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Monday Night Raw
Mondays at 8/7 CT on USA

~ The Administration ~
Chairman of the Board: Vince McMahon
Raw General Manager: Jerry “The King” Lawler
Commentary: Jim Ross and Byron Saxton
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewer: Scott Stanford

~ The Champions ~
WWE Champion: The Miz
United States Champion: Tyler Black
Diva’s Champion: Melina
WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

~ The Superstars ~
Brodus Clay
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger
John Cena
John Morrison
Johnny Curtis
Justin Gabriel
Mason Ryan
Michael Tarver
Percy Watson
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
The Miz
Trent Barreta
Triple H
Tyler Black
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov*

~ The Divas ~
Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Eve Torres
Nikki Bella

~ The Tag Teams ~
R-Truth and Johnny Curtis
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
The Convoy (Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield)
The South Beach Party Boys (Darren Young and Percy Watson)

Michael Cole (Jack Swagger’s manager)
Vickie Guerrero (Dolph Ziggler’s girlfriend)

Friday Night SmackDown
Fridays at 8/7 CT on SyFy

~ The Administration ~
SmackDown General Manager: Theodore Long
Commentary: Josh Matthews, Matt Striker and Booker T
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham

~ The Champions ~
World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio
Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
WWE Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

~ The Superstars ~
Alberto Del Rio
Alex Riley
Big Show*
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry*
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Sin Cara
Tyler Reks
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

~ The Divas ~
AJ Lee
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Rosa Mendes

~ The Tag Teams ~
DZP/Down With Zack And Primo (Zack Ryder and Primo)
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
The Alberto Administration (Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Rosa Mendes, Hunico and Chavo Guerrero)
The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)
The Corre (Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater)

AJ Lee (Alex Riley's forced 'apprentice')
Gail Kim (Daniel Bryan’s girlfriend)


~ Pay-Per-View Schedule ~
Extreme Rules: 1st May 2011 | St. Pete Times Forum | Tampa, Florida
Over The Limit: 22nd May 2011 | Key Arena | Seattle, Washington
Capitol Punishment: 19th June 2011 | Verizon Center | Washington D.C.
Money In The Bank: 17th July 2011 | Allstate Arena | Chicago, Illinois
Summerslam | 21st August 2011 | Staples Center | Los Angeles, California
Night of Champions: 18th September 2011 | HSBC Arena | Buffalo, New York
Bragging Rights: 16th October 2011 | AT&T Center | San Antonio, Texas
Survivor Series: 20th November 2011 | Madison Square Garden | New York City, New York
TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs: 18th December 2011 | Wells Fargo Center | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

~ Special Editions ~
WWE Draft Special: 23rd May 2011
Viewer’s Choice Raw: 20th June 2011
Raw Roulette: 25th July 2011


Hey again, I'm back. Before you all start saying it, no, I'm not using Tahoma this time around. Cue the smart comments. :eek: I'm mixing things up with a bit of Georgia instead, so let's see how long I last before I suffer withdrawal symptoms. I had a partner for this originally, but he's lost his passion for it for now, so I'm going it alone once again. NXT, though I hate to cancel third shows, is gone because 1) it's fairly terrible at the moment anyway, and 2) doing three shows was the reason I had to give in last time. Basically, I'm trying to work with the same landscape the WWE has at the moment, which means the same PPV schedule, same rosters, same everything as much as possible. I'll recap Superstars. I'll post the Wrestlemania 27 results (the same as real life, admittedly) and edit in the PPV schedule later. For now, enjoy the banners and the rosters, I look forward to doing this all over again. :D

Captain Cally
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Enjoyed you last thread very much. You have some good young talent that I'm sure you will push wonderfully. Will we see another huge Zack Ryder push....woo woo woo. I hope so :). Good luck with this MB. I'll be reading.

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To be honest, I was looking forward to seeing what your partner was going to put out too, but I guess he's a jobber anyway (<3 you, mystery man). Nothing much to comment on at the moment, other than to say I'm glad to see you back, and hopefully you can make this time period your own. Good luck.

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Wow this looks beautiful, even without Tahoma. I am looking forward to your spin on things and glad that we can see three shows written a week by you. Can't wait, Melvis!

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To be honest, I was looking forward to seeing what your partner was going to put out too, but I guess he's a jobber anyway (<3 you, mystery man).
It was probably you anyway 8*D

Good luck though Melvis. Although I absolutely despise the time period you've gone with, I'll do my best to read.

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Looking good, I'll be reading.

The Knight
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Thanks for any comments so far, much appreciated. PPV schedule edited into the main post in just a moment. :eek:

Wrestlemania XXVII
Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia | 3rd April 2011

WWE Championship
The Miz (c) bts. John Cena via pinfall

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (c) bts. Alberto Del Rio via pinfall

Cross-Brand Match
The Undertaker bts. Triple H via submission to go 19-0 at Wrestlemania

Tag Team Contest
John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi bt. Dolph Ziggler and Laycool via pinfall

Grudge Match (Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Michael Cole bts. Jerry “The King” Lawler via disqualification (overturned decision)

Tag Team Contest
Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston bt. The Corre via pinfall

Grudge Match
Randy Orton bts. CM Punk via pinfall

Grudge Match
Cody Rhodes bts. Rey Mysterio via pinfall


United States Championship – Lumberjack Match
Sheamus (c) fought Daniel Bryan to a No Contest

Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal
The Great Khali won, last eliminating Sheamus

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I don't like the themed PPV concepts like HIAC and TLC but I see you said that you wanted to make it the same PPVs as the real WWE. Good luck (Y)

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Is Johnny Curtis made up? Or was he the guy on NXT? Thanks for the rep, and I'll be reading.
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Hey there. I was hoping you would've chosen a different time period since, quite frankly, the current time period blows hard. But I'll give you credit for trying, and your last thread was basically modern-day and worked well, so there's definitely high hopes for this one.

Good luck, I hope this lasts. Put the thread on your back plz :D

Usertitle ist hier
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Hey there. I was hoping you would've chosen a different time period since, quite frankly, the current time period blows hard. But I'll give you credit for trying, and your last thread was basically modern-day and worked well, so there's definitely high hopes for this one.

Good luck, I hope this lasts. Put the thread on your back plz :D
What, you mean choose an easy time period like you?

At least you are giving yourself a challenge and thank fuck Tahoma has gone.

A shame that Georgia is in its place though. They both both sound like places ffs.

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Hey, do not insult WWE in front of me. Does it suck?? Apparently the 12 million people that watched Raw last week don't agree.

Could it improve?? Of course, everything can improve.

Could it have better booking?? Yes, it could, some of the booking sucks.

But do I enjoy it every week?? OH HELLL YEAH!!!!
Dude this post is useless, I am just saying. Anyways, I like that you are trying to keep this realistic and make the WWE work with its stuff but in your own eyes. Are we going to get a Raw preview anytime soon? No rush, just asking.

The Knight
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Monday Night Raw
Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia | 4th April 2011

Hot off the heels of an iconic Wrestlemania Twenty-Seven, Monday Night Raw is still in Atlanta, but only a few hundred yards away from the Georgia Dome, in the Phillips Arena nearby. It’s sure to be a huge night, with the new wrestling year kicking off in the same city the last year came to an explosive finish in.

Last night, the big story was The Miz retaining his WWE Championship against John Cena in the main event. The match had seemingly ended with a double count-out, but guest host of Wrestlemania, The Rock, came out to restart the contest, with a No Holds Barred stipulation added on to the end. As a result, when the pairing returned to the ring, Rocky dropped Cena with a Rock Bottom as repayment for Cena’s Attitude Adjustment last week on Raw, allowing The Miz to pick up a famous win. Tonight on Raw, The Miz will open the show to talk about his victory on the Grandest Stage Of Them All, and with Cena in attendance, will the former “Champ” have anything to say to the “most must-see WWE Champion of all time” after the controversial circumstances by which The Miz was victorious? Or will we see a new challenger emerge for The Miz’s WWE Championship? And most importantly, is The Rock in the building? And if so, will we see a Cena/Rock confrontation?

Another heated rivalry which came to a head last night was Michael Cole against Jerry “The King” Lawler, in a match which saw special guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin deliver a Stunner to Cole’s trainer Jack Swagger, before Lawler applied the Ankle Lock to Cole to make him tap out. As Lawler and Austin (and Booker T) shared a beer, a shocking turning of the tables occurred, as Josh Matthews told everyone that the anonymous Raw General Manager had decided to REVERSE the decision as a result of Austin’s “over-involvement”. This gave the win to Cole as a result of a disqualification, and tonight on Raw, he will be doing something unprecedented – the Raw General Manager has decided that he is content to have his identity revealed as part of the new wrestling year, and it will be none other than his messenger, Michael Cole himself, to announce his identity tonight on Raw. What mood will Cole be in after he won last night, and who will he reveal as the new General Manager of Raw, who’s been pulling the strings on Monday nights for the past six months? Tune in tonight to hear one of the biggest announcements of the year so far!

CM Punk couldn’t beat Randy Orton last night – the Second City Saint tried his hardest to wear down Orton’s knee to the point of making it unusable, but the Viper shocked everyone with a huge RKO as Punk dived from the top rope. Tonight, Punk has to deal with another huge task, as he takes on the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The Straight-edge Superstar can’t be very pleased after his narrow loss last night, but he’s not exactly against a man who’s willing to let him take his anger out on him, as Henry is a tough match for any superstar on the roster. Can Punk overcome this fearsome opponent, and what will he have to say about his loss last night?

One man who actually did pull out a win last night was John Morrison, alongside Trish Stratus and Snooki, beating Dolph Ziggler and Laycool. After such a good win, Morrison has another huge match ahead of him tonight, as he takes on the man he had such a rivalry with towards the end of 2010 – the United States Champion, Sheamus. The Irishman fought to a No Contest with Daniel Bryan last night at Wrestlemania in the pre-show, then was eliminated last in the Battle Royal that followed by The Great Khali. One of these talented men will come out on top tonight, and it’s sure to be a great contest, as these two fight on live television.

Also tonight, Dolph Ziggler teams with William Regal to take on Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan. Ziggler fell to John Morrison in tag team action last night, while Bryan couldn’t beat Sheamus for the United States Title. Nevertheless, these four men are incredible talents, with Bryan and Ziggler sharing some great matches in the past, meaning we’re sure to have a great match on our hands here tonight.

While rumours are swirling about whether or not The Rock is in the Phillips Arena, the other hot topic going round backstage is the supposed story of an FBI agent being present behind the scenes on Raw! What possible reason could there be for such a figure to be on Raw? Tune in tonight to learn more.

Also, Diva’s Champion Eve Torres takes on Alicia Fox, plus we’ll hear from Randy Orton!

Announced For Raw

WWE Champion The Miz opens the show
Michael Cole unveils the identity of the anonymous Raw General Manager
CM Punk vs Mark Henry
John Morrison vs Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler and William Regal vs Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan
Eve Torres vs Alicia Fox
An FBI agent on Raw?
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