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WWE 2011: A New Era

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After debating on what project I wanted to do and knowing I needed a different thread, I've elected to do a 2011 thread. With the new year just beginning I feel this is a great time to start a new thread and I have been somewhat more interested in the WWE now than I have been in the past year or so and I feel this is going to be a great project for me to test out. I would love to be able to do full shows but I can't see myself really doing them anymore so it'll most likely be recaps (I know, shocker!) and hopefully full pay-per-views (especially the bigger ones). We shall see though but for now I'll just post the rosters and I'll have more up Sunday for you! I'll work on this front page a little bit more as well Sunday as well.

WWE 2011: A New Era

Monday Night Raw Roster

Alex Riley
Brett DiBiase
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Heath Slater
Jackson Andrews
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael Tarver
Santino Marella
Skip Sheffield
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder


Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Nikki Bella

Inactive/Injured Talent:

Evan Bourne
Husky Harris
Michael McGillicutty
The Great Khali
Triple H

Other Talent:

Anonymous Raw General Manager
Michael Cole - Play by Play
Jerry Lawler - Color Commentator
Justin Roberts - Ring Announcer
Scott Stanford - Backstage Interviewer
Ranjin Singh - Manager of The Great Khali

Friday Night Smackdown Roster

Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Darren Young
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Percy Watson
Rey Mysterio
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks


Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Rosa Mendes

Inactive/Injured Talent:

Joey Mercury

Other Talent:

Josh Mathews - Play by Play
Matt Striker - Color Commentator
Michael Cole - Play by Play
Ricardo Rodriguez - Ring Announcer of Alberto Del Rio
Theodore Long - General Manager
Todd Grisham - Backstage Interviewer
Tony Chimel - Ring Announcer
Vickie Guerrero - Consultant to General Manager


WWE Championship History

WWE Championship:

The Miz
November 22, 2010 -

World-Heavyweight Championship:

December 19, 2010 -

Intercontinental Champion:

Dolph Ziggler
August 6, 2010 - January 30, 2011

Kofi Kingston
January 30, 2011 -

United States Champion:

Daniel Bryan
September 19, 2010 -

WWE Tag Team Championships:

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
December 6, 2010 -

Divas Championship:

November 21, 2010 -


WWE 2011 Pay-Per-View Schedule

The Royal Rumble | 01/30/11 | Boston, MA
Elimination Chamber | 02/20/11 | Oakland, CA
WrestleMania XXVII | 04/03/11 | Atlanta, GA
Extreme Rules | 05/01/11 | Tampa, FL
Over the Limit | 05/22/11 | Seattle, WA
Fatal 4 Way | 06/19/11 | Washington, D.C.
Money in the Bank | 07/17/11 | Rosemont, IL
SummerSlam | 08/14/11 | Los Angeles, CA
Night of Champions | 09/18/11 | Buffalo, NY
Hell in a Cell | 10/02/11 | New Orleans, LA
Bragging Rights | 10/23/11 | San Antonio, TX
Survivor Series | 11/20/11 | New York, NY
TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs | 12/18/11 | Philadelphia, PA
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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday January 3, 2011
US Airways Center – Phoenix, Arizona

The first WWE and Monday Night Raw show of 2011 comes to you live this Monday night from the US Airways Center as the superstars of Monday Night Raw begin the march towards the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 27 tonight!

After consecutive back to back attacks from the inactive CM Punk to John Cena, CM Punk absolutely shocked the world and might have possibly just revealed what the “big picture” that Nexus has been hinting at for the last few months. David Otunga even offered John Cena a chance for a truce but Cena backed out and said that he did not believe Otunga one bit. What followed after was a 5 on 1 beat down from the Nexus members before CM Punk came charging down the ramp before dropping Cena with the GTS and looking slyly at the Nexus armband before sliding it onto his arm. Will we find out how long CM Punk and Nexus have been in on this plan all together? What happens now to the former Nexus leader, Wade Barrett? What’s next for John Cena, whom was injured this past weekend at a live event? Will Cena be able to return soon from his injury and vow revenge?

It wasn’t exactly the best week for the WWE champion and his apprentice in Alex Riley. The number one contender to the WWE Championship John Morrison ended up defeating Riley after putting his number one contender status on the line. As a result of winning the match though Morrison earned the privilege of naming when the match would take place and what type of match. Morrison promptly chose the first Monday Night Raw of 2011 and he stated that he would face The Miz for the WWE Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere Match! Briefly after his announcement, The Miz would suffer another defeat to WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry “The King” Lawler, as John Morrison was able to nail The Miz with a swift kick to the face allowing Lawler to win via count out. But tonight with all of the marbles on the line, the two former WWE Tag Team Champions will clash and only one will emerge with the WWE Championship? Will The Miz carry on his title reign? Will John Morrison finally cash in on his recent success and emerge as the WWE Champion for the first time ever in his career?

In a huge battle to put an end to their feud that rocked 2010, Randy Orton reigned supreme over “King” Sheamus one final time with a RKO that rocked Sheamus and left the 2010 King of the Ring down for the three count. Orton stated earlier in the night that he would be keeping a close eye on the Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE title match between Miz and John Morrison tonight. Orton stated that he’d love to see the Miz retain the title and he said that it’s not because he dislikes John Morrison but because that he’d love to take the title back from the Miz whenever he recaptures the WWE Championship. Will Orton earn his goal in 2011 and defeat Miz eventually for the WWE Championship?

The United States Champion, Daniel Bryan, had a confrontation last week as he was talking to his friends, The Bella Twins, as Tyson Kidd and his new bodyguard Jackson Andrews interrupted the party. Kidd made a bold prediction stating that he would be United States Champion very soon in 2011. Kidd would fall prey to “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry in a match while Bryan would end up defeating Zack Ryder in rather quick fashion. Will Kidd’s prediction for 2011 come true this year? How will Daniel Bryan fare in 2011 as well in the ring and out of the ring with the Bella Twins?

It’ll be a big night of questions and answers as the WWE rolls into a new year. Join us this Monday live on the USA Network at 9 ET/ 8 CT!​

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WWE Monday Night Raw
Monday January 3, 2011
US Airways Center – Phoenix, Arizona​

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to Monday Night Raw here tonight. Michael Cole explains that Jerry “The King” Lawler is unable to be here tonight after his brutal attack from the WWE Champion “The Miz” and Cole promptly states that King got what he deserved! Cole says that hopefully King has learned to not mess with the greatest WWE Champion ever in The Miz! ***I Came to Play*** hits around the arena as the WWE champion, The Miz, walks out into the arena with Alex Riley marching behind him carrying the MITB briefcase still for some unknown reason as the duo march down towards the ramp. Cole is standing up and clapping for the Miz as always as the crowd doesn’t seem to be too enthused to see Miz kick off Raw here tonight.

The Miz snatches the microphone from Justin Roberts and tells the fans that there is no better way to kick off the New Year with the new WWE champion, THE MIZ! The Miz states that 2010 was the breakout year of The Miz and he promises that 2011 is going to be an even bigger year! He talks about his “firsts” of 2010 including his first Money in the Bank, his first actual match during WrestleMania, being the first to be a NXT pro twice, and now his first ever WWE Championship! The Miz says that despite what occurred last week to end 2010 that he has completely forgotten about his match against Jerry Lawler and that he ended 2010 just like he wanted to by taking out King at ringside!

Alex Riley stops Miz as the fans are booing the shit out of Miz right now seemingly tired of his act as Riley tells the fans that they need to be quiet and listen to the Miz and what he plans to bring to the table this year! Riley then tells the fans that he too plans on having a breakout year in 2011 as well but that none of it could be accomplished without his former NXT mentor and now his best friend in the Miz! The Miz smiles as Riley looks at Miz and tells him that he really does appreciate all that he did for him last year but that 2011 is going to be one heck of a year for the Miz and Alex Riley!

Riley hands the microphone back over to Miz but as Miz is set to begin speaking we hear ***Ain’t No Make Believe*** plays loudly around the US Airways Center! The number one contender, John Morrison, steps out onto the stage to a pretty good ovation from the fans as he heads down the ramp with microphone in hand. Morrison makes his way up the steps as he chuckles and says that he just witnessed a very “touching” moment whenever Miz and Alex Riley just shared their “memories” from 2010 with one another. A cheap laugh from Morrison gets the fans laughing as well as he turns serious right after though.

Morrison says that he doesn’t need to give everyone a rundown of their history but that he will tonight pull out a personal first of his own whenever he beats his former tag team partner and becomes the WWE Champion for the first time. Miz interrupts Morrison reminding him of whenever they were WWE Tag Team Champions that everyone said that it was going to be him (John Morrison) that was going to be the next big breakout star in the WWE. That it was going to be Morrison whom was going to go somewhere and not the Miz. Miz laughs and rubs it in Morrison’s face as he holds the title in the face of Morrison and tells Morrison to take a long look at where he is now. Miz says that was back in 2007 whenever they had just started teaming together and now almost four years later it’s the Miz that is on top of the WWE Mountain.

Morrison looks at Miz and says that he’s not concerned about the fact that Miz beat him to the top but that he is concerned and actually quite happy at the fact that out of all the people whom he could beat for his first WWE championship that it would be The Miz! Miz says that Morrison will not beat him tonight nor will he ever beat him for the WWE title. Morrison shakes his head as he shows a smile as Morrison asks Miz if they want to start their match right here and right now. Miz declines and begins to walk off but as he does Alex Riley ambushes John Morrison! Miz hops onto Morrison as he hits John with a slew of hard left hands. Riley tells Miz to back off as Miz steps out of the ring. Riley steps back as he charges at Morrison but Morrison ducks and throws Riley over the ropes! Riley stumbles onto the outside as he lands on the outside with a hard thud as Morrison is about to leave the ring before we see the lights flicker and we have an e-mail!

Michael Cole stands up putting his glasses on and says that he has received an e-mail from the Raw anonymous General Manager! “And I quote….the Raw General Manager has stated that both of you (The Miz and John Morrison WILL NOT touch one another at all until later tonight in the main event or you will suffer the consequences of being FIRED!) Cole then reads that tonight Alex Riley WILL BE banned from ringside and that if he interferes he too will be fired! Cole steps away from the podium as Miz and Morrison have a brief stare down as we head to our first commercial break of the night.

***Commercial Break***

Match #1 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos

The first Raw of 2011 kicks off tonight with the WWE Tag Team Champions in non-title action tonight and in a rather big match against the Usos with the first Royal Rumble spots on the line here tonight. The Usos look determined to try and make it into their first ever Royal Rumble match but Santino and Kozlov look intent to come out and earn their spots here tonight while Santino wants to also impress Tamina (whom is NOT at ringside tonight). Jey has Santino set up and looking for the Alley-Us towards the end of the match but Vladimir Kozlov strikes and knocks Jimmy out of the ring! Santino falls off the shoulders of Jey as Santino looks around the arena and sets up for the Cobra! Santino hits Jey with the Cobra as Jay falls back into the arms of Kozlov who hits Jey with the Iron Curtain and hooks the leg of Jey getting the win and earning Santino and Vladimir the first spots in the 2011 Royal Rumble Match!

Match Result: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov d. The Usos

We are sent backstage as we see Todd Grisham knocking on the locker room of the Nexus trying to get an interview with the new member of the Nexus in CM Punk. Grisham knocks at the door a few times but is unsuccessful as nobody comes to the door and opens as Grisham is left standing at the door looking disappointed.

***Commercial Break***

Back from the commercial break we see the United States Champion Daniel Bryan talking to the Bella Twins once again this week. Daniel tells Nikki and Brie that they should maybe all go out one night after a show. Both of the Bella twins agree and they tell Daniel that would be great! Daniel is set to leave but as he turns around he runs right into Tyson Kidd and his new bodyguard Jackson Andrews. Tyson tells Bryan that he (Bryan) might have thought that he was kidding last week whenever he said he plans on becoming United States champion in 2011 and very soon. But Kidd tells him that he wasn’t kidding at all! That he was being dead serious and that he plans on becoming the United States Champion as soon as next week! Daniel says that he’s not afraid of any challenge and seeing that he’s a fighting champion that he will gladly give Tyson Kidd a chance next week. Daniel looks up at Jackson Andrews as Andrews is standing there with a straight face as Kidd tells Bryan that he will see him next week but as for now he has to go because he has a match.

Match #2 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews vs. Primo

We get a rather short match next as Tyson Kidd who seems to be getting a pretty decent push now that he has his own bodyguard and the split from the Hart Dynasty is finally starting to wear off a little bit now. Primo really never stood a chance from the get go and thanks to Kidd’s bodyguard Andrews, Primo was tripped up by the ropes from Andrews. Primo turned around right into a huge clothesline turning Primo inside out. Kidd promptly carried Primo into the center of the ring locking in the Sharpshooter as Primo tries to break out of the hold by getting to the ropes but he eventually has no choice and must tap out as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Result: Tyson Kidd d. Primo

Kidd rolls out of the ring celebrating with Jackson Andrews as Michael Cole puts over Tyson Kidd and talks about how big of a year 2011 is going to be for the former WWE Tag Team Champion. Cole says he can see Kidd going far but as for his former tag partner in David Hart Smith, he will go absolutely nowhere! Mathews defends Smith though saying that he thinks Smith will have a bright future as well but it might take a bit longer for him to finally “get it right”.

After the match we head backstage as we see Todd Grisham once again walking towards the Nexus locker room as he seems pretty serious about trying to get an interview with CM Punk. Grisham almost gets to the locker room but Sheamus stops him! Sheamus tells Grisham to not worry about trying to interview Nexus because they will be gone from the WWE sometimes very soon in 2011. Sheamus says that Grisham needs to worry about interviewing the man whom was the 2010 King of the Ring and the man that is going to take the WWE by stranglehold in 2011! Sheamus says that it’s no surprise that Irish eyes are smiling down on him and that he has a big surprise tonight that may anger some people but will put forth Sheamus’ determination to take over the WWE in 2011!

***Commercial Break***

***We Are One***

The five members of Nexus flanked by CM Punk walking out behind them stop at the top of the ramp as they all raise their right fist in the air as Punk tells them to keep walking towards the ring. All six members arrive in the ring as David Otunga takes the microphone first. Otunga says that last week the Nexus closed out the year of 2010 in shocking fashion just like they did whenever they arrived on the scene in June of 2010. Otunga mentions shortly after that nobody thought that the Nexus was going to last this long. He says that all of the doubters said that Nexus was going to be finished at SummerSlam, then Bragging Rights, then Survivor Series, and then TLC. But here we are January 3, 2011 and the Nexus is still here and now stronger than ever! Otunga introduces the newest member and the new management of the Nexus: CM Punk!

Punk steps up as he receives a resounding amount of boos from the fans to no real surprise. CM Punk says that just as he had said last week to John Cena that he gave Cena two fair warnings and then a very big surprise. Punk says that he absolutely shocked the WWE Universe last week whenever it was revealed that he was the new leader of the Nexus and that Wade Barrett had been ousted. Punk told the fans that ever since the first season of NXT whenever all of the members of Nexus were on the show, he knew there was something special about this group. He knew that they all had the potential to be big in the WWE and ever since then he’s kept a very close eye on them.

Punk walks around the ring showing his “N” armband to everyone as he pops it on his arm. He says that now that the Nexus finally has some new blood that the mistakes that have hurt the Nexus in the past will no longer take place. Punk says that he’s going to right the wrongs that the former leader, Wade Barrett made. Punk says that the changes will be occurring VERY soon and that the Nexus will not be going away anytime soon. He says that the first item on the agenda has already been accomplished in the matter of one night under the new management: take out John Cena.

Punk begins to speak about John Cena and talks about how Cena will not be here on Raw tonight and that we won’t even be hearing from him tonight at all! Punk tells the fans that he did John Cena a favor whenever he took him out last week and injured Cena. Punk tells the fans that John Cena had been fighting with the Nexus for too long and that Punk did something in one night that Wade Barrett could not do in six months: take John Cena down and out and force him out of action.

CM Punk then mentions that Wade Barrett has not been seen since the TLC Pay-Per-View and that there are no hardships between him and Barrett. Punk says that he’s talked to the other members of the Nexus and that they are not against Wade Barrett in any form or fashion. Punk says that right now the Nexus stands strong at six but that they could be an even bigger force at seven. He says that he fully expects Wade Barrett to come back and that he will gladly allow Barrett to be the new “Assistant Leader”. This stuns the other members of the Nexus as it doesn’t seem very “CM Punk like” for Punk to offer Barrett this opportunity.

Punk begins to look as if he is going to close out his message but we hear John Cena come over the loud PA system as he is shown on the titantron. Punk is yelling in the ring saying that we weren’t supposed to hear from Cena tonight and he tries to get the producers to shut Cena off of the titantron! Punk is yelling in the microphone as Cena just gets louder and tells Punk to calm down. Cena says that he is nowhere near close to Phoenix tonight because he is back at his home recovering from his injury. Cena says that he has good news for the WWE fans and bad news for the Nexus. Punk curiously asks Cena what the news is. Cena says that the good news for the WWE fans is that his hip injury isn’t as serious as it seemed to be at first. The bad news for the Nexus: “I’ll be back very soon. When? Well that’s the surprise part.” With that Cena disappears off of the titantron as it seems he wanted to just deliver a short message to the Nexus tonight as the fans erupted and seemed excited to hear Cena would be back soon. Punk stands in the ring shaking his head as ***We Are One*** hits around the arena as the Nexus are left standing in the ring as we head to another commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

Match #3 – Tag Team Divas Match
The Bella Twins vs. Melina & Maryse

We get a rather brief divas tag team match tonight with the number one contender, Melina, teaming together with Maryse against the two Bella Twins. The Bella’s try their best to earn a big win tonight against Maryse and Melina but they really stood no chance. Nikki pulled a switch-a-roo with Brie as the duo try their hardest to distract Melina and pull an upset. Nikki rolled Melina up quickly but Melina kicked out! Maryse ran over and knocked Brie off of the apron distracting Nikki which allowed Melina to grab Nikki and finish her off with the Primal Scream for the victory.

Match Result: Melina & Maryse d. The Bella Twins

Natalya heads out from her spot at the commentator’s table as for the third week in a row she heads into the ring and has a confrontation with Melina. Both divas seem to be talking trash to one another but mainly Melina. Melina looks ready to rare back and slap Natalya but the lights flicker and we hear a new e-mail has come in from the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. Michael Cole steps up from his seat and heads to the podium to check his e-mail. “I have received an e-mail from Raw’s anonymous General Manager.” “And I quote…ladies. There is no need for you to continue this cat fight each and every week. That is why I am going to go ahead and take it upon myself to announce that at the Royal Rumble that Natalya will be putting her Divas Championship on the line against the number one contender Melina!” The two divas both look at one another as Melina tries to slap Natalya once more but Natalya blocks it and pushes Melina! Melina stumbles back as she slides out of the ring looking very angry at what just occurred.

***Commercial Break***

Todd Grisham is seen backstage standing by with Randy Orton. Orton says that he still has unfinished business with the WWE champion, The Miz, and that he plans on taking care of that business very soon regardless of whether or not The Miz remains WWE Champion. Orton says that would only sweeten the deal if Miz remains WWE Champion here tonight. Orton tells Grisham that he’s not going to stand back and wait for Miz to come to him because he knows that will never happen. Orton ends his interview giving Miz a fair warning that he better keep his eye on “The Viper” at all times.

Match #4 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse vs. David Hart Smith

This turns out to be a pretty decent match as we see DiBiase and Smith get a fairly decent amount of time tonight. DiBiase and Smith tangled up for the first few moments of the match and both had their fair share of time to showcase their skills tonight. It seemed as if Smith was going to wrap up his spot in the Royal Rumble tonight after finishing off DiBiase with a nice German Suplex. Smith quickly peeled DiBiase off the mat looking for a Running Powerslam but DiBiase had other ideas as he slid off the shoulders of Smith and pounded Smith in the back. DiBiase quickly lured Smith in towards him as he locked in the Million Dollar Dream! The fans looked on in disappointment as they tried cheering Smith on to break free of the hold but he couldn’t break out of the submission move as DiBiase threw Smith down onto the mat after the referee called for the bell.

Match Result: Ted DiBiase d. David Hart Smith

Backstage after the match we see Eve Torres walking up to R-Truth backstage. Eve asks R-Truth how he has been feeling due to him having been sick for a few weeks. R-Truth said that he’s feeling fine and that he’s glad to be back here on Raw. Truth tells Eve that he came back at a pretty good time now that the Royal Rumble is coming up and that he’s really looking forward to fighting in the Royal Rumble. R-Truth tells Eve thanks for the card that she sent to him while he was sick. Eve tells Truth no problem and that she’s glad to see him back. The two share a quick hug as Eve tells R-Truth that she has to go now but that she’ll see him next week.

***Commercial Break***

Backstage before our main event coming up next we head into the Nexus locker room for the final time tonight as we see CM Punk sitting down and the five other members of Nexus gathered around him. Punk is talking to the members and telling them what he has outlined and what he has planned for the new year of Nexus to keep the group alive. We hear a knock at the door as Punk yells “Come in” and we see Wade Barrett step into the locker room!

Punk looks taken a back as he had no clue that Wade Barrett was going to be here tonight. Barrett walks up to Punk and lets him know that he is the real leader of the Nexus and that Punk is an imposter. Barrett tells the other members that he needs to speak to them right now and he tells them to come with him. Otunga looks at Punk as Punk sits there just looking at Barrett as Otunga tells the other four members to proceed with Barrett. Nexus exits the locker room now as they head off camera as the camera focuses on CM Punk showing a wry smile as we head back into the arena.

Match #5 – WWE Championship – Falls Count Anywhere Match
The Miz (champion) vs. John Morrison

The main event finally takes place tonight as we see two former tag team champions clash in the main event with the gold on the line. Both Morrison and Miz looked intent on kicking off 2011 with a bang tonight as Morrison wanted to capture his first ever WWE title but Miz looked intent on just keeping his WWE title. Miz immediately went on the attack tonight knowing that he couldn’t get any help tonight from his apprentice Alex Riley due to the fact that Riley had been banned from ringside. Miz promptly threw Morrison into the steel steps and followed it up by placing his boot on the throat of Morrison before kicking Morrison’s head off the steel steps. Miz covered Morrison up but only got a two count.

The Miz threw Morrison into the barrier as Morrison landed back first pretty hard. The champion walked calmly towards the commentator’s table pulling the top of it off before dragging Morrison off over towards the table. The Miz goes to slam Morrison’s head off the table but Morrison blocks it and hits Morrison in the sternum with a right hand. Miz stumbles back as he walks back into another hard right hand from Morrison. Morrison watches as Miz charges at him with a clothesline attempt but Morrison ducks it and hits Miz with a big roundhouse kick sending the WWE champion reeling onto the mat.

John Morrison looks down at Miz as he pulls the monitors out of the commentator’s table and then throws them down onto the ground. Morrison bends down to pick The Miz up as he throws Miz onto the table! Morrison turns around to go to the apron but as he does he is blasted from behind by KING SHEAMUS! Sheamus grabs Morrison throwing him head first into the steel turnbuckle as King Sheamus seemingly arrived out of nowhere. Sheamus pulls Morrison up off the ground as he notices the Miz is now off of the table trying to recuperate as King Sheamus throws Morrison onto his shoulders and hits the Celtic Cross onto the table! The table shatters as Morrison is left lying in a pile of rubble as Sheamus calmly walks up the ramp having already done the harm as Miz reaches over and places an arm over John Morrison and gets the three count to earn the victory.

Match Result: The Miz d. John Morrison to retain the WWE Championship

The night ends with Alex Riley running down to the arena to help the Miz back up and onto his feet as he helps carry The Miz to the back. Raw comes to a close tonight with The Miz and Riley heading up the ramp as we see John Morrison laid out on the commentator’s table as there is a lot of uncertainty heading into next week’s Raw now.

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WWE SuperStars
Thursday January 6, 2011

Zack Ryder d. Yoshi Tatsu
Chris Masters d. Curt Hawkins
Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris d. Mark Henry & Darren Young


UPDATED Card for The Royal Rumble
Date: January 30, 2011
Location: TD Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Event Music: The Animal; Disturbed

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns WWE/WHC Match of choice at WrestleMania XXVII

Santino Marella, Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Vladimir Kozlov

Women's Championship Match
Natalya (c) vs. Melina


WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday January 7, 2011
McKale Center - Tucson, AZ

The first Friday Night Smackdown of 2011 kicks off in rather big fashion as we'll be having two HUGE main event matches. The two big matches that were confirmed last week at GM Teddy Long's New Year's Eve Party are Edge putting his World-Heavyweight title on the line against Kane in a Last Man Standing Match and the match that will be kicking off SmackDown in 2011: Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio in a Two-out-of-Three Falls Match. Both matches have a lot of heat behind them due to the feuds that have encompassed the last part of 2010 and all four men have their minds on big goals heading into 2011. Will we finally see Edge/Kane and Mysterio/Del Rio finally end their differences?

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler has personally asked for ring time tonight and thanks to a little pull from his girlfriend and Smackdown consultant in Vickie Guerrero, he has graciously received it. It is said that Ziggler has a lot on his mind now heading into 2011 and that he promises that there are some big things coming not only for himself but also for his girlfriend in Vickie Guerrero. One question remains though. What role will the Season 3 NXT Winner, Kaitlyn, play in Ziggler and Guerrero's new year?

Last week, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was counted out in his match against The Big Show after quickly noticing that he very close to be doing with as Big Show had signaled for his famous Knockout Punch. As a result Smackdown GM Teddy Long has announced that there will be a rematch here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown and that Cody Rhodes cannot get himself counted out. Long has said that if Cody Rhodes gets himself counted out that he will not be in consideration for one of the Royal Rumble spots in just four weeks. Will Cody Rhodes finally man up and face The Big Show? Will Big Show exact his revenge from last week?

Finally in some very big news and in an effort to crown a new number one contender for the Royal Rumble, Smackdown GM Teddy Long has confirmed that there will be the second ever Breakthrough Battle Royal where each superstar on the SmackDown roster that has never been a World Champion before will compete in a Battle Royal. The winner of the Battle Royal will move on and face the winner of the Edge/Kane Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble. Which SmackDown superstar will "break through" and earn a very big opportunity. King Sheamus was the first winner of the original Breakthrough Battle Royal back in 2009 and went on to become WWE Champion at that year's TLC.

All of this and more this week on Friday Night SmackDown!​

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 7, 2011
McKale Center – Tucson, AZ

***Know Your Enemy*** The SmackDown video package airs as we head down to ringside with the three man team of Josh Mathews, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker as we get the run down for tonight’s show but mainly focusing on our two main events in Alberto Del Rio taking on Rey Mysterio in a two out of three falls match followed by our big main event later tonight with Edge defending the World-Heavyweight Championship against Kane in a Last Man Standing Match. Striker says that he’s excited for the new year of Smackdown and that he’s expecting SmackDown to have another successful year just like 2010 was!

Match #1 – Two-out-of-Three Falls Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

The big Two-out-of-Three Falls Match kicks us off tonight as it seems set to go a pretty good length of time tonight as we look to finally try and put an end to this heated feud that has seen Rey Mysterio miss action due to Alberto del Rio forcing Mysterio out of action. Both Del Rio and Mysterio go blow for blow at the beginning as Mysterio hops on the offense first and knocks Del Rio around the ring with a slew of kicks and right hands before Del Rio counters and drives Mysterio back first into the turnbuckle.

Del Rio begins to mount Mysterio as he punches the master of the 619 numerous times in the face before Irish whipping Mysterio off into the ropes. Mysterio ducks under a swinging Del Rio and leaps onto the shoulders of Del Rio throwing him off into the ropes with a nice Hurricanrana. Del Rio appropriately lands on the ropes as Mysterio notices that he has a good shot at finishing Del Rio off for the first fall with the 619! Mysterio charges across the ring but Ricardo Rodriguez trips Mysterio up behind the referee’s back! Mysterio yells at Rodriguez as the referee walks over and kicks Rodriguez out of the arena! The referee watches as Ricardo hops onto the apron and has the referee distracted long enough for Del Rio to reach into his tights and pull out brass knucks. Mysterio whom was looking at Rodriguez and the referee arguing had no clue as he turned around and walked towards Del Rio but instead turned right into a big shot from Del Rio and his brass knucks! Del Rio disposes of the knucks on the outside of the ring as he covers Mysterio as he yells at the referee for the cover and the first fall is Del Rio’s.

Match Result: Alberto Del Rio d. Rey Mysterio (1 fall to 0)

Del Rio finds himself taking a small break for a breather as he is seen yelling at Ricardo Rodriguez as his personal announcer was seen making his way out of the arena as Del Rio looked clearly distraught at the fact that his announcer was kicked out. Del Rio argued with the referee for a few moments giving Mysterio plenty of time to recover. This would backfire on Del Rio though as Mysterio would sneak up behind Del Rio looking for a pin fall but Del Rio would quickly kick out at two to keep the match going. However, Del Rio found himself in trouble after swinging at Rey whom blocked the right hand from Mysterio and ducked underneath Del Rio before swinging around and hitting Del Rio with a Headscissors sending Alberto into the ropes. Mysterio made sure to capitalize quickly as he swung on the ropes and dropped Del Rio with the 619! Mysterio pointed to the sky as he leapt onto the top rope and landed hard on Del Rio with the West Coast Pop and covers to get the first pin fall victory for him and to knot the match up at one-one.

Match Result: Rey Mysterio d. Alberto Del Rio (1 fall to 1 fall)

With it all knotted up at one; we are sure to crown a winner very soon as both men have given it their all and both were clearly starting to wear down. Both Del Rio and Mysterio would go at it for a little bit longer before finally Mysterio got back onto his feet pulling Del Rio back up with him as Mysterio wanted to try and close out the match very soon and put an end to this feud. Rey-Rey grabbed Del Rio looking for a Running Bulldog but Del Rio immediately countered shoving Mysterio off of him as Mysterio landed hard on the ropes. Del Rio came charging at Mysterio looking for a big boot but Mysterio was quick to trip up Del Rio face first into the ropes! The fans go nuts as they think that Mysterio is going to quickly get another chance for the 619!

Mysterio looks down at Del Rio as he comes charging at Del Rio for another attempt at the 619 but Del Rio pulls himself out of the ropes as Mysterio swings around and lands on the outside. Mysterio leaps onto the top rope looking for a Seated Senton but as he jumps at Del Rio, Alberto greets him with a nice dropkick to the sternum causing the wind to nearly be knocked out of Mysterio! Del Rio quickly hopped on Mysterio locking on his Cross Armbreaker! Del Rio is tearing away at Mysterio’s arm as Mysterio seems to be having flashbacks as this is how he was injured back in August! Rio is wrenching away as Mysterio is wincing in pain in the ring and it looks as if he is going to have no choice but to tap out. Mysterio tries to fight the pain for about an extra minute but he cannot take it longer and taps out awarding Alberto Del Rio the victory.

Match Result: Alberto Del Rio d. Rey Mysterio (2 falls to 1 fall)

***La’ Escencia de la Excelencia*** Alberto Del Rio has his hand raised high in the air as we see Ricardo Rodriguez come back out as Del Rio rolls to the outside grabbing his towel as he hugs Rodriguez briefly as the duo look very excited as this is a BIG way for Del Rio to kick off the new year. Rodriguez congratulates Del Rio as the duo head towards the back of the arena as we hear Michael Cole, Matt Striker, and Josh Mathews all talking about just how big of a win we just witnessed for Del Rio. Striker reminds both Cole and Mathews that Del Rio might not be done yet tonight because he will be competing later on in the Breakthrough Battle Royal. Mathews tells Striker that he thinks there is no way that Del Rio can win the Battle Royal as he’ll be way too exhausted after this match. Striker says he has seen crazier things happen here in the WWE and that he won’t be surprised in the least bit if Del Rio pulls through and wins the Battle Royal.

***Commercial Break***

Backstage after the epic opening match Theodore Long is bragging to Kelly Kelly about how big of a year 2011 is going to be for the blue brand. Teddy says that he sees big things coming for the superstars of the blue brand. Drew McIntyre walks into the scene and reminds Teddy of what he predicted last week (that he’d be World Heavyweight Champion in 2011) and tells Teddy Long that he plans on earning it VERY early in 2011. Drew says that he thanks Teddy for making this Breakthrough Battle Royal official because he plans on winning the Battle Royal and winning over someone else (Kelly Kelly) in the process.

Jack Swagger is seen backstage walking along the infamous “Swagger Soaring Eagle” as the Eagle and “The All American-American” himself is headed towards the arena. We are told Swagger will be competing for a Royal Rumble spot and that will be after the break!

***Commercial Break***

Match #2 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Jack Swagger vs. Trent Barreta

Both men are looking at qualifying for the first Royal Rumble spot from Smackdown tonight as we see “The All-American American” in action against one half of the former Dudebusters tag team in Trent Barreta. Barreta gets his own amount of fair offense in but it seems that the match was going to be all about Jack Swagger here tonight. Swagger has a lot riding on the line as he needs to try and regain credibility once again and he was able to tonight tossing Barreta around the ring and toying around with him. Swagger successfully hit Barreta with a series of German Suplexes before quickly grabbing the ankle of Barreta and forcing Barreta in with the Ankle Lock. Swagger was wrenching away at the ankle as Barreta is trying his damn near hardest to get out of the hold and break it but he has no choice and must tap out awarding Swagger the first SmackDown spot in the Royal Rumble.

Match Result: Jack Swagger d. Trent Barreta

***Get On Your Knees*** The music of Jack Swagger plays around the arena as he pounds his chest in excitement as he has qualified for the Royal Rumble. The Swagger Soaring Eagle walks up to Swagger as he hugs Swagger as the duo head towards the back of the arena. The commentating trio talks about Swagger being the first from SmackDown to qualify and just how big of a deal this is for Swagger. Swagger stands at the top of the ramp showcasing his trademark grin as he exits the arena as we head backstage.

Backstage before we head off to a commercial, LayCool are seen talking to SmackDown GM Teddy Long stating their case that they are not done yet with Beth Phoenix. LayCool tells Teddy that they want Beth Phoenix next week in a Handicap Match. Teddy says that he’s not willing to put Beth at risk due to her fall she took at TLC when she landed hard on the table. “Ironically” at the time that he gets done saying that, “The Glamazon” walks into the room and states that she accepts their challenge. LayCool do their normal antics making fun of “The Glamazon” as the duo exits and tells Phoenix that they’ll see her next week.

***Commercial Break***

Match #3 – Singles Match
The Big Show vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

We get a rematch from last week after Cody Rhodes walked out on The Big Show last week and getting himself counted out. SmackDown GM Teddy Long said that if Cody Rhodes got himself counted out tonight that he would not be able to earn a spot in the Royal Rumble. Rhodes tries his best to do everything to avoid the Big Show as he really seems to not have a good chance at beating Big Show. Rhodes went on the offense a bit early hitting Big Show with some rights but that was really about all that Rhodes was able to do before Big Show took over.

Big Show threw Cody Rhodes around the ring and slapped him hard in the chest numerous times getting some good ovations from the fans stirring Big Show up. The World’s Largest Athlete eventually ended up hitting Rhodes with a big Chokeslam but as Big Show covered Rhodes he ended up getting his foot on the rope. Rhodes was able to keep himself alive and the match would take a turn very soon. Big Show signaled for the Knockout Punch but as Cody Rhodes sat up he was begging and pleading with Big Show to not hit him in the face and mess up his “perfect figure”. Big Show bends down to pick Rhodes up but the “Dashing” one pokes Big Show in the eye before low blowing The World’s Largest Athlete and ditching the ring as the bell rings disqualifying him.

Match Result: The Big Show d. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes via DQ

A video package airs showcasing that Ezekiel Jackson is coming soon to Smackdown. The video focuses on Jackson’s power and his determination to make it big here in the WWE. Ezekiel closes out the video speaking saying that “He’s giving SmackDown a fair warning that he’s coming!”

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Kofi Kingston. Grisham says that he wants to ask Kofi about the Breakthrough Battle Royal which will be taking place next. Kofi says that he’s been wanting for this moment for a long time. He’s dreamed all his life about being the World-Heavyweight Champion and being on top of the mountain and that he has a huge opportunity in front of him here tonight. Todd tells Kofi that he’s been hearing that he’s considered a big favorite in the Battle Royal tonight to which Kofi tells Todd that he doesn’t let that stuff get to his head. Kofi says that he’s got his mind focused tonight and that he hopes that he can walk away and win the Breakthrough Battle Royal tonight.

***Commercial Break***

***I Am Perfection*** The music of the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler hits as he walks out to the arena along with his girlfriend in Vickie Guerrero. The duo head towards the ring as we’re told by the commentators that they requested this time tonight for Ziggler to entail the fans what lies ahead for the duo in 2011. Ziggler helps Vickie into the ring as he steps in himself as he grabs a mic and begins to speak.

Dolph says that he doesn’t have too long to speak tonight due to the fact that he’s got a Battle Royal to win tonight but that he’s expecting 2011 to bring VERY big things to him and his girlfriend Vickie Guerrero. Dolph reminds the fans just in case they have forgotten that he is the current longest tenured champion here in the WWE. He says that he’s held his Intercontinental title since August and that he’s continued to make one of the biggest rises to the top in recent SmackDown history. He says that he’s played perhaps the biggest role of any SmackDown superstar in 2010 and that if you thought 2010 was great…”just wait ‘til 2011 is over to see where I’ll be”.

Vickie interrupts with the “EXCUSE ME!” as the fans do not care to hear from Ziggler and especially not her. Vickie says that ever since she came to the WWE that she’s been disrespected by numerous people but that Dolph Ziggler is very different from all of those people. He’s kind (boos from the fans), loving (boos from the fans), and most of all a Winner! (even more boos) She says that if everyone had a Dolph Ziggler in their life they would be well off but luckily there is only one Dolph Ziggler and that he is all hers!

Dolph says that he would speak more but that he’s got a Breakthrough Battle Royal to win now and that he thinks that Vickie just summed up every single thing that he wanted to tell us. Dolph tells the fans to sit back and watch perfection at work. (Cue: entrances of the rest of superstars in the Battle Royal.)

Match #4 – Breakthrough Battle Royal
Winner Earns WHC Match at The Royal Rumble
Participants: Alberto Del Rio, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, Curt Hawkins, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, JTG, Kofi Kingston, Trent Barreta, & Tyler Reks

All eleven of the active superstars on SmackDown whom have never held a World title are competing tonight for the chance to face the winner of the Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble. At the beginning of the match the other ten superstars turn their attention to Chavo Guerrero and give him a little payback from Chavo’s antics at the New Year’s Eve Party. All ten of the other rookies corner Chavo as we finally see Kofi Kingston dropkick Chavo out of the ring eliminating him and moving us down to ten participants.

Chavo Guerrero eliminated by Kofi Kingston

We quickly turn our attention to the ten participants that are left as we now focus in the corner as Alberto Del Rio has Trent Barreta pushed up in the corner trying to toss him over the rope. Meanwhile, we see Dolph Ziggler attacking Curt Hawkins from behind before beating down Hawkins with numerous right hands. Ziggler pulls Hawkins up grabbing him and tossing him over the top rope. Ziggler goes to swing at Hawkins but Hawkins ducks. Hawkins swings a hard right hand at Ziggler but Ziggler ducks and punches Hawkins causing him to fall on the outside and land hard eliminating Hawkins.

Curt Hawkins eliminated by Dolph Ziggler

Our next elimination happens almost immediately after as we see “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters and Tyler Reks going at it. Reks comes nearly close to getting the Masterpiece out of the match but Masters was able to duck after Reks made a huge mistake to come charging at the Masterpiece. Reks landed on the outside but Masters quickly disposed of Reks kicking him and causing Reks to tumble to the outside and become the third elimination of the Battle Royal.

Tyler Reks eliminated by Chris Masters

Chris Masters had no clue that Drew McIntyre spotted him standing over the ropes and looking at Tyler Reks and McIntyre quickly took advantage dumping Masters out of the ring and causing the fourth elimination as “The Masterpiece” took a hard thump on the outside mat.

Chris Masters eliminated by Drew McIntyre

With seven participants left in the match now we start to slow the match down a little bit as the SmackDown commentating trio is talking about how big of a night this could be for somebody as they could finally earn a chance at fighting for a World title. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes is the only one not currently battling against anyone right now as we see Rhodes hiding in the corner and trying to avoid people. Rhodes quickly notices JTG and Trent Barreta currently locked up. Barreta takes advantage kicking JTG in the sternum before Rhodes walks over and tells Barreta that he wants to team up with him to take down JTG.

Trent Barreta surprisingly agrees as the duo both stomp away at JTG. JTG tries fighting back as Rhodes tells Barreta to pick him up. Rhodes goes to punch JTG but JTG ducks and Rhodes ends up connecting with Trent Barreta! Barreta is grabbing at his face now as Rhodes quickly dumps Trent Barreta out of the ring as he lands outside with a thud.

Trent Barreta eliminated by “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

Barreta is on the outside yelling at Rhodes as the fans are booing Rhodes for “tricking” Barreta despite the fact that Barreta agreed to the “team up”. Rhodes knows that he can’t keep his attention locked on Barreta as JTG comes charging at Rhodes! Rhodes ducks and back body drops JTG out of the ring as Rhodes has eliminated another participant in the Breakthrough Battle Royal bringing it down to the last five participants.

JTG eliminated by “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

We are now down to the final five: Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes. One man is going to earn the chance of a lifetime to face the winner of the Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble. All five men find themselves taking a brief break as they all look at one another as Del Rio and McIntyre go at it while Kingston and Ziggler are the others going at it. Cody Rhodes heads to the outside of the ring (under the bottom rope of course) to ensure that he was not officially eliminated.

Rhodes stands on the outside watching the match as we hear Josh Mathews and Matt Striker talking about how Rhodes should not be allowed to stand on the outside and watch the match. The referees walk over and tell Rhodes that he has to get back into the ring. The fans start cheering as Rhodes has no clue until he turns around and sees “The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show heading down towards the ring. Rhodes doesn’t even think about what he is doing as he is too focused on The Big Show as he slides into the ring. Rhodes is standing over the ropes taunting The Big Show. Rhodes obviously forgets he is in a Battle Royal though as Alberto Del Rio surprises “Dashing” Cody Rhodes out of the ring bringing the match down to four participants.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes eliminated by Alberto Del Rio

We now have only four participants in the match left as we see Del Rio and McIntyre lock back up but now our focus turns to Ziggler and Kingston. The two longtime rivals are brawling in the corner as we see Vickie Guerrero try to interfere as she grabs the leg of Kofi holding him so Ziggler can attack Kofi. The referee comes over telling Vickie that she has to leave ringside since she interfered. Vickie lets out a big scream as she looks angered that she has to leave. Dolph hangs over the ropes arguing with the referee but giving Kofi plenty of time to dropkick Dolph out of the ring causing Ziggler to land right on Vickie on the outside as she lets out another big scream!

Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Kofi Kingston

Ziggler yells out in anger as he gets back onto his feet and tries to enter back into the ring but the referee holds him back. Ziggler is yelling at all of the fans taunting him as Kingston can’t help but laugh at Ziggler’s outrage. Kingston turns his attention back into the ring now as we see Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre stop their fighting and turn their attention to Kofi Kingston now. The duo both agrees to team up as they charge at Kingston and take Kofi down causing a beat down to ensue.

Del Rio hits Kofi in the face with numerous right hands as Drew picks Kofi up and goes to throw him over the ropes. Drew is trying his best to toss Kofi out of the ring but Kofi kicks Drew in the back of his head sliding back into the ring. Kofi notices Alberto come charging at him as Alberto clotheslines Kofi down onto the mat. Alberto watches as Drew grabs the back of his head and goes to pick Kofi back up as Drew really looks angered from Kofi’s kick to his head.

Drew goes on a rampage as he hits Kofi with numerous rights before grabbing at Kingston and throwing him hard back first into the turnbuckles. McIntyre begins to mount Kofi as he is showing no holding back as he continues swinging hard at Kofi but Kingston blocks the final punch. Kofi jumps up wrapping his legs around Drew’s head and he hits Drew with a Headscissors takedown sending McIntyre flying to the outside of the ring. Drew holds onto the ropes though pulling him up successfully. Kingston gets greeted with a head butt to the sternum as McIntyre tries lifting him into the air for a Suplex.

McIntyre tries picking Kingston up but Kingston holds onto the ropes. McIntyre tries his best to pull Kingston up once again as Alberto Del Rio charges over and pushes Kingston (still on the ground) into McIntyre. McIntyre holds onto the ropes with one hand as Kofi shoves McIntyre trying to cause McIntyre to be eliminated. Kingston moves as Alberto Del Rio charges at McIntyre but McIntyre moves and Alberto Del Rio goes flying over the top rope.

Alberto Del Rio eliminated by Drew McIntyre

McIntyre whom is left standing on the outside watches as Kofi Kingston walks back over towards him. McIntyre steps back into the ring as he sees Kofi come charging at him. Kofi tries for a dropkick but Drew stops in his tracks as Kofi lands hard on his back in the ring. McIntyre grabs Kingston off of the mat grabbing him and going to toss him over the ropes but Kofi holds onto the ropes relentlessly as his feet are dangling and almost touching the ground. McIntyre tries pushing Kofi’s hands off the ropes but Kofi pulls himself up and wraps his feet around McIntyre’s head trying to pull Drew out of the ring with a Headscissors. Kofi is trying his hardest to pull McIntyre out of the ring but Drew is able to eventually grab Kofi’s legs off of his neck and push Kofi back onto the apron. Kofi finds himself in danger once again as he is dangling just barely from the apron before McIntyre ends up pushing Kofi off of the ropes as Kofi’s feet touch the mat instantly and we have a winner!

Kofi Kingston eliminated by Drew McIntyre

Match Result: Drew McIntyre won the Breakthrough Battle Royal

***Broken Dreams*** The fans boo as “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre has his hand raised by the referee as he stands in the ring with a smug look on his face as he now knows that he is moving onto the Royal Rumble. McIntyre calmly walks over towards the commentating table and takes a seat knowing that he wants to watch the Last Man Standing Match from ringside. Michael Cole says that Drew McIntyre has finally taken a step in the right direction as he congratulates McIntyre. Drew says that what he told Teddy Long and Kelly Kelly earlier was not a joke and he proved that here tonight. Drew says he’s going to spend the rest of the night preparing for the Royal Rumble and the first step is watching the Last Man Standing Match. The commentators put over the fact that Drew McIntyre will know his opponent at The Royal Rumble very soon and that he will be looking to become the second person ever to win the Breakthrough Battle Royal to win the championship.

Backstage Todd Grisham stops the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge trying to get some last thoughts from the champion. Edge says that he isn’t a ten time World champion for no reason. He’s had big matches in his career before and that he hasn’t prepared any different for tonight than any other big match before. Todd tries asking Edge a few more questions but Edge says that he has to go and we head off to a commercial break with a determined Edge heading into the arena looking prepared for his Last Man Standing Match next!

***Commercial Break***

Match #5 – World-Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match
Edge © vs. Kane

It is finally time for our main event and the heated feud between the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge and the former champion in Kane looks as if it is about to come to an end finally. The duo first start off brawling out of the ring as the duo makes their way into the crowd. Edge gets the best of Kane at first as he ends up dragging Kane into the crowd. Kane fights back though hitting Edge with numerous right hands as he drags Edge towards the ramp through the slew of fans that are cheering “The Rated-R Superstar” on.

Kane drags Edge back towards the ring as he throws the champion back over the barricade before stepping over the barricade himself. Kane drives Edge back first into the steel steps as the champion winces in pain and grabs at his back. Kane digs underneath the ring pulling out a steel chair as he lifts the chair into the air and swings before connecting with a huge hit across Edge’s back. The Big Red Monster looks underneath the ring once more and finds another chair as he slides the chair into the ring. Kane grabs the other chair and throws it in as he rolls Edge into the ring as well.

Kane rolls back into the ring as he places one chair flat in the ring before placing Edge’s head on top of the chair! The fans are booing knowing just what Kane has in his mind as he lifts the chair into the air and swings away looking to steal Edge’s famous Con-chair-to! NO! Edge rolls out of the way! The fans cheer on Edge as Kane comes charging at him with the steel chair but Edge drop toe holds Kane face first into the turnbuckle. Edge pulls himself back up with the help of the ropes as he grabs the steel chair and throws it at Kane. Edge grabs the other chair and throws it at Kane but Kane kicks this chair away!

Edge heads to the outside looking underneath the ring as he sets a table up on the outside before rolling back into the ring. Kane walks back over towards Edge hitting him with an Uppercut before looking to the outside at the table that Edge just placed on the outside of the ring. Kane drags Edge towards the ropes where the table is at as he tries pulling Edge up into the air to Chokeslam him out of the ring and onto the table! Edge kicks Kane in the sternum as he backs away before running at the Big Red Monster! BIG MISTAKE! Kane ducks and pulls the ropes down causing Edge to go flying out of the ring and crashing through the table! The referee begins his ten count but Edge pulls himself back up on the count of eight.

Kane heads to the outside pulling the steel steps away from the steel pole as he drags them over towards the side of the ring closest to the entrance. Kane drags Edge over as he throws him onto his shoulders and looks prepared to hit Edge with the Tombstone Piledriver onto the steel steps. Kane goes to climb up the steps but before Kane can even get Edge turned upside down for the Piledriver; Edge breaks free before shoving Kane into the barricade! Edge looks at Kane and charges at him spearing Kane through the barricade! The barricade collapses as Edge rolls over yelling in pain as the referee comes over and begins the ten count! Edge gets back onto his feet at seven as it takes everything The Big Red Monster can do to get back up at nine.

Edge knows that he could be closing in on victory soon as we see Drew McIntyre at ringside not too impressed apparently with the match so far. Edge drags Kane over towards the commentator’s table smacking Kane’s head off of the table as McIntyre looks at Edge not saying a word. Edge tells McIntyre that this is him (pointing to Kane) at the Royal Rumble. Edge drags Kane towards the entrance but Kane hits Edge with an uppercut in the process. Kane in turn ends up dragging Edge towards the ramp as he grabs Edge and throws him head first into the WWE logo. Kane looks down at the bottom where there are numerous tables appropriately set up at the bottom of the stage. The Big Red Monster looks down at the tables as he throws Edge back first into the video boards. Edge holds at his back before Kane grabs Edge by the throat and is apparently looking to Chokeslam Edge off of the stage.

Kane grabs Edge lifting him up by the throat looking to throw him off the stage through the six tables that are (appropriately) set up at the bottom all bunched together. Edge is able to break free through as he kicks Kane in the sternum before hitting Kane with a right hand. Kane goes to swing at Edge but Edge ducks underneath his clothesline attempt. Edge then connects with a DDT dropping Kane head first into the steel stage. The fans cheer as Edge asks the referee to count but Kane stumbles back onto his feet at seven. The fans watch as Edge stands away from an unknowing Kane preparing for the Spear! Edge comes charging at Kane and SPEARS KANE OFF THE STAGE! Kane collides through the six tables on the outside as both Kane and Edge look to be out of it. The referee hurries over off the stage and walks over towards Kane and Edge. He begins his ten count and as he gets to six Edge pulls himself up on his side. Kane is not moving as Edge slowly pulls himself back up at nine (with help from the steel barrier separating the fans from the stage) as he can barely stand but the referee awards him the win as Kane cannot respond to the ten count.

Match Result: Edge d. Kane in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the World-Heavyweight Championship

***Metalingus*** The fans cheer on Edge as he is handed his World-Heavyweight title as he can still barely stand. Edge points to his title before he gets interrupted by Drew McIntyre whom has a microphone in his hand. Drew walks towards Edge as he is telling Edge that what he stated last week and this week is not a lie. Drew finally ends up besides Edge as he looks at Edge not saying a word. Edge (whom can still barely stand) is still holding onto the barrier before Drew takes his mic and hits Edge in the face with it. Drew grabs the World-Heavyweight title and hits Edge in the face with it knocking the champion down onto the mat as Edge is down for good. The referee holds McIntyre back as he grabs his microphone off of the ground. Drew tells the fans and a knocked out Edge that a new era is soon to start here on SmackDown…”The Era of Drew McIntyre” as SmackDown comes to a close here tonight from Tucson, AZ.


UPDATED Card for The Royal Rumble
Date: January 30, 2011
Location: TD Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Event Music: The Animal; Disturbed

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns WWE/WHC Match of choice at WrestleMania XXVII

Jack Swagger, Santino Marella, Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Vladimir Kozlov

World-Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

Diva's Championship Match
Natalya (c) vs. Melina

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Opening Promo was good. Miz mentioning his first was a good touch and interesting. I like how you gave Riley some time on the mic as well and mentioned he was going to try breakout in 2011. The praise of The Miz from him was almost a gay moment though ha. Morrison seemed ok on the mic. I like that Miz declined to fight now. But I didn't like Riley telling MIz what to do ? And I hope you get a real GM soon. Good enough start to the show though

Santino match was a bit short but not too important, good additions to the rumble, Kozlov will provide power, Santino will provide Santino, good choice. Interesting to see what you do with Punk's Nexus, first i've seen of Nexus outside my thread so wanna see what you do now that Punk's leader.

Tyson seems promising.You set up a good match for next week which is always good. Would like to see The Bella's fuck off soon please. Good win for Tyson in the match, he could bring a lotto the rumble. Cole playing him up makes it even more obvious you will push him.

Sheamus having a surprise that may anger people is a good thing too look forward to along with The Title match so it will be a interesting show as it goes on, always give the viewers things to look forward to later that night. Even the fact that Nexus won't come out of the locker room could lead to something.

Nexus segmant was good, you keep saying whenever instead of when its a bit annoying sorry ? Punk mentioned Nexus had gone wrong before and made mistakes, have they ? It might be a good idea bringing Barrett in as assistant leader, if it leads to a split or fued with Punk or something. If he joins as a reg member I would be dissapointed. Cena came across korny as ever so good job. We are no left wondering when he will return.

Putting these in a match at Rumble was best thing to do although wasn't Melina already N1 Contender anyway... Match was what it was!

Ah first bad decision of the night for me, Smith not being in the rumble ? Whats the reason behind that, Im glad Ted is in it but Smith is good enough ? 3 qualifiers in one night could also be seen as pushing it, but not that big a deal.

Bit of a waste the aprt with Truth and Eve. I know you got the message across that Truth is in the rumble but I just didn't enjoy reading it. Good to see Wade. So did Otunga not go ? You probly should ahve explained that in some way.

Main Event was a bit short i though, even for recap ? Im glad Miz got the win but this match had a lot of potential. The interference was a good idea but more or less made it 3 on 1. Might have been realistic for someone to help Morrison.

Overall: It was a good show, still a bit too much like what is going on at the moment and you should try move away quick. I like the recap, it is detailed enough and if you're happy with it you should keep it going.


Some people might say it was wrong to start with that match but I think it was a good idea, it staretd the show off on a high and leaves time for them to get involved in the battle royal. Del Rio getting the win again is a bit like reallife but the lenght of the match was good compared to Miz and Morrison. Thanks for Del Rio's theme name i was using Mexican Melody ha.

Good promo with Drew, signaling his intent. Hope he does well. Please move alogn quicker with The Drew Kelly situation, WWE are ruining it. Swagger's mascot is gone is it not ? Good addition to The Rumble in Swagger although I knew he would be in it.

Handicap match will be interesting. I expect someone to help Beth at soem stage but she might do it on her own. Maybe a bit of tension between them would have been good here though.

Show and Rhodes seemed a good match, perfect choice for the ending, Rhodes getting DQ'd. Keeps both of them from losing cleanly. I would like to see this fued get going, good job.
I like the way Kofi played his cahnces up. You are building the match up well with people staking their claims to win it.

Dolph's speech was ok, didn't do much for me but again was another superstar getting their point across leading into it. The match was well written and exciting. Drew winnign his a gamble but good. Not many people will have had him in a title match where he belongs. There was no eliminations that didn't seem logical or un realistic either so that was good.

Main Event was a good match much betetr than The Raw One. So that's an improvement. There was a few good spots in the match as well including the spear off the stage. Drew was very stong after the match and it makes sense he gets the better after what Edge had been through.

Overall: Another good show, Im sure you could do better but it was good enough. Edge Drew will be good to read over the next while. Good Job.

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WWE Notes and NewsWire

There are currently mixed thoughts on what the WWE Championship match is going to be at the Royal Rumble as there have been ideas tossed around from a singles rematch between John Morrison vs. The Miz to a Triple Threat featuring Sheamus and finally a Fatal Four Way featuring the former mentioned three and now Randy Orton added in. The feeling is that we'll of course know by the end of Monday Night Raw this week as to what direction they are going to go in.

With the current influx of injuries on Raw right now there are set to be a few pushes expected to take place and the main one it seems will be Tyson Kidd. Of course Kidd has just received a bodyguard in Jackson Andrews and last week he made his claim at trying to become the United States Champion in 2011 after meeting with Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins. Keep a lookout for Tyson Kidd on Monday Night Raw at least for the beginning of 2011. As for the SmackDown side of things, no current names have been really discussed but SmackDown is going to have an influx of pushes coming for superstars due to injuries hampering some of their bigger name stars as well.

The CM Punk/Nexus angle seems as if it is going to be prolonged further than what it was expected to be. The general consensus is that they are going to carry the angle between Punk joining Nexus and having Barrett's consent for him to join becoming stalled. Look for more of the angle to develop over the next few weeks heading into the Royal Rumble.

Speaking of the Royal Rumble it is being said that this year's thirty competitors might not have as many big names as there has been in the past. Due to the injuries of numerous big name wrestlers and a lot of wrestlers having left in the past year, we may be looking at a big chance for a young superstar to break out and win the Royal Rumble. Also another note to mention concerning the Royal Rumble will be that due to ECW no longer exisiting, this will be the first Royal Rumble since 2006 to feature 15 Raw Superstars and 15 SmackDown Superstars.

Moving over to the SmackDown side of things, the idea to push Drew McIntyre into the World Heavyweight Championship match was rather somewhat surprising but at the same time it's not. Normally creative uses the Royal Rumble to use an up and coming superstar to feature in the World-Heavyweight title match and they thought this was the perfect place for McIntyre's first main event match.


WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday January 10, 2011
Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN

It looked as if John Morrison was going to capture the WWE Championship last week before he was blasted from behind by his rival in the 2010 King of the Ring, Sheamus! Sheamus proceeded to beat down Morrison until throwing him through a table with the Celtic Cross allowing The Miz to pick up the victory and retain his title. Sheamus had mentioned earlier in the night that he was going to shock everyone and start off 2011 on the right path and he did just that! As announced earlier today here on WWE.com, the anonymous Raw General Manager has announced that we'll be having a huge 3 on 2 Handicap Match main event tonight here on Raw! The WWE Champion, The Miz, will team with his apprentice Alex Riley and King Sheamus to take on John Morrison and Randy Orton. Both Morrison and Orton have unfinished buisness to deal with concerning both Miz and Sheamus. What will go down when all five men step into the ring in Nashville and prepare for combat?

CM Punk shocked the world just a few weeks back when he struck down John Cena with a steel chair thus putting Cena out of commision for a few weeks. CM Punk claimed that he was the new leader of the Nexus but his claim was befuddled by Wade Barrett after Barrett revealed that he is still the leader of the Nexus! Punk claimed that he had nothing against Barrett but that he would offer Barrett a spot back in the Nexus as the co-leader alongside Punk. Barrett proceeded in telling Punk that he was never kicked out and that Punk never even was in the Nexus. This war went one even futher whenever Wade Barrett took Nexus off with him and had a talk with them leaving CM Punk alone in his locker room to think about just what position he has in the Nexus as of right now. We are told that Wade Barrett and Nexus are going to kick off Raw and give us more of an explanation of just what position CM Punk plays in the group. What about John Cena? Cena claimed that he is currently out of action but that he will be back very soon to get his revenge on CM Punk.

There were four Raw superstars that qualified for the 24th Annual Royal Rumble Match last week staking their claim at earning a WWE title shot at WrestleMania 27. Those four superstars were the WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, Ted DiBiase, and Tyson Kidd. Which other Raw superstars will qualify for the annual thirty man melee with only eleven Raw spots left? Tune into Raw this Monday Night as the qualifying matches carry on.

Tune into Monday Night Raw this Monday live on the USA Network at 9 ET/8 CT.​

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WWE Monday Night Raw
Monday January 10, 2011
Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN

***Burn It to the Ground***


Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw as we are coming to you live from the Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville, Tennessee! And well I must say (sarcastically) that it’s great to see my partner Jerry “The King” Lawler back this week!

Jerry Lawler: Oh shove it Michael! You know that you didn’t miss me at all last week and that’s due to the fact that you’ve got your head wedged up The Miz’s butt.

Michael Cole: Oh very cute King! Apparently it’s a crime to welcome you back here tonight but anyways I’ll go ahead and carry on then. As announced earlier on WWE.com this afternoon we’ll be seeing a big 3 on 2 Handicap Match pitting the WWE Champion The Miz, Alex Riley, and Sheamus teaming up against Randy Orton and John Morrison.

Jerry Lawler: It’s great to see that The Miz is finally going to get what he’s had coming to him after everything he’s done to not only Randy Orton and John Morrison but myself as well.

Michael Cole: No reason to be jealous of the WWE Champion King! The Miz is the biggest thing on not only Raw but in the WWE today! What a huge night it’s going to be here as we also will be hearing from the Nexus concerning CM Punk’s status in the group.

***We Are One***

The music of the Nexus hits around the arena as Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicutty all make their way towards the ring tonight minus one member – CM Punk. Barrett leads the troops towards the ring as all six members step into the ring as Barrett rips the mic out of the hands of Justin Roberts as Barrett surveys the arena tonight before finally beginning to speak.

Wade Barrett: We’re going to go ahead and cut to the chase here tonight.

The fans boo Barrett as this is not how they wanted to see Raw start off tonight.

Wade Barrett: Let’s all go ahead and get one thing straight.

Barrett pauses as he looks at the other members of Nexus in the ring.

Wade Barrett: CM Punk is NOT a part of the Nexus.

The fans boo Barrett but mainly are booing at the mention of Punk’s name.

Wade Barrett: He never has and never will be!

Barrett looks at each member of the Nexus and turns back towards the fans.

Wade Barrett: I’ve said it before numerous times and I’ll say it again here tonight…CM Punk is nothing but an imposter. A fraud! Punk just wants to capitalize on the success of others and he feels that the Nexus is obviously very successful for him to try and join our group.

David Otunga can be seen nodding his head in agreement as Barrett turns his attention away from Otunga.

Wade Barrett: But CM Punk will never find himself a part of the Nexus no matter what he says about being the so called “co-leader”. There is only one LEADER in the Nexus and that’s me!

The fans seem to be growing disinterested as big “Nexus Sucks” chants break out around the arena as a frustrated Wade Barrett tries to drown them out.

Wade Barrett: We don’t want nor need CM Punk in the Nexus and the fact that he fee….

***This Fire Burns***

CM Punk steps out onto the stage as Barrett turns his attention to Punk who stays at the top of the ramp. Punk has a microphone in hand as he cuts Barrett off which clearly pisses off the leader of the Nexus. Punk takes a look around as the first thing that he does is reveal his black “N” armband to the fans as Barrett looks like he’s going to blow a gasket wondering how Punk got a hold of one of the armbands.

CM Punk: Wade…Wade listen! I don’t want you to go all crazy on me but that is no way for you to talk to your co-leader!

The fans laugh as Barrett shakes his head as he can’t believe Punk is still carrying on about being the so called “Co-leader” of the Nexus despite Barrett denying it.

CM Punk: Whether you like me or not that has nothing to do with the truth Wade! But facts are facts Wade and the facts are that I’m the new co-leader of the Nexus!

Punk shuffles from side to side now.

CM Punk: I said last week Wade that you and I could easily get along because I have nothing against you Wade. Nothing against you at all! But it seems to me that you have everything against me and that you’ve got it out for me.

Punk rubs his head as he begins to act as if he is confused.

CM Punk: Why Wade? Why is that? Is it because you know that I could have kicked you out of the Nexus last week?

Punk shrugs his shoulders as he looks at Barrett wondering if that is it.

CM Punk: Is it because I could have kicked you to the curb and effectively ended your career? What is it Wade? Come on…tell me!

Barrett tries getting out of the ring but the other five members of the Nexus have to hold him back. Punk lets out a wry smile as he prepares to try and absolutely shake Barrett up right now with what he has to say.

CM Punk: Don’t you get it Wade?

CM Punk: Don’t you fans realize that what Wade has referred to for all of these months as “the bigger picture” is me?”

Barrett intervenes now clearly pissed off at Punk running his mouth.

Wade Barrett: Punk you are not the bigger picture!

Barrett looks at Punks angrily as he looks like he may go nuts if Punk comes down to the ring.

Wade Barrett: As a matter of fact nobody in this arena knows of whom or what the “bigger picture” is and they are not going to know until I choose to reveal it.

Barrett puts a foot on the ropes as he is now hanging over the ropes and begins to get louder with Punk now.

Wade Barrett: If you are man enough you’ll come down here into OUR ring right now and come and finish saying what you have to say to me man to man!

CM Punk surprisingly starts walking towards the ring as the members of the Nexus look on as Punk calmly walks towards the ramp talking as he heads into the ring.

CM Punk: There’s no reason to be upset because your plan has been foiled Wade!

Punk chuckles after his sarcastic comment.

CM Punk: It’s okay Wade. You don’t have to deny the fact that I am the “bigger picture” in the Nexus. That I am the one that is going to guide the Nexus to places that they have never been before. Just put your trust in CM Punk and all will be fine!

Punk takes a step up onto the steel steps as he stops.

CM Punk: You may not like me…

Punk pauses for a brief second as he steps over the ropes.

CM Punk: …but you do have to respect me!

Punk finally steps into the ring as he walks up towards Barrett as Barrett and Punk both meet face to face as we hear the sound of an e-mail coming in. Michael Cole walks towards the podium as he lifts the laptop open and opens up his e-mail as he begins to read the e-mail.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen I have received an e-mail from the anonymous Raw General Manager!

Cole opens the e-mail as he prepares to read it.

Michael Cole: And I quote, “CM Punk and Wade Barrett, there is no reason for either one of you to be arguing about whom the leader of the Nexus is or what the “Bigger Picture” is. But we must put an end to this debate as to who the leader of the Nexus is tonight!”

Punk and Barrett exchange looks with one another as Punk smirks as Barrett listens on with intrigue with the rest of Nexus.

Michael Cole: “First off Wade Barrett, you are in full control of the Nexus and your position will not be threatened here tonight at all. But as for you CM Punk your claims to be the Nexus co-leader will either be true or will come crashing down on you tonight. Because tonight you will be facing a member of Barrett’s choosing from the Nexus! If you win Punk then you are officially a part of the Nexus and the so called “co-leader” but if you lose then you are not a part of Nexus!”

Punk looks absolutely fine with this jurisdiction as he looks at Barrett and speaks once again.

CM Punk: Well who’s the lucky one going to be?

Punk looks at each member as Barrett surveys the five members he has and looks at each one very carefully. Barrett turns his attention back to Punk before surprising Punk.

Wade Barrett: ME!

Barrett orders the Nexus to leave the ring as he drops his microphone in the middle of the ring as CM Punk is left standing in the ring right now not looking concerned at all as he smiles and hangs on the ropes as he watches the Nexus exit the arena. Punk comes face to face with Wade Barrett as the two face off in the ring as Punk can be heard promising Barrett that the future is bright with him (Punk) co-leading The Nexus. Punk steps out of the ring as he heads up the ramp walking past the other members of the Nexus as he nods his head towards each one as Nexus is left standing at the top of the ramp as Wade Barrett heads up the ramp to join his group as we head off to a commercial break.

***Commercial Break***


“The Long Island Iced-Z” is heading towards the ring as he’s the first person out here tonight to kick off Monday Night Raw in action. Ryder comes out looking prepared to try and qualify for the Royal Rumble as he rolls into the ring quickly.

***Ride of the Valkyries***

The United States Champion Daniel Bryan makes his way towards the arena slapping hands with the fans as he looks very well prepared for tonight’s Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Bryan has the Bella Twins walking with him towards the ring tonight. Bryan rolls into the ring looking at his opponent as he plays to the fans by holding his title high before hopping off the ropes and preparing for the opening bell.

Match #1 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Daniel Bryan w/ The Bella Twins vs. Zack Ryder

We’re set for our first match of the night as Daniel Bryan returns to action after having the week off last week from action. Contrary to belief this does not end up being a squash match as Ryder would dominate for the first three or four minutes of the match. Ryder had Bryan knocked down on the mat after a Lifting Inverted DDT but as he covered Bryan, the US Champion was able to kick out at two keeping the match rolling. Ryder looked on at Bryan surveying the scene as he realized that he had a chance to finish off the match right now. Ryder came charging at Bryan looking for the Rough Ryder but Bryan moved out of the way. Bryan watched as Ryder came charging back at the US Champion as Bryan tripped Ryder up and locked in the LeBell Lock! Ryder is fighting for dear life as he is trying his best to stay alive in the match but he has no choice and taps out awarding the victory to Daniel Bryan and the spot in the Royal Rumble as well.

Match Result: Daniel Bryan def. Zack Ryder via submission

***Ride of the Valkyries***

Daniel Bryan hangs out of the ring over the ropes as he receives his United States title from ringside but as he turns around he gets hit by a Big Boot from Jackson Andrews! Tyson Kidd and his bodyguard made their way out quickly after the match was over. Kidd stands over Bryan talking trash as Kidd orders Andrews to pick Bryan up. A dazed Bryan is held up by Jackson Andrews as Kidd heads to the outside and leaps onto the ropes. Kidd leaps onto the top rope before jumping off and catching Bryan with the Code Blue! Kidd crawls over and looks at Daniel Bryan before hopping back onto his feet and making his way out of the ring along with his bodyguard in Jackson Andrews.

Michael Cole: Yes! Yes that was awesome! Finally someone has proved to the world that the nerd Daniel Bryan is not deserving of the United States Championship that he currently holds.

Jerry Lawler: And why is that Michael? Is it the fact that you’ve always had something against him due to his history with your boyfriend The Miz? Or is it the fact that Daniel Bryan is a very talented and upcoming superstar here on Raw that has spoken out against you before?

Michael Cole: The fact that someone so dorky can actually be a big talent here on Raw is a shame! There is no room for the Daniel Bryan’s of the world taking up place here on Raw while there are plenty of other superstars fighting for time on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: Well maybe the fact that he qualified for the Royal Rumble will finally impress you but he’s going to have to keep a close eye out for Tyson Kidd. Kidd is a bright up and coming talent and with his bodyguard Jackson Andrews helping him out now he could very well have a very bright future ahead of him.

Michael Cole: And mark my words Jerry! Tyson Kidd will be the next United States Champion here on Raw! Kidd will finally be the one to beat Daniel Bryan and end the so called theory that Daniel Bryan is actually “exciting” to watch.

We are sent backstage as we see Josh Mathews standing by in the interview area.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest…

Mathews pauses as he turns and John Morrison walks into the scene.

Josh Mathews: John Morrison! Great to have you here tonight John!

John Morrison: It’s great to be here Josh.

Josh Mathews: Alright John. Well word going around tonight is that the anonymous Raw General Manager is going to be making an official announcement concerning the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble tonight. How do you feel about the impending announcement considering the fact that your rival Sheamus interfered last week costing you the WWE Championship?

John Morrison: It’s hard knowing that I was robbed last week of the WWE Championship but I’m not going to get pushed to the back of the line again. I’ve worked far too hard in my career to get to where I am today and I’m not going to back down to anybody but most of all certainly not Sheamus or The Miz!

Josh Mathews: John you’ve had a pretty interesting career path as has been mentioned numerous times with your start from Tough Enough to becoming a very successful WWE Tag Team champion with Joey Mercury and Miz and finally the ECW Championship. The Miz claims that he is the Shawn Michaels to your Marty Jannetty but what do you have to say to The Miz regarding his comments?

John Morrison: Let The Miz do his talking. It’s what he does best but when it comes time for the action he always has a backup plan. He always finds an “out” of every situation but he’s not going to be able to if I get another chance at the WWE Championship. He always claims that he was better than me and maybe he is as of right now but when I get another chance at The Miz’s WWE Championship I am going to walk away with my first WWE Championship. And as far as Sheamus is concerned he is just like Miz, he is going to get what he has coming to him later tonight.

Mathews thanks Morrison for the interview as Morrison thanks Josh for the opportunity before exiting the backstage area as we are sent off to another commercial break here tonight on Monday Night Raw.

***Commercial Break***

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night Raw! We now have five Raw superstars that have qualified for the 2011 Royal Rumble and now we are about to have two more as we are about to have a tag team match with two spots on the line.

Jerry Lawler: The Nexus is about to have their first chance to get some of their members in the Royal Rumble and it could be very crucial for them to enter the Rumble with as many as they can get in to try and assure a Nexus member wins the Royal Rumble.

Michael Cole: Well of course King the numbers advantage can come into play for them if they get, say all six members into the match. That is kind of how the numbers advantage works King!

Jerry Lawler: Well thanks Michael for that remark.

Michael Cole: No problem Jerry! That was my pleasure!

***We Are One***

The Nexus’ two representatives for their first chance to represent them in the Royal Rumble come out onto the ramp in Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. The two newer members of the Nexus make their way down after they stopped at the ramp and held their right arm up before progressing towards the ring. Harris and McGillicutty roll into the ring and taunt the fans as they come out to a pretty decent amount of heat from the fans as they prepare for their opponents to enter the ring.

***Somebodies Gonna’ Get It***

“The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way to the ring as he slaps hands with a few fans before stopping at the bottom of the ramp.

***What’s Up? ***

R-Truth makes his way to the ring rapping to the fans and slapping hands with a few fans as he walks down and gives Mark Henry a quick hug before the two make their way into the ring and roll in looking at both members of the Nexus quickly before playing to the fans as the match looks set to begin.

Match #2 – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Mark Henry & R-Truth vs. Nexus (Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty)

We get our second Royal Rumble qualifying match of the night but after this one we will have seven spots in the Royal Rumble claimed. Harris starts off the match against R-Truth as the Nexus is able to dominate R-Truth for a good amount of time double teaming constantly and coming in and out. Harris scooped McGillicutty up throwing him on top of R-Truth with a scoop slam! McGillicutty hooked the leg of R-Truth hoping for a chance at earning the spots but R-Truth promptly kicked out allowing the match to carry on.

McGillicutty drags R-Truth into the corner tagging in R-Truth as the duo beat down R-Truth in the corner with numerous stomps and punches before the referee came over and broke it up. McGillicutty distracted the referee allowing Harris to choke R-Truth with the tag rope hanging from the turnbuckles. Harris went to Irish whip R-Truth off into the ropes but R-Truth ducked underneath Harris before hitting Harris with a Jumping Calf Kick. R-Truth desperately tries to begin crawling towards the ropes to tag in Mark Henry as McGillicutty comes in and tries to attack R-Truth but Truth made the hot tag bringing in Mark Henry!

Henry immediately knocks down McGillicutty with a clothesline knocking him over the ropes as McGillicutty had attempted to run away from Henry first thing he noticed the tag. Husky Harris gets back onto his feet running into numerous clotheslines before Henry throws Harris into the corner. Harris tries getting out of the way but Henry hits Husky Harris with a Running Splash in the corner as a dazed Husky Harris stumbles out of the corner right into the World’s Strongest Slam! R-Truth quickly notices McGillicutty trying to enter the ring again before he charges over and dropkicks McGillicutty off the ropes. Henry covers McGillicutty as the referee counts to three and we now have two new qualified wrestlers for the Royal Rumble.

Match Result: Mark Henry & R-Truth def. Nexus (Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty)

***Somebodies’ Gonna Get It***

Mark Henry gets back onto his feet as R-Truth comes over and gives Henry a quick hug as the referee holds both of their hands up as they celebrate here tonight looking very enthused that they are moving onto the Royal Rumble. The two Nexus members find themselves crawling back up the ramp as they surely are not going to be going back to a “very happy” Wade Barrett when they get back to the locker room.

Michael Cole: Well it seems that Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty have failed their job tonight and that was to simply get the Nexus two very valuable spots in the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait to see what Wade Barrett has to say about this! We all know his past history when he is really pissed off with what he has done! I’d hate to be Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty right now!

Michael Cole: I have a feeling that it’s not going to be pretty at all! What a night it’s been so far but wait…

Jerry Lawler: What? What is it?

Michael Cole: My BlackBerry is ringing right now. Apparently I have an e-mail from the General Manager. I have to go make this announcement.

Jerry Lawler: Why is he sending it to your BlackBerry now?

Michael Cole steps out of his chair and onto the podium as he shrugs his shoulders at King.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen I have just received an e-mail from the anonymous Raw General Manager!

The fans boo loudly as Cole adjusts his reading glasses.

Michael Cole: And I quote… “With the Royal Rumble coming up in just twenty days we are in the need of a WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble. And after hard consideration after having heard John Morrison speak earlier tonight I have decided that I will be keeping a very close eye on tonight’s main event as to whom will be earning the title match at the Royal Rumble.

The fans cheer the mention of Morrison as Cole interrupts the cheers and carries on speaking which gets a few boos from the fans.

Michael Cole: “And by pay attention I mean that tonight whoever gets the winning pin fall for his team will earn the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble against The Miz. Now if The Miz pins either John Morrison or Randy Orton in tonight’s main event, The Miz will have his chance at picking his opponent at the Royal Rumble!”

Cole steps off the podium and walks back over taking a seat with The King.

Michael Cole: Wow! What an announcement from our General Manager!

Jerry Lawler: So if I understood it if John Morrison, Randy Orton, Sheamus, or even Alex Riley get the winning pin fall they get to face The Miz for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble right?

Michael Cole: Correct and if Miz gets the winning pin fall, which by the way he will, he will get to pick his opponent at the Royal Rumble instead. But as I mentioned you should expect to see The Miz winning tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Sure whatever you say Michael.

We cut backstage as we see Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris walking backstage presumably towards the Nexus locker room. Harris is holding the back of his head as they carry on walking past a few backstage workers.

Michael McGillicutty: Man I don’t know if we should go in there right now.

Husky Harris: Why not? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Michael McGillicutty: I don’t know…I just don’t think Wade is going to be very happy with us after that! Plus just think of everything else he’s got going on tonight.

Harris is still holding his head as he looks at McGillicutty as they arrive at the locker room. Harris throws McGillicutty another quick look before he turns around and pushes the door open. Harris and McGillicutty walk in as they walk over towards Otunga, Gabriel, and Slater as they take a seat.

Wade Barrett: What...what was that?

Barrett walks towards Harris and McGillicutty as he gets in their face. Barrett looks at Harris and McGillicutty as they sit there with their heads held down as Barrett begins to scream.

Wade Barrett: That was absolutely embarrassing! That is not how the Nexus represents themselves in the ring! I’ve got so much on my mind right now and a lot riding on the line tonight when I have to wrestle CM Punk and you two go out there and lose to Mark Henry and R-Truth?

McGillicutty begins to speak but Barrett cuts him off.

Wade Barrett: I don’t want to hear it!

McGillicutty puts his head back down as Harris still has his down as well.

Wade Barrett: You two are dismissed for the night!

Barrett looks at Harris and McGillicutty get on their feet and walk out of the Nexus locker room as they head out of the locker room and make their way towards the exit. Harris and McGillicutty get ready to exit the arena before McGillicutty is ambushed from behind by a masked man! The masked man beats down McGillicutty as Harris tries to take down the masked man but suddenly another mysterious masked man attacks Harris from behind. The first masked man that attacked McGillicutty grabs McGillicutty throwing him through a table where coffee was being served! Harris gets thrown onto the steel door that opens up in the garage by the second masked man that appeared. The camera is left focusing on McGillicutty and Harris knocked out backstage as we are looking for the masked men that attacked the two Nexus members. The masked men are nowhere to be seen at all as we cut out of the scene.

Michael Cole: Oh my! I have no clue at all who the masked men are but I never would have thought at all that this was going to happen to Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. I can’t believe what we have just witnessed.

Jerry Lawler: I really can’t either Michael and I don’t know whether to believe Wade Barrett has anything to do with this at all or not. I really do not know!

Michael Cole: Well who knows but we do know that we will hopefully be hearing about this later from Wade Barrett if he even knows about it yet. Barrett is set to be in action later tonight against CM Punk so hopefully we will hear from him by then.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know but something tells me that this wasn’t a coincidence Michael! We’ll be right back!

***Commercial Break***

As we come back from the break we see the medical team attending to Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty as we see the Nexus walk up after apparently having heard about the attacks?

Wade Barrett: Who….

The med team stops Barrett as Barrett interrupts a guy who grabs him.

Wade Barrett: Who did this? WHO DID THIS?

The med team tells Barrett that they have no clue who did this as Barrett backs away. They tell Barrett that they are going to need his group to leave as they are going to need The Nexus to leave the area as they need to try and continue helping out Harris and McGillicutty. Barrett and the other three members of the Nexus back away as Barrett looks at Otunga, Gabriel, and Slater and simply says…

Wade Barrett: It was Punk…

The Nexus exits the area as they are going to prepare for Barrett’s match later on against CM Punk.
We now are sent over to see the WWE Champion The Miz sitting down in his locker room lacing up his boots as Alex Riley can be seen standing and pacing from side to side with the Money in the Bank briefcase in his hand.

The Miz: Do you understand just how big tonight is for us Alex?

Riley nods his head as Miz looks at him as he carries on lacing his boots up.

The Miz: Tonight is probably the biggest night since I won the WWE title! We’ve got the chance to go out there and assure that I get to pick whomever I want to face at the Royal Rumble if I win the match or even if you end up winning.

Riley walks around as he takes a seat and looks at Miz.

The Miz: Point being Alex that we cannot lose this match tonight. I cannot risk having to face John Morrison or Randy Orton once again or even Sheamus!

Alex Riley: You don’t have to worry about that! We’ve got this all under control and I promise you that one of us will win the match tonight.

Riley looks at Miz as Miz can be seen nodding his head and looking happy with Riley’s statement.

The Miz: That’s exactly what I wanted to hear from you! After all why should the “most watched WWE Champion in history” have to deal with wrestling at the Royal Rumble at all in the first place! I’ve been mistreated and put down by all of these fans and we’re going to prove to them tonight just why I am the greatest WWE Champion to EVER step foot in that ring.

Riley agrees as he nods at The Miz.

The Miz: Alex, I’ve been put down by many people telling me that I was nothing more than a lowly reality star! That I wasn’t good enough to be on Tough Enough, or to even tag with John Morrison! I’ve proven them all wrong and tonight we prove the naysayers such as the fans but first and foremost Randy Orton, John Morrison, and Jerry Lawler wrong once again when I win the match and prove to each and every one of those fans just why I’m the Miz….

The fans chant “And I’m Awesome” at the same time as Miz.

The Miz: And I’m…AWESOME!!!

Miz and Riley both get on their feet as Miz looks at Riley as Riley is clutching the briefcase as we exit out of the WWE Champion’s locker room before we head into the arena.

Michael Cole: Awesome! Just how awesome is our WWE Champion Jerry? He doesn’t even have to say that much and he wins the fans over! Just amazing!

Jerry Lawler: If by awesome you mean that he is a loser then yes you are absolutely correct there Michael!

Michael Cole: Oh someone seems to be angry! It’s okay Jerry! You can get over the fact that the Miz is still the WWE Champion despite the fact that you have a vendetta against him. There is nothing wrong with admitting the truth Jerry!

Jerry Lawler: Well if you want me to admit the truth then I really wish you would just shut up and stop displaying your love for The Miz each and every week here on Raw. I’m getting sick of it and I know the fans sure are too!

Michael Cole sits there with surprisingly nothing to say as we are prepared for our next match to begin as the music of Natalya hits.

***New Foundation***

The Divas Champion Natalya heads towards the ring as she rolls into the ring and holds her Divas Championship above her head as she jumps off the ropes and hands her Divas title over as she looks set for the match to begin as she anxiously awaits her opponent here tonight.

***Shake Yo’ Tail***

Alicia Fox walks out onto the stage flaunting her stuff as she heads towards the ring to a mixed reaction but most fans being indifferent. Fox heads into the ring as the referee looks set for the match to begin before…


The number one contender Melina makes her way to the ring as she walks down the red carpet in her nice fuzzy jacket before walking towards the ring and taking a seat alongside Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Melina ignores Michael and Jerry welcoming her to the table as she takes a seat and says nothing as she prepares to watch the match.

Match #3 – Singles Match
Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Our third match is a quick divas match here tonight as the Divas Champion Natalya goes one on one with a former Divas Champion Alicia Fox in her own right. This match is of course more than anything used to showcase the champion. Alicia Fox got her own fair share of domination in on the match in the first few months as she hits Natalya with a bridging suplex but only got a two count. Alicia immediately began to prepare for the finish as she taunted Natalya. Alicia came running at Natalya for a Scissors Kick but Natalya ducked and hit Alicia with a quick Snap suplex. Natalya rolls Alicia over locking in the Sharpshooter! Alicia taps out quickly as Natalya breaks the hold and gets back onto her feet celebrating the victory.

Match Result: Natalya def. Alicia Fox

***New Foundation***

Natalya gets back onto her feet as she is handed her Divas Championship as she holds her title up in the air. Natalya gets ready to exit the ring but Melina attacks her from behind! Melina kicks and stomps away at Natalya before pulling the Divas Champion back up onto her feet. Melina looks around the arena and lets out a huge scream before dropping Natalya back onto the mat with the Primal Scream! The fans boo Melina as she looks around the arena and exits the ring as David Hart Smith comes charging down to the ring to check on Natalya as we now cut immediately over to the announcers at ringside.

Michael Cole: What a statement from the number one contender Melina here tonight as she now has the upper hand heading into The Royal Rumble in just twenty days it would seem to me. And speaking of the Royal Rumble, the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble will be coming live to you in twenty days from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts live on Sunday January 30, 2011. As just talked about, Melina will be facing off against Natalya for the Divas Championship

Jerry Lawler: Melina’s attack was absolutely uncalled for but I have a feeling that Natalya is not going to forget about it anytime soon.

Michael Cole: Uncalled for? No! Melina just has to do what she has to do to try and make a statement to Natalya. If it means to attack the Divas Champion then so be it King.

Jerry Lawler: Of course you’ll agree with her Michael! Why am I not really that surprised at all to be honest? Moving on, The Miz will be defending his WWE Championship as we heard earlier against either the person whom gets the winning pin fall tonight OR if The Miz wins he will get to choose his opponent.

Michael Cole: Well we all know that The Miz is going to win tonight so to me it seems that he will of course be choosing his opponent at the Royal Rumble!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t agree with you Michael but when have I ever? Moving onto the SmackDown side of things, Edge will be putting his World-Heavyweight Championship up against Drew McIntyre in what could be McIntyre’s shining moment if he captures his first ever World-Heavyweight title.

Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre was handpicked by Mr. McMahon to be the next big thing here in the WWE and has been dubbed “The Chosen One” but he’s going to have to find a way to get around “The Ultimate Opportunist” Edge at the Royal Rumble if he wants to finally seize the title. It’s going to be hard for McIntyre but it won’t be impossible.

Jerry Lawler: Drew McIntyre surely has a bright future but I’m not so sure how he’s going to fare against Edge. And finally for our main event we’ll be seeing thirty of the WWE’s brightest superstars all clash in the twenty-fourth annual Royal Rumble Match with a WWE or World-Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania 27 on the line!

Michael Cole: Fifteen superstars from Raw and fifteen from SmackDown are going to clash and one superstar is going to realize his dream and get to main event at WrestleMania 27 this year in Atlanta, Georgia! What a night it’s going to be in Boston in just twenty days and we look forward to seeing you all at the Royal Rumble which has been sold out since the day tickets went on sell! Big props go out to Disturbed for providing the theme song, Animal, for the 2011 Royal Rumble!

Jerry Lawler: Well ladies and gentlemen coming up after the break we’ll be seeing CM Punk go one on one with Wade Barrett. What will happen when the leader of the Nexus clashes with the self-proclaimed “Co-Leader” of the Nexus? We’ll be right back!

***Commercial Break***

***We Are One***

The music of the Nexus hits for the third time here tonight as we see David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater make their way out to the arena tonight as Barrett stands in the ring looking clearly distraught from what has occurred all evening from his confrontation with CM Punk to the mysterious attacks of two members of Nexus in Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. Barrett stands in the middle of the ring preparing for CM Punk to make his entrance as we see David Otunga standing on the outside and talking to Barrett (presumably pumping him up for the match).

***This Fire Burns***

CM Punk walks out to deafening heat tonight as he walks out with a smug look on his face as he makes his slow descent towards the ring. Punk never takes his eyes off of Wade Barrett as he makes a slow walk up the steps before hopping into the ring and standing on the top rope but still at the same time keeping his eyes on Barrett. Punk leaps off the ropes before turning around as the referee calls for the bell as we look set for the match to occur.

Match #4 – Singles Match
CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett w/ The Nexus

Our first main event of the evening kicks off in style as Wade Barrett begins a beat down of CM Punk. The other three members of Nexus are shown on the outside watching on as they know that they cannot interfere or Punk will win the match. Barrett stomps away at Punk in the corner as he has Punk grounded before he pulls Punk off the mat and Irish whips Punk off into the ropes. Punk comes charging off the ropes but Otunga tries to trip Punk. Punk gets down into the face of Otunga but that turns out being a mistake as Punk ends up turning around right into a Big Boot from Wade Barrett! Barrett throws Punk over and hooks the leg only getting a two count.

Barrett pulls Punk back up off the mat driving him back first into the mat before backing up out of the corner and distracting the referee. This gives Gabriel and Slater time to try and interfere but it backfires as Punk punches Slater and knocks him off of the ropes before Gabriel runs right into a back arm from Punk knocking Gabriel off of the ropes as well. Barrett realizes what just occurred as he came charging at Punk but Punk ducks before spinning around and knocking Barrett back onto the mat with a Roundhouse Kick sending a dazed Barrett hard face first onto the mat. Punk rolls Barrett over for the pin fall count but Barrett gets his foot on the ropes.

Punk drags Barrett off of the mat dragging him into the corner and smashing his head off the turnbuckle before Punk heads to the corner opposite from Barrett. Punk watches on as he comes charging at Barrett and hits the leader of Nexus with a Shining Wizard in the corner before tossing Barrett back onto the mat with a Running Bulldog. Punk checks to see where the other three members of Nexus are as they all stand back as we see Punk leap onto the top rope and jump off before knocking Barrett back down with a Springboard Clothesline before hooking once again and only getting a two count.

Punk begins to taunt Barrett as he bends down waiting for Barrett to get back onto his feet. Barrett slowly rises onto his feet as he goes to hit Barrett with the GTS but Barrett rolls off the shoulders of Punk and slides to the outside of the ring. Barrett tries to gather himself as the other three members of Nexus stand outside and try to talk to him. Punk is standing over the ropes as he taunts Wade Barrett telling him that he was so close to actually becoming a part of Nexus. Punk turns around as he goes to look at the referee but he gets SPEARED to the mat by JOHN CENA! The referee immediately calls for the bell as Nexus stands on the outside watching on.

Match Result: CM Punk def. Wade Barrett via disqualification

John Cena throws some wild right hands at CM Punk as no one thought that John Cena was going to be here tonight. The fans are cheering loudly right now for Cena as Cena rolls Punk over and pulls him up looking for the Attitude Adjustment but Punk was luckily able to slide off Cena’s shoulders and head up the ramp. Punk falls down heading up the ramp as he pulls himself back up before looking on as Cena is left standing in the ring as Cena keeps an eye on Nexus on the outside. Cena asks for a mic but as he turns his back CM Punk strikes! Punk knocks Cena down as Punk watches as Wade Barrett rolls into the ring. Punk begins to grow concerned that the Nexus is about to attack him right now but to his surprise Barrett tells the other three members to stand back and to not come into the ring yet.

Barrett and Punk come face to face with one another as Punk and Barrett look like they are about to collide but Punk immediately begins stomping away at Cena. Barrett looks on as Punk backs Cena into the corner and puts his head on the turnbuckle before throwing his foot on the throat of Cena and as a result choking John Cena out. Punk watches as Barrett walks over and tells Punk to back away as Barrett pulls Cena up and throws him onto his shoulders knocking Cena back onto the canvas with Wasteland! Barrett looks at Punk in a “finish him off” type of look as Punk pulls an unconscious Cena off of the mat and hits Cena with the GTS for extra measure. Punk and Barrett now turn their attention to one another as Punk and Barrett both come face to face with one another.

Gabriel, Slater, and Otunga roll into the ring now as they all stand behind Punk and Barrett as we see Punk and Barrett both continue to have their eyes locked on one another. Punk looks around the arena and at the other three Nexus members as he calls for a microphone. The ringside worker hurries a mic to Punk as Punk taps it to make sure it’s on.

CM Punk: What a battle Wade! You absolutely took me to the limit and I must say that I have new found respect for you.

The fans boo Punk as Punk wipes the sweat off of his head as Punk looks at Barrett once more.

CM Punk: I’m being serious! And now that I am officially a part of the Nexus and your “co-leader” I want you to know one thing.

Barrett looks on as he doesn’t really want to hear what Punk has to say.

CM Punk: That man right there….

Punk points to John Cena whom is knocked out as they are standing right beside the body of John Cena.

CM Punk: That is what we hold in common. We both cannot stand John Cena and what he stands for and that is what is going to make the NEW Nexus function. That is what is going to keep us together and stronger than any other group that has ever entered the WWE! There is no group that is stronger than the one that can work together towards a common goal and that common goal for the Nexus is to eliminate John Cena from the WWE for good! So what do you say Wade?

Punk extends his hand out to Wade Barrett as Barrett doesn’t seem too happy after everything that has occurred here tonight. Barrett looks at Punk and begins to mouth some words to CM Punk.

Wade Barrett: Did you take them out?

Barrett is obviously referring to Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty which may be a deal breaker as to whether or not CM Punk is actually a part of the Nexus or not.

CM Punk: What…what are you talking about? No! No I didn’t!

Wade Barrett: That’s all I needed to know.

Punk looks on at Barrett dead serious as he can tell that Barrett does not believe him at all. Barrett turns his attention to Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, and Heath Slater as he points to the ramp as Barrett turns his attention to Punk once more.

Wade Barrett: Nexus…let’s go.

***We Are One***

The music of Nexus cues as Wade Barrett leads his troops of Gabriel, Slater, and Otunga up the ramp as the four members head up the ramp as CM Punk is left standing in the ring after that unanswered question. Punk holds his microphone as he leans over the ropes and watches on as Nexus exits the arena as we now cut over to ringside.

Michael Cole: That was absolutely chilling! What a night it’s been and I really have no clue just what is occurring right now in this CM Punk/Wade Barrett/John Cena feud that is seemingly taking place right before our eyes.

Jerry Lawler: I am just as confused as you are Michael! The fact that CM Punk expects Wade Barrett to actually work together with him is a big surprise to me. Just how can CM Punk expect Wade Barrett to fully function together as a team after he just got done brawling with Wade Barrett? What is CM Punk thinking?

Michael Cole: I have no clue King but the big issue here is that John Cena is seemingly back from injury now! I can’t believe that John Cena is back now already after having only missed two weeks but he’s going to have to keep his eyes glued out for the Nexus now due to the fact that he still has the original crew of Nexus and now CM Punk in the crew gunning after him.

Jerry Lawler: A very interesting situation here Michael but my main question is how is the Nexus going to function now with CM Punk and Wade Barrett as co-leaders? It’s clear that they don’t like one another at all now so how are they going to be able to work together at all as a team? This will not end well for somebody!

Michael Cole: A very tricky situation King but I have a feeling that we will find out more next week here on Raw as we now have a lot of questions that need to be answered. You already have mentioned the one big question in how can Nexus function? Another big one is will we find out just whom attacked Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty earlier tonight? Hopefully we’ll have answers next week!

***Commercial Break***

We come back from the break to see the WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov walking backstage as Santino bumps into Tamina.

Santino Marella: Ah…Tamina! How are you’a doing?

Tamina: Santino! I’m doing great. How are you?

Santino Marella: Tamina! We are even better after las…

Ted DiBiase and Maryse walk into the picture interrupting Santino and Tamina talking.

Ted DiBiase: Well…well…well! If it isn’t the two lovebirds Santino and Tamina!

Santino Marella: And itza’ the Million Dollar Loser…Ted DiBia’se!

Ted DiBiase: Funny! Real funny! It’s great to know that all three of you are enjoying one another right now but maybe you need to enjoy your time with the WWE Tag Team Championships just a little bit longer.

Santino Marella: Whata’ are youa’ talking about?

Ted DiBiase: I wanted to let you know that I am issuing a challenge to both Vladimir Kozlov and yourself next week in a tag team match.

Santino rubs his chin looking on confused as he doesn’t see a tag team partner with Ted.

Santino Marella: Ah but you hava’ no partner? Are you going to buy one?

DiBiase chuckles a bit at Santino’s poor attempt at humor as Kozlov can be seen looking on with his normal dead serious look as Tamina is standing back as Maryse is looking at Tamina the entire time.

Ted DiBiase: You don’t worry about that Santino! I’ve already got that one taken care of.

DiBiase walks off with a big smile on his face as Maryse flips her hair at Tamina as Santino, Vladimir, and Tamina all are left standing and wondering just who Ted is going to have as a tag team partner next week. Santino and Tamina both continue talking to one another as we head off to the interview area backstage as we see Josh Mathews standing by once again.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time…Randy Orton!

“The Viper” Randy Orton walks into the scene with a dead serious look on his face as he looks prepared for the main event here tonight. Orton looks at Mathews as Mathews looks set to begin the interview process.

Josh Mathews: As you already know Randy it was announced earlier in the night that the man whom gets the winning pin fall tonight will earn a WWE Championship Match at the Royal Rumble. Now knowing that you have another chance at facing The Miz at the Royal Rumble for the WWE title, how are you feeling heading into tonight’s main event with a lot riding on the line?

Randy Orton: I’m well prepared Josh and that’s really all I have to say concerning that issue. As far as Miz goes it’s just going to make it that much sweeter when I finally get my hands on The Miz again at the Royal Rumble and take back what is mine Josh. The Miz did not truly understand who he was messing with when he attacked me and cashed in Money in the Bank briefcase back in November. The Miz did not understand just how dangerous I am.

Josh Mathews: So it’s safe to say you are feeling pretty confident heading into the match coming up next correct Randy?

Randy Orton: Confident is an understatement Josh. The Miz has no clue just what I have planned for him here tonight. I’ve waited since TLC to get my hands on The Miz once again and tonight I will finally get what is mine. The past two months have been terrible as I have watched Miz hold the WWE title that I worked so hard for. It’s eaten me from the inside out and continues to take a toll on me each and every day but that all ends tonight! I end the misery and pain and suffering I have endured since that cold day in November and start a new era of Randy Orton tonight.

Orton walks off after his last statement as he begins to head into the arena as we cut over to the ringside commentating team quickly before our main event.

Michael Cole: And it’s now time for our main event as mentioned earlier that we have a lot riding on the line here tonight! It’ll be WWE Champion The Miz, his apprentice Alex Riley, and King of the Ring 2010, Sheamus, teaming together to take on Randy Orton and John Morrison.

Jerry Lawler: I cannot wait Michael! I’ve been waiting all night to see The Miz finally get what has been coming to him! What a main event it’s going to be!

Michael Cole: Whatever you say King but let it be known that The Miz is going to continue carrying on his reign tonight as the “most watched WWE Champion” and that The Miz is going to continue proving naysayers such as yourself King wrong! It’s going to be awesome in the words of the Miz!

Jerry Lawler: Whatever you say Michael! Whatever you say!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen we’ll be right back! Stay tuned for our main event!

***Commercial Break***

***Written In My Face***

The 2010 King of the Ring, “King Sheamus” makes his way down towards the ring prepared for the main event tonight as he walks up the steps and into the ring. King Sheamus poses for the fans as he takes his crown off and awaits his tag team partners here tonight as Sheamus seems to be getting a pretty good amount of heat tonight.

***I Came to Play***

The WWE Champion The Miz and his apprentice Alex Riley are next out as Miz comes out to the most heat during the night. Miz walks down the ramp as he looks on at the pissed fans before rolling into the ring and holding his WWE Championship high in the air. Alex Riley throws the MITB briefcase to the outside of the ring as Miz hands his WWE title over as he looks prepared for the match. Miz and Riley don’t look at Sheamus as Sheamus just stands away off in the corner as Miz and Riley talk strategy.

***Ain’t No Make Believe***

John Morrison walks out onto the stage as he does his normal slow-mo entrance before walking down towards the ring as he rolls into the ring and poses for the fans to a good reaction. Morrison stands on the ropes as he jumps off and looks on at all three men in the ring before…


Randy Orton walks out onto the stage as he heads down towards the ring looking heavily focused on tonight’s match before rolling into the ring and joining John Morrison in the corner as he tells Morrison he is starting off the match.

Match #5 – 3-on-2 Handicap Match
The Miz, Alex Riley, & Sheamus vs. John Morrison & Randy Orton

Randy Orton starts the match off against Sheamus as the two men who just met in a match two weeks ago prepare to kick off the Handicap Match. Orton gets the advantage first as he kicks Sheamus in the sternum before attacking Sheamus and sending him off into the ropes. Sheamus springs off the ropes into a clothesline from Orton who looks to be building momentum from the fans. Orton knocks Sheamus back down with another clothesline before Sheamus eventually gives up and tags in The Miz as Miz looks absolutely shocked that he was tagged in by Sheamus.

Miz steps calmly into the ring as he circles around Randy Orton trying to take his time to play mind games with Orton but before Miz even thinks about hooking up with Randy Orton he makes the tag bringing in Alex Riley! Riley looks at Miz confused as Riley steps into the ring and charges at Orton who hits Riley with a Back Body Drop sending Riley flying onto the mat. Riley sits up holding his back as Riley gets back up and charges at Orton whom hits Riley with a nicely timed dropkick. Orton drags Riley into the corner tagging in John Morrison as Morrison leaps onto the top rope before leaping off and hitting Alex Riley with a Moonsault! Morrison hooks the leg but Sheamus comes into the ring stomping on Morrison and breaking the pin fall up.

Randy Orton hits the ring again as he charges at Sheamus but Sheamus ducks and counters with a Back Body Drop sending Orton down onto the mat on the outside of the ring. Sheamus steps out of the ring after the referee tells him to get back as we see Riley hurry over and tag Miz in. Miz rolls into the ring and proceeds to beat down Morrison as he begins to carry on the part of the match with Miz, Sheamus, and Riley all working together to team against Morrison and to separate him from Randy Orton.

The trio of Miz, Riley, and Sheamus all would work together hard on teaming against Morrison as Orton would try to rile Morrison on to making the hot tag but as Morrison came close to tagging in Orton, Miz quickly pulled Morrison back into the middle of the ring. Miz stomped away at Morrison before tagging in Sheamus once more. Sheamus would pull Morrison up and hit him with a Swinging Neckbreaker looking for a three count but Morrison kicked out. Sheamus pulled Morrison back up onto his feet as he reels Morrison in and looks to finish Morrison off with the Celtic Cross but as Sheamus began to taunt Morrison, Miz quickly made the tag bringing himself back into the match.

Sheamus immediately began arguing with Miz telling him that he had the match won which gives Morrison plenty of time to recover. Morrison finds himself not wanting to tag Orton back in at this point of the match knowing that he’s got a chance to earn another title shot if he can pin his opponent to win the match. Morrison pulls himself back up with the help of the ropes before he charges over and dropkicks Miz right into Sheamus sending Sheamus flying out of the ring! Morrison gets Miz and Irish whips him off into the ropes once more as Miz came flying back at Morrison and runs into a spinning heel kick from Morrison.

Morrison pulls Miz up and drags him into the corner as Morrison hits Miz with a European Uppercut before throwing Morrison down onto the mat. Morrison quickly looked at Miz before hitting him with a Running Knee Smash knocking Miz head first back onto the mat. Morrison bends down to cover Miz but Sheamus quickly hits the ring and breaks up the count. Sheamus stalls for time as Morrison finds himself backing into the corner! Morrison backs into his own corner and apparently forgets that he did so as Randy Orton tags himself in! Just at that moment we see Miz drag himself into the corner and tag Alex Riley in as Riley hurries into the ring!

Orton hits the ring clearing house as he knocks Riley down with a clothesline! Sheamus immediately comes charging at John Morrison whom is still in the ring as he hits Morrison with the Brogue Kick! Morrison goes flying out of the ring before Orton runs over and hits Sheamus from behind with a devastating backbreaker. Sheamus hits the mat before rolling out of the ring as Orton gets blindsided by The Miz! Orton ducks underneath a left hand though from Miz before dropping the WWE Champion with a DDT! Alex Riley charges at Orton trying to attack Orton but Orton ducks and pulls Riley in hitting him with a Full Nelson Slam! Orton circles around Riley as he taunts the apprentice of the WWE Champion! Orton watches as Riley gets back onto his feet before turning around right into the devastating RKO! Riley flips over and hits the mat face first as Randy Orton drops to the mat and hooks the leg of Riley and gets the victory.

Match Result: Randy Orton & John Morrison def. The Miz, Alex Riley, & Sheamus


The music of the new number one contender Randy Orton hits as Orton stands up as he climbs up the ropes and celebrates as he holds his hand up. Orton falls back onto the mat in the ring as he drops down on his knees and celebrates his victory here tonight. Orton looks around the arena as Miz pulls Alex Riley out of the ring as the two are left standing on the outside looking on as both Sheamus and John Morrison are shown left lying on the outside of the ring. Miz and Riley talk to one another as we look at Randy Orton left celebrating in the ring before we hear a new e-mail come in!

Michael Cole immediately stands up and walks over towards the podium and opens up the laptop for the second time tonight. Cole puts his reading glasses on as he reads the e-mail from the anonymous General Manager.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen I have just received a message from the anonymous Raw General Manager! And I quote… “Congratulations Randy Orton! You have now earned your championship match at the Royal Rumble and as a result I am going to announce a special stipulation here tonight for the match at the Royal Rumble.”

The fans cheer for the announcement that we’re going to have a “special match” at the Royal Rumble as Orton looks on with a wry smile.

Michael Cole: “In the twenty four year history of the Royal Rumble this match has never taken place at the Royal Rumble but that all changes this year. There will be no outside interference and there will be nowhere to run for both of you Miz and Randy Orton! For the first time ever at the Royal Rumble, we will see The Miz put his WWE Championship on the line against the number one contender Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Match!”

The fans cheer loudly as Orton pounds the mat in joy as he looks on at Miz who is griping his WWE title and holding onto it for dear life right now. Miz is yelling at the bottom of the ramp as he makes his way out of the arena as he backs his way out along with Alex Riley.

Jerry Lawler: What an announcement! For the first time ever we are going to see a Steel Cage match at the Royal Rumble! I cannot wait to finally see Randy Orton get his hands on The Miz and finally end this all for good.

Michael Cole: NO! No this is absolutely wrong! The Miz should not have to defend his WWE title against Randy Orton but in a Steel Cage much less? NO!

Jerry Lawler: I love it Michael! I love it! Well ladies and gentlemen it has been perhaps one of the wildest nights here on Monday Night Raw in recent history but what a night it has been to say the least! The return of John Cena, the attacks of two Nexus members, CM Punk officially a part of the Nexus, and finally Randy Orton capturing the number one contender ship! What a night!

Michael Cole: The Miz has been wronged Jerry! Laugh all you want but it will be The Miz laughing the loudest at the Royal Rumble! Ladies and gentlemen we’ll see you next week here on Raw! Good night from Nashville, Tennessee!


UPDATED Card for The Royal Rumble
Date: January 30, 2011
Location: TD Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Event Music: The Animal; Disturbed

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns WWE/WHC Match of choice at WrestleMania XXVII

Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Vladimir Kozlov

WWE Championship - Steel Cage Match
The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton

World-Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

Diva's Championship Match
Natalya (c) vs. Melina

Finally Out of Cutey Sleep
2,179 Posts
Okay, so I’ve been out of booking for a good long while, so I decided to leave a bit of feedback to someone who may or may not even need it – the ol’ KOP. I’m not sure if you should be offended, but for right now, you’re my feedback ‘welcome back tune up’. But I love your work, I always have, so what better way to get back into the swing of things than with some work from a guy that once inspired me.

619's Feedback For KOP's Monday Night RAW

Starting off with Nexus denouncing CM Punk – I’ll play along. Always loved CM Punk on the mike, and probably will to ‘til the day he gets a stroke, and even then I’m sure he can deliver an epic promo through a mechanical voice. Loved how you pretty much nailed Punk’s ‘under your skin, into your head’ delivery, although he did seem kinda soft. I’m not sure how confident it is to start off with two heels in the ring together, but I guess it can’t be helped if you wanna pull the pretty dismal product pack to form, I assume. A heel-vs-heel match is even more risky, especially one of this magnitude, but I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing. At least I hope you know.

I find the Daniel Bryan squash matches to be very interesting every Monday. He’s never fully in control, but he just pulls the LeBell out of his ass and gets you from anywhere. They’re the anti-squashes, and you captured the essence of it here. Not surprised to see a little Kidd/Bryan build. Jackson Andrews to kill both Bellas next week plz.

Quick note here – love the personalities behind the commentating. Just gotta say I can’t stand Michael Cole. And you making me not stand him is a job well done.
I find myself marking for Morrison every Monday Night. Although on the mike he concerns me. Here he seems a little better in real life, albeit a little generic. But I guess we should keep it that way. Solid segment here.

Henry and Truth tagging needs to be a regular thing. Need to keep the brothas together. That little squick aside, a little surprised to see some members of Nexus not in the Rumble, but glad it was these two. They’ve offered nothing on-screen, so I like this decision. Nice solid match here that did it’s job and potentially may lay the foundation for a Henry/Truth tag team.
Hmmmm……the plot thickens for the main event tonight…very interesting little build here.

Oh shit. Masked men? Not really a fan of the archetype, usually because the masked men turn out to be the same exact people every single time. Either way, great way to jolt some intrigue into this little bit. Maybe these guys are the bigger picture…? Maybe they just like masks…? IDK, but attacking heels makes it a little bit more interesting. The segment following all this is just Barrett being a little paranoid, I’m sure, but he may be in the ballpark with Punk. Characterwise, he makes much more sense to have a hit out on other heels because they intrude with his plans. But I guess we’ll have to see though, won’t we?

Eh. Miz has never tickled my fancy, but you pretty much got him and Riley spot on here. Miz does tend to babble a bit, so good job on throwing that in there. Just a bold statement by Miz and nothing more. Did its job rather well, though, so props on that, King. And either get rid of that damn briefcase or open it plz. It irks the hell outa me.

Please save the undercard. Please, please, please do that. If nothing else you help the modern WWE with, let it be this Women’s division. It doesn’t have to be absolutely prominent, but at least make it matter somewhat. Not taking anything from Natalya or Melina here, who I believe are fantastic workers, but it needs a jolt. Solid outing for all ladies involved here, although Alicia Fox can just GTFO. Does it’s job though and nice call on keeping Melina a bitch.

Well well well, business is picking up here. Figures the heel-heel encounter would have to include a face in some way, but after completely forgetting about John Cena for like, the entire night, it was a great surprise to see his show up and gore Pun out of nowhere. Don’t like that Punk is ‘technically’ a part of Nexus now, although I’m sure you’ll find a more definite way to determine whether or not Punk is in, even after the very unsure face off with Barrett. I still don’t think Punk indeed had anything to do with the assaults, but I think maybe somewhere down the road the two will bond on something other than Cena and those masked men may be that other thing. Overall, a great sequence of segments and events that have me very interested in the next installment to the overall true ‘big picture’.

I love the hell out of Santino and Kozlov. I don’t know what the rest of the world has against them, as I find them entertaining as hell. Ted DiBiase, on the other hand, is what I like to call the anti-entertainer, as every time I see him he sucks all the life out of the screen. Them together kinda cancels out the entertainment factor for me, but interesting little tidbit about DiBiase back in the mix with a mystery partner. Glad you’re taking baby steps perhaps to get this abysmal tag team division back on track, as well. As far as the following Orton segment, glad to see the Viper get a few words in before he pwns Miz.

Awesome match to finish things out, with pretty solid back and forth action and nobody looking any weaker than they did coming in. I’m happy Orton gets the nod here, but I was also hoping you’d go with Morrison, too. I’ve always wanted to see a legitimate feud between the two, so that would’ve been sweet. But alas, this decision leaves the Kirbster a happy man as well. Orton’s flourish of signatures is a great way to end it, complete with the RKO to Riley so no one really takes the fall. Very interested in the stipulation of the Steel Cage, seeing as how it leaves the show on a totally dynamic point and is something much more innovative than we’ll probably get in real life. All in all, pretty solid match, pretty solid main event, did wonders storyline wise. Sheamus/Morrison can continue to evolve, while Miz is gonna get stuck in a cage with a Viper. I like it

FINAL THOUGHTS: GETS THOSE GEARS IN MOTION IN A VERY, VERY SOLID WAY. I realize you can’t completely change the current WWE standpoint in one show, one week, or one month, but I’m glad you’re reclaiming it as your own little by little, show by show. Not sure how great of a position it is storylinewise heading into Wrestlemania (with the real-life storylines, not yours), though, if you wanna take it that far. Love the direction you’re willing to go into, though, so much love there KO. All in all, I loved reading the show, and I still don’t hope you take it offensively if I say this was the best tune-up show I could’ve read (if you wuz, I’s is sowwwy). Rumble card looks great, btw.
OVERALL: 8/10. Not like you needed my insight though. Keep those gears in motion and right this ship, duder.​

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WWE Notes & NewsWire

The road to the Royal Rumble is set to heat up and there are currently four matches that have been announced for the Pay-Per-View with at least one more set to be announced soon. The Raw 15 superstars are actually going to have to qualify for the match per the anonymous Raw General Manager but SmackDown GM Teddy Long will announce the remaining participants (due to a small roster size currently) on SmackDown tonight.

There has been ideas tossed about for a new match at WrestleMania this year to possibly take the place of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match due to there now being a Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. Nothing is set for sure but there are ideas going around about a way to get even more superstars onto the mega Pay-Per-View this year (especially considering the new era that WWE is currently going through.) The thought is that the more superstars that are exposed to the fans on WWE's biggest night, the more comfortable fans will become with them over the course of pushing them on television.

WrestleMania XXVII seems to have a lot of matches already set BUT there is currently discussions going around as for whether or not The Undertaker will be back in time, the SmackDown World-Heavyweight title match situation, and a lot more of possibly matches at the year's biggest show. With the Royal Rumble coming up in just sixteen days the goal is currently for creative to have all of their matches planned for WrestleMania once the January 31st Raw hits the airwaves.

SmackDown is rumored to be getting a big overhaul once the WWE Draft takes place this year. There are rumors going around that they could receive around three to four big name superstars but nothing is certain as of right now.

More news and notes to be posted after SmackDown goes up this weekend!


WWE Superstars Results
Thursday January 13, 2011

Trent Barreta def. Chavo Guerrero
Tyson Kidd def. Darren Young
Nexus (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) def. WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov in Non-title action


WWE Friday Night SmackDown Preview
Friday January 14, 2011
Bartow Arena - Birmingham, AL

Friday Night SmackDown comes to you this Friday night from the Bartow Arena in Birmingham, Alabama as the road to the Royal Rumble continues with only sixteen days remaining until the huge pay-per-view in Boston, Massachusetts. It has been announced by SmackDown General Manager that the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge will be hosting his challenger at the Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre, tonight on the Cutting Edge! Edge will be looking for answers but probably more like retribution due to McIntyre's brutal attack last week with a microphone after Edge's victory over Kane in a Last Man Standing Match last Friday to retain his championship.

The Big Show will be set to take on Cody Rhodes for the third week in a row but this week Cody Rhodes will have nowhere to go as he cannot get himself disqualified nor can he get counted out or he will lose his chance at a Royal Rumble spot. Rhodes has been a thorn in Big Show's side over the past several weeks avoiding the much larger Big Show at all costs but now "Dashing" Cody Rhodes is going to have to man up and take on the "World's Largest Athlete" if he has any dreams of headlining WrestleMania 27 this season in the Georgia Dome.

The feud between Beth Phoenix and LayCool is set to come to a head tonight on Friday Night SmackDown as we will be seeing Beth take on BOTH members of LayCool in a Handicap Match after Beth accepted the challenge laid down by LayCool last week. Michelle and Layla were both talking to Teddy about getting another match against their rival just as Beth walked in and accepted the challenge! Will Beth get the best of both members of LayCool? Or will Michelle and Layla find a way as always to sneak out a big victory on SmackDown tonight?

Finally, SmackDown GM Theodore Long will be announcing the remaining SmackDown superstars that will compete in the Royal Rumble. Tune in as the members of the SmackDown roster prepare for the huge announcement that may shape their careers forever if they can win the Royal Rumble.

For all of this and more tune into Friday Night Smackdown tonight at 8 ET/7 CT on the Sy-Fy Network!​

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 14, 2011
Bartow Arena – Birmingham, AL​
***Know Your Enemy***


The camera pans around the arena showcasing the fans in the Bartow Arena here tonight in Birmingham as we head over to ringside to the three man commentating team of Michael Cole, Josh Mathews, and Matt Striker.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown coming to you live here tonight from the Bartow Arena here in Birmingham, Alabama!

Josh Mathews: Coming off of the heels of perhaps his biggest ever career victory, we will be hearing from Drew McIntyre very soon as he makes a guest appearance on the World-Heavyweight Champion and his opponent at the Royal Rumble, Edge’s hit talk show, The Cutting Edge!

Matt Striker: Things are going to get very ugly tonight here in Birmingham with two of SmackDown’s explosive talents coming to a head on the Cutting Edge.

Michael Cole: That’s not all though as we have confirmed that tonight The Big Show will take on Cody Rhodes for the third time in a row this week but once again with different stipulations. If Cody Rhodes gets himself counted out or disqualified he will lose his chance to compete in the Royal Rumble!

Josh Mathews: That’s not all though as there will be more superstars competing tonight for the right to lock up one of the remaining spots in the Royal Rumble and become one of the coveted fifteen SmackDown superstars competing in the match.

Matt Striker: Plus last week Beth Phoenix accepted LayCool’s challenge to finally bring their feud to a head tonight as the duo of LayCool will take on Phoenix in a Handicap Match tonight! It’s going to be a clash of beauty and brawn!


The World-Heavyweight Champion Edge steps out onto the stage throwing his title over his shoulder as he poses for the fans as his pyro goes off. The champion walks down the ramp throwing his title into the ring as he slides into the ring before getting back onto his feet. Edge grabs a microphone from the chair that he has set up in the Cutting Edge décor that has been arranged for the segment here tonight.

Edge: I wanted to come out here tonight and quickly dispel the rumors of this so called “Era of Drew McIntyre” and wanted to assure each and every one of you fans that this “era” will not occur at all.

The fans don’t say much as Edge seems focused on talking about what occurred last week.

Edge: I just wanted to lie to rest these so called rumors and let you all know that “The Chosen One” will not get away with what he did to me last week.

Edge points to the screen as a video starts up showcasing the ending of the Last Man Standing Match before Drew McIntyre, whom was sitting at ringside, proceeded over and beat down the champion with his microphone before declaring the “Era of McIntyre” to be in full effect.’

Edge: I’ve watched Drew McIntyre in the ring before and I was intrigued. I was intrigued at the fact that many people have already declared him to be a future World-Heavyweight Champion despite the fact that up until last Friday that he has never had a World-Heavyweight title shot. But despite all of this you must remember that we are talking about the so called “Chosen One”! (Air quotes)

The fans cheer Edge as the hatred for McIntyre after last week’s events seem to be growing in the arena.

Edge: And we all remember what happened the last time that someone who was proclaimed the “Chosen One” went after a championship!

The fans laugh at Edge’s obvious reference to LeBron James’s fail in the 2007 NBA Finals but some fans clearly take it as a McIntyre joke in some form or fashion. Edge begins to try and speak again as it seems that he still has a few things on his mind to speak before McIntyre comes out but he’s interrupted as…

***Broken Dreams***

The number one contender, Drew McIntyre, steps out onto the stage as he begins his slow descent towards the ring with a dead serious look on his face as always. McIntyre slowly steps into the ring as he walks towards Edge and grabs a microphone as he calmly takes a seat as the fans seem kind of weirded out by McIntyre’s actions here tonight. McIntyre pulls a microphone up and calmly speaks into the microphone.

Drew McIntyre: Thanks for allowing me to be here. (Sarcastically)

McIntyre shows a smug as he looks at Edge now whom is surprisingly not seething but instead is just as calm right now as ever.

Edge: I’m not going to sit around out here tonight and waste all of these people’s time by beating around the bush! So let’s go ahead and get this over with! You attacking me last week after my brutal Last Man Standing Match was the absolute worst thing that you could do to me. You don’t even reali…

Drew McIntyre: Edge…listen to you! You ramble on and on each and every week about the same absolute crap. What about how you are trying to end the WWE from all things stupid yet we still have to listen to you speak each and every week!

The fans boo McIntyre as McIntyre stands up as Edge is still sitting down.

Drew McIntyre: These fans lead you to belief that you are their “favorite” superstar and you feed off of it. You are truly more concerned about pleasing these disgusting American fans more than you are pleasing yourself and it’s absolutely disturbing.

McIntyre walks closer towards Edge as the boos pick up in the Bartow Arena.

Drew McIntyre: What happened to the old Edge? What happened to the man tha…

Edge: Forget it Drew! I see where you are going with this and I’m not going to fall for your trap here tonight. What happened to the old me does not matter at all nor is it any of your business because I’m still on a mission just as you mentioned earlier to get rid of all things stupid and well…

Edge points to the titantron as a picture of Drew McIntyre and the number 15 pops up right below it in white numbers.

Edge: Ironically you are on it!

The fans laugh as Edge smiles as McIntyre walks towards Edge clearly not finding that joke funny from the World-Heavyweight Champion.

Drew McIntyre: Oh so we have jokes now do we Edge? Will you find it funny if I bash your brain in again just like I did last week with this microphone?

McIntyre points to his microphone as the boos continues to pour in as McIntyre calmly looks at Edge as Edge does not look concerned from McIntyre’s statements.

Edge: You’re no different than any other person that has stepped up to the plate before Drew and tried to pry my World-Heavyweight Championship away from me. You’re all talk and no game and when we meet at the Royal Rumble in sixteen days I will have your number. You’ll fall prey just like everyone else has including Kane last week. You’re just another name and another fish in a big pond...

The fans “OOO” as McIntyre stands up and gets into the face of Edge. McIntyre looks as if he is about to rare back and swing at Edge as Edge is egging McIntyre on.

Edge: Come on Drew! HIT ME! HIT ME!

McIntyre looks as if he is going to follow through but all of a sudden…

***Holla (Remix) ***

The woman whom McIntyre has been courting for weeks, Kelly Kelly, walks out onto the stage as she has a microphone in hand with her. Kelly walks towards the ring as she begins speaking to Drew as she does not look happy with the situation.

Kelly Kelly: Drew! What have I told you each and every week?

The fans cheer Kelly as she steps into the ring and grabs Drew by the arm.

Kelly Kelly: I’ve warned you each and every week about doi…

Drew McIntyre: Not now Kelly!

Kelly Kelly: NO! You listen to me right now!

Kelly grabs Drew by the arm as he grabs her arm and throws it off of him. Edge looks on with a big smile on his face.

Edge: Come on Drew…do as you’re told!

The fans laugh as Edge smiles but McIntyre doesn’t find it funny at all so much that he swings at Edge and connects with a right hand! Kelly Kelly is screaming “STOP IT DREW!” as she is standing there trying to get Drew to get off of Edge! Drew is beating down Edge against the ropes as Drew finally steps away from Edge for a few moments to tell Kelly Kelly to get out of the ring.

Kelly Kelly: I’m sick of this Drew! I’m done!

Drew McIntyre: Kelly! WAIT!

Drew grabs Kelly as he tells her that he’s sorry. Kelly looks at Edge as she sees him pulling herself up as Kelly yells at Drew to turn around! Edge comes charging at Drew for the Spear but Drew sidesteps Edge rather surprisingly as EDGE ACCIDENTALLY SPEARS KELLY KELLY! The fans boo Drew McIntyre loudly as it was clear that he stepped out of danger allowing his friend Kelly Kelly to get speared! Edge is panicking in the ring as he clearly did not mean to hit Kelly Kelly with the Spear! We see medics come out rather quickly as they attend to Kelly Kelly as rather surprisingly Drew McIntyre is making his way up the ramp and NOT staying with Kelly Kelly! Edge looks on as the medics attend to Kelly Kelly as Drew is seen standing at the top of the ramp staring down Edge and vowing revenge despite the fact that this was all of Drew’s fault.

Michael Cole: Absolutely sickening! Edge clearly did not mean to spear Kelly Kelly but the fact that Drew McIntyre has ditched his friend Kelly Kelly and left her at ringside without staying there to help her is what is wrong.

Matt Striker: The character of Drew McIntyre certainly does have to come into question here tonight just as you mentioned Michael! The fact that Kelly Kelly is seemingly in love with Drew but yet he put her in danger here tonight disturbs me and shows that Drew will stop at absolutely nothing to try and earn championship gold at the Royal Rumble.

Josh Mathews: I can’t really believe it either but we’ve seen Drew McIntyre show a sadistic side before and well it seems that it has come out once again for him to do what he did to Kelly Kelly here tonight.

Michael Cole: It’s just wrong is what it is! Well ladies and gentlemen after we come back from the break we’ll be kicking off with our first match of the night and for the third week in a row we’ll be seeing The Big Show go one on one with Cody Rhodes!

Matt Striker: Cody Rhodes can only run and hide for so much longer Michael and well he will not be able to tonight! Our GM Teddy Long has ruled that if Cody is disqualified or counted out that he will NOT be able to compete in the Royal Rumble in just sixteen days!

Josh Mathews: Well it’s going to be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes’ biggest challenge to date! When we come back its The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes! Stay tuned!

***Commercial Break***

***Crank It Up***

“The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show steps out onto the stage as he throws his right hand into the air before walking down the ramp with a big smile on his face. Big Show slaps a few hands with the fans before stepping into and over the ropes of the ring as he stands patiently in the ring awaiting his opponent, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes!

***Smoke & Mirrors***

The ever cocky “Dashing” Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage with a big smile on his face before stopping and of course staring at himself in the mirror. Rhodes fixes his hair and brushes his face before heading down the ramp ignoring all of the fans. The commentators talk about the odds that Cody Rhodes has against him tonight and argue that this is certainly one of Rhodes’ biggest matches in his career to date.

Match #1 – Singles Match
The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Big Show and Rhodes kick off the match with Cody Rhodes running away from the Big Show as Big Show ended up cornering Rhodes. The referee warns Big Show to step back as Rhodes hides behind the referee and is daring Big Show to hit him right now. Big Show takes the challenge as the referee moves out of the way and strikes Rhodes in the stomach with a huge slap across the chest sending a huge warning to Rhodes!

Big Show pushes himself against Cody Rhodes before Irish whipping Rhodes off into the ropes. Rhodes comes charging back at the Big Show and takes a huge fall onto the mat after running into a Running Shoulder Block from the World’s Largest Athlete. Big Show kicks Cody Rhodes playing around with him for a little bit before pulling Rhodes back off of the mat with one hand and throwing Rhodes hard into the corner.

Big Show walks over and calmly punches Rhodes with a few right hands repeatedly as we see “Dashing” stumble out of the corner grabbing at his chest as he rolls to the outside of the ring. Cody surprisingly digs underneath the ring looking around as he pulls out a steel chair and throws the apron down before entering the ring. Cody slides into the ring with the steel chair as the referee reminds “Dashing” that he cannot get disqualified or counted out or he will lose his Royal Rumble spot.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes holds the chair up warning Big Show to not come after him or he will get blasted by the chair but Big Show walks towards Rhodes right after he makes his comments. Show slaps the chair out of the hands of Cody Rhodes startling Rhodes as he scurries into the corner. Rhodes gets the referee to back Big Show away from him again giving Rhodes plenty of time to distract Big Show to dropkick the large athlete in the knee. Rhodes goes on the attack dropkicking Big Show once more bringing Big Show down to his knees.

Rhodes doesn’t hesitate knowing that he has to follow through quickly as he dropkicks Big Show in the head sending Big Show reeling but the World’s Largest Athlete doesn’t fall completely back. Rhodes grabs Big Show attempting to hit him with the Silver Spoon DDT and he connects! Rhodes jumps on top of Big Show attempting to cover him but Big Show literally throws Rhodes off of him! Rhodes goes flying into the air as he lands hard on the other side of the ring as he looks startled!

Rhodes grabs the ropes pulling him back up as he sees Big Show sit up! Rhodes scurries over towards The Big Show but Big Show grabs Rhodes by the throat! Big Show pulls himself back onto his feet with his hand still wrapped around the throat of Cody Rhodes before hitting Cody with the ShowStopper! Big Show hooks the leg of Cody Rhodes as he walks away with a big victory tonight!

Match Result: The Big Show def. Cody Rhodes

***Crank It Up***

The Big Show stands in the ring as the referee raises his hand as the third time was the charm for the Big Show! Big Show exits the ring leaving “Dashing” Cody Rhodes down and out on the mat as the referee attends to “Dashing” Cody Rhodes as Rhodes plays it off as if he is having trouble getting back onto his feet.

Michael Cole: What a shame! I was hoping for a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes victory here tonight but the odds seemed to outweigh Rhodes’ chances tonight.

Matt Striker: It finally happened that “Dashing” Cody Rhodes got what was coming to him! He could only avoid The Big Show for so much longer and it finally came back and bit him in the butt here tonight!

Josh Mathews: Don’t forget to give credit to The Big Show though! He fought very hard throughout the match here tonight and of course his size advantage came into play and allowed him to capitalize on a huge victory tonight.

Michael Cole: This is all Teddy Long’s fault though! There’s no reason that Cody should have had to fight Big Show for the third week in a row and have to put everything on the line against out of all people, The Big Show.

Matt Striker: There are no excuses to be made here tonight Michael! Cody Rhodes put himself into this situation and he had to pay the piper tonight.

Josh Mathews: Well ladies and gentlemen let’s send you backstage as Todd Grisham is standing by backstage.

We are sent backstage now as we see Todd Grisham standing by in front of the SmackDown interview area.

Todd Grisham: Please welcome my guest at this time…

Grisham pauses as we see Jack Swagger walk into the scene.

Todd Grisham: Jack Swagger!

Swagger takes the mic away from Grisham.

Jack Swagger: That’s the “All-American American” Jack Swagger to you!

Swagger hands the microphone back as he looks prepared to start the interview now after Grisham’s mix up.

Todd Grisham: First off Jack we witnessed last week that you were the first person to qualify for the Royal Rumble on the SmackDown side of things and well we were informed earlier in the week that we would have the remaining superstars announced here tonight. How do you feel about the fact that you had to qualify despite the other remaining superstars being announced without having to qualify?

Jack Swagger: What kind of question is this? Do you want me to say that I am angry at Teddy Long for putting me in this position due to an oversight on his part? Or do you want me to say that I shouldn’t have had to qualify and should have just been announced?

Todd Grisham: Um…well I want…

Jack Swagger: It was an honor last week to be the only person that has had to qualify for the Royal Rumble from SmackDown and I proclaim it as an accolade handed down to me from Teddy Long! After all Todd I am the face of SmackDown and I just happen to be the man that will walk out of Boston in just sixteen nights as the winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Swagger goes to walk off but he turns himself around and takes Grisham’s mic back briefly.

Jack Swagger: I am the man whom will make his mark on history when I win the twenty-fourth annual Royal Rumble! Ladies and gentlemen I am “The All-American…

Swagger pauses as he shows a brief smile.

Jack Swagger:...American" Jack Swagger!!!

Swagger walks out of the scene as we are sent off to a commercial break right after the interview ends.

***Commercial Break***

We are sent backstage into the office of the SmackDown General Manager as he can be seen sitting at his table looking over a list of the fifteen SmackDown Royal Rumble entrants that he is prepared to announce throughout the night. Long is flipping through the paper before “Dashing” Cody Rhodes walks into the office.

Cody Rhodes: Teddy I’ve had about enough of you!

Theodore Long: What’s wrong playa? (Sarcastically)

Rhodes doesn’t take too kind to Long’s joking around as he is holding the back of his head as he moves closer in towards the General Manager.

Cody Rhodes: I’m tired of being mistreated around here and treated like I am a piece of garbage Teddy! Maybe I need to give you a reminder just who I am? I’m “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and I am easily one of the most marketable and successful superstars that you have on SmackDown!

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes points to his face showing off how “Dashing” he believes that he is.

Theodore Long: Alright playa so what you are saying is that you still don’t understand the fact that you can’t come in here and demand stuff from me and expect it to happen? Is that what you are saying dawg?

Cody Rhodes: No Teddy what I am saying though is that things are about to change around here. First off I better still have my spot in the Royal Rumble Match. Secondly, I am going to be treated like I am a real superstar and not a pushover. So Teddy if you can’t follow these rules than I will be glad to take my talents elsewhere.

Theodore Long: Look playa! You ain’t goin’ to come in here and talk to me like that! Ya’ feel me! I can easily take away your Royal Rumble spot just like I could have taken it away the past few weeks! So I tell ya’ what Cody…

Teddy points to the office door as Cody turns around and immediately knows where this is apparently about to head to.

Theodore Long: You can come back at another time playa when you can speak to me like I am your boss and not your friend.

Rhodes storms out of the office before slamming the door and he yells at Teddy on the way out as Teddy returns the favor and yells back at him.

Theodore Long: Holla!

We head back into the arena right now as we head over to the commentating team before it’s time for our second match of the night.

Michael Cole: Once again Teddy Long has put Cody Rhodes in a position that he should not be put in! When is Teddy Long going to learn that you do not punish your bright up and coming talent?

Matt Striker: He’ll learn the day that the talent stops showing disrespect to him! It’s a shame that Teddy has to what he did but the fact that “Dashing” Cody Rhodes has defied his authority numerous times over the past few weeks is why he must do so!

Josh Mathews: I fully agree Matt and Cody ought to be lucky that Teddy has even still left him a spot in the Royal Rumble! We can already confirm that The Big Show will be joining “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger as the other remaining SmackDown superstars that will be announced throughout the night!

Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen the total is now been brought to five for the SmackDown talent as joining Big Show, Cody Rhodes, and Jack Swagger will be the two men in our next match.

***Bringin’ Tha’ Hood 2 U***

The former Cryme Tyme member, JTG, walks out onto the stage jumping around and generally looking excited tonight as he heads down the ramp and rolls into the ring preparing for combat here tonight. JTG plays around to the fans as he jumps on the ropes and plays to the fans as he raises his hand before hopping down right whenever his opponent’s music hits.

***I Am Perfection***

The music of the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler plays loudly around the Bartow Arena! Dolph and his girlfriend Vickie Guerrero make their way into the arena tonight as Ziggler confidently heads down the ramp looking prepared to make a statement tonight with a victory heading into the Royal Rumble.

Match #2 – Singles Match
JTG vs. Dolph Ziggler

A rather quick match occurs next as Ziggler is of course the man throughout the match as the two recently announced competitors in the Royal Rumble battle in our second match of the night. Ziggler dominates JTG from the start but a sudden comeback is spurred on by JTG after ducking underneath Ziggler’s clothesline attempt before dropping the Intercontinental Champion with a spinning heel kick knocking him back first onto the mat.

JTG quickly made his ascension towards the top rope looking for a flying Crossbody! JTG leaped off the ropes but Dolph Ziggler timed it just perfect hoping off the mat and connecting with a huge Dropkick to the sternum! Vickie yells at Dolph to get off the mat and finish JTG off as the champion drags himself towards the ropes before pulling himself up. Ziggler peels JTG off the mat and connects with the Zig Zag! The ever confident champion bends down with a big grin on his face hooking the leg of JTG as he counts along with the referee as he secures the victory here tonight.

Match Result: Dolph Ziggler def. JTG

Vickie Guerrero walks into the ring as she hands Ziggler his Intercontinental Championship before she taps her microphone in hand.

Vickie Guerrero: Ladies and gentlemen! Your winner and my man…Dolph Ziggl…

LOUD boos spread around the Bartow Arena as Vickie is already angered.

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!!!

Vickie turns red in the face as she yells at the fans again as the boos just happened to get even louder!

Vickie Guerrero: I SAID…EXCUSE ME!!!

Vickie carries on knowing that she’s not going to be able to drown out the fans anyways so she says what she has to say regardless of the fans.

Vickie Guerrero: As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, you are all looking at your winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble and the Intercontinental Champion….Dolph Ziggler!

Vickie hands the microphone over to Dolph as she stands there clapping for Dolph and congratulating him on his win as they share a quick kiss in the ring as Dolph stands there waiting for the boos to die down as he looks on pissed off at the fans reaction to his girlfriend.

Dolph Ziggler: That is absolutely right baby! The fact that these people cannot accept the truth that I am the future winner of the Royal Rumble is beyond me and well I just…


SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long makes his way out onto the stage doing a little jig for the fans as he comes out to a decent reaction from the fans before he looks to the ring and prepares to address Dolph and his girlfriend Vickie.

Theodore Long: Now listen up Dolph and Vickie…

Vickie and Dolph pay close attention as Teddy seems to be serious about what he’s about to say.

Theodore Long: I wanted to first off congratulate Dolph on earning a spot in the Royal Rumble as he was selected due to his recent accomplishments here on SmackDown but I’ve got some good and bad news for ya’ playa.

The fans pop as Vickie is shaking her head in the ring wandering what Teddy is alluding to.

Theodore Long: The good news is that you will still be competing in the Royal Rumble in sixteen nights dawg but the bad news is that you have to defend your Intercontinental Championship as well against the winner of tonight’s main event between….

Teddy pauses as Dolph is calmly waiting as Vickie is shaking her head in disgust.

Theodore Long: Kofi Kingston…

The fans cheer in excitement for Dolph’s longtime nemesis as Teddy carries on.

Theodore Long: And REY MYSTERIO!!!

The arena goes nuts as we’re going to be seeing a HUGE main event later tonight between two of SmackDown’s high flyers. Dolph is going nuts in the ring hitting the ropes and kicking them as Vickie grabs the mic.

Vickie Guerrero: Teddy! You cannot do that to my boyfriend Dolph! You cann…

Theodore Long: Oh yes I can playa and I just did!


SmackDown’s fan favorite General Manager does another jig on the stage as the fans are still cheering over tonight’s huge main event announcement as Vickie is in the ring trying to calm down Dolph and telling him that it will be all right. Dolph looks verbally distraught at the fact that he will have to compete twice the night of the Royal Rumble which may hinder his chances at actually winning the Royal Rumble if he is tired from his first match.

Michael Cole: Once again the corrupt General Manager of SmackDown that is Teddy Long has once again messed with his young talent!

Matt Striker: Well Michael I have to disagree with you because of the fact that Dolph Ziggler is a champion and with a championship comes title defenses! It just so happens that Dolph will have to compete twice that night but he’s certainly not the first ever to compete twice in one night at the Royal Rumble.

Josh Mathews: It seems to me Michael that you just seem to have something personal against Teddy Long!

Michael Cole: I have nothing at all against Teddy Long but the way he has been treating his young and talented up and comers is absolutely disgusting!

Matt Striker: That’s not what it has been sounding like though Michael! I have to somewhat agree with you Josh about the fact but that is not the issue here. Dolph Ziggler will be learning out his opponent later on in the night for the Intercontinental title at the Royal Rumble and well either way Ziggler is going to have a tough fight ahead of him in just sixteen days.

Josh Mathews: Well ladies and gentlemen when we come back we’ll be hearing from the man whom won last week’s tough Two-out-of-Three Falls Match, Alberto Del Rio. We’ll be right back here on SyFy!

***Commercial Break***

We come back from the break to see Alberto Del Rio’s personal announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Señoras y señores, por favor bienvenido el hombre a quien le valientemente derrotar a los veinte otros nueve hombres que medidas en frente de él en sólo 16 días. El hombre a quien saldrán victoriosos en el Royal Rumble! ALBERTO DEL RIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

***La’ Escencia de la Excelencia***

The man whom defeated Rey Mysterio last week rolls out to the ring in a very fine looking silver Jaguar as he lays on the horn announcing his entrance tonight. Del Rio steps out of the Jaguar as he makes his way towards the ring in his wrestling tights and scarf around his neck. Del Rio slowly struts towards the ring bragging and showing a huge smile on his face as he adjusts his scarf and steps onto the steel ringside steps. Del Rio steps into the ring as his manager Ricardo Rodriguez hands him his microphone as Del Rio puts a big grin on his face.

Alberto Del Rio: My name is Alberto Del Rio….

Del Rio stops as the fans begin booing him.

Alberto Del Rio: But you already knew that!

Del Rio turns his attention to the fans booing him right now.

Alberto Del Rio: Just like my personal ring announcer Ricardo informed each and every one of you, I am here to inform you all that I will be emerging from Boston on January 30th as the winner of the Royal Rumble not just because of how talented I am but because it is my destiny!

Del Rio nods his head as the fans look on as they continue booing him loudly.

Alberto Del Rio: Need I remind you all what I did to your “hero” Rey Mysterio last week?

Del Rio points to the titantron as we are shown with Del Rio winning the awesome two-out-of-three falls match last week to kick off the 2011 year of SmackDown. Del Rio mainly focuses the video on him forcing Rey Mysterio to tap out once more via the Cross Armbreaker. The video zooms in focusing on Rey Mysterio’s face and the pain that he was suffering through before the video ends. Del Rio can be seen with a huge grin on his face as he turns his attention once more to speak to the fans.

Alberto Del Rio: You should all thank me for the favor that I did for you all last week! I saved you all from the coward that is Rey Mysterio but that is in my past. The future is bright for Alberto Del Rio!

Del Rio looks at Ricardo as Ricardo is nodding his head.

Alberto Del Rio: Todos ustedes saben que he llegado una vez que ganar la Royal Rumble!

The fans especially boo Del Rio for speaking Spanish and the fans having no clue at all what he just said to them does not make them happy (despite it not being offending at all of course).

Alberto Del Rio: Bring on my opponent!


We’re informed as The Masterpiece is making his way down to the ring that he is another one of the entrants for SmackDown in the 2011 Royal Rumble becoming the seventh entrant for SmackDown. Masters walks down the ramp looking excited for his big challenge here tonight as he heads towards the ring and rolls in preparing for battle tonight against one of SmackDown’s newest superstars over the past several months.

Match #3 – Singles Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Masters

Del Rio begins the match taunting The Masterpiece before proceeding to slap Masters which just angers the six year WWE veteran. Masters drives Del Rio into the corner back first as he hits Del Rio with a huge head-butt to the sternum as Del Rio grabs at his ribs as he is wincing in pain. Masters drags Del Rio into the center of the ring after chunking him back onto the mat. Masters walks over towards Del Rio bending over to pick him up but Del Rio hits Masters with a cheap shot as he rolls out of the ring and talks to Ricardo Rodriguez trying to calm himself down after the start of the match that was seemingly unexpected.

Del Rio rolled back into the ring charging at Masters and kicking him in the head before covering the Masterpiece for the two count. Del Rio drags Masters up off the mat and picks him up for a huge Vertical Suplex dropping Masters onto the mat once more before talking trash to Masters. Del Rio wraps his arms around Masters head and locks in a headlock as the fans try to rally behind Chris Masters to break the hold.

The fans urge Masters on as he pulls himself back onto one knee as he is able to break free by elbowing his way out of the headlock! Masters watches as Del Rio charges back at him right into a stunning dropkick from the Masterpiece. Masters pulls Del Rio back up before leaning against him and Irish whipping his opponent into the ropes. Alberto comes charging back once more at The Masterpiece to which Masters responds by knocking Del Rio back down with the Polish Hammer!

The fans begin cheering for Masters and urging him on as Masters gets back onto his feet once more and prepares to lock in the Masterlock! Masters is only able to get one arm around the neck of Del Rio though and thanks to Del Rio ramming Masters back first into the turnbuckles he was able to break out of the submission hold before Masters could fully apply it. Masters comes running at Del Rio right into a Release Belly to Belly Suplex! Del Rio charges over hopping onto the mat and wrapping his leg around Masters’ arm with the Cross Armbreaker! The fans are cheering Masters on and trying to urge him to break the hold to carry the match on but Masters is forced to tap out awarding Del Rio a hard fought victory despite being pushed to the limit tonight.

Match Result: Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Masters

Ricardo Rodriguez walks over towards the front of the SmackDown announce table as he begins talking on the microphone showing how excited he is for Del Rio’s victory tonight.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Aquí está su ganador y pronto será World-Campeón de peso pesado....Alberto Del Rioooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

***La’ Escencia de la Excelencia***

Alberto Del Rio rolls out of the ring as he is handed his scarf by Ricardo Rodriguez as he heads up the ramp and shows a big grin on his face as he stands at the top of the ramp as the fans boo Del Rio. The fans turn their attention to the ring after Del Rio exits the arena clapping for Masters’ performance tonight as he put up a great fight but wasn’t able to secure the victory.

Michael Cole: Another victory for Alberto Del Rio tonight and his ascension up the WWE ladder is continually growing each and every week!

Matt Striker: I had no doubt that Alberto Del Rio is going to be a big star here in the WWE one day but I never would have thought that he would have gotten off to this hot of a start already in his career! Just like week he defeated a long time WWE veteran in Rey Mysterio and he defeated another one tonight in Chris Masters. He’s impressed me no doubt!

Josh Mathews: I’m not too big on his attitude towards all of the fans and everyone else in the SmackDown locker room though. He’s certainly got this attitude that makes me think that he should already be the World-Heavyweight Champion by now and that it’s not fair that he hasn’t had a chance for the title yet. It seems he has that type of demeanor about him.

Michael Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen we’ve still got a long night ahead of us here tonight! Our main event will take place later on tonight with Rey Mysterio battling Kofi Kingston one on one with a spot in the Intercontinental title match at the Royal Rumble on the line.

Matt Striker: Dolph Ziggler is going to have his work cut out for him regardless of whom he has to face in my opinion!

Josh Mathews: But when we come back we’ll be seeing LayCool team together in a Handicap Match to take on “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix! We’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen!

***Commercial Break***

After the commercial break comes to an end we see Chavo Guerrero walking backstage in his wrestling outfit as he yells at his Aunt Vickie whom is standing by talking with a stagehand.

Chavo Guerrero: Aunt Vickie!

Vickie turns around with a smile on her face as she hugs Chavo.

Vickie Guerrero: Hey I’ll talk to you later (to stagehand).

Vickie turns her attention away from the stagehand as she turns towards Chavo.

Vickie Guerrero: What do you need Chavo?

Chavo Guerrero: Aunt Vickie, I’ve been hearing rumors that I’m not going to be having a spot in the Royal Rumble and well I wanted to come to you and find out the truth.

Vickie Guerrero: What are you talking about Chavo? Of course you are in the Royal Rumble and we…

Chavo Guerrero: Are you sure? I’ve been hearing rumors that Teddy isn’t going to put me in.

Vickie Guerrero: Chavo…trust me! I’ve got it all taken care of and you’re already in.

Vickie puts her arm around Chavo’s back.

Vickie Guerrero: Don’t worry about it! Just worry about going out there and representing the Guerrero name with pride!

Vickie pats Chavo on the back as he walks away with a big smile on his face now as this awful family encounter has finally come to an end. We head back into the arena right as the music of LayCool hits around the arena.

***Not Enough for Me***

The duo of LayCool, Michelle McCool & Layla, makes their way out onto the arena stage in their matching uniforms tonight as the two dirty divas head towards the ring and roll in slapping hands with one another before standing around and prepping for Beth Phoenix to make her entrance into the arena to kick off the match.


The rival of LayCool marches towards the ring looking like a woman on a mission tonight after bravely accepting the challenge from LayCool last week to take on both members this week in the Handicap Match. Beth steps into the ring and climbs to the top rope holding her hands above her head before hopping off the ropes and turning her attention to both members of LayCool whom are discussing strategy off in the corner.

Match #4 – Handicap Match
LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix

The match kicks off with Layla and Beth Phoenix going at it which prompts Phoenix to get a hot start but thanks to a little interference from Michelle McCool, Layla was able to take advantage as the duo of LayCool would double team Phoenix and beat her down in the corner. Layla made the tag bringing in Michelle as Michelle got Layla to hold her up for her. Michelle then proceeded to kick Beth hard in the sternum as Beth dropped down to one knee before Michelle taunted Beth and slapped her around on the mat as Phoenix dropped hard onto the mat.

Michelle proceeded to drag Beth back into the corner ramming her back first before slapping Beth hard in the face! Michelle quickly tagged Layla in running away from Beth which just happened to anger Beth even more! Beth charged at Layla knocking her down with a clothesline as she proceeded to hit Layla with a scoop slam the next time that Layla charged at her. Beth bent down covering Layla but Michelle dragged Layla to the outside of the ring before Irish whipping her off into the barricade. Michelle hits her back on the barricade as Beth looks on.

“The Glamazon” rolls back into the ring as she bends down walking towards Layla to pick her up but Layla rolls Beth up! Wait! No! It was only a two count as Beth kicked out in time before scurrying to her feet. Beth drags Layla back up once again into the middle of the ring as she hits Layla with a vertical suplex before taunting Layla and preparing for the victory. Beth picks Layla up off the mat but Layla pushes Beth off of her as she throws The Glamazon off into the ropes. The fans notice Michelle McCool back up as Beth gets thrown into the ropes and Michelle lifts her knee up hitting Beth in the back! Beth turns around angered as she grabs Michelle by the hair and throws her into the ring! But Beth forgets about Layla whom kicks her in the stomach and hits The Layout before covering The Glamazon for the victory.

Match Result: LayCool def. Beth Phoenix

***Not Enough for Me***

Layla rolls to the outside of the ring getting away from a sure to be angry Beth Phoenix! Layla pulls her tag team partner, Michelle McCool, out with her. The duo taunt Beth and both share a laugh with one another as we cut over to ringside as we see the referee helping Beth up in the ring.

Michael Cole: Another big win for LayCool and at this rate they are making a case for not just one but both members becoming number one contenders.

Matt Striker: I actually agree with you Michael and the winner of the match at the Royal Rumble between Natalya and Melina are certainly going to have a tough challenge if they have to face one or both of these members of LayCool.

Josh Mathews: Speaking of the Royal Rumble Matt, let’s go ahead and mention the other matches that will be taking place. Aside from the previously mentioned Divas Championship match, we’ll be seeing the first ever Steel Cage Match in the twenty-four year history of the Royal Rumble as The Miz and Randy Orton do battle for the WWE Championship.

Michael Cole: And it’s safe to bet money on The Miz because there is no way that he is going to lose his title to Randy Orton.

Matt Striker: Oh ok thanks for that advice Michael! Moving over to the SmackDown side of things, Dolph Ziggler will be pulling double duty as he has to defend his Intercontinental Championship against the winner of the Rey Mysterio versus Kofi Kingston match.

Josh Mathews: One of the two high flyers are going to rule supreme tonight and emerge as the new number contender. Will it be Mysterio or will it be Kingston?

Michael Cole: And the main event from SmackDown will be seeing “The Rated R Superstar” Edge defending his World-Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre and after earlier tonight we’ll be seeing some heated activities for sure leading up until the Royal Rumble in just sixteen days.

Matt Striker: Michael we’ve been told that the reason we haven’t heard from Drew McIntyre or Kelly Kelly anymore tonight is that Kelly Kelly has been brought to the local hospital and that Drew left along with her. I’m sure that this is going to just spark Drew even more heading into the Royal Rumble.

Josh Mathews: It’s all Drew’s fault though that it even occurred. He forced Kelly Kelly into the situation and he has to take the blame for it.

Michael Cole: And last but not finally least, the 30 Man Royal Rumble match will be taking place as our main event with one man emerging from the Royal Rumble as the winner. The winner then moves onto WrestleMania 27 and earns a championship match at the biggest stage of them all!

Matt Striker: I’m certainly going to be pulling for a SmackDown victory at the Royal Rumble and we’ve certainly got a lot of superstars from the blue brand that will be gunning for the right to main event the granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania!

Josh Mathews: So far SmackDown has Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, JTG, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and just announced to us thanks to SmackDown GM Teddy Long, that Kane will be in the Royal Rumble despite not being here tonight on SmackDown.

Matt Striker: That brings the SmackDown count up to eleven so far and we’ve been told that the returning Ezekiel Jackson will be one more superstar joining the fray as he will be making his return to SmackDown next week!

Michael Cole: The twenty-fourth annual WWE Royal Rumble comes to you live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday January 30, 2011. Contact your local cable provider for more information on how to order the Royal Rumble today!

***Video Package***
***Ezekiel Jackson – Returning Next Week***

***Commercial Break***

***BooYaka 619***

The man whom fell prey to Alberto Del Rio makes his way towards the ring as he slaps hands with a few fans before handing off the mask he was wearing over his real mask to a little kid at ringside. Rey-Rey throws his hand in the air as he rolls into the ring and pumps the fans up before preparing for the main event match tonight.


Kofi Kingston comes out to the arena to a very nice pop from the fans tonight as he heads towards the ring after setting his pyro off slapping hands with the fans just like Mysterio did before him. Mysterio watches as Kingston climbs onto the top rope as he shakes hands with Kofi before the match is set to kick off here tonight.

Match #5 – #1 Contender’s for Intercontinental Championship Main Event
Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston

Both Rey and Kofi shake hands before the ref calls for the bell as the duo circle around the ring with both men locking it up in the middle. Rey gets kicked in the sternum by Kofi as Kingston takes advantage early on by backing Rey-Rey into the ropes. Kofi goes to hit Rey with a right but Rey reverses and throws Kofi into the turnbuckles instead. Rey-Rey counters with some kicks to Kofi as Kofi grabs at his knee as Rey is trying to wear down the legs of Kofi to of course keep him from using his normal flying tactics tonight throughout the match.

Rey pulls Kofi out of the corner whipping him off into the ropes but as Kofi comes back he hits Rey with a spinning heel kick knocking Mysterio onto the mat. Kofi hooks the leg but Rey kicks out quickly keeping the match going here tonight. Kofi drags Rey off the mat and lifts Rey onto his shoulders before holding his opponent high in the air for a brief amount of time. Kofi was attempting a Vertical Suplex but Rey was able to fall on top of Kofi reversing the Suplex as he hooks the leg quickly looking for the victory but only got a two count.

Rey hops back onto his feet as he pulls Kofi back up but Kofi ends up ramming Mysterio into the ropes. Kofi hits Rey with a hard right hand knocking Rey up against the ropes. Kofi takes a few steps back as he comes charging back at Mysterio but Rey pulls the ropes down causing Kofi to go flying out of the ring and land hard on his side in the ring. Rey leaps onto the top rope looking down at Kofi before jumping off the top rope at Kingston and landing on him hard with a Crossbody as Kofi hits his back hard on the mat as the duo is both knocked out on the outside of the ring.

The referee begins his countdown as we see both members of the match slowly begin to start crawling towards the ring and getting back onto their feet. Rey Mysterio gets up on his feet at five and Kofi gets up at six before Rey grabs Kofi and drags him into the ring before throwing him in under the bottom rope. Rey climbs onto the apron before hopping back once again onto the ropes as he leaps off and hits Kofi with a Leg Drop across Kingston’s neck! Rey hooks the leg once more hoping that he can pull off the victory but no! Kofi kicks out as the fans are cheering both men’s effort here tonight.

Mysterio bends down grabbing Kofi off of the mat once more as he drags him over towards the corner before Rey looked towards the top corner turnbuckle. Mysterio looks down at the body of Kingston as he turns his back as he prepares for a Moonsault off the top rope! But wait! Kofi Kingston hops onto his feet jumping up and kicking Rey in the back before Rey ends up dropping down but he is hung on the turnbuckle. Rey is upside down as his head is touching the bottom turnbuckle.

Kofi takes a few steps back as he charges at Rey and hits him with a dropkick! The impact causes Rey to flip off of the turnbuckle and land hard on his side. Kofi is on his knee right near Mysterio as he gets ready to pull Rey back up onto his feet. Kofi slowly bends down picking Rey up but as he prepares to step back for the Trouble in Paradise, he gets blasted from behind by the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler with a Lariat! The referee calls for the bell as Ziggler kicks Rey in the gut and drops him with the Zig Zag!

Match Result: Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston was a No Contest

Vickie Guerrero, whom came down to the ring with her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler, hands Dolph a microphone as he looks around the arena as the fans are booing the crap out of him right now. Dolph looks set to speak but the fans won’t let him as the boos get louder. Vickie takes the mic and yells into the microphone.

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!!!

Vickie looks on angered as the boos just get even louder as Dolph takes the microphone back not wanting Vickie to get worked up any more about this issue.

Dolph Ziggler: So you wanted me to have to pull double duty at the Royal Rumble huh Teddy?

The fans cheer for Ziggler’s unfortunate situation he was going to be in at the Royal Rumble.

Dolph Ziggler: Well I hate to say it but it doesn’t look like we have a number one contender at the Royal Rumble now does it?


The SmackDown General Manager enters the arena for the final time tonight as we are preparing to end the show tonight. Long looks at his assistant Vickie Guerrero in the ring as he isn’t too happy with her actions in condoning Dolph in doing what he just did to Mysterio and Kingston.

Theodore Long: Look playa! I don’t appreciate what you just did and well playa I really have no choice now but to make you still compete at the Royal Rumble!

Ziggler nods his head as he presumably thinks he is just going to be competing in the Royal Rumble match itself.

Theodore Long: But now instead of just facing one opponent…

Ziggler looks confused as he thought he would have twenty-nine other opponents (as in the Royal Rumble match).

Theodore Long: You will now have two opponents! And they are the two men that you just beat down to ruin my main event tonight dawg!

Ziggler puts his head in his hands as Vickie is seen kicking the ropes in anger as she begins to yell.

Theodore Long: Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston! Holla!


The music of the General Manager ends SmackDown as Dolph Ziggler is seen standing in the ring looking on confused and disgusted as Vickie is still yelling in the ring. Kofi Kingston is now back onto his feet as he can barely stand as Rey is seen sitting in the corner trying to pull himself back onto his feet as we prepare to end SmackDown tonight.

Michael Cole: No! What is Teddy Long thinking?

Matt Striker: What was Dolph Ziggler thinking? That’s really what I want to know! He should have known that it was not going to end well for him if he ruined the main event tonight between two of SmackDown’s finest world class athletes.

Josh Mathews: It’s what Dolph Ziggler deserves Michael! He knew the consequences that would come and well he is suffering from them now.

Michael Cole: Someone has to take down this corrupt General Manager that we have here on Friday Night SmackDown! Teddy Long is out to get all of the young talent and someone has to do something to end this!

Matt Striker: Well Michael I agree to disagree with you on that issue but we shall see what will occur next week! Ladies and gentlemen we’ll see you next week here on Friday Night SmackDown and next Friday we will only be nine days away from the Royal Rumble.

Josh Mathews: We’ll see you here again next Friday on the SyFy Network! Goodnight everybody!


UPDATED Card for The Royal Rumble
Date: January 30, 2011
Location: TD Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Event Music: The Animal; Disturbed

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Winner Earns WWE/WHC Match of choice at WrestleMania XXVII

Alberto Del Rio, The Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, JTG, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Ted DiBiase, Tyson Kidd, Vladimir Kozlov

WWE Championship - Steel Cage Match
The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton

World-Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

Intercontinental Championship - Triple Threat Match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston

Diva's Championship Match
Natalya (c) vs. Melina

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(bear with me, I'm still a little new to reviewing.)


I'm going to provide a running commentary as I read through this for the first time. The opening announcements of what's coming up are good, some interesting prospects. Very surprised that Drew Mcintyre is the current number one contender. You aren't that far into this BTB, so I'm shocked he's being pushed this much, this quickly. Needless to say you're going to have to make him look pretty dominant to give him any sort of momentum going into the title match. Big Show and Rhodes has potential to entertain, despite not being a show of wrestling excellence. Finally, the Beth Phoenix/Laycool handicap match shrieks of a possible Kong debut. If this turns out to be the case, I think it could've possibly been done with less predictability. Kong is a hot prospect right now, and it must be hard to debut her in a surprising manner though.

You've captured Edge's speaking style very well, which is always great to see. So many BTB's are bad because people don't get into the minds and voices of the characters when they talk. From this opening promo it seems this isn't a problem for you. Great stuff! However, I'm not liking the sound of this feud. It would work wonders to make it a little more personal. Nothing is worse for me than feuds that are just about "me want title. you got title. beatdown!" so don't be afraid to get a bit more in-depth with why Drew hates Edge, I'm more than willing to take some liberties with character history as a result of this!

And speak of the devil, you've stumbled upon a bit of gold there. It may be cheap heat, but working the foreigner angle for Drew could work well for this feud. I don't want to elaborate as then I may be spoiling ideas you would've otherwise had yourself, but that's something you could possibly work on.

Sweet! The introduction of Kelly Kelly in this scene spices it up, and is a great move. Keeps the opening promo fresh, especially by including someone you wouldn't expect. Edge spearing Kelly is also a great move, as it blends the line between face and heel, another favourite feature of mine in feuds. I don't know how you've been portraying Cole up to now but if you've been working him heel, having him act face here is good, it makes what happened seem more serious. No criticism of the end of that segment!

Next up is the Show/Cody match. Show is a big elephant in the room of any BTB, especially when it comes to matches because of his limited moveset. Therefore I won't criticise your use of him in this match as, bland as it is, it is how Big Show works. Nothing can be done about that. You've captured the dynamic of this match well, weaving a story into it, which is necessary in as many matches as possible.

Wait a minute, that's it? No post-match angle? No surprise turnaround? Just a straight-up burial? I've gotta say, although that segment was technically sound, it struck me as pretty pointless. Let's hope there's some build or reason for it next week.

Jack Swagger is one of my favourites, and unlike many I love his mic work, so I've got high expectations for this segment! Once again more praise for your capturing of the character's vocal stylings, however this seems like a segment just made to get Swagger on the show. Every part should build to something bigger, and I understand that this could get momentum behind Swagger for the rumble, but more could've been done. Either way though, it was well-written, if rather short.

Aha! Here we go, a little meaning behind what happened earlier. I take back what I said, nice work! I get what you're doing now, it's a slow build, and I applaud you for it! Good to see Cody losing his temper and hotting up, I'm excited to see what all this means, let's hope there's a good payoff.

Ooooh, JTG vs. Dolph Ziggler? Nice little bit of build here for the Rumble introducing two superstars. Obviously you don't have much of a plan for them for the match itself but that's cool, not everyone can be big players in the Rumble. For a squash match this was pretty well-written, still given a little length despite having a dominating force. Having Vickie putting her weight in (no pun intended) and bragging about her boyfriend is also great stuff, and as normal she adds to Dolph's heat, so keeping her with him just brings his heat up, so that's good!

Ah, I'd forgotten about Del Rio! Now, an interesting phenomena here is that because Del Rio won the real Royal Rumble, he has virtually no chance of winning the Rumble in anyone's BTB. However, I'll suspend disbelief for the sake of the segment. Del Rio seems pretty petty for still bringing up Rey Mysterio and indeed still feuding with him at all. So if that's the angle you're working with him, that's great. However if you want him to look strong, and tough, best to move on from Mysterio. Alberto/Masters is another solid-ly written match, but I have to say I'm spotting a recurring theme here.

With the exception of that opening segment, and the slow burn with what's happening with Cody, this all seems a little...flat. Squash matches, jobbers, traditional heel "I will win the Rumble" promos. Don't be afraid to be more adventurous. In the words of Eric Bischoff, controversy creates cash, so feel free to stir as much up as possible to keep your show hot!

The handicap match is similar to the Del Rio/Masters match, well-written, brilliantly captured, but predictable. I found myself struggling to avoid simply skimming through it. I'm not saying everything has to end with a beatdown or with someone being set on fire or something, but I think more stories are needed.

The main event however, is very good. It could've done with a bit more build-up, but the match itself
is fantastic. I was almost on the edge of my seat reading it! I even found myself hating Dolph a little bit when he interfered! Now that's what I mean by keeping thing's exciting! A great match, written well, with an intelligent, well-thought out ending.

Criticism of the show ending? No main event build, at all. I know there was something in the beginning but how about something like Todd trying to catch up with Drew and ask him about Kelly backstage? Or a doctor's report about her? Or maybe even Edge cutting a promo about it, apologising to Kelly? I dunno, just felt a little wierd.

Overall: A fantastically written show, you're evidently a great writer who knows how to get into the minds of his characters perfectly. As well as this, your match writing is stellar and you managed to utilise everyone (another positive commonly forgotten by bookers). But my major criticism? Predictability. Add some more stories, make the ones you have more personal, put more people in feuds rather than just jobbing/being generic, and you have a fantastic show on your hands.

keep it up!

is better than you!
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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday January 17, 2011
Verizon Arena - Little Rock, Arkansas

Raw comes to us live tonight from Little Rock, Arkansas as the Royal Rumble is only thirteen days away. The WWE Champion, The Miz, was surprised last week after the big 3 on 2 Handicap Match in which Randy Orton pinned Alex Riley therefore making him the number one contender. The Miz thought that he was simply going to be facing Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble in a singles match with the gold on the line but was absolutely stunned whenever the Raw Anonymous General Manager chimed in and announced that we'll be seeing the first ever Steel Cage Match at the Royal Rumble in the twenty-four year history of the event! But with just less than two weeks to go; we have been told that we'll be seeing the number one contender "The Viper" Randy Orton battle Miz's apprentice Alex Riley one on one tonight! What will happen when The Viper clashes with A-Ri? What will The Miz have to say about his Steel Cage Match just thirteen days away?

It wasn't supposed to happen! At least that is how Wade Barrett feels about his match last week in which John Cena made his return to Raw and interfered costing Barrett the match and handing CM Punk a win via disqualification thus making CM Punk not only a member but now the co-leader of the Nexus! Punk proceeded to battle back against Cena after the match beating down his rival before Wade Barrett hesitated at first but joined in the battle. After Punk dusted Cena off with a GTS though Wade Barrett did not hesitate at all to pop a question to Punk. Earlier in the night two masked men attacked Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty after Barrett dismissed them for the night after their abysmal performance and failure to qualify for the Royal Rumble. Barrett promptly asked Punk if he had anything to do with the attacks and Punk did not hesitate in informing Barrett that he did not. Punk's co-leader told Punk that is all that he had to say and took the Nexus away with him. Can Barrett and Punk co-exist as co-leaders? What will the newest member of the Nexus have to say to John Cena?

The Divas Champion Natalya was succesful in her singles match last week against a former champion in Alicia Fox causing Fox to submit to the Sharpshooter. The number one contender did not hesitate at all to enter the ring and drop Natalya with a Primal Scream putting the champion down and out. Tonight in divas action we'll be seeing Melina in singles action tonight as she will do battle against Eve Torres. Will Melina be able to keep her recent roll going? How will Natalya respond to Melina's actions against her last week?

Eight more spots remain for the Raw roster's part of the Royal Rumble match as we will be adding in four new members to the match tonight on Raw as we'll be seeing numerous Raw superstars do battle trying their hardest to earn a spot in the thirty man melee. Who will join the previous seven Raw superstars that have already qualified?

Finally, Ted DiBiase issued an open challenge last week to the WWE Tag Team Champions, Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. DiBiase did not seem at all impressed at Santino and Kozlov's qualifying match for the Royal Rumble two weeks ago and has stated that the champions need to enjoy their title reign for as long as they can as they will not have them for too much longer. DiBiase has stated that he will have a tag team partner tonight but that he will not announce his partner until it is time for the match. Who will DiBiase bring in as his partner?

For this and much more tune into Monday Night Raw tonight; live on the USA Network at 9 ET/8 CT!​


Look for Raw tomorrow night.

As somewhat of an update for the Royal Rumble I have some GREAT news. The last time I posted an actual Pay-Per-View in full was my WrestleMania 23 back in the summer of 2008 so it's safe to say that I have some rust.

I am actually FINISHED with the Divas Championship match and the actual Royal Rumble match meaning that I've only got the three other matches plus all of the extra other write up stuff to take care of. Needless to say I'm pretty excited and I hope that everyone is going to enjoy the buildup to and the event.

Finally, I'm going to try and drop some comments on people's shows. Everything's been hectic with two jobs, school and everything else. I hope to finish Raw tomorrow night but no promises.​

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Solid looking RAW here. While Riley/Orton isn't likely to be a great match, it does make sense. I really like that you're properly building the Rumble with qualifying matches, something they didn't do in real life. The tag title situation looks alright too, giving Ted something to do (and I suppose Brett, who I think he'll have as his partner), while I'm glad you're actually also giving some build to this women's feud. The Nexus situation is also very different to real life, so I guess we'll get to see where that goes this week.

Looking forward to the show, mang.

P.S: Awesome to see the Rumble in full and that you're going well with it.
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