! Instead of jumping into the ring, Curtis climbs onto the top turnbuckle, and connects with a Missile Dropkick to Khali’s chest! The giant merely stumbles back a couple of steps but Curtis is quickly up to slug him with a couple of right hands before running off of the ropes behind Khali and connecting with a Dropkick to the back of the knee! Khali screams out in pain and drops down onto one knee as Curtis quickly tags Bateman back in and Fighting for Freedom take down Khali with a DOUBLE DDT!!

This takes Khali down onto his back and Mahal charges into the ring but gets booted in the gut by Bateman – who quickly lifts him up and drops him with the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!!! The Brainbuster connects but Bateman doesn’t waste time in picking Mahal back up and holding him in place over The Great Khali as Curtis climbs the turnbuckle and Fighting for Freedom hit Mahal with the DEATH SENTENCE – ONTO KHALI!! The brothers-in-law are piled onto each other and Bateman, and then Curtis jump onto the pile – making it impossible for the legal man Khali to kick out!​



Bateman and Curtis both get up off of their opponents and bump fists to celebrate their victory before getting their arms raised. They climb the corners and celebrate with the fans.

Josh Matthews: Fighting for Freedom getting the win tonight; getting a measure of revenge over Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali and also beating them for the second time in a week! Guys, what do you think about these two as future WWE Tag Team Champions? They’ve proven to be one of Smackdown’s top teams, beating almost everyone along the way AND you’ve got to consider their performance in Tag Team Turmoil at Survivor Series!

Booker T: I agree, Josh. I think dat these two are very impressive an’ it can only be a matter of time, befo’ they get they hands on the gold.

Michael Cole: I think the two of you may have forgotten who the current WWE Tag Team Champions are! I mean, Fighting for Freedom are a good tag team, but they’re not on the level of Mike Hennig and David Otunga!

As the commentators are continuing their discussion, the camera cuts backstage to see the Smackdown Assistant General Manager EDGE watching Fighting for Freedom celebrate, nodding and looking impressed and holding a notepad, so clearly had a vested interest in the match.

We cut to a different place backstage, and we can tell this is being shown on the Tron in the arena, as a big cheer goes up as DANIEL BRYAN and JOHN MORRISON are warming up ahead of their match. Both look very focussed after losing on Sunday and suddenly their door slams open and both men look extremely annoyed to see who it is. They both stand up straight and we can see that THE MIZ has walked into the locker room, still in his suit, and he smugly looks at both men.

Daniel Bryan: What do you want, Miz?

The Miz: Oh Daniel, don’t be like that. I’m here in nothing but good faith to wish you luck in your match tonight, because I know how important a win will be for you tonight, as you LOST at Survivor Series.

Bryan shakes his head.

The Miz: When I was your Pro on NXT, there was a reason that I told you to follow my lead. I have the big match experience needed to lead a team to victory at Survivor Series, as I proved last night. Were either of you actually in a condition to watch the main event last night?

Neither Bryan or Morrison bite, knowing better. Miz carried on anyway.

The Miz: Well in case you missed it, I WON last night and I pinned THE ROCK!

He looks at them like he’s expecting an applause or something similar.

The Miz: And tonight, I’m going to pin Mark Henry. You wouldn’t know what that was like, would you, John? How many times did I tell you John, that you’re just not good enough to be a World Champion in the WWE!

Miz starts scanning the room as if he’s looking for someone.

The Miz: Where’s that other loser that you guys are teaming up with tonight? You know, really angry? I pinned him to win the WWE Championship last year?

???: I think you mean me, right?

The fans cheer loudly as the camera zooms out and RANDY ORTON IS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND THE MIZ!! Miz slowly turns around and cowers slightly as Orton scared him.

Randy Orton: Let’s do a quick math lesson, Miz. There are three of us and one of you and I don’t think I am alone in wanting to punch you in the face right now.

Orton bears down on Miz, who turns around to see Bryan and Morrison nodding in agreement with Orton.

Randy Orton: Therefore, I suggest you SCRAM!

Orton stomps on the floor in front of Miz and the former WWE Champion almost trips over himself escaping the locker room as Bryan, Morrison and Orton all smirk and shake their heads.

Daniel Bryan: What a jackass.

The fans cheer loudly at Bryan’s deadpan delivery as Orton and Morrison all laugh as we fade away, seeing that the face team of tonight’s six man tag team match all appear to be on the same page.


After the break, we go to the interview area where MATT STRIKER is standing bby, looking as enthusiastic as ever.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome my guest at this time, she made her return after almost six months away with a knee injury this past Monday on Raw and will compete in a number one contenders match for the WWE Divas Championship this coming Monday night… it’s Layla!

There’s a nice cheer from the fans as LAYLA walks into the screen, looking very happy.

Matt Striker: Layla, welcome back! It was great to see you return on Raw and even better that you’re competing on Smackdown tonight in your first one-on-one match since May! How are you feeling about going up against Alicia Fox tonight?

Layla: I’m feeling confident about going up against Alicia; I eliminated her from the Battle Royal on Monday and she’s been saying a lot of nasty things about me since – so I’m looking forward to taking her on tonight and shutting her up!

Another good cheer.

Matt Striker: And how about your chances on Monday up against Natalya, and should you win that match, facing Beth Phoenix at TLC?

Layla: I watched Natalya last night on WWE Superstars and she looked as impressive as she always does! I’m not saying that it is going to be easy on Monday night but I think that I’ve done my homework – you should appreciate that one, Mr Teacher – from last night and watching her and Beth take over the Divas division in the past few months.

Striker chuckles at the ‘Teacher’ comment.

Layla: As for Beth Phoenix… I’ve beaten Beth before. I beat her last year for the Women’s Championship, as Jerry Lawler referred to on Monday night. She’s beaten everyone that has been put in front of her since winning the championship at Night of Champions and I watched her against Eve at Survivor Series and she looked almost unbeatable, Matt.

The interviewer nods, as Layla carries on.

Layla: But I know that I can’t get ahead of myself and I can’t take it for granted that I’m even going to face Beth at TLC. I’ve got tonight to get through first and then Natalya on Raw. I think I am going to take things one step at a time and just enjoy myself now that I’m back in that ring where I belong.

Matt Striker: A very wise strategy, and I shall let you go now and wish you good luck in your match tonight!

Layla nods her head at Striker and then waves to the camera as we cut to the ring, where ALICIA FOX is waiting, shaking her head at what she has just seen.


The fans let out a decent cheer as LAYLA now walks out onto the stage, having come straight from the interview with Striker. She slaps hands with the fans as she makes her way down to the ring as Fox continues to watch on disapprovingly.

Josh Matthews: Layla returned to the WWE this past Monday night on Raw and impressed in the Dias Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship – she got down to the last two with Natalya, but both women’s feet touched the floor at the same time – so a one-on-one match between Layla and Natalya is going to take place this coming Monday night on Raw!

Michael Cole: The WWE COO John Laurinaitis decided that both women should get the chance to scout the other ahead of that match, so we saw last night on WWE Superstars Layla watching Natalya defeat AJ Lee; and I am sure that Natalya, and the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, will be paying close attention to this match between Layla and Alicia Fox.

Booker T: This is a good chance for Layla to get back into the groove after being out for so long. An’ I’m sure dat she wants to get some payback on Alicia Fox for what she’s been sayin’ about her.

Josh Matthews: That’s right, Booker. Alicia Fox was not best pleased with Layla’s return and how she eliminated and in her own words, disrespected her, on Raw.

Booker T: She jus’ sounds like a sore loser to me, Josh.

Layla slides into the ring and Fox has to be held back by the referee, as she makes it quite clear that she wants a piece of Layla. The official signals for the bell to ring so the match can begin.


Fox starts off much the aggressor in the match, but Layla appears to have a counter for all of the attempted clotheslines and strikes coming her way. Alicia tries an Irish Whip across the ring, but Layla counters it and drags her towards her instead and hits Fox with a Side Kick to the midsection, knocking her down onto her knees. Layla does a little jig as the crowd cheers and then connects with a Hip Attack to Fox’s face, to knock her down onto the mat! That gets a two count from the referee, following Layla’s cover.

Layla slaps Fox in a headlock and tries to wear her down that way, but Fox gets up and sends Layla against the ropes, knocking her down with an elbow to the face on her return. Fox stomps on Layla’s stomach, before grabbing her by the hair and slamming the back of her head into the mat several times, only stopping when demanded to by the ref! Fox relents, but gets straight back on her hair and tries to send Layla shoulder-first into the steel ringpost, but Layla luckily turns things around and Fox crashes into the turnbuckle. Layla quickly sprints past her and springboards from the second rope in the corner into a Sunset Flip pin, but she rolls through and hits the seated Fox with a Low Dropkick to the face!!

After another near fall following that move, Layla tries to bring her opponent up again, but Fox again grabs her by the hair – this time using it to slam Layla down onto the back of her head! Fox now uses this moment to taunt the fans and Layla, who slowly makes it back to her feet, keeled over. Fox comes in and tries to hit her with a SCISSORS KICK – BUT LAYLA DODGES IT!! The Brit backs away from the move and Fox turns around… into a Bombshell Roundhouse Kick like the one she received on Raw!! This knocks Fox momentarily loopy, allowing Layla to pull her in and hit her with THE LAYOUT!!! The Hangman’s Neckbreaker causes Fox to crumple onto the canvas unresponsive, and finally getting Layla the 3!



The fans cheer as Layla makes it back to her feet, as Fox rolls from the ring. She has her arm raised by the ref and then climbs onto the ropes in front of the hard camera to celebrate.

Josh Matthews: Layla gets the win and builds momentum ahead of the number one contenders match on Monday Night Raw against Natalya!

Booker T: She looked impressive tonight, but I think dat Natalya is gonna prove a much tougher challenge than Alicia Fox. I think Layla knew dat an’ she used tonight to get herself ready fo’ her match on Monday.

Josh Matthews: Cole, what do you think? Do you think that the Divas of Doom will be worried about Layla on Monday Night?

Michael Cole: I don’t think that they’ll be troubled by that performance from Layla - Natalya is the most technically efficient Diva in the WWE, possibly in history!


After the break, we see WADE BARRETT frantically pacing around backstage and he stops in his tracks upon seeing something and then composes himself and starts walking towards the individual, revealed to be JOHN LAURINAITIS! The fans boo even more as Laurinaitis clocks Barrett and the two shake hands.

John Laurinaitis: Wade Barrett! It's a pleasure. I know you've got a match up next-

Wade Barrett: I've been looking for you all night, Mister Laurinaitis, but this will just be quick. I trust that you saw what happened during my match at Survivor Series?

Laurinaitis nods.

John Laurinaitis: Wade, let me assure you that I understand your grievances and I promise that I will launch an in depth investigation into what caused the lighting malfunctions during your match.

Wade Barrett: Thank you, Mister Laurinaitis. I am one hundred percent certain that Teddy Long was involved! He's had it in for me for months now.

John Laurinaitis: I understand. I will include your concerns regarding Teddy Long in my thoughts, and will update you on the progress of my investigation in due course.

Barrett seems pleased with the outcome of this conversation and eagerly shakes the COO's hand again.

Wade Barrett: Thank you, Mister Laurinaitis. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some people that I need to introduce to my elbow.

Laurinaitis chuckles a little as Barrett walks off, and he whips his cellphone out of his jacket pocket, and texts something to someone...

Back to the arena...


The fans ROAR in cheers as RANDY ORTON slowly walks out onto the stage, and he strikes his 'Destiny' pose and starts walking down to the ring, looking focussed as you'd expect.

Josh Matthews: This past Sunday at Survivor Series, Randy Orton was uncharacteristically on the losing side of things in the Traditional Survivor Series Match as part of Daniel Bryan's team!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton had eliminated Tyson Kidd and Wade Barrett with an RKO earlier on in the match but was eliminated by Christian!

Booker T: Orton will be disappointed wit' dat, but he has a chance to make up fo' it tonight an' impress John Laurinaitis whilst he is here on Smackdown.

Orton slides into the ring and gets up onto the second rope, pulling the 'Destiny' pose again for the fans, before stepping down and backing up, waiting for his partners.


Another positive reaction from the Wilkes Barre crowd greets JOHN MORRISON as his entrance is shown in slow motion. Like Orton, he looks ready for this one after a defeat on Sunday.

Michael Cole: This past Sunday at Survivor Series John Morrison was unsurprisingly unsuccessful in winning the World Heavyweight Championship against Mark Henry, and I'm sure that he'll have one eye on tonight's main event where his former tag team partner The Miz faces 'The World's Strongest Man'!

Booker T: John Morrison was real close to winnin' the gold last night an' if he can help his team to victory tonight, I'm sure another title shot will be his real soon.

Josh Matthews: Morrison was seconds away from beating Mark Henry but he was in the end unable to end the dominance of the World Heavyweight Champion. He's teaming with a former and potential future World Champion tonight so although these men may be partners tonight, they may wind up as championship rivals in the near future.

Michael Cole: Morrison's had his shot and he blew it! Why should he get another chance so soon? You really think that this guy deserves a shot more than BIG SHOW? Are you gonna tell the giant that? No? I didn't think so.

After passing his sunglasses to a kid in the front row, Morrison removes his robe and enters the ring, sharing a nod with Orton before they look to the entrance ramp for the third man on their team.


Another loud pop comes from the fans as the ever-growingly popular DANIEL BRYAN enters the arena, holding onto the Money in the Bank briefcase, as he sidesteps quickly down the ramp, holding a finger into the air.

Josh Matthews: Daniel Bryan was unsuccessful in leading his team to victory over Christian's at Survivor Series, but not without controversy, as Christian hit Daniel Bryan with a Low Blow-

Michael Cole: Let me stop you right there, Josh! There wasn't any Low Blow! I rewatched the match last night and I could not see ANY evidence of wrongdoing on Christian's part before he hit Daniel Bryan with the Killswitch!

Booker T: Cole, you blind, dumb, or both? Use yo' eyes, blind ass sucka!

Michael Cole: Don't try to tell me what I did and didn't see, Booker!

Booker T: You'll see me beatin' yo' scrawny lil' ass if you don't shut the hell up right now, Cole.

Bryan goes around the ring to slap hands with everyone in the front row and he sets the briefcase down against the steps, before joining Orton and Morrison in the ring.


The crowd does a straight 180 degree flip and loudly boo the arrival of WADE BARRETT, who marched out onto the stage, down to the ring; his eyes firmly locked on Randy Orton, who intensely stares back at him.

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett is convinced that there was an element of foul play at Survivor Series when the lights turned off, leading to his elimination by Randy Orton, going as far to claiming that the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Lo-

Michael Cole: Of course it was Teddy Long! Who else-

Josh Matthews: Can you just stop interrupting me, Michael?!

Booker T: Yeah, Cole! You tell 'im, Josh! HAHA!

Josh Matthews: I apologise, ladies and gentlemen. As I was saying, Wade Barrett accused Teddy Long of purposely sabotaging the lighting in Madison Square Garden to prevent him from eliminating Randy Orton.

Booker T: That's a load o' crap if you ask me. It was confirmed dat the cause of the lights going out was a production fault, which we apologised fo', so this sucka is graspin' at straws if he think we gon' believe dat!

Instead of entering the ring where his three opponents are waiting for him and daring him to enter, Barrett opts to lurk around the base of the ramp by the ring, causing the men in the ring to smirk.


There's a similarly (but not as severe) negative reaction for the Intercontinental Champion CODY RHODES, slowly walking out from behind the curtain, his title proudly displayed around his waist.

Michael Cole: Last Sunday at Survivor Series Cody Rhodes finally put an end to his issues with Sin Cara, when he successfully defended the Intercontinental Championship, and as a result preventing Sin Cara for challenging for the title whilst he is the champion.

Booker T: Cody Rhodes showed a mean streak in dat match an' even though he beat ma boy Sin Cara, he proved dat he's tha real deal.

Josh Matthews: Now that he no longer has Sin Cara to worry about, do you think that Cody Rhodes will now be in a position to press forward as Intercontinental Champion and perhaps challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Booker T: I can't see a reason why he can't, but if he does, he's gotta remember dat he's also got dat Intercontinental title too, an' he could lose it if he's not careful.

Rhodes joins Barrett outside the ring and they're both pacing around a little, waiting for their teammate.


The fans boo loudly as CHRISTIAN makes his entrance, accompanied by TYSON KIDD and TOMKO. 'Captain Charisma' looks very pleased with himself after leading his team to victory at Survivor Series, he also carries a microphone and motions for his music to cut, which it promptly does, allowing the loud boos from the fans to be heard in their full glory. The camera shows Daniel Bryan in the ring, looking very frustrated.

Christian: What a night Survivor Series was... Not only did John Laurinaitis finally get the full control of this company from that idiot Triple H, I led MY team to victory and I... was the Sole Survivor!

The fans boo loudly again.

Christian: You can boo me all you want because it isn't going to change the fact that I pinned you, Daniel Bryan!

Shaking his head, Bryan says "You know that it's a hollow victory".

Christian: And instead of the adulation and celebrations that such a commanding and definitive victory warrants... I've been accused of cheating! People have been trying to diminish my victory! I didn't cheat! You all really think that I'd stoop to such low levels and win such a huge match with a Low Blow?

Christian shakes his head.

Christian: No, not me. I kicked you... in the knee, Daniel!

A small "BULLSHIT" chant from the fans, and Bryan points to the crowd to show his agreement with them.

Christian: If anything, you're the fake, Daniel!

Mr MITB screws his face up and says "WHAT?!". Kidd pipes up and shouts "HE SAID YOU'RE A FAKE!"

Christian: You knew I had you beat so you pretended that I Low Blowed you. I'm a two time World Heavyweight Champion... I'm more than good enough to beat you fair and square, Daniel, and I'm going to do it again tonight and then again very soon because there isn't a doubt that I've earned another shot at that briefcase.

Christian now points to the three men in the ring.

Christian: You and you're little friends are the next stepping stones on my path back to the World Heavyweight Championship, and I think it's time me, Wade and Cody showed you why you three are nothing more than mere puppets for Teddy Long, and without him around here.... You're nothing!

Christian leads his two men down to the ring and then shakes hands with Rhodes and Barrett, who are suitably fired up by the ending of his speech, but Christian doesn't anticipate the effect it would have had on his opponents, especially Daniel Bryan, who Orton and Morrison allow to start the match. Christian teases that it'll be him to kick things off for his team, but Barrett is instead the man to kick off the match against Bryan.


Bryan starts off the match quickly and unleashes his full frustrations on Barrett right from the opening bell, striking him with forearms and punches, forgoing his normally technical approach to the start of a match. After successfully blocking some strikes, Barrett shows off his own brawling skills and drives his knee into Bryan's midsection and pushes him away, but Bryan comes back at him with a Running Dropkick, which knocks Barrett back into the Bryan's corner! After a couple of standing kicks to Barrett's chest, Bryan reaches out to Randy Orton, who accepts the tag into the match to a big pop!!

A couple of European Uppercuts leaves Barrett slightly stunned and Orton stands Barrett up before leaping and connecting with a Dropkick! Barrett goes down and Orton tries a quick cover, but Barrett quickly kicks out. Orton attempts a lock up once both men are up, but Barrett rakes him in the eyes!! Boos for the underhanded manoeuvre, but Barrett being Barrett doesn't care and he lifts Orton up from behind and drops him down onto his knee for a Backbreaker!! 'The Viper' crumples down, and Barrett shoves him into his corner and drives his forearm into the small of Orton's back a few times and then tags Christian into the match!

Barrett holds Orton in place as Christian takes a few steps back, before running in and driving his knee into Orton's back!! This causes Orton to stumble out of the corner, and Christian lifts him up and takes him down with a Back Suplex! Orton is able to kick out of the following cover however, and Christian quickly scoops Orton from the mat and tries a Reverse DDT - but Orton turns out of it and drops Christian with a Clothesline! Both men are down and Orton starts crawling towards his partners for the tag, but as he gets nearer, Cody Rhodes runs into the ring and drags Orton all of the way over to his corner!!!

That's another unpopular move, and the heat for Rhodes only intensifies once Christian tags him into the match! The IC champ stomps on Orton's lower back, and drops an elbow down onto it. He quickly brings his former mentor up and takes him over with a Snap Suplex! Rhodes smirks as Orton winced as his back is targeted, and before he slaps Christian's extended hand to bring him back into the match. Just as Christian walks over to him, Orton fights back and punches him in the stomach, and again in the head as he gets back to his feet.

Christian recoils back from the strike and then charges in at Orton... Straight into a Powerslam!! The fans cheer loudly as Orton explodes into life and then makes the tag quickly to Daniel Bryan!! Bryan comes straight in after his rival but Christian is pulled out of the ring by Tomko from the outside! The fans boo as Christian thanks his 'Problem Solver' and Bryan tags Morrison in after failing to get Christian, but suddenly Bryan charges through the ropes and wipes Christian, Kidd and Tomko out with a SUICIDE DIVE!! Bryan gets to his feet quickly and thrusts his fist into the air, sharing a moment with the fans, as Smackdown heads to a commercial break.


After the break, we learn that Bryan, Orton and Morrison have retained control of the match, and currently Randy Orton is methodically stomping away on the Intercontinental Champion Rhodes. After a final decisive stomp to Rhodes's chest, Orton tags in Morrison, who gets a nice cheer as he comes in, and immediately drops a leg across Rhodes's neck! After another near fall, Morrison gets Rhodes up and tries an Irish Whip into the corner, but Rhodes turns things around and sends Morrison into the turnbuckle instead. Rhodes is met by Morrison's raised boots when he charges in, knocking him back as far for Barrett to lean over the ropes and tag himself in, but as soon as he's in the ring, he's taken down by a flying Morrison with a Diving Cross Body!

Morrison quickly gets up and sends Barrett into his corner, and tagging Daniel Bryan back in! Orton grins as he holds the struggling Barrett against the turnbuckle, and Bryan starts repeatedly striking Barrett with shoot kicks to the chest!! After around 10 kicks, Orton releases Barrett, who drops down to his knees, and Bryan delivers a final decisive kick to the side of the head!! The Englishman slumps down onto his back and Bryan climbs up a neutral corner, and holds his arms out wide, signalling for his DIVING HEADBUTT - BUT TYSON KIDD CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON!!!

Boos meet 'The Apprentice's actions, and the referee instantly approaches him and demands him to get down, but the ensuing distraction for Bryan allows Tomko to climb up as shove Bryan off of the top rope!! Bryan crashes on the mat as Kidd and Tomko jump down, looking very pleased with themselves. Kidd taunts the fans as they boo him, until he's flattened by a Clothesline from John Morrison on the outside!!! Seeing this, Tomko sprints around the ring to get revenge, but ORTON CATCHES HIM WITH A SNAP POWERSLAM ON THE FLOOR OUT OF NOWHERE!!

Back in the ring, Barrett has been able to make the tag to Christian, who quickly picks Bryan up and tries to hit him with the KILLSWITCH - BUT BRYAN COUNTERS - INTO THE LEBELL LOCK!!!! The fans cheer loudly as Christian is stuck dead centre in the hold, and Bryan is pulling back on his neck with all of his power!!! Christian's hand starts to hover in the air as his face seems to resign in desperation - but WADE BARRETT BREAKS UP THE HOLD!!!

A boot to the back of Bryan's head breaks the Lebell Lock and saves the match for the time being. Barrett quickly brings Bryan up, pulls him in towards him and takes him for a ride with the WINDS OF CHANGE!!! Barrett starts lining D-Bry up for the Bullhammer, but Randy Orton slides into the ring, and Barrett goes to hit Orton with the Bullhammer, but 'The Viper' ducks... AND DROPS BARRETT WITH AN EMPHATIC RKO!!!!

Orton celebrates his small victory over Barrett, but is quickly knocked back by a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK FROM CODY RHODES!!!

The Intercontinental Champ lifts the groggied Orton from the canvas and plants him straight back on it with CROSS RHODES!!!

Rhodes, like everyone before him, doesn't get much of a chance to think, as Morrison strikes him down with a Superkick!!! With Rhodes spread on his back by the corner, Morrison steadies himself before landing STARSHIP PAIN ON RHODES!!!!

After Starship Pain, Morrison gets up off of Rhodes, holding his stomach, but HES CUT DOWN BY A SPEAR FROM THE RECOVERED CHRISTIAN!!! The fans boo as 'Captain Charisma', his teams legal man, brings himself back into proceedings, and bringing the quickly flurry of finishers to an end. He smugly grins as he notices he's the last man up to his feet in the ring, and slaps his hand against his chest, absorbing the boos from the fans.... But the crowd start cheering as they can see that Daniel Bryan has slid back into the ring... And he's in the corner waiting for Christian to turn around!!

Bryan is urging Christian to turn around, with a look of pure determination on his face, desperate to strike his rival and get revenge for Survivor Series. Christian starts to turn around, and Bryan charges in... But TYSON KIDD JUMPS ONTO THE APRON AGAIN - SO BRYAN CHANGES COURSE AND KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A RUNNING HIGH KNEE!!!

Kidd crashes against the barrier on the outside with a thud, but Kidd's intervention allows Christian to grab Bryan as he's getting back up... AND HE PLANTS HIM WITH THE KILLSWITCH!!! Christian makes the cover and pins Daniel Bryan for the second time in a week!!!



The fans boo as Christian grins ecstatically as he sits up next to Bryan, but he's quickly yanked out of the ring by Tomko as Orton, followed quickly by Morrison, slide in!! The victorious team quickly retreat up the ramp, and only once there is sufficient distance between them and their frustrated opponents in the ring, they start jubilantly celebrating.

Josh Matthews: The numbers game becomes too much for Daniel Bryan to overcome in the end and Christian is able to pin him for the second time in the space of a week!

Michael Cole: If that isn't able to persuade even someone as pig-headed as Teddy Long that Christian is worthy of another shot at Daniel Bryan's Money in the Bank briefcase, then I don't know what is!

Booker T: Cole, I'll agree wit' you when I see wit' ma own eyes Christian beat Daniel Bryan fairly in a one-on-one match, which he's never done! Low blow, distraction! You name it, Christian has cheated usin' it, sucka!

Michael Cole: Take a look at the win and loss column, Booker! That'll tell you that apart from that one blip at Night of Champions, Christian is better than Daniel Bryan!

Booker T: Hollow victories, Cole.

Bryan is furious as the camera focuses on Christian smugly grinning at him from the top of the ramp, as we fade away.

We are back in the interview area, where MATT STRIKER is waiting, and even though the camera hasn't panned out, it is clear from the size of the man standing next to him that his guest is BIG SHOW! 'The Giant' gets a very negative reaction from the fans in the arena.

Matt Striker: I am currently joined by the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship to face Mark Henry at TLC for the title in a Chairs Match, and the man who will team up with The Miz against the champion tonight in a Handicap Match with Teddy Long's job as Smackdown General Manager on the line... It is of course, the Big Show.

The camera now zooms out to reveal a very angry-looking Big Show, who shoots a look at Striker to press him into asking his question.

Matt Striker: Show, you have the potential to make a massive impact on Smackdown's future, as you could cause Teddy Long to be fired and then become Smackdown's very own World Heavyweight Champion in three weeks at TLC. What are your thoughts on these two huge matches you've got ahead of you?

Big Show: I'll start with tonight. Teddy Long gave off the impression that he did everything in his power to bring me to Smackdown from Raw on my return from the broken ankle I suffered at the hands of Mark Henry. That's not how it really went down, you see, Matt.

There's no argument from Striker due to Big Show's ability to knock him out at any given moment at his choosing.

Big Show: When I went and pleaded my case to John Laurinaitis, I was informed that Teddy Long hadn't even picked up the phone and tried to call him, or Triple H, to try and negotiate a deal for me to move to Smackdown and get my revenge on Mark Henry. John Laurinaitis told me that if I went on his team at Survivor Series, his first act as COO would be to put me on the Smackdown roster, and where am I now, Matt?

Striker looks sheepishly before answering.

Matt Striker: You're... You're on Smackdown.

Show claps his hands together.

Big Show: Exactly! So that proves beyond one shadow of a doubt that John Laurinaitis is a man of his word, and Teddy Long is not.

The fans boo. Show doesn't care.

Big Show: And the Smackdown where I am going to be the World Heavyweight Champion... MY Smackdown... Is not going to be run by a liar like Teddy Long... So he... has... to... go.

Show cracks a smile and the fans boo again.

Big Show: Tonight I'm going to knock out Mark Henry and lose Teddy Lonh his job, and then I'm going to go to TLC, knock Mark Henry out AGAIN and win the World Heavyweight Championship! THEN, I'm going to wrap a Steel Chair around Mark Henry's leg, just like he did to me at Money in the Bank... AND I AM GOING TO BREAK HIS ANKLE!!

'The Giant's roars scare Striker to the point he drops his microphone! The camera zooms in on the seething Big Show.


He calms down a little.

Big Show: Get used to it.

The crowd in the arena continue to boo Big Show as he stares down the lens of the camera for a few more seconds before walking off, VERY pumped up.


After the break, JOHN LAURINAITIS is walking backstage, talking to a few extras and workers, when he suddenly smiles and heads over to someone, which is revealed to be CHRISTIAN! He's joined by TYSON KIDD and TOMKO, and all three men are very polite to the boss and shake his hand and the fans boo the obvious ass-kissing from the arena.

Christian: Mister Laurinaitis, how great it is to see you! Please, please… accept my congratulations on your phenomenal victory at Survivor Series on behalf of myself, Tyson, Tomko and the rest of the Smackdown locker room. To what do we owe the pleasure?

Laurinaitis is flattered by the comments, and smiling, he puts his hand on Christian’s shoulder.

John Laurinaitis: Actually Christian, I came over here to congratulate YOU on your victory at Survivor Series, as well as tonight, I watched both matches and I was very impressed.

Christian: I’m glad to hear it, sir.

Sir? Surely Laurinaitis can tell actual respect from ass-kissing this blatant?

John Laurinaitis: So much so, and after hearing what you said before your match earlier, I believe that it would be in the WWE Universe’s – the people’s – best interests for me to grant you your match against Daniel Bryan at TLC in three weeks, for the Money in the Bank briefcase!

The LOUD BOOS from the arena are very audible in the backstage area where the men are, and Christian and pals rejoice at the news.

Christian: ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Laurinaitis nods, and Christian regains his composure quickly.

Christian: Mister Laurinaitis… I – I can’t thank you enough! Thank you!

John Laurinaitis: There’s no need to thank me for anything, Christian. You’ve earned this match. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to excuse myself, I have to talk with The Miz and Big Show before the main event. I hope that the three of you enjoy the rest of the show.

Laurinaitis shakes hands with the trio again and departs, and the celebrations continue with high-fives between a very pleased Christian and his men.

From that, we head back into the arena, where the Wilkes-Barre crowd isn’t best pleased about Christian finally getting his match, and we cut to the commentators.

Booker T: Best interests? Y’all think ‘dese people want Christian anywhere near dat briefcase dat Daniel Bryan won in Money in tha’ Bank!?

Michael Cole: Christian has beaten Daniel Bryan twice in a week – how has he not earned this match? I’m quite frankly glad that Christian is facing Daniel Bryan!

Josh Matthews: That’s two HUGE matches for TLC that the WWE COO John Laurinaitis has arranged tonight! Christian will face Daniel Bryan in a rematch from Night of Champions with the Money in the Bank contract on the line and Mark Henry is going to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Big Show in a Chairs Match!


There is some confusion in the arena as the loud choir singing interrupts proceedings… and after a few seconds the man that we can recognise from the recent vignettes that have been shown as DAMIEN SANDOW walks out onto the stage, dressed in a neck-to-toe blue robe, with a white towel around his neck underneath the robe. The fans aren’t sure what to make of him, and Sandow shakes his head at them as he walks down to the ring.

Josh Matthews: We heard that this man, Damien Sandow, was going to be making his Smackdown debut tonight, and those rumours have turned out to be true!

Michael Cole: For weeks now, we’ve seen a series of video packages with Sandow preaching about how he is the ‘Saviour of the Masses’ and that he is intending to save not only the WWE Superstars, but the fans as well!

Booker T: Save ‘em from what?

Josh Matthews: You’re guess is as good as mine, Book!

Sandow enters the ring and approaches the side of the ring where the timekeeper is and holds out his arm, accepting a microphone from ringside. The music is still playing, which appears to irritate him a little, with him cocking an eyebrow.

Damien Sandow: SILENCE!

The fans obey the command as the music abruptly cuts out.

Damien Sandow: For those of you who do not know who I am, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Damien Sandow... And I am your Saviour.

The fans boo, but Sandow continues nonetheless.

Damien Sandow: I am here to save you from your current existence of being no more than a stationery, uninspired and quite frankly... physically revolting society.

LOUD HEAT. A strong "YOU SUCK!" chant engulfs the arena, directed at the debutant.

Damien Sandow: If you simply stand by and do nothing... You will all evolve into a crowd of hashtagging, tweeting, texting DEGENERATES! But fear not, as I, Damien Sandow, pledge to save you! I will enlighten you all and help you realise the errors of your ways! I will single-handedly sophisticate each and everyone one of you and I will not rest until I have done so!

The fans boo, and some even laugh.

Damien Sandow: Why, I hear you ask! "Why come to the WWE to complete such a noble and righteous conquest?" Let me tell you why. I am going to use my standing as a future Champion here in the WWE to send my message out to the world! You will all have NO CHOICE but to accept me as your Saviour! I am no false Idol... I am a man, a force, that you can all get behind and believe in!


The fans cheer loudly as this means that Sandow will finally shut up... And JUSTIN GABRIEL walks out onto the stage!! The South African walks down to the ring and slaps hands with the fans as Sandow looks on in bewilderment.

Josh Matthews: I don't think that the WWE Universe has ever been this happy to see Justin Gabriel!

Booker T: I'm especially happy to see 'im right now! What da HAYELL is dis Sandow guy goin' on about!

Gabriel enters the ring and stands in front of Sandow, who's now angered by Gabriel's presence.

Damien Sandow: SILENCE! I wish to speak again! Please turn this racket OFF AT ONCE!

This music cuts out and Sandow is again booed by the fans.

Damien Sandow: Justin Gabriel... What has compelled you to believe that it is acceptable for you to come out here and interrupt me in the middle of my sermon? Explain yourself at once!

Sandow thrusts the microphone towards Gabriel, who leans in to talk into it.

Justin Gabriel: Well if you didn't realise, Damien, we have a match right now. I was going to let you finish, but I think everyone has already had enough of your voice!

YES JUSTIN! Sandow marches around the ring in protest and demands the fans to stop cheering.

Damien Sandow: HOW DARE YOU! I am fully aware that we are scheduled to compete against each other tonight and please allow me to assure you that I am going to enlighten you and make an example of you.

Gabriel nods his head, saying "Oh yeah?"

Damien Sandow: I guarantee it! And you are going to thank me once I have defeated you and ushered you towards a better, more enriching quality of life. So in advance... You're Welcome!

Sandow walks over to the ropes and shoves the microphone into the chest of a worker at ringside, and then removes his robe to reveal some very bright pink trunks and matching knee and elbow pads!

Michael Cole: Oh my!

Gabriel scratches his head at the attire, and the commentators chuckle through their headsets, as a referee slides into the ring to the match can begin.


The bell rings and both men lock up quickly. Sandow gets the early advantage, showing some real aggression by forcing Gabriel right into the corner, with the referee needing to force Sandow away from his opponent. Sandow grins and does a CARTWHEEL in the middle of the ring and holds his arms out to jeers from the crowd, but he's made to pay for it by Gabriel who knocks him down with a Clothesline! Sandow is vexed as he gets back to his feet and charges in towards Gabriel, but Gabriel takes him down with a Back Body Drop!! The fans cheer as Gabriel is teaching Sandow what life is like in the WWE the hard way!

Obviously wanting a moment to catch his breath, Sandow quickly rolls out of the ring, but this only inspires Gabriel to go for a Baseball Slide – but Sandow shows some good agility to dodge the South African, and quickly goes behind him and sends him crashing into the floor with a Russian Leg Sweep!!! Replays show the back of Gabriel’s head bouncing off of the floor, and Sandow runs his hand through his hair to neaten it again before rolling the now heavily dazed Gabriel back into the ring. Gabriel tries to get back to his feet, but Sandow slides in and grabs him by the neck and just starts repeatedly driving his knee into Gabriel’s ribs and midsection! The aggression from Sandow surprises many in the arena, as he shoves Gabriel back first into the ropes, and catches him with a Kitchen Sink upon his return!

Working over Gabriel’s midsection becomes Sandow’s immediate goal, with some shoulder thrusts in the corner, followed by an Abdominal Stretch in the centre of the ring being his next moves. Gabriel struggles in the hold, but he’s eventually able to free himself from it, but gets sent into the ropes by Sandow, but Gabriel comes back at him with a Spinning Heel Kick!! Both men are down for a few seconds, and both make it up at around the same time. Gabriel reacts first and kicks Sandow in the leg, and then another to the chest, followed up by a Jumping Calf Kick to the face!! Gabriel goes for the pin but Sandow kicks out!! Sandow gets up quickly and gets into the corner, where Gabriel meets him with a Running Heel Kick!! After connecting with the kick, Gabriel heads out onto the apron and waits for Sandow as he stumbles into the centre of the ring.

Gabriel grabs the top rope and Springboards into the ring before planting Sandow with a SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!!! The fans cheer as Gabriel holds his stomach as he covers Sandow - but the newbie shows good resilience to kick out at 2!!

Gabriel has his head in his hands and he slowly gets to his feet and starts heading towards the corner, but SANDOW SMARTLY - AND QUICKLY - TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A LEG SWEEP!! Sandow quickly grabs the falling Gabriel's trunks and rolls him up into a Schoolboy - AND GRABS THE ROPES AS THE REFEREE MAKES THE COUNT!




The fans cheer as Sandow fruitlessly protests his innocence, but the official is having none of it!! Things get a little heated, as Sandow proclaims the referee an "Ignoramus of the highest order!" before he shakes his head in disgust and turns around... STRAIGHT INTO A SUPER KICK FROM GABRIEL!!

Sandow sees the lights as Gabriel again heads over towards the corner and climbs onto the top rope. 'The Cape Town Werewolf' steadied himself before crashing onto Sandow with a PERFECT 450 SPLASH!!! Gabriel hooks both legs and hands Damien Sandow a defeat in his first Smackdown match!!



Gabriel gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee, before he climbs onto the turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air, his other across his stomach.

Josh Matthews: After vowing to enlighten and teach the WWE Universe, Damien Sandow gets taught a lesson of his own by Justin Gabriel that cheaters never prosper in the WWE!

Michael Cole: I was impressed by his performance, but he was just unable to stop this wave of momentum that Justin Gabriel has been on!

Booker T: Justin Gabriel brought it to him an' showed him what it takes to hang wit' tha big boys here on Smackdown! Dis Sandow should maybe consider not talkin’ as much an' train in tha ring some more!

Gabriel gets back down from the corner as Sandow has picked himself up, and Gabriel, being the good sport he is, approaches his defeated opponent and holds his hand out!

Josh Matthews: What a classy gesture from Justin Gabriel!

He urges Sandow to accept the handshake, and after a couple of seconds, the defeated scholar takes a step forward and shakes Gabriel's hand to some cheers from the fans!

Booker T: Dats more like it! He's showin' his respect now.

Gabriel nods his head and then raises Sandow's arm to the fans, but Sandow's face suddenly turns into a scowl and he pulls Gabriel in and kicks him in the midsection!!! Sandow quickly grabs his arms and turns him around and drops him with a SICK-LOOKING STRAIGHTJACKET NECKBREAKER!!! Gabriel holds the back of his neck on the mat as Sandow gets up and wipes his hands before shouting "YOU'RE WELCOME!" at him, and then leaving the ring.

Josh Matthews: Now Damien Sandow has shown his true colours; what a snake!

Michael Cole: What the hell was Justin Gabriel thinking? Trying to shake the hand of a man who tried to cheat to beat you and insulted you several times before and during the match? He should have seen that coming a mile away!

Booker T: That's not true, Cole! He showed tha man respect an' he didn't have to!

Josh Matthews: Even though he hasn't won his first match on Smackdown, Damien Sandow has made an impact, and it is at the expense of Justin Gabriel.

Sandow grins at the top of the ramp, pleased with his handiwork, and leaves through the curtain to boos from the fans.


After the break the arena is quiet as everyone is aware of the magnitude and ramifications of tonight’s main event…


The fans cheer loudly as the World Heavyweight Champion MARK HENRY walks out onto the stage, wearing the title proudly over his shoulder, and he is followed by the Smackdown General Manager THEODORE LONG! Just like old times, Long is accompanying Henry to the ring tonight! The fans are deeply in Henry’s corner, as they have increasingly been in the past few weeks, as Henry’s tough style has won him his admirers (and the fact he’s feuding with Big Show probably helps!)

Michael Cole: Here is what we’ve been waiting for all night, guys – we’re going to finally find out if Mark Henry can overcome the numbers and save Teddy Long’s job.

Josh Matthews: We saw that Daniel Bryan, John Morrison and Randy Orton were unable to do that earlier on tonight, and it cost them their match. But this is so much more important. This is the future of Smackdown we’re talking about!
Booker T: 'Dis is tha' World's Strongest Man right here an' he's tha World Heavyweight Champion! If anyone can do dis and save Teddy Long's job, it is dis man right here!

Michael Cole: It is crucial for Mark Henry to focus on winning this match, and not allow his desire to get his hands on the Big Show and hurt him to get in the way of the task at hand. If he gets himself disqualified, Long is gone!

Josh Matthews: You could also argue the same case for Big Show! He has to keep his emotions in check too!

Long enters the ring with Henry, and the two share some words as Henry looks on to the stage, waiting, as his music fades out.


To the usual hostile reaction he's used to and the same one he received earlier on, THE MIZ walks out onto the stage, this time dressed to compete with his trunks on underneath his long black overcoat. He's accompanied by JOHN LAURINAITIS, who applauds him as both men stand on the stage.


To an even louder chorus of boos than Miz, BIG SHOW walks out through the curtain, he marches past Miz and Laurinaitis, towards the ring, eyes locked on Mark Henry. Miz and Laurinaitis follow him down the aisle.

Josh Matthews: We saw Big Show's intensity earlier on and we are about to see these two behemoths collide in Big Show's first match on Smackdown since he has returned from the broken ankle sustained to him by Mark Henry!

Booker T: If I was The Miz, I'd be gettin' outta dere cos these two are gonna tear into each other for real!

Michael Cole: I hope that they don't kill each other here tonight, as we won't have a World Heavyweight Championship Match at TLC!

Josh Matthews: That would be disastrous!

Show steps into the ring via stepping over the top rope from the apron and Miz slides in the ring after him. Show and Henry immediately charge towards each other and start brawling!!! Miz quickly escapes to the apron and Long rushes out of the ring and the referee starts the match!


The two men squaring off for the WHC in three weeks both lay into each other, with Henry hitting clubbing right hands on Show's head and at the same time being punched in the ribs by his rival. Show shoves Henry back a few paces, and tries to strike him again, but Henry knees him in the gut! Henry starts clubbing 'The Giant' down to size and knocks him down onto a knee, but Show fights back with another hard right hand to Henry's ribs. Big Show gets back to his feet and causes Henry to stagger back into the corner with a Headbutt, but when he charges in to crush the champion, Henry moves and Big Show crashes hard into the turnbuckle!

Henry is quickly in at Show and starts striking him in the head, and only stops when the referee threatens him with a disqualification! Taking advantage of this, Show kicks Henry in the knee and places him in the corner and delivers a Slap to the chest which echoes loudly around the entire arena!! Henry winces at the stinging pain, but is suffering again as Big Show slaps him for a second time! Show chuckles as he backs off from Henry and he tags in The Miz to loud heat from the crowd.

The Awesome One enters the ring full of bounce and he tries to take advantage of Henry being in the corner. Miz gets one decent right hand in, before Henry shoves him away but Miz comes back at him quickly and hits a Seated Corner Clothesline! He fluidly goes through the ropes and scales the corner from the apron. Henry trudges towards the middle of the ring and turns around, where Miz is waiting on the second rope, but Henry shakes the cobwebs out. The fans pop as Miz is now trapped on the second rope enabling Henry to easily pluck him from the corner and hold him overhead for several seconds - and drops him down with a Gorilla Slam!

Miz holds his ribs in paid as they also took a pummelling against CM Punk on Raw. He slowly gets up but Henry is waiting for him, and drops the former WWE Champion with a Clothesline! After that move, he rolls out of the ring, but Henry quickly follow him out. He grabs Miz by the back of the head and lofts him up again... only to drop him chest first over the barricade!! Henry shares a staredown with Big Show for a moment as Miz splutters weakly on the floor. After being rolled back into the ring, Miz slowly starts to recover, but as Henry goes to get back into the ring, Big Show climbs down from the apron and the two fierce rivals appear to be about to come to blows again!

The confrontation is brought to an end at the referee's insistence, as Henry is threatened with being counted out and Big Show with disqualification. The two titans share intense eye contact as Henry slowly enters the ring, but as he puts his head through the ropes to get in, a recovered Miz boots him in the side of the head! The sudden strike stuns Henry and brings him down, and Miz viciously stomps all over the downed champion, and lays his knee across his neck with a heavy grip on the ropes for added leverage. Miz is pulled away by the ref and he swiftly tags Big Show back in.

More boos fill the arena as Show rejoins the action, and they intensify as he goes on to do the same thing to Henry as The Miz was doing!! The choke has more effect from 'The Giant' applying all of his weight across Henry's neck, and Big Show is warned about the risk of disqualification again to force him to break the choke. Show waits for Henry to get back to his feet and he lifts the champion up and plants him to the mat with a Scoop Slam! Show quickly transitions from that into running the ropes and dropping an elbow across Henry's chest - a move that forces a two count, much to Teddy Long's relief on the outside.

Frustrated at the near fall, Show tags Miz back in, and then returns to Henry and stands in front of him as Miz darts towards them, and Show elevates Miz up and he drops a leg across Henry's throat!! Miz goes for a cover himself this time but again Henry remains resilient and kicks out at two! Henry starts to stir again and Miz stalks him from behind... The commentators remark that he may be looking to finish things off, and once Henry is up, Miz attempts to hook him up for the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE - BUT HENRY REACHES BACK AND SNAPMARES MIZ TO ESCAPE!!

Miz is back up relatively quickly, but Henry catches him with Big Boot to the face! With Miz down in the centre of the ring, Henry runs the ropes and goes for a BODY SPLASH - AND LANDS IT!! Miz's ribs must be jelly by now and 'The Awesome One' seems done as Henry stays on top of him to cover him! BIG SHOW COMES IN TO BREAK THE PIN WITH AN ELBOW DROP - BUT HENRY SEES HIM COMING AND SHOW DROPS A 420+LB ELBOW TO HIS PARTNER!!

The fans cheer as Show looks shocked at his misfiring and the pancaked Miz on the mat, who Matthews probably correctly suggests may have some kind of internal injury after those impacts. Laurinaitis demands the referee's attention and tries to spin something about Henry's conduct and even climbs up onto the apron to draw his attention.

Meanwhile, Henry and Show stare holes into each other again, and Miz miraculously starts trying to pull himself up with the aid of the ropes. Looking Big Show dead in the eyes, Henry scoops Miz up from the ground and puts him in place for the WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM!! Henry and Show maintain the strong eye contact, but BIG SHOW LANDS THE KO PUNCH ON MARK HENRY!!!!

The World Heavyweight Champion falls down onto his back and Miz lays strewn across his chest! The referee is alerted by the dull thud of Henry hitting the mat and sees Miz on top of him... And makes the three count!!!




The fans boo loudly as they’re forced to suddenly come to terms with the reign of Teddy Long as Smackdown General Manager being over! John Laurinaitis smugly retrieves a microphone and orders Long into the ring. The ashamed Long holds his head down as he slowly gets up the steps and crouches through the ropes.

Josh Matthews: The tenure of Theodore Long as Smackdown General Manager is over…

Booker T: An’ now John Laurinaitis is makin’ ‘im get into tha ring so he can tell him those two dreaded words dat no one wants to hear. How humiliatin’

Josh Matthews: Michael… you’re unusually quiet. I thought you would have been happy about this?

Michael Cole: Josh, I’m ecstatic! I mean, yeah tough on the guy who lost his job, whatever, but I’m just glad that Smackdown is now free from this tyranny that it has been under for what seems like an eternity! I am savouring every moment of this and this is something that I am going to remember fondly in my old age. What a moment!

Booker T: Show some class, Cole…. Jackass.

Long enters in the ring as Laurinaitis motions for Miz’s music to be cut off. With the music died down, Show and the now somewhat aware Miz stand in front of long as the World Heavyweight Champion is still laid out on the mat.

John Laurinaitis: Teddy, you knew what we agreed on so before you are formally relieved of your duties as Smackdown General Manager… is there anything that you wish to say to the WWE Universe?

The microphone is handed over to a now inconsolable Long, who has tears in his eyes. His hands are shaking and the fans start up a “THANK YOU TEDDY!” chant, which Show and Miz look at them disapprovingly for.

Theodore Long: I… I don’t wanna take up much of everyone’s time so I’ll keep this short…

He removes a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and wipes his eyes on it, with even some people in the crowd getting a bit emotional themselves.

Theodore Long: I just wanna thank everyone from the bottom of ma heart for lettin’ me be the General Manager of this great show for so long an’ I am so grateful to each an’ every one o’ you for lettin’ me entertain you all for all this time an’ for welcomin’ me into your home every Friday night! Thank you!

Long smiles as he thinks back to his time, the fans continue the chant.

Theodore Long: So I guess all I gotta say now is for one last time… HOLLA HOLLA, PLAYA!


The fans cheer as Long does one of his famous jigs to his music for the last time for us all, and he passes the microphone back to Laurinaitis and then as a show of class, extends a hand to the COO, which Laurinaitis accepts. The two share a smile and Long goes to turn away and leave the ring… BUT LAURINAITIS DOESN’T LET GO OF HIS HAND!

The fans start booing loudly as Laurinaitis’s face suddenly turns into a frown, and he shakes his head at the now-confused Long…

Teddy tries to pull his hand away again, but Laurinaitis tugs back at him and pulls him away…



Josh Matthews: No!

The music abruptly cuts out again UNGODLY heat now rains down on the men standing in the ring, as Laurinaitis is all smiles again as Big Show finally cracks a grin at the sight of the crumpled former Smackdown GM on the mat.

Within seconds, a team of doctors and paramedics are rushing down to the ring to treat Long, and the man who was Long’s Assistant General Manager, EDGE, is now standing at the top of the ramp, looking distraught at what has just happened. Laurinaitis, Miz and Show’s attention now turns to him as he is handed a microphone of his own.

Edge: I REALLY wish that it didn’t have to come to this! There was no need for that AT ALL!

Edge paces along the stage, desperately running his hand through his hair.

Edge: I know that this probably isn’t the smartest thing to do considering my physical condition, but I’m not about to let all of the years of hard work and dedication that Teddy Long put into Smackdown count for NOTHING!

John Laurinaitis: Edge, are you trying to make a point?

Edge: Here’s the point, John. The point being that Big Show is lucky that I don’t suspend him right now for what he’s just done and strip him of his World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC! That’s the point!

There is obviously a lot of vocal support from Wilkes-Barre for that comment, but it is met with confusion from Laurinaitis and Big Show.

John Laurinaitis: Edge, I’m afraid that if it wasn’t obvious, you are no longer the Assistant General Manager of Smackdown, therefore you do not hold the authority to suspend anyone-

Edge: I’m not arguing that point, John, but I think you’ll find that suspending someone is well within the rights of the Smackdown General Manager… which as of the bell ringing to end the match and Teddy Long’s reign… is ME!



John Laurinaitis: I didn’t appoint you-

Edge: You didn’t need to!

He reaches down into his jeans pocket and pulls out a folded document.

Edge: This is Teddy Long’s employment contract with the WWE for his role as the Smackdown General Manager. I would like to refer you to the clause on page 7 which was amended this past Sunday morning, under the approval of the WWE COO at the time, being Triple H, bestowing Teddy the right to name his successor upon termination of his contract. Teddy Long named ME as his successor!

IT’S IN BLACK AND WHITE! IT IS OFFICIAL! The fans are now buoyant again as Laurinaitis, Big Show and Miz are SHOCKED.

Edge: Of course, John, you could just fire me right now… but if you do that you’re going to be on the receiving end of the biggest unfair dismissal lawsuit in THIS COMPANY’S GOD DAMN HISTORY!!

Laurinaitis looks up to the ceiling, as Big Show protests, but Laurinaitis knows that his hands are tied here.

Edge: Anyway… I think that the people have shared their thoughts… and it is about them after all, right John?


The fans cheer again, as Edge pulls one of his signature smug grins, knowing that he’s successfully one-upped Laurinaitis. The stretcher carrying Long whizzes past the new Smackdown GM, and he winks at Laurinaitis before turning to follow his friend to the hospital. As soon as he’s gone, Laurinaitis kicks the bottom rope in frustration, and is calmed by Miz.

Josh Matthews: What an explosive ending to Smackdown! We have a new General Manager, but it is none-other than the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ Edge!

Booker T: Man, I have always thought Edge would be a great GM, but I wish it coulda been under diff’rent circumstances. Poor Teddy Long, he did not deserve dat.

Michael Cole:… I don’t believe this…

Josh Matthews: We have an extra bonus for the evening – Michael Cole is speechless! Goodnight folks, we’ll see ya next week!


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18 DECEMBER 2011

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Reading up on this. Will be interesting to see how you book things. This time period was when I was not too interested in WWE and seemed like it was just not doing too good. Hopefully you make it interesting!
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