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Been awhile since I had a BTB or even thought about doing one. I was looking around and I see very few 2011 WWE if any. So I decided to do one. It will start after Wrestlemania and while the weekly show will be smaller than a PPV it will still be top notch. Here is all the things you need to know.

Wrestlemania 27 Results

Dark Match
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated The New Nexus(Husky/Otunga), The Usos, Zack Ryder and Primo, and The Corre(Slater/Gabirel) in a Tag Team Turmoil Match to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships.

Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston to become the new Intercontinental Champion when Kofi tapped out to the Ankle Lock.

The Big Show defeated Wade Barrett with a Knockout Punch.

John Morrison defeated R-Truth, William Regal, Evan Bourne, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, and Chris Masters in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match when Morrison pulls down the briefcase.

In a RAW vs Smackdown Match, Sheamus defeated Rey Mysterio with The Brogue Kick.

Layal defeated Michelle McCool to win the WWE Diva's Championship with The Lay Out.

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk with a Kick to the head.

In a Triple Threat Match, Alberto Del Rio beat Edge and Dolph Ziggler to win the World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, John Morrison comes out and cashes in Money in the Bank and does The Starship Pain and pins Del Rio to become the New World Heavyweight Champion.

The GM bell goes off and says that he will reveal himself tomorrow night on RAW.

The Miz defeated John Cena with The Rock as the Special Guest Referee to retain the WWE Championship. After the match, John Cena snaps and beats The Rock down and does three Attitude Adjustments to him.

In the main event, The Undertaker defeated Triple H to keep the streak.

RAW Roster
John Cena
Randy Orton
Triple H
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
David Hart Smith
Santino Marella
Vladimir Kozlov
Yoshi Tatsu
Mark Henry
Darren Young
Evan Bourne
The Miz
Ted Dibiase
William Regal
Tyson Kidd
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Zack Ryder
Alex Riley
David Otunga
Husky Harris
The Great Khali
Mason Ryan

Gail Kim
Eve Torres
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella
Alica Fox

WWE Champion- The Miz
United States Champion- Daniel Bryan
Unified Tag Team Champions- Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Diva's Champion- Layla El

Tag Teams/Stables
The New Nexus(CM Punk/Mason Ryan/David Otunga/Husky Harris)
Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
The Usos(Jimmy/Jey)

Smackdown Roster
The Big Show
Rey Mysterio
Kofi Kingston
John Morrison
Chris Masters
Trent Baretta
The Undertaker
Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Wade Barrett
Justin Gabriel
Health Slater
Ezekiel Jackson
Cody Rhodes
Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Tyler Reks

Beth Phoenix
Layla El
Michelle McCool
Rosa Mendes
Kelly Kelly

World Heavyweight Champion- John Morrison
Intercontinental Champion- Jack Swagger
Unified Tag Team Champions- Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Diva's Champion- Layla El

Tag Teams/Stables
The Corre(Wade Barrett/Ezekiel Jackson/Justin Gabriel/Health Slater)

I will have the RAW Preview up tonight and hopefully RAW will be up tomorrow. I am just doing this for fun so the matches wont be full but for PPVS I will give the highlights.

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WWE RAW Preview

What a night last night at Wrestlemania was. The Miz defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Title but the main story is what John Cena did to The Rock after the match. He snapped and beat the living hell out of Rock. We dont know what will happen or even if The Rock will be able to show up on RAW.

During Wrestlemania, The GM said that he will show up on Monday Night. Will we find out who the GM is and what does he have plan for RAW?

The WWE Tag Team Championships will be on the line when Santino and Kozlov defends against Zack Ryder and Primo.

The Diva's will be in action when Maryse takes on Gail Kim.

The General Manager made a match for RAW even before he showed up. It will be Champion taking on Champion as United States Champion, Daniel Bryan takes on the WWE Champion, The Miz. What will happen when The Miz takes on his former NXT rookie, Daniel Bryan?

All this and much more only on Monday Night RAW.

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Dark Match

Evan Bourne defeated Darren Young with Air Bourne.


RAW comes on the air with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Justin Roberts: Please welcome, the RAW General Manager..............

Just then the lights go out. They are out for a few moments and then they come back on and there is a guy in the ring in a mask. He haves a mic in his hand.

GM: Just because I said I was going to be at RAW does not mean that I was going to reveal who I was.

We then can tell by him talking that his voice is altered as he sounds like a slow robot.

GM: I am out here because I go tired of sitting behind my computer and watching RAW each week. I want to be part of the action. Last night at Wrestlemania, tons of things happen, most importantly The Miz is still the WWE Champion. Well in three weeks at Extreme Rules, he will once again defend the WWE Championship but against who? Tonight we are going to have three matches, the winner of these three matches will then face each other tonight in a Triple Threat Match and the winner will go on to face Miz at Extreme Rules. Those matches will be John Cena taking on William Regal, Randy Orton taking on Sheamus, and CM Punk taking on Triple H. So please WWE Universe, enjoy yourself tonight as the first match begins right now.

Winner Goes To Triple Threat Match later Tonight
Randy Orton vs Sheamus

The finish comes when Sheamus goes to the top rope but Randy Orton goes over and knocks him off to the mat. Sheamus gets up and walks right into a RKO for the three.

Michael Cole: What a load of crap. Randy Orton is going to the main event of RAW tonight.

Backstage we see The RAW GM on the phone.

GM: Yes, yes, I know that. Like I said, it will all be yours if you do this. Yes, I know, see you tonight then.

Michael Cole: Who is he talking about?


We see a recap of Wrestlemania from last night mainly showing John Cena snaping and beating The Rock.

Michael Cole: John Cena is in action next against William Regal and after that match, we will try to get a word with John Cena about why he attacked The Rock last night at Wrestlemania.

Winner goes to Triple Threat Match Later Tonight
John Cena vs William Regal

The finish comes when John Cena locks in The STF and William Regal taps out.

Michael Cole: Looks like John is not taking it slow tonight. He finished Regal off in about two minutes.

After the match, Josh Matthews enter the ring with a mic.

Josh Matthews: John, last night at Wrestlemania you lost to The Miz but after the match, you attacked the ref, The Rock, why?
John Cena: Josh, I attacked The Rock because I am tired of him running his mouth. In matter of fact, I feel the same way about you as I do about The Rock.

Just then John Cena picks Josh Matthews up and plants him with a Attitude Adjustment. The crowd is in total shock as John Cena stands there looking at Josh Matthews.

Michael Cole: What is wrong with John Cena?
King: I don’t know but he just attacked poor Josh Matthews.


We see that The Rock will be on RAW next week to confront John Cena.

Unified Tag Team Championship
Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov© vs Zack Ryder/Primo

The finish comes when Primo and Kozlov are outside the ring brawling with each other. Santino gets ready to hit The Cobra but Zack ducks it. Zack grabs Santino and plants him with The Zack Attack. Zack Ryder covers Santino for the three.

Michael Cole: Wow, DZP are the new Unified Tag Team Champions.
King: DZP?
Michael Cole: Down with Zack and Primo.
King: Oh lord, that is bad, Cole.


Champion vs Champion
The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

The finish comes when Daniel Bryan haves The Miz locks in The Labell Lock. Miz gets ready to tap but Alex Riley gets on the apron and grabs the ref. The Miz starts tapping but the ref is with Ariy. Just then a man enters the ring in a suit and we see that it is Ted Dibiase. He kicks Bryan in the head. Ted Dibiase picks Daniel Bryan up and plants him with Dream Street. Dibiase leaves the ring as The Miz covers Bryan but Daniel kicks out at the last moment possible. The Miz pulls Bryan up and plants him with The Skull Crushing Finale. Miz covers Daniel Bryan for the win.

Michael Cole: What a damn match. The Miz is like a god. He just defeated The United States Champion, Daniel Bryan all by himself.
King: Oh, Please.

In the parking lot, we see a long limo pull up. The masked General Manager opens the door.

GM: Nice to see you finally made it.

The GM gets in the limo with whoever he was talking to.

King: Who is in that limo?


We see a video showing the Extreme Rules logo which is the next Pay Per View. In big black letters under the logo it says “The Return”.

Gail Kim vs Maryse
The finish comes when Maryse goes for a clothesline but Gail ducks and rolls Maryse up for a quick three count.

Michael Cole: What a move and a win by Gail.

After the match, Gail goes ringside and grabs a mic.

Gail Kim: I am sick and tired of this crap. Week after week, I am forced to wrestle no talents bitches on Superstars. Hell, the only reason that I wrestled tonight is because Maryse’s regular opponent, Melina couldn’t be here because her plane had problems. So what did they do, they had me wrestle because I was here and handy. Well you know what, not anymore. I wont a shot at the WWE Diva’s Championship and this Friday on Smackdown, I will be there to issue my challenge to Layla. Layla, this bitch is coming for you.

Gail Kim dropped the mic and walked away.

King: Strong words by Gail Kim.


Winner Goes to Triple Threat Match Later Tonight
Triple H vs CM Punk

The finish comes when CM Punk picks Triple H up for The GTS but Hunter slides off of Punk. CM Punk turns around and Triple H kicks him in the gut and plants him with The Pedigree. Triple H covers for the win.

Michael Cole: Coming up next, Triple H will take on John Cena and Randy Orton and the winner will face The Miz at Extreme Rules.


Backstage we see The Miz watching the TV screen.

Number 1 Contendership for the WWE Championship
Triple H vs John Cena vs Randy Orton

The finish comes when Randy Orton plants John Cena with a RKO. Randy Orton covers John Cena but Triple H pulls Randy Orton up and plants him with a Pedigree. Triple H gets ready to cover when we see someone in the ring with a chair and he cracks Triple H in the back with it. We see that it is the RAW General Manager, mask and all. John Cena gets up and the GM cracks Cena right in the head with the chair. Randy Orton gets up and grabs The General Manager but his neck but Ted Dibaise comes out and starts hitting and kicking Randy Orton. Randy Orton fights back but the GM hits him with a chair to the head. Triple H pulls himself up but Dibiase grabs him and plants him with Dream Street. The General Manager picks up his voice changing mic.

GM: You three actually think that I would want you to challenge for the title once again. You three are hogs, you three had so many title matches. The ratings are in the shape they are because of you three. So I am calling this match a DRAW as none of you will face The Miz at Extreme Rules. Not a damn one of you. You see, it is time that we have a new face in The Miz defending his WWE Title against another new face who never had a WWE Title Match before. Now, I am not talking about Ted Dibiase as he will challenge Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules for the United States Championship in a Ladder Match. No, what I am talking about is a new WWE Superstar hired by me and he never ever stepped in a WWE ring before. This is the person that is in that limo in the parking lot. He will not be here tonight but he wanted to get a feel of backstage.

We see a shot of backstage and The Miz is knocked out next to his WWE Title. No one is around but EMTS are coming up to him.

GM: Cena, Orton, Hunter, what this guy did in one night is something you three couldn’t do in the past five months. He took out the WWE Champion, The Miz and at Extreme Rules, he will be the new WWE Champion.

The GM goes over and hugs Ted Dibiase and raise his hand.

Backstage in the parking lot, we see the Limo drive off.

GM: Wait, one other thing, I did say last night at Wrestlemania, I would reveal who I am and I am going to do just that.

The GM reaches up and grabs his mask. He pulls it off and we see that is JBL.

Michael Cole: All this time, The General Manager was Bradshaw? JBL is back.

RAW goes off the air with John Bradshaw Layfield and Ted Dibiase in the ring.

RAW Superstars Results

R-Truth and Mark Henry defeated The Usos when Mark Henry nails The World’s Strongest Slam on Jimmy for the win.

Goldust defeated Tyson Kidd with The Final Cut.

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WWE Smackdown Preview- "Palace of Champion"

At Wrestlemania, John Morrison became Mr. Money in the Bank but later on during the night, Alberto Del Rio won the World Heavyweight Championship by defeated Edge and Dolph Ziggler. After the match, John Morrison decided to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract and he defeated Alberto Del Rio to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. We now know that this week on Smackdown, John Morrison will throw a huge party at The Palace of Wisdom and every member of The WWE Universe is invited.

Smackdown's General Manager Teddy Long announced that while John Morrison might be celebrating his title win on Smackdown this week, we will find out who his next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship will be. He said that this week we will have a Beat The Clock night with whoever haves the fastest time challenging John Morrison for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Not only that but the winner of Beat The Clock will also pick what stipulation his match with Morrison will be. The six matches for Beat The Clock are as follows. Edge taking on Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio taking on Intercontinental Champion, Jack Swagger, Christian taking on Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett taking on Finlay, The Big Show taking on Ezekiel Jackson, and The Undertaker taking on his brother, Kane.

Not only that but the Diva's will be in action as the WWE Diva's Champion, Layla faces off against Kelly Kelly in a nontitle match. With the threat of Gail Kim "invading" Smackdown this week, will Layla be able to ward off K2.

All this and much more only on Friday Night Smackdown.

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WWE.com News

Over the past few days, we have learned that WWE have signed some former WWE Superstars to a new contract and also hired some indy Diva's as well.

WWE have rehired Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and MVP. We assume they will return in the next few weeks on either RAW or Smackdown.

The new Diva's that been hired by WWE and will report to FCW(Florida Championship Wrestling) to train some more and they are Santana G and Amy Henning.

Santana G is a promoter’s dream. Young and beautiful, she catches the eyes of the wrestling fans right away. Yet that hardly touches the surface of why she has earned the love and admiration of the St. Louis fans in her very first year.

Take one moment to speak to Santana G, and her sweet disposition will draw you to her. During the summer at her home promotion, High Voltage Wrestling, she has been all smiles as fans have asked for a photo with her, and autographs have been flying off the table.

One of the loudest reactions of the night is guaranteed when Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country” hits the PA and Midwest Pro Wrestling’s hottest female star comes to the ring. The city girl with a country attitude’s rise to local fame has not come easy. Her father is none other that HVW Promoter TNT Keny G. Keny knew that for his daughter to be taken seriously that she would have to get proper training. In St Louis, he enrolled her in the first class training at NWA Dynamo with Dingo at the time being the head trainer.

She has been training diligently through the spring, working on conditioning and learning the basics of the ring. Her dad could not have been more proud of his daughter—so proud, that on March 14th at HVW’S “Diamonds and Dust”in Granite City, Illinois he introduced her to the fans.

Santana G is one of the most loved wrestlers in the Midwest today. Though she has made her way to Florida to train with Larry Zbyszko and Soctt Hall, she still has close ties to the Midwest in 2010.

Earlier in the year the fans was a buzz when they got to see her on Spike TV’S TNA along side of Orlando Jordan. She accompanied him during his promos on the TNA Website before heading back to further her training as a pro wrestler.

Santana G has been the CCW Women’s champion and has been very active throughout Florida wrestling some of the top women’s stars including Becky Bayless ala TNA’S Cookie, Rosie Lotta love, Isis the Amazon and many more , while teaming with Sean X-PAC Waltman.

When Santana G came back to the Midwest it was always a big deal, first coming in to debut for Harley Race’s WLW she went toe to toe with the WLW Women’s Champion Amy Hennig not once but twice.

At High Voltage Wrestling she teamed with MsChif to defeat Serenity and arch rival Jessica Haze. Then in what was one of the biggest matches of the year in the Midwest as she went into a three way dance with Hennig and the Great Cheyenne.

At NBWA she teamed up with December to beat Serenity and Jessica Haze during their 5 year anniversary in March in Illinois

During this year Santana G has been seen in publications such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and interviewed by the Miami Herald.

From the Midwest to Florida all the way to your TV screen the fans always want to see more of Sanatan G.

With 50 plus matches in 2010, it’s hard to believe that Santana G has only been wrestling for over a year and a half

We dont know much about Amy Henning but we do know that she is the daughter of Mr. Perfect Curt Henning and with a almost perfect match for her dad, we can bet that she can also wrestle like him.

Both Santana G and Amy Henning will be headed to FCW before being called up to the main roster.

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Dark Match
Justin Gabriel and Health Slater defeated JTG and Chris Masters when Gabriel nailed a 450 Splash on JTG for the win.

WWE Smackdown

We get a video showing Wrestlemania and showing John Morrison winning Money in the Bank, Alberto Del Rio winning the World Heavyweight Championship, and then John Morrison cashing in Money in the Bank and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.

We come on live inside the arena and we see balloons and other party stuff set up. We hear a voice of Howard Finkle come over the PA system.

Howard Finkle: Everyone welcome to Friday Night Smackdown. For many generations, men have fought to become good at something and to become a champion. One man did just that in one night. One man was good and became great in just one night. One man became World’s Champion. So please rise and welcome to The Palace of Wisdom, the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Guru of Sexy, The Abs of America, The Friday Night Delight, The Prince of Parkour. The new World Heavyweight Champion, John Morrison.

John Morrison comes out in his wrestling clothes holding the World Heavyweight Championship. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He holds up the World Title as fireworks shoots off from the ring post. He walks over and grabs a mic.

John Morrison: Last Sunday, I, John Morrison did something that no one would ever thought could happen. That one thing is that JoMo won Money in the Bank Ladder Match. No one ever thought that I could win that match but I did. I didn’t stop there though. For the first time in Wrestlemania history, I went and cashed it in the same night that I won and I became for the first time ever, the World Heavyweight Champion. I am proud that my hard work finally paid off because I am standing here, in the Palace of Wisdom, as your champion. The Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long already announced that I will defend my title against someone at Extreme Rul.........

Just then Alberto Del Rio comes out without his car. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Alberto Del Rio: Listen amigo, you should not be champion right now. Alberto Del Rio should be champion, but you already know that. You see, Alberto Del Rio did something that no one else could do and that is become World Champion by beating Edge and Dolph and then you took it away from me. No, you don’t because Alberto Del Rio don’t play games, boy. I want my title and I want it now.

Alberto gets in John Morrison’s face as Smackdown’s General Manager Teddy Long’s music plays and he comes out on the stage.

Teddy Long: Easy right there playas. This is not the way we are going to start things off here after Wrestlemania. No, this is what we are going to do. Coming up next we are going to have a match. Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison. It will not be for the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio looks pissed.

Alberto Del Rio: Teddy, you little jumping bean, I won the World Title at Wrestlemania, then I lost it because of this “Prince of Nothing” and your saying me that I can’t use my rematch clause that is in my contract?

Teddy Long: You see, Alberto, since John Morrison cashed in Money in the Bank so fast and you became champion on the same night he cashed in, we didn’t have time for you to have a new contract with that in it so your old contract says nothing about a rematch because, playa, when you signed, you were not the World Heavyweight Champion. So therefore, if anyone gets a rematch clause it would be the former World Heavyweight Champion, The Rated R Superstar Edge but since he is in a Beat The Clock Match tonight, his rematch is voided. But Alberto, I’ll tell you what I will do. This is Smackdown, Playa, and we give chances to people and I am going to give you a chance. If you beat John Morrison tonight, then you will get your World Heavyweight Championship Match next week right here on Smackdown, playa. Now ring the bell, Holla.

The bell rings to start the match.

John Morrison vs Alberto Del Rio
The finish comes when Alberto grabs Morrison’s arm but Morrison elbows Del Rio in the head and quickly jumps on the second rope and plants him with The Flash Kick. Del Rio is out of it as Morrison plants him with Starship Pain. Morrison covers for the win.

Josh Matthews: Alberto Del Rio lost so he will not get his rematch next week. Coming up next is the start of Beat The Clock as Christian takes on Kofi Kingston.


Backstage Todd Grisham catches up to Alberto Del Rio.

Todd Grisham: Alberto, now that you can’t get a rema...

Alberto Del Rio: Oh, Todd, I will get my rematch. Teddy Long don’t know who he is messing with. By the end of the night, I will prove to everyone, including Teddy Long, that I deserve a rematch. It is my destiny.

Alberto Del Rio leaves.

Beat The Clock Match
Christian vs Kofi Kingston

The finish comes when Kofi goes for a crossbody but Christian ducks it. Christian pulls Kofi up and plants him with The Kill Switch. Christian covers Kofi for the win.

Clock Time- 14:29

Josh Matthews: Christian is in the lead with 14:29. Coming up next, Match two in Beat The Clock as Edge takes on Dolph Ziggler.


We get a video showing MVP returning next week on Smackdown.

Beat The Clock Match
Edge vs Dolph Zigger

The finish comes when Dolph locks in The Sleeper Hold but the time is under a minute mark. Edge fights out and elbows Ziggler in the head with 20 seconds to go. Ziggler turns and he turns back toward Edge and right into a huge Spear. Edge slowly makes the cover but as he does the clock reaches 0.

Current Clock Time- 14:29(Christian)

Josh Matthews: Edge couldn’t beat his buddy, Christian’s time. Christian still holds the time to beat.

We go backstage where Alberto Del Rio is beating up John Morrison. He haves a pipe hammering over and over on Morrison’s arm. Alberto drops the pipe and locks in his arm bar. Morrison screams in pain as people come and pull Del Rio off of Morrison.

Booker T: Wow, did you see that. Alberto attacked the World’s Champion, John Morrison.


We see the EMTS checking on John Morrison’s arm. We then switch over to Alberto Del Rio in Teddy’s office.

Alberto Del Rio: You see that, Teddy? What I did there was my destiny. Now, Teddy, you seen what I did to your “World’s Champion”. Now picture what I can do to each and every Smackdown Superstar if I don’t get what I want.

Teddy Long: You know what, I usually don’t give into people’s demand. But I want to see Morrison get his hands on you so this is what we are going to do. Next week right here on Smackdown, playa, John Morrison will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against you, Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio: Theodore, I knew you were a smart man. Next week on Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio will be the new World Heavywei.........

Teddy Long: Not so fast, playa. You see, someone else didn’t get their rematch either. So next week on Smackdown, John Morrison will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio, and Edge. The winner of Beat The Clock tonight will face the winner of that match at Extreme Rules. Now, playa, get out of my office.

Alberto Del Rio looks upset and leaves Teddy’s Office.

Beat The Clock Match
Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger

The finish comes when Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger are fighting each other up the ramp. The ref reaches the ten count and calls for the bell.

Josh Matthews: We are being told that due to both Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger beating counted out, this match is a Draw so therefore, Christian’s time still reamin.

Current Clock Time- 14:29(Christian)

Jack Swagger is pissed as he throws Rey Mysterio in the ring. Swagger grabs his Intercontinental Championship and hits Rey in the head with it. Jack Swagger then locks in The Ankle Lock and Rey Mysterio starts screaming. Just then Kofi Kingston runs out and Jack Swagger quickly leaves the ring. Kofi checks on Rey Mysterio as Swagger raises his title in the air.


Josh Matthews: We are being told that next week on Smackdown, Rey Mysterio will take on Kofi Kingston in a Number 1 Contendership for the Intercontinental Championship.

Beat The Clock Match
Wade Barrett vs Finlay

The finish comes when Wade Barrett picks Finlay up and plants him with Wasteland. Wade covers Finlay for the three at 6:45

Matt Striker: Wade Barrett did it.
Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett have defeated Christian’s time.
Booker T: Wow.

Current Clock Time- 6:45(Wade Barrett)


Backstage we see that The Big Show and Ezekiel Jackson are fighting with each other. Health Slater and Justin Gabriel joins in only they have chairs and they hammer Big Show with the chairs over and over in the back. Jackson picks up a huge box that stores WWE equipment and slam it on Big Show’s leg. Teddy Long comes running up.

Teddy Long: Guys stop it right there. You know what, you two were going to wrestle next in a Beat The Clock Match, well, not anymore. Jackson, you just screwed yourself playa. You know what, if Big Show can make it next week, you against him and if The Corre interferes in any way next week, I will fire their asses on the spot, holla.

Big Zeke Jackson smiles as he kicks Big Show’s leg one last time.

We get a video highlighting the 2010 feud between The Undertaker and Kane. We see that they will face each other tonight in the last Beat The Clock Match.


Layla vs Kelly Kelly
The finish comes when Layla plants Kelly with The Lay Out. Layla covers Kelly Kelly for the win.

After the match, Layla grabs a mic.

Layla: Aw, thank for your applause but someone promised that they will be here tonight. Where is that ugly stinky girl at anyways. At home eating rice in Korea? Or climbing a tree like a stinky panda in China? Where is she?

Just then Gail Kim enters the ring with a Singapore Cane. Layla turns around and Gail Kim cracks the cane over Layla’s head. The crowd starts booing Gail Kim. She pulls Layla up and cracks her again with in the head. Layla is bleeding a little from her nose. Gail Kim picks up a mic.

Gail Kim: So you stupid WWE Universe, this is what you call a Diva’s Champion? Really? This slut? Really? Well you know what, she can makes all the jokes all she wants about me climbing trees but I issue a challenge to this little sweetheart. Layla, at Extreme Rules, me against you in a Singapore on a Pole Match. That tree wont be the only thing that I will be climbing as I will climb up the corner and whip your ass with this cane all over this ring, bitch.

Gail Kim drops the mic as we get a close up shot of Layla’s bloody nose.


Beat The Clock Match
The Undertaker vs Kane

The finish comes when The Undertaker picks Kane up for The Tombstone and he plants it. He gets ready to cover but Wade Barrett gets on the apron. The clocks hits zero as Undertaker looks pissed off. The ref calls for the bell.

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett just won and will face the World Heavyweight Champion at Extreme Rules.

The Undertaker grabs Barrett and pulls him into the ring. The Undertaker starts beating Barrett up with hard right and left fist. Kane gets up and kicks The Undertaker between the legs. Kane then grabs Undertaker by his neck and plants him with a hard chokeslam. Wade Barrett gets out of the ring and grabs a mic.

Wade Barrett: It don’t matter who I am facing at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Title because the match that I choose will be brutal, anything goes, the match will be a Extreme Rules Match.

Smackdown goes off the air with Wade Barrett celebrating outside the ring.

WWE Smackdown Superstars Results

Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool with The Glam Slam.

Drew McIntyre defeated Trent Baretta with The Future Shock DDT.​

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WWE RAW Preview

Last week on RAW, it was revealed that JBL was the General Manager of RAW this whole time. He also made matches where the winners will get put in a match to determine who The Miz will face at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship. Well, JBL had others plan as the match was John Cena vs Triple H vs Randy Orton which JBL stopped and declared it a No Contest. He then announced that someone newly signed to RAW will challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules and that person will be here next week. Meanwhile, The Miz was attacked backstage by the assume person. Joined by Ted Dibiase, JBL and this mystery person could rule over RAW for a long time.

JBL did announced a huge main event for Monday Night RAW. It will be the team of The New Nexus, Mason Ryan, David Otunga, and CM Punk taking on Randy Orton, Triple H, and John Cena. Will John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H be able to survive The New Nexus attacks?

The United States Champion Daniel Bryan will team with R-Truth to take on Ted Dibiase and William Regal. Will Dibiase be able to control Bryan?

Breaking News, we just learned that a new match have been added to Extreme Rules. It will be the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Zack Ryder and Primo defending the titles against Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov in a Tag Team Tables Match. This week on RAW, there will be single action as Santino Marella takes on Primo and Zack Ryder takes on Vladimir Kozlov. Will the Tag Team Champions be able to knock off the formers champs again?

The Number One Contender for the Diva's Championship Gail Kim will team with Maryse to take on the former Champions, Eve and Natalya. Which team of Diva's will be the victors?

All this and much more only on Monday Night RAW.

Announced Matches

John Cena/Triple H/Randy Orton vs The New Nexus

Daniel Bryan/R-Truth vs Ted Dibiase/William Regal

Santino Marella vs Primo

Vladimir Kozlov vs Zack Ryder

Gail Kim/Maryse vs Eve/Natalya​
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