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At the end of 2010 the WWE Board of Directors announced that the first Raw of the Year for 2011 changes will be made to the way in which everything is run. The directors announced that NXT and Superstars will both now be defunct and Raw and Smackdown will now run for three hours each a week. They also announced that there will be new people in charge of the two shows and thus there will be a draft on the first Raw. This special edition of Raw will run for four hours and all the titles will be on the line.

Male Superstars eligible to be drafted

Alberto Del Rio
Alex Reilly
The Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Heath Slater
Husky Harris
Jack Swagger
Jackson Andrews
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Joey Mercury
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Michael McGillicutty
Michael Tarver
The Miz
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
R Truth
Santino Marella
Seth Rollins
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
Trent Baretta
Triple H
Tyler Reks
Tyson Kidd
The Undertaker
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Xavier Woods
Yoshi Tatsu
Zach Ryder

Divas Eligible to Be Drafted

Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella
Rosa Mendes

The WWE will be making announcements on signings over the next couple of days on who will also be eligible to be picked in the draft.

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Love the idea! The draft sounds like it will be pretty epic. You have the WWE roster, but having them all start as free-agents and have like a brand extension draft from '02. Love the idea. Can't wait to see where you go with this, and I will definitely keep an eye on this league. I wish you the best of luck, and I can't wait to check it out.

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RAW 3rd January 2011 - Part 1

Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw. My name is Michael Cole and tonight we have been told that the WWE will be partaking in some massive changes I am so excited. Alongside me is my broadcast colleagues Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler. Now gentlemen, we have been told this will be a momentous night for the WWE I can’t wait for what we have coming for us later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right folks, tonight is going to be amazing, our first four hour edition, we will be having every person in the roster competing for a title this is going to be awesome as well as the draft where everyone is a free agent and anyone could end up anywhere.

Matt Striker: That’s right; tonight all the championships will be defended in inter brand elimination matches. We will have WWE Champion the Miz will be defending his title against Sheamus, Kane, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio and a yet to be determined superstar.

Michael Cole: We will also be having the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Edge defending his title against Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, John Cena, Wade Barrett and another superstar who is yet to be announced.

Jerry Lawler: The Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler will be facing Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Zack Ryder and CM Punk, who will be involved in his first match since returning from injury, in a falls count anywhere match with the first person to gain a pin or a submission to win the title.

Matt Striker: Also tonight the United States Champion, Daniel Bryan, will face Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, R Truth, Ted Di Biase and Christian, who will be coming back early from a torn pectoral muscle just to compete in this match.

Michael Cole: Well let’s get started with the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon, who will make a few key announcements regarding tonight’s Raw as well as what is in store for the future of the WWE.
We go to the stage area where Mr. McMahon walks out carrying two suitcases and large folder. He goes stands behind the middle podium where one podium on each side says Raw and the other Smackdown.

Mr McMahon: Welcome everyone to 2011. The WWE will be experiencing a lot of changes in and around the office. First off on the business side of things, the Etihad Group came up to the WWE and offered a multimillion dollar offer to the company. There was only one condition to the terms of this offer and well let’s get it straight out of the way and let’s confirm the deal. Teddy Long get out here I have something.

Teddy Long made his way out from the back and shook Vince McMahon’s hand and stood behind the Smackdown podium.

Mr McMahon: Now Mr. Long I don’t want you to say anything and just listen. As part of this new deal with the Etihad group they placed one specific condition on the deal. Oh well what the hell, Teddy Long, YOURRRRRRRRRRRRRR’E FFFFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Now security, get this man out of the building I never want to see your face again.

The crowd booed Mr. McMahon as Teddy Long was dragged away by the security as we head to a commercial.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Mr McMahon: Ok now with this extra influx of money, we have been able to sign a few of the top independent talents as well as bring back a few of our other former superstars, now let me introduce you to them. First off the returning superstars. This man was in the WWE from 2002 – 2006 and worked closely with the likes of Christian and Chris Jericho he is Tyson Tomko.

The crowd cheers as Tomko makes his way onto the stage, shakes hands with Mr. McMahon and stands on the other side of the stage.

Mr. McMahon: Next up we have another former of the WWE roster where he was with us from 2005 until earlier last year. Although never winning a title in his first tenure he will have a chance this time. Please welcome back to the WWE, Paul Burchill.

Paul Burchill walks out onto the stage and ignores Mr. McMahon and just goes over and stands next to Tomko. This leads to a chorus of boos for Burchill.

Mr. McMahon: Ok so the next person that will be introduced back into the WWE roster is former three time tag team champion as well as a cruiserweight champion he is Paul London.

Paul London runs down the ramp and back to the top of the stage again which is where he shakes hands with Burchill, Tomko and McMahon as the crowd roar.

Mr. McMahon: Ok welcome back Paul, so next up we have the former two time tag team champions one of them has one an additional tag team title whilst the other is a three time Intercontinental Champion and one time United States Champion they are the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

The two men step out onto the stage area and go to opposite ends of the stage and celebrate with each other and the fans.

Mr. McMahon: We now have the former two time United States Champion and one time Tag Team Champion, he only left us one month ago but now he is back he is Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP.

MVP runs out to the crowd and gets a chorus of celebrations as he does his balling motion.

Mr. McMahon: And the final man who returns to the WWE is the former longest reigning champion in Smackdown History, he is a five time singles champion and a former two time tag team champion, please welcome back Gregory Helms.

Gregory Helms walks out and gets in the face of Paul London which leads to series of boos from the audience.

Mr. McMahon: Now it’s on to the newest members of the WWE roster and there are six of them. Please let me introduce you to them first he has held 35 different titles worldwide it’s time for you to meet Daniel Christiansen

Christiansen comes out to the arena and once the crowd recognise who it is they start cheering “Daniels, Daniels, Daniels”. Christiansen grabs hold of a mic.

Christiansen: No guys, its Christiansen no more of that rubbish fresh name means, fresh start which means fresh goals and fresh targets.

Mr. McMahon: Thank you Christiansen, I hope you can achieve these fresh goals and targets here in the WWE. Now our next new star comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia and has held twelve titles across the United States he is James Richards.

Richards appears on the stage and comes out to a mixed reaction as he joins the line of new superstars on the stage.

Mr. McMahon: Only a few more left guys and here is another one this man is a high flyer and knows no end he has won eleven titles across the globe he is Ben Jacobson.

Jacobson comes out on the stage wearing dark glasses and a long trench coat. No one seems to be sure on who it is. He grabs hold of a mic.

Jacobson: Later on tonight you will find out the true identity of the man that will be taking the WWE to the next level. I am the missing piece for which the WWE has longed for.

Mr McMahon: Well there we have Ben Jacobson, now the next man I’d like to introduce to the WWE audience has been around the wrestling business for over 15 years and he has finally made his way to the WWE. Please welcome one of the best tag team wrestlers in this industry, Jorge Sanchez.

Sanchez comes out onto the stage and the crowd pop for his appearance. He stares down the line of superstars that are on the stage with him and appears as though he is giving them a long hard look.

Mr. McMahon: The second last superstar to make his debut here tonight in the WWE. This man comes from Canada and winning numerous awards and championships in his short time in the ring professionally please welcome Ryan Kelly.

Kelly strolls out onto the stage not taking any notice to anyone else around him and just joins the queue of superstars.

Mr. McMahon: Now the final person I would like to introduce to the WWE Universe would be one of the biggest coups in the WWE’s history. When I heard that this man was coming off contract at the start of December last year. Once I heard this I told Jim Ross to through the cheque book at him and sign him no matter what. He holds multiple records around the globe and has gone undefeated for long periods of time. Please welcome Joe Afoe to the WWE Universe.

Joe appears on the stage and wanders around with an angry look on his face. A Samoa Joe chant starts around the arena as Joe joins the queue.

Mr. McMahon: Please help me in welcoming these thirteen men into the WWE locker room. In order for these thirteen men to get settled in they will not be competing tonight but they will still be eligible to be drafted to either Raw or Smackdown. Now that was only the second major announcement and I think it’s time for a break.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Mr. McMahon: With all these new superstars I think that means that we will need some championships to be reinstated. So let me bring back the WWE Hardcore Championship and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

The crowd cheers at the site of the old Hardcore and Cruiserweight titles.

Mr. McMahon: Before we get this draft started I think this little Anonymous General Manager has run its course I think it’s time to reveal who you really are; it’s time to step out from behind the computer and come out here on the stage.

The music hits and its Lex Luger.

Mr. McMahon: Let me please introduce to you the Raw General Manager, Lex Luger. Now Lex, you’ve been in charge of Raw for the past 8 months and have had to make some major decisions whilst in charge and you have dealt with the Nexus as well as many other things. I say that you have done a great job.

Lex Luger: Why thanks Vince, I must say that while I was in my home in Atlanta, watching Raw sending emails to Cole it got me thinking about the best way to reveal to everyone as to who I was and what better then the first Raw of the year and by kicking the year off with a four hour edition and holding the draft it is going to be amazing.

Mr. McMahon: You have done great work for this company and this year we are going to be shaking things up in more than one way. At every pay per view there will be at least one inter branded match where the winner will score a point for their brand. At the end of the year we will tally up the scores and the loosing GM will be fired.

Lex Luger: Sound’s like a good competition Vince, I mean Mr. McMahon, but who is in charge of Smackdown now that you fired Teddy Long.

Mr. McMahon: Ah thanks for reminding me of that. Let me introduce to you the new General Manager of Smackdown. SSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG.

The crowd go wild as Sting appears on the stage holding his signature baseball bat. Sting goes and stands behind the Smackdown podium as they set up for the draft to begin.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Mr. McMahon: Ok, so the way that this will work is that we will have four rounds of five picks each of male superstars then we will have one final round where you will pick six divas. All remaining superstars and divas will be placed in a supplementary draft. Everyone fine with the rules.

Luger and Sting shake their heads and get ready.

Mr. McMahon: Ok because you Lex have been in charge for the longest you will get first choice in the draft.

Lex Luger: Ok with my first pick in the draft I decide to pick the current World Heavyweight Champion, Edge.

Edge comes out from the back and goes over to Lex Luger and signs his contract to Raw.

Mr. McMahon: Nice pick Lex, now it’s your turn Sting.

Sting: Ok well this man has been on the shelf since April last year after being taken out by Sheamus. Let me introduce the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, the Game, Triple H.

Triple H comes out on stage and the crowd give a massive reaction.

Sting: Oh and also for the Game’s comeback match he will be competing in the WWE Championship match tonight.

Lex Luger: For my second draft pick I choose the Dead Man, The Undertaker and since Sting put his returning superstar in the WWE Title match, I’m putting the Undertaker in the World Heavyweight Championship match later on tonight.

Sting: Fair enough then. Well my second pick is for Rey Mysterio.

Lex Luger: Ooooo tough break Sting looks like you forgot about the Doctor, the Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena.

Sting: That’s alright; I choose the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus as my third round pick.

Lex Luger: Nice reunite the feud between Sheamus and Triple H, smart move Sting. Well for my fourth pick I choose the Viper, Randy Orton.

Sting: I think I’ll do you a favour Lex and that’s hire someone that you couldn’t keep under control whilst you were in charge of Raw. NXT Season 1 winner, Wade Barrett.

Lex Luger: Ok for my final pick for the first round I’m surprised that he hasn’t been drafted yet but I choose the Awesome One, The WWE Champion, The Miz.

Sting: That’s alright Lex my brand will win back at least one of those championships. For my last pick of the first round I choose the Straight Edge Superstar, C.M. Punk.

Mr. McMahon: Well done GM’s the first round is done. Now after the break we will be having our first match of the night. It will be a Six Man Fall’s Count Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Championship.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a six man Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first the challengers, firstly, from Ghana, West Africa, weighing in at 221 pounds Kofi Kingston.

Justin Roberts: Introducing next, from Ayr, Scotland, weighing in at 250 pounds he is the Chosen One, Drew McIntyre.

Justin Roberts: Introducing the next challenger, from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 223 pounds, The Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison.

Justin Roberts: The next challenger, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds he is the Straight Edged Superstar, C.M. Punk.

Justin Roberts: And the final challenger, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 214 pounds, Zack Ryder.

Justin Roberts: And finally the champion, he is from Hollywood, Florida, weighing in at 221 pounds, he is the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

The bell rings to start the match. Zach Ryder starts the match off by attacking CM Punk but Punk is able to fight him off and throws him to the outside. Morrison meanwhile kicks Ziggler in the stomach and starts to pound the back of him forcing him into the corner. Kofi helps Morrison out in the corner pounding away at Ziggler. McIntyre rolls out of the ring and is looking under the ring for a weapon but can’t seem to find anything. Punk is chasing Ryder around the ring with a kendo stick as Ryder tries to escape. As they get close to McIntyre, who has stopped looking under the ring, he strikes Punk over the head with a garbage can lid. Ryder is looking for a high five when McIntyre cracks Ryder over the head with garbage can as well. McIntyre goes for the pin on Ryder. 1.........2........ Morrison realises the pin and flings himself over the top rope to the mate landing on top of McIntyre and breaking up the pin in the process. Ziggler has now turned it around on Kingston and is going after him now in the corner. Ziggler whips Kingston across the ring bouncing off the ropes. Kingston avoids the clothesline from Ziggler and hits a high elbow to the face of Ziggler.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

We are back from the break and Morrison and Punk are going at one another on the outside. Punk whips Morrison towards the guard rail but Morrison is able to jump up onto the rail and hits a moonsault onto Punk. Ryder rolls back into the ring he is met by a flurry of kicks by Dolph Ziggler whilst Ryder is on the mat. Kingston and McIntyre continue to come to blows with one another with McIntyre clotheslining Kingston over the top rope sending him to the outside. McIntyre follows him out and looks to hit the Future Shock DDT on him but Kingston manages to push McIntyre into the stairs and flicks him over the top of them. Kingston jumps on to the top of the stairs and hits the Boom Drop onto Drew McIntyre. Kingston goes for the cover on the outside with no one around. 1.........2........ Ziggler realised that he couldn’t break up the pin fall so elbow dropped the ref who was still in the ring making the count. The referee rolled out of the ring and looked knocked out. CM Punk and John Morrison continued to go at it on the outside after they both got up. Ziggler looked around the ring and saw a prone Ryder stand up slowly. Ziggler locked in the Sleeper Hold on Ryder. It was in for a few seconds and it looked like Ryder was out but there was no referee to check it out. Kingston saw this happening in the ring and climbed the turnbuckle from the outside and hits a flying dropkick onto the back of Ziggler sending both Ryder and Ziggler rolling to the outside. Another referee comes running down the ramp and intervenes in the match taking back control. Kingston grabs a ladder from underneath the ring and sets it up on the outside. Kingston starts to climb up the ladder looking over the prone bodies that lie below of Ziggler and Ryder. Kingston climbs all the way to the top but while he is there he is met on the other side by CM Punk who has also climbed the ladder. Punk starts to attack Kingston from behind and manages to put him on his shoulders and looks to hit the GTS. Punk hits the GTS on Kingston which sends him flying off the ladder through the announcers table. Punk jumps off the ladder and attacks Ziggler and Ryder but Ryder manages to hits the Rough Ryder on Ziggler. Ryder spins around and is met by a super kick from John Morrison. McIntyre manages to scamper back around the ring and Future Shock on the falling Zach Ryder. Morrison notices the fallen Kingston and goes for the pin on him. The initial referee has noticed this and starts to crawl over to make the count. Meanwhile CM Punk has hit the GTS on Drew McIntyre and goes to lock in the Anaconda Vise as well. The second ref is paying attention to this. Morrison gets the 1 on Kingston followed by the 2 and as the hand comes down for three McIntyre taps out. Both referees signal for the end of the match. As this happens they both conference with one another and they decide to announce duel winners.

Winners and New Intercontinental Champions: CM Punk and John Morrison (14:58)


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Hey man, as i promised, I would be checking in on this league. A few things

Some of the poeple that you had return weren't really important nor Main Event calibar superstars. It is your choice, but it wasn't really needed to put it on tv, as you could of done like a supplementary draft or something but that really is your choice

Also, the free agents, I don't really know half of them because I am not really an independent follower. But, again it seems that you have taken a liking to them and want them on your roster which is cool, but for some people that are reading this, they might not know who they are so your really gonna have to push their gimmick and give them orginality.

Lex Luger and Sting being the GM's was a unique choice as they both are huge WCW stars. I'm not really sure where you are going with this, but there are many options on it, and It will be cool to see which one you pick to go with.

Now as for the draft, I have some difference I would have gone with. 1st of all since you already announced who is in each title match before even knowing who is on what roster, it would be likely that the GM's would pick the people in the matches before people like Cm Punk got picked since he was in the I.C. match. So to fit storylines more, it probably would of been more appopriate to have people like Kane get picked and Alberto Del Rio since they are in World TItle matches later that night. As for round 2, you might already have your draft picks ready 2 go. But it would fit with storylines if people in the World Title matches get picked first, then people in the second-tier title matches, and then people who aren't in either matches like Christian and so on. But it would fit well with the storylines that those ppl get 1st.

Something I also suggest is at the bottom, have something more clear like the draft update in order, like if you wanted to check my league how I did it at the end of the 1st Raw. And maybe not center so must like people talking, it is kind of harder to understand it. The different colors for each announcer is unique, and could be a good thing for you to keep if you like it. But this could also be limited.

Bottom Line: This league looks great and I'm always a fan of drafts especially with WWE. The roster is so big, and good you have so many options. Can't wait til the follow up of this. Goodluck!

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Raw 3rd January 2011 Part 2

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners and the new co WWE Intercontinental Champions, CM Punk and John Morrison.

Matt Striker: Did I just here that correctly, we have co Intercontinental Champions?

Jerry Lawler: I think that is what Justin Roberts just said I wonder what that means.

Michael Cole: I’m not so sure we know that CM Punk will he headed to Smackdown this Friday after being picked up Sting as his number five draft pick which is sure to create some form of controversy with that as well. Big Show, Kane and Alberto Del Rio are in the world title matches yet not one has been picked, whilst CM Punk was picked but not in the World Title matches.

Jerry Lawler: Maybe Sting is playing favourites?

Matt Striker: Maybe, or could have been smart and had faith that CM Punk was going to win the match and bring the title to Smackdown.

Michael Cole: I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Jerry Lawler: Well let’s recap what Vince McMahon has just done and let everyone know what is happening.

Matt Striker: First off the WWE has signed a multimillion dollar sponsorship contract with the Etihad Group.

Michael Cole: That’s right Matt, but they had one condition before signing the contract. That was to fire Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long, and bring in someone new.

Jerry Lawler: I wonder if it was their idea to hire Sting or if Vince had already sorted that out for himself.

Matt Striker: That’s true.

Michael Cole: We also welcomed in 13 superstars to the WWE roster names like MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas return whilst new faces Daniel Christiansen and Joe Afoe amongst others look to establish themselves in the WWE.

Jerry Lawler: And that’s not all Vince brought back the Hardcore and Cruiserweight Titles which will also be put up for grabs later tonight.

Matt Striker: The Anonymous Raw General Manager revealed himself to us tonight and it was Lex Luger, the WCW legend.

Michael Cole: That means we have two WCW legends and friends as the two general managers of the WWE.

Matt Striker: Vince also introduced the General Manager Challenge were the loser will be fired at the end of the year.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right at every PPV we will have at least one interpromotional match where the winning brand gets a point for the general manager, this should be interesting.

Michael Cole: Plus we have had the draft, which will continue on shortly, and with both brands picking up 5 superstars each so far we’re in for a stellar year.

Jerry Lawler: Luger, from Raw, picked up Edge, the Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton and the Miz.

Matt Striker: Whilst Sting picked up Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and CM Punk.

Michael Cole: That means that so far Raw has both the World Heavyweight and WWE Champions, for now.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right Cole, for now, what a night we have install for you tonight.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

We are in the backstage are with the Nexus.

Wade Barrett: Tonight could be the last night that the Nexus are together as one. Just remember that if we are drafted apart and can’t stay together that you don’t forget who took you to the top and got you you’re contract. I am the leader of the Nexus and always will be, don’t forget that.

Justin Gabriel stands up to Wade Barrett

Justin Gabriel: You know that I respect you Wade for everything that you have done for us and I’m sure all the rest of us feel the same way. But I don’t see how you can think that the rest of us will be nowhere without you. David and I both got to the last stage of NXT just like you. Just cause you won doesn’t mean that the rest of us have no opinions and can’t do anything for ourselves. You know what Wade I’m getting out of the Nexus and going out on my own. I don’t need you or your henchmen watching my back.

Wade Barrett: How dare you, I made you and if you leave us there will be no holding back. The Nexus will see you as an enemy.

Justin Gabriel: I don’t care what you say Wade the Nexus and I are through.

Gabriel walks out of the locker room and heads off down the corridor.

We go back to the stage for the next part of the Draft.

Mr. McMahon: Ok now it’s time to continue the draft. Since Lex went first in the opening round, Sting will have the first pick this time.

Sting: Well I choose the former World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Red Machine Kane.

Lex Luger: You can have one giant I’ll pick the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show.

Sting: That leaves one man left who is in the World Title matches, so I pick Alberto Del Rio.

Lex Luger: Fair enough, since making his debut in the middle of last year I have been impressed by this man, he is the United States Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Sting: I pick the man who just won the Intercontinental Championship, John Morrison.

Lex Luger: Well I guess that means I’ll pick Dolph Ziggler.

Sting: I’ll make Mr. McMahon happy with this pick. The Chosen One, Drew McIntyre is my ninth pick in the draft.

Lex Luger: Although he didn’t pick up the win in our earlier match I was impressed by Kofi Kingston, so I will make him a member of Raw.

Sting: For my last pick of this round, I decide to pick the newest member of the WWE roster, I have worked with him in the past and I am talking about Joe Afoe.

Lex Luger: For my last pick we will see him in action later tonight, Christian.

Mr. McMahon: That draws a close to the end of the latest round of draft picks. After the break we will be having a ladder match to determine the new Cruiserweight Champion.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Match 2: Ladder Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kaval vs. Xavier Woods vs. Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a ladder match for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Introducing first from El Paso Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds, Chavo Guerrero.

Justin Roberts: Making his way to the ring from Marietta, Georgia weighing in at 205 pounds, making his WWE debut, Xavier Woods.

Justin Roberts: The next competitor, being accompanied by Jackson Andrews, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighing in at 195 pounds, Tyson Kidd.

Justin Roberts: Introducing next from Tokyo, Japan weighing in at 220 pounds, Yoshi Tatsu.

Justin Roberts: Making his way to the ring from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at 174 pounds, NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval.

Justin Roberts: And finally making his WWE in ring debut he comes to us from Davenport, Iowa, weighing in at 200 pounds, Seth Rollins.

The bell rings to start the match with everyone eyeing each other off. Jackson Andrews is in the ring as well as the six smaller men look at him. Tyson tells Andrews to attack his opponents whilst Tyson rolls out of the ring and grabs a hold of one of the ladders on the outside. Andrews gives a short arm clothesline to Tatsu. Chavo tries to take out the legs of Andrews but Andrews just kicks him off out of the ring. Kaval bounces off the ropes and tries to hit a dropkick on Andrews but he just swats him away. Rollins and Woods try to double team him but Andrews manages to give them a double suplex. Meanwhile Tyson Kidd has set up the ladder in the middle of the ring right underneath the title hanging high above the ring. Andrews picks up Kaval throwing him into the air and catching him in a Samoan Drop. Tyson starts to climb it and yells at Andrews to go after Chavo who is getting back into the middle of the ring. Andrews does what he is told and drags Chavo out of the ring to the outside following him out. Tyson manages to get to the top of the ladder with his hands on the gold. Tatsu regains his composure and climbs up the ladder to stop Tyson from retrieving the gold. Tatsu manages to take control of Kidd and hits a jumping roundhouse kick off the ladder sending them both to the mat crashing. Andrews notices this and rolls into the ring and attacks Tatsu. Woods and Rollins regain their composure pick up the ladder and smash the ladder into the back of Andrews sending him to the outside. Rollins and Woods drop the ladder and turn on each other. Rollins sends Woods across the ring but Woods comes back with dropkick. Rollins gets up and hits an arm drag on Woods. Chavo comes back in the ring and hits Rollins in the back of the head knocking him down to the mat. Woods gets up and hits an arm drag on Chavo. Tatsu comes and punches Woods in the face as well as dropkicking him over the top rope. Tatsu grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He starts to climb it as Kaval starts as well. Kaval and Tatsu fight each other at the top of the ladder. Kaval gains the advantage and rolls over the top off the ladder and hits a power bomb. Kaval manages to get back up and starts to climb back up the ladder. The title is in reach but in doing so Rollins has picked up another ladder and leans it against the other ladder. Rollins bounces off the ropes and runs up the leaning ladder clotheslining Kaval off the ladder he is going so fast that he mistimes his jump and lands on the top of the ropes falling to the outside. Tyson Kidd gets up after a while and suplexes Chavo onto the ladder causing Chavo to scream in pain. Woods rolls back into the ring with a third ladder in hand. He looks to hit Tyson Kidd with it as he turns around and manages to do so. Woods has cleared the ring and set up the ladder and started climbing. Woods is so close now from grabbing the gold. Jackson Andrews grabs a hold of the back Woods’ tights pulling him off the ladder. Andrews sets Woods up for a power bomb and slams him into the ladder on the mat. All six men are down with only Jackson Andrews left standing in the ring. He picks up Tyson Kidd and places him on his shoulders as he climbs the original ladder that is set up. Andrews is pushing himself up the ladder as Tyson Kidd gets closer to the title. Kidd manages to reach out and grab the title unstrapping it and pulling down the gold.

Winner: Tyson Kidd – New WWE Cruiserweight Champion (11:36)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Tyson Kidd.

Michael Cole: Tyson Kidd has just won his first singles championship in the WWE. Congratulations Tyson Kidd.

Jerry Lawler: Geez, Tyson had a lot of help from Jackson Andrews out there tonight I don’t know if he would have won without his help.

Matt Striker: Yes, Jackson Andrews was a big help for Kidd out there tonight. Well that just shows you that Tyson made the right decision in getting rid of David Hart Smith a few months back.

Michael Cole: Now let’s head back up to the stage for the next part of the draft.

Mr McMahon: Round three of the draft will be coming up right now. It is Lex’s turn to make his pick.

Lex Luger: Vince is it alright my next pick to get a tag team.

Mr. McMahon: I’ll allow it but that means that Sting get’s two straight picks as well.

Lex Luger: Ok well I pick Legacy, Ted Di Biase and Cody Rhodes.

Sting: Well my first pick will be the newly crowned WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Tyson Kidd and R Truth as well.

Lex Luger: Ok I pick Daniel Christiansen; I was watching a few tapes out the back and was really impressed he is pick number 13 for Raw.

Sting: After tonight’s earlier match for the Intercontinental Championship I think Zack Ryder has the potential to change the face of the WWE he will be a welcome to my Smackdown roster.

Lex Luger: Raw will get the new Mexican Bad Boy, Jorge Sanchez.

Sting: For my pick number 14 I will like to use 15 at the same time to pick up the WWE World Tag Team Champions, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov.

Lex Luger: Ok for my last pick of this round I’m picking NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval.

Mr. McMahon: Ok that’s the end of round 3. After the break we will start round 4 and the final male superstar draft.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Mr. McMahon: Ok now it’s time for the final draft for the male superstars for tonight. Sting will start off the proceedings.

Sting: Ok to kick off the fourth and final round, Smackdown will have the talents of Jack Swagger on its side.

Lex Luger: I’ll start this round off with the pick of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

Sting: That means I get the next two picks so I choose two high flying young superstars, Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel.

Lex Luger: I’m going for raw power on Raw, I choose the last ECW Champion, Ezekiel Jackson.

Sting: You can have raw power we will have the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry over on Smackdown.

Lex Luger: When I heard that MVP was returning I knew that he would be an asset, so this asset will be on Raw.

Sting: For my last pick, I choose the longest reigning champion in Smackdown’s history, Gregory Helms.

Lex Luger: Ok so the last man to be drafted tonight will be an exciting new talent, Seth Rollins.

Mr. McMahon: Ok that draws a conclusion to the male side of the draft; we will have the divas draft later in the night. But right now we will have a gauntlet match for the tag team titles.

Match 3: Five Team Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a Tag Team Gauntlet match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Introducing first the WWE Tag Team Champions weighing in at a combined weight of 530 pounds, the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov.

Justin Roberts: And their first opponents, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 480 pounds the Usos.

Santino and Jey Uso start the match off as the bell rings. Jey with a clothesline to Santino. Santino stands up and is met by a punch from Jey. Jey tags in Jimmy who whip Santino across the ring and hit a double elbow to the chest knocking Santino to the mat. Followed by another elbow drop and Jimmy makes the cover 1........2........... Santino kicks out. Jimmy with another punch to the face to Santino and tags in Jey. The Uso’s stamp away at Santino on the mat. Santino blocks a punch from Jey and throws Jey to the mat. Santino drags Jey into his corner and tags in Kozlov. Kozlov hits a fall away slam on Jey sending him flying across the ring. Kozlov puts Jey in the corner and thrusts his shoulder into the abdomen of Jey. Kozlov tags in Santino and Kozlov throws Santino into Jey shoulder first. Santino hits a neck breaker and goes for the cover 1......2...... and Jey kicks out. Kozlov tags himself him and kicks Jey in the stomach while Santino has a hold of him. Kozlov smashes Jey into the top turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. Kozlov kicks Jey in the chest knocking him to the mat. Kozlov holds Jey over his shoulder walking around the ring and allows Jimmy to make the blind tag and take out Kozlov’s knee. The Uso’s pound away at Vladimir on the mat. Jimmy hits a running head butt on Kozlov who is still on the mat. 1........2........ kick out by Kozlov. Jimmy hits a back body drop on Kozlov and goes for the pin 1..........2......... Kozlov kicks out. Jimmy hits a running clothesline on Kozlov and goes for the cover 1.....2... Kozlov kicks out again. Jimmy locks in a headlock on Vladimir. Kozlov manages to power out and hit a head butt to the chest of Jimmy. Both men are down looking for the tag. Jimmy makes the tag to Jey. Jey is able to stop Kozlov from making the tag and knocks Santino off the apron. Santino looks to enter the ring but the ref blocks him which allows the Uso’s to double drop kick Kozlov and go for the cover. 1........2......... another kick out by Kozlov, Jimmy gets the tag and runs into Kozlov crouched in the corner. Santino starts a Kozlov chant as Jimmy goes for the cover 1..... 2...... Kozlov kicks out. Jimmy holds Kozlov down blocking him from the tag. Jimmy tries to attack Santino but Santino gets in first allowing Kozlov to hit a back body drop and get the tag to Santino as does Jimmy to Jey. Santino knocks Jey down with a series of lefts. Santino hits a back body drop on Jey when he goes for the cover. 1......2...... Jimmy runs in but Kozlov cuts him out and throw him out of the ring, but Jey manages to kick out. Santino sets up for the Cobra and makes the pinfall 1.........2..........3

Justin Roberts: Introducing the next tag team Chris Masters and David Hart Smith.

Masters and Smith run down the ramp and roll into the ring. Masters attacks Kozlov and Smith goes after Masters. The referee manages to separate them and Kozlov and Smith start the match out. Kozlov and Smith lock up in the middle of the ring. Smith gains control and puts Kozlov in a head lock. Kozlov bounces Smith off the ropes and sends him across the ring. Kozlov hits the shoulder block but Smith doesn’t go down. Smith kicks Kozlov in the midsection and makes the tag to Masters. Masters hits a snap suplex on Kozlov and goes for the pin 1.......2......... Santino breaks up the pinfall. Smith runs into the ring to chase off Santino but Santino pulls the top rope down and Smith goes over the top. Master’s goes after Santino as well and pulls the top rope down as well.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

We are back with Santino and Masters both on the mat looking for a tag to their partners. Masters gets their first and Smith runs in and blocks Kozlov from the tag. Smith hits the running power slam on Santino before turning him over and locking in the Sharpshooter. Santino is about to tap when Kozlov kicks Smith in the throat breaking the submission. Masters runs in and tackles Kozlov through the ropes to the outside. Santino manages to get up and make the cover on Smith 1........2.........3.

Justin Roberts: Introducing team number four, at a combined weight of 440 pounds, Curt Hawkins and Trent Baretta.

Baretta and Hawkins take their time to make it to the ring and roll in to the ring. Kozlov and Marella are visibly tired at this stage of the match and with another two teams to come they have their work cut out for them. Hawkins and Baretta single out Marella who is in the ring by himself and double team him. Hawkins gives Marella an inverted atomic drop with Baretta bouncing off the ropes and hitting a high knee knocking him down. Hawkins go for the cover 1......2.... Marella kicks out on instinct. Kozlov starts to get up on the outside; Baretta notices this and hits a running baseball slide to the outside knocking Kozlov into the guard. Marella is in big trouble as Hawkins climbs to the top rope and looks to hit his Heat Seeking Elbow but Santino manages to roll away and avoid the contact. Santino hits the DDT on Hawkins and goes for the cover 1........2...... kick out by Hawkins. Baretta is now standing on the apron and decides to go for a springboard dropkick off the ropes. Baretta hits it and continues his assault on Marella. The referee is starting to get annoyed and starts counting 1.........2.........3....... Baretta is continuing his assault on Marella with Hawkins now helping him out. 4...........5 The referee has disqualified Hawkins and Baretta but they continue their assault on Marella. Hawkins grabs a chair and places it under Marella as Baretta climbs the top rope. Baretta hits a moonsault as Marella rolls around in pain. Baretta and Hawkins leave the ringside area with the damage done.

Justin Roberts: Introducing the final team, representing the Nexus, at a combined weight of 470 pounds, David Otunga and Heath Slater.

Slater and Otunga run down to the ring. Slater rolls in on top of Marella and makes the cover 1..........2............3

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners and.........

Justin Gabriel: Hold it, Hold it. When this match was originally scheduled I was supposed to be Slater’s partner. But since I am now not a part of the Nexus I went and saw Mr. McMahon and he said if I can find a partner I can be in this match. So I did and here he is.

Evan Bourne’s music hits and he makes it on to the stage, standing next to Gabriel.

Gabriel and Bourne make their way down to the ring Otunga and Slater jump on Gabriel but they leave Bourne out. Bourne manages to dropkick Otunga through the middle rope and sends him to the outside. Slater spins around and kicks Bourne in the mid section. Slater grabs Bourne and then throughs him into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Otunga has a hold of Gabriel from the outside so he can’t get up. Slater bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. The referee gets control of the match and sends Otunga into the corner with Gabriel still down. Barrett and the rest of Nexus run down to the ring and surround the ring. Barrett, McGillicutty and Harris start to cheer on Slater as he assaults Gabriel on the mat. Slater drop kicks Gabriel again this time sending him outside at the feet of Barrett. Otunga distracts the referee as the rest of Nexus attack Gabriel while he is on the mat. They send Gabriel into the steps. Bourne tries to help by jumping to the top rope and diving off looking for a cross body. McGillicutty catches Bourne in the air and slams him into the ring post. The referee is starting to pay attention again and notices the Nexus circling both Bourne and Gabriel. The ref sends Harris, McGillicutty and Barrett to the backstage. Barrett yells out that he expects the gold to be coming back with them. Slater and Otunga are arguing with the referee as Bourne and Gabriel regain their composure. Bourne and Gabriel creep up behind Slater and Otunga and as they turn they are met with a roundhouse kick and super kick respectively. Bourne and Gabriel climb to the top rope and hit the Aurbourne and the 450 Splash. They make the cover 1...........2............3

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners and the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel.

Winners: Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel and NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS (21:38)

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

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Raw Part 1 & 2 Feedback

I don't like Mr. McMahon announcing a partnership with Edihad Group, he could have said that he was going to shake up the WWE with a draft where everybody will be drafted. Them superstars aren't needed to be announced in the show, Paul London, MVP that is. Glad London is here :) I don't like Teddy being fired but interesting with Lex and Sting as GMS, WCW guys. The name changes ain't that special, Christopher Daniels could have been called Daniel Christopher in my opinion and Samoa Joe could be like oh I don't know just Nuffolau Seanona or Joel Seanona. Other indy guys I am just familiar with Homicide who is BILLED as a mexican when puerto rican. The draft back and forth like in 2002, the first draft, I like that style better, it is very interesting.

CM Punk and John Morrison being Intercontinental Champions is great, glad you are having them feud, they work very excellent together and I just love them feuding, hell even Tag Teaming but feuding is the best thing ever, them being on Smackdown, I just love, establish a feud between them and for the Intercontinental Championship! That is just awesome.

Justin Gabriel face turn against Wade Barrett and Nexus is great, glad he is making a name for himself already turning on the Nexus, you make very good decisions and him pointing out what happened in NXT Season 1, him and Otunga being the ones who were with him in the finals, I am expecting if Otunga isn't drafted, he breaks up with Nexus in part 3 and goes to Smackdown, feuding with Barrett along with Gabs.

A Six Man Ladder Match for Cruiserweight Championship, wow, that is amazing stuff. Kidd being the winner is amazing as well, that kidd has so much potential that can be used and certainly he would do wonders with the Cruiserweight Championship, so Jackson Andrews is his bodyguard guy?

Gauntlet for the Tag championships is great, I especially love the ending, you know where Gabs and Bourne win the titles!!!! That's great here, I like them as a Tag Team.

The draft picks aren't bad my man as well, whens part 3 coming up? Thats the only thing I ain't a fan of, parts and if there is parts there should be only 2.

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Raw Part 2:

Well you still kept everything centered which is kind of confusing, but sometimes the little things make all the difference. As for your storylines, matches and so on...

U picked up on my idea for having the World Title participants picked, which was good and made sense. One thing I did notice though was that Otunga, or any other member of the Nexus other than Barrett waas drafted so idk how that will pan out. And seeing Swagger go so slow will really hurt his status as a Mid-Card/Main Event kinda guy. Seeing Legacy being picked together was odd since they aren't a team as of now, but I'm sure you are planning on putting them as one.

So far so good, as they would say with the great ladder match for the returning Cruiserweight title match whcih you might of wanted to push more, as it was the return of the title. I am excited for part 3.

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This looks ok, im not too sure about the pictures, looks a bit unprofessional but it was a good idea to start with a draft. Would have preffered one aprt though.

I would like to see Joe's name to stay as Joe Afoe rather than same as TNA

You're matches are well written with good lenght.

Good luck with this

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Thanks for the comments, i named the Etihad Group as i plan to use them in a storyline with Teddy Long.

The reason i named all the new superstars on the stage like that is to give an insight into their personality and setup a couple of feuds (noticeably the Helms, London confrontation).

I am fully aware of Homicide being Puerto Rican but i plan on using him in a cross brand feud with Mysterio as a part of the GM Challenge and have a sort of King of Mexico thing with ADR involved as well. This will be set up later in the show.

I'm going to try and post the rest of it later today. I've been trying to mould my writing style so that i can get people interested hence the parts as well, normally it will all be in one post.

Part 3 will reveal more into the Nexus, Swagger being drafted so low and how he will bounce back, plus Legacy being drafted together, as you may have noticed but they are in the US Title match together as well.

The US Title Match will be a Championship Scramble Match
The Hardcore Title match will be a hardcore over the top rope battle royal.
Divas Title will a battle royal as well.
WWE and World Heavyweight Title will be elimination by pinfall or submission matches

Just incase everyone isn't aware the new indy stars are

Recognisible Name New Name

Christopher Daniels Daniel Christiansen
Homicide Jorge Sanchez
Jimmy Rave James Richards
Petey Williams Ryan Kelly
Samoa Joe Joe Afoe
Austin Aries Ben Jacobson

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I suggest you read the rules, because posting shows in individual parts is not allowed. I"ll let you post the last part of your first show, but after that each show will have to be posted as a whole.

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Raw 3rd January 2011 - Part 3

We are in the backstage area and we see Ben Jacobson standing there with a mic in hand.

Ben Jacobson: My name is Ben Jacobson, I have come here to World Wrestling Entertainment to change what you think you know about you, about me and about sports entertainment and that time is now. No matter what happens here in the WWE there will be one thing that is guaranteed and that is that Ben Jacobson will be climbing the ladder to glory and whether it be one step at a time or in leaps and bounds I will be at the top in no time.

We go back to the commentator’s booth they still don’t have an announcers table in front of them.

Michael Cole: Well what an introduction from Ben Jacobson here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That was impressive it will be interesting to see if he can continue this in the ring and make good on his guarantee.

Matt Striker: Well that will be interesting to see if he doesn’t eat his words.

Michael Cole: Let’s go backstage with the Nexus once again.

We shoot backstage as Wade Barrett is standing in the locker room with the other members of Nexus sitting down looking a little bit depressed.

Wade Barrett: What is wrong with you two, the three of us took out Bourne and Gabriel for you and you still couldn’t get the job done.

David Otunga: Wade we may not have won tonight but we have something that no one else has and that is unity.

Heath Slater: You know what Wade we might have lost tonight but that’s not the end of the Nexus, no matter what happens after the supplementary draft we will still take over the WWE and be a real force.

Michael McGillicutty: You know what we need to make an impact; we need to make an impact here tonight. We need to prove to the WWE Universe that we are the real deal and make a stand here in the WWE.

Husky Harris: I like where you’re going with this, McGillicutty. We need to make a statement here tonight.

Wade Barrett: Now that’s what I want to here, let’s go hunting.

We leave the locker room as we head to the interview area with Jack Swagger and Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: I’m here with Jack Swagger, who will be competing in the upcoming United States Title match. Now Jack you were one of the lucky few to be drafted...

Jack Swagger: Hold it right there Todd, I may have been drafted tonight over to Smackdown but I honestly cannot believe that I was drafted so low. I am a former World Heavyweight Champion and Money in the Bank Winner, I deserve respect. How on earth can someone of my calibre be drafted behind the likes of Zack Ryder, Tyson Kidd, Kaval, Daniel Christiansen, Jorge Sanchez and R Truth this just isn’t acceptable. So when I win the.......

Out of nowhere the Nexus jump Swagger from behind and brutally attack him. Barrett picks up Swagger and throws him into the set.

Wade Barrett: Take him out, eliminate him.

The Nexus destroy Swagger as he rolls around in agony.

We go back to the ring with Justin Roberts.

Match 4: Six Man Championship Scramble Match for the WWE United States Championship – Daniel Bryan (c) vs. R Truth vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Di Biase vs. Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Justin Roberts: The following contest is the Championship Scramble Match for the WWE United States Championship. The rules are simple the match will last for 20 minutes with two competitors starting the match and another superstar entering every four minutes. The last person to gain a pinfall of submission after the 20 minutes will be declared the United States Champion. Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 227 pounds, Christian.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at 235 pounds, Ted Di Biase.

The bell rings to start the match. Ted misses a punch but Christian does not miss with his punch. Christian with a back body drop and then he stands on Ted’s back before slingshoting to the outside. Christian with a hesitation drop kick to Ted and then he hits the double jump cross body and both men are down on the outside. Christian tries to get back into the ring but Ted hits a swinging neck breaker and he punches and kicks Christian while the referee warns him. Ted punches Christian and then he hits a running back elbow and goes for the cover 1.......2........ kick out. Ted with a reverse chin lock on Christian as he tries to weaken his opponent. Christian punches Ted and hits him in the head but Ted with the follow up clothesline for another cover 1........2...... kick out by Christian. Christian punches Ted but Ted punches him back. Di Biase with an Irish whip but Christian moves when Ted charges into the corner. Christian with a pendulum kick followed by clotheslines. Christian puts Ted on the ropes and goes to the outside and connects with a punch. Christian with a cross body for a near fall. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Ted punches him. Ted misses an attempt at Dream Street. Ted with a snap mare but Christian avoids a kick. Ted blocks a tornado DDT attempt and Christian is sent into the ring post.

The countdown begins 5.......4.........3.......2......1

It’s Cody Rhodes. Cody runs down to the ring and helps out Ted beat up Christian in the corner. Di Biase and Rhodes try to keep Christian in the corner, who tried to keep his space while throwing a forearm at Di Biase and a kick at Rhodes. Christian went in and out of the ring, getting Cody to follow. Christian hit Di Biase with a clothesline, and then knocked Rhodes out of the ring as he got in. Christian kicked Di Biase, and then dropkicked Rhodes. Di Biase caught Christian with a dropkick, and then the double team began with Rhodes and Di Biase stomping Christian down. Rhodes and Di Biase trash talked Christian, and then took turns holding him with the other punched him. Christian tried to fight back, but was given a double vertical suplex. Di Biase and Rhodes taunted Christian, and then kicked him down in a corner. They whipped Christian into a corner, and Christian came out swinging, until Di Biase nailed him with a clothesline. Di Biase hit Christian with another clothesline while Rhodes clipped Christian's leg. Rhodes gave Christian a knee drop, and then went to climb the ropes.

The countdown began again 5.........4.........3.........2.........1

The music of Jack Swagger hits but he doesn’t appear on stage. The match continues with the three men in the ring. Legacy continues their assault on Christian. Cody sends Christian flying across the ring but Christian counters and hits a dropkick on Rhodes. Ted tries to attack Christian from behind but he avoids contact. Christian hits a DDT on Ted. Christian goes for the cover on Ted. 1........2......... Cody Rhodes breaks up the pinfall. Christian defends himself as Legacy beat down on him. Jack Swagger hobbles down to the ring as the assault continues. Legacy pick up Christian and Ted hits Dream Street and Cody Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes. Christian falls out of the ring as Legacy go out to attack him. Swagger grabs a hold of Di Biase from behind and hits the Gut Wrench Power Bomb. He locks in the ankle lock as Ted taps out.

Jack Swagger is the new interim United States Champion.

Rhodes notices this and rolls back into the ring. Swagger tries to cut him off but the damage that he sustained at the hands of Nexus takes its toll and he drops to his knees. Rhodes takes advantage and dropkicks Swagger in the face. Cody goes for the cover 1.........2....... kick out by Swagger.

The countdown begins again 5............4...........3..........2........1

The United States Champion, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Bryan dropkicks Rhodes followed by a dropkick to Di Biase. Bryan hits a belly to belly suplex on Rhodes. Di Biase gets one for his troubles as well. Christian gets back onto the apron but is shoulder tackled off by Bryan sending him into the guard. Bryan climbs to the top rope and hits a cross body onto both Di Biase and Rhodes. Bryan tries to lock in the cross face on Rhodes as he is down. Rhodes makes it to the bottom rope before he taps out. Di Biase drops the elbow into Bryan to force him to break the hold. Swagger gets back to his feet and he manages to clothesline Di Biase and Rhodes at the same time. Swagger and Bryan go at one another before Bryan kicks Swagger in the back of the knee which causes Swagger to go down. Bryan hits a Tornado DDT on Swagger. Christian manages to get back in the ring and hit the Kill Switch on Bryan. Christian goes for the cover 1.........2..........3

Christian is the new interim United States Champion.

Rhodes and Di Biase double team Christian again this time hitting a double suplex on him. Swagger attacks Di Biase and Rhodes from behind. But they manage to counter him and hit a series of rights and lefts. Bryan gets back up and hits a springboard cross body on Rhodes and rolls out of the ring. Di Biase hits Dream Street on Swagger and gets the cover 1......2........3

Ted Di Biase is the new interim United States Champion.

Rhodes and Bryan roll back in the ring as all five men stare each other down.

The countdown begins for the final time 5..........4..........3........2.........1

R Truth runs down the ramp and looks to get an attack on Swagger but he is jumped before he gets the chance. Legacy attack Bryan as Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes on Bryan. Di Biase goes after Christian now but Christian hits the snap suplex. Rhodes tries to attack Christian but he misses and is met by a belly to belly from Swagger. R Truth gets up and hits the Lie Detector on Christian. Swagger tries to take down R Truth but couldn’t do it with his injuries. R Truth hits a scoop slam on Swagger and climbs to the top rope. Di Biase gets up and pushes R Truth off the top rope and into the barricade. Christian gets up and hits the Killswitch on Di Biase taking him down as we head into the final two minutes of the match. Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes square off in the middle of the ring as they start to throw wild lefts and rights at one another. Swagger manages to kick Rhodes in the midsection and lifts him up into the Gut Wrench Power Bomb and slams him down to the mat. Daniel Bryan gets up and is met by a big boot from Swagger who falls to the ground after the contact. Swagger is in real pain now. R Truth manages to crawl back into the ring and hit the corkscrew scissors kick on Swagger. Christian with the Killswitch on R Truth with less than thirty seconds remaining. Christian goes for the cover 1.........2....... Bryan breaks up the fall. Bryan hits a super kick on Christian knocking him out of the ring. R Truth and Bryan are the only men left in the ring. Bryan looks at the clock and with only 10 seconds left, he locks in the Lebell Lock. Truth taps out with only one second remaining.

Winner: Daniel Bryan and still WWE United States Champion.(20:00)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and still the WWE United States Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe this dweebgot away with the title. It should be Di Biase that is holding that gold right now.

Jerry Lawler: Come on Cole he got R Truth to tap out with a second left now that is good timing in my book.

Matt Striker: Come on Cole, he just beat five other men to retain his title, that’s a classy effort.

Michael Cole: Classy, he rocked up halfway through the match and won it in the last second. The clock was probably out as well. I’m saying that Di Biase should be champion and that’s final.

Jerry Lawler: Whilst I was impressed by Di Biase tonight I feel as though we could see the reformation of Legacy, we didn’t see Cody attack Ted or vice versa which makes things interesting.

Matt Striker: Plus they are on the same brand now so maybe they can get back into the tag title race.

Michael Cole: Let’s go to a commercial and afterwards we will have the WWE Hardcore Title match.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Match 5: 16 Man Hardcore Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the Hardcore Title. William Regal vs. Jackson Andrews vs. Tyler Reks vs. Skip Sheffield vs. Mark Henry vs. Primo vs. JTG vs. Husky Harris vs. Michael McGillicutty vs. Goldust vs. The Great Khali vs. Michael Tarver vs. Darren Young vs. Alex Reilly vs. Joey Mercury vs. Ezekiel Jackson.

So far in the ring William Regal, Jackson Andrews, Tyler Reks, Skip Sheffield, Primo, JTG, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, Goldust, Michael Tarver, Darren Young, Alex Reilly and Joey Mercury.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is an Over the Top Rope Hardcore Battle Royal. Making his way to the ring from Guyana, South America weighing in at 285, Ezekiel Jackson.

Justin Roberts: The next competitor from Silsbee, Texas weighing in at 392 pounds he is the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Justin Roberts: And the final competitor, from India, weighing in at 420 pounds, The Great Khali.

The bell rings to start the match. The competitors immediately start to attack the four big men in the middle of the ring, The Great Khali, Ezekiel Jackson, Mark Henry and Jackson Andrews. But they manage to push everyone off them and the four giants stand tall in the middle of the ring. Henry and Jackson pair off and Khali and Andrews pair off as well as they try and send each other onto the ropes. Khali manages to push Andrews onto the ropes but no further as Regal comes from and clobbers him over the back with a steel chair. Regal along with Primo, Young and Mercury pound away on the fallen Great Khali. Henry and Jackson are on the ropes trying to push each other as JTG comes along and tries to tip them both over but can’ get their feet off the ground. Jackson Andrews picks up Primo and throws him over the ropes to the outside.

Primo is eliminated.

Andrews is met by Joey Mercury coming at him with a kendo stick. Andrews catches the stick and flings Mercury over the top rope to the outside.

Joey Mercury has been eliminated.

Henry decides to turn his attention to Goldust who is sitting in the corner. Henry stands him up and gives him body press in the corner. The Nexus members, McGillicutty and Harris, have been cornered by former members Tarver, Young and Sheffield and they give them a beating. McGillicutty grabs a hold of Darren Young and throws him over the top rope.

Darren Young has been eliminated.

Sheffield and Tarver double team Harris and McGillicutty. Tyler Reks gets a hold of JTG and throw him into the ropes and then clotheslines him over.

JTG has been eliminated.

Tyler Reks taunts JTG which allows Ezekiel Jackson to pick him up and throw him over as well.

Tyler Reks has been eliminated.

Alex Reilly grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Skip Sheffield in the midsection then across his face. This sends Sheffield flying over the ropes.

Skip Sheffield has been eliminated.

Harris and McGillicutty taunt Sheffield for being eliminated as Tarver and Regal come from behind and push them over the top rope.

Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty have been eliminated.

We are down to the last eight, Michael Tarver, William Regal, Alex Reilly, Goldust, Ezekiel Jackson, Jackson Andrews, the Great Khali and Mark Henry. Henry and Tarver go at each other in the corner as Regal go and grabs another chair from the outside. Regal starts swinging for the hills connecting with everyone knocking them down. Ezekiel Jackson comes from behind and hits the Book of Ezekiel. Jackson picks him up and just throws him over the ropes.

William Regal has been eliminated.

The Great Khali picks up Goldust above his head and military presses him over the rope.

Goldust has been eliminated

Khali starts taunting him but this allows Alex Reilly to come up from behind and dropkick him. This sends The Great Khali to the outside.

The Great Khali has been eliminated.

Michael Tarver gets whipped across the ring by Jackson Andrews which sends him tumbling over the ropes to the mat.

Michael Tarver has been eliminated.

We are down to four Mark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson, Jackson Andrews and Alex Reilly. Andrews and Henry pick up chairs whilst Reilly grabs a garbage can and Jackson has a Singapore Cane. Jackson cracks the cane over Andrews back making him wince in pain. This pushes him onto the ropes. Henry with his chair knocks Jackson Andrews over the top rope.

Jackson Andrews has been eliminated.

Reilly immediately rolls out of the ring to let the two big men go at it. Henry and Jackson run at each other just to bounce back off one another. Jackson tries again this time going for a clothesline whilst Henry has the same idea. They knock each other down in the middle of the ring. Reilly rolls back in and tries to pick up Jackson but can’t. He tries Henry and couldn’t. He doesn’t know what to do so he waits for them to stand. They stand up at the same time and they go back at it with one another. Jackson has Henry by the throat and looks for a choke slam but can’t lift him. He pushes him towards the ropes and looks to take him out. Henry’s feet get off the ground as he teeters against the ropes. Jackson now only has one foot on the mat as he looks to eliminate Henry. Out of nowhere Reilly comes from behind and picks up both Henry and Jackson by the legs and throw them both over the rope to the floor.

Winner: Alex Reilly – New WWE Hardcore Champion (12: 19)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the new WWE Hardcore Champion, Alex Reilly.

Michael Cole: This is awesome, just shows how good the Miz is. His protégé just won the Hardcore Title. How good is this?

Jerry Lawler: I think you need to calm down Cole and stop sucking up to the Miz. He may not be champion for much longer with his championship defence coming up shortly.

Matt Striker: I agree with you Cole, both of Miz’s NXT rookies are now champions and he is the champion I think that shows how good he is.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t tell me you’re jumping on the band wagon to Striker?

Matt Striker: I’m not jumping on the band wagon I just think he is a great superstar.

Michael Cole: Ok so now it’s time for the divas portion of the draft.

Mr. McMahon let’s get to the last part of the draft. Each brand will pick 6 Divas each and the Raw brand will be the first to pick.

Lex Luger: For my first pick it will be the team of Laycool. You just can’t split up these wonderful divas. So Layla and Michelle McCool will be members of the Raw brand.

Sting: Ok for my first two picks Smackdown will have Natalya and Melina.

Lex Luger: Ok Raw picks the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix.

Sting: Gail Kim is coming to Smackdown as my third pick.

Lex Luger: The beautiful Maryse will be a handy acquisition on Raw.

Sting: Kelly Kelly will be a member of the Smackdown roster.

Lex Luger: NXT Season 3 winner Kaitlyn will now be a member of Raw.

Sting: I am choosing the Bella Sisters as the last of the picks for Smackdown tonight.

Lex Luger: Ok my last choice will be for Naomi she will be a handy addition to the Raw roster.

Mr. McMahon: Ok so that brings an end to the draft tonight but we still have in store the two world titles and the divas title. Let’s go through who will be on Raw and who will be on Smackdown. Raw has the services of current World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, Current WWE Champion The Miz, The Big Show, United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Ted Di Biase, Daniel Christiansen, Jorge Sanchez, Kaval, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Ezekiel Jackson, MVP, Seth Rollins, Michelle McCool, Layla, Naomi, Maryse, Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn. Meanwhile Smackdown has the services of Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, current co Intercontinental Champion CM Punk, Kane, Alberto Del Rio, the other co Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Joe Afoe, new Cruiserweight Champion Tyson Kidd, R Truth, Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Jack Swagger, new Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel, Mark Henry, Gregory Helms, Natalya, Melina, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly and Nikki and Brie Bella.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK**************

Match 6: Six Man Elimination Match for the WWE Championship – The Miz (c) vs. Kane vs. Sheamus vs. Triple H vs. The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a six man elimination match for the WWE Championship. Two men will be in the ring and the other four will be on the apron available to be tagged. The last man standing will be the WWE Champion. Introducing first the challengers weighing at 485 pounds and standing over 7 feet tall, The Big Show.

Justin Roberts: Introducing next from Dublin, Ireland weighing in at 272 pounds Sheamus.

Justin Roberts: Introducing next from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 255 pounds Triple H.

Justin Roberts: The next challenger weighing in at 323 pounds the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Justin Roberts: Introducing the final challenger from San Diego, California weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio.

Justin Roberts: And finally the champion from Cleveland, Ohio weighing in at 231 pounds he is the WWE Champion, The Miz.

The match starts with Kane and Sheamus in the ring. Kane with a knee and forearm to the back before he throws Sheamus over the top rope to the floor. Kane with a punch to Sheamus and then he sends Sheamus into the ringside barrier. Kane sends Sheamus into the apron and they return to the ring. Kane goes up top but Sheamus crotches Kane. Sheamus with forearms to the back and then he hits a power slam and goes for a pin fall 1.........2....... kick out. Rey Mysterio makes the blind tag on Sheamus. Rey snapped him with a dropkick to the knee. Kane fought off Rey and sent him shooting out to the floor. Kane went to follow but Mysterio jumped back into the ring. Kane was met with a sliding kick as he returned. Mysterio then hit a dive to the floor. Kane went back to the ring and knocked Rey off the ropes. Kane picked up Rey for a suplex, and then draped him across the top rope. Kane then kicked Rey off the ropes and back down to the floor. Kane tossed Rey back in and covered him, getting 1..........2...... kick out. Kane seized Rey in a bear hug. Mysterio finally escaped and nailed a flying head scissors to set up a 619. Rey was killed with a clothesline and covered 1..........2....... kick out. Kane and Mysterio stand up Kane grabs a hold of Mysterio by the throat but Mysterio counters into a hurricanrana into the second rope again. This time Mysterio hits the 619 and jumps off the ropes with a seated senton. Pin fall by Mysterio on Kane 1..........2...........3

Kane has been eliminated.

Big Show comes into the ring following the elimination and stands behind Rey to deliver the chokeslam. He falls on top 1..........2........3

Rey Mysterio has been eliminated.

Triple H comes into the ring and he and the Big Show start pounding away on one another as they try to gain control. Triple H is trying to put Show down with the sleeper now. Show slams Triple H to the mat. Triple H tries to scoop slam Show but he falls on top of him for a cover 1........2......... kick out by Triple H. Show catches Triple H with a big spear. Show stands on Triple H. Show knocks Triple H down again and walks over his back. Triple H gets up with right hands but Show drops him with a big side slam. Show with a head butt now and another. Show hits Triple H with more kicks and head butts, then a scoop slam. The Miz gets tagged in by Big Show. The Miz tries to jump all over the Game as he gets back to his feet. The Miz sends the Game across the ring bouncing off the ropes. The Miz sets early and is caught by Triple H with a face buster onto his knees. Triple H gives the Miz an AA spine buster. Sheamus tags himself in blindly from Triple H and they get in each other’s faces. This gives Miz the chance to roll Sheamus up. 1...........2........ Sheamus rolls out. Sheamus has an angry look on his face starring daggers at the Miz. The Miz kicks Sheamus in the stomach as he looks to take advantage. The Miz bounces off the ropes and avoids the Brogue Kick. Miz scampers behind Sheamus and looks to hit the Skull Crushing Finale. But Sheamus powers out before the Miz can hit it. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse on the Miz. 1.........2.........3

The Miz has been eliminated.

We are down to three and we are guaranteed a new Champion. Triple H makes his way into the ring. Triple H hits a neck breaker on Sheamus. Sheamus stands up and manages to push Triple H away. Sheamus hits a suplex on the Game. Sheamus delivers a knee to the back and an elbow to the head, then punched Triple H on the mat and made the cover 1.........2........ kick out Sheamus applies a cross face, and drives his knee into Triple H's back. Sheamus hit an over-the-shoulder power slam and went for the pin 1........2......... then went into an arm bar. Triple H got to his feet as Sheamus switched to a chin lock. Triple H used a back suplex to escape, and then booted Sheamus in the face twice as Sheamus charged at him. Sheamus went for a slam, but Triple H floated over and hit a DDT. They traded punches, with the crowd cheering for HHH's punches. Triple H went for a backdrop, but Sheamus kicked it away. Triple H responded with a jumping knee and a face buster on the knee again and went for the pin 1.........2......... kick out. Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Sheamus tripped him. Big Show reaches in and tags himself in off Sheamus. Big Show runs at Triple H who is in the corner Triple H moves out of the way just in time as Big Show runs into the turnbuckle. Triple H kicks the Big Show in the stomach and hits the Pedigree. Triple H makes the cover 1........2..........3

The Big Show is eliminated.

Sheamus comes into the ring as both men start arguing with one another. Sheamus gains the upper hand which allows Sheamus to set up Triple H for the Pale Justice crucifix Bomb, but Triple H slid out of it. Sheamus charged, and Triple H back dropped Sheamus. Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Sheamus back dropped him. Sheamus hit Triple H with a pump kick but Triple H falls out of the ring. Sheamus drags Triple H back into the ring, then hit another pump kick. Sheamus stared at Triple H while Triple H pulled himself up in a corner. Triple H shoved the referee away as he checked on him. Triple H gave Sheamus a crotch chop. Sheamus hit a pump kick in the corner. Triple H stumbled out and Sheamus hit the High Cross and went for the pin. 1..........2...........3

Winner: Sheamus and the NEW WWE Champion (26:18)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the new WWE Champion, Sheamus.

Jerry Lawler: Poor Miz losing his title. He isn’t so great now is he Cole.

Michael Cole: Sheamus got lucky. The Miz can beat him anywhere, anytime count on it.

Matt Striker: I’ve heard word that something is going on backstage; let’s head back there right now.

We head backstage and we see Kane down in a pile of blood. No one is around to see who attacked Kane. Kane is moving around and you can see a cut across the top of Kane’s head. Kane isn’t saying anything as the doctor’s and agents investigate what has happened to the former World Heavyweight Champion.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

We are back and at the announcers table again.

Matt Striker: What human being is strong enough to take Kane down like that and cause that match damage.

Jerry Lawler: Unless he did it himself, you know Kane isn’t always there 100 percent.

Michael Cole: I’m shocked; we’re used to seeing Kane cause this damage not Kane receiving this amount of damage. Who could it be?

Jerry Lawler: Whoever it was they must be a sick human being.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong there King.

Match 7: 17 Diva Battle Royal for the WWE Divas Championship.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is battle royal for the WWE Divas Championship. With the last diva standing winning the WWE Divas Championship.

The divas all made it to the ring at the same time.

Everyone went right at it, and the rules were that both feet had to touch the floor to be eliminated, no over the top rule. Rosa Mendes was the first to go out, and actually went over the top rope eliminated by Maryse.

Rosa Mendes has been eliminated

Naomi knocked Eve off the apron with a shoulder block to eliminate her.

Eve has been eliminated

Melina flung Tamina between the ropes to eliminate her.

Tamina has been eliminated

Beth kicked AJ between the ropes to eliminate her.

AJ has been eliminated

Kaitlyn put Brie on the apron and eliminated her.

Brie Bella has been eliminated

Michelle McCool knocked Alicia Fox to the floor with a punch over the ropes.

Alicia Fox has been eliminated

Kelly Kelly was tossed out by several women including Natalya, Beth and Melina.

Kelly Kelly has been eliminated

Gail Kim tried to hurricanrana Nikki to the floor, but they got caught in the ropes. Natalya knocked Naomi to the floor, then Layla knocked Kaitlyn to the floor.

Naomi and Kaitlyn have been eliminated

Team Laycool double teamed Gail Kim to elimate her with a double clothesline and as they were laughing at her Natalya and Beth Phoenix came from behind and threw them over the ropes to the mat.

Michelle McCool, Gail Kim and Layla have been eliminated.

It was down to Natalya, Melina, Beth Phoenix and Maryse. Beth and Natalya teamed up and eliminated Melina.

Melina has been eliminated

Natalya and Beth double clotheslined Maryse. Maryse survived the double team and flung Beth through the ropes and to the floor.

Beth Phoenix has been eliminated

Maryse and Natalya went at it, with Maryse hitting a few shots, but Natalya just lifting Maryse and easily depositing her over the top rope to get the win and keep her title.

Winner: Natalya and STILL WWE Divas Champion (8:53)

Justin Roberts: Here is you’re winner and still WWE Divas Champion, Natalya.

Michael Cole: An impressive performance there from Natalya to get through the entire diva’s roster is an effort and a half.

Jerry Lawler: You’re not wrong their Cole.

Matt Striker: We’re now getting closer to our main event the six man elimination match for the World Heavyweight Title.

Michael Cole: Let’s go backstage where Todd Grisham has one of the competitors.

We go backstage where Todd Grisham has Alberto del Rio with him.

Todd Grisham: Alberto, tonight you compete in your first match for a WWE Title, you must be excited.

Alberto Del Rio: Of course, I will personally eliminate all five men and become the best looking, best worker and all round best man to ever hold this title. It’s about time that this title had some royalty holding it.

Todd Grisham: That’s a bold statement from a very bold man. Find out after the break if he is true on his word.

*****************COMMERCIAL BREAK***************

Match 8: 6 Man Elimination Match for the World Heavy Weight Championship – Edge (c) vs. Wade Barrett vs. Undertaker vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

Justin Roberts: The following contest is a six man Elimination Match for the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Introducing first the challenges. From St Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds, Randy Orton.

Justin Roberts: Making his way down the ramp representing Nexus, he is NXT Season 1 winner from Manchester, England, weighing in at 265 pounds, Wade Barrett.

Justin Roberts: The next competitor form West Newbery, Massachusetts, weighing in at 240 pounds, John Cena.

Justin Roberts: Let me please welcome Alberto del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Démosle la bienvenida, el próximo WWE World Heavyweight Champion, él será el rey de la WWE y nadie podrá detenerlo, Alberto Del Río.

Justin Roberts: Introducing the final challenger from Death Valley weighing in at 300 pounds, the Undertaker.

Justin Roberts: And finally the champion, from Toronta, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 240 pounds, Edge.

Everyone battled at the bell. It powdered down to Alberto Del Rio working over Orton but Cena, who Alberto Del Rio had tossed out of the ring, returned. Cena and Alberto Del Rio faced off. Alberto Del Rio faced off with all of the other competitors and signalled that he wanted the belt. All the others just laughed as Cena hit a shoulder block on Del Rio knocking him to the mat. Taker and Edge squared off in the middle of the ring and looked to take each other down. Barrett and Orton helped Cena attack Del Rio until they realised that Barrett was helping. Orton hit a neck breaker on Barrett and pulled at the legs of him. Cena lifted Del Rio and gave him the Spinning out Power Bomb followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle but didn’t connect. Alberto was able to hit a shining wizard on Cena as he went for the cover 1.........2....... kick out by Cena. Alberto Del Rio shoved Cena into a corner and looked to run at him but as he turned around he was caught with the RKO and pinned 1.........2.........3

Alberto Del Rio has been eliminated.

Barrett found himself circled by the other four as they get to give him the beat down the Nexus has given all of them. They dispatched Barrett out of the ring. Cena and Orton then tossed Undertaker and Edge out. Orton and Cena faced off but Barrett attacked them. Barrett worked over Cena whilst Edge worked over Orton with Undertaker focusing on Barrett as he turns around. Barrett now has Undertaker and Edge working him over. Cena nailed a glancing dropkick on Edge. Orton took out Undertaker. We were back to Orton and Cena facing off again. They went nose to nose so Orton went for the RKO. Cena escaped and went for the STF. Orton and Cena went back and forth. Edge joined in and tried to help Orton suplex Cena out but Barrett pulled them both off the apron. Undertaker began stomping everyone to maintain control and then focused on Cena. Cena and Undertaker went back and forth. Undertaker nailed an elbow and Cena crumpled in the corner. Undertaker controlled Cena went for Old School. Cena used back elbows to avoid the move. He fought off Undertaker but got his foot caught as he came down. Edge and Undertaker worked over Cena and placed him back atop the ropes. Undertaker went for a choke slam off the top rope and hit it. Edge goes for the cover 1.........2........ kick out by Cena. With Cena down and out, Edge went to the floor and attacked Barrett, sending him into the guard rails. Undertaker turned his attention to Orton, dragging him to the ring and tossing him in. Undertaker began pummelling Orton's chest with punches. Edge and Undertaker continued to work over everyone, maintaining the control. Edge tried to turn on Undertaker but missed the spear and Undertaker hit the sidewalk slam. Orton went for the RKO on Cena but was shoved off as Edge speared Orton. Edge went for Cena but was caught with the Attitude Adjustment and pinned. 1...........2............3

Edge is eliminated.

Barrett attacks Cena immediately. Barrett took out Orton and Undertaker as well. Barrett began drilling Cena with punches but Cena came back with a series of shoulder blocks and a slam. Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle. He picked up Barrett for the Attitude Adjustment and drilled Barrett into Undertaker. Cena locked Undertaker in the STF in the centre of the ring but Undertaker fought hard to get to the ropes and finally did. Nexus hits the ringside area. Cena goes after them but Barrett grabs Cena and nails the Wasteland, pinning Cena 1..........2...........3

John Cena has been eliminated.

The Nexus attacked Orton outside the ring and mauled him. They tossed him into the ring for a waiting Barrett. As Orton made his way to his feet, he was surrounded with Nexus on the aprons. Jack Swagger came running down the ramp and looks to attack them with a chair. Nexus noticed this and ran off. This was enough of a distraction of Barrett for Orton who teased the RKO. He drilled him and went for the pin 1.........2........3

Wade Barrett has been eliminated.

Undertaker snuck in from behind Orton and nailed the big boot and went for the pin. 1...........2........ but Orton kicked out. Undertaker looked to grab Orton by the throat and hit the choke slam. Orton kicked Taker in the stomach and hit his back breaker on Orton. Orton lined Undertaker up for the punt kick but Taker sits up and Orton stops. Taker stands up and whips Orton across the ring and Taker hits the running clothesline. Undertaker prepares to hit Orton with the tombstone as he picks him up. Orton reverses and hits the RKO. He goes for the pin 1............2.............3

Winner: Randy Orton and NEW World Heavyweight Champion (26:45)

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: What a performance by Randy Orton here tonight to recapture the gold. He went through hell to get that title.

Jerry Lawler: And good on Jack Swagger getting rid of the Nexus to keep the fight going that was a gutsy effort, busted ankle and all.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong but what night we had new champions, new general managers, the draft, new superstars and new championships. What a night.

Michael Cole: Tune in tomorrow to wwe.com to see the results of the WWE draft and watch Smackdown on Friday to see the fallout of tonight. Goodnight everyone.

Quick Results
  1. John Morrison and CM Punk won the WWE Intercontinental Championship (Co Champions)
  2. Tyson Kidd won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  3. Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne won the WWE Tag Team Titles
  4. Daniel Bryan retained his WWE United States Title
  5. Alex Reilly won the WWE Hardcore Title
  6. Sheamus won the WWE Title
  7. Natalya retained the WWE Divas Title
  8. Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Title

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Rosters after the draft

The Undertaker
John Cena
Randy Orton
The Miz
The Big Show
Daniel Bryan
Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase
Daniel Christiansen
Jorge Sanchez
Charlis Haas
Ezekiel Jackson
Shelton Benjamin
Seth Rollins

Michelle McCool
Beth Phoenix

Triple H
Rey Mysterio
Wade Barrett
CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio
John Morrison
Drew McIntyre
Joe Afoe
Tyson Kidd
R Truth
Zack Ryder
Santino Marella
Vladimir Kozlov
Jack Swagger
Justin Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Mark Henry
Gregory Helms

Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Nikki Bella
Brie Bella

Supplementary Draft Results will posted with 24 hours

WWE Champion: Sheamus
World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton
WWE United States Champion: Daniel Bryan
WWE Intercontinental Champion: CM Punk and John Morrison
WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne
WWE Divas Champion: Natalya
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Tyson Kidd
WWE Hardcore Champion: Alex Reilly​

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I've been reading this league every day, and it just keeps getting better and better. Now I am about to leave, but great raw. Can't give a full review, might give one later but keep up the great work, looks interesting, and I'm excited to see what the supplementary draft has in store 4 us

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Supplementary Draft Results

A.J.to Raw
Alex Reilly to Raw
Alicia Fox to Smackdown
Ben Jacobson to Raw
Chavo Guerrero to Raw
Chris Masters to Raw
Curt Hawkins to Smackdown
Darren Young to Smackdown
David Hart Smith to Raw
David Otunga to Smackdown
Eve to Raw
Goldust to Raw
Heath Slater to Smackdown
Husky Harris to Smackdown
Jackson Andrews to Smackdown
James Richards to Smackdown
Jey Uso to Smackdown
Jimmy Uso to Smackdown
Joey Mercury to Raw
JTG to Raw
Michael McGillicutty to Smackdown
Michael Tarver to Raw
Paul Burchill to Smackdown
Paul London to Smackdown
Primo to Raw
Rosa Mendes to Raw
Ryan Kelly to Smackdown
Skip Sheffield to Raw
Tamina to Smackdown
The Great Khali to Smackdown
Trent Baretta to Smackdown
Tyler Reks to Raw
Tyson Tomko to Raw
William Regal to Raw
Xavier Woods to Raw
Yoshi Tatsu to Smackdown​

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Raw Feedback

The opening part was decent and Vince seemed in character. The new wrestlers should be good additions to the roster. I’m not that keen on Tomko but I think you can do good things with Samoa Joe. Luger is a bit of a strange choice for Raw GM in my opinion, particularly as that storyline has been built up for quite a while in the real WWE. I don’t like the idea of having dual IC Champions, but it was an interesting finish to the first match. The ladder match was good, a little advice I would say is to split the match up into separate paragraphs as it would make it easier to read. I’m not too keen on Tyson Kidd’s manager/problem solver but I think he is a good choice as champion.

The tag team gauntlet match was good, the only problem I had was that Gabriel and Bourne seemed to get to be the last team to enter by default, which seemed like a bit of an unfair advantage as they weren’t originally part of the match.

Nice to see you feature a scramble match. A couple of things I would say, I understand this is a special draft edition on Raw but I think there are too many different match types for one show. The other thing is that in a scramble match I think it is better to call whoever scores a pinfall the ‘match leader’ rather than interim champion because they are not really the champion and that saves any confusion about title reigns.

The WWE Championship match was solid and I understand why you wanted to bring Miz’s reign to an end at this point. The WHC match was good, one of the best parts for me was when Undertaker countered a spear from Edge into a sidewalk slam. Anyway, best of luck.

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thanks for the review will try and keep this up and running for as long as possible and make it into one of the best shows on here hopefully.

Smackdown Preview

Sting's First night in charge of Smackdown begins on Friday.

New WWE Champion Sheamus will be competing in his first match on Smackdown.

A tournament featuring Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Kane, R Truth and Jack Swagger with the winner getting a WWE Title match at the Royal Rumble.

Qualifying matches for the Royal Rumble will start this week.

Will Kane be able to recover in time from his attack on Monday Night Raw and will we find out who attacked the Big Red Machine.

Finally find out the situation surrounding the Intercontinental Championship and the co champions, CM Punk and John Morrison

This and much, much more only Smackdown

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Smackdown 7th January 2011

The pyro goes off to start Smackdown as Sting is in the ring to start his first show in charge.

Sting: Welcome to Smackdown, it’s that time of the year again as we shape towards the Royal Rumble and ultimately Wrestlemania. So tonight we will be having a tournament to determine who will be facing Sheamus at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Title. We will have Drew McIntyre face R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio face Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger face Wade Barrett and Triple H will face Kane. Speaking of Kane he is still yet to be medically cleared to compete tonight after that brutal attack from someone on Monday Night. Shall Kane not be medically cleared Triple H will face someone yet to be determined. The seven superstars who do not win this tournament will automatically qualify for the rumble but if I feel they aren’t pulling their weight I can easily make them defend their spot against someone else. Now onto another pressing matter and that is surrounding the WWE Intercontinental Championship. On Monday we saw both John Morrison and CM Punk declared winners so I have made the decision that we will be having a best of 7 series between the two superstars and the first Superstar to get to four wins will be declared the sole WWE Intercontinental. The first match will take place next and the second will be at the Royal Rumble in three weeks from Sunday. And finally we will have the first amongst a series of qualification matches for the Royal Rumble.

Sting drops his mic and walks out of the ring backstage.

Josh Matthews: Welcome to Smackdown, Josh Matthews here with Matt Striker and after that announcement made by new Smackdown General Manager, Sting, we are sure scheduled for a great night.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong Josh tonight will be an epic night and what a first match that we have for you. It will be a tournament match Drew McIntyre facing R-Truth.

Match 1: WWE Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a WWE Title Tournament Quarter Final Match. Introducing first from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing in at 228 pounds, R-Truth.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent from Ayr, Scotland weighing in at 250 pounds, Drew McIntyre.

They lock up and McIntyre blocks a kick and connects with an uppercut and sends Truth into the turnbuckles. McIntyre with a kick and side head lock. Truth with a hip toss and drop kick that sends McIntyre to the floor. Truth with a slingshot cross body from the outside onto McIntyre and we go to commercial.

****************COMMERCIAL BREAK******************

We are back and the action has returned to the ring and McIntyre with a chin lock. We see footage of McIntyre sending Truth into the ring steps during the commercial break. Back to the current action and McIntyre is sent to the outside by Truth. Truth goes to the outside and he punches McIntyre. McIntyre runs Truth’s back into the ring post. McIntyre with a chin lock followed by a knee and slam as they come back into the ring. McIntyre goes to the turnbuckles but he leaps into Truth’s boots and it staggers Drew. McIntyre misses a charge into the corner and Truth with punches and then he does a split to avoid McIntyre and then hits a drop kick and goes for the cover 1..........2...... kick out. McIntyre avoids the scissors kick. McIntyre set for the Future Shock DDT but Truth sends McIntyre into the turnbuckle. Truth clotheslines McIntyre over the top rope. McIntyre plays possum with Truth as he comes to the outside and throws him into the barricade. R Truth gets back to his feet gingerly and is dragged back into the ring. McIntyre throws Truth across the ring bouncing off the ropes and is met by a hard clothesline. As Truth gets up McIntyre sets up for The Future Shock DDT. McIntyre rolls into the cover 1...........2.............3

Winner: Drew McIntyre (15:38)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner Drew McIntyre.

Josh Matthews: A very impressive performance from Drew McIntyre to get the pinfall victory over Truth and advance to the next stage of this tournament.

Matt Striker: Yes in the next round he will face the winner of Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio.

Josh Matthews: These two have been going at each other for months now and this could be the end or just add fuel to the fire that burns so deep between these two Mexican superstars.

Matt Striker: Let’s head backstage right now where Kane is getting his medical check up.

We go backstage with Kane getting a look over by the Doctor. He has a massive bandage placed over the cut on his head that was sustained in RAW.

Doctor: OK Kane, everything looks in good enough shape for you to wrestle here tonight against Triple H, but be careful you have bruised ribs and not to mention the laceration to the top of your head which I put 17 stitches in.

Kane: You were not going to stop me from going out there and ripping Triple H to shreds. Once I’m done with him I’ll take on the next few superstars and become WWE Champion. I will find out who attacked me and they will pay the ultimate price and that is being burnt alive. I will have no mercy on this coward and they will suffer the wrath of the Big Red Machine.

Josh Matthews: Some powerful words from Kane there, I hope his attacker knows what they’re doing because Kane is one scary man.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong, but Kane needs to channel his anger and aggression and put it to good use in the main event against Triple H. It’s now time for our first Royal Rumble qualifying matchup for 2011.

Match 2: Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Royal Rumble qualifying match. Introducing first from Long Island, New York weighing in at 214 pounds, Zack Ryder.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at 220 pounds, Yoshi Tatsu.

They lock up and Ryder with an arm drag. Ryder with a roll up 1..........2....... kick out and then Yoshi with a drop toe hold and rollup but Ryder is in the ropes. Ryder with a kick and forearm to the back of the head. Yoshi with an elbow but Ryder with forearms and kicks. Ryder with an Irish whip but Yoshi floats over and then he hits a few Japanese arm drags followed by a drop kick and goes for the pin 1..........2........ kick out. Ryder gets Yoshi up as he blocks a suplex attempt. Ryder drops Yoshi on the top rope and then he hits a baseball slide that sends Yoshi to the floor. Ryder rolls Yoshi back in and goes for the cover 1...........2....... kick out. Ryder with a kick to the ribs and a knee drop. Ryder sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles as he continues to work on the back and ribs. Ryder with a slam and another knee to the ribs. Ryder with a head lock but Yoshi with kicks and an elbow. Ryder with another kick to the ribs and Yoshi goes down again. Ryder with a body scissors as he continues to focus on the midsection. Yoshi with an elbow and a jack knife cover 1..........2......... kick out by Ryder. Ryder runs Yoshi into the turnbuckles one more time and then he connects with shoulders. Yoshi with a roaring elbow. Yoshi hits a series of kicks and then running knees into the corner and a kick to the back of the head he goes for the pin 1...........2....... kick out. Yoshi goes up top and Ryder stops him with a forearm. Ryder tries for a superplex but they fall to the floor instead.

**************COMMERCIAL BREAK****************

We are back and Ryder has Yoshi in a modified abdominal stretch. We see footage of the fall to the floor and then we are back to live action. Yoshi gets to his feet and he elbows Ryder but Ryder with an elbow of his own. Yoshi with kicks from the mat and Ryder goes down. Yoshi with a chop and back body drop followed by a kick to the leg and a catapult into the turnbuckles. Yoshi with a knee to the back and a roll up 1..........2...... kick out. Yoshi with a drop kick and goes for another pin 1...........2..... kick out. Ryder with a forearm and knee to Yoshi. Yoshi with a kick to Ryder. Ryder manages to shake the kick off and quickly hits the Rough Ryder. Ryder rolls into the pin 1............2............3

Winner: Zack Ryder (9:36)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Zack Ryder.

Josh Matthews: There we go Zack Ryder is the first man to officially qualify into the Royal Rumble match. We’ll find out how he goes in a couple of weeks.

Matt Striker: Can you imagine if Zack Ryder was to win the Royal Rumble, the WWE will change again.

Josh Matthews: Let’s head backstage where John Morrison is with Todd Grisham to get his reaction to the announcement surrounding the Intercontinental Championship.

Todd Grisham: Thanks Josh, that’s right I’m here with the co WWE Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison who earlier found out that he will face CM Punk in a best of seven series tournament where the eventual winner keeps the Intercontinental Championship for themselves. What are your thoughts on this John?

John Morrison: To me it doesn’t matter if there was one, two, three, four, five, six or seven matches. The result will be the same; John Morrison will be the sole Intercontinental Champion. I am the Shaman of Sexy and the Guru of Greatness nothing can stop me from achieving my goals. One day I will become the WWE Champion but over the next few weeks my focus is on the Intercontinental Championship and beating CM Punk. CM Punk may have the GTS but I have Starship Pain. I am not afraid to take this to the next level and not only put me up in the lights but drag CM Punk there with me. Along with my girlfriend Melina (as she appears in shot), we will become the power couple of the WWE and show the WWE Universe that we are real deal and with the WWE Universe pushing us there we can achieve this.

CM Punk appears on screen and confronts Morrison and Melina.

CM Punk: Morrison, I faced you three years ago and for the ECW Champion and I got the better of you. What makes you think that this time will be any difference? I won’t need the seven matches to hold this Intercontinental Championship by myself. It only takes four and that’s all there will be. Even with your girlfriend in your corner doesn’t mean anything to me because unlike you I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I am Straight Edge and that means I’m better than you.

Todd Grisham: Ok guys you two face one another next week which will be the first to kick off your series with one another. Let’s leave the action for that.

Melina: Oh Todd, shut up nobody wants to listen to you. And Punk you may think that you’re better than us but we’ll see whose left standing at the end of the tournament alright.

CM Punk: Ooh, big words Melina I guess I’ll see you in the ring this time next week. Don’t party too hard you two wouldn’t want to see you miss out on the match next week now would I?

Josh Matthews: A heated exchange there from the co-Intercontinental Champions there. We’ll have to wait until next week to see what eventuates between the two.

Matt Striker: And with Melina in Morrison’s corner I think that might give him a slight advantage heading into their series.

Josh Matthews: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds. But it is now time for our second Tournament Quarter Final Match. Which see’s the two Mexican’s Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio go one on one for another time.

Matt Striker: These two both want to be the Kings of Mexican wrestling and this match will further push the case for the eventual winner.

Match 3: WWE Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the second quarter final match in the WWE Title number one contender tournament. Introducing first from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio.

Tony Chimel: Let me introduce Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Por favor, permítanme presentarles el próximo Campeón de la WWE. Él probará esta noche que él es el rey de México y este pequeño Chihuahua no tiene ninguna posibilidad de vencerlo. Alberto Del Río.

They lock up and Alberto backs Rey into the corner and Alberto with a kick and punches instead of the clean break. Rey with forearms of his own and Rey with a kick. Alberto with a kick of his own and then he goes through the ropes and to the outside. Rey goes to the apron and he misses the cross body. Rey sends Del Rio into the ring steps and then Rey with a drop kick that sends Del Rio’s arm into the ring post. Rey with kicks to Del Rio and then he stands on the hand on the ring steps. Rey goes up top and hits a cross body onto Alberto. Rey throws Del Rio back into the ring and goes for the pin 1........2......... kick out. Rey sends Alberto into the ropes but Del Rio is able to get to the outside. Rey with a drop kick to Del Rio and then Rey with kicks on the outside. Rey points at Rodriguez and then he kicks Del Rio in the head against the announce table. They return to the ring and Rey with a kick to the knee. Rey with a back heel kick and then he hits a running drop kick to a seated Del Rio. Rey with a kick and then he hits an Arabian Press as he goes for the cover 1.........2..... kick out. Rey goes to the apron and then he goes up top but Del Rio with a rising enzuigiri and Rey is sent to the outside. Del Rio sends Rey into the ringside barrier and then he breaks the referee’s count at 6. Del Rio returns Rey into the ring and he covers him 1........2......... kick out by Mysterio. Del Rio with a key lock as he starts to work on the arm. Rey with kicks to keep Del Rio from working on the arm. Alberto tries for a slam but Rey escapes. Alberto with an enzuigiri to the shoulder and Alberto with knees to the elbow. Alberto with a hard Irish whip and covers Mysterio 1.........2.... kick out. Rey with kicks to Alberto followed by forearms. Alberto with an Irish whip but he runs into Rey’s boots. Rey struggles to the top turnbuckle and Alberto is able to get back to his feet and he stops Rey. Alberto sets for a superplex but Rey holds on to the turnbuckle. Rey with punches to the back and Rey with a sunset flip power bomb with pin 1............2...... kick out. Rey goes back to the apron and he hits the springboard seated senton but Del Rio with a power slam to Rey and Alberto goes for the cover 1........2.... kick out. Alberto with a leaping belly-to-back suplex and he goes for the cover 1........2...... kick out. Alberto pushes Rey into the corner and Rey avoids a drop kick in the corner. Rey with a rana from the top turnbuckle and he sends Alberto into the ropes. Rey looks to hit the 619 but Del Rio catches the legs of Mysterio and drags him in through the ropes. He throws Mysterio into the post shoulder first. Del Rio drags Mysterio out to the centre of the ring and locks in his cross arm breaker. Mysterio has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio (16:08)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Alberto Del Rio.

Josh Matthews: An impressive performance there by Del Rio who advances to the next stage of the competition.

Matt Striker: This shows how great of a superstar this young man truly is.

Josh Matthews: Looks like Rey Mysterio has a few words to say as well in the ring right now.

Rey Mysterio: Alberto, we have had our battles over the past few months. We have both vowed to be the Kings of Mexico, but I think after your performance here tonight I only have one thing to say ...... and that is you are the King of Mexico and there is no one better than you here in the WWE that can take that crown off of you.

Del Rio and Mysterio shake hands in the middle of the ring and raise one another’s hands as we head to commercial.

**************COMMERCIAL BREAK****************

We are backstage in the Nexus locker room.

Wade Barrett: Tonight I face that worm Jack Swagger in the WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament. He cost me on Monday to win the title and he will not cost me again this time, understand. He is not Nexus he I against us.

David Otunga: Do you want the rest of us at ringside to ensure that you win this match.

Wade Barrett: No Otunga, I want you and Slater at ringside to help Harris and McGillicutty to qualify for the Royal Rumble right now. I can handle myself. One last thing Slater and Otunga I spoke to Sting during the week and got you two a match to face that traitor Gabriel and his tag team partner Bourne at the Rumble for the titles. But that was on one condition. The Nexus cannot lay hands on them until the Rumble or the match will be cancelled and the offenders will be suspended for 30 days. Now get out there and get yourselves in the Royal Rumble match. And once you’re done out there you can leave the arena, I don’t need your help out there tonight.

Match 4: Tag Team Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris vs. The Uso’s

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Royal Rumble Qualifying match. Introducing first from San Francisco, California weighing in at a combined weight of 480 pounds, being accompanied by Tamina, Jimmy, Jey the Uso’s.

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, representing the Nexus, at a combined weight of 519 pounds, being accompanied by Heath Slater and David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

Harris and Jimmy start things off and Harris with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Harris with an arm drag into an arm bar and he tags in McGillicutty. McGillicutty with a chop from the turnbuckles to the arm followed by more chops. McGillicutty gets a near fall. He continues the attack with an arm drag into an arm bar and then he tags Harris back in. Harris with punches to Jimmy. Jimmy counters with a forearm as he tags in Jey. Harris with an arm drag to Jey. McGillicutty tags back in and Harris with a reverse atomic drop followed by a running clothesline by McGillicutty as he goes for the cover 1..........2..... kick out. Harris tags back in and hits a DDT. Harris with an arm bar. Harris with knees to the arm as he works over Jey. Jey with punches to Harris but Harris with the short clothesline and a clothesline that sends Jey over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy tries to interfere but Harris throws him over the top rope to the floor as well. McGillicutty distracts the referee which allows Slater, Otunga and Harris to attack both the Uso’s on the outside. Tamina tries to gain the attention of the referee but this only distracts the ref further as the Nexus continue the assault. Otunga throws Jey back into the ring and Husky goes back in as well. Harris tags in McGillicutty. McGillicutty with a chop but Jey stops McGillicutty. Jimmy tags back in and they hit a double back elbow followed by a double elbow drop and go for the cover 1.......2..... kick out by McGillicutty. Jimmy with punches to McGillicutty. Jimmy with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with a knee and he tries for a sunset flip but McGillicutty rolls through and clotheslines Jimmy. McGillicutty falls inches from his corner but he is able to make the tag to Harris. Harris with clotheslines to Jey followed by a scoop slam and reverse atomic drop and bulldog. Harris goes to the corner and he punches Jey. Harris with a power slam for and goes for the cover 1..........2..... Jimmy breaks up the cover and McGillicutty with a drop kick and he follows this up with a clothesline sending both superstars over the top rope. Jey goes for a super kick and Harris catches him and hits a scoop slam. Harris bounces off the ropes and lands a running senton on Jey. Tamina jumps on the apron to distract the ref but Slater pulls her off the apron before the ref can notice and counts 1.........2........3

Winners: Nexus – Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris. (9:12)

Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris, the Nexus.

Josh Matthews: Impressive work there by the Nexus who qualify through to the Royal Rumble Match. And now they can go out and have some fun after being given the rest of the night off by Wade Barrett.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong, unlucky for the Uso’s here tonight. But the Nexus were impressive none the less.

Josh Matthews: Well we already have four matches announced for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View in three weeks time.

Matt Striker: We had earlier tonight Sting announce that the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be placed in a best of seven series and match two of that series will take place at the Rumble. John Morrison and CM Punk came face to face earlier tonight and this series will show which one is truly the better superstar.

Josh Matthews: We also had Wade Barrett announce earlier that the WWE World Tag Team Titles will be on the line with Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne defending against Nexus member’s David Otunga and Heath Slater.

Matt Striker: We have Sheamus defending his WWE Title against the eventual winner of this tournament. Which we will find out in a few weeks time.

Josh Matthews: Plus the thirty man Royal Rumble match which we have seen Zack Ryder, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris all qualify and R Truth and Rey Mysterio have been put in the match but can be pulled out if Sting sees fit. I’ve just been told there’s been an incident backstage again involving Kane.

We go backstage and we see Kane lying down not moving. It looks like he was attacked from behind as agents and doctors rush to Kane’s aid. They check Kane out as Sting arrives on the scene with Joe Afoe.

Sting: What happened here?

Doctor: We found him here laid out like this.

Sting: Will he be able to compete later tonight?

Doctor: No chance you’ll need to find a replacement.

Sting: Ok, ummm Joe it looks like it’s your lucky night. Instead of facing Sheamus next, you’ll go up against Triple H in our main event tonight in the Smackdown Tournament. Sheamus can now face Paul London instead.

Josh Matthews: Wow, that’s massive news for later on tonight. But I wonder what happened to Kane and who attacked him.

Matt Striker: Someone must really despise Kane to do this twice in a week.

Match 5: WWE Champion Sheamus vs. Paul London

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland weighing in at 272 pounds he is the WWE Champion, Sheamus.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent from Austin, Texas weighing in at 205 pounds, Paul London.

They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Sheamus with a side head lock and London with forearms to the ribs and he sends Sheamus across the ring. Sheamus hits another shoulder tackle. Sheamus tries for a slam but London is able to counter and dropkick Sheamus back into the corner. They lock up and Sheamus sends London into the turnbuckles and then London with a high kick following Sheamus’ attempt at a clothesline. Sheamus with punches to London. Sheamus with a series of elbow drops and he goes for the cover 1.........2..... kick out by London. Sheamus works on the neck but London with elbows and Sheamus pulls London back to the mat. Sheamus with a knee drop. Sheamus with an arm bar. London with punches to Sheamus but Sheamus with a kick and Irish whip. Sheamus misses a charge into the corner and London with punches in the corner. London with a boot to the head goes for the cover 1........2..... kick out by Sheamus. London with a kick but Sheamus with a kick of his own. London looks for a hurricanrana but Sheamus doesn’t let him move and hits the High Cross. Sheamus with the pin 1............2............3

Winner: Sheamus (6:46)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Sheamus.

Josh Matthews: An impressive first up performance by Sheamus as he leaves the ring.

Matt Striker: Do you expect anything different from the WWE Champion. Whoa who is that?

After the match Gregory Helms runs down the ramp and attacks Paul London who is still down in the middle of the ring. Helms picks up London and nails him with Nightmare On Helms Street followed by the Shining Wizard.

Gregory Helms: London you think that you’re going to be able to rock up back here in the WWE and take it by storm. There is only one man who can do that and that’s me. I will beat you and make you look like a fool as I stake the claim that I should be the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and nobody can beat me.

Gregory Helms leaves the ring with London still lying down in the middle of the ring.

****************COMMERCIAL BREAK******************

Josh Matthews: What was that all about from Gregory Helms attacking Paul London like that?

Matt Striker: Talk about kicking a man while he is down.

Match 6: WWE Title Tournament Quarter Final Match: Jack Swagger vs. Wade Barrett

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a WWE Title Tournament Quarter Final Match. Introducing first from Perry, Oklahoma weighing in at 263 pounds, Jack Swagger.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Manchester, England weighing in at 265 pounds, representing the Nexus, Wade Barrett.

Swagger took Barrett down at the bell and rolled him across the mat with a front chancery. Barrett made the ropes for a break, and Swagger shoved him. Barrett slapped Swagger and hit some punches, then ducked under him and hit a clothesline. Barrett delivered a scoop slam. Swagger shoved him into the ropes and hit a shoulder block, then a second. Swagger pressed Barrett over his head and tossed him over the top rope and to the floor. Swagger followed him to the floor and choked him, then rolled him back into the ring and went for the cover 1...........2....... kick out. Swagger hit a knee to the gut, then a second. Swagger applied a waist lock and tossed Barrett to the mat, then rolled him into a bridge 1............2....... kick out. Swagger kept the waist lock applied. Barrett got to his feet and elbowed out of the waist lock, then dodged a charge by Swagger in the corner. Barrett went for a kick, but Swagger caught it and stomped Barrett into the mat. Swagger applied a bear hug, then lowered Barrett to try and pin him with the hold. Barrett kept his shoulders off the mat, and then forearmed his way out of the hold. Swagger went for a press slam, but Barrett floated over it. Swagger grabbed Barrett and hit a gut buster. Swagger went back to the waist lock, and when Barrett got to his feet, hit a knee to the gut. Swagger missed a charge in the corner, and Barrett hit the clothesline into the corner. Swagger came right back with a knee to the gut, then went for a Splash off the middle rope, but Barrett got his knees up. Barrett was favouring his ribs, and threw some punches at Swagger, then a running forearm. Barrett hit a back elbow, and then went for a DDT, but Swagger tossed it away. Barrett ducked a Swagger clothesline and hit a side slam 1...........2...... kick out. Swagger grabbed Barrett and back dropped him. Swagger went for the power bomb, but Barrett blocked it twice. Swagger rammed Barrett into the corner, and set up for a superplex, but Barrett kicked him away. Barrett dropped off the turnbuckle and hits a big boot with both men staying down. As they get to their feet, Swagger hit a belly to belly suplex, then went for a fireman's carry, but Barrett arm dragged out of it, sending Swagger to the floor. Barrett went outside after Swagger, but Swagger decked him. Swagger then went for a German suplex off the apron to the floor, but Barrett blocked it and flipped Swagger back into the ring. Barrett went for Wastleland, but Swagger shoved it off and picked up Barrett for a slam. Barrett floated over and rolled up Swagger 1.............2...... Swagger kicked out, picked up Barrett and gave him an Oklahoma Stampede 1..........2...... Swagger. Swagger picked up Barrett and dropped him with the Gut Wrench Power Bomb. Swagger locked in the Ankle Lock and Barrett tapped out.

Winner: Jack Swagger (11:48)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner Jack Swagger.

Josh Matthews: A dominant surprising win by Jack Swagger here tonight putting him through to the next week of the tournament.

Matt Striker: Looks like Barrett made the wrong decision to send Nexus home without having them by his side.

Josh Matthews: You’re not wrong there a decision that Barrett will regret now for sure.

Matt Striker: Let’s head to the backstage area were WWE newcomers Ryan Kelly and James Richards are with Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: I am here with WWE newcomers, Ryan Kelly and James Richards who make their way to the WWE looking to make an impact am I right boys.

Ryan Kelly: Between the two of us we have had successful lower grade singles and tag team careers but now we are here to make it to the top. And the only way that we can do this is in the WWE.

James Richards: Next week we will both be making our WWE in Royal Rumble qualifying matches and we will be looking to make an impact immediately.

Todd Grisham: Good luck next week both of you and I hope you have great careers here in the WWE.

Match 7: Gail Kim vs. Kelly Kelly.

Tony Chimel: The following divas match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Gail Kim.

Tony Chimel: And her opponent from Jacksonville, Florida, Kelly Kelly.

Gail with a side head lock take down but Kelly with a roll up 1......... kick put by Gail. Kelly with a head scissors but Gail escapes and Kelly with a leg sweep with another cover 1.........2... kick out. Gail with a leg sweep of her own. Gail with a side head lock and Kelly with forearms but Gail with a shoulder tackle. Gail with a wrist lock. Kelly uses the ropes to reverse and then she hits an arm drag. Gail goes to the apron and slingshots back in 1.......2...... kick out. Kelly with a float over and then she hits a back handspring and arm drag. Gail knocks Kelly off the turnbuckles and Gail with a jack knife cover 1.............2...... kick out. Gail with a reverse chin lock. Gail sends Kelly into the turnbuckles and then tries for a hurricanrana but Kelly holds on to the ropes. Kelly with a victory roll 1........2...... kick out. They each think of clotheslines and they both hit one and they are down. They get up at the count of 7. Kelly and Gail exchange forearms. Kelly with a clothesline followed by a satellite head scissors and a cover 1.........2........ kick out. Gail sends Kelly into the turnbuckles. Gail misses a cross body and then she gets hit by the K2 1.............2..............3

Winner: Kelly Kelly (7:43)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner Kelly Kelly.

Josh Matthews: Impressive performance by Kelly Kelly here tonight.

Matt Striker: You’re not wrong, Gail Kim is not an easy beat by any means and she just beat here. Good work Kelly Kelly.

Josh Matthews: After this commercial break it will be time for our main event. Triple H vs. WWE Newcomer, Joe Afoe in the final quarter final match in the WWE Title number one contender tournament.

****************COMMERCIAL BREAK**************

Match 8: WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament Quarter Final Match – Triple H vs. Joe Afoe

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a quarter final match in the WWE Title number one contender tournament. Introducing first from the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 280 pounds, Joe Afoe.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 255 pounds, Triple H.

The bell rings and we're officially underway. Triple H gives Joe Afoe a DX crotch chop. He applies a headlock on Joe Afoe, who sends Triple H off the ropes and down to the mat. Joe Afoe pumps the crowd to a series of cheers. Right hand from Triple H onto Joe Afoe. Joe Afoe locks him up and gives him a head butt into the turnbuckles. Joe Afoe pulls him from the corner and sends him down to the mat. Hard right hand from Joe Afoe onto Triple H which sends Triple H to another corner of the ring. Joe Afoe whips him to the opposite corner only to get kicked. Triple H backs him down with right hands. Joe Afoe connects with a clothesline and goes for the cover 1............2........ kick out. Hard right hand to the midsection of Triple H from Joe Afoe. Loud Triple H chants from the crowd as Joe Afoe hits a scoop slam. Triple H is on the mat as Joe Afoe goes off the ropes for an elbow drop. He goes for another cover 1.........2....... Joe Afoe sets Triple H up on the corner looks to hit the Muscle Buster but Triple H manages to hold onto the ropes. Triple H pokes Joe in the eyes. Triple H looks to hit an axe handle onto Joe but he counters with a kick and a snap suplex. Joe Afoe applies a looks to lock on the rear naked choke onto Triple H but Triple H gets to his feet. Joe Afoe lifts him up but Triple H wrestles out. Triple H works to bring Joe Afoe down. Triple H drives his knee in the face of Joe Afoe followed by straight right hands. Finally Triple H gets Joe Afoe on the mat. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Joe Afoe is able to use his strength to build a counter back body drop him. Joe Afoe goes off the ropes and tries to drop on Triple H with a standing moonsault, but he misses. Out of nowhere Triple H hits the Pedigree and goes for the pin. 1........2.............3

Winner: Triple H (13:39)

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Triple H.

Josh Matthews: A tough first up match their for Triple H but he was able to prevail over Joe Afoe here tonight.

Matt Striker: I was impressed by big Joe here tonight and I think that he has a real future here in the WWE.

Josh Matthews: And what a night we have install for you next week with Triple H to face Jack Swagger as well as Drew McIntyre facing Alberto Del Rio in the semi finals in the Number One Contender for the WWE Title Tournament.

Matt Striker: Plus CM Punk and John Morrison face off in their first match in their best of seven series for the Intercontinental Championship.

Josh Matthews: Plus we will continue with Royal Rumble qualifiers. This and much, much more only on Smackdown next week. Good night everyone.

Drew McIntyre defeated R Truth in WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament Quarter Final
Zack Ryder defeated Yoshi Tatsu in Royal Rumble Qualifier
Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio in WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament Quarter Final
Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty defeated The Uso's in a Royal Rumble Qualifier
Jack Swagger defeated Wade Barrett WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament Quarter Final
Kelly Kelly defeated Gail Kim
Triple H defeated Joe Afoe in WWE Title Number One Contender Tournament Quarter Final

Raw Preview 10th January 2011

Confirmed Matches

Number One Contender's Match for the World Heavyweight Title

The Miz vs Edge

Legacy vs The World's Greatest Tag Team

Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches

Kaval vs Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters vs Dolph Ziggler

Royal Rumble Preview

WWE Title
Sheamus vs Tournament Winner

WWE Intercontinental Title
CM Punk vs John Morrison w/ Melina

WWE World Tag Team Titles
Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater and David Otunga

Royal Rumble Match
Confirmed Superstars

Zack Ryder
Michael McGillicutty
Husky Harris
R Truth
Rey Mysterio
Wade Barrett
Joe Afoe​

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