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WWE – I’m a Survivor

Hi Guys. All I want to say I’m doing this BTB because it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

This BTB will start with the first WWE Show after Vengeance 2011, and will carry on until Survivor Series 2011. From the start, it will feature only Triple H, The Miz & R-Truth’s parts in the shows, but more people will be shown as this BTB progresses. I’m going to post the Vengeance results, just to keep you on track.


Vengeance 2011

The Miz defeats John Cena (15:39)
Street Fight - Triple H defeats R-Truth (18:28)

Going into Vengeance, the main feud on RAW was COO Triple H and The Miz & R-Truth. For 2 Months, The Awesome Truth had been interfering in the COO’s business, and Triple H finally got his hands on one of them ; the poor R-Truth. Just to make it more brutal, ‘The Game’ made his match with Truth a Street Fight, so the winner would be the rightful one. The actual match was a brutal encounter, which saw ‘The King of Kings’ dominate some, but Truth holding his own. Numerous weapons were used, and one of them decided the match. Just a Triple H was about to Pedigree Truth onto a Chair, The Miz came rushing down the ramp. Hunter saw him however, and clocked him with the chair as he entered the ring. He then quickly hit a Pedigree on R-Truth to get the win.

Truth’s partner, The Miz, actually had a match earlier on in the night. He faced John Cena, one of the only superstars to back up the COO. These two had met many times in the past, but none as important as this. The Miz was looking to wear down Cena, while ‘The Champ’ was just looking to inflict pain. However, as the match came to an end, Cena has Miz up for an AA. The Miz elbowed off though, and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the 1-2-3.

Survivor Series – November 20th – Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
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